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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3722
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 20/06/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3722
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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WINCH I AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 37 - VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, JUNE < 20, 1808. PRICE SIXI'E ;' NCE f Stamp Duty.... lijrf. X Paper arid Print Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. FLORENCE, May 10. RITISH Colonial produce, formerly seques- tered at Leghorn, and afterwards re- purchased, is now admitted all over the kingdom of Italy, oir producing proper certificates. FLORENCE, May 17.— The general Government of Tusc. tnv has giveimotice that the existing necessities of the State, as well as the measures some t. iine since resolved upon, require, that the number oP" religious houses, now i'aT too great, should be diminished. Nis-* i-: s, May 20.— On the 14th, in the morning, a Courier passed through this city, with orders for the troops who are advancing from Italy to accelerate their passage to Spain by forced marches. On this account the 56th Regiment of the line made a march of twelve hours, to be able to arrive here bv the evening. LONDON, MONDAY, JUNE MARK- LANE, Monday, June 13. The supply of Wheat this morning, was. large for the seasoh, ami the trade ex- tremely dull; a few sales were made of the best at an abate- ment of a*, per qr. from last Monday's currency, but in respect to; all such White Wheat as is not very fine and quite fresh threshed, and. the general growth of Red Wheat, there being no offers without a much greater decline, the larger proportion remains unsold. Beans and Oats are also* at present, in great abundance, and have fallen about is. per qr. Rye 2s. White Peas more, and Flour is no longer current at 6ss. per sack. Grey Peas maintain their value and are scarce; in Barley and Ma't there is little doing, and the nr minal price unaltered. We refer to the list subjoined for all further information!— English Wheat ~ 6s. to 86.;.— Rye 4i> s. to 52s.— Whit' Peas 82s. to 130.?.— Grey ditto 60s. to 6h's. — Morse' Beans 60s. to 68s.— Tick Beans 5(\<. to 66s.— Barley 4J. S. to 43s.— Malt 66s. to 30s.— Oats 34s. to 49s. per quarter. — English Household Flour 68s. per sack. SMITHFIEI. D MARKET, June 13. This day's market was fully supplied with prime Beasts, and the shew of Cattle in other respects was considerable ; Beef is dearer than our last report; Pork is cheaper; Mutton, Veal, and Lamb support l* it prices, as per currency annexed:— Neat Cattle 2,470.— Sheep and Lambs 16,600.— Calves 370.— Pigs 400.— Prices: Beef 5s. to 6s. Mutton 4s. to 5s. 6d. Veal 6s. to 7s. Lamb 5s. to 7s. Pork 5s. to 6s. Paris and Dutch Papers rcached town in the course of yesterday, the former to the 1st and the latter to the 4th inst. Bonaparte has at length thought fit to relax in some slight degree the rigid and absurd commercial regulations'which he had established in Holland. The Dutch are permitted to export butter, cheese, and eetrjva, to the Ports of Neutral and Allied Powers; but great care is taken to prevent any intercourse with this country. * The late King and Queen of Spain and the Prince of the Peace arrived at Fontainbleau on the 23d ult. The Prince of Asturias and his brother Don Carlos reached Valency, the place of their destination, a few days before. T , A Gottenburgh Mail arrived last night. It brings no official accounts of the operations in Finland, but private letters state, that the Russians have been ' defeated in two general actions, and that it is supposed they will comnlettily evacuate Finland before the end of this month. Letters froth Heligoland state that in consequence of the improper uses which had been made of the situ- ation of that place, for the conveyance of intelligence to the enemy, the English Government had deter- mined, for a certain period, to lay an embargo on all vessels, during which no communication Was to be made but through the medium of the packet, which is to continue to sail between thence and England. An order was yesterday issued from the Ordnance Office, for all the Spanish arms in the Tower, con- sisting of several thousand stanfis, to be shipped with all possible expedition. Mr Sturges Bourne is appointed principal Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the room of Sir Arthur WelleSley, appointed to the command of an expedition. The Mercury, Williams, and the Kingsmilt-, Wade, are arrived at Liverpool, from Barbadoes, which place they , left on the 13th ult. The Lady Arabella packet, with Mails from Falmouth, at- rived at iiarbadoes on the 26th of April-, arid sailed on the 28th to Leeward. His Majesty's ship Halifax1, with the fleet under convoy, which sailed from Cork on the 22d of March, arrived at BarbsdOes on the 7 th of May. Th" Jean Jack, from Bourdeaux for Guadaloupe, i. captured by his Majesty's ship Mosambique, after an action of two hours. It was reported at Barbadces, that bis Majesty's brier F. xpress had had an engagement " with two brigs, each of equal force to her. She had cap- tured one of the in, but had suffered severely herself. GKNF. BAT. PiCTON.— K new trial having " been obtained in this cause, £ he same came on in the Court of King's Bench on Saturday, The facts formerly proved by Louisa Caldrone, the prosecutrix, were re- stated. They amounted briefly to this, that the island of Trinidad was ceded to the British arms in 1797, and General Pieton left in the Government; that 111 1801, a robbery was committed in the house « f Pe- dro Louis, and suspicion having fallen on Carlos Gonsalez, he was apprehended; the money lost amounted to 2000 dollars ; and it being also suspected that Louisa Caldrone, a female not 14 years old, who had intrigued with Gonsa- lez, knew of the" robbery, she was apprehended, and exa- mine! before the A1 cade, who, not being satisfied wijh her answers, Wrote to Governor Pictun, fyr permission to apply the torture, which it appeared Was authorised by the laws of Spain, but had fallen so much into disuse, that there was no instrument of torture to be found in the island. The Governor acceded ti> the request, and wrote back " Apply the torture to Louisa Caldrone." For want of other instrument S- the. picket used by military men Was re- sorted to: the Meade attended the unfortunate criminal in prison, where she was tied up by the wrist cf her right arm, and the hall of her left great toe placed upon the j'uint of the picket; her left arm was then drawn behind her, anil tied to the right foot, so as to bring the whole weight of her body upon the picket. In that situation she remained till she was nearly exhausted, when she confessed that Carlos Gorrahz was the thief. She was then taken doivn, and the ivxt day tire torture was again applied to induce her to confess where the money was deposited. This she persisted in saying she knew nothing about, and -* as kept upon the picket til she fainted. Volatile spirits were a- rn'ied to her nostrils to revive her; she was again suspended, and a? aSn fainted. She still persisted in know- ing nothing of the money, and was kept in irons for eight month? afterwards, In a place where she could not stand • upright. This was the case, as proved on the part of the prosec ition by Louisa Caldrone, who spoke English ex- tremely well, and gave her evidence in a very interesting yny, fJoiMs of the witnesses for the prosecution were cro- s- « a ninecf by the Defendant's Counsel, a justification of the putlitSiaent, an 1 not a denial of the fact, constituting the defence. Mr. Dallas, for the defendant, brought volu- minous written documents and oral testimony to prove that torture was authorised by the Spanish Law in the Island, that it had been applied " in various instances ; and furthtr, that Governor Picton, taking the law to be such, from the representation of the Judge himself, was legally justified in the order lie had given. For the severity of the punish- merit he was not accountable, utiles; it was agreed that a governor alipuld also he a gaoler. The only pari. Jie had in it, was signing the order authorising the infliction of a slight torture ; and if that w is legal, he must be acquitted. Mr. Garrow, in reply, contended that none of the autho- rities cited justified the infliction of torture ; the cases ap- plied to the Law of Old Spain, but not to her Colonies, i. ord Eilenborough was very concise in his summing up, the case having resolved itselt into a pure question < if la-, v, upon the point* of, whether a British Governor was bound to countenance thc appUeation of torture, even though his M. o, e; ty, at the cassion of the Island, had guaranteed the furtherance of the existing laws; and whether, if so, his order was conclusive, without a subsequent appeal to » he audience of the Caraeeas, a court paramount to tlie law in the island. His Lordship added, that the dictum of Lord Chief Justice i) e Grey, that a British Governor could ap- ply torture under no circumstances whatever, was no mean .- Jtbority, and highly proper to be re- considered. The Jury found a special verdict of Guilty, subject to the questions abave referred to; and with respect to the facts they found that torture vas authorised by tlic law of the Island at the time of the cession, and that the defendant * ctfcd without malice, further than making an order which he thought himself bound to comply with. The trial lasted from hair- past nine ta the morning till near eight at night. DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next Adjourn- ment of the General Quarter Session of the Peace, for the county of Dorset, wiil be held at the County Hail, at Dorchester, in and for the said county, on Saturday the 25th day of June inst.— Dated the 1 Ith day of June, 18t) s. By Order of the Court, 1949] WM. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace. N' CITY OF NEW SARUM. JfOTICE is hereby given, That the Directors and Trustees of the Highways of this City, will be ready at their next Meeting, on Monday the 20th instant, at 6 o'clock in the evening, to receive proposals, sealed up, from any per- son or persons, who may be willing to remove the dung, soil, and filth, to bo collected in the street, lanes, and passages of the said City, for one year, from the 24th day of June inst. The terms upon which the proposals are to be made, and the particular nature of the service to be performed, may be known by applying at my office. 18^ 8] JOHN HODDING, jun. 8th Jvne, 1808. Clerk to the Directors and Trustees. NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT, June 14, 1808. THE Commissioners for the Affairs of Barracks give- Notice, that on the 22d inst. they will be ready to receive Proposals from such persons who may be willing to en- gage to PAINT and WHITEWASH the inside of his Ma- jesty's several BARRACKS situated in the Isle of Wight, viz. ' Painting twice over in Oil, at per yard. . Ditto Sash Frames in ditto, at per sash. Ditto SqiTares, at per dozen. Whitewashing twice over, at per yard. Tenders to be sent to the Barrack Office, London, and in- dorsed " Tenders for Painting and Whitewashing Barracks in the Isle of Wight." Further particulars m- v be known from the Clerk of the Works, in the Isle of Wight. [ 191! Hants, Sussex, and Dorset Insurance Company. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Half- yearly Meeting of the above. Company tlvill be holdcn at the Crown Inn, Gosport, on Tuesday th'C 28th day of June instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. DAVID COMPIGNE, Secretary. GOS> ORT, June 11, 1808. N. B.— The Meeting will proceed to business precisely at a quarter before eleven o'clock, and dinner will be on table at four. Those Members who intend dining with the Di- rectors are requested to send information thereof to the Secre- tary previously to the above day, that dus provision may be ma'de. TICKETS 12s. 6d. [ 1881 TEN GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS on Sunday the 29th of May, 1808, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, the House of R. WALLER, Esq. was broken open, and a quantity of notes of the Romsey and Hampshire Bank, to the amount of .£ 50, together with £ 23 in gold, were stolen fromr a desk in the said house. Whoever will give informa- tion of the offender or offenders, shall, 011 conviction, receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS. Description qf the Notes— No, ( unknown) \ 0l.; No. 919,51; 931, 5/.; 393, Si.; 901, 51.-, 1030, Si.; 1048,5/.; 775, 51.; 785, 51. The person suspected of committing the above robbery is a young man, about 22 years of ago, 5 t'eet 9 inches high, florid countenancc, brown hair, answers to the name of WILLIAM POKTER, and was a servant in the said house. [ 1816 ROMSEY, June 9, 1808. SPORTING BOX AND MANOR. WANTED to RENT, furnished or unfurnished, in the best sporting part of the counties of Dorset or Hants,— A comfortable compact HOUSE, with coach- house, and stabling for four or five horses; a productive garden, and from 20 I'o 45 acres of grass land ; and with one or more extensive manors, well stocked with game. If not far distant from the Sea, it would be preferred. Address, ( post paid; with an account of particulars, to R. Hanson, Esq. 37, College » green, Bristol. [ 1269 WANTED to RENT, from Midsummer next,— A READY- FURNISHED COTTAGE, containing two good parlours, four best bed- rooms, and four attics, with kitchen and other necessary offices; also< a double coach- house and six- stalled stable, a kitchen garden, and a Ifew acres of land. The distance from Bath must not exceed 40 miles, the counties of Wilts or Dorset would be preferred, and the occupier must have the privilege of hunting and shooting over manors well stocked with game. [ 1749 Letters addressed toX. Y.' at Mr. Barrett's Circulating Library, Bath, stating particulars, will be immediately attended to. TO THE CLERGY. A Respectable CLERGYMAN is wanted, to take l\ the CARE of TWO CHURCHES, for a few Weeks : the Churches are contiguous to each other, situated about l(? miles from Salisbury.— A liberal remuneration will be given ; and a line addressed to A. Z. Y. at the Post Office, Salisbury, will be immediately answered. None need apply under a feigned name( as no such letters will be answered. [ 1923 AYOUNG LADY, of respectable Connections, wishes to engage herself in a School as an ASSISTANT, and who has been educated for that purpose. Letters ( post paid) addressed to E. C. Post- office, Ports- mouth, will be attended to. [ 1740 A BAILIFF. ASteady Person wishes to engage himself iii the above capacity, and to undertake the Management of a Farm of nny description. He has had long experience in the business, and can be furnished with a satisfactory character from his last employer. Applications to Benj. Boyes, Post- office, Lyndhurst, will be immediately attended to.' [ 1935 - An ANTED, after the ensuing Vacation,- ASSISTANT properly qualified to teach Writing and Accounts. Apply at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; if by letter, post paid. " [ 1639 WANTED immediately,— A young MAN, ASSISTANT, capable of teaching Writin CHARITY for the Relief of distressed Families of Clergy men in flic County of Southampton. AGENERAL MEETING of the Vice- Presidents, Delegates, Treasurer, and other Contributors, will be holdcn on Tuesday the 28th day of J tine inst. at the Guildhall, in Winchester, ( by leave of the Mayor), between the hours of eleven and twelve in the forenoOn, to receive the account of Money already paid to the use of this Charity ; to receive applications from distressed persons who may be relieved by it; and to make any further regulations for the conduct of it which may appear necessary. The persons who are disposed to encourage this Charity, ire requested to pay their Benefactions or Subscriptions to those who arc empowered to receive them', before the Meet- ing, in order, that some estimate miry be formed of the ability of this Charity to relieve any distressed Cases which may be recommended to it. [ 1910 Winchester, June 16,180S. JOHN RIDDING, Secretary. N consequence of my Wife MARY MACIL- _ WAIN's having absconded from my house cn the 11th inst. I deem it necessary to give this public Notice, that ! will not be accountable for any Debts she may contract with any person or persons after this Caution. G. MACILWA1N, Surgeon. Ringwood, June 14, 1808. [ 1912 To the Inhabitants of MARKET LAVINGTON, and the neighbouring Pillages. HERE AS Mr. WILLIAM BOX, of this Town, has, by printed letters, addressed to many of my friends, asserted tint I was about to resigh my professional duties, in favour of a person quite unkuown in this neigh- bourhood s I hereby contradict so false an assertion, and beg leave to inform my friends, and the public in general, that I intend continuing my practice as SURGEON, & c. & c. in this Town, assisted by a Gentleman ( as Partner) of whose judg- ment, skill, and abilities, the highest in the profession will bear testimony. WILLIAM SMITH. MARKET LAVISGTON, • Jane 1808. [ 1887 as an Writing and Arithmetic. Letters, with specimens of penmanship, addressed to A. B. Post Office, Cowes, Isle of Wight ( free of postage), will be immediately attended to. [ 1386 WANTED,— A SERVANT, out of Livery, in a small family. Enquire at the Printing- Office; if by letter post paid. [ 1SS0 WANTED in a Clergyman's Family, in the country,— A HOUSEMAID, who thoroughly under- stands her business; and also a NURSE- MAID, to super- intend the care of several small children. None but unex- ceptionable characters need apply. [ 1884 Letters addressed to A. B. at the Printing- Office, Salisbury, ( post- paid) will, if approved, be duly acknowledged. TO STONE- MASON'S. WANTED immediately,— Three good WORK- MEN ; to such liberal wages will be given.— Apply to William Hiscock, stone and marble- mason, Christchurch, Hants. [ 1805 NEW FOREST, HANTS. WANTED immediately,— ONE HUNDRED CARPENTERS and BANKERS, at the Incisures in the New Forest.— Also TWO JOBBING SMITHS and a GREEN SAND MOULDER, who may have constant em- ploy ; married men, with small families, will not be objected to. Enquire at the Bell Inn, Brook. [ 1889 WANTED immediately,— A PAINTER and GLAZIER. A good worfcnan will meet with constant employ, by applying to William BeaVe, painter and glazier, Andover, Hants. Reasonable travelling expenct s paid. w TO COACH- MAKERS. ANTED, A BODY MAKER, who will turn his hand to Carriage Making at times when wanted ; likewise a SMITH, who has been used to the coach business. Good hands will meet with good wages and con- stant employ, by applying to Henry Davis, coach- maker, Romsey. [ 1929 w ANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a LINEN- Lad, of respectable connections. The situation will afford peculiar advantages, and insure an immediate acquaintance with the business of the Counting- house.— As lie will be treated as one of the family, a moderate Premium is expected. A Youth of 15 or 16, as an Apprentice for a shorter term than common, will be as acceptable. Enquire of Mrs. Eliz. Sharp, Poole. [ 1,931 SPANISH LAMBS. AFew SPANISH RAM LAMBS to be disposed of, singly or otherwise, by WILLIAM LITTLECOTT, at Eling, near Southampton. Letters of enquiry to be post paid. [ 1942 APleasure SAIL- BOAT to be SOLD, schooner- rigged, half- decked, with all new sails, copper- fastened, brass sheaves, compleatly fitted up last summer, and is a very fastsailer. ' [ 1804 Enquire of Messrs. Baker and Fletcher, Southampton. POST- CHAISE. I POST- CHAISE, on Price forty guineas. Enquire of Mr. Farr, coach- maker, Salisbury.— June < Uh rpo be SOLD,— A very good P< JL its first wheels, built by Godsall. rpo be SOLD,— Two light PHAETONS, one of JL them a round French head, and lined with a good blue cloth, and lace to ditto y C spripp, dashing leather and knee boot, a dickey box, to draw with one horse or two; pole, shafts, and bars, complete ;— the other, a half- panneled body, and caned, to hokl four or persons, with double seats, knee boot and dashing leather, springs, pole and sljnfts to same, and exceeding light. [ 1934 Enquire of Mr. Ay ton, coach- maker, Southampton. TWO HUNDRED GUINEAS REWARD. WHITEHALL, May 37th, 1808. