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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3749
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 26/12/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3749
No Pages: 4
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SALISBURY AND AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS\ HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER • » 749. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. £ Paper antl Print, Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, NOV. 30. FROM Turkey, we learn, that propositions of peace have been recently made to the Porte on the part of Russia. This explains why the • Russians have not long since resumed offensive operations. HANOVER, NOV. 27.— It is finally settled that half of the country of Hanover is to be divided into estates, and bestowed on several of the Marshals of the Empire. They will produce a revenue of from 35,000/. to 100,000/. annually to be enjoyed by Generals Beruadotte, Mortier, Duroc, Ney, Augereau, Masse u*, Caulincourt, Davoust, Soult, Juriot, and Sebastitni. I'KTRRSBUJIGH, Nov. l( i.— Yesterday the bridges on the Neva were broken down by the ice. LONDON, MONDAY, DECEMBER 19. Dutch letters and papers to the 15th inst. reached Vown this morning.— A new decree has been issued by King Louis, for the more effectual execution of the former decrees against intercourse with tin-; country : by one article of this'new decree, all the crews of ships seized, on account of having arrived from an English port, are to be . Sent on board the lleet in the Texel, to serve during the war. The crew of orre ship which had been condemned, ^ 14 inmumber) were on the 13 th inst. marched through lii tterdam hand- cuffed, in order to bs sent to the fleet.— It is further said that 13 ships from England have been seized, that some of them had very valuable cargoes, and that in one vessel 3000 guineas and ( iO bales of cochineal weie fuond. ? Bonaparte has given particular denominations to the Ministers, See. whom he sum time Since created Counts, Mid has created, in addition, a great number of Nobles.-— General Clarke, the Minister of War, is denominated Count d'Huoebiiurg ; M. Cretet, Minister of the Interior, is Count de Q'anipemol ; 9 Senators ami SJ7 General Olfi- cers are created Counts; the Bishops have letters patent granting them the titles of Barops; 90 General Officers and 107 Colonels are al- 0 created Barons; and a great number of Chevaliers have received letters patent, several of whom add to their title a particular denomination. The hope of the defence of Madrid, which was cxcited by the dispatches from Corunna, received by Government on Friday, was short- lived; the Paris papers to the 5th inst. which arrived late on Saturday, having con- firmed the advices contained in our last Plymouth Letter, that the French have entered MADSID. The Moniteur of the 14th contains the thirteenth bulletin of the Trench army in Spain, which states that. 13,000 men of the Spanish • army of reserve, who defended the passage of the Souio- Siema, and who thought themselves in an unattackable position, being entrenched in the narrow pass called Puesto, with 15 pieecs of cannon, were attacked on the 30th ult. and completely dispersed ; the superior Officers all taken, the slaughter not great, as the soldiers threw away tluir arms and tied into. the mountains. On the 1st inst. the Emperor's head- quarters were at St. Augustin ;. and on th « Sil, the Duke of Istria, with the cavalry, commanded the heights of Madrid.— This bulletin is dated St. Martin, near Madrid, I) ec. 2/ The Moniteur has this short additional article :—" Camp at Madrid, Dec. 4. The town of Madrid has capitulated. Our troops. entered. it this day at nofm." I An accident, occasioned by the slippery state of the roads, pra'eiited the above' d:\ SStma intelligence from appearing in the ivtiole of our last im/ fessim: it is therefore here repeated.] Dispatches from . V. miral Purvis, at Gibraltar, dated the 28th nit. state that the Hydra, Weymouth, and Prevoyante, with a convoy, from England, arrived at Gibraltar on the 28th. The Eagle, of 74 guns, sailed from GidU on the « i7th ult. with a convoy for England. Admiral Purvis had with him, at Gibraltar, the Atlas, Kent, Volontaire, Leonidas, Scout, Kingfisher, and Sa- bina ; the last of which had arrived from South America with dispatches, which were carried to Madrid by her Commander, Capt. Kittoe.— The French fleet at Toulon mready for sea, and waiting an opportunity to slip out: Lord Collingwood was watching tin- in closely, having information both of their object and destination. Several transports are ordered to Cork, to take oats and forage to Spain, for the use of our cavalry. The storm on Saturday has done considerable damage amopg the shipping. Accounts from Margate state that the Walpole East India ship has run o » shore on the side of Fairness Rock, with her main and mizen mast cut awify ; she lay in a most distressed state yesterday morning, and great " apprehensions were entertained for the people on board: four other of the recently arrived Indiamen re- mained in the Roads on Sunday, two with signals for assistance flying ; a gun- brig had run oil shore in Margate Bay : the schooner Francis, of Exeter, with a cargo of iron from Wales for London, run on shore near Walmer Castle, and was beaten to pieces, crew saved: several transports, off Deal, had their masts, & c. carried away; others lost their anchors and cables; but the men of war rode out the gale in safety. This morning at five o'clock, Mr. T B , junior, of Threadneedle- street, shot himself in a fit of insanity, and instantly expired. Mr. White, - jf Ho", ( whose murder we mentioned in OUT last,) it appears, a short time since, detected a neigh- bour's servant in the act of robbing his master, to whom he gave information, and the man was discharged. The fellow vowed revenge, purchased a gun, and is suppose^ to have loaded it with pebbles. The piece found is proved to have been the same sold to" hiui; and, what strongly cor- roborates the suspicion that he was the perpetrator, is, his absenting himself from home ever since the murder was committed. He has been taken into custody at Babchild, and removed to, Rochester. CORFE- MULLEN INCLOSURE, IGIVE Notice,— That all Rights of Common of Pasture in Corfe- Meadow and the other Commonable Meadows in the parish of Corfe- Mullen shall, from and after the 31st day of December next, be totally extinguished ; and all parties interested are- required, before that day, to remove their Cattle from the said Meadows.— Witness my Hand, December 17, 1809. JOHN WICK. ENS. RINGWOOD INCLOSURF. SEVERAL Miles of QUICK- SETTING will be wanted to be done in the present Season ;— particulars of w( iich may be known at Mr. Harbin's Office, Ringwood, where tenders, for undertaking certain parts thereof, to be delivered on or befor etheSlst inst. will be duly attended- to. MONEY. TWO Sums of £ 1,000 each, and several smaller Sums; from £ iu0 to £ 000, ready to be advanced on approve 1 Freehold Securities. — Apply to Mr. Lawrence, attorney at law, Higli" street, Salisbury. [ 70' 9 MORTGAGE. \\ TANTED,—' The several Sums of £ m' 00, and • * £- 20,000, or any less, or intermediate sum, on unde- niable Freehold Security. A liberal compensation will be made to any Solicitor who may assist in procuring the same. Letters to' Mr. R. Jones, No. IP, Lamb's Conduit- street, L" ndon, will meet immediate notice. [ 759 WANTED to PURCHASE,- A LEASEHOLD, consisting of a COTTAGE, and from six to ten Acres of Ground, in Hants, Wilts, or Dorset. Apply to Mr. House, White Bear, Blandford. ftJ- 1 B \ T7" ANTED, A CURATE, to undertake the T T Duty of a CURACV in Hampshire. For particulars apply to the Printers, post paid There is no Par - onai'e house. [' 74 - Salary 601. per am. WANTED immediately after the present vacation, — A CLASSICAL ASSISTANT. Salary sixty pounds a year, with- board and lodging. Apf ligation to be made to the Printers of this Paper ; if by letter, post paid, [ 7,') 7 TO WRITING- MASTERS.^ VlT" ANTED, after the Christmas Vacation, in a T T rcsp - etable Boarrling- School,— A sober, steady Person, as WRITING- MASTER. As the salary and treatment will be liberal, it is requested no one will apply who is not pro perly qualified for the situation, or whose character will not hear the strictest inquiry. Letters, containing specimens of penmanship, addressed to the Printers, will ( if the postage is paid) meet proper at- tention. [ B49 WANTED,— A steady, active LAD, as an AP- PRENTICE to a GROCER and TKA- DRAI. RR. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. William Barnes, Ly- mington. [ 392 RANTED,—. An active steady YOUTH, as an APPEN'TICEE to a LIKES and WOOLLEN Da. u- ER and MERCES. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. J. Jones, Lymington, K5" A Premium expected. [ 5 » * 5 w Hants. WANTED immediately,- Two APPRENTICES in the MILLINERY and'FANCY DRESS Business-— Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to S. Darby, High- street, Sa- lisbury. [ 74b' ; rO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED,— A sober YOUTH, of genteel address, and of resectable connexions, as an APPRENTICE to a MERCER, LINEN and WOOLLEN DHATEK, & C. in a large mirket town in the south of Hampshire.— The Youth will be treated in every respect as one of the family. Letters ( post paid) addressed to Mr. Worsley, solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight, will be strictly attended to. [ 752 WANTED,— A GAMEKEEPER, who per- fectly understands the destroying of Vermin, and is in every respect qualified for the situation ; also a steady, stout LAD, who is accustomed to the Stable, to be under a Groom. It is expected no pet sons wil l apply for the above situations, but who are certain of having undeniable characters from their last places. - Apply personally to Farmer Geo. Ash by, Vallis- farm, near Frome. [ 725 W~ ANTED,— A steady MAN SERVANT, for a family at Southampton : he must p: rfectly under- stand the business of the sideboard, and have nil unex- ceptionable character for honesty, sobriety, and good temper. By application to Mr. R. Lovel, Taylor, at Totttm, further information may be obtained. | [ 77f> On Monday the 2Kth of December will be published, ASECOND LETTER to JOHN FITZGERALD, Esq. By ANTHONY BELL, Land Agent, Winchester. Printed by Jacobs, Winchester. WINCHESTER, Dec. 19, 1808. [ G81 ' WAR OFFICE. ~ On the Istof Januart/, 1809, ami on the Is/ of each succeeding Month, mil. be published, " ( UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE SECRETARY AT WAR) MONTHLY LIST of the ARMY and MILITIA of the UNITED KINGDOM.— Price One Shilling. Published by' T. F. gerton, Whitehall, London; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. [( i'h' 7 A' BURSLEDON BRIDGE AND ROADS. " VTOTICE is hereby given,— That a General A*- . l\ sembly of the. Company of Proprietors of Rursledon Bridge and Roads will be holden at the Red' Lion Itm, nedr • the Bridge, on Wednesday the 23th day of December, at eleven o'clock tn the forenoon. Those Members who intend stayin- to dine, are requested to send early information thereof either to the Clerk, or to Mr. Waldron, a; the above inn, that adequate piovision may be made.— By order of the Committee. DAVID COMPIGNE, Clerk. Gosport, he-. 15, 1301. [ 662 Hants, . Sussex, and Dorset Insurance Company. " VTOTICE is hereby given,- y— That the Genera] jAl Half Yearly Meeting of the above Company wjll be - htflden at the Crown Inn, Gcsport, on Tuesday the 27th day December inst. at ten o'clock in the forenoon. DAVID COMl'lGNK, Secretary. GQSPORT. Dcc. 14, 1B0H. [ S41. BOROUGH O? WILTON. SUCH Persous a? are willing to contract for sup- plying the Poor- House, in the Borough of Wilton, with th « under- mentioned Articles untit the 6< h day of April next, are requested to send in Proposals, accompanied with Samples, to the Churchwardens and Overeesrs, on or before Friday the 30th inst. Household Flour, at per bag. Salt, at per bushel. rPO be SOLD,— A fashionable CURRICLE and JL HARNESS, in excellent condition;— with a Pair of beautiful BAY HORSES, fifteen hands high, a perfect match, fast trotters, steady in harness, an-. l have been constantly used in a curricle arid chariot; they arc both very pleasant to ride, and steady to troops, having been used with cavalry, and the whole equipage one of the completest ever offered tor sale. Enquire of Mr. Locke, coach maker, Southampton ; or at Stony Cross, where they are to be seen. [ 7- 13 npo be SOLD,— A most excellent TELEGRAPH A GIG, entirely new, having only been used three or four times ; it is warranted to be built of well- seasoned wood, quite calculated to drive as a tandem, is large enough to carry two dogs ; and, when loaded, it is built on so good a principle as not to weigh more on the horse's back than when empty ; it is light, and the draft exceedingly easy— it is is every way calculated for a Sportsman; has a seat behind to carry two, which removes at pleasure. For particulars apply to Mr. Skinner, carpenter, Bishops- trow, Warminster; if by letter, postpaid. [- 173 NAVY TIMBER. ASMALL Lot OF RANKING OAK TIMBER, about fifty tons, standing at EVOLISIICOM- BF., two miles South of Bath, to be sold on Tuesday the loth of January, 1809, at twelve o'clock, at the Parsonage House there. UNDERWOOD.— WEYH ILL. TO be SOLD by TENDER,— From six to seven Acres of UNDERWOOD, of 30 and 32 ysars growth. To be viewed by applying to Mr. David Lansley, Weyhill: the Tenders to be delivered ( sealed} to him on or before the 31st inst.— The Tithe is to be paid by the purchaser Dccimber 19, 1809. [<> 58 Good Bacon, at per lb. Malt, at per bushel. Hops, atperewt. Household Chees « , at per cwt. Candles and Soap, at per dot. Grocery, & c. [ 739 PHILANTHROPIC ANNUITY INSTITUTION, 109, PALL- MALL. FOR the convenience, of Subscribers to this Institu- tion residing out of London, they arc respectfully in- formed the Dividends at the rate of eight pet cent, per annum, payable on the Sth of January, may he received by tbem oa that day, and the future Half- yearly Dividends on the days thev become due, through the medium of the Agents of the Institution in the Country, upon giving notice of their wishes VJ the Office, No. 109, Pall- Mall, bat the Dividends of those not giving notice, v. iil. wily be pawble in London. S RICHARD FREDERICK. THOMPSON, Dec. IS, 1 MS. Solicitor and Manager. TO lie SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,- About 100 ASH'TREES, lying in Lvdiard Park; and about ISO OAK TREES, lying in Wtbb's Wood and Bupton. For a view and particulars of the same apply to Mr. Lenge, Lydiard Park, Wilts. [ 737 '-| X> be S X SHIRY, TSSES TARVER beg to inform their friends and the public, their SCHOOL wili recommence January .23 , 1809. . Accommodations for a Parlour Boarder. ROMSEY, Dec.- 22, 1808. [ 757 DEVIZES.— LADIES' BOARDING- SCHOOL. MRS. ELLIOTT respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that her SCHOOL will re- open on Thursday the 1.9' th of January, 1809. Terms for Board and Instruction in the English Language, including Geography . anil the Use of the Globes, Twenty- five Guineas per annum; French, Music, Drawing, & c. at the usual prices. , [ 701 WARMINSTER. THE Miss PAWSEYS respectfully inform their friends and the public that their SCHOOL will re- opert on Monday the 15th of January, 1S « 9- Terms for Board and Instruction in tin English Language, including Geography and the Use of the Globes, Eighteen Guineas per Annum : French, Music, Drawing, and Dancing on the usual terms. QC3P An APPRENTICE wanted. [ 750 RPIIE Miss HUSSEYS respectfully beg leave to L acquaint the Inhabitants of WIMIIORNE and the Public, that they intend opening a SCHOOL for the reception of Young Ladies on Monday the flth of January, 1809 ; and hope, by a strict attention to the health, morals, and improve- ment of those entrusted to their care, to merit the support of their friends. [(> 91 1- lUNGERFORD PREPARATORY SCHOOL. MRS. HARRIOT WE BR and DAUGHTER beg leave to inform their friends and the public, thev propose, on Monday the 9th day of January next, to OPEN A SCHOO. for the Education of Infant Children, from the age of three to eight years, in Reading and Plain Work, 011 very moderate terms. Mrs. Webb's house being large and airy, atid being the mother of a family, she feels fullv adequate to the manage- ment and education of infants, of which she hopeS to convince those who may entrust them to her care. Boarders'including washing) £. 16 0 0 per Ann. Day Scholars.... 1 10 o per Ann. N.- B. As po Entrance- money is required, a Quarter's No- tice must be given before a Child quits the School. Vacations, only three weeks, Midsummer and Christ- mas. [ 791 MERE SCHOOL, under the direction of JAMES ROBERTSON, will re- open 011 Monday the KTthof January, 1809. ,, [ 740 ACADEMY, WEYMOUTH. TROLLS begs to return thanks to his friends for • their kind support, arid solicits their future favours and recommendation. The pre- mises please, in general; and the plan of education is, in some degree, liberal. TERMS— 18/. 18s. per annum ; Parlour Boarders, sot. per annum.— Particulars may be known by applying for a card. A French Teacher, a native of France, may finda desirable Situation by applying, post paid. [ 747 Tile business re- commences on Monday the lGth of Jan. NINE LOTS OF UNDERWOOD. SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT on Thursday the 5th of January, 1809, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the sign of the Roe Buck, three mile* from Romsey on the Salisbury road, subject to such conditions as will be there produced,— Nine Lots of UNDER- WOOD, now growing in Birchwood, near the place of sale,' For a view thereof apply at the Roe Buck; and for particu- lars t » the Auctioneer, at Romsey. [ 755 SOUTHAMPTON, Dec.* 3, 18U8. H. CLARKE, many years an Assistant at the . Rev. G. WIIITI JKI. R'S, returns his best thartks to those friends who have already conferred favours on him, and acquaints the public in sceneral, that helms opened a COMMERCIAL and MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY, for the reception of a limitted number of Pupils, who will he carefully instructed in every department of literature neces- sary to qualify them for the counting- house, the army, or navy, on very reasonable terms. No ENTRANCE MO » EY required. Ladies or Gentlemen may receive instruction at their own residence, by the Quarter or per Lesson. [ 775 Terms, < Src. may be known at No. 10, French- street. nnWYFORD Grammar, Mathematical, and Com- X mcrcial ACADEMY, ' three milcS from Winchester and nine from Southampton.) will open, after the present recess, on Monday the 23d of January, IS09.' The improvements made by the young Gentlemen at this School since Mifisummer, will, Mr. Manington presumes, merit the future support and recommendation of his friends; to all of whom - he begs to return his sincere and heartv thanks, aud respectfully assures them and the public, that the same care and attention ( which has for these eleven years past gained him such general countenance and success) will in everv respect l> e continued, and no cxpencc spared that will a- id cither to the comfort or improvement of his pupils. Mr. 11. is happy to add his health is much improved lately, which will enable him in future to take a more active part in the general business of the School. The Teims. which are veiy moderate, may be known by applying to Mr. 11, at the School, either by letter or personal application. TWVFORH, Dir. 20, 1808". [ 741 Capital FIT Timber to be Sold by Auction. npo be. SOLD by AUCTION, at the Vine Inn,. J Ower, on Monday the Sd day of January 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Sixty FIR TIMBER TREES, averaging two tons and upwards each tree, calculated for all kinds of building, now standing at Paultons, near Romsey, . Hams, divided into six lots, as will be exptessed in the condi- tions of sale. Also, at the same time, will be Sold by Auction. Fifty- one ASH TIMBER TREES and Four ELM TREES, like- wise standing at Paultons afcresaid. For particulars, and a view of the above timber, apply to Mr. idward thej- ney^ at 0 wci, near Pasltons, [ S59 JK. ENGLISH, COMMERCIAL, and . MATHEMATICAL 9CIIOOL> CASTLE- STREET, SALISBURY. R. WILLS, with sincere and grateful thanks iTA to his friends for their support and recommendation, most respectfully acquaints them and the public, that his ACADEMY will re- open Monday the lh'th of January, i809. The business of this Academy is so methodically " conducted as to be adapted to the various capacities and attainments of the pupils ; and the System of Education which has already acquired him such general countenance, comprises Reading, Spelling, Writing, plain and or- namental, Arithmetic, English grammatically Merchants' Accounts, Geography, with the Use of the Globes, Mensuration,' Algebra, Navigation, And all other useful branches of the Mathematics. Every pupil, as he advances, is taught the whole course of instruction professed in the School; in cases, however, where it is known, more immediate attention is paid to that part of education requisite to qualify the student for his future pur- suits in life. TERMS— for Boarders, 18 Guineas per Annum. Entrance.... 