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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3728
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 01/08/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3728
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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ALISBUHY AND WINCHESTER JO AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3728. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. / Stamp Duty 3. W. ( Paper and Print gV. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. BERLIN, June 22. IT does not appear that we are to expect any very speedy change in our situation ; the Court will still continue for an indeterminate time at Koningsberg ; the great Officers of State have entirely broken up their household establishments in this city. The French are working day and night in their maga- zines, preparing ammunition, & c. great quantities of which are sent to Magdeburgh and to Silesia, for which latter country several French regiments are on their march. BANKS of the MAINE, June 25. According to accounts from Brandeiiburgh, the mission of the Russian Minister Von Stein not only had reference to the payment of the arrears of the contributions, but to the liberation of the Prussian provinces from the occupation of the French troops. Neither of these objects, however, was attained. — It is even said, that the Emperor declared political cir- cumstances rendered the evacuation of the Prus- ian terii- tory on this side the Vistula impossible ; and it fs consi- dered as certain that the French troops will form a camp near Berlin. - - — A* 1 1 - r- LONDON, MONDAY, JULY 25. A Gottenburgh Mail arrived yesterday. In an article dated Gottenburgh, July 18, it appears that the conquest of Norway is given up for the present; the Swedish army has retired within its own borders, and all military preparations have ceased : the two armies, how- « ver, remain upon the frontiers. The report of an ap- proaching peace betweeu Russia and Sweden gained addi- tional credit. The storv of a new Pope having been chosen, on the resignation of Pius VII. which occupied much of the papers of the last week, is wholly unfounded. Moniteu- s of the ifit'n inst. were received last night. By these we learn that King Joseph proceeds cautiously towards his new capital. He was at Vittoria on the 13th, and promised to be at Madrid on the 2~ th. In his suite are many of the iirVt Nobility of Spain, and he has a strong military escort. We may soon expect to hear that the contest is become very serious. Bonaparte must mean to send a formidable army in support of his brother, after thus sending him into the heart of a country where so great a portion of the population is hostile to him. Private letters from Holland state', that the French troops have almost all evacuated that country, and pro- ceeded towards Spain. Dispatches from Colonel Sir Thomas Dyer, dated BenaventiS July 16, were received yesterday. They con- tain an account of a battle between the Spanish patriots, under the commend of General Cuesta, and the French corps under General Lassolles, near Valladolid. The French army consisted of 10,400 infantry, 2000 cavalry, and a very large train of artillery. The discomfiture of this corps • would have interrupted Bonaparte's communication with Madrid, and thereby have produced great advantages to the cause of the patriots. General C'uesta, whose army • was composed of 14,000 infantry, 200 cavalry, a train of US pieces of artillery, and a body of armed peasantry, attacked the French on the 14tii inst. and had the advan- tage in the commencement of the battle ; but the great superiority of the French cavalry and artillery ultimately decided the fate of the day. After several hours hard fishting, General Cuesta felt it necessary to Suund a retreat, • which was effected in good order to Beuavento; and the French had suffered so severely in the action, that they made no attempt to pursue tire Spaniards. No mention is made of the loss in killed and wounded on either side. It ft stated that the Spaniards, early in the action, took four pieces of cannon from the enemy, which they spiked; and it is admitted that in their retreat they lost 13pieces of cannon, - - ftieh of course fell into the hands of the enemy. The Spanish Carabineers displayed gVat courage and steadiness, and effectually covered the retreat of the army. In the battle they made one dreadful charge on the French ca- Vilrv in which it is supposed 200 of the latter were killed. " Numerous reinforcements were marching to Benavento, tu • loin General, Cuesta, and there was no doubt that he would soon be in a condition again to advance; with a very supe- rior force, to meet the enemy. Letters and papers were this morning received from New VorVi of two days latel date than those brought by the last packet. The papers contain a Note from the Pre- sident, Mr. Jefferson, to the Delegates of the Democratic Republicans of Philadelphia ( In answer to an Address which that body hail presented to him, approving of his measures) • wherein the President appears to speak of England and Trance as equally aggressors on the commerce of Ainerieai He savs, " it was not to be expected, in this age, that nations,' so honourably distinguished by their advances in science and civilization, would suddenly east away the esteemSthey had merited from the world, and, revolting from th-: empire of Morality, assume a character in history, • which all the tears of their posterity will never wash froth its pages. During this delirium of the warring powers, the ocean having become a field of lawless violence," the embargo appeared to him the only eligible measure, either to avoid the contest, or to enter on it with advantage. But the President intimates that. in the embargo ( the temporary inconvenience Whereof he admits) he had in view a lasting good for America, by compelling the establishment of manufactories which would render her independent of Europe, and remove the risk of collision, no longer regu- lated by the laws of reason and morality. The Legislature of Massachusetts, on the 2d Ult. passed a Resolution disapproving of the measures of the General Government, by'a majority of 37— the numbers being— Aves 24fi— Noes 210- The French Consul General at Philidelphia has advertised far sale the French ship 1' Eole, of 74 guns, lying ill the port of Baltimore, so long blockaded by the English. Hemp, tallow, and most articles of Russian pro- duce, experienced a considerable reduction in price during t. h" last week, under a general impression that our com- mercial relations with that country will shurtly be restored. This day was tried, in the Court of King's Bench, Guild- hall, Sir John Carr's action against Hood and Sharp, book- ' eHefti, for a libel, in printing and publishing a book with caricatures of the plaintiff. Mr. Garrow made a very elo- quent speech in behalf of Sir John Carr, and brought evi- dence to shew that the ridicule ot •• the Stranger in Ire- land," - See. in the publication alluded to, had prevented Sir John's sale of the copyright of another tour. The Attorney General was heard to reply.— Lord Ellenborough, in sum- ming up, observed, that the action could not be main- tamed, as the caricatures only applied to the plaintiff as an author, and if his publications had merit they would stand the test of ridicule. If such prosecutions were en- couraged, there would be an end of all criticism ; as well nii » ht Pope heve been prosecuted for theDunciad. The Jury immediately gave a verdict for the defendants. A. fire broke out on Saturday, atWelton, Bucks, at the hou- e of Captain Dunaver, which consumed the mansion, together with furniture to the amount of several thousand pounds. Saturday morning the Asp Custom house lugger, of Deal, came into Dover, the crew having in the course of the night been on shore at Deal, in their boats, accom- panied by the boats from the Nimble Custom- house cutter, of Deal. They had been in pursuit of some smuggling boats which had gone on shore, but on landing, they were fired on by a party from the shore, the consequence of which was, that two of the people in the Custom- house boats, Ellis and Bruce, were killed on the spot, and a third is so'badly wounded as to lie without hopes of recovery, having received two shots; two others are slightly wounded. Soon after the lugger came in, a Jury was summoned, who returned a verdict of— Wilful Murder by persons unknown. Two boats and a part of the goods were taken; but the smugglers made their escape. " Wednesday Last, James Gilchrist was executed at Glas- gow, for the murder of his wife. He asserted his ifmo- -- t. nee to the last. MARK- LANE, Monday, July 11. The mealing trade for Wheat this morning was extremely dull, and a decline in the prices of about Is. per qr. was complied with in general, except for heavy Red Wheat, which fully maintained the terms last quoted. We had several samples of new White Peas at market this morning, hut the currency is in a great measure unsettled as yet, the buyers not beirig Inclined to venture without a large abatement from last year's prices.— Grey Pear, are cheaper ; also Tick Beans, Barley, and Cairraway Seed, as per particulars beneath, whereto" we refer. The new Rape Seed comes uncommonly dry and handsome, the best finds buytrs at 38/. per last, such as is red or small sells lower.— Wheat 80s. to 8&.— Rye 40s. to 63s.— White Peas 72s. to 156' s. nominal.— Grey Peas 50s. to 58s.— Horse Beans 60s. to 66s.— Tick Beans 56s. to 68s.— Barley 40s'. to 48s.— Malt 66s. to 80s. — Oafs 34s. to 48s. per quarter.— English Household Flour 6' 8s. per sack.— Carraway Seed 44s. to 53s.— Coriander Seed 18s. to Sis, per cwt.—' Turnip Seed 9s. to 13s. per bushel.— Rape Seed 3- 11. to 38?.. per last. SMITHTIELD MARKET, July 15. " We had this day about 1850 head of Neat Cattle, 17,0ou Sheep and Lambs, 180 Calves, 390 Pigs.— The prices were, Beef 4s. to 5s. Mutton 4s. Ad. to is. id. Lamb Ss. to 6s. id. Veal 4 « . 81;. to Si. 4d. Pork 4s. 8d. to 5s. ed. per stone of 8/ 1. to sink the offal. ,, The prices by the Carcase, in NEWGATE and LEADENHALL MARKETS, were, Beef 3s. I'd. to 4S. Sd. Mutton 4s. to 5s. Lamb 4s. id. to 6s. Veal 4s. to 5s. 8d. Pork Is. 6d. to 5s. 6d. The prices of Hay, & c. in the different Markets, were,— Dry Meadow Hay SI. to 67. 6s. Old to 61. lis. Clover 61.10s. to 71. 10s. Straw 11. 16s. to 9.1. 4s. WINCHESTER, July < 28, 1808. ' TTHE Gentlemen whose Names are hereunto sub- jL scribed, request that the HIGH SHERIFF will call a MEETING of the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, & FREEHOLDERS of this County, to consider of an ADDRESS to bis Majesty, to congratulate his Majesty on the Cessation of Hostilities with Spain, and on the gallant efforts already made by that high spirited Nation to assert their Independence against the common Enemy and Oppressor of Europe ; and to express their opinion of the importance of his Majesty's continuing to afford his most vigorous assistance for the attainment of that great object. Wiiliam Heathcote, Edward Hulse, William Chute, John Blackburn, L. B. " Wither, John Rawlinson, John Harwood, James Standerwick, C. J. Clavering, George Porter, James Jopp, [ 522 John Bampier, George Rose, William Garrett. Henry St. John Mildmay, William Herbert, Abel Rous Dottin; Charles Arnotti John Hawkins, Alexander Radcliffe, Benjamin Stow, John Parlby. B' IN compliance with the above Requisition, I appoint a MEETING of the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, & FREEHOLDERS of the County of SOUTHAMPTON, to be holden at the. Castle of Winchester, on Wednesday the 10th day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose above- mentioned. GEORGE HANBURY MITCHELL, AVINCHESTER, July 28, 1808. SHERIFF. rp, HE High Sheriff having callcd a Meeting of the A County " on Wednesday the 10th of neit Month, to con- sider of an Address to his Majesty on the exertions making by the Spanish Nation against the common Enemy of Europe, the ANNIVERSAtY of the COUNTY CLUB will beheld on that day, when the Members and their Friends will dine together at the WHITE HART INN, WINCHESTER.— Dinner on table at three o'clock. By Order, GEO. HOLLIS, Secretary. Gentlemen arc desired to leave their names at the Bar before twelve o'clock, that provision maybe made according to . the number who shall express their intention of dining. WINCHESTER, July 29, 1803. [ 523 ISLE OF WIGHT. Y Virtue of a Permission from the Right Hon. the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the MA- GISTRATES of the ISLE of WIGHT hereby give Notice, that all Persons coming from any of the Western Counties to the Island, for the purpose of'Assisting in GETTING IN THE HARVEST, aud producing a Certificate from the Mi- nister and churchwardens of the parish from which they come, of their riot being seamen or seafaringmen, will, in going to and returning from the Island, be permitted to pass to and from their respective homes, without being interrupted by those employed in his Majesty's Impress Service. By order of, the Magistrates, [ 433 July 21, 1808. THOMAS SEWELL, Cierk. BURSLEDON BRIDGE AND ROADS. ATOTICE is hereby given,—- That a GENERAL i. 1 ASSEMBLY of theCompany of Proprietors of Bursledon Bridge and Roads wdl be holden at the Red Lion Inn, near the Bridge, on Monday the 8tli day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, When a Ml attendance of the Pro- prietors is earnestly requested. Those Members who intend staying to ( line, are requested to send early information thereof either to the Clerk, or to Mr. Waldron at the above inn, that adequate provision may be made. By order of the Committee, DAVID COMPIGNE, Clerk. Gosport, July 5, 1808. [ 235 NORTHAM BRIDGE AND ROADS. SOUTHAMPTON, July 2, 1808. OT1CE is hereby given,— That a General As- _ _. mbly of the Company of Proprietors of the Northam Bridge and Roads will be holden at the Dolphins Inn, South- ampton, on Saturday the 6th day of August next ensuing, precisely at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon. y. OOJ WM. CURRY, Clerk of theCompany. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Dorset. GENTLEMEN, A S Mr. R W. ANDREWS has resigned the Office / 3l of one Of his Majesty's CORONERS for the county of Dorset, 1 beg leave >. o offer myself as a CANDIDATE for that situation ; my profession as a'Surgeon, although not a neces- sary qualification, will yet, I hope, entitle me to your consi- deration ; and should I, by your partiality, be so fortunate as to succeed in this object of my wishes, 1 will endeavour, by an Unremitting attention to the duties of the office, to prove myself net unworthy your confidence, in selecting me to fill so important a station. [ 436 I have the honour to be, with great respect, Gentlemen, Your most obedient and devoted humble Servant, DORCHESTER, July 14,1808. JOHN WALLIS. Nc R EADY to MONEY, be advanced,- - Several SUMS of MONEY, on Security dr Freehold Lands. Apply to Mr. Baldwin, Ringwood, Hants. [ 518 TO THE " CLERGY. WANTED,— A CLERGYMAN, to divide the Duty of two Churches in Hampshire. [ 488 Apply ( post paid) to the Printers.— No Parsonage House. SCHOOL AND CURACY. AWRITING MASTER, in a Free Grammar School, wanted immediately ; Stipend, besides Board and Lodging; from 40'. to 50/. a year. And a WRITING ASSISTANT, salary from 181, to 301. Also a CLERGY- MAN, to instiuct the inferior Classes, and to serve a Church; Stipend 100/. a year, and Board and Lodging. Letters ( post paid) addressed to Mr. Wills, schoolmaster, Salisbury, will be attended to. [ 545 WANTED immediately, in a respectable School, — An ASSISTANT in the Writing and Mathematical department.— References to character and abili ties are expected. Apply by letter ( post paid) to Thomas Lamport, Poole, Dorset. [ 497 WANTED immediately, as an ASSISTANT,— A young MAN, from 18 to 25 years of age, qualified to teach Writing and Accompts. Letters ( post paid) ad- dressed to Musson, George, and Tayler, Printing- office, Newport, Isle of Wight, will meet with early attention. [ 507 WANTED immediately,— An APPRENTICE to a DRAPER and HABERDASHER, in a pleasant town in Hampshire.— A Premium will be expected. Apply to the Printers; if by letter, post paid. [ 487 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. An APPRENTICE is Wanted by a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, in full and respectable Practice. •— As the treatment will be in every respect liberal, an ade- quate premium is expected. Enquire ( if by letter, postpaid) of thePtinters. [ 405 ANTED,— A MAN and his WIFE, to live in a Farm- House, and take Care of it, under a Bailiff.— The Man to be employed in husbandry and assist in the farm, the Woman as dairy- maid and to take care of the poultry, and to understand fattening them. None need a[ iply who cannbt have good characters from their last place for honesty, sobriety, and good temper. AhsvVer to be sent to Mr. Ed- mund Ashby, Vallis Farm, near f'rome, Somerset. [ 403 TO LINEN- DRAPERS. WANTED, A young MAN who is acquainted with every Branch of the LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRA- PERY Businesses, who writes a good hand, and has been used to book- keeping; an unexceptionable character is re- quired, and a liberal salary will be given. Enquire of the Printers ; if by letter, post paid. [ 508 WANTED,— An IRON- FOUDER, who im- derstands his business, and who may have constant employ and good wages. For particulars apply ( by letter, post paid) to Mr. Skelton, bookseller, Southampton. [ 509 TCTCOACH- MAKERS. WANTED,-— A COACH- MAKER WHO CAN work in the Body and Carriage line.- rSuch a one, who is a good hand, will have constant employ and good wages by applying to Isaac Gozney, coach- maker, Winborre, Dorset.— If'inborw, July 29, 1808. [ 519 VI7" ANTED immediately,— A Journeyman TAY- VV LOR.— Apply to J. H. Attwood, Applc'shaw, Hants; if by letter, post paid. [ 50- 2 w AMAN of good Character, who has lived under a HEAD GARDENER, and has acquired a perfect know- ledge of the Management of a Hot- house, Pinery, & c. rtay hear of a Place, by. applying to the Printers of this Payer. WANTED,— A SERVANT, either inor out of Livery, where only one's kept in the house. For particulars apply to Mr. Painter, Andove'r. [ 481 ANTED in a Country Family,—— A steady middle- aged MAN, as BUTLER out of Livery.— It will be useless for any one to apply, unless his character is in all respects unexceptionable. A FOOTMAN is also wanted in the same Family. Enquire of the Printers ; if by letter, post paid. " PI74 WANTED, in a regular, genteel, small Family,— A steady respectable young Man, as FOOTMAN, where ho other servant is kept within doors: he must have lived in a gentleman's family, clean plate and knives well, must understand waiting at table, and be very clem both in his own person and his business, have no followers, and have a good character from his last place. Enquire of Mr. Moore, printer, bookseller, anil stationer, Poole, Dorset. [ 496 BAILIFF. WANTED, to take the general Management of an extensive arable Farm in Hampshire,— A single middle- aged MAN, he must be a good practical Farmer, and understand live stock and markets, must have served gentle- men in the above capacity, and have an undeniable character for sobriety, honesty, and experience in all farming business. Particulars, stating qualifications, and where the party has lived, addressed by letter, post paid, to Mr. Marline, White Hart Inn, Bagshot, will be attended to. No one need apply who has been in business for him- self, or who has not liVed three years in his last place.