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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3730
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 15/08/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3730
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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URY AND ^• Vggfriij. lM'r GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET m [ NUMBER 3730. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE CE f. StSmp Duty.... \ Paper and Print, < i\ d. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VENICE, July 13. AN English Squadron, commanded by Admiral Thornborough, is stationed off Palermo; ami another English Squadron, under the orders of Admiral Strachar., is cruizing between Sardinia and the Balearic Islands. The Russian fleet, which is lying in this Port, make; no kind of preparation which indicates an in- tention to depart. The fleet which was oft' Porto Ferrajo is now in Toulon.—( Stockholm Gazette of July 23.) LONDON, MONDAY, AUGUST Dutcli Papers to tlic 1st instant reached town yester- day, which eoiitain intelligence from Paris of the 27th ult. Bonaparte quitted Bavonne on the 21st, and went in the first instance to Fau, " but with regard to the remainder of Ins journey it is involved in studied obscurity. Dutch" Journals to the 5th inst. containing Paris, ntws to the 30th olt. are just received— Bonaparte arrived at Pau on the 21st ult. and left that town the next, morning, and was to. be at Toulouse on Sunday, the 24th ; he was ttencc t< x proceed to Agen, whicli he was to leave on the 28ih, for the purpose of visiting Bourdeaux, where he was expected on the 30th. From the movements of the French troop;, as detailed in these papers, it seems plain that Bonaparte either intends immediately to attack Austria, or that he wishes ta overawe her by assembling such large bodies of troops on lwr fron- tiers. The Spanish troops in the vicinity of Hamburgh have taken the oath of fidelity to their new Sovereign, Joseph • Napcleoi). This need excite no surprize. They could be <\ ilv imperfectly informed of recent events in their own < ipritry: and besides, they had the bayonets of the French at their breast*. These papers maintain their usual silence with respect to Spain. Private letters from Holland state, that strong symptoms of revatt against France" havle lately manifested themselves in several districts of Germany, and also in Poland. At Dantzic the people are said to have suddenly risen upon the >' renoh soldiery, and put numbers of them to death. The iinai result of this insurrection is not mentioned. Lieutenant Alt, of. the Black Joke lugger, arrived this morning at the Admiralty with Dispatches of the highest and most welcome importance. He left Co- tunna on the second instant, at which time official intelligence hid arrived there in the Seville Gazette, signed by Castanos and Count de Tilly, announcing, that on the 24st ult. after a severe battle, Dupont had capitulated, and that he had surrendered up all his magazines, ammunition, arms, & c. to the Patriots. The following is the official account from General Castanos of the glorious news: " MOST SERENE LORD, " I have the satisfaction to inform your Highness of the complete Victory which has been gained since the Battle of Baylen. General Dupont is a Prisoner of War, with all his division, arms, artillery, baggage, & c.; tile remainder who • were not engaged in the action, although they did not share this fate, are included in the capitulation and obliged to ' return to France by Sea, that net a Frenchman may remain in Andalusia. Mv NepheW, Colonel Don Pedro Agustin t. iron, will communicate the detailstif the affair; in the mean time I as ure your Highness that the gallantry of the Oifkers and Soldiers, and their constancy under trials and privations, are wortfcy of the just estimation in which the army deserve to be n= ld bv your Highness, and of the c6n- MARK- LANE, Monday, August 8. Our supply of Wheat again to- day was quite abundant from Essex and Ketitj and the greater proportion exceeding coarse— a few runs of super- fine White Wheat fresh threshed commanded about Is. per qr. advance from the top price of Monday the 1st; but Red Wheat in general and inferior White were full. li. per qr. cheaper, nor could the stands be cleared even at that reduc- tion. Beans and Barley are 2s. per qr. lower, and Oats full 3s.— the supply of the fatter very large. The price of White Peas is still quite unsettled— some few have been sold to- day from 61. to Si. 10s. Rape Seed comes to hand scantily, but scarcely exceeds 39i.- per last. We find nothing further to note, but refer to the subjoined list for all particulars:— Wheat 6os. to 87s.— Rye 40s. to 48s.— White Peas fifis. to 110s. tiomi- nal.— Grey Peas 50s. to ( ios.— Horse J3e, ans 60s. to ffiis.— Tick Beans 56s. to 63s.— Barley 40s. to 43s.— Malt 68s. to SCs.— Oats 32s. fo 48s. per quart r.— English Household Flour 68s. per sack.— Carraway Seed 41s. to 53s.— Coriander Seed 18s. to 21s. per cwt.— Rape Seed 35i. to 39i. 10s. periast. SMITHFI£ I. D MARKET, Aug. 8. This ' day's market was well supplied with prime Beasts, and the shew of Cattle in other respects was plentiful; Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork, and Lamb support last prices, and the trade in general was to- lerably brisk.— The following is a correct statement of the prices" and - umbers:— Beef 4.'. Id. to 5s. id.— Mutton 4s. 0d. to 5;. id.— Veal 6s. to 7s.— Lamb Sf. to 7s.— Pork 6s. to ( is. ( Id. — Neat Cattle, 4,250; Sheep and Lambs, - 61,000; Calves, 400; Pigs 350. The sales in the Haymarket were pretty considerable; May, Straw, and Closer" have got up in price since Friday's market — Hay sold at from 51. 5s. to 7i. Cs.— Clover 6i. 0s. to • I. 17s. 6d.—" Stia% 1 /. ISs. to 2i. Ss. fidence I entertained of their patriotism and zeal for the public cause. " I venture to request Of vonr Excellency the fulfilment, in my name-, of the vow made by me to dedicate this action to the glorious San Fernando. " May God preserve you many years. •< XAVIF. R DE CASTAKOS." " head- Quarters, at Andujar, 21s? July. " To his Excellency General blake, President of the Supreme Junta of Govtntment." It is Impossible to describe the joy which the arrival of this intelligence excited in every part of the town. In several churches the bells were rung, and various other demonstrations of general exultation took place. General CevalloS who had a command under Cuesta, lias been put to death, in consequence of its having been discovered that he had carried on a treacherous correspon- dence with the enemy. His head was placed on a pike, and carricd throitgh the streets of Valladolid. Government have received dispatches from India to the middle of March, which announce the breaking out of a new war amongst the Seik , in consequeirEe of which, some powerful bodies of troops had been assembled on the banks of the Attock. One of these had been cut to pieces by the opposite party, in attempting to penetrate to Lahore. •— The whole of the country to the westward is in a state of disturbance, a d it has been found necessary. to send con- siderable reinforcements to Moultan from Candahar. PROVIDENTIAL ESCAPE.— Saturday afternoon a bnvj about seven year of ag , the son of Mr. Phillips, a publican, at the corner of Newport and Castle- streets, having strolled to Westminster- bridge, along with his brother, about two years older, he incautiously mounted the parapet of the center arch, when his foot slipped, and lie precipitately fell; fortunately, however, abarge passing at the moment, the men in it caught him in their arms, ailll saved hhn from an untimely death. The boy was not in the least alarmed, and, after being put on shore at Milbank, he walked home. At Chelmsfard Assizes, on Friday, Jonathan Dayton, Lieuts. Cane and Hallon, of the ,95th regiment, were tried for the murder of Brodie Grant, late a Captain in the same regiment, who, as appeared, had been killed in a duel. There was no evidence whatever but that of two countrymen, who saw four gentlemen go under the Cliff at Harwich, heard the report of pistols, saw only three gentlemen re- turn, and on going, to the spot found Capt. Grant dead, having . just been shot; but they did not know the persons of the prisoners, who were of cour e acquitted.— Lord Ellenborough censured the conduct of the county: a violent death had taken place, and little enquiry had been made inte the circumstances ; no Counsel was em- ployed to prosecute the presumed delinquents, and in every . other respect the case was passed over too lightly: be trusted that mare care would be taken, should there in future be any such occurrence. on Saturday Capt. William Williams was tried, on the charge of murdering Thomas Barnes, an American seaman , nu board the ship Croydon, lying at Charleston, South Carolina. Thf fatal shot was fired at another person, and after passing through his body it entered that of Barnes, who instantly dropped dead j the otbi r man recovered. It being proved that the crew were in a state of mutiny, and that Barnes, though not foremost, was forward in the mutiny, the Jury thought the Captain was justified in firing, ami therefore acquitted him. The seaman who had been shot through th'.- body was a witness for the prosecution. irelAnd.— At Dundalk Assizes, on the ii-' d ult, five men, of respectable situations in life, were tried for the murder « f David Forbes, a Serjeant in the 2d Dragoons, or Scots Greys. It appeared in evidence that an Excise Officer had * vi; wd a large quantity of unlicensed Malt, at Ardee, and ti tie was removing it from thence to Dur. daik, on ears, jr. iiided by some Dragoons, under the command of Serjeant f'orbes, they were be et by a great number of people, who f. i i J at them from the hedges, killed the Serjeant, wounded David Hunter a private trooper in the leg, and at length obB^- d them to abandon the Malt. Three of the men, named Thomas Pepper, Joseph Gunrel, and James M'Clean, were sworn to, as having been seen active " in this attack, an, i. repeatedly firing on the Excise Officers and dragoons. Ti e Jury found Pepper, Gunrel, and M'Clean guilty, and admitted the other two pri- oners. They were sentenced fo he hanged, and their bodies to be sent to the Louth Hospital for dissection. WILTSHIRE, 1808. THE ANNUAL VENISON FEASTS, will be at the Swan Inn, in Bradford, on Tuesday the 30th of August, and at the Bear Inn, Devizes, on Wednesday the • 31st.— Dinner on the table at half past three. [ 644 KING'S SCHOOL, SHERBORNE, DORSET, AU6UST 1803. THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING win BE HELD at theSciiooi— HOUSE, on Tuesday the 30th of August, which, it is hoped, wlll. be favoured with the attendance of the neighbouring Gentlemen, and particularly of those edu- cated at this Seminary. The Public Speeches will commence at one o'clock. The company of Ladies will be esteemed an additional honour to the Meeting. An Ordinary will be provided for the Gentlemen at the Antelope Inn, at three o'clock. Rev. C. FLEET, . 1 VDWARI) GREATHED, Esq./ bte arcls' * » * There will be a BALL, at the Town- Hall, in the evening, which will begin at nine o'clock.—- Ladies and Gen- tlemen are requested to bring Tickets, which may be had at the booksellers. [ 687 SARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees is appointed to be held, pursuant to the last adjournment, at the house of Joachim Hibberd, known by the name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sa rum, on Friday the nineteenth day of August instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. W. bOUCHER, Clerk and Treasurer. SARUM, August 10, 1808. [ 672 To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Dorset. GENTLEMEN, AS Mr. R. W. ANDREWS has resigned the Office of one of his Majesty's CORONERS for the county of Dorset, I beg leave to offer myself as a CANDIDATE for that situation; my profession as a Surgeon, although not a neces- sary qualification, will yet, I hope, entitle me to your consi- deration ; and should I," by your partiality, be so iortunate as to succeed in this object of my wishes, I will endeavour, by an unremitting attention to the duties of the office, to prove mvself not unworthy your confidence, in selecting me to fill so important a station. [ 436 I have the honour to be, with great respect, Gentlemen, Your most obedient and devoted humble Servant, DORCHESTER, July 14, 1808. , JOHN WALLtS. . LAW. \ Respectable and well- educated young Gentleman, XjL who has been seven years in an Attorney's Office in the Country and twelve months in London; and since an admitted Attorney of the Court of King's Bench, wishes to fix himself with some Professional Gentleman, not so much with a view to present Emolument as with, the desire of recommending himself, by the m< 5st attentive diligence, to a future Partici- pation In the Business. , [ 633 Applications addressed to B. W. at Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford's, Printers, Salisbury, will meet early attention. WANTED,— A CURATE to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars apply to the Printers, postpaid. [ 488 There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 6oi, per ann. ANNUITY. J ANTED to invest the Sum of ,€ 300, in an adequate Annuity, irredeemable, for the life of a Lady about 39. Freehold Security will be required.—-— Apply ( if by letter, postpaid) to Mr. Castleman, Wimborne. [ 6d4 MONEY WANTED. ANTED,-— The Sum of .£ 2000 on Mortgage of good Freehold Land. A:. ply personally or by letter ( post paid) to Mr. Griffiths, lici'tor, N- wport, Isle of Wight. [ B68 AN TED, in a small Family, a few miles from London, An active, steady, middle- aged GAR- DENER, free from incumbrance, who perfectly understands his business ; he will have to look after a small field, two cows, pigs, and occasionally a horse ; should he understand brewing, it will be more agreeable. An excellent character is required. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers. [ 651 BAILIFF. WANTS a Situation, as BAILIFF,— A Single MAN, who perfectly understands the management of any quantity of land, also of buying or selling any kind of stock ; or as Clerk to a Brewer, Camfactor, & c. Any Gen- tleman wishing to employ a person of this description, will receive the most satisfactory reierence as to character. Letters addressed to A. Z. Printing Office, Salisbury, will meet with immediate attention. [ 675 BAILIFF. WANTED, to take the general Management of an extensive arable Farm in Hampshire,— A single middle- aged MAN, he must bp a good practical Farmer, and understand live stock and markets, must have served gentle- men in the above capacity, and have an undeniable character for sobrietv, honesty, and experience in all farming business. Particulars, stating qualifications, and where the party has lived, addressed by letter, postpaid, to Mr. Marline, White Hart Inn, Bagshot, will be attended to. No one need apply who ha's been in business for him- self, or who has not lived, three years in his last place.— Good wages will be given. , [ 138 DOWNTON, WILTS. ALL qualified persons ate requested not lo SHOOT, S PORT, or otherwise trespass on WeEK FARM , THRING'S FARM, or on any other of the Estates belonging to John Green, Esq. at Downton, in Wilts: and all unqualified per- sons found Sporting or Trespassing thereon, will b. pro- secuted. - [ 634 w GAME,— ISLE OF WIGHT. HEREAS the GAME on the Manors and Es- tates of the late Sir JOHN CARTER, ARTHUR ATHER- LEY, and THOMAS BONIIAM, Esqrs. called Alvington, Land- guard, Lowcombe, Hyde, Sandham, Roud, Appleford, and Chillerton, in the Isle of Wight, has for ma; / years been de- stroyed, and it being the wish of the proprietors of the estates to preserve the same, all qualified Gentlemen are requested not to hunt or shoot thereon the ensuing season; and all Per- sons unqualified are hereby required to take notice, that if found trespassing on any parts of the estates they will be pro- secuted. •( Three Duties•) 672J CLARKES and SeWELL, Stewards. MANOR OF ASHLEY, HANTS GAME and MAST. whEREAS the GAME on the said Manor has of late- yeats been scandalously poached and destroyed : | This is to give notice, that all unlicensed or unqualified persons found trespassing thereon will be forthwith proceeded against according to law;— and all licensed and qualified persons are hereby requested to refrain from sporting on this manor* [ 627 Notice is also given, that all persons aire forbidden to turn HOGS into the WOODS in this manor, or to gather Quick of other Plants; and if any swine are hereafter found in the woo ls they will be impounded, and their owners, and like- wise ail persons gathering quick or other plants, or doing any injury to th « wood, will be prosecuted according to law. w DORSET.— GAME. HERE AS the GAME on the Manor of CHIDEOCK, in the county of Dorset, the property of Thomas Weld, F2sq. has been almost entirely DESTROYED. Gentlemen are requested, for the sake of encouraging the breed, not to disturb the Game on the said Manor; and unqualified Persons, who shall be found trespassing thereon, will be proceeded against as the law directs. JOHN BANGER RUSSELL, Steward. BEAMINSTER, August 13, 1808. [ o' 8S STEEPLE ASFITON, WILTS. ANTED, by a Widower.— A steady middle- aged Woman, as HOUSEKEEPER, who" will have the care and management of about is milch cows.— Another Maid- Servant is kept as an assistant.— No Family. Enquire by letter ( post paid) to Mr. Bartlett, Hinton, near Steeple Ashton ; King's Arms, Melksham ; and White Bear, Devizes, [(> 39 WANTED, for a family residing near South- ampton,— A steady middle- aged WOMAN, to take the Charge of a NURSERY, where an Under- Nurse is kept. Only those whose characters can bear the strictest enquiry will be accepted.— Apply to Mr. Skelton, Southampton. [ 695 WANTED, in the neighbourhood of Southamp- ton, for a small genteel family,— A COOK, who understands her business perfectly,- has served in genteel fa- milies as Cook, and can he well recommended. [ 663 Apply at Brodit, Dowding, and Luxford's Printing Office, Salisbury; or to Mrs. Street, High- street, Southampton. TWO APPREN- TICES in a genteel DRESS- MAKING LINE.— Apply to Miss Alexander, High- street, Salisbury. [ 677 WANTED immediately, • T WANTED,— Two SHEPHERDS.— For further particulars enquire of Mr. Rickword, Longbridge Deverill, near Warminster, Wilts. [ 673 THREE MILLWRIGHTS AND TICE WANTED.- Hants. an APPREN- • Apply to John Bell, Romsey, [ 674 WANTED,— TWO SMITHS. Steady Men may have constant employ hy applying to Mr. Locke, coach- maker, Southampton.— Letters to be post paid. [ 688 WINCHESTER. J. MANT, UPHOLSTERER, AUCTIONEER, • impressed with the warmest sentiments of gratitude to his friends and the public for past' favours, mbst respect- fully informs them that he is about to decline the Manufac- turing part of his Concern, but that the Auction and Apprais- ing Businesses will be carried on by him as heretofore, and embraces this opportunity, of soliciting a continuance of that kind patronage and support in those~ branches which he has so liberaly experienced for upwards of t\ Venty years past. J. M. begs leave also to inform the Public, that his valuable Stock of UPHOLSTERY ahd CABINET GOODS, Paper Hang- ings, & c. is now selling from 10 to 2!) per cent, under the usual prices ; likewise several thousand feet of prime season- ed Mahogany and other woods, particularly art excellent as- sortment" of fine table boards, from - 2 ft. to* 3 ft 3 in. wide 5 and some capital Veneers, Shop Fixtures, double counting-' bouse Desk, Work Benches, Tools, & c. [ 584 ANDOVER, August 1, 1803. R. LUDLOW begs to return his most grateful 1? JL acknowledgments to hi's numerous friends ahd the public, for their favours conferred on him in the GROCERY and TEA TRADE, and informs them that he has declined that business in favour of Mr. ROBERT BRIDGE, whom he wishes to recommend to their notice, not doubting that he will merit their countenance and suppoit. Mr. Ludlow continues the WINE and SPIRIT TRADE, and respectfully solicits the favours of his friends and the public. [ S02 BRIDGE, having succeeded Mr. LUDLOW in the GROCERY and TEA TRADE, solicits the orders of Mr. Ludlow's friends and the public in general, which he hopes to merit by regularity and attention. [ 603 ACLERGYMAN; who is married, and a resident at his living, in a most healthy part of hampshire, pur- poses ta take under his Care, and to prepare fot Public Schools, EIGHT YOUNG GENTLEMEN, from the age of Five to TiVelvc, and not to exceed that number. His Terms are Fifty Guineas pei annum, for English, Latin, Greek, Writing, and Accounts.— These Terms include Wash- g and every other eitpfnee. N. B. The bills to be paid every half year; and a quarter's notice or a quarter's stipend, Will be required before the re- moval of a pupil.