1 Guinea. A limited number of Day- Scholars 1 .,„ c r,, ( as Writers) 10 6 Per auarter' To those more advanced in the School 0 15 0 The Mathematicians 1 1 0 The house having lately been considerably enlarged and improved, is rendered in every rcspect convenient and suitable for the profession ; indeed the health, cleanliness, and com- forts of the pupils have ever been particularly regarded, and Mr. Wills pledges himself to a continuance of the same, by every ji< rsonal attention and parental kindness. N". B.— FRENCH, DANCING, DRA WING, tvc. if required. WANTED,— A well recommended person, as WRITING ASSISTANT. Apply fletters post- paid) as above. [ 771 Castle- Street, Dee. OS, 1808. Tilshcad School, on the IViltsldre Downs. RTUCKKR, thanking his friends for past £ avor « , • and soliciting their future ones, respectfully informs them and the public in general, that the business of his School wilt re- commence on the iflth of January. In this Seminary young Gentlemen are instructed in the principles of the English Language, Reading with proper ac- cent and emphasis, Penmanship, Arithmetic, Accounts, by single and double entry, Geometry, and Trigonometry, both theoretically and practically, Mensuration of Timber, Land, & c. together with Geography, and the Use of the Globes, Dancing weekly.— The terms ar; unobjectionable. The system of Education which is adopted in this School has been highly conducive to the improvement of the Pupils; to the trtith of this assertion many gentlemen of ruspectabi- lity are ready to bear testimony. Cleanliness, exercise, in short, every thing that contributes to health and somfort, are objects to which is paid particular attention. Mathematical Instruments are provided for the use of such Pupils as learn the branches to which they respectively ap pertain. It will contribute much to the advantage of the young Gen- tlemen, if Parents, on sending them to this School, or at least sometime before they are to leave it, will signify to the Master, " fot- what employment in life they are designed, as he can then forward them in such branches of education as may be most useful to them ; otherwise much time and labour may be spent in learning things, for a knowledge of which they may never have any occasion. Trl. SHF. AD is a small village on Salisbury Plain, 14 miles from Salisbury, 10 from Warminster, 8 from Devizes, and 7 from Heytesbuty, and universally esteemed one of the most salubrious spots in the West of England. [ 72$ Twice a year the Scholars wi I be called to a Public Exami- nation, and rewards will be bestowed » n the meritorious. WILLIAM OAKFORD. • gratitude to his Friends and the Public in general for their vours, begs to acquaint them, that he ha-; declined the Iron- mongery Business in favour , v> f- G. M. u-. xnr'i and Co. and solicits a continuance of their support to his Successors, who, he has no doubt, will in every respect endeavour to merit them. [& H B'ar- iroh & Ironmongery Warehouses, Cutlery Manufactory, & c. 6' c. . . MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. fi MACKRELL and Co. beg to inform their V H • Friends & the Public in general, that they have taken off the Stock and Trade of Mr. WM. OAKEORD, Ironmonger, to which, they have added the Cutlery Manufactory and Bar- iron Trade, and humbly solicit their patronage and support, assuring then! that, by a constant and punctual attention to their orders, thty will endeavour to merit the favours conferred on them. . Iron Hoops, Steel, & c. N. B. Part of the above Stock is wi- U worth the attention of, Hawkers and Pedlars. [ t? 35 CARD. ST RE HERN respectful lv returns his most sincere • thanks to the Gentry of Wimborne and neighbourhood, arid the Public 111 general", for the numerous favours h » has experienced since he entered upon the NEW INN ; and takes this opportunity of informing them, that he has relinquished the conccrn to Mr. COMPLIN, whom he particularly recom- mends to their notice, well assured that, by his unremitting attention, he will merit similar encouragement to that which S. T. had the honour of receiving. Wi. MBORNE, Dec. IR, 1808. •' [ 786 JCOMPL1N begs leave to inform the Nobility and • Gentry resident in Wimborne and neighbourhood, and the Public at large, that he has taken the above INN, and trusts he shall meet with similar support and patronage to that which has hitherto attended tilt concern. J. C. assures them, that he has spared no expehce in the improvement of the do- mestic establishment of the Inn, and the judicious assortment of his Wines, in addition to the large stock purchased of his predecessor. J. C. also solicits the favours of Gentlemen Travellers, hav- ing made it his particular study, in the above arrangements, to render them e\ cry agreeable and convenient accommodation. N. B. Post Horses. Carriages, & c. [ 787 TO THE PUBLIC. WE the undersigned WOOLLEN- DRAPERS most respectfully inform our Friends and the Public, that having this day received circular letters from the different manufacturers of the most respectability, purporting that, in consequence of the very great scarcity and exorbitant price of Spanish wool, and every other raw material used in the ma- nufacture of superf. nc cloths and kerseymeres, th-: y are under the unavoidable and immediate necessity of making* an Ad- eancc of Inree Shillings per Yard on Broad Cloths, and on Ktrseumercs inpr. opt'Tfiorj.. In consideration of which, we acquaint our Friends, that we sh ill advance in proportion on the ! t ot January next,; but till which period shall sell with the addition of only or. e shilling per yard. MICHAEL BURROUGH, STEVENS AND Bl. ACKMORE. December 31, 1808. [ 7( 10 RINGWOOD, November te08. WHORVVOOD most respectfully acquaints his • friends and the public, that having been five year.-. Managing Clerk in the Office of . Mr. Baldwin, Solicitor, at Ringwoocl, he has now . obtained his admission as a Member of one of the four Inns of Court in London, and has taken out his Certificate to practise as a CONVEYANCER, by which means he is legally qualified to draw and prepare ail Deeds, and other instruments of every, description which form any part of the profession ; and, in order to give his clients eery satisfaction in the management of such law suits as they may at any time be necessitated to enter into, he has- engaged an Agent in London, of the most respectable and extersive prac- tice, to conduct the same. He is also appointed a Master Extraordinary in Chancery. W. H. solicits the patronage and support of a generous pubic, pledging himself to make the interest of his clients his constant study, and to exert his utmost endeavours to merit their indulgence by executing their favours with the greatest promptitude and punctuality, and the strictest secrecy and integrity. [ 513 SOUTHAMPTON, Dec. B), 1808. WALTERS and CAPLEN" return sinecre thanks to their friends and the public in general for the very liberal encoutagement they have received s nce their com- mencement in the CARRYING BUSINESS, and hope, by a strict attention, to merit their favours in future. Tbcy are sorry the very high price of horses and horse provender ob- lige them trt make an advance on the price of carnage, which took- place on the 21st instant. [ 774. BRISTOL, BA TH, AND PORTSMOUTH HOYAL AUIL COACH. THE- Public, are respectfully informed,'' F,^ A • MAILCOACH commenced running from tbc;. Bt'Bii INN, BRISTOL, on ll'tdnesdc. i'/ the 19// 1 of October, 1808'', at Three " o'C'ock in the Afternoon, from the WHITE HACT, BATII, at Five o'clock ; through SARUM and SOUTHAMP- TON ;— and will leave PORTSMOUTH every Afternoon at Five o'Ciock. ' | 142S The Cause of Cheap Travelling is THE COMMERCIAL OPPOSITION COACHES, From the THREE SWANS, SALISUURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LUUGATE- HJLL, LONDON. EDWARD FROCK/ PER and Co. respectfully re turn thanks to their friends of Salisbury, Wilton, An- dover, Arc. for the very liberal encouragement they have re- ceived; and beg to inform their friends, that for their better accommodatinn, the, NEW COACH now runs from Lon- don and Salisbury every Afternoon, Saturday excepted.— Performed by EDWARD PROCKTER, GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. N. B. Carriage of small Parcels, uader one pound weight, 6' 1. only, as usual. PROCKTER and Co. also particularly request their friends in the country will be particular in ordering their correspon- dents to send their servants with the parcels to the Office in tljc Yard, as Fagg and Co. are endeavouring to establish an office under the Gateway in the Bell Savage entrance, to mislead Prockter and Co.' s friends. A PARCEL CART, for the accommodation cf Prockter, Matcham, and Co.' s friends resident at WILTON, to conveys their Parcels, & c. to and from the London CoaciKS, every day, FREE of ANY EXPENCE WHATEVER. [ 5U8 CHEAP TRAVELLING. THE PROTRIETORS of the. Old SALISBURY COACHES, from the Black Horse and Chough Inns, Salisbury, the Bell and Crown Inn, HolbOrn, and Saracen's Head Inn, Friday- street, Cheapside, respectfully return thanks for past favours. We have ever considered our Coaches truly Commercial; if Commerce is to be supported by fair pursuits, we claim the priority ; fair gains, With a regard to the public comfort, has been oar utmost study ; we do not profess to convey small parcels for a less price than the postage of letters; we hold out no such artifice ; we have no such commercial views as ourOpponent; we wish not toinjurethe revenue by pirating the Post- cffice, or other Coach Masters. That the public may be in possession of the views of such a Speculator, we think it our duty- to explain them : By injuring our trade, he presumes on getting our Coaches re- moved to his Inn, which he assures us is his only object rt.- i opposition ; by reducing the carriage of parcels to 6' cf. he calculates on the number he shall convey; and vfcat the porterage and booking of them will amount to,— tar more than the carriage. To counteract inch pursuit, and_ to protect a trade vye have a fair claim to, we pledge ourselves to the Inhabitants of Salisbury and Andover, to convey the public CHEAPER, in better carriages, and ™ { h more, expedition, than ourc- pponent. WH1TMu0mSH, FAGG, PENNY, a. nl BROWN, 632] PROPRIETORS. Kj* In defence of ourselves, and to prevent an artful, spe- culator from acquiring our trade, many years established by us, as well as retaliating, ( for in the firs- instance, takfng " a coach- office contiguous to the Bell and Crown, and adver- tising all our Coaches from his Inn, thereby deceiving the public, and injuring us and our connections.) We, for the convenience of our friends and the ' public, and to prevent, as much as in ou'r power, ' such fraud, have opened a New Coach Office, under the first gateway of the Bell Savage, where passengers arc regularly booked, parcels cirefully and expeditiously forwarded, without any charge for booking.— Sahshury, Wilton, and Andover goods will be delivered in future without any charge for porterage.— Persons ordering their goods by FA'GG, WHITMARSII. and Co.' s COACHES, and p tying the carriage at Salisbury or Andover, their friends in London will punctually receive them free of ev.- ry charge. EVERLEY PLANTATIONS.. THE WOODS' and PLANTATIONS feefrtriging _ to Francis Bugiale Astley, Esq. in the several parishes of Fverity, Milton, and Collingbourne, in the county of Wilts, having been, on Monday the 18th of December instant, enteral into ir, a forcible and riotous manner, by a most dating Gang of Men armed with guns, & c. Src.' who, in dt fiance of tha discharge given th'em by Mr. Astlcv, still con- tinued there committing'their depredations) and* threatened to repeat the same lawless and tumultuous outrages -.— The Public , are therefore requested to take Notice, that MAN TRAPS and SPRING GUNS will in future be set, both by night and by day, in the said Woods and Plarttations. EVERLEY HOC sr., Dec. 14, 18OT. [ SC5 f BENJ AMIN ROBERTS, of Crow, in the parish 1 of Ringwood,- Labourer, do hereby caution the public against TRUSTING my Wife, SARAH ROBERTS, as I will not be answetable for any Debts she may in future contract. Dcc. a), 1808. BENJAMIN [ iOBKRTS. SHEEP STEAUNG^ ~~ " STOLEN, from a field at Stratford, near Salisbury, on Monday night the' 19th or earlv on Tuesday mi rt: ing the 20th of December, 1808,— Two KNOT FAT WETHER SHEEP, marked W B on the oft side ; a ruddle stroke across the shoulder aud down the rump -.— they were killed and car- ried away. Whoever w'Jl give information of the thieves, so that they may be apprehended, shall receive TEN GUINEAS Reward by applying- to James Meatyard, Salisbury. If more than one were concerned, and either will give information of his accomplice or accomplices, he shall, on conviction, be entitled to the above reward, and have every endeavour used to procure him a free pardon. [ 7- i I STOLEN or STRAYED, on the 6th of October last, out of a field near Chichester,—- Three Red Devon- shire STEER BEASTS, marked with a cut in the hair under the near hip ; two three years old, and one rising six, which has a short rib. Whoever will give information t; y letter to Mr. George Crocker, of Queen- Camel, near Sherborne, Dorset, so as they may- be had again, shall, ij strayed, receive a reward of TWO GUINEAS, and all reasonable expences paid ; and if stolen, TWENTY GUINEAS will be paid on conviction of the offender or offenders. Dated the i'lli of December 1808. [(,' 33 SHAFTESBURY, Nov. 20, 1808. STOLEN or STRAYED, from a field callcd Pile's, - in the parish of St. James,— A GREY HORSE, six years old, about 14 hands high, hoi; mane and cut tail. Whoever will give information to Mr. Card, of Shaftesbury aforesaid, so as he may be recovered, shall, if strayed, re- ceive a Reward of ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable Ex- pences; and if stolen, FIVE GUINEAS, on conviction of the offender or offenders. [ 748 STOLEN or STRAYED, from Hnrstley out- wood, — A RED HEIFER, rising three years oli, ox- headed, burn- marked J. R. in both horns: „ Whoever will bring the said Heifer shall be handsomely re- warded ;— if stolen, TWO GUINEAS on conviction of the off v. lers. Whoever detains her after this notice will be pro- secuted with the utmost rigour of the law. [ 7<; 6 Dec. * 3, 1808. JAMES RIDER, North- Badtlcslcy. CTOLEN or STRAYED, on Friday night the 2d instant, from a field near Romsey, - A well- bred, fast trotting BLACK MARE, 14 hands and I inch high, rising four years old, rather heavy tars, small eyes, and thick jaws, remarkably straight legged, and handsome made in every other rcspect ;• large saddle spots on each side, with small white spot 011 the. hind lee-; cut tail, If Strayed, ONE GUi. NEA reward and expences ; if Sto- len, FIVE GUINEAS and expences, by Mr. Stephen Maffey, Sherfitld- farm, near Romsey, She is supposed to_ bc stolen with a Brown Gelding, 13 hands high, switch tail, aged, by two men having the ap- pearance of gypsies. [ 727 HORSES LOST. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Friday niSht or Sa- turday morning, the 19th of November,— A BROWN MARE, about twelve hands antl a half high, six years old, marked M on the off liip, with a white ftce, and two white heels behind, and a blemish on fheoff hock. Alo,— A Light CHESTNUT MARE COLT, of the cart kind, one year old, about thirteen hands and a half high, with a large white stripe down the face, and two white legs behind, and the near leg before white almost up to the knee. If the above horses are strayed, whoever will bring both or either pf them to Charles Morris, of Newton Stac'ev, shall be handsom Iv rewarded, and all expenccs paid : but if stolen, a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS for each horse will be paid on convict on of the offender or offenders, by applying as above. Newtqu Starry, near Andover, Hants, Nov. 23, 1808. [ t? 7fl STllAYEI), from the Netv Forest East,— A Light BRINDED HEIFER, coming three years old, a small white spot in the forehead, the off ear cropped, the near tar notched, had a calf last spring. | 6V> 7 Whoever will bring the above to John Wyatt, ITardley, in the parish of Fawley, shall receive ONE' GUINEA Reward. LOST, supposed to be Stolen, 011 Sunday night, the 27th ot November 180S, out of a fi « .- l( l belongin< to Mr. Robert Everatt, at Bruton, in the county of Somerset, a town situate about 25 miles south- west of Bath,— A DARK BAY MARE, about H i hands high, w ith a star in her fore- head, and a notch in her under lip, also a white diamond mark just under her nostrils, with two white legs behind.— The said mare has lately weaned a colt, and is now with foal. Whoever will s'ive information so that the said mare may be had again, shall, on conviction of the offender or offenders, if Stolen, receive a reward of FIVE GUINEAS ;— if Strayed, a reward of ONE GUINEA, antl all other expences, shall be paid on delivery of the said mare.— Whoever detains her al'U r this public notice, will be prosecutetl according to law. [ 7 « L TO CREDITORS. SUCH of the Creditor* of Mr. WM. I. AWES, late of Stockbridge, as have not executed the Deed of Assignment, are requested to take Notice, that the same is left with Mr. Attwood, at Stockbridge, for their signatures. SOUTHAMPTON, WEE. SI, ISOS. THE Creditors of Mr. J. T. NORTH are requested to meet at the Star Inn, h'. re, on Wednesday the 3d day ot January next, at eleven o'clock in " the forenoon, in ordt r to take into consideration a Division of his Proptrty, now in the hands of Messrs. Harrison and Co. bankers, and to resolve on measures for their general benefit; all persons who are in- dt bted to him, in monies due before the 85th of May last, are hereby required to pay their debts before the above meeting to Mr. Lipscomb, solicitor, of Alresford, or into the above Hank ; or they wih be proceeded against without further notice SONfK's BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a renewed Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued against GEORGE j - 0f GosP°"> iu the county of Southampton, Boot and Shoe- maker, intend to meet on' the ] f) th day of January next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the house of Charles Blan- chard, known by the name or sign of the Crow. i Inn, in Gos- pnrt afo/ esniil, to make arfurther Dividend of the estate i. nd effects ot the sa; d Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not tdready proved their debts are to come pit pared j to, Ptove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, and ail claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. DAVID COMMON E, Solicitor OOSPORT, Dec. 14-, 1808. . [ G5O AFFIDAVIT. MARMADUKE VENEL, Doctor of Medicine, formerly resident at Montpellier, maketh oat' - hut he is the inventor and joint proprietor of a cert, tin n • • .'.* called DR. VENEL'S ANTISCORBUTIC V1'; • ' • • PILLS, which he doth hereby declare are corup cd ". tiicly of Vegetables, and do not contain a panicle ••: r< an- timony, or any other mir. eral or deleterious u> rooHni'-. viut- • ever; and he further maketh osth that he hath admin. --. ed this medicine to an infinite number oi nts, -. v: th' the most unprecedented success, for unwapfc . • t-. v nty- eieht years, in different parts of Europe ; ' nd tro'rn his knowledge of the salutary, safe, but active ingredients' bt which it is. composed, and the Itifig and nr. iple'cxperiw • he hath had. he doth believe it to ••.• It uic- t OWcHcnt alterativemi jntrijier tkc " « » and an t S. :<•• iem': : y for .. corhitk, trretha- tous, and cittancons e. . ' , jvi. VENHL. Sworn before me, at thc- Mi^ sifiO- house, London, this 1st day of June, JOHN ANSLEY, Mayor. Sold wholesale ar. d. retail'' 07 lijodie, Dowdmtr, and' 1. ox- ford, Stiisbury, piic. 5' 4*. Cel. per box, CJ nearsk box 5 in one lor a guinea, duty- included, Tin-: SALISBURY AND wrNtmV. SITKR JOURNAL 1111- * • Wednesday's and Thursdays Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF DECEMBER 20. APMIKAI> TY_ OFFICK, Dec. 17.. Ctor/ /' rem' Rear- Admiral Sir Edward Pettew, Bar!. to the Secretary of the . Admiralty,, dated on board his liftfjosty'i shif Cutfod& i, in Bombay Harbour, ( Ac 7< A, of April, 1808. SIR, " IRIIQUEST you. will suUm. it to the Right Hon. the " Lot\ ls Comm'fssiimtM's of the Admiralty, the in- closed letter / from Lieutenant William Dawson, acting ill the. command of liii Majesty's ship St. Fiorenzo, stating the particulars of the capture of La Piwlmontaise French frigate,- mounting 50 guns, on the 8th ult. in the Gnlph of Manaar. In making this communication to their Lordships I am desirous of expressing those u » i: « gled sentiments of admi- ration and concern which I experience in the loss of Captain George Nicholas Harding'-, who fell in the moment of victory, after having exerted, during three successive days, the most remarkable zeal, gallantry, and judgment in the conduct of this very brilliant action. His Majesty's ser- vice has been thus deprived of. a most excellent and distin- guished officer; of whom the highest expectations have been justly formed, from a knowledge of his many, great and excellent qualities. The merit of Lieut. Win. Dawson, upon whom the command devolved after llv; death of Capt. llardinge, is already well known to the Board by his gallant behaviour on a former occasion, when he was severely wounded at the capture of the Psyche frigate by the St. Fiorenzo, in which nearly the whole of her present officers and crew had the honour to share. The manner in which he continued the action, which h id been so nearly concluded by his lamented Captain, and finally conducted it to a successful isisue, will, doubtless, secure to him the high approbation and recompence of their Lordships. The undaunted bravery, the animated and persevering exertions of every officer, seaman, and marine on board the St. Fiorenzo, have been truly worthy of the beloved country in whose cause they have been so nobly engaged j ihe public gratitude will be commensurate with their * minent services. 