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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3753
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 23/01/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3753
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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^ —— tap winci jour: AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS. DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3753. VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, JANUARY 23, isoa PRICE SIXPENCE .•• a'r„ iHi ii'iwi". CPENCE. / StamP Duty.... 3jd. I Paper and Print, Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, Dec. 14. THE new Grand Vizier Mustapha Baraicf- er has finished his career. On the 14th of November, at day- break, the Jannissaries assembled from all quarters, auJ being reinforced by those who were in the vicinity of Comtantinople, they fell upon the Seimens of the Nizaia Gtsdid, and massacred all the partisans of the Grant! Vi/ ier that came in their way. The contest spread to every street in Constantinople. The Seimens long- made a mo t- obstinate resistance, but at last, they were compelled to submit.. Many of their party deserted to the Jani varies at the commencement of the insurrection. On the 15 th, the Janissaries assaulted the high walls of the Seraglio; at this moment the Grand Vizier ( after causing the unfortunate Mustapha IV. who was a prisoner there, to be strangled) blew himself up with gunpowder, of which he purposely provided a large quantity before- hand, to prevent his falling ali? e into the hands ot' his enemies. Oil the lSt. h, when the courier left Constantinople, the utmost coiifuiiou jn- evaiied there. A dreadful tire had broke out, and during the wh de of the following night he saw a glow in the sky, from which he concluded that the fire was st ill raging.— The fate of the reigning Sovereign, Mahomet, is not yet ascertained -, but it is feared that he has been the victim of the Revolution. VIENNA, DCC. 17.— Mustapha Baraicter, accord- ing to the last advices from Constantinople, was not killed, as had been reported, by the explosion of a powder maga- zine, but had effected his escape with the Grand Seignior, Mahomet IL on bo rd one of the vessels in the harbour ; the Admiral of the Turkish fleet, Seid Aly, being his friend. Oft the 13tli ult. tl » e ships of war were bombarding and cannonading the posts in the city occupied by the Janissaries ; and considerable fears were entertained for the safety of the Foreign Ambassadors, in the suburb of pera. The blood that had been shed was beyond all conception. LONDON, MONDAY, JANUARY IS. MARK- LANE, Monday, Jan. 16. We had large arrivals of Wheat to- day, which, with that on hand, made the quantity greater than on any preceding day in the present season. The supply of Barley, Beans, and Oats, was eqhally plentiful. The demand for'the latter articles was however so brisk, th. t there was no decline in the price of any article but Wheat.— Barley, Oats, Boiling Peas, Malt, and Flour, are ail dearer. A small quantity of superfine White Wheat, at an early hour, went as high as 51. afterwards ,98s. was a top price for picked parcels, 96 s. for prime runs, down. to 88s. for blighted cold samples, and 92s'. to ;> 4s. for prime Red Wheat. An immense quantity of business Was done, and it was much later than usual before the1 stands were cleared. General currency: — Mealing Red Wheat 70s. to 88s: 99s. sup. 92s. . to 9- ls. White G3s. to 88s. 90s. fine 92s. to 95s. sup. 98s. to 98s. Black 76s. to 83.5.— Rye 60s. to 64s.— White Peas 96s. to 1 ffis. Boilers 128s. to 145s, Grey Peas 60s. to t$ t.— Horse Beans 56s. to 75s.— Tick Beans 46s. to 7fs. Long Peds 40s. to 51s. Broad Beans 56s. to 83s.— Barley 36s. to 4is. Malting 42s. to 4tis. fine 47s. to 48s.— Malt 72s. to 78s. fine 8rts. to 84s.— Oats, long feed, 30s. to 38s. short, 39s. to 42s. Poland 43s. to 44s. per quarter.— Rape Seed 461. to 52?. per last.— Trefoil 12s. to 28s. fine 30s. to 44s. per cwt.—. Rye Grass 9s. to 28s. flue to 42s. per quarter.— English Household Hour 85s. persack. SMITIIFIELO MARKET, Jan. 16. This day's market a^ lorded but a middling supply of prime beasts, though there were ijso head of Neat Cattle, about 12,000 Sheep, 100 Calves, and 150 Pigs. The prices were, Beef 3J. 8d. to4s. id. Mutton 3s. Sd. to 4s. Ad. Veal 5s. 0/. to 7s. 4d. Pork 5s. Sd. to fa's. 8d. per stone of . sib. to sink ( tie offal. In NEWGATF. and LEADEN HALL MARKETS, the prices by the Carcase were, Beef 3s. 4< i. to 8; i. Mutton 3s. Sd. to 5 s. 6( 1. Veal 5s. 0 d. to 7s. • id. Pork is. 8 d. to 6s. Si. per stone. Prices of HAY, & C. at Smithfieid, Whitechapel, a'rtd St. J imes's Markets': — Dry Meadow Hay Si: ' 5s. to 6?. 10s. Clover 61. 1.2s. to 71. 10s. Straw U. 8s. to 1/. 16s. Hops, in the' Borough — Bans : Kent W. l'Ss'. to 41. 10s. Sussex and Essex 31. 5s. to 4!. 6s.— Pockets : Kent 41. 4s. to t) 5/. 10s. Sussex Sli IDs. to 41. Ids. Farnham 71. to 8i. Dutch papers td the Ist inst. reached town yesterday. The only intelligence they contained is an article from Vienna, dated the 14th ult. stating that another revo- lution had taken place at Constantinople. It was supposed that Mustapha Baraicter, the Grand Vizier, had fallen. But further- Dutch pajters were received this morni g, and these have an article from Vienna, dated th" 17th ult. from which we learn that Mustapha Baraicter bad not fallen, but ) wd retreated to the shipping, The blowing up of a part of the Seraglio was probably a feint to : ecure his retreat. When the last accounts left Constantinople, it wis im- possible to tell how the Sanguinary, conflict between the Janis- aries and the adherents of Baraioter would end. It was known that Baraieter had taken an effectual step to prevent the Janissaries from restoring the Sultan whom he S » : l deposed, Mustapha IV. by causing him to be strangled ; and that he had secured the persun of Mahomet li. in whose name he had acted, and who is the last remaining Hale of the Othmars bra nth, by carrying this puppet Sultan with him on board the fioet. We have copied above the only articles which contain any account of these extra- ' ordinary events. The Dut< h Papers contain news from Paris to tb. e 27th inst. but they give us very little information respecting the state of affairs in Spain. General Mortier, it is saWl, was at Logrono on the 12th, and was to be iu front of iiatagossa on the 15th. Great preparations were making for bes; eging the place in form; but the French Papers tleclare, that such is the humanity of Bonaparte, that neither a bombardment nor mines will be used, unless the oistinuc? of the inhabitants should render it necessary. The King of Prussia, instead of returning to his capital, how that the French have evacuated it, is going to pay the Emperor irf Russia a visit at St. Petersburgh. Captain Cock-, of the Townshend packet, arrived in town yesterday from the Brazils, with dispatches from the Portuguese Government, and Sir S. Smith, which arc- Said to be of a very agreeable nature. The Townshend performed the voyage from Rio Janeiro to Falmouth in forty- one days* It is stated in letters from the Brazils, dated Oct. 3, that the British ships of war on that coast were stationed as . follows : In the harbour of Rio Janeiro, re- fitting:— The Fou- drovant, Rear- Admiral Sir S. Smith, Captain Schomberg; Marlborough, Commodore Graham Moore; President, Captain Mackenzie ; Hyacinth, Captain Davies ; Serapis, ( store- ship,) Pitt and Naur y, ( brigs.) and Viper, ( schooner). In the? River La Plata— Monarch, Commodore Lee ; Bedford, Sir James Walker; Agamemnon. Capt. Rose; two armed transports, and two Portuguese brigs of war. Isle Grande— London, Sir Thomas Western, attending the Prince Regent, at Santa Cruz. Survei'daiite, Confiance, Lightning, cruizing on dif- ferent points of the coast. The Prince Regent and his Consort have conferred high honours and rewards on Sir Sidney Smith and many of the Captains iu his fleet. Sir Sidney has been presented with a palace called Villa Braganza, and an estate annexed worth TOrtOi. a year. Sir T. Western, of the London, has also been presented with an estate and eattle to stock it, and is to be installed Grand Cross of the Royal Orders. Sir Sidney Smith bad given a grand fete at Villa Brsganza, at which the Princess of Brazil was present, and also the Spanish Officers " deputed from Buenos Ayres, who recog- ni- ed in her Royal Highness the legitimate heir of the Spanish Crown, " during the imprisonment of the elder branches of the Royal Family. Notwithstanding the good understanding between our Officers and the Court of the Brazils, our Diplomatic Agents and the Prince's Ministers are said to di- agree. 1' he capital is overstocked with European goods, the mer- • chants have sustained heavy losses, and complain loudly that sufficient facility is not ijveri to the admission of their goods into the interior. Tie Spaniards al^ o decline an extension of their dealings- with us at Buenos Ayres. But as we know the avidity of mercantile speculation, these di- agreements and complaints may have no other foundation that* that reasonable jealousy which the in- habitants may entertain of our engrossing their trade, and i pru. lent attention- of the Prince Regent to his own sub- jects and his peculiar situation. We are concerned to state, that advice has been received of ( he loss of th- whole of the bxggage of the 10th and 15th Regiments of Light Dragoons, which, with seventy soldiers' wives of those two corps, were cut off by a partv of the enemy.— Morning Herald. The Active armed cutter, on Thursday night, cap- tured a small French lugger, mounting one gun, and manned with 18 men, having on board several packets of French papers, to be distributed about the coast. The capture of thi; vessel explains a circumstance which cer- tainly appeared singular— by what means casks with news- papers vere made to float so directly from Boulogne lo the Kentish coast. It now appears that the French se id over vessels in the evening, to throw the casks containing the priiers within reach of the current, that sets into the coast at certain periods of the tide. A fine Russian frigate, from the Baltic for the Brazils, came up to Leith Roads I'ast Monday evening, in a leaky and damaged state, and was taken possession of by the Ardent frigate In consequence of Lord Collingwood's desire to return borne, Admiral Berkeley, who is gone out to take the command at Lisbon, is to succeed Lord Collingwood in the Mediterranean, and Admiral Stopford is ap5* mted to the Lisbon station, vice Admiral Berkeley. Dr. Lawrence has been suddenly taken ill, and is in so dangerous a way that there is little hope of his re- covery. The Committee of Privy Council, which had assembled on Saturday on Prize Appeals, was obliged to adjourn, in consequence of the learned Doeter's indispo- sition, without transacting any business, he being en- gaged in most of tbe causes. PI. H. TIIE next'Meeting of the H. H. will be held at the Swan Inn, Alresford, on Wednesday the 1st of FeDruary, 1809.— Dinner on table at half past five. A. F. NUNES, Esq.\ s . 292] C. COOKE, Esq. . J ™ 1 ™ ' ™ - WILTSHIRE LIEUTENANCY. NOTICE is hereby given, that a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy will be holden, pursuant to adjourn- ment, at the Town Hall in Devizes, in and for the county of Wilts, on Friday the 27th of JSnuary inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for executing the Local Militia Act.— Dated the \ 3th of January, 1809. THOS. WINCH, 26s] Clerk of the General Meetings, & c. FROME TURNPIKE ROADS. rr, IIE next Meeting of the Trustees is appointed to i be held at the George Inn, in Frome, on Thursday the 48th dav of January, at eleven o'clock. in the forenoon. ' J. A. WICKHAM, Clerk and Treasurer. FKOME, Jan. 14, 1809. { 2/ 5 NEW ASSEMBLY ROOMS, BATH. R. RAUZZlNi most respectfully acquaints the Subscribers to the Conceits, and the Public in general, that on Wednesday the 1st, and Tuesday the 7th of Feb. 1309, MADAME CATJLAXI Will ,; iye Two Grand SUBSCRIP TION CONCERTS, under his Direction Madame CATALANI will sing ThreeSongs; and Signer MIA RTA MI will sing Two Buft'a Songs, and a Duet with Madame CATALANI. Terms:— A Subscriber of 21. 2s. will be entitled to Four Tickfts, viz. Two at each Concert, transferable to Ladies or Gentlemen.— A Subscriber of li. 5s. will bp entitled to Two Tickets, viz. One for each Concert, transf- rtble to Ladies or Gentlemen.— Non- Subscribers' admission. One Guinea. ( fj* Those Ladies and Gentlemen who intend subscribing, are most respectfully acquai nted, that their Tickets will be ready for delivery on Saturday Jan. 28th ; and to pr vent any confusion, the Subscription Will close on Tiesday evening Jan. fllst; as non : but Non- Subscribers' Tickets can be de- livered on the following day.— Further particulars in du time. Those ladies and gentlemen who wish to sit in the Gall ry, are respectfully informed that it is fitted up for their receptio. . To begin at half past sev .- n o'clock. * » » None can be admitted at the Rehearsal. f.:) e connections, as an APPRENTICE to a LINEN- DRAPER. Apply to Mr. Robert Willett, Devizes. [ 317 GROOM. WANTED,— A creditable MAN, of light weight. No persons need to apply but such as are conscious of standing the strictest enquiry into their capacity and character with their last employer. Enquire of the Printers. [ 318 LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL, Newbury, Berks, under the direction of the Misses SEI. F, will re- commence on Monday the. 30th inst. " pa? FORDINGBRIDGE, Jan. 20, 1 SOP. IMPRESSED with gratitude for past favours, Miss BARKY begs leave to inform her friend's and the puttie, that her SCHOOL re- commenced on Monday the iSth of January 1809. [ 873 TERMS— per ann. IB guineas— Weekly B - it T3 es. LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL, LYMINGTON. MISSES BEATON and GROVE ( Successors to the Misse s FRY), highly flattered by the kind patronage they have received, avail themselves of this opportunity to re- turn their best thanks to their, numerous friends.— impressed with a grateful sense of the generous warmth with which their undertaking has been encouraged, they beg leave to assure them, that every effort will be called forth to promote the 1m- ptovement, the'morais, and the comfort of their pupils. The business of the School will continue to he conducted in the, same, house it has been for some years past, till Lady- day next, when they intend removing to premises open to the sea bre its, very commodious, and most eligibly situated the same side of the street,, bat nearer to the centre of the town, which they have purchased for the purpose. Ladies frequnting Lymington for the season, ( which is too well known tor its grnuine sea bathing and excellent air, to need hcK a description), may be furnished with comfortable lodgings by the Week.-— Parlour boarders genteelly and com- fortably accommodated. The School will open aga; n on Monday the - 23d day of Jan. l » 0f>. Terms may be known on application. [- 289 TWYFORD, NEAR WINCHESTER. THE Rev. Mr. CRADOCKE's FRENCH and CLASSICAL TUITION ( for a limited number of Pu- pils on a domestic plan) wilt re- commence- on Monday the 30th of January 1809. [ 210 SWATHL1NG FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. CROUCH, Jun. begs to inform his friends and the public, his School will re commence on Monday the 23d of January 1809. [ 322 SHERFIELD SCHOOL will open after the pie- s'- nt vacation on Monday the 23d instant. Mr, WATSON takes this opportunity of thanking his friends forpist favours.— Jan. 16, 1309. [ 271 J.' Salisbury and Andover, to convey the public CHEAPER, in better carriages, and with more expedition, than ouroppom nt, WHITMARSH, FAGG, PENNY., AND BROWN, 94] PROPRIETORS. Tit3 In defence of myself, and to prevent an artful spe- | cul itor from acquiring my trade, many years established, as w.- ll as retaliating, ( for in the first instance, taking a Co ten- fflc.- contiguous to the Bell and Crown, and adver- tising af my Coaches from his Inn, thereby deceiving the public, ami injuring me and my connections,) I have, for the convanir- ceof my friends and the public, and to prevent, as much as in my power, such fraud, opened a New Coach Offi .'•, under the first gateway of the Bell Savage, where p sv- n ; rts are regularly hooked, parcels carefully and expe- ditiously forwarded, without any charge for booking. Belt and Crown Inn, IJollvrn. T. HO. FAGG. Salisbury,' Wilton, and Andover goods will be delivered in future without any charge for porterage.— Persors ordering their goods by FAGG, WHITMARSH, and Co.' s COACHES, and paying the carriage at Salisbury or Andover, their friends in London will punctually receive them free of every charge. COMMERCIAL OPPOSITION COACHES, From, t. he THREE SWISS, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, I U > GATE- HIU., LONDON. EDWARD PROCKTER and Co. respectfully re- turn thanks to their friends of Salisbury, Wilton,' An- dover, & c. for the very liberal encouragement they. have re- ceived; and beg to inform their friends, that for their better accommodation, the NEW COACH now runs from Loi: don and Salisbury everv Afternoon, Saturday excepted. PROCKTER, MATCHAM, and Co. also request'the In habitants of SARUM, WILTON, ANDOVER, SC. to fcomparc the present conduct of tile Old Salisbury Coach Proprietors, with their former.