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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3721
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 13/06/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3721
No Pages: 4
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' Ip'WT T? JLJi- AND WINCH ESTE AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3721. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, JUNE 13,• 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. /| tan! P V • • \ Puper and Print 2, J f Oland by the Swede-, is confirmed; and it is stated i i letter? from HoLiogbnrgh, that the Island of Gothland has been re- taken, and that 4000 Russians Were mads prisoners. The delays which have taken place in the invasion of Sweden from Zealand, have, if. appears, ' ientiled the im- patient mind of Bonaparte. The Prince or P. mte Corro ( lieiT. arlotte), who was charged with the executiorfof this t> lan, in order to shift from him. elf the blarSe of the de- lay, ha- accused the King of Denmark for not completing the warlike preparations in Zealand, and has threatened to retire to Jutland. When the packet sailed from Gottcnhurgh the troops composing the expedition under the command of Sir John Monte had not disembarked; they were still waiting for • ' the r- turn of Colonel Murray, who left London for Oot- tenbuprh on Wednesday la » t. i The fortress of S-. veaburg was taken possession of by the • Russian troops ' on the 3d ult, A. proclamation had pre- / Viouslv been issued by the Court of Petersburg, again declaring the annexation of Finland to the Ru- sian Em- ; pire, and directing that the inhabitants should take the • « ! « thJ of allegiance to the Russian Government. It not- withstanding appears that the Swedes haVt beaten detach- ments of the Ru siaii ariiy in different parte df Finland, and that the Russians are in the greatest distress'for pro- visions and stores. Some German Journals have been received, one of - which states that the Porte was secretly meditatitfg an • jIlifftKc with England. There is a report on the Continent that the Eoiperer of Russia is about to visit Vienna, and ' ^ ircbaWj' Paris. Mr. Hammorid, formerly ! pilot of the Saturn ( a person • Veil known in the neighbourhood of Plymouth), has been ' arrested in France, as a spy, and shot by order of the French < jovernihent. He had Oeen sefft frotfl the Saturn • r. a i. ntcrd L'Aigle, Captain Wolfe, to reconnoitre the Trench eoMI, an<£ landed at a port near L'Oiient': he had been On ehor- e twelve days, and was preparing to come off ' in i boat When he was arreted by twq eustom- iouJe officers. i He riceiv. fi i { tension of 50I. a year from our Government, ' {•! r. tu- ii.:'. irnaa',' ioi> hiobtained some time sjftce by landing - n i>- t i.".. tuy'- i co i. t. JJa was a Frenchman by birth, but bad fcnen inanv years in enr<-> rviee, in the cOBive of which be tad - mure than once ri- kvd ids j! fe, by making iiiciirsidhi in(: Trantt, and rctarnijig tfi an. open boat to our ships off the coast. Jfewtfcn Barton, E= tj. late Secretary to Lc- d VUeount Sitjm- nth, was dfowned last week while bathing at Worthily t) n sv - rdav evening ' he Cflisgow midl- ortSteh was over- turned itear Wellbijr, rft Hertfordshire. The gaard Was ItiiUd on the- spot', the eo'aejiman had a leg broken, and the iVar'in^ dm Y'^ engers wer* M .. ftmeh ' hart,- that they are all st- Ug^ d 11 re;.-.- i. » at Weliirif, under the care of a A ".: Webb, c- Mr?>. v, ne< r W Iverhampton, was ai'. r: on - i..: v, v the nit, to an amiable young lady CM:..'- a':.. Vi n! oiYlv a huurs after, to the astonish- ment eiid .-:!• i • ! the family, he shewed symptoms of jc.- a. ii!-.'. He g.' ew worse, till Wednesday, when he de- rv , y,, j a nnxber of sheepS and havtng obtained a brace ci':.> t.. Ua. pi. ?..! , h'i tbreatqni d to lire on several- persons. H- r. ux.' ;;' » « . possession of a nior, with which he first cut Jii-; wire's ibrost, and then his own : ' neither of them are vxpecied to weaver. Almost every person who attempted to s- cure him was wound- d, two men very severely. ' MJXASCIWL* EVENT.— On Wednesday last, about four oVi rk in the afternoon, as the carriage of Sir Trias. Gooch v- is travelling cte the road from London to bis seat in Suf- folk, With feu:- no t- borses, near the 15 mile stone it over- took a cart, in which were Mr. Mead; farmer, of Bassitdon, his wife, ar. d a female acquaintance.— The post- lads, wisli- J! ig to puss the cart, Called uut in a mann - r that fi* ghtened Mr. Mead's horse, ir. s - n » uch that he became ungovernable. • Although the posb- lads nui- t have observed the dangerous situMtioti of Mr. Mead and his'companions, they still per- severed in f. illo, w5iig his cart, and kept up the same noise ; the dreadful consequence of which was, that just as the carriage was passing the cart, Mr. Mead's horse sprang out tif the road, threw the cart over, and precipitated all the passengers directly under the wheels of the carriage, which passing over the head of Mr. Mead, and the breast of his wife, th.' V received so severe an injury, th; » . a few minutes after being removed to the Nag'- Head, Brook- street, ' thny bith expired,, leaving a famd* of nine children to lament their melancholy, fate ; and the other female was so much bruised that her life is despeired'Of.— It was impos- aible but that the post- lads must have known that tbey had been the eau; e of a very serious accident; they were, how- ever, so insensible to every feeling as not to stop to render these unfortunate persons the least assistance, but drove « m, if | K> ssible, more rapidly than before. There were ladies only in the carriage, who were so m * i alarmed, that they had not presence of mind to order the post- lads to stop.— Thnre < rer, likewise a main and female servant iip? ti the dickey; the man states that he w; as asleep, and the female appiars to have been equally alarmed with the ladies inside." An oat- rider had occasion to stop at the turnpike for change, and therefore did not witness this shocking catastrophe. GttRJtJtSEV, June 3. This day was executed, pursuant t » bis sentence, Robert Wilson alias Jan> es Wood, a private in the Royal York Rangers. On Sunday, the lSth of May, lie enter *! the house of Michael Pen in, in tlie Vale parish, with in intention to plunder: meeting a defenceless woman of ? T> yean of age, piosidy engaged in devotions suitable to the sabbath,' he, in the most deliberate manner, cut her thttMt witb a razor, and nearly severed her bead from the body. The hypocrisy and deception of this miscreant could only be excelled by the horrid crime for which he so justly suifered. Immediately after his apprehension, he requested the assistance ofClergyman, and intended, by his apparent contrition, to rclvt the vigilance of his ki- pper. 6ut oti the evening previous to his execution, having Ion all haps of effecting bis escape, be became out- rageous, and would have destroyed even the Ministers who « aine to in'. tract and console him. Venting his fury in terms too shocking to relate, he went to the scaffold des- pising every religious admonition, and laughing at his awful • itaatioo, fearless and undismayed, lie was launched into eternity, bidding defiance to human laws, and con- temning that Divine Tribunal before which he was about to appear, with the accumulated guilt of a life spent ia • verpetratioft of wry spepies- of wiekednew. He'had been >:.- r. ttticed to death in England ; but having obtained his Mai.. - y's pardon, he was removed from the hulks into the RoyalV « r! f Rangers.— He waseonefcrtv'd with the nororiout Atersbaw, whom lie called bis father, and repeatedly ex- pruwd bis determination to die game, as resolutely as his utiwr Msoviates in villainy and murder. MARK- LANE, Monday, June G. We had a considerable large- arrival of Wheat, Beans, and Oats for to- day's market, but not much cf any other sort of grain.— The buyers of Wheat were by no . meaas so numerous as on Thursday last, nor so eager in their purchases, which has occasioned some quantity to stand over the day;, but in respect to what was sold, the prices were plainly dearer than this day se'nnight, particularly for heavy Red Wlvat, and for superfine threshed White ; such samples of White Wheat as were at all cold in hand,. light',' foul, or stale, were in very little request— White Peas are nearly out of call for the season, and Barley has now scarcely ariy buyers, either for maltins or the distillery; Grey Peas are also 25. per qr. cheaper, and Beans Is.— Oats and Malt continue quite as dear, and ? lour ( Mi. p; r sack, which should have been so noted in our last currency. We refer to the list subjoined:— English Wheat 68s. to 88;.— Rye 46s. to 54s.— White Peas. 32s. to 140s.— Grey ditto 60s. to 66s. — Horse Beans 60s. to 72s.— Tick Beiihs56s. to 68s.— Barley lis. to Ifls.— Malt 6is. to SOs.— Oats 36s. to 50s. per quarter. — English Household Flour 68s. per sack. SMITHFIEL. D MARKET, June 6. This day's market was fully supplied with prime Keasts, and the shew of Cattle in general was plentiful. There were 2000 head of Neat Cattli, 16,76( 5 Sheep and Lambs, 100 Calves, and 400 I'igs. Beef : sold at 6s. to 7s. Mutton 4s. 6d. to 5s. Veal 6s. to / » . Lamb 6s. to 7s. Pork 4s. f'rf. to 6s. per stone of 8lb, to sink the oi'al. There was a brisk trade in the Hay Marker, at the following prices':— llay 41. 15s. to 62. 6s. Clover Si. 5 » . to ill. 10s. lid. Straw U. 16t. to 21. 2s. SALISBURY RACES, 1808, WILL be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, thcEtfth, 27th, and 28th, of July.— t^ is Majtsty's Pla'tc of 100 Guineas will be run for on the first day ; the City Bowl, Members' Plate, Subscription Plate, & c. on the other days; and there will be a BALL and OHDIN'AESIES, as usual. Further particulars in a future Journal. Sir CHARLES WARRE MALE 1", Bart. Steward. N. B. A Subscription is open at the Printing Office, Salis- bury, for building a New Stand. BLANDFORD RACES WILL be on TUESDAY the 9th and WEDNESDAY the loth of AUGUST. The Gold Cup to be on the First Day, and one of the Plates. The Members' Plate and the other, the second, and all other particulars in due time. EDWARD GREATHED, Esq. Steward. Jos. WYATT, Clerk of the Course. BI. ANDTOKD, June 9, 1808. [ 1833 CITY OF NEW SARUM. NOTICE is hereby given, That tho- D- irectors and Trustees of the I Ii.? hways of this City, will be ready at their r. ext Meeting, on Monday the 20th instant, at 6 o'clock in the evening, to receive proposals, sealed Up, from any per- son or person;;, y; ho may be willing to remove the dung, soil, and filth, to be'Collected in the, street, lanes, and passages of the. said City, for one year, from the 24th day of June inr. t. The terms upon which the proposals are in be. made, and the particular nature of the service to be performed, may be known by applying at my dffice. 183 « ] . JOHN HOODING, jun. Blh Jvne, 1803. Cierk to the Directors and Trustees. S ARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. N'OTICE is hereby given,— That the next. Meeting of the Trustees is appointed to be held, pursuant to the last adjournment, at the House of Joachim Hitherd, knowrt by the name of the Maidenhead Lin, in the City of New Sarum, on Friday the 17th day of June instant, al eleven o'clock in the forenoon. W. BOUCHER, Clerk and Treasurer. SARI- M, June 8, 1808. { 1843 SOUTHAMPTON TURNPIKE. SOUTHAMPTON, June7, 18J) 3. ASufficient Number of the Trustees appointed by . the Act of Parliament for repairing, widening, * nd keeping in tepair the Sooth ' District of the Southampton Road, not; havlng m? t on tf? q day appoints! by adjournment for their Meeting: By virtue of an Act of P rliament made and pass d ia the thirteenth year of the reign of his present Majesty, en- titled " An Act to explain, am nd, ana reduce into one Act " of Parliament the general Laws now in beina fcr regulating " the Turnpike Rorids in that p- irt of Gr at Britain called " England,& nd for other purposes," I do h reby appoint a Meeting of the said Trustees to be holden at th- Audit House in Southampton, on Thursday the 2nd day of June instant, ' by Lave of the Mavor), at twelve o'chek at noon. 1358] THO. RIDDING, Clerk tq the said Trustees. SOUTHAMPTON AND SALISBURY CANAL. SOCTHAMPTON, June?, 1808. ' VTOTICE is hereby given, that the Annual Ge- ncral Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the above Canal will be held at the AUDIT- HOUSE, in SOUTH- AMPTON, ( by leave of the Mayor,) on Thursday the 30th day of June instant, ( being the last Thursday in June,) between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon, pursuant to the Act in that case made. 1859] THOMAS RIDDING, Clerk. N' KEN'NET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION. O T I C E is hereby given,— That a General Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the Affairs and Business of the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation will be llcld at the . Canal Office, at Crofton, ne- ar Great JJedwin, in the countv of Wilts, on Tuesday the - 23th day of Jdsf inst. at eleven of the clock in the forenoon.— By order of the Said Committee, JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk. Marlborough, Ji « io8, 1S08. [ 1736 WILTS AND BERKS CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That at a general Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the'Affairs and Business of the Company of Proprktors of the Wilt's and Berks Canal Navigation, held at the Barrmgton Arms, in Shrivenham, in the countv of Berks, 011 Friday the M dav of June instant, the said Committee did appoint a general meeting of the Proprietors at large, to be held at the King and Queen Inn, in Highworth, in the county of Wilts, on Wednesday the 2fd day of June, 1308, at eleven Of the- clodf in the'forenoon of the same day, for the purpose of elating a Treasurer or Treasurers to the said Company or Pro- prietors for the year ensuing. By older of the said Committee, Ilighivorth, June S, 1S08. J. CROVVUY, principal Clerk. s ALISBURY, WILTON, and LONDON FLY WAGGONS, daily, to and from the CASTLE and FALCON, At. DKFTSGATE- STSE. ET, London, and their Waae- house, Milford- street, Salisbury. These Waggons take up and pit down Goods at the Old Whit- Horse Cellar, and Black Bear, Piccadilly. No Mon » y, Plate", Jewels, Glass, or other valuable or ha2ardous Goods will be paid for, if broken or lost, unless entered as such, and paid fj » r accordingly. POOLE AND PORTSMOUTH PASSAGE VESSELS, Tour Times a Week. THOMAS BURT returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general for the liberal support he has received for many years past, and solicits a continuance of the same; and for their accommodation and interest he will continue his four Vessels in- the above Trade, which will SAIL fwind and weather permitting) Weekly from POOLE to PORTSMOUTH, with Goods and Passengers, oneon Mon- day, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and the other on Friday. Goods taken in at his Hous^ and Store, on the Quay, Poole, as usual; at the Qu- een Charlotte, Portsmouth; and the. Row- L- arge, on the Hard, Portsea. ^ [ lt; 72 COALS. NOW delivering at Southampton Quav,—- A pood Cargo of BIDDICK NEW MA IN, at 42s. per Chal- dron, discounting 4s. per Chaldron for ready money. Will be five or si* days delivering, by " June in, laps. FLETCHER A* t> BAKER, NEWCASTLE COALS, EI. tsk, Jvnt 5, 1808. DELIVERING AT Ermg,-- A CARGO OF SHERIFF HILL, of the best quality and very rubbly, at 41j. a Chaldron, discounting Ss. per Chaldron for ready money. Orders addressed to Messrs. Saunders, at Eling; or Mr. John Rurobotd, St. Anne's- sticet, Salisbury, will be duly MMJUtti. f « 3 ® EXCHANGE of PRESENTATION. THE INCUMBENT of a RECTORY with a Rec- torial Manor, situate in Somersetshire, within K miles of Bath, of the value of £ 600 per annum, is desirous of exchanging for a Living of equal value in Hampshire, or in that part of Surrey which adjoins Hants. A new rectorial House is begun building, and. which may be completing . ac- cording to the wish of the person exchanging. There is a probability of purchasing the Advowson at no distant period, if that should be wished. Persons desirous of treating will be so good to address letters ( stating the exchange proposed) toA. B. Post- Ofiice, Win- chester, and they shall be immediately furnished with parti- culars in return.—— The postage of letters must be be paid. WINCIIASTEK, 3d June, 1803. [ L'TID WANTED,— A PARTNERSHIP, in a well- established hotlse, in the GROCEHY and TEA LI^ E J or a Business, if to b$ disposed of. [ 18- 12 For particulars enquire of the Printer; if by letter, past paid. BREWERY. AGENTLEMAN not unacquainted with the prmcip1cs_ of business, is desirous to engage as PARTNER in an established BREWING CONCERN, situate in or near a Sea Port, to take an active part, where the Capital required will not exceed ( j or 8,0001. Address Mr. P. at Mr. Curry's, solicitor, Southampton. [ 1810 ANTED to. RE- NT, from Midsummer next,— A READY- FURNISHED COTTAGE, containing two good parlours, four best bed- rooms, and four attics, with kitshc- 1 and other necessary offices; also a double coach- house and six- stalled stable, a kitchen garden, and a few acres of l" nd. The distance from Bath must not exceed AO, miles, the counties of Wilts or Dorset would be preferred, ^ lid the o.: cupier must have the privilege of hunting and shooting over manors Welt stocked with game. p74<) Letters addressed toX. Y. at Mr. Barratt's CirculatingLibrary, Bath, stating particulars, Will be immediately attended to. AYOUNG LADY, of respectable Connoclions, wishes to engage herself in a School as an ASSISTANT, and who has been educated for that purpose. Letters ( post paid) addressed to E. C. Post- office, Ports- mouth, will be attended to. fl740 AYoung Person, CO years of age, who is well ac- quainted v/ ith the routine of a School, with English grammar, plain and fancy works, and is qualified to forward the younger classes in French and geography, wishes for a SITUATION as TEACHER in a respectable BOARDING- SCHOOL near London, or in the West of England.