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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3743
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 14/11/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3743
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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ALISBURY AND AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3T43. - VOLUME LXXIII. j MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE, / gtamp buty.... 3M. \ Paper luid Print, 2id. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. Uin WCf. .5 1. NOTHING. further has transpired abot mistiiie in Finland. His Majesty's ship Centaur, and Implacable are here, ati< GoTTEIfBORait, Oil. 31. about the Ar- , ships Victory, and sail with the lirst fair wind for England. The Africa has had brush with upwards oi- 28 Danish gun- boats off Drago. Some of them have been sunk. Tbe Africa lost 10 men killed and - 50 wounded: she has returned to Carlscrona to fepair. LONDON, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7. Yesterday several French, Dutch, and Hamburgh topers reached town. Great pains are . taken in the foreign Papers to prove that Austria does not entertain any hostile .' dispositions towards France, and that she is disarming. The latter part of tjie statement is certainly false ; but it is highly probable that Austria, whatever may be her incli- nation, will deem it necessary to temporize with France.. The News from Paris comes down to the 26th ult. It appears that the enemy, notwithstanding their boast, are not in possesion of the little island of Capri, at the mouth of the Bay of Naples. A strong fortress remained in our hands when lite last accounts were dispatched, and was likely to have supplies of every kind from Sicily. The Dutch Government is determined upon enforcing the new Decree with the utmost rigour.— Letters front Holland, dated the 1st iitstant, state, that a vessel, en- deavouring to enter the port of Amsterdam, on the- 33th nit. was fired upon and sunk, together with all the crew. They also, mention that two ladies who were- attempting- to land from a vessel, ( supposed to have come from England), were thrown into the sea by the inhuman guard, and would have been drowned, but for the assistance. of a seaman, who plunged in and saved their lives.— The affair was repre- sented to the King of Holland; who conferred a gold medal on the gallant tar, as a reward for his intrepidity and hu- manity. Two Englishmen were lately arrested near Catwick, and carried under strong escort, to the Hague. A Gottenburgh Mail arrived this morning. The only article of intelligence which it has brought i9 that Copied above. A considerable reduction in the price of tallow, and other articles usually- imported from the North of Europe, may be shortly expected." Letters from Gottenburgh state, that fctO vessel's ( part of a fleet of 270 sail which left Carlscrona under convoy, but s > me" of them got aground at Malmoe, and others put. back because they could not keep up with the convoy) were collected there, and would sail for Great Britain the first opportunity. Many of these ships were laden with Russian produce, which the Merchants had con- trived to send by a circuitous route. Ths contest which tbe Africa had with- the Danish gun- boat-, was for the protection of the British traders which she had under convoy. On tfie I- 1th ultimo 140. merchant vessels sailedfrom Carlscrona under convoy of the Africa. Wheii'tliay arrived off Drago, they were attacked by be- tween thirty and forty" gun- boats. Thrte of the vessels were captured; and had it not been for the very great exertions of Capt. Barrett a d his crew, a considerable part " of the convoy would have been taken or destroyed. The Africa suffered severely in protecting it. Exclusive of the damage she received in her hull and rigging, she has sus- tained a lms of 20 killed and 40 womrdetl. Other accounts state 10 killed and 30 wounded.— Capt. Barrett having first seen the convoy safe through tbe Sound, was obliged to put back to Carlscrona to repair. Tlie British troops in Spain are to rendezvous at Val- ladolid. They will amount to about 40,000 m- n. A body of ahout 10, two men are ta remain in Portugal. It is said that Sir J. Craddock is going, out to Lisbon, to take the- Command there, in. tbe room uf General Burrard, who has been recalled. We hear, that 7000 British troops have been ordered from Malta and Sicily to Spain. The opening of the Court of Enquiry, respecting the Con- tention ( if Cintra, Which was expected to take place this day, is unavoidably delayed by the absence of material witnessed It is n'oV said that the cOUrt will be'ripened on Monday next ; but. should not Gcnerals Burrard and Spencer arrive in tile mean time, it will' of course be still further delayed. A schism hat taken place in Staffordshire, on the subject bf the intended meeting, to consider of an Address to his Majesty, on the Convention of cintra. In the requisition to the High Sheriff, Mr; Charles Wolseley stated tM'the bad aurthority to sign the same on behalf of the Marquis of . § tafford, the Earl of Shrewsbury, Sir William Worseley, Sir ' ) wald Moseley, and'sevMI other Gentlemen;' anil, Mr. Blount stated that he had a similar ailth: rity flam Lords Pt. Vincent Anson, Stourton, and two other Gentlemen. Tilt: High' Sheriff, if! his notice for convening the" meeting Bp cifieillhe mode ill whieb'the_ signatures had been con- veyed to him.' TbS Marquis of Stafford, on seeing this advertisement, published a_ counlei'-; ub'<' rtisemerit, pr. » te t- ing against the inside- which ihe High Shi- ii. rf had, adopted,; as irregular and, unprecedented, a d declaring that'by will tiot attend the meeting rami Mr. Wolseley and Mr. Blount . hive published' a . letter,. , a'rrai;; r. irig the conduct of the High sheriff,.' wfjo ihpst, they say, have known that the ' letters 1 Key sent " him were intended' for his private in- f. n mati, ui,'.; to a---, ui; e, lniii that tb- y had authority for wha L Gentlemen, ofF. s ex f. v- Mwrflief bit the' suhf ict of the Con venti. nl, alledgiuaf that tlle.' m ijority at the Kist. mee ting was' contrary to bis decision, the'High' Sheriff has refused to. convene A second meeting, saying, he does not See the propriety of troubling the country a " second time, when their disapprobation of the business has already been so ^ ppletely expressed, Lieutenant William Upton, of the 10th Light Dragoon", VAi lately tried by a Court Martial, charged with having, on the 27th of " March last, posted a paper in a public billiard room at Hythe purporting that Major Vonge his superior officer, then Brigade Major t Hythe was " a scoundrel, a coward-, and a disgrace to bis profession;" being contrary to his duty as an officer, and to thepre- iudie* of good order and military discipline. The Court found him guilty of writing the' paper, of causing it to be JKi. ted, .. ill .) f afterwards giving publicity to it, and tbcre- u- tv' sentenced Lieut. Upton to be CAshired; but on a reference to the very severe and unjustifiable language made « v i? I y Major Young, to the prejudice of Lieut, upton's character and honour as an'officer and a gentleman, and wbieb expression* Major Yonge refused, to disavow, the Court regretted that no discretion was left it to adjudge a wilder sentence ; and having maturely considered this provocation, and the very high testimonials which J. ieut. I'ptnu produeed in favour of hi" character, not only as an Officer, hut also as a peaceful anil amiable member of society, it humbly recommended Lieut. Upton to his Majesty's clemency.— His Majesty, however, considered the offence to he so flagrant a breach of subordination and military discipline, that Ire could' not attend to tbe repre- sentation, without prejudice to the service, and has there- fore commanded the sentence to he carried into full effect, and to be read at the head uf every regiment, and entered in i he orderly books. Agues have been' uncommonly p*;. valent duriiift tbe last autumn, attended with' more than usual severity, and several irregular symptoms whieb. . have uot so readily yielded to the general remedies. C< iVf. NT- GArDeN THEAtre.— T[> e exact sum which the proprietor* have to receive from tbe insurance, offices is 44,50* J. They have al- o given out proposals for raisins 50,000/: by - subscription, in Shares of 500;.. each, to be paid in five installments, f. ir which each subscriber is to reecive a clear 25/. ps r annum fur fclS years ( the remaining term of the lease) Vitlt an annual transferable free admission.^ ' Uie whole of this 94,500/. is to be appropriated to the hi ilding ami fitting up of a . near. theatre, of which- Mis robert fairlye, juu. is to be the architect. M/. TIK- t. AWE, Monday, Nov. 7. We had a reasonably large supply of Wheat tor to- day's market, but not much spring corn of any species; the prices; which had advancid considerably at the close of laitweek, under the presSure of a very eager demand, reverted this morning nearly to the cur- rency o" f, Monday, the 31st of October, except tor particular parcels of superfine White Wheat, whereof we now see some few samples from different districts, nearly, equal in point of quality to the, growth of lastye'ar; tbe middling sorts had also a heavy sale, and some quantity remains over the day. Peas of both sorts are cheaper, and new Beans; but old Beans, Barley, and Oats are all dearer^ the present arrival being ra- ther inadequate to the wants of'the consumers. In other respects we find no material alteration, nor any thing impor- tant to advise, but refer to the list subjoined:— Wheat 7b's. to loo's.— Rye 5Cs. to 53s.— White Peas 9fa. to 140S. Grey Peas 3rts. to G0s.— Horse Beans iSs. to 80.?.— Tick Beans 50s. to 70s. Long Pods 40s'. to 5- 2s. Broad Beans 65s. to 120s.— Barley 4 is. to s- is.— MaltyGs. to » 0s.— Oats 30*. to per quarter.— English Household Flour 88s. per sack.— Carraway Seed 40s. to 4b" s.— Coriander Seed 10s. to 14s. per cwt.— [ tape Seed 38J. to 47/. per last.— Brown Mustard Seed 12s. to 18s. White ditto fa. to 1 - 2s. Gt/.— Tares 8s. 10 13s. per bushel. SMITHFIELD MARKET, Nov. 7. This day's market was amply suppled with prime Beasts, and the shew of other cattle was considerable— There were 225!) head of Neat Cattle, 15,500 Sheep, 300, Calves, 2 > 0 Pigs. The prices were, Beef 3s. IOIZ. to4s. 0,2. Mutton 4s. Sd. to4s. 8d. Veal 5s. Gd. to Ss. 8d. Pork 5s. Sd. to Gs. id. per stone of 8lb. to sink the offal. The sales in the Hay Market were very considerable.—' Hav 5/. los. to rd. 10s. Clover l> 7. fa's, to 71. 7-". Straw 1/. 12s. to 1 /. 18s. per. load. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, Nov. 10, 1808. ON Thursday, the \* llh instant, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat for the undermentioned Articles for the Service of this Port, to l- e delivered in- one Month, which will be paid for by Bills patj- c& le with Interest no days- after date, viz. ENGLISH WHEAT, 1000 Ou rter's, to weigh 57 lbs. per Bushel, and in cose it should weigh above 57 ll'S. per Bushel, the over- wci^ lit will he paid for. KILN- DRIED HOUSEHOLD FLOOR, 500 Sacks, answerable to a Sample that will be producrd at the time of Contract. No regard will be h'id to any Tender, in which the price diall not. be inserted in words at length, or that, shall not be dethiTid before twelve o'clock on the said \ 7th instant, nor unless the person • rho make ihe same, or some person on -. ailed for. IVM. REEKS. their b tue pi ehulf, attend to answer thereto when. called fur. N. B.— The Conditions of the Contracts may be seen tit my Office. [ 241 ri TO BUILDERS. HAMPSHIRE. IS Majesty's Justices of the Peace assembled at . the last General Quarter Sessions, held in and for the said county, having determined to. rebuild the County Bride- well at Gosport, at a sum not exceed- ng £ 9000, txclusne of the old materials, and having directed that advertisements should be inserted in the public papers, calling upon persons to offer plans and specifications for rebuilding tbe same : No- tice is hereby given, that any person or persons wdlina to offer a Plan and Specification, and to contract tcr rebuilding the said Bridewell at a sum not exceeding £ £ 00!.<, ate. requested to send the same . sealed up) directed to ' he Clerk of the Peace at Winchester, on or before the ist day of December next. " TllOMrS WOODHAM, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. WINCHESTER, October0-'= Q « . PSG Fisherton, IVilton, Heuteibur//, IVilloiighby- hedge, and Kedtione Turnpike. FIE next Meeting of . the Trustees will he held on Monday the 2ist of the present month, at the house of William Cowdry, the Bell Inn, in Wilton, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. 233] JAMES CHARLES STILL, Clerk. MANOR OS CHR1STCHURGH TWYNEHAM, HANTS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That a COURT of SURVEY will be h H at the George In i, in Christ- church,. oil Thursday the 17tb day of November instant, at tea o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of examining the several Leases and Copies of Court Roll flow t t-. i; ting ifi the said Manor; and all persons holding Est tes. therein -. rere- quested then and there to produce the said Leases r. t Copies, and come prepared by themselves or agents to st.:. the num- ber of Lives now in being on the same E nates respectively., and where residing. And Notice is her,, by also , ven, that unless all Arrears of Suit Rents now due to tlie- 1 rd of the said Manor are at the same tune paid, the seve. ll p. rsons making default will be instantly proceeded against for its . recovery,. By order of JOHN SPIF. KCB BRANDER, Esq. Lord ot the said Manor. [ 180 Nov. 3, . iHna. Wm. HOOPEP. Steward. TO BRICK- BURNERS. .4 NY peisons witling to CONTRACT for MAKING X*. a great Quantity of BRICKS, at the Kiln of the Ad- s'ertiser, at per thousand, are requited to send Proposals to Mr. Charles Rattray, Grai. rfge, near Afresford; who will'oir- nish soflr'umt Un lerwnod within a mile from the Kiln, at a fair market pr- ee.— Won' 3," l « b « . [ 220 To Turners, Cabinet- Makers, and others, dealers in WHITE WOODS. OFFICE OF WOODS, & C. - Nov. 4, 1808. rT", 0 be SOLD, in the New Forest, Hants, - A JL large Quantity of remarkably fine full- grown sound HOLLIES, cOveni'iitly situated, for water- carriage, . being Witbia five miles of ( he sea- port of Lymirrrton. For further particulars apply at this . Office, or to Joseph Mortirrter, Esq. Owct, near Roms. ey, Hants, deputy, surveyor of . the said forest. Bv qrderof Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor- general, 247J " A. MiLNE, Seer fry. « v i* ! DORSET MILtTIA GENERAL MEETING. _ T a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the said County, held at the King's Arms Inn, in Dofchester, oh Friday the 14th d y of October- I3J8, far. carrying into execution the Acts of Parliament relating to the Militia, it was ordered and directed, That. the first Meetings with- n each of the Subdivisions. of the sairiCduqty, for receiving the Militia, fists, ahd hearing of Appeals thereto, should be held at the times ar\ d places hereinafter mentioned, by ten o'clock in the forenoon, vst. Tunis, IrC. , WW ftf/ t, 1 tn- re held. Red Lion SaMvuio nt. , . Varenani Wimborne; & t Poole / Biartdford Shaftesbury... Sturminster. Sherborne .. • • Cerne Dorchester.. M Beamtnstcr Wareham. Wimborne.... Blandford Shaftesbury... M bturminster Newton- Sherborne Cerne Abbas . Dorchester... Beaminster... And it was further ordered, thaf thi3 present Meeting should stand adjourned to the County Hall at Dorchester aroresaid, on Saturday the" 17th d:; y of December next. Bv order. of the Lieutenancy, i43J ED. BOS WELL, Clerk of the G" neral Meetings I JlstNov. insi 22d 23d altfi 24th 25th 25th 26th 21st New Inn Greyhound Red Lion Swan Half Moon New? Inn County Hall White Hart SARUM, Nov. 5, 1S# 8. rrTHE Gentleman who left his HORSE and LUG? J GAGE at the KINO'S ARMS ISV, SAEISSURY, some time since, is r'e'. u- sted to take or cause the same to be take ® awny, or in'default thereof it will be sold to defray the exl- pen.- e f the same. . J , - [ 2U8 A RECANTATION. 7HEREAS I THOMAS ORCHARD the Elder, of Aldbourn, . in the county of Wilts, have maliciously anil unjustly uttered several abusive expressions tending to " defame the character of Mr. Thomas HiTj, in hijS capacity of Overseer Of the Poor, of'the parish of Aldbourn aforesaid, for which he has directed an action to be com- menced against me, but bath consented to stay all further proceedings on having a public acknowledgment of my con- duct, and all expences paid : therefore I do hereby caudidly dtclare tp the said Thomas Hill jh particular, to the parish of Aldbourn in general, and to the public at large, that Such ex- pressions were uttered in the moment of wrath and disap- pointment— that the same were unjustifiable and groundless— and I do hereby ask his pardon for having wrongfully made use of such abuse ; and recommend this recantation to the notice of all such persons as are in the habit of being more free with the Conduct arid character of others; than attending to their own'. Witness my hand this '/ th day'of November 1808. The M irk of / Witness) J. LA- TELL, THOMAS X ORCHARD, ' Ramsbury, the Elder. [ 424 NEWFOREST, HANTS: WANTED to purchase, in any part of the NetV Forest,— From Two to Four Hundred Acres of FREE- HOLD. . Any person having such a property to dispose of, may hear of a purchaser by applying ( if by btter, post paid) to J. R. Knight, Anderston, near Blandford, Dotset. [ 234 WANTED, A CURATE, to undertake the Duty of i CURACY in Hampshire. - For particulars apply to the Printers; postpaid. [ 174 tj1 There is ho P. rsonage- houSe.— Salary . fioZ. per ann. WANTED,-— A CLERGYMAN, to servft a Curacy in Wilts. - For particulars apply to A. B. Post- Office, Salisbury; if by letter, post paid. [ 225 TO THE CLERGY. WANTED immediately, or at Christmas next, — A CLERGYMAN in " Priest's Orders, to take the Care of a considerable Parish in the eastern part of Dorsetshire. — There is a House,. Garden, and two- stalled Stable. Particulars may be known by appl'ving ( if by letter, pet paid) to the Rev. T. Hobson,' Pentridge, near* Woodvate'i Inn, Dorset. [ 144 WANTS A PLACE,— A young WOMAN," IT) years of age; perfectly understands the Mantua and Dress- maling business; wishes to engage herself as LADY's MAID. She can come well recommended. Address ( if by letter, post paid) to A. D. to be left at the Post office, in Stockbridge, Hants. [ 251 WANTED,— A YOUTH, about If) rears of age, of respectable connexion, as anAPPREXTICF to a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST : he will be treated in every rcspect as one of the family. Apply to Mr. Larkworthy, Weymouth ; if by letter, post paid. N. B. A Premium is expected. [ b' 3 WANTED,— A steady Woman, as PLAIN COOK, in a small family.— She must have an undc- n able character.—— Enquire of the Printers. ffir V17" ANTED, in a small family in the Country,— TV A middle- aged MAN, that can be well recommaided, to take care of two horses and to wait at table. [ 189 Apply ( postpaid) to Mr. Clark, bookseller, & c. Dorchester. WANTED,— A steady M. Ttf, of light weight, a? GROOM, and to'Wait at Tabic occcas'onally.— He must thoroughly understand the Business of a Groom, and his character bear the strictest enquiry; none, other need apply. Enquire at the Printing Office, Salisbury; if by letter, post' paid. " '.. • - [ 2ii7 A NEW YACHT, ABOUT three Months off the Stocks, thirty feet in length, twelve - beam, and six feet to deck. She is one of the Completes! Cutters ever launched in Southampton ;' cabin full head room, will dineten persons, and accommodate seven beds on couches, & c. For price, and other particulars, apply to Mr. Shaw, merchant, High- street, Southampton. [ 77 New Trawl, large Seine, and Mesh Nets., if required. FOR SALE,- iiOUCi [- PHAETON, almost p. w— colour yellow ; it Ins a bead, is remarkably light, and will occasionally hold five person's. * . " ' v [ 2GJ For further particulars enquire a: the Priming- Office. TO be SOLD,— A Pair of very fine BAY CHA- RIOT GELDINGS, one five the other six years oRL warranted perfectly sound, steady in birness, and free fr-' m vice.— Lik ' Vis- a v - ryhandsome •' AReUCl. lE.^ ANDAU. For p: u ' iculars mply to t e Printers offthis Pap itf.'- tajrii.- • —— ———''•' ,.— 4"" X), be SOI. D, — A DRUGGIST'S^ SHOP, we 1 esta'd 1 ; una Sea- pottT wn in the W; sfof England. For par ie 4i:, r » npp. y XM pa d) to tbe Printt; s. . [ 212 ' - A neat BAROUC1JET, ot BA- BR- EWKRV TO lifi DISPOSED OF. " X) be DISPOSED OF, •.... . j. Lbvr. l lerms.'. Tn a ,4. nopul" Uo C ty n { he ' A . it . iglt d,— An exten.' ivc BREWERY, in which- a very C": d. r . ble- bus iv. ns may be c rried '. 3. - — Inv it.' d ate po « .'•• m, y^ j^ Sfl, and titrrti r' particulars known, ovi applicauon .' if by letter,' pngtag- paid) • tO; Mr. Bir. H selie tor, A i: ioyer, Hants. , (-! 4 1 MANSION AND ESTATE, HANTS, npo be SOLD.— About ^£ 701) a Year, with,, a. I MA- NOR- of FREEHOLD, and about £ » aoo a Year of LEASEHOLD, in a very respietablene'ghboUrhood, with - good road., — file. House is fit for the residence of a middle- size! family; t is c pable of considerable- improvement, rs ' in the center of the Hants Hunt,. ami t'ne stabling is excel- lent.— Mure adjoining. property may be bad, if required. Apply to Mr. Perry, , Branidean, to shew the premises, where a map and particulars may be seen ; and Mr. Webb • will attend at the Fox, Btamdean, near Alresford, to tr. vt for th; Sale, the 15th ot' Nevember in » t. [ IG7 CHOICE MADEIRA. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. SHARP, at the White Horse Inn, Romsey; on Thursday the I7Jh of November 1808, at three o'clock in the afterhpon, in quan- tities to suit the purchasers,— Upwards of . one hundred JX> zfn of. choice Londan particular MADEIRA, in bottles, belonging . to. a. Gviiticman about to sail for the. East Indies. For further particulars and samples, apply at the Up-' h. otstery- W'. re'houses of tbe Auctioneer, in Romsey. [ iSiS HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the King's Arras, Murrell Green, on Thursday the 17th of November, VinS, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subjept to the condi- tions of sale to be then produced:— The UNDERWOOD in Holmingwood Coppice, in Mur- rel, subiect to Tvthe. The UNDERWOOD in Little Blackwood Coppice, in Ro- therwick, Tyths- free. [ 179 For particulars apply to Mr.- Wm. Ellis, at Tylney Hall. GO'SPORT. YpOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, oil t Thursday Nov. 24, 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,' — T'nc good CLINCH- BUILT CUTl'ER LORD Nufsdrr. Dimensions:— Length ,15 ft. ! 0 in.— Breadth 18 ft, 10 in.— Depth in Hold 7 ft. 5 in.— Built at ' Bridport in the year 17,09, admeasures 75 tons, is coppered, anil pierced for 14 guns and has 10 mounted; completely fitted for an hired armed cutter { i. 11 which employ she was for a considerable time], or a pri- vate vessel of war, being abUntlantly found in warlike and every descript on of stores, a remarkably fast sailer, - and vt'orthy the attention of any. person - wanting a cutter for either of the above purposes. , For inventories and other- particulars applv to 248] MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker. - GOSPORT, FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the DolphiVi Jnii, on Thursday the 24th of November, lnoat. at ten b': cluci in the forenoon,— The FOLLOWING GOODS'; for Home' " Consumption! •*:*-'.'* 8.000 Hides, in the hair, 911 salted, landed from tbe Portuguese ships Amizade, Pernunlbucano, PacqUet de Rio, and. Fama, from the Brazils. For catalogues and further particulars', apply three days before the sale to Robert Forbes, Esq. Agent, or to 1P5J . MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker. A BAKING, GROCERY, AND CHEESE BUSINESS, • WITH THE PREMISES, TO he SOLD by AUCTION, - on Wednesday the 23d Of November, at six o'clock in the evening, at the India ' Armc Inn, in Gos'p'cSrt, if not sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely notice will be given in this Paper,— All that DWELLING- HOUSE, Shop, Bake- house, Ware- house, Sec. See. situate in the centre of H gh- street, and ne3f the Market- house, in Gosport, now in the occupation of Mr.. John jukes, the proprietor ( who is abeut to retire to Wiltshire) ; has been tor upwards of thirty years, and is now, in fuli trade, ahd well worth the notice of any young person anxious to get forward in life. Further particulars may- be known on application to the said Mr. John Jukes. N. B. Great part of the purchase- moncy may remain se- cured oa the premises at' 4 per cent. [ 17a To the GENTLEMEN, CI. EHGV, and FKSEHOEBERS, of the . County qf SOUTHAMPTON. GENTI- F- MEN, THE Death of Mr. THOMAS BLANDFOKD having occasiohe'd a vacancy in the office of one of the RE- garded of his Majesty's New Forest, 1 beg leave to solio. it the honour of your votes and interest to succeed liina ; and should I be so fortunate as to become the object of your choice, I pledge myself to fulfill the duties of the Situation with punctuality. * [ 114 I have the honor to be, GENTEEMF. V; ' Your most obedient humble servant, Godwin's Croft, Chistchurch, • JOHN ALDRIDGE. Oct. - JTT, 1303. NAVAL EDUCATION. \, TR. BRADLEY, who for fourteen years was 1 fr. l second Master of the Royal Academy in Poftsmouth Dock- yard, has opened a . SEMINARY for'the reception of Six young Gentlemen intended for the Naval Service: the adv antages they will derive, both from the mode of tuition and local circumstances, it is presumed, must be apparent. Gentl- men designed for the Royal Naval College in Ports- mouth Yard, wiil ' find this Acadcmy peculiarly adapted for their preparation,' Terms, & c. maybe known by applying to Mr. Bradley, at his house, No. 144, Queen- street, Po'rtsea, Hunts. [( GO o Ciock. rpi 1 1 BRISTOL, BATH, AND PORTSMOUTH ROYAL MAIL COACH. THE Public are' respectfully* informed,, ' that A MAIL- COACH commenced running from the Biisit INN, BRISTOL, on Wednesday the 19lli of October, 1808, at Three o'C'ock in> the Afternoon,' from the WHITE HART, BATH, at Five o'Ciock ; through SARUM and SOUTHAMP- TON ;— and wijl leave PORTS. MOUTH every Afternoon at Five ' . [ 142G CHE AC TRAVK LLLX G. HE PROPRIETORS of the Old SALISBURY COACHES, from the Black Horse and Chough Inns, Salisbury, the Bell and Crown Inn, Holborn, and Saracen's I lend 1.111, Friday- Street, Cheapside, respectfully return tli. mks for jiast favours. We have ever considered cur Couqhcs trtfly Commercial; it Comimrce is tp be supported by fair p- itsOiLs, we claim tbe priority ; fair gains, with a tee. ird tp the public comfort, has been our utmost study ; we do r£; t profess to convey small parcels fur a less price than the postage of letters; we hold out no such artifice ; we have no such commercial views as our Opponent; wr wish; not to injure the revenue by pirating the Post- olliV'J, Or other Coach Masters. That the public may be in possession of the views of such a Speculator, we think it our duty to explain them : ^ By injuring onr trade, he presumes oh gettinc oar- Coaches re- moved to his Inn, which he assures us is his only object foi opposition.,; by reducing the carriage of parcels to Cid. he calculates 011 the numb- r he shall ctjnvey, and what thfc ports rage and booking of them will amount to,— far more thisn the carriage. To countcract such pursuit, and to protect a trade we have a fair claim to, We pledge ourselves to the Inhabitants of Salisbury and Andover, to convey the public as cheap, in better carriages, and with'morc expedition, Pthan our opponent, and will take in and book all p '. reels, & c. free from the charge of boqklpg, and will safely deliver them in London free from the charge of porterage,. . ... . WHITMARSIL, FAGG, PENNY, AND BROWN, 1355] PROPRIETORS. LOST, supposed to be STRAYED; from Bet « 1 FT JI^ TR'** 0 ' wo- year- djd HEIFERS, marked iH ! H* left horn EC; one of them, tile top of the fight ear cut off, black and white ; the other red. and white.— Whoever Will bring either or both of them, or give information Where thet may be found, shall receive HALF A GUINEA for each and all reasonable expences. Like ., ise oile tw'o. year- oldnEIFER, red and white ( almost all white), hef horns lay very wide, has had a calf last spriris; antl one yearling HEIFER, white, and red sides, marked , iu the horn H I W — I he same Reward will be paid for each; by 1 nomas Cole, South wick, near Fateham. [ 235 l^ OUND, in a field belonging to Thomas Steel; bf JL Ashmanswonh, Hants, on Tuesday ihe 18ih day o^ Octdbcr, 1808, Fifty- two WETHER LAMBS, marked 4ith H— Any person proving them to be their property may have tnem again by paying the expences and keep; and if not owned by the. 28th day of November, thev will be sold to ds- tray the expences and keep.— Ashmansieofth, Nov. 7, 1803. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of ', Chancer}', made in a cause POORF. against COI. UNS. the Creditors of EDWARD POORE, late offsorth Tidworh, in the county of Wilts, Esq. who died in the year 1787? < ire peremptorily to come in and prove their Debts before A LEX- ANDER POPHAM; tsq. one of the Masters of the Said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- hue; London, on or before tbe 5th day of December, isoS, or they Will be excluded the Benefit of the said Decree. [ 250 WILLIAM ROBINSON, DECEASED." ~ ' HE ADMINISTRATOR of WILLIAM ROBIN- SDN, late of Hulhvincton, in the county Of Wilts, Dealer, deceased, particularly requests all Persons who hav » any Detnands on the Estate of the deceased, to deliver an ac- count thereof at the Office of Messrs. Guy and Michell hi Cbtppenhan-., his solicitors: and. that all Persons who are in- debted to the said estate, on have any property deposited in their hands on the decfascd's account, will immediately pay such debts, and give notice of their, having such property, to Messrs, Guy and Michell. CHIPPENH/. M,. Noveml- t nl- er 1, ISOS. [ 153 THE NEW COMMERCIAL COACH, From the THREE SWANS, SALUHH- RY, to Hie BELL SAVAGE, LCDGATE- HILL, LONDON. J^. DWARD PROCKTEIl and Co. respectfully rc- M2J turn tiianks to their friends of Salisbury, Wilton," An- dover, ato, t'Or the very liberal encouragement they have re- ceived; and beg to inform their friends', that for th - ir'better ac'comniodatipn,'' the NEW COACH now, runs from Lon- d in and Salisbury- every Afterijoan, Saturday . xcepted. Petfofjiied by terno,- EDWARD PROCKTER, GEORGE MATCFLVM, and CO. '"' N B. Carriage of smay^ arceis, under'one pound weight, fiu. nly, as usual. PRO'CKTF. R and Co. also particularly request their friends in th; country will be particular in otd ling their cirresp> n- ilents t rend their servants with tbe parcels to the Ofti'- e in the Yar I, as Fagg and Co. . ire endeavouring to establish an ijfii- f, under the Gateway iiii the Bell Savage entrance', to « i-- le'jil| Prockter- and Co.' s friends. . A I'AljCEL tlART, for the accommodation ' of P.- ockter, Matchaqi," apd Co.' s, friends resident at WILTON, will be v. erj sl> mr{ jy ready to " convey their Pa reels, & C. to andTtom the Lodlon Coaqh- s. / FREE of AVY E. XPENCE WJIATEVER.— as it is, tfieir fu. tt. determination that their Salisbury and Wilton friends shall 6e accoriimodated upon much mote liberal prin- ciples than betoret their concerns commenced. Salisbury, Oct. 5, 1808. [ I; ifi2 , LONDON AND SALISBURY O'teap and safe Conveyance of Goods hy the way of ... 1 BASINGSTOKE CANAL. TOHN-' EOWMAN begs leave to remind his « .'? Friends and the'Public in general, that'his BARGES CONTINUE LOADING WEEKLY at the Hambro' Wharf,- Upp: r Thames- street, London; and his WAGGONS, three times per week, at the Batingstokc Wharf, ton SALISBURY,- fur, the conveyance of Goods and Merchandine, at^ s. lod. per cwt. N. B. Such, as arc well- wishers . to this concern, are re- quested to be very particular ill giving their orders in London for the I lambrb'- Wharf and Lowman's Barges. BASINGSTOKE W HARF, Oct. 2b, 1808. . [ 0.0 ANCHOR INN, REDBRIDGE. ' MARGARET BLANDFORD, ( Widow of the late TIIOMAS BLiN'pFonff, of the Anchor Inn, Red- bridge,) ' begs to return her most grateful thanks to . the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, for the kmd support which, her late husband. experience'!, and t." solicit a continuation ot the same kindness to herself and ft—'*?, tpwuHt^ j her friends that it will ever be her grcatcut ambition to merit their favour, by an assiduous attention to their comfort and- convenience. " Neat post- chaises, yviYli able bonis and ' careful- drivers; WINCHESTER, October 17, 1808. JAMES BROOK MAN, with the utmost respect, begs leave to iiYfcrm the nobility, gentry', and public, his employers and friends, he has this" dav- relifiqttished • his ROAD WAGGON BUSINESS, in wvour'of Mr. WILLIAM BURNETT, on whose attention trrol exertion, tp. give general satisfaction he places . fall reliance, and for whom he earnestly entreats a continuance of; the distinguished favours he hiis'so • lon^ b& d the happiness tp ehjoy. Hi* cannot let the present opporfunity escape without re; turnlne: Bis heartfelt thanks forme kind p'ttferehce which hat been shewn him for a long course of years, of which he will ever retain the most grateful remembrance. [ So ; WrILLIAM BURNETT, Successor fb. Mr. BROOK. MAN, respectfully solicits the same coiinte,- njpee and suppott_ frpm the nobility; . gentrjj and public general, residing in the line of his business, which hi? Pii> decess'or had the honour to receive,' and humbly assures them he shall anxiously endeavour to carry on the business in a ' way which Will be entirely satisfactory to the numerous ait- " plqyers of his waggons. '"" He i is not answerable for Glass, China, or other Earthen'- • wSire, . if broken or damaged in. his custody; nor can he ac- count for any Money, Plate, Jewels, Bank Notes, Watches, Writings, or any parcel of an extra valuable'. nat. ure', unless the same is delivered to ths Book- keeper as Such, and the u'. ual charge for insnrance p ud.. [ 51 . WINCLUSTER, October 17,- 1808. - .' . BLANDFOKD, Nov. 1,1808. SNOOKE; retnrns her thanks to her Friends in Blandford and. 4s Vi. citiity for favours conferred on her late Husband, Mr. Robert Snoglte; and having disposed of the Trade to Messrs. JAJWES and.& AM- u& t. POND", she begs to recommend them, as being Well qualified to continue the Business. Persons who hav e any claim on, or are indebted to, the late R. Snooke, are requested to settle the same with E. Snooke, executrix. [ 170 TAMES and SAMUEL POND, having taken to l3 the Business of BHAZIER, TIN- PLATE WORKER, See. of the late Mr. ROEEIST SNOOEE, request the favour of the patronage of the Gentlemen in the vicinity and tiiwn oi Bhndford, assuring them it will be their aim to merit the same by assiduity in businsss, and by rendering goods on the best terms. " [ 171 ROMSEY, HANTS. A I- k Persons h iyiiiit anv'just Claims on the la* » e IK Partnership of WEST LAKE and Co. are particularly requested to send IJI their accounts immediat Iv, otherwise nb attention whatever will de paid to them; and all persens are desired to settle their accounts due to tbe said Partnership W. th- out delay— a person will wait. cn the parties in a few days for that purpose- , "- A . [ 241 TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. OTICE'is hereby ' given,— That all persons in- debted to the Estate af JOHN TORY, l ite cf Ham- pre- iton, in the county of Dorset, Yeoman, deceased) are re- quired forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to Mr. Edward Tory, of Cbristejiur- h, in the county of Southampton, grocer, the Exccut rof the deceased; and all persons having any Claims 011 the Estate of ihe deceased, are desired to send the same to the ab we- named Kdwunl Tory, ot to Mr. Leer, attorney, atKlindfor!.— ' idled AW. 2, ' RoJf. THOMAS ALEXANDER'S CREDITORS. FIRST and Final DIVIDEND of the Estate a'd Effects of THOMAS ALEXANDER, of Wt> r- eil, Hants, butcher, w 11 b. made 1 t t'- house 0. Ch . lies Sutton, fje Ge iri, e Irm, in Andover;' on Wednesday ill loth ib. y of November JHOS, at . tW. dve o'clock at n en t, i and amongst sueh or theCreditors of the said Thomas AT xandtr as dr. ady have or. shall before that lay b-. ccme parties t th D it of Assignment of bis Estate and Effects, which is left f r that purpose, at the Office of Mr. Bird, tolv. t. f, Andover, H. n s, to whom such Creditors as have not aneady delivered an cx ct statement t their, accounts, are requeued immsdii- tely t'i transmit tlie same. [! :(,' SALISBURY.- TO CREDITORS. ~ r" piIE Creditors of Mr. B. W. LEWIS, late of the X city of. N. w Sarum, Dv r, . ate h rebv infiirmed, that the second and final Dividend of Six Shillings and Three Pence in. the Pound is ready to be pai. d. them, on pp. icat. on at t'ne Office of Messrs. Wilmotand Godwin, in Sal. sbufy. Sarum, Nov. 10, 1808. (".->:;<) A '- BIN'S CHILBLAIN WASH; a certain Cure l x. fitr that disagreeable and troublesome complaint, CHIL- BLAINS, which aie generally removed bv only one application of the above Wash'; but if ever so bad b'roke, two or three times bathing " the part will entirely disperse the turnouts'! though ever t, o swelled or inflamed. Sold in botfjes at Is. 1 ^ i. each by Bro- Jie, Dowding, and Luxford, at the Printing Office, Salisbury. r- 252 HPHE Heat and Irritation of the Skin, so prevalent J5. on'the'approach of Cold Weather, are immtd'ately re- moved by. SPILSISURY's PATEN T ANTI SCORBUTIC andeow pox, it is a most admirable alterative. The genuine medicine has the words " Bv the King's Pa- tent" expressed on the bottle, bill of direction, and outside wrapper; and the King's duty is printed in black ink. Sold at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- squarc, London, in small bottl. s • of ' 5s. 1R ; double bottles 10 » .; ar. d larger 1/. 9;. Compound Essence, to allay jaholeasant irritation, 8s. The medicme to be had'of Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, whole- sale venders for the West of England; ahd Eouling and Co. Newport, l ile. of Whjit. ' [ 031 THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Handsortiely printed in - varto, on writing paper, price, in boards, 8s.— To be continued annually, '" THE FARMER'S DAILY JOURNAL, ahd JK COMPLETE Accot NTANT, from Michaelmas tsos, to MieKadftias 130.0 ; recommended to all farmers, as well pro- prietors as occupiers of farms, stewards, bailiffs, fee. a-, the most easy and ready method of'keeping the accooiit£ of a farm ; so arranged that the'plainest capacity, with a know- ke,-." of wilting only, may keep4 most i- ceurate and'satisfac- tory account, as well of the labour as the profits of the farm. . BY A PRACTICAL FARIILR. R. London: Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church- yard ;. sold by Brodie, Dowding, and L « ! tfar>!,' Salb< bur'ry ; and by all booksellers in town and country. [ 2:; i On Tuesday, Nov. H, 11) 01* wilt be published, price as. pd. lioitnd, gilt edges, and paper case.' A MUCH IMPROVED POCKET ALMANACK, ' TJOOLK's LADY's & GEN'TLEMAN'. s POLITE randoms for every day in the year, a Cash ACCount, L'ists'of both Houses of Parliament, great Officers of Statu, useful Tables, and much - other essential. information. Likewise an t. Vtensive Chronology of the mosctemaikable events, an Ab- stract of the principal Tax Acts, & e. ic. Also, price tied shillings, bound in red roan, '* POOLE's. GENTLEMAN'S POOKET MEMORANDUM BOOK, for 1809; Containing a greater Vnriety of useful In- • formation than « ny - other of the same price extant. London: printed for J'.- Pqple,' 43, Fctter- hne, Holbotn 5 Longman, Husst, Recs, arid Orm?, Patemoster- ro'w ; G. Ward, Skinner- street; Champante- and Whitrow, Aldgate ; It'. Rovrney, Hakon- gajrdep; Wilmot and Hill, Borough; and C. Chappie, Pall- Mail ;• and sold by Brodie, Dow'ding, and Luxtord, Salisbury. ' . . . .. - I23S . FOLIO EDITION OF HENRY'S COMMENTARY: • V,' L RLI MR. KQ^ IAINE'S PREFACE. . This day ;, s published, price only EightipeiiCefeticlimMbcX con- ' tinning three ichble sheet-- of large demy letter- press, and - Mfuig q} them four sheets) No'. 1, embellished in( h4an. He- • gant Portrait of the Rev. Matthew Henry - pto - he-. con tinned, weekly) of " .... .. N EXPOSITION oh - the' OLD and - NEW TESTAMENT, wherein eafh chaptsr is'stimmeft up, in its contents; the sacred Te. xrinsert « d - at large in- distinct para*. . graphsf& c. By MATTHEW HENRY,- '• .,., ; . .„-'. , .' Late Minist r of the Gp- ipeL . i ' Printed " and published by J. Stratford, No." 112, Hfflborn-'' 4 bill,. London ; and sold l y Brodie, Dovvibng, arid Luxford,- Salisbury : where may behad, justpublished, printed ih S o.* ori a superfine demy p; per, and be . utiftil newlitf-. T, deeb-' - rated with portaits • f trie most c* l - br- ted . Gospel Ministers, • Views of Chapel's, the. price only six- pence, Number 1. of- a New Work, entitled • • ... EVANGELICAL BIOGRAPHY, being, a complete, aotl „• faithful Account of the Lives, SufEsrinfcS, Experiences, and ' nappy Deaths, of eminent Christians. [. U THE SALISBURY AND WfSCHESTEftr JOURNAL. sas Wednesday's and Thursday's T# sis. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OK NOVEMBER 8. A -'. wiRAt. TT- t/ mc*, Nov. 8> \ pr Joseph I\ i kwoo. l, of th- Ch. ldeTS stoop . nj-, iii a , i « tt>* to Vo- e- Vdifliral Vi- hon, da"- / ,- a, '>-- t.- l> er Id, stat - th. it i « Itad that rn » :'• iirt. ood .1 , >( » beta * » > of h, which had twM i a few ! i - ui-. 1) to, • a iil - e ii id after v. u< sconced and • iie. ul Danish | irfvat-: er, by which ; tiie sloop hao ' ta ' t. vk a Leon taken.' (. 1 « -. omytb, of the Brilliant frigate, in a letter to R I Vlmi al Sir d nund Sagle, Commander in Chief ai (- U n - v, 1 lues the ca| i: nre of a small French privat e b on , i. ig to tleiscoe, which had been fc successful oruizci tig ri'i - t our trade. Vice- Admiral Sir . tames Smmarez h » 1 transmitted a l.- t. ei: f. . nil L eUt. Tims. Well , acting Commander of hi- M * ty's- l p ie tlruiaer, dated off the Winga, the Ist inst. giving , m ac'coum of his having, on that day, fallen 111 with a D uioh flotilla, of ah iut 20 armed cutters, lug- gill's, 111 - Vessels, a'd roW- b ats; and of his having cap- ture! one of them, a ehuit- r. gged privateer, of 10 four- poii- ulors ml .12 men ; th'*. remainder having made their escape by running u nder ike Island of Loesee. BANKRUPTS. Jeremiah Mill nr. of Bnahtlislinstnn, bricklayer. • JeOii SecoO, . f Boweaslli* UeineStle, ( O Kiel0.. OI. o h- rwi .. Ni hoi Itao liari, of O - v- liaw, drover. J. rent . a Ooiiieell. ui, of St. Catherine's, Shi - chuidler. Th misjs Lvon, ef Liverpool, in reliant. Win t n rnomps. ni, ion > f Wolverhampton, grocer. Wal- sr Wore, of H alesworth, sodb- r. Jos : 0h Ri> s .. of Ho el, Somerset, farmer. JRoliert Pa sons, of Lym- oniO. Intl Wiilcombc, Somerset, tcrocer. •-> m tne ig it betvvixt- the 25ih a . d26th of la- t month, icstoop Ruby, of Koibsay, loaded with sugar, from Port •< ov tor B. stol, was put a- hie at Cairngarroeh, six m le; 10 the south of Poiipatriek, and all oil hoard perished. Oil Wednesday eveaing the balloon coach, on its way fr en Birmingham to London, w is robbed of Birmingham ' ;. mk* notPi, to the amount of upwards of 12001. payable lit ' vei- al bankers in London, principally In 5/. and 10/. notes ; il > st of tliein have since been changed by the robbers. NirioMAL DEBT.