— He has already four. Letters directed to G. C. . Mr. Jacob's, bookseller, Win- chester. [ 632 ANew SALISBURY and WINCHESTER POST COACH, and from thence to GOSPORT and PORTS- MOUTH ; sets out from the Black Horse, Salisbury, every Monday, Wednesday, £ nd Friday morning at eight o'clock, to the Coach and Horses, Winchester, from thence to the Red Lion, Gosport, by five in the . evening; returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at nine o'clock, and arrives at Salisbury by six in the evening, in time for the Exeter, Plymouth, Bath, and Bristol coaches. Calls at the King's Head, Stockbridge; Crown, Bishop's Waltham; Star, Wickham ; and Bugle, Fareham. Passengers and Parcels booked and regularly conveyed to the following places :--~ Newburv, Oxford, Alresford, Alton, Farnham, Havant, Emsworth, Chichester, Bognor, Brighton, Worthing, and East- Bourne. The above is an excellent accommodation for those travellers Who wish to sleep in Salisbury and proceed to any of the above places in the morning. 53.1 J JOHN PERRiN, Proprietors. By Order of the Hon. Commissioners of his Majesty's Cm& mi poii SALE by AUCTION, at the Custom- house,' Poole, 011 Thursday, August 18, 1808, at two'o'clock in the afternoon,— The following GOODS, which have been seized and legally condemned, and may be viewed and tasted by application to the warehouse- keeper, in office hours, two days before the sale. For Dealers Mil others : 281 Gallons of BRANDY. For private Families 6nly : 1 Ton CANAL COALS, 36 Gallons BRANNY, IS Gallons GENEVA, 18 Chaldrons COALS, 30 Pounds SOAP. [ 615 GOSPORT. ' ' OR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, Qn Thursday the 19th of August, 180S, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,— The good SHIP MONTREAL. Dimensions-•— Length, 112 ft. 10 in.; breadth, 27 ft. 10 in.'; height between decks, U ft. 6 in.; depth in hol'i, 11 ft. 0 in. j British budt, with figure head, quarterdeck, t. id galleries; admeasures 1GH tons; copper fastened, coppered to her wales, and decks copper nailed; is abundantly found in anchors, cables, sails, and every other description of stores ( one suit of sails new) ; from the dimensions and stowage adapted for any trade, as she sails remarkably fust; a very desirible ship> and worth the attention of any person wanting one of her class; maybe sent to sea without any expence except pro- visions, being in complete repair; in short, by viewing the ship she will speak for herself; captured on her voyage from Monffe Video to Copenhagen by his Majesty's ship Brilliant, Thomas Smith, Esq, Captain, and regularly condemned as prize. • [ 490 For Inventories apply td Messrs Cooke and Ilalford, Agents, Condon; and to MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker, Gosport. GOSPORT. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the ® stU of August. 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,— The following GOODS, viz. For Home Consumption. 16,348 Ox and Cow Hides, Sll Horse Hides, 19 Bales of Horse Flair, For Exportation. 63 Bales of Wool, 535 Serons Tallow, 3 Casks Copper. 34 Cases of Wine, 2 Cases of Cordials. 2 Cases of Linseed Oil. SALISBURY, WILTON, AND LONDON FLY WAGGONS, daily, to. and from the CASTLE and FALtON, AIDKRSGATE- STREET, London, and their Ware- house, Milford- street, Salisbury, These Waggons take up and put down Goods at the Old White Horse Cellar, and Black Bear, Piccadilly. No Money, Plate, Jewels, Glass, or other valuable or hazardous Goods will be paid for, if broken or lost, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. 1359 Blocks of Lima Tin, 36 Kegs of Brandy, 1 Pipe of Wine, Being the entire Cargo of the ship Montreal, Geo. Gardner, late Master, captured on her voyage from Monte Video to Co- penhagen, and condemned as prize to his Majesty's ship Bril- liant, Thos. Smyth, Ef'q. Captain. The goods may be viewed three days before the sale, and catalogues had, by applying to Messrs. Cooke and Halford, London, Agents, or to 647.) MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker, Gosport. WHEREAS, 111 pursuance of Notice given in the manner directed by an Act of Parliament pass, d in the thirteenth year of the. reign of his present Majesty King George the Third " for regulating the Turnpike Roads " the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gate called Bar- End Gate, upon the turnpike road from the city of Winchester through bell- mour- lane to the top of Stephen's- castle Down, near the town of Bishop's Waiiham, in the county of South imptt n, the 96th day of Jul v la-: t put up lo belUtt by A urtion > est bidder, at the'Guildhall of the said eit of V . 1- at the sum of two hundred and eleven pounds, being til" said tolls were lett at. for the last ye„ r, lmt no bid- 130] nICHOLAS brown JAMES BRICE, Proprietors. WANTED immediatelv, A good Journeyman TALLOW- CHANDLER, who may have constant employ, and liberal wages will be given. Apply to Mr. Francis Pittis, Newport, Isle of Wight. A good character will be expected from his last place. [ 667 hi the Press, and speedily uill be puhlishe. d, \ LETTER to JOHN FITZGERALD, E: ijL by ANTHONY BELL, Land- Agent, Winchester. Printed by W. Jacobs, Winton. [ 569 , sq. CATTLE TAKEN IN TO GRASS at BURGATE FARM, near Fordingbridge. [ 669 Manors of Coombe and Longstrett, in the parish of Endford, Wilts. GAME„ THE GAME on the above Manors having of late years been most shamefully POACHED and DE- STROYED : This is to give Notice, That all unlicensed or unqualified Persons, found trespassing thereon, will be forth- with proceeded against according to law; and all qualified Gentlemen are hereby particularly requested to refrain fro » i sporting thereon the ensuing season.— Aug. J2, 1808. [ 683 RINGWOOD INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament for inclosing Lands in the parish of Ringwood, in the county of Southampton, will meet by adjournment at the White Hart Inn, in Ringwood, on Monday the 12th day of Septem- ber next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. 646] By order of the Commissioners, Dated sth August, 1808. C. HARBIN, Clerk. GOOD GRASS FEED. HORSES and BEASTS taken intd excellent GRASS till Michaelmas next; the former at 5s. per head per week, the latter at 2s. Sd. Enquire of Mi. Thomas Jackman, at Lee Farm, near Romsey. *** Sufficient feed for forty head of cattle. [ 692 TO be SOLD, A good SHOOTING PONY, at Moyles- Court- Farm, near Ringwood, Hants. A SHOOTING PONY. T) be SOLD,— A clever dark brown PONY, near thirteen hands high, strong taade, very pleasant to ride, and gentle in harness to draw a light gic:. [ 694 To be seen at Mr. Sawkins's, gun- smith, Southampton. FOll SALE,— An exceeding good roomy GIG, little used, with HARNESS; price 30 GUINEAS.— Also a strong DARtC BAY COACH HORSE, five years old, . re- markable steady in harness, and without a fault • lowest price 50 GUINEAS. Enquire at the George Inn, Andover. [ 604 SPILSBURY's DROPS. MESSRS. BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, Successors to Mr. COLLINS, respectfully inform the. Public, that they have this dav received a fresh Suppiv of Mr. SPILSBURY's celebrated ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS, which they are now selling in bottles of 5s. IOS. and 22s. each, duty included. CANAL, SALISBURY, August 13, 1809. ' [ 670 URSUANT to the Decrqe of the High Court of Chancery made in ' Causes, PEPYS, Esq. v. BISHOP of BATH and WELLS, and PEPYS, Esq. v. BOWATER, the several Creditors of JOHN BOWATER, formerly of St. George, Hanover- square, but late of Kensington, in the county of Middlesex, Esq. who are entitled to the benefit of the Indentures of the 31 st of July, .1778, and of the 1st of Jurie, J796, or either of them, are personally or hy their so- licitors to come in and make out their claims and prove their debts before EDWARD MORRIS, Esq. one'of the. Masters of the said Court, at his chambers in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, on or before the 6th of November, 1808, or m default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the be- nefit of the said decree. [ 623 WHITAKER's CREDITORS. HE Creditors of the late Mr. WALTER WHlT- AKER, who met at the Red Lion, at Shaftesbury, on the 14th of July instant, after having directed their Solicitor to state a case for the opinion of counsel, relative to the insti- tution of proceedings of a criminal nature against some of the defendants to the suit in Chancery, adjourned the meeting to the Swan Inn, 111 Sturminster Newton, on Thursday the 18th of Augjst next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. The Cre- ditors are therefore requested to attend such adjourned meeting accordingly, when the Solicitor will be prepared With the opi- nion ; and it is intended then to decide whether the criminal proceedings above alluded to shall or shall not be commenced. Himhorne, \ WM. CASTLEMAN, July 15, 1808. / Solicitor te the Creditors. were on to the bei Chester, the sunt t der offered-: Notice is therefore hereby vivvn, That th • said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Guildhall aforesaid, on Tuesday the sr- th day ! ?••?>- tember next, between the hours of eleven of the clock in the forenoon and one of the clock in the afttrhoon, in the manner directed " by the, said Act. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Frustees. of the said turnpike road, for payni. nt of the rent agreed for, and at such tini- s as they shall direct. J. MEARE, Clerk to the said Trustees. WINCHESTER, August3th, 1808, FTBO TOTIC. E AMESBURY TURNPIKE, is hereby given,— That the . TOLLS arising from the several Toll Gates undermentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, ttfcthe highest bidder, at thn house of Philip Morgan, being a common Inn known by the sign of the George, at Amesbury, on Friday the Uth day of September next, between the hours of twelve an. l one of the clock in the afternoon of that day, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 35th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulating turnpike roads, such letting to com- mence from the 29th day of September then next, and which Tolls amounted last year to the sums hereafter mentioned, above the expences of collecting, and will be put Up at the same sums respectively, viz. Mullen's Pond and Fifield at .£. 112 0 0 _ Countess Gate at 13 10 0 " West AmesbUry Gate at 144 0 O Heytesbutyand Chittern at 182 0 0 Wiley and Deptford, the Side Bar at\ „. Deptford and Langford, atj TI : CHUTE INCLOSURE. WE whose names are hereunto subscribed, being t the Commissioners named in and appointed by a cei tiin Act of Parliament passed in the last session, entitled " An " r for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Chute, in the county Wilts," do hereby give Notice, that we do intend to hold of the first Meeting for carrying the powers of the said Act into execution, at the house of Mary Kelsey, called or known by the name or sign of the Cross ' Keys Inn, in Chute, in the county of Wilts, on Monday the 2Jd day cf August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon 5 at which meeting it is in- tended to appoint a Banker, or such p: rson or persons as shall be approved by a majority in value of the proprietors who may be then presenc, for the purpose of receiving all monies to be raised under arul by virtue of the powers contained in the said Act.- Daied. this % 3th day of July, 1808. RICHARD PARSONS. 357] BENJAMIN HAYNES. TO be SOLD CHEAP,— A GIG BASKET, to carry four, with Brass Tandem Harness.— Also TWO HUNTERS, well known in the New Forest, fast high leapers, up to any weight, no day too long. The two for 150 Guineas, or the choice, of either for 80. Six and eight years old. For particulars enquire of Mr. BucKland, George Inn, Southampton. [ 6p6 IK) be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very considerable quantity of FIR TIMBER, of large! dimensions. For particulars enquire of Mr. George Heyter, at Fonthill- Gifford. [ 681 I70R SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A few thousand ' feet of AMERICAN PINE BOARDS, of superior quality, at 14 guineas per thousand feet; also about three thousand prime seasoned Quebec Oak Puncheon Staves, by J. BRISTOWE and CO. Poot. E, 11M August, 1808. [ 658 ANNUITY. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— An ANNUITY of £ 6'~ j, payable during a healthy life aged 40, out of a large Freehold Estate in the parish of Linkenholt, in Hampshire. Apply personally ( or by letter, post paid) to Mr. Bird, at- torney, Andover. * ' [ 660 TO be SOLD/ in Southampton,— Two HOUSES in Albion- place; also an excellent FAMILY- HOUSE in one of the best situations above Bar; or one of the houses in Albion- place will be lett, with immediate possession. Enquire ( free of postage) at Pitt's Agency- Office, above Bar ; at which place a variety of marble chimney- pieces of London manufacture are constantly ready for inspection and sale,——( Tmo Duties only J [ 6i8 N( TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. OTICE is hereby given, that all Persons indebted to the Estate of JOHN TORY, late of Hampreston, in the county of Dorset, Yeoman, deceased, are required'forth- with to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. Edward Tory, of Chiistchurch, in the county of Southampton, gro- cer, the Executor of the deceased ; and all Persons having any claims oti the estate of the said deceased, are desired to send the same to the above- named Edward Tory.— Dated this lith of August, 1808. [ 702 WALDEN's CREDITORS. wILLIAM WALDEN, of Winkton, Hants, having executed aTransfer of his Property to Trustees for the benefit of his Creditors, Notice is hereby given, That such deed of transfer will remain at the office of Mr. Bald- win, in Ringwood, for the signatures of such creditors as may think proper to accept a dividend on their respective debts, until the 31st day of October next, from which time such creditors as shall not have signed the said deed will be exclud- ed the benefit of. the same. All Debts due to the said William Walden are requested to be paid to the said Mr. Baldwin, or to Mr. John Pilgrim, of Christchurch ; or to Mr. Joseph Biddlecornbe, or Mr. William Kittier, " both of Ringwood. [ 657 HE Commissioners 111 a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the isth of February 1805, awarded and issued forth against EDWARD DAY, late of Collingborne Dueis, in the county of Wilts, Farmer, Dealtr 4ud Chap- man, intend to meet on the 2,1 day of September next, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, at the Black Horse lr. n, in Sa- lisbury, in order to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankmpt; when and where the Creditor , who have not already- proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And. all Claims not then proved will 00 dis- allowed. [ 678 THE Commissioners in 1 Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM MARK- HAM MARTIN, of Gosport, in the county of Southampton, Bookseller, Printer, and Stationer,- Dealer and Ciiapman, in- tend to meet on the fifth day of September n xt, . at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Crown Inn, in the town of Gosport, in order to make a dividend of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt; - when and where the Creditors who have not already pioved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit ' of the said divi- dend j and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. JOSEPH PARSONS. S' 6- i] Solicitor auder th* e Commission. Bedford at 53 2 Whoever is the best bidder must at the same time give se- curity, With cufr. cient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said roads, f r the payment of the rent agreed for at such times as they shall direct. 593 J JOHN HODDING, Clerk and Treasurer, TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. . NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLlS arising at the several Toll Gates uptn the Turnpike R- ad from Marlborough to Everley in the county of'Wilts, will he. I . FIT by. AUCTION to the best bidder, according to Act . of Par- liament, at the Town Hall in Marlborough aforesaid, onTues- i day the 30th day of August,- isos, between ' th hours of terv o'clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in the afternoon which Tolls were lett the last year for the several sums follow- ing ( that is to say), The Gate in Saint Margaret's for £ 4$ The Gate at Ram Alley for 43 And The Gates at South Grove and Stibb for 50 cle.. r of all expences, and will be put up at those sums rcs-> pecrivrly. Who, ver happen to be the best bidders must give security, with sufficient sureties to' the satisfaction of the Trustees of the Said Turnpike, for the payment of the rent at such times and and in such manner as they sha 11 direct. . By order- of the Trustees, THOMAS MERRIMAN, Clerk. MARLBOROUGH, 1st of August, 1808. [" 01 IVeymouth, Meleombe Regis, and Dorchester Tv.- nruilte: OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLSfcirising at the Toll Gate upon the Turnpike Road on Wevmouth Narrows, called or known by the njme of WEYMQUTH GATE, and also at the Toll G : te up. n the Turnpike Road in the parish of Chsrminst r,' called BURTON GATE, will be separately LETT by PUBLIC ARCTION to the best bidder, at the Antelope Irtri, in Dorchester aforesaid, 011 Saturday the tenth day of September next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and four in the afternoon, in the man- ner directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his Majesty King George theTiiirw, " for. regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls produced lust year as fol- lows, At Weymouth Gate the sum of. £ 758 Burton Gat; the sum of. ',.. 3S0 above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up tti those respective sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder most, at the same time, give security, to the satisfaction of the Trustees ot the said turnpike road, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the said Trustees, - JOSEPH JOHNS, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Gate. Dated this ninth day of Augustj in the year of ozir Lord one thousand eight hundred and ei^ ht. [(' 85' 1 eSSAY ON GOVERNMENT. This day is published, in one vol. Sivo. finely printed and hot- pressed, price 7s. vl boards. An ESSAY on GOVERNMENT, by PHILO- ' PATRIA. Printed for the Author, and sold at Karle's Library, Albe- marle- street, near Piccadilly; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. Where may be had the following popular Novels: 1. LADY MACLAIRN, by Mr." Hunter, 4 vols, price li. 2s. boards. 2. GONDEZ THE MONK," by Ireland, 4 vols. 18s. boards. S. CATHOLIC, by ditto, 3 vols. 1.0s. boards. 4. CRIMES AND CHARACTERS, by Mrs. Pilkingtcn, 3 vols. 13s. 6ri. and a new Catalogue of his extensiv. collec- tion, containing the greatest variety ever yet presented to the pijblic, price 3s. [ 473 fin- SALISBURY AND Wlis'CIlMiH JOURNAL m Wednesday's and Thursday's. Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF AUGUST 3. ADMIRALTY OFFICS, Aug. g. AD Mill A L Lord gambier, Commander iti Chief of his Majesty's ships in the Channel, Sic. has transmitted r. tetter from Capt. Redd, of the Indefatigable, dated off ushant, Aug. 4, relating that on the 31st° ult. in lat. 45 deg. 34 min. N. long. 2deg. 33 min. W. he had captured the French ship letter of marque La Diane, pierced for 22 guns, 14 nines and sixes mounted, v illi a complement of fc' 3 men on hoard ; from bourdeaux bound to the Ws cf France, with a Cargo in, a fart Of vhich consists of naval stores on account of the French Go- vernment. She sailed from the river GirOnde the evening Jiefore, is a line ship, 432 tons burthen, sails Well, hat six War; old, cappered, and, i » apparently well ealeulated for his Majesty's service. Sfes was on her second voyage to India. The letters and disfatcUes vfere thrown overboard and sunk in chase. VICE- ADMIRAL dacres, Commander in Chief of bis Majesty's ships at Jamaica, has transmitted a Letter from Capt. Inglefield, of the Bacchante, dated Port Royal, Ja- maica, May 27, informing that on the 11 ih, off'Cape Ari- tonio, he had CaptUred, after a chase of several hours, tlrti French Imperial brig Griffon, • Commanded by Mons. J. Gautier, Lieut. de Vaisseau, mounting 14 twentj- four- woundcr Carronades add two long sixes, manned with 105 m . n ; a verv fine vessel,- quite new, and well adapted for It's Majesty's service.— Tba French Commander returned the fire, of the Bacchante tor 20 minutes with much gal- lantry and perseverance, not striking his colours till we r. ad run him within half a cable's length of the breakers off the Cape, and the Bacchante then not her length from him.— We had no person hurt in this affair j the enemy had jive wounded. " BANKRUPTS. joseph Oldham, melton draper. James Pearee, of Paternoster- row, london, scrivener. THOS. KENNEDY, « f woolwich, tntrr.- U « » >. john boxall, of Marlborough, Carnaby- street, victualler; john thompson, cf manchester,' cotton- manufacturer; Charles Mears of Stockport cheesemongerr. John Tennant, latenf Manchester, butcher samuel emmet, of birstall, carpet manufacturer. isaac geer of Old Gravel- lane, Middles, victualler. LONDON, WEDNES DAY, AUGUST 10. Letters of the Qth ult. from St. Petersburgh state, that a decree hail just been issued, prohibiting the de- picture of any ships laden with Russian produce from t ie- ports of that country, until the blockade of the Baltic by the British am! Swedes should be raised. Bv a ship arrived at Plymouth from Corunna, we have'received a confirmation of the intelligence of Sir Arthur Wellesley having landed on the 27th ult. the whole of his army, about thirty miles to the northward of Lisbon, where he " expected to be joined by a well appointed force of 12,000 Portuguese Patriots on the following day.