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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3737
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 03/10/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3737
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. ilW 1 [ NUMBER 3737. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. (| tan, P V" ^ ( Paper and Print, Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN N E VV S. COPENHAGEN, Sept. 12. THE King, with a view to stop any intercourse which might tend to relax the vigour and asperity of ( tie. war, has ordered that no more English or Swedish flags of truce shall be received; and has, in general orders, ordered, that any cartel persisting in the attempt of communicating with the shore, shall be tired into. LONDON, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER tS. Dutch |> 3pers have reached town to the 20th inst. and several German and Danish Journals. Bonaparte had not left Paris, but arrangements had been made for his de- parture. Strasburgh is still mentioned ' as the plaee of his destination, and it restated that the Kings of " Westphalia, Bavaria, and Wirtemberg, and other Members of the Con- federation of the Rhine, are to meet hi 111 there. The French jrmy in Spain, including Swiss and Italian troop*, is estimated ill the Dutch papers at 73,000 men, and ' it is added, that operations in that- country were only delayed by the clemency of the iiew Sovereign, who, de- sirous of sparing the blood of bis people, was willing to afford them lime for reflection and submission. The intelligence copied into the Dutch papers from the Paris Journals" reaches to the 15 th inst. only; there are priva! • letters in town, dated the 16th, which state that Bonaparte had on that day left Paris ; that he was preceded, as usual, by DOroc, and had certainly taken the road to . Strstsburgh. Letters, have been received from Madrid of the Gth, from Valladolid of the 13th, and from Gijon of the 10' th inst. It appears that the Spanish armies are rapidly eon- eentratini! themselves, Tor the pm'pose of driving the French from the strong positions they occupy behind the Ebj- o. Acceding to the last accounts, ' G" fierat Blake had reached l ie position- at. Reynosa, and was going to occupy Hi cav and Guiposcoa, assi- ted by the Asturian army. General f'notta was marching to support bis right. General Casta- • nos had left Madrid with bis cavalry, and was going to •' Burg* -: his infantry were advancing to Sorreia— General ' Uaaaj was marching to join general Palafox. The French attempted to surprise General Palafox at Tudela, hut he effected his retreat to S n agos3a, upon which the Fivrtch changed their route, and directed their march towards General Blake. T? se intelligence noticed in our last, that the Portu- guese- protest against the Contention of Cintra, is fully confirmed. The Portuguese Officer who landed at Bristol With the disptaches is named Cuesta. He arrived in Lon- don, and delivered his dispatches to the Portuguese Am- bassador, on Saturday evening. Hi's Excellency waited on for. Canning, and communicated to him the Protist made fcy Don Bertiardin Freire d'Andrade,* the General of the I'Vtugnese troojN-, on account of its having been made ' Hthotit the least deference to the authority of the I> i nice Regent, or the Government that represents him; because it permits the residence in Portugal ol known traitors, and prohibits their punishment, thereby expo- iug the country to be again betrayed by them ; anil beeau e it pays no attention to ( he srfetv of the inhabitant; of Lisbon, nothing having been inserted' to protest them from the oppressions of the French, during their stay ; & c. & c. Bv accounts received at Hull from Petcrshurgh, we are adored that, up to the 31st ult. not more than twelve vessels had entered that port since th- commencement of Itle year. Mercantile men at Petersburg^, and the Nobles • at Morcow, were highly dissatisfied with the measures of Government, and the French were held ii » universal de- testation among all ranks of people. Goods of various descriptions were conveying from different parts of the in- terior to Archangel, at an enormous ijxpenre, in the hope that they might he shipped from thence with more facility. Mltiix- LtWr, Monday, SeplcMtr 86. We have had a de- clining market for Wheat here since' Monday last, and large supplies. On Wednesday Wheat was Si. per q. r. cheaper, • andtfs. more on Friday. To- day we had a very abundant ' quantity fresh up from Essex, soma little from SufiblK, but none from any other port, and the prices again fell 5s. per qr. from Friday, making full .10.?. from Monday the 1.0th, nor were the consumers at all ready to make purchases, even at this reduction ; on the contrary, most of the stands were left KU at one o'clock.— White PeaS are 20s. dearer; " but Grey Peas, the tifrn cheaper. Beans, Barley, Rye, Oats, and Malt, » re alt 2s. per qr. cheaper. Carraway and Coriander Si. per ctvt. White Mustard seed 9s. per bushel, and Flour 5s. | rr sack. Rapeseed has advanced it. per last, and new beans is. pet OT. We have nothing more particularly to advise, but reftr toriiecurrencyammexed— English RedGJ's. to' Sis. fine to 841. White (>' 4'. to 825. fine to HC> s. Black 82s. to 74s. Fine 7os. to 7Sy. Rye 40s. to 4fis. fine new to 54. i. White Peai9 « s. to 116s. Boilers im. toHOs. GreyPeasSb's. to Bos. Horse Beams S( Js. to 62 s'. fine old to 68.". Tick Bean's K6s. to tiSs. Barley 40s. to 4Xf. Malt 6 » s. to SOS. Oats, long feed, S8s. tO » l*. Short 3- 2s. to 35s. Poland and Brew 36S. to4ls. Tares U2s. to 123s. per qr. English Household Flour 801. ^ lersa'ck. Svarnmw MARKET, Sept. 26. We had ( his day a large supply of prime Oxen, and a good shew of other cattle, Which sold bfiskly, at the following prices -.— Beef 4s. to 6s. 6d. Mut- ton 4s. to OS. ed. V^ al 6s. to 7*. Lamb 4s. to 6s. Pork ' « j. to Gs. Gd. : .,.,'"' HAY end STRAW, at the different Markets, sold atthe same prices as last week. BUILDING CONTRACT. . nOTlCE is hereby given,, that his. Majesty's Jus- X . tices of the Peace for the countyof Southampton, do intend, at the General Quarter Sessions, of the Peace to be hoMen at the Castle of Winchester, in the said ciiiv ty, on Tuesday the ,4th day of October next, to contract with any Person of Persons for re- building the Bridewell at gosport, in the said county, according to the plans and specification to be ' Seen at the office of the Clerk of the Peace at Winchester. Persons desirous of'contracting to execute the whole of the above works are requested to send in their proposals, sealed up, to the Clerk of the Peace at Winchester, on or before Mon'lay the 3d of October, and to attend at the Castle of Winchester on Tuesday the 4th,- when the different proposals Will be taken into consideration. The Contractor will be re- quire! to find Sufficient security for the due performance of his contract. THOMAS WOODHAM, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. WINCHESTER.,. 31ST of. AugiiM., 1808. [ 9.15 CHRISTCHURCH AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. ' HE Members of this Society will use their ut- most endeavour to bring, and cause to be broucl t, SHEEP and LAMBS to the FAIR at CHRlSTChUrCh, held on the, i 7th of October yearly, with a view to accom- modate the Dealers in. Sheep and Limbs . from the Isle of Wight, and other parts of the countv. A . convenient spot, of ground a. id hurdles, nec - ssary for penning the sheep, will be provided without any eitperice. The Rev. JAMES' WILLIS, President. Sopt. EY, Sept. 29, 1808. [' 246. T TURNPIKE ROAD UNDER SALISBURY PLAIN. OTICE is hereby given, that Application will be made to Parliament, in the next Session, for an Act for continuing the term and enlarging the powers of an Act p ssed in the a^ tli year of his present Majesty, for amending, widening, and keeping in repair'the Road from the bottom of White Sheet I Iili, through Hurdtot, to the Wilton Turnpike Road,, at or near Barford, iu the county of Wilts. Dated this 6th dav " f September 1808. l: 280J GeO. SOUTH, Clerk and Treasurer. T1CE is hereby given to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates in the parish and manor of PIM- PERNE, in the county of Dorset, and to all. other Persons whom it may concern, that irt the next Session of Parlia- ment a Petition will be presented to the Honourable House ot Commons, fo. i leave to oring in a Bill in order to obtain an Act of Parliament " or dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Commonabl' Lands and Waste. Grounds in the parish and manor of Piinperne aforesaid.— ' nted the id dab of September 1803. CHARLES. BOWLES, Solicitor. N'OTICE is heeby given to the Proprietors of Lands . and Estates iu the parish of MARNHULL in the countv of Dorset, and to all other Persons whom it may concern, that at the >• xt Session of Parliament a Petition will be presented to the Honourable House of Commons, for leave to bring, in a Bill in or i, r to obtain an Act of Parliament tor dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Common- able Lands and Waste'Grounds in the parish of Mamhufl . aforesaid'.—? Dated the 2d day of September 1808. 1H32] CHARLES BOWLES, Solicitor. " jVJOTICF, is hereby given to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates" in the parish of CANN SAINT RUMBOLd, in th ; county of Dorset, and to all other Per sons whom it may concern, that at the next Session of par- liament a Petition will be presented to the Honourable H » 1808. [ 1.28!) ROBERT BATT, IRONMONGER, High- Street, ( from P. L. Burnett's!, returns his most sincere thank to his friends and the public, for the many favours received since his commencement in business, . and humbly solicits a continuance of the Same, which he will endeavour to deserve by paying attention to ail orders, serving them with giid articles, and on reasonable terms, [ 1211 Pantheon, Rumford, and. other Stoves and Rargc ; Fly and Lettice Wire Work. SALISBURY. Sept. ® 9. ' SO0. wANTS a Situation, as BAILIFF in the Fanning line, in Hants, or an adjoining county,— A. Single MAN, of unquestionable character and good recommendation, as a Farmer and Market Man ; wishes to be in the house. Letters addressed to A. B. Post- Officc, Andover, will be answered immediately. [ 1218 WANTED in a gentleman's family in the country, as soon as possible,— Two steady Servants, one as LADY'S MAID, and the other as a COOK : good wages will be given, to persons who understand their business, andean have good characters from their last places. Apply to the Printers, ( by letter post paid), with references to their last places for. characters, ' [ 1178 WINCHESTER. 1" WESE tire to pit's Notice, that on Thursday the Gth of te. Tt month, at tin 0' dork in Pie forenoon, trill l- e ' ekposcd'toSALE, at the Pay Ot'ir'e, in his Mmetty'l Yard, nesr Portsmouth,— Several Loir ol OLD STORES, consisting of old canvass in paper stuff, old colours with tabling, junk in paper stuff, old rope in paper stuff, lashing, rounding, and spun- yarn, hemp damaged and rubbish, adriatic, & c.; also, the Leopard pitch boat; where any persons willing to be put- thasers, may- have the liberty of ca wing them in the jvorki jg hours till the day of sale, And as a deposit of Ml. per cent, or in that proportion, is to ie made by the persons who shall purchase the sajaTotlt; allpcr- that shall attend the said salt are to lake notice liter, cof, and en oie prepared armrdingu/. And - unless the ' stops .0 pur- chased shall, be paid for and absolutely taken aitou at the end vfforty tborkinp days after the day f sale. Jhe deposit shall fe forfeited and become ;,;< property of the Crown. | 1138 Dated at his Majesty's Yard near Portsmouth, this 16th ( lay - - • --- GEO. GREI. THE 23d of October falling this year on a Sunday, Notice is hereby eiven, that the SHEEP FAIR will be held on Monday the 2lth. Ci is to be taken of Mr. T. Collier, City Arms Inn, in this city, 011 or before the . sad of October 1808. [ 1126 BLANDFORD, DORSET, Sept. - 23,. 1808. J. h. BENNETT, from Messrs. Tice and Fisher's, • begs leav. e to inform his friends and the public a- large, he- has opened a SHOP in Salisbury- Street, in the DK/. PERY, c pust. office)- Lvmo. gto,,' Mercery, Hosiery, Haberdashery,. SEC- •< ' ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, where three otheT servants are kept,— A COOK," who must understand how to send up a genteel dinner: she has the care of a small part of the house, and of one cow. She must have a good character for honesty, sobriety, cleanliness, and civil behaviour. Enquire of the Printers; or at Mr. Snooke's, brazier, Blandford. [ 1970 ANTED,— A steady, active HOUSEMAID, f v who can bring an unexceptionable character from her last placer——- Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers. ANTED, A Man who has been accustomed to work in a Garden, and understands something of pruning trees, and frames. He will be employed with other labourers, under a gardener. He must have a wife, who can undertake the care of the laundry, and perfectly under- st-.' nds' Washing, ironing, and mangling. A cottage and gairdCTrfWWi'd. Wanted also in the same famdy, an Upper HOUSEMAID. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to W. J. H. B. he « s leave. to inform his inends and public at large, that his Stock is entirely NEW, and purchased on the very best terms, for readv money, which he is determined to sell on most reasonable terms. [ 1261 BALTIC JUST arrival, B' qf September 18& 8. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, Sept. 27, 1809. ON Thursday the ( jlh of Octolcr next, I shall he ready lo reeeiee- Tenders in writing ( sealed up), andlreht for soo ttuait- rs of ENGLISH V/ HEAT, to weigh 58lbs. per bushel, and in case - it should weigh above 68H- s. per bushel, theoc< n> ceight tfiil be paidfor, to Ire delivered at tins Port in one month; which will l- e • poid for by bills, pay- tile With interest, ninety days after date. Ko regard will be had to a- iy Tender, in which the price shall not he inserted in words at length, or that Shalt not be delivered before twelee o'clock <> « the said Gth of October next, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some • p- rson on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when culled JOR' WM. RLTEKS. . N. B.— The CoiuHlions of the Contract may be seen at my office. ' f' 33H BOROUGH OF WILTON. SUCH Persons as are wilting to Contract for Sup- plying the POOR- HOUSE in the borough of WILTON with the under- mentioned articles, from tile 10th day of Oc- ' lolicr inst. to the Ist day of January 1809, are requested to in their Proposals, accompanied with samples, to the Churchwardens and Overseers, on or before l'fiday the 7th day of October inst. Should any further information be deemed necessary, it may be. obtained by applying to the Parish Officers. Household Flour, at per bag Good bacon, at per lb. malt, at per bushel hops, at p., r CWt. salt, at per bushel Household Cheese, at per cwt. Candles Ahd Soap, at perdoz. Groccry, Sic. [ li- 15 WEYHILL FAIR. Sadler.;, Harness, Hunting- Caps, whips & Spurs. bROWN ntid bURChELL, from London, beg to remind the Nobility and Gentry of their annual- visit tp Weyhill. They flatter themselves the Goods they have prepared will afford " them another opportunity of experiencing that liberal encouragement, which it is their ambition to merit. Biackfrivrs- rand and Bedford- row. [ 1234 Poole, ITinborue, Ch - is- tehurch, Riup; iX> ood, FordingHridge, tjaicnton, and SALISBURY ACCOMMODATION COACH, To the HelLajulOrown, Ualborn, and Saracen's Head, Friday- street, Cheipiide, Loudon, ROBERTS, TIIORNE, iiid ' Co. Proprietors, im- pressed with a due sense of their obligation to their Friends and the Public in general, for the very liberal encou- ragement they have, experienced since starting tile above Coach ; beg leave to rc'urn their most sincere thanks, assuring them if will ever be. their study by punctuality and steadiness, and resolving, to have excellent horses with careful and civil coachmen, to mept a continuance of their future favors, which will very much oblige their obedient Servants, ROBERTS, THORNS, and Co. From the Angel Inn, Boole, and George Inn, C'. iristchurch, to the Black {- louse, Salisbury, Bell and Crown, Holborn, and Saracen's Head, Friday- street; Cheapside. London, every Monday, Wednesday, and'Friday ; returns Tuesdays, Thurs- days. and Saturdays. Will n'of be accountable for any parcel or luggage above 51. value fif lost or damaged) unless; entered as such and paid for accordingly. . N., 8. All Parcels sent to this Coach will be booked free of expence*. The time of reaching and leaving Salisbury will accommo- date Passengers' to and from. B tth, Jltistol, Portsmouth, Ply- mouth* Exeter, { Sec. by the Salisbury Coaches. [ 113.4 pooLE," WINBOURN, RINGWOOD, CHRIST- S. CHURCH, SALISBURV, and LONDON NEW POST COACH, ( Carries four Insides only; every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday morning, at half- past eight o'clocki from the London Tavern, poole, to the Three Swans, Salisbury, and Bell- Savage, Ludgate- hiil, London; returns from the Three Swans, . Salisbury, every Monday, WedihfsdSy, and Friday morning, at nine, ( immediately after the arrival of the London Coach), and arrives at Poole by three in the afternoon. PeRfOrmed BY J. PERRIN, KING, AND CO, Who particularly request their Fiiends to desire their Cor- respondents in London to'be particular in ordering their Parcels to the Bell Savage, Ludgate- hill, as every attention t 69 I, OST, supposed to be left in a Chaise, taken a from the King's Arms Inn, Dorchester, to Weymouth* last Wednesday afternoon, A LADY'S ROSE WOOD WORK BOX, containing several articles for work, also, a Gold, a Garnet, a Cornelian, and other Necklaces; likewise a Pair of Garnet Ear- rings, Bracelets, and other Trinkets. Whoever will give information to Mr. Harvey, at' the Library at Weymouth, of any of the above articles being offered to be pawned or soldi and will stop them and the parties, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. LOST, supposed to he STOLEN, on. Sunday night, the 25th of September, 1808, from the Common Field of Tarrant- Hinton, Dorset,— An aged BLaCK MARE, of tli'e cart kind, about fifteen hands high, with a white sinpe m the face, legs getting grey below the knee, long stern with little hair, and rather low before. Whoever, will give information, so that the Mare may be had again, shall, if straye. d, receive ONE GUINEA Reward ; and, if st ;| - n, iVV GUINEAS, on conviction of the offender or offenders, by applying to William Hill, of Tarrant- Hinton aforesaid. [ 126- 2 sTOLEN or STRAYED, from the Shooting- Marsh. St. Thomas, Exeter,— A BAY HORSE, about 15 hands high, With black mane and tail, a small white star 111 Ills forehead, his near hind leg White to the- fetterloek joint, marked on the sides as if with the girths; has a small knob on his back, as if hurt formerly by the saddle ; and a swelling on the neck, occasioned by bleeding : has been rode many years by Mr. Gray: goes tenderly on his fore feet, particularly in the off foot, and is a little touched in the wind. Whoever has found the above horse, or will give informal tion so as he maybe recovered, shall be rewarded for- bis tfo « Me> and have. all reasonable expences paid, on application to Mr. Gray, surveyor, Haven Banks, Exeter; but whoevet detains him after This notice will b; prosecuted. [ 1266 NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT, Sept. 96, 18(> 8. aLL Persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. John SEARLE, late Master of the Sun Inn, in Newport afore- said, deceased, or to Mrs. Searle, his widow, also deceased, are required to pay their respective debts to Mr. John hor- lock, of Newport aforesaid. Grocer, who is duly authorised to receive ^ afid give receipts for the same, on orb. fore the 10th day of October next; and as the Administrators must forthwith close their accounts, they are under the necessity o! adding, that all defaulters in pavmept as above will be immediately sued without any further application; and all persons having demands on the said estates, or either of them, are desired to deliver the particulars thereof to the said Mr. J. Horlock, 011 or before the said 10th day of October next, that the same may be settled and discharged. [ 1160 LATE MR. JOHN BARNARD. LL persons having any Claim upon the Estate and Effects- of Mr. JOHN BARNARD, late of Wilton, deceased, are desired to send an Account f the same toJonri SEAGRIM, at Wilton, Administrator, in order for the same to be discharged 1 and ail persons who stand indebted to the said Estate are requested to discharge; the same foithw 1: » . [ 1173 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. A LL Persons who have anv Claims or Demands on IS., the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM HANHAM, Esq. deceased, late Captain in the Dorset Regt. oc M. htia, are de- sired to transmit an account th. r.