—\ n amount shewing what his been .1 emed of the National Debt, the Land Tax, and Impe- rial Loan, to the 1st of November, 1808:— ' 1 teemed by Annual M. llion, & c £. 72,202.258 Ditto on account of Loans 71,533,608 ' >. tt i by Land Tax 23,156,429 Ditt i bv I p^ r Cent, per Ann. on Imp. Loan 910,587 Sto k transferred by Life Annuities, up to the \ 2.2fa- b. 02 NEW LOTTERY, LONDON, WEDNESDAY, NOFEMBER 0. French papers to the 30th ult. and Dutch papers to the 3d inst. w re received yesterday. The official Journal of the Dutch Government contains an authentic copy of the pe- eh made by the Emperor Napoleon, at the opening of the session of the French Legislative Body, on the 25th ult. The extract given in our last was correct, but the following important points of the speech were omitted. " The latest laws have laid the foundation of our system of finane . That is a monument of the might and great- no- s ol France. We shall henceforward be able to meet t'i expenditure which might be rendered necessary, even by a general coalition of Europe, bv our yearly income alone, Never shall we be reduced to have recourse to the fatal. expedients of paper money, of loans, ov anticipation of revenue. " The prospect of the great French family, lately torn to pieces by opinions and intestine rancour, but now pros- perous, tranquil, and united, has affected my soul in a remarkable manner. I have felt that, in order to he happy, I should in the Jirst place he assuied that France was happy. " A part of my army has marched against that which England has formed in Spain, or h is disembarked. It is a distinguished favour of that Providence, which has con- stantly protected our arms, that passion has so far blinded the English Councils, that they abandon the defepce of the seas, and at last produce their army on the Continent. " I have ordered my Ministers of Finance, and of the General Treasury, ta lay before you an account of the re- ceipt and expenditure of the year. You will therein see, with satisfaction, that I have not felt it necessary to in- crease the tarif with any impost. My people shall expe- rience no new burden." ft is unnecessary to repeat the passages we before srave, wherein Napoleon expresses his satisfaction at the co d ict of his vassal Princes, his determination to set out for Spain, and, " with God's help, crown the King of Spain at Madrid, and plant his eagles on the forts of Lisbon ;" but it it cannot be too strongly noticed, that in the whole speech, now that we have it complete, there is not the lea t mention of Austria I— Napoleon's thus studi lusly avoiding to commit himself respecting that power sh- ws that lie does not consider the sending of General Vneent to Er ui th as tantamount to the attendance of the Empe- ror of Austria ; it shews that, though he may rely on Au a ria's remaining a passive spectator of the contest in Spain, f, nn dread of RrttssU, yet Napoleon will not hold himself indebted fin that forbearance, but has already resolved on the ruin of Francis, and will set about t. ie completion of that indignant d sign, whenever he returns a conquertr from Spain. The address of the Legislative Body, in reply to Bona- parte, is as blasphemous as the speech itself, and at least as fulsome in its [ li aises of " the Emperor, 1' as any former effusion of that body, It might be read as irony, conveying the most pointed satire on the Corsican, as it praises him nlo- t for those qualities of which he is altogether destitute. Dntc'i pipers down to the 6th inst. and Moniteurs to the 2' i'th ult. were received this morning. The Paris papers speak of some of the objects of the conferences at Erturth.— They say that the Emperor of Ru'- ia and Bonaparte each wrote a letter to the King of England, inviting him to enter into negotiations for peace, They add that Swedish Pomerania is to be ceded to the Duke ol Meekleuburgb, and that since the termination of the conferences several movements have been observed in the North of Germany, relating principally to the evacuation of the Prussian States.— A new army is to be created, under the title of the Hanseatic army, which is to defend the Weser and the Elbe. The Emperor of Kn - ia has a'ready passed through Le'o= ic, on iiis way to St. Pe'ersburyb. Ail article from Venice o*' the 6th of October states, that the Russian ships of wa" which for some time have been lyi g in tli • p n ts of Trieste and Venice, arc lkely to winter in th ne harbours, and that in the latter place sjveral persons have lately been arrested on account of un- guarded p ensions which they mide use of on Certain political u liect . An article from Naples of the 19th f October states, that the Com namler oi . h- E glisp troops in Capri l as capitulated. Th conditions ar- said to be, that the E . lish troops are to be priso levs of war until they shal. be re col irly exchanged, auu that they are to be immediately • i - veved to England. A letter from Con tantinnple states that the new Grand Vizier ha ordered 40,010 troops, 2', 00a of whom are or- ganized aid trained iu the European manner, to march to the Danube. Last night Government received dispatches from the North of Sj u , brought to Falmouth b th • W nd or Castle packet. The eo tents of these di'paci « an; wh dly unknown; but on their receipt a report was im n d'atel. v circulated that a battle had been foug it oo the 24t » ult. a> Z r iost i, Ileal- Ourang >, between th Spani h Patriot. under General Blake and the French arm- un ler Marshal Nov, in which the latter were driven from th ir posts. This report has been kept afloat by ( he p blicat'on of fabricated letters, pretended t> have hen w: ilton from the scene of action, some stating that the- battle was s obo iuately contested, that upwards of tucntj thousand men had fallen on each side! This d si gei. uons artitio leenti to be practised solely for the purpose oi bo . sti . g ol • arly intelligence. Varim- g inline letters from Spain me: tion, however, that t- e - e was an affair of po'ts on the 24 b, a id that the skirmishing eo tinned o. i the 26th. Th • following is an extract of a let'e fr » m St. Awkro, dated O ob: r 31: " General Blake o . a ne a si ght victory o the 4t: i over the French, and o i th: 2othvvis in por uit of them, at about eijht leagues from Biboi. The En li- h Go em- inent, oil this occa io has exe eJed the i. o nils of gen— roslty. It is impo s bl: to see people mire tinted than the English and Spaniards are at prisent." It appears that on the 2Gth ult. Gen ral B! ke's hea' quarters were ai Salignas, 28 m les S. E. of B. b n, au only eight miles N. from Vi. ioeia ; that oil the 27th h reconno tied the position of the French army; and on or about the 1st ilist, it Was expected tb. it a teueral action would take place, the event of which must be of the gveitest importance to the Spanish cause. A letter from Bilboa of the 27th ult. describes the French armv a' being in great want of pro\ isions, and that many desertions daily took place. Mails from Canada and Nova Scoria were received last night. The trade of those provinces is in the most prosperous state. A letter from Quebec, dated Sept. ' 23, Ssvs, " Mr. Jefferson's Embargo Act has been of essential benefit to the Commerce of the Canadas, and the mer- chants here wish it may be prolonged for another year, but tbev are apprehensive" it will end with Mr. Jvffiftwn's jrowiav which will terminate in. Msreh liext.". S7thof October, 1808 / TO BEGIN DRAWING U. ECSMUI. R 13, 1308. SCHEMt. 4.... of... ,£ 20,000.... are. ... £ 80,000 2 . .. 10,000 . .. 20,000 2 5,000 ... 10,000 10... 1,000 6,000 500 5,000 20..... .. ." 1. 100 2„ 000 44 50 2,200 100,. 35.. • 2,500 4,820 15 ... 72, a00 20,0FL0 Tickets!. .£' 200,000 THE Scheme of this tottery exeeeds al it abounds in Capital tPrizes; and in at Total £. 168,029,684 The sum to be expended in the ensuing quar- ter is 2,600,673/. 1 | s. 2(/. OITICIAI, PIUAGF. RS.—- A system of plunder highly in- nriotsi to the Merchants of Bristol, has lately been dis- ; i ered in that city. . Tiie parties are a Constable, a Cus- om- house Officer, and commonly, the boatswain of one of the vessels, whom they engage as a confederate ; by these means several vessels in the port have been plundered of lar. ro quantities of sugar, & e. LAW.— Monday being the first day of Michaelmas Terra, th • Courts were opened with the usual ceremonies.— The reports of the convicts at Woolwich and Portsmouth were read; by which it appeals, that they were generally in a healthy condition. In the Court of King's Bench, the Attorney- General obtained a rule to shew cause why an information, as a Quo Warranto, should not be issued against John Buller, the Lit; Mayor, and Peter Spicer, the present Mayor, of Saltash. The Attorney General shewed cause against a rule ob- tained by Mr. Marryatt, praying for a new trial in the eiuse wherein the Sheriff of Middlesex, in a Ji. fa. for 401) 0/. issued attain- t the goods of the Duke of Sussex, had r- tur ed " nulla lona." The propriety of the return depended on whether the Palace of Kensington was or was not to be considered as a Royal Residence.— After much argument of Counsel pro and con. Lord Ellenborough said the Court would take time to consider it. Yesterday, in the cause " the King v. Anthony Bell," Mr. Sergeant P. 1 shewed cause against a Rule obtained by Mr. Parke, last term, why a criminal information should not be filed against the defendant, who is a surveyor, at Win- cheser, for sending a challenge to Mr. Fitzgerald, of South- ampton. But it appearing by the affidavit made by the de- fendant's Clerk, that Mr. Fitzgerald did not give any provo- cation, or make use of any word6 to that effect, till after the letter containing the challenge had been delivered, — the Rule for acriminal information was made absolute. The Rule for filing a criminal information against Mr. Hu; h O'Dogherty, for a libel on Mr. Hunter, whise daughter he had married, was also made absolute. In the Court of Common Pleas, Mr. Serjeant Best noticed the cause ot Ilurd v. Norris, tried at the late sit- tings at Guildhall, and stated that the plaintiff, an apothe- cary at Shaftesburyi had held the defendant to bail forati alledged debt of 10/. 16s. The Jury had given a verdict for 1Z. 15s. only. The learned Serjaant contended that the , proceedings on the part of the plaintiff had been vexatious, and moved the Court for a rule to shew cause why the de- fendant should not bo allowed his costs, to which he was entitled under Lord Moira's Act, the plaintiff having held him ( the defendant) to bail for a larger sum than he could legally claim. The Court gr nted a conditional rule. The disorderly bands of Irish, whose nocturnal peram- bulations in search of arms, still occasion considerable alarm in that part of the united kingdom, have now as- sumed th: name of Skanavests. At a late hour in the night of tlv 27th ult. the dwelling- house of Mr, Thomas Murray, of IJu moylan, in the county of Limerick, was surrounded by a body of the e ruffians, who, in the mo it violent man- ner, awaked him a id family from their beds, with menaces of instant d struction if they were not supplied with fire- arms. With mind undisturbed, and fortitude unshaken, Mr. M. took post in th: kitchen, determined to die sooner than to com ede t > the mandates of these a sassins, whilst his son stationed himself in the parlour: after some fruitless endeavours to enter, one of the villians discharged his blunlerbuss; the contents ( 14 slugs) pissed through the door opposite to where Mr. Murray was standing, two of which unfortunately lodged in his left arm, inflicting a woun 1 of so serious a mture as to render amputation ( near the shoulder) n cessary The ruffians then departed with- out effeeting their object.— The Irish papers contain other recitals of outrages similar to the above. Lords Donough- mor ; and. Cahir, and several other spirited Gentlenvni, are exerting themsehes to repress these disorders, and have apprehended soma of the Shanavests, and committed them to gaol. At the late Commission in Dublin, a Gentleman named John Smith was indicted for a robbery in the house of Mr. Andrews, at Rathfarnham, in the month of August last; and Mr. Andrews's female servant positively Swore to his b-' irig the person whom she saw entering the window of her master's house, at. three o'clock in the morning on the day itated ; that he swore, with horrid imprecations, he would have money, or take the life of every person in the I muse; that he knocked her down, and she afterwards saw him in her mistress's room, when he called in his gang, and carricd off the plate, witn various other articles. She ] o'nted out Mr. Smith, when several Gentlemen were standing near him ; ar. d on her cross- examination persisted in her know- ledge of his person. The prisoner, in his defence, could only say that lie was in bed at the time ; but as lie was in the habit of letting himself in at. his lodgings, he was uu- a'de to produce particular proof thereof ; and the scene of the robbery was so near to Dublin, that any resident of that city might be an associate therein without being missed f, om his ordinary occupations. He produced proof that he was under no necessity to commit d - preda. i ins; be had 300 guineas lying at the time at Latouche's bank, and he had 100 guineas per milium setttled on him by his father. R. Shaw, Esqi M. P. W. Poole, Esq. Dr. Arthur Aehmuty, and other gentlemen of respectability, deposed that they had known Mr. Smith during the whole of his life, and that he bore and merited the best of characters.— Dr. Aclimuty added, that as a magistrate of the county he had examined a man named Byrne, and h id now a warrant out against that, man on a charge of robbery, who so exactly resembled Mr. Smith in person, that they might easily be mistaken for each other. The Jury gave a verdict of Acquittal, greatly to the sati, faction of a crowded court. Bow- STREET.— On Monday Miss P. of Bernard- street, Russel- square, who on Friday was charged by her female servant with robbing her of IS guineas, attended with her attorney ; but the prosecutrix not appearing, the exami- • ation could not be gone into ; and Mr. Read, who took Tie first examination, being absent, the Sitting MaBi trate would not discharge Miss P. but suffered her to depart, on romise of appearing on a future day. The absence of the prosecutrix is mysterious, as one of the servants deposed, • hai s le and the cook set off together avowedly to come to the office. BREAD.— Yesterday the price of Bread was ordered to be continued the same as last week, viz. 15id. the quartern loaf wheaten, 14d. household. CORN- EXCHANGE, Nov. 8.— Fhie samples of Wheat to- day are rather higher than on Monday; Barley, Malt, White and Grey Peas, and the two sorts of Beans, vary but little in price. Oats are at a further advance. Flour maintain its price. all others, as addition to the usual sum allotted by Government, the Contractor has per- mission of the Lords of the Treasury for him to make A FREE GIFT OF 1,000 WHOLE ' TICKETS, The value of which it is impossible to calculate, as they may contain the following Capital Prizes 4 of £' 20,000 ~ ' 6 of £ 1,000 2 10,000, 10 500 2 5,000 20 100 * & C. & C. There are 20,000 Tickets in the Lottery, with not three Blanks to a Prize ; but there are only Ml, 000 Tickets for sale. A speedy purchase is therefore necessary, as superior benefits are attached to particular tickets drawn the first and second days, and the whole Lottery will be drawn in four days- Shares are entitled to. a proportion of the above benefits. Tickets and Shares are selling at every Licensed Lottery Office, and by their Agents. [ 1353 CODFORD SAINT PETER DIVISION. TTjTE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being ? ? the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, intitled, " An A< U tor inclosing Lands in the parish of Codford St. Peter, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, that all Claims of Rights delivered to us at our late meeting are deposited at the office of MesBrs. Thring and Phelps, of Warminster, in order that ail persons interested in the saitl division may inspect the same, and be prepared to make such objections thereto at our next meeting as they shall deem necessary. And we do hereby give notice, that we intend to meet on Tuesday the 29th day of November next, at the George Inn, at Codford Saint Peter aforesaid, in order ' to receive such objections to claims, and to proceed on the further execution of the said Act. Witness our hand: this 12th day of September 1808, THOMAS DAVIS. WILLIAM JENNINGS. 203] WILLIAM TUBB. EXTRA PRIZES, By which the Purchaser of a single Ticket may gain a Prize of One Hundred Thousand Pounds.' SWIFT and Co. beg leave to reaommend to their friends and the public the Scheme, of the State Lottery, which begms drawing the 13th of December. This Scheme possesses actual advantages beyond any for- mer Lottery, as, over and above the Money Prizes, there are two new Prizes of FIVE HUNDRED WHOLE TICKETS each, one for the first,.; n I one for the second day of draw- ing. It is . possible that the holder of these Tickets may gain the Whole of the following Capitals, viz. 4.... of..., £ 20,000 2.... of....£ 10,000 I 6.... of....£ 1,000 2 5,000 | 10 500 Besides the chance of the other Prizes. Tickets. Halves, Quarters, Eighths, ai, d Sixteenths, are S< dlini5 by SWIFT and Co. at their Offices - in London, viz.— No. 11, Poultry, established in 1759 ; No. 12, Charing- Cross; and No. 31, WhiteChapel; where, in the last and former Lotteries, Prizes amounting to more than a Million Sterling have been shared, sold, and P* id on demand j aliip by thc'ir Agents ia thf Country, CODFORD SAINT PETER INCLOSURE. WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the forty- eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, " An Act " for in- closing Lands in the parish of Codford Saint Peter, in the county of Wilts," in pursuance of the directions of an Act of Parliament made and v- issed in the forty- first year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for consoli- dating in one Act certain provisions usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure, and for facilitating the mode of proving the several facts usually required on the passing of such Acts:" do here- by give Notice, that we have appointed Wednesday the 30th day of November next, to ascertain, set out, determine, and fix, the Boundaries of the said parish of Codford Saint Peter, or of so much and such parts of the^ ame parish as is or are by the said first- mentioned Act intended to be divided and in- closed. And we do hereby notify, that we shall begin our perambulation at the hour of ten of the clock in the forenoon in that day, at the south end of a meadow called North Mea- dow, by an orchard belonging to Mr. James Slade, and pro- ceed between the eastern side of the said meadow and the pa- rish of Codford Saint Mary onward to the Down. Given un- der our hands, this l- 2thday of September 1808, , THOMAS DAVIS. WILLIAM TUBB. 204] WILLIAM JENNINGS. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roa I from the north tiate of the city of Winchester, over Worthy Cow Down, through Whitchurch and Other places to Newton River, in the county of Southampton, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best Bidder, at the house of J,. mes Bhke, known by the name of the White Hart Inn, in the borougn of Whitchurch, on the 17th day of November inst. bi tween the hours of eleven and two of the clock, in the manner di- rected by the Act passed in the lyth year of the rei? n of his Majesty King George the Third, " for Mftulatinc Turnp'ke Roads;" which Tolls produced the last y » « f the sev ia' su ns hereunder- mentioned, above the expences of collecting the same, and will be put up at the respective sums, and in the lots following; viz. Lot 1 .- Swan- lane Gate £ 206 2.— Whitchurch Gate 118 3.— Newtown Gate 136 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for pavnn- nt of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. WILL MONCKTON, Cierk and Treasurer. WHITCHURCH, Oct. 13, 1808. fi42 « NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the T 1 Gat: at Whiteparish, on the Turnpike Road leading from a pond late of Henry Eyre, Esq. in the parish of Whiteparish, in the county of Wilts, to the town of R- om- sey Infra, in the county of Southampton, will be LETT by AJC'UuN to tne best bidder, on Monday the twelfth day of December next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon, at the' iuildhali of the town of Romscy Infra, in the manntr directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his presen' Majesty king George the Third, " for regulation Turnpike Roads." Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must eive secu- rity, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall d rect. 246J TIIOM \ S WARNER, Romsey, Nov. 7, 1808. Clerk to the s id Tros'ces. T « r Haifa, mile from the Sea, Christchureh.— Nea House. I^ O be- LETT on LEASE, UNFURNISHED,-— A HOUSE in excellent repair; containing an eating room 20 feet by 16, drawing room 27 by 18, breakfast parlour, eight bed rooms, detached kitchen with servants rooms over, scullery, larder, china closet, and other. coiMnien& offices y coach- house, five- stalled stable, garden, meadow, and fish- pond ; the whole containing about 10 acres, well wooded and intersected with gravel wallts. For particulars'" and tickets to view apply^ if by letter, post paid) to Clement Sharp, upholsterer, Romsey; or on the Premises. [ 62.9 '. Til'!".'. » '.. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. TUI'- greatest Blemish ta Beaut/ is somwonst Tl A Ilis on the Face, Neck, and'Arms ; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER, immediately remove then,; is at elegant article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use. PRICK 4 » . and U. * » « SoidWTfT:" TCilrfief" or Mr, ' oo' .11 ... I.