1 learn that the St. Fiorenzo had arrived with her prize iu safety at Colombo, from whence she may shortly be expected at this port.— I have the honour to be, & c. ' EDWARD PELLEW. His Majesty's skip St. Fiorenzo, at Sea, ' March 9, 1808. IT is with great regret I have to inform you of the death of Captain Hardinge, late of his Majesty's ship St. Fiorenzo, who fell gloriously in the early part of an actioi. tin the 8th inst. between his Majesty's ship St. Fiorenzo an J the French national frigate La Pisdmontaise. The St. Fiorenzo sailed from Point de Galle on Friday the 4th inst. at half past eleven A. M. On the 6th, at seven A. M. passed three Indiainen, and, shortly after, saw a frigate bearing N. E. We immediately hauled our wind in chaee, and made all sail, being at that time in lit. 32', long. 77° 58'. We made the private signal, which was not answered ; ahd at five shewed our colours, which ' the enemy took no notice of. At forty minutes past eleven P. M. we ranged alongside of him on the lar- board tack, and received his broadside. After engaging till fifty minutes past eleven P. M. within a cable's length, the enemy made sail a- head, out of the range of our - hut; we ceased firing, and made all sail after him; continuing to come up with him till daylight, when finding he could not avoid an action, he wore, as did we also. At twenty' five minutes past six recommenced the action at the dis- tance of halt a mile, gradually closing with him to a quar- ter of a mile. The fire was constant and well directed on both sides, though that of the enemy slackened towards the latter part of the action. At a quarter past eight P. M. the enemy made all sail away; our main- topsail- yard being shot through, the main royal mast, and both niain- topmast- stays, the mainspring- stav, and most of the standing and running rigging, and all our - ails shot to pieces, and mo st of our cartridges fired away, ( as our guns w- re directed at his hull he was not much disabled about hi! rigging,) we ceased firing, and employed all hands in repairing the damages sustained, and fitting the ship again f r action. From the great injury our masts, yards, and sails hi' received, I arti sorry to observe that it was not in our p, var to chace to renew" the action immediately ; we, how- e - r, succeeded in keeping sight of him during the night; and at nine A. M. on the 8th, the ship being perfectly prepared for action, we bore down upon the enemy under all sail; he did not endeavour to avoid us till we hauled athwart his stern, for the purpose of gaining the weather gage, and bringing hiin to close fight, when he hauled up also, and made all sail; but perceiving that we came fast up with him, and that an action was inevitable, he tacked, md at three we passed each other on opposite tacks, and rec > mme iced action within a quarter cf a cable's length. With s r ef I have to observe that our brave Captain was kil ed by a grape- shot the second broadside. When the enemy was abaft our beam he wore, and, after an hour and twenty minutes close action, struck their Colours, and waved their hats fur a boat to be sent them. She proved to be La P; » dmont commanded by Mons. Epror, Ca- p: tains du Va'swaux; she mounts 50 guns, long eighteen- pounders en h t main deck, and 3b'- pounder carronades on hei quarter deck. She had 3SU Frenchmen on board, and nearly 200 Lascars, who worked their sails.. She sailed from " the I- le of France on the 30th of December. In the action she had 43 killed and 112 wounded. The St. Fio- renzo has 13 killed and 25 wound d ; most of the latter ar_' in a most promising way. A list of them I have the honour to inclose for your information. The enemy was cut to yi. eees in his masts, bowsprit, and rigging; and they all went by the board during the night. ft is now a pleasing part of my duty to recommend to your particular notice the cool, steady, and gallant con- duct of Lieutenants Edward Davies and Henry George Moysev; the latter, I am sorry to add, was severely wounded a out ' ten n i. mtes before the enemy struck. I also ex- p -; - need very great assistance' from Mr. Donovan, the Master, by the judicious and seaman- like manner in which he laid us alongside the enemy. ' 1 o Lieut. Samuel Ash- more, of the Royal Marines, I am much indebted, for the cool and determined courage evinced by him through the whole action. Indeed every officer, petty officer, seaman, and marine in the ship behaved in the most brave and gal- la t manner, and nobly maintained the pre- eminence of the British Flag. Iu the first boat from the prize came Mr. W. F. Black, Assistant- Surgeon of liis Majesty s 8( ith regiment, captured by the Piedmoutaise on his passage to Madras, who rendered the Surgeon great assistance. I am also much indebted to the officers of the army, and the captains and officers of the country ships, who were p. isoners on board the enemy, for the great assistance they a fordid us with their Lascars in erecting jury masts, and v.- rki g the ship into port, as from our weak state, and ti. e great number of prisoners on board us, we could spare but few hands from our own ship to send on board the prize.—— I have the honour to be, & c. 1 WILLIAM DAWSON. To Sir Edw. Pellew, Hart. Rear- Admiral, Sfc. List of Killed and Hounded.— Hounded on the Sth.— Wm. Pet, S'- am slightly; John Treacy, supernumerary Sea- man; ditto; Win. Miller,- Seaman, ditto. Kdl- d on fre 1th.— Thomas Martin, Charles Smallwood, Rob rtCurrli, John Middleton, Seamen.; Wm. Mead, su- pernumerary Se. iman; Wm. Martin, John Lutt, Joseph L - c- fi id, M • tines. _ , UoumUd on the 7th. John Meadows, Seaman, danger- onslv • s n v dead.— Wm. Baldwin, Seaman; lost a leg; since <•] -.,,-! George Byng, John Finch, Francis Jaekman, Walter B » - S mien, severely; John Acton, Seaman, lost two amis'- Philip Olrick, Seaman, severely; Wm. Wakefield, Seaman lose . inarm; Richard Lock, Seaman, slightly; W. J. ; r iwn, Gu-. rter- master, ditto; John Ellicr, Seaman, ditto ; b- ni- minPool, Marine, diito, Kill- don the. sM— GEORGE'NlWHOLAS HARDINGE, K< 9. CAPTAIN ; John Beer, John Bum, Seamen; Evan Jones, Mlf'mi> dri o » the 9th.— Henry George'Moysey, Lieutenant, sescre v; Thomas Gadsby, Carpenters" Mate, ditto; ' 1 hos. • CNr- i, Sea- nan, dangerously; John M'Ewn, CerpoiaLof " l imies, ditto; Charles Richards, Marine, lost an arm; W. i'., pe Mar. il , dangerously, since dead; J lenrv Thorn, lloat- "- vam'j Mate, Slightly ; Win. Davis, George Anger, Seamen, LONDON, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21. . RAMCKI. i'ts. T . n* a* Cnmptn'. if St, Alkon'-., ? Mcer. .1 s ( fames, " f L v - rpwtl. laylor, J- H - 11, of Liver . nil. maste r mannfr. V ant Young, if Manchester, dealer. V- ... nt L' --' My, . f m arliorougli. cimmon- lirewrr. Ss . '- ';'- i. nl" fri it- vith, manufacturer . i- H. r- Vrtave.' of Manchester, brit It- maker. . :-. ..." btvire, of Halifax, merchant. A Gottenburgh Mail arrived yesterday, and brought an account of a Convention concluded on the lytli of No- vember, between thy Russian and# Swedish troops in Fin- land, by which the StVedish General agreed to evacuate Uleaborg, and to take a position on the frontieis of the district of that name, between Pockawara and Peni. This line of demarcation places the Swedish army upon the frozen confines of Lapland, and is tantamount to the entire abandonment of Finland. The reason given by General KJcrcker for concluding this convention, which makes over to Russia the ancient province and harrier of Sweden, is the great superiority of the enemy, who had been reinforced with 20,000 men, furnished with 60 pieces of ordnance, whilst his own little army was reduced by deaths in the field, with continued and increasing sickness, to 7000 men.—- In addition to the Convention, General Klercker proposed an Armistice to the 12th of January. Count Kaminsksi, the Russian Commander, refused to accede to this proposition ; but though he would not sign a formal truce, he agreed not to re- commence hostilities without giving fourteen days previous notice. The fifty- two clays for returning the Writs to elect a Temporal Peer of Ireland, in the room of the late Lord C anricarde, expired on Thursday, when the F^ arl of Clon- carty was declared by the Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper duly elected.— Fifty- one Peers only voted, of whom fifty were for Lord Cloncarty, and one for the Earl « £ Mount- Cashell. The Earl of Liverpool, who died on Saturday last, had attained the 80th tear of his age. He had a severe dis- order iu his bowels, which must soon have carried him oft"; but his death is supposed to have been hastened by the shock he received when Lady Liverpool's dress caught fire a few days before, and he was too much exhausted by illness to assist her. Lord Liverpool was the second son of Sir Robert Jenkinson, of Headiugton, in Oxfordshire, and commenced life with very little fortune, without any re- gular profession, and with scanty patronage. It is said in an evening print, that " in the earlier part of hi-- life he was much inclined to literary pursuits." The fact is, that he wrote essays, & c. for the Gentleman's Magazine, at a weekly salary ; but not being eminently successful iu this employ, he obtained an appointment ill a public office, where he soon learnt to make himself useful to his politic d connections, especially to the Earl of liute, and rose rapidly to places of honour and emolument. Besides his efficient offices, he had the patent sinecure of Collector of the Customs inwards in the Ports of London ; and Mr. Fox, in the days of hii dissipation and embarrassment, having , improvidently bargained to resign the place of Clerk of the Pells in Ireland for the inadequate pension of 10O01. a year for 30 years, which he could bring into the money market, Mr. Jenkinson obtained also that lucrative sinecure. In l~ 68, he was created Baron of Hawkesbury; in 17& 9, by the death of Sir Banks Jenkinson, he succeeded to the family estates and the Baronetage ( a title which of course merged in tlte Peerage]; and in 1796 he was advanced to the Earldom of Liverpool, and was authorised by his Ma- jesty to quarter the arms of that commercial town with his own honours; which were peculiarly appropriate, ou account of his great ability and industry in superintending the trade of the kingdom, as President of the Committee of Council appointed for that purpose. In private life his Lordship was truly amiable, and was looked up to as the arbiter and adviser in all disputes aud difficulties among his relatives aud friends. The Dckf. of QuEENSBr. RRY has given Jive thousand pounds to the fund for the assistance of the Spanish pa- triots. This Nobleman is the incessant object of attack in different newspapers, wherein his little foibles are most severely commented on; J. ut for years past, whenever any great object has occasioned an appeal to the liberality of the public, he has uniformly been the most munificent sub- scriber ; and he has also shewn that he does not merit the treatment he has received, by the good- humoured forbear- ance he has manifested towards those who have attacked him. Such is the increased consumption of coffee, in conse- quence of the reduction of the duties, in October last, that one house in London has already cleared out of the docks two hundred tens for home consumption. SMITHFir. t. n CLUB CATTLE SHEW.— On Monday the Duke of Bedford, Lord Somerville, the Earl of Thanet, and a great number of other Noble and distintinguished patrons of grazing and agriculture, assembled at Mr. Sad- ler's yard, and examined the excellent stock exhibited for the premiums.— At three o'clock a meeting of the Club took place at Freemason's Tavern, the Duke of Bedford in the Chair, at which 29 members were present, and several new members were elected.— Yesterday the Club again met at Freemason's Tavern, and after transacting some ordinary business, about 220 Gentlemen sat down to dinner, the Duke of Bedford in the Chair. After dinner, and some ot the usual toasts, his Grace, iu an animated speech, noticed the very jreat degree of improvement and excellence which i tills year evident in the cattle exhibited; he also entered into a detailed statement of the number ef beasts and sheep sold in Smithfielil, on the average of every five years since the A nerican war; noticing particularly the astonishing intreise which has taken place, and which never conld hate been supplied but by the gradual banishment, within that period of numerous coarse and unprofitable breeds o ' attle from our pastures, and supplying their place with b e. eds uisposed to early and pcrfect maturity; principally through which the pri? e of meat, at least between the grazier and butcher, has not increased in any degree pro- portionate to the other necessaries of life. These argu- ments were supported by Lord Somerville, who stated that, in compliance with the wishes of many breeders of cattle, a sale of stock of superior quality will take place on the Wednesday preceding his Spring Show of (.' attle ( t'he 8th of March). " The Woburn sheep- shearing" being given as a toast, the Duke of Bedford rose, ami gave the company a general invitation to his agricultural fete in June next. Having drank " the memory of Mr. Bakewell," and " Prosperity to the Agricultural Societies throughout the kingdom," his Grace quitted the Chair, which was taken by Sir John Sebright, _ who drank, " Long leases to good tenants," which was much applauded.— At this meeting several new regulations were made to secure to the public the advantages intended by the premiums. The officers were chosen for the year ensuing; the Duke of Bedford is re- elected President. CitiM. CON.— Yesterday was tried in the Court of King's Bench, before Lord EUenborough and a special jury, an action brought in the name of Mr. Parr, against Air. Ralph Benson. The parties are both wealthy merchants at Liver- pool ; the defendant was charged with seducing the wife of the plaintiff, and the damages were laid. at 30,000;.— It was stated by the Counsel for the plaintiff that the injury sustained by his client was of a most aggravated uature : the dishonour brought on him by the defendant, who had been his intimate friend and companion, had occasioned the derangement of his intellects, and lie was now a confirmed lunatic. This action was therefore brought by his brother, Mr. Edward Parr, an attorney at Liverpool, and would have been tried at the last. Lancaster Assizes, but that Mr. Parr had no evidence of the conduct of the defendant, till since that period. Several witnesses proved that the be- haviour of Mr. Benson to Mrs, Parr was remarkably free and familiar, even in the presence of her husband ; and on their crpss- exainination it appeared pretty evident that Mr. Parr cared very li ttle about his wife's conduct, in behaving with equal familiarity to Mr. Benson. Mr. Parr has now been confined nearly a year in a private mad- house, and from that period Mrs. Parr has lived with Benson at his seat at LudwiCh Hall, his own wife having separated from him. — Mr. Garrow, for the defendant, observed that this cause been much over- Stated : the Plaintiff's Lunacy was not attributable to the Defendant: I^ Hiad been twice before confined on that account. Thes^ Koiuts were proved by the unwilling confession of Mr. Edward Parr, on his cross- examination by Mr. Garrow, and also by other witnesses.— Lord Ellenborough in summing up the evidence, severely censured two of the witnesses ( Major Chamberlain and Capt. Gladwin) who, according to their own statement, had frequently partaken of Mr. Parr's hospitalities, anil observed the indecent familiarity of Mr. Benson towards Mrs. Parr, which tbev countenanced by continuing their visits. His Lordship contrasted this with the truly honour- able conduct of Mr. Penny, a merchant of Liverpool, who having dined with Mr. Parr on Benson's invitation, and made the same observations, remonstrated with him on leaving the party, told liiui he behaved like a scoundrel, that if she were his wife, he would kick him out of the house ; tnd never repeated his visit.— The Jury, after ten minutes leliberatioh gave a verdict for the plaintiff, damages 1000A— The defendant was stated to be worth 300,000 , A very considerable improvement iu barley- bread has been discovered by Edward Stracev, Esq. by which it may be made as light as wh.- ateu bread," without the addition of any of the latter grain, the usual method adopted for rendering it light. In ihe present situation of the Colli Market this discovery promises the most beneficial con- sequences. On Tuesday morning the 13th inst. a fire broke out on hoard the True Briton trading vessel, in Penzance harbour, which at first threatened all the vessels around her, but was extinguished in the vessel where it began, w'hose cargo was considerably damaged, and a young man, whose care- lessness had occasioned the accident, perished in the flames I A fire broke out on Sunday night, in the house of Mr. Hend, near Colebrook, occasioned by the very culpable carelessness of a servant- maid, who, having put a little boy, four years old, to bed, left a lighted candle so near the bed- curtains as to set them oil lire, aud the child perished iu the flames. Mr. and Mrs. H. were on a visit about a mile from home ; before they could return, their house was consumed, and their child with it I A man hatne. l Ci oke, a vender of pamphlets, was found frozen to death on Sunday morning, in a ditch near Bag- nigge We'll. Mr. Jonathan Peste, a grazier, who resided in Cross- street, Hatton- street, was found frozen to death early the same morning, iu the road leading from the bot- tom of Gray's- inn- lane to Camden Town. And on the same morning also Mr. Bisset, a respectable builder, who resided in a row of new- built houses in the Hampstead- road, and had been to Newington oil the preceding evening to receive some money, was found frozen to death in the foot- path across the fields from Islington to Hauip- tead- road. Three persons thus perished from the same cause, a short distance from each other, and nearly at the same instant; and it has since been ascertained that they had all called at diffe- rent public- houses, and drank feeely of warm liquors, pre- vious to their setting off to walk home. BREAD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor ordered the price of bread to be raised half an asiize, making the quartern loaf 1J. 2| d. wheaten, Is. 1 \ d. household. SMrriimt. D MAIIKET, Dec. 19. The supply of Neat Cattle this day was not so l:- ir _ e as for many weeks past, and consisting almost wholly of prime Oxen, there was an ap- parent adiance in price, but of trifling amount. Sheep, Calves, and Pigs, in good supply, at last prices. CORN EXCHANGE, Dee. 1.1, The supply of Wheat to- day is rattier considerable, and the sale hea\ y, at a further reduc- tion in price of 3s. to as. per ci arter; Barley, with Malt, are each rather dearer ; White Peas likewise ; Grey ditto, and Beans, hardly at last prices; there are tolerable supplies of Oats, the best keep their price, and inferior are cheaper; Fiour something cheaper. MAIIK- LANF.,' Dee. 21. This day there is a very short supply of Wheat, and very few sales were effected, which fully main- tain last priccs— Barley and Malt are each ratherdearer— White Pease likewise— Beans of the two kinds at little variation— Rape Seed is dearer-— Oats are in middling supply, at last cur- rcncy— in Flour no alteration. CITY OF NEW SARUM. NOTICE is hereby given, That the General Ses- sions of the P- ace for the city of New Sarum, in the County of Wilts, will be holden at the Council- house of the said city, on Monday the nth day of January next, at nine of the clock in the forenoon. The business of the Sessions will begin with hearing Ap- peals, next with trying Traverses, and lastly Prisoners. And to prevent unnecessary delay, all Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose'ot adjournment) must he entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sitting of the Court, and in failure thereof the adverse party will have a right to enter a ATe recipiatur. And all Indictments must he applied fer at the Clerk of the Peace's effice prior to the Sessions, as no indictment will be granted after the sittinj of the Court. 7361 By ord. r of the Mayor and Justices, JOHN HODDING, Jun. Deceml. r 21, 1803. Clerk of the Peace. w WILTSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,—• Th. it the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Wilts will be holdcn at Devizes, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the loth day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at a former Sessions, for the special purposes of examining and auditing the Treasurer's Accounts, and all ether Bills and Demands on the county ; and of attending' to all business relative to the Militia, conveyance of Soldiers' Baggage, the Gaols and Bridewells, and such other business as may occur relative to th . civil concerns of the said county; and no- bills will be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court on that day. The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at ten o'clock, for general business, which will begin with the Trials of Traverses, next Appeals, and lastly Prisoners. All Apptals ( except tl ose entered for the purpose of adjournment; must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace previously to the opening of the Court on Wednesday, and on failur.