— General Spencer's brigade has pfoeeeeed from Cadiz to join Sir Arthur Welfedey. Important intelligence from him may be hourly expected. By the Pluto, from Gijon, we have information that a Spanish Nobleman had escaped from Madrid, and arrived at St. Andero. He left the Spanish capital oil the S. Uh of July :— Joseph Bonaparte had arrived there, but he had not more than 12,000 troops, with which he was fortifying the Retiro. The city was in a wretched state. Many of the new Ministers had contrived to make their escape. The duc Del Infantado was supposed to be among tire number. The Spanish Papers state, that Marshal Iiessieres has made ' another attempt to seduce General Blake from his lovalty to his Sovereign, and has again met with a firm and dignified refusal. The letter of Marshal Bessieres is stated in the Spanish papers to have been written on the 88th of July ; the answer of General Blake is dated the same day, of course their head- quarters could not he at any great, distance asunder. General BLAKE, who has acquired so much distinction bv bis virtue and valour in Spain, 13 a native of that country, but hi', father was an Irishman, a native of the county Galway, and a near relation of the late Sir Patrick Blake ; he was once well known in tin; gay and sporting g circles of London and Newmarket, which he quitted to look after some property that had devolved to him in Spain, and was then induced, by a matrimonial alliance with a noble Spanish family, to settle in that kingdom for the remainder of his days. Lieutenant Alt, the bearer of the dispatches, an- lymneing the glorious news of the surrender of Dupont, left town last night, for Falmouth, with dispatches for Spain, with which he has orders to proceed in his lugger, the Black Jok<, to Corunna.— Lieutenant Alt is an officer of dis- tinguished merit, has been 23 years in the Naval service, and this is the 90th time he has been sei. t to London on Government business. A Letter of Marque has arrived in the River from Rio Janeiro. The Captain had dispatches on board from Sir Sydney Smith, which he delivered to the Admiral in the Downs. The news of the revolution in Spain was known in the Brazils when he sailed ; and Sir Sidney had sent two vessels with dispatches for England previous to the ship's tailing; those she brings are most likely duplicates of what were transmitted , by the King's ships. Jamacia papers and letters to the 20th ult. were re- ceived ye'- tcrJay. The trade of Jamaica has been annoyed by the privateers of the enemy. In the fortnight before the departure of the mail, thirty merchant vessels bad been carried off by them, and 14 or 15 privateers, of differ- ent forec, continued on the look- out for plunder. The Merchants complain of the want of a proper disposition o; oor naval force on the station.- Admiral Rowley has ar- livcd to relieve Admiral Dacres in the command. There had been an alarming mutiny in the 2d West In- dia Regiment. About 54 recruits ( newly purchased on the coast of Africa) who had been left in Fort Augusta, Kingston, to be drilled by a black Serjeant, became dis- contented, and expressed a strong desire to return to their own country. The superior happiness of their present situ- ation was pointed out to them in vain: after being very sullen for some days, on the 27th of May they suddenly rushed out of the fort, whil t the regiment was under arms on the beach, uttering a dreadful war- hoop ; Lieutenant Ellis, the acting Adjutant, instantly rode towards them to learn the reason of the noise and what they desired ; he had scarce reached the spot, before he was knocked off his horse, with the but end of some of their firelocks, and re- ceived several wounds about his head and body with their bayonets, of which he Almost instantly died. Major Dar- ley, anxious to know what occasioned the tumult, repaired directb thither ; unhappily for him, he experienced a fate nearly similar, being kicked off his horse, and wounded about the body, ftc. Appearances at this moment not being favourable, the officers dispatched a Serjeant to the fort fur ammunition, while some of them flew to Major Darley's assistance; he Was taken to his apartments, and languished about an hour, when he expired. The ammunition having arrived, the men Were directed to load, and fire on the mutineers, which was . promptly obeyed,- when 14 of them fell dead, five were wounded, and two taken prisoners; 21 who did not appear to be active in tke mutiny, instantly surrendered without the smallest resistance. The re- maind - r, dismayed at the check the party had received, ran eft' to secret themselves in the mangroves and brushwood ; ret . cements of the regiment were sent in pursuit of thee., and they were all killed or taken. No other reason was assigned for their improper conduct by those taken, than that they had been too repeatedly drilled, and that they v. ished to return to their own country. Sixteen of the above offenders were brought to a Court Martial ; 15 were found guilty and Sentenced to death. Seven of them were shot, and the rest were respited, tii> his Majesty's pleasure is known. It is said that, subordination was completely restored ; but the Grand Jury of the Circuit Court do not appear to concur in the opinion, as they have petitioned the Duke of Manchester, tlie Gover- nor, to remove the regiment from the Island. The Dublin Gazette of the 2d ir,? t. announces that I")- - Patrick Duigenan was on that day sworn in a M- mber of the Privy Council of Ireland, and took his place at the Council Board. Yesterday the Lord Mayor ordered the price of the qua - tyra 1"' '- o ictnitn at lltyi. wheaten, lOJrf. household. AFRICA.— Abu- uci o/ t/ ie slave Trade.~ A Sierra Leone Gazette, just received, states that, a war had broken out between the King of Damel and the King of the Maraboos, in which the latter had made a successful incursion into the Darnel territories, and carried off about " 00 head of eattle, declining to carry off any prisoners, because they could not now - ell them, but that the idea of putting their prisoners to death, of which the anti- abolillonlst! here expressed so much apprehension, did not appear to have been at all entertained. It is further stated that Mai nab- doo Saani, a powerful Chief on the river Gambia, who derived considerable emoluments from the Slave Trade, has acknowledged that the abolition Will be of great service to ' lie country ; that the fear of kidnapping. Which occasioned th:; people to go constantly armed, being done away, the men would set ' about clearing the woods, and would pitch their habitations on the most healthy and open spots ; and that he had himself altered his mind as to the place he . had chosen to build a town, being now determined to have it on the banks of the river, and to attend to the cultivation of cotton, which grows there in great abundance. rEnovATion of SIGHT.— Lately died, in the village of Aberfeldie, Perthshire, Margaret Robinson, aged 96 years. At the age of f> 3 she became totally blind, not suddenly, or by any particular cause, but by a gradual decay of sight. In this state she remained for 15 years. In her 78th year, she recovered " her sight so well, that, with the. assistance of glasses, she was able to thread a needle and to read her bible. In the course of tile next year, She found it so strong and clear, that she laid aside her glasses altogether. From th" 7,9th' to the 07th year of her life, she enjayed her sight with as rtucli Clearness as she did at any period of her life : it then began to fail again, but was no*, totally lo-. t at the time of her death. It is obseivable that she always retained all her other faculties with ^ undiminished vigour to the last. The following circumstance, which happened at Manches- ter, on Sunday morning last, has excited much interest in that place :— A young mar of the name of J , formerly Of Sheffield, who has been patroni sed by the house of Wor- thi. ngton and Co. and whose warehouse was only divided from tiieir's by a thin partition, was on Sunday morning detected in stealing goods, which he hail found means to convey to his own rooms, to the amount, it is said, of I. 100.'. A rider belonging to the concern happened to have left his partern- bodk in the warehouse on Saturday, and being to leave Manchester at an early hour on Monday morning, he entered the warehouse for his book on Sun- day, detested Mr. J. in the fact, and immediately se- curing the private entrance, by the assistance of the police, ' took Mr. J. into custody, who is said td he a very genteel young man, and of most respectable Connections. Yesterday the two men who lately pretended to have been robbed of a large sum of m ni-- y, on hampstead- heath, and who were afterwards declared bankrupts, were com- mitted to Newgate, for not giving a satisfactory account of their property before the Commissioners. FORGERY.— On Monday Henry Lock, who is accused of bavin"; forged Notes, to a considerable amount, oh the house of Prescott and Co. ( and for whose apprehension a reward of I00Z. was offered in May last) was taken into custody at Hounslow, and brought up to Guildhall for examination; but th" gentleman who is in possession of the plater, from which the Notes were printed being in the Country; the examination of the prisoner was put off to a future day. At'the Assizes at Abingdou, a writ of enquiry of damages was executed before the Sheriff, in which the' earl of Cra- ven' was plaintiff, and T. P. Belcher, late a tenant of the Noble Earl, was defendant. It appeared that the defendant had held a farm of the plaintiff, at a low rent, for 21 years, not on lease, but on his own assertion that Ire had been promised a lease by a deceased steward, which supposed promise the plaintiff directed to be fulfilled. The time being expired, the defendant had warning to quit the farm, though he offered double relit, and ill consequence, in the last half year, hi: committed wilful Waste in the orchards and gardens, to a great, extent, out a leaden pipe for the conveyance of water, broke the windows, & e. The de- fendant's Counsel admitted that he had acted wrong, and spoke only in mitigation of damages.— Mr. Serjeant Man- ley, the Sheriff's Assessor, intimated to the Jury, that though the conduct of the defendant had been shamefully bad, they were not to give vindictive damages, but to apportion them to the real and serious injury the plaintiff bad received. The Jury assessed the damages at 217'. l2s. 6d. with costs. At Lincoln Assizes, Richard Long, 19 years of age, was tried for wilfully killing a horse, and for maiming and cutting two other horses, the property of his master, E. Robin on, a farmer: he was acquitted of the first charge, on account of informality in the indictment, but was found guilty of maiming the two horses, sentence Death. He was actuate ! by revenge, on account his mother and sister having been discharged from the service of the pro- secutor.— He was reprieved, with the other capital convicts. There were two capital convicts at Buckingham, one at Bedford, and one at Oxford, all of whom were reprieved by the Judges. HOPE FIRE AND LIFE OFFICE, LUDGATE- HILL, LONDON; LL Policies of 3001, and upwards are issued gratis ; also fir sums under that amount, when effected for three years, or more.— Household furniture, wearing ap- parel, printed books, plate, wine, and spirts, in private use, are taken in one sum, without- dividing them under different heads.— Farmers frequently have occasion to stack their corn in various fields, as well as in rick- yards; and in order to accommodate thera, their Insurances will be taken in one sum, in all the buildings, or on other parts of the sam.- farm, w thout any clause, at - 2s. 6d. per cent, for 12 mouths, and fir 6 months, is. i.;, i. per cent.— Loss or damage occasioned by lightning paid bv this Office. No deduction whatever ill the payment of losses.— No charge made for indorsements • f any kind.— All expes'ces paid for the removal of goods in esse of fire.— Persons insuring property against fire at this office to the amount ( if loon/, are entitled to very peculiar advantages, which will be explained on application to the Agents.— Considerable allowances are made for short period policies; also a proportionate reduction of duty.— Persons . insuring for more years than one are allowed a considerable ' discount on premium and d ty; and if for seven years, an allowance of more than one year is made.— A brokerage of 5 per cent, on the premium is allowed on all ships or craft insured from lire.— Lives insured, annuities, and children's endowments, granted on equitable and advantageous terms'.— Persons insuring 5001, on their own lives are entitled to advan- tages not to be obtained in any other office.— Solicitors and others allowed a commission on bringing life insurances to this office. The following agents arc appointed by this office, in the counties of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset, from whom proposals may be had gratis, and every information given :— Mr. Beeby, Salisbury; Mr. Smith, Wootton Basset; Mr. Sharp, Portsmouth ; Mr. Sutton, Southampton ; Mr. Sharp, Romsey; Mr. Johnson, Alton; Mr. Hardley, Newport, Isle of Wight; Mr. Howse, ! ford *, Mr. Barlow, Weymouth ; Mr. Hayter, Bridport; MTT Lee, Bath; Messrs. Martin arid Hopkins', Bristol) Mr. Reed, Bridgwater} Mr. Bcnnet, Brnton; Mr. Daniel, South Petherton; Mr. Collard, sen. Wiveliscombe. By order of the Eoard of Directors, HENRY TOPPING, Chief Clerk, Country Department. CODFORD SAINT PETER iNCLOSURE. WrE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the forty- eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act tor in- closing Lands within the Parish of Codford Saint Peter, in the County of Wilts," do hereby give notice, That we intend to hold out first meeting for the purpose of appointing a Banker, in pursuance and according to the directions conta- n - d in an Act passed in the forty- first year of the reign of his present Majesty, and to proceed in the further execution of the several powers vested in us by the said Act, on Thursday the eighth c! ajr of September next, at two of the clock in the afternoon, at'the house of Thomas Morgan, being the George Inn, at Codford Saint Peter, in the county of Wilts; at which meeting, all persons having or claiming any Common, or other right to or in any of the lands or grounds by the said Act intended to be inclosed, shall deliver to the said Commis - sioners, or some or one oi them, an account or schedule in vTritingsignedby them, cf such their respective rights or claims, and therein describe th: lands and grounds, and the respective messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments, in respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any, and which of such rights, in and upon the same or any part thereof, with the name or names of the persons in the actual possession thereof, and the particular computed quantities thereof, and of what nature and extent such right is, and also in what rights, and for. what estates and interests they cb: m respectively, distinguishing the freehold from the copyho. d and leasehold ; or on non- compliance' therewith every of them making default therein will, ; s to such claim, be tot lly bar- red and excluded. Dated this third ilau of August, in the vear of cur Lord 1S0S. THOMAS DAVIS. WILLIAM JENNINgS. 6ii] WILLIAM TUBB. BISHOPSTROW and pitMEAD INCLOSuRE.. IJOHN GALE; sole Commissioner named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the forty- eighth year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, entitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish Of Bishopstrow, in the county of Wilts; and also a coinon Pas- ure called Pitmead, in the said Parish and the Parishes of Warminster, Norton Bavant, and Sutton Veny, in the said County," do hereby give notice, That I intend to hold my first attendance for'the purpose of appointing a Banker, in pursuance and eccqfding to tile directions contained in an Act ' passed in the forty- first year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, and to proceed in the further extcution of the several powers vested in'me by the said Acts, on Friday the 2d day of September next, at' two of the clock in the afternoon, a^ the house of John Hilliar known by the sign o£ the Wey mouth Arms Inn, in Warminster.— Dated this ninth'dmi of August, 1803. JOHN GALE. WILSFORD DIVISION. Y| 7" E whose Names are hereunto subscribed, b^ ng • T thif Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the firty- iirst year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, ent the'. " An Act for dividing and allotting iu Severalty the open and common Fields and Downs, common Meadows, common Pastures, and commonable and waste Lands,- in or belonging to the Parish, Manors, or Tythings, of Wilsford, otherwise Willsford Danntsey, otherwise Willesford Dauntscy, in the County of Wilts," do hereby give notice, That we intend to lnld our next special general meeting, for the purpose of car- rying into execution the several powers vested in us by the said Act, and particularly to read over, sign, seal, and exe- cute our Award thereupon, on Tuesday the thirteenth day of September next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the house of lohn Strong, known by the name or sign of the Crown Inn, at Everlcy, in the county of Wilts. dated this ninth day of August, 1S0S. JOHN GALE , i> 49] JOHN BUTCHER. WINTERROURNE ABBAS INCLOSURE. ' TMIL Commissioner appointed by Act of Parlia- JL ment far Inclosing the Op . teid Common Down, Tract, or Piec.- ot Commonable Pasture Land, called or known by the n?. me of Winterbourne Down, situate in the parish of Winterbourn Abbas, in the county of Dorset, hereby gives Notice, that he will offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Coach and Horses Inn, in Winteibourne Abb:. s afore- said, on Tuesday the 87th day of September next, between the hours i f four and six in the afternoon,— 1The undermen- tioned PIECES of GROUND, Parcels of the said Open and Common Down, viz. Lot I.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, lying. on that part oi' the Down called the Beacon, and adjoining the lane called CopyholJ- lane and certain ancient inolosures of Mr. C. kellaway. Lot i.— A Piece of Ground containing five acfrs, lying on the east side of the said Down, adjoining the ancient inclosures of the Hon. Mrs. Lisle and ot' Mr. C. KellaWay. Lot3.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, lying on the north- east side of lot - i, and adjoining the ancicnt in- closures of the Hon. Mrs. Lisle. L it 4.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, lying on the east side of the said Down against the inclosures of Mr. C. Kellaway, and on the north side of the turnpike rond leading from the village ® f Winterboume Abbas towards Bridport. Lot 5.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, adjoining lot 4, and lying on the north side of the said turnpike road. Lot 6.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, adjoining lot 5, and lying aiso on the north side of the said turnpike road. Lot 7.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, adjoining lot S, arid lying also on the north side of the said turnpike road. ' Lot 8.— A Piece of Ground containing five acres, adjoining lot 7, and lying also on the north side of the said turnpike road. The abovementioned Pieces of Gr- und are marked out with stakes, and plans thereof may be seen at the Office of Mr. John Banger Russell, of Beaminster. Dorset, attorney at law, Clerk to the Inclosure — Mr. William Mills, of Win- terbourne Abbas, Will shew the several lots. Conditions will be pro meed at the time of sale. THOMAS ABRAHAM, Commissioner. Dated this 4th dny of August, 1808. [ 654 WINTERBOURNE ABBAS INCLOSURE. THOMAS ABRAHAM, the Commissioner ap- 1 pointed by Act of Parliament for Incl sin . the Open and Common Down, Tract, or Piece of Commonable Pasture Land, called or known bv the name of Winterbourne Down, situate in the parish of Winterbourne Abbas, in the eoonty of Dorset, do hereby give Notice that I have set out and a - pointed the undermentioned public Carriage. Roads and High- ways through anil over the said open and common down, in and by the said Act of Parliament directed to be inclosed and divided, viz. No. 1.— Turnpike Road.— One public carriage road and highway of the breadth ot' 40 feet, beginning at the east en- trance of Winterbourne Down from the village of Winter- bourne Abbas, and extending westward over the said down to the entrance of the parish of Kingston Russell. No. 2.— Little Bredy Road— One other public carriage toad and highway of the breadth of 30 feet, beginning at the east entrance of'the said down from the village of Winter- bourne Abbas, and extending southwards by the old inclosed lands of Win. Bennett, Esq.' and from thence,, turning in a western direction by the old inclosures of Mr. Philip Henvill, to a gate leading into Little Brcdy Farm. No. 3.— Abbotsbury and Portesham Road.— One other- pub- lic carriage road and highway of the breadth of an U'et, branching out of the turnpike road first described, near the west end thereof, at alittle distance from the ancient inclosures of Kingston Farm, and extending to a gate leading into Little Bredy Farm, towards Abbotsbury, Portesham, & c. No. 4.