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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3720
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 06/06/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3720
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE SALISBURY WINCHE JOUR1 AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3720. VOLUME LXXIIL.] MONDAY, JUNE 6\ 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. V ' • Paper ami I'n nt Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. HAGUE, May 25. THE King of Spain has abdicated his kingdom, and all its dependencies, in favour of Bona- parte. The wretched Charles goes f^ ham- paigne with his Queen and family, there ^ Ifve as a private individual. The Prince of Asturia., retires in the same manner to Vulancy. The Prince of Peace accompanies the King, as his friend. There is hut little donbt that the Grand Duke. of Berg is now King of Spain. He has already issued a proclamation ordering a forced loan, in order to arm and equip all the vessels iu Spain against Britain. LONDON, MONDAY, MAY 30. Accounts arc just received from Holland, that both Charles and Ferdinand of Spain have abdicated the Crown, and all right and title thereto, in favour of the Emperor Napoleon !— The Hague article above is the authority on which it rests. American papers to the 14th of April were received this morning. They contain the documents relative to the negoeiation with Great Britain. The two most impor- tant papers ai- e tiie letter of our Minister, Mr. Erskine, to the '< merican Secretary of State, when he transmitted the Orders in Council, and that of Champagny, the French Jlinister for Foreign Affairs, to General Armstrong, the American Ambassador at Paris, relative to those Orders. Mr. Erskine, in his letter, is at much pains to prove that in issuing tbe Orders in Council the British Government was not actuated by any spirit of hostility towards America, Tbut rather had the utmost consideration for her interests • which the state of affairs would admit of. The letter of Champagny is abrupt aud peremptory. He ^ considers it as a matter Of Course that the Order in Council of the 11th of NovembeV will oCeasiirti tee Americans to declare war against us; or rather that war in fact exists from the day on which that Order was published. He inti- mates that his master has in eonseqnence ordered that the American ships in his ports shall remain sequestered until the decision of the American Government is known, and according to this decision he will in future regard the Ame- ricans in the light either of friends or foes ; that is, if they < io not declare war against England, their ships will be confiscated. The other documents are, a letter from Mr. Canning to Mr. Monroe, dated the ; 3d of September 1 « 07, announcing the appointment of Mr. Rose to treat relative to the Chesa- peake, his Majesty being determined nut to mix that affair - with the other points in dispute.—- Mr. Monroe's answer is dated the 29th of September. He infoTms Mr. Canning, that he cannot separate those points fi'otn the affair of the Chesapeake.— A letter from Mr. Rose to Mr, Maddison, dated the 25th of January 1803, and announcing that he cannot enter upon any negociation for adjusting the affair of tbe Chesapeake, as Ion? as the Proclamation of the President, of the 2d of July 1307, shall be In force ; Mr. Maddi, oil's answer, dated on the 5th Of March, entering into the detail of the conduct adopted towards American ships since Summer 1304, in order to shew that before the Proclamation of the President should become a subject of consideration, reparation should be made for the aggression that preceded it. The American Government demand, that previous to a discussion of the Pi oclamation, due satisfaction should be made to the United States, and that the satisfaction ought to extend to all the wrongs which preceded and produced that act.-— Then follows Mr. Kose's ultimatum, dated the 17th of March, in which be says, • « It is with the most profound regret, that I feel myself nndef the necessity of declaring that I am unable to act upon the terms thus proposed; as it becomes my dutv to inform you, In conforming to my instructions, that on tbe rejection of the demand stated in my former letter, on the part of his Majesty, my mission is terminated. And his Majesty's Government, in providing me with those instructions, did not conceive t'cat after tbe declaration of his sentiments respecting the affair of the Chesapeake was made known to this Government, the state of any trans- actions pe ding or unterminated between the two nations, could justify the perseverance in the enforcement of the President's Proclamation. I can exercise no discretion on this point." These documents are succeeded by the correspondence between Champagny and Gen. Armstrong, and by letters from Mr. Maddison to Mr. Monroe. On the 14th of March the following Message was sent to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States :— " 1 have heretofore communicated to Congress the Decrees cf the Government of France of Nov. 21, 1806, and of Spain of Feb. 13, 1807. with the Orders of the British Government of January and November 1807. " I now transmit a Decree of the Emperor of France of December 17,1807, and a similar Decree of the 3d of January last, bv his Catholic Maiestv. Although the Decree of France has not been received by official communication, yet the dif- ferent channels of promulgation through which the public are possessed of it, with the forma! testimony furnished by the Government of Spain in their Decree, leave us without a doubt that such an one has been issued. These Decrees and Orders taken together, want little of amoun'ing to a declara- tion that every neutral vessel found on the high seas, what- soever be her cargo, and whatsoever foreign port be that of her departure or destination, shall be deemed lawful prize; and they prove more and more the expediency oi retaining our Vessels,' our Seamen, and Property within our own harbours until the dangers to which they are exposed can be removed or lessened. „ '< March 17, 1S07. " TH. JEFFERSON." It however appears, notwithstanding the menaces of Fiance, and the dissatisfaction of the Americans with this country, their Government still persists in the resolution to maintain its neutrality, even by the sacrifice to which it must submit in adhering to the embargo. A motion for its repeal was made in the House of Representatives by Mr. Livermore, who asserted that the pecuniary loss to the ration, if it lasted a year, would be 50,0: 0,'. 0 of dollars and that - it had thrown more than 200; 000 persons out of employ, for whom it would be impossible to provide. The House", however, refused to take Mr. Livertrif le's resolution into consideration, by the great majority uf 84 to 74. Mr. PITT'S Birth- Dav.— A numerous body of the friends and admirers of the late Mr. 5' itt dined on Saturday at Merchant- Taylors Hall, in celebration of his Sirlb- day, After the King, the £,; ieen, rtie Prince, and ( be rest of the Royal Family, had teen drank, the Army ar. d Navy were given, and then the iving of . Sweden, on which Mr Cuming thanked tns company, for the Swedish Ambassa- dor. In the course of the afternoon, among other toasts. •< Success tn the present Administration" ^ as given, and excited loud and vehement applause. The I- ord Chancellor thanked the company, o: i Detalt cf himself aud his col- leagues ; but his Lordship spese in so low a tone of voice that few could bear him. Trie meeting was enlivened by th exertions of several public singers. " The Pilot that wea- ther'd the storm," with . » few alterations to adapt it to the present time, was received with tbo greatest applause. Mr. Ludlaat made his escape yesterday morning from the house where he has been confined, in Oseuden- street since the Lord Chancellor delivered his opinion of his being a Confirmed Lunatic. His keepers were lulled into a belief of his sanity, and gave him some indulgence, when he contrived to deceive them. They passed all yesterday i; » s.