- ,. ...... DORSET. chambers, with large convenient garrets, kitchcr, and other odices, underground cellar, two willed in gardens, a coach- house, stable, & c. all situate in the South- street, in D lr- cnester, in the county of Dorset, and is fit for the reception of a genteel family, and is only eight miles from Weymouth. For further particulars apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. N. Sticklarid, Attorney, or ' Thomas Currne, Builder, Dor- chester. [ 1057 CHETTLE, DORSET. TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A good FAMILY HOUSE; containing an exceeding good dining, drawing, and breakfast room; with suitable bed ro ans, and dressing rooms; 16 miles from Salisbury, and 6 fon Blundford; very convenient offices, with coach- house an! stabling for 12 horses; excellent kitchen walled gaidtn a id green- house; avery - ood farm- yard, with a barn and 17 ac- es oi' land adjoining to it; w- tbin a mile of two packs of fox- hounds, and in the neighbourhood of several packs of harriers. For particulars enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. John Bennett, Chettle, n ar Cashmoor Inn. [ 70 UPPER CLATFORD, ONE MILE PROM ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A LEASEHOLD- ESTATE, for Three good Lives, the o dest not more than 50 years, the youngest not more than 2- i ; consisting of a good House, with a Baker and Grocer's Shop, a Pig- house, and large Bacon Loft; a large Orchard, planted w th good fruit trees, a piece of Pasture Ground ( about an acre), a large Garden walled in ;— with immediate possession. Enquire of Henry Hayter, on the Premises. ( gjt There are four chambers above, and four rooms be- low, with an under- ground c liar, in the house. [ 181 TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,- COTTAGE and three acres of Meadow Land, situa FREEHOLD. A ... , situate at Cantert n, in the New Forest, near Brock, in the occupation of Mr. Bannister, who will shew the Premises. Also,— Three COPYHOLD TENEMENTS, in the plea- sant village of Hamble, Hants, in the occupation of Messrs. Daston, Rliood, an 1 Gibbs, who will shew the premises. Application for price to be made'free of postagej to John Hunt, of Southampton, or Stephen Hobbs, of Portsea, Exe- cutors to thelite Mr. Stephen Hobbs, of Hamble, Hants. Oct. 28, 1808. [ 1J3 BLANDFORD ST. MARY, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. PERCY and Co. on Wednesday the 30th of November 1808, at the Crown Inn, Blandford, A neat Sashed and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining, and MALTrllOUSE near the same, which will work 20 quarters per week. The Premises are Leasehold, and pleasantly situated in the parish of Blandford St. Mary, and fit for the immediate recep- tion of a genteel family. [ vsa HPO 1 ii Fordiiigbridgc Rectorial Tythes, Hants, be. LETT, on Lease for 10 Years from the oth of October 1808. If the Parishioners are desirous of taking their own tythes, they arc requested to make tenders in writing ; but if lett ti- the respective Occupiers," some of the principal Occupiers must engage for the punctual payment for the whole rent and taxes. A Person will attend at Fordingbridge to treat, on Wednes- day morning the 25th of November; and the tenders must be delivered, d rected to the Agent of King's College, at the Greyhound Inn, before that day.— Each renter to pay his pro- portion of the parochial r t s and taxes. N. B. Tenders may be made for the whole, or for sp cific parts. [ to' 9 FARMS IN WILTSHIRE. TO be LETT on Lease for seven Years, from La V Day 1809,— The following FARMS, all tythe free, in the parish of Bremhiil, near the Market Towns of Chip- penham and Calne:— A Live ling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 69 aces oi a ible and 223 of pasture land, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Jenner. Also,— A Dwelling house, with suitable buildings, and about 143 acres of pasture land, in the occupation of Mr. Jos. Rich. Also,— A Dwelline;- house, with suitable buildings, and about 45 acres of arable and 180 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mr. Jacob Spackman. Also,— A Dwelling-': ouse, with suitable buildings, and about 23 acres of arable and 104 of pasture land, in the occu- - DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN FORCE, at the King's [ lead Inn, in Wimborne Minster, on Friday tile 18th day of November, 1808, at three" o'clock in the afternoon,— The Fee Simple and Inheritance of and in all that Plot or Parcel of ARABLE LAND, containing 18 acres, 1 rood, and 2 poles, statute measure, situate at Barns- ley, in the parish of Wnnbome Minster aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. William Hooper.- rlmmcdiate posses- sion may be had. For a view of the premises apply to the tenant; and for firm r particulars to vlr. Leer, attorney, Blandford, or at his office at Winborne, any Friday. ' [ 107 Valuable Freehold Estate, called Rentier ley Farm, ijt the Isle of Wight. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs TUCKER and PiTTis, at the Bugle Inn, in Newport, on Saturday the 1.9th day of N sv mber 1S08, at three o'clock in theafter- noon,— An UNDIVIDED MOIETY of a valuable and com- pact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called KENNF. KI. EV FARM; c insisting ot a farm- house and convenient out- buildings, gar- den, orchard, and aboui 102 acres of rich arable and meadow, an I a small proportion of furze land, situate in the parishes of Godshiil and Arreton, in the Isle of Wight, and late in the occupation of Mr, William Bull, deceased, who held the same under a lease which expired at his dece ise. The est » te may be viewed by applying a t the farm ; and fur- ther particulars may be bad by application ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Ki u, solicitor," Lymington, Hants, or' to the luction. crs, Newport. 1154 THE REAL JAPAN BLACK. 1N<>, " Y " Ar ANr> MARTIN. 1. ON DON. THlIIS inv'alilVoIe Gwn'ptiSitioti, with half the usual J. labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil tU- finest linen, is perfectly fVeii from tfny. unpleasant smell, and Will retain its- virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, bv Day and Martin, removed to No, 97, High Holbotn, London; apd by- Brodie, Dbwditie, and Lux* ford. Salisbury,- wholesale a— ts for the West of k'ngland; oulton, Devizes; Simmonds, Blandford; freu » y, Sherborne; liirke, Dorchester; H i'rvey, Weymouth ; Harold, jur. jVMrl- borbU< n ; Skel ton, Southampton ; Martin, Lyn^ ngton ; Croekt'ord, Castle- Carey; and Moore, Poole;' in stons bottles, price Is. 6tZ. each. ' f\ no pation of Mr. Daniel Vines. . 1 Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and ' RiciURaMit. Lr. GAN, a bankrupt, on Thursday the 17th day about 10 acres of arable and 156 of pasture land, in the occu- ol November, l. Ros, between the hours of six and eight in 1 the evening, at the house of Richard Stroud, hearing the sign of the Navy Tavern, near the Dock Gates, in tbe town " of pation of Mrs. Wilkins. Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 77 acres of arabfe and 173 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mr. William Pinnigar. Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 2 acres of arable and 191 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mr. Richard Bridges. Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 27 acres of arable and 107 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mr. Harry Ferris. Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 16 acres of Table and 42 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mrs. Ann Hughes. Also,— A Dwelling- house, with suitable buildings, and about 15 acres of arable and 96 of pasture land, in the occu- pation of Mr. Isaac Hammond. All the Farms above described are situate at or near Charl- cott, in the parish of Brefnhill, about three miles from the Town of Calnc. William Bull, the game- keeper, near Charlcott, will shew the Farms. Calne has a good Corn Market weekly, and is about eight miles from Devizes. Persons desirous of taking the above Farms are to propose the price they will give for the same per acre, and to direct their proposals to the Marquis of Lansdowne, Southampton Csstle, Hants, before the 20th day of November, 1808. Plans of the estates may be seen, and finUltf particulars kiic'wu, ; u Mr, Athe. ton's Ofuvc, in Calne. [ t^ ft BF. I. LKVUE- HOUSE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, scarce Green- house Plants, large collection of remarka- ble fine Pines, Melon Lights, Garden Utensils, fine flavoured w. rics, and other Effects, the property of Josus JACKSON, Esq to be SOLD by AUCTION, 011 the premises, by GEO. HOOKISY, on Monday the 21st of November 1808, and fol- low ngd ivs. at eleven o'clock. The Household Furniture consists of full- sizrd lofty four- post and tent b- edsteads, with printed cotton and dimity fur- nitures; rime beds and b. dding; capita! mahoganv dining, Si. leiioard, Pembroke card, and dressing tables j wardrobes, booke - ses, drawers ; Turkey and Brussels carpets, large- sized floor Cloths; pier and chimney glasses, of large dimensions, in costly modern frames ; japanned and mahogany chairs ; sofas: transparent blinds and screens; a superb chandelier ' 7 lights), lamps of various kinds; a fine toned barrel organ ; patent mangle, washing and kitchen utensils, & c. Sc. To he viewed on the Friday and Saturday preceding the sale, byut; tloeues, price ij, each, which will admit two per-' sons, to be had at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Southampton - ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, byT. RAWLINS, at the White Swan Inn,- on Tuesday the 23d" of No- vember 1808, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such' conditions of sale as will then be produced,— A spacious mo- iern- built' Brick aud Tiled FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with sashed windows, pleasantly situate in the Market- place, Amlover, part of which is now occupied by Messrs. Gilbert'and Heath, bankers, and by'Mr, Alexander, Banks, and the remaining and greater part thereof'by Mrs.. Moore, the proprietor. The premises comprise three parlours, two kitchens; & c.; six bed- rooms, good cellaring, a brew hou's^, stable, and: other convenient odt- buildings, two court- yards, with a back way J end also two excellent Gardens, one uf w'hifch is Walled' in.— The premises are in good and substantial repair, and ex- tremely well calculated for a genteel family, or for business. : For further particulars, and a view of the above estate, apply to T. Rawlins, auctioneer, Andover. . |' f-! i, " ' TO BREWERS, MALTSTERS, & OTHERS. ISLAND OF PORTSEA. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. COI. I, IN3, J. by- order of the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of Portsea : Lot I.— A MOIETY of all that good- accustomcd BREWE- RY, for several years past in the occupation of the said bank- rupt, situate and being in Duncan- street, without the fortifi- cations of the said town ; together with the Moiety of an at- tached commodious MALT HOUSE, capablj of wettitig 22 quarters per week, and fitted with an iron- plate Kiln. N. B. A Moiety of the Stock is shortly to be disposed of, or the parchaser of lot 1 may be accomodated' with the same, at a fair appraisement. The premises are, for their situation, capable of great improvement, and the present trade ( which is carried on by the Assignees) is very good. Possession may- be had immediately. Lot 2.— All that newly erected MESSUAGE, Tenement, or Dwelling- house, with the attached Kitchen, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in Conway- iW, containing in width about 15 feet, and in depth 100 feet, more or less, now in the occupation of the Bankrupt, who will give a purchasei immediate possession. Lots.— A- Picce of Building GROUND, situate on the east side of Coltingwood- row, opposite the garden of lot 2, con- taining in width 30 feet, and in depth 20 feet, or thereabouts. For further particulars apply to Mr. George Grant, Ports- mouth ; Mr. Robert Stroud, Portsea; Mr. William Locke, Biybridj'e, the assignees; or to R, Hart, and G, A. Callaivav, soUauiss, PorUUiou]^, Hants, [ « 4( J USEFUL FAMILY ARTICLE. STAINS OF RED PORT WINE, TEA, FN. IT, Mildew, and every vegetable matter, are entirely re- moved from Table Linen, Leather Breeches, Cottons. Muslins, Lace, and other articles of dress, by HUDSON'sCHEMI- CAL BLEACHING LIMUID: it also removes the above stains from ladies' buff dresses, without injuring the buff co- lour, and restores all kinds of linen to their original whiteness, wnen discoloured by bail washing, disuse, or long seavovagestf without any injury to the teXiure of the cloth. ' Prepared and sold by Hudson and Co. chemists,. 27, Hay- market, London ; sold also by Brodie, Dbwding, and Luxford, on the Canal, Salisbury ; and the principal Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the united kingdom, in bottles, at3s. and 2s. each.' ' [ 1430 THE A. VlbuYNA 100TH- WAViJf. lt, TS by far the most pleasant of any Powler recom- JL mended for CLEANSING and BEAUTIFYING the Teeth; ir will be found to answer every end that a tooth pow- der can reasonably be. expected to do. The A M BOYNA LO'ITON is also prepared for the same purposes. It removes the scurvy, makes the: lips and gums of a healthful red, fasten?, whitens, and preserves the teeth to old age, improves the enamel, arid keeps it from injury ; it is also particularly calculated to remove all offensive particlss from the mouth, and in a short time makes the breath sweet. I he drug from which'tj^ A'rdioyna. Powder is prepared is the produce ot Asia, fust imported by a professional gentle- man of character and fortune, and some of th . first gentle- men of the faculty Who use it declare it a fine stomachic anil bracer; and for safety, proper for an infant. It eradicates the foulness the mouth is subject to, from diet or foul sto- mach, by its purifying and balsamic qualities.. [ I0t4 The Tooth Powder, 2s. 6d.— the Lotion, 4i. 6J. Soi l wholesale and retail " b'y Brodie, Dowdine, aiid f. ux- ford, Salisbury, wholesale venders for the WestotEntlmd. PRACTICAL ARCHITECTURE' This day was published, corrected to thepresenlTime, I'rice 3 s. 6d. tewed, TAYLOR'S BUILDER'S PRICE BOOR, new arranged, cont:.- iniilg' a correct List of the Prices al- lowed bv the most eminent Surveyors in London, to the seve- ral Artificers concerned in Building, with the Journeymens" Prices affixed to each Article. To which are addtd aWictv of important Memorandums and Tables, uscfid t » every per- son, concerned in bui. ding, estimating, or valuing. Now fi; » t selected and composed fur this work, By an EMINENT SURVEYOR. Printed for J. Taylcr, at the Architectural Library, No. 53, High Holborn, London; and sold byBrodic, Dtivdin^, and Luxford, Salisbury: where may be had, lately published, 1. Nicholson's Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant,- illustrated with 7.9 plates and copious'explanations, 18s. bound.' 2. Nicholson's Carpenter's New'Guide, a cortptote Book of Lines for Carpentry and Joinery, with 78 plates, 15s. 3. Nicholson's Student's Instructor in draivine antkworkine the Five Orders, i33 plates, 6s. bound. 4. Pain's Practical House Carpenter. 148 plates," iRs. 5. Tod's Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Ho--' iS- i Green- houses, Conservatories, Sec. on 27 plates, folio- co- loured, Si. 12s, 6d. ' 6. Lugar's Designs for Farm- houses, Farm- vanis, Dairies, Cottages, Sic. 21 plates; quarto, U. 5s. inboard ." ' [ 146 ARITHMETIC! " This day ts published, closely printed, price 9s. Cd. bound, with an ti llommce if the 23th Book, THE ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUSI- NESS, adapted to the practical Use of SCHOOLS- including a complete- reformation < if all the Tables of- Weights and Measures; the " Calculation of Annuities, Leases,- Estates, Lives, Stocks, & c. & c. and more numerous Examples, under every Rule, than are to be found in any other book of this kind By the Rev. J. JOYCE, Author of Scientific- Dialogues, Sec.' Every man of business in the British Empire must recollcsa now much he had to unlearn in the. practice of Arithmetic when having left school he first entered into the comm rcc of life, and also how little he had' learnt which was siri.- tiy ap- plicable to real transactions. The present Svstcm of Xrith- metic, disregarding the fettte. rs of its predecessors, has con- sulted alone the actual and prevailing. ocoasions for the excrc of this useful art. Every branch of trade and manufacture has been sedulously consulted, in the new exemplification of the- various Tables of Weights and Measures; every thin? obsolete or usaless in other books of Arithmetic lots been expunged ; and every thing has been introduced " that is essentially necessary. Printed for Richard Phillips, 6, Bridge- street, Blackfriars; and to be. had of Brodie, Dowdin and all o. her booksellers. Also a KEY to the above, price Ss. 6d. bound. and Luxford, Salisbury* f 13PO NEW ENCYCLOPAEDIA. - This day was published, price 9s. each, containing 27 sheets of letter- press, handsouely printed by Ballantyne and Co in quarto, on a fine wove demy piper, with anew type and numerous plates, engraved in a superior manner from original drawings made exchisiv ly for this work VOLUME I. PART I. and II. of THE EDINBURGH - ENCYCLOPAEDIA Conducted by DAVID BREWSTER, L. L. D Fellow of the Royal Snciery of Edinburgh, and of the Sociel* of Antiquarians of Scotland; assisted by many of the most eminent Literary and Scientific Characters in the United Kingdom. COMPLETE DICTIONARY of ARTS and btdlieMLI'. b ; in Which every article is entirety ORioimi and written expressly for the present Undertaking • which' together with the accuracy and originality of the D signs and the beauty of the ' Engravings, rentiers it on? qf the must va- luable Productions that lias ever been submitted to the Pablic .*,** '' he Work Will be published in Parrs 1 one of which will appear every six Weeks, price 9s. but, for the ' convenience of subscribers, it may be had also- in half Volumes, consist ne of two Parts, price 1 ss. in boards. - - . ' * Printed tor J. M. Richardson, No.- j » , Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchang?.; Johir Booth, Duke- street, Portland- place, London ; Oliphant and Brown, Edinburgh 4 and other Salisbury8$°' d by.^ oi'e," » QwJi9g, and LuxLrd, ;" d^' The Prospectus of the •' Edinburgh EncydSpctdia mar balva 1 gratis of the above Booksellers. ' j74 * ' COMPANY OF STATIONERS, LONDON, TOnTiusduy, Nov. 22, teill ie piibbithfd ' IIE following ALMANACKS, for the Year ISOij. Prtntjd for the Company of Stationers • and sold f- » George Greenhill, Treasurer to the Company, at their Hal in Ludgatc- street,' « tid may be lid of all the bCoksellcrs town and tountry : Wing's Slid Cambridge Sheet— Raven Or I ondtm Shci 1 on a copp r plate.— G '^' smith's Almanack,- on ' a fine ti- mer* for the pocket.— Gentlemen anil Ladies' Diary, Moore Par' • ff^ se, Poor Robin, Season, . White's Cak/ ual Arias and Rider s British Merlin.—' The London and Country Atinaiiack. — r ree . MasOn s Calendar.— VViJls's Complete Clerical Alnta- nack, on a hue paper, adapted for the pocket, neativsewed — Moore s Almanack improved; or Willi's Farmer aiidCoumrv- man s Calendar, containing much useful knowledge Mid i-- r Bro£ M4n* neatly - seWed.— A Calendar to 1 in I w » th the. Pocie- COUNTY ALMANACKS, with Lists of Members of ft*- hairient, Officers of Militia, and various useful Tables rax t. cularly adapted to each county, viz. '" 1. Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Stirrer, and Sussex. 2. Cornwall, Devonshire, Somersetshire, tufilS-- setshire. 3. Gloucestershire. Worcestershire, Hereford Monmouthshire, and Sou^ i Walev- 4. Norfolk, S « ff Cambridgeshire, Ely,- Huntingdonshire, and Bedfottkhire - 5. Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, T. eicest^ sSire, Ritl „, d Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire.— S. Chahire LtinCjish. re, Shropshire, Staffordshire,: and North Wales,-, 7. Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Bucking-' hamshire. 8. Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, S- morland, and Cumberland. ' ^ In order to prevent the many complaints of not rece'. vin- he Almanacks immediately afier publication, hit Z'Sd that ordets be sent on 0, before the 8th of Number Almanacks unsold must lie returned bv the !