— Good wages will be given. [ 138 AWKERS, PEDLARS, Arc. within the Dis- trict of Hants, Wilts, Bucks, Berks, Oxford, Glo'ster, Worcester, and Somerset, are to apply for Licences com- mencing the first of August next to the Riding Surveyor, or to the following Agents, viz. Mr. Fleetwood, Winchester; Mr. Besant, Portsmouth ; Mr. Brown, Custom- house, Ly- raington ; Hr. Humphreys, Salisbury ; Messrs. James and Rose, Aylesbury; Mr. Fergusson, Reading; Mr. Graham, Newburv ; and Mr. Newman, Oxford. [ 484 WHITCHURCH, HANTS, \ WM. ALLEN, nth July, 1808. / Riding Surveyor. CAUTION. WHEREAS my WIFE, BRIDGET PARDEY, is now separated from me : I hereby give notice, that I will not be answerable for any Debts whatever she may contract with any person or persons after this public caution. SOUTHAMPTON, July 18, 1808. WM. PARDEY. AYoung LADY well instructed in Music; which she has been accustomed to teach with approbation, wishes to engage in a Situation as GOVERNESS, to which this ac- quirement might particularly recommend her: she would undertake to instruct children in the English Language, in Geography, in Writing and Arithmetic, and has a competent knowledge of the French Language, so as to assist them in their progress during the absence of a French master. The most satisfactory references will be given for her good prin- ciples and disposition. Applications by letter ( post paid) to the Printers of this Paper will , be duly attended to. [ 397 TO CLOTHIERS. \ 17ANTS a SITUATION,— A Person well ao- T? quainted with the principal parts of the United King- dom, by travelling therein, and having many yeiy valuable connections, which would enable him to extend the trade ot a respectable house, in almost any branch, is willing to treat with such as a TRAVELLER, upon liberal terms ; or other- wise would treat with a respectable established house upon Commission. A line addressed to X. W. at the Office cf Felix Farley's Brrstol Journal, will meet with due attention. [ 501 WANTED, A large Quantity of FOREST TREES, HAZLE, & c. Any person having a Quantity to dispose of, or who may be willing to contract for the Providing and Planting the same, are requested to send their proposals to Mr. James Eaton, Melbury- House ; or to Mr. John Hunt, Abbotsbury, Dorset; if by letter, post paid. " [ 412 A' Capital Prizes yet drawn were sold in Upwards of £ 100,000 in Prizes are yet to be T LL the Shares, disposed of. FIFTH DAY of DRAWING, TUESDAY, August 2. Tickets and Share: ( warranted undrawn) are on Sale at all the 338J Licensed Offices in Town and Country. Price of a Ticket i 6 0 Half 7 0 I Eighth £ 2 18 6 Quarter 5 15 0 | Sixteenth 1 9 < 1 SETTER. TO be DISPOSED OF,— A staunch well- bred SETTER BITCH, about three years and a half old. Enquire at the King's Arms Inn, Downtbn, Wilts. [ 480 O be SOLD, A handsome BAY MORSE, fifteen hands and a half high, six years old, warranted sound and steady in harness ; price 60 Guineas. [ 489 Enquire of Joseph Mersh, at MottisFont, near Rumsey. TO be SOLD, at C. FARR'S, Coachmaker, Sarum, A — A handsome CURRICLE, with Harness, built by Oodsall, with Patent Lamps, & c. and shafts to use occasion- ally as a Gig; the whole in very good condition. Price 50 Guineas. TO be SOLD, A Neat GIG, but little used, with red Morocco back, accommodation for carrying children not fixed, and every convenience for travelling.-—— The owner having no use for it, it will be sold for little more than half the original cost. Enquire at the King's Head Inn, W'ckham, Hants, till Sunday the 7 th of August; after Much at the Greyhound Inn, Fordingbridge, Hants ; if by letter, free of postage. [ 477 CARRIAGES FOR SALE. \ CURRICLE with patent arms and boxes, modern built body to hold four, and lined with brown leather ; hung on long springs, wiih double braces and jacks, shifting stays to alter the Weight, and harness to the same complete. A POST CHARIOT, carriage of ditto lately new, with hoop- tire wheels, body exceeding round, and painting veiy little faded. Likewise,— A MODERN GIG, railed pannelled, very little used, and in perfect repair. Enquire of Mr. Ayton, coach maker, Southampton. [ 528 MERINO SHEEP. TO he LETT, for the Season,— Several PURE MERINO RAMS, from the King's and Lord Somcr- ville's Flocks; or, if preferred, one or two will be sold. Two of these rams have produced fleeccs of 1lib. weight each. And to be LETT or SOLD,— Some other vety fine- woolled RAMS, deeply mixed with Merino and Ryiand. Some of these are without hojns. Also to be SOLD,— About 25 EWES, half- bred between the Merino and South Down ; and 130 quarter- bred EWES, Merino and Ryiand; and about 40 excellent liYLAND EWES. The above Sheep are all of good ages for stock, and are in excellent condition. [ 440 For price and further particulars, or to see the stock, apply, by letter or otherwise, to Wm. Broom, near the Isle of Wight Hoy, three miles from Christchurch, on the Lymington road. COALS. NOW delivering at Southampton Quay,— A good Cargo of RUSSELL's MAIN COALS, at 46s. per Chal- dron, ready money, by FLETCHER & BAKER. Will be five days delivering. Orders to Mr. Wm. Oakford, Salisbury, will be duly executed. July 29, 1808. [ 5J0 COALS. NOW delivering,— A Cargo of the much esteemed PRIMROSE and BOURN MOOR COALS, at 2s. id. per Bushel, with the usual discount, by [ 452 POOLE, July 22, 1808. CHRIST. JOLLIFF, Jun. COAL TRADE. jf ADEN, ALDR1DGE, and ADEY, ( Successors vX to Mr. Solomon Mifflen) respectfully thank their friends and the public for the many favors already conferred 011 them during the short time they have been in the business, and beg to solicit a continuance of the same.— They will be discharging the whole of this week a Cargo of PRIMROSE and BOURN MOOR MAIN COAL, and selling them at 2s. id. per Bushel, or Ferty- two Shillings per Chaldron, with the usual Discount for ready Money. Best Malting, Coa'. s and Grindstones. Poors, August 1, 1808. [ 526 TAKEN UP, at East Grimstead,— A DARK BROWN MARE MU LE.— Whoever can prove her to be their property, may have her, on paying the expence of keep and advertising, by applying to R. Tubb, of East Grim- stead aforesaid.— July 6, 1808. [ 463 HOPE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE, LUDOATE- HII. L, LONDON. AGENTS WANTED for the followieg Places, in the county of WILTSHIRE, viz.— Downton, Devizes, Malmesbury, Cricklade, Chippenham, Marlborough, I. ud- gershall, Amesbury, Highwortb, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster, Hindon, Wilton, Heytesbury, Westbury, and Swindon. Persons of respectability in the several places above stated, who arc desirous of being appointed Agents to this Office, are requested to signify the same to the under- signed, without delay; and it would facilitate each appointment, if, at the same time, was transmitted the names of two persons, as joint securides in the sura of 300Z By order of the Directors, 472] WILLIAM BURY, Clerk. HOUSE WANTED, In Somersetshire, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, ll'iltsldre, Berk- shire, or Hampshire. WANTED to RENT, in any pleasant part of the above counties ( if in Devonshire, it must be on the London side of Exeter),— A good FAMILY- HOUSE, in per- fect repair, with convenient offices, and a few acres of land ; suitable to accommodate a small genteel family. It must be in a very dry situation. [ 511 Direct ( post paid) to II. Y. Z. Post- office, Sidmouth, Devon. WANTED to RENT, in Hampshire or Sussex, South of Brighton, as near the Sea as possible, for a term of three, five, or seven years, — An handsome and extensive HOUSE, with large Offices, Stables, Gardens, & c, & c. with from 50 to 70 or 80 acres of Land ;— with or without Furniture: if the latter, it must be modern and handsome. Distance not more than 60 miles from London. Manors for shooting are expected; and the premises must all be in good ortler and repair. [ 434 Any person having such a residence to dispose of, may hear of an excellent tenant by writing a line ( post paid), giving particulars, to Mr. R. C. Post- office, Seaton, Axminster, De- von ; or, if after the 1st of August, to the Post- office, Taunton, Somerset. POOLE, Ave: wt 1, 1S08. PETER LODGE and CO. ANCHORSMITHS, WHITESMITHS, BRAZIERS, EDGE- TOOL MAKERS, TIN- PLATE WORKERS, GUNSMITHS," and IRONMONGERS, respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that fhey have formed an establishment in the above lines, and are making arrangements for conducting the various branches of their business upon an extensive and liberal scale, having engaged superior workmen in their several departments, and taken measures for laying in an entire NEW STOCK of useful and ornamental GOODS, from the most approved manufac- tories, and of the best workmanship and most modern and elegant patterns. The business will be carried on under the immediate in- spection of Mr. Lodge, whose long experience particularly qualifies him for the undertaking, and will, they flatter them- selves, enable them to execute the orders they may be favoured with in the most satisfactory manner. N. B. Ship's Iron- work, Mill- work, Bell- hanging, and every other work connected with their various branches, executed with punctuality and dispatch. Orders will be received by Mr. Lodge, at his House, till their Premises in Fish- street are completed. [ 531 SALISBURY, WILTON, and LONDON FLY f3 WAGGONS, daily, to and from the CASTLE and FALCON, ALDERSGATE- STREET, London, and their Ware- house, Milford- street, Salisbury. These Waggons take up and put down Goods at the Old White Horse Cellar, and- Black Bear, Piccadilly. No Money, Pla. e, Jewels, Glass, or other valuable or hazardous Goods will be paid for, if broken or lost, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. NICHOLAS BriOWN,") 130] JAMES BRICE, I Proprietors. ANew SALISBURY and WINCHESTEE POST COACH, and from thence to GOSPORT and PORTS- MOUTH ; sets out from the Black Horse, Salisbury, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at eight o'clock, to the Coach and llorses, Winchester, from thence to the Red Lion, Gosport, by five in the evening; returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at nine o'clock, and arrives at Salisbury by six in the evening, in time for the Exeter, Plymouth, Bath, and Bristol coaches. Calls at the King's Head, Stockbridge; Crown, Bishop's Waltham ; Star, Wickham; and Bugle, Fareham. Passengers and Parcels booked and regularly conveyed to the following places:— Newbury, Oxford, Alrcsford, Alton, Farnham, Ilavant, Emsworth, Chichester,- Bognor, Brighton, Worthing, and East- Bourne. The above is an excellent accommodation for those travellers who wish to sleep in Salisbury and proceed to any of the above places in the morning. 539J JOHN PEItRIN. Proprietor. S< brvr " XT „ • , CA. T, sriELD, 19th July, 1808. lOLliN, on Sunday night last, from a held near Catisfield, Hants, A BLACK PONV MARE, al « ut twelve hands and a half high, cropt ears, hog main, shurr doge, and marked 011 the offside with the letter f. whoever will give such infornwtion as mar lend to the con- viction of the Person or Persons who stol'e the said Ponv. shall receive FIVE GUINEAS Reward by apply!,... ! lt the Hampshire Telegraph Office, Portsmouth. [ 516 STRAYED from Fawley, Seven horned Wether SHEEP, marked T. D. with reddle on the near side ; also a LAMB,, marked B. on the rump. Whosoever will bring the- rh to Thomas Duvall, at Fawley, shall receive the reward of ONE POUND. rs0<) NOTICE TO BARON PLESEN. WHEREAS BARON PLESEN ( then an Offi- cer m his Majesty's Battalipn of the 60th Resi- ment of Foot) did some time since quit certain lodging- rooms in the house of me the under- signed Jonathan Stride, of Ly- mington, in the countv of Southampton, grocer, without paying the rent due for the same ; but leaving therein certain articles of wearing apparel, and other articles his property. Now 1 do hereby give notice to the said Baron Plesen, that unless the rent so due to me for the occupation of the said lodging- rooms be not paid me within fourteen days from the date hereof, I shall dispose of the same for the purpose cf de- fraying the said rent, and all necessary exp- rices attending sneh salp tlnin. l 11., n. itl. . J-,,../- /../ . such sale. Dated this loth day of Julu, 1308. ' ( Witness) JONATHAN S HUGH BUDDENY Lymingtm. STRIDE. [ 521 NO I ICE is hereby i; iven,— That all persons in- debted to the Estate of'the late Mr. HUGH BARRATT, late of Donhead St. Andrew, Wilts, Master, deceased, are re- quired forthwith to pay the amount of rheir respective Debts, to Mr. Richard Barratt, of the same place, ' maltster, the- Executor of the deceased t and all persons having anv Claims on the Estate of the said deceased, are desired to send the same to the above- named Mr. R. Barratt. [ 394 WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded- and issue, 1 forth against TH O. MAS BIGGS the . younger, of Seend, in the county of Wilts, Chcess- Daale- r, and he being declare:! a Bankrupt is hereby reuuired to sur- render himself to the Commissioners in the saal commission . named, or the major part of them, on the 19th day of August inst. at five of the clock in the afternoon, on the 20th of the same month, at nine of the clock in the forenoon, and on the 6th day of September following, at four of the clock ia the afternoon, at the King's Aims linn, at Melksham, in the said county, and make a full discovery and disclosure ot tvs Estate and Effects ; when and were the creditors are to come pie- pared to prove their debts, and at the second sitli g to chuse Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditors are to disssent to or dissent from the'allowance of his certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any of his Effects, are not to payor deliver the same but to whom the Com- missioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Stephen Vezey, Solicitor, of Melksham aforesaid, or to Messrs. Sandys and Horton, No. 5, Crane- court, Fleet- street, London. [">- O USEFUL FAMILY ARTICLE. STAINS of RED PORT WINE, Tea, Fruit, Mildew, and every vegetable matter, ^ re entirely re- moved from Table Linen, Leather Breeches, Cottons, Muslins, Lace, and other articles of dress, by HUDSON'S CHEMI- CAL BLEACHING LIQUID: it also removes the above stains from ladies' buff dresses, without injuring the buff co- lour, and restores all kinds of linen to their original whiteness, when discoloured by bad washing, disuse, or long sea vovagos, Without any injury " to the textureof the cloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson and Co. chemists, 27, Hay market, London ; sold also by Broclie, Dowding, and Lu: J'e rd, on the Canal, Salisbury; and the principal Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the united kingdom, in bottles a3s. and 2s. each, p TO THE LADIES. _ AGAZET'S ORIENTAL DEPILATORY, 3 for removing SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS from the Face, Neck, Arms, & c. and for Improving the Complexion, will be sold in future, by particular ' appointment of the proprietor, by Messrs. Shaw and Edwards, Bu Paul's Church--, a rd ; Boi- ler, 2, Cheapsirie; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church- yard; Bacon, Oxford- street; Berry, Greek- street; and Hendrie and Son, Titchborn street; where Ladies and others may depend upon beingsupplied with this Depilatory genuine as un" t! rtc. t from Turkey, price 3s. 6d. the bottle.— Sold also by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxfofd/ Salisbury. [ 3b5 N. B. Observe that each bottle is signed " T. BAGA. SET," in the proprietor's hand wriring, to imitate which is a felony. For the Cure of CANCER, SCROPIU'LA or KING'S EVIL, LEPROSY, SCURVY, and all other Scorbutic Affections. OBERTS's MEDICATED VEGETABLE WATER.— The proprietor takes the liberty to observe that few are disappointed of a cure who persevere in the use of this medicine ; and as the inveterate complaint of Cancer, wherever centered, and Scrophula, submit to its efficacy, all inferior ones arising from Scurvy arc quick:; eradicated, such are Pimpled Faces, Ulcerated Sore Legs, Flushings, Indiges- *: on, & c. of which he has numerous cases. Prepared and sold by Daniel Roberts, Painswick, Glouces- tershire, to whom letters ( postpaid) will be candidly answered. May also be had of Brodie, Dowding, and Ltrxford, Salis- bury, and respectable Venders generally, in halt- pint bottles at 6s. each, and in large bottles containing five half- pints, at 25s. each, duty included ; with copious directions and remark- able cases of cure signed bv the proprietor. The medicine may " be taken at all times, even be in- fants, and docs not interfere with drinking the Bath or" Spa Water. [; ifn R Salisbury,- Poole, and Chrislchurch JAght Coach. OBERTS, THORNE, and Co. Proprietors of the SALISBURY and CHRISTCHURCH ACCOM- MODATION, return their sincere thanks to their Friar and the Public in general, for the very liberal encouragement they have received since entering 011 the above concern ; and beg leave to inform them, that they have started an elegant LIGHT POST COACH ( carrying four insides), from the Black Horse, Salisbury, to the Angel Inn, Poole, through Downton, Fordingbridge, Ringwood, and Winborne, in con- nection with the ACCOMMODATION,, which will continue to take Passengers and Parcels to and from Christehurch as be- fore. Will go from Salisbury every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, precisely at nine o'clock; and irom Poole every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at eight o'clock in the morning; also from Christchurch at eight o'clock every morning. R. T. and Co. flatter themselves that from the superior acr commodation thus afforded to the inhabitants of the above- mentioned places, and from their resolving to have excellent horses and careful and civil coachmen, they shall be favoured with a continued and increasing patronage. N. B. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any arti- cle, if lost or damaged, above Five Pounds value, unless en- tered as such, and paid for accordingly.— And Passengers' lug- gage above 14 lbs. must be paid. [ 319 irinir- / From Salisbury to Poole, inside, lis.— outside, 3s. 1- Alti. s: ^ pr9ra ditto to Christchurch, do. 9s.— ditto, 6s. The time of reaching and leaving Salisbury will accommo- date- Passengers to and from London, Bath, Bristol, Ports- mouth, Plymouth Exeter, & c, & c. by the Salisbury Coaches. SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. > n Monday, August 1, 1808, will be published, printed in octavo, with a beautiful aquatinfa view of Cadiz, with the Harbour, Shipping, sVe. price, one shilling, No. 1, authorities, expressly for the work) of AGEOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, and PO- LITICAL VIEW of SPAIN and PORTUGAL, from the earliest authentic accounts to the present period. By ALEXANDER BEAUMONT, Esq. London : published for the Author, bv S. A. m. d H. Oddy, Oxford- street; C. La Grange, Dublin ;' and may be had ; f all booksellers and newsmen in the United Kingdom. [ 3B8 ESSAY ON GOVERNMENT. This day is published, in one vol. 8 vo. finely printed and hot- pressed, - price 7s. in boards. AN ESSAY on GOVERNMENT, by PHILO- PATRIA. Printed for the Author, and sold at Earle's Library, Albe- marle- street, near Piccadilly; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. Where may lie had the following popuh. r Novels : 1. LADY MACLAIUN, by Mr. Hunter, 4 vols, price 1Z 2. GONDF. Z THE MONK, bv Ireland, 4 vols. 18s. boards. 3. CATHOLIC, bv ditto, 1 vols. 15s. beards. 4. CRIMES AND CHARACTERS, by Mrs. Pilkiniton, 3 vols. 13s. 6d. and a new Catalogue of his extensive collec- tion, containing the greatest variety ever yet presented to the public, price 3s. [ 473 SHEEP WASH.— To Farmers, Graziers, Sfe. ESSRS. THOMAS BLAKE and Co. of No. 2, Webb- street, Bermondsey, London, beac to recomf mend their SHEEP V. ASH as the most effectual means 0- preserving Sheep from the Fly, and destroying the Maggot, without being the smallest injury to the v; ol. Several emi- nent Farmers having made trial cf it, and finding it possesses the above invaluable, properties, have advised the Proprietors to make it generally known, being of opinion that no farmer, after having made trial of it, would ever be without it. It is particularly recommended, being used at the time of she p- shearing, as it frequently happens that sheep are cut,"' by ap- plying a little of the wash with a feather the Fly will not cmie near it.- To be had, with pi inted directions for using it, as above, and of Mr. Wm. Moore, 82, West Smithfield, Lon- don ; Mr, John Copper, Chichester ; Mr. E. Chatterton, Rye ; Mr., I. Cramp, Bexrull; Mr. R. Stedman, Godalming; Mr' R. Chitty, Deal; Mr. R. Chitty, Sandwich ; Mr. Chapman, Canterbury; Mr. J. Couch, jun. Hythe ; Mr. A. W. Lint h, Maidstone; Mr. F. Ok - lev, Dorcht : ter; Mr. Young, Bland- ford ; Mr. J. Masters, Ipswich; Mr. S. Martin and Messrs. Heaths and Verlanders, Colchester; Mr. Wm. Tfimcr, Wit- ney; and Mr. Jewry Cramp, Lewes, [ 93 T1IE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. JHH2 Wtunmlay's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF JULY 26. TI- IIS ' Gazette contains an Abstract of the various Acts ' torn- event Artificer's and Manufacturers, sub- jects of'Great Britain, from going into foreign countries to exercise their callings, the penalties for d'lnch » re °- enerallv two hundred pounds for each offence, which penalties attach on engaging or attempting to engage for a passage to any foreign country for such purpose, and ex- 011( 1 to those who are any ways concerned or instrumental iu the sending or enticing artificers ' or manufacturers out • f these kingdoms, or in the exportation of the tools and '.'. istruiusiits used by them. UANKItUPTS. Thos. Eisgs, jun. rif Secftd, Wilts', cheese- dealer. rieorse Tuiiper, or Linton, shovkeepet. L. . I.' Leffmsm, of New- street, Bishoysgate- street, (" JttMt. T. Bc kWitli, of lhe. Cmmneroral- road, Middlesex, coach- maker. J. - iniih, of little Ptilteney- street, St. James's, tallow- chandler. Bray, of St. Joint- Street, . HiddlesOx, shoemaker. « . Harrison and John Watsoii, of Noble- street, Chcapside, litwN. 1 . ON DON, W E D NES DAY, JULY 27. The SaragOssa Gazette - of the : 3d inst. was received yesterday. It states that a fresh body of " French troOps, having entered Spain bythe pass of I'ainpeluna, encamped in the neighbourhood of Saragos- a ( most probably they were joined by the remains of the French army which was touted in that neighbourhood on the ISfhof June, and which the Spanish accounts stated to be wholly destroyed). " On the ist inst. or rather at midnight on the 30th ult. the French array began to bombard the town, and continued the bombardment ( ill the evening of the following day. Early in the morning of the 1st, the French cavalry alld infantry attacked some of the gates, but the Spanish patriots bravely maintained their posts, and the enemy ware driven back with great slaughter. In the afternoon « { t ie it, the infantry and a body of artillerymen agairt attacked several of the gates, but they were also' routed with considerable loss.