- oi to Mr. Leer, attorney,- at Blandford, Dorset, in order that the same may be discharged. — Dated the 27th of September, 1803, fi229 NOTICE TO DEBTORS A SI) CREDITORS. ALL Persons who have any Demand on the Estate or Effects of Mr. HENRY FOLLIOTT, late of Hill Deverili, in the county of Wilts, deceased, or o y acconnt whatever, are desired immediat, ly to transmit tin ir " i- specdve demands to Mr. John Folliott, of Knoyle Down; and ' all Persons indebted to the said Estate, are also requested totrahs- mit tile amount of their respective debts to tile said Mr. John Folliott, without further notice. KNOYLE DOWN, Sept. 87, 1808. [( 226 Isle of Wight. Barnes's Bankruptcy. r| PIIE Creditors who have proved and established A their debts Under a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded against JOHN BARNES, late of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, House Carpenter, Dealer and Chapman, may receive a first dividend of six shillings in the pound, by applying to Mr. James Dennett, of Carisbrooke Road, Newport, the surviving assignee of the said estate. [ 1159 WOODYATE's INN, DORSET- SUCH of the Creditors of the late Mr. JOHN lOATs, deceased, who have not already sent in the par- ticulars of their respective debts, and who had not any notice of the late meeting of the Creditors of the deceased,' held at Waodyate's Inn on the 24th day of this instant September, or who could not make it convenient to attend such meeting, are requested to send the particulars of such their debts to Mr. John Swayne, solicitor, Wilton, Wilts, who will, on appli- cation, communicate to them the result of the meeting.' WILTON, WILTS, September 29, 1808. [ 1267 A' pUBlIC HOUSE. O be LETT, or SOLD by PRIVATE CON- _ TRACT,-— A good PUBLIC HOUSE, situate in the- centre of the Town of Mere, Wilts. Personal application to be made to Mr. Seymour, Attorney, Mere, on the 6th of October instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. [ 1291 - A WINCHESTER. - TO be- LETT, and entered on immediately,— HOUSE, very advantageously situate'! for any business, in the Square, with two good Shops, and large bow vvmdows in the front. - Fot particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid), to Miss De- ni- son, bookseller, Winchester. [ 1276 cAPiTAL SITUATION, and commanding PREMISES, to LETT, in the most central part of the Market- place, Devizes,' Wilts ; consisting of n good shop, two parlours, modern sitting- room, three goo ! bed- rooms, a small ditto, and two garrets, good under- ground' kitchen, large cellars, wash- house, and re,- my ware- house ; the whole in good repair, and fit for immediate Occupation. [ 1137 For further particulars ( if by letter, post paid; enquire'of Cox and North, linen ami Woollen drapers, { ire. Devizes. 011 del very. Sept. 17< 1- 806. [ 1090 THEATRE OF ANATOMY, Blenheim- Street, Great Marllvrough- Street. London. THE Autumnal COURSE of LECTURES on ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, and SURGERY, will be com- menced on Saturday, the lst of October, at two o'clock. By Mr. BROOKES. Anatomic! Converzationes will be held weekly, when the different subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly,, and the student's views forwarded— To these none but pupils can be admitted. Spacious apartments, thoroughly ventilated^ and replete with every, convenience, are open all tlie morning, for the purposes of dissecting and injecting, where Mr. Biookcs at- tends to direct the students, and demonstrate the various parts as they appear on dissection. . An extensive Museum, containing preparations illustrative of every part Of the human body arid its diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which students will have'occasional ad- mittance— Gentlemen inclined to support - this School by c mtributiiig- preternatural or morbid parts, Subjects in natural history, & c. ( individually of little value to the possessors) may have the pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged, and registered, with the names of the donors. TERMS. I. s. d. For a Course of Lectures, including the Dissections S' S 0 For a Perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dissections 10 10 0 The inconveniences usually attending anatorfiicai investi- gations, are counteracted by an antiseptic process, the result of experiments made by Mr. Brookes on human subjects, at Paris, in the year 1782, the account of which was delivered to the Royal " Society, and read on the 17th of June, 178- 1. This method has since been so far improved, that the florid colour of the muscles is preserved, and even heightened. Pupils may be accommodated jn the house.— Gentlemen ts-, tablishcd in practice, desirous of renewing their anatomical knowledge, may be accommodated with an apartment to dissect in privately. ' [ IOCS A NEW YACHT, ABOUT three Months off the Stocks, thirty feet in length, twelve beam, and six feet to deck; She is one of the. completers Cutters ever launched in Southampton ; . cabin full head room, will dineten persons, and accommodate seven beds on couches, & c. For price, and other particulars, apply to Thomas S'riavy, ' esq. High- street, Southampton. ' [ 1225 New Trawl, large Seine, and Mesh Nets, if required.. BAY HORSES FOR SALE. TO he SOLD,-— A Pair, or thfee, strong, active BAY GELDINGS, in good condition, match well, war- ranted sound and quiet in harness : they are about 15J hands high, and 5 or 6 years old. Enquire ( if by' letter, post paid) of Mr. Humby, King's Arms Hotel, Christchurch, Hants. [ 1232 MERINO RAMS. TO be SOLD,—— A KNOT RAM, about three crossed of Merino. Breed; also a HORN RAM of the same Breed, . wpU wojth. the attention of Breeders in this im- proved species of sheep in wool and carcasses. For particulars apply to Mr. Noah Lemmon, Burton, near Christchurch, Hants. [ 1W7 SOUTH DOWN EWES. TO be SOLD,~ 30a handsome, young, well- bred SOUTH DOWN EWES, from two to four years old. [ if ® Enquire of John Mattox, Littleton, near - Devizes, Wilts. DORSET. SHEEP FOR SALE. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN Hoyle, , X without reserve, on Thursday the 6th day of October, 1808, at Tarrant Raws on Farm, three miles enst of Bland- ford,— The valuable STOCK of SHEEP, Dorset breed, war- ranted sound and free from goggles, consisting. of 60 full- mouth, ewes, 80 six- teeth ditto, 90 four- teeth ditto, 85 full- mouth w: thers, 93 sis- tccth5li « o,- and 60 four- teeth ditto. Dinner on table at one o'clock ; and the sale to begin at two o'clock in .. the aftetn^ qa,. [ ts- u SOUTHAMPTON, Sept. SO, 1808. PERSONS having claims on the Estate of the late Major DAVID ST. CLAIR, of Southampton, are de- sired to deliver the same to Mr. Thomas Skelton, on or be- fore the, 8 i st of October next ensuing. [ 1285 bLATCHFORD's ESTATE. tHE sererai Persons remaining indebted to the 1 Estate of ROBERT BLATCHPORD, late of Fording- bridge, in the county of Southampton, Victualler, arc again request, d to pay the amount of their respective debts forthwith to Mr. Arney, of the Close, Salisbury, who is duly autho- rised to. receive the same, as in failure thereof they will be sued without further n tiee. [! 247 Bath Journal Office, 2it. h September. NOTICE TO DEBTORS. wHEREAS I, the under- signed RICHARD KEENE, of Kingsmead- strcet, in the city of Bath, Printer, haying been approved Of by ROBERT STEELE, Esq. one of the Masters in Chancery, to manage and carry on. the Trade or Business of Printing and Publishing the Paper called THE BATH JOURNAL, formerly printed by Hooper and Keenes-, and since their deaths by Ann Keene, and Ann Keene and. Co. ( which said Ann Keene and Thomas Wood have been restrained by a W: it of Injunction from printing such Paper,) and to collect and get i-. i the outstanding Debts now due, and to accrue due, from such trade or business— Do hereby give Notice, that all Persons from whom any such debts are, or may be due, to pay the same to me ONLY— to whom letters am) ordeis are to be in future addressed. 1282]- RICHARD KEENE. MILlbROOK, HANTS. TAKEN UP, in the aforesaid Manor, on the 13th of Septembei instant,— A BLACK HEIFER, two years old, marked with the letters E. G. in the left horn, and a white stain in her forehead. The owner may hafre her again, paying the expene. es, hv applying to John _ Cooke, hayward, of Milbrook aforesaid. ' [ 1231 wHEREAS' DANIEL SILLEY, of the Town and County of Southampton, Carpenter, did on M011- df. v last cause my name to be inserted in this paper, without my previous knowledge or consent, and after an occurrence of a dispute betwixt us in a public room being amicably ad- justed, and in the good old English stile of shaking hands, drinking . together, and parting friendly. I do hereby decjare such conduct of D. S. to be as dishonourable and malicious as it is adverse to the. terms of reconciliation on which the said affair terminated. [ 1287 Signed WILLIAM STAPLES. SOUTHAMPTON, Sept. 27, 1808. TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. . wHEREAS JOS. LOCK, late of Cerne- Abbas, 7 y in the county of Dorset, and bt f- ire that of Yeovil and Hinton St, George, in the county of Somerset, Carpenter, did, in July last, unlawfully leave his Work, in the parish of Piddletrenthide, and run away from his Family-: Th s « to caution all Persons whatsoever from employing the said Jos. Lock; and whosoever will give information where the said Jos. Lock now is, so that he may be apprehend - d and dealt with according to law, shall receive ONE GUINEA R ward, upon application to Wm. Whately,. Esq. at Piddletrenthide aforesaid, Sept 29, 1808. THE SALISBURY AND W- lNCHl^ TMft JOURNAL, wednesday's' and Thursday's Posts. FROM TILE LONDON GAZETTE OF SEPTEMBER 27.. . aMIRAlTy- OFFICE, Sept. 27. . Copy of a Letter from Vice- Admiral Lord CollingwoOd, dafti onhmrd the Ocean, Ut Gibraltar, Aug. 27, I $ 08. INCLOSE, for the information of the Lords i: r. itui- sloners of the Admiralty, the copy of a Letter ^ I h •• » •• « re. eivcd from Lord Cochrane, Captain of his :;: y's ship the, Imperieuse,.. giving an. account of the Si;-. ' v nf the Castle of Mongal ( a fort on the ceast of Catalonia, in possession of the French;, to his, Majesty's ship uwshT his command, which his Lordship had subse- < lH.; n » iy d-.- iroyed, after having delivered the principal part of the military stores tojhe^ tfchuh ruilitia. ( • I hi<-.- great pleasure in transmitting this information to their Lordship's, as it points out one of the many instan- ces. in which his Maje- ty's ships on the eastern coast of Snahi have rendered effectual did to the patriot Spaniards, in resisting and driving the enemy out of their country, ami of tie z- eal and indefatigable industry with which Cap- tain Lord Cochrane engages in that service.. ' Captain Otway, of the'Montague, huidcd at Rosas Bay a • part V of- marines in aid of the Spanish peasantry, to oppose a Trench forts which was approaching to attack that For- tress on the 23d ult. and obliged the enemy to retire. I am, & e. COLLING WOOD. His Majesty's ship Imperieuse, offMon- My LORD, ' gal, 3Ut July,. 1B08. THE Castle of of Mongal, an important Post completely commanding a Pass in the road from Barcelona to Gerona, which the French are now besieging, and the oidy one be- tween those towns occupied by the enemy, surrendered this morning to his Majesty's ship u\! er my command. The Spanish militia behaved admirably, in carrying an Cut Post on a neighbouring hill. Lieutenant Home, with the marines, t » ok possession of the Castle, whieh,. by . means of powder, is now levelled with the ground. The rocks there are blown down into the road, which in many other places is rendered impassable to artillery with- out a very heavy, loss of men, if they determine to repair them. I inclose to your Lordship a list of the prisoners and of the material part of military- stores ; ail that could be of use to the Spanish Militia have been delivered to them. I have the honour to be, & c. COCHRANE. 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 2 Serjeants, S Corporals ( 7 wounded), 5 Gunners ( 2 killed), and 51 Soldiers.— Total 7K 5 Cannon, SO Muskets, 80 Bayonets, SO Cartouches, 500 Caunon Balls, Hi Barrels of Powder, and Cartridges, & c. Rear- Admiral the Hon. Sir A. Cochrane, K. B. Com- mander of his Majesty's ships and vessels at the Leeward Islands, has transmitted a letter from Captain Beaver, of his Majesty's ship Acasta, acquainting him with the capture by that ship of a very fine French corvette, called Le Serpent, of sixteen twenty- four pounder carronades and two long sixes. . Sir A. states it to be his intention to take her into • the service, and name her the Pert. BANKRUPTS. Walter Visick, of Midhurst, Sussex, draper. Hubert Brenan, of Threadneedle- street, London, factor. John Carter, of Sandwich, draper. Thomas shaw, of Shepherd's- Green, in Saddleworth, clothier. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. A letter from Stockholm written. late in the day on whieh the la t post left that city, states that Mr. Thornton, our Minister there, was on the eve of his departure to the head- quarters of his Swedish Majesty at Aland, where, it is said, a- Russian flag of truce had arrived, with proposals of a pacific nature, embracing the peculiar interests of Russia, Sweden, and England, and extending, condition- ally, to tho- e of Denmark, and Prussia, should those countries be disposed to join in such an attempt to eman- cipate the North of the Continental Europe from the influ- ence of France. Spanish papers to the 10th inst. were received yes- terday. They contain some further details of the dreadful a r icities committed by the French in their retreat, parti- ci I irly at Rio Seoo; but they have no account of any recent military events. The French remain in their positions on the Ebi- O, whilst the principal patriotic armies, which have formed a junction, avoid a genera! battle, and are occupied in hai- assiug the. enemy on his flanks. Dupont is. in confinement at St. Sebastian, in conse qufericd of a traitorous correspondence with Junot, in whieh correspondence he invited Junot to mareh into Spain, and instructed him how to proceed. Letters were yesterday received from Gibraltar, to the date of the 3llth ult. Lord Collingwood arrived there on the. 28th, with the whole of . the Cadiz squadron, and landed on the 29th, accompanied by the Captains of the fleet. They paid their respects to Prince Leopold, son of the Xing of Sicily, at his quarters within the Spanish lines, and'' returned on" board in the evening, when orders were given tor sailing to the eastward on the 30th, leaving Rear- Admiral Purvis at Gibraltar, with two line- of- battle ships. The Lavinia* rigate had arrived from Palermo, with the Cquntess of Westmoreland on board, who intended to pass some lime iu the neighbourhood of Gibraltar, lor the 1: mcfit of her health. The Lavinia sltiled for England on tin; 23th, but was obliged to return by the wind shifting to Ihe west. The accounts from Spain are not of a recent date. They 6tate the patriots to be. still much in want o! arms in Anda- lusia, Valencia, and Murcia.. The garrison had given them evfcry aid in its power. Dispatches were yesterday received from Admiral Cochrane, dated the. latter end'of August, which state that aji'airs are in a most favourable situation iu the West Indies, The communication with the Spanish colonies was perfectly cordial and uninterrupted.— The same spirit and princi- ple animates the. Spaniards in America as animates the • Spaniards in Europe— the principle of detestation of France, and of love and gratitude towards Great Britain.— EVery commercial facility hail been afforded us by the Spaniards. The Spanish troop's from the Baltic have passed down Channel, together with the British troops from Harwich and the Downs: The Gannet Sloop has been sent with . Orders to the Spaniards, who, it is supposed, will be landed in Asturias, and make an immediate junction with the army < . under General Blake. Government has contracted for 20,000 more suits of clothes ( green) for the Spanish Patriots, which are to be delivered next \ Veek. • Ministers' have given instructions to the Portuguese Com mi isioners, that the property of that nation, which had. been impounded . in their hands, should be delivered up to the owners, or their lawful agents, free of the charge of two and a half per cent, commission, with which these effect's were before burdened for the remuneration of the - <,'• ihmMbners, Government takiiig'on itself to assign to tli.- e public officers proper compensation. The inhabitants of Sheffield have voted an Address to his Majesty, expressive of their gratitude for the magna- nimous support afforded to the Spanish and Portuguese, patriots. The address congratulates his Majesty oil the auspicious commencement of hostilities against the eom- Mio/ i enen- iy in Portugal, which proved that British soldiers are worthy brethren to British sailors; and concludes with Ckpresai'tjg a deej) regret that our gallant army in Portugal, after having so bravely defeated the enemy,'. should be wit- nesses to the Convention to which their Commanders have fjtKKigbt. it necessary to accede. . A Requisition has been signed by " a - number ofFree- Iiolders of Middlesex, for a meeting to address his Majesty, y>- ay'mg that he would be graciously pleased to order an in- « pe ti ration into the causes which led to. the late disgraceful Convention in Portugal. The harvest in the North of Scotland has been one of tlie earliest ever remembered, and the crops have been unusually heavy and abundant. The productive power of ' be soil in the highest situations has been astonishingly im- • p. ved by the judicious use of lime, which exists in the j ioanuins iu great quantities. untUTOREd GeNius.- r~ The Porter of a Nobleman in London has lately copied several paintings of the most erni- r « , e. Masters, in so capital a style, ( though he has never i. id ihe least instruction) that they have been eagerly pur- -.:, .' i! by some of the most distinguisL'd amateurs. A B. iii& u tut, copied by this artist from one of the last produc- tions of Opie, was disposed of lor 25 guineas, by subserip- ti i. i if 25 persons, who drew lots for it, when it fell to the ':, i „ Mr. Longman, of Paternoster- row, and U now iii, Lieut. Col. Gervase Rainy, of the 1st battalion of the Goth regiment, has been tried by a Court Martial, at Kingston, in Jamaica, on charges of irregularity iu his regimental accounts, and embezzling regimental and hos- pital money, has been iound guilty, and sentenced tn be cashiered, which sentence his Majesty has approved, and has ordered it to be inserted in the orderly books. SPOrTING.— Monday being the first day of hunting with the King's Stag Hounds, a tine deer war turned out at South Hill, which afforded a great day's diversion to a nu- merous field of sportsmen, but none of the Royal family were present. OpERA- HousE, HAYMARKET.— The company lafe of Co- vent- Garden Theatre commenced their performance on Monday night at the Opera- Houie, which was filled in every part where the public could get access ( some of the boxes considered as private property being locked up). Before the curtain drew up, the band played " Godsave the King;" after whieh Mr. Kemble came' forward, and solicited the indulgence of the audience for any deficiencies of scenery, & c. It had been the object of the Proprietors and Mana- gers, that no time should be lost in providing for those who looked up to them for support; therefore they had re- commenced their performance thus early. Previous to the late disaster, the Theatre abounded with splendid scenery, excellent machinery, and valuable stage ornaments; but by that dreadful calamity all those embellishments of the Drama had been lost. These losses it was the intention of the. Managers to supply ; and they had already made pre- parations for the erection of a new Theatre, replete with every article necessary to make it a fit ornament for the first city of the British empire, and which he trusted would be ready for their reception in September next. This address was received with bursts of applause; The per- formance then commenced. In the tragedy of Douglas,' Mrs. Siddons pourtrayed the character of Lady Randolph with her usual ability; C. Kemble was respectable iu Douglas; but Barrymore obtained the greatest share of applause, by his very spirited and able performance of the character of Glenalvou.