— Can give reference to her last situation. Letters addressed to A. L. Post Office, Southampton, will be respectfully attended to. [ 17P4 BAILIFF. WANTS a Situation as BAILIFF,—- A single MAN, who perfectly understands the manag m - nt of any quantity of Lands, also of buying or selling any kind of Stock ; or CLERK to a Brewer, Cornfactir, - r Xzc. Any gentleman wishing to employ a person of th, s d scription, will receive the most satistactorv reference as to chaiaet r. Letters, addressed to A. Z. Printing- office, Salisbury, will meet with immed. ate attention. [ 1791 ANTS a Situation as GARDENER, or GAP DTI.' sii and BAILIFF,— A middle-,,? ed MAS,• who is perfectly qualified for the management cf « - rv s; ecies of forcing, having had vast experience ther.- in in his ; ast piace, where he lived seven years, whence lie car, h ive an unde- niable character for sobriety of conduct arid ability for such gn undertaking. [ LSSO l. eiters ( post- paid) addressed to M. at Thompson's Nursery, Redtrfidge, Southampton, will be immediately attended to. ' TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. ANTED immediately.— A steady respectable > V YOUTH, as hi APPRENTICE to a GnoctR.— Apply to James Coates, Wiuton ; if by letter, post paid. [ 1854 Wx\ NTED, fifter the- ensuing Vacation, An ASSISTANT properly qualified to teach Writing and Accounts. Apply at the Printing- OIacc, Salisbury; . if by Istter, post pard. [ 1639 \ XTANTED immediately,— A young MAN, us- an T 7 ASSISTANT, Capable of teaching Writing and Arithmetic. Letters, with specimens of penmanship, addressed to A. B. Post Office, Cowes, Isle of Wight ( freecf postage), will be immediately attended to. D3a£ : — —.—: — TO GROCERS. W" ANTED,— A nher steady MAN, that welt understands the RETAIL GROCERY BUSINESS. Apply ( letters pis* paid) to John Barnard, grocer and- tallow chandler, Wilton, Wilts. [ 1803 WANTED, Three or four young MEN, in House, who are willing to do'any sort of HUS- BANDRY. May hear of Places by applying to Mr. Wat- kins, Ringwood carrier. <{ 1S3( J WANTED, in a Family in the Country,— A good COOK, who will have'nothing to do out of her Kit- chen. A middle- aged Person will be preferred. Apply to Mr. Cox, upholsterer, Warminster; if by letter, post paid. [ 1813 WANTED immediately, in a Farm- house, as COOK and DAIRY- MAID, where there are only three cows kept,— An honest, cleanly, and active Servant. A character will be expected from her iast piace. Address to A. B. Turnpike Gate, St. Cross, Winchester; if by letter, post paid. [ I8S3 W'ANTED, in a Clergyman's Family in the Country, where no kitchen- maid is kept,— A steady middle- aged active WOMAN, as COOK, who thoroughly understands her business, and is capable of taking the sole management of the kitchen.— Undeniable references for strict integrity, sobriety, and cleanliness, both in her person and work, will be required. [ 1831 Application to be made to the Printer. ANTED, for a Family in the Conntry,— A young Man as FOO l'MAN under a Butler. He must have lived in respectable families, and come well recom mended, both as to abilities and character. Apply to the Printer. [ 1S51 WANTED, A steady young MAN, as SER- VANT to a single Gentleman. He will be required to look after one, and, occasionally, two horses. Apply to Mr. Skeltort, Southampton, or to the Printer; if by letter, post paid. [ 1S4S WANTED,—- An honest, sober, steady COACH- MAN, for a Gentleman in the Country. Apply to Mr. Jacob, Printer, Winton.—— If the Coachman h3S been bred in the country, the,, more aexeeable. . P" ® 5 TO STONE- MASONS. WANTED immediately,— Three good WORK- MEN ; to such liberal wages will be given.— Apply to William Hiscock, stone and marble- mason, Christchurch, Hants. [ 1805 ANTED,— TWO JOURNEYMEN SHOE- TV MAKERS," Women's Wood Heel Men.— None but good workmen need apply, to whom go; id wages and constant employ Will be giver. Apply to VVro. Shatter, No. 11) 8, High- Street, Southampton.— Letters post- paid attended to. Southampton, June 3, 1808. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by- Mr. Deli, A quantity of BISCUIT, of a good Quality, at per Cwt. fit for the use of Do » s. fte 14 HAY, STRAW, OATS, and CHAFF. qpO be SOLD,— Excellent SANFOIN and CLO- 1 VT. R HAY, at 51. per ton; Wheat Straw, for thatching, at 01, per load, the purchaser ta load as long as he chooses ; dry trussed Wheat Straw at 45j. per ton ; white, black, and rruitetf Oats, fit for racing horses, & c. at 48s. per mjarter; and Chaff at 10d. per basket, all in the plaa;, at Whitrhuroh Farm, Hants.— StA Jum, £ » S07 Ladies'- Boarding School, Symington, Hants. "\/ T 1SS FRY having resigned business to her Nieces, • JLTA the Miss GROVES, and. Xiiss BEATOM, her teacher, begs leave. to offer, with her Sister,' her grateful acknowledg- ments to their Friends and the Public, particularly to the In- habitantsotLymingtou, for the flattering encouragement they have ever experienced ; they also solicit a continuance of their favours to their Successors, whom they can with confidence recommend. MISS BEATON ami the Miss GROVES, Suc- cessors to the MISS VRYS, respectfully inform their Friends- and the Pjiblic, that their School will open after the present recess on Monday, " July the- 18th, at the same house, with the addition of two large School- rooms, which are open to the sea- breezes ; they beg' leave likewise to assure them, that the greatest attention will ever be exerted to merit the fa- vours conferred oh them. N. B. Young Ladies received as Pupils by the week or month, during the bathing season. [ 1814 DOLPHIN INN, ROMSEY. JALLEN begs leave to return his sincere thanks . to the Public, and to his Friends in particular, for the support and encouragement he has met with since cnt-. ring on the above Inn, and in his business as an AUCTIONEER, and hopes, by a strict attention to his different occupations, his friends will continue to favour him with their patronage. N. B. Good Beds, Wine, Stabling, & c. & c. & c. ROMSKY, 7th June, 1308. [ 1SC0 BLANDLORD, DORSET. ROBERT HUNT, COLLAR and HA?, NESS- MA KF IF, returns his most grateful thanks to his nume- rous friends tor the great encouragement he has already met with in the above branches, and humbly hopes for a conti- nuance of the same, as they may depend on having their orders punctually attended to, and on the most reasonable terms.—— June 7, 1808. [! 8I4 BOTANY. MR. ANDREWS begs ' leave to acquaint his Sub- scribers, and the Public in general, that the lOfith Number of the BOTANIST'S REPOSITORY will be pub- lished on the Jst of July: and ar the same time another F- iSecuius of the Genus GERANIUM, containing Nos. IS, iy, 20; and on the Ist of August a Fasciculus, of his Mono- graph on Roses, containing fJos. 17, 18, 19, all drawn, en- graved, described, and coloured from th; living plants; and may be had of the Author, No. 6, Knightsbridge, London, ( opposite the Cannon Brewhouse! ; H. Lindsell, Wimpole- street; Messrs. Longmnn, lt. es, ; ad Co. P t r.- iost r- row; at the Printing- Office, Salisbury ; and of all other Booksellers. BRICKS, TILES, and PAVIOURS. JARNEY begs leave to return thanks to his • Friends and Customers for past favours, and infortYis them, that a Kiln of BRICKS, TILES, and PAVIOU- RS, will be ready for delivery at Dagon's on Thursday the itfth instant, and at Sandleheath the - ilid instant.— June 10, lS'JS. SHIR- LEY PLACE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. . Q UN DRY choice Lots of BUILDING LAND, O See. thar remain unsold, to be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CONTRACT, For further particulars and sight of the Place apply to Mr. Woodford, on the premises. [ 1S47 LONDON BOTTLED PORTER. f^ LETCHER and BAKER, WISE MERCHANTS, Southampton, have on sale a quantity of best DOUBLE BROWN STOUT, and LONDON PORTER, which is now in high perfection. i— June 2, 1808. [ 180a APleasure SAIL- BOAT to be SOLD, schooner- rigged, half- decked, with all new sails, copper- fastened, brass sheaves, . ompleatly fitted up last summer, and is a very fasfsailer. [ 1304 Enquire of Messrs. Baker and Fletcher, Southampton. rg^ o be SOLD,— A capital stro- ng built; GIG, as JL good as new ; has a moveable Head and Patent Lamps, with Harness.- Apply to the Printer. [ 1839 r2X) be SOLD, at C. FARR'S, Coachmaker, Sarum, A — A handsome CURRICLE, with Harness, built by . GVKJSHII, with Patent Lamps, & c. and shafts to use occasion- ally as a Gig j the whole in very good condition. Price 60 Guineas. '[ 1832 POST- CHAISE. O be SOLD,— A very good POST- CHAISE, on its first ivhee's, built by'Godsall. Price forty guineas. Enqtsire of Mr. F'arr, coach- maker, Salisbury.— June 3th. T A most Valuable end Unique COLLEVTIOX of ANCIENT STAINED GLASS, COMPRISING NOBLE Altar Pieces., Windows for Churches, Collegiate . Build- ings, and- Gothic Country Residences; also many exquisite CABINET PIECES, of the finest colouring and richest enamel. The whole collected, at a very great expence, by a Gentleman of enlarged information and fine taste, during the early part of tho French Revolution, from the suppressed Churches and Religious Houses in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Which will be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHRISTIE, at his Great fipom, in Pail Mall, London, on Thursday the 13th of June instant, and the following day.— The Collection to be viewed two days before the sale. [) 8fj( t 1 ^ OR SALE by AUCTION, at the GROVE, be- tween the two Mud Docks, 011 Tuesday the Slst of this instant June, at eleven o'clock in the forenooh, on account of the Underwriters,— IIS LOGS, containing about 23,00 ) feet, of prime SPANISH MAHOGANY; bifng part of the cargo of the Brig Fanny, stranded in Carmarthen Bay, which may be viesved 111 lots at the place of sale. [ 1822 For further particulars apply to Messrs. Wm. Gibbons and Co.— Catalogues may be had at the office of Bristol. June 7, 1808. J. BONBONOUS, Broker. G O S P O R T. By Virtue, of a Commission of Appraisement and Sale issued jrom • the High Court of Admiralty, addressed to Messrs. M. March, A. Xiaiegren^ and IV. Carver,. Merchants. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 23d of June 180S, at eleven " o'clock in the forenoon,— The following GOODS, viz. 800 Bolts RUSSIA CANVAS. 350 Pieces DUCK. 8,000 HARE SKIN'S. Landed from the Portuguese ship Alexander Primeiro, from St. Petersburg. For Catalogues, and viewing the same, three days before the sale, apply to [ 1 soij Gosi- on- r, June 8, 1808. M. MARCH, Broker. NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, nt Lyndhurst, by Order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor General of His Majesty's Woods and Forests, on Thursday the 13th day of Jane 1803,— A large Quantity of FURZE, in several Lots, in Wilverley, Whitley Ridge, and Rhinefield Walks, subject to such conditions as wilt he then produced. For further particulars apply to Joseph Mortimer, Esq. Ower. TO CLOTHIERS, Src. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. B. Lew is, on Wednesday the 1 Sth of June, 1SQ8, at Mr.' Hutchenee's, near Saint Martin's Church, Sdisbury, — Three Carding Engines, nine Jennies, Wool Mill, Horse Wheel with two shafts, drums and strops, large Press with iron screw and brass box, Kiln and Plates, Press papers and Presses, 23 pair of Shears, Drying Stone and Pipe, Spinning Wheel and Turns, four Cabin Stoves, Beams and Scales, Washing Wrench, a quantity of steel and cane Sleys, Pattern Looru, qumtity of Bobbing," Teazles, & c. & c. ' [ 1733 The Sale to begin precisely at eleven o'clock in the morning. BUILDING MATERIALS, SARUM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LEWIS, on the premises, in One Lot. on Friday the 17th of June, at eleven o'clock,— All the MATERIALS, as tb- y now stand, of those extensive Warehouses, late in the occupation of Mr. Hutchence, sitiAted near St. Martin's Church.— The Tiles, Bricks, ar. d Timber are of the first quality.— A reason- able time will be allowed to clear the ground.— For a view of the premises, apply to Mr. LEWIS, on the Canal. RTG2S TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, by J. VIDX. HR., oh Wednesday the 22d of June instant,— The HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE of a Gentleman quitting his residence in the CLOSE, SAMSBURV. " [ 1870 » "** Particulars in the next Journal. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS on Sunday the 2() th of May, 1- 808, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, the House of R. WALLER, Esq. was broken Open, and a quantity of notes of'the Romsey and Hampshire Bank, to til* amount of .£' 50, together with j£.' S8 in gold, were stolen from a desk in the said house.-— Whoever Will give informa- tion of the offender or offenders, shall, 011 conviction, reccive a reward of TEN GUINEAS, Description of the, Notes-.— No. ( unknown) 10.', ; No. .92.0, oi.; Ml. St. 5 393, U.; 901, St. s 1030, St.; 1048, St.; ' 77S, 5t.; 780, The person suspected of committing the abov; robbery is a young man, about 22 years of age, 5 fcjt g inches high, ' rforid countenance, brbwu hair, answers to the name of Witr. iAM PORTER, and was a servant in the said house. [ I816 ROMSP. Y, June 9, 1808. TKN GUINEAS REWARD. STOLEN, last Saturday night, or early on Sunday- morning, from the parish of East Grimsttfcd, in the county of Wilts,— A BROWN MARE PONY, agtd, with a black mune and tail, and a collar mark OTI her left shoulder she was giving su? k when stolen, and her Foal was left behind. Whoever will apprehend ant), bring the offender or offenders to conviction, shall receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, by applying to the owrter-, Richard Tubb, at East Gi irnstead. $ CS" If the above Mare should be strayed, any Person re- storing her to Richard Tubb aforesaid, shall be handsomely rewarded, antl lnve all expenses defrayed.— June 7th, 1808.' PIGS I. O ST. — LOST from Shilling, near Itclun Ferry, on Friday last, June 3', FIVE PIGS; one a white *, w with black spots, forward in pig, has a slit in the tup of htr light ear; 1 " e black; and one rather sandy with black spots. Each of ti. em has a small notch tut out from the top 011 the tinder side of the right ear. The sow is not so much of the Spanish breed, and rather larger than the other four, which are shout half bred, and nearly four score each. [ 1857 If the above pigs tire straved, any person giving infor- m ition where they may be found shall be liberally rewarded, and all expences paid: if stolen, shall, on conviction of the person or p.- Rons, receive Five Guineas, bv applying to Southampton, June8, 1808, JOHN HUN 1' & Co. STRAYED, out of a field at Hnrstbourne Tarrant, Hants, on the - 22d of last month,— A BLACK MARE, cut tail, lately blistered, six years old, goes wi.' e bthtnd. Whoever will brin< the said Mare, or give intelligence so to be had ac; a; n, shall he paid all reasonable Expences, and a Reward of TWO GUINEAS extra, by me 179- 2] THOMAS ALFTONDKR. THE Creditors of JOHN STJD Wimborne- M nstsr, in the county of 1 .•• who h iyp executed the Tsust Deed, m ; videild of Si. id. in the pound • : i ' 1 r ;. 1 applying at the Bank f lis. .,. iv . ;•. . at Wim'berni;.— June- l, lis?; uthampton, » • fn iVi'r WM' We T R-:- i. arl King, of NUtsn 1 w : one moutl, i:. n this time.— And ad person* who stand 1 , d >' d 10 : h • • - . -. te are requested to pay the amount - if thur delta to the . • .! Brook, or Mr. King, within th : above time.— June to, 1808. ANDOVER, HANTS. LI,' Persons indebted to the Estate of ROBERT HARD WELL, latecf Andovcr, Watchmaker, deceased, atje requested to pay the amount to Mrs. Sarah Hard well, his Widow and Administratrix —— Aud all Persons to whom the said Robert Hardwell stocd indebted, are re itiested to send an account of their several demands to the said Sarah Hardwell, or to Mr. Bird, solicitor, Andover. f i8- 15 DEVIZES, IIune 7, leOs. ALL Persons who have anv demands 011 the Estate of Mr. THOMAS LACY, late. of Market Lavingtgn, in the county of Wilts, deceased, are dtsired to send an account thereof to Mr. Richard . Cook, plumber, or Mr. Wd iiam Cook, grocer, of Devizes.—— And all persons indebted to the Estate are requested to pay the same immediately to the said W. Cook, or R. Cook, who are: duly authorize;! by the Executrix to receive the same. ' [ 18- il " NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS; ALL Persons who have any just Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. WILLIAM DYMOTT, of Alderholt, in the county of Dors. t. Yeoman, deceased, are desired to send in their accounts either to Mr. Isaac White, of Alderholt Mill, or Mr. James Stroud, of Cranborn, in the said county, on or before Thursday the 16th instar. t; and all persons who stand indebted to the said Estate and Effects, are desired to pay the same either to Slid Isaac White or James Stroud, on or before the said 13th day of Jt> ne, 1808. [ 1758 ^ HE Commi- Vio'ners in a renewed Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 4 th of December, 1807, awarded and issued forth against JOSEPH NEAVE, the younger, late of the. town and county of Poole, deceased, Mer- chant, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet 011 the 2- 2dof June inst. at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at the Old Antelope Inn, in the town and county of Poole, to make a dividetfd of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt j when arui win re. the Creditors, who have not already'proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. fey order of the Commissioners, 1830] II. ROWDKX, Solicitor. rJ" 1HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, JL bearing date the Sth day of April, 1793, awarded and . issued forth agaicst. CHRISTOPHER SHAW and THOMAS SHAW, formerly of the town and county of Southampton, Bankers, Dealers and Chapmen, intend to meet on Thursday the : 30th day of June inst. at one of the clock in the aftcrnuon, at the Coach and Horses Inn, in the said town and county, in order to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects ot the said Bankrupts; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts arc to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. N. B.— Payment of the Dividend will commence on Thurs- day the 21st of July, at the Bank of Messrs. Harrison, Mad- dison, and Co. Southampton. [ i777 Southampton, June 1, 1808. 1 — —_—.— AT7TIEREAS we the undersigned WILLIAM T T LOADER, of Godshil- 1, in the Isle of Wight, Hus bandman, and ROBERT BEA- VIS, of the same place, La- bourer, have at divers times circulated false, malicious' and defamatory Reports, to the injury of the character and credit of JOHN TOOGOOO, of Godshill aforesaid, Butcher, and JANE his Wife, and the said John Toogood hath threatened to commence an Action at Law against'us for the same ; but in consequence of our consenting to ask his Pardon, and to acknowledge that such reports were made and circulated by us without the least foundation in truth, he has agreed that he will not proceed at Law against us.