— On the 41, at day- break, the attack was renewed at all points, hut was agaiu- un.- ucces-- ful; the French, after a fire which lasted twelve hours without intermission, and which proved extremely destruc- tive to displayed by the Spanish Officers and soldiers, and • partitheir ranks, retreated in great disorder. The gallantry cularly- by the artillerymen and others who were stationed in the batteries and points attacked, Was so gfeat, that the Governor has promoted all those who were immediately Milder his observation, and has directed the several Com- manders to send in lists of others, that he may, in the " King's name, bestow like rewards on them. The same Extraordinary Gazette Confirms the account of tjje victory obtained by the patriots over General Moncey, inValeucia. The fighting iu that quarter did not terminate till the 20th ult. by which time the, whole of the enemy's forces were either killed or made prisoners. Dutch papers, of the date of July 2. S, and private letters one day later, are just received.— The papers contain extracts from those of Paris to the ljlth, which continue the details of the progress of Joseph Bonaparte through tbe province of Biscay, on his way to Madrid ; these accounts, however, do not carry him further than Vittoria, where he remained on the l- 2th, " receiving the homage of the con* stituted authorities, and that of all the well disposed inha- bitants." The letters from fiayonne are of the 14tli, and those from Madrid of the 8th, when an account of the surrender of Raragossa was hourly expected, as a grand attack was to have been made on it on the 5th, the army of that district having been reinforced by 10,000 men from Pampeluna the day before. This account, if correct, brings the history of the war in that quarter two days later than the patriotic papers, by which it appears tliat the enemy had been repeatedly repulsed to the lid instant. M. Farrao, who was ordered by the Provisional Government of Oporto to repair to this country as a Com- missioner, arrived here on Monday. He is a Gentleman of distinguished talents, and held an high office in the Su- preme Court of Justice at Oporto. The object of his mis- sion to this country is, we understand, to make arrange- ments with our Government respecting the assistance which ii to he afforded to the Patriots of Portugal. THE EXPEDITIONS.—- The following is an exact return and arrangement of the Forces destined for Spain and Portugal, including the Expeditions already sailed under Lieut.- Gene- ral Sir Arthur Wellesley and Major- General Spencer i Commander in Chief not yet known. Second in Command Lieutenant- General Sir FI. Burrard. I'lItST DIVISION, Commanded by Lieut.- General Hon. John Mope. Foot 4th, 1st Battalion .'. 28th, 1st ditto 79th Foot. 1st. Bat. < t! st, 1st Bat Sid, 1st ditto Philadelphia papers have been received to the 27th tilt. The embargo siil! continued, and several of the papers animadvert with much severity upon the impo- litic conduct of the Government of the L'nifed States. Several regiments of Militia have agreed to volun- teer their services to assist the Spanish patriots, and the example appears to have beer set by the Cork County Militia; but we believe the Royal Flintshire alone have re- gularly transmitted their offer to the War- Office. An answer has been sent by the Secretary at War, expressing " the gratification which his Majesty feels at receiving so honourable a testimony of the alacrity and zeal displayed by the coVps," but no intimation is given by which it can even be guessed whether Government will deem it advisable to accept or decline the offer. GENERAL ORDERS have been issued from the Horse Guards, stating, that in consequence of the state of pre- paration for immediate service, in which the whole army is at the present moment held, his Majesty has been graciously pleased to dispense with the rue of Queues, until further orders.— The Commander in Chief directs, that the men's hair shall be cut close to their necks, in a neat and uniform manner, and as one means of keeping their heads clean, they are to be frequently washed, for which purpose a small sponge is hereafter to be added to each man's regimental necessaries. BREAD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor, ordered that the price of the quartern loaf should remain at 12frf. wheaten, 1 lji/. household. ELOPEMENT.— The daughter of a respectable solicitor, in the vicinity of Bedford- square, aird who was married about two years since,' to Mr. B , a merchant in the city, lias within these few days absented herself from her husband's house with a young man, whose name and connections are unknown to the family. The husband has been nearly frantic since the discovery, being left with two infant Children. No traces of t)*€ fugitives have as yet been discoveied. A sjvfcCiAK FACT.— A'few evenings since, as two young women were going through a church- yard, at the We, t end Of the town, a sort in moaning niusii was heard, as if from some person in d$ trpsjS<> JU eijeited some curiosity, a? might be expected'; anil oifl; hearer approach to the sound, it was supposed to pi'OcoeU.' ti'aiii a newly made grave. Iu- forma'tion was given to the parish officers, and the grave, Which contained a pauper who had been buried but a few hours, was opened, and the body taken from the coffin. The man was put into the vestry, anil he lived three hours, 1' he pauper had, it Was supposed, died of the small- pox, for he was apparently dead several hours; and, as usual, to prevent the contagion iu bad eases from spreading, there was not much time lost in burying the body. He was interred a second time by his relatives. PERIUHV.— An indictment, the King v. Thomas Nairn, was mi Monday tried in the Court of King's Bench. On an issue from the Court of Chancery, tried in July 1807, the Defendant positively swore that he had not, in Decem- ber 1803, executed adeeil of release to Mr. Byrtg of a fore- land of land on the river Thames, near the West India Docks. There was then evidence that he had given the release, aud the Jury believed it. This day the attesting witness, and another person who was present at the exe- cution of the release, proved it, ami the Jury found the Defendant guilty of perjury. He will be brought up for judgement on a future day. 700 ... 373 ... 1000 } Brig.- General Acland. 2C, 7 8 . 1000"} . 940 VMajor- Gcneral Ferguson. . tfioj 23 2d Foot, lst Bat , 955") Ditto 2d ditto . 820 V . seoj - Brig. SJtli 2675 43d Foot, 2d Bat 60th' 5th ditto . 940 y - Brig. 2 Ger. Light Inf. Batt. 1800j . .. 5558 . .. 5500 . .. 5440 ... 5330 ... 7418 Total. . .. 29,246 POLYGON, SOUTHAMPTON. AHOUSE, with Coach- IIouse, Stable, and Gar- den, fit for the residence of a gentleman's family, TO BE LETT unfurnished, and may be entered on. immediately. Fot particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton ; if by letter free of postage. [ 342 A MARCH WOOD, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. rJ^ O be LETT, and entered on immediately, I neat Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HotlSE, pleasantly Situated on the borders of the New Forest, West side, and in view of Southampton Water; consisting of a parlour, hall, kitchen, pantry, cellars, & c. three bed rooms, and garrets ; a large garden, orchard, court yard, granary, stable, and other necessary offices attached ; with or without three acres of land and Common rights. -— For a view of the premises, apply to John Scorey, at Marchwood, and for particulars, fit' by letter, post paid) either to Messrs. Saunders, Eling, or Mr. Geo. Hookey, Auctioneer, Southampton. [ 88 VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— MERRY OAK HOUSE, with two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in one of which is erected a neat green house, pleasantly situated in a lawn of twelve acres, well timbered, aud neatly laid out with shrubberies and walks. The house has been recently and expensively fitted up; the rooms are numerous, large, and lofty, and ready for the immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attemion. [ 71 The Arrfillery, " Royal Waggon Train, & c. are not included in the above statement. In addition to this, a second Expedition is- already plan- ned, to consist of ¥ 000 cavalry and 15000 infantry.— Among the Fitter are the first and second Brigades of Guards, at Deal and Chatham, amounting to near 5000 rank and file. It is now rumoured that Sir John Moore is to resign his command in the Expedition, in consequence of the appoint- ment of Lieut. General SirH. Burrard, both Officers being precisely of the same standing in the army. It continues to be rumoured that the Duke of York will ll. tve the chief command, but > '. lie report is not fully credited, though no one double that the appointment has been kept vacant on account • : - anxious desire of his Royal Highness once more to exchange the repose ot the Horse Guards for the chance of acquiring glory in the tented field. Ma jor- Genera! Lord William Bentinekis going out with Sir 11. Burrard ; but his Lordship is in the first instance to act in a diplomatic character, as the representative of our Government to the Junta of Seville; and afterwards to wield either the sword or the pen, as may be : bund most f « r the Service c? ; e co'aucr, . PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, July 211, 1808. ON Thursday, the 4th of Aug. next, I sliull he ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat fur 1000 Sacks of KILN- DRIED HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, ansivearahle to a Sample that, ivill he producrd at'the time of Contract, to he delivered at this Port, one half in a Fortnight and the remainder in a Month; which will, he paid for hy Bills payable with Interest 90 days after date. No regard will he. had to any ' fender, in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not he delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 4th of August next, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. IVM. REEKS. N. B The Conditions of the Contract may he seen at my Office. [ 475 MAIDEN- NEWTON.- X) be LETT, for a 1 Michaelmas next,- rT, 0 be LETT immediately, at Mitchehnarsh, near 1 Romsey,— A neat READY FURNISHED COTTAGE, pleasantly situated, and adapted for the residence of a small genteel family. The House consists of two parlours, a drawing room, thrree goad bed rooms and three garrets, a kitchen and cellar, w ith a laundry, miH.- holise, and wasli- house, detached; a coach- house and stabling for four horses ; agiirden, and six acres of pasture adjoining. For further particulars apply to Mr. Stephen Warner, soli- citor, Roinsiy.— MilcMm- Drsh, June 28, ] 83> i. [- 27 SOUTHAMPTON. >,— DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate reception of a genteel Family ; dining- room 26 by 20 ft. and 12 ft. high; drawing- room 30 by 20 fc.- aftd 13 ft. high; with suitable sitting and bed- rooms, replete with offices; a Garden with Grape and Green Houses ; dettjehed Stable for four Horses, and room for two Carriages.— Most advantageously situated, No. 11, above the Bar, commanding an extensive and picturesque View of the New Forest, Southampton River, Itehen, Pear Tree Green, anil the Surrounding country. The Furniture m'av be tak.- n by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Watts, S">, above the Bar. Letters post paid will have due attention. [ 69 FREEHOLDS, NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be LETT Or SOLD,— A genteel and healthful RESIDE.- sCE, pleasantly situated at BrockenhurSt, on theborders Of the New Forest. The Dwplling- Hoilse has been built about ten years: it Consists Of two parlours, kitchen, brew- l^ iuse, cellar, pantry, diaWing- rOotli, and six sleeping rooms; coach- house and stable; garden and orchard, filled with fruit trees : the \ Vhole finished in a tasteful manner, and in good repair. Immediate possession maybe had. Three acres of exceeding good Pasture Land may be had, if required. To be Soi. n,— A DWELLlNG- HOltSE and GARDEN ; together with a MALT- HOUSE and BAKE- HOUSE, in full trade, with other convenient offices ; now in the possession of Mr. Scorey, tenant at will. N. B. The whole Land- tax redcetried, and Tythe- free. For further particulars apply ( if by letter; post paid) toH". Roe, builder, Southampton ; or to Mr. Scorey, maltster, Broc- kenhurst. I3b't STALBRIDGE, DORSET. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. PLOWMAJT, on Tuesday the'ed day of AUgust next, at the Real Liorl Inn, in Stalbridge aforesaid, for the Remainder of a lang Term of Years determinable With two Lives,— A large re. eniy SHOP and DWEl. LING- HOUSE, with Ware- houses, ami other conveniences, well calculated for an eXtcrtsiVe business, and in which a considerable trade has been lately carried on in the drapefy, grocery. Ironmongery, & c.; " the premises arc situate in the Market- place-, and may be easily converted into two good dwelling- houses. For a view of the same apply at the Red Lion Inn, Stal- brid- re; ahd for further particulars to Mr. Score, solicitor^ •' Sherborne. Dated HUh July, 1808. [;!, « CHlRTON, otherwise CIIERRINGTON, DIVISION. WE, the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the - loth year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled " An Act for dividing, allotting, aud inclosing the open and common Fields and Downs, common Meadows, common Pastures, and commonable and waste Lands within the Manor or Tithing of Chirton, otherwise Cherrington, in the county' of Wilts," DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That we intend to hold our next meeting for the purpose of carrying into execution the several powers vested in us by the said Act, and particularly to read over, sign, seal, and execute our award thereupon, on Monday the eighth day of August next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Castle Inn, i-. Devizes, in the county of Wilts. Dated this first, day q f June, in the year of our Lord 1803. RICHARD RICHARDSON JOHN GALE. 352] C. INGRAM. BRINKWORTH ^' CLOSURE. \\ 7F. the undersigned Co-. nmissiotiers, appointed by T * and acting in execution of the Act of Parliament for inclosing Lands in the parish of Brinkworth, in the countv of Wilts, hereby give Notice, that our intended Meeting this day, for the special purpose of reading over and executing our Award in pursuance of the said and the General Inclosure Acts fbv reason of our Surveyor of Roads being by accident rendered temporarily unable to attend to the duties of his office, in consequence of which the Roads by us directed to be made agreeably to thesaid Acts, have not been compleated, and other unavoidable causes), is by us ADJOURNED to Monday the 15th day of August next, when we intend to meet at the house of Isaac Spencer, being the White Lion Inn, at Malmesbary, in the said county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to read ovfcr and cxccute the same ; and also to finally settle the business of the said Inclosure.— Dated this 2-] d day of May, 1808. " JOHN WM. BIEDERMANN. WILLIAM JENNINGS. 478] RICHARD RICHARDSON. - TITHES ANn GLEBE. Term of Three Years from - The GREAT and SMALL TITHES of the parish of MAIDEN- NEWTON, in the county of Dorset; containing about three thousand acres, with the Glebe Land of such parish, and a Dwelling- house, Barn, Stable, and other Out- houses, convenient for the management thereof. The tenant to pay all out- goings, except land tax and landlord's property tax. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Jen- nings, solicitor, Evershot, Dorset, to whom tenders for taking the same may hi- made on or before the 10th day of September next.— Dated the 25th of July, 1808. [ 4x5 DORSET. TO be LETT, completely FURNISHED, and en- tered upon immediately or at Michaelmas next,— All that capital MESSUAGE called EDMONDSHAM HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel family, with double coach- house, excellent stalled stables, courts, yards, granary, dove- cote, extensive walled gardens well stocked with choice fruit treiiS, orchard, shrubberies, pleasure ground, and lands, containing together about nine acre1-', pleasantly situated at Edmondsham, one mile from Cranborne, in the couuty of Dorset, 12 miles south east of Salisbury, 12 north east of Blandford, and 16 from Muddiford ( a delightful watering place), in a fine open country aboanding with field sports, and hounds in the neighbourhood. The Deputation of two Manors ( attached to the premises), well stocked with game, will he lett with the above ; and a neat Curricle and fair of capital Horses, light Cart, three Cows, Pointers, Rick of Hay, & c. etc. maybe taken at a valuation, the proprietor going on foreign service. For further particulars anil to treat apply personally, or by letter ( post paid), to Mr. Arney, attorney at law, Close, Sa- lisbury.— The premises may be viewed, in seasonable hours, by applying at the Mansion- house. 5431 DORSET. RPO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A JL DWELLING- HOUSE, Barn, Granary, Orchard, and Garden ; and certain Closes of Arable, Pasture, anil Wood Land, containing about 37 acres, now in the possession of George Roberts.— The above premises will be sold for three lives, to be named by the purchaser, subject to the present life interest of a person aged 80. Also,— A MESSUAGfc, Garden, Orchard, and Paddock ; and Piece of uninclosed Land adjoining, containing about two acres, in the occupation of Thomas Fry.— These premises will also be sold for three lives, to be named by the purchaser, arid possession given at Michaelmas next. The above premises are pleasantly situated at Westwotth, two miles south- east of Cranborne, in the county of Dorset. Fbr further particulars and to treat apply to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury. The present tenants Will shew the pre- mises.—( One concern.^ [ 433 rjpO be SOLD,— A substantial Brick- huilt Freehold T HYTHE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. 0 be LETT,— for one Year certain, and entered on immediately, with or without Land, A com- fortable FAMILY- HOUSE, FURNISHED; consisting of an entrance hall; dinins- room, 18 ft. by 16ft.; drawing- room, 164 by 16 feet; sitting- room, study, kitch n, wash- house, dairy, larder, & c. six bed- rooms, servants' ditio, and laundry ; a walled garden, coach- house, and stabling ; surrounded by beautiful interesting scenery. The tenant may be accommodated with 35 acres of excel- lent arable and meadow land, barns, stabling, & c.; now in the occupation of Captain LatcOm. N. B. May be viewed by tickets, and particulars known by application at the office of William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk Souihampton ; if by letter, free of postage. [ 398 A ™ HANTS. DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE to be LETT, with immediate Entrance, by STROUD an. l STIBDS, auctioneers, & c. ( the neat and modern Household Furniture and Fixtures of which, together with a ne w 4./ and h mess, may be taken by appraisement',— called BROWNING- HILL LODGE, near Banghurst, consisting of a vei'y pleasant and convenient Dwelling- house, containing a drawing- room about 16 feet by 12J, pailour 17 feet by 13, entrance- hall 13 feet by II, cellar, kitchen, wash- house, iairy, pan- try, China closet, five bed- rooms, several attics; coach- beuse, stall and open stables : servants rooms ; iut-: uildingi, t-. voyirds; paddock, and orchard surrounded by t beatitiful lawn ; garden and meadow ' : teiully and conveniently diver- sified with a grove, a cooling and pleasant promenade of trees of considerable length, shrubberies, fruit trees, plants and flowers in excellent Culture. :• id disposed with simplicity; the whole affording a very, desi: able retreat, in a respectable neighbourhood, having good r. i- aa, and' 3jappily situated for rural sports, being the Manor- Uoiise; abounding with game, and near a choice pack of b'ouudS; ' together with an unlimited right of extensive and valuable common. The whole pre- mises are about fouiticres, but a few more may be had if in- dispensible. For further particulars, and treaty, apply to Stroud and Stibbs, Newbury; for a view of the' premises, at the house, or to Mi. Thomas Falknor, Browning- Hill. . Tile above is distant from Basingstoke7 miles, Newbury 9, Reading 14, Kingsclere 3. [- J- 28 • HEYTESBURY, WILTS. TO lie LETT, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, A neat brick and tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, newly bu lt; consisting of two parlours, a kitchen, back kit- chen, and convenient offices, two under- ground cellars, anil five bed- chambers, with 11 two- stalled stable, wOod- house, and wallel garden; situate r. ear the church at Hevtesbury, three miles distant from the market town of Warminster; two coaches pass through Hcytcsbury from and to Bristol aud Portsmouth every day, except Sundays, and the post arrives there dady, For particulars, application to be made to Mr. Thomas Flower, Heytesbury. [ 106 FOX LEY, WILTS." nno be LETT, for a Term of 12 Years from Ladv- i Day next,— All that Capital FARM, called FOXLEY FARM, consisting of a good Farm- Huuse, with convenient offices and saleable out- buildings, and about 56Q, statute acres of rich Arable, Meadow ( part watered), and Pasture LAND, together with the Tythes'thereof, and about 95 statute acres of Glebe Land, intermixed with the said Farm ; the whole forming a very compact and desirable Estate; situate about ten miles from Chippenham, three from Malmesbury, and five from Tctbury.