< 3th o'l'ebra- Si'ySafidtWhiCh " me li'" e"! i0t" f lhsSa" » -* more 4* AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET', AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FROM THE SPANISH PAPERS. Com'NNA, Oct. 26, TIjlE Government cannot conceal from the public the peculiar satisfaction with'which they received the highly esteemed letter of thanks, addressed to them'bv his Excellency J. H. Frere, Ambassador from his Britannia Majesty, previous .. to his departure for tiie me- tropolis. From its. contenfs the inhabitants will learn, with satisfaction, the maris which, by. their just attention to so Worthy a personage, they have acquired in the estimation of his jintannic. Majesty, anil his most worthy Ambassador, whose memory will - always be grateful, both to the Govern- ment, and those whom they represent, fin the letter of Mr. Frere, which follows, he expresses the most grateful sense of . the. respect paid l\ im by the Spaniards, on his arrival at Corunna, and of the distinguished marks Of honour with which thev had received the troops and. subjects Of England, which lie " hails as happy presages of that peace and intimate friendship, which shall- hereafter unite the noble and generous Spanish nation wih England, and assures the Junta that he shall have great pleasure in acquainting the King his m ist r therewith.] His Excellency M. Frereset . off for Madrid on the 24th ;• and, the day- before, hjs, Excellency the Marquis de Ro- man,! proceeded, on the same destination. This morning, for the Tirst time, the British flag was seen unfurled. in the . streets of this city.. - The 23d. and 43d legiivK » hts,. and -. their proportion of artillery and Wjiggon train, were i^ isembiHiked. The men were- marched to tiie. tarrocks, where they . will* remain this day ; . to- morrow, they are to proceed u> Batauzos. These are'to be f. dlowed 1by tb<{ 14th-, and one battalion ' of the Guards, whioh are to leave their transports to- morrow, and after a day's. rest, will, in like manner, proceed tm - theit* Way towards l! ui- g" os^ where they are ail to meet, taking, it is believed, different' roads. Sir John Moore's army is tq johi them there. Their route - will lie ' through Salamanca and Valladolid. The trvtfp; ianded hitf- e. will probably defile to the left, and' leitve to the right the mountains en the north of. Leniiy and pass through Benevento and I'alencia. LONDON, FRl'uAi', . NOVEMBER Hi Hamburgh and Altona- papers",. to the 2gth ult. wtefe received yesterday.— fitters havejflsb been received front the Banks of the Elbe, W'hich'commuilicate the lfitelligeTice* ot' the Vienna Court Gazette having been prohibited at< Hamburgh by order of. the, French. The last mail that arrived at Hamburgh from Vienna, had not been delivered'' at the Hamburgh Post- office, and. the l'eason is'suppolsed to ho, , th » t the Vienna Court Gazette has r'e66fttly. published statements of the'situation of affairs in Sjiain an'tl England, extremely disagreeable to the French Government. A cir- cular, order has also been issued to the French Generals. on the Rhine, to. eatvse all Spaniards, crossing .. the Rhine to go. into France to be arrested, even if they are in possession of nassports. Dutch papers to the ' 6th inst. reached town lagt night.— Louis Bonaparte appear; to be very much distress- ed, between his wish to relieve the miseries of his subjects, and his fear of offending his Imperial brother. In order to . mitigate as much- as, possible the last Decrees for the pro- hibition of all Foreign Commerce, permission was granted by the Dutch Government to all vessels to sail that had be- £ un to load . previous to the issuing of the prohibitory De- cree. The Dutch Merchants, however, abused tins indul- f genes, ami another Decree has now been issued, prohibil- •, in's the sailing- of any vessels from the Dutch Ports after the 15th iust. either with or without licence. The 30th of this month is fixed for the return of ail the vessels that had tailed. Paris Papers. to tiie 2d instant reached town this morning. The Mqniteur of the 30th ult. announces Bona- ' p. qte's departure for Bayo'rtne the day before. A paper of the 31st has the following article:—" The '. Bench and Russian Couriers, who embarked on'the 20th . at Boulogne, returned on.- the. 23d. As soon as they landed at Deal they proceeded: for London, where they remained till the evening of the 22d. They appear, very much pleased witlr'their mission." - The Hamburgh Correspondenten, of the 1st inst. was received? this morning. J. t officially states, that, .( SgrafaW- y, to a treaty . signed at IVrif on the 8th of Sep- tember, and ratified- at- prfurth on the 8th ult. the Pmsstatv territirfios are { o^ be. ev- acuiited'by the French troops abotrtThe'irtiddlerof the present month. . It was yesterday reported that the Emperor of Au- stria had declared wac against'France; and tliat Bonaparte, On- receiving iiitfilligcfice - thereof,, hjtd suddenly returned to I'al'te.— The - cause of.- tlie EiSperaf Francis taking this sttip is said to be th'e-< 3isei> very that Napoleon, at tin* late • ' Cotife-. vnces at » furl" h", - liaU proposed- to"]> artition out his dominions; thftf the Emperor Alexander had agreed to the plan ; and that it waVto fie pit in execution' so JQOII as the Spanish patriots should, . he^ subdued.— It is pretended tha « - thw - WneUigimae was. bjo-' ughfc- by- vawttusdetters from Heligoland. . . ' » HVHT> MAV- OR'S DAY.— This splendid- annual city festival wa antl • V tisiwrejHti by a benutifuL anilprqnititious morning,. : 1 ' the > oyf'> us: citiz; ns< w. ere not disappointed by tliS mag- • Wfice'iice' 3isplnycd'' by.' their. hew Imrd MaVtuvi • At. eleven , i/ eloidi his T^ » i- dship' arHVed^ ih Gtlildhall in : tlie state Coacfv, " newly Slim tied, and dritwii % a flne set of White hprsus^ i. cb. 1^.; ca^ it'isoiied,'. eeedetl by. xftvaht* in . fineries of uncommon elegance.'' A'Guardsman iu the wmplete- wit- wfrorcymr- of- W- iUkrfn-- 4ke-- Conqueror was ftttored to this- ancient ceremony; after a lapse of some years, and seem*) M delight-. the, spectators by his awful tttamer, charactferist- iiKof ancient days., . -- At- tiveWe" thi' whole tlf'thsTprube^ s- ion moved fru'm-' Guild- Wlllu Btotfefriari Bridge,- where the- Lori Mayor, Alder-- mi- u, Rt'Coi- dft', Sherhis, and'City Officers, embarked on ' ben I'd i lie few City they were joined by the several . Companies in Thine respec- tive. barges, and proceeded to W-,- t minster in correct order. On their arrival in tlie Ex- chequer Court, the Recorder . presented the Lord Mayor, sr. '. i-- ranted on the integrity, independence, and gentle- manly qualities of his L- ndship. The Chief P. aron in reply pud suitable compliments to the new Lord Mayor, and t!- scanted ou the very important dutS which would de- volve oil him. . . After visiting the sever?) Courts of Law, they returned in the same order to Guildhall. About foil? o'cluck Miss Flower, thu eldest daughter of the Lord Mayor, arrived as I. ady Mayoress,- iu the private carriage, accompanied by Mrs. Combe and her daughter. The Lady Mayoress was . habited with tlie most graceful simplicity, though profusely adorned with diamonds and pearls. Her head- dress was beautiful; a diamond tiara and ostrich feather, and the hair secured by a superb diamond comb, " Her necklace, bracelets, and armlets, Were of exquisite diamonds, taste- fully arranged. Her dress was white crape over white sa- tin, embroidered with silver oak border, white satin train, and satin shoes" embroidered with silver. About six o'clock the whole party were assembled, among whom were the Duke of . Norfolk, the Lord Chancellor, ' the Duke of Portland, Lord Camden, Lord Hawkesbury, ' Lord Mu'giave, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Secretary'Canning, Lord Sandwich, Lord Ef ski he., Lord Giantl- y, Lord Kinnaird,' Sir , T. B. Thomson, . Mr. Sheri- dan, the Spanish Deputies, the Swedish and Neapolitan Hipittafe', and. sovyral otlier public characters. .. tin the . Spanish Deputies entering, the band played a martial ait:, and the HaHj- ang with acclamations. Tile dinner was served up at half past six o'clock, con- iMing of three - conrses. Fifteen hundred Ladies and Genii, men partook of the eh'tertaininenf. - After dinner, '" fhe King" wits of course the'first toas. t, . mid Vvi-.' s drank with rapturous applause., . It was followed liy " the rQueeii," and . then " the . % piish"; Deputies,'' which had repeated, testimonials' of sincere. icyjiiji. When the . Lord- Mayors- health had been drank,' he gave the present. Ministry •;., thaiiks. » to them for their meritorious exertions," This toast was received with loud marks of ipprobation. "" God'savt - the King," and " Rjlle Biitau- f. i: i" WtVe sung by Dignaht afid Gibbon, and chorusscd by tlie company. • " . . The tiihntir, was . well served up, and the wines were qx- ' ' clteiit, and in gfeit plenty. • Atnine. o.' clock the Lady Mayoress", and the other Ladies, : . mired to the Grand- Council Chamber^ where the Ball was qpebed by Aldennatv A. ipsley ( the Ijite Lord Mayor) and t'iie Ijady" MnyoVeSs. The first dance was to tlk time. of " Sir Davi. d Hunter Blair." Three French frigates and four schooners appeared off tha harbour of Ri . Janeiro on the I8th of August, on which Sir Sidney Smith directed the Agamemnon and Pre- sident to proceed in cliaee at day- light on the morning of the 1.9th. The event is not known. On Friday last his Majesty's ship Archer was driven on shqre by stress of weather, at the north end of Deal. Several boats launched to assist her, but were swamped in the attempt, from the tremendous stirf that fell in upon the beach, the wind blowing at the time very hard at NsE. The people narrowly, escaped with their lives ; but. courage- ously continuing their exertions, the Archer was got off on Monday afternoon, anil has since sailed for the Noi'e. On Wednesday, General Kellerman's Aidrde- Camp sailed from Chatham, on board a flag of truce, for , Calais ; but the . wind coming foul, the vessel was obliged to put into Dover yesterday afternoon. All communication with the vessel was prohibited, and sentinels placed on board to prevent any person from boarding ' her. The Hon. J. Villiers, it is said, is appointed his Majesty's. Minister to Portugal.. Some letters from Lisbon state, that the transports which conveyed the French troops - to Rochelle, have re- turned to- the Tagus— they are to be sent to England to carry out more troops. TO Irish are even more arduous in the cause of the Spaniards, thjtn their brethren on this side of St. George's Channel";- in proof " of which-, several private Gentlemen have gone from Ireland to Spain, for the express purpose of' servuiij -, Under General Blake. . Among them are Wm. Fitzgerald, Esq. M. P. and Mr. Lander, a gentleman of large. property, in the county of Cork, . ... Ai. urtscp wrra. S. LWN.-— The Freeholders of the county of. Kilkenny have• unanimously addressed his Majesty, ex- pressive of'their ., gratef « l, acknowledgments, and thanks for his Royal determination to make cause with the. people of Spaini - agai. i-' t the tyranny of France, & c. The Address : Was moved by the Hon. Ctilbrtel Ponsonby, M. P. ( brother- in- law of Earl. Gfey) " and seconded by George Bryan, Esq. .. and to which his Majesty has returned, through his Grace tjie Lord Liiiutenant, a jneOt grdflous driswer. ' Yesterday a Co'urt of Directors was held, at,, ihe East India - House,, when ihe following. Captains were sworn into the ccwtunand > of their respective ships, viz.-— Capt. J: Eastfiiild, ' Admiral Gardner", Madeira, Madras, aiid Ben- gal'; Capt., P. Sampson, Dover Castle," Madras and Bengal. The uuderyiieutiuntjoned ships; tveref talten up in addition . to those-, engAge'd . for . this season,.- viz.— f.' outts, Matcalif, Devonshire, ( Surrey, and Marquis Wellesley. " Captain Diineaii, spS'ond. Son- of: Lord Viscount Duncan,' of victorious m'emtiry, is tipftoineed to the Mer- cury frigate, in consequence of his active exertions in the Mediterranean. * -* '- - There lias beeu some disturbance at Harrow School, the particulars of v\ liich have hot transpired ; perfect tranquility has however been restored, and the young . Gentlemen have returned to their duty, , . ' . , A respectable' Morning Papfer states the most extra- ordinary instance'of good fortune to hive Attended a man of the name of ( Miver, who keeps a petty broker's shop in ' Marybone:— A short time'since General Qwynne, WKo had. purchased an estate in the vicinity of Farnham, gave in- structions for the sale of the, antique furniture in the mansion. Among other things were several old pictures; lying in a heap in one of the lumber rooms. Those pic- tures were three several times inspected by supposed judges, who valued the whole at five pounds. On the day of the sale they were put in at 51, and sold to a man. who keeps a chandler's shop in Farnham for 5/. 12s. Gd. The chandler shewed them to aeoaeh herald painter in the neighbourhood, who discovered the merits ( if the pictures, and wrote to his father ( Oliver, the Broker), to send him down 307.; for 251, he got possession of the paintings, and bore them off in triumph to the capital. Since their arrival they have been inspected by the lovers of virtu, and hy them are estimated at 30,000/. value. How far this valuation may be depended on, we know not; but certain it is, that six- teen thousand pounds have been, within the last three days, tendered and refused. These admirable pictures prove to be ten of the Ctesars, by Titian, each about 7 feet in height; each of- the Ctesars is mountad on horseback, the tire andspirittlisplayed by them are astonishingly great. The burning of Rome is another master- piece in the col- lection. Each picture has an historical description, placed in an appropriate situation. • DRURY- LANE.— At this Theatre a new Drama, in three Acts, interspersed with song's, intitled The Siege of St. Quiutin, ax Spanish Heroism, was brought forward last night. It was avowedly written by Mr. Hook, jun.; the Music was furnished by his father. The memorable tri umph if Spanish valour over France, in the battle which gives the name to this liew drama, afforded a good oppor- tunity for an author to pay homage to the heroic natives of Iberia^ but their recent achievements in support of the independence of their country might be thought a still more proper ground for dramatic composition. The sen- timents of this piece are striking, but there is not sufficient intricacy of plot, nor variety of incident. The judgment, of the audience could scarcely be collected at the dropping of the . curtain, as they appeared nearly divided for and against the piece ; but at length the clamour of disappro- bation subsided, and there was a decided majority for its repetition. KING'S THEATRE.— A new illegitimate piece, called in •. the- bills a » - gteiid. j » | jeKiuc. Dr4uua,,. was. atso last night'per- formed at . this house, under the title of The Exile, the plot being frcmded- orirthe lnimishrnent- of a Rus--. ian Noble, man to. Siberia, whither he is followed by his wife and rliw'fghter, ' arid.' restored- to his country ami possessions on the accession of a new Sovereign. The language of this drama is- dignified R) jd pure ; the sentiments of filial piety breath: d by the daughter are calculated to'gratify the finer feelings of the heart';, the music, is. grand and ap- propriate ; and the - scenery, dresses', . anel decorations, splendid and: magnificent. - Having all these advantages, it was received hy a numerous audience with great and gene- ral applause. ' - TEDESTRJAN P^ REOBMANCE.— Mr. Dowlen, a publican, ofTowcester in Worcestershire, on Wednesday last com- pleted a pedestrian excursion'of ol^' J miles iu seven days, for a wager of 100 guineas. Mr. D. who is not more lhan five feet four, was allowed to choose lvis- own ground, and hours of re t. He passed through pint of Berks, Wilts, Somer- setshire'; - Herefordshire, arid Devonshire. ON Tuesday evening last, about six o'clock, a dreadful fire broke out at tile farm of Caverton Mill, in the heigh . bourhood of Kelso, possessed by Mess. D. and A. M'Dasgal The wind blew at the time with excessive violence, so that every attempt, to stop the progress of the flames was vain. The dwelling- house was quickly consumed, with nearly all the furniture. The fire then communicated to the stables, barns, & c. and all but one stable were burnt to the ground. Two horses perished hi the flames ; the rest were ' saved. The fire next reached the barn- yard, in which were 53 stacks of corn and hay, I-} of which were consumed; the precautions and active exertions of the people, who flocked from all quarters to tender their assistance, preserved the remainder.- * ith spangled tiaras, or wreathes composed of flowers : tteadstcund the neck . were very prevalent. The dancing continued to a late hour, and the whole • ttruuwwut tfave general s:. usfe « tion. PATENT SMOKE PREVENTERS, And Eire. Exting uishers. IpEW things are more disturbing t, o domestic com- fort, or have more baffled the exertions of ingendity and skill, than SMOKY CHIMNEYS. After considerable labour and expence, the Advertiser has invented an Apparatus to be applied- one part at the Top of the Chimney the other part at the Bottom, and by these means has completely. eHected the purpose. Further particulars of the nature and advantages of these Inventions may; be known by personal applications, or post paid letters, to the Patentee, 1. WARREM, Stone Mason, Poole, Dorset. [ 244 ROCKBORNE, HANTS, ANO F1SHERTON, WILTS, rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the JL 22d day of November 1808, at three o'clock in the af- ternoon, at the Red Lion Inn, in the city of New Sarum, ( and nol on Tuesday- the ISth, as before advertised, the Sate being unavoidably postponed for a Week,)— All that COPY HOLD ESTATE called Get DOTS, or WniTEH ARTS , situate at Roekborne, in the county of Southampton, consisting of a Messuage or Tenement, Yard, Garden, and Orchard, with the necessary Out- buildings, and about fifteen Acres of Land, held for the life of a person aged 51 years, at the rent of £ 1.. .9.. « . And also all that other COPYHOLD ESTATE called TOWNSF. NI) LIVING, also situate at Rockborue, consisting of a good Dwelling- house, Yard, Garden, and Orchard, with the necessary attached and detached Offices, and about - 2.5 Acres of Land, held tor tw'o lives, itged about 52 and 51 years, at the rent of £ 2.. 5.. 1. The above premises are in the occupation of Mr. George Flower and his under- tenants. Andxalso a Close of Meadow, now converted into a GAR- DEN, and a way or lane leading thereto, from the- street of Fisherton Anger, containing about an Acre, now in the oc- cupation of the Guardians of the Poor of the city of New Sa- rum, held by lease for three lives, at the rent of I Os. A view- of the premises may be had on application to the respective tenants ; and further particulars may be known by application ( if by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Hoddmg, soli- citors, in Salisbury. , flat : TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by RD. KNIGHT, on Wednesday the lfith of November 1808, at the Fox and Hounds, near Nurstead Turnpike Gate ( one mile south of Devizes),;. at three o'clock in the afternoon, in several lots,— 17 MAIDEN OAKS, 12 ELMS, 5 ASHES, 2 large Beech, 35 Oak, Elm and Ash POLLARDS, now lying' in Cant Fields and Bell Close, near Nurstead ; the whole marked in progressive numbers: printed particulars of which may be had at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Devizes. Freehold Dwelling House, Malt House, and Laml. ' MELKSHAM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT. Op Friday the 18th of November 1808, at the Bear Inn, in Melksham, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the fol- lowing. Lots: FREEHOLD. Lot 1. A neat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with suitable out- buildings,' a good malt- house, and large garden, with an ihclosure of rich pasture adjoining, containing about 2$ acre*;, now in the occupation of Mr. James Slade. Lot 2. Two Pieces of rich PASTURE, called the Logger and Gravels, containing about 5J acres, situate near the same. LotO. Two COTTAGES, with Gardens, at Benacre, in the occupation of Clarke and Ann Knees. [ 191 The above may be viewed by permission of the tenants; and further particulars known from the Auctioneer, Devizes. CORNWALL.— FREEHOLD ESTATES. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in Lots, at the King's Arms, Bodmin, on Monday the 21st and Tues- day the 2- 2d days of November, and at she King's Arms, Ca- melfoid, on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 2fith davs of November inst,— Sundry valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the several parishes of Helland, St. Mabyn,. Eglos- h iyle, Bodmin, Blisland, Symonward, Temple, Cardenham, Roach, St. Wenn, St. Ervil, and St. Eval.— Davidstow, Ot- terham, St. Juliot, St. Gennis, Tremaine, and St. Thomas, near Launceston; the whole containing upwards of 4500 acres, of which part are at will and part held upon leases for ' ives. f 1399 Descriptive particulars may be had at the King's Arms, Plymouth; the Fountain, Plymouth Dock; London Inn, Ivy Bridge; the White Hart, Launceston ; th$ Talbot, Lost- withicl; the New Inn, Callington ; the King's Head, Truro; the King's Arms, Liskeard; the Red Lion, St. Columb; the Tree Inn, Stratton ; the Hall Drunkard Inn, Davidstow; at the places of sale ; of Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lin- coln's- inn; of Mr. Childs, I. iskeard; and of Mr. Wright, surveyor, 10, Charles- street, St. James's- square, London. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. . WAREttAM,' DORSET. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by W. SELBY, on Wednesday the 30th day of November 1808, and fol- lowing day,— the neat and valuable HOU? E?