— The Opera of Rosina followed, in which Miss Bolton performed Rosina for the first time: she played the character with modest propriety, and sung the airs with great taste and science: she was much ap- plauded ; as were Incledon, Liston, & c. The Duke of York, Earl of Jersey, Lady Harrington, and many of the Nobility were among the audience. DRURY- LANE THEATRE.— 7W Mysterious Bride, a play translated by Mr. Skeffington, a gentleman of singular . habits, and well know!) iu the fashionable circles, was re- presented last night at Drury- lane Theatre. It was brought forward tor a benefit last season, and the toleration usually extended to works introduced on such occasions, saved it then from critical condemnation. Last night, however, when this'play possessed no adventitious advantage, but de- pended on its own merits, it met with a very rough re- ception, and is not likely again " to revisit the glimpses of the moon," BREAD,— Yesterday the Lord Mayor ( there being no Court of Aldermen) again ordered the p'riee of Bread to be Taised, half an assize, or a penny in a peck loaf, making the price ot the quartern loaf, wheaten, Is. household, Is. lid. CORN ExCHANGE, Sept. 28. This day. there are again largosupplies of Wheat, at reduced prices. Barley goes off heavily. Malt and Beans vary but little. White Peas are scarce. Oats plentiful and cheaper. Flour abundant— heavy sales at the late reduction, and a further decline of price expected. WILTSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Wilts will be holden at Marlborough, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the 4th day of October next at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at a former Sessions, for the special purposes of receiving the Land- tax Assements and Jury Lists from the Constables of the several hundreds, of examining and auditing all Bills and Demands on the county; and of attending to all business relative to the County Gaol and Bridewells, Militia, convey- ance of Soldiers' Baggage, County Bridges, and such other business as may occur relative to the civil concerns of the said county ; and no bills will be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court on that day. The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at ten o'clock, for general business, which will begin with the Trials of Traverses, next Appeals, and lastly Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace previously to the opening of the Court on Wednesday, and on failure thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Ne Recipiatur. • , The Bailiffs and Constables of the several Hundreds, out of which the J urors are taken, are hereby ordered t9 attend the Court, with proper wands, during the whole time of the Sessions; and to remain in such place or places in the Court as shall be then appointed, to assist in keeping peace and good order, and to execute the orders and processes of the Court. In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, the Clerks to the Justices of the Peace of the said county are particularly requested to send to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before the first morning of the Sessions,, all Re- cognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions, taken before such Justices of the Peace respectively. JAMES SWAYNE, WILTON, Sept. 12, 1808. Clerk 9F the Peace. HANTS SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of South- ampton, will be holden at the Castle of Winchester, on Monday the 3d day of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at which time the Court will be opened, and immediately adjourned to the George Inn, in the city of Winchester, for the special purpose of. inspecting and ex- amining the Treasurer's Accounts; and also all bills and other demands on the county, pursuant to the resolutions entered into at a former Sessions. The Court will be adjourned from the George Inn, and opened again at rbe Castle of Winchester, on the Tuesday following, viz, the 4th day of October next, precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when all Constables, Bailiffs, Jurors, and others concerned, are hereby required to give their attendance. And irt order to give all possible dispatch to the busincss, the Attornies, Parties, and Witnesses prosecuting any Appeals, In- dictments, Or other business, must be prepared at the opening of the Court on Tuesday morning, and during the whole of the Sessions, that the Court may call on the Causes in such order and at such times as they shall see convenient. . Appeals must he entered tvith the Cleric of Ihe Peace, pre- viousty to the opening of the Court oil Tuesday morning, or the parties will not be permitted to try. Recognizances, Infornaations, and Records of Convictions are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace, by the respective Justices' Clerks, on or before the day preceding the Adjourn- ment.— Dated this uitk day of September, 1808. T. WOODHAM, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. . All persons who have entered into Recognizances to appear at this Sessions concerning Assaults, & c. are required to takemotice, that they must, in pursuance of their recogni- zances, appear at this Sessions, either personally or by their attornies, in order to withdraw the same, although they may previously have compromised the matter. 11071 POOLE TURNPIKE. NOTICE Is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at Poole, HamworthyJ and Walford Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the New Inn, in Wimbor'ne, on Wediiesday the 2d day of November next, be- 1 tween the hours of eleven in the forenoon and two in the af- ternoon, for the term of Three Years, to commence from the 5th of January next, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third,' " For regulating' the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls of poole and Hamworthy Gates produced the last year the sum of £ 6* 23 .. 19 .. 1|, and the Tolls of Wal- ford Gate thesurn of £ 115 .. 0.. 0, above the cxpences of col- lecting them, and will'be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give. security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for payment of the rents agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. Sept. ls, 1908. W. CASTLEMAN, loaij Clerk to the Trustees. TURNPIKE TOLLS To LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Road lead- ing from a Pond late of Henrv Eyre, Esq. in the parish of Whiteparish, in the county of Wilts, through Romsey. to tbe county of the town of Southampton, will be LETT by AUC- TION to the best bidder, on Thursday the Ith day of October next, between the hours of eleven in the forenoon and two in the afternoon, at the Guildhall of the town of Romsey Infra, for the term of Two Years, from the 1st day of November ne. tt, according to Act of Parliament; which Tolls were lett the lastyear for the several sums following ; viz. The Gate at Romsey, callcd Gunville Gate, for £ 36- 2 And the Gate at . Whiteparish for 175 clear of expences, and will be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the payment of the rent in such Planner and at such times as the said Trustees shall direct.-— Dated the 1 » ? day of September 1808. RICHARD FIGES, 1 Clerk^ to the 920] THOMAS WARNER,/ saidTrustees. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. ~ NOTIBE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates on the Turnpike Road leading from Romsey to the Market- House at Ringwood,- called the third division, will be LETT by AUCTION to the highest bid- der, on Thursday the 6' th day of October next, between the hours of eleven in the forenoon and two in the afternoon, at the Guildhall of the town of, Romsey Infra, for the term of Two Years, commencingfrom the first day of November next, according to Act of Parliament: which Tolls produced tlic last year the several sums following; that is to say, The Turnpike Gate at Romsey. I £ 201 _ Arid the Gate called Picked Postdate 117 clear of expences, and will be pur up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the said Trustee of the said Turnpike Road, for the payment of the rent in such manner and at such times as the said Trustees s- hall di rect.— Valed the 1 st day of September 1808. RICHARD FIGES, \ Clerks to the fl- 21] THOMAS WARNER,/ Trustees. TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. Turnpike Tolls to he Lett by Auction.. NOTICE is hereby given, That, the Trustees no- minated and appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment, entitled, " An Act tor the moire effectually repairing and improving the Road from the Green Man, in the Cha- pelry of Seend, in the county of Wilts, through Trowbridge to Beckington, in the county of Somerset; and several other Roads, communicating with or lying near to the said road, and for making and maintaining certain Pieces of New Road in Trowbridge aforesaid,, will meet at the house of William Livett, commonly called or known by the name of the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, on Wednesday the 6th day of. October next, at three o'clock in the aftertoon, in order to LETT the TOLLS arising from the several Gates Under- men- tioncd, erected on thesaid roads, foi One Year ( subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced), to commence, the 19th day of November next, at welve o'clock at night, in the manner directed by an Act pa » ; ed in the 13th year of his Majesty King'- George the Third, i - regulating the Turnpike Roads; which Tolls produced th last year the respective sums under- mentioned, above the cxpencea of collecting the same, and will be put up at those sums, viz. Southwick and Poles- hole .£ 125 0 O Westwood 63 10 0 Keevil. 230 0 0 Semington 4b' 0 0 Farleigh 126 0 O Wingfield 71 0 0 Stallard's and Down 525 0 0 [ With Stallard's and Down Gates will bo Lett a New Gate, intended to be erected at Hilperton, across the road near the house of Mr. John maggs.] Hilperton and Middle Lane 10 0 Freshford • 30 0 0 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, of the said Turnpike Roads, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. THOMAS TIMBRELL, • ' Clerk and Treasurer to the said Trustees. August 3~\, XB03. [ 1244 HARBRIDGE, ANB RINGWOOD, HANTS. Foil SALE by AUCTION, at the White Hart Inn, in Ringwood, on Wednesday the 12th of October instant, at three o'clock in the afternoon, The following. PREMISES : At HARBridge. Lot 1.— A Messuage, Barn, Stable, Garden, and piece of rich Arable Land adjoining, by estimation three acres. Lot 2.— A Close, called bonten's, by estimation three acres. Lot s,— Church Field, four acres. Lot 4.— In Harbridge Mead, about six acres. N. B. The aliove Premises are held under the Lord of the Manor of Harbridge, for one good life, aged about 4b' years. Lot 5.— The Islands, about four acres. LotG.— A Plot, called Peak. The two last lots are Leasehold for the remainder of a term of S9 years, of which about 50 are unexpired. At RINGWOOd. Lot 7.— A Freehold Close of Land, called Rook's Grove, situate at North Poulner, by estimation two, acres. Lot S.— A Freehold Close, called Stony Furlong, near Nortlifield, by estimation two acres and an half. For further particulars apply to Mr. Baldwin, solicitor, Ringwood, Hants. [ 1252 DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the » next General Quarter Session o'f the Peace for the county of Dorset will be holden at Bridport, in and for the said county, on Tuesday, the 4th day of October next, on Which day theCourt will be opened precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, and im- mediately adjourned to the Bull Inn, in the said town of Brid- port, for the special purpose of examining all bills and de- mands on the county, and taking into consideration such other business as may occur relative to the civil concerns therein, pursuant to a resolution entered into at a former Session. WESTERN TREASURER. On the same day the Justices will procecd to an Election anil Appointment of a TREASURER of the WESTERN DIVISION of this County, vacant by the death of Mr. Manheld. And on Wednesday morning the Court will be opened precisely at ten o'clock, and the business of the Session will begin with trying Appeals, next Traverses, and lastly the Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) mast be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday, the first day of the Session, and on failure thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Ne Recipiatur. And in the forenoon of that day, all Recognizances, In- formations, and Records of Convictions, are to'be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective Justices' clerks. Also the Duplicates of the Land- tax, and List of Jurors are to be returned by the Chief Constables, pursuant to the statutes in that case made and provided. And all Constables, Jurors, Bailiffs, and other persons having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are. required to attend accordingly. — Dated this 14th day ofSepK 1808. WM. BURNET, Clerk of die Peace of tha County of Dorsst BELMOUNT HOUSE, WARNFORD, HANTS. FOIt SALE by AUCTION, on the premises, by Mr. LIMPUS., on Monday the 10th day of October 1808, and following days,- All the heat arid valuable FURNITURE, a choice stock of very old Wines, large quantity of Table antl Bed Linen, Plate, and China, capital old strong Beer, and large iron- bound Casks, Paintings, and Prints ; large Maho- gany Library Bookcases, two Marquees, quantity of Hay, Horses, Cows, Pigs, Pointers, Spaniels, and numerous other effects belonging to the Right Hon the Earl of Clanrlcarde, lately deceased, at his late residence at WarnfOrd, Hants. • Particulars will be expressed in Catalogues, which will be delivered in due time at all the neighbouring inns, at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Bishop's Waltbam. The sale to commence each day at eleven o'clock. [ 1187 COACH AND HORSES INN, CADNAM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT SHARP, • on the premises, on Friday the" 7th of October inst. (" instead. of the 30f/ t. o/' September, as mentioned in our last,) at eleven o'clock,— The. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. of Mr. Fryer, leaving the Coach and Horses Inn, Cadnam ; - comprisingbedsteads and furniture, beds and bedding; ma- hogany aritl wainscot chests of drawers, bureau, tables, chairs, carpets, fenders and fire, irons, pier and dressing glasses, china, glass; kitchen, dairy, anil brewing utensisls; rick of excellent hay, cow in calf, ten pigs, cart and harness,- several sacks of potatoes,, and a quantity of dung, • K?" On account of the shortness of the days ( and number of the lots), Mr. Sharp takes the liberty to request an early attendance. [ 1237 House and Land at Burnford, in the parish of Bram- shaw, in the New Forest. WILL be SOLD by AUCTION, at the White Horse, Romsey, on'Wednesday the 12th day of Octo- ber inst. at twelve o'clock at noon, subject to such particu- lars and conditions as will be there produced,— A substantial BRICK HOUSE, four rooms on a floor, with the Fixtures therein; stabling for three horses, saddle- room, coach- house, gftnary on stones, fuel- house, piggery, & c. a good orchard and garden ( the latter part walled and part paled) ; there is a lawn of good land laid down to grass in the best manner: the whole including seven acres, be the same more or less. The Estate is- Freehold, Tythe- free, Land- tax redeemed; with tenant- rights, three loads of fuel wood, and turbary; and a Pew in Bramshaw Church. The great and small Timber growing on the premises, will be- sold with the Estate, Bramshaw. is ten miles from Souihampton, thj, rt£ en from Salisbury, eight from Romsey, five ftom Lyndhurst, and 13 ' from Lymington: the roads are excellent, from which the house stands at a convenient distance. Mr. Robert Henbest, shoemaker, at Bramshaw, will shew the premises ; any further particulars may be known by ap- plying to meSSerS. Daman Warner, Romsey : if by letter,- postpaid, ' ' ]} 2S( j NEW FOREST. HEREAS, by an Act of Parliament passed In ' ? the ninth and" tenth years of the reign of his late Majesty King William ths Third, intitled " An Act for the increase and preservatiori of timber in the New Forest, in tlie, county of Southampton," it is enacted as follows;— " Provided always, and it is hereby enacted and declared, that all and every person and persons having any right of common of pasture or pannage, or any privileges within the said Forest, or any part thereof, shall, hold and enjoy- the same in manner following, that is to say,— their'sakl right of pannage, viz. between the 14th ' day of September and the 11th day of November yearly, from and after the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, which shall be in the year of our Lord God 1716, and nbt before, on forfeiture of any hog, pig, or swine that, from and after the feast of St. Michael the Archangel next and before the time aforesaid, shall be found in the wastes of the said Forest: and their said right of com- mon of pasture shall be, and is hereby continued to them, in and through such of the said waste ground of the said Forest at such time and times as the sahie shall not be in- closed as aforesaid. The time of the fence mouth ( that is to say) fifteen days before and fifteen days after the feast of St. John the Baptist yearly, and the time- of the winter heyuin;. ( that is to say) from- the 11 th day of November to the 23d of April yearly." Notice is therefore hereby given, that any horses or other cattle which shall be found trespassing in the said Forest from and after the 11th day of November next until the - 2.) 1 day of April following will be impounded, and if not owned, and the damage and expense of driving and impounding paid, within five days after the horses and other cattle shall be impounded, the same will be deemed forfeited :— And Notice is hereby also given, that if any pig, hog, or swine are found in the said Forest, without* being properly and sufficiently ringed, with roller rings, the same are by the laws of the Forest forfeited, 4nd will be seized and disposed of accordingly:— Aud Notice is. hereby further given to. the Several persons who turn sheep* into the said Forest, not having any right so to do, that such sheep as shall. be found trespassing in the said Forest after the said loth day " of No-' veniber next will be impounded —— Dated vt Court, the Hth of September, 1808. By order m the Verderors of the said Forest, 1149] ' C. HARBIN, Under Steward. - ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE . FIRe- OFFICe Established by Royal Charier iu the Reign of King George Ihe First, for '/ lssuri/ ig Houses, Buildings, Goods, Cor » , Hoi'., Live Stock, and also for the Assurance of Lives. SEFTiiMtir. it 23, 1808. THE Corporation df the Royal Exchange Assurance do hereby g- ive Notice, that they have authorized theii respective Agents to receive proposals tor the Assurance of Farming Stock at the rate of 25, per cent, per annum, in lieu of the late charge of 2s. Gd. per cent, and tlfb Agents ar.- in- structed. to reduce the Premium on such assurances as they become due. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall doe on the 2.1th inst. are hereby informed, that receipts are now ready to be deli- vered by the Company's respective Agents under- mentioned ; and the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their Policies .011 or before the 14th of October next, ts the usual fifteen days allowed for payment beyond the date bf'cach policy will then ejipire. . SAM. FENNING, Jun. Secretary. Tire following persons are Agents of the Royal Exchange Assurance Company, within the district of this Journal:— WILTSHIRE.