• arching for nim, but his retreat has not yet been dis- covered. John Andrew Bamberg, late a confidential servant to musical instrument- maker in Rathbone- place, w on Sa- turday evening detected stealing a quantity of wire fron his employer, and was in consequence lodged in a watch- Souse for examination; but so deeply did he feel tbe de- graded situation to which his misconduct had reduced him, that he committed Suicide, and was yesterday found quite dead, suspended by a pocket h. uulkerchief from the bars of the window. MAUK- LANE, Monday, May 30. The supply of Wheat for tSrday's market was reasonably large, but we had many buyer ; and an advance in the prices of about 2s. perqr. in the Red Wheat, and 4s. per qr. in fine White, from the currency of Monday last; Flour is also dearer about 3s. per sack. Oats and Beans have likewise cpme to hand in tolerable plenty, and we had some quantity of Bailey fresh up this morning, but verv little Rye and not many 1'. either White or Grey. White Peas are cheaper; Grey Peas is. per qrjdearer, for the best; Beans, Barley, Oats, and Rye, sufficiently current On the terms quoted this day sc'imight; but Barley in particular not worth quite so much as on Friday last.— English Wheat 68s. to86s.— flye4tls. to 54s.— White Peas 82s. to 150s.— Grey ditto 60s. to 1,8s.— Horse Beans 65s. to 75s.— Tick Beans 5b's. to 70s.— Barley 4- 2s. to 50s.— Malt <>' 9s. to 80s.— Oats 3Ss. to 50s. per quarter.— English Household Floui 65s. per sack. SMiTtimr. D MARKET, May 30. This day's market afforded a middling supply of prime Beasts, and the shew of Cattle in other respects was tolerably good; Beef, Mutton, Veal, and Pork, are dearer than our last report; Lamb is cheaper, and the trade in general was rather brisk. There were about 1780 head of Neat Cattle, 17,8( 0 Sheep and Lambs, 80 Calves, 170 Pigs. The " general prices, Beef Ss. 6d. to 7s. Mutton 5s. to 5s. 6d. Veal 6s. to 7s. Lamb Ss. to tis. 6d. Pork • s. iid. to 6s. ( id. per stone of 8ti » . to shik the offal. Prices O/ MEAT by thsCarcase, in Newgate and LcadenhaU larkels.— Bcel 4s. to is. Mutton 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4c?. Lamb 5s. to 6s. sd. Veal 4s. to 5s. Cd. Fork 4s. Sd. to 5s. Sd. Prices of 11 AY, l£' c. bt. IVhitschapcl.— Hay per load 41. 10S. to 61. 12s. Clover 61, ( is. to 7/. 7s. Straw !/. 16s. to at. Us. At St. James's 1 lay S/. to SL. Straw 2/. 5s. to 21. 1 is. ' _ HOPS in the Borough.— Bags: Kent M. hs. to 5(.- 8us& fc 41. 10s. to .-./, Essex 4L 10s. to St. Ss.— Pockets : Kent 41: 15s. to hi. 6s. Sussex 41. 10s. to 51. 8s. Farnham 61. to pi. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, May 31, 1808. ON Thursday, the Qthnf June next, I shall be reji dy to receive Tenders in writing (" sealed t/ pj and treat for • 3000 Bags of BISCUIT, to be manufactured from good whole Meal, to he delivered at this Port in one Month; which will le paid for l- y Bills payable With Interest .10 days after date. No regard will lre hud to any Tender, in which the piers shall not he inserted in words at W/ igth, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock tin the said 9th of June next; nor unless the persons who m/ Tlce the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. IVM. KEEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of. the Contract may be seen at my Office. [ 174;. W I LT S. ON LEGACIES, & c. IMP OTI'ICK, DEVIZES, May 14, 1808. DUTIES ST THE Duties on Legacies, & c. may, be paid at the Office of Mr. WM. W. SALMON, Distributor of Stamps for Wilts, or at the Offices of the undermentioned pcisons apppointed by him to receive the same : Mr. JOHN HOBOING Salisbury. T. H. SAUNDERS WILLIAM BA « LY. ANTHONY GUY.. . RICHARD ROBINS W. F. HILLIER.. GEORGE MOULE. JAMES BRADFORD. .. .. Bradford. . .. Calne. ... Chippenham. ... Malmsbury. ... Marlborough. ... Melksham. Swindon. THOMAS TIM BRELL Trowbridge. MATTHEW DA VIES Warminster. Persons desirous of paying the Duties may be supplied with the following Printed Forms at any of the above Offices, gratis, viz. Forms of Receipts for Pecuniary Legacies. Specific Legacies^ Annuities. Residue of Personal Estates* 1508] Leveies payable out of Real Estates. WILTS YEOMAN CAVALRY. THE HINDON TROOP will meet at Fonthill Lawn in Field- day Orders, on Friday the 10th of June, at eleven o'clock precisely.— It is particularly requested that every member will attend. [ 1641 FEHN, May 23. THOMAS GROVE, Major. WAR- OFFICE, May 18, 1808. Notice to Widows of Officers cf the Land Forces and Marines, and to Persons on the Compassionate List. ALL Persons of the above descriptions are hereby directed to acquaint the Right Honorable the Secretary at War, London, by Letter, with their respective Addresses; when a Communication will be mad. to them on the subject of the Act of Parliament passed on the ist of August 1807, " for the more convenient Payment of Half- Pay, and other Allowances, to Officers aud Widows of Officers, and to Persons on the Compassionate List." E. MARSHALL, Clerk of the Widows' 1717] Pension and Compassionate Lists. SINGLE - STICK. TO be played for at SINGLE- STICK, at the PLOUGH INN, ITCIIEN ABBOTS, near Winchester and Alresford, on Whit- Thursday the 8th of June 1808,— The following PRIZES, viz. To the Man who breaks the most heads,— a Prize of TEN GUINEAS. To the second best Player,— a Prize of FIVE GUINEAS. No Head to be allowed except the blood runs an inch. All disputes to be finally determined by the Umpires. To begin playing at twelve o'clock. N. B. A good, ORDINARY will be provided by F. MUNDAY, at the Plough Inn. [ 171- 2 EXCHANGE of PRESENTATION. THE INCUMBENT of a RECTOKY with a Rec- torial Manor, situate in Somersetshire, within 12 miles of Bath, of the value of £ 600 per annum, is . desirous of exchanging for a Living of equal value, in Hampshire, or in that part of Surrey which adjoins Hants. A new rectorial House is begun building, and which may be completing ac- cording to the wish of the person exchanging. There is a probability of purchasing the Advowson at no distant period, if that should be wished. Persons desirous of treating will be so good to address letters ( stating the exchange proposed) to A. B. Post- Office, Win- chester, and they shall be immediately furnished with parti- culars in return.-— The postage of letters must be be paid. WINCHESTER, 3dJune, 1808. [ 1766 SPORTING BOX AND MANOR. WANTED to RENT, furnished or unfurnished, in the best sporting part of the counties of Dorset or Hants,— A comfortable compact HOUSE, with coach- house, and stabling for four or five horses; a productive garden, ami from 20 to 45 acres of grass land ; and with one or more extensive manors, well stocked with game. If not far distant from the sea, it would be preferred. Address, ( postpaid) with an account of particulars, to R. Hanson, Esq. 37, College- green, Bristol. [ 1263 WANTED to REN T, from Midsummer next,— A READY- FURNISHED COTTAGE, containing two good parlours, four best bed- rooms, and four attics, with kitchen and other necessary offices; also adouble coach- house and six- stalled stable, a kitchen garden, and a few acres of land. The distance from London must not exceed 40 miles, the counties of Wilts or Dorset would be preferred, and the occupier must have the privilege of hunting and shooting over manors well stocked with game. [ 1749 Letters addressed toX. Y. at Mr. Barrett's Circulating Library, Bath, stating particulars, will be immediately attended to. SECURITIES WANTED. SEVERAL SUMS of MONEY, from £ 500 to £ 1000 may be had on the Martgage of Freehold Pre- mises, c insisting chiefly of Lands in the counties of Wilts, Hants, and Dorset. Apply by letter ffree of postage) ad- dressed to Mr. Woodyear, Downton, Wilts. [ 