— They can now be very submissive and thankful for favours at when only in the mouth of June ; hev scarcely knew any traveller at 435 and ao. s. and, ac-, cording to the strides tliey were makin., it is impossible to conjecture where their avarice and enormous charges would have stopped; it therefore needs no comment to perceive that their present aim, by reducing to It's, is oriiv to endeavour to crush the COMMERCIAL; and if suffered by the Publick to accomplish this, judging from their former conduct, what have they not reason to expect ( hey will in future be made to pay ? It therefore only remains with the Inhabitants of Sa- rum, Wilton, & c. who have proved themselves alive to just- motives, by the strong and prompt support they have already given to the COMMERCIAL,, to continue that support, if even the Old Party were to run for nothing, and to treat such conduct with the' contempt it merits;- and rest assured it is the intention of the Proprietors of the COMMERCIAL Jo remain STEADY IN THEIR, VRICES, and STEADY IN- THEIR BUSINESS, in despite of all the Traps ppt to draw them from their purposes. EDWARD PROCKTER, GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. COMMERCIAL OFFICE, THREE SWANS, SALISBURY, January 6, 1809. N. B. Carriage of small Parcels, under one pound weight, 6d. only, as usual. [ 154 YNTED, in a Gentleman's Family in Poole,—' A good SERVANT of all Work, who can cook plain meat, poultry, & c. and keep the house very clean.— A steady woman, of between 30 and 40 years of age," will be preferred; she must have an undeniable character from her last place. Apply at Mr. Moore's, . printer-, bookseller, and stationer, High- street, Pooh. [ 301 MONEY. EADY. to be advanced on good Freehold Land Se- curity in the Isle o£ Wight,— Ti e sum of i,' 4000. Apply to Mr. Griffiths, attorney at law, Newport, Isle of Wight. 3_ ' ^ [ 321 rpHE Stuns ol £ goo and 5'~ 00, ready 10 be ad - JL vanced immediately on Mortgage of Freehold P'oprrty. Apply ( if by letter, post paid), to Gilbert Rstton, ti- Mtot, Frome, Somerset. ( 281 JVIDLER informs the public, that THE SALE . at CHICKLADE IS POSTPONED ; and that several Thousand Feet of PINE BOARD are. for SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, at his House, High- street, Salisbury.—( One concern. J " " ['.) ., ij COALS AT NORTH AM. NOW delivering,-— A good rubbly Cargo, al 54s. per Chaldroa, discounting 2s. for ready Money. Apply to R. Broadbridge, at the Quay. Jan. cl0, 1809. N. B. Stone Coal^, 44s. ptr Ton. [ 314 TO he SOLD.— A PAIR of GREY CURRICLE MARES, w. th a Curricle and Harness eompU. ti ; may be sold either separate or together, 011 reasonable terms. The mares are steady in harness, capital trotters, and very Eleasant either to fide or drive. Particulars' may be known y a- letter to C. D. at Moore's Printing- Office, Poole. THO be SOLD,-— A most excellent TELEGRAPH JL GIG, entirely new, having only been used three or four times ; it is warranted to be built of well- seasoned wood, quite calculat'- d to drive as a tandem, fe large eno ieh tn carry two dogs ; and, when loaded, it is built on so good a principle as not to weigh more on the horse's back than when empty ; it is light, and the draft exceedingly easy— it is in every way calculated for a Sportsman ; has a seat behind to carry two, which rcmo.' cs at pleasure. • For particulars apply to Mr. Skinner, carpenter, Bishops- trow, Warminster; it'by latter, postpaid'. [- 173 TITHES. TO be SOLD,— The GREAT TITHES of the parish of CASTLE MORTON, in the county ot Worcest. r. of the value of £ 600 per annum, with right of Common oyer valuable Marshes, which, 0.- 1 an lncld'su/ e, wiil consi- derably increase the estate. Apply ( by letter, post paidj at Mr. Bell's office, land agent, Winchester. ' [ i,; s Port and Sherrif ' Vines, Sf a valuable Stare- house in ' • . ' SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOT/ i) by. PRIVATE CONTRACT, or, niudcratc terms, worthy the attention of Gentlemen, Mi . v't- u. and others,-— A few Pipes and Butts of superior •>:.-: r.) Tand- SHEftRY WINES, now in Bond, andm'y re- Tfrain uncleared six months. Also anew erected, extensive, lofty STORE- HOUSE, with Court Yard, Tenstneiit, and Stable behind, two arched Vault under, capable of containing 2'> o pipes, made free under the late Warehousing Act, in a desirable situation, lying conti- guous to the Quay. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton; if by letter, free of postage.—( Oat concern. J [ 138 FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— The Ship RICHARD and MARY, British built, copper sheathed, only about eight years old, of the follow. ug dimen- sions, viz. Extreme length, 39 feet ? fijehe.';." Extreme breadth, 2: 1 feet ; inc nes. Height between decks, ( i feet 2 inches. And admeasures ' 115 tons per register. She is lately arrived at Portsmouth from the West Indies, is a fast sailing vessel, and would suit well any purposes of ttrade where dispatch is desirable, and may be soori got r.'/ rdv tor s For farther particulars, and viewing the said ship", r piLSIIEAD SCHOOL is opened. For further Jl particulars refer to this Journal of the flth inst. [ 286 BRATTON, Jan. 12, 180.9. MR. WILLIAMS respectfully informs his friends that his School opens again the' 23d instant. [ 254 AMESBURY, WILTS. WCOX respectfully informs his friends and the • public, that his School will open again, after the present nc.- ss, on Monday the 30th instant; and that his pupils shall be regarded with tenderness and attention. [ 308 EDUCATION. CALNE, WILTS. rpiIE Rev. WM. MARSH, A. M. late of Pem- JL broke Hall, Cambridge, proposes, after the Christmas vacation, to take ten or twelve Young Gentlemen, under 14 years of age, to initiate them in the Classics, Geography, Writing, A'rithmatic, and the English Grammar, preparatory to a public education. ' Terms for Education and Board, SO guineas per annum— Entrance - 2 guineas. The usual - terms for other accomplish- ments. Washing will net be included in these terms. Mr. Majsh, having received his education at Eton, flatters himself he is fully competent to initiate the young Gentlemen entrusted to his care in the preparatory branches of education, and he will ever make it his aim to instil into their minds the principles of the Christian religion, and will also most care- fully attend to thei « health and comfort. [ 278 BRISTOL, BATH, AND PORTSMOUTH ROYAL MAIL COACH. THE Public are respectfully informed, that A MAILCOACH commenced running from the BUSH INN, BRISTOL, on Wednesday ti^ e 19 th of October, 1808, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, from the WHITE HART, BATH, at Five o'Clock; through SARUM and SOUTHAMP- TON ;— and will leave PORTSMOUTH every Afternoon at Five o'Clock. ( 93 Newport, Isle of Wight, Dcc. 81, 1808. THOMAS FOSTER, Plumler, Painter, & Gla- zier, returns his most grateful acknowledgments to his friends and the public in general, and begs leave to inform them, that the Partnership" with Mr. TAYJ. ER is dissolved, and that he intends carrying on the above business on his own concern, at his house in Castle- hold, and flatters himself he shall, by strict attention, and by employing the best work- men, meet with that encouragement which he has expe- rienced during the term of nineteen years, and humbly soli- cits a continuance of their favours, which will be ever grate- fully remembered. [ 1G2 Hydraulic Lifting Pumps, with one, two, or more motions, Water Closets, Beer Engines, & c. & c, fixed on the shortest notice, on the best principles, & 011 the most moderate terms. N. B. Wanted immediately,— A sober, steady MAN, who is well experienced in the Plumbing and Glazing Business.— Such a person will receive constant employ, and 25s. per week, by applying personally or by letter ( post paid) as above. No one need apply but who ew answer the above description. apply to WM. BURRIDSF. & SONS, Merchants, Portsmouth. Jan. 19, 1809. [ 2J> 0 F6R THE BENEFIT OF THE UNDERWRITERS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 24th instant, at noon,— About 100 Cwt. of. damaged HEMP and FLAX, lately landed from Riga. [ 315 For viewing the same, apply on the morning of sale to Wm. Pfice & Co. SOUTHAMPTON, Jan. 20,1809. LOSI', from AWerholt Commtin, about three months ago, A BROWN and WHITE BULL, coming two years old. Whoever will bring him to Mr. Wm. White, Georg- Inn, Sandl- akeath, shall be satisfied for their trouble. ' fv. l OST, fioin the New Forest,— A HEIFER rising six years old, - mostly white with red ears, horn- markul I B fc, ant, twohorse- sho. s ( thus QC) ; she has a slit in btt near ear, and the off one has a triangular piece cut out on each side ot the ti p. Whoever will bring the above Heifer to Mr. Bramble, of bnsbury, near Winborn, Dorset, shall receive HALF- A- GUIN'EA Reward, and all reasonable Charges. [ 249 LOST, on Saturday the 12tli of November 1808, ^ near the Sw , n Inn, Lyndhurst, Hants,— A POIN ; ER DOG, white, with brown yellow spots, answers to the n one of " Don." Whoever will bring the dog, or send it; to John Bumstead, at Aishly Lodge, in the New Forest, will be rewarded for their trouble. Whoever detains the dog after this notice Will be dealt with according to law. [ 276 STOLEN or STRAYED, from the New Fbrest,— A STRAWBERRY- COLOURED HEIFER, rising five years old, in Calf, with the near ear slit, burnt in the horn with B B, and h s the Forest Mark. Whoeve r will bring her to Mr. Daniel Gold, at Ivcr, rear Chn trhurch, or to John Croucher, at Riplev, in the parish ot Sopley-, near Ringwood, shall receive ONE GUINEA re- ward, and all reasonable Espcnces paid. [ 23 2 SIQLEN or Strayed, on Fiilay night the 2d of . _ Decemb. r, 1808, from a field n ar' Roi'nsey,— A well- bred fast tr< tting BLACK MARE, 14 hands and I inch high, rising tour years old, rather heavy cars, small eyes, and thick jaws, remarkably straight legged, and hlndsome ' made in every other respect; large saddle spots on each side, with a small white spot on the hind leg ; cut tail. It. strayed, ONE GUINEA Reward and Expences; if stolen, 1' IVE GUINEAS and Expences, by Mr. Stephen M iffev, Sherfield- farm, near Romsey. *„* She is supposed to be stolen with a Friwn Gelding, 13 hand, high, switch tail, aged, by two men having the ap- pearance of gypsies. |- io4 FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS RICHARD HORNER, WIL- ¥ V LI AM LEWIS, and GEORGE OLDING, Labour rs in the service of Messrs. WHITCHURCH & Co. Mllfcrd- street, Salisbury, have left their places before, the expiration of the term for which thev had hired themselves t— This is therefore to give Notice, that a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS will be paid to any person or persons who will apprehend either of the above- named men, so that thev may be brought to justice, by anp'ication as above. tinnier and Lewis are natives of and were lately resident at Idminston, near Sarum, and were under maltsters; Olding ftsided at a village very near Romsev, Hants, and was an under carter. It having become a frequent practice of servants to with draw themselves from their service, to the great inconvenience and prejudice of their employers, it is hoped that any persons who may have hired either ot the above men, will either apprehend them, or give'notice to their late masters whtre they are to be found. Milford- ati. et, Salisbury, Jan. 20, 1809. [ 304 FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. 19 UN A WAY, and left his Family chargeable to • the Parish of Wroiighton,— JOHN Flhl D. . u- pation a Labourer. The said John F- ehi is h. r . ix te. t hi • h, dark complexion, black hair, ' hour forty years ge and has lost a fore finger and thumb from his left hand y th bursting of a ;< un. Whoever w; ll apprehend the said John I : l-| d, and Irep h> m in confinement, or bring him to the Churchw rrtrns or (' v r- secrsot Wroughton aforesaid,, shall receive id'tl em'rhe : d- ove Reward and all reasonable expeno- p - N. B. He is thought to be v,\ - king at th navig, 1 1 Rennet and Avon Canal in the neighbourhood " t Bvi i NOTICE TO CRKCITORS, & e. ALL Persons who have any Claim o on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. JOHN r>', Gentleman, of St. Giles's Hill, near the city ot W are desired to deliver the same immediately to Mr. Ge . Anderson or Mr. Nathaniel Hewlett, his Executors; ai d those whf> are indebted thereto are earnestly request; d to pay the same without delay, as the Execut rs ' wish to make an early distribution of the property, and close their accounts as 9- mn as possible. [ aig TO CREDITORS. AT a Meeting of the Creditors of Mr. THOMAS SCARD the younger, late of Teuton, in the parish of Eli ;.-;, in the county of Southampton, Merchant, held thii 2;' ith day of January, 180;), after an examination of his estate and affects, and a very satisfact > ry proposition being made by Mr. ' THOMAS SCAKB, sen. to the Cr ditors present, it was u1m7nmou. 1lu resolved, that th.- Creditors pres nt accept such proposition ; but, in order to give . : : y opportun tv to those who may not have been enabled to attend this Meetin.., that another be held on Friday the a; t!: day of January instant, at the: Anchor, at Redbridge, at twelve o'clock at no> m, when it is'most earnestly requested that all the: Creditors wil'i at- tend, in- order to peruse and executtf such deed as will then be1 presented to them, or to dissent to the same. DAMAN and WARNER, Solicit, rs. ROMSEY, January 20, 180,9. [ 313 [ 7" HERE AS JOHN HOPK1 Ns7^ f~ Froinc- Sd- wood, in the county of Somerset, Taylor, hath as- signed all hs state and effects to Thomas'Wayland, of Frome afore'-' ' ! James I. arire, Thomas Ballans, and William Do're, all 1 city of Bath, in trust for the benefit of his Creditors;- Notice is hereby given, that the deed of assignment is left at the office of Gilbert Rott'on, solicitor, in Fromff aforesaid, tor the signature of the creditors, who are desired forthwith to . . land execute the same, or they will be excluded all benefit : hereof. All persons inelebted to the estate of the ia. it! Jtibn Hopkins are desired to pay their respective debts immediately to the said Gilbert Rotton, who is empowered by the Trustees to re- ceive tile same. FUOME, Jan. 13, lfiO. 4. [ 97.0 COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Messrs. Day's Wharf, on Thursdav the 2Gth day of January 1800,' at twelve o'clock,—' The ANCHORS, CABLES, SAILS, RIG- GING, & c. saved from the ship Hope, wrecktd lately on the back of the Isle of Wight, For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Tnomcts Day, Cowcs. [ 302 GOSPORT. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 26th ol January 1800, at eleven' o'clock in the forenoon,— About 600 Quarters of BLACK & WHITE OATS.— To be viewed two days before the sale, and cata- logues had, by applying to " M. MARCH, Broker. GQSPORT, Jan. 13, 1809. [ 255 WEYMOUTH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. TIN- DALL, on Tuesday the 24th day of January 1S0£>, > t Mr. Rob. il- liaid's Store, near the Oid Rooms, About Twenty Tons of SWEDISH IRON, of different s'jfc- s ; and about Thirty Bar- rels of SWEDISH TAR and PITCH, which will be sold in small convenient lots. For viewing the same, apply three days before tbe sale to Mr. John Martin, merchant, or the Auctioneer, both of Wey mouth. The sal? to begin i'AytQ o'clock in the afternoon. ( 193 THE AMBOYNA TOO TH- POWJJER, IS by far the most pleasant of any Powder rec< m- mended for CLEANSING at: d BEAUTIFYING the Teeth"; it- will lie found to answer every end thata tooth } ow- der can reasonably be expected to do. The AMBOYNA LOTION is also prepared for the same purposes. . It removes the scurvy, make; s the lips and gums of'a healthful red, fastens, whitens, ar. d preserves tin- " teeth to old age, improves tbe ' enamel, and keeps it from injury ; it is also particularly calculated to remove all offensive particles from the mouth, and in a short time makes the bream sweet. The drug from which the Amboyna Powder is prepared is the produce of. Asia, first imported by a professional gentle- man of character ar. d fortune, ar. d some of the first gentle men of the faculty who . use. it declare it a fine stomachic and bracer; and for safety, proper for an infant. It eradicates the foulneSs the mouth is subject to, from diet or foul Sto- mach, by its purifying and balsamic qualities. [ 803 The Tooth Powder, 8s. 61/.— the Lotion. 4s. ( id. Sold wholesale and retail by Brodie, Doweling, and Lux- ford, Salisbury, wholesale venders f'- r the. West of England. LAND SURVEYING. This day is published, the third: edition, tvith great Additions and improvements by the Author, in ore vol. octavo,' priie- 7s. bound, ivilh a fac simile of a Field Boole, done up sepui aiehj, A TREATISE 0.1 LAND ' SURVEYING, in Seven Parts.— Part I. contains Bofiruf on: end Problen'S in Geometry.— Part II. Rules for finding the Areas of Plane Fi- gures.— Part III. To survey with the Chain and Cross. - Pint IV. To survey with the Chain only.— Part V. Rules for patting off'any given Portion of a Field, in form of a triangle, square, or parallelogram.