— Maiden newton road.— One ottafrr public carriage road and highway of the breadth of so feet, beginning at the west end of the turnpike road first mentioned, and continuing northwards, by the old inclosures belonging to Kingston Farrri, in the parish of Kingston Russell, to the entrance of an ancient inclosure parcel of the Farm of Compton Valence, the property of Wm. Morton Pitt, Esq. at the upper west corner of Winterbourne Abbas Down. No. 5.— One other public carriage road and highway of the breadth of 30 feet, extending over rhat part of Winterbonrne Down called the Beacon, beginning at a g ite leading from Compton Valence and Maiden Newton to the entrance of the lane called Copyhold- lane. And I have ascertained and marked out the said several pub- lic carriage roads and highways by stakes driven into the ground, and have prepared and signed a map or plan thereof, in which such several intended roads are particularly laid down and described, and have deposited the same at the Office of Mr. John Banger Russell, of Beaminster, Dorset, attorney at law, the Clerk to the Inclosure, for the insp- ction of all persons concerned. And I do hereby give further Notice, that I have appointed my next attendance or silting to be holden at the Coach and Horses Inn, in Winterborne Abbas aforesaid, on Tuesday the 27th day of September next, for the purpose of hearing any objections which may be made to the setting out of the said several roads.— Dated August 4, 1808. « 5fl] THOMAS ABRAHAM, Commissioner. MAIDEN- NEWTON.— TITHES < tND GLEBE. TO be LETT, for a Term of Three Years from Michaelmas next, The GREAT and SMALL TITHES of tire parish of MAIDEN- NEWTON, in the county of Dorset; containing about three thousand acres, with tile Glebe Land of such parish, and a Dwelling- house, Barn, Stable, and other Out- houses, convenient for the management thereof. ' I'he tenant to pay all out- goings, except land tax and landlord's property tax. F'urt'ner particulars may he known by applying to Mr. Jen- nings, solicitor, Evershot, Dorset, to whom tenders for taking the same may be made on or before the 10th day of September next.— Dated the tbth of July, 1.808. f4S5 HANTS. ADELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE to be LETT, with immediate Entrance, by STROUD and STIBBS, auctioneers, & c. ( the neat and modern Household Furniture and Fixtures of which, together with a new gig and harness, may be taken by appraisement),— called BROWNING- HILL LODGE, near Banghurst; consisting of a very pleasant and Convenient Dwelling- house, containing a drawing- room about 1G feet by 12$, parlour 17 feet by 13, entrance- hali 1- 3 feet by 11, cellar, kitchen, wash- house, dairy, pan- try, China closet, five bed- rooms, several attics; coach- house, stall and open stables ; servants' rooms ; out- buildings, two yards; paddock, and orchard surrounded by a beautiful lawn ; garden and meadow tastefully and conveniently diver- sified with a grove, a cooling and pleasant promenade of trees of considerable length, shrubbwies, fruit trees, plants and flowers in excellent culture, and disposed with simplicity; the whole affording a very desirable retreat, in a respectable neighbourhood, having good roads, and happily situated for rural sports, being the Manor- House; abounding with game, and near a choice pack of hounds; together with an unlimited right of extensive and valuable com mou. The whole pre- mises are about f « ur acres, but a few more may be had if in- dispensible. For further particulars, and. treaty,, apply to Stroid and Stibbs, Newbury; for a view of the premises, at the house, or to Mr. Thomas Falknor, Browning- Hill. The above is distant frotn Basingstoke 7 allies, Newbury 9, Heading 14, Kingsclere 3. fiij Pine boards, Plank, Balk Timb3r, Sfc. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT Siupf,' on Thursday the f8ttt of Auglist, at the Anchor Inn, Redbridge,— The . CARGO of the Ship NANCY, Robert Sampson, Master, just arrived from New Brunswick; con- sisting of about Bo, 000 Feet of Inch Pine Board, 40,000 Feet of Pine Plank,. from 2 inches to 4 inches, 11 Pieces of Balk Timber, 3 Picces Birch ditto, 180 Spars, some of large dimensions, Quantity of Lathwood, Sc. This Cargo has been selected with care, and is particularly sound and free from knots, and is removed to the Bank of the An'dover andSali'sbury Canal for thtsconven'rence- of purchasers. To be viewed at Redbridge, two days preceding the sale, with Catalogues, to be had at the Auctioneer's cabinet and upholstery warehouses, in Romsey. Sale to begin precisely at eleven o'clock. [ 500 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv D. HERITAGE, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, on Monday the If th day of August inst. between the hours of six and eight o'clock in the evening of that day, The following PRE- MISES, all situated in tl'le town of Trowbridge, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be produced : Lot 1.— All th. at new- built Dwelling- house, Garden, and Premises, situate in Hilperton- lane, late in the occupation of James Angel, but now of Samuel Cogswell. Lot 2.— All that freestone- fronted Dwelling- house, with the Out- let and- Work- shops behind the seme, in th'. f healthy and pleasant part of the town called Paradise- row, now in th.' occupation of Mr. W. Lawson. Lot 3.— All. that other freestoru - fronted Dwelling- house and Premises adjoining the last, new in the occupation of Mr. William Sergeant.- If thought more advisable at the time of sale, lets e and 3 will be put up and sold in one lot. Lot 4.— All those extensive Premises, late in the occupation of the Widow Crabb, deceased j " consisting of tv, - dwelling- houses, shear- shops, and other out- buildings, how occupied by Mr. Henry Crabb, and bis under- tenants. Lot 3.— All that Dwelling- house and Premises, in Frog- lane, in the occupation of Robert Silvertho'rn. and adjoining another dwelling- house, lately purchased by Mr. James Tanner. N- B. All the above premises are Freehold, except the last lot, which is held tor the remainder of a lore term of years, ar. d are le. tt to the rcspeetive tenants as tenants at will, who wdi permit an inspection oi their respective premises. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Timbrell. Trowbridge. [-- 04 NORTH- BRADLeY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by D. HERITAGE', at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, on M lnday tin !; 3th day of August inst. between the hour, of sis. and; i-. fct o'clock in" the evening of that day, The following FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate in the perish of North- Bradley aforesaid, subjcct to such conditions as shall then and there be pro- duced : Lot 1.—. All that rich Close of Meado w Ground, called Cle- ments's Mead, bounded by the river B; sse on one side, and on the other by an estate the property of James Selfe, Fs<|. in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Amer, whiill close of mea- dow contmns by estimation 3 A. l. R. 0 P. ' . cie or less; and is occupied by the said Joseph Amer. This lot may prove a valuable acquisition to a purchaser, from irs conn c tion with the river; by ninny it lies been thought that a va- luable mill might be advantageously erected thereon. Lot 2.— An Allotment of Arable Land adjoining the afore- said meadow, late part of Outmarsh Common, conoiinine by estimation about two acres and a quarter, also in the oc- cupation of the said Joseph Amer.— The Crop of \\ beet now growing on this allotment will best shew the value of the land. Lot 3.—- Two valuable Closes of meadow or pasture Ground, near the last lot, called the Common Pieces, adj . mipg each other, an-. l invnedr. tcly adjoining an estate belonging to Phi- lip James Gibbs, Esq. in the occupation of Mr. Applegate. — The last lot contains 7 < res ' more or less), and now : u the sev ral occupations of Mr. John Gaistbrd and Farmer Fryer. The w' o' of the abbve premises aie Ictt for one y ar only, wtnch will expire et Lady- day next. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Timbrell, Trowbridge. [ 605 — BRADFORD, WILTS. | 7" OR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. HART, on I the Premises, at the Vicarage- House in Bradford, cn Monday the 22d of August instant and following days,— the genuine and neat HOuSEHOuLD FURNITURE, Paintings, Prints, China and Glass, Musical Instruments, and other Effects, the property of the late Rev. Mr. Bowles. Tlie whole may be viewed two days previous to- the sale, which is to begin at ten o'clock each day. Catalogues will be i ady in due time, and may be had of the Printer; of the Auctioneer; and at the place of sale. No person to be ad- mitted without a catalogue. [ two TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the 22d day of August instant, 3t one o'dock in the afternoon, at the Swan Inn, at Bradford, ( unless previously disposed of by rri- vatc contract, of which due notice will be given1, The MANOR of POMERY, in the parish of WingfieJ 1. in the county of Wilts; comprising a good- Farm- House, with proper and substantial outbuildings, yards, & c. and about : J70acres of Arable. Meadow, end Pasture Land, Sh'repsleigbt, and Coppice Wood, abounding'probably with more young grow- ing Timber than any ether e.- tate of the like number of acres; with great plenty of game, and a right of fishing in the river by which it is bounded on one side. The estate is in the hands of the proprietor, and possession thereof may be had immediately. For a view of the premises apply to Samuel Huntley, on the Farm; and tor further particulars ,' if by letter, postpaid; to Mr. Cruse, land- surveyor, No. 4, Trim- street, Bath. [ 58S DORSETSHIRE and DEVONSHIRE, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Bui! Inn, JL in Bridport, on Thursday the 18th day of August inst. at one o'clock., in sundry lots,—- The extensive MANOR, or LORDSHIP and LIBERTY, of BROAD WINDSOR, in the county of Dorset; andscveral valuable, very desirable, and im- provable ESTATES, within that parish, ano in the parishes of Whitechurch Cananicoram, and Symondsbury, from three to six miles distant from bridporr, Beamiest.- r, and crewkerne, containing in the whole about 450 statute acres of rich meadow, pasture, and arable Land, mostly in de mesne, and left to respectable tenants on terms, or by agree- ments, which will expire in 1801'. WILL be SOLD by AUCTION, at the London Inn, in Sidmouth, on Tuesday the 25th day of August inst. atone- o'clock, in sundrv lots,— The MANOR', or RE- PUTED MANOR, and LORDSHIP of STONE, within the parish of Sidbury, containing about 400 statute aer. s of really rich, fertile Land, part of Which comprises Brook Farm, one of the most compact and delightfully situated estates in Devonshire, now occupied by Mrs. Miyne", whose term there- in will expire at Ladv- day next, distant about two mi', es from Sidmouth, and well worth the attention of any gentleman who wishes to build near the :, ea coast. And several other small TENEMENtS and CLOSES in Possession and Reversion within that Manor. Printed particulars of the respective estates are now < r » 8y, and may be had of Mr. Neale, of Drimpton, in Broadwind- sor;• or of Mr. George Farthing, of Sidmouth ; and the r# f - pective tenants will shew the estates, an'rl maps thereof may be seen, and further particulars had, on application to Mr. Bawden, solicitor, Chard, Somerset; or to Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster, Devon. fsu [" 515 IX) be SOLD by AUCTION, without reserve, bv J. BRISTOWe, on the premises, in the High- Street, 1 pOOLE, on Monday the » 2d of August I SOS, and the follow- ing days,— The entire STOCK in TRADE of Mr. George Nichleson Alien, Ironmonger, Anchorsniith. Whitesmith, Gunsmith, Brazier, Edge Tool Maker, and Tin Plate Wo. kcr: Comprising 200 dozen axes, 30 dozen carpenter's ad?:;, « u dozen cooper's ditto, 20 dozen turning eh is- Is and gou. » r" 45 dozen garden and turnip hoes, 80 dozen socket chissels, 3t; dozen augres, 160 dozen spade and shovel trees, 15 dozen ott- er and bear traps, 30 fowling pieces, 4 brass blunderbusses, U wall pieces, 50,000 gunflmts, 8S dozen Norway ston. s, a quantity of turze, hedge, and other hooks and bills, spsdes and shovels, copper, brass, pewter, and tin. goods, Bath and other stoves, stove, metal, japanned goods, brass and prince's metal candlesticks, locks, Wire fenders, nails, screws, and rivet---, anchors, grapnels, a quantity of bushel, not, and nailor's iron, and old cast metal ; and a great variety of articles in the Ironmongery Line. The whole well worth the attention of the Trade in particular and the public in general. Catalogues will be delivered in due time at the New Inn, Wimborne; the Crown, Blandford; the. Lion, Shaftesbury: the White Hart, Ringwood ; the Hotel. Christehurch ; the Crown, Southampton ; the Printing- Office, Salisbury ; the Red Lion, Wareham ; the Antelope,' Dorchester; the King's Head, Weymouth; the Greyhound, Bridport; by Messrs. W. Gibbon and Co. Bristol; and at th offi . „ f J. BRiSTOWE and Co, Poole. The sale wiil bej'in at eleven o'clock each day. [ Ci4 be SOLD by AUCTION, by Guy and Co. A. on the Premises, in the Market- place sturminstcr- Newtoh- Castle, in the county of Dorset, on Thursday the 18th or August, 1808, and following day,— All itie h- v- it HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other' Effects of Miss Harrison, quitting her residence; consisting of mahogany and other P- St bedsteads, with cotton and moritie ' furniture, and window curtains to match ; goose feather beds, mattresses, blanket-:, quilts, and cotton counterpanes; tabic and bed linen ; pier and swing glasses; handsome mahogany double chest of drawers; dining, pillar and claw, and Other tables : wash- hand stands, Chairs, 4c.; excellent eight- day clock in mahogany case, oak bureau, chest of drawers, tables and chairs, handsome Wilton an. I other fio- ir and bedside carpets, double dozen each 1 irge an.! dessert knives and forks in ma- hogany case, handsome, japan tea trays, quantity of china and'glass, sdndry pririts, polished fen lers and fire . rods, cop- per and brass boilers, saucepans, 4c. quantity of pewter, a general assortment of kitchen requisites, and a variety of other useful articles. The whole may be viewed the day preceding the sale, which will begin ' atelevc'n o'clock. N. B. About 14 d> zen of large and small DRAWERS, in Frames, with Pot, Bottlc, and Phial- stands, forming a com- plete Shell oi an Apothecary's Shop, might be purchased If Private Contract. For particulars enquire at the Place of Sale, orof the Auc- tione - r, Shaftesbury.—( One Concern J [ 594 — 1 WILTS. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by GUY and Co. a. Oil Mon lay trie ;! » th day of August, fans, and four fol- lowing d '. ys, at the Parsonage House at Donhead Saint An- drew ff.-. ur mil ' s from Shaftesbtirv),^— All the neat HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, China, Glass, upwards of 400 Volumes of Books, and other Effects, the uropeltv of the Rev. Doctor Benet, deceased; comprising foufvposf, 1m- mprismg tour- post, reau, and Other bedsteads, with mahogany pillars, cotton and moreen furniture; excellent feather beds, mattresseS, blan- kets, quilts, and counterpanes ; mahogany wardrobes, secfe- t tie's, chest of drawers, bureaus, bookcase, night tables, He* set of mahogany dining tables with cir- ular en is, s d - b aril, dining, breakfast, arid other tables; driwin - room and par- lour chairs with s . cin and hair s: atS; a tiue- toii'd piano fqrte; pier an 1 dressing glasses ; Axminster and Wilton car- pets; an el- ctrifying machine; polish. d f. ndcrs and fire -' raws; excellent . month time- piece an I eirht- dny clock in mtidv- m: ciscs; si general asstirtui- nt of kitJhen^ furn ture ; brewing utensils, c ts'ts, tuKs, Cic. and about i i d. zen of wine bottles; also a capital p inv, two exceeding good milch cows, arid ab. mt six tons of meadow hay. Th; who!- will he expressed in catalogues, which m y be* had four days liefer- tbe site at th: lAmb Inn, hindon; Pembroke Arms, Fovant; Glove, Donhead; pi ice of sale ; an i at the Auctioneers', Shaftesbury, l> ns « t. The furniture m. iy be viewed thr c day* before the salt, which will begin ei.' h mornin r at ele « il o'clock. ( G} « MARLBOROUGH. npO be SOLD hy AUCTION, by E. HAROLD and" Son, on the Premises, oil Tuesday" the Ifith of Augutt, 1803, and following days;— All the ueat and modern HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Linen, Plate, Glass, China, el- gtnt Prints and Paintings, Sc. fee. and va. u . blc Library of Latin and Greek Classics, of the Rev. Joseph Edwards, at the Fiee Gramm. ir School in tile Mafsh, lately deceased ; Comprising excellent goose feathrr beds, four- post and other bedsteads and furntures, blankets and quits; handsome mahogany bookcase bestead, table and bed line:;, a set of mahogany dining tables, Pembroke, card, and dressing tabids, chairs of virious descriptions, walnut escrit'ou, ch. sts of draw rs, handsome pi- r and swing gjasse.-:, hi .. hi* fin shed prints ami paintings by Bartolozzi and other eminent artists, two pair of globes, Turkey and Wiitoti carpets, about 50 dozen ot . glass bottles, etc. The Library consists of some very scarce and valuable works, particularly Biblia Greeca, 2 vols, loli , Grose's Anti- quities, Lcke's Worts, Gibbon's Reman Hist. iry, Universal History. Hum- and Smollett's History of England, Gentle- man's Magazines, 3i vols. L'Estran , s J sephus, with up- wards of 80o volumes of ancient and m den authors. The Cuiin iry Utensils comprise a large brewing co; pi r, two less ditto, large mash tub, c tolers, casks r f n us sizes, ca- pital roasting- jack complte, copper turbot kettle, . rasaand c leper b libers, ditto saucepans, ami a g-.- n- r 1 asso.' merit of useful kitchen requisites; the whole of w rli w. il be ex- pressed in catalogues that will be d livened five d, ys prior to" til.; sale at the Bear Inn, Hungerford; Globe, w ury; Casle, Devizes ; Red Lion, Lamboure.; Bell, Swindon ; " n the Premises ; ail I at the Auctioneers'. Marlborough. f5' 1 WILTS. Freehold Estates, Collingbourne Kingston, between A. i- dover, Hungerford, and Marlborough. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Qhapife- alley, Com bill. London, on Tuesday the UOth of August, St twelve o'clock, in two Lots : Lot 1— The very eligible FREEHOLD ESTATES, hod- tax redeemed, comprising the manor or reputed manor of Collingbourne Valence, and fronton HoM'e; a desirable family mansion, seated on a lawn surrounded bv thriving plantations', with gaiden, orchard, yard, herns, stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of 151 acres of meadow, pasture, arable,' and wood Land, all lying compact, in a goad state cf cultivation, and in a fine healthy part of the country, com- manding rich and extensive views over a rich - country, pre- senting a pleasant residence for a gentleman fond of farming and field sports ; situate in the parish arid near the village of Collingbourne Kingston, and within a quarter cf a mile of the Church. Lot 3.— A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,' adjoining lot 1, called Heath Farm, land- tax redeemed, and Gammon's Corner, situate in the parishes of Collingbourne Kingston and Chute, with a farm- house, yards, garden, orchard, barns, stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of 171 acres of mea- dow, pasture, and wood laud, II in good cultivation, and lying compact. Att Act is obtained for inclosing the parish of Chute, which will add a considerable quantity of land to this lot. These Estates are very eligible property for investing money, or for occupation; are within two miles of Everley, nine from Hungerford, ten from Marlborough, twelve from An- dover, sixteen from Salisbury, and seventy from London. May be viewed by applying on the premises, wh./ e psrtict'- lars may be hid; at • the'S. ar and Garter, Andover f Swan, Hungerford ; Castle and Marlborough Arms, Marlborouf. h , White Iter., Stilish dry ; the Inns at Everley a < 1 Amesbury ; Pelican, Newbury; White. Lion, Bath; bush, Bristol; Black Bear, Devizes; White Hart, Chippenham ; at Garra- way's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, London, where a plan of the Estates may be st en. [ 417 TO THE LADIES. bAGAZET's ORIENTAL DEPILATORY, for removing SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS from tile Face, Neck. Anns, 4c. and for Improving the Complexion, w II he sold in future, by particular appointment of the proprietor, by Mesers. Shaw and Edwards, St. Paul's l" h urcb- y i rd ; But- ler, 2, Cheapside; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church- yard { Bacon, Oxford- street; Berry, Greek- street; Hendrie and Son, Titchborn- sireet; and brodie, Dowding, and Lutfoid, Salisbury ; where ladies a'nd others may depeti! a; on b ing supplied with this Depilatory genuine as imported from Tur- key, price ' is, d. the bottle. • [ 88.5 N. B. Observe ( hat each battle ' is signed " T. BAGAZET," in the proprietors hand writing, to'imitate which is a felony. USEFUL FAMILY ARTICLE. STAINS of RED PORT WINe, Tea, Fruit, Mildew, and every Vegetable matter, ;• « • ent>,: ly r :- cioved from Table Linen, Le ; th< r Breeches, Cottons, Muslinf , Lace, and other articles of dr « ?, by HUDSON'S CHEMi- CAL BLEACHING LiqUiD: it also removes the abov Stilt!? from ladies' buii'drer. s, without injnrc the huff lour, and restore all kin- Is ot' ! rep ireaj and s . id by i Ind.