1663 AYOUNG LADY wishes to engage herself as a GOVERNESS in some genteel family. She will under- take to teach the English and French Languages, Geography, and the Use of the Globes; Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Dancing,— None but the most respectable references will be attended to. Direct to A. Z. to be left at the Printing- office, Canal, Salisbury. ' [ 1762 TO LADIES' SCHOOLS. AYOUNG LADY, of very good Connections, accustomed to teach Reading, English Grammar, an 1 the various kinds of Needle Work, Wishes'to engage herself as a TEACHER. Letters ( post paid) addressed to the Printer, will be duly at- tended to. [ 1609 AYOUNG LADY, of respectable Connections, wishes to engage herself in a School as an ASSISTANT, and who has been educated for that purpose. Littets ( post paid) addressed to E. C. Post- office, Ports- mouth, will be attended to. [ 174U A COMPLETE SCHOOLMASTER. APERSON who has been many years at the head of a respectable Academy, wishes for a Situation, either as a principal Assistant, or Master of a Seminary, in a pleasant village or town. He is a good penman; well versed in arith- metic, book- keeping, mathematics, mensuration, land- sur- vcving, gauging, Src. itc. and can produce an unexceptionable character.— Letters of intelligence, are requested to be addressed to EUCLID, at the Post Office, Reading, Berks. [ 1781 TEACHER WANTED. ANTED, in a Ladies' Boarding School, after the Midsummer Recess,— A TEACHER, who can be perfectly well recommended for fidelity and respectability of character: a competent knowledge of English grammar, geography, and netale- work wall be necessary.— No person under twenty- five need apply. Letters ( post paid) addressed to Mrs, Symonds, Taunton, will be immediately answered.— Taunton, May 30. [ 1714 WANTED immediately,-— A young MAN, as an ASSISTANT, Capable of teaching Writing and Arithmetic. Letters, with specimens of penmanship, addressed to A. B. Post Office, Cowes, Isle of Wight ( free of postage), will be immediately attended to. [ 1386' w w ANTED, after tbe ensuing Vacation, An ASSISTANT properly qualified to teach Writing and Accounts. Appiy at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; if by lett- r, post paid. [ 1659 WANTED, Three or four youfig MEN-, in House, who are willing to do any sort of HUS- BANDRY. May hear of Places by applying to Mr. Wat- kins, Ringwood carrier. " [ 1760 THE TURF. THE RACING CALENDAR is left by a Gentle- man for the perusal of any one who may call at the HARF. AND HOUNDS INN, Pickwick, Tuesdays and Fridays during this season.— Corshani, Wilts, May 24, 1808. Christchiirch, fSoldenhurst, Milton, and Sophy Association, for Prevention ej' Rebberiei, 0,' c. NOTICE is hereb, y given, That a Meeting of this Association will be held at the^ Gcorge Inn, in the bo- rough of Ch'ristchurch, on Monday the'TCth day of Juneinst. for th: purpose of adjusting the Treasurer's account and other business of the Association. At this meeting new Members will be admitted agreeable to the rules of the Association. W. BALDWIN, Solicitor and Treasurer. N. B. A Dinner will be provided at two o'clock. [ 1768 r|~, HE Members of the FRIENDLY SOCIETY of A WIMBORNE MINSTER are desired to meet at the CLUB- ROOM, on Tuesday the7th of June next, by ten o'clock in the morninc, to attend Divine Service.— The presence of the Honorary Members, as usual, is particularly requested. Dinner at the King's- Hcad Inn, at balf- past two o'clock. TO ATTORN IES AND SOLICITORS. ANY Gentleman in the above profession who can give information of any WILL made by EDWARD POCOCK, deceased, ( who for miny years resided at and in the neighbourhood of Salisbury, but lastly at Lymington, in Hants, and who formerly was in the service of Sir H. B. Neale, Bart, and afterwards of Foil, Esq.), will please to communicate such information to Mr. Hunt, solicitor, Surry- street, Strand, London. [ 1759 s ALISBURY, WILTON, and LONDON FLY FALCON, ALDEHSGATZ- STRIET, London, and their Waae- house, Milford- street, Salisbury. These Waggons take up and put down Goods ai the Old White Horse Cellar, and. Black Bear, Piccadilly. No Money, Plate, Jewels, Glass, or other valuable or hazardous Goods will be pa'd for, if broken or lost, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. NICHOLAS BROWN, JAMES BRICE, '> Proprietors. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Copartnership lately subsisting between EIIZABETII GAUNTLETT, CHRISTOPHER GAUNTLETT, and WILLIAM GAUNTLE+ T, of the City of Winchester, Wine Merchants, carried on under the firm of " Gauntlett's Company," was this day DIS- SOLVED by mutual consent; and that the business will in future be carried on by the said Et IZABETII GAUNTMITT and CHRISTOPHER GACNTLETT, to whom ail debts due to the Copartnership are to be paid, and bv whom all debts due from the baid Copartp. ership will be discharged.— Dated this 16th day of May, 1808. 17081 ELIZABETH GAUNTLETT. CHRISTOPHER GAUNTLETT. WILLIAM GAUNTLETT. wt ANTED,— A steady middle- aged MAN, to live as BUTLER or UPPER- SERVANT in a Gentleman's Family in the Country. Wanted, in the same family,— A steady MAN, as CO ACH- MAN, to drive on the Horse. He must have no objection to be employed occasionally with the Waggon. None need apply who cannot bring characters for strict honesty and sobriety. Enquire of J. Shipp, bookseller, Blandford. [ 1757 T HOUSE at HYTHF., near SOUTHAMPTON, advertised for Sale by Auction on Friday the 10th of June, is disposed of by Private Contract. [ 1779 ANNUITY. ' TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— An ANNUITY of £. 30, payable during a healthy life aged 40, out of a large Freehold Estate in the parish of Lin- kinholt, in Hampshire. Apply personally, cr by letter ( post paid), to Mr. Bird, attorney, Andover. [ 1657 be SOLD, A handsome and large sized . ALDERNEY BULL, three years old, perfectly good tempered. Likewise two four- years old COWS, of the same breed, one of which is remarkably good and handsome. Enquire of Mr. W. Read, Throop, near Christchurch. TO be SOLD, A handsome BAY HORSE, fifteen hands and a half high, six years old, warranted sound and steady in harness; price 60 Guineas. [ 1729 Enquire of Joseph Mersh, at Mottisfont, near Rumsey. TO be SOLD,— An IRISH CAR, very eompleat and London built. For particulars enquire 01 Mr. Lock, coac'nmaker, Southampton. Letters post paid. Salisbury, April 27th, 1808. LO. WEEKS, VETERINARY SURGEON, bc « gs • leave most respectfully to inform the Public, that during his late residence in London, he has completed his Studies at the Royal Veterinary College, ar. d he feels confi- dence in now announcing himself as competent to the Care of Horses that are Sick or Lame from whatever cause. Gen- tlemen disposed to entrust L. W. with their horses, may be assured that much of the attention of his life has been devoted to the Study and to the Piaftice of the Veterinary Art, and in addition to his attending Professor Coleman's " Lectures, he has, the better to qualify himseff for his profession, studied Surgery under Mr. Astley Cooper ami Mr. Home; Therapeu- tics, the Principles of Physic, and Chemistry, ' under Dr. Pearson ; and the Comparative Anatomy of the'Human Body at the Hunterean Theatre under Mr." Wilson; and finally passed his examinations at the College the 2sthof last month. — It is his intention to open a Veterinary Forge, of which he will give timely notice ; in the interim, those gentlemen who wish to have their horses shod on the College plan, which is much superior to the common mode, may have it done by applying to L. W. who will superintend its performance per- sonally ; and every sort of Medicine for Horses, prepared after the College forms', may at all times be had of him. [ 1295 RICHARD KILLICK, UPHOLSTERER, CABI- NET- MAKEU, PAPER- HANGER, SWOKN APPRAISER, & c. & c. French- street, Southampton, tegs leave to return