— Salisbury, Edw. Humphreys ; Calne, Wm. Bailey; Chippenham, Mary Taylor; Devizes, John Ban- nister; Marlborough, Avery Warner; Swindon, J. Heath ; and Warminster, Chas. Pressley. HAMPSHIRE.— Alton, Wrri. Hale;. Alresford, Sarah and Peter Houghton ; Andover, J. L. Maud; Basingstoke, Wm. Bishop; Bishop's- Waltham, W. Jennings; Fordingbridge, John Roach; Gosport, Wm. Burridge and Son, ( of Ports- mouth) ; Lymington, Charles St. Barbe; Newport ( Isle of Wight), J. Love; Odiham, T, Gregory ; Portsmouth, G. Luscombe; Petersfield, R. Andrews; Ringwood, John Cran- ston; Romsey, Ann Whiting; Stoekbridge, W. H. Attwood; Southampton, T. Skelton ; and Winchester, J. Downes. DORSETSHIRE.— Blandford* Henry Snell; Beamister, Wm. Oliver ; Bridport, Matthew Knight; Dorchester, T. Gould Reade ; Poole, John Aldridge ; Sherborne, Wm. Hodges; Weymouth, John Wood ; and Wimboune, G. Oakley. SoMErsETshiRE.— Axbridge, Thos. Nicholls; Bath, T. M. CruttWell; Bridgewater, Wm. Inman ; Castle- Carey, Wm. Paull; Frome, John West; Minehead, Edw. Lee ; Shepton- Mallett, Mary and Joseph Cary ; Taunton, John and Isaac Badcock; Wincanton, Thos. Deane; and Yeovil, Samuel Watts, jun. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.— Bristol, J. C, Rose; Cheltenham, Richard Pruen ; Cirencester, John Smith , Dursley, Henry Vizard; Gloucester, Samuel Ricketts; Lechlade, Thomas Ban; Newnham, John Morgan . jun.; chipping- Sodbury, Moses Bruton ; Stroud, T. M. C'room ; Tetbury, Humphrey Tugwell; Tewkesbury, H. H. Fryer ; and Wootton- under- Edge, h. H. Parslow. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expcncc, where the annual premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be. had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives l » eing found to be advantageous to per- sons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others; Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the sad- Agents. And, for the greater convenience of th: public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance 011 Lives to the age » f 75 years. [ 1175. SUN FIRE OFFICE, REDUCTION IN THE RATES OF INSURANCE. THE DIRECTORS of the SUN FIRE OFFICE, grateful for the. continued liberal support this Establish- ment ( now standing upwards of a century, and the first who granted insurances for the benefit of the public beyond the limits of the city of London) has experienced, have come to the resolution to insure FaRMiNg STOCK in Bams, Out- houses, and Rick Yards; and also growing, or stacked in the Fields of the same Farm; also Implements of Husbandly, at TWO SHILLINGS per Cent. Buildings of Brick and Stone, tiled, and all Goods therein not hazardous, at Two Shillings per cent. Buildings of Brick and Stone, thalche; also Buildings of Timber and Plaster, tiUd, and. « all Goods therein not ha- zardous, at Three Shillings per cent. Buildings, Goods, & c. of every description, doubly ha- zardous, at Five Shillings per cent. ijZj* The Duty paid to Government oil Insurances ^ f eecry description, is 2s. Gd. per cent. All Losses and Damages sustained in removing Goods in cases of Fire, also Losses by Lightning, made good by this Office; the full amount paid immediately without any deduc tiOn whatever. Further particulars mjiy. be known by applying to Mr. G. FrAMPTON, Agent for Dorchester and the neighbourhood, of whom priinted proposals may he had.— July 14, 1808. [ 1094 PHoENix- OFFICE,' LOMBARD - STREET, LONDON. THE Directors of the PHOENIX FIRE IN- SURANCE COMPANY return their acknowledgments for the patronage they continue to experience, and they refer with confidence to the system which has been pursued " in the management of the concerns of the Office for a period of up- wards of twenty- five years, and by which every possible ac- commodation and advantage has been afforded " to the public, as well in the arrangement of rates as in the prompt and liberal adjustment of losses Stock on a Farm may be insured in one sum, without the average clause, at 2s. per cent, per annum. The Receipts for Policies, falling due at Michaelmas, are now in the hands of the several Agents. *. » * The important sums annually paid by this Office to sufferers by fir., strongly prove the benefits'resulting from Insurance, as well to i\ ob unea and Gentlemen to secure the value of their mansions ana e'nects, as to Farmers, Manu- facturers, and all the Commercial Orders. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will not be charged for the Policy. By order of the Directors, 1125J H. A. HARDY, . Sec. of Country Department. GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. Fire, Life, and Annuities. "\ TOTICE is hereby given,— That the GLOBE 11) INSURANCE COMPANY have reduced the Rates of Insurance from Fire on all common, hazardouss and doubly hazardous Insurances out of London. Receipts for the renewal of Policies at Michaelmas- day next are ready for delivery at the reduced rates ; and all per- sons are requested to take their Policies with them, that the reduction may be made thereon. Farming Stock is insured at 2. s. per cent.. DIRF. CTOHS.— Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bart. Chair- man; Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, Bart. Deputy Chairman; Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. William Bloxam, Esq. Charles Cockerell, Esq. Thomas Coles, Esq. Harvey Chris- tian Combe, Esq. Aid. M. P. William Devaynes, Ksa. Jo- seph Dorin, Esq. Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Bart. Aid. Edward Goldsmid, Esq. Clacs Grill, Esq. Isaac L. Goldsmid, Esq. John Latham, M. D, Frederick Moiling, Esq. Frederick Johrn Pigou, Esq. Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart. M. P. John Richard Ripley, Esq. George Abercrombie Robinson, Esq. Sir Walter Stirling, Bart. M. P. Arthur Shakespear, Esq. James Taddy, Esq. Robert Taylor, Esq. Charles Edw. Wilsonn, Esq. Glynn Wynn, Esq. M. P. THOMAS H. WILKINSON, Secretary. Imdon, SepUW, [ Utif. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. Twyford, near Winchester. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, 011 the Premises, by Mr. MANT, on Monday tiie 3d of October, I N*, at eleven o'clock,— The valuable LIVE and DEAD stock. belonging to Mtr John Young, quitting Twyford Farm ^ com- prising upwards of 400 South Down sheep and lam" .; live capital draught horses and a pony ; four excellent cow-, m pigs, about 90 tofts of prime meadow and rye- grass tiav, im good waggons ( one of them almost new), three imug captured try his Maj.' styis ship dryad, A. Djian--. nih.- il, Captain. This brig is nuit'ehew, and particular r veil adapted for the fruit or anv other ' trade where dispatch ' is wanted, being an uncommonly fait saift'r. ' She is copper, d, and Well worth the attention of any UtsdSn wanting « vt> st 1 of her description. Dhnensionn t— h- ngoi on deck 77 Kvt, breadth of beam -' 1 feet b- el fot { ono'adc 60 feet 0 infchiK, depth of hold 11 feet 2 inches; anil lot further particuHTj apply to W. A. Standart, Esq. Clifford's Inn, Lond-. n, Agent to the Captors, or to John Moyle, Broker. p l$ s foR PUBLIC SALE, at tj » Star and Garter 1 Tavern, Portsmouth, on Thursday the 6th of OcttvSur, 1808, unless previously disposed of by " Private Contract, The good SLOOP Dolphin, Danish built, and remarkably strong, nearly new, and very well fountl in all sorts of stort/ j admeasures 35 tons, and is in every respect calculated for a. coaster. For viewing th'* vessel, and further particular*, apply to John Moyle, Broker. (" 1 If OH PUBLIC SALE,- at the Star and Garter Tavern, Portsmouth, on Thursday the 6fh of OetoUr, 1808, The French LUGGER Privateer La Fourdrov; nt. pierced for ten etuis, captured W his Majesty's gun' : n^ Linnett, Lieut. Tracy, Connnandur. Dimensions:— length on deck 46 feet 11 inches j breadth of beam ) i feet 10 Indus- depth of hold 4 feet; admeasures 28 tons dod35- 94rtis. For further particulars apply, three days before the sale, N. P. Rothery, Esq. Agent, or John Moyle, Broker. FOR PUbLIc SALE, at the Star and Garter Tarvern, Portsmouth, on Thursday the Cth of October, 1808,— The HULL of the Danish ship Two SISTERS, adrni- suring 271 Tons ; condemned as prize in the High Court at Admiralty of England. After which will be SOLD,— The HULL of'the fast- sailinj lugger privateer LA AMII. PU, pierced- for is guns. Diein;- sioris:— length on deck 68 feet 2 inSheS r breadth of beau 15 feet 10 inches ; depth of hold 7 feet t incft,; adrreasoj j 74 tons and 6J- 94th » ; is near;, new, and with a trifling ct- pence triay be converted into a schooner or any other rig". For further particulars apply to John MOyle, Broker. £) IK WARMINSTER" HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Anchor Inn, J. cn- Friday the 7th day of October. 1809, at five o'clock in ihe afternoon,— The several TENEMENTS and DY.'£ l- LING- HOUSES eligibly situate in the Market- Place flwrr, and occupied by Joanna Lawrence, bettv Garrett. Mary Flux, Frederick Mactier, Jane Scammell, and Thos. Sly; - togc- rtj* with the Paddock of Pasture Land and Premises behind the same, now occupied by Mr. Wm. Baily. The above premises are held for lives - tinder C. C. College, Oxford, and Bruton Hospital, and will be sold in Lots ; ths quantities of which, antl other particulars, may be known on application at the Office of Messrs. Hiring and Phri; j, Warminster. • • { ns. r> T3 be- SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BRISTOWE. at the Old Antelope Inn and Hotel, in Poole, onThuis » r the lath day of October, V80S, at three o'clock,—— All t'i- ji; desirable PREMISES, situated in i. eg Lime, in the eotvti ; n. 5 county of Poole, comprising Four TENEMENTS now m occupation of Mr. Warne, Mr. Henry Knight, bricklayer, arid Others, with convenient outbuildings, and a walled bard: it, ali held for the remainder of a term of'ssdy. ai^. ofwfiich Co only are expired'. . fiiii. 1; For further particulars and a view of the premises, appiv Mr. George Penney, at Poole aforesaid, or the Auction. •: . nj^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, on tVpremi-^ A by J. Bnm- OWE, on Tuesday the4th of October, — The neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE-, f ix! other Effects of the late Rev. Dr. Trenchard, at the Parsonage at Lytchet Matravers ; consisting of four- post and other bed- steads, with cotton and other hangings; good feather beds xui bedding; mahogany dining, claw, and'other tables; nuiho- gany and other chairs, a sofa, an eight- day clock, walr, nt chests of drawers, a mahogany writing table, ti matiOearr sideboard and cellaret, pier and " other glasses^ a double bai'tj^ gun, and half- stocked ditto by Templeman, register suit-.. 3 good kitchen grate with crane, a wind- up jack, useful kitcbra requisites, glass and earthenware, a sulky, two carts, sudd ies, bridles, and harness, a tick of hay, and various other article*. The sale will begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. LANDS IN POOLE, NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BRISTOWE. 1. at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, on Thursday the lath day of October inst, at three o'clock in the afternwn, subject to the conditions then to be produced,— The Fee- S'PHJc anil Inheritance of and in all that MESSUAGE or Dwel- LING- HOUSE, and the Shop, Out- hnilings, and Cari. u thereto belonging, situate in Market- street, in Poole, now ia the occupation of J. W. Frampton. These premises arc very desirable, either for a trades run cr a private family. f 1 Oao Ror further particulars apply Mr. Thomas Stickland, tw Mr. James Kemp, both of Poole; or to T. Parr, attorney. LANDS IN POOLF. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Bristowe. at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, on Thuisday the _ l; 3th of October 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon," « (?>- ject to the conditions then to be produced,-— The Fee- sir, and Inheritance of and in all that MESSUAGE or DViXi.- LlNG- llOUSE," situate in and fronting Market- street, -. » Pools, late the- property and residence of Mr. Charles Pearce, deceased. And also a small TENEMENT and a Garden, situi'te ! « - hind the said messuage. For further particulars apply to T. Parr, attorney, Poole. USEFUL FAMILY ARTICLE. STAINS of RED PORT WINE, Tea, IWt. Mildew, and every vegetable matter, are entire! v. r. - moved from Table Linen, Leather Breeches, Cottons, M tatl*., Lace, and other articles of dress, by HUDSON'S CHemi- CAL BLEACHING LIQUID 1 it also removes the stains from ladies' buff dresses, without injuring the bui! < - lour, and restores all kinds of linen to'their original whiten—^ when discoloured by bad washing, disuse, or long sea vov: « s, without any injury to the texture of ihe cloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson and Co, chemists, 27, Htf market,{ London ; sold also by Brodie, boarding, and lur'oi J, on the Canal, Salisbury; and { he principal Perfume:- ;.- r. d Medicine Venders throughout the united kingdom, in bcu\ it at 3s. and 2J. each. ' [( SPEEDIMAN's STOMACH PILLS, AMEDICINE of regular prescription, and e-' t- blished credit; is perhaps one of tlie" most safe • t » l efficacious that can be taken at this season of the year, « • 1 at all times, for spasms, wind in the stomach, nervous car. j- plaints, to promote regular perspiration, in deficiency of t;! -, and in obstructions of the bowels, in heart- burns^ cost » ' c) i cholics, gout, vomitings, and in head- achs. On tri-. d, ti- e. i intrinsic worth will prove their best recommendation ; il. » are particularly recommended during the course .-.' - i bathing, and drinking the sea and mineral waters; si. • r those living in warn climates. - [: 0i Prepared by T. Shellitoe, jun. druggist, Tottenham high Cross, Middlesex, by virtue of an assignment irdm H. ai'l J. Beswick, sole proprietors; of the receipt, by the will oi M. Speediman ; and are sold by Shaw and Edwards, No. • » , Paul's Church- yard, London, in boxes at is.— 4s. 6d.— i..-,..' •'. and One Guinea: sold also by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, wholesale vendeis for the West of England. AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OP WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. a: Friday's and Saturday's Posts. KONIGSBURGII, Sept. 13. THE Emperor of Russia ami the Grand Duke Constantine jire expected here tins week, on their way to Erfurth, to meet Bonaparte! This re- 1 markable event gives rise to much conjecture; but all agree In condemning the conduct of the Emperor. GoTTENBurgh, Sept. I;). Admiral Saumarez has pro- posed to ihe Russians, that he would forbeat hostilities against Baltic fort, on condition. of one half of the fleet being given up to the Combined fleet, and the latter would then allow the. rest of the Russians to return quietly to Crotistadt. The Russian Admiral replied, that he would sooner burn the whole of his fleet than surrender any part thereof; but that he thought he could venture to enter into an engagement to dismantle his ships in Baltic Port, on condition of a promise from the Combined Fleet to cease hostilities. This proposal of Hannckotf's was, however, equally rejected ; and at the departure of the courier from the fleet, one fire- ship uas ready to be sent in, and several were preparing. Sir James Saumarez was employing for this purpose a sloop of war, and some others of his small craft. Mr. Edward Thornton, his Britannic ' Majesty's. Minister, left Stockholm yesterday, the 14th of September, to join Admiral SaUmarex, and perhaps in eight or ten days we may hear more news of . an interesting nature. LONDON, FRIDAY,, SEPTEMBER 30. " Dispatches were yesterday received from our Naval and Military Commanders at Lisbon, dated the 13th inst. The substance of the intelligence brought by this vessel is briefly this: The embarkation of the first division of the French troope, about 7000, had taken place ogreeably to the terms of the Convention, and on the 11th some British regiments occupied the Citadel of Lisbon. Disputes had arisen respecting the meaning of the article in the Convention which secured to the French their private property. Junot insisted that he had a right to carry with him whatever had come into his possession ;— the British", that, no species of property acquired by plundering the in- habitants could or should be considered as French property. The sailing of the first division was suspended till this point should be settled ; and, in the end, their baggage was searched, and they were obliged to disgorge their plunder. General Beresford and Lord Proby on the one part, and General Kellerman ( in the other, had been appointed Com- missioners to superintend the execution of the Convention. It was at length settled that a Committee should be ap- pointed to ascertain what articles had been acquired by plundering, and to restore them to their ownersand on the loth, in order to quiet the minds of the Portuguese respecting their property, the Commissioners published the following PROCLAMATION, by the British and French Commissioners for seeing carried into effect tkc CONVENTION agreed upon between the respective Commanders in Chief : " For the fulfilment of the stipulations made in the Con- vention agreed upon for the. evacuation of. Portugal by the French Army, that property of every kind, cenfiscatcd or seised from the subjects or Other persons residing in Portugal, whether of the Royal Palace, Royal and Public Libraries, and Museums, and from individuals that are still existing in Portu- gal, should be restored. " We, the Commissioners for seeing carried into execution the said Treaty, is, his Excellency the Commander Of the French Army has ilfeady notified to his army, think it also right to make public the same for the information of all con- cerned, and for facilitating the restitution, or the receiving back such property, we have judged expedient to appoint a committee of three persons, viz. Lieutenant- Colonel Trant, O. St. Antonio. Rodrigues de oliveira, and Mr. Dubliur, • Commissaire des Guerres; to meet at No. 8, Cargo do Loretto, who are appointed to receive, inquire into, and judge of all reclamations on this head, and whose orders for the restitution of property, to whomsoever addressed, are to be obeyed. And it is d reefed that keepers shall have charge of sequestrated or Seized propetty in every house to which itjnay have been removed, to assure the conservation of objects or ' move- ables transported from royal or public houses, to others, for the use or convenience of such General, Administrator, or other subject of the French Army. These keepers will mark the description of all meubles with the name olthe owners, & nd be accountable for whatever is therein, and they will be delivered only on legal proof of ownership, to the possessors of such articles as alxive described, who will transmit to this Committee a return ot what each may have in his possession of the propertv designated. And all persons may with safety apply to this Tribunal. " We think it necessary also to make known to whom it may concern, that any purchase made of articles taken from the' public arsenals or ' stores since the 30th of August, or whatever shall, on trial, be proved to have been illegally sold or disposed of at anytime, even previous to the 30th of August, shall be null and void, the articles seized, and the persons purchasing subject to what the law may further direct. " The Committee assembled to receive reclamations, and facilitate the restitution of property, hold its sittings at the house of St. Antonio Rodrigues de Oliveia, No. 8, Cargo do Loretto. " W. C. BERESFORD, Major- General, " PRODY, Lieutenant- Colonel, British Commissioners." " Le General KELLERMAN, Le Commissaire Francais pour 1' execution de la Convention du 130 Aout." " Lisbon, 10th September 1808." It was hoped the above proclamation would satisfy the Portuguese, but it appears by private accounts that they are much dissatisfied. Their plate, in sunie. instances, ha ; been melted, and in others their property has been sold, and if the French be suffered to carry away money, or any thing whatever but what, in the strjeteet sense - of the word, may be called military baggage, they will still have to boast of their acquisitions. Junot's demand for tonnage was for 27,000 men, of Which number lft. 000 bore arms, and there was no appear- ance that the- execution of the convention would receive any farther interruption. On the 12th, the Barfletir, Rear- admiral Tyler, with the Conqueror, Alfred, Donegal, Hereule, Elizabeth, a lid Ruby, sailed front Lisbon with the Russian fleet, for Great Britain. One, or, as other letters state, two Rus- sian ships of the line were found unfit lor the - voyage, and left in the Tagus. Some of the private letters state the arrival < rf about 10,000 Spanish troops ou the left bank of the Tagus, and that their Commander claims the Spaniards confined by the French, w ithout any Regard to the stipulations of the convention. This is the force which was sent by Castaifos shortly after the surrender of Dupont. TLeir services are not now necessary in Portugal; but they may be employed with advantage against the enemy in Spain. Twenty thou- sand British troops are immediately to march into Spain, under the command of General Moore. A Mail from Gottenburgh arrived last night. The King of Sweden has written a letter to the Emperor Alex- ander, remonstrating ou the excesses committed by the Russian troops in Finland, and pointing out tho impolicy of Russia and Sweden continuing In a state of hostility. If it ba true that the Emperor Alexander is going to meet Napoleon, this appeal of the Swedish Monarch will have little effect on his Councils. Oil Wednesday his Majesty held a Levee at the Queen's Palace, at which the Viscount Mattarosa and the other Deputies from the Spanish Patriots, the Marquis de la Romana, General Jacome, Colonel O'Donnell, and several other Spanish and Portuguese Officers who have recently arrived with dispatches, were presented to his Majesty, and graciously received. Sir Francis Heartwell was also presented, on " his appointment to be Deputy Comptroller of the Navy ; Sir Robeat Barlow, on his ap- pointment to be Commissioner at Chatham ; Captain Sehomberg, on his appointment to be a Commissioner of the Navy"; and several other Officers' tfii new appoint- ments, Yesterday, being Michaelmas- day, a Common Hall was held at Guildhall, for the election of a Lord Mayor for the yair ensuing. Charles Flower and Thomas Smith, Esqrs. the two senior Aldermen below the Chair who had served the office of Sheriff, were returned hy the Livery to the Court of Aldermen, and their choice fell on Mr. Alderman Flower, who came forward on the hustings invested with the gold chain and'other insignia of office, and thanked the Livery for- the honour conferred on him.