- thereof, the adverse ( Ki'uy shali have a right to enter a Ne Recipiatur. The Baililts and Constables of the several Hundreds, out of which the Jurors are taken, are hereby ordered to attend the Court, with proper wands, during the whole time of the Sessions; and to remain in such place or places in the Court as shall be then appointed, to assist in keeping peace ar. d good order, and to execute the orders and processes of the Court. JAMES SWAYNE, , Wtt. TeN, Dec. 15, 1808. Clerk of the Peace. In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, the Clerks to the Justices of the Peace of the said county are partladarly requested to send to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before the first morning of the Sessions, all Re- cognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions, taken before such Justices of the Peace respectively. [ 717 " VTOTICE having been given, pursuant to the stand- X ^ ing Orders ot the House of Commons,- That application wdl he made in the next Session o^ Paiitanient for " an ACT for INCLOSING LANDS in the parish of Downton, in the county of Wilts." The. Proprietors of Lands and Common Rights, in the tythings of East Downt'ON and Week, within the said parish ; the Lands and Common Rights in the said tythin^ s being intended to be only included in the said Act), are rrquestrd'to meet on the 16th day of January next, at the Bull Inrt, in Downton, at elev. u o'clock, when the intended Bill for inclosing the said Lands will be read for their consi- deration'and correction. JOHN HEATH. CHIPPENHAM, Dec. 24, 1808. [ 780 NORTON- BAVANT INCLOSURE. TE whose Natnes arc hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners named and appointed by virtue of an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 45th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for dividing certain Lands in the parish of Norton Bavant, in the county of W. ilts," do hereby give notice, that we shall hold our next meeting at the Angel Inn, at Warminster, iu the said county of Wilts, on Thurs- day the 12th day of January next, at " eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of reading over and executing our Award; when and where the proprietors may, if they think proper, attend.— Witnessour hands the 15 th day of June 1S0S. ( Witness) R. J. Goucit, Clerk 1 G. BARNES. to the Commissioners. / J. CHARLTON. RINGWOOD INCLOSURE. r] PHE Commissioners appointed by Act of Parlia- 1. ment for inclosing Lands in the parish of Ringwood, in the county of Southampton, do hereby give notice, that they intend to sell by Private Sale or Put lie Auction, on Wednes- day the 1st day of February next, at the White Hart Inn, in R. ingwood aforesaid, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, Several Pieces and Parcels of LAND, paits of the waste and commonable lands, as the same will be allotted and bounded out, for the purpose of defraying part of the expences of ob- taining the said Act, and carrying the same into execution. Particulars of which lands and allotments may be had by applying at Mr. Harbin's Office, in Ringwood atoresaid. Dated this 15th day of - December 1808. RICHARD RICHARDSON. FRANCIS WEBB. 6ffl] JOHN WICKENS. KENNET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That at a general Meet- ing of the Committee of Management of the Affairs and Business of the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation, held at the Bear Inn, at Devizes, in the county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 20th day of Decemb. r, 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to public advertisement, the said Committee did find a Call from the several Proprietors of new Shares and option < 1 Notes, autho- rised by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 45th year ot the reign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Kepnet and Avon Canal Navigation to complete the same, and for altering and enlarging the powers of the several Acts passed for making the said Canal," to be taken and subscribed for in the Naviga- tion and Undertaking, authorised to he made and carried on by the said Company of Proprietors, for the sum of £ 10 per centum for and in respect of every such share and optional note respectively, to be wanting and necessary in order to de- frav the expences of and to carry on the same: and did make a Call from the said- several Proprietors for the said sum of £ 10 per centum for and in respect of every such share and op ional n. ttt respectively in the said Navigation and Under- taking for those purposes accordingly ; and did appoint the same to be paid into the hands of Messrs, Harford, Davis, and Company, Treasurers of the said Company, in Bristol, on or before the 21th day of January I3fi9. By order of the said Committee, JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk. MAHLBOROUGH, Decemleri 1, 1808. [ 756' Basingstoke, Blacku- ater, and Hertfordbridge Road.. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TRUSTEES ( at their next Meeting appointed to be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Parsons, the king's Arms Inn, in Murrell, on Thursday the 16' th day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon) will be ready to receive Proposals for contracting with any person or persons, for lowering the'Hill called Newrooms Hill ( on the said road, within the parish of Basing) ; for widening the present Bridge over the Mill Stream ; for forming an F'mbankment in the valley at the foot of the Hill; for a New Road, to unite with the present Road at the distance of sixty yards from the said Bridge ; and for forming, gravelling, and substantially making the whole Line of Road from the eastward extremity of the said Hill, so to bejlowered, to the termination of the said new Embankment, so to unite with the present Road, according to a Plan and Sections laid down by Mr. John Hughes, Surveyor; which Plan and Sections are now in the hands of Mr. Raggett, Clerk to the Trustees, and. may be inspected by application at his Office in Odiham, Hants. By order of the Trustees, Dec. 21, 1808. Rn. RAGGETT, Clerk. N. B.— Proposals to be delivered sealed up to Mr. Raggett, on or before the 15th day of February next. f7ft) DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the next General Quarter Session of the Peace for the county of Dorset will be holden at Blandford Foruiji, in and for the said county, on Tuesday, the loth day of Jan. next, on which day the Court will be opened precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, and im- mediately adjourned to the Crown Inn, in the said town of Blandford, for the special purpose of examining all bills and de- mands on the county, and taking into consideration such other business as may occur relative to the civil concerns therein, pursuant to a resolution entered into at a former Session. And on Wednesday morning the Court will be opened precisely at'ten o'clock, and the business of the Session will begin with trying Appeals, next Traverses, and lastly the Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday, the first day of . the Session, and on failure thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Ne Recipiatur. And in the forenoon of that day, all Recognizances, In- formations, and Records of Convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective J ustices' clerks. And all Constahles, Jurors, Bailiffs, and other persons having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are required to attend accordingly. WM. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace of the County of Dorset. N HANTS SESSIONS. O TI C E is hereby given,—- That the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of South- ampton, will be holden at the Castle of Winchester, on Monday the Sth day of January next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at which time the Court will be opened, and immediately adjourned to the White Hart Inn, in the city of Winchester, for the special purpose of inspecting and ex- amining the Treasurer's Accounts; and also all bills and other demands on the county, pursuant to the resolutions entered into at a former Sessions. The Court will be adjourned from the White Hart Inn, and opened again at the Castle of Winchester, on the Tuesday following, viz, the 10th day of J inuary next, precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when all Constables, Bailiffs, Jurors, and others concerned, are hereby required to give their attendance. And in order to give all possible dispatch to the business, the Attornies, Parties, and Witnesses prosecuting any Appeals, In- dictments, or other business, must be prepared at the opening of the Court on TuesdarAmotmng, and during the whole of the Sessions, that thejCourt may call on the Causes in such order and at such times as they shall see convenient. Appeals must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, pre- viously to the opening of the Court on Tuesday morning, or the parties will not l- e permitted to try. Recognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions are to lie returned ta the Clerk of the Peace, by the respective Justices' Clerks, on or before the day preceding the Sessions. Dated thi> itoh day of Decemler, 1808. T. WOODHAM, • Deputy Clerk of the Peace. All persons who have entered into Recognizances to app ii at this Sessions concerning Assaults, See. are. required total, notice, that they must, in pursuance of their recogni- zance::, appear at this Sessions, either personally or by their attornies, in order to withdraw the same, although they may previously have compromised the matter. [ 7' 12 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Stockbrid'e and Kempshot Gates, oh the Stock- bridge Turnpike Road, will be LETT by AUCTION for One Year to the best bidder, at the King's Head Inn, in Stock- bridge, in the county of Southampton, OH Thursday the 5th day of January next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock in the. afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the lath year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls will be put up as under; viz. Stockbridge Gate .£ 392 Kempshct Gate 440 being the sums the Tolls were lett for the year ending the 10th day of January next. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the- satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the payment of the rent agreed on, and at such times as they shall direct. W. 11. ATTWOOD, Clerk to the said Trustees. STOCKBRIDGE, December a, 1808. FH' 64 MELKSHAM TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the several TOLLS arising at Melksham, Setnington, and Atl'ord Turnpike Gates, belonging to the Melksham Turnpike Road, in the county of Wilts, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of Mr. Thomas Nalder, known by the sign of the King's Arms Inn, in Melksham aforesaid, 011 Tuesday the 24th day of January next ensuing, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, agreeable to the manner directed in the Act of Parlia- ment passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which said Tolls the last year produced the sum of £ 990, clear of all expences, and will then be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent- agreed for, at such times and manner as they shall direct. [ 724 By order of the Trustees, Dated Dec. 16, 1808. J. WHALE, Clerk. WHEREAS in Pursuance of Notice given, in manner directed by an Act of Parliament oassed in the Third arising at the Toll Gate called St. Cross Gate, upon the north district of the turnpike road from the. city of Winchester through Otterborne to Bar- gate, in the town and county of the town of Southampton, were this day at the Sun Inn, in the city of Winchester, put up to be Lett by Auction to the best bidder, at the sum of 358/. being the sum the said Tolls were lett at fer the last year, but no bidder offered; NOTICE is therefore hereby given. That the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the gun Inn aforesaid, on Tuesday the 3d day" of January next,' Be- tween the hours of eleven of the clock in the forenoon and one of the clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed bv the said Act. Whoever happens to be the b.- st bidder- must, at the samp time, give security, with sufficient sureties to. the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said North District of the said Turn- pike Road, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at'such times as they shall direct. J. MEARE, Clerk to the said Trustees. WINCHESTER, November?!), 1808. [ 483 • By order of the Eexecutors of the late William Chajjin Grove, Esq. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. JEANS, at the Talbot Inn, in Mere, in the county of Wilts rp() be SOLI"), ( pursuant t!> an outer of vh? HHl - i Court of Chancery, in a cause Bricett. StokiS, with the approbation of Robert Steel, Esq. one of tlx- Meters ofil. t said Court), in several lots, Certain FREEHOLD ES- TATES, situate 111 the several parishes of Milton, Horij, and Lymington, in the county of Southampton, late the uiih perty ol John Fielder, late of Lymihgton aforesaid, genii - man, deceased. The time and place of sale will be shortly advertised, and particulars may then be had I gratis) at the said Master'-; chambers in Southampton- buildings, Chsncery- lanf, Lon- don ; of Messrs. Alien, solicitors^ CliHord's- mn; ot Mr. Sherwin, solicitor, Great Jamess- strcet, Bedford- row, 1 1- don ; and of Mr. John Brayton and Mr. Thomas Biice, U;: i of Lymmgton aforesaid. pig Manor of SOMERFORD, and KSTATKS near Ciiimi- CIIURCH, HANTS. ' O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Hon- T CART and Pint, MPs, ( Successors to Mr. SMITH;': ut" 1 the George Inn, Christchurch, on Tuesday the 10th c. i' ' January, 1 « 09, at twelve o'clock, in lots,— A most valuable and desirable ESTATE* comprising the Manor of Sotnei- ford, extending over large commons and a great tract of country as far as the New Forest, abounding with giinit, With the fines, quit- rents, and fines on lives, product.:- about £ 100 per annum: also sundry pic,- es cf rich inck. s. 1 Meadow and Arable Land, laying contiguous to the Town of Christchurch, containing together about forty acres. Printed particulars may be had by applviilp to Me- sr< Debarry an. l Derby,. No.. 1, Tanfietd Coart, ' Temple; of i\ ii. Ludlow, Solicitor, Christchurch, Hants; at the George tnd Dolphins Inns, Southampton; Crown, Ringwood ; Whire- Har;, Bath; Angel, Lymington ; Fountain, West Cowej; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, Si, Broad- street, R ival Exchange, London. MANOR OF SOMEHKORD. APRINTED NOTICE having been circulated at my desire, protesting against the Sale of " : he Manor of Somerford, and divirs Lands and H rcditamcnts nea Christchurch, in the county of Hants," under a mistaken im- pression that I might have some title th icto, I am anxious to acknnowL- dge and to give publicity to this declaration, that 1 have no right or title whatever to these estates, inas- much as Sir John Srachan, from whom mv claim was sup- posed to be deduced, did, in the year 175?, absolutely coir. ry all the estates in question to those from whom the present pos- sessor derives his title. ( Signed |-' s December 1 , 1808. JOHN STRACHAN. ISLE OF WIGHT. BREWERY AND PUBLIC HOUSES. rno be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Mfw J. and PORTER, by virtue of His Majesty's Writ of Fieri Facias, on Wednesday the 23th day of December 1S0S, on the premises, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,— All that new- huilt MESSUAGE OR DWELLING- HOUSE, BREW- HOUSE, and Stables, with convenient offices adjoining, and a good Garden, situate near West Cowes, in the Isle Of Wight, late in the occupation of John Barton, brewer. The above premises arc leasehold, and held for the term of GO years, commencing at Michaelmas 1804, at the yearly tent of 1.5/. The lease is renewable for ever, at a fine of 1 « . The Brewery is well supplied with excellent water, brought into it by means of force pumps, on the improved plan. In- dependent of the trade of public- houses carried on at this brewery, a ready- money trade of Table Beer for private tami- lies is carried on to a considerable extent. The Brewing Utensils, malt- mill, force pumps, coppers, vats, and fixtures, may be taken by the purchaser 01 the Brewery at a valuation. Also will be sold, about 180 Barrels of old Strong Beer, a quantity of Spirits and Malt, and about 16 pockets of Hops, a quantity of Isinglass, 600 Casks, two Dravs, a Water Cart, a Luggage Cart, several loads of Sacks, a Barley Rick, and numerous other articles. At the same time and place will be sold, A Freehold good- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, situate in VVcitjjCow. a aforesaid, called The OYSTER SMACK, consisting of a good Dwelling- house, with suitable and convenient offices, and a good Garden, now in the occupation of William Taj ler, tenant at will. Also a Freehold MESSUAGE & PUBLIC- HOUSE, called The WHITE HART, desirably situated in West Cowes afore- said, in full trade, with a Smith's Shop and piece or parcel of Land thereto adjoining. For particulars apply to Mr. WorsWy, solicitor, Newport, or to Mr. Willington, Quay- street, Newport; if by letter, pDSt paid. ' (" Trs ISLE OF WIGHT. Partiadars of Capital VAX and ASII TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Tccfcr* and PITTIS, at the Bugle Inn, Newport, < m Thursdjy I th; lath day of January 1809, precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon,— The undermentioned LOTS, now growing on the several Manors and Estates of Nunwell, Hardin « shute, Smallbrooke, Barnslev, end Park, in the parishes of Brariine, Newchurch, aud St. Helen's, being Prime TIMBER, ef large dimensions, sound quality, and fit for naval and commercial purposes. OAK. Lot 1. On Nunwell Fields.'. ?) 3Trees. 4. In Truckeils Wood - 270 3. Iu Hardingshute Fields ic6 4. Ill Whitefield Coppice 8S3 5. In Gaily Horn Coppice, Barnslev, Park, 1 ,„. and Westbrooke / 105 6. In Wigmore Coppice and Fields adjoining.. 547 ASH. 7. On Barnsley, Prestwood, Pack, ft Westbrooke 3 « 9 8. Itl Nunwell Fields and Whitefield 2; S 9 In Eagle's Head, TruckeUs Wood, andl „„., Hardingsjiute / 250 The above valuable Lots are very advantageously situate*, both as to land and water carriage, " being witnin two miles of shipping places at Brading, Ryde, and St. Helen's Harbour. N. B. The Trees in the respective Lots, are all hammer- marked S. W. O. and the sale will include the Bailsnd Touj, exclusive of such measurable Limbs as the conditions of the sale will express. For a view of the Timber, apply to Mr. John Harvey, of Truckeils. r; Vi ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by T. RAWLINS, onTuesdavand Wednesday the / rth and 2Sth of December, 1803, The HOUSEHOI. U FURNI TURE, & c. of Mrs. Mary Moore, removing'from her house in the. Market- place, Andover; comprising mahogany ( lutt- d four- post bedsteads, with damask and dimity furnitures; full* test.-!, half- tester, and stuinp bedsteads; n; ood feather beds, mattresses, blankets, quilts, sheets, and cotton counterpanes ; excellent mahogany chests of drawers, bason stands, dressing tables and glasses, mahogany bureau and book- case with gin s doors, mahogany dining, card, and claw tables, dumb waiter, & c. mahogany, black- stainejf, and other chairs ; pier glasses, capital paintings in gold burnished frames, excellent prims framed and glazed ; a good hafpsichprd; carpets, Batk stows and moveable grates, fire irons, Hie. tea and coffce urns, eight- day clock with circular head, china and glass, about ' 100 volumes of books, a weather- glass, plated and other can- dlesticks, kitchen requisites, two roasting jacks, two kitchen ranges, quantity of pewter, two'fowling pieces, brewing and washing utensils, half- hogshead copper, pair of coolers, casks of different sizes, copper and brass boilers, about eight dozen of wine bottles, large quantity of iron, and numerous other articles. Sale to begin each day at ten o'clock. Catalogues to be hail in due tithe at the place of sale, and of T. Rawlins, the auctioneer, Andowr. N. B. The modern- built D\ VKI. L1 XG- HOUSE, with every convenience for a genteel family or a person in trade, to be disposed of by Private Contract, and possession had almost immediately if r quired ; particulars of which may be known on jipphcatron to the Auctioneer as ab » vc. ftt'iO' South BAddc. de;/, near Eymington, Hants, TO be SOLI) by. AUCTION ( in such Lots as will be determined on previous to the sale), on Thur « lay theil2th day of January next, at the Angrl Inn, in Lyn- fkg- Friday the 6th day of January 180;),— 371 Maiden Oaks, 49 Maiden Ash, 13.9 Maiden Elms of very large dimensiorfs upwards of - 2nQ Pollard Ash, 27 Pollard Oaks, 12 Svca mores, and 2 Walnut Trees,— in lots, ( as will be described jn hand- bills ; all standing at Zeals and other estates Within the pal ish of Mere. Mr. Charles Cross, carpenter, of Mere, will shew the timber at Mere. Also,:— 85 Maiden Oaks, 28 Maiden Ash, 13 Pollard Aih, and 17 Elms, standing in the parish of Sedghill, on an ev^ te in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Bracher, who will shew the timber and point out the lot. [ 71 ( Tor further particulars apply to Messrs. Mcssiters, solicited 1, Wincanton, or J. Gatehouse, Buckhond, Weston, Dorset. Stables, double- Coacli- hoase, and all other requisite attached and detached Offices, with tin Shrubbery adjoining the same, late the residence of John Walter, . Ivsq. dedeased; together with about Do acres of arable, meadow, and pasture Lafid, held for 1 he life of William Mitford, !