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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1809
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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Seir. I. m ( Ireland.) - Seventh REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS ( Excife.- employing only one Vat of given dimenfions, and that folely in making he chcapeft Clafs of Paper, were entitled to fuch an abatement as would not reduce the monthly charge below the twelfth part of £. 100 wherever the Duties on the Paper aCtually made did not exceed that 4C Geo. nr. c 76. rate of charge. By an ACt of the year 1800, this Afferent, in re. pec of the Engine, was advanced to £. 20. its. U, with exceptions and provifions llmilar to thofe of the preceding year. T he Duty per lb. con- r TTT tinned the fame till the year 1805, when Paper of the fok dais, for 45 Geo. 111. c. 19. ^ hich ^ ^ had been previoufly payable, was made fubjeCt to a Duty of and the Duties on all the other ClaiTes, with the exception 45GCO. IIT. C., O6. of Glazed Paper, which experienced no advance, were doubled. The AffefTment was, at the fame time, raifed to £. 32. 19s. 8d. per month, and a reduction of that fum to £. 16. 13s. 4d. permitted, in refpeCt of Engines folely employed with only one Vat, and in the manufacture of 47 Geo. in. c. 18. the^ coarfeft Paper, the laft rife of Duty took place in the year 1807, Seff'u when Paper of the fecond Clafs, before charged with 2d. per lb., was made liable to the fame Duty as Paper of the firft Clafs, viz. with 3d. per lb., thereby making way for the clarification already ftated to have 47 Geo. TIT. c. 38. been introduced by an A6t of the fame year. This latter, belides the alteration made with refpe£ t to the daffies, introduces alfo fome change in the nature and amount of the Affeffinent, directing it to be thenceforth compounded of an annual charge of £. 200. in refpeCt of every engine not exceeding twelve feet in length, five in breadth, and two in depth ; and a like charge of £. 150. in refpeCt of every Vat or Wet- prefs, which ever fhould be moft in number, fuch Vat not exceeding the contents of a vefiel fix feet long, five feet broad, and four deep, to be paid in monthly proportions of £. 16. \ y. 4d. for every Engine, and £. 12. 1 ex. for every Vat or Wet- prefs, and in the lame proportion for any Engine or Vat of greater dimenfions than the above. The abatements therebv allowed to Manufacturers whofe Engines in any year are folely employed in making Paper, fubjeCt to the loweft Duty, i. e. Paper of the fecond Clafs, are limited tojf. ioo. in refpeCt of the Engine, and £. roo. on every Vat or Wet- prefs, whichever lhall be moft in number. Whenever the Duty, chargeable on Paper by the weight, exceeds the charge by afTeffment, proviiion is made for the payment of fiich excefs, by requir- ing the Officers in charge of Paper- mills, befides making a monthly re- turn to the ColleCtors of their refpeCtive DiftriCts, of the Duty charge- able in refped of the Engines and Vats or Wet- preffes, to return alfo an account of the Duty chargeable in refpeft of all Paper weighed at fuch Mills in the courfe of the month, and to leave a copy thereof with the Manufacturer; and, for the purpofe of afcertaining the quantity made in each quarter of the year, every Paper- maker is required, after ten, and Within twenty- eight clays from the end of every fuch quarter, upon receiving forty- eight hours previous notice from the Officer in charge, on a day and hour to be therein appointed, to produce to the Officer all aPer of every c3afs and denomination whatfoever made in the preceding quarter, and not duly weighed and included in the monthly Returns, in order that the fame may be weighed and charged; and the Officers in charge are d- refted to make quarterly returns to the Collectors of their DiftriCts of all Paper fo weighed and brought to charge, and to ferve copleS thereof on the feveral Manufacturers, whereupon, if the quantity comprized
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