his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general, for the very liberal and distinguised favours he has received, and most respectfully informs them, that he hath just re- ceived from the manufacturers the newest patterns of Carpets, Paper- hangings, Floor- xdoths, Bed- furnitures, & c. & c. and which he offers to the public on the very lowest terms^ for ready money. R. K. flatters himself, that having spent the whole of his life in the aboVe branches, and after ten years experience in th-: first manufacturing shops in London, he can supply those who may honour him with their commands, in the first style of elegance combined with ( economy, and equal to any shop in the kingdom. ( Kf^ Down, Hair, Wool, Flock, and other Mattresses. Houses lett or provided, and Commissions faithfully executed. [ 102s POOLE AND PORTSMOUTHI'ASSAGE VESSELS, Four Times a Week. THOMAS BURT returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general for the liberal support he has received for many years past, and solicits a continuance of the same ; and for their accommodation and interest he will continue his tour Vessels in the above Trade, which will SAIL ( wind and Weather permitting) weekly from POOLE to PORTSMOUTH, with Goods and Passengers, one on Mon- day, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and the ether on Friday. Go6: ls taken in at. his House and StorC; on the Quay, Poole, as usual; at the dueen Charlotte, Portsmouth; and the Row- Barge, on the Hard, Pcrtsea. [ 1672 DORCHESTER. JOSEPH ASH, HAT- MAKER, begs leave to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general, for the numerous favours conferred cm his late father; and informs them, he intends carrying on the Business in all its branches, and hopes by strict attention to merit a continuance ot" that support which his father so liberally experienced for upwards of twenty years. N. B. An APTRENTCE wanted.— June f, 1808. Persons having demands on the late JOSEPH ASII are desired to send statements of their accounts as above, in order that the same may be discharged ; and persons indebted to the same, are requested to pay the amount of. their respective debts immediately. [ 1742 HE GRAND STATE LOTTERY, vvhich begins drawing June < 38, is the only Lottery that ever contained SIX PRIZES of £. 20,000.. SCHEME. 6 Priies of £. 20,000 are £. 120,000 2 10,000 20,000 id, 000 2 6,000 3 .... 2,000 6,000 S .... 1,000 5,000 7 .... 509 3,500 20 .... 100 2,000 30 .... SO 1,500 1,000 22 ... 22,000 4,000 15 60,000 £. 250,000 25,000 Tickets. NO FIXED PRIZE. Tickets and Shares are selling at all the Licensed Offices in London, and by their Agents in the Country. Present Price.— Ticket £. io 19s. Half ....£. 10 15 0 1 Eighth...' £. 2 15 6 Quarter 5 9 O | Sixteenth, I 1 8 0 Haste and bv. y, your Fortunes try, And Wealth secure for ever ! ! ! THE GRAND STATE LOTTERY begins Drawing the 28th instant, and conrains, besides a num- ber of other Capitals, SIX PRIZES of TWENTY THOU- SAND POUNDS each, which may all be obtained at MOORE's lucky Lottery- Office, POOLE, by sending good Bills, Post- Office Orders, & c. where two Prizes of twenty thousand pounds, two of two thousand, three of one thousand, five of five hundred, & c. & c. have lately been sold. - Tickets registered, to find the earliest ac- count of their success. [ 177- 2 ~~ TEN GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS on Sunday the 29th of May, 1808, between the hours of three and fivi in the afternoon, the House of R. WALLER, Esq. was broken open, and a quantity of notes of the Romsey and Hampshire Bank, to the amount of £ 60 together, with £ 23 in gold, was stolen from a desk in the said house. Whoever will give informa- tion © f the offender or offenders, shall, 011 conviction, receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS. Description of the Notes.— No. ( unknown) lOi.; No. 929 Si.; 931, hi.-, 393, Si.; 901, 51.-, 1030, SI.; 1048,5/.; 775, St.; 785, Si. [ 1734 FOR SALE by AUCTION, on Thursday the 9th instant, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the Star aud Garter Tavern, Point, Portsmouth,— Four hundred Barrels of STOCKHOLM TAR, first quality, and in excellent condition. For particulars and catalogues, two davs befora the sale, apply to ' J. PETERS ind Co. Brokers. NEWCASTLE C. OALS. NOW delivering at the Quay,— A very good Cargo of SOUTH MOOR, at 42s. per Chaldron, a discount of 2s. per chaldron for ready moncv, by SOUTHAMPTON, June 4, 1808. W. WATSON and SON. Will be delivering four or five davs. Orders given to Mr. N. Lane, grocer, ' St. Ann- street, Salisbury, will be duly executed. [ 1765 PINE TIMBER, PLANK, and BOAflD. 1VTOW LANDING out of the ship Apollo, from New Brunswick,— Sixty PINE BALKS, a quantity of PINE BOARD and, PLANK from one to four inches, and SCANTLING ; two Masts, one Bowsprit, eleven Spars, and a quantity of Lathwood, which, if not previously disposed of by private contract, will shortly be sold by public auction ; and further particulars given in a future paper. J. BRiS'I O WE aud Co. Brokers. Poole, June 1, 1808, [ 1739 SILLS LOST,—£> ne drawn by the Melksham J> Bank, dated the - 21st of April, 1808, payable in London one month after date, for 825/.; one other drawn by the Warminster Bank, dated the 26th of April, 180S, payable in London one month after date, for 200/. Whoever will bring the same to Messrs. Maberly, Daniel!, and Co. solicitors, Bedford- row, London, shall receive TWO GUINEAS Reward for each Bill. [ 1747 OST.- - A POINTER DOG, very particular in j —" the head and ears being liver- coloured, the body small- mottled liver and white, except two large liver spots on t[ ie bac. iswers to the name of FLUTO. - A Reward of HALF A oUlNEA will be given for information leading to bis recovery, on application to Mr. John Finch, Catherine- street, Salisbury. Any person detaining him will be prosecuted. J. BELL's BANKRU1TCY. IIEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is award- ed ar. d issued forth against JOHN BELL, of Trow- br. rige, in the county'of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chap- man, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the .' aid Com- motion named, or the major part of them, on the £? dtf June next, at five in the afternoon, on the E. ld of the same month, and 011 the 2d of July next, at eleven in the fore- noon, at the George Inn, Trowbridge ; and make a lull dis- covery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts ; at the second sitting to chuse Ass gnees; and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors arc to assent ( o, or dissent Irom, the allowance of his certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or thatl/ avesny of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice tt> Mr. S. Williams, Trowbridge, Wilts ; or to Mr. J. Williams, oi Red Lion- square, London. [ 1664 W. DICKS's BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bank- rupt, bearing date the 3d of November, 1807, awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM DfCKS, of Frome Sei- wood, in the county of Somerset, Clothier, Dealer and Cluq - man, intend to meet on the 20th day of June next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, iti Frome Sel- wood, in the said county of Somerset, to make a dividend of the Estate and Effects ot the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are. to come prepared to prcve the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 1665 May 1.9, 1808. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. N. P. SINGER'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and hsued against NATHANIEL PEACH SINGER, of Wcstburv, in the county of Wilts, Common Brewer, Dealer and Chapman, are requested to meet the Assignees of the said Bankiupt's Estate and Effects, on Tuesday the 2: st day of June next, at five'of the clock in the afternoon, at the Abingdon Arms Inr, in Westbury afortsiid, to assent to, or dissent from, the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending, any suit or suits at law or equity, touching the said Bankrupt's E. tate and Effect;; and to assent to, or dissent from, a contract en- tered into by the said Assignees, for the disp; sal of the Bank- rupt's interest in his late Dwelling- house and Premises at Westbury; and also to assent to, or dissent from, on allow- ance to be made for the interment of the Bankrupt, and to his Widow of divers articles claimed by her us her exclusive property; and on other special affairs. [ 1666 May IP, 1808. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. JONATHAN SYMS's BANKRUI . v. THE Commissioners iti a Commission of Bai - pt, bearing date the Pth of March, 1805, awarded and is- sued forth against JONATHAN SYMS, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, int.- i d to meet on the 22d of June next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a final Dividend of the Estate arid Effects' of the said Bank'iupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, cr thev will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; ar. d ail claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 1667 May 21, 1808. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. r! PHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, A bearing date the 6th dav of April, 17.9S, awarded and issued forth against CHRISTOPHER SHAW and THOMAS SHAW, formerly of the town and county of Southampton, Bankers, Dealers'and Chapmen, intend to meet on Thursday the 30th day of June inst. at one of the clock in the afternoon, at the Coach aud Horses Inn, in the said town and county, in order to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects cf the said Bankrupts; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to comd prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. N. B.— Payment of the Dividend will commence onThuis- day the 21st of July, at the Bank of Messrs. Harrison, Mad- dison, and Co. Southampton. [ i7? 7 Southampton, June 1, 1808. A G. N. ALLEN'S ASSIGNMENT. LL Persons who have any Claims or Demands 011 Mr. GEORGE NICKLT". SON ALLEN, of Poole, Ironmonger and Anchorsmith, and who have not si. tnedthe deed of Assignment made by him for the benefit, of his Cre- ditors, are desired to deliver their accounts to Mr. Thomas Parr, attorney, Poole, and to execute the said deed immedi- ately, in order to entitle them to receive a Dividend from !; is> Estate ; and all persons indebted to the said George Nickleson Allen are desired to pay their Debts forthwith to Mr. George Kemp, one of the trustees, or to Mr. Peter Lodge. [ 1771 TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. A LL Persons having anv Claim 011 the Estate of I \ the late Mr. DANIEL PERRY, Coal Merchant, of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, deceased, are hereby desired to forward the same to his son D. Perry, on or before the 9th day of June next; and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are hereby requested to pay the same to the aforesaid D. 1' crry' May the 26th, 1803. [ 1702 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons who have any just Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. WILLIAM DYMOTT, of Alderh'olt, in the county of Dorset, Yeoman, deceased, are desired to send in their accounts cither to Mr. Isaac W'hite, of Alderholt Mill, or Mr. James Stroud, of Cranborn, iu the said county, on orbefore Thursday the 16th instant; and all_ persons who stand indebted to the said Estite and Effects, are desired to pay the same either to said Isaac White or James Stroud, on or before the said 16th dav of June, 1808. [ 1758 i LL PERSONS having anv Demand on the Es- tate of Mr. EDWARD MOODY, late of Barton Stacey, Edge Tool- tfljk.- r; • c- sed, are desired to deliver the same to Mr. Faithfii'l, Winchester, on or before the 6th day of July next: to whom persons indebted to the estate are re- quested forthwith 11 pay the amount of their respective debts. BARTON STACEY, 1 st Jun% if- os. | 1.' 3S TAKEN UP; STRAYING, AT WHHEPURISH,- Three HEIFERS; one two years old, the others year- litrrs; all with yellow sides and white backs, ear- marki d. The owner may have them, on paying all e'xpences, by ap- plying to Robert Lanum, in the parish aforesaid. [ 1761 7 PUBLIC NOTICfi. LIEUTENANT JOHN ROSE, OF THE RO^ R Navy, j's hefpby informed, that, unless lie sends for the COLT which has been a considerable time in my k cpif. g, aiid'pavs all expences attending the same, the saul Coit will be sold at the expiration of fourteen days tiopi the date hereof,' in order to defray the expences of keeping, etc. WIMBORNF., June3, 1808. G. E. HUSSEY. WHEREAS we the undersigned WILLIAM LOADER, of Godshill, in the Isle of Wight, Hus- bandman, and ROBERT BEAVIS, of the same place, La- bourer. have at divers times circulated false, malicious, and defamatory Report*, to the injuryof the character and credit of JOHN TOOGOOD, of Godshill aforesaid, Butcher, and JANE his Wife, and the said John Toogood hath threatened to commence an Action at Law against us for the same; but in consequence of our consenting to ask his Pardon, and to acknowledge that such reports were made and circulated by us without the least foundation in truth, he has agreed that he will not proceed at Law against us.— Now we do therefore acknowledge and declare that the Reports so circulated by us, respecting the said John Toogood and Jane his Wife, were false, and we ask his Pardon for having been guilty of such gross offence against him and his Wife ; and we request that this Our acknowledgement and declaration may be inserted twicein the Salisburyand Winchester Journal, atour expence. Witness our hands the 31st day of May, 1308. WILLIAM LOADER. The X Mark of ROBERT BEAVIS. Witness Ttios. WIIITEWOOO, BagwicJi, Godshill. [ 1746 Notice to Mr. Jonathan Tucker's Debtors and Creditors. A LL Persons who have any Claims or Demands il on the Estate and Effects of Mr. JONATH AN TUC- KER, late of the parish of Melksham, in the county of Wilts, Yeoman, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof 011 or before the istdayof Julynext, either to Mr. Thomas Nalder, of Melksham aforesaid, inn holder, the sole executor, or Mr. N. P. Phene, attorney, Melksham, in order that ihe same may be paid, and tbe executor enabled finally to old.: his accounts with the residuary legatees; and all per- sons standing indebted to the . said estate are desired to pay , their respective debts as above, without delay, or they wiil ha sued without t'urthei notice.— Melkshatn, May 28, 1808. MERR1TT CARTER'S COMMISSION. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing dats the 11th day of June, 1807, awarded and issued forth against Merritt Cai': r, late of Zeals, in the parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts, Linen- draper, Grocer, Dealer'and Chapman, intend to meet on the 23d day of June, fiOi, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Lamb Inn, u Hindoo, . in the said county of Wilts, in order to make a Di- vidend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already provtd thtir debts, aie to come prepared, to prove the same, or they wiil be excluded the benefit of the said dividend j and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. AU Creditors who have proved their debts und- r the Com- mission against the said Merritt Carter, arc requested to meet the Assignees at the above meeting of the said 2jd June, to assent to, or dissent from, the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law orequitv ; 4 or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or other- wise agreeing, any matter or thing relating thereto, and on other special affairs. The dividend, as may be declared on the said 23d June, will not be paid on that day, but may be received 011 the 27th June, 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, of the Assig- nees, at the Office of Mr. Seymour, Attorney, Mere ; or on any Jay after at Mr. Seymour's. £ lGi4 THE SALISBURY AND WJHKHBFCYTE}; OWI. NAL, rtiinesclay's and Thursday's Posts. LONDON GAZETTE . OF MAY 31. ADMIRALTV- OL- L'IEK, May 31. Copy XtJ CL Letter from fie. - Admiral tVhitshed, dated fit ' Cork, the 24T/; instant. T HAVE great pleasure in transmitting, for the | j information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admi- of bis ralty, thejnclosed copy of a letter from Capt.. Brace, is Male ty' ship Virginie, who arrived tins morning; s manner in which this service has been'performed, is a; Itronjly exemplified in the modest terms in which it is related', as by the result, and affords an additional ppoo? amongst many of what may be effected by that order aud discipline which I have observed to be so well maintained 011 board the Virginie.