- iOLD FURNI- TURE of Mrs. HAYTER, quitting her residence in West- street; comprising, in mahogany, handsome in- laid side- board, dining, Pembroke, and card tables, chest of drawers, set of chairs with horse- hair bottoms ; night tables, wash- hand stands, painted arm and other chairs, sofa, bedstead and furniture, good feather beds and bedding; bsd- side, parlour, and stair- case carpets; horse- hair and other mattresses; large gilt pier and swing glasses, chandelier and elegant glass lamp J tea urn, japan and mahogany trays of different de- scriptions ; a capital eight- day desk in mahogany case ; par- lour and kitchen fire irons, steel fenders, excellent register and pantheon stoves of various dimensions, good kitchen range, wind- up and bottle jacks, spits, & c. with a general assortment of kitchen requisites; glass, china, and coarse ware, garden implements, and many other articles not men- tioned, [ 257 The above goods are in a high state of preservation, and may be seen . on the Monday and Tuesday preceding the sale, which will begin at eleven in the forenoon of- each day. BROADMAYNE, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKER, on Saturday the lyth of November, 1* 808, at the Green- Dragon Inn, in Dorchester, at three o'clock in the afternoon, — All that newly erected Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE, containing two good under rooms, four bed rooms, with con- venient closets; a good carpenter's shop and saw pit, roofed in ; court yard and garden, with a well of good water. The above premises are situate in the pleasant village of Broadmayne, four miles east of Dorchester, on the Wareham road. , [- 253 For particulars and a view of the above apply to Mr. Robert Grant, the owner, or the Auctioneer, Cornhill, Dorchester. gQh Land- Tax redeemed. CORN EXCHANGE, NOV. 11. The quantities of Wheat here to- dav are rather considerable; sales are made heavily, and hardly support last prices ; Barley and Malt as before; White Peas lower ; in Grey, and Beans of both kinds,, but small variation; there are a few foreign Oats arrived, but the supply, in. general,, is again short, and the late advance fully maintained. Flour without alteration. ' SMITLHRU) MARKET, NOV. 11. This day's market had hut a middling supply of different, kinds ol cattle; Pork is cheaper; Veal dearer; Beef and Mutton at last prices. BIRTH.] On the 31st ult. in Scotland, Lady Viscoun- tess Duncan af a daughter. MARRIED;] On Wednesday, at Ealing, Captain John Hardy Godby, of the RoVal Navy, W Miss Bell, of New Grove- house.—^. Yesterday, atClapham, Mr. L. G. Keir, of Bridge- street, Westminster, to Miss Bellamy, eldest daugh- ter « Y Mr. johtivBellamy, of tiie Hons.'.: of Commons. DIED.] the the gth'ult. at Berlin, aged 82 years and eight, months, the Princess Wilhelssina, relict of Henry . Prince- of- Prussia, . brother toiFi'videric the Great.— Lately, at Vienna, , t) f a'n oppressioirin her chest, iu her ( ib'th year, the Archdhcbess Elizabeth of Austria, aunt to the present Emperor.— Oil the 30th ult'. the Rev. John Whitaker, Rector of Rhan- Lanyhoriie, in Cornwall, author of the Antiquities of s" t.-' Germain's, the Vindication of Mary Queen'of Scots,'" th> celebrated History of Manchester, and other works.—( In Friday last, in the « 2d year of hi* age, the Rev. Richard I '. art, A. M. Vicar of St. George's, TSStSdies,' in^' s'lSerali; were, ifl> white; . musJkjjl^ efsps, jnt Olon^ te's^ hlre^ which living he had held upwards of 50 pears.-— Lately," at Stuaiey- mill, Warwickshire, Mr. H. Me> re, agetL- 8. fi. years : he- was attend? Lto the grave by three brothers and one sister;, w'jose u... ted ages amounted to 368 years. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BRISTOWE, JL on Monday the 2 Jst of November 1808, at his late dwel- ling- house near the Quay at Poole,— An Assemblage of USE- FUL and ORNAMENTAL- FURNITURE, removed for the convenience of sale ; comprising four- post bedsteads, with ma- hogany fluted & other pillars, and handsome chintz pattern & other hangings ; fine seasoned feather beds ; handsome draw- ing- rpom curtains; mahogany dining and other tables, secre- taire with draw - rs, bureau and book- case, cellaret lined with lead, with brass hoops, & c. neat sofa, mahogany and japanned chairs; pi t and chimney glasses; choice, and curious prints; china, glass and earthen- ware; capital kitchen range, Bath and other stoves, fire irons and tenders, a Batil - flat, kitchen requisites, and various other articles. Catalogues will be delivered in due time at the office of 245] J. BRISTOWE and Co. The Sale will begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. LINCOLNSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in the month of J- June next, at the'Gohlen Fleece Inn, in Louth, iu the county of Lincoln, subject to conditioKS which will be there and then produced,—— Several very valuable FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and FARMS, Closes and Parccls of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND ( nearly the whole of which is Tithe- free), in the parishes of f. outh Park, North and South Cockerington, Keddiugton, Alvingham, and Tfied- dletho'rpe, in the county of Lincoln; and at Britnmington, in the parish of Chesterfield, in the county of Derby ; viz. LVLS. Tenants' Names. 1.— Mrs. Elvin 2.— John Paddison.... ts..— Charles Pawson ... 4.— Wm. Preston 5.— John Leach 0.— John Parker 7.— Thomas Simons .. 8.— Rt. Greenwood.,.. 9.— John Taylor 10.— Wm. Stubbs It.— T. Cockson 12.— John Fox 13.— Charles Taylor.... l- L— Robert Cox f Premises. Qua ntitii' A. it. i>. A Close of Meadow 31 1 24 ditto 27 1 32 ditto 11 s 4 A Messuage and Farm.. • 270 2 19 ditto 140 3 0- 2 ditto 111 a 24 ditto 170 0 11 ditto .* 43 1 0 ditto 67 0 19 ditto 7 1 17 A Cottage, Garden, itc. 0 1 3 ditto 0 1 27 ditto, & Ground.. a 0 0 A Close of Arable in | 2 Brimmington / 4 0 BBS) 3 14 For particulars ( which will be delivered six weeks previous to the salej apply to" Messrs. Bullock and Arnold, No. IB, Bedford- row, London ; to Mr. John Charlton, land agent and surveyor, Stourton, Wilts; Mr. Paddison, attorney at law, Louth ; or to Thomas Birch, of South Cockerington aforesaid, who will shew the estates in Lincolnshire.; and Mr. Cod, of Calow, ne, ur. Chesterfield, will shew the land at Brimmington. October 180S. fiadg A Capital F'reehoUl Estate, Manor, and Advowsort, in GLOUCESTERSHIRE, rpo be SOLD, by AUCTION, bv Messrs. SKIN- 1 NF. R, DYKE, TUCH. IN, and FORREST, on Tuesday the 15th of November, at 12 o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee- house, Change- alley, Cornhill, London; in one lot,—— A capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tythe- free, and the Land- tax re- deemed, desirably situate at Hawling, within 9 miles of Chel- tenham, and s of Northleach, 9 of Stow on the Wold, and 18 of the city of Gloucester; comprising the Manor of Haw- ling, with its rights and royalties, a commodious manor- house, with offices, and demesne lands, containing about 1420 acres, divided into eligible farms, with suitable fartn- houses, barns, stabling, beast stalls, and other out- buildings, now in the. occupation of Messrs. Ruck, Cook, and Lodge, on leases which sxpire at Lady- day 1810; about 108 acres of Wood Land, and Plantations in hand; also 4U1 acres of Land, lett on leases and'copies of court- roll for lives, a considerable part depending on very old single lives, together with the Ad- vowson of the Rectory and the whole township or village of Hawling. The Estate, forms a most valuable property, is capable of great improvement, and well worthy the attention of gsotle- men wishing to realize in Gloucestershire. To be viewed by applying to the principal tenants, and printed particulars may be had af the Manor- house six weeks preceding the sate; also at the King's Head, Northleach; Unicornj Stow; Plough, Cheltenham ; of Mr. Walker, prin- ter, Gloucester; Mr. Langdon, printer, Sherbcrne; Mr. Cruttwell, printer, Bath; . Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, printers, Sa. lisburv; Messrs. Dawson, printers, Ox- ford ; Messrs. Wells and Gwinnett, Cheltenham ; Charles Wade, Est], Pu'cktJall, - near Romsey, Hants, where a plan . pray be seen ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Alders gats- siren, London, where a plan mav also be seen. f* » sa THE reception " which Mrs. VINCENT'S CELE- BRATED GOWLAND's LOTION has met with in the fashionable world, and the many thousands of rank and distinction who have adopted, continued, and recommended its use, ( like other inventions of merit and importance) has been assailed by weak and mischievous Imitations. In the year 1796', Mrs. Vincent, finding her property variously attacked, she, by the advice of her solicitor, laid the whole of the case before the Hen. J. Mingay, King's Counsel, who gave his decided opinion, " that Mrs. Vincent teas in possession of the true Recipe for preparing Gotland's Lotion." Mrs. Vincent assures the Nobility, Gentry, and Public, her Gow- land's Lotion is a most elegant, safe, and mild preparation for the removal of ALL ERUPTIONS from the FACE and SKIN, and IMPROVING the COMPLEXION; and it is impossible that any other person can know of what Ingredients this most excellent Lotion is composed; and to prevent Coun- terfeits, it is particularly requested it may be asked for in the Name of Mrs. Vincent's Gowland's Lotion, and to see her Name is signed on the Label of each Bottle, otherwise it cannot be genuine. Sold in Salisbury by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Wholesale Venders for the West of England; in Blandford by Mr. Simmons, in Southampton by Mr. Harvey, in Rumsey by Mr. Hollis, in Winchester Mr. Earle and Mr. Flight, in Poole by Mr. Moore, in Lymington by Mr. palpine and Mr. Perkins, in Ringwood by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Thome, and by every reputable- vender of genuine medicines in Europe, in quarts, 8s. 6d.; pints, 5i. Gd.; half- pints, 2s. 9d. [ 7V. 1 CANCERS. THE following remarkable CURES of CAN- CERS, without Incision, by Mrs. PLUNKETT EDG- CUMBE, may be depended on, as the cancers are preserved n spirits : Mr. Laws, of Chittern, Wilts, cured of a cancer in his breast. Mr. Popple, of Castle- hill, Bucklaod Newton, Dorset, cured of a cancer in his cheek, with which he had been af- flicted seven years. Mrs. Liffally, of Cheltenham, cured of a dangerous can- ccr in her breast, which she had been afflicted With many years. Mrs. Lindsey, of Bradnish, Devon, cured of a dangerous cancer in her breast, of eight years standing. Mr. Lingham, glover, Fish- street, Worcester, cured of a dangerous cancer in his under lip, with which he had been afflicted three years. Mrs. Groves, of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, cured of a dangerous cancer in her left breast, which she had been afflicted with a considerable time. Thomas Snelum, a distributer of the Gloucester Journal, cured of a cancer in his under lip ; with many others, some of whom are not willing to have their names inserted, though they will satisfy any private inquirer as to the. authenticity of their cures. She begs the public will be awarcof people'who pretend they are supplied with her medicine, by which means many people are deceived, and prevented from applying to her for relief until their cancers are incurable— the conse- quence of which is too frequently a painful, lingering death. The public, may be assured she never disposes of her medicine to any person whatever. . Mrs. Plunkett Edgcumbe may be consulted as usual in cancerous cases every day ( Sundays excepted), at her house No. 10, St, James's- square, Bath. N. B. No letter answered unless post paid. ] 76 DOCTOR HODSON's IMPERIAL OIL. THIS important Discovery . proves a never- failing Remedy in all cases where the external parts of the body are injured or diseased: it unites the bland soothing nature of the Oil with a highly active principle. Thousands are in- debted to this invaluable application for the use of their limbs, where they have been so crippled as to be unable to walk. In Chronic Rheumatism and Palsy, it is the best application ever known. In the Rickets, the disease in which so many thou- sand children suffer yearly, and then have their bodies dis- torted, it has no equal. In old Spasms and Gout, it relieves the swelling and pain, and enables the . patient, in a time astonishingly short, to recover the use and exercise of his lifnbs. In Chilblains, Wounds, & c. and wherever the skin is broke or injured, it causes the process of healing immedi- ately to commence. Sold at Mr. Butler's; No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Pater- noster- row; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salis- bury, in bottles at 2s. 3d. each. [ 90 TO THE PUBLIC. • THE CHALYBEATE APERIENT, or IM- PROVED CHELTENHAM SALTS, w re first pre- pared by PAYTIIERUS and Co. in the year 179( 5, from an Ana- lysis of the Water taken from the Old Well.- Since that time no effort nor expence has been spared, to render the ana- lysis more perfect. The Salts thus prepared have been used in most parts of the world, in scurvy, bilious affections, ob- structions in the first passages, and impaired digestion, uni- formly producing the same medicinal effects as the water when drank at the Spa. [ 91 To prevent the public from being imposed on by persons who offer for sale imitations of these Salts, his Majesty's Commissioners tor Stamps have directed the nanieof " I'AY- TIIERUS and Co. 136, New Bond- street," to be engraved 011. the stamp which surrounds each bottle.—— Sold, by special appointment, wholesale and retail, by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, in bottles at 2s. 9d. and 10s. ( Sd. each ; also in bottles with ground stoppers at one guinea'each. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. OERSONS who arc enervated in Youth* sel< l# n X recover themselves by any other means than this Restora- tive ; old age t; nd infirmities speedily come on, and the tin . ad of lite is shortened ; tor, the foundation of a happy old age is a good constitution in youth ; temperance and modeiation, at that age, are passports io happy grey hairs.— Tile COKDI \ L BA1. M OF GILEAD, by its softening, hselimr, and tonic qualities, and salutary effects, affords a sure prospect ot re- turning strength; and a certain hope of muscular invier, ration, to those who are debilitated by premature or excessive indnl- g- encics. i This health restoring Medicine is sold by Brodit Dowdipg; and Luxford, Salisbury, who have iust received a very la'rge supply, in Bottles at Half, a Guinea each; and family rtottles, containing four small ones, at 3;! s. | For Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous Complaints, JmBj! est, « 8, | XLEY's CONCENTRATED ESSENCE of J AMAICA GINGER.— This useful Mcdicine is recom- mended hy several eminent medical men, and is in constant' use with many persons of the highest rank and respestabilitv. It relieves and shortens the duration of Fits of the Gout, con- fining- them to the extremities and Kiitigating'the paroxysms • it removes those unpleasant symptoms arising from weal- nets ot the stomach and bowels, viz. flatulency,"' " indigestion, and Oppression alt- r eating; in Nervous Complaints it warnw and invigorates the stomach, creates appetite, and assists digestion and thereby, strengthens the whole fystein. Prepared and sold bv the inventor and proprietor, Sumucd Oxley,- her Majesty's chemist, London; sold also bv B » > « ! W Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and the principal Medi- cine Venders throughout the upited kingdom, in bottles at 10s.' 011.- 41. ( Id, and 2s. ad. each. None can be ecnuinc^ mt what is signad 011 the label, « . S'ami:. Oxlei/." [ 2 Superior Merit will ever meet the Public Approbation. RPHE reputation of DR. FREEMAN'S celebrated J GUTTA SALUTARIS, induced one of the first and most learned Universities in Europe to confer on him the highest honour in Medicine; and the deserved estimation in Which this invaluable Specific has been held for the space of no less than 30, years, as the most sovereign Preparation yet discovered for all forms of a certain Disease, however obsti- nate and unconquerable their nature, shews how justly the opinion of the learned and respectable body was founded. Thousands have owed to this Medicine their recovery from the most deplorable situations of this malady, after every other Specific had failed ; nor has it proved less successful in those debilities which arise more - from imprudence than from a certain cause. To such patients it holds out a never- failing, permanent, and speedy relief. [ 87 Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Chcapsidc, corner of Paternoster- row, and by. most country booksellers and medicine venders, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 5s. Gd. each. RHEUMATISMS, . PALSIES, and GOUTY AFFECTIONS, with their usual concomitants, spasm, or flying pains, flatulency, indigestion, and general debility ( originating in whatever source), are relieved arid frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE of MUSTARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE of MUSTARD ( used with the Pills in those complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most . active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, gene- rally curing the severest Sprains and Bruises in less than half the time usually taken by any other liniment or embrocation ; and if used immediately after any accident it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sorts, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breakings out on the Face, ? 5osc, Ears; and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, apothecary. No: 15, Greek- street, Scho, London. The Essence and Pills at 2s. gd. each ; the Cerate at is. Ijrf. and 2s. Qd. Sold by Bro- dic, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and by every me- dicine vender in the united kingdom. The get urns has a black. ink Stamp, with the name of R. JohnJton, ir. sertsd on it. [ 22? SPEEDlMAN's STOMACH PILLS, AMEDICINE of regular prescription, and estn blished credit; is perhaps ohe of the most safe arid efficacious that can be taken at this season of the year, end at all times, tor spasms, wind in the stomach, nervous c im- plamts, to promote regular perspiration, in deficiency igibile, and in obstructions of the bowels, in heart- burns, costliness, chohcs, gout, vomitings, and in head- achs. On triaL tliek intrinsic woith will prove their best recommendation! thev are particularly recommended during the course of si a bathing, and drinking the sea and mineral waters; alfo for those living in w. rm climates. [ 1015 Prepared by T. Shellitoe, jum dfuggist, Tottenham High Cross, Middlesex, by virtue of an assignment from H. ai. d . J. Beswick, sole proprietors of the receipt, by the will of Mi Specdiman 5 and are sold bv Shaw and Edwards, No. GH, Si. • Paul's Church- vard, London, in boxes at 2s.— 4s. Gil.— 1 Oi. Gd. and One Guinea: sold also by Brodie, Dowdine, anil LuxToui, Salisbury, wholesale Venders for the West of England. IIALLAM's ANTIBH. IOUS PILLS, Invented by Edward Hallam, Surgeon and Apothecary, Bury St. Edmunds. THIS safe and elegant Preparation is justly ci- teemed for its agreeable and certain operation j by which it effectually removes all Inaction or Obstruction of the Sto- mach or Bowels. Its action is particularly adapted to persons of bilious habits, and those of sedentary lives, where a suffi- cient action of the bowels is not kept up, and cruditit s retained in those organs are frequently producing pains anddisttn.-. ioi- s, head- achs, langour, and giddiness, or a sense of weariness and oppression. The worst cases of bilious or sick frtad- ac'is are certainly removed by a shade do'se, and in a much shorter time than could be credited, but from experience. Sold wholesale and retail bv Shaw and Edwards, GG, fit. Paul's Church- yard, London ; end by Brodie, Dowdinp, and Luxfotd, Salisbury, Wholesale Venders for the West of Eng- land. Retail by Ship, Blandford ; Adams, Shaftesbury ; and by most other respectable Medicine Venders.—— hice Cs. < j4. a Box. [;-. r, " "" THE- GENUINE BLACK DROP. XfflS Preparation of Opium, which has been long 8. known and justly esteemed in the North of England, antt at Bath, under the title of the GENUINE BLACK. DROP, continus to be prepared by Mr. Braithwaite, Surgeon, at Lancaster. It is well known th* common Opium or Laudanum, ia some constitutions, produces symptoms extremely distressing $ such as head- ach,- sickness, and debility. The " Black Drcp, frcetl from those qualities which produce thssq effects, is ap- plicable in all cases, where Opium or Laudanum is employed. 11 is greatly to be preferred in Nervous and Spasmodic Affec- tions, such as depression cf mind, anxiety, and irritability, coughs, asthma, and other complaints of the chest; also in chronic rheumatism, especially when affecting the teeth ot faGc. ' [ 37 The superior qualities of this preparation have procured ifr the sanction and recommendation of several of the most otli - brated Practitioners in Great Britain, among whom are, Dr. Haygarth, Dr. Jenner, Dr. Percival, Dr. Beddoes, Mr. White, surgeon* Manchester, and Mr. Creaser, surgeon, Bath. To accommodate the South of England, it is sold wholesale, by Mr. Bralthwaite's appointment, by Messrs. P'avthcrus and Savory, New Bond- street, London ; and by lVodie;, DqWding, and Luxford, Salisbury, in bottles at- 2s. Gd. knd 4s. id. eacln For the Cure of Cancer, Scrophula or King's Evil, Leprosy, Scuivy, und all other Scorbutic Affections. ROBERTS'S MEDICATED VEGETABLE WATER. CI ASIC :— A German Musician, in the band of the y South Glocester Eattalion of Militia, commanded by the Earl of Berkeley, was grievously afflicted with the King's Evil, when in the Austrian service, and found r. o benefit V—^ medicine, until he was recommended to the Medicatec Ve- getable Water, by the Earl, which has effected a cure, un- sidered as the tnest extraordinary ever seen, and can be at- tested by the battalion. The proprietor, submits the preceding to the considerate 11 of invalids ahd their friends. He takes the liberty to obsen e, that few are disappointed of a cure who persevere in the - « of the medicine ; and, as the inveterate complaint of Cai. c r, wherever centered, and Scrophula, submit to its efficacy, all ' of an'inferior description, arising from Scurvy, are quickly eradicated, such arc Pimpled Faces, Ulcerated- Sore L- gs> Flashings, Indigestion, of which he has numerous case This well- established and valuable Medicine is sold in - If pint bottles at 6' s. each, and in, large bottles. containing fiva half pints, at 22s. each, duty included, with copious direc- tions, and remarkable Cases of Cancer, & c. signed by the proprietor, Daniel Roberts, Painswick, Glccestershire to whom letters ( post paid) will. be candidly answered.;' by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; Cruttwell, Bath ; Bulgin and Sheppard, Bristol; Walker, Glocester; Harold Marlborough; Evil!, Wells; Jogeett,. Taunton; Langdon! Sherborne ; and respectable vendersgenerally. [ 34 Remarks o « the Scrop mla, price .