— Now we do therefore acknowledge and declare that the Reports so circulated by us. respecting the said John Toogood and Jane his " Wife, were false, ar. d we ask his Pardpn for having been guilty of such gross offenee against him and his Wi'fe ; and we request that this our acknowledgement and declaration may be inserted twice in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, atom sxpence. Witness our hands the aist day of May, 1808. WILLIAM LOADER. The X Mark of ROBERT BEAViS. WitnessTIIOS. WHITEWOOD, Bagivich, Godshill. , [ 174S SHEEP IVASU.— To Farmers, Graziers, Sfc. MESSRS. THOMAS BLAKH. and Co of No. 2, Webb- street, Bermomteey, London', beg to r'ecomf mend their SHEEP WASH as the most . flcctbal me'? ns o- preserving Sheep from the Fly, and destroying ti e Maggot, without being the smallest injury to the wool,' Several emi- nent Farmers having made trial of it, and finding it possesses the above invaluable properties, have advised the Proprietors to make it generally known, being of opinion that no farmer, after having made trial of it, would ever be witiiourit. It - s particularly recommended, being used at the- time of sheen- shearing, as it frequently happens thai sheep are cut, by ap. ' plying a little of the wash with a feather the 1' Iv will ncit come near it. To be had, with pointed directions" for usiti'., it, as above, and of Mr. Wm. Moore,' 82, West Smithfcld, Lou- den J Mr. John Cooper, Chichester; Mr. E. Chatt rton, V. y. • Mr. J. Cramp, Bexhiil; Mr. R. Stedman, Godalmmg; Mr R. Chitty, Deal; Mr. R. Chitty, Sandwich ; - Mr. Chapman, Canterbury ; Mr. J. Couch, jnn* Hythe ; Mr. A. W. Linch, Maidstone; Mr, F. Okeley, Dorchester; Mr. Young, Bland- ford ; Mr. J. Masters, Ipswich; Mr. S. Martin'anil Mefv*, Heaths and Verlanders, Colchester; Mr. Win. Turner, Wit ney; and Mr. Jewry Cramp, Ltwcs. fl", in THE SALlSKUliY AND WINCHESTER JOUkNAt RIDGE, NEAR ROMSEY. I^ OIt SALE by AUCTION, on the Premises, by I. YOOKO, on Thursday the 1 fJth day of June, 180s, — The FARMING STOCK of Mr. Walter'Barry, deceased, at Ridge Farm, about two miles from Romsey ; comprising six draft horses, and harness, Guliver colt, handsome pony ( remarkably steady, fa: a lady), two milch cows, three year- lings, seven ewes and lambs, one Southdown ram, pigs, two wagons, two dang carts, harrows, dra^ s, winnowing tackle, sundry tools, & c. & c. & c.— Sale at twelve o'clock. [ 1813 ROMSKY, HANTS. Valuable Stock of Drapery, Mercery, Haberdashery, Hosiery, Hats, &- c. SALE by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG, on A, Monday the 27th day of June instant, and following days,— All the modern SHOP GOODS, recently laid in, the property of Mr. li. Gould, deceased, in the Market- place; comprising broad and narrow cloths, beavers, thicksets, swansdowns, coatings, kerseymeres, Bennet'scord, velveteens, large assortment of printed calicpes, muslin--, ctfiimancoes, hats; cotton, silk, and worsted stockings; modes, Persians, satin, tkc.; sheetings of ail sorts, table- cloths, diapers, & C. Scat : h and Kidderminster carpets ; ready- made clothes, and a variety of other articles, to tile amount of seven hundred lots. Tile property will be sold so as to accommodate fami- lies, shop- keepers, 4c. flH7 Catalogues, in due time, at the principal Inns, Sarum, Stockbndge, Winch s[: r, Southampton, I. yndhurst, Ly- mington, and Ringwood. - S'ale each diy at eleven o'clock. Plough Inn, Httrslbourne Tarrant, near Anduccr, Hants. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, J by T. RAWLINS, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 2lst and 22d of June, 1803,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, & c. Spirituous Liquors, Wines, Home- brewed Strong Beer, excclLnt iron- bound Casks; a two year- old Stone Colt out of a blood mare, a Caw in calf; Granary on five pair of stones, lead Pump, stone Trough, Plough and Tackle, Cart Harness, and other Effects, of Sir. George Best, leaving the aforesaid inn. The Household Goods, 4c. comprise four- post and tent bedsteads; with cotton and dimity furniture, and window curtains to match; half- tester and press bedsteads; ten good feather beds; flock mattresses ^ blankets, quilts, counterpanes, 1 bed and table linen; mahogany and walnut- tree double and I single chests of drawers; pier and swing glasses ; mahogany and oak dining, Pembroke, and claw tables, night stools, & c. mahogany and other chairs; oak bureau; China and glass ; handsome eighr- daV clock ; large family bible with cuts ; tea and coffee urns ; piated quart and pint cups, cruet stand, & c. a glass lamp; Bath stoves, fire irons ; Kidderminster carpets; kitchen requisites and culinary articles of every description ; large settle; quantity of pewter; tapper fountain, See.; hogs- head copper, Washing ditto, large oval and round mash tubs, two coolers lined with lead, oval kievers, washing tubs, Ac. fifteen capital iron- bound casks, from 120 to las gallons each, five ditto hogsheads, and sundry other casks, barrel stands, & c. corn and flour binns, quantity of faggots, hurdles and log<, pig witch, sign board, & c. valuable Newfoundland dog, and numerous other articles. The sale. to begin ( on account of the number of lots) pre- cisely at eleven o'clock each day. [ 17+ 5 CHETTL, E, DORSET.- 1^ 0 be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A good HOUSE, containing an exceeding good dining, drawing, and breakfast room ; " with suitable bed rooms and dressing rooms ; sixteen miles from Salisbury and six from Blandford; very convenient offces, with coach- house, and stabling for twelve horses ; excellent kitchen walled garden, and green- hoUse; a very good farm- yard, with a barn and 17 acres of land adjoining to it: within a mile of two packs of fox hounds, and in the neighbourhood of several packs of harriers. For particulars enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. John Bennett, Chettle, near Cash more Inn. I> URSLEDON HOUSE for SALE, remarkably 5 pleasantly situated on the bank of the River, six miles from SOUTHAMPTON ; with double coach- house, two 5- stalled stablss, barn, farmand poultry yards, pleasure and kitchen gardens, in which are shrubberies and neat green- bouse, productive orchard, and jich pasture land surrounding the House, in the whole about 26 acres} fit for the immediate reception of a Gentleman's Family. The principal rooms are large, lofty, and expensively fitted up ; the House is sub- stantially built, convenient, and replete with every domestic ' office. For particulars and a view apply to Mr. George Hookey, Southampton. ' H*' 9 VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— MERRY OAK < 10USE, with two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in one ( if which is erected a neat green house, pleasantly situated in a lavvn of twelve acres, uell timbered, and neatly laid out with, shrubberies and walks. The house has been recently add expensively fitted up ; the rooms are numerous, larie, and lofty, and ready for the immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to by appraisement.' For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attention. [ 1813 SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, at No. 177, High- street, on Thursday the 16th of June, 130ft, at eleven o'clock, bv GEOROC HOOKEV,—' The entire HOUSEHOLD FUHmtURE, PL. ted Articles, Br- wing Uftnsils, & c. of the late Mr. Thomas Tairent, deceased; cdps'st ug of four four- post bedseads, with dimity and cot- ton . hangings; good goose'feather beds, ' blankets, quilts, counterpanes, mattresses; Kidderminster carpets; in ma- hogany are bureaus, bookcases, drawers, wardrobes, ditiina; and card tables, and chairs; an eight- day clock,, gvden roller, hand lights, a chair, kitchen requ s'tcs, & c& c. Catalogues will be delivered in due time at the place ef sale, and at the auctioneer's.— To be viewed the day previous and on the morning of the sale day. [ 1833 ' 25th of May last, under pretence of ordering some mourn- ing rings with mottos: while they were looking OVer a number of rings, one of the prisoners complained of dirt being in his eye, and pretended to be in great agony: his behaviour excited the suspicion of a boy in the shop, who informed his master of the doubts he entertained, and, after the prisoners had left the shop, Sir. Taylor missed two rings and a pin. He then pursued and saw the prisoners in the shop of Mr. Fern, a Goldsmith, near the Iloyal Ex- change. The prosecutor immediately went in, and ob- served to the prisoners, " When you have done there, I wish to speak wilh you." George Brown then struck the prosecutor with a whip, and endeavoured to escape ; they were, however both secured, and eleven rings were found in their possession, tw9 of which proved to be the pro- secutor's property. The prisoners refused to call any witnesses to their characters, but a person, who stated be was a Surgeon, forced himself into the box, and described them to be artists. , On being interrogated relative to the residence of the prisoners, and other information, he refused to afford any satisfaction, oil the ground that he had pledged himself not to divulge their connections. He was consequently turned out of Court for conducting him- self improperly as a witness. The case being made out against the prisoners, they were found guilty— Dalth. — Aim Hodges, a prettv- lookiug little girl, only eleven years old, was tried for stealing several articles of female apparel; and Ann Hodges, her mother, was ti ied for re- ceiving the same, knowing them to be stolen. They, were both found Quilty, and a most interesting scene followed. — The Recorder enquiring if there was any friend or relation of the child in Court, who would take charge of the child, and engage to instil proper notions into her mind, a rnan'of very respectable appearance addressed the Court. Overwhelmed with tears, he said he was the father of the child, and with God's blessing he would take care of her as long as he lived. On account of the improper conduct of the mother, iie had left her when the child was only eight months old, and he had nut lived with ht r since, though he had sent money for the support of the child. He lamented that she had latterly been more attached to the mother than to him. The mother was then sent, into the prison, and the little girl, after an admonition from the Bench, was delivered to her father. BANKRUPTS. TVm. Pope, 6f Westbury- upon- Severn, dealer in piers. Geo. Dauvm end . iohti VVaimsb'y, of Liverpool, merchants, Wo. Lowe, of Diury. tane, cabinet- maker. LONDON, ' WEDNESDAY, JUKE S DOWNTON, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Pfetni < u, bv GESHARD and Co. on Friday the I7th day or June irnt.— All the Remainder of the MVS and DEAD STOCK of the late Mr. William Mewlar. d, deceased ; consisting u! ten capital cart hoises, two hacks, one lie f. r in calf," cm. heifer not in calf, about r.< » Southdown couples, 40 dry ew:--, one two- teeth ram of the real Southdown ; one six- inch wheel waggon almost new, three capital narrow wheel ditto with iron arms, and a set of six- inch wheels and double blades to ditto; two six- inch wheel dung pots, one light cut* four ploughs and tackle, one pair of dra » , nine hcirows, one roller, timber carriage, winnowing tackle, ten pair of train and thill harness, ten pair of jjioiuh dijto; saddle-- and bridles; cider mill, press, and hair cloths; ten quartos of malt, one pocket and a half of hops, a quantity of prime bacon, about ten cords of hardwood, several iie./ ens of hurdles and shears, sheep cribs, and a number of other articles of husbandly, which will hp sold without reserve. The- sale will commence precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon. * fir;. 1 I aluable freehold filial**, in Sussex. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr.- Wh- i. D P, I on Wednesday the i-' d of June, the Dolphin hm, Peter, field, at twelve o'clocT:, in bight lots. Lot I.— A- most desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, land- tax redeemid, lying very compact; comprising a farm- hems and out- buildings, together with 251 acres, statute measure, of rich meadow, arable, and coppice land, with commonage rights, situate a; lping, two miles from Midhurst, seven from l'etersfield, and thirteen from Chichester. Lot 3.— The Mare Lands, in two inclosurcs, comprising 21 A. i R. ,0 P. Lot 3.— A Cottage with a garden, barn, granary, and stables, and 41 acres of arable and meadow land, situateat lilsted. Lot 4.— A Farm- hou3e, barns, stables, and oBt- buddmjjs, with 50 acres of arable and meadow land. Lots.— An excellent Farm- house, barns, and out- buihlinjs, in perfect repair, together with 1- 1J acres of good arabfr, meadow, and coppice kind, and a valu* We down fur Jk- i sheep, situate at lasted, on lease to Mr. W. Collins, Lot 6.— A most desirable Freehold Estate, consisting of 019 acres of arable, meadow, down, and coppice land, with a comfortable farm- house, and suitable out- buddings,' in perfect repair; on least! to M r. J. Morey. Lot 7.— Two valuable Coppices situate in Elsted Manor, called the German l. eith, consisting of 48 acres. Lot 8,— A Coppice called the 1 lassocks, consisting of 10 acres, situate at Blsted. The several lots may be viewed by applying tn Mr. Ferrer, the bailiff of Lord " Robert Spencer, at Woolbeding, neat Midhurst, of whom printed particulars may be hail 21 davj previous to the sale. Partk- ulars also may be had of Mr. Sandham, solicitor, Midhurst; at the Half Moon,. I'etworth; King's Arms, Godalmihg ; Place of S:\ le; of Mr. Knight, banker, Kingston; T. Lowten. Esq. of the Temple; ami ( if Messrs. Wirrstanley and Son, Paternoster- row, London; ike libraries, at Brighton, Worthing, and Bognor; and o{ Mr. YVeller, Chichester. " ' <; Itsirt SOMERSETSHIRE. Capital Freehold, tythe- free Farm, antI the great aud small 7' i/ tltes of about 700 Acres, ami a Donative. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKIK- WER, DYKE, TL'CHIN, and FOIIKEST, on Thursday the 7th Julv, at twelve o'clock, at Garra » ? ay's Colfee- I lous,, ' Change- Alley, Cornihill, London, in one lot,— A capital ani very valuable" FREEHOLD ESTATE, most advantageously situate at Durston, five miles from Taunton ; comprising BUCKI. AND PRIORY FARM; aonsistingof a dwelling- house, offices, walled garden, orcharding, barn--, stabling, un- pens, useful out- buiklings, capital malting, and thesurroendii. g inclosuresof rich grazing meadow and arable lands, contain- ing three'hund'red and eighty- six statute acres, tythe- free, snd in a high state of Cultivation, in the occupation of Mr. John Abrahams, for an unexpired teiVn of six year;.. Also the GREAT and SMALL TYTHES of the remaining part of thc. parish of Durston ( exfcept a few acres) containing about seven hundred acres of fertile, productive land, on lease for an unexpired term of sit year"; tne- whole forming one At the most dusirable estates in the Vale of Taunton Dean: the piesent rents amounting " to gnllr NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, capable of considerub. i increase. , - Hi >£; And the perpetual Donative to the Church of Dusston. To be viewed by applying- to Auckland Priory, whirs printed particulars may be had; also of Mr. Yolland, Men- field, Plympton ; at the Pope's Head, Pl;" mouth,; Civile Inn, Taunton; Messrs. Trewoians, Printers, Exeter; Mr. Crutt- well, Bath; Mr. Guteh, Bristol; Mr. Laogden, Sherborne; at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; at the place of sale; at. d of Mea- rs. Skinner, Dyke', Tuehin, and Foriest, Aldetsgate- street, London, where apian of Hu& laad may be seen.' Capital Estates emit Manors.— J'lyamuti, Dtvmuhir* TX) be SOL. D by AUCTION, by Messrs. Siun- JL NEE, DYSCK, TUCHIN, and Fnauta. T, o » Thcrsitay the 7th. of July, at twelve o'clock. j{ t Gateway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhill, Londo ® , in two lots,— The capital and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, advantageously situate within one, two, and three miles of Plymouth and Plymouth Dock ; comprising the MANOR OF CUMPTO. V GtrfOKU, and several eligible Farms and Lands in demesae, conti ininr, about 2of> acres, lett to Messrv Gilbert. Distin, Giles, Erfdv, Colton, and Helisori, oa leases expiring at Lady- day lSiljj, 1113, 1814, and 1818, at rents amounting to only 8l7i. 1- oi. per annum. AUo about 76 Acres of LAND, and sundry t- IOUSES, lett on two and three lives, at reserved rents amounting to 10/, 12s. 8rf. ptr annum, aud heriots. And also the MANOR of BOWDEN, and five eligible FARMS and LANDS, containing about lf>( 5 acres, on onr , two, and three lives, at reserved rents amounting to 71. IBs. lye!, per annum, arid heiiots. The whole of the Estate contains about 4f> 7 Acres, of the estimated value of about TWO THOUSAND POUNDS per annum; and in point of" situation is presumed to be equal to any in the vicinity of Plymouth and Plymouth Dock for building upon ; as . the neighbourhond is highly respectable, and' the marine and surrounding rich country views, ex- tremely beautiful. [ 17S.: To be viewed, and printed particulars may be had of Mr. Yolland, Merafield,. Plympton ; also at the Pope's Head, Plymouth.; Castle Inn,, Taunton ; Messrs. Trewman's, Exe- ter; Mr. Langdon, Sherborne i at the Printing- office, Sa- lisbury j Mr. Ctuttwell, Bath; Mr. Guteh, Bristol; at the place of sale; and of Messrs. Skinnsr, Dyke, Tuchin, and; Forrest, AMrsgate- street,' London, where plans may be seen. Valuable AdvoWhOJt, ntar Tivevton, Devonshire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Corntiill, London, on Friday the loth of July, at twelve o'clock, un- less previously disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given,— The valuable and adjoining RECTORIES of Sampford Pcverill and Uplowman, within Sve miles of the excellent r- rket town ot Ti/ erton, in the county of Devon ^ comprising two parsonage- houses, pleasantly siuvatcd, wi* t » fifty- six acres of ^ lebe, and the tythes of the'two parishes, which are supposed to contain 3500 acres. The present In- cumbent is'in his'"( i'th year. Particulars, on fhe Premises; Three Tuns, Tiverton j King's Arms, Truro; principal Inns, Bxeter, Bridge- water, Taunton, Bath, Bristol, awl Salisbury ; of Mr. Adams, auc tioneer, Oxford; Hoop, ' Cambridge ; of G. B. Tyndale, so- licitor, Linco1n's- inn- fieldsi; and lof Mt, Robins, Waiwicfc- street, Golden- squars, Ixindon. | T7i> 9 CHESHIRE. Manor, Hanson- House, and fislate, Inth valuable Contingencies: R5HO be SOLD bv AUCTION, by Mr. SUCIBB, at H Garraway's Cofiee- house, On Tuesday the- a8th day of June, IStH, at twelve o'oloak, in one lot, unless previous!? disposed of by Private Contract,-.