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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1809
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No Pages: 1
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N° J4-] ON FEES, G RAT UI- T IE S,& c.^-( Auaion Duty, & C.) 5J Vats, have been for the laft four months delivered out; but Examinant has never ufed them, except for one walk, in which fome irregularity in the payment of the Duties had occurred ; and has underflood, that unlefs the charge was returned accord- ing to that form, an information for non- payment of the Duty could not be fuc- cefsfully profecuted. The form of Voucher, which was in ufe previous to the lad Aft of Parliament, re- gulating the collection of this Duty, has been pre ferved in all the other walks of his furvey. He vifits every Trader in his furvey, at leaft once in each month. He be- lieves that the Officers of his furvey are not in the habit of vifiting the Paper Manu- factories between the hours of i'even in the evening and five in the morning; but Examinant recolieCts to have himfeif once vifited two or three of the Paper- makers at the hour of eight in the evening. When a Paper- maker is about to difpole of any Paper,, he gives twenty- four hours previous notice of his intention, when the Officer is bound to attend at the time fpe- cified, and fee it weighed oft. Paper when dried, is frequently put into wrapper, buc is left untied until the Trader wifhes to difpofe of it; as when tied up, it becomes chargeable with the Duty. When Paper is put into wrapper, in order to be charged with Ducy, the Trader marks thereon figures, denoting the month in which the itamp was impofed, and the clafs of the Paper; it is then weighed in the pretence of the Officer, who marks it with the appropriate ftamp, and fubfcribes his name; after which it may be removed without interruption, except to Paper- ftainers, when ic muft be accompanied by Permit. The repeated ufe of the wrappers, which he fees nothing to prevent, might be made to cover extenfive frauds; but whether the Manufacturers avail themfelves of thefe, or the many other opportunities they have of committing fraud, he cannot form an opinion. He believes that the entries of weights made in the Officers ftock- books, are afcertained by weighing a large quan- tity of Paper at one time, and then flriking an average weight for each ream. The heads of firft, fecond, third and fifth daffies, under which the weights are re- fpeCtively entered, were, by the laft- ir. entioned Act, done away ; but to accommodate the charge of Duty to this arrangement of the books Paper, which the Law has de- nominated of the firft, fecond, and third dalles refpedively, is brought to charge as Paper of the firft, third and fifth claffes. With refped to the feveral alterations made by the fame Ad, this Examinant has received no inttrudions, either written or printed ; he has never brought to charge, after the clofe of any quarter, the quantity of Paper remaining on hand uncharged with Duty, nor is he aware of any provifion of the Law requiring him fo to do. The monthly charge upon the Engines and Vats, is always made with reference to the clafs of Paper manufadured, provided the requifite notices are given when any change of clafs has been intended. When a Trader propofes to difcontinue working any Engine or V at, or re- commenced work- ing after a difcontinuance, fix da\ s previous notice is fiequcndy given to this Exami- nant; and he believes ufually to the Gaugers, but he does not know whether any fuch arc ferved upon the Colledor. When any change of the clafs of Paper to be rrianufadured is intended, the Law direds a like notice to be ferved on the Officer in charge, which, as far as he believes, has always been done. No entry or niemoian- riums of any of the notices fcrved on this Examinant, or on the Gaugers, are ever entered in or returned wicn the ftock- books, nor prelerved for the infpedtion of any fuperior Officer. Examinant has leldom found the Duty by weight to exceed that by afleffment; it is generally lefs ; but cannot lay whether the charge is commenfurate With the power of the Engine and Vats. This Examinant faith, That he has never, either direCUv or indiredly, taken or re- ceived from Di'iillers, Maltfters, Paper- makers or Tanners, any fee, gratuity, j er- quifite or emolument of any nature or kind whacfoever. Mr Wheeler on the paragraph in this examination, ftacing, that he had never taken any fees, perquifites or gratuities, b ing read to him, faid it was true ; but on a further examination, having admitted he had taken fees; the Board woulc| not allow him to fign this examination, J. S. Rochfort, Fred Geale, Robert Alexander. i C O
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