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented to the King, that between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock on the night of Thursday the 14th of April, some wicked Person or Persons did feloniously and maliciously set on fire the Wood of his Majesty in the inclosure called Orknell, in the New Forest, in the county of Southampton ; and se- veral of the other inclosures in the said Forest having of late been set on fire in like manner, whereby damage has been done to the j'oung timber growing thereon. And whereas it is enacted bv the Act of the 1 Geo. I. Stat. 2. cap. 48. " That if any Person shall maliciously set 01; fire, or burn, or cause to bif burned, any Wood, Underwood, Coppice, or any part thereof, he shall be guilty of Felony." His Majesty, for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the Person or Persons concerned in the said felonies, . is hereby pleased to promise his most gracious Pardon to any Person or Persons ( except the Person or Persons who actually set the said inclospres on fire) who shall discover his or their Accomplice or Accomplices therein, so that he, she, or they may be apprehended and convicted thereof. HAWKESBURY. And as a further encouragement, a Reward of TWO HUN- DRED GUINEAS is hereby off. red to any Person making such discovery us aforesaid ( except as is before excepted), the same to be paid st the office of Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor- General of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, Arc. No. 18, George- street, Westminster ;• or by Joseph Mortimer, Esq. his Lordship's Deputy in the said Forest, on the conviction of any one ot more oi the offenders. [ I9i4, Ladies' Boarding School, Lymington, Hants. ISS FRY having resigned business to her Nieces, the Miss GROVES, and Miss BEATON, her teacher, begs leave to offer, with her Sister, her grateful acknowledg- ments to their Friends and the Public, particularly to the In- habitants of Lymington, for the flattering encouragement they have ever experienced ; they also solicit a continuance of their favors to their Successors, whom they can with confidence recommend. MISS BEATON and the Miss GROVES, Suc- cessors to the MISS FRYS, respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that their School will open after the present recess on Monday, " July the 18th, at the same house, with the addition of two large School- rooms, which ave open to the sea- breezes ; they beg leave likewise to assure them, that the greatest attention will ever be exerted to merit the fa- vors conferred on them. N. B. Young Ladies received as. Pupils by tlie week or month, during the bathing season. " [ 1844 Ladies' Boarding School, Market Lavington, Wilts. THE MISSES SAUNDERS, by the kindness of their friends, and the support. of the public, ( which they gratefully acknowledge), continue to board and educate Young LADIES, on the following Terms: Under ten vests of age li), and exceeding ten, 18 Guineas per annum, including English Grammar, Geography, and every kind of useful anil ornamental Needle- Work.— The Mis.- is S. deem it necessary to instruct in making the articles which comoose the I. r i ti' Dress, but wish the mind to be the principal object of atten- tion. Writing and Arithmetic, 2 Guineas; Washing, 2 Guineas; tlie Use of the Globes, French, Music, and Draw- ing, on the accustomed terms. Parlour Boarder* genteelly accommodated at 30 Guineas per annum. r The School re- opera on the isth of July. Llsn~ LADIES' BOARDING- SCHOOL, Long- Street, Devizes. MPRESSED with gratitude, Mrs. FEIST begs leave to offer her thanks to the Public for the encouiage- roent she has already met with, and hopes to merit their continued favors, by her unremitting attention to the Edu- cation, health, and morals of the Young Ladies entrusted to her tuition. TERMS— Sixteen Guineas under ten years of age. Eighteen ditto above that age. " FRENCH, MUSIC, & C. on their usual terms. t^ f No Entrance Money. Mr. FEIST has opened a Preparatory School, for a limited number of Young Gentlemen under twelve years of age, on the above terms. The situation is unquestionably the first in Devizes for a School. *** The School will re- open, after the present recess, cn Monday the 18th of July. [ 1888 VESSELS will be loaded with STONE,' at 18s. a ton freight fror « Portland Island to London, to de- liver under a crane, or 19s. tirf. to heave out with geer. Apply by. letter to Captain William Pearce, Fortuneswell, Portland Island, or personally in the Island. [ 1926 SALISBURY, WIHTON, and LONDON FLY WAGGONS, daily, to and from the CASTLE and FALCON, ALDERSGATE- STREET, London, and'their Waae- house, Milford- street, Salisbury. These Waggons take up and put down Goods at the Old White Horse Cellar, and BlzCk Bear, Piccadilly. No Money, Plate, Jewels, Glass, or other, valuable or hazardous Goods will be paid for, if broken or lost, unless entered assuch, and paid for accordingly. 1784] NICHOLAS BROWN, > „ JAMES BRICE, ' j Proprietors. LONDON BOTTLED PORTER. FLETCHER and BAKER, WINE MERCHANTS Southampton, have on sale a quantity of best DOUBLE BROWN STOUT, and LONDON PORTER, which is now in high perfection.— June 2, 1S08. [ 1803 SALE OF HEMP, at JERSEY. ON Monday the 18th of Julv, 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, will be SOLD by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at Deal's Hotel, Jersey,— About 50 Tons of RIGA RHINE HEMP, of the best Quality. For further particulars, apply to Hemery, Brothers, and Co. of the said Island, merchants. [ 1932 I^ OIL SALE by AUCTION, at the GROVE, be- . tween the two Mud Docks, on Tuesday the 2lst of this instant June, at eleven o'clock in the t'orenooh, on account of the Underwriters,— 115 I. OGS, containing about 28,000 feet, of prime SPANISH MAHOGANY; being part of the cargo of the Brig Fanny, stranded in Carmarthen Bay, which may be viewed in lots at the place of sale. [ 1822 For further particulars apply to, Messrs. Wm. Gibbons and Co.— Catalogues may be had at the office of Bristol. June 7, 1808. J. " iONBONOUS, Broker. GOSPORT. By Virtue of a Commission of Appraisement and Sole issued Jrom the High Court of Admiralty, addressed to Messrs. M. March, A. Lindegren, and W. Carver, Merchants. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 23d of June 1801, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— The following GOODS, viz. 800 Bolts RUSSIA CANVAS. 320 Pieces DUCK. 3,000 HARE SKINS. Landed from the Portuguese ship Alexander Primeiro, from St. Petersburg. For Catalogues, and viewing the same, three days before the sale, apply to [ 1808 GosroRT, June 8,1808, M. MARCH, Broker. GEORGE INN, WARN FORD. EDWARD NEWMAN having taken the above ls » , late in the possession of Mr. DAVID V :, ROV, respectfully solicits the favours - f th.. IV lie in 1 n-. r ; i. l assures them it will he his p articular stu.'. y tn : . . ': - Commodations ajreeaMe, and in every respect use his utmost endeavours to merit their support. Good Post Chaises, & c. [ 1937 T| I CHARD KILLICK, UPHOLSTERER, CAEI- I I. NET- MAKER, PAPER- HANGER, SWORN APPRAISER, & c. & c. French- street, Southampton, begs leave to return his mostsincere thanks to his friends and the public in generil, for the very liberal and distinguised favours he has r-. c. ived, and most respectfully informs them, that he hath just re- ceived from the manufacturers the newest patterns of Carpets, Paper- hangings, Flcor- cloths, Bed- furnitures, & c. & c. and which he offers to the public on the very lowest terms, for ready mor. ey. R. K. flatters himself, that having spent the whole of his life in the above branches, and after ten years experience in the first manufacturing shops in London, he can supply those who may honour him with their commands, in the iirst style of elegance combined with ceconomy, and equal to any shop in the kingdom. JCf" Down, Hair, Wool, Floe:;, and other Mattresses. *#* Houses lett or provided, and Commissions faithfully executed. [ 1023 SALISBURY. JHAYDON, HAIR DRESSER, PERFUMER, and • Ornamental Hair Manufacturer, takes the earliest op- portunity of acquainting his friends and the public, he is just returned from London with a fresh assortment of ornamental Hair, French Borders, Bands, Curls, & c. with a number of other Ornaments in the Hair line. J. H. begs to offer to the notice of the nobility, gentry, and the public in gene- ral, a new- invented Hair Wash, called the British Arcanum, which far surpasses any thing of the kind ever offered for cleansing and beautifying the Hair ; also a fresh supply of the most, approved Perfumery, Chinese Parasols, Fancv Ar- ticles, & c.— Those Ladies and Gentlemen who may please to honour him with their commands, may depend 011 having their hair cut and dressed in the most'fashionable style, a't his house in Catherine- street.-—— J. H. returns his grateful thanks to a generous public for the many favours past and great preference conferred on him. ' [ 1825 N. B. A Register Office for Servants. VERY GREAT BARGAINS hi Linen and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, and Hosiery, at WOODCOCK'S Warehouse, High- street, Shaftesbury. CWOODCOCK respectfully informs his friends • and the public he is just returned fiom London, where he has made large purchases of goods in the ab< 5ve branches,, of peculiar quality and capital' patterns, for the summer, particularly tambour satin- work and japanned muslins, fancy striped cambricks, and coloured muslins, prjnts, ginghams, & c.; elegant printed furnitures, corded dimity, table linen, sheetings, & c.; broad and narrow cloths, Bennctt' » cords, cassimeres, and velveteens, printed quiltings, & c. all of the newest patterns, which will be found on comparison to be full as cheap, if not cheaper, than any other house west of London. A general assortment of men and women's silk, cotton, and worsted hose, beaver hats. Sc. from the best makers. Every description of mourning, and funerals fur- nished on the most reasonable terms. N. B.— As all sorts of cotton goods must inevitably ex- perience a great advance, from the disturbance amongs't the weavers, makes it_ a duty every country shopkeeper and pri- vate family owes to" themselves to lay. in a large stock at the present unparalleled low prices. [ 1923 ANDOVER, HANTS. LL Persons indebted to the Estate of ROBERT . HARDWELL, late of Andover, Watchmaker, deceased, are requested to pay the amount to Mrs. Sarah Hardweli, his Widow and Administratrix.—- And all. Persons to whom the said Robert Hardweli . stood indebted, are- r; » usstrd tr. » wl an account of their several demands to the said Sarah Harriweil, or to Mr. Bird, solicitor, Andover. j igiis WHlTAKER's CREDITORS. ' HE Creditors of WALTER WTTLTAIVER, late _ of Shaston, in the county of Ddrsi t, Gentleman, de- ceased, are requested to meet " the Committee appointed for managmg. the Suit in Chancery, at the Red Lion, - at Shaston, on " 1 uesuay the 12th of .1 uly next, at twelve o'clock at noon, to investigate the proceedings in the Cruse, and to fiive direc- tions 011 some spccial matters connected with it, which will be submitted to their consideration. n. osa The Creditors are requested to bring their securities and bilta for their debts; and those who claim as representatives, shoulS bring the probates or letters of . administration, to shew theif right, that the debts m » y be proved before the Master. r|\ UE Commissioners in a renewed Commission of JL Bankrupt," bearing- date'the 4th ol Dec ruber, 1807, awarded anil issued forth against JOSEPH NEAVti, t e younger, late ofthe town and county of Poole, deceased, M r- chant, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on tin 2 id 01 Jut e lust, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, rt the Old Anteloi e Inn, in the town and county of Poole, to mak. a dividend of the Estate and Effects ofthe said Bankrupt; when " ndv iorc the. Creditors, who have not already proved tin ii del ts, arc to come prepared to prove the safnc.' orthcy will h excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all- claims rot then proved will be disallowed. • » • 1 sfio] By order of the Comnv' siom rs, H. ROWIV'. N, Solicitor. BOTANY. R. ANDREWS begs leave to acquaint his Sub- scribers, and the Public in general, that the 109th Number of the BOTANIST'S REPOSITORY will be pub- lished on the 1st of July; atjd at the same time another Fasciculus of the Genus GERANIUM, containing Nos. 18, 19,- 20;, and on the lst of August a Fasciculus of'his Mono- graph oh ROSES, containing Nos. 17, 18, 19, all drawn, en- graved, described, and coloured from the living plants; and may be had of the Author, No. 5, Knightsbrklge, London, ( opposite the Cannon Biewhouse); H.' l. indseU. Wi'mpole- street; Messrs. Longman, Rees, and Co. Piternoster- row ; at the Printing- Office, Salisbury ; and of all other Booksel'. ers. THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BY DAY AND M. ARL'IN, LSJOOH, THIS invaluable Composition, with hulf the usual labour, produces the most brilliant jet- biack ever beheld; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, wiil not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, by Day . and Martin, removed to No. .97, High Holborn, London; and retail at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; Coulton, Devizes; Slmmonds, Blandford"; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymouth ; Harold, jur.. Marlborough; Skelton, Southampton; Martin, 1 y- mington ; Crockford, Castle- Carey ; and Moore, Poole; in TPHK Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, .. i bearing date the 4th day of August,' 1804," St warded and issued forth against RICHARD CLARK, now or lai of W;; r- mmster, in the county of Wilts, Horse- dealer an ! Chapman, intend to meet on S turrkiv the 2oth dav ot June iut. iant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Lamb Inn, in Warminster aforesaid, to make a Dividcud- of the Estate and Kffet is ot the said Bankrupt; when and where the Crcd't re, who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or th y wiil be excluded the benefit ot the said dividend;, and all claims not then proved will be d; s Howe 1 l-' » 41J T. LAVIPARO, Solicitor. TAKEN up Stravinjt ' in the Parish of Berwick St. JL John,— A BROWN MARE, 3 years old, about 14 bands- high, with a white stripe down the' face, the near fore foot and the off hind foot white. Also a BLACK PO>:\ , about 13 hands high, aged.-— The owner may have them on pay-, ing all expences, by applying to Mr. Webb, Rushinere Lo re. Rnshmore Lodge, June 15, 1SOS. rt. ru. nHAKEN UP, Straying, in the parish of ..., t - I Tuderley, on Wednesday the nth of May 1808,— Two small Grey FOREST PONIES} also One r\. ttF-" T PONY, taken up the 2/ lh of May: Whoso. r • in pr •• » « them to be their property, may have theo ie, ai 1, on . ; all expenctjs, by applying to John Maffcy, at '• - st ru- Vms- House, near Romsey, Hants. If the said Pomes are nef owned on or before'the 25th of June instant, they w '! K- ' t to pay all expences. " o, , WHEREAS I JOSEPH IIOLBRGOK, of Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, on. to • ;< t,: r, v of January, 1808, did enter into the pres. rve c . vert of toe Rev, JOHN ASJIFORDBY TRENCHARD, at Stanion; in foe sad county, and, notwithstanding the interference o^ tin .; e. iv:„- keepers and others, did continue to shoot anil tit -. e - • therein 1 I hereby publicly apologize to him for tj:- uoorov..':. I aggression, promise not to be guilty of the same" conduct again, and acknowledge his lenityin dropping a pios- eduti 11 he had began against me, for refusing to make ' known ray- name and place Jf abode. [ 1047 Witn ss, JORFPH HOI. Hft'OjK. J.. ! S V-, A! jpo; D; , .' u. vd 16, 18 « a, JOHN WEAK did on the 8 dav of June 18U8 Wilifyly and Scandelize Mr Edward Red ward by Speaki ig I Disrespectfully atld Uscing Improbious Language to tile pr dige of his Carracter tor wnich Usage the Within Me- u; or, Mr Edward Redward has threaten'd to Enter A piosecutr. . against Me John Weak but in Order to Stop such prosecution 1 dob hereby A gree to Ask his pard'jn in this Public'* Manner and Moreover to Enter into A Bond of 200 £ Never More t> Interrupt or Molest the said MrEelwavd Re lward in ; nv Shape in Witness Where'of the parties agree'd have Herewith Interchangeable Set their hands the day i. nd date A bow Mention Sine'd by Me (" John Weak In precence of Geo Apedaiie Bu Morris his Edward Redward Mark [ IPS* stone bottles, price Is. 63. each. [ 1S0S WESTBURY TURNPIKE; N'OTICE is hereby given,— Tiiat the Trustees meet at the Abingdon Arms Inn, in West! ury, on Tuesday the 21stday of June next, at one o'clock in the after- noon, to LEASE or FARM LETT all the TOLLS, granted by an Act lately passed, " for continuing the term and em rg- irg the powers of two Acts passed for amending the. f. o'ad from Purgate to Latchct's- briilge, and " ot'ner'Ro.:,( is therein described, in thocounty Of Wilts, s. far as the sa'nio telrfes to the first district therein mentioned ; and for amendiiV other Roads near adjoining the said Roads;" arising at the Ca& s undermentioned, or either of them. Whoever happens to take the same, must at the time and place abovementioned give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees ot the said Turnpike ft: Is, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. V. mbroo. k Gates.— Bratton Pound Gat?, with the side Gats at Braiton; Warminster- Lane Gates, y- ut the side Gen at Holorne's- Lane ; Leigh Gates, with the side Gate in Penleigh- Lane ;• ClevcyGnte, with the siele Gates at Dilton. Marsh. By order of the Trustees, - STEP. BROWN, Clerk and Treasurer. LEIGH, May it!, 1808. [ LD; O ENijORD. ENCLOSURE. E whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners named and appointed by. virtue of in Act of Parliament, made and passed in the forty- filth year o, the reign of his present Majt sty,. intituled " A11 Act for inclositi" Lands in the ' I ythings of . Enford, p. field,' Cootr. be, l. ong- slreet, and East Chisenbury, in tfe Parish of Word, in one County of Wilts;" and in pursuance of the directions of an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the t oty- lii t .; , r of the reign of his present Majesty, " for consolidate';; in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts of Iiie 1 s •, and for facilitating the mode of proving the several Kia is usually required on tile passing of such Acts,*" do hereby nive notice, That we have, set out and appointed One' private Carriage Road anel Driit Way, of its pre nt breadth, leading from'the public road, No. 7- inan em- tw iolv direction, between lands belonging to a cert 11 farm, coiled Chisenbury Farm, on the south; and allotments t< P'lniip Pearce, Thomas Timbrell, Thomas Maton, Edward Bauey, and John Nicholas, respectively, oh the north, to an .. I'ot- merit to Messrs. Grove and Goodden. " . And we, the said Commissioners, have caused a Map there- of to be prepared; which map is deposited With Mr. John Charlton, of StOurton, our surveyor, tor the inspection of ail parties concerned. And we do hereby give notice, That we have apptii- fed Monday the eleventh dav of July next, at coven o'clock in the forenoon, at tire house of John Lli v. i, commouLy called the Antelope Inn, hi the parish'of Uphavcn, 11 the seid county of Wilts, to receive any objection that m. y be made to such private Carnage Road and Dnit Way, so by" us set out as aforesaid. Given under our hands this first day of June 1808 1901J JOSEPH PENNINGTON.' GEORGE BARNES. ( Witness) JOHN CHARLTON. RICH. inn JOHN GOUGH, Clerk totheCnmniV-.- r. tra. CURATES' BILL.— DISTILLERIES. LONDON, Maij 1, ! 808. THE Clergy, Landholders, Farmers,. and Drillers are respectfully informed, that ih • CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER'S LETTER to Dr. MANSEI.,., of TrmlTy College, C'lmbri lee, explaining the PritK. oie of his Sid -". Favour of STIPENDIARY CURATES, is given entire, ex- clusively, in No. XXII. of the LITERAIU PANORAMA published this day ; also, entire, the Po port of the Committee of the Hon. House of Commons on tho DISTILLERY from SUGAR, & e. the Schedule of the. Assessed Tax. s. Local Militia Bill, & c. & c. & c. ' Printed for T. u lbf, Uatton- gr. rden; s Id at th" Prn'ing Office, Salisbury; and may be had of all kioksdiersin the united kingdom. > THE SALlSBLllY AND WlNCiiLSTLR JOURNAL, ' nesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM- THE L6ND6N GAZETTE OF JUNE 14. ^ YlIITEHAtl,, June 14. f il1 ^ IIE King has been pleased'to order a Cpnge d'nhre to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Worcester to elect a Bishop of that See, the s; ur: « b'- Mig void by the death of the Right Rev. Father in God Dr. R. Hurt], lute Bishop thereof; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend to the said Demand Chapter the Right Rev. Falhtr in God Dr. F. II. W. Cornwall, Bishop of Hereford, to be by them elected B? shop of the said Sec of Worcester. VvMMismn signal by the Lnrd Lieutenant of Wants.— Ha- tingstokc FuUinteer Jn/ antry,— E. Adams, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Simmons* resigned. BANKRUPTS. G enrge Price, of Tottftnham. court- road, liquor- merchant. JuJm'P^ Uny, of I- ivei'iKJol, <' - uper. . T'l Nt'l/ eri, Ot L. WOoiStayler. Isaac Jtntetnjon, of \ Vliiteimv.- n, im- reer. Kictiurd Post'cs, of I. mip- lane, smithri- Kl. victualler. ' 1 lus. Wiut^ rbtturn, or Aldersgate- str^. t, cabiai't- makT. " n yc.. " f Rnsemaiy- Ia. ie, Middlesex, salesman. . * Carl IlihRii, of Li tife Oistte- ste.- t, Lciccsu r-:- nnar<, tavlor. a.- :—:: Trr- ,— , ——— ; , , 1 HOUSE OP LORDS. MONDAY, June 13.] Lord, Ilawkesbury observed, that it a , . ared by the votes of tile 1 louse of Commons, that a Hill . vasin progress thtough that House, for granting extraordinary remuneration to . Mr. Palmer far services in the 1' osOoffioe. He moved that a Committee should ho appointed to enquire into and examine tile contract be- tween Mr. Palmer and Government, and also to enquire into the cause of that Gentleman's dismissal fi ftm the office of Comptroller; which was agreed to Mm. con. Lrrd Haiokeshury moved an Address to his Majesty, assuring him of the concurrence of their Lordships in the S. cilia : Treaty ; which also passed nem. con.