— Part VI. A full explanation of the method used by the most eminent Surveyors in messariug and plan- ning a Farm or Lordship, . with a Chain only,' ill it. t'tued with five copper- plates', and an " engraved fac e'. inile of a field book. Tlje plates exhibit the progressive: ste- ps. of planning a small farm, and point out t: e. app- iafuice of the plan in six different stages.—'- Pirt VII. To survey bv measuring the An- gles and tines. By THOM AS D1X, Of North Walsham, Norfolk. The whol? illustrated with upwards of Five Hundred Dia- grams, and Twelve Copper- plates. Printed- fot 1. Seelev, Buckingham; for. L. B Se- ley, N> 169, I'leet- stree't; and Sqitchard and i. eue'nean, Ave Ma'i l'- i'iLondon; and sol 1 by Brodie, Dawdtng, sjirt Lu>''<' ' SalY. uty. ['• ,2 THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday's. and Thursday s Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF JANUARY 17. THIS Gazette notices two dating outrages, viz. the murder of Thomas Martindale of- Latham, near Ormskirk, gamekeeper to Edward Wilbiahain Bootle, E q. who was shot on the CM inst. by some per- son or persons unknown, within the said township of La- tin m ; and the wilfully setHiig onTift and destroying the whole eta-' k- vard of corn belonging toTVlr. Thus. Hastings, of Berth- bach, in Denbighshire, in October last. Large rewards are offered for the discovery of the offenders, with bis Majesty's pardon, under the Usual eiceptions, to ac- complices making such discovery. W » tt- Orr. iCF., Jan. 17. 91st Reg. of Foot.— Capt. John Blarney to be Major, by purchase, vice Douglas, promoted. Ditto.— Major Michael White Lee, from the Sicilian Regiment, to be Major, vice Mowbray, who exchanges. BANKRUPTS. Thompson Pear?. ™ , nf South Shields, shipwright. Giorge IMcku- iux), of Clonlt- lanc, London, wine- mercliant. Win . Tomlinsoti, of Toxteth- park, ned'Liverpool, mercliint. J. S. Barton, ol Liverpool, merchant. J. Smith andC. Smith, of Bath, plane- manufacturers. James Marriott, of Burnlev, cotton spinner. Thomas Tanner, of Barnstaple, inoney- scnvener. LONDON, IVEDNES DAY, JANUARY 13. Government yesterday received dispatches from General I'revost, who has arrived with bis Expedition off Martinique. As he has thought proper to send adv ices home before commencing bis operations, it is believed, that he has stated to Ministers various difficulties which he is likely tu encounter iu the attack of the French islands. It is said Government are in possession of intelli- gence from Buenos Ayres, which places them in a delicate situation as to the line of policy which it may be adviseable to pursue in regard to the Spanish settlements in South America.— It is understood that the general wish of those situated on the hanks of the River Plate is to emancipate themselves altogether from subjection to the 1' arent State but that they wish to preserve a monarchical form of Go- vernment, and it has been presumed that a branch of tile Roviil Family of Spain might be preferred as the Sovereign before that o'f any other.— To sound them on this subject, we are told Sir Sidney Smith has sailed on a special mission to Monte Video. Another vessel is arrived from America: she is a S vede, called the Mal tha Margaretta, and commanded by Ciplain Dirks. She sailed from Baltimore on the 6' th of D • eeniber, and is arrived at Dartmouth. She brings about 10 I hogsheads of tobacco, and some other articles of Ame- r. cm produce, which she had taken in previous to the 1 yiug on of the embargo, after which she was not allowed t) till up her loading. Several passengers are arrived iu her. Another breach of the American Embargo Law has been committed.— A letter from Kinsale, of the 10th inst. was on Monday posted at Lloyd's, announcing the arrival at that port of the Sally, Capt. I'earce, from Virginia, bound to Liverpool, with 336 hogsheads of Tobacco. The Master reports, that the embargo is taken off; but as our last accounts from America do not sanction the belief of such a statement, we can only give the Captain credit for hiving found means to violate the restrictions imposed by fall Government. Captain Goodal), who was sent home from Jamaica in the Raven brig as a prisoner of State, has been ordered bv tbe S ecretary of State for the War and Colonial Depart- ment to be released from his confinement, without being compelled to enter into the usual bond. The Military Officers in the Company's service in India have established a fund, from which, if an Officer dies married, his widow is entitled to receive an annual 4 Ml. for herself, and 40/. per annum for each child her h . baud may have left, until the children respectively a tain the age of 14 years, when each child is to have a d mation of 300/. to fit them out in whatever situation they m y prefer.— This Institution is in a very prosperous situa- tio i, liberal donations having been made to it by some pe sonages of high rank in India. The following particulars, respecting the capture of his Majesty's schooner Rook, were communicated in a letter from the Master, who succeeded Lieutenant Lawrence in the command of the ship: and from the mouth of the only survivor of the unfortunate crew who has hitherto reached England, and who himself was shot through the wrist and shoulder, besides some wounds with a cutlass :— " The Rook, Lieutenant James Lawrence, sailed from Plymouth, under the orders of Admiral Young, on the 24th of June, 1808, with dispatches for the West Indies. After a fine passage she arrived at Jamaica, from whence, lifter having waited a few days to refit, anil take in specie, she sailed for England, August 13th. For two days they were fu!! oived by a French schooner ( which is pretty gene- rally the case when a ship has any money on board, arid of which intelligence is soon gained at some of the French i lands), but whom they beat off. On the 18th of August, at day- light, they fell in with two French schooners, and immediately cleared for action: on the largest vessel coming alongside with English colours, and not answering when hailed, but immediately hoisting French colours, Lieut. Lawrence shot the French Captain, when a most desperate action commenced: after an hour's hard lighting, Lieut. L. received his last wound by a musket ball, and the Rook was immediately carried by boarding, the French Officers repeatedly iV. ling to their men to give no quarter. " Mr. Stewart, the Master, received seven most des- perate wounds with a cutla s, butsuivived, though he is since dead of the yellow fever. Mr. Donnelly, the Clerk, was also dangerously wounded in the groin, but is now recovered. Mr. George Reed, an Officer in the Royal Artillery, who has served his country on the Island of Jamaica for 20 years, and who was related by marriage to Lieutenant Lawrence, was induced to embark on board the Rook, with a very considerable propurty, in hopes to re- visit his native country; but was inhumanly killed by the enemy when boarding; and so eager were they to get possession of a valuable ring which he happened to have on his finger, that they nearly cut his hand off to obtain it. The survivors were stripped naked, put in their boat and turned adrift; but by the exertions of four who were not wounded, they reached land and were most hospitably re- ceived by the natives. The Rook wan so much damaged hat the enemy could not get her into port, and therefore e » fire to her. " Lieut. Lawrence was a native of Hampshire, of a very respectable family, and added to the intrepid courage anil humanity of the British seaman, a suavity of manners ami disposition which endeared him to a numerous circle of relations and friends, by whom his memory mil be long cheri- htd. He fell at tbe age of 28 years, leaWng behind him a widow and infant daughter to lament his loss." The CRESCENT FRIGATE.— The melancholy particulars of the loss of this ship, of which we had before only brief notice, are now come to hand. On the 6th of December she struck on the coast of Jutland, and was completely wrecked. Her complement consisted of 273 men, and she had besides on board one passenger, six women, and one child; in all, 280 person- Of these, only Go were saved ; 240 perished. The following are the names of the Officers lost:— Capt. Temple, Commander of the ship; Lieut. Kerwin, Lieut. Maclean, Lieut. Stokes, li. N.; Lieut. Snodie, Royal Marines; Mr. Hosier, purser; Mr. Roll,, surgeon ; Messrs. An « on, Wallace, Hacker, O'Don- md, Willis, Wytte, Houghton, Jim. Spurgeon, Knight, Midshipmen; Mr. Colter, carpenter; Mr. Williams, gun- ner; besides Mr. Bradford, passenger,} one child, and six women I together with 191 seamen and marines.— The s irvivurs are, Mr. N « ilson Williamson, the master ; first Lieutenant John Weaver, of the Marines; Tho. Mason, Clerk ; F. Houghton, J. U. Lavender, and John Mttnro, Midshipmen; M. Walker, Boatswain; and 53seamen.— The ship struck at ten o'clock at night on the b'th, near Robsnocht. The exertions <> f both Officers and men to Save her were beyond description, though unavailing. Tv » o pilots were drowned in the attempt. At live the n'xt morning she went to pieces, and it was with great difficulty the survivors were saved by the jolly boat and a raft. Mr. Weaver, Mr. Lavender. Mr. Mason, and others, were repeatedly washed off the raft, by the sea breaking tiver them. \ Y hen the ship Darted, Capt. Temple ordered Mr. Weaver to take charge DF the raft, and WHS not seen r'ter . yards.— The Danes humanely afforded every assistance : tt ih'ir power. \ Vh » n the survivors landed, th « y were 1.1k'n to Robsnociit the smtie evening, the next day to Os- \- rtf » . derstaw, ajid the dav after to Otburgh, when' they are euwlurtaWy ludgwJ, rail treated r- ith great K'ma. tvU. Orders have been received by the manufacturers of Norwich, for goods to so large an ainounf, that, besides affording a year's employment to the manufacturing poor of that city, and diffusing among them upwards of 40,000/. in earnings, upwards of 10,000/. will be'circulated in the neighbouring villages for combing and spinning. A recontre of a curious nature is abo'ut to take place be- tween Richinan, the Black, and a Bear; tbe former is to be armed with a quarter- staff, and the latter, who has been for Sometime in training, to make him as savage as possible, is to meet his antagonist unmuzzled, and quite art libitum. Three keepers al e to be at hand in case Bruin should hug too closely. The match is for five hundred' guineas; and considerable bets are already laid. The brown brute is the favourite of the two 1 A young woman, named Sellers, left Whitby market, on horseback, in the storm of the 17th ult. and on N.- w year's Day her body was found near a place called Lillo Cross, by a man looking after his sheep, under circum stances which indicated the extreme severity o( her suffer- ings before she had been compelled to submit to the grasp of death.— It appears she had wandered about some time after she had separated from her horse ( which was found a week afterwards at a distant farm- house), in the fruitless endeavour to extricate herself from the horrors of her situation. She had lost her bonnet, cap, arid shoes : the feet of her stockings were entirely worn away, and her feet were lacerated to the bone. SEDUCTION.— The daughter of a respectable tradesman at Kingston, having been permitted by her father to spend her Christmas holidays with a schoolfellow at Hampton- court, was observed in the Palace Cloisters by an Officer quartered in the neighbourhood. The girl, being only in her loth year, was pleased with the attentions of the Officer, and persuaded to elope with him on Friday last. Her father was soon made acquainted with his daughter's absence, with such particulars as enabled him to guess the cause. In astate little short of distraction he applied to the Magis- trates at How- street, who directed two of the Police Officers to assist him in searching for his daughter. They soon discovered that the fugitive-, notwithstanding the severity of the weather, had walked from Hampton Court to Hounslow, where they procured a post- chaise, which broke down at Hammersmith, and another chaise conveyed them to Leicester- fields, but they could not be traced further, the driver stating that he sat them down in the open street. The officers, however, continued their search the whole of that night and the three- following days, and on Monday night they discovered the rotreat of the fugitives, at a lodging in Dean- street, Soho. They com-' rained the young lady to leave her paramour, and conveyed her to her father's house at Kingston ; but by i his time agitation and want of rest had occasioned a derangement of intellects in the wretched parent, and it has been found unadvisable to admit her to his presence, though she has earnestly begged permission to throw herself at his feet to implore forgive- ness. POLICE.— On Saturday John Thorpby, a notorious cha- racter, was brought up to Bow- street, charged with having been concerned in breaking open the house of Mr, Read, in High- street, Portsmouth, on the night of the 2* th of last month, and stealing jewels, watches, and plate, to the amount ol about 1000/. Tbornby was taken at a public- house in Redfordbury, to which he had been traced by R. Liinbei iek, one of the Bow- street Officers, on information of his having been concerned in the robbery. When Lini- betiek first told Thornby that he " wanted to speak with him," Thornby attempted to take a pistol from his pocket, which being observed by the officer, he gave a signal to an assistant to strike Thornby; a violent scuffle ensued, and when Thornby, after fighting desperately a long time, was obliged to yield, two loaded pistols were found on him.— He was committed for further examination. Oil Saturday evening, on the arrival of the Southamp- ton coach at the Bell Savage Inn, on Ludgate- liill, when the coach was unloaded, Mr. Prockter missed a box, and being informed that one Joseph Browne, whom he had lately discharged, was seen in the yard when the coach came in, he sent information of the circumstances to Bow. street. Two of the officers ( Savers and Atkins) were dis- patched ill search of Browne, who soon traced hiin out, and entered his room, at a chandler's shop in Drury- lane, at the instant he had broken open the box, and was sorting its contents, cliietly fine worked muslins, worth upwards of 200/. Tho box waa directed to Jackson, Lewis, and Co. St. Paul's Church- yard. Browne was taken into custody, and conveyed to the office in Bow- street, fiom whence be has been committed for trial. MIDDLESEX SESSIONS.— On Monday Patrick M'Mahon, who has been concerned in numerous swindling transac- tions, having, belonged to one of those gangs of cheats who hire counting- houses, and drart- bills on each other which they have no intention of paying, was tried for defrauding Colonel Greville of a chaise, which he purchased under pretence that he was a linen merchant, about to set off for Dublin, and already provided with a strong horse. He saitl he should go through Wales, being much attracted by the romantic views in that country. He paid for the chaise by a ficticious bill on the sham firm of Ryan and Co. Sherborne- lane. He was found guilty, which may give hiin an opportunity of admiring the romantic views in New South Wales, to which country he was yesterday sentenced to be transported for seven years. Alexander Burdon, F/ q. convicted of perjury, was also yesterday brought up, and received the following sentence, — to be imprisoned six months in the House of Correction, and to pay a fine of 500/. OI. D BAILEY.— On Saturday Margaret Harrington, alias Graham, alias Grimes, ( formerly the wife of tht: noted George Barrington) was indicted for obtaining at Doctor's Commons, by a false oath, letters of administration as the widow of Thomas Wroughton, a soldier, who died on board the Eurus sloop of war, in 1306, in order To obtain 24/. 6s. prize money, with intent to defraudthe Chest at Green- wich. From the evidence it appeared that the prisoner had been three different times to the Commons, and as often warned by a Clerk in the office not to persist in her demand, as he was convinced it was fraudulent. On her returning a fourth time, she was taken into custody, the necessary enquiries were made, and her tale was completely refuted.— Guilty. The trials on Monday and Tuesday were uninteresting. Oil the latter day sentence of death was passed on Margaret Barrington, alias Grimes, for fraudulently obtaining letters of administration ; Margaret Harrington, for uttering counterfeit money ; Charles James, for stealing goods on the river Thames; T. Rose, for stealing goods in a dwel- ling- house ; W. Hatchman, for a highway robbery ; D. Geary, for horse- stealing ; and J. Nicholls, for forger)'. The Sessions ended this day, when the Court adjourned to the loth of February. BREAD.