— lpclo- ed is a return of the killed and wounded. I have the honour to be, '. e. .1 H. WlHTSHEP. Hit Majesty's skip r'reinie, at Sea.,, the WUhtf May 1303, Int. - 11) deg. North, dong. 1- j dig. If'est. SIR,— I beg leave to detail tin' your information, the capture of the Guilderliuid Dutch frigate, of 3d guns, commanded by Captain Pool, Knight of tire Order of the Kingdom, who is wounded. She. was manned with 257 jpea, and had 23 passengers ; a fortnight from Bergen. It was after an hour and a half's gallant, defence in a night action, on the 13th instant; that he surrendered; his masts being shot by the board, 25 of, his men killed, and 40 severely wounded. The enemy wore ' three time?, and ia h'. s effort to come round the fourth, fell on board the Virginic, and did her the only damage worth . notice ; f, r I have been fortunate, having only oueihamkilled, and one badly wounded. The night was extremely dark, and the swell so great, that the boarders fcouhl not act. If any credit is attached to this, transition, 1 entreat you to bestow it on the Officers and men; who, under • every circumstance in service, merit my warmest commen- dation; in this 1 include the Officer of the Royal Marines, and the gallantry of his party. Could any thing surpass the courage of the people, it • was their dexterity hi working the ship, which enabled me T. j keep close to the enemy ; and their exertions in getti ig the boats out to rescue the men of the Guilderland from the flames, that ship taking fire soon after she struck ; but through the firm diicipline of the enemy, it was put out. Allow me to mention the First Lieutenant, Mr. John ivies, a good Officer, of eleven ye; irs standing ; and Mr. Ivathanitil Norton, a Mate that has passed for a Lieutenant. I am, & c. ( Signed) EDWARD BRACE. Vice- Admiral Whitshed. A list of Killed and If'our'. dcd c. n- board, ' tis Majesty's ship Virginic, in action with the Dal : h national frigate Guelderland, o: i the 1ft'May 1808.— Will. Little, able seaman, killed ; John Woodcock, able seaman, wounded; Win. Blanchafd, landman, slightly wounded. fSiirned) E. BRACE, Capt. CROWV- OTVICE, May3\. Members returned to serve in the present Parliament.— flornugfco/" Ileigate— James Cocks, of Chesterfield- street, May- Fair, in'the county of Middlesex, Esq. in the room of Lord Viscount Royston. Wna- Orrice, May 81. ith Reg. of Light Dragoons.— Brevet Major H. Wesieiira, from the 12th Light Dragoons, to he Major, " by purchase, vice Culton, who retires. a ith Regiment of Foot.— Capt. C. C. Arnett to be Major, by purchase, vice Westerman, who retires. 67th Ditto.— Capt. Hon. E. Acheson, from the 77th Fpot, to be Major, by purchase, v> ce Murray, promoted in the Cth Foot. 91th Ditto.— Captain I I. Daubigny to be Major, without pirchase. tst If'est India Regiment.— Capt. M. Clifton to be Major, without purchase, vice Blackwell, promoted in the 4th West India Kegimem. BREVET.— Col. E. Stack, on half- pav of the late Northum- berland Fencibles, t » be Major- General in tile Array; Lieut.- Col. J. Wood, on half- pay of the late Liverpool Regiment, to be Colonel m the Army ; Capt. D. Wi'.' iams, on the Staff at the Army Depot, to be Major iri the Army. STAFF.— Lieut.- Col. ILK. Bunburv, of the Royal New- foundland Fencibles, to bo Uuarter- Master- General to the Forces serving in the Mediterranean, vice Major- Gen. Oakes. BARRACKS.— J. Delancy, C. Macpherson, E. Barron, R. Acchdall, O. Barberie, J. Baddcley, J. M. Grant, J. Brace, G. Dennis, T. Edgar, W. Nairne, J. S. Davics, and G. Mackenzie, Esqrs. to be Assistant Inspectors- General of Barracks iu Great Britain :— J. C. Cowefl, Esq. W. Manford, W. Harrison, and A. J. Tregmt, Gents, to be Barrack- Masters in Great Britain:— J. Bellairs and W. Corbent, Gents, to be Deputy Barrack- Masters in Great Britain. BANKRUPTS. Jo « eph c; ill Bi- itfiy, clothier. Joseph Dr. ds, < l' th • Minorie- 3, ship and insurance- broker. John llvaas, ol Oa: lip^ n, linen and wooUan- draper. J- inns L'awin, of iVwid-. worth, millof. f John MUlincoon and Joseph MlH'm^ ton, of TTounibrlttch, ( daiiers. HOUSE OF LORDS. ~ MONDAY, May 30.] Js> rd Auckland moved for cer- tain accounts relating to the trade of this Country, with the view to prove that it had been injured by the operation of the Orders in Council. After some observations from Earl Bathurst and Lord Greuviiki, the motion was agreed to. The Assessed Taxes Bill was read a third time, and passed. On the question of the third reading of the Indictment Bill, Lords Moira, Holland, Erskine, and. Stanhope re- peated their former objections to the 15.11, which was sup- ported by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Jillenbarpugh. The House divided, when the numbers were, Contents 13, Non- Contents 6'; Majority for the third reading 7. The Bill was then read a third time, and passed.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, May 31.] The House, in a Committee of Privileges, heard Counsel and evidence in support of Gen. Knollys's claim to the Banbuiy Peerage. The Scotch Hare- shooting Bill, and1 v auxball Bridge Bill, were received from the Commons, and read a first time. The Irish Clergy Residence Bill Was read a third time and passed.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, May 30.] Col. Deshrbw reported from the Downpatrick Election Committee, that John Wilson Croker, Esq. was duly elected; and that the petition was n > t frivolous or vexatious. Mr. Sheridan presented a petition from Mr. James Tandy, wine- merchant, of Dublin, stating that above three years since, without any crime on his part, he was suspected of treasonable views by the Irish Government: he had in consequence been taken into custody by a King's Messenger, without any cause explained to him, and com- mitted to the County Gaol, by a warrant from the Lord Lieutenant's Secretary: he was confined three years, tieated with peculiar severity, by which he had suffered . considerably in his health, and was at length discharged, • without being brought to trial, or any information of the nature of his allcdged crime', for which he had repeatedly applied: he prayed relief for these injuries.