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, J> m* 14.] The Sugar Distillation Bill, the Irish Customs aud'Excise Bill, and the Paddington Canal Cja' Bill, were brought up from the Qounmans, and read first titne. hla'atitcshury moved an Address to his Majesty, in reply to the missal- requiring the vote of credit usually passed at the close of a Session, aswning his Majesty that their Lordship, would cheerfully concur in any expence necessary to c ounteract the design, of the enemy ; which Was carried num. c< m.—~ Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. SATURDAY, ./ tine II.] In a Committee of the whole Hoti- f, tile duties on Coffee were rescinded, and new duties imposed, v' 12. Si. per pound on import; ." W. Excise duty, ' vhere American produce ; 6< 7. where the produce of the East Indies, and ail other Coffee I*, per pound. The rate of the KraitiJ postage was fixed at 2s. for a single letter, 4s. a double letter, f » . a treble letter ; < Js. for a letter uf an ounce, and so in proportion.— Adj. MONDAY, June 13.] The Chancellor of the F. cche- rjli; r delivered a message from his Majesty for a Vote of Credit as customary at the end of a Session, widen was re- ferred to the Committee of Supply. The House '. vent into a Committee of Supply, in which Mr. Dun Jus Saunders moved that the sum of 1,500,000/. should be granted to his . Majesty, to be paid to the East India Company, on account of the expenees incurred by the Company tor the public service in India. Lord Folkestone opposed the motion, and moved as - an amendment, that the sum of 51. should be granted. The amendment was negatived without a division, and the original motion agreed to. Tut ' Chancellor " f the Exchequer moved that 300,000/. should lw: granted to his Majesty, to make good the first payment tf> hie Sicilian Majesty under the Subsidiary Treaty; which was unanimously agreed to. The mm of » 0: 000/. was voted to tjie inhabitants of the town of Roseau, in Dominica, as a compensation for losses they sustained by the burning of the town in defending it i ; ain- t he enemy, on the £ 3d of February 1804. ' the following grants were also made:— 21,000/. for the exper. ee- of tbe Commission of Military Enquiry ; 14,000/. to thn Commissioners for American Claims; 6,000/. for J'ie improvement of the British Museum; S000/. for the repairs of Margate Harbour, in consequence of the storm on tut: ) 4th ot'. lanuary last; and 10,000/. towards improving tV harbour of Holyhead. There was an oppo- itio'n to the la'ts- r grant, Mr. Sheridan and others recommending a jn- w harbour in preference to Holyhead ; but on a division the motion was carried by a majority of 89. Tt being moved that 73,000/. should be granted for the purchase of lands and houses in Palace- yard, further to lmnrove the avenues to the Houses of Parliament, Mr. IVindhaui observed, that there ought to be some tecurlty foi< the expenditure of this money, that it might not oe thrown away as other large sums had been: he h > oed some little share either of judgement or taste might be ircbawd with it. He ridiculed in the. happicst manner the dwarf- Gothic erection as a new front to the House of Lords, where a number of little pipes and tubes wet'e dig- n ' i d with the names of towers. So puerile a thing could n t he found in any of the tasteless citizens boxes on the • lusty roads round the metropolis. Mr. Hose admitted that the new front alluded to was a svflSmenof such wretched bad taste, that notwithstanding the money it had cost, he hoped the Right Hon. Gentleman wjuld agree with him in thinking a further expenee lie >- ary, in having it pulled down again. Mr. Uankes moved, that instead of 75,000/. the surn of 45,000/. should now b- granted. A very long discussion took place on the amendment, • which was finally negatived, and the original motion for the larger sum was agreed to. Sir T. Turton moved that the sum of 54,702/. be given to John Palmer, Esq. as tiie balance of the per centage A w to him up to the 9th of January 1808, in addition to tiie 3000.'. per annum he lias received. Mr. Hose opposed the motion, observing that it would be disgraceful to Parliament to make such a grant, when the Gentleman to be rewarded was dismissed from office for improper conduct, and the letters proving it were before the 1 iou c. Mr. Sheridan replied, that an intemperate expression in a letter ought not to be adduced as a reason 8br withhold- ing) a stipulated eompensation. On a division, voted for the grant, 73 against it; majority 20. In a Committee of Ways and Means, a resolution was passed, d ' -' hi. iiig the expediency of raising a certain sum by way of Lottery, to consist of b' 0,000 tickets, in one or more Lotteries. The third reading of the Sugar Distillery Bill being moved, Mr. Western opposed it as injurious to agriculture; and was joined therein by Lord Henry Petty. Mr. Giddy supported the bill; and on a division the numbers were, for the third rea'ding 74, against it 34; majority 40.— The bill was then read a third time, and passed.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, June 14.] Sir C. Pole stated the great loss and inconvenience that accrued to Officers of the Navy from their being all compelled to employ the King's Proctor in prosecuting their Prize Causes. In the last four years there were, he said, upwards of SOOO shins in the Admiralty Court, each on an average producing three Causes, and in the same lime there were more than 500 Appeals, of which he had the sole conduct. The average of each bill of costs might be 105/. But he did not object to this enormous profit; it was the impossibility of one man conducting so many causes for the interest of his clients that formed the groand of his motion. He there- fore moved two resolutions, one purporting that the duties of the office of King's Proctor were so many and various, that no person was equal to discharging them ; the other that an humble Address be presented to his Majesty, pray- ing that he will appoint three or more persons to be em- ployed as his Proctors in the High Court of Admiralty and Court of Appeals. Mr. II. Martin, Mr. " Heevens, Colonel Bastard, Mr. G. Johnston, Mr. Whitbread, Sir Samuel Roinitlv, ^ nd Mr. Windham spoke in support of the motion; Sir .7. Nicoll ( the King's Advocate), Mr. Farquhar, the Solicitor- Gene- ral, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. RobertWard again t it. O a division, the numbers were, Ayes 1G, Noes 35; majority against the motion 19. The I louse then went into a Committee ou the Sti- pendiary . Curates Bill, when some amendments were made is the ifcll' . eiti cy. a » . sen A* - Adjourned at two o'clock. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, J USE 15. Lieut. Col. Johnson, of the 2S » h Regiment, who is just arrived in town from Sweden, brings accounts that the Expedition Under Sir John Moore, is still at anchor in Flemish Roads, off Gotteilburgb; they had not moved on the 7th inst. The troops were in general healthy, and to prevent any inconvenience arising from their confinement on board ship, a battalion is landed, daily, for the purpose of exercise. Colonel Murray had not arrived when the packet left G. ittertbutfgh on the 7th. It is the intention of Government to line the coast of Essex and SafRilk with Martello Towers, in the same way as they have covered the coast of Kent.— A body of 500 men are now employed at Grays, in Essex, making bricks for the purpose. The 1 st regiment of Dragoon Guards was reviewed yesterday on Wimbledon Common. The Prince of Wales, the Dukes of York and Cambridge, and a great many General Officers, were present. The review commenced at eleven o'clock, and lasted till near one ; the regiment mancrnvred first irt six squadrons, and afterwards in twelve. Tbe whole afforded a very fine military spectacle. Sir W. Browne's Gold Medal for the Greek Ode, lias been adjudged to Mr. Paruell, of King's College, Cam- bridge. Subject, the Portuguese Emigration to the Br.> zilsi The Second prine was adjudged to Mr. Uloomtield, of Cains College. Iri our last Journal we noticed the gallant defence made by the Prince Ernest packet, Capt. Pet re, in March last, against a French privateer of very superior force. Tbe merchants of Kingston, Jamaica, have rewarded the brave crew of the packet w ith the following sums :— The Captain, 200 guineas; Master, 100 ditto ^ Mate, 50 ditto; Boat- swain, Gunner, and Carpenter, each 25 ditto; and each of tile crew, 10 ditto. The- King's Proctor's Bill of Charges for Proceedings in ( lie High Court of Admiralty, in tile respective causes of Hutch Ships and cargoes'condemned to the Crown, from November 1803 to November 1801, as paid out of the pro- ceeds, amounts to 8,819/. 4. v. 5d. PORTRCUBSE • PRIZES.— Sir William Scott, yesterday, in the Prize Court, directed the whole of the Portuguese property which had been seized and broHght into Hi iti di ports, to be transferred to the Portuguese Ambassador, under whose order and direction it is to be distributed to the various claimants. Mr. WADP., the Master of the Ceremonies at Brighton, Vas resigned, after a reign of upwards of forty years.— Mr. Wade was a soil of the late Field- Marshal Wade, and suc- ceeded Derrick ( the immediate successor of ISeau Nash) as Master of the Ceremonies at Bath and Brighton, when the lat ter was in its infancy, as a place of fashionable re ort, — Iiefore it could boast of splendid palaces, but when Duchesses, cloathed in ponderous sack < and hoops, would squeeze into the humble sheds of fishermen, to inhabit lodgings wherein, with the lofty head- dress then in vogue, ( hey could not stand upright; and when a view of the brilliant Assemblies at the Rooms excited astonishment to think how such a company could be accommodated in so wretched a town as Brighton then was. Mr. Wade held thjt undivided sovereignty of both these hemispheres of fashion, till a particular affair, recorded in the annals of Doctor" 5 Commons, occasioned his resignation of the Bath Sceptre ; since which his time has been almost wholly pas ed at Brighton, where he is universally respected.— Mr. Forth, formerly an Officer in the Dragoon Guards, is a candidate to succeed him as Master of the Ceremonies, under the patronage of the Prince of Wales. BREAD.— Yesterday tbe Court of Aldermen ordered the price to be raised half an assize, which makes the quartern loaf wlieaten household lO^ t?. BRITISH Mtr. i n v.— It appears by the accounts laid before the House of Commons, that on the 1st of April last, tiie following was the number of commissioned Officers wanting to complete the establishment of the Militia of Great Britain : — 2 Colonels, 7 Majors, 57 Captains, 113 Lieu- tenant's, 225 Ensigns, 2 Paymasters, 6 Adjutants. 1 Quar- ter- master, 4 Surgeons, and 1 Assistant Surgeon ; that the total effective strength of the British Militia, on the 1st of July 1807, in non- commissioned and privates, was 58,392 men ; the number who volunteered ir. ro the regulars and marines, under the Militia Transfer Bill of 1807, was 18,411; the total number added by the late ballot, 32,541 ; and the total effective strength of tbe British Militia, in non- commissioned and privates, on the ist of April 1808, was 77,20.9 men. Ittisn MILITIA.— By the same authority we learn, that on the 1st of May 1808, the following commissioned Officers were wanting to complete the establi hment of the Irish Militia:— 1 Lieutenant- Colonel, 2 Majors, 4 Captains, 42 Lieutenants, 27 Ensigns, 1 Paymaster, 1 Adjutant, 1 Quarter- Master, 1 Surgeon, and 12 Assistant- Surgeons; that the total effective strength of tbe Irish Militia, in non- commissioned and privates, on the Ist of July 1807, was 26,337 men ; the number of volunteers under, the Militia Transfer Bill, 7538 ; tbe number added by the Jate ballot, 8' J82; and the total effective strength in non- commissioned and privates, on tbe 1st of April, 1808, was 2' J, 312. I fence it appears that the Militia of Great. Britain has been increased in number, by the late measures, 18,817 men ; the Irish Militia lias been decreased only 145 men ; and the total effectiv e militia force of the United Kingdom is 103,421 men, besides commissioned Officers. A dreadful affray took place, on Sunday night, in White- chapel, between a body of Portuguese and a body of American sailors. The forces bad been assembling on both sides, during the course of tbe day, and about ten o'clock at night they came to a serious engagement. They fought with sticks, stones, swords, knives, and every other weapon they could muster. Two of the Americans were killed on the spot, and several wounded, two of whom are not expected to recover. One of tbe men who was killed had his skull fractured by the point of the stick of an umbrella, which was forced into his head near his ear. Some of the ringleaders have been apprehended and committed to. prison. j Yesterday the parties again evinced a spirit of turbulence,] and, lest they should proceed to similar acts of outrage,! the Whiteehapei Volunteers were on duty tbe greater part of the day, to act should their interference be deemed necessary, which had the effect of preventing further violence. Yesterday morning, about three o'clock, twenty- six male convicts, under sentence of transportation, were removed from Newgate in caravans, to in; conveyed to Langston Harbour, near Portsmouth. Mrs. Byrne, of Cahinteely, near Dublin, a Lady of the first fashion in the polite circles of that city, died last week, in consequence of a fractured skull, occasioned by a stone thrown into her carriage on the night of the late mas- querade in that city. DKATII of a deposed Pruscr.— On the i9th nit. died, at Grosgerau, in the 4yth year of his age, his Serene High- ness Frederick George Augustus, late Landgrave, & e. of Hesse- Cassel. His Highness was a grandson of King George the Second, bis mother being the Princess Mary, fourth daughter of that Monarch. I lis aunt, the Princess Amelia, on herdeath in 173S, bequeathed him nearly 4000,000/. in the English funds, with plate and other property to a great amount, though she bad never seen him, had always expressed the utmost affection for another nephew, the Prince cf Wales-, intimating that she would make him her heir, and should never, transmit out of England that property which she bad acquired by the generosity of the English nation : the Princess Amelia was, however, born in Germany, and the predilection for her native country, over that for the one she had adopted, and which had rido/ ifed her, returned in her latter days with such irre- sistible force, as to overpower all other feelings, and occasion lier to execute a Will which excited much astonish- ment at the time, and under which all her valuables ( including a superb service of china, a present from her Royal father, and which she had given to the Prince, though his Royal Highness declined removing it from Guimersbury- house during her lite- time). were shipped off for Germany. This legacy, with profits arising from sub- sidies for the hire of bis troops in the American war, made the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel the mrtst wealthy of all the German Princes. The French revolution at one time gave himanaecession of dignity and power; when Bonaparte wished to counterbalance the interest of Austria iri the Electoral College, the Landgrave was made Elector of Hesse- Cassel; but in the last war with Prussia, opposing tbe march of a body of French forces through his territory, he Was stripped of almost all bis dominions, which now constitute a great portion of the Kingdom of Westphalia, under the rule of Jerome Bonaparte, the quondam and worthless husband of Mi s Pattisan, of New York, but now married to the Priaceis of Baden!— Sic transit g luria Mundi! SALISBURY RACES, 1808. ON TUESDAY the 26th of Julv,— His M AJESTY'S PLATE of ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS will be RUN FOR, 011 Salisbury Course, by any llorse,. Mafe, or Gelding, Carrying weight for age, as follows Four yrs. old, 10st. 41b. five yrs. old, 1 Ist. Sib.— six yrs. old, Wst.— and aged, 14st. Jib. — If any disputes arise, to" be determined by the EAR!, of PEMBROKE, or whom he shall appoint. The best ol three fJur- mile heats. SWEEPSTAKES of TEN GUINEAS'each, for four yrs. old, lost.- 7lb.— five yrs. old, list. filb.— siv yrs. old, Ust.— and aged, last. 2lb\ Two- mile heats. Those Horses that have won once ( Handicaps excepted: in 1 SOS, during the year, to catry alb. extra ; twice, MD. ; three tittles or mure, 7lb. extra. To be rode by Gentlemen. Mr. Calley names bucephalus, < 5 yrs. old. Mr. Biggs names Rosario, 4 yrs. old. Mr. Long names b. m. Bronze, 5 yrs. old. Mr. Goddard's b. m. Mountaineer, ijyrs. old. Lord Egremont's Brother to hedley, 4 yrs. old. Thomas Grove, jun. Esq. did not name. J. Farquharsen. Esq. did not name. Sir C. W. Malet, Bart, did nor name. Stakes to be paid to Mr. Weatherby, No. 7, Oxenden- strect, London, or to the Clerk of the Course, before starting, or not entitled, though a winner. On WEDNESDAY the ^ 7th of July,—' The CITY PLATE, being a large Silver Bowl, for any llorse, & c. carrying Klst. bridle and saddle included. Tbe best of three four- mile heats. To be shewn and entered on Wednesday the 20th of July, between the hours of twelve and six, at Mr. Wm. haydens, ihe Cler'x of the Course, Netherhamptcn, and not at » he Post, hut by permission of the MAYOR of SARUM, paying One Guinea entrance, and Five Shillings to the Clerk ot the Course, or double at the Post. The entrance- money to go to the owner of the second Horse. All disputes to be determined by the MTYOS of SARUM, or whom he shall appoint. Ten Shillings and Sixpence to ce paid to the Serjeant on delivery of the Bowl. _ Same day,— FIFTY POUNDS, given by the Members for the City, for all ages: four yrs. old sarrying 7st. 7lb.— five yrs. old, 8st. stb.— six yrs. old, "( Ist.— and aged, Sst. 4} b. Winners of one Plate this year carrying alb.; of two or more, 5lb. extra. The best of three four- mile heats. To be shewn and cnt - fed on Wednesday the - 20th of July, between the hours of twelve and six as aforesaid, paying One Guinea entrance, and Five Shillings to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post. The entrance- money to go to the owner of the sscood Horse. All disputes to be determined by the M \ voi< of SAROM, or whom he shall appoint. Tiie winner of the King's Plate will not be permitted to start for this Plate. On THURSDAY the 28th of July,— FIFTY POUNDS, for any Horse, tscc. th-. t neicr won that value, at any on » time, e- ther in Plat-., Match, or Sweepstakes; three yrs. old carry- ing a fcathtr— four yrs. old, Ts.- lib.— five vrs. old, 8st.— sit yrs. old, Sst. lolb.— and aged, 9st. alb. 1' he best of three four- mile beats. To be shewn and entered on Wednesday the 20th of July, between the hours of twelve and six as afore- said, paving One Guinea entrance, and Five Shillings to the Crerk of the Course, 6r dodble at the Post.— Tile entrancc- nunev to go to the owner of the second- best Horse. * » * The Horses to start each day at ONE O'CLOCK. All post- entrances to be made the'day before running, be- tween the hours of twelve and six, except for the City l/. owl. No less than three reputed running Horses to start for cither of th « r Fifty Pound Plates, escept by permission. If one enter, the owner shall have Ten Guineas, and his money returned ; if two, Fifteen Guineas between them. But if two be permitted to start, and the owner of either refuse, such owner, so refusing, shall forfeit his right to any part of the said Fifteen Guineas. The owner of the winning Horse, each day, of Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes, is to pay One Guinea to the Clerk of the Course for Weights, Scales," & c. t+ t A BAt. t, and. ORDINARIES, as usual.— The Ordinary, each day, at th: Spread Eagle. • Sir CHARLES WARRE MALET, BART. STEWARD. W. HAY DEN, Clerk of the Course. The instructions for clearing the Course will be particularly enforced. N » ne but Subscribers will he admitted in the Stand. A. New STAND will be erected previous to the Races, the Subscription for which continues open at the Printing- office, Salisbury. ' [ lsl- q BLANDFORD RACES, 1808. TUESDAY, AUGUST THE 9TH,— FIFTY POUNDS for Horses that have not won that value since March 1807 :— four yrs. old, Sst. gib.— five yrs. old, Sst.— six yrs. old, Ost. Sl'o.— and aged, 9st. folb. Mares and Geldings allowed 3lb. The best of three f. iur- milc heats. Same day,— Tiie GOlD CUP, a SUBSCRIPTION of TEN GUINEAS each. Thirteen Subscribers: it. lb. Mr. Farquharson names Chaise & One, 4 yrs. old.... 7 10 Mr. Worrall'. s ch. f. by Ambrosia, out of a Don*\ Qm'xattt mare, 3 yrs. old" / Mr. Mills names Bronze, 5 yrs. old 8 Mr. .' s osario, by Ambrosia, 4 yrs. old 7 Mr. greathad names ! Chile Rose, 4 yrs. old 7 Mr. miles n i-. s Mountaineer, t? yrs. old g mr. harveyr f. by Sorcerer, out of ffio'j, 8 yrs. old.. 6 mr. trevanion's . . . c. Gammon, by Beningl- rough, > _ '! •'• ' ossa's dam, 4 yrs. old ,/ Mr. drax ; venor names - Briseis, 4 yrs. old 7 10 Sir J. Hawkin's Clemiotmi, 5 yrs. old 8 12 Mr. Dundas's Rubens by Pi- cit, 8 yrs. old 8 12 Mr. Banks and Mr. Clinton are Subscribers, but did not name. WEDNESDAY the toth,— FIFTY POUNDS for three and four yrs. old : Three yrs. old to carry ( ist. 12lb. ar. d four vrs. o. d, 8st.