—- The MANOR . of Vl'W- NINOTON, with the Mansion- House and Offices, called WINNINGTON- HALL ; comprising a spacious and Complete residence for a large family, built with stone and covered with slate, and finished rn a modem stvle • containii g rooms of large dimensions, su- perbly fitted' < j>; geometri- cal stone stairs; mahogany doors,' plate-^ ass windovr ., J marble chimney pieces, and oak floors, with appropriate^ ' attached'and detached offices; stabling for fifty Iwrses, festh- houses, green- house, hot- houseis graperv, pine aal succession ^ houses, excellent kitchen gardens with hcuwalls, mushroom- honst1, cold baths, ice-' aoveie, a poulriy- hou t upon a superior seal;, and every necessary building for agricultural purpose^, dove- house, entrance cottage- Wideee, wifh.. shrubbery and plant itions sloping to the river V.' xavei, at i convenient distance from the house., whi : h U well spuatt 1 on Very highly ornanvnted grouad, and - en- rounded by abow ' six hundred and forty acres of land, chiefly meadow aiid pas- ture, of superior quality, divided into farms, and Vrt | o res- pecta1 ile . tenants; woods and plantations in hand, an « l orna- mental cottages and gardens adjoining the road : thc. whoh: together forming a truly dejicable and elegant rei. deace lor a large establishment. To which there is attached, A most valuably MINERAL, which, if attended to, Iter exceeds the value of this place as a residence". The Estate is situate one mile1 from N.^ tjiwtefi, 17fr\-^- Chester, from Manchester, and no Prorri'. I. iverponl; rn." r be viewed bv applying to the. Rev. Joah. Fere'y, Winrington- I . lodge, near Northwich ; and printed particulars may he hai of Mr.' Wyatt; Lime- grove, urar Bangot; of Mr. Edwin • Wyatt, Solicitor, St. Asaph ; at the Hotel, Chester; the Ho- tel,"' Liverpool; the - Rtid '. ewater Arms, i janche'Ster; and of Mr. Claridge, Nro.- 47,. Pall- ritfJi, Loivlon, Where a plan <. t he esuu may hsseen, and further partteoi- rs taawa. [ iCSa CAPITAL FARM,— ASHFORD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. WILI. MER, at the Dolphin Inn, Petersfield, in the county of South- ampton, on Friday the 17th day of June, 1S08, at t'e, ree o'clock in tii - afternoon,— All that desirable and compact Farm, called ASHFORD FARM, situate and being in the several parishes of Steep and proxfield, in the said county of Southampton, now in the occupation of Mr. R. M. Baker, the proprietor; consisting of a good and substantia farm- house, with con- venient out- offices of every description, stabling for l4 horses, three barns and other convenient out- buildings, a good garden, and about an acre of valuable orchard ground; five cottages, comprising eight tenements, together With 243 statute acres ( more or less) of arable, meadow; pasture, wdod, and coppice ground ; four mari pits are open on different parts of the farm, with rock aud chalk pits bordering thereon: the whole lies compact, nearly in a ring- fence, and has an unlimited right on Ashtord and Steep Commons, and is now in the occupa- tion of Mr. R. M. baker, the proprietor, except about nine acres, lett on lease to Mr. J. Meeres for a term of 21 years, of which 17 Will be unexpired at Michaelmas" next.— This very valuable and desirable" estate liesaout two miles, from Peters- field, nine from Alton and Alresford, and 18 from Fa in ham ( all good market towns),' in a vale charmingly rural and ro- mantic, in a good sporting country abounding with game, and has a good trout stream running through the garden, tiroi the turnpike road from Portsmouth to Alton and Farriham runs through the estate, about half a mile from the dwelling* h use. The lands are in the highest state of cultivation, having been exclusively occupied by the several proprietors upwardsof 100 years past, are exceeded by none in point of fertility, and deservedly classes with the first farms in Hamp- shire. The buildings, gates, and fences on the farm are in excellent repair and condition.— About 1 a acres of the above farm are Freehold, « ix acres Leasehold for 1000 years, and the remainder Copyhold of Inheritance ( nearly equal to free- hold) under the several Manors ofEastmeon and Asbford; and the Land- tax of the whole is redeemed.— The Tithes of that part of. the farm lying in the parish of Steep are held by Lease for 21 years, at 18/., of which 12 years will be unex- pired at Michaelmas next, at which time possession of the farm will- be given. For a view of the estate apply to Mr. Baker, the proprietor, and for furth r particulars to C. J. Hector, solicitor, Peters- field, where a plan of the estate mxy be seep. [ 1G09 ISLE OF WIGHT, npo be SOU") by AUCTION, at the Hotel in 1 EAST COWES, on Thursday the 16th of June instant, at eleven o'cl ; ck,— The undeimenrioned VESSELS : A beautiful modelled Hull, 33 tons per admeasurement, called the FRIED LAND, constructed for fast sailing, nearly new, with the following Materials in separate lots, in prime condition : 3 imsts, & topmasts, » yards, ,1 anchors, 2 cables, . and a hawser; 12 sails, standing and running rigging, 10 tons . of small pig iron ballast, 24 oars, and a variety of ordnance stores. Captured from the French by his Majesty's, revenue . cutters, Fox and Sea Gull, and condemned in the High Court of Admiraltv. I The good Cutter, SOPHIA, of Weymouth, 5 years old, S1 tons per register,, built for pleasure, with all her Tackle, Apparel, and Furniture complete, and in excellent condition, several of the sails quite new. never having been bent. Her construction is roomy, and sails fast, and is in all respects well calculated for a Passaere or Pilot Vessel, or for Burthen. The new strony- built Barge, NORRJS CASTLE, 27 tons per register, with two Masts, a fixed Boiypptit and Cabin f forward. This vessel is particularly adapted for Stone Cargoes, or a Coaster between the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Portland, and the neighbouring ports, or the Spithead service,, an^ will t carry 40 tons. fiBM I For Inventories, and a sight of the Vessels and their Mate-, rials, apply to Mr. Wsi. SMITH, Auctioneer, East Cowes. ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TUCKER and PITTIS, at the Bagle Inn, in Newport, < m Saturday the 2d day of July, 1808', at five o'clock in the afternoon,— The under- mentioned very valuable ESTATES, hi two Ixjts: Lot 1,— A Cottage or Tenement, Barn and Stable, and about 35 acres of Arable and three acres of Meadow Land, called New Park, ( with a right of common upon Alvington Common for 20 beasts and 100 sheep) ; situ ited in the parish* of Carisbrook,, in the Isle of Wight, adjoining- Parkhurst Forest, about two miles from thc? t9wn of Newport, and now in. the occupation of Elizabeth Chiverton, as tenant from year to year. This Estate is Leasehold, for a term of S39 years, at the yearly rent of 11. Ss. Lots.— Three closes of Arable Land, containing together about 19 acres, situate near GunviUe; in the said parish of Carisbrook, in the occupation of Joseph Starke, a, tenant from year to year. This Estate is Leasehold, tor a term of 1000 years, at the yearly rent of 51. [" 18da For further particulars apply to Mr. Red path, solicitor, Bath; or to Messrs.- Clarkes and Sewell, Newport, Isle of Wight; and for a view of the Estates to tlie respective tenants. Singularly advantageous AGlilCUUTURAC LEASE, with immediate Possession. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. Mnxsr, at JL Garraway's Coff'eel- house, Cbfrthill, London',' on Thurs- day the 23d of June inst. at twelve o'clock.—' The unexpired Term of upwards of TWENTY- ONR YEARS, being the remainder of a term of 39 years, at a very low rent, of about 450 Acres of verv rich MARS H LAND, the greater part tythe- free, desfrabTyslRiate on the boieter ' of the Severn, within halt' a mile of the capital town of Cardiff, Glamorganshire. Besides, the - local ad vintages resulting iron: the commanifthis situa- tion has of the great cattle fairs in South Wales, and Inex- haustible fertility of. thesoil, the . lessee is not restricted from ploughing up and converting any. part of it te) tillage: the advantage ' thi- occupier will derive in consequence wiil- be immense, as the faoility of water- carriage will enable bin* to supply the Bristol market, as well as others of great respej. ta- . bii'rty in'Jh< jnors inland'parts of the Western counties. & fcy, bc, vie-. wed]. y iy> plkation. taMt. Win. Uftjoun, land- srrvevo'r, Rumney Great house,* or Mr.- VYilliairt Evans, of Pairwater, both near ' Canl'tO', c'- f whom particulars, may be had; particulars also at the Busli, Rr- stol; George, Bridge- water; Beaiit'err Arms, Monmouth; King's Head,' Gloucester;' New In « y Hftef> rlLamb, UatlWj. Vjtiiito Hart, Salisbuty ; Three Crowns, Leicester; at Garraway's; and of Mr.- Munn, t Walbcoos., London. ' [ 17li RINGWOOD, HANTS. rT", 0 be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN- CRAK- A STON, in the Market- place, Ringwood, on Wednesday the loth of June inst. at twelve o'clock,— A good TIMBER- CARRIAGE, witb Gin and Rope ; a narrow- wheel Waggon; a broad- wheel Dung Cart; a Lade Cart; a pair of Drags, three Harrows^ a thirty- round Ladder; a new Fan and Stocks ; a pair of Trace Harness ; and an aged Cart Horse. [ 1840 RINGWOOD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv JOHN CRAN- STON, on Wednesday the 29th day of June, 1808, at five o'clock, at- the Red Lion Inn, Ringwood, ( unless pre- viously disposed of. by private contract, of which due notice will be given),— The following FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in three Lots: Lotl.— A good brick and tiled Dwelling- house, situate Ringwood, containing a good front shop, 21 feet by 11 ; « •• parlour, hall, under- ground csllar, aiyi five bed rooms; adjoining. the same are four large store- rooms, of good height and of nearly those dimensions, viz. one 24 ft. by 11, one 30 ft. by 9 ft. , from And'- ver, ijj from Winchester, and 9 from Basingstoke, ail: good mark- 1 towns. Further particulars will be given out prior tft sale, and in the mean time may. be had of Mr. Fait'nSull, orMr. Moodham, solicitors, Winchester. [ 1715 Apply at the F; rm for a view of the premises. The Growing Crop to be taken to by the purchaser of the Farm, at the valuation of indifferent persons to be named by the parties, and immediate possession to be given. N. B. The Farming Stock will be sold by Auction on the following davs, of* which further particulars will be given. Genteel, neat, r. itil modern Household Furniture, in hig h preservation, CHILEAND, NEAR WINCHESTER. IX) be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, A by Mr. MRCEV, on Wednesday the 15th of June, 1808, and following days, precisely at twelve o'clock,— All the truly neat and genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, two Cows, a single- horse Cha'- se, two Carts, add other valuable Effects, the property of M^ w Sabine, . quitting her residence at Chil- land; comprising a very neat drawing- room suite of rich printed cotton ; syfa, charts and cushions to correspond:; handsome chimney, pier, and dressing glasses ;, Turkey, Brussels, Wil- ton, and Venetian carpets ; four- post aud tent bedsteads, with handsome. printed cotton and dirr. vty hangings; capital sea- soned bordered goose feather beds ; mattresses ami bedding ; a singularly fine toned piano forte, with additional keys, by Tomkinson ; pair of globes ; books; China and rich cut glass ;• in mahogany are a handsome cellaret sideboard, set of ( lining tables with shifting leaves, wardrobes, chests of drawers, card, Pembroke, sofa, loo, library, dressing, and night tables, chairs and bason stands ; culinary articles ; poc- ket of hops; quantity of bacon; iron- bound casks; and va-' rions furniture, which trill be expressed in catalogues. To be viewed two days preceding the sa. whtu catalogues may be had at the Swan, Alresford; on the premises ; arid of ! fhe Auctioneer, Winchester. N. B. The cows, chaise, carts," and pigs, will Wsald in the first day's sale.' £ 1543 HANKERTON INCLOSURE. WE the Commissioners appointed in and bv a certain Act of Parliament, lately passed, for inclosing Lands in the parish of Hankerton, in the county of Wilts, do hereby give notice that we intend to hold our first meeting at the house of Isaac Spencer, known by the name or sign of the White Lion, at Maimesbury,, in the said county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, on Monday the 27th day, of June instant, for the purpose of executing the powers in us vested in and by the said Act, and also in and by a certain Act of Parliatne'nt made in the forty- first year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for Consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually inserted in Acts of In closure, and for facilitating the mode of proving the se'. eral facts usually required on the passing of such Acts;" at which said meeting ( or at our second meeting, to be hereafter appointed,) all persons having or claiming any right of common, or other right or interest in or upon the several open commorts, commonable lands, and waste grounds, or either of them, by the send first mentioned Act intended to be inclosed, are required to delive'r or cause to be delivered to us, or one. of us, an account or schedule in writing, signed by them or their respective husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, or agents, of such their respective rights or claims, and therein describe the lands and grounds, and the respective messuages, lands, tenements, aud hereditaments, in respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any and which of such rights in and upon the same, or any part thereof, with the name or names of the person or persons then in the actual possession thereof, and the particular computed quantities of the same respectively, and of what nature and extent such right is, and also in what, rights, and for what estates and interests they claim the same respec- tively, distinguishing the freehold from the copyhold or leasehold ; or' on non- compliance therewith every of them making default therein will ( as far only as respects any claim so neglected to be delivered) be totally barred and excluded of and from all right and title in or upon such lands and grounds so to be divided respectively, and of and from all benefit and advantage in or to any share or allotment thereof: and we do further give notice, that it is our intention at the said first meeting to appoint a Banker, or some other person, to be approved of by a majority in value oY the proprietors who may be present, to receive and pay all such sums of money as shall be directed to be raised and paid under and by Virtue* of the said Acts or either of them. Dated the 6th day of June, 1808. JOHN WM. B1EDERMANN, 182S] ROBERT WRIGHT HALL. SOMERSET. Shepton- Mallet Association J'or preventing Robberies anil Tiiejts, protection of the Persons and Property, of the Clothiers of the said To ten, and Vicinity, members of this Association, and for prosecuting Offenders. AT a Meeting of the Clothiers whose Names are hereunder written, held at the George Inn, in Shcpton- Mallet, on the 6th day of May, 1808, it was proposed and unanimously agreed on, that an ASSOCIATION should be established lor the above purposes under the following REGULATIONS. 1. That Mr. W. B. Mo ROAM and Mr. W. PUBLEWENT shall be Treasurers of this Association, and Messrs. HYATT and MASKSLI., Solicitors. • 2. That each Member or Firm, upon entering into this As- sociation, shall pay into the hands of the Treasurers, such sum as shall be deemed and agreed by the Memb'rs to be a proper proportion of the fund intended to be established, and a further ratable amount as often as snch fund shall be re- duced to £ 30, of which the Treasurers shall give notice, call a meeting, and produce their accounts. a. That such agreed subscription, and power of raising any further sum by a ratable proportion, shall be binding on ail the Members or Firms for or. e year, and shall in no case be altered but at an annual meeting, when only any resolution may be altered, amended, or enlarged, as shall appear proper to the Subscribers. 4. That this fund shall be liable to the charges of printing, advertising, apprehending, and prosecuting any person or per- sons who shall rob, or feloniously steal, defraud, embezzle, or purloin any material, implement, m chinery, or property connected with the Trade o: any Member of this Association. 5. Tout a Committee shall be appointed annually, consist- ing of the Treasurers and not less than three of the Members of thS Association; and that in the first week in May a general meet ng shall be convened by the Treasurers for that purpose, and also lor audit, ng their accounts, receiving subscriptions, and other necessary business. fi. That the Treasurer or any two of the Committee shall be empowered to call a meeting, whenever the business of this Society sh - 11 require it, 7. That the Committee for the ensuing year shall consist of Mr. Alexander Tate, Mr. F. B. Morgan, and Mr. T. Green, junior. 8. That the sharef belonging to prose- cutois, Members of this. Association, of " the rewards { if any allo wed by Act- oj Parliament, or of the rewards h- reby offered, sh ill be paid to or retained by the Treasurers in aid of the general fund. 9. That no compromise with offenders shall be allowed on any pretence whatever. 10. That these rules and articles shall be printed, and a copy sent to each Member, and the same shall also be insi rt- ed in the Bath, S,. rura, and Shefborne papers, aud copies posted up in the most conspicuous parts of all the Clothing Towns in Somersetshire and Wiltshire. That for the mote effectually protecting the property of the Members of this Association from depredation, the following Rewards, independent of those allowed by Act of Parliament ( if any), shall !