— The thanks of the Court were unanimously voted ta the late Sheriffs,, for their conduct in office ; after which the Court was ad- journed.— The equipages of the new Sheriffs ( Aldermen Joshua Smith and Claudius Hunter) are the most splendid that have been displayed on tlie occasion for many years.' The carriages are completely new, most beautifully painted On Wednesday one of the greatest failures that has oc- curred for some time took place- at the Stock Exchange. Messrs. Walsh and Nisbet, two young men who have made themselves very conspicuous by the extent of their transac- tions, and variety of their pursuits; declared themselves unable to answer the demands on them. They were the Contractors for the two last Lotteries, and for the City Lottery, and were also bidders for the Lottery contracted for last week. They sent ii message to the Stock Exchange, desiring that two members of the House might be deputed to look into their affairs.— Mr. Capel and Mr. Wilson waited upon them at Clapton, when Messrs. Walsh and Nisbet candidly made the following statement: Their creditors. are chiefly persons in the Stock Exchange, to the amount of more than 200,000/.— The assets to pay those, debts consist chiefly in the houses which were prizes in the City Lottery; some flew thousand pounds owing by two Noble ." Lords ;" 10,000/. ill the Chamber of the City of London, which was left as a deposit on the third City Lottery, but which is now relinquished; a few thousand, pounds ow ing by persons for Tickets; their own two houses at Clapton, valued at 10,000/.; and a - Seat in a certain House, estimated at 3000/.— amounting in tiie whole to about 150,000/. if the City Houses, valued at 102,0o0/. shall. fetch the sum they are estimated at. They also con- fessed that about GO or 70,000/. lodged in their hands by the Subscribers to the Lottery, had' been expended in what is usually called Gobbling Tickets in the late Lottery. The manner of locking up Tickets, by which a larger number than had been intended remained with the Con- . tractors, and the losses tin the City Houses, are the two chief causes of this calamity.— Few of the houses have yet been sold,- iind those which have did not yield near the money which Walsh and Nesbit paid to the holders ef prizes, exTRAOrDinARY WAGER.— Capt. Barclay, of ury, has undertaken to go on foot 1000 miles in 1900 successive hours, and to perform one , mile only in each hour, for 1000 guineas. To start at Newmarket on the 1st of June next.— The best judges think the undertaking beyond human strength, and considerable odds are betted atTat- tersall's against the Captain. A new musical after- piece7 entitled The Fortune- Teller, was last night performed at. Drury- lane Theatre. The plot Is very inartificial, the language dull, the songs not very captivating iri respect to poetry. The music, by Reeve, has nothing of a very prominent character, though some of it is pretty. The audience heard the whole patiently, but when the curtain dropped, the voice bf condemnation was loud and general. Five of the firemen, wounded in the late dreadful con- flagration at Covent Garden Theatre, have died in the hos- pitals, in the last five or. six days.— The total number of lives lost on that melancholy occasion 4s far as can be ascertained by the inquests held, amounts to twenty- three# An alarming fire broke out, at half- past time o'clock last night, at a carpenter's shop, adjoining the premises of Mr. Gillows, cabinet- maker, in George's- street, North Audley- street; it raged with great violence a length of time ; but was got under by half past ten o'clock, without spreading to the adjoining premises.- The neighbourhood of Grosve- nor squnre was very much alarmed, as the flames at one time threatened destruction to it. This morning, between four and fwe, a dreadful fire broke out in Little St. Martin's- lane, Long Acre, which spread its destructive influence to an extent as yet not. pre- cisely ascertained. Several houses, however, appear to have been reduced almost to ashes. The fire is supposed to have commenced in the extensive warehouses of Mr. Maberley, a Government Currier and Leather- dresser, and in the course of three hours those premises, and the neigh- bouring dwellings of other'respectable tradesmen, were completely involved in one common ruin. The- majority of the sufferers, who were Uninsured, have lost every thing they possessed, scarce any thing being saved from the gra; p of the devouring element. Sir. Maberley's loss has been of a most aggravating nature : lie had just coinplet d a large Government contract, exceeding in value 25,000/. consisting of stores for his Majesty's dock- yards at Dept- ford, all of which were in readiness to be sent off this day to their destination. It is understood that he is not in- sured for more than 3000/. Mr. Jones, a publican, at the corner of Little St. Mart'm's- lane, and Little St. Andrew's- street, has been fortunately insured to the full amount of his property, but the other buildings which are destroyed have little to cover the loss sustained. CORN MARKET, MARK- LANE, Sept. 30.— The supplies of Wheat this day are rather considerable, and last pi e. fully maintained— fine Old as per currency— the best New about 86*. per quarter.— Barley and Malt heavy sa'e, and continued at last prices— White Peas rather higher— Beans of the two kinds vary but little— the supplies of Oat' are considerable, partly from Ireland, and sales thereof scarcely at last prices-.- Flour inclines lower. BIRTH:] On the 24th ult. at his house in Bath, t'e lady of d. O. Parry Okeden, Esq. of Crichill, Dorset, of a son. MARRIED.] On the 19th iust. at Chester. Lord Charles Beutinck; third son of the Duke of Portland, to the Hon. Miss Seymour : immediately after the ceremony, his Lordship received orders to proceed to Falmouth, to embark with his regiment.— Lately, at Miserden Park, in Glo'storshire, the seat of Edward Bayntun Sandys, Esq. Major- General Burr, of the hon. India Company's serv ce, • to Miss Mary Davis, daughter of the late James Davis, Esq. of Chepstow. on the 21st inst. at Inverness, the Rev. Dr. Griffith, Master of University College. Oxford, to Miss Ironside, daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Ironside. — On the 93d inst. R. P. Milnes Esq. of Fry ton, York- shire, M. P. to the Hon. Henrietta Maria Monckton, se- cond daughter of Lord Viscount Galway. DIED.] On Friday, at Brighton, the Dowager Coun- tess of Shipbrooke, relict of the last Earl, who died in 178.' i, when the title became extinrt. Lately, at Black Rock, near Dublin, aged ) 8 rjars, Lady Caroline Gore, daughter of the Earl of Arran, and half- sister of the Mar- chioness of Abercorn.— 4) a the 13th inst. at New- Hall, near Ashton, in Lancashire, agatl 31 years, Lady Gerard, wife of Sir William Gerard, Bart-— On the 20th inst. at Mount tiviot, John Elliot, Esq. Admiral of the Red. Lately, in the EasJ. Indies, • Major Thomas Fleming, of his Majesty's 30th regiment of infantry.— On Sunday, in his 50th year, Richard Porson, M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Greek'Professor of that University, and Prin- cipal Librarian to. the London Institution : he was the first Greek scholar of the age,— at least he was admitted so to be, hy the universal suffrage of the learned ; but his learn- ing was seldoin applied to any useful purpose, from his habit of excessive drinking.— On Monday, in Upper Bar- ley- street, Hardinge Strady, Esq. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against RICHARD MILLEGAN, of the parish of Portsea, in the county of Southampton, Brewer, Dealer and Chapman, and he- being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners. in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on Wednesday the 12th day of October inst. at one of the clock in the afternoon, and on Thursday the 43th day of the same month, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on Saturday the 12th day of November next, at twelve of the clock at noon, at the house of Mr. William Wise, bearing the sign of the- Blue Posts, on the Point of Portsmouth, in the said county, then and there to be examined, and to make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last sittingthe said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Reuben Hart, of Portsmouth aforesaid, Solici- tor under the said Commission. [ 1271 SOUTHAMPTON. IX) he SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the . L? th of October inst, by Mr. ALLEN, at the Dolphins I n n, a t eleven o'clock,— A substantial new- built Brick DWEL- LING- HOUSE, most advantageously situated for Trade^' in the centre of the High- street, ( adjoining the Nag's Head) ; consisting of. a commodious Shop, a good parlour, handsome drawing- room,- six good bed- rooms, two kitchens, & c. & c. Immediate possession will be given. [ 10,91 ALBION fIRE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW BRIDGE- STREET, LONDON, em- powered by Act of Parliament. AGENTS I— Salisbury, Mr. Jas. Lacy, High- street; War- minster, Mr. George Strode, clothier; Blandford, Mr. James Lacv. jun.; Sherborne,' Mr. John Wm. Gill, druggist; Bris- tol, " Mr. Bartholomew Barry, bookseller; Gloucester, Mr. Joseph Roberts, bookseller; Cheltenham, Mr. Robert hughes, solicitor;" Tewkesbury, Mr. Wm. EdgCumbe, builder: Bath, Mr. Thomas S. Meyler, bookseller; Taunton, Mr. Richard Meade, solicitor ; Chard, Mr. Thomas Guppy, ironmonger. Insurances failing due at Michaelmas should be renewed within fifteen days from that period. Abatements arc. made, according to the flan which origi- nated with this Company, 011 the Premiums of all Fire In- surances out of London. A large advantage is. allowed on Life Insurance; and every facility is afforded by which the interest and accommodation of the pub| icmay be oromot- d. NCSJ WARNER PhippS, Secretary. EAST CHOLDERTON, NEAR ANDOVER, HANTS. rO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CRISWICK, on the. Premises, on Wednesday the 5th of October, 1809, and following days, at ejeven o'clock,— The genuine and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, valuable China, choice old Port in bottle, arid other Effects, the property ot Mrs GreGOriE, leaving East Cholderton : the furniture con- sists of excellent goose feather beds, hair mattresses, cotton counterpanes,, and' superfine blankets ; mahogany four post and field bedsteads, with cotton and dimity hangings; 24- inch . convex mirror and other glasses, commode dressing stands, mahogany wardrobes, bookcases, and chests of drawers; japanned and mahogany chairs, set of mahogany dinner tables and side ditto of large dimensions, Pembroke and card ditto, Turkey and Brussels carpets, pair of globes, dinner service of. Nankin china, tea equipage and dessert ser- vice, earthen- w ire and glass ; 25 dozen of port wine of su- perior flavour, five years in bottle; culinary articles of every description, 100- gallon copper and brewing utensils, 24 iron bound hogsheads', melon and cucumber frames and lights, hand glasses, stone rollers, and the grated part oE a peach- house and grapery; a strong- built chariot by Hatchet, and a strong ' handsome"' gig;- a strong steady sac'ldle- mare accus- tomed to carry a lady, and numerous other articles, which " 1 lie expressed in catalogues to be- delivered "( three days previous to the sale) at toe principal Inns in Salisbury, Newbury, Amesbury, Placcof Sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Andover". [. 976 The goods may be viewed on Tuesday the 4th of October, from nine o'clock in the morning till four in the afternoon. HANTS. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by HENRY HICKS, on Thursday the 6th day of October, 1808, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon, at the Red Lion Inn, Stubbingtdn,— The several Pieces or Parcels of LAND'following, situate in the parishes of Titchfield and Crofton, in the county of Southampton. Lot t.— All that Piece or Parcel of Land, called TARRING- TON'S, now in the occupation of Mr. Nicholson, containing a A. 3 R. 12 P. Lot 2.— All that Piece or Parcel of Land, with the Barn and Cottage standing thereon, in the occupation of Admiral Faulk- ner, containing 2 A. 1 R. 20 P. Lot •').— All thi| t Piece or Parcel of Land, called SEAGER'S PADDOCK, conta ning 1A. 2R. 38 P. now in the occupation of Mr. James Whettam. Lot 4.— All that Piece or Parcel of Land, called RATSOME, containing 3 A. 2 R. 21 P. now in the occupation of Mr. James Whettam. Lot 5 — All that Piece or Parcel of Land, being on the south side of Stubbington Field, containing 3 A. 3( 1. 20 P. now in the occupation of Mr. James Whettam. The above Lots are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden under John Delme, Esq. at the yearly quit- rent of l/. 4s. Lot ( J.— All that Piece or Parcel of Land', situate on the north side of Stubbington Field, containing 1 £ A. Lot 7.— All that Piece or Parcel of Land, with a Cottage and new brick- built Stable thereon, lying on the south side of a certain field called Hall's, containing 4f A. fcp' The list two Lots are. held under the manor of Swan- wick, at the yearly qUit- rent ot Us. Od. and are now in the occupation of Mr. James Whettam, under a'Lease, ten years whereof are unexpired. Possession of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, maybe had at Michaelmas, 1803. Further particular, may be known by applying to Mr. Maidman, solicitor, Fareham, or Mr. Hicks, auctioneer, Gosport; and any person desirous of viewing the premises, will be pleased to apply to Mr. Stephen Barton, of Stub- bington. [ 680 A Capital Freehold Estate, Manor, and Adtowson, in GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKIN- NER, DYKE, TUCHIN,' and FORREST, on Tuesday the t - St i of November, at 12 o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhill, London; in one lot, A capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tvthe- free, and the Land t o- re- deemed; desirably s t-' iit-. at Hailing, within frmil's Of Chel- tenham, and 8 of Northleach, 9 of Stow on the Wold, and 18 of the city of Gloucester; comprising the Manor of Haw- ling, with its rights and royalti s, a commodious manor- house, with offi - is, and dem- s ic lands, containing about 1420. acres, ' divided into eligible farms, with suitable farm- houses, h rns, stabling, beast stalls, aaid other out buildings, •.. - w - I th. occupation of Messrs. Ruck, Cook, and Lodge, on ' . s s- wh- c-. ex are at Lady- day 1810; about 108 acres of Wood Lar- d, i. nd Plantations in hand ; also 431 acres of Land, l. tt oh leas s d c . pi s et court- roll for lives, a considerable part depending on wry old single lives, tog th r with the Ad- v ws m of the; Rectory and the whole township or village of Haw! ng. Til. Estate forms a most valuable property, is capable of great i- npr - vemcnt, and w. 11 worthy the attention of gentle- men wisiiint; to realize in Gloucestershire. To be ' view d by applying to the principal tenants, and printed particulars may be. had at the Manor-!. ouse ' six weeks precsving the sale; also at the King's Head, Northleach ; Unicorn) Stow; Plough. Cheltenham ; of Mr. Walker, prin- ter, Gloucester ; Mr. Langdon, printer, Sherborne; Mr. Cruttwell, printer, Bath; Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, printers, Salisbury : Messrs. Dawson, printers, Ox- ford ; Messrs. Wells and Gwinnett, Cheltenham; Charles Wade, Esq. Pucknall, near Rotnsey-, Hants, where a plan may be seen ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate- street, London, where a plan may also be seen. [ 883 SOMERSETSHIRE TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, Bridgwater, on Tuesday the 18th of October, 1808, in Lots ( unless previously, disposed of,) Avery valuable and connected FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Berrew, in the county of Somerset, cm the Bristol Channel ( to which it ad- joins upwards of two miles) , fl miles from Axbridge, 20 from Wells and Glastonbury, .12 from Bridgwater, and 27 from Bristol; comprising the extensive Manor of Betrow f coex- tensive- with that parish) ; a very considerable Salmon Fishery and Rabbit Warren ( both of which als? extend along the Bristol Channel the length above- mentioned), with the right*, royalties, and immunities'- thereunto belonging; also very rich Dairy and Grazing Farms ; Lands and Tenements, con- taining 1220 acres statute measure, or thereabouts ( exclusive of the fishery and warren, which consist of 747 acres). 767 acres of the farms and lands arelett to very substantial tenants for terms which will expire at Lady- dav next, and the re- mainder are held on leases for lives, the'whole being of the estimated value of £ - 2743 per annum, clear of taxes. To be viewed by applying to Richard Pollard, of Berrow, or to Mr. John Board, of the same place, with whom a Map of the Estate may be seen. Printed particulars may be had at tlje George Inn, Bridgwater; the White Hart, Glaston- bury ; the Christopher, Wells ; the King's Arms, Cross ; Mr. Peter Fry, Compton- house, Axbridge; Mr. Gutch, ptinter, - Bristol; Mr. Cru'twell, printer, Bath ; Messis. Trew- nlan, printers, Exeter; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Sa- lisbury ; Messrs. DeVm.- tts and Greaves, Lincoln's- inn- fields, London ; and Messrs. John and William Hollins, Knutsford. A Map of the Estate may also be seen by applying to Messrs. Dennetts and Greaves, or Messrs. J. and W. Hrtllins, from whom any further information may be had. [ 1068 Flarewood, in Cornwall, on the borders of Jjei' 0/ i. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, early in the ensuing Year ( if not sooner disposed of by private contract), together or in such lots as may suit the convenience of pur- chasers, with immediatepossession,— The FREEHOLD and " INHERITANCE of the MANSION- HOUSE and DE- MESNE LANDS of HAHEWOOD, situated in tile parish of Cibtock, upon, and almost surrounded by, the navigable, river Tamar, by which there is a ready intercourse with Dock, and Plymouth, distant from Plymouth 14 miles, CallingtOn- and Tavistock b', and Exeter 65 ; consisting of a spacious mo- dern stonp- built Mans;. in, with offices, walled gardens, and 355 acres of lawn, paddock, orchard, meadow, arable, wood, and exceedingly rich grazing Land, together with an extensive Common- right. tS* A considerable part of the purchase money may remain, secured on the premises, , Printed particulars will be ready for delivery early in Octo- ber, at I iarewood- House;. Mr. Christie's, in the Pall- Mail,, and Mr, Fairbank's, Ely- place, London ; at the office oi Messrs. Eales and James, solicitors, and Mr. Dean, surveyor, Exeter ( where maps of the estate may be seen), either ol whom will treat for the sale of the premises by private eon- tract, together or in parcels. Printed particulars may also be had at the Inns in Exeter, Plymouth, Dock, and Falmouth ; and at all the principal Inns on the great western roads. [ 12S4 DEVON AND CORNWALL. Freehold Manors, Land, and Tithe. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, earlv in the ensuing Year,—- The MANORS and LORDSHIPS, or Reputed Manors and Lordships, hereinafter mentioned, ( that is to say) ARNOED snd WEST ANSTEY, iu the parishes of George Nvmpton and West Anstey, near Southmolton ; BttABWr. lt.,. in the parish of West Down, near Barnstaple; At. ronniB- y.- ORTiiY and EEST BUCKISK, in the parish of Woolfardis- worthy, near GreatTorrington ; WE£ COMBE, and the Great Tithe impropriate of the parish, and Advowson of tlie vicarage, of Wclcombe, near Hartland; all in the. county of Devon. The. borough of JFIITIROOK, and manor of INSWORK, in the parish of Maker, ne; ar Plymouth- Dock. The manors of TRE'VALEARD, in the parish of St. Ste- phen and St. John's, near Saltanh ; of TUEIUMBRIS, in the parish of Gluvias, and borough of Penryn ; of TREWOUVALI and TREVIABES, in the parish of Consttnton, otherwise Con- stentine, near Falmouth, with the Great Tulle impropriate of ths parish of Mabe; of GAVRIGAN, in the parishes of St. Eval, St. Columb, and St. Breock, near Wadebridge ; of BOD- MIN, in the parish and borough of Bodmin ; of NETIIACOTT, MARHAMCHURCH, MOORWINSTOW, DEANSTURSDON, TRE- TIIEVEY, and One- fourth Part of DONECKNEY, in the several parishes of Lancells, Marliamchurch, Whitstone, Treneglos, Tintae- d, Moorwinstow, and Week St. Mary, ( between Launciston, Camelford, Stratton, and Holifsworthy), and the Great Tithe impropriate of the ' parish of Moorwinstow aforesaid, all in the county of Cornwall. And several capital MESSUAGES, FARMS, LANDS, and TENEMENTS, in the several parishes of Crcditon, Sho- brooke, Moichard Bishop, and Thorverton, Holdsworthy, Ashwater, Inwardleigh, Jacobstow, Hatherleigh, Asbrelgne'y, Bidefard, Bockland Brewer, and Dolton, all in the county of Devon ; also several Houses in Plyhiouth ; one House in Beer. Alston ; five Tenements in Cratthole, near Plymouth- Dock ; a Close of Land, called Clarrtck Wood, of 20 acres and up- wards, in the parish- of Maker, opposite his Majesty's dock- yard, intersecting the beautiful grounds of Mount Edgecombe, finely situated for bnilding ; also a most improvable Tract of Land, of 100 acres and upwards, in the. parish of Calstock, on the river Tamar, with the Quays, Wharfs, Cellars, and Lime Kilns belonging thereto.- The whole consists of near 11,000 acres of enclosed culti- vated land, and about 11) 00 acres of down and waste land. Printed particulars of each day's sale, will be ready for de- livery two months before the sales, at the following I tins: George, Southmolton ; Fortescue Arms, Barnstaple; Globe, Torrington ; the Inn, at Hartland; Tree, Stratton ; Whin; Hart, Holdsworthy ; George; Hatherleigh; Angel, Creditop; King's Arms, Plymouth- Dock ; Green Dragon, Saltash ; Sa- racen's Head, Penryn; King's Arms, Bodmin; and at Gar- raway's Codec- house, London : at which place's the several sales will be held, and where plans of the estates, referred to by the printed particulars, may be seen ; also at the offices of Mr. Seymour, Margaret- street, Cavendish- square, London; Mr. Mallett, Berry, near Hatherleigh; Mr. Mallett, solicitor, Callington; Mr. Smith, solicitor, Plymouth- Dock; and Mr. Dean, surveyor, Exeter. . [ 1223 r^ n. tt GAME DUTY. LIST I. CONTINUED. A SUPPLEMENTARY LIST of Persons who have obtained General Certificates, at the rate of Three Guineas each, for the year 1808 ; made up to the 17th of September, 1808. Names. Residence. ARCHER, capt. East Downton a'Court, W. esq. Heytesbury- house Atkinson, W. W. Fisherton Anger Andree, J. F. W. Arundel. R. esq. Barnes, John Barter, John Broderip, George Batt, R. London Bailey, J. - t sq. Butcher, Wm. Baily, James Barnes, J. esq. bradby, Anthony Blake, John Burbidge, J. C. Batt. George Bowle, Richard Market Lavington Berwick St. John Hatch T- houlston Stomton Brinslade East Downton Pewsey Church Tithing of Downton Shalbourne Stratford Tony Milford. East Knoyle Gomeldon Ditto Boys, rev'. Thomas Berwick St. John Bracher, William Wily Brooke, William Brownjohn, R. Box, John Bracher, James Brooks, John Bennett, William West Dean Ditto Abbotsto'ne Bishopstone Ditto Barford St. Martin Bowles, w. jun. esq. Great Woodford Bowles, T. esq. Woodford Bracher, Samuel Sutton Mandeville Browne, John Homington Brasher, Samuel Fovant Blandford, Thomas Fifield Brown, J. gent. Marlbrough Coates, rev. R. T. Steeple Langford Chandler, John Alton Barnes Cooe, Richard Milford Chandler, Richard Pewsey Curtis, James Bishopstone Crine, Henry Broad Chalk Cooper, Robert Idmiston Dixon, Thomas Burbage Dobson, C. esq. Dixon, Charles Dyke, T. Webb Eyre, h. esq. Eyre, J. M. esq. Deverill Longbridge Burbage Winterbourne Dant. Landford Ditto Estcourt, T. G. esq. Tithing of RoUnd- way Fleetwood, George Coombe Bissett Fowle, W. esq. Chute Forest Foliott, Jonathan East knoyle' Foot, Henry Berwick St. John Fort, Geo. esq. Alderbury Goodman, J. jun. Wilcottt, Oar, and Draycott Goodman, J. sen. esq. Wilcott, Oar, and Drayeott Giles, humphrey Hanging and Little Langford Goodman, M. H. Wilcott, Oar, and Dracott Names. Residence. Green, James Stomton Garrett, John Market Lavington Grove, John, esq. Donhead St. Andrew Godwin, John Berwick St. James Gilmore, rev. John Froxfield Hewitt, John Bishopston Hayward, capt. I. Market Lavington Hacker, William Semley Tithing of Porton Chilton Foliatt Tithing of Porton Wilton Hutchins, rev. W. Holder, J. esq. Hutchins, Allen Herbert, R. lord Heale, Charles Helyar, rev. T, Heale, William Hooper, Joseph Holly, Samuel Joyce, R. Jellyman, J. jun. Judd, Thomas Jones, Daniel Jenkins, William Kellow, George Kebby, John King, Charles Kellow, Charles King, Edward Lear, Francis Lush, John Lane, John Lawrence, J. sen. Lush, John Mayne, J. T. esq Maslen, W. S. Moody, Thomas Marsh, rev. mr. Mundy, Henry* Mitchell, T. esq. Newman, John Neate, S. est}, Nowlson, Francis Newman, Henry Newman, George Nicholson, Charles barford St. Martin Nicholson, Wm. Ditto' Noyes, Robert Bishopstone Northeast, T. jun. East Grimstcad Nippard, William Whichbury Osborne, J. esq. Plaitford_ Coomb Bissett Tollard Royal Coomb Bissett Chute Plaitford East Knoyle East Do. wnton West Winterslow Conock Hindoo Winterbourne Stoke Heywood West Winterslow Berwick St. James West Winterslow Church Tithing of Downton Berwick St, John Ditto Aliierbury Staplcford Teflbnt Evias Alton Barnes Stratford Castle West Winterslow Winterboume Earls Standen- house Britford Aldbourne Bishopstone South Newton Ditto Ovendin, Charltfs Pearce, Samuel Pile, R. Parham, Thomas Pike, Henry Pembroke, earl of Pinckney, David Powell, A. esq. Poole, rev. dr. w Perry, Willi , m Randall, Richard Rendall, John Market Lavington Stourton Alton Barnes Ebbesborne Wake Pewsey Wilton Tidcombe Baverstock Barford St. Martin Homins; ton Chicklade Tidcombe Names. Residence. Randall, William Martin Riddick, John West Knoyle Rowden, John Bathampton Rebbeck, John • Ebbesborne Wake Richens, George Knowle Farm, Hen- sett, and Puthall Randall, William Wilton Roles, William Maddington Rooke, J. esq. Bishopstone Rideout, rev. P. . Semley Rooke, H. esq. Bishopstone Still, Peter, esq. . East Knoyle Swayne, Thomas Stee pie Langford South, G. esq. Market Lavington Swayne, j. Pile Steeple Langford Smith, Wm. gent. Market Lavington Swayne, Henry Steeple Langford Smith, William Majket Lavington Stockwell, rev. T. Stratford Tony Spearing, J. gent. Eastridge Simpson, William Milford Slade, EdW. esq. Warminster Still, Robert, esq. East Knoyle Somersett, Wm. Pewsey Still, J. C. esq. East Knoyle Sainsbury, Henry Wolf- hall and Crof- ton Small, Robert Wily Stagg, John Milton Seagrim, rev. mr. Wily Somersett, E. sen. Milton Smith, Robert Bishopstone Somersett, E. jun. Milton Sidford, James Barford St. Martin Stagg, William CollingbomeKingst. South, rev. Thos. Broad Chalk Scroggs, Sidney, esq. Chute Self, Robert Whichbury Standford, James harnham Spencer, H. jun. Bishop's Fonthill Spencer, h. sen. Ditto tanner, E. esq. Westcombe Thring, Harry Hanging and Little Langford Tuckey, J. sen. gent. WinterbourneBasset Templeman, P.' esq. Whichbury Tuckey, J, jun. gent. WinterbourneBasset Woodyear, H. W. East Downton Warren, J. gent. OgbourneSt. George Wort, George Wilton Winter, William Pewsey Watson, William Gowesfield Liveries Warwick, James Milton Wane, the rev. J. Alderstone Warwick, Guy Milton Wansborough, C. H. Shrewton Wake, William East Knoyle Washbourne, N. Maddington White, William Potterne Washbournc, J. E. Alton Barnes Whittock, W. esq. Warminster FREEHO LD MANOR AND ESTATE In the new Forest, Hants.— Land Tax redeemed.. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TUCKER and Pittis, on Thursday the 20th day of October 1806, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Angel Inn, in Lymiheron — A most desirable Freehold MANOR or reputed MANOR and EStAtE, called OSSEMSLY, situate on the borders of tile New forest, in the parish of Miltotr, in the county of Hants I comprising upwards of 520 Acres of Laiid, in a ring fence,, nearly 500 of which are now in the occupation of Mr. Win. S. Burton, as tenant thereof, under an old lease, which will ex- pire at Michaelmas 1810, at a very low rent; the residue thereof is partly held by tenants at will, and partly by tenants tor. long terms. ' J . Th's Estate combines every advantage Which can make it an.' eugible purchase to a gentleman fond of the country and the sports of the field ; and the many beautiful views of forest scenery, the sea, and distant cliffs of'the Isle of Wight, render it particularly desirable as a country residence. Distant from Lymington seven, and from Christchurch about tou. i miles.- Printed particulars may be had on application to Messrs. Clarices, and Sewell, solicitors, Newport, isle of Wight, at whose office A Plan Of the Estate may BS S. MI ; to Mr. King, solicitor, Lymington, Hants; or to the Auctioneer.!. Newport. And immediately afterwards v/' i! b: Sold hy Auction w Abontthrec acre? and a half of Meadow Ground,' lying in Bur- ton Common Meadow, neat Christchurch, Hants, now also in the occupation of Mr. Burton. [ 1235 SOMBOURNE, NEAR WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise., by Messrs. BALE and GODWIN, on Thursday the 6th day of October 1808,— A Variety of EFFECTS, Comprising part of the Household Furniture, all the capital large Brewing Fixtures and Vessels, a productive Milch Cow and Calf, and three Heifers, the property of W. POWLETT POWLETT, Esq. at his late residence at SomboUrne- house. The Futniture includes mahogany wardrobe bedstead, wardrobe ; large painted library shelves, book- cases, commo- dious house presses, mahogany library table, circular cellaret sideboard, set of mahogany dining tabhs, dlawing- room suit of printed cotton window curtains, with linings, trimmings, Hie. complete, festoon ditto, mahogany chairs, & c. & c. a wind dial, with case, Sc. complete, niarble chimney piece, register, Rath, and pantheon- stove grates to various dimen- sions, kitchen range, capital smoak jack, kitchen stoves and fixings, & c. & c. The Brew- house contains a truly valuable brewing copper, ® § hogsheads off, With its furnace and fixings ; lead Wort pump, excellent lead underback ( to contain two hogsheads', superior large and Strong iron- bound mash vat, kicve tubs, roomy coolers, wort shoots, & c. & c. The. whole of th'e effects will be particularized in oitnlngncs, an.- i may te viewed oh Wednesday pieceding the sale, winch will - hrgin' precisely at eleven o'clock. Catalogues in due time on the premises, and of the Auc- tioneers, Winchester, • fi- jw; MERE iNCLOSURE. ' Vi^ E,•• whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Com- T V missione. rs appointed by virtue of an Act ol' Parliament passed in the. 47th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts," do. hereby give Notice, that having closed our several meeting's for receiving claims, we have caused the same to be entered in a book for the perusal and information of all parties interested, for which purpfce attendance will be given by Messrs. Messiter, the clerks to the said inclosurc, at the Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thurs- day the 10th day of October next; and if arty person or per* sons interested in the premises, shall have any objection to offer to such claims, or any'of them, we shall be ready to re- ceive such objections-, provided the particulars thereof be re* duced into writing, and sighed by the party or parties ob- jecting, on Friday the 28th day of October next, at the Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid; ahd no objection will be afterwards received, unless for some special cause, to be allowed by us the said Commissioners. Dated thr. siiih of September 1808, JOHN FIELD. RICHARD WEBB. 1273] GEORGE BARNES. Examined, J. P, TINNEY, Salisbury, September 17, 1808. Published by order of his M » jtsty's Commissioners fcr the A" R>' rs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Scarry, MERE iNCLOSURE. ' W! whose names arc hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment passed in the 47th yeaf ot tlie reign of his present Ma- jesty, ' intituled " An Act for Inclosing. Lands in Ihe parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts'," do hereby give Notice, that we have set out: and appointed, through and'over the Lands and Grounds intended by the said Act to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, the undermention- d PUBLIC CARRIAGE- ROADS AND . HIGHWAYS. ' No. 1.— Thirty feet wide, leadingiWtii'' V<': olveiton, over Grout- hill Common- field, to ' tbOMnpiSe- toitd from Merc to - Wincanton. * ^ No 2.— Thirty feet wide, leading from Woolverton aforesaid over the Ark- common, nearly in its present track, to its usual entrance into the parish of Gillingham at hoskins's- corner. No. 3.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of the said turn- pike- road near Dead Maid- pond and extending to Wood- lane, and from thence, over Mapledore- common, toils Usual en- trance into the parish of Gillingham. at the old bound- stone there. No. 4.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of No. 3, near Roper's- lape, and extending over Maplcdore-> common to the termination of No. - 2 at Hoskins's- comen No. 5.— Of various breadths ( no part thereof being less tlran 30 feet wide), branching- out of No. if, neai Gleitn nt's- gate, and extending over Roqk- street- common, between Wood- land and White- bill Fsrms, and by Swain'si- ford to Maple dore- common aforesaid, and over the east end of the said last mentioned common to its usilal , enttance into tlie parish of Gillihgham. No.' f;.— 4o feet Wide, leading from Mere towards Shaftes- bury, beginning at Clement's- gate aforesaid and extending, in its present track, over Whitemarsh and Wh t lull- coin • mons to its usual entrance into the parish of Gillingham near Hazlehold- close. No. 7.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of No. 3, near Hinks's MiUj and extending, by Hinks's Mill- lane, over Whitehill- common to the north end of Wet- lane, and from the south end of the same lane over the north side of Lye Marsh- common to Slob- lane, ami therefrom over Ridge- common to No. 8 at Slop- lane. No. 8.— Thirty feet wide, leading from WesthilHane, in West Knoyle, over Barrow- street and Ridge- commons, by Slop- lane, and over part of Bush- haycs- coinmon to the end of No. S, and thence south- eastward to a gate at its present entrance into the parish of Gillingham. No. ,9.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of No. 8, on Bush- hayes- common, and extending, nearly in its present track, over the Same common, Knowle- strait and Knowle- common to its usual entrance into the parish of West'Knovle. No. 10.— Thirty fees widd, branching out of ? io. 9, at the ndrth- west corner of an. old inclosure, called Ten Acres, be- longing to the Lord of the Manor, and extending along the south side of Knowle- common to its present entrance into the parish of West Kuoyle. No. 11.— Thirty feet wide, beginning at the north- west coiner of Littlemarsh- coinrtion and extending over the west . side thereof and " over Limper's- hill- coftimon to No. 0, iu Whitehiil- common. No. 12.— Thirty feet wide, beginning at the south- west corner of an old inclosure, called Ashwell- paddock, and ex- tending over the east end of Burton- field to the turnpike- toad. No. 13.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of No, ( 1, neat Clement's- gate, and extending over the north and north- east sides of Whitcmarsh- common to the west- end of an ancient lane lending to Limper's- hill. No. 14.— Thirty feet wide, branching out of the turnpike- road, opposite Burton- field, and extending, in its usual track, oVcr the common arable fields to Mere- down- farm, and thence to its usual entrance into the parish of Kingston De- verille, leading towards Warminster. No. 15.— Fifty feet wide, leading from Stourhead towards Hindon, and extending from Norton- farm- down, ill its pre- sent track, over Mere- tenantry- down' to its present entrance on Mere- down- furm, thence over Burton- dovVn to its present entrance on Cliaddemirck- farm- down. . No. 1( 5.— Thirty feet wide, leading from the north end of Higb- strect- lane, in or near its present track, over part of West- field and Zeal's- pits- common to White- cross. Which several Roads we tile said Commissioners have tc- spsctivcly ascertained and marked by stakes driven into the ground, and have prepared and signed a Map wherein such Roads are laid down and described, and deposited the same at the Office of Messrs. Messiter, Wincanton, Clerks to the said Inclosure, where the same may be inspected by all per- sons concerned. And we do further give Notice-, that we have appointed Saturday the 29th day of October next ' during our next Meeting), at the Snip Inn, in Mete aforesaid, for the purpose of receiving any objection that may be offered to the setting out of such Roads.— Dated September 2(>, 1 JOHN FIELD. RICHARD WEBB. 1278] GEOIIGE BARNES. ESSRS. BRODIE, DOWDIKG, and LOJCFORD, having just received a fresh Supply Of SPltSBURY's- Patent ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS from the Dispensary, No. 15, Sohd- square, London, the irAabitimts of Sarum who resort to this Specific will lie assured of having the Patent Anti- scorbutic Drops genuine,' in cases of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, Sfrophula, eruptive, neivous, and bill. ua Complaints, arising from irritation. The Genuine Medicine has the words" By the King's Pa- tent" expressed on the bottle, bill of directions, and outside wrapper. The King's duty also is printed in biack ink on the bottles of 5s. 6d. IDs. and 22s. duty included. Messrs. Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight, have s^ so just rwciYjd » fr « k supply. [ 7ti7 THE SALISBURY AND WfSCHESTEftr JOURNAL. ' y- ssgSS^ S^ t'" — - Sunday's . <- s'. Hy - Express. LO'JVL'JON GAZETTE, . rUBI. lSIIKD ON S\!.!, H1) » \ NIGH r, OCT. I. AOMIRAT. TR OFFICE, Sept. 30. " JTj W IS . Majesty LIAS been pleased, by his'Order j JR.—^ i-, C - uiicii of the S8IH inst. to confer upon S'L JL tiie . M ifters'OF his Royal Navy the RANT of Lie, ire . mts, atecordirif! . to ' the. following reu'iLtions, VV.'