•>;.; and a capital walled Freehold Garden, containing about two seres, \ vi 11 stoeked. With choice fruit trees; an; l a Freehold Field, eon- taming about four acrj- s, adjoining the same;—. and also the " follpsving. several . LEASEHOLD ESTATES, held for the life of the said William Mitforq, Esq. viz.— an Estate, containing afyut IP'S acres, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Withers, as tenant at Will; one other Estate, containing about 111 acres, in the occupation. of Mr. Drover, as tenant af will; and - one other Estate, containing about 117 acres, in the occupation of Mi-. Robeit Pinnock, as tenant at will. The whole is situate, at South . Ba'dtlLslev, in the parish of Boldre, in the county of SoWhaAjpton, " within about three miles of Lymington. Far further particulars, and toitreat for the same by private contract, apply to Thomas Brcltley. Esc. Lymlngtoi', or Mr. Harbin, Ringwood; and for a view of the premises, at- the mansion.. A'o- V— A'- y person wishing to treat for the Mansion-,- may be aqeomrn- HUted with the whole, or such parts only, ot tne lands as may be morf ajr-. e'able. '. [ 7G8 AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday s and Saturday's Posts. INDIA. CALCUTTA, March 2?. THE storms on Monday' the 7 th and Thursday the 17th in< t. have liken particularly cfestiHictive,. and occasioned great damage to. the shipping and small craft in the river. The lives lost on these occasions, we fear, are numerous. . Six of the Hot!. Company's ships were driven from their mooring*; three of them got 011 shore,, but they were all got off anil " secured with little damage. ' The river craft driven 011 shore, sunk, and dashed in pieces upon the beach, are innumerable ; indeed, the vio- lence of the gale can scarcely be conceived, or the effects describM. One singular circumstance may lie mentioned, which serves to illustrate its violence.— A six- bared pinnace belonging to the - lady Barlow, which was lying upon the beach war tho top of the esplanade, was thrown up the bank, carried across the Respondentia walk, and lodged among the bricks on the opposite side. The beach, to a considerable extent, both above and below Ulcutta, exhibited a scent ot the most distressing Mature. It was strewed with wrecks; and scarce a Vessel in the river escaped the ravages of the storm. On shore s. « voral brick'buildings were blown down, and numerous tiled and thatched huts levelled to the ground.. In one house seven natives were crushed to death, and we Sear we shall hear of many other similar accidents. LONDON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23. It appears that our Government do not mean, to abandon the war in Spain. More troops are marching, from different districts, towards the sea coast; and several contracts for transports were 011 Wednesday concluded hy the Transport Hoard. So pressing was the demand, that which might have been obtianed at 17s. 6d. per ton Pnirthe preceding day, were readily engaged at 1/. Is. per | on on Wednesday. Government, it is further stated, have information ( hat Lord Paget, with a. corps of 1500 cavalry, had pro- ceeded towards Salamanca, to join Sir John Moore's army. This corps was met at Benevente, by the courier who Irought tlvs last dispatches from Madrid, and would, it wis supposed, reach Salamanca 011 the following day. On Wednesday a Court of Directors was held at tit East India House, when Captain James Murray was Morn into the command of the ship Devonshire, con- Bjfueti to Madras and Bengal. A Quarterly General Court was afterwards held, when dividend from the 5th of July last to the 5th of January • Mxt, was declared to be 5| per Cent. After the dividend . had been declared, and the Chair- man, had stated the tranquil state in which the last ac- count's left India, Mr. Handle Jackson rose to call the -•' Stention of the Court to the extraordinary ascendancy of tie enemy's eruizers in the . Indian, spas, arid the dreadful » vages w'bich they had been. tamely permitted to commit Won British property. With, a maritime force greater liin. h^ d ijeeii usually kept in those seas, the trade had k< ti> so. completely unprotected, that the Calcutfa in- Suhtice. Companies alone had paid losses Jo the amount of aijre that) two miili iusrof money within the last seven or eijht. years ; and in the month of September and October oily, oi the year 1807, their losses had been upwards of JSi. QOOA These, as well as numerous other captures, 1- 4 been effected by two French . frigates, and principally bystii-; Revennatit privafecr, o< Mi runs, which latter hail Sc « » « l those seas for three months together, and in fact bliekaded during that time the Bay of Bengal, although a great maritime force, with an Admiral's flog and several ( Mints flying, was then lying within three hundred Bilee- of this scene of depredation. He did not pretend, ftr where the fault lay; if with the Commander, the Board tf Admiralty that wanted nerve enough to recal such a man' Oight to he dismissed by the Minister, and changed for Bien of more comprehensive faculties and more vigorous exertions, fff the Minister wanted courage to do this, he was not the Minister for such a country in such times. The Chairman ( Mr. Parry) said, this subject had not SSsapnl the attention of the Directors. The depredations bai been scantulous, and certainly there had been neglect Somewhere. At present be could only add, that the Ad- miral had lie » n recalled, and he trusted precautions would be . taken to prevent the recurrence of the evil sd justly complained of, Mr. Rock alluded to a report out of doers, that the re- Bewal of the Company's Charter was to be a subject 01 dis- cussion during the next Ses^ on, arid wished to know if it Wert true, that Gentlemen might prepare • themselves accordingly ? The Deputy Chairman replied that nothing had occurred which authorised him to say the discussion would take place next Session. Mr. Rpekr- referrtng] to the late gift of one thousand £' » < illd « - W the Spanish Patriots, protested against the lirectors giving away the fundstif the Coinptmy, however meritorious the object, without the consent of their con- stituents. In this protest Mr. Jackson and other pro- prietors agreed.— The Court then adjourned. His Majesty's ship Victor, Captain Groube, accom- panied hy a very rich Danish ship, lately from the Isle of Fr ujee, h » * arrived at Madras. We understand the Victor,- during her crui « to the southward, captured seven Da- nish vessel, laden w ith articles of considerable value. His Majesty's ship Modiste took possession of the Admiral Chapman Danish ship, off Gai. ja. ni, and sent her tor Cal- cutta, where she lias arrived. From the Kentish . coast we learn, by- this day's post, that the Walpole Lidutnan lies upon the shore near Margate, in such a stale that hopes are entertained of saving the greater part of her cargo. The crew and pas- sengers are all landed-—! he Warron, Hastings, which was supposed to have been driven over to the French coast, is safe ill poit.— The Sir WU>. im Pulteney is safe 1 shear- rived on Wednesday afternoon in Northfteet.— No accoun ts vf the Union have been received at the India House since she . psrted from her anchor and cables in Margate Roads, and was driven to sea tin Sunday lust.— Of. the Ceylon no accounts have been received since she parted with the fleet, in the Bay of Bengal, on the 4th of July. The tall of snow has been very great in various parts of the kingdom. It fell with such rapidity on the evening of Friday, and the forenoon of Saturday last, on, the north- east and east coast of Yorkshire, a: totally to suspend the progress of even' kind of public carriage. One of the nieces of a General Officer on the Dublin Staff, who had the conduct of hi-, house,- lias been detected in defrauding liim, by forged receipts, jud other artful means, to the amount of 5,000?. The humanity of tho uncle has only made banishment to England the punish- ment for her offence. A Coroner's Inquest was yesterday held on the body ol Mis. Popham, a married Lad_ V, who ifcdgi- d in the Strand, and who had died'by poison. " It appeared from the testi- inonv of her husband, that he a; d. his wife. wye both in the habit of taking l arge tiuantitie cf laudanum, that Mrs. I1, had at length sw^ llo wd an ounce and a half at oi'ie dose, auiUied in agony four hours after. This testimony being confirmed bv other witnesses, the Jury returned a verdict cf Accidental Death.— Mn. Popham was a woman < of dashing appearance, and in the prime of life, when she tell a victim to this pernicious habit. ST\ TE LOTTEKY.— Second Day's drawing Tuesday la « t. Prizes above TOO/.— No. 3256; 20,000.'.— No. 133, 10,000/. — No. 8318, £. 000/.— Nos. 86,84 and 16,720, 1000/. each, — and No. 733 lj 500/. CORN MARKET, Dee. 23.— The navigation of the Thames •' being partially stopped by the frost, very few sales are effected, and these at little variation.— Barley and Malt the • same.— White Pease are at further advance.— Grey, and Beans of both sorts, vary but little. . Oats are a trifle higher. Flour as before. SMITHHELD MARKET, Dee. 23. Thi « doy s market had a tolerable good supply of different kind- ot cattle; Beet, Mutton, Veal, and Pork are cheaper than our last report, and the trade was rather flat. BIRTHS.] On the 13th inst. at Kast. Sheen, Lady Eliza- beth Montgomery of a daughter— On Monday, mThayeV- street, the Duchess de Castries of a son.— On the lUth Inst, at Chert*}', the My of Lieut- Col. Sir Robert Wil- son of a son.— Oil Friday, at Kenihvorth, the Lady of Sir James Lake, Bart, of a sou.— On Saturday evening, 111 T3.. ker- sli'e i,' the Lidy of Capt. liatlmrst, of the Royal av.. --'-> ; r, t week, a Butcher's wife ill Banff, » VV. SCOTT, U JPHH with t[ i- mJT.& < 1 » ' • • .-.) — — chil'Ve.!, two bovs and a girl, who, - re all .: i a good way. MARRIED.] Lately, by special licence, at Sir Charles Asgill's house in'Dublin, Hugh Cathcart, Esq. heir of Siv Andrew Cathcart, Bart, to Miss Heatlev, grand- niece of John Duke of Argyle.— On the 13th inst. in Dublin, Capt. Duff, of the 3d'Foot Guards, to Mary youngest daughter and co- heiress of the late William Fiulay, Esq.— On Satur- day, F. Ferriera, Esq. of Opurto, to" Miss Troughto'n, ( laaghter of RichardTroughton, Esq. of Lady- place, Hur- le. v, Berks,— jjiuue day, at St. George's, Hanover- square,- Francis. Hare* Kaylol', Esq.* ot Wel& feek'-' street, to Mrs. Meafev. widow df'thtf late Col. Mcateyt of- the Madras esta- blishment.— On Monday, D. Grant, " Esq. Of the Ordnance Ojfice, to Miss Hope, vodngest daughter of the late Lieut.- Col. Hope, of the RoyarArtillery.—- On Tuesday, at St. Andrew's, Holborn, G. W. Pcrrott, Esq. of Cracomb- lionse, Worcestershire, grandson of thejate Baron Per- rot'tj of the Exchequer, and Captain in the ,' ld Dragoon Guards, to Miss Yates, granddaughter or the late Judge Yates.— Yesterday,' at Woolwich, Capt. H. C. Martin, of the Royal Artillery, to Miss Newton, only daughter of tlie late Ma. jor New ton, of tli'e above Corps. DIED.] Tha week before last, at Glassnevin, near Dublin, Lieut.- Gen. Barber; and last week his. only sister, Miss Barber.— On the 15tliinst. in Dublin, Major- General Orlando Manley, Commander of the Royal Artillery in Ireland.— Lately, at Tortola, Pickering Lettsom, Esq.— On Saturday, at his hojise in Bedford- row, Mark Sprot, Esq. the eminent stock- broker.— Same day, at Woodford, ill his 73d year, William Robinson, lisq. Sab- Governor of flic Royal Exchange Assurance Company. Same day, at his house in Upper Wimpole- street, Lieut.- Col. Boyce, late of the 10' th Light Dragoons.— On Monday, in Sloane- street, Patrick Home, Esq. of Weddefburne, North Berwick, many years M. P. for that county. MR. COMPIGNE respcctfulIv gives Notice, that a DISSOLUTION of the Copartnership of MIN- CUIN and COMPIGNE, Attomies and Solicitors, has taken place from the 28th of November ult: and that Mr._ Com- pigne wili practice 011 his oivn account at the Hants, Sussex, and Dorset Fire Olfice, in Middle- street, Gosport, where, hy a continued perseverance in an inriustiioqs, zealous, and faith- ful conduct, he hopes and pledges himself to be entitled to an entire confidence from all who shall commit their professional concerns to his care. GOSPOKT, DccemlerS, 180S. [ 54G HANTS, SUSSEX, AND DORSET FIRE- OFFICE, GOSPORT. THE very considerable extension of the business of this Office, in the, quarter now expiring, again calls for the acknowledgments of its Directors, and continues to de- monstrate the t'avourahle opinion of the public 011 their en- deavours to procure those sums'hitherto sent to London for insurances, to be expended in the immediate neighbour- hood of the assured. Receipts for the renewal of Policies falling due at Christmas are 111 the hands of the several Agents. This Office invariably makes good Losses or Damage hy Fire from Lightning. *+* Farming Stockinsured at the reduced rate of 2s. per cent. The following are the Agents appointed:— Alresford, Mr, Dutin; Alton, Mr. Trimmer; Bishop's- Waltham, Mr. Gunner; Blandford, Mr. Moore; Broughton', Mr. Burt; Basingstoke, Mr. Toifree; Beaulieu, Mr. Barney; Cowes, Isle of Wight, Mr. Hart; Dorchester, Mr. Goodridge; Fling, Mr. T. King; Fareham, ' Litchfield, and Wickham, Mr. W. W. Maidman ; Kordinghfi'dge, Mj. Kelleway ; Ha- vant, Mr.- Gloyne; Ilythc, Mr. ' Richards ; Lymingtun, Mr. Richman ; Lyridhurst, Mr. Woolfc,;. Midhurst, Mr. Wardroper; Meonstoke, Mr. Morris; Newbury, Mr. Wasey; Newport, I. W. Messrs'. Hubbard; Portsmouth, Mr, Rood; Portsea, Mr. James White; Petersfield and Hambledon,' Mr. Hector; Plymouth Dock, Mr. John Smith; Rvegatc, Mr. Jahnson ; Ringwood, Mr. Hooper ; Romsey, Mr. Footner ; Ryde. Isle of Wight,' Mr. Riddctt; Salisbury, Mr. lllatch ; Southampton, Mr. Lintott ; Shaftesbury, Mr. C. Bowles ; Sherborne, Messrs. Blake; Swanaee, Mr. Bonfield ; St i: k- bridge, Mr. Attwood; Warehftm, Mr. Crock r ; Wc- w. Mr. Osborne; Weymouth, Mr. Johns; Whitch. i. rch, Mr. Bishop; Wimbourne, Mr. Force ; Winchest'r, Mr.- Tciatvs. . DAVID COMPIGNE, Secretary, . GOSPOHT, Dec. 14, 1808. [ 6{ O GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. • Fire, Life, and / ImiMties. NOTICE is hereby given,-— That persons desirous of raising Money for Redeeming their Land- tax, im- proving their Estates, or for other uselhl undertakings, by the Grant of adequate Annuities on Estates held in fee siro. de or fee tail, may on application to the GLOBE INSURANCE COM- PANY be enabled to effect the same, provided the security proposed he approved. Proposals and Rates for Fire and Life Insurance, Annuities for Widows and others, and Endowments for Children, may be'h?. d gratis of the Agents of the Company 111 the principal towns in the united kingdom. No charge i? made for l-' ire Policies for 300/. and upwards. No extra Rate is required for Officers in the Army or Navy, unless called into actual ser- vice. Fire Insurances falling due at Quarter- day next must be renewed within IS days from that time. The Capital of the Company is One , Mil. ion Sterling, which has been all paid up, and'invested in Government, or real. Securities.— The shares are 100/. each, paying a dividend of six pt- r cent, exclusive of the property- tax. " The number of proprietors is upwards of poo. - DIUF. CTOUS.— Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bart. Chair- man; Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, Bart. Deputy Chairman; Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. William Bbxam, Eiq. Charles Cockerel!, Esq. Thomas Coles, E:' q. Harvey Chris- tian Combe, Esq. Aid. M. P. William Devaynes, Esq. Jo- seph Dorin, Esq. Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Bart. Aid. Edward Goidsmid, Esq. Claes Grill, Esq. Isaac L. Goldsmid, Esq. John Latham, M. D. Frederick Moiling, Esq. Frederick John Pigou, Esq. Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart. M. P. John Richard Ripley, Esq. Geome Abercromhie Robinson, Esq. Sir Walter Stirling, Bart. M. P. Arthur Shakcspear, Esq. James Taddv, Esq. Robert Taylor, Esq. Charles Edw. Wdsonn, Esq. Glynn Wynn, Esq. M. P. THOMAS II. WILKINSON, Secretary. Pall Mall, London, Dec. 15, 1808. [ 894 . ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE FIRE- OFFICE, Established ti) Royal Charter ' in the Reign of Kittg George the First, for Assuring Houses, Buildings, Gbods, Corn, Hay, Lice Stock, & c. and also for the Assurance of Lives. SLL'TEMBER 1808. ^ TMIIi Corporation of the Koval Exchange Assurance A do hereby give Notice, that they . have authorized their respective Agents to receive proposal's for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the rate « f 2s, per cent, per annum, in lieu' of the late charge bf - 2s. fid. per cent, and the Agents are in- structed to reduce the Premium on such assurances as they become due. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 24th inst. are hereby informed, that receipts are now ready to be deli- vered by the Company's respective Agents under- mentioned ; and the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the Hth of October next,' as the u- ual fifteen days allowed for payment beyond tlie date of each policy will then expire. . SAM. PENNING, Jun. Secretary. The following persons are Agents of the Royal Exchange Assunnce' Company, within the district of this Journal:— WiM- siiiui..— Salisbury, Edw. Humphreys; Cal'ne, Wm. Bailey;. Chippenham, Mary Taylor ; Devizes, John Ban- nister"; Marlborough, Averv Warner; Swindon, J. Heath; arid Warminster; Chas. Pres'sley. HAMPSHIRE— Alton, Wm. Hale; Alresford, Sarah and Peter Houchjon ; Andover, J. L. Maud; Basingstoke, Wm. Bishop; Bishop's-' Waltimh, W. Jennings; Fordingbridgc, John Roach ; Gospoft, Wm, Burridgc and Son, ( of Ports- mouth') ; Lymingtcn, Charles St. Barbc ; Newport ( Isle of Wight , J. Love; Odillatn, T. Gregory; - Portsmouth, G. Lusconihe ; IVter « field, R. Andrews ; RingWood, John Cran- ston ; Romsey, Aim Whiting; Stoekbridge, W. H. Attwood; Southampton. T. Skdton; and Winchester, J. Downes' DoKSI.' TMIIRE-.— Blandford. I Ienry Snell; Beamister, Wm. Oliver ; Bridport, Matthew Knight"; Dorchester, T. Gould Reade ; Poole, John Aldridgt ; Sherborne, Wm. Hodges; Weymouth, John Wood ; and Wimbourfie, G. Oakley. SOMERSETSHIRE-.— Axbridie, Thos. Nicholls; Bath, T. M. Cruttwrfl 1 Bridgewater, Wm. Inman ; Castle- Carey, Wm. I'aull; Frome, John West ; Minehcad, Edw. Lee ; Shepton- Maiktt, Mary and Jccph Caty. Taunton, John and Isaac Badcock; Wincanton, i'hos. Deane ; and Yeovil, Samuel W'a'tts, tun. ' „ , , ' G1.0 tic ESTERS it IRE.— Bristol, J. C. Rose; Cheltenham, Rlelratd Pruen ; Cirencester, John Smith :. Durstey, Henry Vizard ; Gloucester, Sarfiucl Hickctts;' I. ichladc, Thomas B- irr; Newnham, John- Morgan... jun.; C'nippinH;- SoJbury, Moses. Braton ; Stroud, T. M. Groom ; Tetbury, Humphrey Tugwell; Tewkesbury, H. H. Fryer ; and W ootton- under- Ed'ce, H. H. Parslow. • .* „ '.: . N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of - cspence, where the annual pi • miuiiis amount to Gs. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good I. osscs by Firey occasione< l by Lightning. *** Piopcsals may b J had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to per- sons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others; Tables of the. Ratea- for such Assurances, and for tho granting Annuities on Lives, may be HAD 01 the said Agents. And, for the greater convenience of the public, the Company have determined to mend ( by special agreement) the Assurance 011 Lives to the age of 75 years. [' 175 PIICENIX FIRE- OT'FICE, LOMBARD- STREET, LONDON. THE directors of the PHCENIX FIRE IN- SURANCE COMPANY return their acknowledgments | for the patronage they continue to experience, and they refer j with confidence to the system which has been pursued in the management of the concerns of the Oftiee for a period of up- wards of twenty- five years, and by which every possible ac- commodation and advantage has been afforded to the public, as well in the- arrangement of rates as in the prompt and liberal adjustment of loss. s. v Stock 011 a Farm may be insured in one sum, without the avcra^ q clause, at 2s. per cent, per annum. ^. The Receipts for Policies, fulling due at Christmas, are now inthe hands of the several Agents. *** friie important," sums annually paid by this Office to sufferers by fir., strongly prove the benefits resulting from Insurance, as well to J^ oblemen and Gentlemen to sfCure the value of their mansions and effects, as to Farmers, Manu- facturers, and'all the Commercial Orders. Persons insuring for Tnree Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will nOt be charged for the Policy, By order of the Directors, 71 tj Il. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY. Fire, Lift, and Annuities.— Capital Two Millions. OPPICE, LUDCATE- HU. I., LONDON. POLICIES' of Insurance, which empire at Christ- mas, should be renewed within fifteen days from that period. Persons insured with this Office, whose Policies expire at the above period, are respectfully informed, that printed cer- tificates Of renewal are now ready for delivery ai the Oiii e, and with the respective Agents of the Company throughout the United Kingdom. This Company offer to Insurers the following Advantages: Persons insuring, or procuring to be insured, 1000/. against fire, or 50n/. on life, hav e the option of becoming interested in the establishment.