— Yesterday the Court of Aldermen ordered the price of bread to be raised half an assize, by which the priee of the quartern loaf wheaten will be Is. 2id. house- hold Is. 0| d. CORN MARKET, Jan. 18. This day the remaining sup- plies of Wheat are rather large, but owing to the Thames navigation being nearly stopped, scarce any purchases are made. Bailey is in plenty, as are Beans of each kind. Th v are likewise considerable supplier of Oats. Flour is in full supply, without variation. WILTS ( TO WIT). BE it remembered, that at the Genera" Quarter Sessions of the Peace of our Lord the King, held at Devizes, in and for the said county of Wilts, on Tuesday the joth day of January, in the 43th year of the reign of our " Sovereign Lord Georgi theThijd, by the Grace of God of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, before Thomas Hele Phipps, Esq. Chairman; Thomas Estcourt, John A Wiry, John Hungerford Penruddocke, Richard Long, George Strle Uayliffe, William Powell Bendty, Thomas Galley, William Fowle, John Fuller, Thos. Goddard, Thomas Bruges, Thomas G rims ton Estcourt, Esqrs ; the Rev. Henry Bayntun, Henry Bayntun, jun. William Moody, ami John Brereton, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of the said King in the cou'n'ty aforesaid, and also to hear and determine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors done and committed in the said county: s IT IS ORDERED AS FOLLOWS, that is to say,— That the foltowing Abstract of the Account of William Salmon, Esq. Trea- surer of the said county of Wilts, from Hilary Sessions 1308, to Hilary Sessions IHO.' i, be published in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, and Bath Chronicle, and copies thereof printed and distributed among his Majesty's J usdet Justices of the Pcace for this county. ABSTRACT OF THE ACCOUNT OF WILLIAM SALMON, TREASURER OF THE COUNTY OF From Hilary Sessions 1808, to Hilaiy Sessions 1309. MERE INCLOSURE. WE whose names are hereunto Subscribed, Com- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment passed in the 47th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intituled " An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, we have set out and appointed, ( in addition to the 15 several pub- lic carriage roads and highways before set out and advertised, and confirmed by us at our last meeting,) No. 16.— A public Carriage Road and Highway, 30 feet wide, leading from Burton to Chaddenwick, beginning at an old inclosure at Burton, called Burton Orchard, and extending, in or near its present track over Stedham Field, to its present entrance on Chaddenwick Farm ; which Road we have ascer- tained and marked by stakes driven into the ground, and have prepared and signed a Map thereof, which is deposited at the Office of Messrs. Messitcr, Wincanton, Clerks to the said Inclosure, where the same may be inspected by all persons concerned : and we have appointed Monday the' 30th day of January next, at the Ship Inn, at Mere aforesaid, for the pur- pose of receiving any objection that may be offered to the setting out such Road. Arid we the said Commissioners do further give Notice, that we have causcd an Admeasurement and Plans of the said parish of Mere to be made and completed for the purposes and according to the directions of the said recited Act; which will be submitted to the inspection and examination of such of the proprietors and pcrsotis interested in the saiddivision as Choose to attend, between the hours of ten and three; oa Tuesday the 31st day of January next, at the Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid.— Dated December 28. ISO". JOHN FIELD. RICHARD WKBB. 1GCJ ' GEORGE BARNES, 5 a 10 H 10 8 10 0 DR. £. s. d: To the Balance in the Treasurer's hapds at Hilary Sessions 1808 3948 To Arrears of County Rates outstanding at ditto 831 To the Amount of the Rate made at ditto ... 8022 To the Amount of the Rate made at Trinity Sessions 180S 3022 To Cash received of the Treasurers of Sarum and Marlborough, for their proportion of the Sums paid for the Relief of Militia Ser- jeants, Corporals, & c. 42 17 4 To the Balance of Ca- th received of Treasurers of other Counties and Districts on account of Militia Men's Fa- milies 817 7 Id To ditto of sundry Pa- rishes in Wilts for Money paid the Trea- surers of other Coun- ties and Districts on account of Militia Men's Families 312 17 7 CR. By Payments, viz. For repairing County Bridges and Roads To the Chaplains to the Gaol and Bridewells, t year's Salary... To the Surgeons and Apothecaries to ditto ditto To the keeper of FishertOn Gaol, for 1 year'sSalary ISO 0 Turnkeys 60 o Bread 117 0 Conveying Convicts 52 10 Tothe Keeper of Devizes Bridewell, for 1 year's Salary.. Bread .. Sick Prisoners.. Sundries 0 0 4* 0 To the Keeper of Marlborough Bridewell, for l year's Salary Bread.... Sundries.. To the late Keeper of Marlborough Bridewell For Repairs at Fisherton Gaol Fot ditto at Devizes Bridewell 100 0 0 112 13 7* . 7 14 6 .31 4 5 rY ~ o 0 0 .77 12 ,. 5S 14 • 9 107 15 " i'i . 27 3 8 WILTS, £. s. d. 120 1.9 2 70 0 0 40 0 0 369 10 4j 951 12 CJ By the Court. To the Coroners For Advertisements, Printing, . Stationary, & c To the Clerk of Assize To the Clerk of the Peace For Extra Charges of Conveying Soldiers Baggage F'or returning Prices of Corn For Prosecuting Felons For conveying Persons to Prison For Apprehending and Conveying Vagrants For 1 year's Interest of the Money advanced on the private Madhouse Account For Sundries ..... For Maintaining Militia Men's Families, viz. Serjeants, Corporals, Volunteers, & c. 54s 14 o Substitutes, to be repaid by Parishes 588 2 3 Men serving in the Militia of other counties, to be repaid by those counties 264 12 0 206 7 81 20 0 0 134 19 0i 121 0 0 228 IP 10 18 18 V 126 8 3 10 5 4 15 12 0 138 10 0 143 13 10 163 1 3 S5 0 0 15 4 0 The Treasurer's usual Annual Salary for the year Ditto additional on account of the Militia By Arrears of Rates uncollected, viz. Rates made prior to Hilary Sessions 1803 456 3 llj Rates made in the year 1808 393 6 0 Balance in favour of the County. Cash invested by the Treasurer in Exchequer Bills.. 45S0 7 11 Cash in the Treasurer's hands 4914 11 4 1401 8 3 20 0 0 10 0 0 849 9 llj 7494 19 3 £ 12004 IS 9J WILTS.— SOLDIERS' BAGGAGE. BE it remembered, that at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace. of our Lord the King, held at Devizes, in and for the said county of Wilts, on Tuesday the loth day of January, in the forty- ninth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by, the grace of God of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, . Defender of the Faith, and so forth, before Thomas Hele Phipps, Esq. Chairman ; Thomas Estcourt, John Aw- dry, John Hungerford Pcnruddocke, Richard Long, George Serle Bayliffe, William Powell Bentlry, Thomas Galley, William Fowle, John Fuller, Thomas Goddard, Thomas Bruges, Thomas Grimstor. Estcou- , Esquires; the Rev. H. Bayntun, Henry UayftOM, jufl" William Moody, and John Brereton, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the King, as- signed to keep the Peace of the said King, in the county aforesaid \ and also to Itear and determine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors, done and committed in the said county:— It is ordered as follows, ( that is to say) This Court, taking into consideration the present price of hay and oats, doth hereby, in pursuance and by virtue of the statute lately made and passed, intituled " An Act for punish- ing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and'their Quarters," fix and order, that ail Officers of his Majesty's Forces, who, by virtue of any warrant from his Majesty's Justices of the Peace within the said county of Wilts, shall demand of the constable or petty constable to whom the same is directed, carriages for the purposes in the said Act mentioned, shall at the same time pay down in hand to the said constable or petty constable, for the use of the person providing the same, over and above the sum of one shilling a mile for waggons and wains, and nine- pence a mile for carts, with four horses, or carrying not less than fifteen hundred weight, and six- pence a mile for carts or carriages' with less than four horses, and not carrying fifteen hundred weight, payable under the Said Act, the following sums ( that is to say),— the further sum of three- pence for every mile any waggon with five horses, or any warn with six oxen, or with four oxen and two horses, shall travel; the further sum of two- p- nce for. every mile any cart with four horses, or car- rying not less than fifteen hundred weight, shall travel; and the further sum of one penny tor every mile any cart or other carriage with less than four horses, and not carrying fifteen hundredweight, shall travel.' And by virtue of the said recited Act, this Court doth order, direct, and appoint, that the constables or petty constables who shall demand carriages for the purposes in the said Act mentioned, within the said county of Wilts, shall and « lo pay to the person or persons who shall provide the same, over and above what is received by them of the said officers, the following rates or sums of money, that is to say, for every mile ( exceeding two) any such waggon with five horses, or any wain with six oxen, or with four oxen and two horses, shall travel ( in going and returning), more than the line of the marc% of the troops or soldiers, the sum of seven- pence halfpenny; for every mile ( exceeding two) which any such cart with four horses, or carrying not less than fifteen hun- dred weight, shall travel ( in going and returning), more than the line of march of the troops or soldiers, the sum of five- pence halfpenny; for every mile ( exceeding two) which any- such cart or other carriage with less than four horses, and ! not carrying fifteen hundred weight, shall travel ( in going and returning) more than the line of the march of the troops or soldiers, the surn of three- pence halfpenny.— And this Court doth order and direct, that such overplus charges and allow- ances ( being first verified upon oath by the said constables or petty constables, before one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said county) shall be repaid to such con- stables or petty constables by the Treasurer of the said county of Wilts, and be allowed in his accounts. And thisCoqrt doth further direct, that the above Order shall continue in torce until one week next after the next General ( iuarter Sessions of the Pcace to be holden for this county. By the Court. Examined by JOHN SWAYNii, Deputy Clerk of the Peace of the said Co. inty of Wilts. NOTICE having been given, pursuant to the standing orders of the House of Commons, that ap- plication will be made in the next Session of Parliament for " An Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Com- " monable Lands and Waste ( Grounds in the Parish and " Manor of Pimpernc, in the County of Dorset;" the Pro- prietors of Lands and Estates within the said Parish and Manor, interested in sacll Inclosure, are requested to meet at the Crown Inn, Blandford, 011 Wednesday the 25th day of - January instant, at eleven o'clock, when the intended Bill will be read, for their consideration and correction. [! 6t ShaftesburyJan. 6, 1809. CHARLES BOWLES. 7 LEGACY DUTY. To EXECUiVUS and ADMINISTRATORS. TX THERE AS it appears by the Abstracts of Wills W and Letters of Administration, returned to the Stamp- office from the several Ecclesiastical Courts, that the Duties granted by the Acts of the 3t> Geo. o. c. 52, 44 Goo. 3. c. < t8, and 45 Geo. 3. c. 28, have not been paid in respect of divers legacies and annuities bequeathed by will out of personal or ' real estate, and in respect of divers residues of personal estate given by will, or devolved to next of kin upon intestacies, par- ticularly in cases where the executors were themselves legatees, or residuary legatees, and where the administrators were the sole next of kin of the deceased : This is to give Notice, that the Commissioners of Stamps are empowered, bv an Act of the last Session of Parliament, to remit the penalties incurred by executors and others in consequence of the non- payment of the above- mentioned duties within the time prescribed by law, provided the same be paid on or hefore the 31st of January, 1309 ; and that after that day the Commissioners of Stamps will proceed to insti- tute Prosecutions in the Exchequer against such Executors and Administrators as shall net avail themselves of the in- demnity offered, for recovering the arrears of the said duties. By order of the Commissioners, C. K. BERESFORD, Secretary. STAMP- OFFICE, Dec. £ 4, 1808. [ 60 Examined by JOHN SWAYNE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace of the county of Wilts. MANURE. BARRACK- OFFICE, LONDON, Dec. 30, 1808. THE ASHES, OW STRAW, SOOT, .& SOIL, being Sold at the several Barracks throughout ( ireat Bri- tain, Notice is hereby sivon to Farmers and others in their respective neighbourhoods, that these articles are disposed of by Annual Contract, where persons are found to purchase them by open tender. Any persons willing to know particulars, may be informed of the time and terms of the contract, by applying to the se- veral Harrack Masters at the barracks, Or to the Assistant In- spector- General of Barracks in the several districts, or at the Barrack- office, Spring- gardens, London. [ 146 ' IN ION OFFICE, For Insurance against f. oss by Fire, established in i* 97. TRUSTEES. Sir PHILIP MONOX, Bart. I FRANCtsRiDSDALK. Esq. Sir M. BLOXAM, Knt. & Aid. FRANCIS DICKENS, Esq. STARLING DAY, jun. Esq. Mayor | E. W. MARTIN, Esq. & c. & c. & c. Treasurer!— Messrs. DAY, DALTON, and DAY. Secretary— Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD. IN this Institution all the Premium is returned to the insured, except what is tea- tiled to defray the lasses. The number of persons combined amounts to 14,000, and the property insured to upwards of Seven Millions. The returns ar - made to each member at the expiration of seven years from the commencement of his insurance, by which means the Capital of the Office always consists of seven years' depo- sits, which have been found so much more than sufficient to meet the expenditure, that dividends of from SO/, to 75/. per cent h ive been made to a very considerable portion of the insurers, / til Policies gratis. Particulars of the plan, < Src. may be had by applying to Mr. W. Beach, of Dorchester, or of the following other agents: Bridport, Mr. W. Williams j Cerne Abbas, Mr. R. Williams; Poole, Mr. J. Foot, jun. Farming Stock insured at the reduced rate of 2s. per cent. UNIONTH- FICE, For the Insurance of Lives, granting Annuities, end Endowment of Children. TRUSTEES, Arc. The Most Noble the MARQUIS TOWNSHEND— The Rt. Hon. the EARL of CRAVEN— Sir PUILIR MONOX, Bart.— Sir Ro- RIEITT BURNETT, Knt.— Sir MATTHEW BI. OXAM, Knt. and Aid.— JOHN I'ATTESON, Esq. M. P. and Aid. & c. & c. Seccttary, Mr. T. HIGNOLO.— Actuary, Mr. Ro. MORGAN. r[~, HE following Allowances will be made upon all J. Insurances f r the whole duration of Wfe, which shall be effected with this Institution previous to the loth of April 1809. Where the sum insured amounts to HOQl. and upwards, ( and for surhs between 300/. and 500/.) the whole amount of the Stamp Duty !— For SUIT'S act ween 100/. and 300/. and be- tween 500/. and 800/. an ait- wance ot half the Duty. The Rates of this Office are . nrly \ ol. per cent, lower than those of others. The Surplus Capital, ai'ti '" ying the claims of the in- sured, is returned to th- m periods, by additions to the sums to which their p llv entitled them. No charge is made for - for non- appearance at the chief office, for pel.. - ect of paying the annual premiums in dt » t ::':.. . : ie mere interest lost by the delay. The office makes a U ; • r the policies, if the insured cannot contin •-:*. .- . • • inn. 1 The agents for the U; . . agents for the Union Life Office. [ 4. q Persons of respectabi .' sirous of becoming Agents to the Institur : 1 •• at suitable distances from the persons air . My - —: re requested to apply by letter, addressed to th rket- piace, Norwich. Extract from the London Gazette-, Jan. 17, ( COW. SCHEME OF THE SECOND LOTTERY FOR T!..; Service of the Year 1808. 4 Prizes of £ io, oao are.... jgso. rtofl 2 lo, otio 20,000 2 5,000 .. 10,000 6 1,000 6,000 10 600 5,000 20 100 2.0U0 44 50 2, > 00 lot! IS'" '. .. 2,500 4,820 15 7o.:; iiq 20,110( 7 Tickets. iTiwyjuO And Two Prizes or Benefits, consisting of Fifteen Hundred Tickets of the present Lottery, ( to be appropriated and ... t apart for that pirpose, in addition to the Money Priz. ,;, together with all tne Benefits which shall belong thereto, ,." 1 to be divided into Two Packets, the one marked A tu coma.;* ONE THOUSAND TICKETS, viz. 3,001 .. .. to.. . 3,100 .. mo 4,501 .. .. to.. . . 4,600 .. 100 5,001 .. .. to,. . . 5,100 .. mo 6,501 .. .. to. . . . 6, W0 .. 109 7,001 .. .. to.. . . 7,100 .... .. 100 8,501 .. .. to.. . . 8,600 .... .. 100 9, O01 .. .. ta .. . 9.100.... .. 100 10,501 .. .. to... . 10,600 .. 100 11,001 .. .. to... .. 11,100 .. 100 12,501 .. .. to... . i2, « . iu . . 1 CO Tickets... : .. 1 , oou The Packet or Parcel maik. Tickets, viz. 13,00| 11,601 is, ben 16,501 17,001 PSLK • ' •..•;, For INSURANCE on LIVE: •• ... .' ting ANNUITIES. ' TPHIS OIRce was est: . m. Lombard- street, JL London, in the year 173/ umerous and respect- able Proprietary; and the Boar. . t irs, with confidence, arising from the increased prosp..- id permanencv of the establishment, as well as from tt.