.. that they shall take rail IT in the ships of which the,- shall be warranted Masters, immediately af. er the* junior Lieutenants of such ships; and that tliey shall have precedence in' rank of Surgeons of the Nat Y. The Vverage Price ef Brown or Muscovado Sugar, cira- pute-, 1 TV. NN the retur s made iii the week ending the 28tb ' day o'' Sent1. 1! 8( I8, is Thirty- seven Shillings and Four Pe. icc per Hundred Weight, exclusive of the Duties of Customs; BTESUM. Wm. Ainsirnrth, » f Man- ii^ tei', inn- keeper. Cin las as , fi,, ecn- vn', Por- s a, tsylor. Tii a i: • il-- y, . f \ v. piu. , T) ilmal- green- ioad, carpenter. .1- ' NS: ni-!-„ , f !, . .1, me" - t. sa . 1 ' a- ass- a, • i stt, .1 o. ins'er, Somersetshire, merchant. j i , It,, -- in ( T. V,,-. lio. se dealer.. Ra- Ml 1 Mill ga i, ' if 1- . ' " •••- cr. Jnlin Ti- iT,,: o, ,, r Crorl i; 1 naa- n- jobber. Jam M HN.' iultr,,-, F Kille str I, .-' a,, T lylor. LONDON. SATURDAY EARNING, OCTOBER 1. Dutch papers to the 25th tilt, containing Paris news to the 19th, inclusive, were received last night. Th-- Monit" iir contains the report ofa speech which Bo- naparte made to the troops on the parade at Paris, on tho lyth, which is of so extraordinary a nature', that it might' have been thought a forgery, if it had not appeared iu the official Journal. In this speech, almost frantic with rage, he t i s the soldiers that their labours are not yet con- cluded ; that hitherto lie had led them to triumph and glory, through Austria, Prussia, Poland, & c. ; that they run t now traverse France, and cross the Pyrenees; that they must rescue S. tin from the pollution of the English, an 1 inflict a signal vengeance on flu; rebellious Spaniards .—. the glory of the Imperial Eagle had for . i uloineut been tarnished ; but, that they must restore it to its former lu it re, by making the Leopards of England crouch beneath the Imperial iCagle of the ( heat Nation! Bat whilst the Coisicati is thus loud in bis denunciations of Spain, he .-- earn- to have, been silently and more secretly planning the downfall of Austria. Tun: resolution is no Ion doubtful. The Minister for Foreign AflaiiSj and the Prince of Benevento ( who has suddenly < nu ' -.- • d from bis retreat to guide again the. evil genius of his m -. ter), left 1" . is on - the 19th, for Germany. Bonaparte was " im- ini diatoiy to follow. — - He has appointed General Oudinot C , vera. or of the eil of Krfurth, and that Gtaieral had rl. ia.-_ . d thro a; ' hastening-, to make prepara- ti . v between his master and -*| iie iaa-; - a - - a - a-; .-— Whatnew lessons can N. iu-) leou ha\ a to impress on the mind of hi - docile pupil ' . id- a t Is he to lie taught what be may hiine!/ expect, -- - aid lie -- vprovi- rf/ j • < w ?,-,', by i- arning the fate that is prepar- ing f r bis Imperial brother Francis ? T ea servile S - a, ate of France, it appear',, ale not only di- posed to comply without remonstrance with th - orders sif . , i . pane, . but even to go beyond his wi- ias, and to sa- ri[ r--- c t musands of their ' niitavnian, not to promote the glorv or to secure tiie intei'e- ts'V. f France, but to place the broth' 1!; of Bonaparte on th • Throne of Spain. One hit - dr 1 an 1 sixty th iusantl tVe- ll Conscripts are to bo dragged lean t'l ir llamas for the purpose of enslaving Spain, or, to v th- a. - 1 d, - U C11 a • - Seriate. trr* 1 rescue tin- Spaniards from- a ht n '". l v k< » , and to maintain a Constitution, freely di set a J, adopted, and sworn to !! I" Accounts from. Ba^' otuJijes were yesterday received, to the date of August ' contain very favourable iraelligc - • • with respect to the disposition of the Spanish Si u! em-- nts i. i An area tava, ajs'this country. Some of them hav • deel ir--, l tui", nse;, ve:" unl.' u< itident of Oid Spain, lie.;, at ;:••! ;' aet ainiLv with Great Britain. The King has conferred tlifc Order of the Bath on Hcar- Adanral Keates. Yesterday afternoon four^ vaggons, laden with dol- laii, were sent off from the Bank for Portsmouth, to t • sh- jqjed for Spain. They were escorted by a party of the Life Guards. Srotal Russian sloops of war have been taken bv the Swedish flotilla, on' S-. v- burg, which have been sent to the Cnaibioj! fi, fit, at, d Railway converted into fire- ship;; four i r wl. ifrlj. lay nailing for a fair wind to be sent in among the Russia', liiiiaf. Lieut, Co!. GvllenshoW, the Swedish Officer who brought over the flag taken !; Samuel Hood from the Rit: : in ship S vo'ad, was on V. ednesday' introduced to bis Majt'st}', bv the Mvedish Ambassador, and delivered to bis " i- ijesty a letter final the King of SweNin; with which bN M i-' Uv seemed highly ph- ased. It i, understood that It contains a request for his Majesty to permit the British Officers in the North Sea fleet to receive tokens of the Suad'i- h Monarch's estimation of their services. Letters have been received from the Command'- r. of the Si agull ship of war, captured some time - iuce by a ship of greatly superior for. c' 1, al't-- a a nan t gallant resist- ance, which mention, that, the wound d men are recovering fast. The ^ eaguil suv. k soon after the action, and her ere v ware carried into Cbristiansind. The Lord Mayor has appointed a Court of Common Council to b- b id at Guildhall on Tuesday next, to con- sider of an Address to his Majesty, for an enquiry into the came of the late disgraceful Convention in Portugal. On Thursday night last, about half past ten o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Victors ( of London) fell from the pier- head; at Kan ante : he Was immediately taken tip, hut having fallen betwe- n a vessel aud the wall of the piet', it ii supposed lie struck against both in thu de- cent, by which he was so dreadfully bruised jhat he expii ed about three hours afte. t. BOW- STREF. T.—- A Mr. S , formerly iii the army, was on Saturday la t examined before Mr. Graham, on a charge of hi.-; amy, in marrying a second wif,, la Vifier one being living at lire time. The first marring, , ; r, • peared, took place upwards of 20 years ago, , at Farneaux V I- barn, in the county of Herts; but, after some few years, a separation took place, si , ee which time the parties never cohabited t a- ether. In the year 1799, Mr. S. contracted a second uiairinge with Mi s A. T. of Kew. The fact of both mariiagis being ostabliiTbed, and Mr. S.' s person being iden- tified, lie wis fully - - a in''' d to take bis trial at the next Assize for tli < , a, i ol S iraey, the last, marriage bavin -; been S'llcinniz d in that county ; and Mr. S. bei-. r^ also apprehended there. DAUING OUTRAGE.— On Thursday afternoon, about five o'clock, a fellow went int j the house, of Mrs, Fraaer, in Pi- tor- street, Westminster, and going into the parlour, where she wa sitting at work, asked her if her name wa; Frazer? being' ausw- swl vns, be pulled out a knife, and swore he would kill lier if he spoke a word, and then rob- bed her ol 1 - in i- i. bank note- and ea h, and seven yards of cloth she iiad before her on the table, and which, it is re- mark ib: e, had been brought to her the same morning' by a stranger, two make him two shirts, who has not since ap- pi ar - d ( o cla'- iii it. Port Be rag. FALMOUTH, Scpl. sg. A fleet. of transports arrived on Tuesday, with the 43d, 59th, ' 76th, and part of the 95ih regiments of foot, from the Downs ; and yesiertlay about sixty sail more arrived from Cork, with about 6,00' 0 men under the command of Sir David Batrd, who has assumed the command of the expedition. The troops now assembled here amount to about 13,000, and. comprise two battalions of the Guards, the 43d, 5l? t, 5gth, 76th, and 95th regiments, besides those from Cork, and some artillery. Two other battalions of Guards are expected. It is reported that the Spanish troops have passed this port two or three days since, en their way to Spain alone. One of the ships convoying the transports from Cork had captured, after a chace of eighteen hours, a French brig, ot 1: 5- guns, bound to Martinique, and sent her yesterday for Plymouth. The Duke of Kent and Freeling packets sailed on Monday, the former for Gibraltar, and the latter for the Windward Islands. PLYMOUTH, Sept. 30. On Tuesday Admiral Lord Gardner sailed in the Caledonia, of 120 guns, to resume the command of the Channel fleet. On Wednesday came in the Caesar, of 34 guns, ' Rear- Admiral Sir Richard Strachan,. and the Malta, of 84 guns, both from off Toulon. They sailed from thence the, 10th instant, at which time the French squadron in that harbour appeared to be in great con- fusion, as if in a mutinous state, and one 6f the ships was warped up the harbour and dismantled. At the titue that the above ships sailed, the expe- dition under the command of General Sir John Stuart remained at Sicily. PORTSMOUTH, Octol- er 1. The Russian ship:!, under convoy of Rear Admiral Tyler, are to proceed to the eastward, for which purpose the Ant schooner is stationed at St. Helen's, to give them timely notice. The several frigates, in ordinary are ordered to be repaired ami brought forward fur commission im- mediate!- . A number of transports are prep- ring for cavalry exp led to embark in the course, of the ensuing week. The ' Monmouth, of 0' grins, is ortlcre I to be ;, tte>! as a victualling de- it, to lie. in the Downs. ' Monday.— Arrived t'. n Furious guti vessel and Camel stav,' ship, with - can oy from the Downs. Sailed the Pelorus sloop. hon. Capt. King. Tit sctai/.- reived tiie Ganti- 1 sloop, Cant. Stevenson. Sai ,- a t) i • a, rightly cutter and furious gun vessel. wednesday.— Arrived the podargus sloop, Capt. hel- lard, with dispatches from Lisbon; and Surinam sloop, Captain lake, from Ply a a- th. Sailed the Mosquito si - , Capt. goat, with convoy for the.' Downs. Th.;.. •-!-' an— An'ved the Semiramis, of 36 guns', Capt. Granger, fr. nu the Eastward. Sailed the Racehorse sloop, Capt. Fi her, and Camel storeship, with convoy for the Cape of Good Hope. Friday.— Arrived the Brazen- sloop, Capt. Shepheard, with empty transports for Lisbon; and Cormorant sloop,. Capt. Hughes, with convoy from the Cape of Good Hope. Sailed the Gannet sloop, with transports for Falmouth.— Went out of harbour the Triumph, of 74 guns, Cap'.. Sir T. M. Hardy.— Came in the Hippomene sloop to be paid off. ••' Saturdays.— Arrived the Diomede, of 56 guns. Captain SykeS, from Guernsey; and Dromedary store ship from the West Indies Sailed the Lilly sloop, Capt- Sherriff, with convoy for Newfoundland. The East India outward- bound fleet sailed from the Cape of Good Mope on the 2oth of June, having taken in troops there for India. CowES, Sept. 30. The American ship the Hope sailed from hence on Tuesday for New York. This is tii vessel that arrived some time ago at Havre with dispatches for General Armstrong. Mr. Shipworth, the. American Cousul lately residing at. . Paris, and many other pin ions, natives of America, are taking measures to quit France, being apprehensive 01 a war between France aud America. WINCHESTER. SaTuRDA Y, OCTOBER U Oil Thursday last nine Boats started at Christchurch for the Prizes given b; « W. S. Rose, Esq. During the race an accident happened, which had nearly proved fatal: one of the boat, in which was a men, of t he name of Streeter, and his son, by a sudden squall of wind, upset, aud wot to tbe bottom : it was immediately perceived by Mr. Co- vert, who, at that time, was at some distance iu his . yacht, and who, by great exertion, succeeded. in rescuing both from a watery grave. The boy was nearly exhausted ; but, ou being brought to land, had every attention paid to hulls as well as his father, by Mr. rose, who has since, with hi accustomed liberality, ordered a new. boat to be given to Streeter, as the old one is Irrecoverably lost. On Monday last. was married C. Blyth, Esq. oflroti- monger- tane, London, to Miss Saunders, daughter of Mr. James Saunders, of Southampton, merchant' On Thursday evening Mrs. More, of Middle Brook- street, went from home, leaving three children, without any one to take care of them : the youngest child, playing with the fire, set the clothe; of the eldest on fire, and it was so shockingly burnt that there is but little hope of its recovery. SALISBURY. MONDAY, OCTOBER a, 1803. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o' Clock. Bank Stock, shut 1 Long Ann. shut India Stock, — Omnium, 9 § dis. South Sea Stock, — India Bonds," and I d. 0 -. t. Red. shut Exchequer Bills, t d. 3 p. a . - a t. Cnns. 63 Irish 5 f Cents, shut 1 . ts. shut Imperial a - fa Cents. 65 § 5 v t. Navy, 98 English Cott. Tickets, jg S i- a t. ?' 97, shut Ditto Prizes, foil money, * A ; Exchequer Bills, dated- in the mouth of November IP ' r, ' rdered to be p ad oft' on Saturday the S- Jd inst.— q t rest on all bills- of a priosdate has ceased. On monday last Joseph Gattey, Esq. was elected Mayor of Exeter; and on » '. • same dav Henry Parry, Esq. « v: r, elected Mayor' . lath, for the ensuing vear. On Friday r. Staning, Esq. was sworn in Mayor of the borough of Shaston, for the year ensuing. Lately w- married, at. St. Sidwell's Church, Exetcrr, mr. william Cockell, Paymaster of the Wiltshire Militia, to Miss Langdon, of Exeter O11 Monday died, much regretted, William Hooper Masters, Esq. of YeoviL On Mondav i- > was married Mr. John Andrews, of Newbury, Berks, to Miss Debira Rowden, second daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Rowden, of Fovant. On Tuesday last was married, by the Rev. John Savile Ogle, George Law, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Miss Still, eldest daughter of Jatnes Charles Still, Esq. of East knoyle,. in this county. On Tuesdoy was married Mr. Ball, Tanner, of Shepton Mallet, to Miss Singer, daughter of Mr. Singer, of Westbury, in this county. Lately died, at- Kingsbridge Barracks, Devon, Capt, William Hanham, of the Dorset Regiment of Militia.' second son of the late Sir James Hanham, Bart, of Dean's Court, Dorset. . On Friday Se* 11 night died William Clark, Esq. of Beaminster, Dorset, aged 80 years. The same day died, at Taunton, Mrs, Goldsworthy, wife of Major Goldsworthy, of the India Company's service. On Sunday ( the 25th ult.) died, at Corsham, Mrs. Catherine Heart, widow of the late John Heart, Esq.' On Thursday died, at Market Lavington, Mrs. Hale, relict of Mr. Benjamin Hale, late of Calne, in this county, a truly worthy arid benevolent woman. The forty- second Anniversary Meeting of the Pre- sident and Governors of tbe Salisbury Infirmary was held. 011 Friday last. They met at the Council Chamber at ten o'clock in the morning, and walked in proccts- ion from thence to the Cathedral, where a most excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. Thomas hulse, ' and a new An- them, composed by Mr. Corfe, was performed by tiki Choir. On the conclusion of the service, a collection was made at the church doors, the amount of which was not equal to that of last year. On the return of the Noble President and Goveraois to the Council Chamber, a report of the state of the Infirmary, by tbe Auditors, was read : it was highly satisfactory, as it shewed that, by care and good management, the fijnds of the. Institution were ra- ther in an improving state, notwithstanding the exigency, of the times, and the extensive relief that bad been given in various eases of accidents and disease.— The company afterwards dined at the Spread Eagle Inn, a Buck being presented 011 the occasion by the Earl of Radnor, the President. The dinner was well drassed and served up. and the pleasure of a convivial afternoon was added to tbe gratification from having promot d the inter'- sis of an In- stitution which gives relief to the afflicted in the very worst situations of distress. CHIPPENHAM RACeS, commenced on Tuesday last. Nine horses- started for the 5( W. Plate, three- mile beats. ' I lia first heat was won by Sir II. Lippineott's Cliaise- arid- One : Mr. Dundas's Cambrian made a push against him, but was so much distressed, that he was drawn after the heat, with two others.— Tho remaining six horses started the second beat, which was won by. Mr. Goddard's Bronze, Chaise-. and- One coming in second.— Two other horses being then drawn, four started the third heat, which was also won by Bronze, Chaise- and- One being again second. On Wednesday tbe Maiden Plate of 50/, two- mile heats, was won at two heats by Mr. Bouverie's St. George's Colt, beating Mr. Craven's Bantam snd three other horses.— Bantam came iu second each heat; the second heat shewed great sport, was very closley contested, and won by less than half a neck. Mr. Bartlev's br. g. beat Mr. Perry's b. f. by Balloon, a match for 50 gs. one mile, rode by the owners. And Mr. Cresswell's Tancred beat Mr. Proteus's gr. g. a match for 50gs. one mile, rode by tbe owners. On the whole, the sport was very good, and the company nutnerods and fashionable. The meeting of three troops of the. Wilts Yeomanry, for inspection, added ulueh to the bustle and brilliancy of the scene. So extremely cold was the weather on Thursday morning, that the icicles hung from the houses, in some parts of the town of Shaftesbury, upwards of a foot in length ; a pump in the Close of Sarum was frozen, a circumstance very unusual in tho month of September. Some idea may be formed of the great, variation of the weather in our climate, from the following observations:— The Thermometer, which stood at 83 on tbe 13th of July, was eleven weeks after, viz. 1 on the 30th of September, down to 44!— Let it be under stood, that these observation were made 011 the same instrument, remaining on the latter day in precisely the same situation and state of ex- posure as on the former. Tho grand match of. Backsword Playing, advertized in our former Papers, took place at Swindon on Friday and Saturday the 23d and 24tli ult. and it may with truth tie said that a match in which more good play, skill, and true courage were shewn, was never witnessed iu this or any other county. The Gamesters consisted chiefly of the Swindon and Devizes parties, Ou tbe first day there were eight single- head tiers, viz. four 011 each side ; two couple played cut the tie, each side winning a head ; the other two. tiers of the devizes side, namely, Glass aud Palmer, refusing to face their opponents when called by the Umpires, tiiey declared their heads forfeited ; con- sequently the Swind'. in party became entitled to the prize. On the second day a reinforcement of six, fresh men on the Devizes side arrived in a sociable and four horses. Then- were on this day eleven - ingle- head tiers, viz. seven o 1 Devizes side and four on tbe Swindon ; four c rnple j- layed out the tie, each party winning two heads: the two two- head tiers 0: 1 the Swindon side then contended agai nst two other of the single- head tiers on the Devizes side; the first head being gained on the Devizes side and the remain- ing tier oil the Swindon side having four left to contend with, it was mutually agreed the play should cease. and that the Devize 1 party should take the prize, . subject to an allowance to the last Swindon tier on his consenting to withdraw. The prizes offered for young Gamesters afforded very little sport, owing to the want of Gamesters to contend with the Swindon Lads, by whom the prizes on each d . were easily won.— In the course of the two day's sport 32 cat le contended for the prizes, who played 210 bouts; 31 heads were broken, two forfeited, and tha last couple drawn.— The utmost regularity prevailed during the play, and'tbe behaviour of the Gamesters towards each other on their parting was truly sportive and friendly. On Monday morning five male convicts, from Fisherton Gaol, were put on board the Captivity hulk, in Ports- mouth" Doek- yard. On Saturday William Doswell was committed to Fisher- ton Gael, for trial at the next Assizes, charged with having received divt is sums of money, the property of bis masters, Messrs, Newman; malsters, of Britford, near this city, aud converted the same to his own use. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per ( pwrter—* I{ reitd, per Gallon. Wheat. s. Barley, j Oats, j Beans, i Bread. 5. s. | s. d. Sept. s, s. s. s. j s. Salisbury, S7 S2 to pfi 53 to 551 a? to 47 j so to ss Basingstoke, 2- so to £);?; 1: 3 to Hi j 40 to 4- (> 5 la « <) Devizes, S'< 78 to 10.9j 47 to 55 Ua to 41 79 to 81 Newbury, 2a i 71 to idil 45 to 50 ' as- to 45 GO la 7$ Andover, Oct. 1 j a;) In 9s j 4G to 52 ! 