-. a; e. THE GREAT RESTORATIVE TO HEALTH IS MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE, For violent Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, Consumptions, IIoop* ing Coush,- Convulsions, and debilitated Constitutions pv tronisedby Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction. Mil. MARTIN, a respectable' Farmer, late of Isfield, now of Firle, near Lewes, Sussex whose Daughter resided at Lewes some time since, being Carried and suckled two children, which brought her into a most dan- gerous declining and debilitated state,' that, after every assis- tance from the most skilful of the faculty, it was given ss the opinion of one of the first professional - characters, that it was impossible for her to be raised up again, that nothiiv'mc're could be done for her, and advised her to be convevedto her friends, which was attended with much difficulty," in a post- chaise. A trial was then made of Mann's Approved Medi- cine ; by the. time two bottles weie taken, a favourable alte- ration Was perceivable, by continuing taking it, she was per- fectly recovered in nine weeks, and continues well at this time, 12th March, 1803. The above case was related at Horsham, to which Mr. Martin witnessed his name to the truth ther, of. JOS.' MARTIN Sold in bottl. s at 2s. Gd. and 4s. Gd. ench, by the Proprietor, at Horsham, basse?; and, by his appointment, wholesale and retail by Brodie, Dowdmg, and Luxford, Salisbury. [ 84 For the Wind, Choi in, Fluxes, and other Disorders in the Bowels of infants, as well as of Adults DALBY'IS CARMINATIVE. CAUTION.— Many Counterfeited Preparations of this Medicine having been offered for sale, under specii us pretences, all Persons arc requestednot to take, any unless they observe that the Name " F. Newbcry, No. 45, St Paul's" ' s engraved in the Stamp, and that in the Bili of Directicns round each bottle is an Extract from the Hill of the late Mr. Joseph Ditto, viz. " Whereas- I did many years since instruct mv Daughter FRANCES, now the Wife of ANTHON V GEM,, ot North- strect Westminster, Gentleman, in the Art of compounding a cer- tain Medicine, of which I am the sole Inventor, called Dall- ifs ' Carminative, I do hereby constitute and appoint mv sa: d Daught r the sole Preparer of this useful Medicine; " I like- wise give to my said Daughter, FRANCES Gr. i. i, my sole Pro- perty in the said Carminative, and all Profits arising from the Sale thereof, to her and her Heirs for ever." It is sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, London, price Is. { id. a Bottle, duty included- and by their appointment by Brodie, Dowding. and Luxford' Salisbury, wholesale venders for the West of Ene land ; Hcl'is Romsey ; Anderson, and Earle,' Winchester; Thomas, Whit! church; Maud, and Painter, Andover; Skelton, Baker Hookey, Randall, and Moon, Southampton; Clark, and Smith, Devizes; Kelleway, Fordingbridge; Lucas,- and Thorne, Rmgwood; Gro- e, Lvmingt'on; Mocie 1' pole- Hursey, Winborne; Hurd, Shaftesbury; Fram; ton, and Clark, Dorchester; Mussen and Co. and B. wlirg an 1 C » Newport, Isle ui' Wight. pu THE SALISBURY AND WfSCHESTEftr JOURNAL. -'.'./ Lxprfss. AZR. ITE, • SHI- IT, NOVEMEER 13. r. lCJT I has bet . I Ci ilina Is ov. 2. jjicasuvl to appoint Anthony ,. to be His Majesty's Envoy Ex- it and Minister Plenipotentiary to also been (. leased to appoint Augustus to be His Majesty's Secretary of tra< tl.- Court o Th i\. iv. J hu Foste Legation a; that Court. WHITEHALL, NOV. 9. The King has been pleased to grant unto Samuel Clarke, of Mswurtli Hark, in the county of Southern"' op, Ci.- rk, M. A. one of the sons ol Jervoise Clarke J'a'voisn, ( firmerly Jervoise Clarke,) late of the same pi a i, F.- e- ilecta- a'd, bis Royal Licence and Authority, that heard his'l-. sue may tiki and use the surname ofJer- voise in addition to that of Clarke. ADMIEAI: I Y- Of fiCK, Nov. 12. ( apt. Baker, of his Ma- jesty's ship ' I • , ha"- written to Vice- Auimral Vaslum, that on the 3d i t. off Bovenbei ;;" n, he had fallen in with and captured a D h privateer, of j guns, and 30' men. ' WAR- OFFICE, NOV. IS. 1.-' Keg. of Drggccn Cmrit. , Capt. V. Dimly, from the 3d Gam- on Bait, to be Cap- tain <, f of a troop, vice Ray, v. ho ei- hani'e , 4th Reg. of J) ragoons.— Mojor- Gen. i". Hngonin to'be Colonel, vice Gen. Lord Dorchester, de'eeased. GARRISON.— Gen. the Hon. C. Norton, to be Governor of Charlemonf, vice Gen. Lord Dorchester, deceased. Covim ' msion signed by the Lord Lieut, of Hants.— South Hants Militia.— W. Great!, ad llamer, Gent, to be Ensign Th » Average Price of i'. own or Muscovado Sugar, corn- put; d from the returns made in the week ending the 9th davof Nov. ie". , is Forty- two Shillings and Five Pens'- per Hundred Weight, telusive of the Duties of Customs La > Mill. Jo BANKRUPTS " , of Woolwich, Tavior. ,1.- st.. u'.-. ot Ptymnull., Grorpr. ,1 Salfror.- llill. Middlesex, Grocer. l !'. uro- Back. Glanior^.. wslure, Lmen- Draper. I, i. f Hur'dersfieta, Merchant. .. f\ st,,,.- k|> , i- t, Dl- apei. ,:.-. cf ftlioe- Lanr, I. ondon, Vintner, r, ..: Hoil's Be- itiur.^ s, le' en- te l. , Jeweller, u!' Wtiite Bear Yard, Cntiine- t- Maker. - on, . of Rnugtiburcliwor'!., Yorkshire, ' 1' anncr. iltLrt. of " larch, IslecflCIv, Liipior. Mtrcllant. dlcy, .1 Ossett. Yorkshire, Clothier. G< WG' Willi? John ! Danir Ann Cam-,, he J. .. . Dunn, Thomas Will Henry Wet,. Le- sPott!, Thomas P. . A Neville Cfood Jte. uair. inKa— ,, Joseph iVilmot, .- f KaitMa'kliam. Butcher. Jtob. rt r; v . tTtian iiton- t ord, Calico- Printer, • tint ph Kami, of Deyifnrd, Brewer. Thomas Maiehcut, of Bridgeffater, Bookseller. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 12, week a paid at lumber of sailors belongit g to the ships latham, having obtained liberty fjr a . v day ., n. t '.( for London by the tage coaches. In : com so of their journey they brought- to so frequently to take inafi'i- h cargo of grog, that all of thorn became excessively inloxice. t- d. In passing through the Borough, many of them f II from the top of ,. ne of tlie coaches, and were very much hurt; o . e was killed oil the spot, and two had their arms broken. MARRIED.] On Tue; uay last, at St. George's Chur cli Hanover- squate, tlje Hon. Fit/ roy Stanhope, fourth sou ef the Earl of Harringto' , to Miss Caroline Wyndham, a daughter of the Earl of I-. vremont, PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o'Clock. DAY, Bank Stock, 237i India S- ock, lsli South Sea Stock, 73{ a - y- Cent. Red. Co^ a .. Cent. Cons. 67 4 Cents, 82J 5 v rent. Navy, 99} S Cent. 1797, — 1 Long Ann. 1 s^ s- Omnium, £ dts. India Bonds, ti a 7 p i Exchequer Bills, 6 a. 8 p. Irish o sfft Cents. 95| Imperial a ^ Cents. fiSf English Lott. Tir. kets. 2tI. 1.5s. Ditto Prizes, full money. port Betess. Two Gotteiiburgh Mails have arrived this day, which bring intelligence that tlie RUSSIANS HAVE BROKEN THE TRUCE IN FINLAND, and that a battle was ( ht 011 the C7th ult, the reauk of which, it is feare j, has been unfavourable to the Swedes, Some Poi'ueucsc sailors, who on the 7th inst. con- trived to make their escape from Flushing, report that a fleet of nine sail of the line, a 50 gun ship, and a fristate, are lying there ready for sea, aud watching a favourable opportunity to sail.— This statement is con- firmed from other quarters. Yesterday Spanish papers to the 28th ult. were, re- ceived. They contain some satisfactory intelligence of the military operations in Catalonia. The patriotic force wat h utly increasing, and by this time il is pro- bable the French are completely- shut up in Barcelona. At the date of ihe latest accounts, the excursions of the garrison d. d not exceed a league from thence. Se- veral sharp skirmishes, almost ' under the walls, had taken place, in which the advantage was on the side of the Catalans. We have also ihe satisfaction of learn- ing, that no reinforcements to the Frerwh had passed the eastern Pyrenees. A corps of 10,000 men, des- tined to enter Spain from Rousillon, had made a re- trograde movement, deterred, no doubt, bv a strong body of Miqutlets, who occupied the impon. ant post of Junquera. Of thisgalbntand very useful descrip- tion of force, upwards of 17,000 were in arms in Catalonia. The Corrunna Paper contains a very spirited and ap- propriate address from Lieut.- Col. Carrol, one of the British Officers attached to the army oi General Blake, to the inhabitants of Biscay. He speaks with arortfi- denee, derived we presume from the Spanish Com- manders, of the certain and speedy defeat and expulsion of the enemy. The follow; g article from Corunna, dated October fy, thews how high'lhe English character stands' with the 1 pa, niards:—" Yesterday morning disembarke- l 2.900 of the British army under the command of Sir David l^ airri. They c nsist of sharp- shooters, light troops, and; artillery; all g aid- looking men, highly disciplined, and particularly neat in their clothes and accoutrements." Government, it is said, have it in contemplation to send out supplies of beef from Ireland, and of onts, as well as hay, from this country, for the supply of our troops in Spain. The rumour so confidently circulated, that Austria had commenced hostilities against France, was yester- day generally discredited. Letters to tlte 8th inst- have l. e'eu received from Holland, which make 110 mention of it. Mr. Merry yesterday set off for Yarmouth, where lie is to take shipping, and proceed upon his embassy to the Court of Stockholm. Mr. Merry is accompanied by Mr. Augustus Foster and Mr. Spencer, his public and pri- vate Secretaries, A conversation relative to the state of the British army, - which took plane in English between our Commanders in Portugal, 111 the presence of General Kellernia i, and which was perfectly understood by the French Officer, is reported to have contributed not a little to the raising of Jiis demands. MIDDLESEX MEETIGN.— Y'esterdav there was a very nu- merous and respectable meeting of the Freeholders of . Mid dlesex, at Hackney, to take into consideration the late transactions in Portugal, and to consider an Address to bis Majesty, praying him to convene bis Parliament——— The Sheriffs having opened the business, hy reading Ihe requi- sition, Mr. Clifford said, the Freeholders who had signed the requisition, lyid deputed him to explain- the objects they had in view, lie then read the Address which he meant to propose, and observed that particular care was taken to steer as clear as possible of party consideration, as well as every thing which could appear to prejudge the guilt or innocence of any individual, but in expressing their deep regret at this great failure and disappointment of the hopes of the nation, they had adopted what' they conceived a proper, decorous, and loyal language, without assuming the tone of fulsome adulation, unworthy of En glishmen, exercising a light wherewith they were invested by tbe Constitution,—*- Hc moved that this Address should be adopted by the Meeting,— Th motion was s funded bv Mr. Holden. An Amendment was proposed hv Mr. Red- head Vork, tending to overturn the whole of the Address, and nutting ofhey things, thanking his Ma], ty for the re- buke contained in bis Answer to the Address of the Citi- zens of London. - This, however, having called forth some severe animadversions from Mr. Byng, Mr. Waiilmian, and others, and pot appearing 11 meet the wishes even of Mr. Y.' s friends, was withdrawn, when the question on the Amendment was put and negatived by a groat majority. The original motion was then put and carried by uue a; great. ' A division was called for by Mr. Wells, but with- drawn before the Sheriff* could decide on it. it was then ployed and carried that the Sheriff*, 011 presenting the Ad- tire- s, do enquire of the Secretary of State when it will be laid ( v- f > re hi s Majesty, and that they insert the Answer, w. itt, the Address, in the' Newspapers. FALMOUTH, Nor. 10. ThcWindsor Castle packet arrived from St. Auduro 011 Sunday. An action wa- fought about tbe 26th. ult. near Bilboa, in which it is said pf the troops lately rescued from Denmark were killed or wounded. The Spaniards remained masters of the field. General Blake commanded, Some tiansports, under convoy of the Aimable and Re- sistauce frigates, arrived here on Sunday, having been employed iu conveying French troops home from Lisbon. Several of these ships are ordered to remain here, for the purpose, it is under tood, of taking iu cavalry for Spain ; two reg tnents of which are soon expected for embarkation. The Lady Pellew packet sailed for Cormma 011 Monday. The Arabella packet sailed for Gibraltar, & c. on Tuesday. The. Marquis Yiujo, late Minister Plenipotentiary from bis Catholic Maje- fy to the United States of America, went in this ship to Cadiz. The Prince of Wales packet sailed for Jamaica on the same day. PLYMOUTH, NOV. 1 1. Our annual Great Market was held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last. There was a g Cattl pla- • shew of line Somerset and Devon Oxen ill the Market, which met a ready sale. The market- plac ( e ' rtaiidy the largest and most commodious in Eng- land) was filled with booths, containing every kind of in the arrangement of the stands, it presented all interest- ing spectacle. It was also well filled with visitors; busi- ness in general was brisk ; and during the three days the whole town was Immensely crowded. At the anniversary of Gunpowder- plot, on Saturday, a eircum tance vvas observed which has not before occurred for nearly half a century: there was not a single map of war, of any description, either in Cawsa nl Bay, the Sound, Catwater, or between the Island aud Main, to answer the salute of tlr* Hag- ship. The Uracil convoy, which - ailed last week, separated, and three are mi - sing, supposed to have got into Scilly, or to have borne away for Lisbon ; two are got into Halford Harbour. On Sunday came in the Spencer, of 74 guns, the Hon. Rear- Admiral Stopford, from off L'Orient. She lias been ashore 011 the coast of France, and his greatly damaged her bottom ; in consequence of which,, the Statira, of 38 guns, Captain Chamberlayne, escorted her from the coast of France, and eamt* iu with her. Oil Monday the Spen- cer went up the Harbour < 1 he docked. On Tuesday came in the Zebra, of 18 guns, from Lis- bon ; and Trompeuse, of 18 guns, from Oporto. They bring 110 news. On Wednesday came in the Bonne Louise, French brig corvette, uicrced for 22 guns, but only 12 mounted, from Bourdeaux, bound to Martinique, laden with flour, wine, and brandy, captured by the Indefatigable, of 38 guns. She is a vefy fine vessel, about 500 tons, and newly fitted. The Indefatigable was left in chace of two others of like sort. Ou Thursday came in the Donegal, of 74 guns, from Portsmouth. O11 Friday ( this da>) came in the Implacable, of 74 guns, from the Downs, and is gone up Ham naze to repair. Sailed the Donegal, of 74 guns, to join the Channel fleet / PORTSMOUTH, NOV. 12. Rear- Admiral Sir Ed- mund Nagle arrived here 011 Monday, in the Brilliant frigate, from Guernsey, having quilted that station for the command at Leith. Sir Edmund immediately landed, and set off for London. O11 Thursday Vice- Admiral Sir James Saumarez arrived in the Victory, of lOO'guns, from the Baltic. We understand the " gallant Admiral is perfectly re- covered from his late indisposition. Monday.— Arrived the Brilliant, of guns, Capt. Smith, with Sir Ed. Nagle, frnj Guernsey j. and Merope sloop, Capt. Dod, from Chatham;. Tuesday.— Arrived : he Camilla, of 22 guns, Capt. Bowen, from the Downs. ffednesday.— Arrived the Centaur, of 74 gnns, Capt. Webley, from the Baltic. Sailed tbe Donegal, of 74 guns, Capt. Malcolm, and Stately, of64guus, Capt. < umberland. Thursday.— Arrived the Victory, of 100 guns, Capt. Diimaresq, from the Baltic. Fridai, Arrived the Stately, of G4 guns, from a cruize; al o the Goshawk, from a cruize, with the loss of her top- mast, in chatting two French lugger privateers. *• iNCHESTER. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12. On Tuesday died, suddenly, the Right Hon. Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester, K. B. a General in the army, Colonel of the 4th or Queen's own Dragoons, Governor- General of Canada, and Governor of Fort Charlemont, in Ireland. His Lordship is succeeded in title and estate by his eldest son, the Hon. Thos. Carleton, a Major in the army. The fourteenth Anniversary of the Christchurch ' Agricultural Society was held oil Monday last, at the George Inn, when the following Premiums were adjudged bv the Surveyors of the Society :—.• " The best Turnip Crop to Mr, D> uv; the 2d to Mr. Whieher; the third to Mr. Jackson. The best cultivated Heath Land to Sir George Tapps ; the second- best to Geneig! Cameron. The best Thatchers ( the Subscribers' own labourers) Mr. Jackson, Mr, Aldridge, Mr. Bur- lem. The be t. Turnip Hoers, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Mills, and Mr. Whieher. The he. t cow, Mr. Daw; the best bull, Mr. Hill; the bed. sow, Mr. Jackson ; the best boar, Mr. Quartley ; th" best ewe, Mr. Mills; the finest woolled ram, General Cameron; the finest woolled ewe, Mr. Hunt; lb' best fatted wether, Mr. Daw ; the be- t fatted ewe, Mr. Hill. Premiums were alo given to the four best ploughmen with two horses without drivers; to the two best plough- men with oxen ; to four boys, not more than fourteen vears old, who ploughed the best; to six poor men, " bringing up faint lie- without parochial assistance ; to eight servants ( male and female) for long and fa thful services. Lord SimierviUe honoured the snevy of cattle and dinner with his attendance. The usual harmony and good bu- rn Hir prevailed. This institution has greatly promoted the public good within the scope of its influence ; and in this ' conviction above seventy gentlemen iu the neighbourhood have libe- rally supported this- truly laudable society. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, six troops of the 5th Dragoon Guards, from Dorchester, pa- sed through this city for Guildford barracks. On Tuesday two troops of the 7th Light Dragoons passed through for Dorchester barracks. On Friday, last the Rev. Edward Pearson, D. D. Master of S'duey S assex- college. was elected Vice Chancellor uf the University of Cambridge for the year ensuing. B1RTHS. J On Wednesday, in Souierset- sreet, Port, man- square, London, the Countess of Banbury of a daugh- ter.-— On Monday, at. Becch- liouse, Hants, the Ladv of Charles J « kinsoil, Esq. M. P. of a daughter.— On Wed- nesday, at Southampton, the Lady of Thomas Giahaui Stirling, Esq, of Airth, ef a son and heir. Lately was married the Rev. Herbert IliH, A. M. Chancellor of the Chijreh of Hereford, and Reeun of Staunton- upon- Wye, in HerefortLhire, to Catheriue fourth daughter of Lovelace Bigg Wither, Esq. of Man\ down, in this county. Lately vvas married John Taylor, Esq. son of the late William Taylor. E- q. of Portswood- Green, near Southampton, to Miss SpHsburv, grandaughter of the line Rev. Dr, Chapman, Preben- darv of Bristol. On Thursday the 3d irjst. vvas married, at Worces- ter, Mr. Thomas Shaw, of Southampton, to Miss Sarah Burton, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Bur- ton, of that city. SALISBURY. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1S08. Last Tuesday morning one of Mr. ttrsel's road wagg w » : overturned, upon Shute hill, ne> u' Kilniiugton, o'eea iont'd by a wheel getting > tf. A- woman wh m the waggon - r had taken up was killed ou the spot, and some of the horses were much i jured. RE HEP of the POOR with revert I- their FCV. ' HOME MARKETS Prices of Com, per ( Juarter Wheat. 1 Barley. Nov. Salisbury, Basingstoke, Devizes, Newbury, Andover, Warminster, • Hieetd, per Gallon Oats. 8 * » / » HW. -; « I" 5* j48 to 4;; 9U* ioli » - 40 to rrj ' 4) M o' 2( o! 01. 4.') to 5- 1 i j- l lo 4 IO| 74/ » ila'at 10 bti jao to 11. 12. 7b lo 99 40 lo 51 - 34 to 42 12 I 72 lo 96 3S to 58 as to 4ft Weight of Hie G„ Uon Loaf, Mb. 1 lox.