—- Persons insuring for more years than one allowed a considerable discount on premium and duty,.— No charge for policies of H00/. and upwards— or for policies under that amount, when effected for three years or more— nor for endorsements, alterations, or surveys.— No deduction in the payment' of losses.— Damage by lightning made good. — A brokerage of ft/, per cent, on shipping insurances.—— Abatements on insurances OUT OF LONDON, from 111/, to 401. p.- r cent, on the premium, and a liberal allowance on duty. Lives insured, annuities, and Children's endowments granted, on equitable and advantageous terms. Solicitors and others allowed a commission 0x1 bringing life insurances to this office. Farming Stock insured at 9s. per cent. The following agents are appointed b) th: s office, in the counties of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset, from whom proposals may be, had gratis, and every information obtained : Mr. Beebv, Salisbury; Mr. Smith, Wootton Basset; Mr. Baster, Devizes; Mr. Sharp, Portsmouth; Mr. Sharp, Rom- sev; Mr. Hardtey, Newport, Isle of Wight; Mr. Johnson, Alton; Mr. Sutton, Southampton ; Mr. Strachin, Winches- ter ; Mr. Perkins, Lymhigton ; Mr. How. se, Blandfbrd ; Mr. Barlow, Weymouth; Mr. Hayter, Bridport; Mr. Baker, Dorchi- ster; Mr. Lee, Bath; Messrs. Martin and Hopkins, Bristol; Mr.. Collar I, sen. Wiveliscombe ; Mr. Daniel, South Petherton; Mr. Bennet, Bruton; Mr. Dean, Bridgwater; Mr. Tony, Christchurcli. By order of the Board of Directors, 712J WM. BURY, Secretary-. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, SoUTIIAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON. Established for the express. Bencft of. Country Residents, under. I'arliamentar: License. TRUSTEES.— His Grace the Di> ke" of Rutland, K. G.; the Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham, K. G. the Right. Hon. the Earl of Northampton ; the- Right Hon. the Earl of Buckinghamshire; the Right Hon. the Earl of Upper Ossory; Wm. Praed, Esq. M. P.; Scrope Bernard, Esq. M. P. HPHE unprecedented approbation which this Esta- i blishment has received in au parts' of the Country, con- firms the Directors in their opinion of its usefulness, " and in- due ;. s them again to represent the distinguishing principle of the Association to a discerning Public. All Poisons, who continue insured with this Association Seven " Years, u+ ether their Policies he origiirllf taken < iitfor sccviyecirs, or le RENEWED AKMOAI. LV, participate EQUALLY . with the o- iginal Subscribers in such PROFITS as may have ae- crucd duri ng that. time. Wi: h this advantage they have the peculiar ' s d vatuable assurance of no: being liable to make good the losses of others,.' as the sole responsibility is under- taken l* v an extensive association of Nobleman and Gentlemen, who fc i. ve $ ub* cribe'i an amj le Capitol to guarantee tl? e o" ri- gagements of the Office. These Profits ai; considered to be very crruin, as the office has a selection of the best bus ness, and iO fJLi jpicnt is unencumbered by large and numerous Salaries ; tpe Trustees, Directors, and Auditors act gratuitously. Farming Stock insured - generally, without the average clause, at tha reduced rate of Ss. per cent. No charge is made for policies 011 removal from otP^ r offices. Persons insuring for seven years by one payment, are charged for six years only. Losses have been always made good by this office, without deduction or discount. Mr. JAMES FOOT, Agent at Salisbury. Agents are also appointed in all the principal towns, who arc likewise Agents to the Provident Life Ofp. ee. ,.[ 713 EDMONDSMAM, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CRANSTON, on Thursday the 29th day of December instant, at ICd- mondsham- house, one mile from Cranbcrne,— A neat Curri- cjeand Harness complete, and two good Coach Horses, two Cows in calf, a good Pointer, a Rick of Hay ( about six tons), a Lade C. irt, one pair of good Trace Harness, a pair of Thill ditto, steel Malt- mill, Corn Screen, Saddle and Bridle, Side Saddle, an old Sedan- chair,- iron- bound Pipe, moveable Grate, i% c. the property of Major- General Monro, gone on foreign service.— The Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. fG13 DORSET. TO be LETT, and entered upon immediately,— A commodious SASHED DWELLING- HOySfi, con- sisting of two parlours, six bed chambers, servants hall, kitchen, and other offices; with an excellent willed garden, well stocked with choice fruit trees; two stableS, coach- house, granary, & c. and and about eleven acres of Land ;' pleasantly situated in a fine sporting country at Tarrant Keinston, three miles from Blandford and s; x from Wimborne. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid^ to Mr. John Clapcott, at Whitechurch, near Blandford, f58p *** Three packs of hounds are kept in the neighbourhood. Capital Manor Farm, in. Hampshire. npo be SOLI) by AUCTION, by Moss DIMMOCK, A at the Swan Inn, Alton, on Saturday the 31st of Ds- cember, 180S, at four o'clock in the afternoon,— A mqst eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called' THEDDEN MANOII FARM; comprisng a good farm- house, with suitable barns, stables, and out- buildings; 869 acres ( including rows) of arable and pasture Ground, and 116 of the finest coppice land, interspersed with valuable and growing Timber.— The estate lies perfectly compact, and in the parishes of Alton and Bentworth ; the house is situated on a commanding eminence, affording a most delightful and picturesque spot for a gentle- man's residence,' in the cetre of a fine Sporting country, and within the Hampshire Hunt; distant from Alton 2 miles, from Farnham it, Alresford 8, Basingstoke y, Odiham 9, and London 60 miles. Possession to be had on complttion of the purchase. To be viewed till the sale, by applying to Mr. Hankin, Bentworth, near Alton, of whom printed particulars may be had ; also at the Swan Inn, Alton; George Inn, Odiham ;. Crown Inn, Basingstoke ; Bush Inn, Farnham ; Mr. Mottley, printer, Portsmouth; Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury; George Inn, Winchester; Swan, and George Inns, Alresford; at the Office of Messrs. ' I'wynham and Walker, No. .0, King's Bench Walk, London; and Mr. Kerby, solicitor, Alresford, where plans may be seen. [ 444 Lease, of a House and Household Furniture, at Jlomey. T> he SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by CLEMENT SHARP, on Wednesday the 4th of Jan. 1803,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Fixtures, and numerous other Effects of ROBERT WALLER, Esq. removing from his dwelling in Romscy ; comprising lburpost and tent bedsteads, feather - beds, mattresses, two bureaus, sideboard, forte piano, clock, pier and dressing glasses, neat mirror, chairs, handsome prints, tables, china, glass, carpets, Bath stoves, grates, kitchen range, brewing coppeis, two excellent cows in calf, a Danish dog^ quantity of coals, wood, potatoes, and stindrv other effects. The LEASE of the HOUSE, for two years from Lady- day next, will be sold at'twelve o'clock. It is in good re- pair, pleasantly situated, abounding in conveniencies, with an excellent wjdl stocked walled garden, orchard, stable, and aoach- house ; the present rent only per annum. The sale will positively commence at eleven o'clock, the days being short and the lots numerous. For catalogues and particulars enquire at the Upholstery Warehouses of the Auctioneer. [ o' 9Q NAVAL OAK, AND OTHER TIMBER TREES. , ' Flax- ley Abbey, Gloucestershire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. MKLSOM, at the Bear Inn, in Newnham, in the county of Glou- cester, on Tuesday,' January 24, 1R00,— 2316 OAK, 181 BEECH, 10 ELM, and a " ASH TREES, the property of Sir Tiio. MAS CRAWLEY BOP. VHV, Bart, in the following'iots. • The Oak and Beech Trees are mostly of very large dimen- sions, fit l" r naval purposes, and within about three miles of the. Rivei Severn. Lot 1.— i.' i'. o Oak Trees, now standing in a certain part of the Abbotts Woods, adjoining the Forest of Dean, called Sneed's Wood, numbered with red paint from 1 to S00 inclu- sive; oiid also 10- 2 Beech Trees, in the same wood, numr bered with red paint. Lot 2.— it SO Oak Trees, now standing in certain parts of the Abbotts Woods, called Long- Green Coppice, Harts, Linnigars, and Brinchcomb Wood, numbered with red paint from 1 to 350 inclusive ; and also four Beech'Frees, in the same wood, numbered with red- paint. Lot it.— 430 Oak Trees, now standing in a certain part of the Abbotts Woods, called Soildley Coppice, numbered with red paint from 1 to 400 inclusive; antl also 76 Beech Trees, in the same coppice, numbered'with red paint. Lot 4 .— 3.17 Oak Trees, now standing in certain parts of the Abbotts Woods, called Little Sleeper's Hill, Great Sleeper's Hill, Stoney Ditch, Burnt Wood, Astricull's Walls Spring, and Middle Rudge, numbered with red paint from 1 to 317 inclusive. Lots.— 149 Oak Trees, now standing in certain parts of the Abbotts Woods, called Martin's Grove, Wellington's Wood, Martin's Orcen, and upon lands in the occupation of Emanuel Bennet, John Davis, George Burgum, and on lands" adjoining their farms, numbered w th red paint from 1 to 149 inclusive ; also IS Elm Trees, 3 Ash Trees, arid 2 Beech Trees, on the same lands, numbered with red paint. Lot 6.— 340 Oak Trees, now standing in a certain part of Flaxley Wood, 011 the south- east side of the foot- path leading from the Middle Forge towards Gawlet Farm, numbered with white paiat from I to inclusive. Lot 7.— 230 Oak Trees, new standing in a certain part of Flaxley Wood, on. the north- west side thereof, bounded by Hope Wood and Shaperidge Hill, numbered with white paint from 1 to 230 inclusive. Lot 8.— 220 Oak Trses, now standing in a certain part of Flaxley Wood, on the east side thereof, adjoining Monk- hill Farm," numbered with white paint from 1 to 220 inclusive. For a view of the above Trees apply to Mr. John Soule, of Flaxley, steward to Sir Thomas Crawley Boevcy, Bart. CONDITIONS OF SALE.— The Trees to be felled by and at the cxpence of the purchaser, and a deposit of 25/. por cent, to be paid immediately^ on the purchase of each lot; subject also to such other conditions as will be produced at the time of sale, [ 772 COMPTON DUNDON, SOMERSET. ripO be LETT, from Lady- day next, for a Term of 1 Seven Years, if the estate and ihterest of the Proprietor therein shall so long continue,— Lot 1.— All that KARM IIOUSE, Barn, Stables, and Of- fices thereto belonging,— and 56 A. 3 R. 34 P. ( more or less) of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, called Coombcs! sand 1. mbrey's, situate in Cdtnpton, with the Appurtenances ; to- gether with an Allotment in Sedgmoor, thereto also belong- in containing 13 A. ill. 14 P. now in the possession of Farm. r Burr -. Lot 2.— All that other FARM- HOUSE, Barn, Stable's, and Offices thorcto belonging,— and 26 A, 1 R. 2 P. ( more or less) of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, called Gooden's, si- tuate at Djt) don, with the Appurtenances ; together with an Allotment jn Sedgmoor, thereto also belonging, containing 1- 2 A. 2 R. 14 P. now in the Occupation of Jos. ph White. Proposals for taking the same, are requested to be sent to Mr. J^ Jennings, Evershot, Dorset, on or before the lstday of January next, stating the utmost rent that will be given for the aboVe estates respectively, the landlord paying the land and prbperty- tax, and keeping the buildings in repair;— and on the 3d day of January, Mr. Jennings will attend at the Red Lion lop, in Somerton, for the purpose of receiving such tenders as may not have been previously delivered, and of giving notics to such persons whose offers shidl have been ac- cepted. Persons making tenders are requested to state how much additional yearly ront would be given, provided the proprietor Were to permit the allotments in Sedgmoor to be ploughed. Security will be required for the payment of the respective rents. For Viewing the premises, application maybe made to the respective tenants ; and for the particular of the estates, to Mr. Samuel Gibbs, Somerton. [ 560 NEWrON VALENCE, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, Petersfield, by Moss DIMMOCK, on Wednesday the 18th ( jay of January 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, unless previously disposed of hy priv-^ .'. let.—— A very compact and desirable FREEHOL "^? TATE, called VAN- FARM, comprising a barn, stable, yard, and fifty acres of ex- cellent arable land, situated in the parish of Newton Valence, in the county of Southampton, and now in the possession of : Mr. Underwood, the proprietor. * » » Possession may be had on completion of the purchase. Further particulars may be known oil application to Mr. Kerby, solicitor, Alresford, who is authorised to trelt by pri- vate contract. f7ts ' —. —* T—— Alresford, Hants.— To Maltsters and others. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the D'oS and Partridge Inn,- New Alresford, by Moss DIMMOCK, on Monday the 8th day of January, 1809", at three o'clock in the afternoon ( by order of the Executors), A FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a modern- built dwelling- house, with a malt- house attached, in full trade, and capable of making 16 quarters per week; a mill- houstf, large barn, two- stall stable, yards, garden, and four acres and a half of excellent arable land, and about one. acrcof pasture land adjoining; situated in the Dean, in the town of New Alresford, late in the occupation of Mr. Robert Parker, deceased. The dwel- ling- house consists of two handsome parlours, four bed- rooms with closcts, and two garrets; a good kitchen, brew- houSe, pantry, two cellars, and other requisite officcs. The whole premises have recently been put in complete repair, and are well worth the attention of any person wishing to carry on an extensive business. * » * Possession of the malt- houre and land will be given on completion of tiie purchase, and the itweUir. g- house at Lady- day next. . Full particulars may be knowp on application to Mr. K. ' arker, Martyr- Worthy, near Winchester} or of Mr. Kerby, • SOMERTON, SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, ( in Fee), at the Red Lion Inn, in Somerfon, on Tuesday tile 3, d day of January 1809, between the hours of two and four in tlie after- noon, under such conditions as will be then and there pro- duced,— The following MESSUAGES, LANDS, and TENE- MENTS ; viz. - ' Lotl.— A very comfortable Mansion- house, replete with BARNSLEY, SCAR WIMBURNE, JJJK. V- . r| fO be SOLD by AtJCI ION", bv Messrs. J and FORCE, on Tuesday the ud CF Janu. tiv, ! eleven o'clock in the forenoon,'— Part of the L- LYR; AN; L)< STOCK of Mr. WILLIAM Hoorss, about quitting LIS , consisting of five useful cart ( HUM S, one mare and ... it two- year old mares, one colt, five cows IN air', and TWO reners; a strong waggon, . one dung cart, two plot:/: three good sheep racks. The whole of the stock may be seen any dnv before t; 0 > and particulars had of Mr. Hooper, on the promises • F I • Percy, jBlandfbrd ; and of J. Force, Wirnboine. 1 - K' Parker, solicitor, Aliesford., f751 brew- liouse, wash- house, and water- closet, and good under- ground cellars, seven bed- rooms, and four very good garrets'; coach- house, stalled stables for seven horses," granary, dog- kennel, & e.' with a very good large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, and having therein a green- house and hot- house; and also a close of excellent pasture land, con- taining I A. SR.- 0 P. adjoining the said garden, now in the, occupation of Aaron Moodv, Esq. Lot 2.— A very good Dwelling- house, with every conveni- ence for the accommodation of a shiall family, situate also in the High- street of Somerton, now In the occupation of Mr. Parsons, solicitor. Lot3.— A well- accustomed Inn, with appropriate offices, called the Bell Inn, situate in the Market- place of Somerton, in the occupation of Mis. Cooling. Lot 4.— Another good Dwelling- house, now divided into two dwellings, adjoining to the last- mentioned lot, and occu- pied by Mr. Samuel Chipper Mogg, solicitor, and Mr. Thomas Cooling. Lot 5 — The Scitc of a Cottage in North- street, lately burnt down, with a small garden, thereto adjoining and belonging, called Scourses, bounded on the north by a cottage belonging to Willi& m Chislett, and on the south by premises late the property of Mr. Thomas Gibbon. Lot 6.— All that piece of Arable Land, called Congre Clo- c and Spicer's Plot, containing B A. 0 It. 26 P. Lot 7.— All that piece of Pasture or Meadow Ground, called Board's Lynch, with the Garden adjoining, called Cross man's Garden, containing together 3 A. 2 R. 38 P. M Both of which last- mentioned lots are adjoining to the town of Somcrton, and lying very near to lot 1, and also very convenient to be occupied with either of the beforo- lmentioned houses. Lot 8.— All that allotment, piece or pared o^ xcellent Mea- dow Land, situate in Kins's Moor, cohtainUBA. 1 R. 24 P. part of the Lands occupied by Charles Taylpifbjuii'led on the west by the fenced allotment, of Mr. Jennings, and on the east by the leasehold commons late belonging to George Dc- nisthorpc, Esq. Lot 9.— An allotment of very good. Meadow Land, situate in Somcrton Scdgcmoor, containing 18 A. S'R. 14F.; Wcu- pied also by the said Charles Taylor, bounded on tqe north by the leasehold allotment late belonging to George Donisthorpe, Esq. and 011 the south by an allotment of Mrs. Hare, of $ o- merton. The Reversion in Fee of various Cottages, in Nortb- street and LongaOrc- lane, to'be tfcpSsod.' of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. V ' Mr.. Samuel Gibbs,' of Somerton, will shew the premises c and » 46rther particulars may-- be. known by applying at th; otSlctbf Mr. Jertnings, solicitor* Evefth0t, sDorset.— Ail lct- I tiiffiiare requested to ix f out paid. [ Ma ' i'* tt npq be SOLD bv AUCTION, by JOHN I- OKC., fl. at the Old Bell, in Wimborne Minster, in the era v of Dorset, on Friday the Both day of December lsof. bat » ., the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon,— The t. .' dermentioned PREMISES, situate in Wimborne. Lot 1.— A Freehold Dwelling- house and Garden, in ; - renting of Mr. Matthew Moore. Lot •>.— Two Workshops, Stable, and an enclosed Yard, . 1 the occupation of Mr. Goztuy and Mr. Jenkins, Lot a.— A Tenement and Gaidcn, adjoining the last- nu n-' tinned premises, in the renting of James Green. ( S5" Lots 2 and 3 are held by'Lease for S£) rears, determinable on the death of three lives. Lot 4.— A Freehold Messuaire, consisting of two tenements', two out- liouses, and two gardens, in the renting of Thorn: 1 Stevens and Robert Root. Lot 5.— A Freehold Tenement, Otit- house. and Garden, m the renting of William Allen. Lot o'.— Three Tenements, Out- houses, and a larse Gardm ( about three quarters of an acre), in the renting of Peil. iio, Hall, and Joiner, held by Lease under the Rev. Sir Jann s Manham, Bart, for years, determinable on the death 11' two lives Lot 7.— A Tenement, Out- house, and large Garden, in tho renting of Morris, also held - under the Rev. Sir James Hau- ham, Bart, by Lease for f> 9 years, determinable 011 the deatu of oijelife. For further particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hart, in Win - borne, or to Mr. Rowden, attorney r. t law, at his office at Christclmrch or Wimborno. (- 7,]:, THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, ~ Price 2s. 6d. in Red Leather, or Gd. in Red Rone, tciti Pockets for Notes, EAUSLEY's GENTLEMAN'S and TRADES: . MAN's POCKET LEDGER, for the Year isos. Con-. taming, among a variety of other useful articles, Lists of tU Imperial Parliament, with the Clerks and Officers of both Houses ; a corrected Table of the present Starnp Duties j I louse and Window Duties, and other assessed Taxes ; Pro- perty Tax; new Hackney Coach Fares; Lists of Bankers, Army Agents, and Navy Agents; Terra Table, Exchanges 1 able, Interest and Annuity Tables; Amount of Capiuo; constituting the Public Debt, and ot Stock purchased for its reduction; List of Public Offices. Public Holidays, itc. with one hundred and eleven Ruled Pages for Accounts and Me- morandums. . London: Printed for G. Kearsley, Wiliie and Robinson, J. Walker, H. D. Symonds, M. Hinckesman, Scatcl ir l and Lettorman, J. Richardson, and W. Suttabv ; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. fai 7 SIR HEW DALRYMPLE. This Day is published, embellished with a correct Likeness of Sir HEW DAI. KVM PI. E, price 2s. 6d. TIIE WHOLE PROCEEDINGS OF THE COURT OF ENQUIRY, upon the Conduct of Sir HEW DAI. KVM- i'LE, late Command.- r in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in Portugal, relative to the Convention of Cu'itra", held in the Great Hall, Chelsea College. With an Introductory account of the campaign', and the circumstance!, which led to that memorable Convention ; the state of the public mind ; and a sketch of the Life of Sir Hew Dalrymple. By W. E. TOMLINS, Esq. Barrister at Law. Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, ( successors to Mr, H. D. Symonds), 20, Paternoster Row, I. ondon ; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. ( 6" , Of whom may be had, price 2J. Cot— The TRUI. of Licut.- Gen. Whiteloeke, embellished with a correct Likeness. FINE AUTS\ To all possessing a Taste for Drawing. On December t was published, in quarto, on fine paper, hot- pressed, embellished and illustrated bv thirty- five superior engravings, Part 1. price tCs. of HPHE ARTIST'S - REPOSITORYi or Encvclo- A pedia ot the Fine Arts; exhibiting the principle", - 1 explaining tho practice, in all branches', viz. of d Too 0,0,,- the human figure, Sc.; meth ids of preparing and m i. t „ i> kinds ot colours; instructions for painting i. .', l,. wat.