—- The Tenant will shew the premises ; and any person inclined to treat for the same will send their proposals to Mr. Moore, solicitor, Staple Inn, London, 011 or befbre the 10th day of August next. The Landlord pays the Land Tax, and keeps the buildings n repair. [< 17 DORSETSHIRE. Immediate Residence for a smalt genteel Family. TO " be LETT, for a Term of three Years,- A neat Brick and tiled COTTAGE, situate at Spetisbury, three miles from Blandford, near the turnpike road leading to Poole; comprising two parlours, a good kitchen, and conve- nient pantries, & c. a pleasant sitting room over the dining parlour, a good bed chamber opposite the sitting room, two bed chambers, a dressing room, and two neat garrets ; a pretty Garden, a plot of ground iu the front, a two- stall Sta- ble, with Coach- house, & c. N. B. Further particulars may be known ( by letters, post paid) of Mr. Percy, upholsterer, & c. Blandford. [ 103 DORSET. TO be LETT by PRIVATE CONTRACT, for a Term of seven Years from Michaelmas next,- All that very desirable and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, called LANE- HOUSE, with a barn, stable, orchard, and gar- den ; together with six fields of rich meadow ground, con- taining about 29 acres, and 14 acres of arable land adjoining thereto and also - 2i acres of pasture land about a quarter of mile distant therefrom ; all situate in the parish of Wyke Re- gis, about a mile, and a half distant from Weymouth. N. B. For further particulars, and to treat for the letting, apply to the owner, Mr. Henry Weston, of Portland; or to Mr. Tizard, attorney, Weymouth.— Uth July, 1808.( 336 TAUNTON. rP, 0 be LETT by PRIVATE CONTRACT, and A entered on immediately,— A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with a SHOP in'front, situate near the Market, lately occupied bv a linen- draper, and is well calculated for the wine and spirit trade, as it may be accommodated with most excellent arched vaults; Apply personally, or by letter ( post paid), to M. C. Toul- min, Taunton. [ 3t; o SOMERSETSHIRE. Rectory or Parsonage Tythes of St. Cuthbert, in Wells. TO be LETT, for a Term of seven, fourteen, or twenty one, years,— The RECTORIAL or GREAT TYTHES ; consisting of COBN and HAY, arising and ac- cruing from about 13200 acres of arable, meadow, and pas- ture Ground. Any person or persons inclined to take the said Tythes are desired to send his or their proposals in writing to Mr. George Plummer, ot Drayton, near Portsmouth, Hants; or Mr. George Rich, of Wells aforesaid, on or before the 10th day of August next. The tenant may be accommodated with a barn, called Ca- non Barn, and the mow- barton thereto belonging. [ 41 The tenant to pay and dis. harge the Lord's- ent, and all rates and taxes.—-— For further parties' . is apply t. i thesaid George Piummer, 01 George Rich.-— Hells, June 28, isos. MITRE INN, GOSPORT. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— All that FREEHOLD INN, called the Mn ut, at Gosport, with a Stable and two Tenements adjoining, being chcoVily situated near the new Barracks and leading to Cold Harbour, now in full trade 1 possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For particulars apply to Mr. Tohn Drew, wine ami brandy- merchant, Southampton ; who would have no obj - etion to exchange with any gentleman having an inn or public- houst 111 or near Southampton. f36. il nno be SOLD,— A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, A completely and handsomely Furnished ; consisting, 011 the ground floor, of a dining parlour and breakfast parlour, butler's room and butler's bed room, a hall, two kitchens, dairy and la"."' er, with excellent arched cellar underneath ; upper story, a drawing room, five good bed rooms, and maids' bed room ; in a detached building, men servant's bed room, and many cpriveniencies ; a cOach house and stabling for live horses, with good hay lofts over them ; a don kennel, a granary, and a well stocked garden, with .1 paddock or pleasure ground ; the while completely fenced and laid out with great taste. This co'ttage is situated four miles from Winchester, and four from Alresford, on the rive.,- Itehen, a river abounding with trout, the surrounding country v/ ith game, and is in the vicinity Of two packs of fox hounds. [ 331 This cottage requires only to be seen to be admired, being one of the completes! things of its kind in Eneaand. For further particulars, inquiry may be . made it by letter, post- paid) of Mr. John Ridding, ' Solicitor, Winchester rpo lie SOLD,— A very desirable ESTATE, con- X tiguous to Winchester, in one, two, or three lot-.; consisting of a good convenient l-' amily House, pleasantly situated, With lUseful offices, coach- house, four- stall stable, an excellent garden walled round anil clothed with fruit- tree:, with ten acres of Land in small fields ileal the house.— A purchaser of the abuve may be accommodated with more landj if required. Also,— Two FARMS adjoining, which contain, by estima- tion, between six and seven hundred acres, the whole laying nearly Within a ring fence. There are two decent tarm- houscs, with barns, stable, rick- house, granary, & c. al! in good re- pair.— The land is 111 the, highest state of cultivation, the present proprietor having been regularly improving it the last ten years by purchasing large quantities of manure oterahd above its own produce, and sowing very sparingly ; he has aV-; o kept above 70U south down sheep besides lambs constantly 011 the farms. N. B. A purchaser may enter and prepare for his wheat crop next spring, and have possession of the land Michael- mas following. For further particulars applv to Mr. Faithfull, solicitor, Winchester.— July 23, 1808.' * ^ [ 441 STOURFIELD HOUSE, HANTS. TO beSOI. D bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— The LEASE of that capital FAMILY HOUSE, most delight- fully situated 011 an eminence, two miles from Christchurch, commanding the most beautiful views of the Sea, the New Forest, the Isle of Wight, with attached and detached offiees of every description, Coaih- House and Stabling, anil every out- door convenience ; capital walled Garden, 60 yards squ ire ; extensive Pleasure Grounds, laid out with the grcatjst taste; Kitchen Garden, and 52 acres of Land, with a neat Farm- Yard and Cottage.—— The premises are in good repair, and capable of accommodating a numerous Fatally.- 1 Good Shooting and Fishing around the House, and excellent Roads. May be viewed by applying to JohnTroke, on the premises; and particulars of Mr. Crosby, House Agent, No. 7, Bruton- street, Berkeley Square. * (; et A MARINE COTTAGE, CLOSE TO THE SEA, IN HAMPSHIRE, TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, with ten Acres of FREEHOLD LAND, in hie- h cultivation, immediately joining the sea, situate between L\ mingjton and Christchurch, commanding one of tie most beautiful sea views in the kingdom: the House contains ' four bed chambers and a drawing room, with housekeeper's room, butler's pan- try, and suitable apartments for se- vants, with offices of every description ; the whole 011 a small but compact scale. Also capital new- built STABLING for eight horses, with four good rooms over for servants, a harness room, additional stable for four horses, and stHiidings for four carriages.— The premises may be entered upon ready furnished or otherways imme- diately. The House stands out of the turnpike road leading from Cb.- rjstchurch to Lymington, is very retired, and within half an hour's ride of the New Forest, three miles from the fashionable bathing place Muddiford, five from Christchurch, seven from Lymington, twenty from Southampton, and ten from Mr. Ward's iox hounds at Lyndhurst. ^ For further particulars apply" to Mr. John Pilgrim, at • Christchurch, who will shew the premises, and is authorised to treat for the sale; or to Messrs. Greene, Tennant, and Harrison, Gray's Inn, London. fU17 ELEGANT MARINE VILLA, Jfith twelve Acres of Land, on the southern Coast of the ISLE OP iriGHT. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,-— A truly beautiful stone- built FREEHOLD RESI- DENCE, just finished, in a style of superior taste and ar- rangement, and forming one of the most complete habitations in the Island. The house consists of an excellent dining- room, - 22 ft. by 16; elegant drawing- room of the same di- mensions, besides a large bow: handsome library, 16 ft. square; housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, kitchen, scul- lery, Wash- house, brew- house, dairy, and other attached and detached offices ; under- grsund cellars ; seven best sleeping rooms, besides servants' rooms, water closet, and every de- scription of domestic convenience. The whole of the buildings are slated, and the house is well supplied with the finest spring water. This estate is situate in that mosi enchanting part of the Isle of Wight called the Under Cliff, and commands in front the most ' bold^ md unbounded views of the ocean, and on either side the fhost varied and lomantic scenery of water, rock, and cultivated landscape. There is a large Cottage for a Labourer, detached Kitchen- Garden abundantly cropped, and twelve acres of superior arable and pasture Land, adjoining the house. [ 321 The Purchaser may have immediate possession .— For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, solicitors, Newport, Isle of Wirjht. CORNWALL.— FREEHOLD ESTATES. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, in Lots, at the King's Arms, Leskeard, 011 Thursday the litli and Friday the 12th davs of August, I8( K,— Sundry Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, comprising the MANSION ami BAH - TON of CARTUTHl'. K, situate in the parish of Menheniot, containing together - u A. 3II. iiiiP. statute; several other Estates, situate in the same parish, containing upward- i of - 0 statute acres; also an Estate, called Brendon, to. -. thei with sundry Houses and Lands situate in the town and paiistfcf Leskeard, containing Upwards of 1 en statute acres. Aud srvcid Estates in Duloe parish, containing together about - MO statute acres. And an Estate, called HUN'DRA Get: IM;, in Tailiii, 1 parish, about 25 statute acres. Likewise an F. staee called Tar. CAN, situate in the parish of l. anreath, containing 61 /. 3R. i 1 P. statute. And several Tenements ill the Mins ol East and West Looe. [ 1: 1 Some of the before- mentioned Estates are upon leases lor years, a ad others are held upon lives. Descriptive Particulars may be had at the King's Arms, Plymouth ; the Fountain, Plymouth Dock ; the King's Anns, Bodmin; tiie White Hart, Laaticcseon ; the Talbot, Lost- withiel; the New Inn, Callington; the King's Head, Truro* at the place of sale; of Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, • . Lincoln's inn ; of Mr. Childs, Leskearil; and of Mr. Wright, • Surveyor, lo, Charles- stieet, St. James's Square, London. BORDERS OF DEVONSHIRE. HpO be SOLD by AUCTION, at ihe Castle Inn, A Taunton, Somerset, on Saturday the I ; th day of Aupi- 1, leo8, at five o'clock in the afternoon, unless priaiou'slv dis- posed of by private contract, of w hich notice shall be given,—. All that truly eligible FREEHOLD FARM, called l. fjiis and SALTS, in- the pari- jh of Cluirchstaiiton, in the Couhty r. f Devon; now in the occupation of Daniel Clarke, nmf the executors of tilt late Henry Gill, ; LS tenants at will • coaipiis- j i'pg a new- built farm- house, barn, stable, two tenements, • | and other buildings, together with 8s A. 3 R. 1 P. of meadow, j pasture, orchard, arable, coppice, and rough land ; the whale ' , forming a most compact anil desiiable larin s is- distalitlrem Taunton only eight miles, from Wellington six, Charil ten ' and Honiton eleven ; and in a good state of cultivation. For a view of the premises apply to Daniel Clarke, theprin-'* cipal tenant; and mr further particulars to Samuel feat*, Esq. of Monk's- Mill, near Wootton- under Edge. [ 110 aft. - All WESTBURY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,- those spacious FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate in the centre of the town of Wcstbuiy, late the residence of Gaisford Gibbs, Esq. deceased; a Close, called the Batch; a Tyning, called the Rack Tyning; and another Close ad- joining, m the occupation of Mr. Wm. Matravers, which contain together upwards of five acres ; the whole now occu- pied fexcept the lastmentioned close; by Robert Haines, Esq, as tenant at will. On these premises flows a never- fading Sprinj of Water, which, it is apprehended, maybe advantageously applied to the purposes of working machinery, & c. there being a con- siderable fall; independent of which, a person wishing to build a residence, a more desirable situation in the town of Westbury cannot now be met with, as some part of the land commands beautiful anil extensive prospects. For further particulars apply at Mr. Timbrell's Office Trowbridge, Wilts, or to Mr. Young Sturge, Sea Mills, near Bristol. Freehold Manor and Estate, Wilts. TO he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— a very desirable and improveable ESTATE ; consisting ot a Manor, extending over about 700 acres of land ; a Farm- house, with barns, stables, and other necessary out buildings about 18 acres ot meadow and pasture, and 21U acres of arable Land, lying together ; also a right of Common on 151 acres of sheep down, and 96 acres of cow down, adjoining the es- tate, and within the manor. The above farm is lett to Mr. Joseph Furnell, under a lease, whereof six years will be un- expired at Michaelmas next. Also a Fishery adjoining the es- tate, and two Cottages and Gardens, now also lett to'the said Joseph furnell, from year to year ; and seventeen other Cot- tages and Gardens, and twelve acres of Land, lett on leases and copies of court- roll for lives to several persons. The above estate is situate at Salterton and Newtown, in the parish ot Durnford, in Wilts, about three miles from Salis- bury, and may be viewed by applying to Mr. Furnell, the tenant. Further particulars may be known on application fbv letters postpaid) to Messrs. Vizard, solicitors, Dursley, Gloucester- shire; or Mr. Vizard, No. 8, New- square, Liricoln's- ini:, London, fl- 17 DORSETSHIRE AND DEVONSHIRE. rrO he SOLD bv AUCTION, at the Bull 1. in Bridpott, 011 Thursday the 1 sth day of Aucunt « , at one o'clock, in ST lidry lots,—- Th extensive MANOR, m LORDSHIP and LIBERTY, of BROAD WINDSOR, lathe coiinty of Dorset; and several valuable, very desirable, ar. dim-' provable ESTATES, witjiinthat parish, and in thfttrW-. M of Whitechureh Canoniconnr ' and SvinonctstxaV from three to six milts distant ft, in Bridport, Beamiriirtit, and Crewkem's, containing in the whole about 45U statute aes of rich meadow, pasture, and amble Land, mostly, iu mesne, and lett to respectable, tepa'nts on terms, or by agree*, ments, which will expire in lsny. AI. SO, / ILL be SOLD hy AUCTION, at the Lomkm Inn, in Sidmouth, oft Tuesday the- asth d. iv of August inst. at one o'clock, 111 sundry low,— The MANOR, or RF- PUTED MANOR, and LORDSHIP of STONE, w. thin the parish of Sidburv, containing about 100 statute acr. s of really rich, fertile Land, part of which composes Brock Firm, one of the most compact and delightfully situated esfi, t- s in Devonshire, now occupied by Mis. Mavnc, wh'fjte term tht; e- in will expire at Lady- day next, distant about two mileS from Sidmouth, and well worth ( he attention of any gentleman who wishes to build near the sea coast. And several other small TENEMENTS and CLOSES in Possession and Reversion within that Manor. Printed particulars of the respective estates are now ready, and may be had of Mr. Ne; le, of DritWjaen, in Browhra. il- sor; or of Mr. George Farthing, of Sidmouth ; and the res- pective tenants will shew the estates, and maps thereof m , y - -- and further particulars. had, on application to Mr. be Bawden, solicitor, Chard, Somerset; or to Mr. Bond, laud- surveyor, Axminster, Devon. f,: ii2 HEX) be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, i in Shcpton- Mallet, in the countv of Somerset, 011 Monday the eighth day of August between the hours of three and six in the afternoon ( unless the same- with tin- Trade be in the mean time disposed ot by Private, Contract, of which due notice will be given), The following valuable PRE- MISES, at Dnyectt, in tbe parish of Shepton- Mahet, where an'extensive WOOILKN MANUFACTORY has been carried en for many veurs bv Mr. John Pinfold WaBtley, with sendrs MESSUAGES and WEAVING- SHOPS conveniently situate*! near the same; in lots, subject to conditions of sate to be', then produced : Lot 1.— A large and commodious Dwi Hi- ng- hotwe, com- prising a handsome entrance- hali . ml stair- case-, with dining- room'and drawing and breakfj- i- rooms, kitchen, savants* hall, and all necessary ami con . cnient attached ami dv taclitj offices on tbe ground door; four good bed- chambers, with two dtesiiig- roosis. wat.- r- closci, and large store- room, on the first floor, and five bed-, handlers in the attic. A good Garden well supplied with choice fruit trees in full be- irin- t, and a handsome green- house. Also a large ranee of Work - rooms, 56 fret < 5 inches 111 length, and 1.0 feet wide, four- story high, nisi detached from the dwelling- house ; and ano- ther Building near the same, comprising a six- stalled stable, with harness- house and two lotto O'- cr, ,12 feet long bv feet wide, and applicable to the njanilfacta. se, ami a coach- houie adjoining, 30 feet o inches iong. The above premises ( ex- cept a small pait thereof held of the Prince's Manoi of Shep- ton- Malleti are Copyhold of the Rectory Manor oi Shepton- Mallet; full stated with tl. iee live, - And in the same lot will be sold a ne-. vly- erected Machinery- mill, consisting ok" four floors above the ground or wheel floor, f. fl feet long' by 23 feet wide, now driving two scribbling enzimes, three card- ing machines, a plucking machine, and willy; and an en- closed Garden adjoining, well stocked with fruit trcia iu full bearing. This mill and garden are Copvhold af the Prince's Manor of Shepton- Mallet, full stated with three lives.— And with the same lot also will be sold a very convenient Frt chohl double Dye- house, containing two dyeing furnaces and 011c small scouring furnace, and also two new blue dyeing vats, together with convenient lofts, coal- house', a drying stove, ar. d a double cloth rack capable of racking 3b' yards of bioad or narrow cloth. Lot - 2.— A Dwelling- house and Cottare adjoining, at Dray- cott aforesaid, in the occupation of Betty Buu and Mary Parsons. Lota.— Another Dwelling and Wcaving- thop with three broad looms, and Garden adjosnine, in the occupation of FCSFGISSJFEA SSSSER ' SRA^ ASAJAW^ Lot 5.—- A Terement in three dwellings, with double Surcn^ AH^ aic ^' f,? 5 attacl* d- i" ^' occupation of Laurence Ada. Js, Samuel Harnett, aud Henry Baith. Lot 6.— A Dwelling- house with double Weaving- shop and Garden, in the occupation of William Richman.- N. B. Th< s three last lots are Freehold, and all the above tenants hold at V^ FrrhoW C:° se of rich P9s'ure Ground at Cats- 1 . 0 ' a, J0Vc Pfs'mises, containing about four acres, Int T , r; ch Grou, lJ ^ joining the last lot, containing about two acres. Jfii!: T; A4raa1!. f, addoc, k 01 « c* « a. h aformiJ. i- JR " H " 1 f nuik Rtotmd, containing about half an nci . may° bc had.' 011 ^ for viewing the premises and further particnb. e and to treat tor the purchase of the premises, with tl -' IV j!. J° cation maybe made at the office of Mts " rVHvaa w'£ kcl , solicitors, in SJirpton- MaUctafozcsaid ^^ ^ Dated June so, lbfln. And on Tuesday, August the Sth, Pinfold Westley ; consisting of n laree ouSatitv oS ' I ' cassimere of divers sorts, dVe wa'res'^^ an & Should the trade and prJm. U be di^ J tract, it may be preferred to sell the- stock in nef; it so, the public shall have timely notice, ' lEj* Catalogues will be rcadv to hr-, 1.1;,.,.„., . Mallet. Office, ANTS GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, July THEIR imperial Majesties, about the middle of this month, will again " leave the Baths, to take a journey to Gallicia; and abdtft the middle of August will return, in order to set out for Hungary, when a Diet wilt be held, at which, how- ever, the issued eostlv cerempnies will be dispensed with. Upon the conclusion of this Diet, . which will not last long, the Coronation of her Majesty the Empress, as Oueen of Hungary, will take place at Osen on the 28 th of August, 011 which occasion it is probable all the usual ceremonies will be gone through. It is also said, that in the mouth of October their Majesties will take a journey into Bohemia, when tiie Coronation of the Empress, as Queen of Bohe- mia, will he celebrated. According to letters from Udina, la; ye magazines have been collected, for the uncommonly numerous troops destined for those districts. On the subject of the organization of the General Land Militia, a circular letter will soon be sent to the different Authorities and Heads of Circles, and the measure will receive a commencement as soon as po?