- ou and Co. chemists 1 - H- iv- niarket,{ London; sold also ' oy Brodie, Dowding. anil Lux'or. 1, on the Canal, Salisbury-; « „•! the principal Perfumer-.: r d Medic. ne Venders throughout the united kingdom; in bottles, at 3i. and 2s. each. r( THE GENUINE BLACK DROP. rPHIS Preparation of Opium, which has been Ion ® M. known and justly esteemed in th- North of Engl oid" ff. 1' under the tide of the GENuINe BLACK DROP, continus to be prepared by Mr. braithwaite, Surgeon, at Lancaster. 3 v » It is well known that common Opium or laudanum in some constitutions, produces symptoms extremel, distr ~-, ing such as head- ach, sickness, and debility. The ' HI , clt Drou! treed from those qualities whioh produce these , ! f ,• » , is - i- i- piicable in all cases where Opium or Laudanum is, m'plov d It is greatly to be preferred in Nervous and Spasmodic ( u'V- tions, such us depression of mi d", anxiety, end irrit. biliiy coughs, asthma, and other comAUmts ,. » " i n- cU- t; i- V o in enrome rheumatism, especially when affecting the teeth e? The superior qualifies of this preparation bavo prccur- d t the sanction mid recommendation of several of the most cele- brated Practitioners in Gr at Britain. Sold wholesale by Paytherus, Savory, and Co. Chemists, If- New Bond- street, London ; a- d • their apt ointm mat messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford's, Silis uiry; ami at the principal towns in the United Kingdom, prici; sj. ( W. ami 4s. bit, a bottle, v \ 4* m ANB GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, JDOIISET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday s Posts. FOREIGN N E W S. MURCIA, July 2. THIS mofmnj; arrived here art Express, which li ft Valencia at one o! cMc yesterday, and tliis in- stant ( 9 A. M.) another has arrived; with orders from the Capt . in- General < tf Valencia, t. n permit 1500 French prisoners, who are on their march to Cartha- trena, to pass without am molestation. We are at this moment occupied in celebrating the de- feat of Moncey, by the ringing of bells, masses, and dis- charges'of artillery and musketry liAD A If/, Ju'V H. There are letters of a la!.- date from ocano, which positively state that Moncey. had par- ed thl- un-* that place for Madrid, with little more than 1000 men, fatitued, and in complet- disorder. Th. tv were fol- lowed by l. iO waggons, fili- d with wounded soldiers. ~ 7 LONDON, FRIDAY, AUGUST 13. Intelligence has been received by Government from Lieutenant- Colonel Doyle, dated at midnight on the' 4th, from Corunna. He informs them tlnit he had seen a letter dated from Madrid on the 27th, stating, that on that morning the Trench began their retreat from Madrid— that Joseph Bonaparte had quitted the _ city, and with the usual characteristic of French troops, " had carried otT all the valuables belonging to the Court. They took the road to Burgos. The above letter was • written bv a nephew to a Member of the Junta of Gallicia. According to a letter from Taragon of the 27th ult. the Murcian and Valenciati army, 60,000 strong, had passed through that place on that day, bn their way to Madrid.— A body of smugglers, with Eschevias at their head, is also marching to Madrid, and is within thirteen leagues of it. The Spaniards, according to private letters from Arragon, have been again victorious in that quarter.— Bessieres has evacuated Benevento. A corps under General Ponti has taken a French convoy of eight waggons, loaded with plunder; atu- 1 Castanos was rapidly advancing in La Mancha. Account- U. ive be- jn received from Teneriffe, which StSt< T that as soon as it was known there, that the Royal Family of spain had Been trepanned to Bayonne by Bona- parte, and compeUed to renounce their rights, the in- habitant earn'; to an utianimou resolution to resist the usurpation of Bonaparte. All the French Merchants and residents were put in prison,' and a guard was placed over Hie French Consul, but he was permitted to reside in his own house. By the Stockholm Gazette, of the 25th of July, it from a tvpivi, rigned Klingspor, and dated new Carleby, the ,' l. tb of July," that the Swedes have taken wasa a: id that field marshal Klingspor- had dispatched t<> that ue. vn mayor- general Amenoff to Juke the command, a Field Marshall Klingspor was expecting an attack: o. i hi. left wing, where he thought his presence necessary tor the present, In the Gazette of the 92d of July is mentioned, m a report to the King, ffotu Mr. C. if. Thornton, Commander of the ship Frederic, dated kasko, July 8, that he bad, taken possession of Kasko, and that the Russian Majflr- General Count Orlow Denisoff, who had his head- quarters at Christianstad, had been obliged to retreat, after a severe battle, in which the Swedes gained the advantage. No official intelligence of Sir Arthur wellesley's landing has vet been received from him, though there is ii,; doubt of'its having taken place. It is said that he landed on the 57th : rlt. about thirty miles to the northward of Lisbon, where be expected to be joined by a well- ap- pointed force of Portuguese Patriots on the following day. the Prince regent of Portugal issued a spirited Manifesto from his Court at Rio Janeiro, on the 1st of may, in which, after a very long detail of the acts of injustice practised towards him by the French Govern- ment, his Royal Highness formally declares war against France, and pronounces null and void all the Treaties afhich he has been compelled toconclud^ bv Bonaparte, and particular!-.- those of Badajoz and Madrid, in 1801, and that of Neutrality, in 1804. His Royal High- ness also declares that he will never lay down his arms, . except in concert with his Britannic Majesty, nor ever agree to a cession of Portugal. The letters' from Rio Janeiro give the most pleading account of she maimer in which the Prince Regent- has « ••*: iWisiie. l and commenced hi. Government. His respect for the english lias been manifested in the most handsome way, and there is every appearance of a very prosperous l'cfg'n. lie has constituted a new Order of Knighthood, of which S; r Sidney Smith i to be one of the companions. sir Sidney gave an entertainment on board the Hiberjiia, in honour of his Majesty's birth- day, at which the Prince Regent assisted. The colours of the two nations were di - played, as in happy union, over the canopy of state where his royal Highness was placed ; and he took . occasion, after the repast, to take the Portuguese flag and present to Sir rftdfleyy with a short address, in which he desired him t i bear it in future on his coat of arms. Some of the mercantile speculations have not turned out so favourably as was expected ; but as a proof that the Government'is firmly established, and that it is perfectly regular th all its movements, the duties are most exactly collect, d. Wednesday was a grand public day at the Prineess Elizabeth's cottage, at Old Windsor. Upwards of 100 of the neighbouring Nobility and Gentry sat down to an excellent dinner. The tables were placed on the lawn, in tents, and c? c. ry accommodation afforded for the convenience of the company, who appeared highly- delighted with the treat. A Morning Paper states, that Sir J. Piers who had been so long an exile from Ireland, in consequence of the ver- dict against him for seducing Lady Cloncurry, has Com- mitted suicide in the Isle of Man which has been some time the place of his retreat. The cause of this unfortu- nate man's catastrophe is of a most melancholy nature* He had debauched the daughter of a respectable clergy- man, who, on discovering his disgrace, instantly shot himself; and it wa, upon hearing this that Sir Piers put an end to his existence by shooting himself through the head. The unhappy female is in a state of distraction that threatens her life. Courer of CHANCERY, Aug. 10. An application Was male to the Chancellor, on behalf of Lady Augusta Murray, to i" verse an Order of the Master of the Rolls, empowering a blaster in Chancery to draw up a scheme ft r appointing a I. " * < o » r< J5an to the two children of the Duke of Sussex Lady. 1 may not all recollect, that his Royal Highness narried at Koine, on the ad of April iter ot the Earl of of tl t parfbfe was a son horri to waS CbrlStiT. C: appoint legal guardians to the children, wHo at pirelent had none. He therefore could not grant the application for a reversal of the order. Av'gr.- t It. Attorney General v. the Trustees of the Crediwn Charities. - This case came on, upon an appli- cation to the Court to appoint a receiver tor the estates of these charltie-. It appeared that in the reign of Men. VIII. the tytlv- s exteflding Over about 1C, 00() acres of land had been purchased from the Crown by the parish of' Crediton, in Devonshire, and that these tythes had been vested in Certain trustees, for the purpose of paying a Competent stipend to the vicar and chaplain of Crediton, and the rector of Axminster, and a!' o for endowing a free school at Credi- ton, and for bestowing the remainder'- on' pioos and chari- table tt-. es connected witll the parish. The present value of these, tythes, at a moderate calculation, was estimated at 5,300/. per annum, hut in consequence of low rates of composition with the different tenants, the actual produce was Only 1,300/. per aniuun. The Lord Chancellor, in de- livering his opinion, observed, that at an average the tythes were let for e : lv si tpenee in the pound of rent, while the incorporated trustees, who so let the- - tythes, were the landlords of the different tenants- paying such compositions. Now it was the direct and obvious duty of these trustees to let the tythe. for the best price they could obtain, and to apply the produce, after paying adequate stipends to the Clergymen^ to pious and charitable uses, as mentioned in the deed of incorporation. Tb re must, at all events, be notices given to determine the present leases; and his Lord- hip ordered that on or before the 1st of September, the Trustees should deliver in to the Master an account of all the notices to determine the leases which they had given, in order to enable the Master, during the lor. g vacation', to inquire what new and adequate composition may be affixed ; if no such account ot' notices should then be given in to the Master, in that ca, e the Master to have the power of appointing a receiver. fRieNdly Societies— Oil an application to the Court for an order to the Executor of One Hanson to pay 6' 01, to the Stewards of a friendly society at Stamford, his Lordship said, that the Act passed in favour of such societies ditl not give them any preference over other creditors, for money lent, but only in cases where the money had been advanced for payment of allowances, or otherwise for the use of a society. In this case 50/. had been advanced to Hanson on his note of hand, at- H per Cent, interest i for this 50/. the society must come in with the other creditors; but as 1!)/., had been entrusted to the man, as steward, be would make an order for the Executor to pay that 10/. in preference to other creditors. S. vn niFiEt, n MARKET, Jug. 12. This day's market had a good supply of different kinds of Cat tie ; Beef and Veal are cheaper than our last report; Mutton is dearer; Pork and Lamb support last prices. BIRTHS.} On Sunday se'nnight, the Lady of Lord Viscount Marsham of a son and heir.— On Saturday mom ing, at his Grace's seat at Ealing, the Duchess of Newcastle of a daughter. MARRIeD. On Monday, by the Archbishop of Dub- lin, and by special licence, at Lord Harrington hou in the Stable- yard, St. James's, the Marquis of Tavistock, eldest son of the Duke of Radford, to lady Anna- Maria ' Stanhope, eldest daughter of the Earl of harrington. The Marquis was twenty years Old on the 13th of May; Lady Anna- Maria was twenty- four years old on the 3d of •:•],- tember la; t, and from lier first appearance in public has been universally admired as the most lovely and brilliant star in the hemisphere of fashion. The Prince of Wales gave away t'.* biide i the Duke of York anil many of t Nobility were present at the ceremony.— The same day, at. St. George's Church, Hanover- square, Sir Charles Meyrick Burrell, Bart, of knep Castle, in Sussex, t > Miss Wynd- ham, eldest daughter of the Earl of egremont.— On the Jd inst. at edinburgh, Capt. Wm. Landless, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Charles.— Last week, at N - wie: i, the Rev. Dr. Brown, Master of Christ College, Cambridge, to Mi s Lucy Astley, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John Astley, and niece of the late Sir Edwaid Astley, Bart. DIED.] On Monday last, at her home near Ellesmere, in Shropshire, the Right Hon. dowager Lady Keuyon, relec(. ot" Lord Chief Justice Kenyon, and mother of the present Lord Kenyon.— On Friday, at Cheltenham, in his ' 24th year, Captain George barrington Whinyates, of the Royal Navy, son of the late T. Whinyate-, i> q. of the India Company's service, and nephew of Sir Thomas Frank- land, Bart.— Oil Wednesday, at Camberwell, in h; s 78th year, Jacob Wrench, Esq. of Thames- street, second - eni- ir Common Councilman of the city of London.— Oil the. 27tfi ult. suddenly, H. Wilkes, Esq. son of Heir, on Wilkes, Esq and nephew of John Wilkes, Esq. the late Chamberlain ( of the City) of London.— On the 5th inst. at Hendon, Mr. John Peltro, landscape engraver, particularly distinguished for his delicate engravings of miniature views of gentlemen's seats.— On Monday, at St. George's, near Bristol, in his 73th year, Thomas Wilkins Morgan, Esq. upwards o? SO years in the commission of the peace for the county of . So- merset.— Lately off Jamaica, Lieut. Hamilton, first of the Hebe: he fell overboard from a prize and was unfortunately drowned.— Lately, at Cork, Lieut. David Nichol, second . of the Fortune.': he shot himself through the head with a pistol, in a fit of mental derangement.— On the 30th pit. at Gainsborough, Mrs. Grace Revil, aged 103 years.— On the 1st inst, in her 107th yeir, Dorothy Tunibull, of the Wall Knoll, in Newcastle: she was born on the 4th of July, 1702, in the reign of Queen Anne : until within three days of her death she,, possessed her faculties in an amazing degree, and could relate, with astonishing exact- nets, a variety of events which happened during and since the rebellion in 1715 DORSET. r] pO he t, ETT, fcotnpletelv FtfltS'fSHF. O, and en- sL tcred upon immeliately or at Michaelmas next',— All that capital MESSUAGE called EDMONDSHAM HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel family, with double coach- hoasexcellent stalled stables, Courts, yard;;, granary, dove- cite, extensive walled gardens well stocked with choice fruit trees, orchard, shrubberies, pleasure ground, and lands, containing together about nine acres, pleasantly situateifat EdmondSham, one mile from Cranborne, m the county ot' Dorset, la miles south east of Salisbury; hi ntjrth cast of Blandford, and tt; from Muddiford ( a delightful watering place- J, in a fine open country abounding w, th field sports, and hounds in the neighbourhood. The Deputation of two Manors ( attached to the premises), Well stocked with game, . will It: lett with the above ; and a neat Curricle and pair of capit d Hor es, light Cart, three Cows, Pointers, Rick of hay, X'c. fix. maybe taken at a valuation, the proprietor going on foreign service. For further particulars and to treat apply personally, or by et. er -' post paid.), to Mr. Arney, attorney at iaw, Close, Sift llsbury.—- The premises may he viewed, in seasonable hours, by applying at the Mansion- house. - frit! j , T DORSET. O he SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A DWELLING- HOUSE, Barn, Granary, Orchard, and G^ rtlen ; anil ' certain Closes or Arable. Pasture, and Wood Lend, cont ing about ; J7 acres, now in the possession ot' George Roberts.— The above premises will be sold for three lives, t. be named by the purchaser, subject to the present • life interest of a person aged tin. Also,— A MESSUAGE, Garden, Orchard, and Paddock ; and Piece of uninclosed Land adjoining, cant tiring about two acres, io the occupation of Thomas Fry.— These premises will also he sold for three lives, to be named lytae purchaser, and possession given at Michaelmas next. The V ove. premises are pleasantly situated at Wentworth, two mi; is south- east of Cr. inborne, in the c tunty of- Dorset. For further particulars and to treat apply to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury. The present tenants will shew the pre- mises.—( One concern) [ t> 42 DORSETSHIRE, Immediate Residence for a small genteel Family. npo be LETT, for a Term of three Years, - A JL neat Brick and tiled COTTAGE, situate at Spetisbury, three m les from Blandford, near the turnpike road leading to Pool ; comprising two parlours, a, goo- I kitchen, and conve- nient pantries, fitc. a pleasant sitting room over the dining perlOur, a good bed chamber opposite the sitting room, two hea chtm'i : rs, a dressing room, and two neat garrets; a pretty garden, a plot of ground in the front, a two- stall Sta- ble, with Or. ch- house, & c. N. B. Further, particulars may be known ' by letters, post paid) of Mr. Percy, upholsterer, fire. Blandford. [ itw ISLE OF WIGHT. ? PO be LETT, and entered on at Michaelmas next, I for a Term of Years,— The FARM and LANDS called UPPER KINGSTON, or BUCKS, situate in the parishes of Kingston and Shotwell; in the hie of Wight, consisting of tioout 9 ' ,"> aeres ot' arable,' meadow, pasture, and wood Land. Tii .• Dwelling- house is lately built*' and the1 barns and other buildings areconveirentand in good repair; the titb. s of such • H the iamb as lie in the parish of Kingston ( and which com- prise the much greater p irti will also be lett for the term of ttie lease with the farm, if the present incumbent shall so long continue rector, and at the expiration of two years a consi- derable quantity, of other land will be added to the estate, if wished bv the tenant. For other particulars, and to treat for the lease, apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, Newport; and tor a view of the premises, at the dw- lling- bouse of the farm. [ 573 BELLEVOR, near SOUTHAMPTON, With cth indisputable Freehold Title said the Land- Tax i cdrented. TO he SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, tit the George Inn, Southampton, on the S.' Tt'n day of August iust. between the hours of ten in the forenoon and three of the afternoon ( if not previously disposed of by private contract) — This Charming and elegant MANSION, in thorough good order and repair, and fit for the immddiate occupation of any family of distinction, with coach- houses for four carriages, stabling for nine hotses, laundry, wash- house, dairy, arid every other attached and detached t ffice ; a large green- house filled with plants, pinery and succession houses in excellent order, extensive and elegant conservatories, withan abundance of fruit trees in full bearing, and a profusion of gripes ; a very large garden in great order, having had two acres added to the original one, and nearly encircled by a high wali, clothed with choice fruit trees in lull - bearing, ami a very large ice- house filled with ice ; together with fifteen acres . inclosed in a lawn ordnce at the h; e.- k of the hoii. se, with a shrubbery aiound.-*—- The fixtures, furniture. & c." raay either be sold with t, he house',' Si taken iatan appraisement. For/ further particularsaoptv to Mi;. George Hookey,' in the tot « i. of Southampton, who Wi'llgise orders to persons' wish- ing.'^ O- iafi. pec't the premises ;- or to Mr. Crosbie, Bruton- street,, Grosveft'or- stptare, London. • , [ 201 SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP. TO be SOLD by A'- CCflON;" tH- Shi Cn'stnrtt, on the Premises, tit Sandy- down ' Farm, near St ck- . bridge, Hatlts, on Fridttv the tyth o! An, ust iust. t, t tiv. ive o'clock.—- About Oh: Ilnhdred le ts of EWES, rAMS, • nd rAM LAMBS, part of the Celebrated and well- knew; st tk the property of Powlett Powlett, Esq. The Stock may be viewed'by applying oh the premises rnd cabtlogues had at Sandy- down and North- patk f'trn- s : at Launceton House; and at the Aut- ti meer's, Antlover, [ Si- fa F • SOUTHAMPTON. SALE by AUCTION, at the'Custom- house in this port, On Saturday the 20th day of August, 1R0- J, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— Tile following GOODS, \\ z. For Dealers and others. PORTUGAL and SPANISH WINK. . 7i\ r n FRENCH WISE a- j* OaIlons. BLACK TEA 12 '(,. , SUGAR 170 { lbsi wt- With two smaK open Bo , ts anil fourOars. For Private Families only. BRANDY ;. 078 N RUM it; VGailoris. GENEVA 166 ) Which have been seized and legally condemned, and may be viewed and the wine and spirits " tasted in his Majesty's Warehouse two days hefore the sale. [ 700 TO COACH MAKERS, WHEELWRIGHTS; fix. TO he. SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN ALLEN-, WMonday tlio22d of Aueust, lS0:'. foh the Premts- s,— Alltlie STOCK in3B$ A » i£ of Mr. Philip Stride, wheelwright, Lyndhust 11 spokes; quantity of fellies axles, and ax- beds'; waggon reives, plank haulings, ditto for gig; shafts, ash plank, plough handles, bolts, and w; p. i « ; ' stocks and scantlings prong stems ; qii intitv of stouters, board, wheels; cart- sides, ladder- rounds, gates, light cart carriges, light carts, Arc. Arc: . Sale at two'o'clock in the afternoon. [ VOti wiNKtON, NeAr CHRlSTCHURCh, HANTS, to be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Hotel, " 1 . Christchurch, oh Monday the 22d day of August, ! S0S, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— L- otl.— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, large Yard and Garden, thereunto belonging, snuate at Winkton aforesaid, now in the occupatio- u'cf William Walden. Lot 2.— Two TENEMENTS and GARDEN'S, adjoining the last lot, in the occupation of " William Walden ihe younget and Harry Hopkins. For a sight of the premises apply to the tenant-', anil fur fur, ther particulars to Mr. Parr, solicitor, Poole, br Mr. baldwin soiicitor, Ringwood. ^ yo be SO I A) by AUCTION, by John FORCE, £ at the Crown Inn, in Wimbourne Minster, in the county1 of Dorset, on Friday the 1.9th day of August instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced. - The following LEASEHOLD and COPYHOLD PREMISES, situate in the said parish of Wimborne Minster:—• Lot 1.— A Tenement and four Acres of Meadow and Pasture Ground, situate at Leigh. Lot - 2.— A Tenement, with a Curtillage and Garden, and three Closes of Arable and Pasture Land, called Rookhams, containing seven acres, situate also at Leigh, Lots.— Two Acres of Arable Land lying in Rrdcotts. Lot 4.— Two Closes, called parrocks, containing one acre. Lot o.—- Eight Acres of Arable Land, in Redcotts Field. Lot t; — Five Acres and a half of Arable Land, also in Red- • cotts Field. Lots 1 and 2 are held for the life of a Lady aged 57 years; Lot 3 is held for two lives ; Lots - I, 5, G are hclti for one life aged » 2. ' [ 703 All the above lots are subject to small Lord's rents. Farther particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Leer, Attorney, and of the Auctioneer, in Wimborne aforesaid. r| X> be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A I., desirable FREEHOLD, situate at Fyfield, in the county of Hants; consisting : f a good family house, with appropriate conveniences, detached, brew- house, Wash- house, and other offices; four- stall stable and barn, - t. d a very productive kitchen garth n, plentifully stocked with fruit trees, in full, bearing. The preir : scs are well supplied with excellent spring water. The grounds which surround the house are beautifully intcrspers- d with shrubs, evergreens, and forest trees; the whole - omprising a out foar acres and a half. Fyfie. ld is a dry pleasant village, in a fine sporting country a- i good neighbourhood: distant from Andover four miles, ot. • fro. a Weyhill, l , from Salisbury, 25from Southampton, and . IS from London. For fut'her particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mi Gibbard, solicitor, Milbank- street, Westminster, or to Mr. Criswick, auctioneer, andover. Freehold Manor aiul Estate, ' Ms. PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, Special!)/ emporr:! ey Act oj Parliament for the Insurance of Lives and the Grant and Purchase of ANNUITIES, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON. PRESIDENT:— The Most Noble the Maiquis of Bucking- ham, K. G. VICE- PRESIDENT'S :— Marquis of Salisbury, Earl Temple, Viscount Bulkeley, Viscount Chetwynd, Viscount Dun- cannon, Lord Braybrooke. TBVSTKKS :— Marquis, of Buckingham, Lord Braybrooke, Sir John C. Turner, William Praed, Esq. M. P.' anrl Sciope Bernard, Esq. M, P. HPHE Directors' apprise their connections that the JL Tax on Life Insurance will commence, its opetations in the- ittonth of Or tober next, until when Policies will be issued free of any expence whatever. It : s in consequence submitted to those who have Life Insurance in contemplation, that no " i'ttte should be In - in carrying their design, into effect. The distinguish:., g principle of tins Institution is, that the pi rsOns insured are entitled to share profits equally with the original Subscribers, after the expences of an ceconomieal mtmagemer. tare defrayed, in which the Presidents, Directors, Trustees, and Auditors, act gratuitously. Thus, by the spe- cific suras insured, and the division of contingent profits, every Member has the fullest value for h s payments, without being liable to eel: upon any losses, . th sole responsibility i'- undertaken by an extensive ase Ciat on of Noblemen and Gentlemen, who have subscribed an ample capital to gua- rantee the engagements of tl) e Oliice. Military Men, insured ar this Office, are not charged with art- additional premium unless called into actual service. No admit- s'bn Fees arc required, nor is any charge made for Policies. The Agents to, ' the COUNTY FIRE- OFFICE are also Agents to the TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— a very desirable and improveable ESTATE ; consisting of a Manor, extending over about 700 acres of land; a Farm- house, with barns, stables, and other neces- tity out- biitlfi . es, about 18 a , res of : neado-. v and pasture, a nd 210 acres of arable Land, lying together ; also a right of Common on lie' acres of sheep down, and flu acres of cow- down, adjoining the cs- tit g and within the manor —- The above farm is lett to Mr. Joseph Furnell, under a lease, whereof, six years will be un- expired at Michaelm is next. Also a Fishery adjoining the. es- tate, and two Cottages and Gardens-}, now also iett to the said Joseph Furn 11, from year t year ; and seventeen other Cot- tages and Gardens, and twelve acres ot Land, lett on leases and copies of court roll for lives to several persons. The above estate ts Situate atSa terton and Newtown, in the parish of Durnford, in Wills, about three, miles from Salis- bury, and may be viewed by applying to Mr. Furnell, the tenant. Further particulars may be known on application fhy letters, post paid) to Messrs. Vizard, solicitors, Dursley, Gloucester- shire ; or Mr. Vizard. 8, New- square, Lincoln's- inn, London. ft 47 FREEHOLDS, NEW. FOREST, HANTS. TO be LETT or SOLD,— A genteel and healthful RESIDENCE, pleasantly situated at Brockenhurst, on the borders of the New Forest. The Dwelling- bouse has been eutlt aoout ten yctus: it consists of two parlours, kitch, n, brew- house, cellar, pantry, drawing- room, and six sleeping- ro ins; coach- house and stable; garden and orchard filled • with fruit trees i the whole finished in a tasteful manner, and in goes! repair.— Immediate possession may be, had. Three acres of exceeding good Pasture Land may be had, if required. To be S » I, D,— A DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN; together With a MALT- HOUSE and BAKE- HOUSE, in full tr tde, with other convenient offices ; now in the possession of Mr. Scarev, tenant at will, N. B. T e whole Land tax redeemed, and Tythe- free. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to H. Roe, builder, Southampton; or to Mr. Scorey, maltster, Brockenhurst. [ 704 ' VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. Tpo be SOLD,— MERRY OAK HOUSE, with f. two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in one of which is erected a neat green house, pleasantly situated in a lawn of twelve acres, treli timbered, and neatly laid out with shrubberies and walks. The house has been recently and expensively fitted up ; the rooms are numerous, large, and loftv, and ready for the immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to bv appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attention. [ 71 5,01] j. W. BARBER, Managing- Director. Augus. tus nt or I was by [ Our rem,... the Duke of SuSsex 17;,. j, to Lady August* .. iuv,„, i). in more, and that f on the tilth of January 1794, . Frederick; but the marriage, beingwitnonttne. coasent th- King, was illegal by the Royal Marriage Act formally annulled in -. lectors' Commons m At: ust l/ f>, the oatt-' S then livin t togeth r in Italy, and afterwards having it diu- hter His Roval Highness h- s long con! rmed to the decree, and wholly kparar.- d himself f « m the Lady.] Mr. Thompson, Counsel for Luiy Augusta, contended that th • Order was uimeeessary, after the accommodation entered into bv the parties, i„ ,80( i, when two ducds were titoed by the first of which the earl of Moira and Lord i- tle were appointed guardian : of the children ; and bv th , sec.) d ail allowance of 300*. per annum was made for the maintenance and education of the buy, and 200/. Wr annum for the daughter, to he re erved out of the in nia'l allowance p id ... their Royal Father by Parliament Her Ladyship was apprehensive that she should he deprived « f her children, or that it was intended to eurtipl tile pittance sell led on than, and ot this ground he moved for'tVe reversal ot the Order made by the Master of the R. dl ,— rThe Lord Chancellor observed, that legally the Dul- e had no mere power to appoint a guardian of the children than the learned Counsel himself; there was no , •„, .. I the law by which lie could r cognize the Duke as tii of these children. The Ord r was perfectly it hf i"- f the Court, on the report of the Master, could COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, Southampton- Street, Strand, LONDON. Established f. r t'. express Benefit;/' Country Residents. TRPPTEES.—- His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K. G. J the Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham. K. G. the Right hOn. the earl of Northampton; the. Right Hon. the Earl of' Buckinghamshire; the Right Hon. the Earl of Upper Ossory; Wm. Praed, Esq. M. P.; Scrope bernard, Esq. M. P. Hj^ HIS Ofiicc, cstablished upon similar principles to 1 the Provident Institution, combines the firm security derivable from a fixed capital of adequate amount with the benefit to the persons insured which results from th. ir etjual participation in profits. The unprecedented resort of business to tltts Establishment is a sure pied te of the public estimation in- which it is held; and; thus encouraged in their object of reducing country itisu- rarice to the m ist beneficial terms, the Directors have deter- mined to low: r the rate'of insuring. Farming Stock to 5s. per hundred pounds. Losses bv Fire from Lightning are made good. • Claims upon this Office have always been paid on demand, without. deduction or discount. Policies grat. es on removal from other offices. J. W. BARBER, Managing Direetor. AGENTS. Salisbury, \ tr'. J. Foot; Melksham, Mr. T. Bourne; Winchester, Mr. M. Charker; Alton, Messrs. Waring arid Lowe; Ringwood, Mr, John Merryweather. Persons de- irons of the Agency of these Offices, in towns w'nere Agents are not already appointed, are requested to s- gr. ifv the sei'mc to the Head Office, una to state their situ- ation and occupation, with a reference in London. L"' 2 Tc HYTHE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. O be LETT,— sfor one Year certain, anil entcecl On immediately, with or without Land, - A com- fortable FAMILY- HOUSE, FURNISHED; consisting of an entrance hail; dining- room, 18 ft. by I it ft.; drawing- room, ldjby IP feet; sitting- room, study, kitchen, wash- house, dairy,' larder, etc. six bed- rooms, servants'ditto, and laundry ; a walled garden, coach- house, and stabling; surrounded by beautiful interesting scenery. The tenant may be accommodated with 35 acres of excel- lent arable and meadow land, burns, stabling, & c.; now in the occupation of Captain Larcom. N. B. May be viewed by tickets, and particulars known by applicatiou at the office of William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk Southampton; if by letter, free of postage. p308 BLAKENS, NEAR LYMINGTON. HANTS, npo be SOLd by PUBLIC AUCTION, by Mr. I NEWEM,, at the Nag's Head Inn, in Lymington, on Saturday the - 20th day of this instant August, at five o'clock in the afternoon,— Ali th t COTtAGE and BARN, together With fifteen tier s of LAND surrounding the same, within a ring fence, situate at Blakens - aforesaid, in the occupation © f Mr. Richard Pearce. The premises are Freehold, exceedingly picturesque in point of situation, open to most extensive arid beautiful views of the sea, and surrounding forest scenery, and, upon a con- fined scale, competent to being made a very delightful resi- dence. Five acres of the land arc In a state of cultivation, and have been exceedingly productive; the remain. ier has not been broken up, but the soil is of an excellent quality. Further particulars may lie had by application to Mr. Rich- man, solicitor, Lymington. [ f. 3f. KNIGHTON, NeAR AMESBURY, WILTS, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, A at Amesbury, on Wednesday the 31st day of August itist. between the hours of three and - ix o'clockj subject to such conditions as will then be produced ( unless previously dijposcd of by Private Contract, of which the earliest notice will be given),—— All those Two inclosed Pieces of rich ARABLE LAND; being FREEHOLD, containing together • about twelve : cres, situate and being at Knighton, in the pa- rish of Fighledean, called Knighton Hams; together . with Right of Common or Feeding for one Cow in the Lanes and Common of Knighton aforesaid ; now in the occupation of David Smith, as tenant thereof for a term of seven years, five years of which will be unexpired at Michaelmas next. For particulars apply to Mr. Lawrence, solicitor, High- street, Salisbury. Letters must be post paid. [( i.^' 2 A singularly desirable Freehold Residence and Estate for a Sportsman, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. BOG- GART and PHILIPS [ successors to Mr. Smith), at Gar- raway's Coffee- house, Cornhill, London, some time in Sep- tember, of which timely notice will be given, - A desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE and ESTATE; comprising one hundred and seventeen acres of arable,' pasture, and wood' land, lying compact, commanding picturesque and extenswe prospects, near several packs of bounds, and abounding with game; two miles from Odium, five from Basingstoke, ten from Farnham, and forty- two from London, in the county of Hants ; with a lawn, paddock, and suitable offices, coach- ' house and stabling, farm yard, barns, granaries, and out- buildings ; two kitchen gardens; and the Basingstoke Canal running through the estate. To be viewed ten days previous to the sale, and particulars then had of the Printers cf the Salisbury and Winchcst r Jour- nal, Hampshire Chronicle and Telegraph, Reading Meicury, and Bri thton Herald; King's Arms, Murreil- grccn ; of Messes: Winter, Kay, Beckwith, and Frcshfield, solicitors, Swithin'ti- lane ; Mr. Carpenter, solicitor, Basinghall- street; at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 62, Broad- street, Royal Exchange, London.' • [ B38 WARMINSTER. SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, August, 1808," on the premises, in Church- street, Warminster, Ali the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Prints, Books, finc- ttenecl Piano Forte, Clothing Utensils, with other E1V, cts, cf Mr. CL- TLER ; comprising bedsteads, with murine and dimity f r- nltur.- s; good feather beds and bedding ; carpet.'- ; mahogany Cumberland dining tables, commode chest or drawers, a handsome secretary and bookcase with glazed doors, maho- gany and painted chairs, neat tea urn with plated mouldings, pier glasses, an. eight- day clopk ; Hall's Universal. Dictionary in two folio volumes, and a few other select books; a neat pocket sliding telescope, pocket pistol's, decanters and glasses, a neat wheel barometer; kitchen utensil.:, iron- Lound casks, mash tubs, two coolers, eec. ; also a large cloth press with double sce- ws, hot stove and plates, prers papers, willy mill, a counter, about three tons of trussed hay, sow with eight pigs, ixc. Uo. To oe viewed on Monday preceding the sale. Catalogues may be had :- t the Crown Inn, Warminster ; the place of sale ; and at the Auctioneer's, Devizes. On account of the number of lots, the sale will begin at ten o'clock in the morning. ' t'u' 7i' SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphin, Inn, be Mr. WATTS, on Thursday the tst day if Sep! em> r, l.' OS; at one o'clock,'— Fifteen. Lots of FREEHOLD LAND for building on, agreeable to the plan and conditions of sale which will be then'and there produced. The aforesaid land is situated in the pttris' 1 of St. mary, abutting the road leading to the lane Called Love » n i Isle of I fight.-— Freehold, and Tythe free. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by TUCKER and Pittis, on Saturday the 3d day of Sept. n- xt, at five o'clock in the afternoon. at the Newport Arms;— A valuable and most desirable FREEHOLD TENEMENT', called LEGO'S ; consisting of a double Cottage, a Barn, and excel* lent Garden adjoining, sittiste. i'n the \ illatre of Whitveeh. to- gether with five acr. s and p. half of most excellent Ivlet. d. w and about thirteen acres of exceeding good Arable Land there- to belonging, In convenient icciosuivs ; now in toe occupa- tion of Mr. hollier, as tenant at will, •' For further particulars apply to Messrs. Clarke* and Sewed ; . nd for a view of the premises to Mr. I- lollicr, at M le- t lacc, near Whitwell. If rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, some lime in Seps- is- tember next unless previously disposed of by Tib te Contract),— The unexpired Term of " Nine Years of a LEASE in a pie: sant COTTAGE m I iait. p-. li i , s. iu.- tc,. derton, four miles from Andover, 55 from Southampton:, end 67 from London; replet. With every domestic cenvt- nitnce ; Grapery, and Peach- house in full bearing, extensive : i. d highly- cultivated Gardens, surrounded by v'atlscloathed with choice fruit trees, with about thirteen at r. isofr ch. ai. il nd pasture Land adjoining. The Cottage, which is ih contplt te t repair, consisis of a dining- room fi « feet 1 v Id, drivinft. - room 24 bv 14, breakfast parlour, six bed- rooms, attics, servant*' hall, kitchen, butler's p-. ntry, brew- house and und. r-. n, und cellars, with double coach- house, stables for tight horses, straw- house, granary, and other convenient buildings, For further particulars ar. d a view of the premises, apply to Mr, Criswick, auctioneer, Andover. [ ao' 7 ^ TPHF, reception which Mrs. VINCENT'S CELE- BrATED GOWLAND's LOTION has mer wit in the fashionable world, and tlje many thousands of rank and • distinction wno have adopted, com nued, and reccmmend d its use, ( like other inventions of merit and ir, nportar. ee has been assailed by weak and misehtevu- t Imtratiohs. In the year 1730', Mrs. Vincent, finding h r property var tisly attacked, she, by- the advice of her solictor, hit', the vviole of the case before the Hon, J. Mingay, King's ( ounsel, w , o gave his decid- d cpittion, " that Mrs. Vincent lees in possession of the true Recipe for preparing Gowland's Lotion." Mrs, Vincent assures the Nobility, Gentry, and i'uhlic, herf- ow- , land's Lotion is a most clee- ant, s ic. and mdi pre; , r„ t on for the removal of ALL ERUPTIONS iV. im rh - FACE and SKIN, and IMPROVING the COMFLEXion ; and it is impossible that any other person pen know -, t what ! ngr iiir » this most excellent Lot on is composed; and to prev. ut Coun- terfeits, it is particularly requested it may be asker t r ill the Name of Mrs. Vincent's Gowland's Lotinn, and to see ft r Name is signed on the Label of cach Bottle, oth. rwisc it cannot be genuine. Sold in Salisbury hv Mr. Collins, in Blandford by Mr. Simmons, in Southampton bv Mr. Harvey, in Ru rseyby Mr. hollis, in Winchester Mr.' Earle and Mr. Flight, in I'. tt le by Mr. Moore, in Lymington by Mr Galpine and Mr. Perkins, in Ringwood by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Thorne, and by ." try reputable vender of genuine medicines in Europe, in quarts, 6. s. 6d.; pints, bs. Sd.-, half- pints, 2j. 9U. nno b H ' on Tuesday the Kith of August AN Elegant Marine VILLA, near Southampton, 1jL beautifully situated on the bank of the river Itchen, com- manding treiiy picturesque views, in a Garden about an acre and a half, nearly walled round, planted with choice fruit trees, and shrubs laid out with taste; the house is lately and substantially built, of a pleasing elevation, and on a conve- nient plan, the outside stuccoed, and, an Italian roof; the principal rooms are expensively and neatly fitted with marble chimneys and French windo- vs ti the floors; it contains dining parlour-, drawing- room, study, four best bed- cbam- b" is and three servants' ditto, with every, requisite domestic rtuiee ; detached is double coach- house, a two- stall ana four- stalled stables, wash- house and laundry with servants' rooms over, and adjoining is a paddock of about 2| acres ; possession may be had immediately; it is particularly well adapted for a person fond of sailing, being within 300 yards of the river, where vessels of. large burthen may lie afloat; the neighbour- hood is respectable, and the r- ads good: to be SOLD by AUCTION, on Monday the 15th of August, at t'pe Dolphins Inn, Southampton, at one o'clock, by GEORGE HOOKEY, Further particulars may be known at ( he oBJce of William Curry, Esq. solicitor, Southampton, ct of the Auctioneer. Another new edition, being Ihe Twelfth, of CROSBY's BUILDER'S PRICE BOOK, CORrECTED TO JULY, 1808. THE various Gentlemen, Artificers, and all concern- ed in Building, are respectfully informed, • this new edition contains all the late advances in Timber, Deals, Car- penters' Work, & c: and other important alterations ' to the present time, forming the MOST CORRECT LIST OF THE PRICES NOW allowed by the most eminent Surveyors in London, in the dif- ferent Branches and methods of Building— and the Prices of Labour only. Abo Directions for making any kind of Lime and Cements, various useful Tables cast up, Abstracts of ail the Acts, a List of Surveyors, & c, BY JOHN pHILLIPS, SURVEYOR, And other Assistants. London, printed n B. Crosby and Co. Stationers'- court, Lude'at.