— The petition xvas laid on the table. Mr. Sheridan then presented petitions of a similar nature from Bernard Foy, Thomas Ridgeway, and Henry Hughes; all of which were laid on the table. Mr. Rose called the attention of the House ' to a passage in the fifth report of the Commissioners of Military En- qti. ry, which alledged that the Apothecary- General had made Undue profits on the medicines and surgical instru- ments, and that his charges had been paid by the Treasury without due enquiry. Both charges were uil. tbur. ded ; to prove which, be moved for the accounts. Ordered. Mr. Fuller moved for leave to bring in a bill to prevent the spreading of the Small Pox infection, to which the country was very liable, from the modern mode of treating the disease. I lis object was, to prevent any person from opening houses for Small Pox Inoceulatio'n at a less distance than three miles from a town, village, or assemblage of dwellii/ g- houses; and to oblige all such persons to keep their patients within their own houses or grounds, during the continuance of the disorder; also to enable parish officers, at the parish expenee, to remove persons who may have caught the infection to proper houses ; and to compel other persons, not objects of parochial charity, to keep within their own houses when infected with the Small " 1' ox. His wi ll was to have the bill printed, and let it iie over till the next Session. Leave given. , Sir John Niwport, after various remarks on the iilibe- rality of excluding Catholics from holding offices in com- mercial companies, proposed a resolution, importing, " That Catholics ought to be con- idered eligible to become Governors, Deputy- Governors, and Directors. of the Bank of Ireland, if otherwise qualified." Mr. Tester opposed the motion,. and as an amendment moved the order of the day, Mr. Windham and Mr. Martin spoke for the original motion, the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the amend- ment. A division then took plane; for the amendment o'-}, again- r it ( il ; majority for Ministers, three Only. Ii; a Committee on the Local Militia Bill, Lor I Milton observed, that the clause rcspeetin r the, rotation of service was very faulty. It would be very hard that a man should be liable to be ballotted for the regular militia immediately after having served hi term of four years in the local mi- litia. He moved ah amendment, that no man should be balloted for the regular milit ia u ui! Swo years after the ex- piration of hi s time of service in the local militia ; which motion was agreed to. Ilis Lord then moved another amendment, that the Commander > f battalion" at least should he qualified, as under the Miiit a laws, which was negatived by a majority of J6. Lord Temple objected to the clause which subjects, men to corporal punishment, when called out ft> r exercise, and thought that such punishment should not be allowed, unless a Regime. it was called oat for actual service, and the; , under the sentence of a Court- martial. He moved . an amendment to this effect, which on a division was negatived, the Ayes being 14 only, the Noes 101 ; majority 87-— Adjourned. TUESDAY, May 31.] Mr. Va'. ler brought in his bill to prevent the spreading of infection by tile Small Pox, which was read a first time. The WoolWn Manufacturers Regulation Biil was read a see . nd time, and referred to a select Coui:. iittee. Mr. IlushissoA brought in the bill for more speedily reducing the National Debt, by the Exchange of Stock for Life Annuities, which was read a first time. The Bill for renewing the (. barter of the Irish Bank was brought in,- and . ead a first time. Mr. Lushington rose to make his promised motion respecting Sir Home Popham. The facts of the ease were, that on the 12th of February 1807, Capt. Popham, then a Lieutenant in the Navy, applied to the Admiralty for two years leave of ab- ence, which he obtained some months after, ( in agreeing to give up hii'half- pay far the two years, and stating that it was his intention to reside in a Danish settle- ment, and not to trade in the India Company's possession-. He went out to, India as Commander of. the Imperial ship called the Vieilna; he did not confine himself to the Dani. di settlements, but was found trading iu Bombay, Cal- cutta, and almost every p'. it of the Company's possessions. O. l bis return, he formed a Connection with the lion e of Chinioek and Co. at Ostcnd, which every Officer in the Navy knew to be the most notorious house in Ostend for illicit commerce. He then sailed on a second expedition to India, without aiiy renewed leave of abiehee from the Admiralty, in a ship called the Etrusco, with papers' pur- porting that she was a Tuscan, and with Tuscan colours. Afutr he had arrived at Calcutta, he sailed from thence to Prince of Wales's Island; without any] papers at alii here he said the old Eti useo, of between - t and 500 tons burthen, and bought an American ship, the Washington, which he called the Etrusco, and for which he used the papers he hail got for the original Etrilsco. At Canton he had entered into agreements with a Monsieur Peron and Mr. Constant aboilt procuring a cargo ; but as Peroii was a Frenchman, his name was not inserted in the ship's papers.— As this vessel was on its passage for Cuxhaven or Ostend, it lay off Dimgeuess, where, by order of Capt. Pop. am, they broke bulk, and sent some tea and rhubarb on shore. During this traffic, the Brilliant frigate, Capt. Robinson, came up, aud made prize of her, and she was regularly Condemned as a smuggler. Several claims were then sent in for thu snip and cargo by Capt. Popham, who took care, however, to be out of the way, so as not to be personally examined. He stated in his claims that no person belonging to France, Spain, or the United Provinces, nor any of their factors or agents had any interest in the ship or cargo ; and yet M. Peron. Was a proprietor to a considerable amount. The ship had been condemned on account of the illegality of the voyage, and the excuse made by Capt. Pupham was, that he had been engaged ill this coaynerce inadvertently, and without knowing its illegality. Other letters from him proved that he was perfectly aware of the nature of the traffic ; yet on his own statement of his merits, the Lords of the Treasury directed that 25,000.'. should be restored to him, to the prejudice of Capt. Robinson, tbg captor, whose father was above 70 years of age, and had lost a limb in the service after he was b' 0, and who had himself been meritoriously employed in the service for 40 years. The value of the vessel and cargo was altogether 200,000/. and Capt. Robinson had been offered a bribe of 40,0001. if he would suffer her to escape. [ Sir I f. Popham signified dissent.'] ' He had the information from Capt. Robinson himself ( now Admiral Robinson) and was ready to call him to the bar in support of it. He thought he had stated sufficient to convince the House that this grant of the public money was improper. He therefore concluded with reading the motions he meant to pi'opose, th s purport of which was, that the ship Etrusco had been condemned for being engaged in ; ui illicit commerce, and that by a Treasury Warrant, dated Sept. 24, liU4, a grant was made of 25,000to Sir Home Popham to indemnify him for his losses in consequence of the said capture ; and that the said grant appeared to the House to be a misapplication of the public money, in giving it to a person'who had beeil detected in carrying oil an illegal commerce, knowingly, wilfully, and in a manner derogatory to the character of a British Officer. Sir Home \ Popham said, when he applied to the Admi- ralty for leave of absence, it. was his intention to reside in a Danish Island, but on his putting in at Bombay, he found the colours of many foreign nations flying. When come to Madras, he found many foreign flags flying there also; and he hac'Ja right to consider the relaxation of the law as sanctioned, or at least connived at, in India. The Hon. Member pleaded' his services in India as a set- off to any little errors he might iuadverdently have fallen into ; said he was not in his Majesty's service when he pureha ed the Etrusco, having been struck off the list of Lieutenants some months before ; admitted that four or five chests of tea had been taken out ot the Etrusco off Dungeness, but not with the intention of smuggling, as it. was done merely for the purpose of paying the Hastings pilots ; and concluded with thanking the - House for the attention which had been paid to bis defence. Mr. Long, the Attorney- General, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer spok* in favour of Sir Home Popham ; Mr. Windham and Mr. Whitbread severely censured his conduct. A division took place, when the numbers were, Ayes 57, Noes 12o ; majority for excusing Sir Home Pophani 69.