— Fillies allowed 3lb. each.—- A winner of a Plate this year to carry ^ lb. of two 5lb. extra. The best of three two- iniie heats. Same day,— FIFTY POUNDS, given by the Members for the County: Four yrs. old, " St. I alb.— five yrs. old, Sst. 1 Jib.-— six yrs. old, Sst. 3lb.— and aged, pst. 61b. The best of thice, four- mile hcatt. Winners this present year o^' one Plate to c » irv alb. of two Sib. and a Roval Plate 7lb. extra. A HANDICAP SWEEPSTAk. ES of FIVE GUINEAS each, two miles. Horses to be named the evening of the first day's race. Five Subscribers or r; o r;. ce. All Horses that run for eitherof the Plates to be shewn and entered on Saturday the fith of August, at the Stand House on the race ground, between the hours of four and eight o'clock in the evening, paying, if a Subscriber, one guinea, if a Non- Subscriber, two guineas, and five shillings, to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post, which Post en- trance to be by eight o'clock preceding the day of running.— No less than three reputed running Horses to start for either of the Plates, unless by permission of the majority of Sub- scribers present.— If only one Horse enters, the owner to have 10 Guineas; if two, 15 Guineas between them, and their entrance- money returned ; but if two be permitted to start, and cither refuse, such R. ne BO refusing shall forfeit his right to any part of the IS Guineas. The owner of the winning Horse each day to pay two guineas to the Clerk of the Course for weights, scales, ropes, & c. & c. All Horses to st ind at the Stables of a Subscriber of Half a Guinea, and ' to be plated by no Smith iwt a Subscriber of Halt" a Guinea.— No person to sell Liquor, or erect a Booth or Stall on the Race Ground, but a Subscriber of Half a Guinea, to be paid into the hands of the Clerk ot the Course. ORDINARIES as usual. An ORDINARY each day at the CROWN INN for the LADIES^— A BAH, each night of the Races, j908] EDW. G IEATHED, Esq. STEWARD. GRAND STATE LOTTERY, which JL begins drawing Jane 28, is the only Lottery that ever contained SIX PRIZES of £. 20,000. SCHEME. 6 Prizes of £. 20,000 arc £'. 120,000 2 10,000 20,000 2 5,000 10,000 a .... 2,000 6,000 5 , 1,000 6,000 7 SOO 3,500 20 .... 100 2,000 30 SO 1,500 1,000 22 22,000 4,00ft 15 60,000 25,000 Tickets. £. 250,000 Half . ..£. 10 15 0 Eighth ...£. 1 15 Quarter... .. .. 5 f) 0 Sixteenth... 1 8 NO FIXED PRIZE. Ti ckets and Shares are selling at all the Licensed Offices in Lontlon, and by their Agents in the Country. Present Price.— Ticket i'. j'o lpj. R 0 STATE LOTTERY To begin Drawing the 28< A of THIS MONTH. Six Trues of £' 20,000, besides others as usual of X' 10,000, . io. OOO, £ 2,000, & c. & c. QWIFTand CO. No. 11, Poultry, and No. 12, k 7 Charing- Cross, are selling the Tickets and Shares of the above Lottery, to begin driwing on the 28th of June. The Scheme contains the same number of Tickets as the last Lot- tery, with double the number of TWENTY THOUSANDS, a circumstance never before known in so small a Lottery. The following Prizes were sold in shares at SwifT and Co's Offices in the last Lottery, viz. No. 8,82t a Prize of ,£ 20,000 No. !>, 8.15 a Prize of £ 1,000 j No. 11,387 a Prize of .£' 1,000 8,417... 1,000 13,(. MS 1,^) 0 10,231 1,000 I 24,884 500 also in the preceding six months, No. 11,070, Prize of 20,000/.; No, IK- 1, Prize of 10,000/.; No. 5, s.< v.'(, No. 15, o7S, and No. 17,<> 24, Prizes of 1,000/,; with others of SOO/. & c. £•••. Tickets and Shares may also be purchased of Swift's and Co.' s Agents in all tfic principal Towns. ' [ i? 97 SIX PRIZES qf £ 20,000'. ! RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co, Stock- brokers, respectfully acquaint: the Public, that the STATK LOTTERY commences drawing on the 28tli ot the I'RESKNT MONTH. JUNE. The Scheme, only 25,000 Tickets, contains <> Prizes of.... £ 20,000 3... 7.. . 10,0( 10 2,000' 500 5.. 20.. . .. Of. . .. £ 5,000 . 1,000 100 And 5,030 other Prizes, the whole amounting to 250,000. The TICKETS and SHARES are on sale at the Offices, Bank- buildinu, s, Cornhill, and opposite the King's Mews, Glaring- cross, Lond HI, by RICHARDSON, GOODl. UCK, and Co. and for them by .1. Moore, jnn. Poole ; J. Langdon, primer, Sherborne; W. Meyler, Bath ; Baker and Fletcher, book- sellers, Southampton; Eurns and Allies, iroumonnjrrs, War- minster; E. Sweet, bookseller, Trowbridge; T. 1". Coulton, Devizes : also at most of the principal towns in the Kingdom. liEGiSaTniUip! XG the of THIS MONTH. SUPERB LOTTERY 111 SiX Prizes of ,£ 20,000, besides a numerous train of Grand Prizes.— Tickets, Halves, . Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, are selling at the v< ry lowest prices, and the hill, Borough *•** Orders by post or carrier executed on the same terms as if present. [ 1780 Shared and Sold hj I1QRWSBYand CO. last. Year : 1.1,544 -.. 2,279 8,83! 8,7 IK 13/ 570 17,1,27 2 Prizes of. 10 2 .. 17 ......... ,.£" 20,000 10,873 £' 1,000 ... 10,000 12,24f 1,000 ... 5,000 1,350 500 ... 5,000 44 500 ... 5,000 10,337 500 ... 4,000 And in former Lotteries : . • .£ j 0,000 . 20,000 . .. 15,000 ... 10,000 24 Prizes of..... JFS. OOO 30 2,001) 5u ; i. ooo 84 500 State Lottery Office, No. g. 3, Royal fijcthan^ c, LONDON. TICKETS and SHARES for the Present LOT- TERY the drawing of which begins 28th Instant) are selling by HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. Stock- brokers, as above, and nowhere else in London on their account. The Scheme, without ; uiv fixed prize, contains SIM CAPITALS of £ 20,000 each, Two.... of.... £ 10,000 I Three of.... .£ 2,000 Two 5,000 | Five 1,000 Arc. Letters, post paid, duly answered, and schemes gratis. Bank, India, and South- sea Stocks, with th. ir several An- nuities, India Bonds, Exchequer Bills, and all kinds of Go- vernment Securities, bought and sold by commission. Country Orders, accompanied with short- dated bills on London, post- office orders, or cash in parcel by coach or car- rier, punctually attended t and Correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on the same terms as if peisonally prcsent. * V* Messrs. HAZARD, BCHNE, and WARNERS, beg leave most respectfully to in-' orm the Public, that they have no connection whatever with a newly- established Lottery Office, opened in a name comprised in, but no way related to, their firm. As frequent misund. rstanding has arisen in this respect, they think it necessary to give this caution, and to request that letters and orders foi" their house may be addressed as above. [ l>> 99 THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS!!! PAID to the Public for large capital Prizes sold in Shares last Lottery, wh'ch is ten thousan 1 pounds more than was sold bv any other odice in London, viz. No. rC, H0 « , £- 20,000, and " No. 7,727, ,£ H), 000; each of which were really sold to the public in a quartet, two eighths, and ci^ ht sixteenths, at J. WARNER's FORTUNATE OFFICE, A'o. 10', COHSlilLL, LONDON-; Who'rcturns thanks to the Nohilitv, Gentry, and the Public at large, for the very conspicuous preference he received, and flatters himself he shall experience a continuance of their fa- vours, as Dame Fortune has so abundantly bestowed her be- nefits from his office. TICKETS and SHARES are now on Sale for the STATE LOTTERY, Which begins Drau- ing JUNE, 1R08. The SCHEME contains a greater number of £ 20,000 Prizes than ever was known, viz. G Prizes of £ 20,000 .. of £ 10,000 | ,)..... . of ..... .. jC 2,000 2 of 5,000 I 5 of '... 1,000 Ch bs, Societies, Merchants' and Bankers' Clerks, Coach- men, Guards and Carriers of every description, will receive a handsome allowance. Letters from the country, post paid, containing bank- notes, prst office ordets, or short- dated bills, treated the same as it present. Note.— Letters containing money must pay treble posKge. [ 1798 ~ TrO MILLERS, MEALMEN, AND OTHERS. Hp:) be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CON- T TRACT,— The REMAINDER of the LEASE of all that good and well- known WATER CORN- MILL, called BHOCKAMPTON MILL, driving three pair of stones, and now in full employ; together with about 10 Acres of WATER MEADOW thereto adjoining; situate within a mile of Ha- vant, and in the centre of the large and populous towns of Portsmouth and Chichester. N. B.— Immediate possession will be given. The contiguity of the above Premises to the harbour of Langston renders them truly eligible, as vessels can load and unload within a short distance of the ssiid Mill; and the Pre- mises arc in all respects well calculated for carrying on a large ar. d extensive business. For particulars apply to Mr. R. Way, Havant; or to Mr. Hart, solicitor, Portsmouth. fl7Sr ' ISLE OF WIGHT. ~ rpo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A i beautiful and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MEDHAM, situated in the parish of Northwood, in the Isle of Wight; consisting of an exceeding good Dwelling- house, having on the giound- floor a large drawing- room, dining- room, library, and housekeeper's- room, with cellaring under; five best bed- rooms on the first floor, with four capital servants' rooms in the attics; an excellent detached kitchen, with laundry, two servants' rooms, and a loft over it; dairy, wash and brewhouse, and. other offices; barn, carriage- house, cart- houses, stabling, granary, & o.; a labourer's cottage, built of stone.— The Dwelling- house stands nearly in the centre of the property, which consists of 125 Acres { in a ring fence) of Pasture, Meadow, Arable, Wood, and Garden Ground, com- manding a good view of the entrance of Cowes Harbour, « Whippingharn Church, and the beautiful River Medina, from its entrance nearly to Newport. The property is. situated ne'Urlv midway between West Cowes and Newport, and extends from the high road down to the River, on which there is a bathing- house and a quay, which is just built, with good landing at a!) times, The [ louse has been nearly new- furnish'ed within the last six months, at a considerable expence, which the purchaser is expected to take at a fair valuation, tog tiler with the Live and Djad Farming Stock and Gfowinp Crops.— The Whole includes one of the most desirable am' beiatiful properties in the island : Land- tax re- deemed.. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Charles Diuce, Esq. solicitor, fiilliter- square, London, where the title deeds and a plan of the Estate may be seen. The Estate may be viewed by application to Farmer Davis, at Somerton, near West Cowes.— Possession may- be had at Midsummer. [ 1752 DELIGHTFUL FREEHOLD VILLA, with forty acres of LAND, tythe free, land tax redeemed, with immediate possesion, to be SOLD by PRIVATE CON- TRACT, by Mr. HISCOCK ; comprising a genteel residence on the ground floor, an entrance, hall, breakfast and dining parlours, drawing room lb' by 17 feet, water and other clo- sets, ten bed rooms, two stair cases, under- ground beer ar, d wine cellars attached, lofty kitchen, dairy, larder, brewhouse, outhouses, and domestic offices; the whole singularly Con- venient, and well supplied with excellent water; with a lawn, shrubbery, pleasure ground, and ornamental timber, judi- ciously laid out; cold bath, fish pojid well stocked; excel- lent kitchen garden and orchard, with a variety of luxuriant and singularly prolific walled and other fruit trees ;, together with a double coach- house, stabling for fourteen horses, barn, granary, cow- houses, pUgery, and great conveniences, with 40 acres ( more or less, 1 of excellent pasture and arable Land, in the highest state of cultivation, mcst conveniently • connected, and divided by live mounds in the greatest per- fection. The whole of Vhieh Estate is in the completest state of repair, presenting a truly healthy and comi'oftable residence to the gentleman fond of the natuial amusement of farming, retirement, or the society of the most respectable neighbourhood ; pleasantly situated on an easy declivity, nearly central between London and Bath ; a convenient dt£- tance from the Bath and other high roads, five miles from- Newbury, and four from Hungerford ; abounding with game and field sports, immediately in the hunt of the first packs of fox hounds in the kingdom. The modern and exceeding neat HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE ( except Plate and Linen), with Fixtures, live and dead Farming Stock, to be taken to at a fair valuation. Personal and post paid applications for purchase, or further particulars, to Mr. Hlscocls, Stroud- grecn, Newbury, will be duly attended t » . J4527 OAK TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by CLKMF. N- TSHARP, at the Roe Buck Inn, near ROMSEV, OU Wednesday the 13th of July, at four o'clock, subject to such conditions . is will then be produced,— Seven LOTS of OAK TIMBER, ot good Meetings, fallen and lying in the parish of East Wallow, being marked and numbered as follows :— Lor 1 2o TREES, marked with Red. Blue. Red. Blue. White. White. Rased. For a'view of the Timber, apply to Mr. Janiss Aldridge, of Wei low. fipan 2. < .- IS a.. .37 4.. . 54 5. . . FIL 6.'. . 4.0 n . ;> Jjtirfbrd House, Hear f) ml'itton, / fills. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by GKHHARD and Co. on F iday the 1st of July, lsos, — Part of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the properly of the late COI. W- HCAT, deceased; consisting of a handsome pii. iet n, and harness to ditto in excellent condition, s. v.- nl bridles : nd saddles almost new, one waggon, one roller, three burrows, two Norman cows, eleven store pigs, a gritting corn machine, a chaff cutting ditto, and about twenty hogsheads of capit l strong beer, two pockets Qf piir. ie Fariiham h'> j>.. and a num- ber of lots of Household Furniture; furt . r patti.-' ii its whereof will be given in trie next Journal. f t:- 1 Ft CODFORD ST. PETER, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. DANIEI- I. Oil Wednesday the 22d of June, 1808.— The HOUSE- HOLD GOODS ar. d FURNITURE of a Lady quitting bet residence at Codtoi4 ; consisting of mahogany and other ta bles, four- leafed screen, fancy and other chairs, wartlre! c, bedside and othKr ijarpcts, tea'aqd coffee urns, fi, guar is'i r children's nursery, register an. I other gr. it j, ceflfuA, book- case, ironing - tov , patent oven, garden seat, hogsheads, wine bin, l; ooks, China, glass, and earthen ware, a large quantity of bottles, itc. Thes lie to begin precisely at ten o'clock. [ 1820 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS, 180H. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, by D. HERITAGE, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 59th and 30th of'. luite, on the premises, in Trowbr dge,— All the CLOTHING and DRESSING UTENSILS, the property ? if James Selfc, Esq. having declined the clothing business. The first day's sale consists of one large wham, one t » istii- g mill, six passing boards, stoy'. s, baskets, quantity of oil, and oil kettles; large beam and scales, iron, brass, and leal weights, five surplusses. Wool cri- oks, f'ur small De imsai. l scales, two large oil casks, with a quantity of logwood, bar- wood, coppcias, Sc. & c. Second day's salt1 Consists of one very capital cloth jww, with sron screw, and brass box ; one iron kiln with 24 plates, about fifty dozen of'press papers in ' good condition, thirty fence papers, sixty pair of very good shears, six pair of shear boards, twelve sets of leads, one liuridred and twenty course of handles, with Tinny other articles in the clothing business, Sc. 4- c.—— The whole to LM \ ieWed each morning of side, which is to begin at eleven o'clock. ' f1J0 » ISLE OF WIGHT. > 0be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs, TuCKER and PITTIS, at the Bugle Inn. in Newport, on Saturday the 2d day of July, 1803, at fiv; oV. ock in tile afternoon,— The under- mentioned v. ry valuable ESTATES, in two Lots : Lot 1.— A Cottage or Tenement, F; un and Stable, and about 35 acres of Arable and three acres of Meadow Land, called New Park, ( with a right of common upon Alvington Common for 20 beasts and 100 sheep; ; situ > tcd in the parish of Carisbrook, in the Isle of Wight, i. homing Parkhurst Forest, about two miles from tbe t « wn of Newport, and now in tbe occupation of Elizabeth Chiverton, - tro int from year to year. This Estate is'Leasehold, for a term of U'J'J years, at tbe yearly rent - if U. 8$. Lot 2.— Three clo » s of Arable Land, containing together about iy acres, situate near Gunville, in the S' id parish of Carisbrook, in the occupation of Joseph Starke, as tenant from year to year. This Estate is Leasehold, for a term of 1000 years, at the yearly rent of 51. For further parttculars apply to Mr. Redpath, solicitor, Bath; or to Messrs. Clarke; and Sewell, Newport, Isle of Wight; and for a view of the Estates to the respective rentm s. House and Hop Land, in . fllo. i, Hants. rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, in two Lots, bv; I JOSEPH JORDAN, at the Swan Inn, at Alton, on Satur- day the 30th day of July, 1808, at six o'clock in the afternoon, under conditions to be then and there produced unless soon. x disposed of by Private Contract, of which timeiy notice will be given1,— Lot 1,— All that very desirable FREEHOLD HOUSE, si- tuate in the High- street, near the centre of the town of Alton, Hants, late in tiie occupation of Mr. Henry Harrow, de- ceased ; together with the Stable, Woodhouse, Off..: s, and large walled- in Garden thereunto adjoining. Th, House consists of two good siz - d front parlours, a breakfast parlour backward, a large and convenienl kitchen, eood wash- house and btew- house, milk- housr, pantry, and six bed- chambers, and has two under- ground cellars.— Immediate possession can be given of this lot.—- The house is well adapted for the recep- tion of a small genteel family, and the garden is well stocked with fruit trees. Lot 2.— All that HOP- GARDEN, now in full bearing and in excellent condition, situate at ihe west end of the townof Alton, and containing by estimation nearly two acres, late in the occupation of the said Henry Harrow.— Possession of tliik • let will be given < it Michaelmas next. N. B. The Household Furnitor- of the Said Henry Harrow will shortly be sold, particulars, of which will appear in a future advertisement. For further particulars and a view of the premises apply to Mr. Robert Harrow, baker, in Alton, or to Messrs. Clement and Son, solicitors, at Alton aforesaid. ripis A rery chgiHu situated HOUse, and tick Meadow L/ ISD, in o beautiful part of the county of Hants, o/ i the borders of Sussex. ' rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Swan Inn, JL a; Alton, on Saturday the 30th day of July, 1808, at four o'clock in the afternoon ,' u; iless an acceptable offer be previouslv made, cf Which notice will be given),— A FREE- HOLD ESTATE, situate about midway between the town* of Alton and Farnham, and about 4- 1 mdes from London ; consisting of a substantially built Family- house, in good re- pair, having- two good parlours, four good chambers will* closets, four garrets, kitchen; with brew- bouse,- detached bara, stabling tor seven horses, chaise- house, and all other convenient offices; with Gardens well stocked with fruit tree-', and 14 acre* ( more or less) of very rich old meadow Land adjoining, including an orchard of about an acre, with an exclusive right of fishery ill a fine trout stream, bounding the meadow land, within 100 yards of the house ; and an ex- tensive right of oornmoii of pasture in the Holt Forest. The house, standing oil a healthy, elegant, and cheerful eminence, overlooking a beutifid p , ii of tiie river Wcy, in * very fertile and rich vale, famous fur its various picturesque vieivs, about a quarter of a mile IVom the turnpike read, where several coaches are daily passing to and from South- ampton and London; ii. country favourable for all kinds of field sports, aiitl in a neighbourhood highly respectable'. Immediate possession - an bit given, and the pun. baser may have more land, if required. For further pavti< ui » rs apply to . Messrs. Clement and Son, solicitors, Alton, Hiiitl. fl.' ti.') CHESHIRE, Manor, Mansion- House, and Estate, with valuable Cuntingcm: ics. X) be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. StiW ® , at -.. .^..(.. uim, WINNINOTON- HALL ; comprising a snaci'ges N * co'nplrto residence for a large tamiiv, built witti none and . overt aJt floi rs, with appropriate attached and detached officii; stabling let fifty l. orsi-. ccach- houses, green- house, hot- honses, g' pine s; ; succession houses, excellent kitchen garden-; v. ri hot wall-, mushroom- house, cold baths, ice- bouse, a poultiy- hou- v upon a superior scale, and every ncc:-- try I tiding f r agricultural purposes, dove- hohie,' enti r ce cotw » •-! dec, with shrubbery and plantations sloping ;•. liv riv. i Vi. ivo, at a convenient distance from the ht « bc, wV.- „ uv ii >—..•< .! on very highly ornamented ground, •(• •'. u. !••:. •, ie i by . V ait six hundred and forty acres ot bind. eS fly :: ' \\ -.: : ; ture, of superior quality, divided into lain. pectable tenants ; woods and plantation- in 1: i, ; • :•.>.