~ sible. All who are not liable to the conscription, must have their names enrolled for the Militia, and Veil! be taught the use of arms 011 Sundays and Festi- vals. Those engaged in trade will form a corps by themselves, the dress to be uniform, and not costly. LONDON, FRIDAY, JULY 20. Some ^ ore'igh Journals were received last night. An article tram Vienna shews that tile Emperor of Austria j- felting the most pi udent measures to strengthen his army, vi protect l « s territories, whilst lie neglects not those vLMCtiies whids may /. ratify his subjects, p i secilre his pop.- vi. irityaim. ng. t them. Anv embargo v. as expected to take place in Holland on the JUJth WiSt-. Snd to include American vessels. It . Viou to t5ie I> m': h papers, some private advices h - . t I) ee « received J'rortJ France, which mention, thitVii Chi " iciIV. of. Spain, ti e £} ueeii of Spain, Queen ji, r. i, - n d « « Prince of vhe Peace, were all re- iding it Fontainhicau, i> l> e « they were to remain till the Palace . ofCBmpeigne, which' was Under repv'tr, was ready to receive them. , L, r, « Prince of Asturia^ » "<* His t » 0 ttrotaew, were at Vafcoeey, the countrv r^ ° 5 TalfeTfl^ d. Talleyrand s. If had then: in chars.*. a'm\ s0 a,.< xious was he to secme h, s Loyal Prisoners, Vhat he was sa id to attend on them timself. , „ .. Molwithstanding this precaution. tHn Cat'"' ( brother totl « Prince of Asturias) ctMtriv.'-', in the U'lerenrt ot last mouth, to make his escape tr, m. i his Chamte. • " 1U1 J Vifc* of flying into Spain. He had not. proceeded }.••', h? w- ever, before he was seized and brouffh.* to th " « • » » - t « « , * tiere, with his Royal Brothers, Itow ret u ' uns closely griarded. • . An official Bulletin has been publishVJ by th " Frerich in Madrid. It dated the J5th of June, ann a?•• efts that Lupont wholly routed the insurget * ts ih An- dalusia on the 7th, and that Lefevrc had driven t,*>° rrtefs final pfiiut tu point in Arragon, and at length conll'letely dispersed theni. Yesterday Government received dispatches fror, 1 Sir Arthur Wellesley, announcing his safe arrival on the coast of Spain. They are dated off Corunna on tlAe 21st, when the troops were all well and in high spirits. Sir Arlhttr had landed, and found the people full of patriotic ardour, and determined to persevere in deli- vering their country. After finding this excellent disposition in the people, he re- embarked to accomplish the object of his destination. The French had suffered leverely in their action with General Cuesm. Sir Arthur Wellesley rfceh ed every possible demonstration U respect and gratitude from all ranks at Corurma. Transports to the amount of .5000 tons have again l » en collected iii the Downs, and ordered to proceed to Cork without delay, the third expedition being to sail from tilat port. The 1st battalion of the 26th, 2d bittalion of the 11th, 3d battalion of the Royals, and 3d battalion of the 27th, with some troops of cavalry, have received their route for Cork, to embark The wind having yesterday got round from the Fast, about 50 sail of transports got out of the Downs, 011 their voyage to Cork. The fourth Grand Expedition will speedily be sent off. A - soon as transports are ready to receive them, a strong force of Artillery, many regiments of Cavalry, the whole of the Foot Guards, the 45th, olst. 87th, and 88th, and several other regiments of the line, will be embarked. We understand a strong battalion is about to be formed from the different divisions of the lloyal Ma- rines, which is destined for Spain. Major- General Sir Samuel Auchmuty has, it is said, obtained permission to augm& nt his corps ( thepth garrison battalion) to a legion, for the service of the Spanish patriots. Sir Samuel has left town for Hull, where his corps is in garrison, to make the necessary arrangements for the augmentation. By an Order of Council of the lQth instant, no licences are to be granted to neutral ships to import French wines or French brandies. The order enumerates the several articles for the importation of which from France licences will be granted, vi/. grain, provisions of all sorts not being salted beef or pork, seeds, articles used by dyers, Tags, oak bark, turp intice, hides, staves, wax, raw ma- terials, and tallow.— The exclusion of the wines and bran- dies of Frauce will operate to the advantage of the trade of Portugal and Spaie, and quicken the tale oi' rums. On Monday the Semiramis. a fine frigate of $ 6 guns, was launched from the King'- \ ai'd at Depuurd into the Basin. She -. vas launched head first. There was a heavy rain the whole tin)-, and iu consequence but little cjmpaiiv : the Princess of Wales, however, . was present. On Wednesday, agreeably to the General Orders for cropping of the army, the non- com missioned officers and pii-. . r.- s apj eared upon the parade iu St. James's P. uk, without :•• i< [ US, A- ' v."". destructive lire happened lately at Bake, in St. r" nnaii, s, Coy,;"-;' seat of Sir Joseph Copley), which r,:,\.- elv tWrOVed that ancieut mansion, with the farm- • entiiety » furniture, and other valuables. house adjo. U.*, pat wnHlt, about nine Ml' a^ ' thu u, the' flam-,'. The fire broke J2+ L U » I retired to bed, and , v:, s occasioned Sy tbe clovel of the kitchen chimney catching fire. The arrivals ol » neat to- 1Z n ,: ar: a V, a! advance in price; Bailey and Malt l/: \ n Vr snpAv, the latter rather dearer ; Beans of . : - umilies of Oats are considerable, Cnlii. CON.— On Wednesday was tried, in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, an action brought by Mr. Grtgsdn, an eminent solicitor, agahvit Mr. M'Taggaft, an opulent merchant, the former seeking to recover damages of the latter for the seduction of his wife.— It may be recollected that Mr. Gregson lately had a verdict of 200/. iu a similar action against his own coachman. On the trial of that cause, circumstances were adduced iu evidence which gave Mr. GVegson reasorl to suppose that the present Defendant was the person who had first seduced his wife. He thought it right, his Counsel stated, to bring this action, lest it should be imputed to him that he declined prosecuting a man who had the means of defending himself. The present Defendant Was a widower ; he had enjoyed the comforts of a married life, and therefore Ought to have better appreci- ated the happiness of another ; he was the father of'a family, and ought to have set a better example ; lie was the friend of tiie Plaintiff, and he had abused that friendship.— The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Gregson having been proved, several Gentlemen gave evidence of Mr. G.' s uniform kind behaviour to his wife. Naomi Seeker, who had been house- maid tp the plaintiff at his country house, proved that the defendant was in the constant habit of visiting her mistress when her master was engaged in his business in London, and stated several particulars which shewed that the Lady received him on those visits " with particular marks of affection, and gave too much room to infer that she bestowed on him tho- e caresses which were due to her husband alone. On her cross examination, she admitted that her mistress sometimes drank a little tdohiuch.— The other servants of the family gave evidence to the same effect. Mr. Dallas made an able speech for the defendant. He in- sisted that nothing criminal had been proved against his client ; and even should the Jury draw the same inferences as the servants had, they cotild not very highly appreciate the loss of the plaintiff, who could now only be anxious to get rid of his wife, and for which he had ample materials in thee verdict obtained against his servant. Lord Ellenbo- rnrtgh having summed Up the evidence, the Jury retired for more than two hours : on their return, they gave a verdict for the plaintiff, damages One Shilling.— A burst of applause ensued. Lord Ellenborotlgh was very indig- nant at this violation of decorum ; and after reprimanding the Sheriff's Officers for not seizing some of the offenders, his Lordship fined one of the officers 5/. The ' gallant in a late Cr'an. Con. cause, it seems, had announced bis determination not to many the Lady, what- ever might be the issue ot the legal proceedings. The Lady, it is said, though she resides with him, is likely deeply to ^ pent her sacrifice 1 f reputation and alienation from her family. We wish this melancholy truth may operate as a wanting Upon the heedless females of the higher Circles, w ild are too apt to lose all reflection in the Vortex of dissipation. BIRTHS.] A few days since, in Dublin, the Countess of MedVn of a daughter. On Sunday, at Government- House, Plymouth, the Hon. Mrs. C. Paget of a daughter. — Same day, at Ossihgton, the Lady of John Denison, Esq. M. I', of a daughter.— Lately, in Sunderland, the wife of William Monro, gardener, of Fosehall, the seat of Lord A- hbUrton, of twins, a fine bov and girl. The father of the children is ninety years of age, in perfect possession of his faculties, and is a, able to work as ever. He has lived at Rosehall for the last sixty years^ and planted all the firs on that estate, which cover upwards of 300 acres, and are now fine timber. He married his second wife about three years since ; by his first wife he had a large family— and he has a brother now living in Tain ten years older than himself. MARRIED.] On Thursday the 21st inst. Vice- Admiral Sir Thomas Graves, K. 11.' to Miss Blacknell, of Parham, . Suffolk.— On Monday, by special licence, at the Earl of ." Vverley's house, in Portinan- squure, Mr. Mortimer A ).'- ummond, jf Charing- Cross, to Lady Emilv Percy, vr, u. lsest daughter of the Earl of Beverley, and niece of the Dui' e of Northumberland.— Same day, C'apt, Jeffery, of the V va' Navy, to Miss Louisa Daeey, eldest daughter of Mf. ' Tohll Dacey, merchant, of Exeter.— On the 19th instant at FarnhOrough, Berks, J. T. Harrison, Esq. 0, Wearde- f uisp, Cornwall, Captain in the Royal Artilleryf to Miss E. Mairnvariug, youngest daughter of the late C. H. Maim '• Esq-—^ ast week, at Bath, Mr. D. Vopkins son Mr- Hopkins, of Redland, Bristol, to t\ l'iss Elford, ot daughter of J. Elford, Esq. of Plymouth Do, JJ * F- D.] On th, ' ' nst- at Pprth, Thomas Marshall, Fsu V'rovost of tha, cit. v> whcre his name wiU lonS be re- membe^ d with affec tio" a « d gratitude, the town having been istc mishingly imp, Yfvf. d. b>' munificence, and the fortunes o f numberless i udividuals raised by lus liberality ; his last uit,** s was broO^' H' bis exertions to save a rian fro^ i dr, owning : bis\ ^ > s regarded by the mhabi- ants of Per 1 ' as I public : » " ^' e day of Ins funeral aU the shops wc « hut up, ar, J ^- OOO people followed his reinain T the fH ™ , among ™ ^ « Athol and other p^ ons ofdistiik ' » — At Edmhu^ b, on e „ • •' • In. HTih „„,• "> f lus age, Mr. Ihoirias he 19th inst. m . ^ 8.' « yc^; f ^ Theatre Bland, some time or. e of rtc J sse had and many years Ireaa w , tat Ui e. - ^ <> fgood on a small annuity char^' 11 U1<^ e" n; \ v bar wben very family and education, called ^ „ Ji " young, and was afterwards' a cornet of In. ^ the cowur, ot hi, regimeiit at the battle - ^ but he wa, a man of very : angular namts . a ® j ( though honest and ho; ioura, >" ;' U his A, ' & ' kind to all his relations), ant! l> av" « otlendea , J' ' riots by his bluntness, he witlm'"' u' h'mu auiont ' ' he was uncle to the celebrated Mr*- Jordan. ' ; 19th instant, in St. JamesVstreet, Mr.-. Man* Bin, , ' > widow i.' the late Lieut. Gen. Brur. 1e" cll. s-~ an Sui. at the bouse of his brotlier, the Hoi. ^ William Maule. J Spring Gardens, the Hon. Hemy Jlanm •)'• brothvr also the Earl of Dalhousie 1 this voaag gent. Vinan was in th naval service of the East India Company, . wd " licm last m China was engaged in a duel with a brot "'* r ° l8cei'> 1,1 which he received a wound in the head, that oil bis return to England required the operation of the tr. Tan>, which was performed last week, with every prospect sl ecess, but inflammation ensued, and baffled all medici sn '"'—- On Wednesday Se'nnight, at Liverpool, Cayt, J. 4 " lies, of ; the Royai Navy, aged 74 years, having baen in VH Ma- jesty's scrvice nearly 6' 0 years.— On Sunday, aged7S ' vears, Lady Lynch, relict of Sir Wm. Lvne*, K." B.- - On t tu 9th inst. at [ lull, the widow Pinder : by her register it ap pt- irs that she was burn at Lantb, in Lincolnshire, • on the * 7th of July, 1704 ; so that she had attained the Age of years. TURNPIKE ROAD Leading from Warminster and Frome toward? JJath. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the eight several Toll Gates erected on the above turnpike roail, ' called Thoulston, Shawfohl, Frome- Field, Mitford, Woolverton, Road- Bridee, Oldford, and Welch- Mill Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, either together or in separate lots, at the election of theTrustees of the said turnpike road, subject to the conditions of sale to be produced by them, at the house df John Collett, called the Red Lion Inn, situate at Woolvertofi, in the county of Somerset, on Tuesday the yth day of August next, between the hours of five and seven o'clock in the afternoon, for One year," to commence 011 Saturday the 1st day of October next, at one o'clock in the morning, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the njth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the turnpike roads ;" which Tolls produced the last year the respective sums under- mentioned above the expences of collecting the same, viz. Thoulston .£' 2- 10 Frome- Field.. 1 Oldford J-- 2- 21 0 0 Welch- Mill .. ) Mitfordj £ 1305 Shawford 1 Woolverton... J- 580 Road- Bride 0 0 and will be put up at such sums.— Whoever happens to be the best bidder, at thesame time must give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees, for the pay- ment of the rent agreed for, monthly or quarterly, as shall be required by them. NATII. BARTON, Clerk and Treasurer. WAHMlNsTfeR, June 28, 1808. [ 43 WEYMOUTH. T'atnahle Public- House and Premises. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by, T. TINDAI. L, at the King's Head Inn, on Wednesday the 10thday of August, 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in lots, to be held for a term of 500 years tram the dav of sale,— l. ot 1 .— All that well- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, situate in St. Thomas- street, known by the sign of the Nag's Head, now in the occupation of Mrs. Ann Key, which has for many years past commanded a very extensive business, and being near to the Infantry Barracks is capable of considtrable improvement. Lot 2.^- AU that large COACH- HOUSE ( now used as a Work- shop) and the YARD behind the same, containing in front 18 feet ft inches, and in depth 56 feet 8 inches ( be the same more or less), situate in St. Marv- street, now in the oc- cupation of Mr. W. Bushrod, as temint at will.— These pre- mises adjo n lot 1, with which they have a communication, and would be highly desirable to the purchaser of that lot in case- it was wished to increase the concern, which in that event might be carried on to any extent. After which will be LETT bv PUBLIC SURVEY, for a Term of Years,— The DWELLING- HOUSE in St. Mary- street, now in the occupation of Mr. Johns. [ 4i) 5 For a plan of the premises, and other particulars, apply at the office of Mr. Johns, attorney at law, or the Auctioneer. BLANDFORD, DORSET. TO be SOLI) by AUCTION, by JOHN IIOYLF., without reserve, on Wednesday the jd of August, 1808, — All the valuable. HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE belonging to the Red Lion Inn, in the town of Bland- ford ; consisting of feather beds, four- post and other bed- steads, check and other furniture, with blaiikets, quilts, sheets, and counterpanes ; capital oak, dining, pillar, claw, and other tables ; neat wind- up grate, vvith trivet and spit- rack complete; a large circular settle; Bath- stove and othfr grates; a number of spirit casks and jars; large pier and swing glasses ; copper boiler, & c.; chamber and other chairs; likewise a quantity ot dung; and a variety of other . articles. The said INN to be LETT immediately.—- Enquire of Mr. Snell, Blandford St. Mary. OOf- The Sale Will begin precisely at eleven o'clock, and c nitinue till all is sold. For further particulars apply to J. Hoyle, auctioneer, He. Blandford. '[ 483 BISHOPSTONE, WILTS. r| X> be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, 1 by Messrs. GATEHOUSE, on Friday the sth of August, 1809,— The remaining part of the FARMING STOCK of the late Mr. Johnson, deceased ; consisting of four exceeding good draught horses, tine riding ditto, two narrow- wheel waggons, a dung cart, a pleasure ditto with iron arms, two rick staddles, one on 20 stones and the other on lo ditto, a quantity of stad'lle stones, five sets of trace harness, four pair of plough ditto, two Complete s. ts of winnowing tackle, corn screen, sieves, ladders, iron bars, and barley chumpers, together with five good iron- bound hogshead casks, large mashing tub, hogshead copper for ditto, bedsteads, bed and bedding, saddle and bridle, and numerous other articles. The sale will commence at eleven o'clock. [ 541 BUILDING MATERIALS, LEE, NEAR ROMSEY. NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN YOTLIFG, JL on Wednesday the :! d day « f Atiprust'next, at the White HOrse Inn, Romsey, at five o'clock in the afternoon, in one Lot,— All the MATERIALS, as they now stand, of the Mansio- i- house, Outbuildings, and Garden Walls, situate at Lcc, in the occupation cif the Rev. Nat Fletcher. The Bricks, Timber, etc. are of good quality, and worth the attention of any person, in or near Southampton, about to build, being close to water- carriage. For a view of the prethiseS, apply to Mr. Nat Fletcher ; and any further particular* may be known on application to Mr. Elderfield, solicitor, Romsey, or the Auctioneer. { 433 ELIGIBLE SITUATION mR TRADE,— llOMSEY. I^ OIt SALE by AUCTION, on Thursday the 4th day of August, 1808, precisely at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Horse Inn, by J. YOUNG,— A Free- hold Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a largi Shop, excellent Cellars, three Parlours, Dining- room, and four Bed- rooms, together with Kitchen, Pantry, and useful Outbaildings, now in the occupation of Mrs. Davis, situate in ths Market- place.— There having been several enquiries made lately for an ironmonger's shop in this town, the situa- tion will be found to answer every purpose for that business.— If sold by private contract, notice will be given. For particulars enquire on the Premises, or of Mr. Hollo- day, Horns Inn, Nursling. [ 422 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TUCKF. R and PI- TTIS, on Wednesday August . , 1808, on the Premises, at Vittlefield's Farm, in the parish of Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight,— Ninety Loads of prime OAK TIMBER, Well calculated for shipbuilders, wheelwrights, Carpenters, and others. [ 431 The above Timber will be put up in several lots ; and for a view of the same apply to Farmer Gray, at Vittlefield's. The sale will commence at four o'clock in the afternoon. STANPIT, ttear CHRISTCHURCH. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRAN- STON, on Wednesday the 3d day of August, 1808,—•— Part of che LIVEand DEAD FARMING STOCK belonging to Mr. William Footner, quitting his Farm at Stanpit; con- sisting of six beasts in calf, eight three- ycar- oid beasts, eight two- year ditto, and six yearlings; si, te acres of barley, three acres of wheat, and four acres of fsc j a rick of clover hay about 18 tons, a ditto about eight tons; two wapgons, three dungcarts, three ploughs and tackle, two rollers,' two drags, five harrows, ar. d a quantity of " hurdles. Sale at eleven o'clock. To be DISPOSED OP, by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A Town- made Cane- back SOCIAP. LE BODY, with leather head, sword- case, and cushions, lined complete, with an oil- case flap. : { Tuio duties.) Apply by letter ( post paid) to J. Cranston, Ringwood. [ 447 A capital Freehold- Estate, in a Jim sydrtini y:; i •• So- meriejfkire,, bordering on Wilts. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr K :. at the Weymouth Arlns Inn, in Warminster, r,- V n- t tne day the- Ust . day of August, lsos, between the h. itr; . • • • ate at and five in the afternboh, in one lot,— Al, l that valui. 1-' •• i " very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Hoi E- ST • • .