- > erience of its useful- ness and benefit to the public, the . • due to those who may be still unacquainted with the imp , ; e and advantages of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest sot. of its leading and pe- culiar recommendations to almost ev. iy degree and rank in society. Life Insurance is of manifest cqnseq' - ce to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, . ,1, ecclesiastical, or professional; to officers in the army a- ivy, & e.; as, by payment of an annual premium, the par'. , nsured is enabled to provide f* r wife, children,' or others, v. se future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means, to ; • :. io: e. It affords a permanent ultimate security to those w- advance money upon annuities or OJhcrwice. It renders 1<. , determinable on one or more lives, nearly equal in value 1 - ehold estates, as an insurance to the amount of the fin alio on the demise of a party nominated in such leas r^ : produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheerin.- : J . - to parties engaged in extensive and speculative under, ... - it affords to persons in trade the certain means i .... mnification against a bid or doubtful debt; in short Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned bygovei: . , , con- firmed by the test of experience, is oecon: - • isost everv situation of human life, a measure equally • , at, is- ful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most: q und^ r a special Act of Parliament, granted to ti THOM-- COMFANY'S AGENTS at Salisbury, M • D:- viz. s, Win. Cook ; Portsmouth, T.' C. M • J. West; Ilingwood, C. Dodges; Ho.' Beaminster. Wm. Clift; Weymouth, '.."., Bristol, Wm. Reirf ; Taunton, C. Draki-; .'.','.'... . . Matlock, J, Crabb. ,..-.' .. to.. .. to.. .. to.. . i to.. .. to.. in, 190 loi) 14,600, loo 15,100 100 it;,.; oo ino 17,100 100 Tickets 50o The Packets or Parcels to be made up, sealed, and indorst. I by three or more ot the Managers and Directors of the Lotteri, and deposited in the Bank of England four days before tl; first day of drawing, anil to remain there till the conclosioi of tne drawing of the whole Lottery, and then to be deliveret by the Managers and Directors of the Lottery ta the holders of the Tickets who may be entitled to them respective!;-. The first Ticket drtfwn a Prize above the sum of Fifteei Pounds ( not being one of the Tickets included m either of tlis Packets or Parcels marked A and B) shall be entitled to the One Thousand Tickets contained in the Packet marked A, together with all the Benefits that shall belong to them ; am! the first Ticket drawn a Prize above the sum of Fifteen Pounils ( not being included in cither of the Packets or Parcels markid A and B) on the next or subsequent day of drawing to that oil which the Ticket entitled to the Packet marked A shall havt been drawn, shall be entitled to t! i5 Five Hundred Tickets contained in the Packet marked B, with all the Benefits which shall belong to them. Wednesday, April 12, First Day of Drawing. Friday April - 21, Second ditto. Thursday ... April 27, Third ditto. Saturday April Sy, Last ditto. After our hearty commendations, having oonsidered the aforegoing Scheme of the Second Lottery, to be drawn pur- suant to the provisions of an Act passed in the 18th year of Geo. III. we do hereby signify to you oui consent and ' appro- bation of the said Scheme.—— Whitehall Treasury Chambers, the 17th day of January 18UP. fSP. PERCEVAL. ( Signed) < W. fiRODRICK. ( W. STURGES BOURNE. To the Managers arid directors oj llie Lottery. [ 2<> t> POOL E. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BUSTOWP., at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, , on Thtitsdav the id day of February next, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, now occupied as two tenements by. Mr. Sedgley and Mi . Budden, with several Outbuildings'and a Garden beh. nl th" same, - situate in the High- street, in Poole, extending in depth from the street 100 feet or thereabouts, and in bie'ultii in the front against the street nearly 31 feet, and at the back nearly 40 feet. • ' The above premises are held for the remaind - r of a term of 900 years, commencing the 3( 1 of March, 1716, subject tu the yearly rent of 1/, SJ". filr, For further particulars app'; to T. Parr, Attorney, Poolfc. SIX lUClsS OF HAY APPLF. SHAW, near AXDOVJHt. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by, T. RAWLINS, at the Iron Pear Tree Inn, on . Friday the 3rt of February, 1809, at twoo'clock in the afternoon, in six lots, as follow: Lots 1 and 2.— Two ricks of excellent Sainfoin Hay, about sixteen tons each. Lots 3 and 4.— Two ricks of Rye Grass and Clover ditto, about ten tons each. Lot 5.— A rick of Meadow Hay, about sixteen tons. Lot 6.— A ditto, about six tons'. For further particulars and a view of the above apply to Mr. Rawlins, at the Pear Tree Inn, Appleshav,-. [ 3;., SOMERSETSHIRE. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THOMAS A ANDREWS ( by order of the Assignees of JOHN BtnioE, a bankrupt), at the Angel Inn, in Castle- Cary, in the county of Somerset, on Tuesday the 7th day of February next, Sundry FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and LANDS, situate in the several parishes of Castle- Cary and Ansford, in thesai l county, late the property of the said John Burge, in the fol-' lowing lots : Lot 1.— A handsome modern- built Brick DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in the town of Castle- Cary aforesaid, con- sisting of an entrance- hall, dining- room, drawing- room, china pantry, kitchen, brew- house, scullery, dairy, larder, two ceSars, six bed- rooriis, ami garrets over, with attached and detached offices; an excellent three- stall stable, coach- house, barn, dove- house, and pleasure and kitchen gardens j Vxether with 39 acres ( or thereabouts) of exceedingly rich arable and pasture Land adjoining, within a ring- fence ; the whole now in the occupation of William Robson, Esq. under a Lease for 20 yeais, 10 of which will be unexpired at Ladv - day next, at. the yearly rent of £ 170,—- The house is situated on an emineftce, and commands an extensive and picturesque view of the surrounding country, and is a most desirable resi- dence for a genteel family. Lot 2.— A Close of ARABLE adjoining to lot 1, called Lit- tle Buscombe, containing by estimation 3 acres, more or les>. Lot 3.— A neat and commodious new- built DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in the Centre of the town of Castle- Carr, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Sly, consisting of a par- lour, kitchen, pantry, brew- house, and other useful cfiicis ; together with a good walled Garden behind the same. Also, on the same day, will be offered for Sale,— Ten other Lots, comprising several rich and valuable Closes of Arebte, Meadow, and Pasture GROUND, in and near Castle- Carv aforesaid; and eleven TENEMENTS in the town of Ca. tle- Cary, particulars' whereof are expressed in printed hand- bills, distributed in and about the neighbourhood, and to hi: had of the Auctioneer, at Ansford Inn, and at the principal Inhs in the neighbouring towns. fos- s The premises may be viewed any time previous to the sale, on application to the Rev, Rees Thomas, or the Auctioneer, both of Castle- Cary aforesaid | and further particulars known by applying ( if by letter, post paid; to Mr. Dyne, solicitor. Brtiton, Somerset, where a plan of the lands may be seen. MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE. MANY remarkable Casys, recently performed bv this Medicine, have been laid before the public. Its influence in theWorst stages of a common Cold and Cough, in the most dreadful Hooping Cough, and eterv other Com- plaint attended with a Cough, are'truly wonderful. Asthins and all the relative diseasis, with the debility arising their- from, are within the scope of its powers.— The new cases just published are so well attested, that the most incredulous most tic convinced of the virtues of this most approved Medicine ; a fresh supply of which has just been received from the Pro- prietor, Thomas Mann, Hrtrsham, Sussex, by BRODU, Dow- DING, and LUXFORD, Printing- office, Salisbury, and may be had GENUINE of their Newsmen and Agents,' in battlesar 2s. 61/. and 4s. 6d, each. QCj* In purchasing of Straneers, it is neccssary to guard against Counterfeits, by observing that the genuine ApprcV : 1 Medicine always has " Tlmmas'Mann, Horsham, Sns- cx," engraved on the stamp, by favour of the Hon. Commissioners of his Majesty's Stamp Duties. [ 303 DH. ANDERSON'S SCOTS PILLS. ' ' HE well- known Dr. ANDERSON',' or TRUE SCOTS PILLS, can only be prepared by B. II. INGUSH, No. I6 i, Strand, London, whose name, by authority of Go- vernment, is printed in Red Ink on the Stamp, all otlv rs are Counterfeits, purchased at an inferior price, discreditable1 to the venders, and alike imposingon the public and proprietor; to prevent which, please to ask for Inglish's Scots Pills.— Each box is wrapped in abillsigned B. H. Inglish:- those who value their health will attend to this ciution.' Tliev are pecu- liarly efficacious in Bilious and Dropsical Complaints, Iliad Ache, and all Disorders of the Stomach and llowels; th; y promote Digestion, create an Appetite, and remove Obstruc- tions. Mr. Inghsh- is in possession of several Certific. itrs of our first Physicians, recommending his Pills as a s: fe and use- ful Family Medicine.— Mr. Ingbsh deals in Scois Pills only, nd has prosecuted five persons lately for selling Ccuntafc is. P: eels. 1 • _> n the other. Ministers of his Majesty,; hut he did not . 1' himself in the situation of a person accused.— His : i . as to shew that if any failure bad occurred, su 1 faf. .'< not to he imputed as a fault to Ministers, who hid 1. • e ir best for the interest of tbe nation at large. The ; .. eiple on which the Go- vernment had acted was i. his : The whole of the Spaniards hail risen with a spontaneous enthsi Sin, to resit an In- vader and a Tyrant. The consequence of this was, the creation of local authorities in the pi ivinees, as it were by mere chance. These authorities had bfeu., jealously watch- ing each other, lest one should gain the ascendancy. The deputations to this country had only come from two or three provinces at first. Lookiug at the state those pro- vinces were in, he asked if it would be wise lor Govern- ment to have given an exclusive confidence to one in pre- ference to another ? it was impossible to have subsidised each province, nor could this country stir iu a military point of view, until a general'Government was established; All, therefore, which the British Government could'do, was to present pecuniary aid to each; but a British army could not be" hazarded, till a Central Government was formed. As to our trpops having arrived at Corunna ten days before the order tur their landing had come from the Central Junta, he asked if it was proper to lose a fair wind when it offered ? Every thing that could be done, was done by Government; and if the cause ultimately failed, it was imputable only to the dispensations of the Great Disposer of Events. It could not, however, be said that the Spanish Government had Shut their eyes against Ideas of improvement: but they must have disliked those laws that should be dictated at the point of the sword. ( Hear! Hear!) As to the proper place of landing trgops, he was convinced that the beSt mode, as a first operation, was by moving the French out. of Portugal, where we were received without jealously, and still lived in harmony. As to America not being mentioned iir tfie- Speech, it was not usual to make mention of any country, unless some individual act was done. But Ministers had no objection to give every information on tbe subject of America that might be required. America was wroflg, in always so far siding with France as to hold out the blockade as the ag- gression of England: whereto it was'the aggression of France, and the retaliation of England. He wromil put it to the House, if this country could,' consistently with its ho- nour, submit to have her ships, of war excluded from iflm- tral ports, into which our enemy's shfps were admitted. With respect to Turkey, be had just to state, that last autumn overtures of a friendly nature were received Ipy our Government from the Ottoman Porte ; that My Adair was sent out to enter into amicable arrangements, and no accounts were yet received front him ; until such were received no mention could be made'of that country He assured thCllonse, that no engagement with the Kin! of Sweden would ever pre- elude the adoption of any mea sure which might tend so the advantage of that Sovereign Mr. Tierziey deprecated the idea of any intention in his friends, to address Ministers as if they were on their trial; if they were so, it must be a jury of their own packing ; for nothing else could lead the lit. Hon. Secretary into the vein of plea antry which ran through his speech. He thought this country had a right 10 expect from the Spani- h Government an account of the application of the aids granted to them. He lamented the cold reception of our troops by the Spaniards, which appealed, lie . thought clearly, in Gen. Baird's not, being- permitted to land at Co- rnnha with his 10,000 men, till. tin order was sent for that purpose from the Sup: erne Junta. He asked how Lisbon was to be consider- d as a cautionary place, when it was. well ascertained, that our army, now on its retreat, could not reach it ? !!- " cotid » uined in severe terms the liberty Ministers had taken, in le. iding so inach. money out of the country, without the consent of Parliament. lie did not BIRTHS.] Oil the Kith of December, the Vice I. JIU- 1 of Italy, i f a Princess.— On Monday,' in Giirzon- tiv , the Lady of Wm. Astell, Esq. M. P. of o daughter.— N Tuesday, in Bentinck- stleet, the Lady of Captain M. I . Scott, of the Royal Navy, of a daughter.— At Plymout , the Lady of Capt. Pyui, of liis Majesty's ship Syi ius, of 1 son. MARRIED ] O11 Monday, Capt. Hughes, of the 1 t Madras Native Infantry, to M ss Lee, daughter of T. li. Lee, Esq. of Ebford Barton, Devon.— On Tuesday, Cap:. Flawkes, of the 21- t Light Dragoons, to Miss Barrowdab , eldest daughter of Win. Bairoivd. de, Esq. of Feuchurch- street.— On Wednesday, Capt. Pulteney Malcolm, of iln: Royal Navy, to Miss Elphinstonc, eldest daughter of the Hon. Wm. Fullartou Elphinstone. DIED.] O11 Tuesday, at Lord Robert Spencer's seat at Woulbeding, Sussex, after an illness of four days, brought 011 by a cold, Sir Francis Vincent, Bart, in the 28th ycai' of lii- f age.— Irately, suddenly, Richard Mansel Phillips, Esq. of Sketty- hall, in Carmarthenshire.— O11 Monday, at Bath, W111. Harris Jeffreys,- E: q. aited 09 years, for- merly a Captain in the 3d regiment of Dragi. On Guards.— Oil Friday, llenl- y Holland, Esq. of the General Po- t Office, late Agent for his Majesty's Packets at Goltenburgh. DORSETSHIRE. f LONDON, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20. AT the GENERAL QUARTER SESSION 0 the 1 • ace of our Lord the King, held at Blandford Fo- rum, in and tor the said county 1 f Dorset, on Tuesday the loth day of January, in the - 19th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord- George the Third, by the urace of Cod of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defend! r of the faith, and in the year of our Lord I8O. 0, before Tho-. 1 tckard, Esq. Sir John Wyldbire Smith, hart. William In the absence of direct communication between this country and Spain, we have received French and Dutch papers; the latter to the 7th hist, which afford us several particulars of great importance.