- vernal cottages and gardens adjotnin. i the ioi.. i: the v- hol together forming a trul,-' desirable ar. d elegant re^ lofa large establishment. To which there is attached, A most valuable MINERAL, \.:, ich, if attended tc, far exceedsthe value of this place -. a re '- knee. The Estate is nutate one rniie from N Tthwioh, 17 from Chester, 22 ffom Manchester, and < 10 from I. ius pool; may be viewed by applying to the Rev. Joah Putty, ri vngti-:- lodge, near ftorthwich; and printed particular.; n y be i.. 1 of Mr. Wvatt, Lime- grove, ' near V/. ngor; > f . Edwin Wy ut. Solicitor, St. Asaph , at the Hotel, CV. tet ; tlx Mo- tel', Liverpool; the Bridaewatct Am -. Man;' vr; and 1 Mr. Clatidge, No. 47, Pall- mall, London, whu a pUm i" he estate may b: seen, and further pafticuUta ittt- jwr.. flbua w A& l) GENERAL ADVMTiSER OF WILTS, HAM'S, bOUaET, AND SDMEHSi- 7f. Friday's and Saturday s Posts, FOREIGN N E W S. BANKS of the DANUBE, Mey 12. LETTERS from Turkey- say, that a fmttart 6f the Grand Signitlr Wiil speedily appear, for- bidding the introduStion ' of English merchan- dize into Turkey, on pain of death.— The Greeks of the Turkish Islands, and of tftt Morea, have declared themselves against ihe English-, since they hive learnt that the Russian Government, which they look up to as their protector, has declined war against England. MIDDLE BUFTGH, May 18.— There his appeared off the Isle of Walcheren an English Beet of 18 savl, of which 1 e are ships of the line. Should their design be against the French and Dutch squadron in Flushing, thevWill meet with a proper reception. RANKS of the MAIX, May 20.— A letter from Vienna savs—'" Our foreign relations are managed, as " usual, with secrecy, and nothing, as is proper, reaches the public. But ' the tranpuility which prevails here generally, and more particularly with regard to nilluar, Lpreparations, shews that the warlike reports propagated ^ abroad are premature and unfounded." HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, June 15.] The Copper Bill, and the F'i°- ar and Coffee Bill, were read a third time, and passed; and the various other Bills before the House Were forwarded a stage.— Adjourned. THURSDAY, June 16.] The Ten Millions and a Half Loan Bill, the Irish Loan Bill. Palmer's per Centage Kill, and some other Public Bills Were brought Up from the Commons, and read a first time. The Pauper Lunatic Bill was read a third time, aud P" The Paddiugton Canal Coal Bill was also read a third time, and passed. The Bill for renewing the Charter of the Bank of Ire- land being tak » - ti into consideration, Jjiril GrenviUe presented a petition from curtain tatho- lo- Merchants, praying tor a elau. se to bo introduced, ren- dering them eligible to serve as Governors and Directors. His Lordship .- aid, it wa- ft matter of doubt whether cer- tain A. et- of 0 » e Irish Parliament had not made the Catho- lics fii - ihl. to those offices. He therefore moved, ' I hat tV: e question be referred to the Judges, and by their answer his conduct as to the petition would be guided. Lord ftau'itsiv- qf opposed the motion, and on adjvison it. Has negatived by a majority of 61, the Contents being 33, the Non- Contents 94.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, Jnr. e 15.] The American Trade Bill, the Barrack Commissioners Franking Bill, the Exchequer Bills Bill, and the In h Loan Bill, were read a third lime, and passwl. „ , The Spirits Duty, Malt Duty, and ( offee Reduction Duty Bills, were read a. second time. Tin BiU for repealing the Act of the 8th of Elizabeth, rendering privately stealing a capita! offence, was con- ridered in a Committee, some amendments were made, and the bill was ordered to be re- cousidered on this day Ee'nnight. , . Mr. Sherit'tni moved that an Address be presented to his Majesty, praying that he will order to be laid before that House copies of all Proclamations received from Spain since the French entered Madrid, Whether issued by the old Go- vernment or the ncwlv constituted authorities. . v Mr. Sccac'ary Ginning said, it was impossible to Comply I of rank, just arrived there from Gottcnhurgh, with the. motion, as no authenticated copy of any procla- King of Sweden has banished all Monsieur Ci nation had been received from Spain ; but he assured the House that his Majesty's Ministers felt as lively an interest a- Ilis Right Hon. Friend in the noble struggle which a part « f the Spanish nation is making to resist the atrocity of l-' rance, and to support the independence of their country, and it was their intention to afford every practicable aid to the patriots engaged in so magnanimous a contest. Mr. Whitbread expressed regret that his Right. Hon. Friend had made this motion, the discussion of which, in his opinion, could answer no good purpose. Mr. Windham expressed nearly similar sentiments. Lord Temple spoke in favour of the motion. Lord Castlereagh thought the Revolution was of such a nature ' as to lead to great political consequences on the Continent of Europe. iff. Sher'dan replied. All that he wished « a « , for the King's Ministers to declare whether or not the present was not the best opportunity tliat had occurred, fur curbing the universal domination of Bonaparte. He should therefore withdraw his motion, as his object had been fully attained. On the question for the House going into a Committee ef Ways aud Mea'is, Mr. Bankes moved that the amount of lb • duty on property in the funds, from the payment of which foreigners are exempted, be referred to the Com- mittee ; this gave rise to a discussion, in which the motion was Opposed by Messrs. Magens, Sharp, T. Smith, Giddy, and Lord H. Petty, and supported by Sir T. Tin ton and Mr. Bankes; after which the question was negatived with- out a division. ! n the Committee, a Vote of Credit was agreed to of 6,< 0O, f> 00Z. for Great Britain, aud 500,000.'. for Ireland.— L" ave was given to bring ih a Bill for allowing the im- portation of Rice, Corn, and Flour from Foreign Colonies, and the Continent of America, into the ports rtf the West Indies; aud the Bill was brought in And read a first time. The Stamp Duty Bill pissed through a Committee, in ) which a short discussion Mok place, upon a proposition to take the limitation of currency off the country bank notes of one pound, whilst it was to be continued on those of five pounds And upwards. A division then tot k place— For the proposition— Ayes 6.9 ; Noes 18 ; Majority 5- 1. On the clause respecting the duty to be laid upon Con- veyances of Land, Mr. Spencer Stanhope and Mr. Brand objected strongly to the clause, as likely to be very op- pressive on the land proprietors.— To which the Chancellor of the Ejcchepter replied, that the amount of the Stamp Duty was to he less than at present upon the sales of lower Amount, whilst the duty was in llo case to exceed one per cent, upon the proceeds of the sale. A division t « ok. plaee upon the clause, when the numbers were,— For the clause, Ayes 68 ;— Noes 28 ;— Majority 40. The House was resumed, and the Report was ordered to be received to- morrow. The other Orders of the Day were then disposed of, and at half- pa- t one o'clock the House adjourned. LONDON, . FRIDAY, JUNE 17. Another Deputy from the Patriots, whose Leaders are assembled at Oveido, arrived in London yesterday.— He caine by Way of Corunna, and has brought Intelligence down to the 6th insl.— We hear that Biscay has joined the provinces of Gallicia and Asturias in the great cause of Freedom against Tyranny, and that in the line of coast which extends from the Eastern part of Biscay to the Southern point of Gallicia, there are not less than 150,0() o Patriots in arms. This morning, at seven o'clock, Lieut. Stewart arrived at the Admiralty with dispatches from Admiral Purvis, and he was also the bearer of dispatches from General Spencer to Lord Castlereagh. They were brought in the Minorca, which arrived at, Portsmouth yesterday evening, and Admiral Montague, the Port Admiral, immediately forwarded them to London by Lieut. Stewart, one of his own Lieutenants. These dispatches are dated the 2,' Hh of May, and at that time the N - gociatinn between Admiral Purvis and the Marquis De Socora had not pro- duced any definitive arrangement, nor had any part of the troops under General Spencer been landed at that time. It does not appear, however, that at the date of these dis- patches the people of Cadiz were acquainted with the events which had taken place in the Provinces of Asturias, Gallicia, Biscay, & c. anil it is bv no means surprising that, unacquainted with the general spirit which animates their countrymen, they should hesitate to commit themselves so far as to admit a British fleet into their Harbour, or allow British troops to land. An Expedition of considerable magnitude is pre- paring in the River. A great numBer of ships are daily tendered and ordered for survey to convey troops and stores. The following have been already shipped from the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich:— 30,000 stand of arms, § 00 tons of ammunition, four millions of ball cartridges, with entrenching tools, artillery, Ail order has been sent down to Plymouth to put all the revenue cutters there under the command of the Port Admiral ; as also another from the Transport Board, to select from among the Spanish prisoners at that port, those belonging to the provinces of Asturias, Leon, and Oallicia. A Hull Paper states, on the authority of an Officer that the Cronsted's relations and family, and will most certainly hang up, if he can catch them, all those eona- rm- d in the diabolical surrender of Sweaborg. On the same authority it is stated, that General Moore's Expedition was destined to re- take Zealand and Copenhagen, and give it to the Ring of Sweden, and that it would hot have been a difficult enter- prize. Bernadotte was so provoked with the King of Uenmark, for not making better military preparations against the English, that he insulted hi- M » je= ty, and told him that five hundred British troops would drive twenty thousand of his Danish Militia into the sea. The loss of Sweaborg, however, deranged all tlie plans of the campaign, and rendered fresh instructions from England necessary. Tin- Report of the Curates BiU was then agreed to, and the lb use adjourned. THURSDAY, Jxmt 16.] The Brazil Trade Bill, the Promissory Notes Restraint and the Hackney Coach Regu- lation Bids were read a third time, and passed. Mr. ViUiers obtained leave to bring in a Bill for the further encouragement of Learning in the Universities of Great Britain " and Ireland, and in Public Libraries, by means of copies of all new books published, securing to the author the copy- right. The Hon. Gentleman brought up the Bill, which was read a first time. Mr. Rose presented a Bill for permitting goods ware- housed in the warehouses of the West India Docks Com- pany, to be removed to tlie out- ports, in order to their being exported to certain ports on the Continent of Ku- i rop - ; which was read a first time. Mr. Maurice Fitzgerald called the attention of the House to the various petitions that had been presented from Ireland, praying for a commutation of Tvthus. Ho declared he had not the most distant view of embarrassing his Majesty's Ministers, by urging a premature discus- ion of a subject very ill understood in England. He thought the Hon e was bound to entertain the subjcct., though la- va's afraid he had prejudices to encounter, the nature of which he could not anticipate. He ihould therefore merely move, that the claims of the Petitioners he refertcd to the consideration of a Committee. The Chancellor of the Exchequer complimented the Hun. Gentleman on ihe fair and handsome mode in which he had introduced this important subject; and assured him that his Majesty's Ministers, liim- elf in particular, had seriously con- idered it. He regretted to add, that the further he went into tile subject, the more he found it. b- set vitu difficulties; but be hoped those difficulties • would not be insurmountable, and he assured him every effort • houhi be mad-' to surmount them, and to settle the business to the satisfaction of ( he sister kingdom. Mr. Purnett expre- sod his satisfaction at the sentiments the House had just hoard from the Rt. Hon. Gentleman. Mr. Ponionhy concurred in the satisfaction expressed hy his Hon. Friend, bu! was far from thinking that ( be diffi- culties in the way of some arrangement, hy which the grievances complained of might be removed, were so great a \ t3s imagined. General Matthew stated, that he held in his band a petition o: i ihe'subj o. i. from the county of Tippcrarv, but that after what, had fallen from the Right Hon. Gentleman opposite, he honld refrain from presenting it. Sir G. Hill was anxious to know, whether or not his Majesty's Government intended to take into their con- sideration the commutation of tytlies in England as well as in Ireland, lie deprecated any interference on this point ill the olio country which did not extend to the other. Mr. Herbert recommended, i. i strong terms, the mea sure of a commutation, which he was convinced would not be attended with any insuperable difficulty, and which lie ' WPS satisfied would be a, acceptable to the Clergy as to the Laity. After « ome further discussion, fn which Mr. Burton, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Rose, Mr. Bastard, Sir1,','. FJford, Mr. Fitz- g'- iuld, and Mr. Lockiu. i t, paitiiipated, Mr. Fitzgerald withdrew his motion. The f :: iiig Laws BUF went through a Committee, in which "' :. -• u< re filled tap. The i'i.-- t » - t read a thud time, and paseed. WOBTOX SHBEP- SHPARINO. — f Monday, about eleven o'clock, a numerous company of distinguished Agricul- turalists and Gentlemen Farmers assembled at the Park- Farm, VVoburn. The morning was employed in viewing the South Down and Leicester slu'Cp, the property of his Grace the Duke of Bedford, which were to be s >! d in the evening. At three o'clock the company repaired to the Abbey, to partake of a most elegant dinner. After the cloth was drawn, his Grace proposed the following toasts— The King— The Queen and Royal Family— Prosperity to Agriculture— The Fleece— His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence— The Plough—- The Farming Society of Ire- land— Small in size, and great in value. The Earl of VVin- chelsea then rose, and after a neat speech, gave as a toast— Woburn Sheep- shearing, and the good health of the Duke of Bedford, with three times three. This compliment his Grace returned to all the company present. Mr. Coke— Breeding in all its Branches— Lord Egrement, Among the company present were— Earl Winchelsea— Lords W. Russell, Somerville, Durtdas, and Ludlow— Sirs Joseph Bankes, Watkin Williams Wynne, Theophilus Biddutph, Richard Savage, and John " Sebright— Messrs. Buckley, Westcar, Henry Hugh Hoare, & c. & c. At six o'claek these gentlemen returned to the Park- Farm, where 13 lots of stock were sold.— A great number of agricultural imple- ments were exhibited in the rick- yard at the Park- Farm. On Tuesday, at eleven o'cioek, a very numerous com- pany of Agriculturists proceeded to Crawley Heath Farm, to be present at a ploughing match, for a silver Cup, value five guineas, to be given by the Duke of Bedford to the proprietor of the successful plough, aud two guineas to the plough- holder. At twelve o'clock five ploughs started, and the ploughing was ended about two o'clock. The company then returned to the Park- I'arm, and attended at the judges' examination of the Prize Theaves, and long and sbort- woolled Sheep. This business employed theni untjl three o'clock, when they repaired to the Abbey to dinner. After the cloth was drawn, and the toasts were drank, Lord So- merville rose, and presented to the Duke a Urge silver salver, from the Agriculturists of Great Britain. This elegant piece of plate weighed about - J00 ounces, , and was about 13 inches by two feet in size, its border Was decorated with embossed figures, emblematical of agriculture, in the centre was the Bedford arms, superbly engraved, with ( his inscription—" To his Grace Jehn, Duke of Bedford, from the Agriculturists of Gieat Rritain, Anno Domini iao7." On Wednesday morning the company was engaged in viewing the Dead Prize Sheep, South Dawn Sheep, Sussex and Devon Cattle; in Sheep- shearing parties, and in viewing the Speedwell and Park- Farm Crops; in the exa- mination ot threshing mills, and various other implements of husbandry exhibited for the prize ; and in the sale of South Down Ewes and l'lieaves, some pens of both sorts reaching 31. 1S « . a head. About three o'cioek, tlie company were again regaled with a plentiful dinner in the Great Hall.— After the cus- tomary toasts, the Duke called the attention of the com- pany to the adjudication of the Prize Cups, & c. remarking, that from the ill state of his health, his prefatory observa- tions would lie very short. His Grace then distributed the several prizes as they were classed. There were ten Prize Cups, and various premiums in money. The premium of 30 guineas for the best aernmt of comparative trials between broad east and drill hu lundry was adjudged to be post- poned till after the harvest. Fur the premium of 50 guineas, for irrigating die largest quantity of land in Bedford- hire, there was no pro[ » ' r claimant. The judges of the premium offered for the best newly- invented implement, stated that mine had been produced where merit was so conspicuous as to deserve the distinction a premium would confer; but to encourage ingenuity, they recommended a division of twenty guineas among those who bad exhibited imple- ments, which suggestion was adopted. At six o'clock, the company rode down to theTun- house, where the South Down Rams were lett by lottery: Sir W. iY. Wynne drew the lavuuritr, against 24 ( competitors, i at the price of - 1( 1 guinea, for the season, j Lastly, there was a sale of Devon ajid Hereford Cows, i which fetched high prices. Aud'thus closed, for 18087 an ! institution founded upon the most rational principles of ! public guod. A New York Paper, brought by a Swedish ship, which left Charleston about the 10th of May, eon- tains the following paragraph :— " We learn by the ship Thames, arrived from Batavia, that Sir Edward Pellew, with two line of battte ships, three frigates, alid two brigs, with 1200 troops onboard, anchored in the harbour of Gresae, ( supposed Onrust is meant) and took possession ol it without Opposition. Two Dutch line of battle ships . and ail East Jiidiam in were scuttled, and left in possession of the enemy." The Enterprise, Wa'tkin,, from the Isles of France, is arrived at Philadelphia; on the 22d of February, off the (.' ape of Good Hope, spoke the Carolina- French fpgate, from Europe, full of men, standing to the eastward.— Capt. W. siates, that upwards of twenty English prizes Were sent into the Isles of France a few mouths previous to his sailiug. * The American Congress have adjourned to the first Monday in November, leaving to the President, by an Act passed for that purpose, a discretionary power to con- tinue or suspend the embargo, as eircmnstanfces might require. A Bill authorising the President to suspend the operation of the Non- Importation Act also passed the Senate, btlt was rejected in the House of Representatives, where, after a violent debate, a motion for postponing the further consideration of it sine die was carried. All the ships of war belonging to the United States are to be equipped, " to be used, as in the opinion of the President, the . circumstances of the country, and the conduct of Foreign Powers, may require." From the great confidence which Congress repose in the President, whose predilection for France is notorious, it is too evident that the Amerjcan Senate is more hostile towards Great Hfitain than towards France. Yesterday the Annual Meeting of the Charity Chil- dren of the Metropolis, amounting to near 7000, took place in St, Paul's Cathedral, a sight more truly gratifying to the philanthropic mind, than the most brilliant display of the drawing- room, or the most gorgeous exhibition of Eastern magnificence. They were seated in rows, in the form of an amphitheatre, ascending to a considerable height up the dome. Before the prayers, the 100th psalm was sung by the children ; the psalms for the day were chaunted by the gentlemen of the choir, Lhe children joining in the Gloria Patri ; as they did in some parts of the Coronation anthem, sang also by the choir. Before the sermon, which was preached by the Dean of Litchfield, the children san » the i 13th psalm ; and after the sermon, part of the 164th, They also joined the choir in the grand hallelujah chorus from the Messiah, with great effect. In a word,' the whole was conducted in a maimer that, conferred the highest honour on the superintendauts. The collection amounted to near 400 I. . Ill the afternoon, the Patrons assembled at the London Tavern, where ar. elegant dinner was provided, aod the remainder of the day spent amidst sensations to which the votaries of dissipation are strangers— ensations which Kings might envy, aud Princes seek in vain. Tim HAYMAKKBT THEATRE was opened Oil Wednesday night fur the season. The company is chiefly composed of the same performers who rendered it attractive during the last summer, with the addition of Mrs. Bellamy, who ap- peared in Angela, in the Castle Spectra, aud performed With much ease a. nl propriety. Mr. Young, in Osmond, shewed that he had greatly improved dur iug the recess. The audience was fashionable, and every part of the house was well filled. " ' A letter from Bermuda, dated May IS, has the following articles:—" The Halifax, which arrived on the 7th inst. With convoy from Cork, brought orders to Ad- miral Cochrane to detain all the line of battle ships on this station, which will prevent the Ramillies proceeding with the next fleet to England. " An unfortunate affair took place on the arrival ol cartel from Martinique, a few days since, between Lieut. Purvi , ot the Belleisle, and the Commanding Officer of the cartel, which ended in Lieut. Purvis wounding three •> f the French officers, one of them very severely. He was in Consequence brought to a Court- martial, and after a four days trial, was yesterday dismissed the service. He is ne- . ew of Admiral Purvis, and had only been just made Yesterday, during the inspection of the different seamen by th.