> e paid by the Tie . surers to the person who shall give information upon Oath of the person or persons guilty of the following offence^, in case iuch information shall be succeeded by conviction. Setting fire to, or attempting to set fire to any factory, mill, dye- house, stove, or building belonging, to any Member of this Association, in which any part of the business of a clothier is carried on, 5oi. Stealing of wool, yarn, or cloth, in any state, 201. Buying or receiving any stolen or embezzled go6ds, wares, implements, ihachinery, or material as before recited, know- ing them, to be stolen, 21) 2. Breaking into any factory, mill, or work- room in the night season, ' J() i. Assault or ill usage of any Member, or any or either oi their respective families, servants or workmen. injheir severe) occupations, work, or manufacture, or in Consequence ol the same, 20i.' Stealing tny other ingredient, material, tool, machine, oj implement whatever used in or necessary to the manufacture of woollen cloth,- or embezzling the. same when intrusted therewith, 1 Of. Destroying or injuring any- racks, engines, looms, ma- chinery, or material contained in or upon the premises nt ar.) Member of this Association, or in the of any of hi: workmen, 10L Jenkins and Green. William Purleweat; Cooper, Millard, and William Serlc. Coopers. William Hyatt. Alexander Tate. Siunucl Norman. F. Morgan and Sort. Matthew Davy. 1/ 56] Mdtgariand Kosstter. J. B. Cary aud Co. Wednesduy's and Iliiirsday's Posts. FILOM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF JUNE ?. WAR- OrrtcE, Jane 7. SIXTIETH Regiment of Fool.— Major- Genetal William Dowueswell, from the 8Gth FoOt, to he Lieutenant- Colonel, vice Drummond, who ex- changes. BREVET.— Colonel Wtn, Munro, on llalf- pay of the Caithness Legion, to be Major- General in the Army; Lieu tenant- Colonels F. Delaval, on Half- pav of the. Inde- pendents, and J. Palo, on Half- pay of the 9Sth Foot, to be Colonels in the Army; Brigade- Major J, C. Smith to be Major in the Army. His Majesty has been pletisod to appoint the undermen- tioned Officers of the Fast India Company's Forces to take rank by Brevet in his Majesty's Army in the East Indies only, as follows: — Colonels G. Roberts, U. Vigors, A. Brown, R. Croker, G. Wahab, S. Watson, R. Rayne, R. Maean, G. Hardy man, " 1". Leigh ton," F Tori- ens, C. La- lauele, i. Kerr, " and 11. Gore, to be Major- Generals; 18 Lieutenant- Colonels to be Colonels ; and 58 Captains to he Majors. MEMORANDUM,— Lieutenant'Benjamin Heazle, - of the 3d Foot, is superseded, he having deserted. The appointment of Lieutenant Sparks in the South Hants Regiment of Militia, as inserted ill a former Ga- Stftte, ka; not taken place. Advices from Gottenhurgh to the 31st ult. were re- ceived yesterday. They were brought by the Clyde frigate, Capt. Owen, which is returned to Yarmouth, after having lauded at Gottenburgh 130,000/. for the use of the King of Sweden. Our expedition was still waiting the return of • Colonel Murray, and Admiral Keats was about to remove the fleet to a greater distauee from Gottenburgh, in order to be in readiness to proceed upon any service upon which he might be ordered, without further loss of time. The Snake sloop of war was to sail with a convoy for Leith on the following day, on board of which are the Danish pri- soners taken from oil board the man of war destroyed by the Stately and Nassau.— Sir J. Saumarez had been indis- posed, but was considerably recovered. The accounts from Finland all agree in stating, that the Russians are in the utmost state oi' distress, and that in their retreat hun- dreds of them perish daily through famine and the effects of the general thaw. At seven o'clpck this morning two Spanish Noble- men, Viscount Materosa and Don Diego de lit Vega, ar- rived at the Admiralty,, attended by Capt. Hill, of the lluuiber. They came over from Spain in the Stag priva- teer, having got on board that ship from an open boat that took them from Gijon, in the province of Asturias. These Noblemen were in Madrid at the time of the in- surrection, on the 2d of Kay, and declare that 4000 French were killed, including a large. proportion of officers. They contrived to niake their escape after the insurrection, anil hastened into the province of Aslurias, which they left about the 30th of May. They assert, that one senti- ment of indignation against the French pervades Spain, but particularly ( lie provinces of Asturias and Gallicia, the inhabitants of which are in a state of insurrection against their oppressors, and ore generally, provided with arms, but are in great want of ammunition. Biscay and Catalo- nia are expected to follow the example of Asturias and Gal- lieia, as ti; e French name is detested throughout Spain. Mr. Hunter, the British Consul, having been sent pri- soner by Murat from Madrid, with orders that he should be thrown into prison at St. Andero, the people imme- diately rose und liberated llinr, and put the French Consul in prison in bis stead. A declaration of war against the 1 rench was then issued at St. Andero. Intelligence was yesterday received from Scotland, that a Danish privateer has been cruizing between the Orkneys and Shetland, and lias taken the Choice, Darnel, from Yarmouth to Quebec, with two other prizes, the names of which are unknown, and lie was still in nue « t of others. Dispatches were received yesterday by Mr. Pinckney. — They were brought by a vessel called the St. Michael.— She sailed from America the fifth, of May, with two Me- sengers, oi. e of whom she landed at L'Orient, charged with dispatches for General Armstrong at Paris; and the other was put on board the Dragon, sloop, who landed him in this country.—- The nature of the. dispatches has not transpired ; but they are believed to b" pacific. The Expedition which is preparing at Cork is un- derstood to be intended against the Spanish possessions in South America; hut whether the River Plate or the Caraceas, has not transpired. The principles upon which it is " proposed to conduct it are said to be such as hold out very confident ' expectations of its complete success. Sir Arthur Welle- ley is expected to leave ( own immediately, to t. ke the command of the troops at Cork, which are to be joined by 4000 from Ramsgate. We are sorry to hear that the disturbances in Lan- cashire have not yet entirtly ceased. No arrangement has l> een agreed upon between the weavers and the master manufacturers. The workmen still insist on an increase of six shillings and eight- pence in the pound. A considerable number are in custody on charges of riotintr, and a spee'al commission, it is expected, will be appointed to try the prisoners. Willi; CuiR.-^ Tlie last meeting for the season was held veiterday, at the "' Lo don Tavern, Mr. Alderman Combe iu the Chair, which was numerously attended. In the course of the evening, " Sir Francis Burdett, and the Independent Electors of Westminster," was drank as a toast from the Chair. THEATRE, CoVBST- GAftOTV.— Last night The TVooder was performed for the benefit of Mrs. Mattocks. Between the play and farce she delivered an address te the audience, in which she bade them farewell for ever. This season has seen the retreat of three popular Actresses, but the two former seceder; were hot so fortunate in their addresses as Mrs. Mattock', for She, despising the affectation of verse, exprcs- ed herself in a few simple sentences of plain prose. She assured the audience of the gratitude that she felt for favours continued to her during 53 years, and retired in evident agitation, conducted by Mr. Cooke, who kindly supported her during the whole uf her address. BREAD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor made an order that, the quartern loaf should be advanced a whole assize, or < Zd. per peek, making the quartern loat wheaten Is. household DREADFUL EARTHQUAKE.—' The Henrietta arrived yes- terday from St. Michael's, which sho left about a fortnight ago, and brings the unpleasant intelligence that several shocks of an earthquake had been experienced at the above Inland, which produced some voleanos The Island oi St. George bad been nearly destroyed by its ravages, and its trembling i habitants had Heel to fayell, Pico, and Ter- ceira; repeated fihocks were felt, and the voleanos left burning at the very moinput the last letters were closing for England with the " melancholy tiding*.— The buildings had all tumbled into ruins, hut the number of lives lost on this • occasion was riot ascertahred. About a fortnight since, John Wright, t! fine youth, about sixteen years of age, living in the house of Mr. Jams-, of Trebinshati, near Brecon, was seized with the hydropUvbia, which terminated his life in five or six days Ji- oui the commencement of his illness, it appears that he vri3 bitten by a dojj at Warwick, as far back as January la; t, and that nine or ten other persons were bitten by the same animal. Olt BAILFT.— On Saturday thee prisoners were capitally convicted, viz. T. King, for a street robbery; 0. Smith wid T. Ralselj two dustmen, for stealing a quantity of paper, value 20.'. out of a house where they were employed. ( in Monday JO prisoners were - tried, five of whom were capitally oonvlcted, viz. J. Welford, Sarah Rurge. Ss, Hannah Gagen,. for stealing goods froni the shops of different trade- men, S. William*, for stealing goods from a boat on the Thame- and Frances Spencer, for stealing to the amouat of t'~ 103. from a Greenwich pensioner. On Tuesday Charlej and John Brown, two men of very respectable appearance, were capitally indicted lor stealing two diamond fiilgs, and a diamond pill, tl- e property of Mr. Taylor, Jeweller, in Leadenhall- street. It appeared that the" prison- Jis want into the prosecutor's shop, o; i tbe AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. GOTTBNRDRGK, May 30. I OME persons arrived here to-< lay from Ham- burgh, which they left on the i4th Inst, state, that the last English letters which vvero'brought thither from Heligoland were not only seized, bnt the bearers of them hanged. All intercourse with England and Sweden were forbidden upon pain of death. : — f?—; r ~ 1 . HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, June 8.] The gills on the table were forwarded in their respective stages. Lord Maliou's F,< tate BUI, and several private Bills, were brought up from the Commons, and read a first time.— Adjourned. THURSDAY, June < t.]< Counsel and evidence were further heard in the case of the Banbury Peerage. On the motion of the Lord Chancellor, Major Bland's Divorce JHH, which stood for a Second reading," was re- jected,- aa the ground that he was not entitled to the favour " of the Legislature, having, prior to his wife's criminality, lived in a state of open adultery with a wojtian in the King's Bench Prison.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. • WEDNESDAY, Jane 8.] The English Hare Shooting Bill and the Loan Bill were read a second time. The Copper Duty and the Pilchards Bills Were read a third time, and passed. Mr. UuskisOon brought in a Bill to continue the Act respecting the Importation of Coals into London by inland navigation, which was read a first time. Mr. Brand presented a Petition from Major Cartwright against the Local Militia Bill. Ordered to lie on the table. In a Committee of Supply, the further sum of 68,7G? f February, atQtel- se, the Hon. •• rice of Lower Canada.— On the DIED.] On the Henry Alcack, ' Ch: 25tb Lilt. Sir Tho' Abervstwith.— On V. W. Villit- rs, sr. Monday last, i , James Evera- suddenly, C! to the Roy: Charleston,' late of C - is an encore, • which IK d , : d but Bart, of Froi. fr . itb,. ntr. r Mis; Villiers, daughter f - ord St. Jelm.— On .' r .: . infant daughter of - J t'hursday evening last, • German Professor •/.-, High Wycomb. At , ••'-/''• Mr. Woodman, :: s: he came-. by his death in burst a blood- vessel; after lays. - . .1 i IA Is i's AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. - P -': R'. AX^ IY 1-. R3ARY MBETING of the SOCIETY ' wi'l b,: hidden at the Golden Lion Inn, Southwick, on i iv the- . ' - ot June instant. Tii.' i FOLLOWING PREMIUMS ARE OFFERED; Class 1 st. ] ;, r.- e Guineas to the person who shall with snap shears v. i r two sheep in the best manner, not exceeding thirty- tbui; minutes in point of time. Two Guineas to the next best Shearer in the same way. One Guinea to the next. Candidates for these Premiums to be at the Golden Lion Inn, Southwick, on Tuesday the- 21st inst. by twelve o'clock at noon, precisely at which time the trials will commence. Class id. Five Guineas to the Labourer in Agriculture who has sup- ported the greatest number of Children ( the eldest riot exceed- ing the age of 12 years), without any or with the kast reiic from his parish. Four Guineas to the Labourer who has in like iranicr supported the next greatest number of Children. Three Guineas to the next. Two Guineas to the next. . One Guinea to the next. Candidates for these Premiums must send to the Secre- tary before the 21st of June inst. a certificate of their case, specifying the Christian name and age of each child, signed by the Minister or Overseers of the Poor of the parish, and also by a Member of this Soci » y. Class Sd. Three Guineas to the Lab » urer in Agriculture, being a housekeeper, who has served Jiis employer faithfully, and for tire longest period, or has worked on the same for the longest period. Two- Guineas to the second. One Guinea to the third. Candidates for these Premiums must send to the Secre- tary before the 21st of June inst. a written character from their master or mistress, which must be signed by the Minister of the Parish, and also by a Member of this Society. Class 4th. . Three Guineas to the Shepherd who has reared the greatest number of lambs in proportion to his flock, consisting of not less than .300 ewes. Two Guineas to the Shepherd who has reared the greatest number of lambs from not less than 200 ewes. One Guinea to the Shepherd who has reared the greatest numbei of lambs from not. less than 100 ewes; Four Guineas to the Woman who shall in the next harvest reap the greatest number of acres of wheat, not less than seven statute, acres. Three Guineas to the Woman who shall reap the next greatest number of acres, not less than five statute acres. Two Guineas to the next, not less than four statute acres. Three Guineas to the Woman who shall hoe the greatest number of acres of turnips, not less than four statute acres. Two Guineas to the Woman who shall hoe the next greatest number of acres of turnips, not less than three statute acres. Two Guineas to the next, not less than two statute acres. Certificates signed by the employer, as to the number of acres reaped, and numb.- r of acres of tnrnips hoed, and to'the work being well performed, and authenti- cated by the Minister cf the Parish, must be/ sent to the Secretary before the 1st of November next. Class 5th. Five Guineas to the person who shall produce any new in- vented or materially improved Plough, which shall be deemed superior to any before known for the common purposes of agriculture. Five Guineas to the person who shall produce any new or improved Too! or Implement which shall be fouiid to be more useful in any branch ® (- agriculture than any before known for a similar purpose, and " which can be purchased at a moderate price, so as to come within the'teach of persons occupying sm. fll farms. Clots 6th. Three Guineas to the Owner, of the best Boar of his own breed. Three Guineas to the Owner of the best Sow of his own breed. ' Ten Guineas to the person who shall produce the best lot ( ten in number.) of half- bred Marino Sheep, which, in order to ascertain their merits, are to be compared with ten South Down Sheep, in respect to quantity and quality of wool, and weight of carcase.— The. sheep to be shorn at Sbuthwick. The Society reserve to themselves the power to withhold any < f the premiums, if there appear not to be sufficient merit in the claim, or to give such part only of any premium as the candidate shall in their judgment deserve. All Members whose Subscriptions : re in arrear are most earnestly requested to pay the same previous to the 21st inst. 1S35J By order of tbe Cofnmutee, W. W. MAID MAN, Sscjstary. HPI- 1E GRAND STATE LOTTERY, which JL begins drawing June 28, is the only Lottery that ever contained SIX PRIZES of £'.<> 0,000. Tic SCHEME. 6 Prizes of XJ.- 0,000 are £. 1- 20,000 2 .... 10,000 20,000 1 6.000 10,000 3 2,000 .... 6,000 5 .... 1,000 .... 5,000 7 Sot) 3,500 20 .... ; ion 2,^ 00 80 . , .. 60 1,500 1,000 a- i 22,000 4,000 15 60,000 25,000 Tickets. £'. 240,000 NO FIXED PRIZE. . ...... m ,. .,^. Jn , 1 ^ I. ill London, and by their Agents in the Country. Present Price*.— Ticket £. 20 19s. Half £. V) 15 0 Quarter.. 5 S 0 Eighth . Sixteenth. • 15 1 8 STATE LOTTERY To begin Draining the SWA of THIS MONTH. Six Prizes of £ 20,000, besides others as usual of £ l0,000, £ 5,000, £- 2,000., Sec. to. CWIFT and CO. No. 11, Poultry, and No. 1'.', kj Charing- Cross, are selling the Tickets and Shafts of she above Lottery, t. i begin drawing on the 2tfth of June. The Scheme contains the same number of Tickets as the last Lot- tery, with . double the number of TWENTY THOUSANDS, a circumstance never before known in so small a Lottery. The following Prizes were sold in shares atSwiFT and Co's Offices in the. last Lottery, viz. No. 8,82: a Prize of .£- 20,000 No. 8,895 a Prize of £ 1,000 8,417 1,000 10,231 1,000 No. H,; J87 a Prize of .£ 1,000 13, tS5 1,000 4,884 500 also in the preceding six months, No. 11,070, Prize of 20,000i.; No. 184, Prize of 10,000Z.; No. 5,8f) 9, No. 15,078, and No. 17,624, Prizes of 1,000/.; with others of 500.'. to. to. Tickets and Shares may also be purchased of Swift's and Co.' s Agents in all the principal Towns. ' [ 17P7 THIRTY. THOUSAND IWJNDsTn" PAID to the Public for large capital Prizes sold in Shares last Lottery, wh'ch is ten thousand pounds more than was sold by any other office in London, viz. No. 10,90!), £'- 20,000, and No. 7,2- 27, £ 10,000; each of which were really sold to the public in a quarter, two eighths, and eight sixteenths, at J. WARNER'S FORTUNATE OFFICE, No. 16, CORNWLL, LONDON; Who returns thanks to the Nobility, Gentry," and the Public, at lar. se, for the very conspicuous preference he received, and flatters himself he shall experience a continuance. of their ! a- vours, as Dame Fortune has so'abundantly bestowed her be- nefits from his office. TICKETS and SHARES are now 011 Sale for the STATE LOTTERY, TVhich begins Drawing ° 8th JUNE, 1808. The SCHEME contains a greater number of £ 30,000 Prizes than ever was known,, viz, G Prizes of £ 20,000 2 of. £ 10,00.1 I 3 of. £ 2,000 2 of 5,000 I 5 of 1,000 Clubs, Societies, Merchants' an. l Bankers' Clerks, Coach- men, Guards and Carriers of every description, will receive a handsome allowance. Letters from the country, post peid, containing bank- notes, post- office orders,, or short dated bills, treated the same as if present. Note.