— We are there informed that Bonaparte had set off from Madrid on the 22d of De- cember ( his army bad probably marched two days before) and that he had in person come up with the right wing of the British army on the ' 25th ; and it is stated that the battle between the British and French armies would take place on the 27th or 2Blb. But the intelligence we have received from Sir John Moore luttds us to consider these dates as premature. The city of Madrid having, by the Corregidor, one of its Magistrates, made an address to Bonaparte, he returned an answer, in which he has stated, with more boldness than is usual with him, his views and purposes with regard to Spain. The Inquisition is to be abolished ; the Monks reduced to a small number ; the power and privileges of the feudal Lords annulled ; and a Monarch with limited powers ( that is Unlimited) established, provided Bonaparte can depend upon the loyalty and fidelity of the Spaniards. If not, he threatens'to govern it as a conquered country, by establishing Viceroys in the provinces. The Bourbons are not to reign in Europe. T'tie city of Madrid is there- fore directed to manifest its disposition, by taking the oath of allegiance to King Joseph, and by using its influence in reconciling the country. The heads of families of Madrid, the French Jeurnals say, Jlocked to fulfil the wishes of the F'mperur. Napoleon, on leaving Madrid, appointed his brother Joseph his Lieutenant, and gave him the command of the garrison of Madrid. One of the French Journals states that the late tumults at Constantinople were, not so great as the Vienna ac- counts describe them, and that the Foreign Ambassadors had been respected ; that Baraieter fell . by the fire of the ' Seimetis, as he was endeavouring to escape, and was suc- ceeded by Isaac Pacha ; that the Sultan Mustapha was still alive ; and that tranquillity ( was nearly restored in that capital. This account is not credited. The late revolution at Algiers was a measure rashly adopted,' and promptly executed. The Turkish soldiers had conceived an aversion to the l) c\ , from a stfppusition that hp meant to curtail their power, and increase that of the Moon. The Dey was barbarously murdered by a Turkish soldier, on the roof of his palace, as he was en- deavouring to escape ti5 another building. The new Dey has been taken from the lower class of people. His reign is likely to be very short. Tic has alt't ady offended the soldiers aho made him Dey, by not giving the largess they expected, and it was with difficulty the Divan quelled the tumult thus excited. Morton Pitt, Edward Berkeley Portman, W. Uiam Clavil , James Frampton, John Herbert Browne, LtWis Dvmock Grosvenor Tregonwell, Richard Erie Drax Crosvcnor, Francis William Schuyler, Esquires; George Tito Brice, Roe Kint, • Samuel How, Francis Simpson, John Dampier, and George Saxby Penfold, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the K. ing, assigned to keep the Peace of our said Lord the Kins, in and for the county aforesaid ; and also to hear and detirmine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors done or perpetrated in the same couhty. WHEIIEAS by an Act of Parliament, intituled " An Act for punishing mutiny and desertion, and for the better payment of the Army and their Quarters," any Officer of his Majesty's Forces, wlio by virtue of a warrant from anv one of bis Ma- jesty's Justices of the Peace, shall demand of the constables to whom any such warrant shall be directed, CARRIAGES for his MAJESTY'S FORCES in their, marches, is required ar the same time to pay such constables, for the use of the per- sons providing such carrages, the sum of < 3ne shilling a mile for a waggon with five horses ; ot a wain with six oxen, or four oxen and two horses ;— the sum of niite- jicn& a mild for a cart with four horses, and carrying not less than 15 cwt. — and the sum of six- peme a mile for a cart or other carriage with less than four horses, and not carrying IS cwt. IT is ORDERED, that there shall be paid in addition to the respective. pence for every mile any cart with four horses, and carrying not less than 15 cwt. shall travel;— and the sum of tim- pem e for every mile any cart or carriage with less than four horses,- and not carrying 15 cwt. shall travel: and that this order shail continue in force until the 4Uth day of April next. OaDERF. O ALSO, That TWO RATES or ASSESSMENTS be collected and paid to the Treasureis of the County Stock of this County, t or before the next General Quarter Session of the Peace, to be holden in and for the said county ; and that if any of tho constables who are to collect the same, shall make default in the premises, the said Treasurers ire, immediately at the close' of the Session, to report the same, ia order that they may bo proceeded against for such neglect. IT is Al so FURTHEH OHOF. HED. That the GENERAL QUARTER SESStON of the PeSC"! held here this day, stands ADJOURNED over to the County Hall at Dorchester, in and for the said county, on Saturday the 28th day of January instant. By order of the Court, Wm, BURNET, Oil] Cluk of the Peace of the county of Dorset. IAR^ MAJESTY completed the fi lth vear of her age on the 18th of May last; and the Ib'th of January being appointed for the celebration of that/ event, the morning was ushered in with the ringing of bells ; at one o'clock, a double royal salute was fired at the Tower and St. James's Park ; and- at two o'clock her Majesty and the Princesses went to St. James's Palace, where her Majesty held a Drawing- room. The Princess Charlotte of Wales,-" who had breakfasted with the Oneen, accompanied her to' St. James's, but did not enter the Drawing- room ; h » r Royal Highness went to the apartments of Lady Charlotte Finch; where she remained till four o'clock, and then returned home. As her Majesty passed to tlic Grand Council Chamber, forty boys from Christ's Hospital were prosented to her, as usual. On her entering tho Drawing- room, the Ode for the New Year, written by Mr. Pye, and adapted to Han- del's mi'-? ii by Sir William Parsons, was performed. The Princess of Wales entered the Drawing- room about ten minutes before three o'clock, and was conducted to her Majesty by Mr. St. Leger, her Chamberlain; her Royal Highness, after paying her respects to her Majesty, passed oil and shook hands with the Princesses and the Puke of Cambridge. The Prince of Wales came info the room about five minutes after. Her Majesty wore a scarlet velvet petticoat, ornamented with black lace, in draperies, tied up with diamond bows, with rows of gokl cockleshells^' rich gold cords and chains ; the body and train of scarlet, velvet and gold.—- The Prin- cess of Wales wore a superb gold and white leopard tissue satin train and petticoat, richly embroidered, with a pro fusion of- diamonds ; head- dress of brilliants and ostrich feathers.— The Duchess of V'urk and all the Princesses were also superbly dressed.—- Lady Diana Herbert wore, a lilac satin petticoat, gold border and drapery, fastened with elegant gold ornaments and ;%'- sels ; lilac train, trimmed wjtb gold.— Satin and velvets were generally worn ; pre- vailing colours, scarlet, morine, and Spanish brown; white crape was but little semi. Most of the higher Nobility were at Court, but the Drawing- room was not crowded, and the company de- , parted early. In the evening their Majesties had a card party at the Queen's Palace. The subscription houses, Theatres, & c. were illuminated, as usual. A firing 0n French coast was yesterday heard at Dover. It supposed to be in commemoration of some event joyful to the French. It is said Sir John Moore has sent home three Offi- cers, one of high rank, and the other two of very superior rank, on account of their incompetency to till the situ- ations to Which they had been appointed in his army ; and fprtber, that want of courage is not the fault imputed to these Officers. No intelligence having been received ,< vf the Ceylon, homeward- bound East Indiaman, which parted company with the fleet recently arrived, in the bay of lieng. il,• shortly after leaving the. Gauges, it is supposed that ship has either put back in consequence of some accident,. or has been captured by some of the enemy's cruizers in the Indian seas. At a Court of Common Council, held yesterday, a letter was read from Earl Bat burst, President of the Board of Trade, stating the necessity of enlarging Smithfield Market, and enclosing the memorial of several Noblemen and Gen- tlemen oil that subject. The Lord Mayor stated that there were two spots of ground, in the neighbourhood of Isling- ton, either. i'f which would form a commodious market.— The letter and memorial were referred to the Committee of- City Lands.— Mr. Wai'. hman repeated liis statement of the abuses i'u the management of Christ's Hospital, parti- cularly in presentations, again reciting as an instance tbe p • mentation of the Rev. )). Warren's soil. He moved for the appointment of a Committee to enquire into and report on the means of reforming thcee abuses.--- It wat generally admitted that this presentation Was a flagrant abuse, and the motion pas e'd imaSilllously. fi'ishopstrvw and Pitmead Jnclosure. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Commissioner named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 48th year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, " An Act tor inclosing tn^ oari* n of Bishopstrow, in the county of Wilts, and also a Common Meadow « aiect£ iiiji' i « l, > » ttie said parish and the parishts o{ . Warminster, NortonBavartt, and Sutton Vcney, in the said county," hath deposited all claims of rights received by him at the'officc of Messrs. Thring and Phelps, pf Warminster, in order that all persons interested in the said Inclosure may re- fer to and inspect the same, and be prepared to make sucl\ objections thereto at his next attendance as shail be deemed necessary. And Notice is hereby given, that the said Com- missioner will give his attendance on Tuesday the 7th day of, February next at the Weymouth Arms lnft, in Warminster aforesaid, in order to receive such objections to claims, and to proceed on the further execution of the said Act.— Dated this id day of January, in the year of our Lord 1809. B^ order of the Commissioner, 211] S.. F. PHELPS, Clerk to the Commissioner. WARMINSTER TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Several Toll Gates upon the several Turnpike Roads at Warminster, in the county of Wilts,, called cV known by the several names of'the East Gate, the South Gate, he North Gate, the Pouud- street Gate, the Stop Gates, and the Deverell Gate, will be LE'IT by PUBLIC AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of. Mr. James Brooks, being the Ansel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, on Monday the llitii day of February next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in the raann.- r directed by the Act passed in the 10th year of th? reign of liis present Majesty, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" w ieh said several Tolls produced the last year to- gether the sum of 1840/. above the cxpence^ callcctingdictn, and will be pyt up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with su fficient sureties to the; satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads,, for payment yf the rent agreed for, . and at such times as they shall direct.— Dated this i\ st day of December 1808. 120] JOHN THRING, Clerk & Treasurer. Basingstoke, Blaclwater, and Hertfordbridge Roads. TVTOTICF, is hereby given,-— That lb > Trustees, at X^ l their next Meeting, appointed to be hi Id at the house of Mr. Thomas Parsons, the King's Arms Inn, in Murrell, on Thursday the lGth day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, will be ready to rcceive Proposals for contracting with ar. y person or persons for lowering the Hill, called New- rooms Hill, 011 the said road, within the parish of Basing.; for widening the present Bridge over the Mill Stream; for forming; an Embankment in the valley at the foot of. the Hill ; for a New Road, to unite with the present Roadat the distance of sixty yards from the said Bridge; and for forming, gravel- ling, and substantially making the whole Line of Road from the eastward extremity of the said hilt, se to be loweted, to the termination of the said new embankment, so to units with the present road, according to a plan and sections laid down bv Mr. John Hughes, surveyor; which plan and sections are now in the hands of Mr. Raggett, Clerk tb the Trustees, and may be inspected by application at his Office in Odihani, Hants. By order of the Trustees. Dec. 21, IS08. Ro. RAGGETT, Clerk. N. B. Proposals to be delivered fsealed up) to Mr. Raggett, on or before the 15th day of February next. | S2g SARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. ~ W7" HEREAS in pursuance of the Notices given, * V in the manner directed by the Act passed in the mh . vear of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike Roads," the Tolls arising at the several Toll Gates erected upon this Turnpike were put up to auction, in two lefts, to be left to the best bidder, on Friday the lath day 0! January instant, at the several sums the said Tolls produced the last yea-, but no bidder offered for the same : Notice is therefore hereby given, th- at the said TOLLS arising at the said Gates will be " again put up to he LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the House pf Joachim Hibberd, known by the name of the'Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Barum, on Thursday the Kith day of February next, between tin- houis of eleven and two o'clock, in the manner directed by tlje before- mentioned Act, aud will be then put up at the reduced sums and in the lots following ( that is to say),— Lot I.— Petersiinger Gate, Mridnm Gate,\ n ] ln-' Totton Gate, and& yjidhurst Gate.. i , Lot- 2.— Lobeombe Gate, . f, i SI4 respectively, for the Yeijr,, to. be computed from the 2d day fcf February next: anil the'- 1 renters are to, receive. of the present collectors the Tolls from that tune till the l|) th day of Februaiy next, when the respective renters are to be put ihtu poss£ ssu i\ of the eaid Toll Gates and Receipt of the Tolls, and commence the collectiontheieof on that day. Whoever happens to be the best Wider must at^ thesame time give security; with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trusteed of the eiid Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall nireict. • . W. BOUCHER, Clerk and Treas-. uer. SARUM, Jan. 13, LIJOS. [>;,- THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday s Post.-— By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NLFJHF, JANUARY 2!. R' ADMIRAVTY- OFFICF,, Jan. 11. EAR- Admiral D'Auvergne, Prince of Bouil- lon, his transmitted a Letter from Capt. Prinze, of his Majesty's sloop Sparrowhawk, dated off Cherbourg the 12th inst. giving an account of his having, that day, eapuired the French privateer cutter L'Esperance, of 14 guns and 54 men. Capt. O'Connor, Commander of his Majesty's sloop the Ned Elwiii, has transmitted a copy of a Letter addressed bv him to Sir James Sauinarez, giving an account of ins having, on the 17th of Dec. captured the General Rapp, French privateer brig, of 8 guns and 41 men, which had left Dauuic the evening before. Commissions in the Dorset Local Militia. Eastern J}„ TT. E. M. Pleydeil, Esq. to be Lieut. Col. Comman- dant ; the Hon. A. Stuart to be Lieut. Colonel; F. W. Schuyler, Esq. to be Major. lp~ este. ru Bait.— H. llankes, Esq. to be Lieut. Cob Com- mandant; E. Greathed, K Q. to be Lieut. Colonel; J. J. Farquharson, issq, to be Major. BANKRUPTS. John Johnson, of Clifton, near Bristol, <- oath- malccr. Ettv, of Oxford, wine- merchant. Etijiilxtth ftrnwiw, of Liverpool, tea- dsler. . > 1. Jacob, of B.* rner- stiect. Commercial- road, dealer in foreign spirits. Cn i t0i » lierTall' 0t, of Ediew? re.- road, tayitir. JoshuiSm th, of Ewshiin, innhflldtr. Edmund Jinkms, of Baili, victualler. Hester DaviJ, of Warmhuter, VV. ttn, grot- i r. Karah Mobbs, of HOHtliauipton, Hants, milliner. Saraut" Divies and J'eur Oaiies, of Drayton in Hates, Shropshire, btnk^ rs, HOUSE OF LORDS. FRIDAY, Jan. 21) ] Lord Wokingham presented a petition from Lord Boringdon, praying for a divorce from his Latly. The prater of the petition being acceded to, Lord H al lingham i immediately presented a bill to that ef- fect, which was read a first lime. Colonel Drinkwatcr presented eopies of the ~ th and 8th Reports of the Commissioners of Military Enquiry. They were ordered to be printed. Lord Liverpool laitl on the table copies of the Corres- pondence from Erfurtb ; and, on his Lordship's motion, the House was order, D to be summoned for Monday and Thursday next-— Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OK COMMONS. FRIDAY, Jan. I'O.] A new writ was ordered for West- bury, in the room of GLVN Wynn, E- q. who has accepted THE office of Steward of Ihe Chiltern Hundreds. Mr. Grant, from the Board of Military Enquiry, pre- sented the 7th and 8th Reports of the Commissioners.— Ordered to be printed. Mr. Canivng presented copies of certain Documents transmitted to his Majesty from Erfurth ; and gave notice that on Thursday next ha sh old submit them to thecon- i- deration of the' House. The papers were old. red to be printed. Lord H. Petty moved for a copy of the Minutes of Evi- dence, taken before the late Court of Enquiry, relative to the Convention and Armistice of Cintra ; together with copies of all papers and documents laid before the Court.— Ordeted. Resolved, on the motion of Mr. Perceval, that the House will receive no Petition of a private nature after the 24th dav of February next ; that the HOME will not receive any Private Bill after the 27th day of March next; antl that the House would not receive the Report, of any Private Kills after the 8th day of May next. Colonel Wardell gave notice of a mot'on, on Friday next, respecting the patronage of his Royal Highness the Duke of York. Mr. Robinson brought up the report of the Address in anstycr to the Speech ; which tras read a fust time. On the question being put for its second reading, Mr. William Smith protested against being precluded from expressing his ardent and sincere wishes for a PEACE WITH PCMTCR- TVWON he contemplated the events of the la T IO years, he eould not help thinking, that Providence had forwarded the vieivs of the enemy ; whereas, it had by some fatality prevented the ENTERPRISES of this country from flourishing so well as might have beeu expected. Whin he stated himself to be sanguine and eager for A Peace with Fnnee, he did not wish to he '"" N'erstond as meaning such a Peace as was offered Ids Majesty by liona- parte at Erfurth. He thought highly of Ministers for re jeeting such an offer, and with all his heart. The Address time, and agreed to item. con. It was ordered to be pre- sented to his Majesty by such Members as were also Members of the Privy Council. Mr. Jfhitbread tvi- hed to learn from the noble Lord ( Castlereagh) whether or not his relation, Gen. . Stewart, who held the situation of Under Secretary in the WAR Department, derived any emolument from that office. He- also WISHED to k: ow, whether or not Sir Arthur Wrllesley enjoyed his office and emoluments as Secretary of State in Ireland. Lord Castlereagh replied, that his brother, GE" era! Stewart, had declined any remuneration for his- ervipes in the War Department, whilst he held his command in Spain. With respect to Sir Arthur Welte- dev, he was now in Ireland, in the exercise of his office, and conse- quently in the receipt of his salary. Adj. to Monday. The Correspondetico between the British, Russian, and French Ministers, in consequence of the proposition from Ei furtb, was laid yesterday upon the table of the House of Commons, A proposition from Admivl Sau- marez, in the Baltic, respiting tlie Russian fleet, ap- pears to have been seized by the Emperors Napoleon and Alexander, at Erfurtb, as the ground for making the overture, in which they set out with declaring, that " the union of the two Empires is beyond the reach of all change, and that the two Emperors have formed it for peace as well as war." This overture concludes with pro- posing for a basis " the uti possidetis, or any other founded upon the reciprocity and equality that ought to prevail between all great nations," and to this proposition Mr. Canning replies, by refusing to enter - into any ne- goeiation to which S)) aiii is not a party. Remanzow and Champagny's aeknowledgment of the receipt of this note closes the correspondence. The subject for the Seatonian. prize poem at Cambridge, for this yeai, is The Conquest of Canaan. CRIM. CON.