- examining surgeons on board the tender, at the ower, a beautiful young Woman was observed among them, dressed ui a smock frock, who, it appeared, had, the preceding evening, entered as a volunteer ; in con- sequence of which she was obliged, with seeming reluc- tance on her part, to return again on shore. LAW. Yesterday was tried in the Court of King's Bench, before Mr. . justice Grose and a Special Jury, an in- formation filed against John H. Hart aud Henry White, the former as the Printer and Publisher, and the latter as the sole Proprietor of a Newspaper, called The Inde- pendent tfrhi%, for inserting three several libels, the one on the 17th, and the two others oil the 24th of January last, with intent to arraign the administration of justice in the country, and to bring the Trial by Jury into dis- grace and contempt. These articles were i\ i itten and pub- lished- in consequence of the acquittal of Bennett and Chapman, captains of African ships, the first, tried lor the murder of a youth named Riekman, and the latter for the murder of a youth named Dunn. According to the state- ment of the Attorney- General, the pub'- ishers of theSe ar- ticles not only libelled the persons acquitted and . the Ju- ries by whom they were tried, but even the learned Judge before whom the trials were held, Sir Simon Le Blanc. After the evidence had been gone through, by whit h the publication was clearly proved, Mr, Justice Gi'tr- informed the Jury, that thev were the judges both of the law and the fact; that if they were of opinion the strictures al- luded to were a. fair aud honest discuss ion ot facts and their results, the Defendants were not guilty ; but if written to throw a stigma on the Judge and Jury, then they were li- bellous, and the Defendants must be found guilty. The Jury retired for a quarter of an hour, at.- J found the De- fendants Guilty. Some individuals in the Court began hissing, and the officer was directed to take them into custody, but they could not be discovered. o PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE*, June 14, 1S08. N Thursday the 23d inst. I shall be reatiy to receive Tenders i* writing ( sealed n/ tj, and treat fur the. umhr- mcntiqned Articles, for the service if this Port, which Wilt he paid Jbt hy bills, payable with interest, ninety days after date, viz. WOOD HOOPS, what may be required for one Year from the : loth current, PR ITY WARRANT BREAD, what may be demanded for the ensuing three Months. At Ihe same time I shall. be read'./ to receive Tenders for taking away what YEAST may be prr'duced at. his Majesty's llrew- houses at. IfceviU, for the ensuing twelve Months. No regard will be had to any Tender., in which the. price shall. tLi) t he inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered te/ i re twelve o'clock on. the - aid 23d instant, t nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. rt.— The Conditions of the Contracts mify be seen at my Office ; in two of which, viz. those fur l'etty It arrant Bread, and for taking away the Yeast, a new clause is added, f 1880 1~ VIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, . bearing date the Gth day of April, 17! K>, awarded and issued forth against CHRISTOPHER SHAW and THOMAS SHAW, formerly of the town and county of Southampton, Bankers, Dealers and Chapmen, intend to meet on Thursday the : 30 th day of June inst: at one of the clock in. the afternoon, at the Coach and Horses Inh, in tile said town and county, in order to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects " of the said Bankrupts) when and where the Creditors Whojiave not already proved their debts - are to come prepared t^ prove tile same, or they will be excluded uie benefit of the said Dividend; and all claims not th- n oroved will be disallowed. J. T. NORTH, Solicitor under the said Commission. N. B.— Payment of the Dividend will commence on Thurs- day the 31st of July, at the Bank of Messrs. Harsison, Mad- dison, and Co. Southampton. [ 1777 Southampton, Jane I, 1808. URCHFONT, WiL'l S, four M. les South of Devizes. ^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, BREWNG^^ HT B^ iTZ3'^" the C- AS! iurniture « *-"•• • • ' of , „ , , • — various Househo u . . r Butcher, leaving the Nag's Head ct Uicf- tont; consisting of tr1-*-' " two vn l, 7nTmil0f ? ghtT' Tcr- Vs, om iron-' » '• « " « casks, from vo to ten huesheads each, mash tub tot 1 « bushels com , r furnace, coolers, lead pump, sever-' —' *' • • • elm board, — J ' . - . .. cord of cleft wood, dry cyder press, bedsteads, beds atid beddinr, tieht- day clock, cnairs, tabks, fowling piece, & c & c t also a handsome Grey Mare and foal. ° ' . ' ' BlM> d Sale to begin at ten o'clock in the mormas, f 1353 PUSLIC- HOUSE AND LAND, At ShfetVton, m/ fs; 10 miles Norlh- Uest ' of Salisbury, and 14 South- East, of Del iies,' POR by SALE by AUCTION, bv R. KNIGHT, 1- on Friday the istofJulv, 1HH8, on the Premise tne George Inn, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the fol- lovVing lots. Lot' 1.— A long- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, known rs aforesaid as the sign of the GeoRhi'., having convenit tit do- mestic apartments, brewhouse, cellars, roomy stables and other ottt- buildings, witlfa large i,, closed garden, newly planted promising oVchard, and paddock, the whole about two acres, all adjoining; also a piece of Arable Land, situate very near the above, and containing about three acres. Lot 2.— A very desirable Piece of ARABLE LAND, of about 10 acres ( more or less), adjoining the above. Lot :).— A TENEMENT, with stable, Stavel- barn, anj small mclosod orchard, called J u no's; now in the occupation of Thomas Franklin. The above premises are all Freehold, free of Great Tythes, ihject to two small out- goings of Is. 6d. and 5s. id. For viewing apply to Mrs. Petty, at the G. orge Inn afore- said ; and for further information to Mr. Wm. Lonp. Salis- bury; or the Auctioneer, Devizes. f ifl'O HANKERTON 1NCLOSURE. 7" F. the- Commissioners appointed in and by a ' V certain Act of Parliament, lately passed, for inclosing Lam's in the parish of Hankcr'ton, in the county of Wilts, do hereby give notice that we intend to hold our first meeting at the house of Isaac Spencer, known by the name ot sign ot the White Lion, at Malmesbury, in the said county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, on Monday the 27th day of June instant, for the purpose of executing the powers in us vested in and by the said Act, and. also in and by a certain Act of Parliament made in the forty- first year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act fot consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure, and for facilitating the mode of proving the several facts usually requited on the passing of such Acts;" at which said meeting ( or \ i our second meeting, to be hereafter appointed,) Jill persons having or claiming any right of cJmmon, or other right or interest in or upon the several op : n commons, commonable lands, and waste grounds, or either of them, by the said first mentioned Act intended to be inclosed, are required to deliver or cause to be delivered to us, or one of us, an account or schedule in writing, s: gncd by them cr their respective husbands, guardians, " trustees, committees, or agents, of such their respective rights or claims, and therein describe the lands and grounds, and the respective messuages, Lyids, tenements, and hereditaments, in respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any and which of such rights in and upon the same, or any part thereof, with the name or names of the person or peisons then in the actual possession thereof, and the particulai computed quantities of the same respectively, and of what nature and extent such right is, and also in what rights, and for what estates and interests they claim the same respec- tively, distinguishing the freehold from the copyhold or leasehold; or on non- compliance therewith every of them making default therein will ( as far only as respects'any claim so neglected to be delivered) be totally barred at) d excluded of and from all right and title in or upon such lands and grounds so to be divided respectively, and of and from all benefit and advantage in or to any share or allotment theieof: and we do further give notice, that it is our intention at the said first meeting to appoint a Banker, or some other person, to be approved of by a majority in value of the proprietors who may be present, to receive and pay all shch sums of money as shall be directed to be raised and paid under and by virtue of the said Acts or either of them. Dated the Gth day of June, 1808. JOHN WM. BrSDERMANN, 18283 ROBERT WRIGHT HALL. F SOMERSETSHIRE. Capital Freehold, tj/ thefree Farm, and the great end small Tythes of about 700 Acres, auttv llonativc. RPO he SOLD by AUCTION, - by. Messrs. SKIV- » « DYKK, Teems, and FORKI. ST, on Thursday the 7th July, at twelve o'clock, atGarravray's Coffee- Hou.- e, ' Change- Alley, CornhiU, London ." in one lot,— A cap; t. « i aid very valuable' FREEHOLD ESTATE, most advantageous'y situate at Dttrston, five miles . from Taunton; Comprisin- BUCK. LAND PRIORY FARM ; consisting of a dwellinn- house, • fiiees, walled garden, orcharding, barns, stabling, ox- p; ns, useful out- buildings, capital malting, andthesurrounding infilosures of rich grazing meadow and arable lands, contain- ing time hundred and eighty- six statute acres, tythe- iree, and in a high state of cultivation, in the occupation of Mr. Ji hn Abrahams, for an unexpired term of six vcars. Also the GREAT and SMALL TYTHES ol the remaining part Of the parish of Durst- m { except a few acres) containing about Seven hundred acres ot ' fertile, productive land, on lease for an Unexpired term of six years-; the whole formine. one ot the most dusirable estates in the vale of Taunton Dear.: the present rents amounting to only NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, capable of consid; rabl « increase. [ isss And the perpetual Donative to the Church of Durston. To be viewed by applying to Buckland Priory, where printed particulars may be had ; also of Mr. Yolland, Mcra- field, Plympton ; at the Pope's Head, Plymouth ; Castle Inn, Taunton; Messrs. Trewmans, Printers, Exeter; Mr. Cruti- w « H, Bath; Mr. G'. itch, Bristol; Mr. Langdou, Sherborne ; at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; at the place of sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Ttichin, and Forrest, Aldcrsgate street, London, whefe a plan of Buckland may be seen. ROMSEY, HANTS. Valuable Stack of Drapery, Mercery, Haberdashery, Hosiery, Hats, LYC. 70R SALE by AUCTION, by , T. YOUNG-, on Wednesday the i£ tth dav of June inst. and following days,— All the modern SHOP'GOODS, recently laid in, the property of Mr. H. Gould, deceased, in the Market- place ; comprising broad and narrow cloths, beavers, thicksets, swausdowns, coatings, kerseymeres, Bennet's cord, velveteens, large assortment of printed calicoes, muslins, calimanaxs-, hats; cotton, silk, atjd worsted stockings ; modes, Persians, satin, & c.; sheetings of all sorts, table- cloths, diapers, & c. Scotch and Kidderminster carpets ; ready- made clothes, and a variety of other articles, to the amount of seven hundred lots. The property will be sold so as to accommodate fami- lies, shop- keepers, & c. D817 Catalogues, in due time, at the principal Inns, Sarum, Sto.- kbridge, Winchester, Southampton, Lyndhurst, Ly- min iton, and Ringwood. Sale each diy at eleven o'clock. Genteel furnished COTTAGE, Twyford, Hants, near / Winchester. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Adam- JL SON aud FIELD, on Wednesday the 2- 2d of June, 1808, at Garrawav's Coffee- house, ' Change alley, CornhiU, Lon- don, A COPYHOLD COTTAGE, genteelly furnished; consisting of a drawing room, dining parlour, breakfast par- lour, four bed chambers, three servants'rooms, excellent do- mestic convenience, and detached offices; Stabling, good Garden and Shrubbery ; situated within riiree miles of Win- chester, nine of Southampton, and sixty of London5 in the middle of a fine sporting country, commanding most exten- sive views. , To be viewed, and particulars had of Mr. Pinket, solicitor, No. o, Elm- court, Temple ; of Mr. Shugar, solicitor, Ports- mouth ; Mr. Robins, bookseller, Winchester; Mr. Rusher, bookseller, Reading ; at Garraway's Coffee- house, and of Adamson and Fie d, 58, FenchurCh- street, London. [ 1867 MAR. RIED.] A few days since, Lieut. Col. Peacoeke, of the 3d regiment of Guards, to Miss/ Tottenham, third daughter of Ponsonby Totte. ham, Esq.— 0: i Tuesdev, at Edmonton, Capt. Charles Malcolm, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Paslev, daughter of the late C. Paslev, Esq —— Same day, at Marybone Church, N. \ V. Ridley Colborne, Est). M. P. second son of Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart, to Miss Steele, eldest daughter of the Right Hon. Thomas Steele.— On the 3d inst. at Ayr, Adam Wilson, aged 33, to Margaret Robb, aged 71. DIED.] On the 2d inst. at PrestonfWld, near Edin- burgh, S r Alexander Dick, Bart.— « n the Hth of April, in the. West Indies, Capt. James Ay . cough, Commander of his Ma jesty's sloop Hawke, in which he is succeeded by (' apt. Patterson.— About the same time, (' apt. Roby, of the Fawn, who is succeeded by Capt. De Courey.— \ t Llanvon, near Abervstwith, Jeremiah navies, the Welsh dwarf, aged 58, measuring only forty- six inches in height: his person was the perfection of symmetry, which is rarely found in a dwarf. SALAMANDER EIRE- OFFICE SOCIETY, Established in the year 17;) 0, THE Proprietors have established FUNI> of X. 120,000 to be applied in payment of all damase sus- tained by persons insuring their property with them, and which fund is always at immediate command for such purpose. The Society Insures every description of Buildings, Goods, Stock in Trade, Furniture, and Farming Stock, at the fol- lowing Premiums : — Common Insurances 2t. Hazardous ditto 3t. Doubly Hazardous is. Farming Stock 2s. lid. per cent. The whole of tha Hay, Corn, Cattle, FarmlngStoek, and Ut. nsils 011 each Farm iiiay he Insured in this Society in one cross sum, without anv particular specification thereof; the Buildings thereon, and' whether adjoining together or de- tached, may also be Insured inonesum. Household Goods, Furniture, Linen, Printed Books, Wear- ing Apparel, and Plate, are Insured together under the gene- ral denomination of Household Furniture, without a specific description of each article. Houses, and Property of all kinds, whether contiguous or lying in detached situations, may be included in the same Policv. Printed Proposals, with the names of the Proprietors and further information, may be obtain- d * rr. iri any of the So- ciety's Agent's, andat thc'Offlc- sof Mr. barton, Warminster; Mr Wickham, Frome; Mr. Timbrel!, Trowbridge; and Mr. T. H. Saunders, Bradford, Secretaries to the Society! *** Policies are delivered fr - c of expence. j N. B. P.- rsons insured in the above Society will be indem- ; nifl .- d from Losses by Lightning, I " June lii, 1S08, [ 1930 PORTSMOUTH. I70R PUBLIC SALE by AUCTION, at the Star and Garter Tavern, Broad- street, on Thursday the 23d day of June, 1808,— The following VESSELS, viz. Tons. L'Aimab'le Rose 20 L'Adele. 14 Las dem: Amis 20 Le Vainqueur des" l .(•-. louses P8 I. a. Petite Pauline... 45 Le Petit Paul .... .*. IS Le Saint Germain .. 57 Tons. Le Mari Alexandre, \ ., burthen about... f La Foy ^ 23 La Marie Catherine 20 Le Saint Pierre ( bien\ aimc du sauveur) i Le Saint Pierre 18 La leune Eulilie... s- J La Viilaine ........ 36 captured by and condemned as prize to his Majesty's ships Boaiii-.- ea, John Maitland, Esq. Captain; Medusa, Hon. D. P. Bouterie, Captain ; and Aiphea cutter, Lieut. Gibbons, Commander. Several of tile above vessels are nearly flew, well found in stores, extremely well calculated for the coast- ing, piloting, cr fishing employs, and may be sent to sea at a moderate expeucc. After which will, be sold, The Fishing Nets, Trawl Beams, inc. cl' the said vessels ; also, the Anchors, Cables, Sails, Stores, Nets, & c. of the French sloop Le PcredeFa- mille, captured and condemned as priz » to the above- m- ntioned ships of war. For further parliculifs, or viewing the same, apply three days before the'sale to N. P. Rothery, Esq. Agent, or T. Heather and J. Turner, Brokers, ' [ l£) 4a PORTSMOUTH. f^ OR PUBLIC SALli by AUCTION, at the Star and Garter Tavern, Broad- sireet, on Thursday the 20d day of June, 1803, at noon, in Plunks of Brazil Wood 2 Barrels of Oil 4 Baskets Hair Powder 2 Barrels of Flour 2 Dit'. o of Tapioca 14 Baskets of Coffee A quantity of Soap 1 Chest of Rhubarb 3- 11 Ba. rS of Cocoa 95 Ditto of Rice 2 Barrels of ditto 1 Basket of ditto 74 Bundles of Spice 4 Bags of ditto 14 Bundles of Sa'rsapafilla 7 Cwt. of India Rubber 200 Bushels of Brazil Nuts restored per deer e of the High Cout. of Admiralty ex ship Commerciante, Manoel G.' rlos dos Santos, Master, from Para. - After which 120 Bags of Cotton Wool 12 Planks of Brazil Wood restored per decree of the High Court of Admiralty ex ship OliVeifa, Manoel da Silva Bcllum, Master, from Peruambuco. Also, 14 Lou; of Spanish Mahogany For Expwrtat on. 30 Chests of Havannah Sugar. For farther particulars apply, three da\ s before the sale, to Thoftias Heather, Broker. ' ' Jiy- H CAPITAL ESTATES AND MANORS. I'lyrnbuth., Devonshire. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKJM*- NER, DYKE, TUCHIN, and FORREST, on Thursday the 7th of July, at twelve o'clock,- at Garraway'sCoffee- housis ' Change- alley, Comhill, London, in two lots,— The capital and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, advantageously situnte within one, two, & nd three miles of Plymouth and Plymouth Dock ; comprising the MANOR of Cosvpmu GirrcniD, and several eligible Farms and Lands in demesne, cont'aiiiinff about 266' acres, lett to Messrs. " Gilbert, ; Distin, Giles," Eddy, Cotton-, and Helisrin, on leases expiring at Lady- day I811S, 1113, 1814, and 1818, at rents amounting to only 8l7i. iGj. per anriufo. Also about 76 Acres of LAND, and sundry HOUSES, lett on two and three lives, at reserved rerits amounting to 10L ' l is. Hit. per annum,- and heriots. And also the MANOR of BOWDEN, and' five eligible FARMS and LA" NDS, containing about 155 acres, on one, two, and three lives, at reserved- rents amounting to " I. ISs. 10d. per anntim, and heriots. The whole of the Estate contains about 4.07 Acres, of the estimated value Of about TWO THOUSAND POUNDS per annum; and in point'of situation is presumed to be equal to ar. v in the vicinity of Plymouth an- i Plymouth Dock for building upon ; as the neighbourhood is highly respectable, and the r. iarine and surrounding rich country views, ex- tremely l » autiful. ' [ t763 To lie viewed, and printed particulars may be had of Mr. Yolland, Mentfield, Plympton; also at the Pope's Head, Plymouth-; Casrie Inn, Taunton-; Messrs. Tretvman's, Extv ter; Mr, Lamtdon, Sherborne; at the. Printing- Office, Sa- lisbury ; Mr. Cruttwell, Bath ; Mr. Gutch, Bristol; at the plaee of sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, - Dvke, Tuchin, and Forrest-, Aldrsgate- street, London, where plans may be seen. A eapitul ' ESTATE in Snulcrsetshire. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, a. in Castle Cary, in the said county, on Monday the ' 1st day of, August next, bs( we< n rhe hours 01 three and five in the afternoon,— The FEE- SIMPLE and INHERITANCE of all that truly desirable, compact, and valuable Estate called FOXCOMBE FARM, lying in a ring- fence at Gal- hampton, within the parish ol Castle Cary aforesaid, ami held by Mr. Thomas Gilford, on a lease for a't.