06 to - 11 G2 U 68 Warminster, 1 j 7ii to 9i 41 to 67 ! 39 to 8- 1 Weight 0/ the G^ bm Loaf, gift. 1 loi.—' Half Gail'. 4//.- b\ dz. NOTiCe » THE CREDITORS of BENJAMIN CHARLES COllINS, Es,. i. lata of Salisbury, and of Mortimer- street, Cavendish- squsre, t. o- dan, who have not vet delivered in an account of their r- sp -,- tive demands, are desired to send the same immediately JOHN DOWDINg, Bookseller, on'the Canal. Salisbury, in order to their being discharged: And ALL PeRSONS INDICATED to the said estate are requested to pay the same forthwith to the said J. DOWdInG, who is authorised by TOWNleY WARD, Esq. the acting executor, to receive all, debts due to the estate of the deceased. SALISBURY, October 1, ISOFI. HORSE WANTED. WANTED to purchase, A Steady, Active HACKNEY, about 14 hands high, not more than six years old; and free from vice and blemish. Whoever has such an one to dispose df, may hear ofa purchaser by applying to Mr. Trehern., New Inn, Wimborne, f! 251> THE BEAUTIES OF PURCelL. tHE Public are n. o. t respectfully informed, that mr. CORFE has it in contempls'i . n to publish a SE- LECTION of PURCElls VOCAL MUSIC, so'm'uchand so deservedly admired by all Amateurs of that captivating Science. ' • The Editor's intention is, to offer this valuable Wo- k to the Public on the sain; terms, and executed- in the sa- ne manner, as his Selection of the Compositions of the - great Handel, pro- vided his subscriptions should be such as to justify the at- tempt, and promise success to its execution. J. C. thinks it necessary to add, that- lie is induced to un- dertake the above; work, at the particular request of some Friends who hold a distinguished r- nk in the musical world, and wlio often regretted that the delicious strains, of Purcell were not more generally known, on ace- aim of the irregular and obsolete manner in which they are pruned, and for want of. a more compact selection of his choicest pa ces. The Editor purposes printing one volume : sh< uld that meet the success he hopes, he will be induetfd to extend the pub- lication to a second volume. Subscriptions ( One Guinea) received at the Printing- Office, at Messrs. Banks's Music Shop, and at Mr. Corfe's, in th Close, Salisbury; and at Mr. Preston's, No. 97, Strand, London. ' r" 76 Halfa mile from the Sea, Christchurch— new house. IX) be LETT. 011 LEASE, UNFuRNISHED,— A A HOUSE in excellent repair; containing an eating room 90 feet by lb', drawing room 27 by: 18, breakfast parlour, eight bed rooms, detached kitchen, with servants rooms over, scullery, larder, china closet, and other convenient offices; coach- house, five- stalled stable, garden, meadow, and fish- pond; the whole containing about 10 acres, well wooded and intersected with gravel walks. For particulars and tickets to view apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Clement Sharp, upholsterer, Romsey; or on the Premises. [ 639 SALISBURY, be LETT, and entered on immediately,— V. old- established HOUSE in tbe Grocery and ' l'a. lt - Chandlery Business, iii Castle street, late m the occupation of Mr. Scullard, d-. c . as d. I'he - itu'- r. nn is eligible for busi- ness. For particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Dyke Whitmarsh, solicitor, Endless.- street. The Stock may be taken at a fair valuation. [ 1215 HOUSE TO LETT. TO be LETT,— A HOUSE in the Cottage Stile, r. t Milston, near Amesbury ; consisting of a parlour aod drawing room, with a dress ng room for a gentleman, three- bed rooms, at d attics ; a garilan and orchard adjoining, snd stable for five' horses. For particulars enquire of Mr. Chubb, Salisbury; or Mr. Robbins, Bulford, who will shew the premises. fl-->;:- 4 . FARM TO LETT. ' O be LETT on Lease, and entered on at. Lady- ' _ day next, A desirable FARM at Box, in the county of Wilts, consisting of near 000 acres. For further particulars apply to Mr. Charles Jones, at Hasle- bury Farm, Box, who will shew the premises.— Proposals to be given before the 1 st day of November. [! 2- 53 A Public- House, blandford, Dorset. TO be LETT, antl entered upon immediately, All that old- established. PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the, name of the RED LION, situated in the Market- place, Comprising a large kitchen, good parlours aud bar, with other conveniences, on the ground ft wr ; six bed- chamber- ; with good stall and other stables, large garden, & c. For further particulars apply ';! by letters, postpaid) to J. Hovle, auctioneer, & e. Blandford. N. !',. A JOBBING COOPER wanted.— Apply as above.— fTwo Duties j f 1250 A FARM IN HANTS. TO be LETT, from Michaelmas 1809, with Li- berty to sow Grass Seeds and prepare for a Wheat Crop, — HAPSLEY FARM, situate at Faccombe, te- j miles from Andover, and eight from Newburv and Hungerford,- consist- ing of a barn, stable, and about 167 acres of arable, meadow, and wood land.— For particulars apply to Mr. Todd, attorney at law, Andover I [ 1- 23S LYNDHURST, NEW FOREST', HANTS. TO be LETT, and entered upon immediately, ready FURNISHED, for the term of Four Years,— A . substantial FAMILY- HOUSE, late the residence of Mrs. Macaulay ; consisting of a dining- room, drawing- room, library, kitchen, and other conveniences, on the around floor, with suitable bed- rooms and attics; coach- house and stables, excellent kit chen garden well stocked with fruit trees, and an acre and a quarter of pasture land. [ 874 For further particulars apply to the Rev. Mr. on the Green, lyndhurst, or to Mr. Bignell, solicitor,' Banbury. ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be LETT, and entered 011 at Michaelmas next, for a Term of Years,— The FARM and LANDS called UPTCR KINGSTON, or Bucks, situate in th- pari. h s ot Kingston and Shorwell, in the Isle of Wight, ci, resisting of about 245 acres of arable, meadow, p- stitre, nd wood land. The Dwelling- house is lately built, and the barns and other buildings arc conv - nient and in- good- repair;' the Tythes of such of the lands as he in the parish of Kingston fand which comprise the much great r parti,- will ako'bi lett- for. the term, of the lease with the farm- if'the present ineum bent, shall so lung continue rector ; and, at t'ae tX;; iration of two y « \ rs, a considerable quantity of'othe'r land will be added to the estate, if wished. by. the tenant. F- r other particulars, and to treat for a lease, apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell; Newport; and for a vieW of the premises, atthe dwelling- house of tha farm. [ 125s nORSKT. TO be LETT, ami entered upon Iirtraediaielv.- r- A commodious, mod inn- built, brick and sashed DW1CL- Lt."? G- HOUSE; consisting of thr - parlours, svveu bed- chambers, with large convenient garrets, kitchen and other offices, unierground c liar, two y*-- i! W- ir » Hardens, a coach- house, stable, Sc. ali situer • in . the Suth- strict, in ]) or- Ch- sr. r, in the comity of D< rs-. t,' and is fit lot the recept'on of a pent: ! family, and is only ,• ,' ht miles from Weymouth. F j _ lurther parfctil . re ttj. ' v itbv lettir post- paid, i to Mr. N'. t-' ucUand, Attorney, or Thomas Curme, Builder, Dor- chester. fi067 WiLTSHIRE. - A good convenient HOUSE, in rfO b, e SOLD, A the town of Bradford, well situated f r. trad -• f a private family. Snaps detached, now us-' • Also a. Piece of rich n acre, a short disrai,* Likewise to be LET > Bradford il t Us then tion. If not i ? tt, t' e Stock wii disjiosed of.— One concern J ' adapted tor any 7: til Goods, Toys, Earthe r tin: resi- together with commodious Work • 0 in th-- woo len manufacture. ' stu- s- GROUND, containing about :' fr m the t' d ) USE in the Market- . pi ' ro'- t, and weil ' i ne Stock of Ironmongery & C-. & c. to be taken at a valua- sold at reduced prices, till [ 1230 la For further 1. rticulars apply to Mr. Luxford, Bradford. r| X) be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTrACT,— A A de. su a; e FREEHOLD, situte at Fyfield, in the county of. Hants ; cor. s- stine: ofa good family house, w-' t- . •/' opriati- conveniences, detached brew- houstj w- t'sh- bouse, .- don - r offices; fotn- itall stable and barn, -. nd - very productive kitchen garden, plentifully st aked with . rnir'tries 111 full bearing. The premises are well supplied with exce. lk- ntspjing water. The grounds which siirroumi the house are beautifully interspersed with shrubs, evergreens," ind forest trees; the whole comprising about four ner.- s and a half. In field is a dry pleasant village, in a fine sporting country and good neighbourhood : distant front Andover four miles, one from Weyhill, 15 irpm Salisbury, 25 from Southampton, and 68 from London. For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Gibbard, solicitor, Milbank- street, . Westminster ; or to Mr. Criswick, auctioneer, Andover. [ 12,07 T WILTS.— FREEHOLD MANSION AnD LANDS. O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with 1 early possession,— f\ H thilt MANSION- HOUSE, called the CASTLE- HOUSE, with th: Gardens, Hothouse., Hot- walls, Melon- grotmd. Pleasure- ground, Gardener's- house and Yard, Orchard, Coach- house and Stable, and Several Closes of rich Meadow Land, containing in the. whole about twelve acj.- s, situate in the borough of Calne, in the'county of Wilts. The buildings . ire in excellent repair, and are replete with every convenience for a genteol family. Mrs. Rooke, the present occupier, will permit the premis. s to be'seen any day ( Sundavs excepted! between the hours of eleven and two-; and for particulars', and to ttcat for the sann apply to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts N. B. More Land may be had, if required. [ 898 FREEHOLDS, NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be. LETT or SOLD,— A genteel, and healthful RESIDENCE, pleasantly ' situated 9t Brockenhurst, t',, r the borders . of toe New Forest. ' The - Dwelling- house has been built about ten years: it consists of two. parlours, kitchen, brew h IUS?, cellar, pantry, drawnis- room, and six sleepin'- rooms; coach- house and stable;- garden and orchard' filled with fruit trees: the whole finished in a tasteful mawr, arid" in irood- repair.— Immediate possession had b"- I ad Thn- e acres of exceeding gOod Pasture Land may be had, if required. To be Sot. D,— A DWELLING- HOUSE and ' GARDEN; together with MALT- HOUSE and LAKe HOUSE, ,: i ' nil trade, with other convenient, offices ;, now in the possession of Mr. Scorey tenant at will. N. The whole Land- tax redeemed, and Tythe- frce. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to H. roe, builder, Southampton; or to Mr. Scorey, maltster, Brockenhurst. (- juj WILTS. ' TX> be SOLD, or LETT, A Modern- built B. - MANSION- HOUSE, replete with every convenience for a N hlema I'S or Gentleman's family, delightfully situ- ated in a fine sporting country, near three Market Towns, with vrrvsdod roads, and at an easy distance from Bath ; to- gvtlu r with ; j: acres of rich arable and pasture jand adjoining. The Mansion- house { whioh has been built only abouti i'ght years) consists of a large entrance and hack, hall, a breaktiist- room 17? feet square, a dining- room 88 ft. by 174, a drawing- room 20 ft. by 1* § , a library 17 f[. by 13, all > 2 feet high, five best bed- rooms, two dressing- room*, four servants' bed- rooms, two stair- cases, two Water- closets, two kitchens, a servants' ball, laundry, butler's room,, three cellars ( two of th* m arched) and a variety of attached and detached offices ; a double coach- house and six- stalled_ st?. ble,' a'f . mi- yard wal- led round; extensive lawn, a hot- bouse and two " wailed gar- dens : the whole supplied. with qxeellent water, and forming a most desirable acquisition. The Furniture, wh- ch is quite modern, ahd m^ de for the house, to be t aken, an. d paid for, with the fixtures and farming stock, at a fair valuation. [ i jy9 . For farther particulars and to treat, apply ( if by letter, post- paid) to Mr. Pearse, solicitor, Salisbury- square, London. Gtnteef Gittttge at miUm, nepr Homer,,, mul three Tenements the hundred of Ho/ Mtu F° TV ? A, rE B- V ALCT1C^ ^ J. ' O„ - E. Wednesday tne isth d . y of1 October lst* t o clock i- i the afternoon, at the White Hoise In- Kom< Lot 1— A new- erected brick and tiled C07TA6F m for the residence of a small cent el family ; Comprisxe'im en teanee ball, parlour, kitchen, dairy and pantry, vAh f? r bed- rooms ev r; detacLd cort- e f/ r w, va5n ; Io d it b coach- house, cow- house, barn, piggery, * c t- e- ner v irn geodg. iden, orchard, and common rifrhts.' with ' two W'i adjoining, conta in, altogether 2 A. o I! iep * ^ 2 - fhree ' 1 ENp'ENTS in the honored of R, tn tile occupation of Moses CVmley, J\-; r-. I, 8. i->•.' . Pope, w tn out- buildings and gardens thereto beton- rm Farmer Mcfod. v, at We, low, will :- hew th, , ;,".' '.. . nr, for further piirticul rs apply to the Auctioneer, cr ' n[ man and Warner, solicitors, Ramsey. [ 1275 WEST. MLUTS, NEAR N'OITCIIESTER T° fclP" 5 by AUCTION, on the promises. J hv M. BAKER, 011 Saturday the « th bfOctol- . « „ West Mills,- Tw. good CAKT- HORSES, ^ ie Vtti Mir" string and thill harness, one strong useful ndW horse, one good waggon wan , ron axles,. one . cart with-' ditto, tVee choice da. iry cows weirstSsoned in calf, upwaids or" £ dmer* five. bushel flour sack mostly new, with' two traff riS The sale to begin :, t two n'c[ e: t; k. ln the. afurnckSn; paw Mf ' EUH. OUSKfioFJ) " FUUNlTUItF" 1* 1. three stacks of Dry Mead, w Hw, i- iUevtam of lie, V F^ S**" iM-. ti. arid - ether S Effects, the pre. ity, of a Gentleman or. ittu,.. rtsM.- n e on L'. oohurs. U; ' en, to be SOLD iv . VJCtlok on " he Premises, h;- Ov. tr. HOOKHV, on^ Wetlncsda/ fc 6,' I he hurnuure cans. su of handsome foii- w*.; ^ hal. r- te. it., . be. dsur. ds, wtth f* pensh e frmicd coihm Smw feather b « k; k, a..:, ets, counter, mattresses, and dcrminsier carpets; in mahogany are. a set of d'hing tables cha. rs wj. h hair seats chest, of drawers, bison s'tandsf 1 Xk ! and tables of various de'icnpt, as, a grand jiano forte Sert and tea china, « ocgi » « , fciubep requ. sius!, & L to be viswed the day prccedin,: th; sale.- C italogues to b « had, price sen- pence each, at the Crown Irti, I. vndl^ rs/. An- chor a, d elope, Ly « nin5ton; on the r. vinis.' s and of'thc Auctioneer, South. mpti n. ' ; L Onaccount of the number of lots, the sale will begin precisely at eleven 0 clock. ... frsua Dogecan Farin, new wimborne, Dorset T° be SoLd by A » CT1<) N, - bv J. FORCE, on i the prerpises,. op, Monday the : id of October 1 sns at STOCK th 111 -^^' V'.—- AU- the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the property of Mrs; Mary Hawes, who has dc- chned business; comprising principally, three dairy cows', One' i ' X nei. i. r, two year ings, a capital yauig lay car* g- e - Inig, two mares [ on- a at them in foal, a ? olt iy her side), one sow and ten- pigs, between- 20 and m tans ofciover and meadow hay, and abatjt H tons of okl ditto, a ve y » ood waggon with iron amis-, two dung pots, one rid e , p onghf * WEyMOUtH, . " | 7fOR SALE by AUCTION, at the Custom- house A m this Port, on tuesday the nth of Oetol er IMW at ten o clock 1,1 the forenoon,- The foil, vims VESSEI S & c which have been sc.-, d and' legally condemned , ' The Hog boat,, called- the Hope, of Hastings, burthen ] 9 torn, with alfher apparel and furniture ; the Smack Rose, of Portsmoush burthen 14 tons, with all her apparel and Uina- ture; the sloop Elizabeth. Of Poole, burthen 16,1 ton^ wnh all her apparel and furniture ; a Lugsail Boat or Lerrett bur- then - 14 tons, three oars. ' Also the broken- up Hull of thf Mary Anne Cutter of Guernsey, and Materials, consisting of standing ar. d it'iiiiiirn- ' boom and 1 A Bowsprit, late belonging to the Greyhound Cutter by Order of' the Hon. Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, T) be SOLD by AUCTION, on- Th , r-.: , v the 13th ot October instant, at two oVIocit in the ' after- noon, at the Custom- House, lyme,— - The SCHOONER flyiNg; FISH, - burthen loa tons, With her Boat Slows -, n, i Materials. The Hull of the sai l SchHoi& w^ ch f li'llteH in Lyme Cobb , wiTlbesotd in one lot; her Masts ' Bow- pru, and Set 01 S.,, s, m another; and the remainder ot- her Sails. Stores, and Matcru. s in small lots The Masts Sails, Arc. to be vtv. a d tlme'davs before- md on the morning on the sa. e, at mr. Drayton's v- r' ' Lyme Cobb. " ' » PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BV W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; ffher.' O'rrteis, a. i.• ertisemepts, riiid authentic Articles of . Veu's are Received ( Postage paid.) Also by flie FRINTEBS aud BOOKSEILBBS in the Wast of England 3 by the respective NEVVSMEX ; and 111 London by Messrs, TAVLER and NEWTON, No, S, Warwick- Square, Warwlck- Tiaite, Newgate- Street, and Mr. W1LKJE, Bookseller. Fitm. n » « JiMn ai ro be DISPOSED Oi>, i„ a plea. ant lnnfk l- trtv, n 1 uvthe W. stof i'ingland,— ThcSTOtK n'l nAl. K . a- llLtlNER declining business. The G;; us are u.^.-. yr arid- well bought, and worth the attention 01 any one vvuo whiles to . .. gage in thai trade. • For lur. liur particulars enquire of the Ptinttrs y if by U- tter. post. p . lit. _____„ " ' ' flittr PERPETUAL ADVOWSON. npoi> 8SOLD,— A. PERPETUAL ADVOWSON i of corsid,- table Anniiat V. due,' situate iy, t.' c ci.- unti, , trf Vv. lts and Hants, d. stant Irom London about 75 mile. • co- n- pnsiug the Great and Small Tithes of about - WOO iter - • f- Li- d ipc urf. ng 125 acres of Glebo, on which there is a good quail! ttyo. limber 1 he House, Offices, & c. are of a description, and in excellent rtpatr. There is every ; n-. r- nxtite tor takirfg the Tithes in Kind, and some reeuliar . d- Vanjtages atttf lied to the Living.' Further particulars may be kiiovvn by applyftig to Strong, - Still, and Strong, t, inet> ln's, iuti, London. filVs' ' WOODLANDS, NEW FORESTT """ r| X) be SOLD, A COMFORTABLE FAMILY1 A HOUSE, in the cottage stile, with Furniture - aoout twelve Acre* of Pasture Land, including a good cottaee aAomiue; coach- houss, stabling, offices, and" uniimitted right ot forest; . situate near the Forest hou. t. ls, three mil, y trom Lyndburst and seven from Sonthampscn, l; t<- in the occupation of General Nichols,' and may be entered upon immediately. » « * For particulars apply to Mr. Brimvurd, at Hill, ueir Southampton ; Mr. Cxnncn, Solicitor, Leicester- place. Ua. don ; or Mr. Cowchcr, Bath. BLANDFORD ST. MARV, DO 11 SET. rpO be SOLD 6v Pill VATIC CONTRACT— 1 f, neat Sashed and Tiled DWELUNU- IIOL'.'- E,' Mith a waa. o- in Gardervadjc » iii, g; and ?, Tall- house near lhe which will work 20 tjuatJets per mefc. i ho premists are leasehold, and plejsandv si-. tintetl lil'the parish ol BiinidlcH St. iMary, and fit for the immediate reception of a faintly. For further particulars; apply to Mr. II. Biggs, Bbn. iiord. B R E W E R, Y. ~ FOR S/ T. K BY J IT I YA'IH COXTRACT — MI that newly andsuLstan-. ialiy built BREWERY* - Wfi'V fitted in the most complete . unn. ier; with n. alt and hoi St r. s; a dome coppar of et> barrefs, and copp « back of > 0 barrels; together with every other requisite uttnsil, as the same is now m use by the Proprietor UNION J3REWERY. • po be SOLD, Ail Uiat capital BREWERY A situ ite in Portsea, with'the valuable Plant i- .. M I*. 01 ^ celllent Water, and Engine for ringing the am " a ^ Bick that will. conain'three fciun ired hirrels a '. t, ' V. nl, Cooperage, Piggery, and Om- hoV s tibts a^ id Ar^ purl- nances. . ana Ap- Also,- A subtantial DWELUNC HOtJSE. in firm of the brewery, with lour len^ mmts in « « yard, adapted to r s, deuce of labourers, ana j- iud Cunhgu -. a. s th- reto . Also,— A d, suable KH. CB of ( iKOl. NU » Lt, rte brewery, well calculate lcr buildings.' , Je Any person desirous of purchasing mav apply Jo . V- Tur " Wr111' Mr' « « • fW . JlCi All Persons indebted to the f . rm- are retVs, • ^ their debts to Mr. Turner cr Mr. Wl- tl- Jn or ® & dayo October next; and whoever any S0rfthe : t! n. u ri. quested to send in an accoucton on before Ule Vme pen d.— Porixmuuth, Sij/ t. 14, U08. • u" e Cvr: i Kicks Ua,, Ottiry C„„ w tt^ islT Husravthri), &~ c. / Mteni. C » OR SALE by AUCTION, i on t-' ridav tfc t. nh. ii, dav of October, I WW, bv Mr Your; c _ An', i,„ , ,, I'tiOPER 1' Y on BITTKN FAN ™ • . Particulars m our neitt. Tj
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