— Ha 1/ deans. I s. s. ; i5 to 811 38 to 7ft - S4 to 88 58 to 7G 60 lo 721 80 lo 88 j Gall, ill: Bread* d. 0 1 10 1* 11 Two troops of the 7th regiment of Light Dragoons, and four troops of " ihe 14th Light Dragoons, the for- mer marching from Fareh im to Dorchester, and the latter frotn Rumford to Exeter, have passed through this city during the last week. The Rev. John Wickens, M. A. has been insti- tuted by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol to the Rectory of Lytchett Matravers, iu the county of Dorset, on the presentation of Wm. Trenchard, Esq. On Wednesday evening, the 2d instant, Devizes was much enlivened hy a grand Ball, given by the Mayor and Corporation of t.. t borough, on opening their new Town- ball, to which all the principal families in the town and neighbourhood were invited. The • hole entertain- ment was conducted, under the direction of a Committee consisting of nineGeutlemen, with such taste and elegance as have seldom or ever been surpassed. The company assem- bled soon after eight o'clock, ' and comprised all the beauty and fashion of the surrounding country ; country dances commenced at nine, and continued till one o'clock, when upwards of 300 partook of an elegant supper, furnished by Alts. Molland, of Bath, on whom the profusion of delicacies with which the lables were covered, and the taste of their arrangement, reflected the greatest credit. A sufficient time having been devoted to refreshment, dancing was again resumed, and continued with great spirit and hilarity until the dawning of fair Aurora sum- moned the company to depart, when they repaired to their ;- - etive home, highly gratified with their entertain- ment, and much pleased with the attention paid them by the Gentlemen of the Corporation and their Ladies. The first Subscription Ball at Devizes vvas on We. lne day last; and notwithstanding it so soon followed the gaiety of the preceding week, was most numerously and fashionably attended. The elegance and convenience of the suite of rooms appropriated for this purpose ill the Town- hall, and the numerous and respectable list of Subscribers, afford every reason to believe that these Balls will be honoured1 with a full attendance during the Winter. Sry PARK, tbe family residence of the Bayntuns, is as length wholly deserted by Sir Andrew Bavutuii, and it about to be occupied by the sporting Mr. Thornton, of Yorkshire,— or Colonel Thornton, as he continues to lie called, having once been a Lieutenant- Colonel ill a regi- m lit of Militia. Those who regret that the representa- tives of great families should quit their stat'o is, and, in- stead of upholding the dignity of their ancestors, by dif- fusing order, apd dispen ing blessings in that neighbour- hood where they have the produce of the soil, should wil- lingly sink into the mass of idleness and : isigniflea ice con- gregated at. the watering places, will not he easily recon- ciled to this change. But tbe votaries of the bottle and the sports of the field may find consolation in the d scrip- lion of the Colonel's remove from "• Falco, ers- Hali," and the procession of his establishment through tbe city of York, as related iu the last York Herald, and which seems to have been attended with all the " pride, pomp, and circumstane-" of his vocation. A waggon, contrived for the carriage of luggage or loese dogs, covered with the skins of stags, fallow- tlcer, and roe- bucks, " killed by the Colonel,"— with nets, otter- spears, fishing- rods, and gluts, drawn by fottr thorough- bred cream- coloured Arabians, bred hy the King ! was followed by a dug- cart with milk- white terriers anil beautiful greyhounds ; next came a huntsman on a powerful grey hunter,' followed by an hu- meri e pack, judged not less than 100 couple of stag- hound-, fox- hounds, otter- hound*", and lively lap- dog bea- gles ;— a stud- groom and four grooms, each leading a ( bo- rough- bred horse ;— a keeper, with three brace of pointers ; — the falconer, iu green and silver, suirAimded by . hawks, and on his fist a venerable Grand Duke, closed the pro- cession. But the better part nf the remove comes after ail this pageantry, viz. nine waggon loads ef old wine and ale, brought from Tfiornviile Royal, <( inestimable from its age, aud heal by the Duke of Yorke as the finest wine in tile kingdom. These wines, moved to the Colonel's new seat in Wiltshire tit such an immense expellee, are from 25 to 100 years old."— The distance this cavalcade is to travel is about 200 miles. On Tuesday the 1st inst.. was married, in London, Mr. CrulKvell, of Sherborne,' to Miss M'Callam, of Great Surrey Street, BiackfViars. On Wednesday vvas married, by the Rev. Mr. Selbv, at Queen- square Chapel, Bath, Major- General Richardson, to Mrs. Scott, widow of the late David Scott, Esq. of the Island of Antigua. On Sunday the6th inst. died, at Mr. Jekyll's house in Spring Gardens, London, after a lingering and painful illness, sustained with resignation and patience consistent with the tenonr of her whole life, Mrs. Jekyll, the amiable and beloved wife of Joseph Jekyll, Esq. M. P. for Calne, in this county, and daughter of Hans Sloane, Eisq of Paultons, in Hampshire. Died, on tire 18th of September last, at Sienna, in Tuscany, Sleddy Grinfiekl, Esq. F. R.. S. a native of this city, brother of the late General Grinfield, and formerly a Barrister of Lincoln's Inn. On Tuesday last died, at Speen, near Newbury, Miss Calcraft, eldest daughtei of the late Lieutenant- General Calcraft. On Tuesday last died, at the Hot Wells, in her 20th year, Miss Charlotte Newman, younqest daughter of Mitchell Newman, Esq. of West Lavington, in this county. On Sunday the Gth inst. died, at his seat in Here- fordshire, in the 61st year of his age, William Money, Esq. late of Whctham- house, near Calne, in this county • On Tuesday died, at Bath, Mrs. Tanner, widow of John Tanner, Esq. of Tidcomhe, in this county. On Sunday last died, much regretted, Mrs. Brown, of Westbury Leigh. Lately died Miss Martha Bishop, of the Oatmeal- row, in this city. Lately died, at Wardour Castle, aged 82 years, Mrs. Mary Payne, much regretted bv all h'* r friends and acquaintance, particularly by the Arundtdl family, to whom she has been a faithful Domestic fur above 3+ years. On the 1st rhsf. died, in the Goth year of his age, Mr. John Ellis, linen- draper, of Winbourne, Dorset: he bore an illness of nine years with christian fortitude and resignation, CAUTIOV.— On Monday the 7th in t. the Rev. William Williams, and Thomas Heme, of Fiddleton, in the county ol' Wilts, were convicted in the penalty of 5/. each, before the liev. George Wells, LL. D. and Francis Dugdale A - tlev, Esq. two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the sail) county, for unlawfully u ing greyhounds, guns, and pointers at the same time, for the destruction of game. PRINTING OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY. MESSRS. BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUX- FORD ( Successors to Mr. Collins) respectfully inform the Public, that on TUESUAY, November 22, they will h ive on Sale th - gr- atest Variety of LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S POCKET BOOKS; the BOOK and SHEET ALMANACKS pub- lished by the Company of Stationers; and all other AN- NVAI. PUBLICATIONS, at tbe lowest London Prices, wholesale and retail. On the same day, TUF. SUAY, Nov. 22, wftl bcpol- tishfli, MB. MOON'S WESTERN BOOK and . SHEET ALMANACKS, FDH Wilts, Hants, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. These Almanacks will be found peculiarly valuable to A 1,1 ERSONS residing in or connected with the Six Western Counties, as Daily Companions for the whole Year. The Book will be found to contain, besides the usual Con- tents of an Almanaek, a correct List of the New Stamp Duties which took place in October last; Government Life Annuity Tables, which commenced at the same time ; List of the Counsel who attend the Western Circuit, t[ om the, best authority ; a curious and interesting Geographical Tabf--, which never before appeared in any similar publication, & c. & c. & c, To. prevent disappointment, Dealers in the Country are re- quested to transmit their Orders without Delay. Those who prefer dealing for Money will be served greatly to their Advantage. F ! SL ~ TilE BEAUTIES OF PURCtiLL. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that Mr. CORFI: h is it in contemplat'on to publish a SE- LECTION of PURCELL'S VOCAL MUSIC, so much and so deservedly admired by all Amateurs of that captivating Science. The Elitor's intention is, to offer this valuable Work I.) th * Public on the same terms, and executed in the same ma incr, as his Selections of the Compos tions of the great Handel, pro- vided his subscriptions should be such as to justify the at- tempt, and promise success to its execution. J. C. thinks it accessary to add, that he is induced 11 un- dertake the above work, at the particular request of some Friends who bold a dist'nguished rank in the musical vvorl I, aud who often regretted that the delicious strains of Puree!! were not'more generahy known, on account of the irre ular and obsolete mari. ier in which they are printed, and for want of a more compact se!< ction of his choicest pieces. The Editor purposes printing one volume: sh mid that meet the success he hopes, he will b induced to extend the pub- lication to a second volume. Subscriptions ( One Guinea) received at the Printing- Ollice, - it Messrs. Banks s Music Shop, and at Mr Corfe's, in the Close, Salisbury; aud at Mr. Preston's, No. 97, Str nd, London. [ 11.( 1 EXTRA PRIZES. THE GRAND STATE LOTTERY BEGINS DRAWING FUR Til lit I'F. ENTil Ol- NEXT MONTH. 7 he Scheme contains 4 Pui7. ES of £ 20,000 2 of £' 10,000 I ( T of. jflOOO 2 of. ,£ 5,000 | 10 Of. £' 500 iVc. & e. & c. THE first- drawn Tickets above .^ 15 on the fust and second days of the drawing will also he entitlcfl'to the TWO GRAND PRIZES of 500 Ticketieaah, the value of which it is impossible to calculate, as they may contain several of the large and must embrace a grejt portion of tbe interior en'; fits: Persons, th re fore, who int-. nd to become ' adventurers in this most advantageous scheme are reeom- mended to make an early application, as the whole f the Tickets are expected to be sold before the drawing begins. Tickets and Shares, in' ?, great variety of Numbers, are r. ow selling fforSir JAMES BRANSCOMB and CO.) by BRODIE, DOWDING. and LUXFORD, successors to Mr. COLLINS, at the Printiug- Odice, Salisbury, where in the last and late Lotteries were sold 4.. Prizes of.. £ 20,000 j 2.. Prizes cf.. £ 5,000 3 £ 10,90( 1 I 1 £' t, 000 ANNUAL PIGEON SHOOTING.— ROMSEY. nPIIE Amateurs of ihe Trigger are promised cxccl- JSL lent Sport on Montm,- the 21st of November, 1808, at the Dolphin I. i", Romssv, when SIX PRIZES will be SHOT FOR, at PIGEONS,' value FIFTY GUINEAS. Also a Mitch for 100 Guineas, between two Gentlemen of Hampshire. One of the Prizes to be shot for with DOUBLE- BARREL GUNS, at TWO BIRDS. * » * N > menial servant allowed to shoot. N. B. The Shooting will commence at ten; Dinner on table at two. [ « 48 AGENTLEMAN, who has been tor many years concerned in Stewardships, is desirous of obtaining a Situation as Domestic St. ward to a Gentleman of large Estate. Respectable reference can be given,— For particulars address C. D. Post- Office, Salisbury. _ COOK WANTED. WANTED immediately,— A middle- aged Woman, as COOK, in a respectable School. - A person well recommend d may hear of a situation, bv applying personally. " " d to W. Wills, Boarding School, or bv letter post par. l addressed Castle- street, Salisbury [ BG8 LOST,- BliOWNINC'S BEST SU PER. BLU E, - Three ENDS of CLOTH, marked directed " Browning, Port sea." Whoever may have found the above Cloth, shall have FIVE GUINEA'S Reward, on bringing it to Isaac YoungL Red Lion Inn, S iisbury. OTOLEN or STRAYEl) on Saturday last, from O Trowbridge,— An entire red blown SPANIEL BITCH, of small size but stout made, called FLORA; iho, a liver and white SPANIEL DOG, called BUSTLER. Whoever will give information of the aforesaid dogs to Edw. II. Mortimer, Esq. of Studley, near Trowbridge, will be handsomely re warded, and if retained after this notice, such p rson or per- sons ( if discovered) will be pros cutcd to the utmost severity of the law. '•••'- PELICAN OFFICE, For INSURANCE on LIVES and granting ANNUITIES. THIS Office, wag established in Lombard- street, Loridfin., Irt the year 17f) 5", by a numerous and respect- able Proprietary;. andohe Board of Directors, with confidence, arising ftorfi- fhe incfeksed prosperity and permanency of the establishtit-' tf'- as well as from the experience of its useful- ness and benefit to ihe pubWc, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted With the importance and advantages of Life Insurance, briefly to sug- rest some of its leading and pe- culiar recommendations to almost every degree and rank in Society. • Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, civil, ecclesiastical, or professional; to officers in the aimy aud navy, & c.; as, by piyment of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a permanent ultimate security to those who advance money up m- annuities or otherwice. It renders liksesf, determinable on on" or mere lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates, as an insurance to the amount of the fine, pavable on the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertakings; it affords to petsons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by government, and con- firmed by tbe test of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a suecial Act of Parliament, prantcl to this Office.. " THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY'S AGENTS at Salisbury, Mr. Burroqgh; De- vizes, Wm. Cook; Portsmouth, T. C. Mottley: Lymington, J. West; Rjngwood, C. Hodges; Bridpart, j. Williams; Beaminstcr. Wm. Clift; Weymouth, Thos. Richardson; Bristol, Win. Reid } Taunjon, C. Prake; Bath, ' IJ. Mant; Mirtnck, J. Crahb. ' [ 786 S^ HE object of this Institution is ib .- & of th Aint' r t > thcrgi tile poorer Class of 4i AiSMieetfcis a: Fam bes, by aiabl, them to purchase th. irCOAL': u sir. quantities.' tuil measure, and at a mod- r-. te price. e A R p s t iry for ih. s purpose is establshcd upon the Cant,'. SALISBURY, whi. h will open on Saturdtry the 3.1 of D e. ipti. n - xt, and continue during the severity or th Winter, tvciv Tues I ty and Saturday, from ten o'dock nil one. Such of the Inhabitants of the respective parishes of Sr. E- lmund, St. Thomas, St. Martin, and the Close, ( lor whom, this Oharity is intended), who receive relitf from their pi. r. sh, and also su: h others as arc excused from the payment ot pon- rates on account tit their poverty, will, upon proper reetmi- mendation by a Subscriber, be entitled to this relitL— A List f tiie former has been obtained from the parish books ; and the latter will be included as soon as they can be examined and ascertained. *-' Such of the Inhabitants of the City and Close who have hitherto omitted entering their names as Subscribers to this benevolent Institution, are re.- pectfully informed; ' thfe the Books still remain open at tbe Bank and at the Printing! Office, for this purpose. And should any of the S& bscri'viS have, within th. ir respective knowledge, any objects lo jrkoro- mend who strictly fall within lite description as above, am} will furnish them with written r. commenrlations to the. Res pository, due attention will be paid to tin an. Rev. Canon HUME, Chairman. * Rev. Dr. EVANS, 1 ... , JAMES WICK INS, J ' ieasut5r' & c" laih and twiljed 2( i7] XTEW dark printed Patients in plaif - I. VL CAMBRICS, Con PEP GINUHAMS, TWILI. F. D SAUSI * ETs, Lttsfnra, 4c. just received at BECMNGSALE'a WAREHOUSE, Sti. vER- STRLET, SALISBURY. Two bales of yard and half wide Camfiriok Muslir. s, 20d. A variety. of sh . ded Muslins, twilled Cambrics,' Ac. A collection of rich worked Robes, " only Ss. a dress. A box of Cotton Lace, excellent patterns, id. per vard. A box of the best Threat Lac-, It. to its. A fresh supply of Cotton Stockings; an extra allowance by the halt dozen. Irish Linens, Sheetings, and Table Linen. A large lot of Cotton Damask atv. 1 Diaper Table Cloths. A variety of Queen's Stuffs, for gowns, lot?, per yard. i » ilk Stockings of every description, SHAFTESBURY, ADAMS, bookseller. Stationer, Perfumer, 6ff I • Patent. Medicine Vender, having found that manv of his Friends, by mistake, have gone to the Shop lie was sti'un- ciyily dispossessed of, begs to tnfouu th< « i and the Public, that lie is removed to tke house late ( he Post- Office, and con- tiguous to his late residence, where they may he supplied with Books, Stationary, Perfumery, genuine Medicines and the b K Drugs, on reasonable tmris. fS4o A CARD. gs lo offer her; best thanks to j\/ ri8S ROOKE beg; iTj the LA UIES of the Close, Salisbury, ar; d the Neigh--' bourhood, for the many fcvors conferred on her, and embraces tbe earliest opportunity of announcing her return from LOJJ- • DOV, from whence she has selected, and ire now ftg Inspec- tion at her Rooms. Queen- street, Market Place, t e most fashionable Assortment of MILLINERY, Dresses, pars, and cveiy other article in those I u, iiiesses, that could be procured from the first l. ous s in Lond n ; apd particularly the Patriotic Cost and I tot, the Bedford Coat and Bonnet, and a variety vf uew Pelisses constiucted for the Season. A regular supply of every fashionable article of Dress is transmitted monthly to Miss RootE from her cerr. spondeius in London. N. B. Two neat Workwomen wanted, and two Apprentices, SALISBURY, NOV. II, 1808. RJ. SG WINCHESTER READY MADE PELISSES. MISS CRUCF. FIX respectfully acquaints her Frisnds and the Public in general, she is iu.* t returned from London, with every l- shionabjearticle inMlLUM-'. RY, Pelisses, and Dr - sscs. An Apprentice wantedi (- Jc&) HIOH- STUEET, Winchester. TO THE LADIES— WINTER FASHIONS. RS. ANTHONY returns h.- r most grateful - thanks for the encouragement she has met with at Winchester ; and respectfully informs the Ladies that h- r sister, M. Mono AN, is returned from London v.- th the most fashionable articles ii> Millinery, Dresses, P-. lisse- s, end Spencers; Swandown Tippets and Ttimminr, Fur Topes, Fur and other Trimmings; a large assortment > f tie- garit Childbed Linen; very Stnw and Be- v r ! i u « ~ and Bonnets; uid humbly solicits a' fontinu- mce of their favours. A CA RD To the Ladies of SOUTHAMPTON and its fmnily, and ker Friends in parlitnltir. jV/ IRS. MOODY respectfully informs ( hem she'is i?. L just returned from LONDON, having stinted, fr, m () ie first Repositories of Fashion, an'elegant Ass- roncM ot the most t- shionable MILLINEK'Y, Dr. s, cs, Passes, Mantles, Robes, Frocks, flrc. dtc. of every desor pt; u, and on unusually low terms. Such as she flatters herselt will obtain the t- rprp- b . tion and are well worth the attention of those Ladict, who wdl please to honor h r with their commands. All Orders fr- m the Country punctually afld imaiediatelv attended to. 1 An Apprentice wanted; likewise a young Lady on improve, ment. No. T in, Ili^ h- street, SOUTH A MPTO, N , Nov. N, mo « — * " a;' « ••• i .)•',• , TO CLOTHIERS, TO be LETT, in H Market- town in Wiltshire,—. A small MANUFACTORY, completely furnished with every rcqu- site Machinery for miking ei, IffKiids per week • the Engines ( new in 1B0J, with new Cards fftc months siheej1' are driven by a constant supp, y o' Wa- cr. A line addressed ( post paidj to O. R. Post- office, Melisham will be immediately attended to, N. IS. The Machinery may be purchased at a fair valuation, if preferred. F'ORDING BRIDGE. rrO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, I bv WM. TOOM**, or Monday the 14th inst— All tin HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND STOCK in TRADE of ot Mr. H. MOVLE, Tallow- chandler and Bedtiek- makcr a bankrupt; consisting of mahogany and other tables, chairs, pier arid other glasses, ei. hi- day clpck, muhopany am; wal- nut chfsd of drawers, featbet be !;, four- p- « t and other bed- steads, -„ quantity of soap and candles, cOpp-. r luinace, iron- bound c.. sks, tic. f: c, N. B. An exceeding good Saddle Horse. Sale to begin at ten o'clock. f? 39 WILTS. rp> he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT. JL FARM at Br> nkworth \ consisting cf lis ucies, cipally of meadow and pasture land, in the tenancy ot'Mr! Abraham Clarke, at the yearly rent Of HtH. A FARM at North Lydiard, consisting of MS acres of rich meadow and pasture land, occupied byAlr. John Osborne, at the yearly rent of 2(! 7f. A FARM at North Lydiard, consisting of l'f ticres ef rich meadow and pasture land, in the tenancy of Mr. Stephen Cole, at the yearly rent of 40/. Also two very rich MEADOWS in Lvtfard Milhcent, « alj- ed Muhily'S Rush, and Smith's Meadow, coutamn g 15 acre , and held by Mr. William D r.-, at the yearly rent of 4r. f. The respective tenants wdl shew the farms, all of which are held from year to year only. . For the particulars of sale apply- to JVIr. Lecgr, at Lydiard, near Wootton Bissett. or to Mr. James Wickerw, No. t; \ prtn « King's- bench- vvalks, Temple. p> SI rl10 be SOLD, with eirriv possession,— HOUSE, X situate in'lhe village of Secnd, fit for the immediate re- ception of a small Gentleman's family ; pon* ist jig of « n en- trance- ball, two parlours, small . study, or eititltmaij's room store- room, and butler's pantry, tin the first or ground floor ', two good airy hed- ro'gms, a dressing- troom, and nursery, ou the second floor; three garrets; a good kiicb « i, a back kit- chen with oven, small dairy, Qoal and wood hi . is, s, with other detached offices ; three cellars; coach and poultry ytird, double coach- house, and three- stall stable ; a * r. cn- house| and garden of ab » ut three quarters of ati acre, Wailed round and well planted with fruit trees, with a field or close ofgood" pasture ground in front of the house, Contair. ii i ' » ' osfr? s A COTTAGE, adjoin ti:.' the h^ use, will he Su. a . vith it' and tfie Furniture in the house may he induced ill the sale' or removed, at the option of the purchaser. Seend is ahout three quarters of a milr t'rnm the Hath road, three miles and a halt ! rem Devijes,- and four from Mellts- ham. The Field is Freehold, nrpl the remainder of the property Leasehold for the remaindpr of a term of pf> years, tjet, rmiri- able on three lives now living, and the further te\ m of 81 u- ars after the det rmination thereof, with benefit ol rem » at f > r the like tcr » 3 Cn the death " f either of the lives at the fine of 41, only. The premises may be viewed by permission of J. Wyse. Est], the present tenant; and further particulare knovvx bJ applying at tbe office of Mr. W. W. Salmon, Devizes; by letters, p st paid. r.> 53 ' fiSa SPBSU PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Oram s, advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid.) - S-.- i. e Rocked I by tlie respective NBWSMES; and iii Loudon by AJessra. TAYJL. ER and NgWTON, No. 5, Wanvicly- Square, Warwiek.- L3ae, Newgnte- Street,- » nd Mr- WILKlE, BtfofcseDer, Paten » 9- ttr- Jlow, St. Pattllfc
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