- rm t> f nine years, from' Lady- day, 180t>; cons sting df a Farm- hoase, . Barn, and other necessary buildings, with one hundred and eighty- four acres, two roods, and seven perches ( statute mes- surej of very rich arable, meadow, pasture, and orchard Ground. And also of all that piece or- parcel of meadow Land, con- taining two acres, two roods, ami four p.. rehts ( Statute mea- sure), lying in Cary Moor, within the parish of' Cas'tle ' Cuiy aforesaid, and held by the said Mr. Gifford cn a lease as atoic- sa'id. The last mentioned4> iece will be sold separately. £ 3? The Farm lies at easy distances between tile several good market towns of Sheptdti Mallet, Yeovil, Sherborne, and Wincanton, and about half way frinn Bristol and Bath to Weymouth.' Tor'a view of the Premises apply'to the Tenant; and for forth;- r- particulars to Mr. Harbin, attorney, Sherborne, Dor- set, where a plan of the estate may be seen. [ 1848 DORCHESTER, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, 0: 1 the Premises, by M. BAKE- R, on Wednesday the 22d dny of June, 1808, and two following days,— The modern neat HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, in the dwelling- house late of Mrs. Grace Vy. yan, deceased, in the South- street, Dorchester; comprising large sifcs four- post, field, and, other bedsteads, mahogany and other feet posts, fine dimity, cotton, and oth. r furniture: window curtains; good Teafher beds and bed- ding ; hair ana other mattresses', Brussels, Kidderminster, floor, bedside, and stair carpeting ; handsoifte mahogany match dining, card, dressing, and other tables-; double and single Mahogany and other drawers; mahogany and other wardrobes, ditto ni; ht tables ;-. nd bason stands ; a large r. ofa bed with mahogany frame, hair mattress, - Ate.; a heat'rnabo- gany secretary and bookcase - with glass doos- s ; r. eat urn pat- tern mahogany and othe'r chairs, with r- rl Morocco and ha'r seats ; fancy and other chairs ; large capital pier and dressing glasses in gilt and other frartus; elegant mahogany fire screens; dinne » frays; a good eight- day clocV and case ; cup- boards ; China and jglass ; a complete stt of handsome Wedgwood dinner ran other ware ; ' two r. ew fashion tea urns • polished register stoves and other grates'; fire irons and fen- der,;; kitchen range; smoke jack, fe. complete; cops; rand, other boilers; stewpans, saucepans, warmingpan ; two c_ m. per coal scuttles; wind- up roasting jack< roasting ssrt% a lined with tin ; quarter- barrel copper furnace and grate; jmn- bound hogshead, half hogshead and- quarter casks; tubs • trendels, pails, and numerous dthtV articles, which may be viewed the day before the sale. Some valuable Prints. [ 1.905 The sale tdbegi'n each day at one o'clock in the afternoon. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, " In a quarto volume, containing 06 plates and wood- cuts prici 12s. m extra boards, '' THE LADY'S KCONOMK \ L ASSISTANT • or the Art of Catting Out, and Making the most useful Articles Of Wearing Apparel, MthtiUt Waste; explained by the clearest Directions, and by numerous Engravings of ap- propriate and tar, tefbl patterns. Designed for Domestic Use BY A I. ADY.. Printed^ fot i. Murray, 32, Fleet- street, J. Hardine 36 St. Jarnes's- street, London ; and A. Constable and Co. " Edin- burgh ; sold at the Printing- office, Salisbury; by Baker ii ("<• Southampton ; and also by every Bookseller and Newsmi * Ladies in the country who arc desirous of receiving this us' - fui work upon its first publication, are requested to arplv'to their nearest bookseller, whu will order it from tes eorres- uondent in London, by whom it will be sent down a; the beginning ol the month. Lately was published,— A new edition of DOMES TIC COOKERY, price 7s. fid. in boards. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER. JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, FUKLISUED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, JUNE 18. IS Gazette contains a Proclamation, re- vo'. ua. g the former Proclamations relating to rj, the Distribution of Prices, and appointing a new distribution thereof, making the share of the Commander in Chief two- eighths, instead of three- eighths, and dividing tha other eighth in the usual proportion among the OtBcers and Men. WAR- OFFICE, June IS.— 4% lhReg. of Foot,— Lieut. Col. G. H. Duckworth, from the 1st West India Regiment, to he Lieutenant- Colonel, vjee Wemyss, who exchanges. 63"' ditto,— Colonel C. Wale, from the 76th I'oot, to be Lien; nnot- C- tl ) i. T, vice Huskiison, who exchanges. 90; A d* ' to,— lieut. Col. R. Smvthe, from the 5th Garrison Ba! ta! L; n, to !><• Lieutenant- Colonel, vice M'Donald, who exeba •-. Brevet Lieut. Col. T. Steele, from half- pay, tu be Major, Party, who exchanges. Roi/ a! A/ Hcmi Corps,— Lieut. Col. J- W. Gordon, from the ' 1 Toot, to bo Lic. utrfnant- Golonel Commandant, BvsvfiT.— Colonel M. Baillie, on th" Half- pay of the 1! ith root, to be Major- General in the Army; Colonel W. Lo d Ch'Snn, on the Kulf- pay'of the 27th Foot, to be Ai j r- G n ral in the \ rmy ; Lieut.- Col. A. Anderson, of the I'ou. East India Company's Service, to be Colonel in the least 1 dies only; Captain J. Tonson, of the 3d Garri- son Battalion, to be M jor in the Army. SiAPP.— J/ eut, J. Limr> y, from the 39th Foot, to be Captain at Hilsea Barracks. HOSPITAI. STAFF.— T. Hume, M. D. to be Physician to the Forces. BANKRUPTS. Wn, Houghton, of Uvrpnol, merchant. K e. v- ani K eitunaini Henry Beaton, ot l'on iraouth, butchers. Wm. liore . ;, k, Ol" I. lanelly, dealer. Sa.' iue! II r • of M.'. nehAt. H", featherseller. TIi. mas ! » an « , of Bri.' to!, Salesman. C! i •! , s Nrtiaby, of Great Grimsby, tallow- chandler. Fiiilii. Jnn. M, of Lamlxan, Hawker. Patrick KeriitVck, oi Hrb; o!, mercliant. T ' ri ' IT, aes, of Gloucester, pin- manufacturer. Vhi! i;>' ft.. HtOitraw, of TottenUau,-.-: lurt- mad, cabinet- maker. HOUSE OF LORDS. FRiDAV, J-: ne 17.] The British Fishery Bill, Licence Tax Bill, Pilot Bill, Promissory Note Bill, a id several others, Mere brought up from the Commons, aud read a first tipie. Tile tinier of the Day heing read for going into a Com- mittee 011 the L ieal Militia Bill, Lord lla'ckesbury explained the various objeets of the measure. It ". as, be said, in contemplation as far back as the commenced-, at of the ivar, And was delayed only from a prec deuce being given in point of time to measures of greater urgency. A great pari of the Volunteer f irce had a; iea ly offered to convert their services into that of a Militia, and the greater value of the new ari- angement would be, that it would gradually substitute a permanent sy- tem for that voluntary service, which, from various riifi'ii ta ices, eonld not be expectcd to be maintained to t'r, > same extent, and wiih tpe same enthusiasm, as when the service presented the attractions * f novelty, Alter some ' observations from different Lords, mostly in fie our :, e Bill, the House wont into a Committee ; the Bill was gone through, and ordered to be reported.-*- Adj HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, June ) 7.] Sir J. Sinclair brought up a re- port from the Committee on Broad Wheels, which was ordered to be printed. The ' s;' I foe he better Encouragement of Learning was rev;! e- nd tiraeand committed for Wednesday. Mr. .7''. re gave notice, that on Monday he should make a motion ,-< speffting th- " vVooll 1 Cloth Manufactory. In a Committtfc of Supply .15,000/. wore voted eo\ v* » ds the ejeelijo of tile Royal Naval Vsyluin ; 200,000/. towards buileling- a new Military College in . Surrey ; and3.6,000/. to Geneiui . Martin, f ir losses sustr. i ied by him in Virginia, as re, r'e- eni< iti » ' e of tba late ImrO Fairfax. The 6,000,000/. Vote of Credit Bill > vas brought in, and read a first time. The la 1 Tax - Comrr. issioners Bill was read a third time, ami pa sed. A Bill for allowing the importation of raw and thrown Silk, in neutral bottoms, was brought in, and read a'tirst time. in a Committee of Ways and Means, a duty of 8tf. 2jd. was lai. l on ev- ry gallon of spirits, made in Ireland and i'uperted into Great Britain, and a duty of 5s. per gallon on all spirits exported from Scotland to Ireland. Sir T. Turion brought forward his remaining reso- lutions on the Carnatie question, all of which were nega- tived by considerable ma] .' l ilies.— Adjourned, LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 18. Dutch papers and letters to the 11th inst. arrived yes'erda\*. The only intelligence of importance they contain is, that the decree recently issued, allowing, on certain conditions, the exportation to neutral ports, of gin, butter, and cheese, had been revoked, in con- sequence of some displeasure expressed by the French Government upon the subject. Dr. Cornwall, Bishop of Hereford, having been translated to the See of Worcester, it is understood that Dr. Luxmoore, Bishop of Bristol, will be trans- lated to Hereford, and will vacate the Deanry of Gloucester, which he holds in commendarn with Britoi, and to which Mr. Plumtree, one of the Prebendaries, of Worcester, will be appointed. Several more transports have arrived at Dover, to take ill troops. Co!. Sir Thomas Dyer, a very intelligent Officer, was dispatched yesterday upon a military mission to one of the Spanish ports. , We are assured that a confidential person, who has been frequently entrusted with High diplomatic com- missions, set off on Thursday, from the Secretary of Stale's Office, on a special mission to a Northsm Court. The approaching recess of Parliament will, it is said, be much si oner thai usual. Both Houses will, it is thought, he called together again in October. The expedition from Cork will sail as soon as Sir A. WVlleSle- y arrive; there. Ships are taking up for the con- veyance of stores; 30,000 Maori of arms, 6' 00 tons of am- munition, mid four millions of ball cartridges, are under- stood to have been shipped from the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich. These will be conveyed to Gjon. to Ferr. il, and to Vigo. Yesterday the Freedom of the City of London, with a Sword of 200 guineas value, some time since voted by the Corporation of - London to Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth, K. B. was presented to that, Officer, at Guildhall, by the Chamberlain. DIED.] On Tuesday at Richmond, aged 70 years, Sir John Day, late Advocate- General of Bengal. On Thurs- day, suddenly, by a stroke of apoplexy, Sir Roger Kerri- Si- n, Banker, of Norwich. By exemplary conduct and ehsraettr, he reali ; ed an immense fortune in trade, which devolves on his only son: he was the father of the poor, tiie friend of every worthy and honest man who- came w th- in t!> e s'phere ol his knowledge, and his death is lamented as a public loss by the citizens of Norwich. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'clock. Bank Stock, — India Stock, shut South Sea Stock, shut a V Cent. Red. 68 f 3 y Cent. Cons. 70 § 4 Cents. 85f 5 Cent. Navy, - shut 5 Cent. 1797, —. Long Ann. 10 [{ Omnium, 3J p. I Irish ditto, —' | India Bonds, 1 d. 1 p. | Exchequer Bills, 2 a a p. Irish ft ijf. Cents. S/ J Imperial 3 f Cents. 6' 7- f English Lott. Ticks is, 2i. Ditto Prizes, fu I Money. port Ji2eta0. BRIXHAM, June 17. Oa Saturday the Channel fleet sailed to resume its station off Brest. The Royal Georgs'and Impetueux had previously joined the fleet. PLYMOUTH, June 17. On Monday orders were received for the revenue cutters to be entirely at the disposal of Admiral Young, for the purpose, as sup- posed, of « carrying home the Spanish seamen row prisoners of war here, to assist their countrymen in throwing off the yoke of Bonapme. On Wednesday came in the Statira, of 40 guns, from off Cadiz, with a Spanish Gentleman passenger, who set off immediately for London.— Minerva, of 36 gnns, from a cruize Sailed the Unicorn, of 32 guns, Seine, of 36 guns, Orestes, of 18 guns, and Peacock, of 18 guns,- on a cruize. On Thursday sailed the Saturn, of 74 guns, to join the Channel fleet. Last night passed up Channel, the Sceptre, of 74 guns, from the East Indies, having under her escort three Danish East India ships, her prizes. They left the Cape of Good Hope thirteen weeks since. Messrs. Bvng, Grant, Baulderson, and IL Grant, landed from the Sceplre this morning. The Minorca, of 1 8 guns, also passed up Channel last night, with dispatches from the. Mediterranean. A man of war is now coming in, under a heavy press of canvas, supposed with dispatches. Came in the Shallow, of 18 guns, from a cruize. Sailed the Aigle, of 38 guns, and Iris, of 32 guus, on a cruize. PORTSMOUTH, June 18. Rear- Admiral Tyler is appointed second in command off Lisbon, and Rear- Admiral Otway is appointed second in command at this port. Saturday, June 11,— Arrived the Fleche sloop, Captain White, from Plymouth ; and Alert sloop, from the Downs. — Sailed the Solebay, Captain Brown, on a cruize off Havre. 11th.— Sailed the Belle Poulc, Captain Brisbane, with convoy for the Mediterranean; and Speedy sloop, Captain Muddle, with convoy for Newfoundland.— No arrivals. 13/ A Arrived the Boadicea, Captain Maitlatid, from off Havre.— Put back to St. Helen's the Belle Poule. 15th.— Sailed the Belle Poule, she not being able to get awav yesterday. I6M.— Arrived the Coquette sloop, Capt. Forbes, from a cruize ; Finn gun- vessel, Lieut. from Guernse y and Minorca sloop, Capt.. Hornby, with dispatches from Admiral Purvis, off Cadiz. S: ailed the Isis, Captain Laugharne, bearing the flag of Vice- Admiral Holloway, and the Adonis schooner, Lieut. Buchan, for Newfound- land; Eurydice,* Caift. Sir W. Bolton, for Halifax, and Pheasant sloop, Capt. Palmer, on a cruize. 17th.— Nothing arrived or sailed. Upwards of forty sail of the Leeward Island fleet passed by last night, for the River. On Wednesday died Capt. William Yeo, Governor of Haslar Hospital. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JUNE 18. Lord Viscount Valentia is elected Member of Par- liament for the Bourough of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, in the room ofJahn Delgarno, Esq. who has vacated bv accepting the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds. The Rev. George Shefer, A. M. Fellow of New College, Oxford, has been instituted to the Vicarage of Crondall, on the presentation of the Master of St. Cross. The Rev. James Stewart Freeman, D. D. of St. John's College, Oxford, is presented to the Prebend of Leckford, Hants. We regret extremely that a paragraph, reflecting upon the very respectable Officer who commanded the Christchurch Volunteers at their Inspection, should have found place in our p iper of the 6th inst. We have ascertained that the statement is wholly unfounded in evcrv part of it, and that on the contrary Col. Balcomb has expressed his warmest approbation of the manner in which the battalion was commanded that day. On Tuesday was married Mr. Samuel Shaw, grocer, of Andover, to Miss Call, sister of Mr. Robert Call, confectioner, of Devizes. Our gossipping circles have been enlivened by an inci- dent, which challenges equal fame with some late events in the metropolis:— A noble sportsman, the son of a late military hero, renowned on the plains of Minden, had paid the most polite attention to the Lady of a gallant Field Officer, 011 duty here ; and the Landlord of the Inn where his Lordship had taken up his quarters, suspecting that he was not alone in his bed- room, suddenly entered the room, and found the Lady alluded to in company with him. It is said his Lordship otfered a very large douceur to the Innkeeper to bribe him to secrecy; but that the latter rejected the offer, and immediately rode to the villa of Col. P. to inform him of the untoward event.— The amorous couple are said to have since gone off together. SOUTHAMPTON, June 18. Our bonded warehouses continue to be well stored, notwithstanding the prohi- bitions in France and Spain, there being two neutral vessels now discharging at this port, one from France, with a cargo of brandy, and one from Spain, with a cargo of sherry wine, by which, together with a large quantity of port still under bond1, we are able to con- tinue to supply all the principal cities and towns near us. On Thursday the 9th inst. wis married Mr. Alex. King, merchant, of this town, to Miss Baker, daugh- ter of the iate Mr. T. Baker, bookseller. On Tuesday last was married Mr. Alfred Baker, of Nutbourne ( son of the Ia « e Mr. T. Baker, book- seller, of this town), to Miss Wills, of Havant. On Wednesday was married Mr. Missing, linen- draper, to Miss Wellman, both of this town. On Monday last, the weather proving fine, we had a very full fair, with a great shew of horses and cows ; but the sale was dull, there being but few buyers. A few davs since died, after a short illness, at the house of Wm. Lambert, Esq. at Woodmnrsterne, in Surry, Richard Waller, Esq. of Bevis- Hill, near this town, where he has resided some years. A few days since died, at an advanced age, at his house in this town, Nathaniel Heywood, Esq. Deputy Lord Warden of the New Forest, and au Alderman of this Corporation. On Wednesday last died Mr. John Martin, aged 56. He was originally of Salisbury, but had spent the last 30 years of his life in this town, where his probity, meekness, and unaffected piety had de- servedly gained him general esteem. SALISBURY. MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1808. Married, on Monday the 6th inst. Mr. Alexander, S'irgeon, of Coreham, Wilts, to Miss Prior, daughter of George Prior Esq. of Sydenham, Kent. A few days since was married, Mr. Wm. Newton, ofDogdean Farm, near this city, tc? Miss E. Floyd, of Nuffield, in Oxfordshire. Lately died, at Robert Kandell's, Esq. Gussage, Dorset, Mrs. Randell, late of Damerham, Wilts. On the 4th inst. died, at Helstone, in Cornwall, James Kempthorne, Esq. Vice- Admiral of the Blue. On Thursday died, at Gillitigham, in Dorsetshire, after a very short illness, Mrs. Arnold, wife of Mr. Arnold, farmer, of that place, and daughter of Mr. Morris, builder, of this city. BLANOTOSD THEATRE. On Wednesday evening the Wheel of Fortune and the Sultau were performed, for the benefit of Miss Drake. It was ihe last night of the rea- son, or rather it was an extra night, in consequence of Mrs. Pleydejl having liberally patronized Miss Drake,- t'eom the consideration that a performer of so much merit ought not to quit the town without a benefit. The boxes had a brilliant display of fashion : the rest of the house was respectably filled, but not so crowded as it would have been had theie. been time lo advertise the night's perform- ance, patronized by the fair hostess of Whatcomb. The music meeting at the Abbey Church, in Bath, on Monday and Tuesday last, was very- fully attended. It was an undertaking of Mr. Ilohbs, and was conducted for him by Mr. Rauzzini. The performers exerted themselves with most zealous emulation, and their exertions produced a grand effect, particularly in the cliorusaes. Braharn opened the Messiah in a most impressive manner. Barliemau was prevented attending by a relapse of a long indisposition: Bellamy was his substitute, anil gave complete satisfaction to the musical cognoscenti of Bath. Storace, Mrs. Wind- sor, and Bennett, were also much admired, both at the Abbey and the Rooms. r On Monday evening there wa- a Concert at the Hotel in Exeter ; and although the. notice wae short, the Assembly- room was crowded. The bandv. us led by Mr. Binger, who is said to be one of the first violin players in the kingdom. Mr. Harrington sung " Far, far at sea," and " The Maid of Marlivale." It was the first time he had been heard in Exeter, and he was greeted with the warmest testimonies Of approbation. The song of " Faithless Emma," by Mr. Garbett, and the Duett of " Fair Solyina," by Messrs. Harrington and Gai bett, were also much applauded, and the whole concert gave general satisfaction. The Bath Chronicle says, " A Gentleman of this city lately found, at an obscure develling in Wiltshire, one of the finest pictures of Sir Peter Lely's extant; the subject, is a Girl and Cupid. It had remained there above a century!" On Thursday one of Russell's waggons arrived here, laden with three tons weight of silver, from Plymouth, to be forwarded to London, and seven male convicts, from Exeter, bound to Portsmouth Harbour, and thence on a colonizing expedition to New South Wales. Twelve prisoners of war, from Stapleton prison, near Britoi, nassed through this city last Week, Under a guard, for Portsmouth. And on Mondey and Saturday twenty deserters, from Ireland, were conveyed through, in their way to the depot in the Isle of Wight. On Wednesday, as Enoch Penny, of Bapton, a boy only nine years old, was riding on the fore horse of a team, in the parish of Bishopstrow, the horses took fright, the poor boy was thrown off, and the wheels of the waggon passing over his head, he was killed on the spot.— On Thursday . Mr. Clare, one of the Coroners for the County, took an inquest on the body, when the Jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death -, but it appearing that the father ofstlie boy was on the vvaggo* at the time in a » tate of Intoxica- tion, the Coroner fined him in the penalty of ten shillings; and the Jury awarded a deodand of five shillings for the two wheels. , *** The Letter of A. B. is received. Thecmwtvniea- tinn to which he alludes was discontinued, in consequence of an intimation that it had been rendered useless by official arrangements; but as A. B. has pointed out its utility, it shall be resumed and regularly continued. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, per Quarter-— Bread, per Gallon, Li. - 1 1- l rt... 1 u | u_ June Salisbury. 