- rc •' crayons, miniature, Sc.; engraving i. a strokes, : 1m! 1-, r.. , tinta, mezzotinto, 011 wood, Sc.— biograp., . viitiui.;: j' the most celebrated artists— essays on sculptor. , p.: s-„: , . architecture, and landscape— with every variety ot 00: .. .- • information connected with the Arts, illustrated by upvvaios of 300 very beautiful engravings, in progressive lessons. It will be completed in eight- parts, published monthly, price 16s. each. For schools,' or students who confuli e o- nomy, an edition is published in octavo, in ten parts, a: f.>, each } also in fifty numbers, at is. each. Any psrt or mro>! « r maybe had separately. It is requested that subscribers v, o order the quarto or octavo edition, expressly, to avoid mistake Published by C. Taylor, London; sold bv Brodic, Dowdm^, and Luxford, Salisbury, and by all booksellers.— Orders re- ceived by the Newsmen who deliver this Paper. [ 72.'; •" fPHE Heat and Irritation of the Skin, so prevalent, - i. on the approach of Cold Weather, are immediately re- moved by SPILSHURY's PATENT ANTI SCORBUTIC DROPS; the effects of which are. perfectly well known in scurvy,' scrofula, gout, rheumatism, eruptions, bilious com- plaints, ulcerations, scald heads, & c. After measles, small and cow pox, it is a most admirable alterative. The genuine medicine has the words " By the King's Pa- tent" expressed on the bottle, bill of direction, and outfi wrapper ; and the King's duty is printed in black ink. Srohl at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- square, London, in small bottl s of 5s. 6' 1.; double bottles LOJ. ; and larger 1/. 2s. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, es. The medicine t.> . be had of Brodie, Dowding, and I. uxfofd, Salisbury, whole- sale venders for the West of England ; and Bouling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight. ' [ oo| THE AMBOYNA TOOTH- POWDER, S bv far the most pleasant of any Powrier recom- mended for CLEANSING and BEAUTIFYING the Teeth ; it will be found to answer eveiy end that a tooth pow- der can reasonably be expected to do. The AMBOYNA LOTION is also prepared for the same purposes. It removes the scurvy, makes the lips and gut: J of a healthful red, fastens, whitens, and presents the ' teeth to old age, improves the enamel, and keeps it from injury ; it is also particularly calculated to remote all offensive particlus from the mouth, and in a short time makes the breath sweet, The drug from whicq the Amboyna Powder is prepared is the produce of Asia, first imported by a professional gentle- man of character and fortune, and sbhw of the first gentle- men of the faculty who use it declare it a fine stomachic and bracer; and for safety, proper for an infant. 1: eradicates the foulness the mouth is subject to, from diet or foul sto- mach, by it : purifying and balsamic qualities. [ 1014 The Tooth Powder, 2s. Gd.— the Lotion, 4s. Si'! Sold wholesale and retail by*. Brodie, Dowding, and Lux ford, Salisbury, wholesale Venders for the West of En viand. . HALLAM's ANTIBll. lOl. S PILLS, Invented by Edward Ilallam, Surgeon and Apothecary, Bury St. Edmunds. 1 TIIIS safe and elegant Preparation is justly es- teemed for its agreeable and certain operation, bv wliioh it effectually removes all Inaction i r Obstruction of the SO miich or Bowels. Its action is particularly adapted to persol' of bilious habits, and jhose of sedentary lives, 1 where a sufii-- cient action of the bowels is not kept up^ and crudities rctainou in those organs ate frequently producing pajnsflgddistensiu: ... head- achs, larrgonr, and giddiness, or a sense ot wearino-.-.' and oppression. Tile worst ca « : s of bilious or sick head- oci « are certainly removed by a single dose, and in a much short r time than could be credited, but from experience,. Sold wholesale and retail by Shaw and Edwards, 66, S;. Paul's Church- yard, London ; and by Brodie, Dowcjing, on . Luxfoid, Salisbury, Wholesale Venders for til West of Eng- land. Retail by Ship, Blandford; AdaAis, Snaftssbtlry ; and by most other respectable Medicine Venders. Price 2s ; v a Box. ' . rio DR. ANDERSON'S SCOTS PILLS. rfniE well- known Dr. ANDERSON'." or T If K A SCOTS PILLS, c:'. ri only be prep- rf- l by IH. H. ING is'of No. 160, Strand, London, whose name, by authority o, (>.> » vcrnment, is printed in Red Ink on the Stamp, atlaahc rsi. ro Counterfeits, purchased at an inferior price, discreditable to the venders, and alike imposing on the public and propriety • to prevent which, please, to ask for higlish'j Scots I ills-,- Each box is wrapped in a bill signed 13,. , li'. Ii) glish .- thes.- ivbo value their health will attend to this c union. They are pecu- liarly efficacious in Bilious and Dripsicai Complaints H ad Ache, and ail Disorders of the Stomach and bow ' >„ \ promote Digestion, create an Appetite, and re: tions. • Mr. Iriglish is ', A" p6.; s'essioil of sever:,! jenii \ Obs ' CO: flic u our first Physicians, recommending his- Tills as a sate ,, o- l ful Family Medicine. inglish d$ ai » in Scots Pilko- • and has prosecuted fivepersons lately. for selling Counttiio,^ Price 1 s. 1 Id. each box. ' 1 CO* May be had genuine of Messrs. Brodie, Dowd i p and Luxfor.!, Salisbury, and most, retpecahic vendor- 0 medicine in the kingdom. I THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post.—— By Express. . LONDON GAZETTE, FUM. 1S!'. EI> ON SATURDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 24. TI^ IS Gazette contains bis Majesty's Procla- mations for a GENERAL FAST, to be observed throughout Enplhod and Ireland on Wednes- day the 8th of February; and throughout Scotland on Thursday the 8th of February. QHEEN' 3 PALACE, Dec. 1\.— This day Admiral Apodaca had a private audience of his Majesty to deliver his Letter1 of Credence as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- potentiary from the Supreme Junta of Spain, in the name of his Catholic Maje* ty Ferdinand the Seventh. CROWN OFFICE, Dec. 24. Member returned to serve in the present Parliament.— County t. if Southampton.-*— Thus. Freeman Heathcote, of Embly, in the said county, E « Q. in the room of Sir Henry Paulett St. J. Mildmay, deceased^ BANKRUPTS. William Wilkes, of Birmingham, nialtsver. George Jones, 01" Liverponl, bookseller. Jarrard John Howard, of Lower Eaton- strret, P'm » ro, surged. James Green, of Mar- xaret- street, Haeknev, bucket. William Well*.. of Xaencv- pLiee, Blonmsburv, worWnc-' » - w.-! ler. Jonathan Crawford, of Charles- square, Hoxton, money- frivener. Martin French, of Geor^ e- street, Portman- square, wme- merchant. William Chambers, of Lincoln, currier. William Haves, ofKilb'irn, Middlesex, brick- Tinker. James Mansall, George Burlcioshaw, and John Fielding, of Sheffield, saw and^' flg.- too] manufacturers. Geortrc Lain^, of Lonilon. merchant. Tuesday.— Arrived the Thetis, of 32 guns, Capt. Miller; Lyra sloop ; and Abundance store- ship, from the Downs. IWednesday.— Arrived the Britomart sloop, Capt. Hunt; and Harlequin s'oop, from the Downs with convoy. No changes since Wednesday. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24. LONDON. SATURDAY E VF. N f - V G, DECEMBER 24. No further intelligence has been reeeived from Spain. The anxiety for advices from our armies in that coun- try is veiy sreat, in every classof the community. It is said that Sir Arthur Weliesley has offered to undertake the defence of Portugal with ? 4,000 in- fantry and 2000 cavalry. It is further said that Sir Arthur Weliesley is to be appointed Commander in Chief of the British forces in Spain and Portugal. Yesterday arrived a Mail from New York, which brings letters and papers to the ] 8th of November. The latter contain the Message of the President of the United States to Congress, on the opening of the Session on the 8th of November. It appears from it that the pro- posal made to France by the American Government, stating the conditions on which the embargo would he taken off, has received no answer from that country, while it has been rejected by the British Ministry. To England it was proposed " that on her rescinding her Orders in relation to the commerce of the United States, their trade would be opened with her, and remain shut to her enemy, in case of his failure to rescind his JDecrces also." The same proposition, under a modified form, was submitted to France. Under a continuance of these mea- sure-, Mr. Jefferson cannot see either safety or honour for the United States, but in a rigid adherence to the prin- ciples that induced them to have recourse to the embargo. It of eour- e continues in full force. The President slurs over the affairs of Spain, by simply itating, that their relative connections and pending nego- ciations with that country are suspended by the events of the moment, respecting which the great advocate for the independence of States, and the rights and liberties oj mankind, gives no opinion! The President recommends the perfecting and improving the militia system, as most competent to the internal, and gun- boats to the external, defence of the country. During the operation of the embargo, the attention of Congress is called to ( he improvement of the internal re- sources of America, and the encouragement of its arts, manufactures, and commerce; as also to the extension of intellectual knowledge throughout the great mass of its population. Mr. Jefferson takes leave of Congress, with an apology for ail his political errors, as being merely those of judg- ment. The President"; Message was taken into consideration ' n the House of Representatives on the IOth of November, when Mr. Chittenden observed, that after ten or eleven months experience, he could not perceive that any benefit resulted from it; he therefore moved a resolution, pur- porting that it ought to be repealed; and next, that it 1 l) e referred to the Committee of the whole House on the state of the Union, to whom is referred the President's Message. Mr. Epps moved that a resolution of a directly opposite tendency, prohibiting all intercourse between the United States and England and her colonies, should be referred to the same Committee as the President's Message, t ea be resolution, modified and thus coupled, was carried. — Nothing further of the proceeding of the Legislature, on this important question, had been heard at New York. Neither of his Majesty's Proclamations for a Ge- neral Fast notices his " Dominion of Wales," or " Town of Berwick upon Tweed." Those parts of the TJnited Kingdom called England, Ireland, aud Scotland, are par- ticularly specified; but if the good subjects of the Princi- pality anil the aforesaid Town chuse not to s'. omach this mode of attacking the enemy, they may reasonably hesitate which of the battalions to place themselves. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three a' CI'or. k. Bank Stock, 2- 15 India Stock, shut South Sea Stock, shut 3 y Cent. Red. 6oJ 3 * Cent. Cons. 6ti| 4 y Cents. RIS- 5 Cent. Navy, shut S w Cent. 1797, — Long Ann. in Omnium, ljdis. India Bonds, 3 a S p. Exchequer Bills, 2 a 4 p. Irish 5 Cents. — Imperial 3 ty Cents. G4J English Lott. Tickcts, 30/. 10s. Ditto Prizes, a y cent dis. The 3 per Cent. Consols sells as above, with the Div. for opening. port 5i3eto0. FALMOUTH, Dec. 52. The Princess Augusta packet arrived on Tuesday from New York. The em- bargo continued; but it was understood a relaxation would take place in favour of the powers not belligerent. The Resistance frigate is arrived from a cruize. The Urania Portuguese frigate sailed on Monday last, with a fleet under convoy for the Brazils. A fleet of light transports, which had sailed from Portsmouth for Vigo, is arrived here, having received counter orders. PLYMOUTH, Dec. 23. The West India fleet, from Portsmouth, has passed down Channel. Yesterday came in several transports, from the eastward. Sailed the Norge, of 74 guns, for the westward. This day came in the Espiegle sloop of war, from a cruize. Sailed the Brilliant, of 28 guns, for Portsmouth. A Swedish ship that has discharged her cargo at this port, upset this morning in Hamuazc, being very light in ballast. At a Coroner's Inquest on the body of Cant. Balderston, the facts recited in our last were established by evidence, and a verdict of Wilful Murder was returned. The same evidence was repeated before a Court Martial, by which Smith was found guilty of the murder, and condemned to be hanged a' the yard- arm of such ship, and at such time, as the Lords of the Admiralty shall direct.— The warrant for his execution is hourly expected. PORTSMOUTH, Dec. 24. Vice- Admiral Berkeley has hoisted his flag on board the Conqueror, of 74 guns, Capt. Fellowes, and will sail on Monday next ior his station off Lisbon. The Victorious, of 74 guns, lately launched at Buckler's Hard, is ordered to be commissioned for im- mediate service. The Dromedary store- ship is fitting for New South Wales. Monday.— Sailed the Zealous, of 74 guns, Rear- Admi- ral Sir Samuel Hood, Capt. Boys ; Norge, of 74 guns, Capt. Raieier ; Resistance, of 38 gun-, Capt. Adam ; Are- thu « a, of 36 guns, Capt. Mends ; and Hope sloop.— Ar- rived the Defender gun- vessel. On Monday a special County Court was holden at the Castle, for " the purpose of electing a Representative of this county in Parliament, in the room of the late Sir Henry Mildmay, Bart. The forms of opening the Court having keen gone through, Sir Nathaniel Holland recommended Mr. Heath* eote to the freeholders, a- a gentleman qualified by his rank, fortune, connections, and indapendent spirit, for the honourable situation ' hev were about to till up. Sir Charles Rich seconded this nomination. Mr. Herbert objected to Mr. Heathcote, that being al ready Member for Klechingly, in Surrey, and it not being possible for him to vacate that = eat during the recess, be could not accept of the representation of the county, if elected. Ijfe should therefore protest against his election, Mr. Todd presented a protest against the election of Mr. Heatheote, signed by himself arid several other freeholders, containing the same objections as had been urged by Mr. Herbert. Mr. Bigg With » r said he did not object to the High Sheriff's receiving that or any other paper, but he re- minded that gentleman that he had no jurisdiction to try the que- tion. He said Mr. Heathcote was fortified by ' lie lest legal opinions that by accepting the Chiltern Hun- dreds he had vacated his seat for Bletchinglv, and was eli- gible to take his seat for the county ; but to prevent Mr. Herbert from obtaining the representation of the county with an inferiority of votes, he should propo- e another gentleman for their choice, and accordingly he did propose Sir John Pollen ; which nomination was regularly se- conded. Some further argument then took place between Mr. Herbert and M- Heathcote; after which the Sheriff called for the sense of the meeting by a shew of hats ; and it being decidedly in favour of Mr. Heathcote, Mr. Her- bert demanded a poll. Sir John Pollen said, he had no wish . nor pretension to represent the county, but to prevent Mr. Herbert from stealing in. Mr. Herbert said, there was nothing in his conduct to warrant this expression. He had acted fairly and openly in every way.— Sir John Pollen explained. Mr. Rose said, Mr. Herbert must be acquitted of any dishonourable intention in the present occasion, aud in- deed he thought him incapable of a dishonourable act. But with regard to Mr. Heatheote's eligibility, if any one thing was better established than another, it was that the accepting of the Chiltern Hundred vacated his seat. It had frequently been so decided by Parliament, and the usage of Pa^ iament. was the law of Parliament. Mr. Portall replied, that before the Speaker issued a new writ on a vacancy occasioned by the acceptance of an office, he required some proof that the office had been accepted. As the House wa= not sitting, this proof could not be given, the writ for Bletchinglv could not be issued; and the vacating of Mr. Heathcote's seat had not been completed. Mr. Barham maintained the same opinion ; and said that he had frequently moved for writs on the acceptance of the Chiltern Hundreds, which he had once accepled him- self, and the Speaker uniformly demanded an assurance of the acceptance. Mr. Ro e averred that the Speaker had never called for such proof within his recollection ; and he did not think it probable that a Committee of the House of Commons would undo what Parliament had been doing, for a century past. It was then agreed that an adjournment should take place, anil the poll c immence on the morrow. It was afterwards resolved by Mr. Heatheote's friends to re t the success of hiscause on the decision of a Committee of the House of Commons, and Mr. Herbert agreeing, for the same purpose, that Mr. Heathcote should poll double his number, when the poll opened on Tuesday 42 votes were taken for Mr. Heathcote, and 31 for Mr. Herbert. The Sheriff then returned Mr. Heathcote duly elected. On Saturday was married, at Eling, by the Rev. Mr- Phillips, Mr. Joseph Bishop, miller, of Fontmell, in Dorsetshire, to Maria, youngest daughter Of Mr. Lane, of Han < er Ftjrm. On Thursday die I, at her house in Southampton, the Dowager Lady Shelley. Her Ladvship was widow of the Right Hon. Sir John Shelley, Bart, of Michel- grove, in Sussex, after whose death she was married to Dr. Stuart, of Southampton. Died, on thi 11 tip inst. at West Cowes, in the 73d year of his age, Mr. Joseph Harrington, a wor- thy and respectable inhabitant, and a gottl father and friend ; many years master of the Vine Inn. On Tuesday died, at Lynwood, near Ringwood, much respected, aged 6l, Mr. William Large, for- merly of Oxford- street, London. The Prisoners in the County Gaol and Bridewell return their most grateful thanks to Thomas Freeman H » athcote, E< q. for a donation of five Guineas to the former place and three to the latter. On Tuesday morning, as Mr. Thomas Richards was en- deavouring; t o draw the sluice in the River Itchen, to bring up his barge, he unfortunately slipped in and was drowned. He has left a wife and two children to lament his lass. He was buried by the Winchester Volunteers with roilitaiy honours.— And on Wednesday morning, as another barge was coming up from Northam, near Wood- mills, laden with loo= e oats, by some accident she sunk, and the Master, & c. narrowly escaped being drowned. John Horloek, of the parish of Sopley, aged 17, » nd John Reading, of the parisb of Titchbourne, aged 02, were discharged, cured, from the County Hospital al Winchester, on Wednesday last, after having undergone the operation for the stoile. The stone extracted f. ura the former weighed one ounce and si* drams; that from the latter two ounces and five drams. SIR, To the EDITOR of the Salisbury Journal. In your Paper of December 5, having rather mis- stated what passed between Mr. Heathcote and myself on the day of the Hampshire Nomination, you will doubtless be glad to rectify the error by publication of the inclosed correspondence.— I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, J. FOSTER BARHAM. STOCKBRIDGF., Dec. IS, 1808. Stiff To Thomas Freeman Heathcote, Esq. In the last Salisbury Paper, what passed between us on the day of your nomination has beep stated in a way I presume must be as lit tie agreeable to you as it is to myself, being incorrect ; and though we may neither of us be disposed to attach much importance to Newspaper reports, yet as this Account is given as if it came from authority, it is not quite unworthy of notice. To the Question I put to the Candidates ( which is also not accurately stated,) you are said to have replied, " that to such a Question as this the only Answer you should give was, & c. Sc. &<:." Now, Sir, I confess I did not understand you to apply the De- claration you subsequently made to mv question at all; in this however I may be mistaken, but I am confident you did not do so in any terms that could imply any im- propriety in that question. My Question was put with the freedom that became me in my situation, and with the respect that was due to your's. I am satisfied your Answer was correspondent to that respect, and that if it has been otherwise represented, you will have pleasure in correcting the error by the same channel through which it was conve ed.— I have the honour to be, & c. & e. & c. & c. a ( Signed) J. F. BARHAM. WEYMO TH, Dec. 8, 1808. To J. Foster Barham, Esq. M. P. Stochbridge. SlH> ove I must, - gret that, owing to my having taken an unexpected j uiney to London, your Letter did not reach me soon enough to receive an early answer.— I have never authorised any kind of Statement of the Proceedings at the Hampshire Nomination in the public Papers, nor have I ever seen that to which you allude in the Salisbury Journal. I can therefore only repeat, as nearly as I can recollect, the words I used in replying to the Questions you proposed to the Candidates that day. To the first, respecting the Con- vention of Cintra, I replied that I felt it impossible to de- cide how I should act upon a subject still under discussion and investigation;— to the second Question, respecting the right of the subject to petition the Throne, I replied that no man in the, kingdom could be more convinced of that right than myself.