— An action having been commenced bv Mr. Con. with Lady Emily Best, wife of the plaintiff, arid daughter of the Earl of Aldborougb, and the defendant having differed judgment by default, a Jury was assembled ve iterilay by the Sheriff of Middlesex, to assess the damages, which were laid at 20,000/- After a long investigation, the Jury awarded the plaintiff 2000/. FIRE in ST. JAMES'S PALACK.— A most alarming fire br- ke out, about one o'clock this morning, in St. Jam '-' » Palace, which burned with great fury, and was not got quite under till about eight o'clock. No water could be procured for a considerable time, and then only a small supply, all the pipes being stopped up by the frost. The fire being thus unrestrained, and thebutldingcontaining an immensity of old timber, the flame! were not- ubdued un- til one- half of the Palace was consumed, including the left wing, and the apartments of the Duke of Cambridge, who had just returned home when the fire broke out. — The Prince of Wales, and the Dukes of York, Kent, Cambridge, and Sussex, attended, and remained until a late hour, encouraging the firemen and others in their exertions to stop the progress of the tlames. The engines continue playing upon the smoking ruins. The fire broke out in the apartments of Mr-. Riee, in the ensteni wing. Her niece, the only person lost or hurt, was found this morning not burned, but apparently suf- focated, in the apartment. It is supposed that her candle set fire to the roum, anil was the cause of the catastrophe. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'Clock. On the 13th inst. died, at Rekedale, the seat of the Earl Ferrers, the Lady of Hilton Joliffe, Esq. M. P. for Petersfield. On Tuesday last died, suddenly, at Romsey, Mr. Godwin Seward, surgeon. On Thursday last died, in the 76th year of his age, much Lamented by his numerous relatives, Mr. Peter Parker, sen. of Andover, ironmonger, and one of the Masters of the Corporation. We are desired to state, that it was NOT Mr. Haning- tftns SENIOR Assistant ( as mentioned in our last) that was married to Miss Ann Dor an on Thursday the \ 2th instant, but his Writing Master. SALISBURY. MONDAY, JANUARY 93, 1809. Bank Stock, 2381 India Stock, 181J ex div. South Sea Stock, shut 3 Cent. Red. TIO- I 3 I>- Cent. Cons. ex div. 4 FA. Cents. SL- J 5 Cent. Navv, PTJ ex div. 5 •) » Cent. 17117, — Long Ann. LSJ Omnium, Ijdis. India Bonds, .' 1 a 7 p. Exchequer Bills, S a S p. Irish 5 Cents. — Imperial 3 - P- Cents. — English Lott. Tickets, Ditto Prizes, 2 ^ cent dis. port FAI. MOBTH, Han. 19. By letters from Penzance, it appears a vessel arrived there yesterday, with news of the re- embarkation of Sir J. Moore's army at Vigo. About MX) horse arc said to have been lost in the rear of the army. The Nonpareil schooner, Lieut. Dickenson, from Cadiz, arrived on Tuesday. It ap[ iears Count Florida Blanca, President of the Supreme Junta, is dead. There is no other news by her. The Duke of Marlborough packet is arrived this evening in eight days from Lisbon. A Spanish Messenger, who left Seville on the 2d inst. with dispatches from the Supreme Junt; i, is ar- rived. The armies under the Duke del Infaiitadn% Cuesta, and Palnfox, were expected to unite in the neighbourhood of Madrid, in the absence of Bona- parte. In the South of Spain the Spaniards continue in high spirits. The Re. istance aud Arefhusa frigatet remain here with 11 fleet of light tra sports fwhich were to have taken in the ltiih ( Jraroons) waiting a wind for Spain. The Latly Pellew packet, tak'tig advantage of the first - - favourable opportunity sailetl oil Sunday morning, ami should support the Address J PROI,; 1B! V made her pa « < age to Corunna in two days.— The ress was then read a second • WIMJ HEIN;? now fair for her return, she may be expected LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 21. General Stewart, and several other Officers of Sir John Moore's army, arrived in town this morning from Corunna, which place they left on the 14th inst. They arrived at Falmouth by. the brig Ann, which has also brought letters and papers to that date. It appears from them, from the report of the Officers, and the dispatches with which they are charged, that the British army effected its retreat to Corunna on the 11 th, and were embarking; but it was feared that there were not transports sufficient there to carry them all off.— The French army was on the 14th within three leagues of Corunna. Sir John Moore, in his retreat, drew up his forces at Lugo, and offered the enemy battle, but they declined it. The British in- fantry had not been engaged, but the cavalry had ' daily skirmishes with that of the enemy, which it uniformly r- pulsed and defeated. Such was the rage of Bona- parte, that he hurned Bencvente, antl threatened Astorga with a like fate. At both places he is said to have .: kretl the British prisoners; but we trust this report is unfounded. Every preparation was made at C .. • ; a •'•> protect and cover the embarkation of the I. ... s'narmy. Generat Beresford, with 5000 men, - it. is said, occupies Burgos. There is probably some mistake in the name, and some place near Corunna is meant.— Globe. The French are marching against Portugal in two columns, one upon Lisbon, and the other upon Oporto. Preparations were making at Lisbon and Oporto for the embarkation of the British there, and of such Portuguese as may chuse to accompanv them. The adviccs received by Government this morning state that Sir John Moore and his armv were at Co- Tunna on the lull, waiting the arrival of transports from Vigo. The Jrench were in sight 011 the hills.- r. Courier. Four thousand men, tinder Genera! Craufurd, have embarked at Vigo.— Cngier and Suit. The Duke of lufaniado has driven Joseph Bona- parte with all the French from Madrid, and Palafox has, driven them from before Saragossa.— Courier. A most important change in the disposal of our Vi ilia is about to be effected. All the Engli » '- » Militia REGIMENTS HI e to be seut to Ireland, and the Irish Militia will do duty ill this country. in a day or two hence. PLYMOUTH, Jai. 20. On Saturday Capfe'Wvnd- ham, Aid- dn~ L'anip to Sir Joint Moore, embarked onboard the Goldfinch, T* F 18 gllns, Capt. Bass, and sailetl imme- diately with dispatches for Sir John, with which be is to land either at Corunna or Vigo. The Laurel sloop of war, of 22 guns, commanded by Captain W , olcombe, fitted out at Plymouth, and sent to cruize in the Indian Seas, is reported to hate been taken by a French frigate of 44 guns. ' O11 Saturday a large transport ran foul of the French brig Caroline, in Catwater, prize to 1' Eclair, and laden with a very valuable cargo of colfee, indigo, pepper, nank See. in consequence of which the Caroline onr, k ir; water, where she now remains.. It s thought - be will lie weighed, but. tile greatest part of her cargo will lie totally spoiled. On Monday Capt. GoodaH, Admiral to the Emperor of Hayti, was released from his confinement on board ship, by virtue of an order from the Secretary of State. On Tue- day arrived the Intelligent gun- brig, from Lisbon, but brings nothing new. On Wednesday came iu the Hope French lugger priva- teer, of about 70 tons burthen, captured by the Sparrow Hawk sloop of war. She bail been at sea 18 days, and made only one capture, a sloop from Ireland, with pro- visions, which has been since retaken by the Rebuff brig. Thursday came in the Meptune transport, from Lisbon : she sailetl from thence on the 8th of Dec. in company with 28 other transports, having oil board the 3D division of French troops evacuating P rtugal; but after beating about at sea till the 8th of January, they were overtaken by a severe storm, and the fleet so much dispersed, that only nine of them are accounted for. PORTSMOUTH, Jan. 21. Sir Richard Strachan's Squadron from the Downs are ordered to Spithead to relit, and proceed to sea with every expedition. Mo/ tday— Arrived the Mars, of 74 guns, Capt. Lnkin ; Nassau, of 64 guns, Captain Campbell ; and Sprightly cutter, with convoy from the Downs. Sailed the Lis, of 50 guns, Captain M'Cleod; and Niobe, of 33guns, Captain Loi'ing, with convoy of transports for Spain. Tuesday— Arrived the Jasper sloop, Capt. Daniel; and Racoon sloop, Captain Welsh. Sailed the Fleehe sloop, Capt. Buchanan ; and Merope sloop, Capt. Dod. Thursday— Arrived the Leviathan, of 74 guns, Captain Harvey; aiid Bombay, of 74 guns, Capt. Curving, from the Downs. Sailed the Brilliant, of 28 gnns, Capt. Smyth, with eonv. iv for the Brazils. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JANUARY il. The Bishop of Exeter, Visitor of Exeter College, in the University of Oxford, has given his decision in the case of Mf. Dupr^' s Fellowship, and has declared, that the Fellowship is tenable with the Living of St. John's, in the Island of Jersey, not only by the decree of Bishop Fisher, but by the statute of the College de prombtione et catisis deserensli Collegium. BIRTH.] Lately, at Southampton, the wife of Mr. John Mallet, shopkeeper, from Dorchester, Dorset, of a son and a daughter atone birth. On Thursday the 1 Sth inst. was married, at Frome, Mr. Robert Cole, of Clatford, » n this county, to Miss Messiter, eldest daughter of Mr. N. Messiter, of Frome. List week was married, in London, Monsieur Abraham Le Coureur, a French emigrant gentleman, to Miss Clara Restless, of the county of Middlesex. The Hon. Brigadier- General Stewart, who landed at Falmouth on Thursday, from Corunaa, passed through this city for London on Friday.— From an intimation dropped by an Officer who accompanied the General, it was clearly understood that the British army was embarking at Corunna. On Wednesday, at one o'clock, the 2d Somerset Resilient, quartered at Weymouth, and the Island 2d Hanoverian Light Horse, fired a fcudejoyt, in honour of her Majesty's Birth day, which was re- turned by a Royal Salute from the battery on the Nothe. In the evening a brilliant display of fire- works, prepared bv Signor lnvetto, of Bath, took place opposite the" residence of Sir John Johnstone, by whom an elegant entertainment was also given to a large party of fashionables. General Linsingen gave a grand dinner to the Field Officers of the garrison on the same occasion. A ball and supper were also given by the Nobility and Gentry, at Russell's Hotel, iu commemoration of her Majesty's Birth- day. On Thursday Sir John Johnstone gave a farewell dinner, at Luce's Hotel, to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Corporation of the borough and town of Wey- mouth and Melcombe Regis, to which Col. Bower and a select party of Gcnilcnien were invited. The Rev. Hush Ptice, M. A. Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, is presented by the President and Fellows of that Society to the Rectory of Newton Tony, near this city, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dean F. kins. Lately was married James Bower, Esq. banker, of Weymouth, to Miss Martha Hill, of East Sheen, Surry— an accomplished young Lady, of independent fortune. Lately was married Mr. Luke Arnold, of Bristol, to Miss Hart, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Hart, of Bradford, in this county. A few days since was married, at Bristol, I,. G. Senior, Esq. of the island of Jamaica, to Miss Eli- zabeth Iluscv, youngest daughter of the late Mr. George Husev, of this city. < On Monday last was married, at Morden, by the Rev. It. Grosvenor, Robert Ekins Liiliugton, Esq. of SiocliSev, to Miss C. Stent, of Almor, Dorset. On Tuesday last was married, at Tnlpuddle, Dor- set, Mr. Reuben Rice, of Piddletown, to Mrs. S. tiah Mullet, of Tolpuddle. On Friday evening the 13th inst. died, in a fit of apoplexy, shortly after her return home from a visit to a friend, Mrs. Arden, wife of Mr. Arden, surgeon, of Dorchester. On Monday died,, at Uer house in Exeter- street,, in the 87th ye- jr of her aye, Mrs. Foster, widow of the Rev. Mr. Foster, late Rector of Patney and Vicar of Britfotd, both in this county. She was a woman of great strength of mind, of singular piety and benevo- lence ; beloved and esteemed by all ranks of society; 4tid bv the poor of this city and the neighbouring parish of Britford, Whose wants she was in the con- stant habit of relieving, her loss will be long felt and lamented. On Tuesday died, in the 28th year of her age, after a shott illness, much and sincerely regretted by all ii^ r friends, Miss Dixon, of Britford, near this city. B'. ie was apparently in good health 011 the pre- ceding day. On Friday died, aged 1Q years, after an illness of four months, Mr. Hugh Meyler, youngest son of Mr. Meyler, of Bath ; a most amiable youth, deeply regretted by his afflicted father, and sincerely lamented bv all bis relatives and friends. On Thursday the 12th inst. the William, Sinclair, from Detner. ua to London, with a cargo said to be worth from 30 to 40,0001. was lost near the Land's End, the lightb mse < 111 which she mistook for one of the Scilly light-. Upon her striking, the crew got from her bowsprit upon a rock ; but the Captain, Mate, and five others were quickly washed off and Inst. The owner's son anil four others were sat ed, by M a. IS of tow- lines from the shore. The vessel soon went to pieces, and the cargo was entirely LOST.— The inhabitants of Penzance entered into a subscription for the relief of { he survivors. MESSRS.' EYRE and STRAH AN, His Majesty's Printers, have specially appointed BRODIE, DOVV- D1NG and LUXFORD, Booksellers, Salisbury, their Whole- sale and Retail Venders of The only Genuine FORM of PRAYER, For Mornins;, Communion, and Evening Service, in all Churches and Chapels, on Wednesday, the tjth of February, being the day appointed bv proclamation for A GENERAL FAST, And HUMILIATION before ALMIGHTY GOD. N. B.— This genuine Form of Prayer is handsomely printed in Ouarto, price 6d. and the same in Octavo, price 3d.— and to obviate disappointment, it is earnestly requested that all orders from Venders and Dealers may be immediately sent to the Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury. [ 1.03 Dedicated, by permission, to Miss SUSAN E. BKCKI'OIID. rpiIE BEAUTIES of PURCELL, in two Vols.; JL consisting of the most favourite Songs, Diietts, Trios, & c. selected from his various works; revised and arranged By JOSEPH COREE, Gentleman of his Majesty's Chapels Roval. London. This work will be executed in the neatest manner, on Im- p rial Paper, so as to correspond with the Beauties of Handel; to which an Accompaniment, and a Thorough Bass to the whole, will be mbiked with great > are, so as to make it more general and useful. The first Volume will be ready for de- livery in this month. Subscriptions, one Guinea each Vol. received at Mr. Pres- tonV, No. ( 17, Strand, London; Printing Office, Messrs. Banks's, and Mr. Corfe's, Salisbury.— After the Subscription is closed, which will been the - 29th inst. the price; will be advanced to 1 (. 5s. [ 530 West of England Fire and Life Insurance Com] 9tny. CAPITAL1— SIX HUSBKK. D THOUSAND POUNDS. THIS Company, besides Insuring against Loss or Damage by Fire, on the most liberal terms, is come to the resolution of effecting INSURANCES on LIVES.— The terms for this purpose are the same as in the metropolis, ex- cept that, in this Office, a handsome deduction is allowed as an encouragement to such transac tions. Persons desirous of effeotin? Insurances on Lives, may apply tS J. Barrow, of Shaftesbury, the Company's Attent; where the Receipts for the renewal of such Policies against Fire as expired 011 the 25th 1 f December last, are reacy for . delivery. GOOD AND FINE COFFEE. FSTOKES begs leave to acquaint his friends he • has just received a fresh assortment of FINE COFFEE, which he is now selling at the following reduced prices — Fine Surinam from 2s.- Iti. to2s. 8ri.; fine- Java, little inferior to Turkey, 3s. lid. to 4s.; genuine Mocha ( very scarce) Cs. ltd. to 7s. All sorts of FINE TEAS, on the most reasonable terms, at his Tea Warehouse, Silvt r- street, Salisbury. WI1TON SCHOOL. TPHELPS respect fully informs his friends and the • public, that his School opens on Monday the 93d of January. [ 208 TREES", SEEDS, Src. WM. PHELPS respectfully informs the public, that he has a general and choice Collection of L'RU IT TREES, FOREST TREES, SHRUBS, FLOWERS, SC.