— Letters containing money. must pay treble' postage. ' ' [ 1798 NHHE First- drawn Ticket, entitled to the GRANI? Jl HOTEL, in the late City Lottery, wassold, shared, and paid in full by BISH, 4, Cornhill, and .9, Charms- cross, London, who shared and sold the following Capital Prizes in the list Lotteries just finished ; 17,611 aPrize of.... £ 25,000 18,448 .. a Prize cf. .£ 5,000 21,889 6,000 4,182 , 1,000 24,557 500 5,614 500 sold and, shared at the above 18,445. 14,048 IS, 772 9 8 17. f> 66 . a Prize. of. .£ 10,000 6,000 3,000 500 :... 500 Makin.; 49 Capital Prizes Offices in the last Lottery and late year, including the twp last Prizes of 30,000/: ever drawn. TICKETS and SHAKES are selling in great variety at BISH's Offices, for the Lottery that begins the 2Sth of next month, the scheme of which contains Six Prizes of 20,000/. besides the usual number of other Capital and Small Prizes. » #* Persons in the country, sending their orders ( post or carriage, paid) accompanied with good bills, bank notes, or post- office orders, may receive Tickets or Shares the same as if present. , [ 16B » ~ ISLE OF WIGHT / " HPO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A 1 beautiful and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MEDHAM, situated in the parish of Northwopd, in the Isle of Wight; consisting of an exceeding good Dwelling- house, having on the ground- floor a large drawing- room, dining- room,'' library, and housekeeper's- room, with cellaring under; five best bed- rooms on the fi.- st floor, with four capital servants' rooms in the attics; an excellent detached kitchen, with laundry, two servants' rooms, and a loft over it; dairy, wash and brewhouse, and other offices ; barn, carriage- house, cart- houses, stabling, granary, to. ; a labourer's cottage, built of stone.— The Dwelling- house . stands nearly in the centre of the propertv, which consists of 125 Acres ( in a ring fence)' of Pasture, Meadow, Arable, Wood, and Garden Ground, com- manding a good view of the entrance of Cowes Harbour, Whippingham Church, and the beautiful River Medina, from its entrance nearly to Newport. The ' property is situated nearly midway between West Cowes and Newport, and extends from the high road down to the River, 011 which th.' re is a bathing- house and a quay, which is just built, with good landing at all times. The I louse has been nearly new- furnished within the last six months, at a constdcrable- expence, which the purchaser is expected to take at a fair valuation, together with the Live anil Dead Farming Stock and Growing Crops.— The whole includes one of the most desirable and beautiful properties in the island: Land- tax re- deemed. For further'particulars/ apply ( if by letter, post paid) to CharlesDruce, Esq. solicitor, Billiter- squ^ re, Lcndon, where the title deeds and a plan of the Estate may be seen. The Estate may be viewed by application to Farmer Davis, . at Somerton, near West Cowes.— Possession may be had at Midsummer. [ 175- 2 " BERKSHIRE. ~~ " , DELIGHTFUL FREEHOLD VILLA, with forty acres of LAND, tythe free, land tax redeemed, with immediate possession, to be SOLD by PRIVATE CON- TRACT, by Mr*. HISCOCK ; comprising a genteel residence on the ground floor, an entrance, hall, breakfast and dining parlours, drawing room 16 by 17 feet, water and other clo- sets, ten bed roofns, two stair cases, under- ground beer and wine cellars attached, lofty kitchen, dairy, larder, brewhoust, outhouses, and domestic offices ; the whole singularly con- venient, and well supplied with excellent water; with a lawn, shrubbery, pleasure ground, and ornamental timber, judi- ciously laid oiit; cold bath, fish pond well stocked; excel- lent kitchen garden and orchard, with a variety of luxuriant and singularly prolific walled and other fruit trees ; together with a'double coach house, stabling for fourteen' horses, barn, granary, cow- houses, piggery, and great- conveniences, with 40 acres ( more or lasS) of excellent pasture and arable Land, in the highest state of cultivation, most conveniently connected, and divided by live mounds in the greatest per- fection. The whole of which Estate is in the completest state of repair, presenting a truly healthy and comfortable residence to the gentleman' fond of the natural amusement of farming, retirement, or the society of the most respectable neighbouring ; pleasantly situated on an easy declivity, nearly central between London and Bath ; a convenient dis- tance from the' Bath and other high roads, five miles from Newbury, and four from Hungerford ; abounding with game and field sports, immediately in the hunt of the first packs of fox hounds in the kingdom. The modern and exceeding neat HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE ( except Plate and Linen), with Fixtures, live and dead Farming Stock, to be taken- to at a fair valuation. Personal and post paid applications for purchase, or further particulars, to Mr. Hiscock, Stroud- green, Newbury, will be duly attended t ® . fl .527 70K SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, free . of great Tythes, and exonerated from Land Tax,— 1.— The Three several FARMS, in Rowde, in the county of Wilts, following: viz.— A complete Dairy Farm, called Smithick Farm ; comprising a convenient farm- house, with all necessary and appropriate buildings for carrying on busi- ness; and several closes of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, lying in a ring fence, containing about 196 acres, of which 39 are" afable. 2.— A good Dairy Farm, called Durlett Farm ; comprising also a convenient farm- house, With all requisite buildings; and several closes of arable, meadow, and pasture land, lying contiguous thereto, containing about 106 acres, of which 20 acres are " table. 3.— A » ( less Tenement; comprising four closes of excel- lent meadow and pasture land, Contairvng 37 acres, and one close cf arable containing* acres,' all lying together hear the Bath road, and adjoining the Rennet and Avon Canal. The premises are capable of great improvement, the poor lands of Smithick Farm bordering on the Kcnnett and Avon Canal; and the whole may be entered upon at Lady- day next. For further - particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. Knight, Auctionsw, Devizes; if by letter, free of postage. [ 1599 - a- o" 1 aesnay tnc - jist nayot June, I SOS, in the afternoon, at the Old Antelope Inn, it: subject to the conditions then to be produced. Lot 1.— All that MESSUAGE otOWEf rP° be S0LD b>' AUCTION, at the Old Antelope A Inn and Hotel, POOLE, on Thursday the 16th of June inst. at three o'clock, ( if not disposed of bv private contract ot which notice will be given),— The entire CARGO ot the Ship APOLLO, Charles Walker, Mast.- r, from fit w Jiruns- 1 w- ick ; consisting of Sixtv Piccis of PINE TIMBER About 40,000 Feet Inch Pine Boaid, id, 000 I'eet Pine Plank, 2 Pine Masts, 1 ditto Bowrnrit, 11 Spruce Spars, 11 Cords , I. ath wood, 11,000 Feet Scantling, Catalogues of which will be delivered in due time at the OfBo* °<_ J. BK1STOWE & Co. BKOKGHS. npo he SOLD by AUCTION, bv J. BKISTOWF, • on Tuesday. the 21st dayof June, 1803, . at three o'clock in Poole, Dorset, d. ' - - iLLINGrHOUSE and SHOP, now occupied bv Mr. G. N. Allen, ironmonger ' ami Anchorsmth, fronting Huh- street, in Poole, and the Countinghouse and several Workshops and Storehouses behind the same, communicating with . each other and also with Cinnamon- lane; which premises are extensive, and have been hscd for a great number of years in the Ironmra" uv trade and manufacture, comprising the branches of White- smith, Gun smith, Tin- platt- worker, and- Brazier;' and arc very desirable premises for the Ironmongery or any other tiade or manufacture. Lot 2.— All that extensive BUILDING now used as an Anchor- smith's Workshop, with the small Dwelling- house and a Store attached thereto, situate on the Quav. 01 Pooie. @ C9" Kotb the above lots are Freehold of Inheritance Lot 3.— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- MOUSE occupied^ by a workman of the said G. N. Allen, and the Smith's Shop and Garden adjoining thereto, siruate at Ham- worthy, near Poole : held by Lease from Sir John Webb fi r 99 years, determinable 011 the death cf three lives, and renew, able for ever upon a fine certain. Lot 4— All the Estate and Interest of the said G, N. Allt- n of and in a Close or Piece of. GROUND taken in from the Waste, situate at Selldovvn, ueaf Poole; and also the Bon erected thereon. Lot 5.— All these three several MESIJAGES cr DWEL- LING- HOUSES, and a Mill- house, Storehouse, and Work- shop ( all under one roof), and two Gardens, situate at Paris-, stone, about two miles from Poole, upon a fine stream of' water, sufficient for a grist- mill oranv factory requiring power by water, and also a Mill erected . on the said'stream, and new- used for grinding edge- tools, with the Mill- ponds and ether appurtenances to the said premises belonging ; and also s x acres of Moorv Ground, situate iw » r the sar. lpr. mises. All the Premises contained in this lot are held by Lease or Licence from Sir- John Webb for 99 v. are, determinable on the death of three lives', and are renewable for ev. v. Not; .— The purchaser of lot 1 may have the STOCK in TRADE of Mr. G. N. Allen upon a valuation. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Lodge; and for further particulars to T. Parr, attorney, Poole; or to Mr. G. Kemp, or the auctioneer. fl? 70 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. HEREAS the Trustees of the first District of Road mentioned and set forth in and by " An Act " for repairing and widening the Road from Rowd< ,' ord ti. " Red Hill, and from Chittoc Heath to the Town of Cslne, " ill the County of Wilts," at their Meeting, held at thc Castle Inn, in Devizes, in the said county, on Friday the lath day of May instant, pursuant to due notice gi'- en for that purpose, put up to FARM, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his M'; . : y King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Ro » ' TOLLS arising at. the Toll Gate called on k- . me name of Sandy Lane Gate, upon the • -: cl ' • .>• (, f Road, at the sum of one hundred. incty po'i- i!:, p- the sum the said ' foils pipducrei in the i.-. st y • „,,- - ol i! e expellees. of collecting the same, hot' 110 pets, r. ofler i to bid for the same: Notice ' s therefore nertbygi,- n, pmsuart to the dif. ections'in the said -. el, tbut tuc ,- iid POL'S wi' LETT by AU. TtON, to t'. • st '. id. lcr at the ho William Halcomb, called the Black bear, in Dei;?.- said, on Wednesday the I5t: J- v > Urn • next, b hours of three and five in t.- moon; a Tolls will be put up at such sum, and in the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best bidder . time give security, with saffici'" t sureties, • of the Trustees of the said first Disfri: t of it . !, t, of the rent agreed for, at such times as they shaf \ By order of the Trust. - s, ' j 1 Dated May 14, 1803. EDWARy 1 , GS, O , Devizes Consolidated Turnpike Tolls to Lett. HEREAS the Trustees of the Devizes Conso- lidated Turnpikes, at their Meeting held at the Castle Inn, in Devizes, in the county of Wilts, on Friday the lath day of May inst. pursuant to due notice given for that pur- pose, put up to farm, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating turnpike roads, the Tolls arising at the several Toll Gates upon the said roads, known W the name of the Seend Gate, Rowde Gate, the Green Gat^, Nursteed Gate, and Potterne Gate, at the sum of two thousand nine hundred and twenty- five pounds, being the sum the said Tolls produced in the last year, clear of the expences of fcollecting the same, but no person offered to bid for the same:— NOTICE is therefore hereby given, pursuant to the directions in the said Act, that the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of William Halcomb, called the Black - Bear Inn, in Devizes aforesaid, on Wednesday the 15th day of June next, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, and that the said Tolls will be put up at such sum and in such manner as the Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike road, for payment of the rent agreed- for at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, r17^ 5 Dated May 14, 1808. EDWARD INGS, Clerk. WESTBURY TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Trustees meet at the Abingdon Arms Inn, in Wcstl. ury, on Tuesday the aistdayof June next, at one o'clock in the after- noon, to LEASE or FARM LETT all the TOLLS, granted by an Act lately passed, " for continuing the term arid enlarg- ing the powers of two Acts passed for amending the Road from Purgate to Latchet's- bridge, and other Road? therein described," in the county of Wilts, as far as the same reb. tes to the first district therein mentioned; and for amending ether Roads near adjoining the said Roads;" arising at the Gates undermentioned, or either of them. Whoever happens to take the same, must at the time and place abovementioned give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such- times as they shall direct. " Yarnbrook Gates'.— Bratton Pound Gate, with the side Gate at Bratton ; Warminstcr- Lane Gates, with - the side Gate at Holorne's- Lane; Leigh Gates, with the side Gate in Penleigh- Lane; Clevey Gate, with the side Gates at Dilton Marsh. ° By order of the Trustees, STEP. BROWN, Cletk and Treasurer. LEIOII, May 26, isos. [ 1670 IVTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising 1 1 at the under- mentioned Gates within the Shaftesbury District, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder; at the Town- hall, in Shaftesbury, on Thursday the 16th day of June next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, in the manner- directed by the Act'of Parliament, passed in the 13th year of the reign of Ijis present Majesty, " for / egulating Turr. p''; e Roads," ( such letting to commence from the 20th d'y ,.£ June next, and to be for the space of one year), vvhic'n "„ ]) s produced the last year the several sums following, a' awe the expences of collecting them, and will be put at. the same sums respectively; viz. East Gate, with the stop and side Gates belonging, ,-£' 317 7 0, West Gate, with the. Locks- lane Gate, p,> 0 0 Knoyle Gate, 0 0 . Whoever happens to be the best bi titer, must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, tq the satisfaction of the'trustees of the said roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. p60o SHAFTESBURY,."! WM. WHITAKER, • 20th May, 1.808. f Clerk to the said Trustees. rpHOSE Cases that, yielded last year to th" I c icf'ci 1 1 effects of SPILSBL'R I S . PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, a remedy of th , cv years ai/ d upwards in repute for the Cure of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, Scrophuia, Nervous Irritations, and obstructed Circulation rf Bile, fee. will find it necessary at this period of the ye ir to recur again to the use of this medicine, in older to prevent the system again bcin"- visited by a return of the old complaints. This medicine is now sold in boues of 5s. 6i.; double bottles 105.; and larger U. 2s. duty included, huv. ng ilia words— By the King's Patent — expressed on thr. bo:: le, of directions, and outside wrapper. The King's duty uiso ,•) printed in black ink. An allowance of 6V. in ea. e: bottle . u taking half a dozen. [ 1416 Sold at the Printing Offi-. e, Salisbury, T H E S A L I S B U R Y A N D W I N C H E S T E R J O U R N A L, Sunday's Post.- - By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, FUBLIS::£ D OX SATURDAY NIGHT, JUNE 11. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, June 11. ETTF. RS from Vice- Admiral Sir J. Sauroarez, K. 3. Commimder in Chief of his Majesty's - J sh>< and vessels in the Baltic, contain an laclosure from Lieut. Price, acting Co . » » •: rnder of the Falcon sloop of war, dated off Samsot, May 15,' stating that on the 2gth of the preceding month, in working up to the station assigned him, be perceived nine pretty large boats on the shore of the island of Eadelau, and as troops were seen at the same time, three boats were dispatched from the Falcon, and , lrcecded in destroying eight out of the nine. At the island of T'hunoe, six other small craft were destroyed without any resistance.— Also a Letter from Lieut. Lucas, coirrmandins the Swan- cutter, dated off Born- hclin, May 24, relating that he had tfvit day chaced aoii attacked a Danish cutter.; and the enemy attempt- ing to get a long gun in her stern to bear on the Swan, she .'/ as ca ight in the wind, which enabled the Swan to get within musket- shot, and after an action of 20 acmates, she blew dp, and sunk. From the state of the weather, See. Lieut. Lucas was under the necessity of quitting the wreck, without saving the lite one' ot h; r crew. The Swan dicl not lose a man. WAR OFFICE, J tint 11. 10th Beg. of Foot.— Major R. Bites from the ( iotii Foot, to be Major. '. Hit Ditto — Brevet Lieut. Col. W. Armstrong, from Half- pay of his Recruit ing Corps, to be Major. 2~ th Ditto.— Major J. Maclean to be Lieut. Colonel. 50th jy- uo.— Major — Bayley, from tbe 8tli fiairison Batt. to be Major. 1 ooth Di'i >.— Major G. Taylor, from the 1st West India Re: f. to be Major. lit If'est India Reg.— Capt. the Hon. G. IT. C. Caven- dish, from the " th Light Dragoons, to be Major. 8th Garrison liitt.— Captain John Earl of Waldcgrave, from the 7th Li, lit Dragoon-, to be Major. GARRISON.— C aptain ,!. Delgarno, of the Isle of Wight Militia, to be Captain of Yarmouth Ca- tlc. ' C. nmi'i,< inns in the ' id JS- attalion of Dorset Volunteer Infantry, signed bff the Lord Lieutenant. Edward Squire, Gent, to be Lieutenant.— William Voss and Henry Andrew;, Gents, to be En'Sgtuj. Commissions signed by the Ijord Lieutenant of Hants. Gosyort and Al'ccrstohe Battalion oj Volunteer Infrntry.— W. C. Hurry and )•'. Hector, Gents, to he Ensigns. Portsmouth Battalion iif Light. Infantry.— J. 0. Mot- th*\ and R. Burbev, jun. Ksqrs. to be Captains.— W. Kllis, juo. * i", T. Sharp, and I. Mottley, Gents, to be First Lieu- tenants.