— This was the purport of what I Said, and I believe nearly in the same words; I have therefore to add, that I should feel infinite concern to appear want- ing in proper respect to any gentleman merely because he i, politically opposed to me.— I have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient humble Servant, THOMAS FREEMAN HEATHCOTE. LONDON, Dec. 16, 1808. SALISBURY. MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1808. The five East Indiamen, which sailed from Ports- mouth on the 10th of June, have again been heard of. They entered the Indian Ocean, all well, on the 13th of September. The weather, during the whole voyage, had been remarkably fine, and not the least accident had happened to any one of the ships. On that day spoke the American ship Egeria, from Cal- cutta to New York, which gave them the agreeable intelligence of the capture of the Picdmontaise. On Monday the West Wilts Volunteers, com- manded by Colonel Penruddocke, assembled at Hin- doo, and were sworn in as Local Militia. On Tuesday last the Remains of the Right Hon. Henry Lord Arundell, eighth Baron of Wardour, were deposited in the Vault beneath theChapel of Wardour. The funeral service was solemn and impressive..— His Lordship was born March 31, 1740; succeeded his late father in his honours Sept. 21, 1756; married May 31, 1763, Mary Christina, daughter and sijle heiress of Benedict Conquest, of Irnham Hall, in the county of Lincoln, Esq. and by her had issue Mary Christina ( since deceased), late wife of the Right Hon. james Everard now Lord Arundell, and Eleanors, the wife of the Right H09. Charles Lord Clif- ford.— By his Will he has devised the whole of his very improvable etsates to his Lady, subject to the payment of bis debts, directing that the same should be paid with in- terest at 5 per cent, from the time of his decease. BIRTH.] On Wednesday, in Grosvenor- square, London, Lady Ann Ashley Cooper of a son. The Rev. John Salter, A. M. has been instituted to the Vicarage of Stratton St. Margaret, Wilts, on the presentation of the Warden and Scholars of Mer- ton College, Oxford, on the nomination of the Lord Bishop of Sarum. On the 4th of July was married, in Bengal, John Herbert Harrington, Esq. Chief Judge of the Courts of Sudder Dewanny and Nizamut Adawlut ( brother of the Rev. Mr. Harrington, of this city), to Miss Amelia Johnston. On the 15th inst. died Mrs. Fletcher, wife of P. L. Fletcher, Esq. of Gweruheyled, and youngest daughter of the late Governor Woodley. On Sunday the 18th inst. was married, at St Agnes' Church in the city of London, Mr. John Barley, of Buckinghamshire, to Miss Elizabeth Starky, of Poole, Dorsetshire. On Tuesday last was married Mr. W. Harwood, of Homington, to Miss Sanger, of Chappel Farm. A few days since died, in the prime of life, the Rev. Mr. Jervoise, second son « f the Rev. Tristram Huddleston Jervoise, of Britford House, near this city, and Im/ iher of Colonel Jervoise, of the North Hants Miliiia. On Saturday the 17th inst. died, at the house 01 Thomas Atkinson, Esq. in Fisherton. Anger, after a lingering and most painful illness, Miss Westcott, late of Bishop's- down, sister of Mrs. Atkinson. On Sunday died, in the 79th year of his age, Mr. Matthew Hihberd, formerly an eminent grocer of this city, and Afterwards, for many years, a Sheriff's Of- ficer for the county of Wilts. A numerous gang of Sheep- stealers, whose depredations have been heavily felt in several flocks 011 the borders of Somersetshire and Dorsetshire, were lately delected by the seizure of one of the gang, who has impeached 110 less than twenty accomplices. On MARIA'S winning the SILVER Ctr, at the ILSLEY COURSING MEETING, NOV. 9, 1808. To William Cobbett, Esq. O for thy flowret's, May! to deck In brilliant wreaths Maria's neck : The blushing rose, the jasmine fair, The heart's- ease gar, should mingle there. Rut chill November's dreary day Has chased each blooming flower away ; The sad arbutus, drooping pale, And bending to the wintry gale, Or laurestinus, modest flow'r ! Alone survive the cheerless hour. Then round her neck of jetty bue Entwine the band of heavenly blue> Colour of Triumph! to proclaim Maria's deeds, Maria's fame. And ne'er, Maria! Greyhound true Like thee o'er hill and valley flew; And ne'er like thine, on Haley's plain, Could dauntless spirit vanquish pain.. Fresh and unhurt thy rivfils stood, Thy wounded feet all bath'd in blood; But when the destin'd prey was found Those little feet scarce felt the ground, Chased thy poor victim like the wind, And left each far- famed dog behind. In vain the fated quarry flies, Her death decides the envied prize; Loudly th' assembled crowd proclaim My own Maria's well- earn'd fame, And round her neck of raven hue They twine the band of Victor Blue. BERTRAM HOUSE. M. R. M. HOME MARKETS. Prices of C" rn, per Quarter— IIvend, per Gallon. Wheat. Barley. Dec. s. s. s. s. Salisbury, 20 80 to 9t> 3fi to 83 Basingstoke, 21 78 to 94 40 to 50 Devizes, 22 58 to 06 30 to S3 Newbury, 2- 2 ( In to 100 aa to 4s Andover, 21 75 to 9fl 40 to 51 Warminster, 24170 to 94 38 to 57 Weight of the Gallon Loaf, 8 lit. 1 lo z.— HalJ Gall. Mb. 5Joz. Oats. s. s. 37 to 46 37 to 41 4- 2 lo 45 30 to 43 31 to 42 39 to 45 Beans. Bread. J, s. j. d. 70 to 90 2 0 15 to 70 2 0 SO to 84 6' 0 to 80 2 Oi « 0 to 7 2 70 to 8 » CHRISTMAS Atlasses, Repositories, Souvenirs, Ladies' Pocket Books, Pocket Almanacks, Court Calendurs, PRESENTS. Baldwin's Journal, Kearsley's Ledger, Housekeepers'Account Books, Book and Sheet Almanacks, Miniature Bibles, Prayer Books, & c. & c. Many in the most elegant and splendid fashionable bind- ings, and in the greatest variety, ARE now selling at the London Prices, by BRODIF,, Do WDINO, and LUXFORD, Successors to Mr. COLLINS, at the Printint>- Office on the Canal, Salisbury. Just received, Several Boxes of BAR REIT's WAX LIGHTS, and GIBSON'S PLAYING CARDS, which are now selling at the same Money Prices as at the Manufactories, whereby the cost of boxes and London carriage is saved to Ladi* and Gentlemen residing in the West of England. • ' 11 1.• H, H. THE next Meeting of the H. H*. wilt be herd at the Swan Inn, Alresford, on Wednesday the 4th of Januaiy 1809.— Dinner on table at half- past five. E. FLETCHER, Esq.. 720] F. VILLEBOIS, Esq. } Stcward5- To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, end FRF. FHOi. DERS of the COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON. GENTLEMEN, IMPRESSED with the deepest sense of gratihide for the distinguished honour you have this day conferred upon me, I find words inadequate to express my happiness at being chosen the Representative of my native " County. I can only offer my sincere'and heartfelt thanks to you, for having placed me in this enviable situation, and assure you my future time and attention shall be unremittingly dedicated to your interest and service. [ H9 I have the honour to be, With the truest respect, Gentlemen Your grateful and obliged, , THOMAS FREEMAN HEATHCOTE. WINCHESTER, Dec. i0, 1806. To the Gentlemen. Clergy, and Freeholders of the COUNTY OF DORSET. GF. STLIMEK, • AWRIT having teen, issued fpf the Election of i CoHONEa for the County, on $ he resignation of tAt. R. W. Andrews, I beg leave again to offer myself to your no- tice as a Candidate, and to solicit your vote and interest to succeed him. If a Constant attention to the due performance of so important a trust can have any claim to your support, I pledge myself that it shall not be want'ng on try part; and should I, by your suffrages, be placed in that respectable si- tuation, I will endeavour, to the utmost of my ability, by a feithful discharge of its necessary duties, to merit your good opinion and confidence. I have the honor to be, with the greatest respect, Gentlemen, Your most obedient bumble servant, Dorchester, Dec. 92, 1808. WILLIAM SPENCER. = 5= liiPmmm OAUSBtRY, Deccmicr 24, 1S08. COUNTY BALI.. THE First COUNTY BALL will be at the Assembly Room, BLANDFORD, on Friday the 30th of December 1808. [ 700 DEVIZES ASSEMBLY. THE Fourth Subscription Assembly will be on Wednesday the SSth instant, at the new Town- hall. Deceml- er 17, 1808. [ 721 W1MBORNE. THERE will be TWO BALLS at the KING'S- HEAD INW, on Wednesday the 4th of January, and the 1st of February, 1809. [ 794 Son- Subscribers Ticke^^-'-.;;;^;^ DOLPHINS INN, SOUTHAMPTON. THE WINTER BALL, for the MASTER of the CEREMONIES, will be on Tuesday, January 3, 1809.— Tickets to be had at Mr. Skelton's Circulating Library, and of Mr. Lyne, Aoove Bar. ( 773 SALISBURY NEW ASSEMBLY ROOMS. THARRINGTON tespectfully informs the » Ladies and Gentlemen of SALISBURY, its vicinity, and his Friends in general, there will be a GRAND CONCERT of VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, on Wednesday Evening, Dec. 28, 1808, when he hopes for the honour of their patronage. Principal Vocal Performers.—' Mr. GOSS, Mr. ELLIOTT, Mr. HARRINGTON, Mr. CI IIFFENCE, and Mr. BEALE. Lender of the Baud,— Mr. W. MAHON. Principal Violoncello,— Ml. LUCAS. Tickets, 5J. each, to be had at the Printing- office, of Messrs. Banks', and of Mr. Harrington. Schemes of the Concert, with the Words of the Songs, Glees, & c. will be given at the Door on the evening of the performance. The Concert to begin precisely at half past ssven. RHACKER, ( many years Assitaut to Mr. God- • dard, Cutler, Salisbury), begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public, he has engaged in the CUTLERY- LINE, at No. 8, New Bond street, Bath, where he manufac- tures all articles iu the above business on the most reasonable terms. - [ 733 w WHITE SWAN INN, ANDOVF. R. SELF ( from the Weymouth Arms Inn, War- minster) having taken and entered upon the above Inn, humbly solicits the favours of the Nobility and Gentry travelling the Great Western Road, and the Public in gsneraf, assuring them of the most unremitted attention to their com- mands, and the best accommodations, having furnished his house in a neat manner, and with the best Bedding, and hid in a stock of the best Old Wines and other Liquors. * « * Neat Post Chaises, with excellent Horses and careful Drivers, at 16d. per mile. Good stalled Stabling, with the best Hay and Corn; and every attention paid to Gentlemen Travellers. .[ o'lG SOUTHAMPTON. JBLUNDELL, Sen. Tailor, Habit Maker, Mens • Merccr, Jlosier, fife, respectfully informs his friends and. the public, that he is removed from No. 30 to No. 102, in the High- street, where he hopes for a continuance of their favours: he begs leave to return sincere thanks for past orders, and assures them all tieccssary dispatch shall be attended to, so as to merit a continuance. Naval and Military Uniforms made on the shortest notice; all kinds of Sailors' Dresses ready made. [ 779 ,/ gISS FIGES begs respectfully to inform her iVA Friends, the Nobility, Gentry, and Ladies of South- ampton and its environs, that she purposes opening for their inspection an entire new and elegant Selection of the most FASHIONABLE MILLINERY, on or about the loth of January next, and solicits the honour of their inspection and pauonage, which will be gratefully acknowledged, and meet every possible attention. SOUTHAMPTON, Dec, 22, 1808. DRAPERY, . fife. LINEN AND WOOLLEN Hosiery, Haberdashery, & MPEP PER ( from LONDON) respectfully begs • leave to acquaint the Inhabitants of ROMSEY and the neighbourhood, that he has taken the SHOP late in the occupation of Mr. II. GOULD deceased, which he intends opening in a few days with an entire new and extensive assortment of every article in the above branches. [ 777 M. P. begs to observe, that he has purchased his Stock from the most respectable Manufacturers, and has selected it with that care and attention as he doubts not will merit a continuance of support from those who may please to honour him with their favours. ROMSEY, Dec. 23, 1808. LIST of ANNUAL PUBLICATIONS for THE Year 1809, sold by Messrs. BAKER and FLETCHER, Hiah- street, Southampton. The Royal liGAGKMENT POCKET ATLAS ; containing a complete Almanack, Lists of both Houses of Parliament, Royal Establishments, Officers of State, the Army and Navy, Baronets, Public Offices, atid a number of other new and useful lists. Enriched with 34 pages of ornamental engravings for engagements, Sic. for every day in the year. Forming together a most useful and elegant pocket book. The subjects for the engravings selected from Scott's Marmion.— The Polite Repository: embellished with vignettes of gentlemen's seats, Arc.— Souvenir: views of seats, and historical pieces.— Goldsmith's Almanack.— London Almanack.— Court Calen- dar, with o* without Almanack.— Ladies' Pocket Books, com- mon and extra binding.— White's Ephcmeris, Moore's Alma- nack, and every other kind of Book and Sheet Almanack.— Housekeeper's " Account Book.— Johnson's Pocket Book.— Baldwin's Journal,— Kearsley's Ledger.-- Farmer's Daily Jour- nal, & c.— March's Daily Register, or common- place Memo- randum Book.-— Stable Journal, or Horse- krepcr's Account Book.— Family Washing Book, or Laundry Assistant.— Dods- ley's Cellar Book. f7no New Publications, Stationary, Music, Patent Medicines, Jewellery, Cutlery, Sfc. JT. COULTON, BOOKSELLER, Devizes, re- . quests his friends will please to accept his sincere ac- knowledgments for their favours of the past year; and informs them that he has constantly on sale an extensive collection of Books in every branch of useful and polite literature, together with family and pocket bibles, prayer books, and hymn books in the greatest variety of plain or elegant bindings ( adapted for Christmas Presents or New Year's Gifts), down to the cheapest for the poor; all kinds of school books, and books for the instruction and entertainment of youth; a prime stock of writing papers, account books of all sizes, ruled and plain; music books and paper, Tunbridge and Morocco goods, Japan ware, jewellery, cutlery, patent medic- incs, per- fumery, toys, portable writing desks from one to six guineas each, inkstands, Reeves's water colours, cribbage boards, Gibson and Hunt's superfine playing cards, with other nu- merous articles. Magazines, reviews, newspapers, and weekly numbers regularly supplied ; orders for b » oks executed at a few days notice, " and the London price; charged free of carriage; almanacks, atlasses, and ladies' and gentlemen's pockct books for 1809. A CIRCULATING LIBRARY. f753 MESSRS. WYATT ,„ d foot^ TT^ their friends and the public that thev hZ ' ™ Ewchm- Street, SALISBURY. ' f73fl WA2YA)-- r; A MAN and his wife, « a small, regular lamily, who live part of the v, J HOUSEKEEPER ^" L'k ^ Woman as CCHyK at d MUUStntiiPfcR ; she must be 3 complete cook m Ml branches, and understand the manj- mentof a famdv wi H great economy ;— the Man as lTjJrMAN? who kn w? h* business as an in- door servant. They both ^ l "! ™ commended tor honesty, good U- mpVandTk, Lw" ledge of their business; none others ntid applv P M^'& fn^ r ar' 3W!; finS theM- ove description m, v apply t> Mr. Winch, Crane- street. Sabsbu. y; if by fetter, posf pa^ d! WA ™ rr AuUor" r>' s Offi « .- An ARTI- atLtiontflS « respectability into the family but" n tl at c'Ja l^^ Pre ~ mium would be required.— WANTEI, also,- A WRITFft" ( One concernj ^ * ^ Prin*'> Sherborne.- WANTED, in a Batchelor's family,-- A HOt'SE- Y T MAID ; she must be sober, steady," and active unrier- staud needle- work, as she will have to tafc care o the linen A good character will be expected from her last p° ace Direct ( post paid) to A. B. at Moore's Lottery- Office, Poole. TISLE OF WIGHT. O be SOLD,— A FREEHOLD COTTAGE consisting ot two parlours, three bed rooms, two attics' an excellent under- ground cellar, kitchen, & c. & c. and I small Garden, situate at Clatter ford, near Newport. frtfS IUwJmTl,?^ ren4aiJre 0f « Mr- Hnch' near Sa- lisbury; or of Mr. Rpbert Noyes, Pan Farm, Isle of Wight. nno be LETT or SOLD.- ITcORNER HOUSE . J" Sahsbkiiy, most eligibly situated for any business. and has been established in the Grocery lint. * , Apply to the Printers. [ 770 TWINCHESTER."" ' • O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,*— A MAfT » n^£ 1iUNG" HOUSK and « AR » KN, with . MALI '- HOUSE adjoining, situate in Colebrook- street, in the city of Winchester, held by lease from the Cori .. ratioo ot the said city. 1 r^. For particulars apply 10 Mr. Meare, attorney, Winchester. HANTS. ~ " HEATH HOUSE FARM, two miles w Botlev^ TO BE LETT BY TENDER, for fourteen years from Michaelmas 1TO£>, containing 75 acres of arable and meadow land, with Or without 95 acres of copse, more or less For a view of the farm apply to Mr. Rangecroft, of Bursledon, or Mr. Emery, on the premises. Tenders to be sent to Mr. Thackthnaite, Rookery, Hvthe near Southampton. * npo be LETT, for a term of years, in a Market- A town in the county of Hants,— A YARD, with WORK- S ,1 other " cct'ons thereon, where the businesses of a Tallow- chandler and Soap- boiler have been carried on on an extensive scale, for many years. The Stock and U tenuis ' to be taken at a valuation. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. C. Knapp, tallow- chandler and soap- boiler, Portsea. N. B. Immediate possession will be given if required. [ GOO WILTS AND DORSET. RICKS and TILES for SALE, at Sandlebeath AJ and Dagon's Kilns, at four shillins per hundred. To prevent mistakes, all orders are requested to be in writing, and any quantity under one thousand to be paid for on delivery, [ 5, H BARFORD- HOUSE, NEAR DOWNT'ON TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Vtm. E*, on Wednesday the 9Rth of December, mot,—' Two Ricks of HAY, ofsnpenor quality and well made, containing about fifty Tons.— Sale at eleven o'clock in the morning. f734 SALISBURY, nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ELD** T » K. < A on Tuesday next, Dec. 97, near the Corn Market — A Town- built CHARIOT, in good condition, with Lamps. Stfi. complete, well worth the attention of Postmaster* — a handsome Bay MARE, H yrs. old, two useful PONIES and three other Horses;— and about SOO Loads of excellent '. MA- NURE, lying near Salisbury. The Chariot may be viewed by anplyinsc to the Auctioneer 5 and the sale will commence at twelve o'clock. (" 7J13 I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, at the CUSTOM". ' HOUSE, POOLE, on Thursday the 5th day of January, 1809, at two o'clock in the afternoon, [ 7;,^ For Vetilcrs and otlters, 352 Gallons of BRANDY, and 1C Gallons of RUM. For Private Use, 4t| S Gallons of BRANDY, and 100 Gallons of GENEVA. At the same time will be sold, THREE OPEN BOATS with their Materials, which have been sei? ed and leeallw condemned, and may be viewed, and the Spirits tasted, two days before the sale, between the hours of ten and three. GOSPORT. ~ ~ FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dotybin Inn, on Thursday the 6th of January 1809, at eleven' o'clock is the forenoon,— The following GOODS : 8,279 Bars of Swedish Iron, from | to • inch, is C. of lj to 3 inch Dials. 4o Barrels of Stockholm Pitch. 350 Tar. just imported in the ship Newcastle, from Gottenburgh. For catalogues and further particulars, apply three days before the sale to MATTHIAS MARCH, GosroRT, Dec. 23, lf. 08. Broker. FORDINGBRIDGE. ' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HAKNKW, at the Crown Inn, Fordinrbridge.' on Friday the 6th day of January next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, A MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Barn and Granary on stones, together with a bout Twelve Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, situate at Bickton, in the parish of Fordingbridge, in the county of Southampton, now in the occupation of Mr. Jefti ries and William Gilbert. The above premises are Leasehold, and held of Lady Coote for two good lives, severally aged abuut49 and 57 years. Any further particulars may be known by application Mr. Woedyear, solicitor, Downton, Wilts. [ 739 Royal Oak Inn, Dorchester, Dorset. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise;. by M. BAKER, on Wednesday the 9? th day of Dec IHOH, and two following days,— The HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, Brewing Utensils, prime Strong Beer, iron bound Casks, & c. at the Royal Oak Inn, in Dorchester; consisting of a hogshead brewing Copper, a small ditto, 35- bushel mash tub, four new coolers ; together with about 180 hogsheads of prime well- known strong beer, and casks ; one ten- hogshi ad cask, a 7SJ hogshead ditto, 20 casks of diff erent sizes, with a number of good hogsheads, the whole in high condition, the property of Mr. Robert Skittler, quitting « he said Ipn. The sale to commence each day at eleven o'clock in the morning. N. B. The Beer and Casks will be sold the third dav, Fri- day theilOth of December. f718 Dorcheeter, Dorset.— Horses for Salt. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKER, on the Comhill in Dorchester, on Saturday the 31st day of December 180S, precisely at eleven o'clock : ri the mornme,— A great Number of Cast HORbES, belonging to the 7th, loth, and loth regiments of Light Dragoons. The above horses will be found valuable for riding, » tipe coaches, post chaises, & c. and are well worth the attention of • the public 1- [" 735 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY w Mso by the- PRiNTERS and BOOKSELLERS in the West of England m nRODlE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; > JdvsiOstments, and authentic Articles of News are received (. Postage paid). ea by Messrs. TAYLEA and NEWTON, No, S, Warwick- Square, Wamick- Lane, NewgaS- Street, and Mr. WK. KIE, Bookseller Patenwstcr- Jlow, St. Paul's*
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