— likewise, just arrived, fresh from the first growers in the king- dom, all the most approved vatieties of Agricultural and Gar- den SEEDS, which, together with Garden Mats, Tools, & c. are now selling on reasonable terms. ( SRF* A quantity of stout Standard Apple Trees, for orchards. — Several lots of KorestTiaes and Firs worth notice. EISHKBTON, nearSALisBi'BY. [ is5 LOST, out of the New Forest,— A Red HEIFER rising two years old, a little white on the rmnp, the near ear sloped half, the off ear a haltpinny cutout ot each side. A Mo'tlev- coloured HEIFER, fisirg two years old, the near ear cropped, and off e. r halv- d. Also a Mottley- colourjd HEIFER, rising two years old, a halfpenny cut out of the near ear on top ar. d under, the off ear cropped and slit. Whoever will brine the said Heifers to Mr. Stephen A vies, at Poulner. in the parish of Rimtwood, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward. [ 23A ED, from New Forest, A SCOTCH RUNT STEER, colour lUht red; and a SCOTCH RUNT HT-' IKMT, dark greyish brindled; both marked in the horn with the letters \ V M joined in one cypher. Whoever will brio;; them, or either of thein, or give infor- mation, so that they may be recovered, to Mr. Christopher Westbrook, at Bewley, in New Forest, or to John Pepper, at Exhuiy, near Bewley, shall rcc. ivn 11 ALI'- A- GUINEA for each, over and above all rrasonaf 1- expences. s1; 1 X) be DISPOSED OF, An old established LINSSY line, replete with Machinery of various kinds. Fur further particulars apply by letter ' postpaid; to A. B. to be lift at the Printing Offic . [- 23G BL/ WDFORD, DORSET. TO be DISPOSED OF immediately,— - Tbe STOCK in TRADE of a MILLINER retirihg from bu- siness ; brine a well- accustomed shop, and most eligibly situ- ated in the Market- place, and well worth the attention of any one who wtsht s to ENGAEE in the above line. For particulars enquire of Miss Fowle ; if by letter, post paid. [- 207 HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon. Barley, j Jan. I | Wheat. s. Oats. Salisbury, 17 | 82 to .04 4) 8 to 55 I f) 8 to 4( i Basingstoke, IS ! an to 93 ' 33 to 50 84 to 39 t9| « 4"> 100,3t to Si Devizes, Newbury, LH| 70/ OLOOI3- 2 to 51 Andover, ST 175 io 9F* j40 to 51 Warminster. 21: 90 to 9I)| 3) In 57 Weight or the. Gallon Loaf, 8It. 1 lor.— Half Gall. Mb. 5+ 111 40 to 41 S5 to 4.. 1 34 TO 42 3 3 to ! 4 Beans. s. s. 70 to 90 > 4 to 77 74 to 84 38 to 73 r, 0 to 72 b'S to 815 Bread. s. d. 2 0 2 0 1 1 1} SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. THE First Assembly for the Subscription of the year 1809, will be on Thursday the So'th of January. 14. BROOKE, ^ H. EYRE, VStcwards. W. B. BRODIE, J Mr. GOODALL, Master of the Ceremonies. P- incing to commence at eight, antl end at twelve. [- 290 POOLE. IHE First ASSEMBLY will be on Wednesday the 25th of January, at the Town- hail. [ 300 WIMIIORNE. THE Second BALL at ihe King's Head Inn will be on Tuesday the 31st of January 1809, instead of the \ st of February, as before advertised. . [* 200 STURMINSTER NEWTON CASTLE, DORSET. RpO lie SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. TAYI. OR, A on the Premises, on Thursday February 2d, 1809,— The following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the pr- ierty of Mr. DASHWOOD; consisting of one well- bred chesuut mare, six years old, full 15 hands high; two car! geldings, one seven and the other five years old; one cart mare, six years old ; four fat oxen ; six young dairy cows, well seasoned with calf; and one bull; also a v. ry good tilted waggon, with double and single shafts; and various implements in Ijnsbandry. The sale to begin at on.' o'clock. [ 307 TO be SOLD by ALCTfoN, by order of the Assignees, 011 Wednesday- the ' ifith inst. and following days, on the premises on Catherine- hill, in Frome,— All the STOCK in TRADE of JOHN HOPKINS, Taylor and Mercer, consisting of a variety of superfine and super cloth, kersey- meres, waistcoat pieces, nankeens, cords, fustians, & C. plated and other buttons, umbrellas, and numerous other articles. Also ail the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE of the said John Hopkins. • 13° The sale will commence precisely at eleven o'cl > rk in the morning. [ ASU DORSET. To Timber Merchants and Shipbuilders. CAPTTIL NAVY & OTHER TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, together or in dots, at Mr. Robert Evans's, Clerk, at Gresford, on Friday the 24th day of February next, at three o'clock,— 504 capital OAK TRH- ES, and LB'U exceeding good ASH TREES, with the Lops, Tops, and Bark thereof, now standing and nume- rically marked, in the Parsonage Woods and other lands at Gresford. Of the Oak, 40 trees average about 58 feet each, 58 about 43, 119 about ;> I, MI about 25, and 10U about HJ feet each ; and the Ash average about 31 feet each. Gresford is situated about three miles from Wrexham, and eight from Chester Ouay. For a view of the timber, and conditions of sale, apply to the said Robert Evans, of whom printed particulars may be had, as well as at the principal Inns at Wrexham and other market towns in the neighbourhood, and also at Cluster and Liverpool. Tenders by Private Contract rtav be made to Mr. Webb, ' n the Close, Salisbury, before the 14th of February. [ 155 CAPITAL TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by HARRY Russ, at the Black Dog Inn, at Standerwick, on Monti; V the 30th of January inst. between the hours of three and FIV* in the afternoon,— 537 Maiden OAKS, with the Tops, Lo|.-, and Bark, now growing in a wood called the Five Lords' or Rowse Wood, situate in the parish of Wistburv, in the et univ of Wilts, adjoining to the turnpike rhnds leading from VL AR- minster and Westburv to Bath and Bristol. For a view of the timber apply to Richard Hollaw. v, of Dilt'on s- marsh ; and for further particulars to Y. Sturaej sur- veyor, Seamitls, near Bristol. [| 27 OAK AND BEECH TIMBER. NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv JOHN- CR. IX- A STOW, at the Queen's Head'Inn, Burley, on Tuesday the 7th day of February IH09, at two o'clock in the aftt MOT N subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced* — 11.' I Beech T rees in three lots, and 55 Oak TFEES in one lot, growing in White's Coppice; 49 Beech Trees in one let, and 60 Oak Trees in one lot, growing in Swi t's C pp- c. with the Tops, Lops, and Bark thereunt'- belonging, SITUATE IN Hurley Manor, adjoining the turnpike road leading fioui RINR. wood to Lvmin< ton. For a view of the timber apply to Mr. Thomas EV re, at Bur- ley. House ; and for further particulars to Rd. Nightingale jun. land and timber surveyor, I. yndhursi, Hants. " pti. T FORD1NGBR1DGE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HAN- NEW, at the Crown Inn, Fordingbridge, o'n Friday ti e 17th day of January instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon,— SIX SEVENTH PARTS or SHARES of and in all that Messuage or Tenement, Barn, and Granary ; together wth about 12 acres of rich Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land ; situate at Bickton, in the parish of Fordingbr. dge. in the cut. tv of Southampton, now 111 the occupation of Mr. Jefl'ents' nd William Gilbert. R; JT( J , The above premises are held of Lady Coote for two good lives, aged severally 49 and 57 years, under a quit R. UF 13s. 7TI. per annum, and id. per'annum for lawdi. Y M-: V< r. WINCHESTER NPO be SOLD bv AUCTION, on the premises, A by Mr. MANT,. on Mondav the 93d of Januarv I809 AT eleven o'clock,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, a Piano Forte, and other Effects, belonging to MR. Brookman, quitting his residence in Upper Brook- street:—— comprising four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cotton and white dimity hangings; swinging child's cot, mattresses and nttpi t., rnahog MV sideboard tables, writing and ca/ d ditto, mahogany and japanned ch: urs, chests - of drawers, and A glass ea> e • bedside tables and wanhband stands, two pait of high platid candlesticks, an excellent three- light cucumber frame, none roller, & c. Arc. [ SS8 T O be WINCHESTER, lflop. SOLD bv AUCTION, by HALF ATOWN and COUNTY BALL will be held at the King's Arms, DORCHESTtR, on Thursday the Sd of February 1809. Tickets 6s. Tea and Music included. [ 258 I1 To the Debtors if Creditors of Messrs. Fort < y Cooper. N consequence of the utter impossibility of pro- curing Goods from the Continent, Messrs. FORT and COOPER find it necessary to discontinue their business of Hambro' Merchants, & c.; they therefore desire, all those who are indebted to them forthwith to settle their respective ac- counts ; aud if any persons have demands 011 the said firm, they are desired to self 1 in their bills immediately, in order to their being also discharged. Messrs. Fort and Cooper beg to inform their friends and others, that they have a few Casks of Pearl and Weed- ashes, whith they will sell for ready money only, at touier prices than • such articles can be purchased in London, but an early appli- cation must be made, Or they will be otherwise disposed of. N. B. A few Bags of Dye- wood likewise for sale at money prices; also about 350 bundles of very fine WHITE YARN, weight 2jlbs. when brawn, which will be sold very reason- able. R « N their Tops ; and CO very long useful FIRS, for building- scat' folding and ladders ; all standing 011 Vearse Estate, in the pa- rish of Symondsbury, near Bridport, divided into lots—— printed particulars of which may be had of Mr. Hallston. the tenant, at Vearse; at the place of sale ; and of Mr. J. Warr, surveyor, Beamister. The Elm is of large dimensions and great leneth, standing near the turnpike road, about two miles from BridpoTt bar- HOUR. [ 295 S6MERSET. " " RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J JEAXBS, A without reserve, on the Premises, at PKWN FA* M, time miles from Wincanton, on Thursday the 28th day of January, 1809, - The following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the pro- petty of Mr. NICHOLAS MATHEWS, quitting the farm, viz. 13 good dairy cows, some with calves, the others well sea- soned in calf; 3 three- year old heifers in ditto; 8 two- year old ditto; I twn- year old bull; 1 yearling ditto; about 80 ton of good hay; 1 oat rick ; 1 rick of ray gnss seed ; about 2 load of straw; A quantity of poles, and sundry Other effects ; together with the run or feed of 90 acres of grass, from the day of sale till Old Lady- day next. Sale to BEGIN at eleven IN the forenoon. [ 310 GODWIN, on the Premises, on Tuesday Janunrv 24, All the neat genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITL'HF. together with the valuable enclosed Counters Nests ot Dn. w, is, and other convenient Shop Fixtures, belonging to Mr. Hna, draper, leaving his residence opposite the'Piarza in th HLh- street. The Furniture comprises lour- post aim fiei. l beosttads, with morine antl printed hangings, antl window curtail s; seasoned goose feather beds, m tttr. ssis, and bedding; chitd's cribs; room and bed- round carpets; pi 1 altd swing drtssing glasses; mahogany, cherry, and other chests of drawers; bureaus; handsome mahogany parlour chairs; dinme, card, dressing, anil other tables ; wash stands, tic.; neat bamboo, painted, tlved, and other chairs; piano forte ( excellent toned) by Longman and Broderip; small set of handsome blue- arid-, white china dinner service ; neat assortment t f glass ; coj per tea urn ; block- tin meat covers; copper boilers; saucepans; and other culinary articles; stove gratis, fire irons. & c. j and various other articles of household furniture, whi. h will he p trticularly numerated in catalogues, to be had 011 the Pre- mises, and of the Auctioneers, Winchester. The Goods mAy be viewed the day previous to the sale . which will h. -/ in precisely at eleven o'clock. [ 214 CAPITAL ( OAK. & ELM TIMBER.— HANTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, bv J. r. THEHIDGE, at the Sun Inn. Southampton, on Thursday the ' d of February, 18US,— 74 Prime OAK NAVY TIMBER T REES' as the same are now standing, and num really marked, in the under- mentioned Grounds, situate at Dibd.' i , adjoining the Southampton- water, and about one mile tron. llytl. e, with the Lops, Tops, and Bark thereof. OAK. Lot 1.— In Farmer ILwkcsworth's ar. d Seaman's grounds, 74 Trees, No. 1 to 74. The timber is of large dimensions, remarkably spiny, ft sound. For a view of the above apply toJ. Ethcridge, Hythe, cf whom printed particulars may be had. Also,- 58 Prime OAK NAVY TIMBER TREES, and 50 Prime ELM TREES, as the same art- now growing at Bur- sledon, with the Lops, Tops, and Bark thertot. OAK. Lot 2.- 58 Trees, numerically marked, No. 1 to 58. ELM. Lot 3.— 50 Trees, numerically triarkeil No. 1 to 50. The whole of the timber is of the best quahty, large dimen- sions, and very advantageously situated for water- carriage, being within a mile of the shipping places. [ 250 The last two lots may be viewed by applying to Mr. Range- crot't, on the premises at Bursledon, of whom printed paiti- culars may he had. - Printed particulars may also bt hail at the place of sale, and at the princiul Inns at' Botlev, Titci - field, Farctum, ( iosport, an^/ ortsmouth.—( One Conrern. J WILTS.— BIDDESTONE TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the four several ' loll Gates errcti d on the aboveTuin- pike Road, called Witlev, Bidd,- stone, Corsham North, and Cor » ham- South Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, either together or in separate lots, at the election of the Trustees' of the said Turnpike R iad, subject to the conditiins of sale to be produced by thtm. at the Rial Lion inn, in Corsham, on Wednesday the iJd day ot February next, between the honrs of twelve and three o'clock, for one 01 more years, in the manner directed bv the Act paved in the 111th yeat of the reinn of his Maj. stv Kin- George the Third, " for regul . ting the Turnpike Roads ;"' which Tolls produced the last year th, respective sums under mentioned, above the expencts of collecting the s ime ; viz. Whitley Gate.. jt M... C... 0 I Corsham'- Norih Gate 9.. 17.... 9 Biddestone Gate. .27... 0... 0 | Corsham- Si uth Gate 12.. 1C.. 10 and will be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best b'dder must, at the same ne, give security, with sufficient sureties to tne satusfiict. on of the; Trustees of the said t urnpike Road, for pavment of the rent agreed tor, and at such times as they shall di'rcct 2* 2j JOHN MERE WETHER, CAtvr, Jan. C, 1509. CUrk and Treasurer. CAPITAL PUBLIC- HOUSE FOR SALE. GOSPORT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. JOHN Mtl. OLl. TON, on the premises, on Wednesday the 25th day of January inst. between the hours of six and eight in the evening,— Ail that new- erected and well- accustomed FREE- HOLD PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the sign of th » Black Dog, d.' Sirably situated ill King's- stfeet, Gosport, with the Yard and Out- houses thereto adjoining; and belonging, now M the occupation of Mr. George Whitcomb, who is declining business. A very extensive Trade has been carried on for many years on the premises, which are substantially built, and in every respect extremely well adapted for the business. There is a good Cellar and Pump, and Well of excellent spring- water. THE land- tajt is redeemed, and immediate possession may be had.— For further particulars apply to John Wh teomb, Esq. NEAR G isport, or at the office of Mr. Minchin, solicitor, Cold- harbour, Gosport. FL. OU WILIS. Corshum and Laeoch Turnpike Tolls to he Lett. WHEREAS ill pursuance of Notices given, in the manner directed by an Act of 1' i. riinment pass, c m the 13th year of the reign of his pr. sent Majesty » • for regit); tine Turnpike Roads," the TOLLS arising it the Blue Vein Gale, situate on the turnpike road leading from . Melksham to bath, Were put up to Auction to be Lett to the best bidder, at the Red Lion Inn, in Corsharn at' rcssid, 011 the 2' th day 1 f De- cember last, at the sum of 490/. being the sum the said Tolls were lastlelt for, but no bidder offered ; Notice is therefore hereby given, That the said TOLLS will he LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder ( according to the conditions to be produced), at the Red L1011 Inn, in Coisham, on Wednesday the 82d day of February next, b. tvieui the houis of eleven and two o'clock, for one year, in the n. miner directed by the said Act, and when they will be put up at such Sums as the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever hapjiens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sixties to the satisfaction of theTrustees of the said Turnpike - Road, tpr p; yn ent of the rent agreed for, and at such times as tlirvshall dntct 288J JOHN MfcRKWgTHKP, CAIN*, Jan. 16, 1809. Clerk and ' 1 reasurer. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Wh ere Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are reef ived fPostage paid). Also bv the P « !$ TPW an# BooicsaiiBM in the We; t of Erj'ir. d } by the r Twetir* Xiwssjpjr 5 anil in I, or. don fcy M « < r tAVJ. F. P, and NEWTON. No, I, Warfciek- Square, VY^ rwickrLane, Newgate- Street *>. Mr.. WIt. KlF, Booksriler, Patcrnonter- Kow, Si.
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