- situated at Kifminrton, in the county of Somerset, ... the occupation of Mr. John Cross, whoSJ term t'a. re n \ it expire at Lady- day, 1810; lett at a. very low rent, and c in- sisting of an exceeding good Farm- houSe) barns, ml. y, cow- stalls, granary, and all suitable and necessery c'ut- Vjild- ings adjoining thereto, in complete repair; together, with closes of rich arable, meadow, pasture, wood, and down Land, well supplied with water; containing in the whole nearly 21) 0 acres. This Estate lies in a very fertile valley, the greater part of which is sheltered on the* north bv Bradlev- knowl, wh eh commands very beautiful arid extensive pre-/ ects ; it is well timbered, and only two fniles distant f'roro Stour- Head and Alfred's- Tower. The situation is a very eli/ ible cne for a gen- tleman fond of field spoits, as most kinds of gaipe are there in great abundance; and there are several vefy dehghtful spots for the erection of a mansion- house, which would ren- der it as desirable a residence as any id the county. The pre- mises are eight miles distant from the capital marl; t- town of Warminster, and six from Wincanton ; and about the s,. me distance from Shaftesbury, Hindon, Bruton, and C:; stle- Cary, all good market- towns^, to all of which there are good turn- pike- roads leading from the estate. The premises may be viewed on application to Mr. Cross, the tenant. At the same time and place will be. SOLD by AUCTION, in another lot,— All that Clcse of exceeding good PASTURE GROUND, containing nearly ten acres, situate at Sanibourn, in the parish of Warminster aforesaid, now, in the oc. chpation of Mr. Mines, as tenant at will; - The whole being part of ihe estates of the late Charles Webb, Esq. deceased. Printed particulars may be had at thiiWevmouth Ahi s Inn, Warminster; White Hart, Bath; Greyhound, Wineant- n ; and Antelope, Salisbury ; and of Messrs. Clarke and Son, so- licitors, St. John's- bridge, Bristol ; of the Auctioneer, De- vizes; of Messrs. Holmes and Lowden, solicitors, 17; Cle- ment's- inn, London ; and of Mr. Lampaid, solicitor, War- minster, at whose office a plan of the estate may be seer/, and where any further information may be obtained. [ if 3 ISLE OF WIGHT. By Order of the Honourable Commissioneft of his Majesty's Customs, I^ OIl SALE by AUCTION, at the Custom- I louse, in East- Cowes, on Tuesday the 9th day of Aug. 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,—— The following GOODS, Which have been se'iied and legally condemned, and may be viewed and tastod on application to the Ware- house Keeper. For Private Families only. BRANDY 7155 ^ RUM., 60 „ " jg0 ^ Gallons. . 4lJ GENEVA WINE For Dealers and others. TOBACCo{| h0f;;;;;;;;;;; CVI7nJ / Ilavannah, in tin cases 10 i srsU1 r LBmzjl; inbottlei. .. 14J 695 0 I Pounds. F GOSPORT. ^ 011 PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 18th 6f Au partly from Wales, but this trade fully mamtiuus last • in Fhiiir little variation. . SMlVni ir. t. B MABKKT. , W9 There was tins day a very scant}' supply of ( . le. The prices were nearly the same as on Motidtiv. MAlicious ARresT.- On Wedti- sdav; tried, m the r,; r0n ' ti plaintiff had entered into piinersbip with deuce t. i. u smuggler, and that the partnership hid'^ pplied ° ur army- at the Helder with hark and other nece • stfdes. The plaintiff was anxious to dissolve hi, ; : beforehe » r- was made a SOLDIERS' BAGGAGE. HANTS MIDSUMMER SESSIONS, 189.8. SOUTHAMPTON,"! \ T the General Quarter Sessi or, > to wit. f J.\- of the Peace of our Sovereign I. "> rd the King, ho'. drn at the Castle of Winchester, in and for t he said county of Southampton, 011 Monday in the first week aft er the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, to wit, the lltli day of July, in the 48th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the grace of " Goi. i of the United Kingdom ot" Gr* at Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and in the year of our Lord 1808, and from thence continued by adjournment to Monday the 25th day of the same Julv, and then holden at the Castle of Winchester afore- said, before James Burrough, Esq. Chairman ; Sir William Heather* e, Sir Edward Hulse, Burts. Lovelafe Bigg With.*, Win, Chute, William Ne. vill, Esqrs. and others their Fel- lows, Justices of our said Lord the ICing, assigned! to ke< p the Peace of our said Lord the King in the county afore- said, and also to hear and determine divens felonies, trf s- passe and other misdeeds committed in the- same county :. — This Court, having regard to the present price of Hay ai id August, letiS, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,— The good SHIP MON'TRF. AI.. Dimensions:— Length, 112 ft. to in.; breadth, 27 ft. 10 in.; height between decks, t> ft. 6 in.; depth in hold, 11 ft. 6" in.; British built, w ith figure head, quarter deck, and galleries ; admeasures atfn tons; copper fastened, coppered to her wales, and decks copper nailed ; is abundantly found in anchors, cables, sails, and every other description of stores ( one suit of sails new) ; from the dimensions and stowage adapted f r any rrad .-, as she sails remarkably f? st; a very desirable ship, and worth the attention of any person wanting one of her class; maybe sent to sea without any expence except pro- visions, being in complete repair; in short, by viewing the ship she will speak for herself ; captured on her voyage from Monte Video to Copenhagen by his Majesty's ship' Brilliant, Thomas Smith, Esq. Captain, and regularly condemned as prize. [ 490 For Inventories apply to1 Messrs. Cooke and Hal ford, Agents, London; and to MATTHIAS MAftCH, Broker,_ Gosn . it. ROMSEY. Stock of Linen Drapery, Mercery, Haberdashery, Sfc. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT JL SHARP, on Thursday the 11th of Aujust, and two fol- lowing days,— TheStock of LINEN DRAPERY, MERCERY, and HABERDASHERY belonging to Miss Compton, re- moved for the cortVeniency of sale to the Assembly Room, at the Angel Inn. To be viewed, with Catalogues, on the Wednesday pre- L e " hng the sale, which will begin each day at eleven o'clock. ' The Household Furniture will be sold by Auction on Mon- day ' .' he 15th. [ 499 Pine Hoards, Plank, llalh Timber, Hfc. rp< y be SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT A Si lav. r, on Thursday the 18th of August, at the Anchor Ihn, Ret.' bridge,— The CARGO of the Ship NANCY, Ro bert Sampson, M'aster, just arrived from New Brunswick ; con- sisting of 4' botU 6( tfl> 00 Feet of tnch Pine Board, 40 () O0 Feet of Pi, nc Plank, from 2 inches to4 itiches, 5 11 ,1ieces of . Balk Timber, 3 y ' eces Birt h ditto, 180 So Irs, soii'e of large dimensions, eh. uitity of Lathwood, etc. This Cargo has btam selected with care, and is particularly sound and free from Mots, and is removed to the Bank - of the AndOvef andSalisbury Canal tor the convenience of purc'b asers. To be viewed at Reifbridge, tx'o days preceding the sale, with Catalogues, to be had ar 1 he Auctioneer's cabiwet and upholstery warehouses, in Romst y. Sale to'begin precisely at elevei 1 o'clock. [ 500 Shrub, Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, Curry Powder, Tamarinds, Preserved Ginger, Guara Jelly, and Pickles. Also,— The broken up Hull of the Lion Cutter, Bowsprit, two large and two small Anchors, two Cables, two Warps, with sundry lots of Beams, Plank, Blocks, Dead- eyes, Iron, & c. & c. Stc. [ 517 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. LOVE and PAI. MEU, at the Sun Inn, in Newport, oh Thursday the 4th day of August inst. at six o'clock in the. evening,— All that desirable Freehold and substantial MESSUAGE and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate m Pyle- street, Newport, now in the occupation of Mr. Palmer, baker and grocer; com- prising, on the ground floor, a large shop, counting- house, sittiiu- room, large parlour, entrance passage, two kitchens, bake- house, wash- house, cellars, a large rain- water cistern, tvvo wells of excellent water, paved court- yard, store- house, cart- house, with access to the back street; on the second floor, a large dining- room, four chambers, and four neat at- tics.— These premises are well calculated for any kind of busi- ness and lodgings. Also,— A large Garden, Stable with two lofts, four Tene- ments in the South- street, and five Tenements in the yard adjoining the above premises. Likewise will be sold,— A Freehold Dwelling- house, over Coppin's Bridge, now in the occupation of — Gal'ton, tenant at will. Three Closes of Meadow Land, calleij, part of Cutbetts, situate near Staplers, in the parish of Whippingham, now in the occupation of Mr. John Palmer, containing together ten acres and one rood. And also the Tithes of Little Staplers, in the parish of Arre- ton, containing by estimation 17 acres. For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to the Auctioneers, [ 606 A Freehold Inn ami other Freehold Prem ises for Sale. SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LIMPUS, on Thursday the 4th of August, 1S08, at the Mitre Inn, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced : Lot I.— All that Freehold Messuage or Tenement and Pre- mises, situate in French- street, in the town and county of Southampton, and late in the occupation of Mr. James Chidell. X. ot i.— A Piece of Freehold Land, sitoete in Albion- place, in the said town of Southampton, and Which admeasures 94 feet in depth and 19 feet 4 inches in width. Lot 3.— All that valuable Freehold Inn, called or known by the name or sign of the Mitre, situate in the High- street, in the said town of Southampton, late in the. occupation of Mr. Chidell, deceased, of which immediate possession maybe had. This long- established Inn is most eligibly situated, being in the centre of the High- street, not far from the Market, and hath a way or passage through the said premises from the High- street to French- stfeet, St. Michael's- square, and to the west part of the town, and immediately opposite a new street leading to the east part of the toWn. - The above premises are very extensive, together with an old- accustomed Billiard- room and convenient Tap- house detached from the dwelling- house ; which premises are worthy the attention of a brewer or inn- keeper. Lot 4.— A Freehold Messuage, Tenement, Garden, and Premises, situate in All- saints- placc, in the said town of Southampton, and now in the occupation of —— tenant at will. Further particulars may be known ( if by letter,. post paid) by application to Mr. Chidell; atShidfield, near Bishop'sWal- tham, Hants; Mr. John Allen, timber- merchant, and Mr. Smith, solicitor, Southampton ; or of the Auctioneer, Bi- shop's Widtbam. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. James Chidell, at the Mitre Inn. [ 240 SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT POTTERNE, WILTS, rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by K. KNIC. HT, at 4 the Black l htrse Inn, in Devim"; on Friday the 12th of August 1808. at) ver o'clock in the afternoon. 111 one 1 ot,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Croouwood, in the parish of Potterne, consisting of, a Barn, Stable, Cow- House,, Barton, and Orchard, vvith 13 Acres of excellent Pasture Land, and 4 Acre* of rich Water Meadow ( more or les:;\ adjoining each other; now in the occupation of Miss Ann White, who Will qu. it at Michaelmas nSxc. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Robert Watts, - at the sign of the George', in Pott. ine. Further purticulaij may be known by applying to Mr. Joye, solicitor, or the Auctioneer, Devizes. ' [ 532 WILTS. freehold Estates, Collivghoufne, Kingston, between An- clover, Htmgerford, < ind Marlborough. NHO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ROBINS, Ja. at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhill, London, on Tuesday the 30th of August, at twelve o'clock, in two Lots : Lot!.— The very eligible FREEHOLD ESTATES, land- tax redeemed, comprising the manor or reputed manor of Coili. ngbourn? Valence, and B'ronton House; a desirable family mansion, seated on a lawn surrounded by thriving plantations, with gaiden, orchard, yard, barns, stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of 151 acres of meadow, pasture, artdile, and wood Land, all lying compact, in a good state of cultivation, and in a fine healthy part of the country, com- manding " rich and extensive views over a rich country, pre- senting a pleasant residence for a gemleman fond of farming and field sports ; situate in the parish and. near the village of Collingboume Kingston, and within a quarter of a mde of the Church. Lot 2.— A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, adjoining lot 1, called Heath Farm, land- tax redeemed, and Gammon's Corner, situate in the parishes of Collingboume Kingston and Chute, with a farm- house, yards, garden, orchard, barns, stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of 171 acre s of mea- dow, pasture, and wood land, all hi good cultivation, and lying compact. AJI. Act is obtained for inclosing the parish of Chute, which w ill add a considerable quantity of land to this lot. . .... These Estates are very eligible property for investing money, or for occupation ; are within two miles of Everley, nine from Hungerford, ten from Marlborough, twelve frorrt An- dover, sixteeri from Salisbury, arid seventy from London. May be viewed by applying on the premises, where, particu- lars may be had ; at the'Star and Garter, Andover ; Swan, Hungerford ; Castle and ^ arlfcroMh Arms, Marlborough ; White Hart, Salisbury ; the Inns at Everley and Amcshuiy ; Pelican, Newbury; White l. ion, Bath;. Bush, Bristol J Black Bear, Devizes; White Hart, Chippenham ; at Garra- way'. s; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, London, where apian of the Estates may be seen. [ 217 partnership ; but beforeho could effect tin* he wa, - ba nkrupt, and found himself completely rumed. Ife w= afterwards arrested by the defendant, ot whom he had no knowl d- e; and it appeared that the object m anre- unS him wat^ to eonipel him to give uf all claims on John. m, as he v.' as offered bis discharge if he would gm- inutna Ptoses. Johnson was brought forward as a witness, and . , d that his unfortunate partner knew nothing ol ! vuy'dealings with Turner.- The Jury- ave a verdict for > plaiiitiff, oamagtis 1500/. and order, that all Officers of his Majesty's Forces, who by virtue of any warrant from his Majesty's Justices of the Pea - e within th'., county, shall demand of the constable or pet ty constable, to whom the same is directed, carriages for tl « purposes in the said Act mentioned, shall at the same tirr. e pav'dovm in hand to the said constable or petty constable, fe r the use of the person providing the same, oveT and above . th a sum of one shilling a mile for waggons and wains, and nines - pence a mile for carts, hitherto payable, under the said Act, the following sums, viz. the further sum of three- pence for everv mile any waggon with four horses, or any wain with. S • oxer, or four oxen with two horses, shall travel ; the fur- tnei rum of two- pence for every mile any cart with foui horses 1 shall travel; and so in proportion for less carriages. And this Court doth further direct, that the above order shall continue 111 force until the next General Quarter Sessions of die Peace to be holdeii for this county; and that the Clerk of the Peace do cause the same to be published in the several provincial papers. By the. Court, T. WOODIIAM, 5jr, j Deputy Clerk of the Pcace. TWYFORD, NEAR WINCHESTER. TO be Peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, with- out reserve, by, Mr. MFCF. Y, On the Premises, on Thursday the 4th of August, 1803, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced;— All those two genteel substantial brick- built DWELLINGS, with sash windows and a spacious Garden: situate in the pleasant vityage ofTiVy- foid, the property of Mr. Lander. The premises are Copyhold « f inheritance, at a small fine; an. i as such, are considered equal in value to " freehold.— Each house contains a kitchen parlotlr, two bed- rooms, two garrets, capital arched cellars and other convenient out- hoU5esand buildings; and may, at an easy expence, be converted into a very genteel Dwelling ; or is adapted for carrying 011 an extensive trade,, at the road waggon passes through from Ebndon to Southampton. Also, on the same day, will be Sol D by ACCTION, on the premises,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and ether Effects, also the property of Mr. Lander; comprising four- post and tent bedsteads with printed cqtton hangings, goose feather beds and bedding, pier and dressing glasses, carpets, . tables, chairs, chests of drawers, fine- tonal piano forte, capital eight day clock, iron- boand casks, brewing utensils, ' and various furniture and effects, which will be expressed in catalogues. A few lots of Building Material;, Timber, Pricks, arc. The Houses to be viewed until the sale_, on application to Mr. Lander, or on tlx premises.— The'furniture may be viewed the day preceding the Sale ; When catalogues may be had on the premises, atid of the Auctioneer, Winchester. Sale to begin at on", o'clock precisely; and the Houses will 1 be sold at two o'clock. [ 521 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, T> Y D. IIKRITAGE, at the George Inn, in Trowbiidge,. on Monday the 15th dav of August inst. between, the hours of six and eight o'clock in the evening of that day',-—— The following PRE- MISES, all situated in the town of Trowbridge, subject to such condition's as shall theii and there he produced.: Lot 1.— All that new- built Dwelling- house, Ga', den, and. Premises, situate in Hilperton- lane, late in the occupation of James Angel, but now of Samuel Cofswell, Lot 2.— All that freestohe- fronted Dwelling- house, with the Out- let and Work- shops behind the same," jr. that healthy and pleasant part of the town called Paradise- row, now in the Occupation of Mr. W. Lawson, Lot 3.— All that other freestone- fronted Dv, idling- house and Premises, adjoining the last, how in the. occupation ot Mr. William Sergeaht.- If thought more advisable . at the time of Side, lots 2 and a will be put up and sold H: one lot. Lot 4.— All those extensive Premises, late in the occupation of the Widow Crabb, deceased ; consisting of two d welling- houses, shear- shops, and othtr out- buildings, how occupied by Mr. Henry Crabb, and his under- tenants. Let 5.— All that Dwelling- house . and Premises, in Frog- lane, in the occupation of Robert § Uverthorn, * .. 1 adjoining another dwelling'- iibuse, lately purchased by Mr. James Tanner. N- B. All the above premises are Freehold, except the last lot, which is . held for the remainder of a long terrfi of, years, and are left to the respective tenants us tenants at will, who will permit an inspect, on of their respective premises'. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Timbrel], Trowbridge. [> 04 NORTH- BRADLEY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by 1). HKRITASE, at the George Inia, in Trowbj- idge, on Monday the 15th dav of August test, between the hours of six and eieht o'clock in' the evening of that day, The, following FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate in the parish of fCorth- Fradley, aforesaid, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be pro- duced : Lot 1.— All that rich Close of Meadow Ground, called Cle- mcnts's Mead, bounded by the river Bisse on one side, anrl oh the other by an estate the property of Jbmcs Selfe, Esq. in the occdoation of Mr. Joseph Amer, which'close of mea- dow conteins by estimation : l A. l. R. pP, ( more < jr less) and is occupied by the said Joseph Amer.-—' This Hk m i y prove a valuable accjuisitidn to a purchaser, from its fcpnnec- tiott with the rivet; by many it has been thought that a va- luable mill might be advantageously erected thereon. Lot 2.— An Allotment of Arable Land adjoining the afore- said meadow, late part of Outmat.-. h Common, cent ning by estimation about two ( teres Snd a quarter, also in f'e oc- cupation of the said Joseph Amer.— The Crop of Whe. it now growing on this allotment will best shew the value of the land. Lot 3.— Two valuable Clones of mfcacow or pasture Ground', near the last lot, called the Common Pieces, adjoining each other, and immediately adjoining an estate b.- l mginj, to Phi- lip Jame » Gibbs, Esq. in the occupation of Mr. Applegate. — The last lot contains 7 acres ( more. of less), and now in the Several occupations of Mr. John Gaisford and Farmer Fryer. fhe Whole of the above jiremis. es are left for one year only* which will expire at La'dv- eiay next. . For frirther pattibulars apply at the office qf Mr. T^ nhn llj » Trowbridge. t^ 05 DlXON's Arm- BILtOUS PILLS. THESE FILLS have long obtained a just celefttity in thfe private practice of the, proprietor, Mr. Dixost, Apothe'tary ; and f'rori their . great succe s with iTmiiV patients of distinction and others, paitiijularly the. Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren; the Dowager Lady . Sav and Sele, the Viscountess Bvlkelcy, & c. & c. he was persuaded to offer them to the Fublic. The) are fee rid to te an incompaiible remedy fot rjstoring ( he tone of the stomach, for Curing indigestion, for preventing crudities, and their consequent disagreeable eructations arid fiatulenceis. They prevent habitual and tem- porary costiveness, sick head- achs, and heart- burn whicl is occasioned by pregnancy, and a debilitated stomach, whether rising from the atrimor. y of the redundant bile, intemperate diet, or drinking to excess. _ Sold wholesale and retail at Mr; Butler s, No. 4, Cheapside, near Patcrnoster- roW, and at the Printing- Office, Salisbury ; and fetarl by most Country Bookaellets and Medicine Venders, iu boxes 3s. — and 24s. each. \ N Elegant Marine VII, LA, near Southampton, beautifully situatedonthcbimkoftheriverltchen, com- nandirig truly picturesque views, in a Garden about-, an acre nd a half, nearly walled round, planted with choice fruit t, e< s, arid shmbs laid crjt with tat te; the house is I ately and sl tbstantially built, of a pleasing elevation, and oc. aconve- n ent piaft, the outside stuccoeii, and an Italian roof; the inoipal rooms are expensively and neatly fitted v) ith marble cl, irnney; alid French windows to the floors; it contains dii iug parlour, drawing- room, istn'dy, four best ' jed- cham- te-, > and three servants'ditto, with every requii . re domestic 0ff, -, e ; detached is double coach- house, a two- sc ill and four- still ed' stables, wash- house antt laundry with set vants' rooms ovcr , and adjoining is a paddock of about 2} acre:;; possession may' be had imnu diately ; it is particularly well adapted for a perse ei fond of sailing, being within 800 yard's of the river, wher c vessels of large burthen may lie afloat; tlw ncighbour- bood is respectable, and the roads good: ta ce SOLD by Au'c HON, on Monday the 15th of August, at the Dolphins Inn ; Southampton, at one o'clock, by GEOR an HOOKTY. Furt iier particulars mav be known at the e fdee of William Curry Es< l- sblicitor-, Southampton, or of the Auctioneer. ANDOVER, HANTSi. r F^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, B* u the Mascn's Arms Inn, Andovet., on Wednesday the - inf' » , tansu i « 08, at four o'clock the afternoon, in two f V Tho following desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES,, s'i tu'ftei n Brick- kiln- street, Andower. - „ , , j^ jj.,. 1 Comprises an excelKnt Garden walled in, and adt d with chtiice fruit trees, valuable shrubs, flowers, See. rv5Cd j - rcen walk and harboer ; Stabling for at lea ® twelve h x- es; • and a capital Piggery; late the property of Mr. Wm. ^ " J >'. — A compact Dwelling- house and Garden, in the « , - c'njatio 1 of Mr. Daniel Whitldck. . Vorfu't her particulars, and a view of the Premises; apply n, 1 Rail' lins, the Auctionefti [ 5- 35 T1IE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. f Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, JULY 30. At the Court at the Queen's Palace, the' 27th of July 1808, PRESENT, flic King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. IS y HE RE AS by an Act passed in the last if\/ Session of Parliament, it is enacted, that it shall be lawful for His Majesty to direct that all or any such Licences as, by virtue of any Act of Parliament or otherwise, His Majesty may lawfully grant under H is Sign Manual, shall and may be granted bv one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State ; His Majesty having taken the same into His Royal consideration, is i lease , by and w'. th the advice of His Privy Council, to oeder an 1 direct, and it is hereby ordered and directed, that ail Licence which by virtue of anv Acts of Parliament or otherwise Hi . Majesty may lawfully grant under His Sign Manual touching, concerning, or in any manner re- lating t.) Trade, Comtneice, or Navigaeion, shall and may heeeaf* T, and until further Order, be granted bv either of ):•* Mai ' Sty's Principal Secretaries of State ; and that all Licences « « granted shall be as valid, and have as lull force and effect, a- if such Licences had been, granted under His Majesty's Sign Manual. The Average Price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, com- puted fro ee tin: Petitrie: made in the weekending the 27th of July, 1 : i08, is Forty Shillings and One Farthing per Hundred W. ight, exclusive of the Duties of Customs. [ This Gazette coolainr, the offer of a reward of five hun- dred p u.' tis for the. discover ' of the murderers of Bruce and 1.'." , the I've s- mee late belonging to the Nimble and Asp revenue cutter1.— Vide page 1.] BANKRUPTS, ivy Chce'e, of Maniiienter, scrivener, t' ' sis" I''• 11. vieuiaittt'and innkeeper. m ! If WiV J'. ln T'. i. inas ( haberdasher, of TI'Qinford, Dorset, jobber. Th i. ius Turni. s. of Liverpool, cheesemonger, ' i'luvns • e . . i the younger, of Penryn, lincwer. T'a . mis I .-. veil, <> f s'horediteli, baiter. John Oritike and John Frederick Selvwedersky, of Newcastle- upon- TV » ', lie- rcbants. , i noes lllaze, oi lierwise Blades, of Manchester, dealer and chapman. t;..]! Kiild, of llarwick- upon- Tweed. linen- draper. Kobi vi I'. vindle, ef L.- yland, Lancashire, bleacher. YViHiair. I'. yre. of si. ' Cohimb Major, merchant. Joan Tipper, of Romford, victualler. Hughes, of the Royal Artillery, in the prime of life, and much regretted. The Spanish packet sent in by the Aigle frigate, Capt. Wolfe, was on Monday released, in conformity to the King's Pi oelamation of Peace with Spain, and re- hoisted the Spanish colours. Ou Tuesday came in the Amethyst, of 36 guns, Capt. Seymour, from the coast of France, to victual, refit, and wait for orders. OnWednesday came in the Martial gun- brig, from Ferrol, with dispatches; she does not bring any particular news. On Thursday came in the Eurydice, of 24 guns, from St. Andero, in three days. It appears that the Spaniards are in high spirits, and the Patriots are very sanguine of ultimate success in their cause against the ihvaders of their country. Sailed the Harlequin, of 18 guns, with a large fleet for the Downs. This morning arrived the Ville de Paris, of 110 guns, to refit; her crew are to be turned over to the Caledonia, of 110 guns, now fitting for the flag of Lord Gambier. PORTSMOUTH, July 30. The Audacious, of 74 guns, with the whole of the transports having on toard the troops which form the Expedition under Sit II. Burrard, have dropped down toSt. Helen's, where they are at present wind- wound, but will sail the first start of wind. They are 14,000 fine fellows as any in Europe: it is to be hoped they will not have their spirits damped by remaining much longer in t. he transports. Monday". Sailed the Gloire, of 33 guns, Capt. Car- the-. v ; Thais sloop, Capt. Ferriers, and Steady gun- vessel, with convoy for the Cape of Good Hope and the Brazils ; Bustard sloop, Capt. Miil'kland, for the Downs ; Lille Belt sloop, Capt. Cricpo, for the Coast of Africa ; and Trovo- peuse sloop for Madeira with transports. Arrived die Egeria sloop, Capt. Hole, from Plymouth. Tuesdvy.— Arrived the Tigre, of 80 gun;, Capt. Hallo- well, from the North Sea, Wednesday. Arrived the Stately, of 61 guns, Caft. Cumberland, from the North Sea.— Sailed the Pomona, of 44 guns, Capt. Baine ; and Woolwich store- ship with co » - voy fir the Mediterranean. Friday.— Sailed the Port Mahon sloop, (' apt. Chambers; and Prevoyante store- ship,— Dropped down to St. Helen's the Audacious, of 74 puns, Capt. Gossclin, with the whole of the Expedition under Lieut.- General Sir Henry Burrard.— Went out of Harbour the Illustrious, of 74 guns, Capt. Broughton; and Brazen sloop, Capt. Shepherd. — Came in the Lily sloop, Capt. Sherriff. fully joined, and from which few retired ( and then reluc- tantly) until near sun- rising. In short, greater and more universal demonstrations of joy were never known in this island, clearly indicative of the high esteem and regard the public bear that very ancient and honourable family. On the following day Sir Henry Holmes gave a dinner to all his numerous tenantry ; and in the evening the same festive scene again took place in the gardens to a still more numerous assemblage of both young and old, and the merry dance was continued with great spirit till twelve o'clock on Saturday night, wh « n the band struck up " God save the King" as a signal for departure, when each re- tired, highly gratified with the attention paid to their ac- commodation by the worthy host and hostess, and with rapturous encomiums on that peculiar affability and con- descension by which every individual of that family is so eminently distinguished. On the same day Mr. Worsley Holmes was unanimously elected a member of the ancient and respectable Corpora- tion of Newport. SALISBURY. MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1808. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 30. The Eurvdice frigate is arrived at Plymouth from St. Andero, ill three day . By the intelligence which Government has received by her it appears that the battle at Medina del Rio Seco, between Gen. Cuesta and the French under General Lassa'les, was much more disastrous to the French than to the Patriots. The loss of the former was verv great, and the latter fui] of ardour were increasing their force and preparing for a fresh attach. Wc have not heard that any accounts have been received by the Eurydice from Saragossa.— Courier. The Eurydice has brought in with her a French schooner, cut of from St. Sebastian, and probably in sight of Bonaparte, by the boats of the Unicorn.— She was bound for Buenos Ayres, and had dispatches on board fioin Joseph Bonaparte for the Spanish colo- nies, with 3000 stand of arms.— This is the second ve s; I which our ships have taken which had dispat- ches on board from Bonaparte for Soush America.— Ibid. By the Gottenburgh Mail, which arrived this morn ing, wc learn that the disposition of the Government and people cf Denmark towards this country las undergone a very material change, and that by the judicious manage- ment of Sir James Saumarez, an agreement has been enter- ed into with the Danish Government for the exchange of p; oners, which has already been carried into effect. The prisoners taken on hoard the Prince Christian have been sent home to Denmark, and a number of British prisoners ha been sent to Gottenburgh. The latter speak very highly of the treatment they met with from the Danes, . " la) were much dissatisfied with the French, and withsuf fieieie. reason ; for though in Holstfcin as allies, they treat it. as a conquered country : the Danish arms and ensigns aee every where taken dou/ n, and these of the French sub- stituted fur them. All the accounts from Holland concur in stating that a war is about to take place between France and Austria. The Au rial1. Ambas- ador is said to have been recalled from Par: a The Gottenburgh Mail further ad- vises, ihat a close alliance is forming between Austria' and Russia. HAYMARKET THEATRE. A new play, in three acts, called " The Africans, o; War, Love, and Duty," was last night brought out at. this Theatre, It is written by Mr. Oilman ; abounds in strong incidents, but much of the dialogue is flat, and wants curtailment, A few songs are interspersed. The music, compiled by Kelly, is pretty ; and on the whole the play was well received, and when the necessary alterations are made, it will doubtless liaie a long run. Yesterday mooring, as Earl Poulett was driving his cur- ricle in . Hyde Park, accompanied by his son, the Hon. Capt. Poulett, the horses took fright, and running vio- lently down Rotten- row, dashed the carriage against a post. Bv the concussion, Lord Poulett and his son were both thrown out ; his Lordship is severely bruised, but Capt, P. lias received very little injury. MARRIED.] On Wedne day, at Little Thurlow, Suffolk, Sir John C, Honeywood, Bart, of Evington, in Kent, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Wm. Henry Cooper, Hart. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o' Clock. DAY, Bank Stock, — India Stock, 185 South Sea Stock, 73 j 3 Cent. Red. 68} 3 " ja- Cent. Cons. G7| 4 ' y- Cents. 85 5 ^ Cent. Navv, 09 5 V Cent. 17D7, — Long Ann. 1S| § - Omnium, 2 p. India Bonds, 0 a 5, p. Exchequer Bills, 4 a 5 p, Irish 5 ^ Cents. 97 Imperial 3 f>- Cents. 67| English Lott. Tickets, 33i. Ss. Ditto Prizes, 2 » Cent. dis. Poet jftefsu0. BRIXHAM, July 29. Arrived on Friday night last from off Ushant, under command of Adm. Lord Gambier, the Ville de Paris, Royal George, St. George, Temeraire, Neptune, and Aelliiie. Arrived, on Sunday from Plymouth, the Spencer, of 74 guns, which ship sailed again on Tuesday, to take the command off (.' Orient.—- Also arrived the Dreadnought, Vice- Admiral Sotbeby, from Plymouth. Vice- Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth hoi ted his flag on board the Royal George, on which occasion a salute was fired. ,- jailed last evening for Plymouth the Ville de Paris, Adm. Lord Gambier. His Lordship will shift his flag and crew 011 board the Caledonia. Sir . J. T. Duckworth commands the Channel Fleet during tli - absence of Lord Gambier. FALMOUTH, July 23. The Black Joke lugger, Lieut. Alt, sailed with dispatches for Comnna on Satur- day last. The Princess Mary packet sailed for the Windward I 1 unls yesterday. A fleet ( about twelve sail) with store,, & c. for the coast of Portugal, from Plymouth, sailed 011 Sunday, under convoy of his Majesty's ships Hindostan and Kangaroo. PLYMOUTH, July 29. Letters from Gibraltar, dated • June the 19th, state that the weather had set in extremely warm, and that a fever had in consequence broke out in General Spenet r's army, but which, on its re embarkation, was checked by the - ea breezes. Some gallant soldiers had previously fallen victims to it, and among them Captain WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JULY 30, The business of the Western Circuit commenced here 011 Tuesday, when the Commission for holding the Assizes for the County of Southampton was opened at the Castle;— the Hon. Sir Robert Graham, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and the Hon. Sir John Bayley, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, Judges ; George Han- bury Mitchell, Esq. High Sheriff. The causes were mostly uninteresting, though there was one which had excited general attention, viz.— the action brought by Colonel Poulett against Lord Viscount Saekville, to recover damages for the seduction of his wife. After a long investigation, the Jury found a verdict for the Plaintiff, damages Three Thousand Pounds. They were laid at 5000/. There were only nine pri= oners on the Calendar, and but seven for trial, two of them being charged with offences committed in other counties. Francis Read, indicted for having broken into a barn in the paritli of Holdenhurst, with intent to steal wheat, was capitally convicted, and received sentence of Death, but was reprieved before the Judges left the city. Juseph Jones, charged on the Coroner's Inquisition with the wilful murder of Abraham Abrahams, at Spit- head, was found guilty of Manslaughter, and fined Gs.^ d. John Wade was found guilty of having stolen 240 lbs. weight of leaden bullets, the property of his Majesty, and was sentenced to seven years transportation. William Rase, charged with having received the leaden bullets stolen by Wade, knowing that they were stolen ; Thomas White and William Shaw, charged with stealing a lamb; aud James Ross, alias Brown, charged with having in his possession, at Gosport, a sheet of copper, marked with the King's broad arrow, were all acquitted. Francis Wilkinson, charged with having cut and stabbed Richard Edwards, at Weymouth, with intent to murder him, was ordered to be removed to Dorchester'; and Mathias Boswarva, charged with a felony at Plymouth,, was ordered to be removed to Exeter, The long contested question respecting the watering ' meadows in Compton Maume from the navigation of the River Itchen, between Mr. George Hoilis, as the proprie- tor of the river, plaintiff, and Sir W111. Heathcote, Bart, and Mr, R. Goldfinch, defendants, which it was expected would have been tried at this Assizes by ail action of tres- pass and ejectment, did not come on for trial; the de- fendants having signified ( through their solicitor, Mr. Wade) that tliey should not defend it; so that Mr. Hoilis is entitled to. judgment by default, which will give him the power to compel the removal of the hatches.— This important question is therefore thus set at rest, and the exclusive right of'the proprietor of the river to the water running through those parts of the Navigation where the land was purchased and the water originally brought there by the persons who caused the river to be made navigable is established, and the proprietor may . grant ° r withhold it at his optiun.— The limited rights of water from the old river to such mills and water- meadows as are set out in the decrees for making the liver navigable remain as before, and indeed have never been questioned bv the pro- prietors of the navigation. The General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Southampton were held 011 Monday last. Tho- mas Cutler, John Cutler, and James Cutler, convicted of entering into a walk in the New Forest, carrying a gun and other weapons, with intent to destroy the fallow deer, were sentenced to be transported for seven years. Thomas Marner, convicted of stealing 2 cwt. of oak bark, c was sen, tenceil to 12 months impri- onment. Harriet Keenes, con- victed of obtaining goods by false pretences, was sentenced to be imprisoned six months. And six other prisoners, convicted of different petty offences, were sentenced to sliort imprisonments. On Thursday passed through here, from Portsmouth for Reading, 18 masters, 19 mates, and 10 boys, all Danes, going on their parole. On the It) th inst. died, after a few hours illness, Mr. Kalfour, aged 19 years, who lost his mother and fa- ther- in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Searle, of the Sun Inn, New- port, within this half year. Died, on the 20th inst. Mr. Thomas Langstaff, druggist, of Andover, aged 6g years. Monday morning last died Mr. Harris, of the Cart and Horses Inn, much respected. On Saturday last, as a lad was leading a horse to graze on the side of the turnpike road near Clatford, in this county, he fixed the halter round his middle ; the horse, suddenly taking fright, ran away; the boy, not being able ao extricate himself, was so dreadfully bruised, that he died in the course of a few hours. A seaman belonging to a Scotch brig, lying in the River, near Millboook, in getting / rom the brig to the boat, to do something to the exterior part cf the vessel, accidentally fell overboard, and was drowned: the body was washed oil shore on Saturday last. NEWPBRT, ISLE OF'WIGHT, July 23. On Fri- day the 15th inst. was celebrated here the most joyous fes- tivity, occasioned by the eldest son of Sir Henry Worsley Holmes, Bart, attaining his full age of twenty- One, being the first heir male of that ancient family for half a century. The morning was ushered in by the ringing of bells, and every public acclamation of joy. The Corporation of Newport and the principal inhabitants were mqst sumptu- ously entertained at dinner by Sir Henry Holmes; the two principal inns opened for the entertainment of others, and handsotnply nated, were thrown open to the public, when nearly a thousand people assembled, who, enlivened with good music, began the merry dance, in which ail ranks cheer- Tlie Mayor, Burgesses, and Inhabitants of Marl- borough have voted an Address to his Majesty, con- gratulating him 011 the gallant spirit manifested by the Spanish and Portuguese nations, in their opposition to the insidious inroads of the Destroyer of all national and moral and religions liberty ; and expressive of their joy that there are other nations, besides those under his Majesty's rule, which prefer death to Gallic chains. The Address also hreathes a wish for the entire discomfiture of French arrogance, avarice, and atrocity. It has been presented to his Majesty be Lord Bruce and Lord Stopford. The Lord Bishop of Sarum intends holding a Con- firmation atTisbury, on Wednesday the 10th inst. The Judges of Assize on the Western Circuit arrived here on Saturday, and opened the Commission for the county of Wilts. The business commences this day, Thei'e are only nine prisoners for trial, and not a great deal of business at A'isi Prius. Among the prisoners are three charged with horse- stealing and one charged with liouse- b caking. The other charges are not of so serious a nature. Our Races commenced on Tuesday last. The fol- lowing horses started for the King's Plate of 100 gs. Mr. Goddard's Mountaineer I 1 Lord Egremont's brother to Medley ... 2 3 Mr. T. Day's Buckler a dr. Same day, a Sweepstakes, 10 gs. each : Mr. Trevanioti's Bucephalus 1 1 Mr. C. Day's Rcsario 2 dr. OnWednesday, the City Bowl: Mr. Rush's Timekeeper 1 1 Mr. Shackle's Felton 2 dr. Same day, the Member's Plate of 50 Pounds : Mr. Trevanion's Bucephalus walked over the course. On Thursday, the Subscription Plate of 50 I'onnds: Mr. Trevanion's Crabbs I 1 Mr. Day's Gloucester 2 2 Mr. Radclyfie's Lancaster 3 dr. Mr. Turner's Drake dis. Mr. John Scott's Ten Bones dis. Mr. Chirmock's Little Mary dis. Same day, the Handicap Plate of 50 Pounds: Mr. Trevanion's Bucephalus 1 1 Mr. Dilly's Felton 2 2' Lord Egremont's hrothfcr to Hedlev... 3 3 Mr. Day's Buckler '.... 4 dis. From the above it is evident that the Races afforded very little sport, 1 he Ordinary and Steward's Ball were, how- ever, most respectably attended. Among the Gentlemen who dined with the Steward were the Earl of Pembroke, the Earl of Radnor, Lord Viscount Folkestone, Sir G Present, Bart. W. Hussey, Esq. M. P. & e. & e. The company at the Bali was composed of the first families in the neighbour!"., d. Sir diaries Waire Malet, Bart, t . e Steward, on Friday paid 23/. 