— J. He'ljer, Gent, to be Second Lieuteuaut. —— oMri*—— I! Ah" KKHPTS. Cornelius f'harttoil, of K • . FarlcigU, yeoman. li'eiihtS Ciit; i, ni Liviipoil, t em- im reliant. The.;. I! ii, b': ii. nf Liverpool, whic and spirit- merchant. Jolin Aston, of Ma'. ir. h':: ter. liquor- mcmilianl. y h, ol \ htrv. le- i;< iiie, mu.; Lcal- histn\ ir. ent-, n> alter. B. Willi '. ins and It. eie. k- nthorp, ol" St. Sivitlien's- lam;, merchants. HOUSE OF LORDS. FRIDAY, June 10.] The Rev. Air. Massey's Divorce Bill was read a second time. Tbe Orders in Council Act Amendment Bill, and Irish Glebe House Bill, went through a Committee.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY. June 10.] Mr. Chaplin presented a petition against the Stipendiary Curate's Bill.— Laid on the table. Mr. Campbell presented a petition from the Freeholders and Commit iom- r. s of Supply in the county of Dumbarton, in favour of di filiation from sdgar.— Laid on the table. Mr. Secretary Canning brought down a Mer- sagfe from his Maje- tv, staling that the Sovereign luid Concluded a treaty of Subsidy and alliance with his Sicilian MJ^ estv; the treaty would he laid before the House, and. toe King tin ted that his iathfnl Commons would enable him to fulfil tbe same, Mr. Canning presented a copy o^ the treaty, which was ordered to be taken into con idciiuion in a Commute of Supply on Monday. Mr. Hose brought in a Bill to regulate the Brazil trade, which was read a first time. Mr. flu.' Kisson brought in a Bill more effectually to. sup- pre s smuggling, which was read a first time. Mr. Skeriflan e notice, that oil Monday be should make a motion relative, to the situation of Spain, Mr. Sker'dan. moved for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Licencing Act, so as to relieve the publicans from de- pending entirely on the caprice of the Magistrates. He took occasion to notice a formidable combination of noble- men and gentlemen,' at this moment leagued together to force an arbitrary price on posting. They might with equal propriety combine to compel the taylor to make a . coat cheaper. The Chancellor of the Exchequer observed, that the bill ought to have been introduced earlier. The House could not now have time to deliberate on it. The motion was negatived without a division. The order of the day, for the third reading of the Local Militia Bdl being read, Lord Cttstlereagh offered several new clauses by way f rider. Mr. Barhain, Mr. Windham, and Sir John Newport, severely, censured this mode of proceeding; and on the Noble Lord's offering a clause for apportioning a part of the penalty for refu; ing to serve in the Local Militia to the informer, a division took place, when the clause was car- ried by 61 to 15. A clause was proposed, preventing an Ippeal by certio- rari against a conviction under the Act. Mr. Windham and Sir A. Pigot objected to the clause as out of time and unparliamentary. It was besides cruel in tbe extreme to . prevent the poor from appealing against tbe arbitrary conviction of a Magistrate. The Chancellor oj' the Excheipier defended the practice of introducing clauses on the third leaning, as perfect';/ parliamentary ; and with regard to the right of appeal by certiorari, it was conferring a boon on the poor to do it away, as they were unable to defray the expence of an ap- peal . The clause was then agreed to. A elau e being propoied for calling out the Local Militia toWppres riots, Sir F. Burdett said, he could neither approve of that clauie, nor any oth. r enactment in the fill!. The clause was unconstitutional, as it took tbe government of the country from the proper officer, tbe sheriff, and vested it in military magistrates. Mr. tf'indkam said, it was abominably absurd to destine a force, not yet embodied, to tbe suppression of riots. Mr. rVhitbrcad supported the ideas of Sir F. Burdett. Mr. 1). Cliddy defended the clause, which, on a division, was carried by 97 to 30. Several other amendments were then proposed and car- ried, when the Speaker put the question, that this' B li do pass ; when Mr. Windham, in a Tench of considerable length, opposed the motion ; and Sir F. Burdett observed, that the Bill was oppressive without energy, and subversive of the liberties of Englishmen. In tbe further progress of the debate, the Bill was sup- ported by the Secretary at War, Mr. Montague, Mr. C. Wynne, " and Mr. W. Smith. The House divided— Ayes 104— noes 26. The Bill was then passed, and the House adjourned at THKF. E o'clock. LONDON. SATURDAY EKENING, JUNE u. A Gotfcnburgh Mail arrived this morning, with' intelligence to the 3d instant inclusive. The Eng- lish expedition remain ® !, at that datp,' in, *( a. tu quo. The following is the only article of apy interest in the Swedish papers:— GoTTENBtjRqH, June 3. Yesterday arrived his Britannic Majesty's ships the Brunswick and Fklgar ; at the same time a convoy from London, & e. reached this port. The English expedition yet remains in the harbour. We have no news to- day of any particular import, either from Finland or Norway. French papers are received to the 30th ult. Letters : from Bayonne state, that, Bonaparte had set off on the_ 22d from'that place for St. Jean de Luz, a town about ten miles to the S. W. From this it would ap- pear, that he meant to advance into Spain, and that the. state of affairs there requires his more immediate pre- sence. The King of Spain, hisQiieeii, and their mtitual favourite, the Prince of the Peace, have arrived at Fontainbleau. The passion of the deposed Monarch for hunting and shooting is well known.— Ronap. arte has accordingly provided for him suitable to his taste and his fallen fortunes: the whole of the Imperial hunting establishment is sent to Fontainbleau for his amusement. It is said a declaration will be immediately issued, explanatory of the motives and views with which the British Government espouses the cause of the patriots of Spain. The Kjokkes, Danish privateer, with men, is taken bv his Majesty's ship Ariadne, and sent into Leith. Fourteen of the privateer's men were absent in prizes.— The Ariadne lias recaptured a Swedish brig, ami sent her into Leith al^ o. An official copy of the Treaty of Subsidy and Alliance between his Britannic M ije ty and the King of the Tw> Sicilies, was laid before th House of Commons last night. It stipulates that Sicily is to be garrisoned by 10,000 Brit! h troops, and that his Sicilian Majesty is to receive, during the war, a subsidy of 300,000;. a- year, commencing from tbe date of the landing of the Russian and British troops in the Neapolitan territories. LAW.— Court of King's Bench, June 10. Winter v. Branscomb and Miles.— This was an action against the Sheriff of Middlesex for a false return of nulla bona to a ji. fe. issued by the plaintiff, who was a creditor for the " sum of 5000/. and upwards, against his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex. The question was, whether the defendant had done wrorrg in making this return, the only goods of the defendant being in the Royal Palace, at Kensington, and it being contended on the part of the defendant, tix, as a Royal Palace, the ordinary civil process of the Court could not be executed there. It Was proved, that a house- keeper was appointed and kept there by the Crown, and that all the furniture in the Palace, in which the Royal Duke had apartments, was supplied at the expence of the Crown. 1 he only goods of his Royal Highness which could jiave been seized, even if it were not a privileged place, were of very Small value, and consisted of a bod waggon, which originally cost about 30.'. two or three time pieces, a pony, a phaeton, and an old vis- a- vis.— Lord Ellenbo- roKgh left the ease to the Jury, upon tbe fact, whether this was a Royal Palace and a Royal Residence, and said it was not necessary to c institute i; as such, that his Majesty should actually sleep there, it it was provided and kept for his oeea- ional convenience.— The Jury found a verdict for the defendant. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JUNE 11 PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o' Clock, DAY, Bank Stock, 241 India Stock, shut South Sea Stock, shut 3 Cent. Red. « (,' 8; J 3 V Cent. Cons. " OJ 4 y Cents. ' 5 Cert. Navv, shut 5 vO. it. 1TP7. — Arn. is 15- lfiths Omnium, S| p. Irish ditto, — India Bonds, par 1 p. Exchequer Bills, 3 a 5 p. Irish 5 ^ Cents. ,< XH Imperial 3 ^ Cents. 0' 7 English Lott. Tickets, Ditto Prizes, fil l Money. port FALMOUTH, June JO.-— On Sunday arrived the Prince Brnest packet, with mails'frotn Jamaica, in 41 days. The Princes Amelia packet was going into Port Royal as the Prince Krnest was coming out. A Meet for England was to sail oil tbe following day, under eonvov of the Are- thtisa, of 38 guns, and Wolf, of 18 gum. The Arethusa h id two million and a half of dollars on board, from the Spanish Mtin. Sir Lyre Coote, Cal. Wel h, and Capt. Wbit'. er, R. N. came passengers in the Prince Ernest. The Prince Ernest on her outward bound voyage, on the I % h Mare)., off the east end <*' Jamaica, fell in with a French fel|) » w>'. of 10 guns, and I'M men, which sheen- gaged tlifcr te mrs and beat olf. The enemy tw iee ; i t. tempt- ed to board tbe packet, but was repulsed each time with great slaughter. The vessels rrcre so near each other at one time, that fhe French Colours hanging over, were caught bold of by one of . the packet's crew, and torn away, from the gaf' end; they have it oil board as a trophv. Captain I'etre was badly wounded, in Hje shoulder by a mus- ket ball, e » rly in the action, and tv.' n of the crew were also wounded, one of whom died afterwards in the hospital at Jamaica. , On Monday arrived the Stag frigate, Capt: Fall, from off the coast of Spain; sis Spanish gentlemen who came on board her in a flag of truce from the port of Gi jon, in Spain, are come passengers in her, as a deputation from the provincial governments of the " provinces of Asturias and Biscay, where every man capable of duty had teken up arms. A proclamation had been circulated, dated 25th May, calling on all the inhabitants of Spain to unite to. ex- pel the French tyrants, and declaring war against that power.— The above provinces had declared for the English. On Tuesday sailed the Windsor Castle packet, Capt. Sutton, for Halifax^ nd New York, and the Duke of Kent packet, Capt. Lawrence, for Barbadoes and Jamaica. PWMODTH, June 10. On Tuesday came in the Naiad, of 36' guns, from a cruize, to victual and refit. Sailed the Solebay, of 3S guns, and Emerald, of 36 guns, on a cruize to the Westward, and a run down the coast of of France; the " Harlequin, 1 from Spithead, with the Depttbrd Navy transport, with stores; and rlie Neptune tender, from Dublin, with volunteers from the Irish militia for the Royal Marines. Wednesday sailed the Royal George, of 110 guns, for Torbay; Eurydice, of 24 gun*,, for Portsmouth; Pluto, of 18, to the Eastward, to join convoy for the Brazils ; and Cockatrice armed brig, of 10 guns, with a flaet for the Downs. Passed down Channel the Espeigle, nf 13 guns, with about thirty sail of light transports, to take in troops at Cork. Thursday came in the Peacock, of 18 guns, from the Westward, and Fervent gun brig'on a cruize. PORTSMOUTH, June 11.. The Flying Fish schooner, which sailed on Tuesday, carried dispatches for the fleet off Cadiz, supposed to he of great im- portance, relative to the future operations of the troops under General ' Spencer, which came into the fleet on'the 16th ult. They amount to about 8000 men. On Monday six waggons, laden with dollars to the value of .£ 300,000, destined for Bengal, arrived here from London. The money was on Tuesday shipped on board the Chiffonne frigate, Captain Waiiiwright, appointed to sail with the Travers, Earl Spencer, Carmarthen, Monarch, and Lord Eldon. Saturday, June 4.— No arrivals or sailings. Sunday— Sailed the Hardy gun vessel, Lieut. Perdrian, oil a cruize.—\ o arrivals., Monday— Arrived the Solebay, Captain Brown, . from . Plymouth.— No sailings. Tuesday— Sailed the Flying Fish sehnoner, Lieutenant Gooding, with dispatches for the lleet off Cadiz. No arrivals. Wednesday— No arrivals or sail- ngs. Thursday— Arrived the Eurvdice, Capt. Sir W. Bolton, from Plymouth, and Pluto sloop, Capt. Jauvtyin, from a cruize in the Channel.— No sailings. Friday— Sailed the Vestal, Capt.' Graham, with convoy for Newfoundland ; ami Crocodile, Hon. (.' apt. Cadogan, with convoy for Guernsey and Jersey,— \ > arrivals. Pour o'clock, P. M. The Chiffonne, Captain Wainwriglvt, is now getting under weigh, v/ ith the outward- bound East Indiamen. Saturday— The Chiffuivie and con- . have sailed with a fair wind. The India ships have an i . instant number of passengers : the Travers i-. i particular is much crowded, no less than 40 sitting down to the Captain's table. The Anniversary of his Majesty's Birth- day was on Saturday celebrated' at the White Hart Inn, by a large meeting- of Gentlemen, who had been members of the late l'awley Tro ip of Light Draroons. Their Captain, Gorges Lfiwther, Esq. of Tilshead Lodge, was in the Chair. The same spirit of loyalty to their'King, of promptitude tor the public service, and of attachment to their Captain, which heretofore so eminently distinguished this corps, still animates them. Festivity was not the only effect of their assembling : their bond of union was renewed; and it is satisfactory to be assured, that whenever Government shall think pioper to re- embody them, more than sixty persons of hi'ih respectability are ready on the instant again to range themselves under Capt. Lowthwr.— If they are re- emliodied, we doubt not. they w 11 pro^ c themselves equally Valuable to the community, as a critical period before shewed them to lie; and will again merit the eulogy passed OH them by an able reviewing General, in these terms, " Every Private among them is fit to be the Com- mander of a Troop." On Tuesday last the Ringwood Volunteers marched into Southampton, Qn permanent duty for fourteen days. The paragraph which appeared in our last Journal, respecting the Chri< tC'mrch Volunteers, having been sup- posed to imply a censure . oil the present Commanding Offi- cer, we beg leave explicitly to declare, that nothing could be farther from the intention of the writer, who is apprised that that Gentleman is a very able and meritorious Officer, and has paid unremitting attention to the corps during the short time be has had the command ; but certainly, on the day they were inspected, some confusion occurred in the manoeuvres, which the Inspecting Field Officer very justly and pointedly attributed solely to the incapacity of the Adjutant and Serjeant Major, neither of whom has ever been in the regulars or militia. Maddipgton Races commenced on Wednesday, on Stockbrid^ e Course, The Maddington Stakes of 25gs. each, 15 ft.— 1 miles, were won by Mr. Oakley's Mountaineer 1 Mr. Byndloss's Cambrian :.... 2 Good race— the Judges placed no more than two. Sweep takes of logs, each, with 25gs. added, for horses that never started, paid, or received ft.- Two- mile heats. Mr. Trevanion's b. c. Gammon, by Renningbrough.. 1 1 Mr. PrySe's ch. m. by Waxv, out of Woodcot 2 2 Won easy. Mr. Goddard's Mountaineer, ,9st. 121b. heat Mr. Dnndas's Rubens, 9st. < Slb. two miles, lOOgs. h. ft.— A g" ood race. SECOND DAY. Sweepstakes of 5gs. each, 50gs. added by the Club. Mr. Trevanio ' s b. c. Gammon 1 Mr. IJiggs's Rosario 2 Sir H. Lippincott's Ploughhoy, 5 vrs. old, list. 3lb... 3 Sweepstakes of nOgs. each, red post home. Sir H. Lippincott's br. f. S n eeress, 9st. fflb 1 Mr. G. Worrell's b. f. by Kill Dc- vil 2 A Plate value 50/. for all ages. Sir J. Hawkins's Clermont . 3 1 1 Mr. Fellowes's Mandarine 4 2 2 Sir II. Lippineott's b. c. by Trurapator 13 3 Mr. Goddard's Old Maid 2 dr THIRD r> AY. The Handicap Plat" of 50/. free for all horses, was won at three heats, by Mr. Day's ch. h. beating four other horses. ' « The Maddington Club consists of 105 Members, and the attendance at this meeting was vejy numerous. The Club Dinners, at the King's llnad Inn, were supplied with all the delicacies in season, including a very fine Buck, and were served up by Mr. Lawes in a most capital style. The company on the Down (' considering that, this is a private Race) ivas numerous, and the sport on tbe whole was very good. On Wednesday the 8t. h of May was married, at Colchester, by the Rev. Phili. p Bales, Richard Randell, Esq, of Ashley, Hants, to Miss Neville, only daugh- ter of the late Thomas Neville, Esq. of Colchester, Essex. On Saturday last died, at Southampton, on a journey, Mr. John Stanton, currier, of London. On Thursday a match of Single- stick was played at Iteheh- Abbnt's, py players from different counties. The prices were carried off by Wiiishii'r men, who were in to much better play ' than their competitors, that only one Ham shire, man made a tye with them. The company was ' very numerous. Last Saturday nuht, as Mr. Black, of Worthy, was retucni g home, in company with another man, in passing ever a bridge he siip; vd in, and MIL* uiifnrtunately drowned.— His Companion, in endeavouring to sane him, nearly shared the same fate. On Monday as the workmen were digging aw. y the bank of the new cut of the Winton and Andover road, the earth fell in, by which one man had the saiall- boiie of his leg broken. SALISBURY. MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1808. Ascot Ileath Ra- cs commence on the 21st instant, the Bihury Meeting on the 4th of July, Stockbridge Races on the 1 ! th of July, Winchester on the H) th of July, Salisbury on the 26th of July, Newbury on the 2d o> f August, Biandfrird on the 10th of August, Reading on the 1'' h of August, and Egham on the 23d of AugtK. This arrangerrient cannot fail to secure a number of capital horses at the places enume- rated, and looks somtithing like an attention that may go far to renovate tlu" glories of the Turf. Our Readers are requested to correct a material error in the Advertisement of Sali bury Races, inserted in the first page, wli. re they aro stated to be. Qn tlia lath, 20th, and 21st, instead of the 26' th, 27th, and 28tli of July .