- street; sold bv S'rodie, Doweling, and Luxtoid, Sa- lisbury, and all other booksellers. |' H36 TEMPlE COMBE, SOMERSET. Pg£ BHOLD LAMPS,' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. WAOMAN, ( in Lots), on Monday the eh d tv of At: ust between the hot. rs of four end six o'clock in the afternoon, at the Blue Boar Inn, ia Temple Combe aforesaid, subject to such conditions as will be then produced : Lot 1.-- A Close of Meadow ci Pasture Ground, called Goare Lake, containing two acres and a half ( more. yr lee.-; . Lot 2,— A Close of Meadow, called Cockroad Mead, con. taining four acr: s ( more or less;.-— One other Close adjoining, called Cockroad Ground, containing twelve acres ( more or iessj.' ts'. B. to' 2 is tythc free. Lot 8,— One Cli. se of Arable, called Lilly Ground, contain- ing three acres ( more- or les. il.— One Close'of Meadow, called Little Moore Mead, containing one acre and an . half ( more or letssj, Lot 4.— One Close of. Meadow or Pasture Ground, called Outer Marsh, containing five acres ( more or less! — One other Close adjoining, called Little Marsh, containing f.- ur ; : res and an half ( more or lens;.— One Horse Lease in'nimple Lane. Lot ft.— One Close of Meadyiw, called Summerbridgc, con- tainijig five acres ,' more or ' its.;;. Lot 6.— One Close of Mead iw, called Lower Moore, con- taining six acres and an half ( more or lees.': The above mentioned Close-., and Lands ( except Summer- bridge, Lot 5, which is situate in the parish of Henstridge, in '. he said c mnty of Somerset) are situate and lying in Temple Combe, within the parish of Abbas Combe, in the coun ty of Somerset aforesaid, Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Bird, solicitor, Hshsttidge, DIXON's ANTI- bilLiOUS PILLS. pHESE PILLS have lo « sr obtained a just celebrity in the private practice of the proprietor, Mr. DIXON, Apothecaiy ; and from their great success w. th mitny patients of distinction and others, particularly the Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren, the Dowager Lady Say end Sele, the Viscountess Bulkeley, See. & c. he was peisu ded to offer them to the Public. They are found te. be an incomparable remedy for restoring, the tone of the stomach, for curing indigestion, for preventing crudities, and their consequent disagreeable eructation- i and h. ttule. m;' is. • They prevent habitual and tem- porary costivene.- s, vck head- eons, and heart- burn which is occasioned by pregnancy, and a debilitated stomach, wltcthtii rising from. tut: acrimony of the redundant bile, internperat* diet, or drinking to excess. Sole wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheat- aid:, near Paternoster- row, ami at the Printers- Office, Salisbury ; a. nd retail by most Country Booksellers and Medicine Venders, n boxes'ad.— 6is.— and' SOs. each. ft 50 BY THE KINg's RoYAL LETTERS PATENT. gODBOLD's VEGETABLE BALSAM, for ", T the Cure of CONSCumPTiONS, ASTHMAS, He. ad- mitted, by a I'- ody of Physici.- ais, to be rhe first medicine in the world for the above complaints; and never was an in- stance known of its failing, taken on thlf first attack, and in many instances it ltte effected a cure when the Pou. s itave come tiirough the skin.— A stronger proof of its refutation Cannot lie gtven than Jibe sanction' of some of the'firet Nc- bi'iity in the Kingdom, as follow, who have experienced and wanes-.'. 1 its efficacy, and strongly recommend its being kept in all families, to he. ve i: taken in the first stage:' The Most Noble the Marquis of Lothian ; rt. Hon. Viscount Dudley and Ward ; Rt. Hon. Lord Macdonald; P, t. Hen. Lord Grantley; Rt. Hon. late Lord Fortescue; Rt. hon. Lord Montford ; Rt. Hon. late Viscountess Dudley and Ward ; Rt. Hon. Lady Dowager Grantley ; Bt. Hon, Lady Dowager- Vis- countess Falmouth ; Rt. Hen. Lady Dowager fortescue ; Lady Appreese ; Sirs Francis Blake, Edward Newenham, John Co.' bill, and George Armstrong, Barts.; Generals Doyle and Drouly • Colonels Baker and Debath; and a •• reat nianv others of the Nobil" ity, as may be seen in the treatise at the Pro'me- ter:,', ST. and " S. Godbold, No. 3, Bloomsbury- square, where it ia given every day from ten till one o'clock ( Sunday ex- cepted.) Sold by Brodie, Dowding, and luxford, at the Printing- office, Salisbury; and retail by one or rn, r,- Venders in e. ery city and capital town.— N. and S. Godbold is written on eve ry te.-' i [ Lb. lcn ti-. e et tt'ee in tfteir own hurid- wrtln^;. THE { SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. ISfeifrs" Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE. PUBLISHED ON SATUIUVU NIGHT, AUGUST 13. At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 10th of Aug. 1S03, PRESENT, The King ' s Most Excellent Majesty in Council. IT is this dov ordered by his Majesty in Council, that the Parliament, which stands prorogued to Saturday the 20th day of this instant August, be further prorogued to Tuesday the Ut day of November next. WAR- OFFICE, Aug. \ 8. 10th Keg. of Foot— Capt. G. G. Hely to be Major, without purchase. 8th JVest India Reg.— Capt. G. St. Leger Gordon, from the 5' 2d Foot, to be Major, by purchase, vice Hulton, who retires. Royal York Rangers— Major M. Mahon, from half- pay of the S;' ith Foot, to be Major, vice Ginckel, who exchanges. 5th Garrison Battalion— Lieut.- Col. M. Shaw, from half- pay of the 1st Garrison Battalion, to be Lieutenant- Colonel, vice M'Donald, who exchanges. Commissions signed by t< ie Lord Lieutenant of Hants.— Titchjield Light Infantry— Ensign 11. Knight, to be Lieu- t- nun ; R. Mining, Gent, to be Lieutenant. CROWN- OFF ICE, Aug. II?. Member returned to serve in the present Parliament.— Borough of Dundalk— Thomas Hughes, Esq. in the room of Patricia Crawford Bruce, Esq. accepted the office of Steward of his Majesty's Manor of East Hendred, in the county of Berks. The Average price of Brown oi' Muscovado Sugar, com- puted from the returns made in the week ending the 3d • lay of A ug. 1808, is Thirty- seven Shi/ linns and Eleven Pence Three Farthings per Hundred Weight, exclusive of the Duties of Customs. BANKRUPTS. R. W. Henderson, of fr^ orKfi- street, Minories, insurance- broker. Benjamin harrison, of Calbeek, dyer. A. Morgan and E. Morgan, of Builth, tanners. Thompson Pater, of Shadwell, surgeon. Westfield Lillev, of St. John- street, Clerkenwcll, linen- draper. w. m. Bailey, of Derby, mercer. T. stokes, of Tooley- street, Southward, cabinet- maker. John seagoe, of Duke- strect, St. James's, tayli- r. T. Elliot, of Bedford- street. Covent- Garden, taylor. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST 13. Yesterday his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales co mpleted hit Ifith year; in commemoration of which, the day wisu- iieied i• i with the ringing of bells, and in the evening the different tradesmen who supply the Prince's Establishment, testified their loyalty by brilliant illumi- nations. No intelligence from Spain has reached town this day.— Intelligence of importance is hourly expected, ami is looked for with unusual anxiety, both by Mini- sters and the public. The intelligence transmitted to Government byC > Boyle, states, that, the flying King of Spain and the Indies, and the French troops, took the rnad to Hitrgo;. General Cuesta, it is said, missed intercepting his Majesty en his journey to Madrid only by two hour-. Bessieres made a rapid retreat from benevento to Burgos, fur the purpose, no doubt, of flanking and covering Joseph's passage back to the French frontier. A gentleman, of unquestionable authority, lias just arrived from Vienna, with the most satisfactory in- formation respecting the military arrangements of Austria. ' Hie Emperor has learnt, froni the fate of the Royal Family of Spain, as well as ' if the fallen House of Bran- denburg, that his security must depend, not upon illusive promises, but on his own activity and exertion ; and he has now prepared, for immediate action, an army of near 400,000 men, be-- id « : i the mili- ia. To facilitate tile ef- fective operations of these troops, magazines have been established at every important post, and all the various resources of war have been distributed in proper situations. Several of the homeward- bound Leeward Island fleet have arrived at Bristol. The funds have fluctuated much in the last four or five days, but have generally closed with a fall. Various reasons have been assigned for this; but we believe the money transmitted to Spain, the large sums sold out by the merchant; to purchase investments for the Spanish market, and the prospect of a war between Austria and Franco, which witi produce further demands on the finan- cial resources of this country, are the causes to which it ought to be chiefly attributed. It was reported yesterday that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had sent to the Go- vernor of the Bank to consult respecting a new Loan, to be raised immediately on the meeting of Parliament in November ; and had at the eame time intimated that five millions would be wanted for Austria. There, is no foundation for the report that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had sent to the Bank, to consult con- cerning a new Loan.— Sun. In consequence of the fluctuations of the fon. ls, consi- derable deficiencies have been announced in the money market, and two lame ducks waddled out yesterday, who, it is said, are half a million minus. There is a report in circulation, that Joseph Bona- parte was shot as he was preparing to leave Madrid, on the 2" th ult. At the Assize at Armagh, in Ireland, on Thursday se'n- night, Major Alexander Campbell was tried for the wilful murder of Capt. Alexander Boyd, of Newry, by shooting liim with a pistol, and after a long investigation, he was found Guilty, and sentenced to he. hanged on the Monday following; but, on account of his excellent character, he was recommended to mercy, and the execution respited. At Maidstone Assises, on Thursday, one Nathan, a Jew crimp, was tried on an indictment for seducing eleven sea- men, part of the crew of the Victory, to desert from his Majesty's service, in order to get them on board an India- man. He was found Guilty.— Isaac Long was found guilty of forging a Bill of Exchange, in the name of mr. Sparshott, Purser of the Vanguard. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o' Clock. pected they would have come, into this port for shelter; but they continued to persevere against, a strong and di- rectly contrary wind, and the next morning ( the wind having changed during the night) they had all passed the port.—- Much praise is certainly due ; it is perhaps the first tiuie a fleet kept at sea uniler such circumstances. The Phoenix, an outward- bound West Indiaman, arrived the same day in a damaged state, having been run on board by one of the transports. One man was killed in each ship. The Phoenix lias since proceeded on her voyage. However ludicrous it may appear, it is certainly a fact, that the inhabitants of a considerable borough in the vi- cinity of this town, one evening in the last week, mistook the planet Jupiter, majestically rising in the eastern hori- zon, for a fire balloon. The delusion was general, and continued two or three hotus, and it was not before the next evening, when it resumed the same appearance, that, with the help of Moore's almanack, t. he return of the phe- nomenon was satisfactorily ascertained ! PLYMOUTH, August 12. On Sunday came in the Favourite cutter, of 14 guns, from the Channel fleet, bringing the agreeable intelligence of the surrender of 20.000 Frenchmen, commanded by General Dupont, to the Spanish Patriots at Audugar, commanded. by General Castanos. The vessel bringing the dispatches from Curon* na spoke'the St. George, of ait guns, Rear- Admiral Sothe- by, off Ushant; the officer who was the bearer of these dispatches communicated the particulars to the Admiral, by whose order it was immediately made known to the dif- ferent ships in the squadron. On ' Monday came in the Swallow, of 13 guns, Captain Miller, from Corunna, with dispatches confirming the glorious News of the capture of Dupont's army. On her passage from Corunna, the Swallow captured L'Etoiie French schooner, from Martinico and Porto Rico, bound to Bourdeaux, lad- n with cotton, coffee, sugar, and indigo, which prize is also come in. On Tuesday came in the Gibraltar, of 84 guns, from Corunna. When she sailed, it was currently reported at Corumra, that Joseph Bonaparte had quitted Madrid, and WAS retreating to Bayonne. Arrived the Indefatigable lugger, from Madeira, bringing letters of so late a date as the 28th of July. A part of the troops had been sent to the West Indies. Those that re mained in Madeira were remarkably healthy, The Travers, Spencer, Monarch, Lord Eldon, and Carmarthen outward- bound Indirmen sailed from Madeira on the G'th of July. Oa the I " 111 of July, the Syhille frigate and Sappho sloop arrived there with a fleet from Cork, bound to the West Indies, and sailed again on the 17th of July. Oti Wedne- day came in the Pompee, of 80 guns, from off Rochefort; Durham transport, of Newcastle, from the westward, with part of the flying artillery belonging to the Expedition under the command ot General Burrard: she has received novel; damage by having been run aboard of by the Phoenix West Indiaman.—- Sailed the Morristown, of 14 guns, for the ports in Wales, with u fleet under con- voy. On Thursday came in the Morning Star cartel, from the coast of France: she sailed from hence on Monday last, with eleven French passengers for Morlaix, but on her ap- proaching the shore, and getting within hail of the battery at Morlaix, she was desired to depart and leave the French coast immediately, on pain of being sunk : attempts were made to soften down the rigour of t.'. e French commander, but it was found impossible to prevail, as the tender mer- cies of Bonaparte had dictated the order, from which the officer had no power to relax, and the vessel returned with nine of the eleven passengers, who re- landed here this mornihg, the other two, notwithstanding the risk, actually took the cartel's boat and made for the shore, and they were seen to be tired on from the battery, but what be- came of them was not known when the cartel left the coast. The only crime these unfortunate French people had committed to cause their expulsion from their native land, was, the having involuntarily touched the soil of England. PORTSMOUTH, August 13. The Expedition for Spain, consisting of three frigates and a sloop, convoying Bant Stock, 242 India Stock, — South Sea Stock, — 3 i& J- Cent. Red. 66| a 67$ 3 Tf- Cent. Cons. 66£ § 4 - p- Cents. 83{ £ 5 - jp- Cent. Navy, 98J 5 1)- Cent. — Long Ann. 181 | Omnium, f p. India Bonds, — . Exchequer Bills, — Irish 5 Cents. 9fl § a 97$ Imperial 3 f- Cents^ 7+ 1 English Lott. Tickets,£ Ditto Prizes, —^ Cent. dis. All Exchequer Bills, dated in the month of October 1807, are advertised to be paid oft', and the interest thereon will cease from and after the 23d day of August inst.— All Exchequer Bills, dated prior to, October 1807, have before been advertised to be paid off, and the interest thereon has ceased. port FALMOUTH, August 12. Late on Saturday night arrived the Black Joke lugger, Lieut. Alt, from Corunna in six days, with the important intelligence that the Spanish patriots in Andalusia, under General Castanos, had obtained a complete victory Over the French General Dupont, and compelled him to surrender liii whole army of 12,000 men prisoners of war, together with a detachment of 8000 men', marching to reinforce him; bxit there is a stipulation that the latter shall be sent by sea to France. Lieutenant Alt immediately landed, and set off for London with his dispatches. The Defiance, of 74 guns, Dry d and Amazon of 36, and Swallow of 18 guns, Were off Corunna, when the Black Joke sailed. The following packets sailed on Tuesday, viz. Princess Elizabeth tor Rio de Janeiro, Queen Charlotte for Jamaica, Carteret for Corunna, and Princess Augusta for New York and Halifax. La Bonne Citoyenne sloop of war sailed yesterday to the fleet off Brest. Sir Harry burrard's army passed this port on Tuesday. The fleet amounted to near 200 sail, and afforded a beauti- ful sight throughout the day, working down Channel. The wind had been extremely unfavourable since their sailing from Spitliead ( eight days before). It was therefore ex- General Gwynn is appointed Lieutenant- Governor of the Isle of Wight, and kissed his Majesty's hand on the occasion at the Levee on Wednesday. On Monday last General Cameron entertained a numerous party at his elegant mansion at Belvidere, near Christchureii. The company consisted of most of the beauty and fashion with which that neighbourhood abounds); among whom were the earl and Countess of Kingston, Lady Mary Blair, Lord King borough, Col. Mrs. and three Misses Walcott, the Officer^ of the Royal Horse Artillery, Mr. Jopp, Mr. Brander and family, Capt. Hunt, Capt. Quartley, Mr. Norris, Mr. Mills, & c. & c. The ball in the evening was opened by Lord Kingsborough and Miss Cameron, and kept up with great spirit till a late hour. Mr. Shatford's company of Comedians closed a sucee$ i< Bl season at Romsey on Tuesday evening, - pith a full house. Mr. Taylor, In singing the comic song of " the spruce Mr. Clarke," introduced some additional verses, alluding to the glorious success of the Spanish Patriots, which were received by the audience with rap- turous applause. On Friday the 5th inst. was married, at Hale church, by the '. lev. Arthur Stert May, Mr. William Rogers, of North Charford, to Miss Evans, of Hsie. On Thursday last Mas married, Mr. Doswell Hood, of Whitchbury, to Miss Ann Gilbert, third daughter of Mr. Gilbert Daniel, of Breamore. COACH RACE.— On Sunday last a coach called the Pa- triot, belonging to Mr. Hart, of the Bell, Leicester, drawn by four beautiful blood horses, started against Messrs. Pettifore and Co..' s celebrated coach called the De- fiance, from Leicester to Nottingham, a distance of 26 miles, both coaches changing horses at Loughborough. Thousands of people from all parts assembled to witness the event, and bets to a considerable amount were depend- ing. Both coaches started exactly at eight o'clock ; and after the severest contest ever remembered, Mr. Hart's coach arrived at Nottingham first by two minutes only, performing the distance of 25 miles in two hours and ten minutes, carrying twelve passengers. thirty sail of transports with troops, sailed on Tuesday, with a fair wind, which soon shifted, but tliey succeeded, notwithstanding, in getting down Channel. Mmday.— Arrived the Fylla, of 24 guns, with convoy of transports from the Downs; Pluto sloop, Capt. Janver in, from Corunna. Tuesday.— Sailed the Decade, of 32 gun?, Capt. Stuart; Fylla, of 21 guns, Captain Rodney; Eurydice, of 24guns; and Primrose sloop, Captain Mein, with transports, having the lath Light Dragoons and German Troops on board for Spain. . Thursday.— Arrived the Furious gun- vest .1, with trans- ports from the eastward. Friday.— Arrived the Sparrow sloop, Capt. Be van, from the West Indies; Tisiphone sloop, Capt. Foote, from Lvmington.— Sailed'the Pluto sloop, with specie for Spain ; Fearless gnn- vessel, with convoy for the Downs.— Went out of Harbour the Centurion, of 44 guns, Captain Monk, and Podargus sloop, Capt. Holland. Saturday.— Arrived the Solcbay, of 32 guns, Capt. Brown, from off Havre; Satellite sloop, Capt. Hopkins, rom the West Indies.— Dropped down to St. Helens the Tigre, of 80 guns. A grand ball and supper were given on Monday night bv the Officers of his Majesty's ship Christian the Seventh, commanded by Sir Joseph Sydney York, lying in the Har- bour. The quarter- deck, which was elegantly decorated, was appropriated for dancing, which commenced at eight and was kept up with great spirit till half past one in the morning. Supper was then announced; an. l after an ele- gant repast dancing was resumed. The company, upwards of 150 in number, did not depart till eight o'circk in the morning. CHATHAM, Aug. 12. A report prevails here that a general retirement is about to take place in the Royal Marines, and that Col. Theophilus Lewis is to be Colonel Commandant in Chief, in town; Colonels Williams, IVs- borough, Meredith, and Farmer, to be Commandants of Divisions; Colonels Tench, Berkeley, Ballingall, and Dyer, second Commandants. The Woolwich Divisiou of Royal Marines has been aug- mented by ten Companies, and sixteen second Captains are added to the resilient Captains companies. The General Court Martial, assembled at the Royal Marine Barracks, for the trial of Captain Lawson, was on Thursday last dissolved. To the great joy of all his brother Officers he was most honourably acquitted. The charges were preferred against him by Col. Fletcher. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13. The news of the surrender of Dupont's army to the Spanish Patriots was received here with great satisfaction, and was celebrated on Tuesday by the ringing of the Cathedral bells, and by the Volunteers firing three excellent vollies. The County Meeting at the Castle, on Wednesday last, for the purpose of addressing his Majesty on the glorious struggle now making by Spain and this country against the common enemy and oppressor of Europe, as he is aptly called in the address, was very numerously attended by men of all ranks and all parties, w ho unani- mously concurred in the address, as inserted belotv, and which has, perhaps, been seldom exceeded in brevity and energy of expression, suited to an occasion so interesting as this is. The address was moved by Sir John Pollen, Bart, and seconded by Sir William Heathcote, Bart. The thanks of the meeting were unanimously voted to the High Sheriff, who opened the business of the meeting in a very neat and appropriate speech. After the meeting th?.' Members of the County Club, and oeher steady friends of the present Members, had their anniversary dinner, at the White- Hart, when be- tween fifty and sixty sat down to a most excellent dinner of venison, and every delicacy of the season, with an ele- gant desert of fruit presented by the Stewards, L. B. Wither and Wm. Garrett, Esqr. The wines were excel- lent, the meeting truly convivial, and several appropriate song* were sung. After the King, the Queen and Royal Family, h id been drank, *' Suoer.' S3 to the cause of the Patriots of Spain" was given from the Chair, which way enthusiastically cheered with three times three, as were the health of the Members for the County and many other popular toasts. Sir Robert Kingsmill, Bart, and John Blackburn, Esq. were chosen Stewards for the year ensuing. SALISBURY. MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1808. Lieutenant Alt, of the Black Joke lugger, who brought the first account of the surrender of Dupont's army, diffused great joy in many of the towns on his road from Falmouth to London, by obligingly communicating the gratifying intelligence to different gentlemen, through whom it was made known to the public at large. He arrived at the Hotel in Exeter about one o'clock on Sun- day; and the Judges, & c. being there to hold the Assizes, Sir Henry Carew, Bart, the High Sheriff, was sent for, and immediately went to the Hotel, where having learnt the Npvs, it was soon published throughout the city.— Lieut. Alt reached Salisbury about two o'clock on Monday morn- ninj ; at that hour, of course, but few people were stirring, but during the morning such particulars as could be ob- tained were published here also, and transmitted to many of tlie towns and villages around.— There has seldom been an instance whe. e Englishman have so generally rejoiced for a victory, in the gaining of which luither British soldiers nor sailors were engaged. Biandford Races commenced on Tuesday. The 50/. Plate, for horses that have not won that value sinct^ March 1807, was won at two heats by Mr. Scott's b. m. Tenbones, 6 yrs. old t l Mr. Radclyffe's ch. h. Lancaster, 4yrs. old 2 2 ' Mr. C. Day's ch. c. Gloucester, 3 yrs. old 3 dr. Sir. H. Lippencot's b. g. Ploughhoy, drawn. Same day, the Gold Cup, a subscription of 10 Guineas each, 13 subscribers, was won by Mr. Greathed's White Rose, beating Mr. VVorral's ch. f. Mr. Biggs's Rosario, and Mr. Trevanion's Gammon. On Wednesday, the 50/. Plate for 3 and 4 yr. olds, was won by Sir H. Lippencot's br. c. Chaise and one, 4yrs. old 1 I Mr. Tivvanion's b. c. Crabbs, 3 yrs. old 2 3 Mr. Worral's cli. f. 3 yrs. old 3 2 Sir J. Hawkins's b. c. Rosario, drawn. Same day, the 501. Plate given by the Members for the County, wa > won by Mr. C. Day's ch. h. Buckle 1 1 Mr Scott's b. m. Tenbones 2 2 Mr. Trevanion's b. h. Bucephalus, drawn. Same day, a Sweepstakes of 5 Guineas each, was won by Mr. Trcvanfon's Kucephalus 1 1 S'r H. Lippencot's Ploughboy 2 2 Lord Ilchester's Gloucester 3 3 Mr, Radclyffe's Lancaster, Mr. Bankes's Buckler, and Mr. Trevunion's Crahbs, wvrs drawn.— Mr. Greathed, Mr. Grosvenor, and Mr. Karquharson, are subscribers, but did not name. The Races were attended with much company, and the Balls both nights were very full, all the beauty and fashion of this and the neighbouring counties being present. BIRTH.] On Saturday last, atWilbury House, Lady Malet of a son. » A few days since was married, at Marnlnill, Dorset, Mr. Thomas Drew to Miss Mary Hunt, both of that place. On Thursday was married Mr. H. Penny, of this city, to Miss E. Graham, of Nether Wallop. John Ward, Esq. is elected Mayor of Marlborough for the year ensuing. On Saturday last, the Executors of the late Edward Ilinxinan, Esq. of Little Diiruford House, paid in to the Treasurer of the Salisbury Infirmary a Legacy of 100/. deducting 10/. for the duty. The Dorchester company of volunteers have, with the exception of a very few men, agreed to transfer their service to the. local militia. BRITFORD FAIR, near this city, was held on Friday last. The numbers of Sheep and Lambs penned amounted to 19,000. The, sales were very dull, and the average prices full 6s. per head cheaper than last year: Wethers fetched from 27s. to 3t}. « . per head, Ewes from 18s. to 27s. per head, and Lambs from I li. to igs. per head. Mr. Brooks, of Dean Farm, sold 200 of very prime South Down Wether Lambs at 20s. 6d. per head. The greatest demand appeared much in favour of four- teeth and aged South Down and horned Wethers. There was but a scanty show of good Horses, and they sold very high. Lansdown Fair, near Bath, was remarkably well attended on Wednesday. The shew of horses and cattle was not very great, and high prices were generally ob- tained. Cheese, in the morning, had a very slow sale, the price demanded for New Coward being nearly ~ 6 « . per cwt. Towards the evening it fell 8s. or 10 » '. per cwt. and was then mostly cleared off. It has been from time immemorial a custom to hold a Revel on Landsdown on the Sunday preceding the fair, and doubtless scenes of intoxication and riot have someti/ nes ensued. Duncan Campbell, Esq. the High Constable of the district for the present year, appears to have thought it his duty to suppress a portion of this rtvelry : accord- ingly, he went to tl'. e Down on Sunday evening, attended by several peace officers; on his appearance, he was saluted with hisses from the persons in the booths, of which ho took no notice ;— but seeing two young men sparring, he ordered them to desist, as such amusement was too often the forerunner of more serious contests. On their disobey- ing his mandate, Mr. Campbell collared them, declaring they were his prisoners, and should be carried down to Bath. He was soon surrounded by the populace, and in the scuffle which ensued he was knocked down, when he pulled out a pistol, and shot one of his assailants in the belly. He then with difficulty made his escape, but he would probably have been killed by the populace, had it not been for the protection given him by a soldier who happened to be on the Down. He surrendered himself to Mr. White, a Magistrate, and was that night committed to the City Prison. The wounded man was taken to the Star Inn, on Laiisdown, where he expired on Tuesday. Mr. Seadding, the Coroner, held an inquest on the body on Thursday ; after the evidence had been heard, the Jury deliberated for a considerable time, and late at night re- turned a verdict of Manslaughter.— Mr. Campbell was on Tue day removed to Shepton Mallet bridewell, to take his trial at the ensuing Assizes for the- county of Somerset. Messrs. Elliotts, Harrington, and Goss liad a Vo- ' cal Concert at the Assembly- Room in Exeter, on Fri- day evening, which was very numerously and fashion- ably attended, and the whole performance greatly applauded. Lately was married A. J. Biedermann, Esq. of Malmesbury Charlton, in this county, to Miss R. Kelminster, of Culkerton, in Gloucestershire. On Saturday the 6th inst. died, at his father's house in Lower Grosvenor- street, London, Geo. Churchill, Esq. a Lieutenant- General in the army. On Wednesday the loth inst. died, at Beaminster, Dorset, Mr. John Russell, who, for a long series of years, exercised the profession of an attorney at law with the greatest respectability. Lately died, at Sutton- upon- Denvent, near York, the Rev. J. Sarraude, B. d. Rector of that parish, and Vicar of Bossall, formerly Rector ofTollurd Royal, in this county.— The valuable Yorkshire livings, now vacated by Mr. Sarraude's death, are in the gift of the Bishop of Durham. A few days since died at Dorchester, aged 64 years, Mr. Robert Gundry, an eminent cooper. Sir Robert Graham and Sir John Bailey, the Judges of Assize on the Western Circuit, arrived at Exeter on Satur- day evening, and opened the commission for the county of Devon. The business- there is immense, there being 7'. causes, of which la sre for Special Juries. When our dis- patch left Exeter on Friday night, no cause of importance had been tried. Coram, Esq. v. Bulteel ct Uxor, for breach of a promise of marriage, and Guard t\ Hodge, for Crim. Con. were expected to come on on Saturday, and from appearances it was concluded that the business would not be ended till late on Monday ( this day). At the Crown bar, George Godbear has been tried for the wilful murder of Robert Loach, of Morehard, found guilty, and sentenced to be executed on Friday; but, order to avoid having an execution during the holding of the Assizes, the Judges respited 1 him till Tuesday. This criminal will be cut off from society in the very prime of life : he is about 2( i years old. William bowreman, for stealing a cask of cyder ; Wm. Ashton, for stealing watches, rings, plate, & c. and John hayball, for stealing a cow, were all capitally convicted, but it was thought they would be reprieved.— There was nothing interesting in any of the other trials. The Assizes for the county of Cornwall will begin at Bodmin on Wednesday morning.— Is it expected there will be a great many causes. James Cooke was apprehended here on Thursday last, a deserter from the 1- 1 battalion of Royal Artillery. There were found on him various artif'. e-' of wearing apparel, & c. supposed to have been stolen, and also a set of copper- plate copies, marked " Broom Pinnegar, Kintbury, Berks." Oil Friday Mr. Whitmarsh, the Coroner, took an inquest oil the body of Wm. Donwoodhay, a lad about nine years old, who was drowned at Downton, Vcrdict— Accidental Death. SOUTHAMPTON RACES, 1308. THE BALL and SUPPER will be at the Long Rooms, on Friday the 2fa'th of August, being the 2d day of the Races. J. DOTT, Esq. > c j. H. M1TCHEL, Esq.| bT!! WA, u, s' Gentlemen's Tickcts, One Guinea ;— Ladies' ditto, l ive Shillings.—' To be had at the Rooms, and ot Messrs. Baker and Fletcher, Southampton. fffls HOME MARKETS. • i n, per Quarter- — Uread, per Gallon. Prices of Co Wheat.' Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread. Aug. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. J. d. Salisbury, y 76 to 84 40 to 44 40 lo 46 74 to 78 1 10 Basingstoke, 10 66 to 84 40 to - 14 38 lo 42 66 to 70 1 8 Devizes, 11 76 to 85 43/ 0 43 319 lo 42 67 lo 7Q 1 7* Newbury, 11 68 lo 86 40 to 42 38 / o 46 68 to 73 1 M Andover, 13 65 to 83 33 to 40 35 to 4' i 6!) lo 71 1 8 Warminster, 13 SO to • 10 to 43 38 to 42 70 lo 74 Weight of the Gallon Loaf, Bib. HIM:.— Half Gall. 4 U . 5jriz. TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY. E your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the county of Southampton, hiimb! y request we may be permitted to ap- proach your Throne with our hearty congratulations on the cessation of hostilities with Spain ; and to express our admi- ration at the loyal, gallant, and successful efforts already made by that high spirited nation, with a promptitude and courage of which there ara few instances in the history of the world, to assert the independence of the Spanish Monarchy against the common enemy and oppressor of Europe. At the same time that we offer these congratulations to your Majesty, we beg leave to acknowledge the wisdom and mag- nanimity of the disinterested Support given by your Majesty to the Spanish cause, which, while it manifests to the world the highly honourable principle by which your Majesty is ac tuated, affords the best prospect of promoting the'lastin; prosperity of your Majesty's dominions, as well as securing the tranquillity of Europe. Resolved,— That this Address having been unanimous' agreed to, the Sheriff be requested to sign the same on behalf of the Meeting, and to transmit it to one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, to be by him presented to his Majesty. Signed on behalf of the Meetine, GEORGE HANBURY MITCHELL, Sheriff. Resolved unanimously,— That the Thanks of the Mectin be gyven to the. Sheriff ior bis readiness in complying with the requisition for catting this Meeting, and for his able and im- partial conduct thereat. [ 7> yo MAGDALEN- HILL FAIR, 1808.' THE WOOL FAIR was well attended o: « Mag- dalen- Hill on Tuesday the 2d inst. One shilling ei^ ht- pcncc halfpenny was offered for the best wool; one shil ling arid three- pcnce for inferior sorts per pound. The besi washed sample of wool was Mr. Blount's, of Wallop. The premium of a coat made of South- down wool was adjudged to the Captain of the Washers at Longstock, where Mr. Blount': sheep were washed. The Chairman promised to give a coat made of South- down wool next year to the shepherd whose flock produces that sample of wool which shall appear to be the bust washed and wound, and of the best quality. 635} W. POWLetT POWLETT, Chairman. TO BOOKBINDERS. CAPITAL WORKMAN, of good character may hear of a superior and permanent situation applying at the Printing- Office, Salisbury, None of inferior ability need apply. [ 705 Ac W CHRISTCHURCH, HANTS, AUG, 13, 1808. ANTED immediately, for the said Parish,— A fit and able- bodied young MAN, as a SUBSTITUTE in the MILITIA. A liberal Bounty will be given by the Overseers of the said Parish ; and any person who shall bring any such Substitute, will be rewarded with Five Guineas for his trouble, on such Substitute being enrolled and approved of agreeably to Acto Parliament. w /" HEREAS the GAME on the Manors of North Stoneham and Romsey Extra, and also on the Manors of Heazlev, Comely, Gtuerr, Newnbam, and Binsteed, in the Isle ot Wight, belonging to Mrs. FLEMING, has for some years past been destroyed, and it being her wish to preserve the same, all qualified gentlemen are requested not to hunt or shoot thereon the ensuing season, and « ! 1 unqualified per- sons are required to take notice, that if found trespassing on any part of the said Manors they will be prosecuted. STONEHAM PARK, Uth of August, 1808. [ GC4 OST, some time since,— An aged RED COW Li with a white Stripe along the Back ; lias lost the fore Teat on the ri* ht side, otherwise withered. Whoever will bring her to William Pike, ot West Wellow, shall receiv HALF- A- GUINEA Reward, and ajl reasonable Expenees paid. [ 710 TAKEN UP at Whaddon,— Two fat WETHER SHEF. P.— Whoever will prove them to be their property shall have them again by applying to Mr. Petty, at the Three Crowns, Whaddon, and paying all expcnces. , fyoy A1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. LL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of Mr. ROBERT GUNDRy, late of Dorchester, in the county of Dorset, Cooper, China Glass, and Earthenwareman, deceased, are requested imme- diately to send the particulars thereof to Mr. Thomas Winsor. cooper, or to Mr. William Zillwood, schoolmaster, both of Dorchester aforesaid, the executors in trust of the deceased in order that the same may be settled ; and all persons indebt- ed to the said Mr. Gundry at bis death, are desired forthwith to p ly the amount of their respective debts to the said Thomas Winsor or William Zillwood, without further notice or delay, DORCHESTER, August 12, 180S. VOCAL CONCERT, At the Assembly Rooms, Southampton, under the patronage of the Stewards of the races, JAMES DOTT, Esq. and G. H. MITCHELL, Esq. mESSRS. Goss, JAMES ELLIOTT, HARRING- TON, and ELLIOTT, beg leave respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and their Friends in general, that they intend performing a voCAL CONCERT at the above Rooms on Wednesday the 21th of August.— Particulars of the Con- cert will be advertised in due time.' Tickets, fi\ e shillings each, to be had at Mr. Wellman's Music- shop, Mr. Skelton's Circulating Library, and at the rooms the night of performance*. [< i;> 9 This day are published, an enlarm d cditv n > f 1. kEArSLEY's TAX TABLES for 1808, con- taining a concise Table of the New Stamp Dvtier, the New Assessed Taxes, Property Tax, and a v. ir t ty of other Tax Acts of general impoitance, brought down to the present time. Price li. 2. A separate SHEET TABLE of the most Genera' Taxes, for the use of Counting Houses. Halls, Offices, & c. ccricetctt to the close of the Session, 1808. Price is, Printed for G. Kearsley, Fleet- street, London ; and sold ! y Brodie, Dowriing, and l. uxford, Salisbury. I •'- i HPHE PROPRIETORS of the old SALISBURY 1 COACH, from the Black Horse, Salisbury,- the Sara- een's Head, Friday- street, and the Bell and Crown inn, hol- born, return their sincere thanks to the Public for past favours. [.' or the better accommodation of their Friends at Audi v •;, Overton, Whitchurch, and Basingstoke, they nspc.' tluily beg leave to inform them, that on Wednesday the 17th insunt, they will commence with a new and e'ta: ant; lii; l'. t i'c! cgraph Coach, called THE ANDOVER EXHIBITION ; will leavetha above inns in Loudon on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday afternoons; and the George Inn, Andover, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eveninus. WH1TMASH, FAGG, PENNY, and CO. 671J PHOI- UU. TORS. jnn. begs leave thOMAS GUILLAUME, A inform the Gentlemen, Farmers, and the Public, living n the v icinity, that he has a Stock of very capital burning 30ALS to be SOLD, in any quantity, at" the Fown- Quay in CO AI Prices. NORTHAM YARD, SOFTHAMPTON, Aug. 12, ISOR. Quay U of Meadow or Pasture, called Granger's and Daniel's Mtad, containing six acres and a quarter, in another. The above premises are situate in the parish of V. tit Knoyle, and now are in the occupation of Mary Ovens, widow, as tenant from year to year. For a view of the premises apply at the Farm House ; and for further particulars to Mr. Still, at East Knoyle. [ 51- 1 DORSET ADVOWSON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, nt the Crown Inn, in Wimborne, Dorset, on Friday the n;: Vi rt September, 1808, precisely at four o'clock in the afternoon. Ttie AD- VOWSON of the RECTORY ot GUSSAOIJ ST. " MICHAEL, subject to the Incumbency of the present Rector, ;: bout '•->. There arc belonging. to the rectory a sniail . use, about 26 arres of Glebe Land, the Tithes of about ! 7nn acres of Land, Right of Common for - 200 Sheep and an unlimited number'of black cattle. Gussage is about eight miles from Wimbornc and Bland- ford, twelve from Shaitesbnry, and fourteen from Salisbury, and lies about two miles to* the south of lhegrcntw ,' st. iu turnpike from Salisbury to tlie Land's End, in the midst of a country abounding with game,, and in the neighbourly -, d of which there are two packs of fox- hounds. [ 665 For further particular* apply to Mr. Castleman, Wimborne. •• SOUTHAMPTON. To Merchant*, Builders, and others. rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. DELL, on I. the premises, on Wednesday the 89th of August 1808, between the hours of one and three o'clock in the afternoon, agreeable to conditions as will be then produced at the time of sale,— S iveral Lots ot LAND, pleasantly situated on the West Quay, After the Sale of the Land will be put up for Sale, All the MATERIALS of Two DWKM. IKO- H6DI. ES and S ronr. s, late in the occupation of Silver Taylor; Esq. in Lots, for ttie convenience of purchasers; consisting of sashes, doors, joists,' rafters, flooring, lead cisterns, pipes, tilts, bricks, tVc. and are remarkably good, as the premises have not been built many years. These premises will be very desirable, as the Town Wall may be taken down, there will be sufficient room to build three or four very pleasant Houses or large Stores, where much room is wanted, to fi. ee the water, commanding a delightful view of the New Forest, Ehng, Redbridge, and the adjacent neighbourhod. These premises are held by lease under the Mayor, Eailifis, and Burgesses of the town of Southampton, at a small quit rent, for the residue of a 40 years term. [ fici3 For further particulars enquire of the Auctioneer, High- streU. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DQWDING, AND J. LUX FORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; If here. Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of NCK'S arc received ( Postage paid.) Also by t} » P « tt* rr.* s « nd* ox « um in the West of England; by the respective NEWSMEN ; « « l In London by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No, 5, Warwick - So uare. Wwwick- I/^, Ne^ te- Street. and Mr. WILKIE, Bookseller, I^ rnoster- Row. St. P. » k-.
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