14s. the balance of the re- ceipts, into the hands of the Treasurer af the Salisbury Infirmary, for the u e of that excellent institution. Tli" heavy rain which set in 011 Wednesday evening pre- vented the Vocal Ceneert from being so fully attended as was expected. Tiie psrVmance gave great pleasure to the amateurs who were present. Webbe's Glee, " When winds breathe soft," and the Butterfly Duett, by Elliott aud Harrington, were particularly admired. The match at Single- stick, from want of previous pro- per arrangement by persons skilled in til's game, did not. at ail aimver public expectation. The Wiltshire men uniformly play with the arm naked; the Somersetshire men generally play with the arm padded : lienee each keep a different guard, and either can conquer in their own mode i f play. It had been advertised that the play should be on Wedue day with the arm naked : the Wiltshire men contended that they were of caurse to play as usual, for two bloodi, by which they hoped not only to gain the prize, of the day, but to have time and opportunity so to disable their adversaries, playing out of their usoal mode, as to have an equal chance of victory on the following day. The Somersetshire men insisted on playing the first day one blood, 1h\ it they might tiie less expose their unpadded arms. O11 this point the day was wrangled away, with very little play, and without any contest, between the crack men of the two counties. The Somersetshire men thus reserved their arm', and in consequence, on Thursday, they gained every head of the Wiltshire men, and played off the Tyes for the prizes in a frifndly way, among themselves. By the teaor of an advertisement in our paper, in June 1804, which was occasionally continued, it might have been perceived that the late William Barton, of Frome- Selwo id, Esq. gave by his will 5000*. Bank Stock, together with the accruing dividends thereof, to his Jirst and second cousins, who should legally prove such relation- ship within two years from the time of his decease. So many were the applications, founded and unfounded, that the executors found themselves necessitated to refer the discrimination of the legal from the surreptitious claims to the Lord Chancellor; under whose decision we learn, with pleasure, that a satisfactory distribution of the whole ( amounting to more than 11,0002, sterling) was, a few days suice, made by the executors, to seventeen families, the legality of whose claims was established in the Court of Chancery; and who gratefully feel the benefits of the be- quest, and of the promptitude of the proceedings of the executors and their solicitor. The Asylum. for the maintenance and education of the deaf and dumb children of the poor, situated ill Grange- road, Bermondsey, has now 60 children under its protec-. tion and tuition ; and at the last election for eight vacan- cies there were f> 9 applicants ; of course Si were disap- pointed. It must give pleasure to every benevolent mind to observe eh at the patrons and officers of the institution are using the most laudable exertions to increase tl ieir mesons of benefiting the afflicted Objects to whom they I iave devoted their attention, particularly when those exert Ions are crowned with snccRss. A Sermon for the benefit of the Institution was preached on Thursday evening, at the. meeting- house in Scots- lane, in this city. ' Hie text. Was from the 8th chapter of the second Epistle to the Cfirin- thians, verse 9 ; the sermon was appropriate and impres- sive ; and the collection amounted to 251. On Thursday was married, at Marybone Ch urch, London, the llev. RIaliley Cooper, Rector of Yet- uVmster, in Dorsetshire, to Miss Bacon, daughter of Mrs. Bacon, of this city, and niece of the latr; B. C. Collins, Esq. A few days since died Mr. Philip Bull, of tlif: White Lion Inn, Devizes. On the I2th ult. died, at her father's I louse at Norton- Ferris, after a lingering illness, bivi. ne with the most christian fortitude and patient resignation, Miss Mary Corp, aged 29, third daughtej • of Mr. Corp, of that place. On Sunday the 24th ult. died, much regretted bv all her friends and relatives, Mrs. Andrew? j, wife of Mr. Thomas Andrews, of Allcannings, and eldest daughter of Mr. Heme, of Beech's Barn. HOME " MARKETS. Wheat advanced nearly 3s. a quarter at W arminster on Saturday; little variation in other articles, c. j • at the other Markets. WRITING PAPERS, STATIONARY, See. PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY. MESSRS. BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUX- FORD, Successors to Mr. COLLINS, respectfully in- form their friends and the public, that they have lately pur- chased several Lots of UNCOMMONLY OOOD WRI'IlNvx- PAPERS, which they are now selling at the following low ( MONEY) pricesSuperfine thin Guarto Post, 17s. the ream, ( 20 quires, 110 outsides) ;— fine wove ditto, IBS.;— thicker ditto, at 194.;— fine thick ditto, SIT.;— extra large thin, for Bankers'remittances, & c. 21s. ;— a good second Pot paper, at 169. 6d.;— fine thick Foolscap, lit 25s. ed. and superfine ditto, at 28s. BRODIE, DOWDING, and I. u- xror. D have also on sale— A very large and capital assortment of ACCOM IT BOOKS, SCHOOL BOOKS, BIBLES, COMMON FRAYER BOOKS, & c. at the lowest London prices. Juet received— A fresh Supply of PERFUMERY, from Messrs. SMITH and Mr. BAYLF. Y ;— WAX CANDLES, from BAP- RETT'S Manufactory ;— and PLAYING CARDS, from Mr. HUNT, Card Manufacturer to his Majesty. of BENJAMIN CHARLES X COLLINS, Esq. late of SALISBURY, and of MORTIFEER- STREET, CAV3ND15H S2UARE, U'IO reside in LONB6N, are requested to send an account of their respective demands to TOWNLEY WARD, of Covent- Gardtn, Esq. the acting Executor! And those Creditors who live in the COUNTRV are desired to send the account of their demands td> Mr. JOHN DOWDING, 011 the New Canal, Salisbury, who is autho- rised by Mr. WARE to receive all debts due to the estate of the deceased. I*" 6 To the Trustees of the l- Vey mouth, Melcombe Regis, ar. i Dorchester Turnpike. GENTLEMEN, IBeg leave to return you my sincere Thanks for the Favor conferred on me this day, by electing me the Clerk and Treasurer TO succeed the 1: te Mr. MSNWUI.-' The attendance of so many Gentlemen, which o. casioned a large majority, will be most gratefully re- rnbered by, Gentlemen, Your most obedient and very hun- e Servant, JOSEPH JOHNS, WEYMOUTH, July 25, 1808. • — ——— " STATE LOTTERY. • ' TVD- MORROW, TUESDAY, AUGUST S, will bo J. the Fifth Day's Drawing. The Wheel contains THIRTEEN CAPITAL PRIZES of i' 20,000— i,' i « , ooo— £ 5000—£ 3006-— Sec. & c. TICKETS und SHARES, warranted undrawtl, will be cn sale this Day and To- morrow, till Five 0' Clock, by BRODIK, DOWDING, and LOXFOHD, at the PRINTINC- OFFICC, SALISBURY, Agents far Sir James Branscouib and Co. by whom SHARES OF TWO TWENTY THOUSAND POUND PRIZES have been already sold in the present Lottery. ORATORY, & c. AT the ASSEMBLY- ROOM, SALISBURY, on Thursday the 1 ." h of August, 18PS, Mr. THELWALL, ( Professor ot the Science and Practice of Elocution) will de- liver A PHILLIPIC - against the boundless Ambition of the OPPRESSOR of. EUROPE; and AN ODE, addressed to the Energi- s of Ee. iiin, in behalf of'the SPANJSH PATRIOTS. t£> Doors to be opened at seven o'clock, to begin at eight precisely. Admittance " is. 8d.— Social Ticket ( admitting four) Vis. 6d. Tickets to be had of Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Lux- t'ord ;— also ( price is.) tip Ode to be recited, together with an ample Plan of Mr. THELWALL'S Institution for the Cure of Impedimenta, Instruction of Foreigners, Cultivation of Oratory, and Completion of an accomplished Education. *,* The Lecture will be repeated on Friday the 12th, ai BLANDFORD , on Saturday the lath, at POOLE ; Monday the 15th, at WIYMOUTH; and on Tuesday the lfith, at BRIO- PORT, & c. BLANDFORD, AUG. 1, 160s. THE PARTNERSHIP between T1CE and FISHER, DRAPERS, MERCERS, & C. being this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent, the Business will in future be carried 011 under the Firm of WILLIAM JISHER and SON. SALISBURY GMORRIS, BUILDER, SURVEYOR, & C. itn- • pressed with the greatest gratitude t". the nu- merous Friends of his late Father, deceased; informs them and the public ir. general, that he intends carrying on thu Business in all its branches, and humbly solicits their future favours, Which shall be executed with the greatest attention and dispatch by their obliged humble servant. All Persons indebted to the above Estate are requested f v pay the same immediately to George Morris ; and all persons bavins any demands are requested to s, r. d in their accounts., ws an early settlement is particularly desired. CASTLE- STREET, JULY 4, 1806. £ 493 TX> R SALE by AUCTION, at tfce Merchants' IP Floating- Dock, Hotwells, on Thursday the 11th cf August next, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,- - Abort 200,000 Feet ot prime HONDURAS MAHOGANY, of large dimensions, just imported per ship Isabella, from Honduras. [ 454 QCS' To he viewed at the place of sale; and citaloi; u.. » may be had on application to GEO. BOOTH, Broker, BKISTOI., July 82, 160f>. Small street- rourt. On SALE,— About fe'o Tons HONDURAS CHIPPED LOGWOOD, imported in the above ship. ( One Concern.^ Lumber and White Oak Staves for Sale, at Poole. ON Thursday August 4, 1808, will be SOLD bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at the OsM Antelope Inn ana Hotel,— The entire CARGO cf the Ship MEKCUSY, froj. t New Brunswiek ; consisting cf about 60,000 Feet of PINE BOARD, 10,000 Feet of two and thr e- inch PIN" P* A. NK, 4,000 WHITE OAK PUNCHEON STAVES. N. B. The above will be put up in lots of about I" 1 feet, for the convenience of the buyer. [ 416 Catalogues, with tbe conditions of sale, to be had at the Office of J. BRISTOWE and Co. I. YNDHURST AMUSEMENTS TILL be on Friday the 5th of August.- - The Particulars may be known by applying at the Crown Lyndhurst — M. li. An ordinary, with tickets, as usual. A. SOUTHAMPTON, July IP, 1S08. AND. E. BAKiiR beg to inform the Ladies of . Southampton, and their friends in general, that they are REMOVED to the house late in the occupation of Mr. HAR ess,. near the Dolphins Inn. They take this opportunity - if r turning'thanks ibr the very liberal encouragement they have received during their residence above Bar ; and hope, by strict punctuality, to merit a continuance of the same. [ 403 DANCING. MR. FIALON has the Honour to inform his numerous friends, that he will commence his Lessons at Dorchester and Bridpntt, on Friday the 2.9th inst.; at his Academy, Blandford, Monday the 1st of August; and on the following usual days, at Oketord, Shaftesbury, Weymouth, Poole, Ringwood, Christchurch, and Winborne. [ 435 KING'S ARMS INN, PIDDLETOWN. TTENRY ALLEN, having taken the above Inn, if. .3. respectfully informs the Nobility and the Public ip general he has laid in an extensive assortment of cho'ce Wines, Spirits, and Compounds, and intends keeping an excellent Larder; having fitted up the house in a commodious manner, trusts he shall have the honour of meeting with general patronage. N, B. Good Stabling and genteel Post Chaise. Eleven miles f; om iilandford and thirteen to Wey- mouth. [ 544- IRONMONGERY, & c. & c. RICHARD ALLEN, Jun. begs leave to acquaint his friends and the public, that he has formed a con- nection with Mr. CHRISTOPHER JOLLII- F, Jun. and Messrs. CARTER and STRONG, under the firm oi Jollijf\ Alien, Co. to carry on the business of Ironmonger, Copper- Smith, and Anchor- Smith, on the same premises as have been heretofore used by his father. The principal workmen are engaged to WOF'IHor this concern; the raw materials, and every other article in which they mean to deal, they will purchase at the first hand, by which means they will bs enabled to supply their customers 011 the- most liberal terms. For the present, they occupy the back premises, where orders will be taken av\ a punctually, executed ; and they likewise occupy a large A nchor Shop at Hamworthy, where that branch of the business will be principally carried on. [ 451 POOLE, July 2- 2, 1803. POCOCK and HODGKINSON beg leave respect- fully to inform the Public at Southampton and vicinity, they have taken the Premises of Mr. J. LOMER, opposite the New Chnrch, which is this day opened as a warehouse for FAMILY LINEN, MUSLINS, and HABERDASHERY, upon a liberal and extensive plan; where they purpose sup- plying families with Goods of the first fabrics, by the single piece, at the lowest wholesale prices, and shall constantly h ive on sale an extensive variety of the newest worked Mus- lin., Prints, ' and other fashionable fancy articles, with which Ladies may be supplied on terms equally advantageous. P. and H.' s grand object has been to select Goods of the most curious fabrics for elegance and durability, to effect which connections have been formed with the first manu- factories : Linens and Cambrics will always be cf their own importation, and India Muslins direct from the Company's • Sales. Under such arrangements they strongly solicit the favours of a generous public, with an assurance that should they. be so honoured, nothing shall be wanting on their part to insure a continuance, SOUTHAMPTON, July 25, 1809. * [ 498 BELLEVUE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON, With ctii h\ dhj) utable Freehold Title and the Land- Tax ' tedearned. rpo be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the i George Inn, Southampton, on the 86' th day of August next, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and three of the afternoon ( if not previously disposed of by private contract) — This charming and elegant MANSION, in thorough good order and repair, and fit for the immediate occupation of any family of distinction, with coach- houses for four carriages, stabling for nine hoises, laundry, wash- house, dairy, and every other att rched and detached office ; a large green- tiou, e filled with plants, pinery and succession houses m excellent order, extensive and elegant conservatories, with an abundance of fruit trees in full bearing, and a prolusion of grapes; a very large gardqn in great order, haying had two acres added to the original one, and nearly encircled by a high wall, clothed with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and a very large ice- house filled with ice ; together with fifteen acres inclpsed in a lawn ordnce at the back of the house, with a shrubbery aiound. The fixtures, furniture, & c. may either be sold with the house, or faken at an appraisement. For further particulars apply to Mr. George Hookey, in the town of Southampton, who will give orders to persons wish- ing to inspect the premises; or to Mr. Crosbie, Bruton- street, Grosyenor- square, London. ' [ Ml WEYMOUTH. FOR SALE by AUCTION, at theCustom- House, in this Port, 011 Tuesday, the 16th of August, IMS, ut ten o'clock in the forenoon, for Private Families only. The following GOODS, viz.. BRANDY S80A HUM..,.: oof GENEVA S5U r WINE 10 J Gallons. A HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday tha J1 25ih day of August isos, at the I amb Inn, Hindo » , between the hours of tour and six in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced,— A very compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a substantial Dwelling- House, Cow Stalls, Stable newly built, and Cy Acres uf Land, chiefly Meadow and Pasture, in one Lot; and two Closes cf Meadow or Pasture, called Granger's and Daniel's Mead, containing six acres and a quarter, ' in another. The above premises are Situate in the parish of East Knoyie. and now are in the occupation of Mary Ovens, widow, as tenant from year to year, For a view of the premises apply at the Farm House : aril for further particulars to Mr. Still, at East Knoyie, fsiii S A R D M. " * TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. B. Lr. wrs, on Thursday the 1th of August, and following day, at the Corner Shop in the Oatnle? l how, by order of the Assignees, — The remaining STOCK Of a LINEN- DRAPER ; consisting of Checked, Striped, Japan, Worked, and Printed Muslins, Leno, Pink Calico, Silk and pthtf Stockings, Shawls, Black Lace, Ribbons, Sewing Silk, Bindings, Waistcoat Pieces, Shrowds, Black and Coloured Slows, Stays, a large quantity of Buttons, & C. & C. T The whole will positively be told without reserve. The sale at eleven o'clock. f,'> i7 A CAPITAL BAY COACH- HORSE, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLEK, in the Marketplace, Salisbury, on Tuesday the < M of August, 1M> 8, precisely at twelve o'clock. [ 54S r- v —— • LtTCHET MATRAVERS, DORSET. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, WVIr. BAKE- at A the Chequer Inn, in Lytches MattifVcrs aforesaaf, orj Monday the 1st day of August next fl809),— The entir. Crop of CORN, now growing on Higher Lytchet Farm ; con i, ; of about acres of Wheat, 77 ditto of Barley, « o ditto of Oats, 4 ditto of Rye, 8 ditto of Pease; subject to such con- ditions as will be then and there produced. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. Any furthei particulars, apply to Mr. Cooper, the bailiff, on the premises. [" 4QS WARMINSTER, Jur. v25, lStTttT* IN the month of August next will be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises,— The neat HOUSEHOI. 6 GOODS, FURNITURE, Stc. cf tbe late Mila Halliday, deceased; comprising a variety of useful articles in chamber, parlour, and kitchcn requisites ; also from 160 to 200 ilezci s of superior eld red port and other wine's; with about U0 casks of different sizes, and sundry other articles, particular* ot which will be given in due time. BLANDFOItD ST. MARY, DORSET, TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— neat Sashed and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining ; and Malt- house near the same, which will work 20 quarters per week. The premises are leasehold, and pleasantly situated in the parish of Blai. dfor< i St. Mary, and fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family. [* o? a For further particulars apply to Mr. H. Biggs, Blandford. Isle of Wight.— Elm and 9ak Timber. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,~ A considerable quantity of large and valuable ELM TIMBER, lying in a field adjoining the River at Newport; the whole, or part of which, may be treated for on rfasonable terms, by application to Mr. Wm. Mortimer, buildir, Neve- port. N. B. The Oak Timber may be viewed and treated for by applying as above. [ 019 BROCKENHURST, NEW FOREST, HANTS, Four Miles from l. ymington, three from Lynihurst, thirteen from Southampton, Rornsey, and liingivood. TO he LETT, for aTerin, ant! entered on imme- diately, _ with or without forty acres of Land,— A small neat HOUSE; consisting of a good entrance passage, two good parlours, kitchen, dairy, brew- house, cellar, wash- house, & c. three good bed- rooms, study, and two servants' rooms ; good garden, small green- house, three- stall stable, granary, barn, and other out- buildings, with every conve- nience for a small genteel family.— Mad coach passes by the door to and from London every day. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr, R. Finch, Batand Ball, Brockenhurst. ' [ 4oi TO be LETT, FURNISHED, till March next, PROSPECT LODGE, beautifully situated on the Ly- mington River, and convenient to the hot and cold salt water baths.— Seven acres of Grass Land may be rented with the house. Applications to be made to Mr. Perkins, Lymington ; if by letter, post paid. £ 4 — TO be LETT, in a retired part of Southampton,— A GENTEEL HOUSE, FURNISHKD; consisting of drawing- room, two parlours, three best bed chambers'and three servants' ditto, convenient offices, garden, Stc. Tfie house is remarkably airy, havimr a view of the- water. Enquire of Messrs. Baker and Fletcher. psifi SALISBURY. TO be LETT or SOLD, and entered on immedi- ately or at Micha'elmas next, A handsome FREE- HOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, « th a small Garden and Stable for two horses, and other o. nvenient Offices, suitable for tbe residence of a genteel family, lately occupied by Sa • muel Fisher, Esq. anil eligibly situated in the best part of Endless- street. For particulars, and a view of the premises, apply to Mr. Wyatt ( the proprietor, at Mr. Fricker's, High- street), who will answer all enquiries ; if made by letter, post paid. [ 544 WOODLANDS, NEW FOREST. TO be LETT or SOLD,— A comfortable Family HOUSE in the Cottage style, with FURNITURE, and about 12aeres of good Pasture Land, with orwithout a good Cottage adjoining, Coach- house, Stabling, Offices, and un- limited Right of Forest, situate near the Forest hounds, three miles from Lyndhurst and'sever, from Southampton, late in the occupation of General Nicolls, and may be entered on immediately. , For particulars enquire of Mrs. Brimyard, at Hill, neat Southampton, or Mr. Cowcher, at Bath. [ SID PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXf ORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of J Veu\ s are received ( Postage paid.) Also by the PRINTERS and BpojjSEUjsas in the W « t of England; by the respective NEWSMEN ; and in London by Messrs, TAYLOR and NEWTl? N, IS ® . 5. Warvyisk- Sauare. Warn ick- Lar. s, Newgate- Street, and Mr. WILKIE, Bookseller, Patemoster- Row. St. Paid'a.,
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