— The error was noticed soon after the page was put to press, and appears in uniy a small part of the impression. The head- quarters of the' Recruiting Staff are re- moved from Marlborough to Gloucester. The Wiltshire Militia, who have been for some time stationed at Newcastle- upon- Tyne, have received orders to march to Wood bridge Barracks, in Suffolk, where it is expected they will arrive about the begin- ning, of next month. The Radnorshire Militia, about 200 strong, marched in here on Tuesday, from Wales, on their route to Chichester. The Dorset Ycomanrj Cavalry, commanded by Coloni'l I Vamjrton. have been on permanent duty atBland- ford, which ended on Wednesday last. They were reviewed on Monday, when they went through tbe various' ma noeuvre* iu their ir- ual style of excellence. In the evening there was a splendid Ball. The 2d battalion of the Dorset Volunteers, under the command of LieuL- Col. Jefferv, '( which formerly con- sisted of eight companies, viz. four at. Poole, two at Wureham, and two at Wimbonfe) is now dwindled to a mere skeleton, the two Waif ham companies only remain- ing. These, with a spirit which does them honour, have kept up their numbers, ' and, by tlie constant and steady exertions of Captain IJartlett, their Commander, have at- tailed a superior state of discipline. They have been three times on permanent duy, an.! 1 ve lately, for a fourth time, votonteeredltj* ir servie. . r fourteen days. Ly- mtngton. we understand, is their destination, fur which place they hourly and anxiously expect orders to march. The Cavalry having left nlandfurd, the Theatre will be Closed for the season after- this evening. The Com- pany move from Blandford to Romsey. Lately was married, at Wells, Mr. Trent, of Pen Mil!, near Yeovil, to Miss Scudding, of llebester On Saturday the 4th foot. married, at Uckfiehl", in Sussex, by the Rev. Archdeacon D! 0ylev, W. C. Mabbott, Esq. to Miss Newton, only daughter of the late Rev. Oteorge Newton( of Isfield, and niece of tiie late Mrs. Barton, of this city. On the 4th inst. was married Mr. G. Carpenter, of Bath, to Miss Kcable, of Cumberwsli, in this county. Married, on the 6th inst by the Rev. R. Herbert, Mr. John Bannister, of* Warminster, banker, to Miss Walter, of the same place. On rjiursday last was married Mr. Gray, jun. of Britford,' to Miss Martha England, of Whaddon. A most obstinate pugilistic contest took place on Thurs- day in tbe pari h of Button, near Winemiton and Clieriton Hill, between Hazard, a butcher, and John Perry, an athletic young man. ThevfougTit JT severe rounds, when Hazard being beaten blind, the remaining rounds were entirely in favour of Perry, who came off victor. Not- withstanding the thinness of the population in this neigh- bourhood, and the challenge heing given only the night before, it is supposed there were nearly lOOG spectators. On the lj) th ult. died, in the 75th year of his age, Mr. Henry King, of Bower Chalk, in this county On Saturday the 4th inst. died, Mr. Maurice Appliti, of Wimborne, an old and respectable inha- bitant of that town. On Wednesday the 8th inst. died the Rev. John Beneft, LL. D. Rector of Douhead St. Andrew, in this county, aud of Owre Mayne, in the county of Dorjiet. On Tuesday died Mr. Charles Sumsion, an eminent farmer and b'rewer, of Colerne, near Bath. On Tuosday died, at Sidmouth, Devon, nacd 20 years, Miss Russell, daughter of% r II. Miry Russell, Knt. Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Judica- ture at Calcutta. On Tuesday evening died su Idenly Mr. I. oats, of Woodvat's Inn, iu Dorsetshire. Mr. L. was remarkably corpulent, aod had fur a short time been ill of a dropsy, but his friends- had no fear that his life was in immediate danger i and h- Was himself so little apprehensive of it, that he had insisted on Mrs. Loats's going that evening to the Theatre at Biaudford, in compliment to the Volunteers, whilst lie remained at home to mind the business of the house. He bad beeu conversing with cheerfulness, and observing that be had talked till he ivm thirsty, be ordered a glass of water, afte. r drinking which, he sunk bach iu his chair, and instantly expired.— Mrs. Loats was called by express from a place of public festivity to behold the me- lancholy reverse which her own home presented :— she bad left it a few short hours before, m consequence of the affectionate solicitude of her husband to promote her hap- piness ;— she returned and found that husband a corpse 1 The same night died suddenly, of a paralytic seizure, Mr. Kerbv, stocking manufacturer, of Blaiull'ord, formerly of the Tax Office, London. The same afternoon, only a few hour; before his dissolution, he had been speak- ing of the good state of his health, and detailing to a friend the plan of a little tour round the coast, which he intended to engage in before the expiration of the summer! On Thursday Elizabeth Paddock, of Idmiston, was committed to Fisherton Gaol, for trial at the Assize,, charged with having broken into the dw'elltng- bou. so of Robert Young, at Clarendon Park, on Weilnesdav last, iu the day- time, and stolen thereout divers souds, value 5s. HOME MARKETS, - Bread, per Gallon. I Wheat. Junr\ s. j. Salisbury, "|( 5SJu7s Basingstoke, alilS ( o 37 Devizes, ,?|£> 0, fo7i Newbury, si 79 ! o 85 Andover, 11! 7- 2 to ' 3E Barley. Oats. Bean's. I Bread. J. s. I. S. f. ] .(. U. 17 to 11 lift' to 45 70 to 79- 1 9 to to 1 > 30 to 4? SO to r, 4 | 1 8 '•) 1 to « 7 su to ; s: 54 to GO I 1 7J 39 to 42 - 10 to 44 70 to 7i ' 1 • Id to 41 33 to 42 to b' 7 j 1 8 1 » « ;:) 41 38 to 4! 68 to 72 SIR JAMES BRANSCOMB respectfully solicits the immediat* attention of li s Friends to the GUANU Sen KM r. of the STATE LOTTERY, which begins drawing the 28th of this Month, containing , y/ A" PRIZE. n of £. 20,000, And no fixc. l Capital. SCflEME: ... Prizes of.. . .£ 20,000 . l o. ooo . .. 5,000 . . . 2,000 . .. 1,000 7 20 30 1,000 4,000 ... prizes of... . .£ 500 ,. 100 .. 50 .. 22 .. 15 Such SVIT. RP Prizes in a Lottery of only 25.000Tickcts were ncvi: r before known in the Annals of Lotteries. Tickets and Sheies are now selling at the PRINTING- OFFICE, Salisbury, where Shares of " the following Capitals were sold in thc- test Lottery : No. '. 1.7 ' >. . . . £ 20,000 10 .6". 4,000 1,000 An.,( r- « rd ate purchase is recommended, as an advance is exj » ecy>} before the Drawing begins. No. IS,' 200 £ 500 3,744 EOO 79S 600 THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Price Thrcf- jyenec, SHORT and EASY INSTRUCTIONS, selected for the Use of those ' who come to be CONFIRMED. By way of question and answer. To which is added, the Okpui of CONFIRMATION. BY THE REV. WM. RICHARDS, Rector of Little Chevcr. ll. Salisbury: Printed by Collins, and sold at the Printing Office. WANTED,-— A FEMALE SERVANT, who understands pi:. in cooking, and the necessary w. rk in a small house, with a. regular family. She must not dis- like children, and must be of a steady peaceable disposition, and trusty when the family may be from home. Also,— A MALE SERVANT, to take care of a horse and chaise, to wait at table, and c: do. any ( hin^ in the family which may be required, and make himself useful. A livery will be given. Apply at the Cross Keys Inn, Salisbury, about one o'clock 011 Wednesday naxt. A lad about 17 br 18 would do. GOSPORT.— CAPITAL SITUATION for TRADE. ' I X) he LETT, and entered on immediately,— That JL most durable DWELLING- HOUSE, situate at the lower end of Middl .-- street, lately occupied by J shn Shepherd, Esq. particularly w 11 adapted for any kind of business. Apply ( if by letter, post paid] to Mr. Cru'ckshank, solici- tor, G' ' sport. [ 18tS 11 ^ O he LETT, at Midsummer next,— A neat DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Garden, Stable, Fuel- house, & c. situated in Church- street, in Tisbury. For farther particulars enquire of John Bracher, Wallmead ; if by letter, postpaid. fl73i Isle of Wight.— Eligible Situation for Trada. TO be LETT or SOLD.— A valuable, substantial, well-' Kutlt BRICK. DWELLING- HOUSE, late inth> occupation of Mr. T. Harvey, ironmonger, St. James's- street, Newport, Isle of Wight; consisting of a, large com- modious shop with two mojefn bow1 windows in front, par- lour, drawing room, bed roorns, kitchen, with suitable out. cilices, extensive workshops, sundry st;> re rooms, vc. K'C.— The above premises are in good repair, eligibly situated and extensive, may be considered a situation for town and couutry custom not to be equalled in N. wport. For a view of the prenvses, and to treat for the same, appfv to Mr. John Wadrnore, th;', proprietor, St. J- imcs's- strcet, Newport.— Possession may' be had immediately. [ I -. 50 VICAR's HILL, NEAR LYM1NGTON, HANTS. TD he LETT, for^ a term of years, and entered on immediately,— A convenient D\ VELt. ING- HOUSE, in good repair, comprising a dining, drawing, and One other room, with a commodious kitchen, br.. w- h use; End other offices on tlu ground floor ; three good bed- rooms, with light closet and water Cioset on'the first floor; and three servants' rooms ; n the attics ; with a double coach- bouse and stablins for eisht - horses, with commodious rooms ovir the stable. The Ground near the House, part of which is in garden, tind part c- invcrtable, consists nearly of two acres, and a meadow of more than four acres of pasture land, at a short distance across th? road. Situate in tlv< t picturesque country in the vicinity of Lvminston, and only one mile and a half from that tjiwn, well supplied with every comfort* Forptrticnlars'enquire of Mr. Galpinc, Post- Office, Lyming- ton ; or at No. 1!, Cecil- street, Strand.— None but real offers are requested to be made. ' [ ISM WARMINSTER, WILTS. rP° *>-' LETT, ami entered upon immediately,— A M. capital DWELLING- HOUSE, situated near the Mar- ket- plr. cc, Warminster ; consist! n « of two parlours in front, kitchen, brcw- h . us.-., parniy, underground cellars, foui be*, rooms, anS good attic* for servants, together with a Stable ana good Garden. N. B. A good MALT- HOUSK to be lett. on the premises, if requir d.— Also to he sold, a han Isoin^ light PHAF. TON, in aood repair, for one or two horses. ~ flsji For viewing theprcmiscs, apply to Mr. Umb, Warminster MARINE COITAGE, WHITEFlfcl. IM. ODGE. TO be LETT, at a very reasonable rate; partly furnished,— A small COTTAGE; containimr two sitting rooms, two bed rooms, two ditto attics, pantry, kitchen, store room, and scullery, with small cardeu, frc.: it is beauti- fully situated, commanding a view of the Channel, Isle of Wi^ ht, & c. one mile from Lepe and Langlcy, two froir, Exbury, and four and a half from Bcaulieu.— No sportsman noed apply. Direct " post pai li W. C. C. King's- mw, Fawley, South- ampton; or enquire at Klng's- row. fiaol Desirable ready- furnished Residence in the Isle of fKight. fT"'() be LETT, and entered on immediately,— J FIDFORD- HOUSE, . oomplefoJy FCHNISKf. d, ' plea- santly situated ill a genteel neighbourhood, in the centre of the Island, about three miles from the town of Newport — The House consists of an entrance hall, handsome dinim- and drawing rooms, music room, study, seven good bid rooms, besides servants' rooms, large kitchen, other- couvc- vicnt Offices, and extensive under- ground cellars: d.- i ched from the dwelling- house are a double coach- house, stabliieg for 12 horses, and a large e; ardt n well stocked with veeetab;. s and fruit trees of every description.— The t. nant may be. accommodated with any quantity of meadow land adjoining, and surround ng the house, n ,' t exceeding SO acres— Th? whole of tile premises are in complete repair, and of a size and description to accommodate a large ot moderate family, For particulars apply ( if by lctt r, postpaid) to Mr. Love, cabinet- maker, Newport, Isle of Wight. fisM TO MILLERS, MEALMEN, AND OTHERS. TO be DISPOSED OF bv PRIVATE CON- TRACT, - The REMAINDER of the LEASE of all that good and well- known WATER CORN- MILL, called BROCKAMPTON Mitt, drivinc three pair of stones, and now in lull employ; together with about 10 Acres of WATF. lt MEADOW thereto adjoining; situate within a mile of Ha- vant, and in the centre of the large and pipulous towns of Portsmouth and Chichester. N. B.— Immediate possession will be piven. The contiguity of the above Premises to the harbour o, f Lamrston renders them truly eligible, as vessels can load and unload within a short distance of the said Mill; and the Pie- mis- s ere in all respects well calculated for carrying in a larra and - xtensive business. For part;, uiars apply to Mr. R. Way, Ilavant; or to Mr. Hart, solicitor, Portsmouth. * fujtf LOWER WOODFORD, nkjr SALISBURY. ' T'O '< ' SOLD,— A very desirable ESTATE, pari; i Freehold and part Leasehold ; consisting of a FARM- HOUSE, Cottaue, two iiarns, Stable, Granary, Sc. loaorcfj o'f Water Meadow, three Orchards, 145 acres of Arabic Land, and a Leaze for 340 Sheep, situate at Lower Woodford, r. i the county of Wilts — Further particulars may be known bv application at the Office of Messrs. Huddin-, attorney.., in Salisbury. • f l'sSa? MARINE VILLA, In the Neighbourhood af Southampton. npo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— i The LEASE of an exceeding s; ood and neatly furnished RESIDENCE, fit far the immediate reception of a g. ntkl family, commanding a most delightful view of Southampton River and the New Forest, with' lawn in front, ne . tlv I n I out; and a greenhouse, kitchen garden, » c. ; the whole iu complete repair, the ^ renter pari ot the buiklines having been erected within three years, at a great expence, and the grounds completely fenced in. The House consists of an ev. llent sitting room, — feet hy —; dining parlour, library, and suitable offices, with seven sleeping chancers, dressing and water closet, warm bath, Die. For particulars and a view of the premises apply ( if by letter, post paidj to Mr. John Gr ffrths. No. I, Nelson- place, Hill, near Southampton, who will treat for the same. [ ljei CODFORD ST, PETER, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. D^ tai,. on Wednesday th'.- 23 1 of June, IHoi— The UOUlvKn HOLD GOODS afid FURNITURE of a Lady quitting he? res deuce at Cod ford ; cuniisting of mahogany and other ta- bles, tour- leafed screen, fancy and other chairs, wardrobe, b dside and other carpets, tea and coffee u, rns, 6' re guards- for i h ldren's nursery, register anil other erat s, cclhret, book- case, ironing stove, patent oven, garden seat, hoesbemls, wine bin, books, China, glass, aad earthen ware, a large quantity of bottles, itc. Ac. Tiiesale to begin precisely at teno'clock. f I8i0 ' 0 be SOLD by AUCTION,' at the Weymouth . Arms Inn, in Warminster, on Weu'uestlsv the isth. day June in'St. at six o'clock in. the aft; moon,— Tbe DWEL- LING- HOUSE, Ivith the. Stable, Gaidens, aud l'teniises, at boreham, now occupied by Mr. Phelps. Theabove Will be sold for three l. iyes, and ppssejsion given at Michaelmas. The Premises ars pleasantly situate about a mile from Warminster, and are in good repair. fH'UO Further particulars may be known'at the time of sale", or on application to Messrs. Thringand Phefp « , Warminster. DEVIZES. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CROCKFTT. on the Premises, on Friday the 17th of June, IftO?,—- All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of Mr. Duck, in the High- street, ( leaving Devizes) ; comprising handsome four- post, tent, and bureau bedsteads, with dimity and moreen furnitures; good feather and flock beds, mat- tresses and bedding ; a fine- toned piano forte; patent kitchen range; sofa; mahogany dining and circular tables; chairs; drawers, carpets, pier glasses, timepiece, paintings and prims, in glazed frames, pair of, globes, Ghinaiand glass, kitchen uten- sils, and various other artichs. The Sale_ to begin at ten o'clock. fl7Ct DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. PERCY, at the Crown Inn, Blardford, between tbe hours of fom and five in the afternoon ( subject t< j . iuch conditions as will be then produced;, on Thurs ! av the 1 ( 7th day of June", IBOS, — A neat sashed and tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining, and Malphouse near t'ho same, which will work 20 quarters per week. The Premises ar- Leasehold, and pleasantly situate . in the parish of Blandf'rd St. Mary, near the river Sjour, a-. d'Turn- pilte Road leading to Poole, and fit for the immediate r. c. p- tion ef a genteel family. ' Centeel furnished CO WAGE, Tw>; ford, Hants, ticar iVinihes'er. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. AOAM- SOM and FIKI. d, on WeJnes lay the* 53d of June, isys, at Garrawav's Cott' c- honse, ' Change- alley, Corfihill, Lon- don, A COPY- HOLD COTTAGE, genteelly furnished; Consisting of a drawing ro m, dining parlour, breakfast par- lo ir, four bed chambeis, three servants'rooms, excellent do- mestic convenience, and detached offices; Stabling, cood Garden and Shrubbery ; s: tuated wiibin three niilcs of WH,- ch ster, nr. e if South'. mpton, and s. xty of London ; in the middle of a fine sporting Country, ' commanding mcst exten- sive views. To be viewed, and particulars had of Mr. Pinket, solicitor. No. 13, Elm- court, Temple ; of Mr. Shugar, solicitor, Ports- mouth ; Mr. Robins, bookseller, Winchester; Mr. Rusher, bookseller, Heading; at Garrawav's Coffee- house, ami of Atlamson and Fie d, 5s, Fenobuith- street, London, f ta07 • • • » 1 - — * A capital Estate in Smttm- netshire. rjPO. be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, 8 in Castle Cary, in the sail county, on Monday the I SI day of August next, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon,— The FEE- SIMPLE and INHERITANCE of all that truly desirable, cotnpuct, and valuable Estate, called FOXCOMBE FARM, lyini in a ring- fence at Gal-- haropton, within the parish of Casile Carv aforesaid, aijii held by Mr. Thomas Giftbrd, On a lease for a term of nine years, from Lady- day, ISO"; consisting of a Farm- house, Barn, and other necessary buildings, with one hundred and . eigfity- f ur acres, two roods, and seven perches ( statute mea- sure) of very rich arable, meadow, pasture, and orchard Gri und. And also of all that piece or parcel of meadow Land, con- taining two acres, two roods, and four perches ( statute mea- sure), lying in Cat}- Moor, within the parish of Castle Cary aforesaid, and htld by the said Mr. Giftbrd on a lease as afore- said..— » The above will be sold in iwo lots. For a view of the Premises apply to the Tenant; and fct further particulars to Mr. Harbin, attorney, Sherborne, Dor- set, where a plan of the estate may be seen. . [ 1848 ' T of Jl PiUNTEtt AND PUBLISHED BY W. COLLINS, At Ills PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid.) Also by the PRINTERS and BOOKSELI. ERS in the West of England; by the re- pewive NEWSMEN ; awl in fcjmtau by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, IVarwiek- Sauare. Warwick- Lane, NewgaU- Stree. t. and Mr. WILKIfc, BooVselkr. Pat* nio* Ur- B « i » . 4
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