14, Basingstoke, 16j Devizes, 14' Newbury, iej Andover, is Wanninster, 18 j Weight of the Gallon Loaf, 8 lb. ANTS a Place as COACHMAN,— A steady middle- aged MAN, who can bring the most re- spectable and undeniable character from his last employer. Letters adelressed ( post paidj to T. F. at Mr. John Gcddard's, New- street, Salisbury, will be immediately attended to. [ 1356 Wheat." Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. J. d. ( 58 to 78 37 lo 40 38 to 4fi 70 to 80 1 9 f! 4 to 84 40 to 41 39 to 4-! S9 to ( 52 1 8 SO to 74 34 to 37 30 lo 3'" 54 to NO 1 7' 70 lo 36 37 to iO 40 to 44 70 lo 7- 2 1 Si 70 to 84 3S to 41 39 to 43 fti lo e> 7 1 8 62 lo 78 38 to 40 40 to 46 63 to 72 lot.— Half Gall. 4//'. r, ioz. FAIR PROSPECTS of GOLDE V HARVESTS, TO BE OBTAINED IN THE GRAND MONEY LOTTERY, WHICH begins Drawing TO- MORROW WEEK, TUESDAY, JUNE 28. This Lottery abounds with Prizes of superior magnitude, there beine; 6 Prizes of £. 20,000/// 2 of. ...£. 10,000 I 3 Of £. 2,000 2 of.... 5,000 | S Of.... 1,000 7 of £. 500— 20 of £. 100— i- c. & c. Those who mav advnture h. iv double the chance of getting a TWENTY THOUSAND POUND PRIZE! ever1 before known in the annals of Lotteries. A Sixteenth, £. 1 8 6 ( registered) may get £. 1,2.50 An Eighth, 2 16 0 " 2,4no A Quarter, S 9 fi 5,000 A Half, 10 15 6 1 10,000 A Ticket, 21 2 6 20,000 *#* TICKETS and SHARES are now selling bv Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co. Lonlon, and at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY. SHARES may also be had of Mr. MARKES, at the Post- Office, Warminster. POSTING, KG' At ONE SHILLING and THREE- PENCE ^ ER Mile. CROWN INN, BASINGSTOKE, JUNE 14, 1808. PENNY'S respects to the Nobilitv, Gentry, and Public, returns his sincere thanks for the many favours conferred on him since his taking to the above Inn, besrs ! ave to inform them HE CONTINUES POSTING AT THE OLD PRICE, where thev may depend on having good horses, and every attention paid to their accommodation. VOCAL CONCERT, yf R. LACY ( from Bath) respectfully informs the M Ladies and Gentlemen of DEVIZES and its vicinity, that there will be A VOCAL CONCERT at the OLD TOWN H'tt, on Mondav evening, June 27, which wilt consist of the most admired Songs, Duets, and Glees, as performed at the Vocal Concerts in London this season. Principal Performers, Mr. HARRINGTON, Mr. C. LACY, Mr. CHIPFENCE, and Mr. LACY. Tickets4. s. each, to be had at Mr. Smith's Printing Office, and Mr. Coulton's Library. The Concert to begin at half past seven. P9- 52 Laverstoek Lunatic Asylum, near Salisbury. IT is particularly requested that alt Letters, Parcels, and Messages for Mr. FINCH, or the PATIENTS under his care, will in future be left at Mr. ADAMS'S, on the Canal, from whence they are regularly conveyed to Laverstock. June 18, 1808." [ CATHERINE- STREET, SALISBURY. IPOCOCK, BREECHES- MAKER, GLOVER. & C. • begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he is removed from his residence in Queen- street to a house in Catheritje- street, next door to Mr. Fishlake's, Grocer, where he humbly solicits a continuance of those favours already conferred on him, which shall ever he his constant study to merit, by a strict attention to their commands. [ 1S57 BROWN- STREET, SALISBURY. JAMES DOUGLAS, FARRIER, & C. ( many years Farrier- Major in the First or Royal Dragoons), respect- fully begs leave to return his grateful thanks for the favours he has received during his residence in Salisbury; and humbly presumes to hope that his knowledge of the several branches he professes, particularly FARRIERY, and his strict attention to the most upproved rules of pnctice for the relief and cure of all Horses committed to his care, will ensure him a con- tinuance of those favours. J. D. from his long service in the Royals as Farrier- Mbjor, havine'had considerable experience in the COLLISE METHOD of SHOEING, Gentlemen entrusting him with their Hunters, or favourite Horses, may depend on his paying particular attention to them. SHOEING in general. [ 1951 TO WHEELWRIGTHS. TWO good Workmen in the above line may meet with const nt employ and good wages', by applying to William Rcwdcrf, Fishertdn, near Saruni. S A R U M. TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A THREE- STALL STABLE.— Enquire of Mr. BARNES, Furnishing Ironmonger, Catherine- Street. [ 1055 HOUSE TO LETT, AT HAMBLE. ASmall convenient HOUSE, unfurnished, at Mid- summer next, pleasantly situated as above, will suit a small genteel Family. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. John Hawkins, rope- maker, Southampton. [ 1933 TO TANNERS. ATAN- YARD to LE1T; the STOCK to be taken at a fair valuation.-;— Also, wanted a Partner in the Tanning Trade; one who can advance from I SOCK, to 3000/. Apply ( letters post paid) to Mr. Hoskins, Cranbourn. [ 1907 WARMINSTER, WILTS. rTX) bt LETT, and entered upon immediately,—- A JL capital DWELLING- HOUSE, situated near the Mar- ketplace, Warminster; consisting of two parlours in front, kitchen, brew- house, pantry, under- ground cellars, four bed- rooms, and good attics for savants, together with a Stable and good Garden. N. B. A gooi \ LT- HOUSE to be Ictt, on the pr- miscs, if required.— Also to be. sold, a handsome lithe PH. . T. ION, in good repair, for one or two horses. flsai For viewing the premises, apply to Mr. Lamb, Warminster CHEWTON- HOUSE, HANTS. TO be LETT for three years,— A good FAMILY HOUSE, completely furnished, with Coach- house and Stabling for six horses, and about 45 acres of grassland, or more if desired; distant from Mudiford two miles and a half, where there are excellent bathing machmes; from Christ- church four, and from Lymington eight miles. [ 1K85 For particulars, and tickets for viewing, apjily to Robert Budden, Esq. Downton Cottage, Lymington, - Hants. MARCHWOOD, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON". TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,—- A neat Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated on the borders of the New Forest, West side, and in view of Southampton Water; cbns; stiog of a parlour, hall, kitchen, pantry, cellars, & c. three bed rooms, and garrets; a large garden, orchard, court yard, granary, stable, and other necessary offices attached ; with or without three acres of land and common rirftft For a view of the premises, apply to John. Scorey, at BK'etchwoorl, and for particulars, ( if by ietter, post paid) either to'iWessrs. Saunders, Eling, or Mr. Geo. Hookey, Auctioneer, Southampton. [ 1036 Hampshire, on the Borders of Berkshire. TO be LETT, a id e: !, .-" 4 upon at Old Midsum- mer.— An eligible MAN'S « ON, fit for the reception of a genteel family ; it Comprises anentrance- hall, dining- room 21? feet by 18, drawing- room 24 feet by 18, and breakfast- room, tw Ive good bed- chambers, and excellent offices of every de- scription. The house stands in a 1 wn and pleasure ground, and is surrounded by a farm of eighty acres, immediate pos- session o* which may be had by taking the crops at a fair valuation. For further particulars apply fif by letter post- paid) to W. Atkinson Esq. Chancery- lane, London, or to Mr. Campbell, at Fieckfield, near Hartiijrd- bridge, Hants. [ 1333 CHETTLE, DORSET. rJPO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A 1 good HOUSE, containing an exceeding good " dioiirg, drawing, and breakfast room * with suitable bed rooms and dressing rooms ; sixteen miles from Salisbury and six from liiar. dford; very convenient offices, with coach- house, and stabitne; .' or twelve horses; excellent kitchen walled garden, .1 ;; reen- house; a very good farm- yard, with a barn anil s • land adjoining to it: within a mile of two packs of f.' dr. icrriflfe^ frtfe in the caighbourhooJ of several packs of hank is. For particulars erfquire fif by letter, post paid) of Mr. John Bennett, Chettle. near Caihmore Inn. [ 156' 9 Valuable Advowsm. near Tiverton, Devon. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. SRoimrs. at Gtrraway's Coffee- house, Cornhill, London, on Friday the li> th o'f July, lfco8, at twelve o'clock, The valuable and adjoining'RECTORIES of Sampford Peverill and Uptowman, with fifty- six acres of gl be, and the tithes of the two parishes, which contain together about 35UO acres, pleasantly situated within five miles of the excellent market town of Tiverton. The present Incumbent is in his 78th. year. Particulars may be had at the principal Inns at Tivertor, Truro, Exeter, Taunton, ( index- water, Bath, Bristol, Salis bury, and Cambridge; of Mr. Tyndale, Solicitor, Lincojn'i- inn- fields; of Mr. Adams, Auctioneer, Oxford; and of- Alr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, London. [ 171/ 3 DORSET. ^ TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN WARR, on Mnday the 27th day of June, 1808, at Milplash, in the parish of Netherbujy ( without reserve),— All that de- sirable FLOCK, of PRIME SHEEP, consisting of 285 ewer, of different ages, 93 chilvcr hogs, 143 chilver lambs, lOS pur lambs, and five gale sheep, all warranted sound and free from goggles,— After the above will be sold a quantity of Mow staridles, Sheep- racks, and other useful articles in huibiindrj, the property of Mr. John Crede, who is going to decline business.—— The sale to begin precisely at two o'clock. Milpiash is two miles from Bearnister, four from Bridport, and adjoining the turnpike road. [ 19<> S DORSETSHIRE. Immediate Residence for a small genteel Family. TO he LETT, for a" Term of three Years- A neat Brick and tiled COTTAGE, situate at Spetisbury, three miles ftom Blandford, near the turnpike road leading to Poole; comprising two parlours, agooi! kitchen, and conve- nient pantries, & c. a pleasant sitting room over the dirjing parlour, a good bed chamber opposite the silting room, two bid chambers, a dressing room, and two neat garrets; a pretty Garden, a plot of ground in the front, a two- srall Sta- ble, with Coach- bouse, & c. N. B. Further particulars may be known ( by letters, post paid) of Mr. Percy, upholsterer, & c. Blandford. [ 19- 27 NORTHWOOD, ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be LETT or SOLD,— A truly desirable small COTTAGE, FURNISHED or UN- PURNISHF. II; consist- ing of two parlours, a passage, a good kitchen, cellar, pantry, scullery, and five sleeping rooms; a large court yard and ex- cellent ivater, a good garden planted with choice shrubs and fruit trees, situate on the Yarmouth- road, two miles from Covves and four from Newport, commanding extensive views both of sea and land. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. R. B. Wil- kins, hanker, Newport; or the proprietor, Mr. Leverton, on the premises. [ 1915 Letters, post- paid, will meet due attention. VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— MERRY OAK HOUSE, with two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in one of which is erected a neat Rreen house, pleasantly situated in a lawn of twelve acres, \ yell timbered, and neatly laid out with shrubbeiier. and walks. The house has been recently and expensively fitted up ; the rooms are numerous, large, and lofty, and ready for the immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attention. [ 181.3 NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— An extraparochial FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated at Shoblcy, near Ringwood ; comprising a Cottage, Barn, Gar- den, Orchard, and three closes of arable Land, containing four acr's, with common right, and fuel; in the occupation of Mr. W. Tanner, tenant at will. For particulars enquire of Mr. Warden, solicitor, Ring- wood ; if by letter, post paid. [ 1925 LOWER WOODFORD, NEAR SALISBURY, nno be SOLD,— A very desirable ESTATE, part JL Freehold and part Leasehold ; consisting of a FARM- HOUSE, Cottage, two llarns, Stable, Gran i ry, & c. 10 a creel of Water Meadow, three Orchard*, 125 acres of Arable Land, and a Leaze for 340 Sheep, situate at Lower Woodford, in the county of Wilts. leurther panicul in, may be known by application at the Office of Messrs. Hodding, attorreys, in Salisbury. ' [ u37 PERPETUAL ADVOWSON. HPO be SOLD,— A Perpetual ADVOWSON, of JL considerable annual value, hkclysojn to become vacant, situate in the Counties of Wilts and Hants, distant from London about 75 miles ; comprising the GREAT and SMALL TYTHES of above 4,000 Acres of Land, including 135 Acres of Glebe, on which there is a go d quantity f Timber.— The House and Offices are of a superior d scription, and m excel- lent repair.— There is every convenience for taking theTvthes in kind, and some peculiar advantages are attached to the Living. Further particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincoln's Inn, London. [ 1921 BAR'I'LEY, NEW FOREST. TO be SOLD bv A UCTLON, by JOHN* ALLEN, on Thursday the 23d day of June, 1808, at the New Inn, Clay- lane, between the hours of four and six in the af- ternoon, subject t - such conditions as w 11 thf- n 1,: produced, — All that FREEHOLD COTTAGE, with the Garden and Ordhard thereto adjoining and belonging ; containing one acr" (" more or less), situate at'Bartley aforesaid, the property of John Cabbett, and now in his ' Occupation, with extensive right of Forest. [ 18.06 jThe Garden and Orchard are planted with a consi- deraMe number of Fruit Trees, in a very thriving state. SALE OF SHEEP, RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by THBMAS LAM- J. IIERT. East Whitcway, In the Isle of Purbcck, Dorset, on Wednesday the 59th of June, 1808, 31, six- teeth Ewes', 40 four- teeth ditto, 59 two- teeth ditto ; 61! Hogs ; 9 Wethers, different ages; 3 Rams; 59 Chilver Lambs; G4 Pur lambs. The above Sheep will be washed previous to the Sale. At the same time will be sold,— Sundry Fanning Utensils, and a quantity of Household Goods. The sale to begin- fit eleven o'clock., [ 1897 WOODLANDS, Nl- W FOREST. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr, DELL, on the Premises, on Wednesdav, June 22d, 1808,— Tho HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, a neat Gig. Aldernev Cows, Pigs, and other Effects, belonging to Major Chatterton, leaving his cottage at Woodlands. The Furniture comprises tent and other bedsteads, with cotton furniture; good goosf- feather beds mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counterpanes ; mahogany dining. Pembroke, and other tables; chest of drawers ; japanned chairs; an eight- day clock; Brussels car- pet ; painted floor cloth ; useful kitchen furniture ; and a va- riety tf other articles, To be viewed on the morning of sale until eleven o'clock, when the auction will commence, [ 1913 lALISBUR Y. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIPLER, on Wednesday the 29th of June 1808, and following day,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of a Gentleman quitting his residence in Endless- street, Salisbury; comprising several handsome register stove and kitchcn grates, smoak jack, set of dinner tables, elegant sideboard, cjrd and dressing tables, Wilton and Kidderminster carpets, pier and swing glares, mahogany and other chairs, four- post bedsteads and furni- ture, feather beds and bedding, chests of drawers, copper, casks, kitchen utensils, & c. & c. Catalogues to he had on Monday preceding the sale at Vidler's Upholstery Warehouse, Hijh- street, Salisbury. [ 1893 Sale to begin at eleven o'clock each morning. T> be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, oa Wednesday the 22d of June 1S08, and following day,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of a Gcntlvman quitting his residence near St. Ann's Gate, in the Close, Salisbury : comprising handsome sideboard, large claw table, card and Pembroke ditto, chests of drawers, elegant painted ehairs, carpets, four- post and tent bedsteads and furniture, prime leather beds, straw paUir- ss, hair and flock mattresses, a drawing- room suit, several volumes of books, together with kitchcn utensils, grates, & c. as will be expressed in catalogues to be had the morning of the sale, at the House, and at Vidler's Upholstery Warehouse, High- street, Salisbury. The sale to begin precisely at 11 o'clock in the morning. ______ . FOR SALE by AUCTION, by HARRY DSS. R on the Premises, on Mondav the 27th of June,— All the CLOTHIiVG UTENSILS of Mr. Ralph Gaby, ol Chippen- ham ; Consisting of two capita] scribbling- engines, two card? ing ditto; two fifty- spindle billies, several eighty and sixty- | 4pio< lx jennies ; several reels, and an exceeding good cloth I press With iron plates, and oven complete ; a quantity ol pre- s papers, picking hurdles, wool basicets, cloth rack, wool veham, b- ating hurdles, picking ditto; shearboards, shears, and : eads ; a quantity of dye stuffs, and various other imple- ments in the woollen trade.— Sale to begin at ten o'clock. Very convenient and roomy SHOPS, with a good Dye- house, TO BE LETT, by applying to the Auctioneer, atChiji, penbam [ 1940 WILTS, Freehold Estate on the border of the New Forest, IN the Course of the ensuing Month will ha SOLD by AUCTION, A very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; ..' consisting of a convenient Dwelling- house, brick- built and tiled, with an excellent Stable, Barns, Gra- nary, and ® ther requisite Out- buildings; walled Garden, Shrubbery, and Orchard ; together with upwards of 100 acre? of arable and pasture Land and Coppices; situate at Rtdlynch, within the parish of Downton, in the county of Wilts, late the property of Mr. John Kerville, deceased. Further particulars will be given in the next Journal, and printed particulars may be had in about a fortnight by appli- cation to Mi. Woodye'ar, solicitor, Dowaton, Wilts. DOWNTON, June 16, 1808. [ 1908 ANDOVER, HANTS. RI^ O be SOLD hy AUCTION, by H. CRIRWICK, JL on the premises in the High- street, Andover, on Wed- nesday and Thursdav the 29th and 30th of June, ifios,- Valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS, lute the propeitv of a Lady deceased ; comprising the usual articles necessary to furnish a drawing- room, dining and breakfast parlour," six bed- rooms, kitchen, brewhouse, cellars, & c. Catalogues may be had at the Auctioneer's, Andover, and, the goods viewed on the day preceding the sale, which will begin at twelve o'clock. [ 1918 WOOLDING FARM, In the Parish of IVkitchvreh, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, on Monday the 11th day of July : SOS, precisely at thr « e o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart Inn, Whitchurch, — All that valuable and highly cultivated FARM, called WOOLDING FARM, situate in the parish of Whitchurch, in the county of Hants; consisting of a good Farm- Housc, and all convenient offices and outbuildings, together with about 460 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Coppice Lands, lying very compact. H » ld by lease from the Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral for twenty- one years, renewable every seven years, and was renewed in June'lS04, to hold from Lady- day'rhen last past. Yearly quit- rent 3/. 3s. 4rf. payable half yearly. This desirable esttfl. is abounding with game, and about 1- 2 miles from Newbury, ^ from Andover, 12 liom Winchester, and 9 from Basingstoke, all good market towns. Further particular* will be given out prior to sale, and ; n the mean time may be bad of Mr, Faithfuil, or Mr. W< odh; m, selicito s, Winchester. [ 1715 Applv at the Farm for a view of the premises. The Growing Crop to be taken to by th" purchaser of the Farm, at the valuation of indift'er- nt persons to ' be named by the patties, and immediate possession to be given. N. B. The Farming Stock Will be sold hy Auction on the following days, of Which further particulars will be given. RINGWOOD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRAN- STON, on Wednesday the 29th day of Jun 1808, at five o'clock, at th? Red Lion Inn, Rir. gwood, ( unless pre- viously disposed of by private contract, of which due • ee will be given),— The following FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in three Lots : Lot 1.— A good brick and tiled Dwelling- h mse, situate in Ringwood, ontainrng a good front shop, 21 feet by It ; a parlour, hall, under- ground cellar, and five bed ' rooms ; adjoining the same are four Urge store- rooms, of good height and of nearly those dimensions, viz. one - 24 ft. by ' 1, one 30 ft. by 9 ft. fi in., one 45 ft. hy 15, : nd one 39 ft. by » ; a wash house, two good work- shops, and a stable underneath the store- rooms. The above is pleasantly and most advantageously situated in the centre of the Market- place, in Ringwood*, and trom the extent of store- room is well calculated for carrying on a manufactory. Lot 2.— A small Cottage and Fuel- house, situate near the above. * Lot 3.— A piece of inclosed Meadow Ground, situate near and within the Turnpike Gate, Ritrjwo- d. Also three Pews, in Ringwood Cnurch, lined with baize and cushions, in three lots. For further particulars apply ( by letter, pest paid) tn the Auctioneer, Ringwood; and f r a view of the Premises to Mr. Thorne, druggist, the present tenant. flS3R . - PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY; IVhere Orders, Advertisements., and authentic Articles of Neil's are received ( Postage paid.) • the PRINTERS and BOOKSELLERS in the W « st of England j by the respective NEWSMEN ; and in London by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square. Warwick- Lane. Newwte- Sircet. and Mr. WILKIE. Bookseller. F. tewtar- 8—.
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