— Adjourned. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1. The tumultuous meetings of the cotton weavers of Manchester liave been suppressed, but not till one man was killed, and about a dd^ eu- wounded, by the soldiers filing among them. The soldiers were- on Friday still busily employed in scouring'the country round Manchester, several bodies of weavers having assembled at Blackley, White Moss, Middleton, and Kersall Moor. It is under- stood that the principal manufacturers of Manchester will raise the wages of the workmen, so'as to enable them to get a subsistence by their labour. A respectable manu- facturer of Stockport is committed to prison at Manches- ter, charged with having in some way encouraged the ' riots. Wm. Plomer, lasq. son of the late Alderman. Sir AVm. Plomer, is elected Alderman of Coleman- street. Y, aid. in the room of R. Lea, Esq. resigned. Mr. Plouier Was opposed by Sir Richard Phillips, one of the present Sheriffs, but having 88 votes to Sir Richard's 54, the latter declined proceeding farther in the Contest. Win. Mahley, Albert Pell, anil Wm. Rough, Esqrs. of the Inner Temple, were on Monday called to the degree of Serjeants at Law. BREAD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor ordered that the price should remain at 11 \ d. the quartern loaf wheaten, 10r/. household. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.— The King v. Dodd.— Lord Ellenborough on Monday pronounced the judgment of the Court on this prosecution. The Court did not think it proper to interfere by the summary mode of a criminal prosecution, as the party applying for the rule had sus- tained no injury, and no prosecution had taken place on the statute for, 84 year's ; but still the law was not obsolete, and the matter might come befyre the Court by indictment. The Court advised the Defendant to pause before he pro- ceeded further in his speculation ( which was to raise 100,000/. by shares of 100.'. each for the purpose of establishing a distillery). It was an illegal speculation; and one strong feature of what the Act considered fraud and delusion, was the pretence that the Subscribers should not be answerable beyond the sum subscribed. This was a false representation of the law— ciery one of them would be answerable to the- j/ u- hlie, to the full extent of his whole property. Once more, therefore, the Court advised the Defendant to desist; this and all speculations of the like nature being clearly illegal. The well known tale of " The two dogs fighting for. a bone whilst another seized the prize," was never better exemplified than by the quarrel- of the would he possessors of the Recipe for preparing Gowland's Lotion.— To pursue the simile, Mrs VINCENT may be truly allowed to have " seized'the prilte," she having the sole knowledge of pre- paring that inestimable blessing qj'the human race. Nature may ope her bounteous stores ill Vain, Ihiless by art we cure Disease's Stain. Hail, Gowland's Lotion ! sure a sov'reign name To chase Eruption from the human frame. Rival Pretenders ! all thy art is nought; The Recipe cannot be sold or bought. Britons, your heartfelt gratitude is due To Vincent, who prepares the Lotion trae. [ 1782 Orders have been sent for the embarkation of 6000 men at Cork, with directions for their immediate sailing. Their destination is for the Spanish coast, and it is said not as enemies but as friends. It is said, in a Dutch letter that when the. last accounts left Cadiz the English fleet was preparing to enter the Bay. The Captain nf the Dutch frigate Guelderlantl, it is said, was charged with important dispatches, which were thrown overboard, but the enemy, in the hurry, did not put weight enough to sink them, and they were saved. The Vengeance French privateer of 19 guns and 180 men from Gnadaloupc, is sank by a British frigate, and all the crew drowned. The following Officers have been phced on the retired list of Rear- Admirals, vin. James Kinneer, Esq. Thomas Hawker, Esq. Abraham Guyot, Esq. James Dun- das, Esq. John Trigge, Esq J Richard Willis, Esq. The per rentage which the House of Commons has voted to be now due to Mr. Palmer, in addition to the 3000/. per annum which he has received from the 5th of April, 1793, amounts to S9, ii74Z. 5s. 4d. and his future income from the Post- office ( unless there should be a f iling bff iu the Post- office revenues, of which there is little expecta- tion) will amount to about 3000/. a year. The Society for the Encouragement of Arts, & e. j met yesterday, at their rooms in the Adelphi, when the honorary distinctions were delivered to the successful can- didates by tile Duke of Norfolk. Gold medals Were given to Mr. Curwen, for improvement in the culture of vege- tables ; to Lord Mansfield, for planting f) tT, 000 oaks near Scone, iu Scotland ; to Lord Boringdon, for gaining laud from the sea, near Plympton ; to the Bishop of Llandaff, for planting 322,500 larch trees, fn Lancashire; to Dr. Bain, for planting 338,103 forest trees, at Heffieton, in Dorsetshire; to Mr. C. Wairtell, for lvis communication of methods to ascertain the growth of trees at different periods ; to Mr. Whitworth, for manufacturing ropes aud sacking ftom sheep's wool, to answer the purpose of those from hemp ; and to (' apt.. Mattby, of Yarmouth, f ir form- ing a communication with ships stranded, by means of a rope thrown over the ve; sel by a uiurtar from the shore. MERE INC'LOSURE. " E whose names are hereunto subscribed, Coift- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment passed hi the 17 th year of- the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intifled " An Act for inclosing Lands in. the parish . of " Mere, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give notice1, that we shall hold our next meeting, for executing the powers Of the said Act, at the house of James Burfitr, being the Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thursday the 9th day of June next; and that we shall at such meeting perambulate the boundaries of the said parish, or such parr or par::, thereof as shall appear doubtful or in dispute; and that we' shall begin such perambulation at the entrance to the Commons from- Silton, near Bagmoor WoiJ'd, on Monday the 13th day of June next, at ten o'clock in. the forenoon. And we do also give notice, that all persons having or making any claim ot claims which may atfect such ' boun- daries, or any of them; and also all persons claiming any rights of common, leasowes, or rights of pasturage, in," over, and upon the lands and grounds by the said Act intended to- be divided and allotted, or any part thereof, are hereby re- quired, by themselves or agents, to lay their respective claims ( in writing) before us the said Commissioners at such meeting. And we do hereby further give notice, that no claim will be received aft : r Wednesday the loth of June next. [ ltilO Dated May 14, 1S08. JOHN FIELD. RICHARD WEBB. GEORGE BARNES. SIX PRIZES of ^' 20,000!! RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, AND CO. stock- Hrokere; respectfully acquaint the Public, that the STATE LOTTERY commences, drawing on the 48th of the PRESENT MONTH, JUNE: the Scheme, only25,000Tic- kets, contains 0 Prizes of ^ 80,000 . 2 of £ 10,000 3 2, t> 00 7 500 2 of. .£' 5,000 5 1,000 20 100 And 5, o: jo other Prizes, the whole amounting to ^ 220,000 The Tick- ts and Snares are on Sale at the Offices, Bank- bnildings, Oarnhill, and opposite the King's Mews, Charing- cross, London, by Ricnar DSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. and for them by J. Moore, High- street, Poole; J. Langdon, printer, Sherborne; W. Meyler, printer, Bath; Baker and Fletcher, Southampton; Evens and Allies, ironmongers, W. r i • t:- i ; E. Sweet, bookseller, Trowbridge ; J. F. Coul- t. » , Devices; also at most ofthe principal towns in. the kingdom. [ 17: 10 EE GINS DR UVING the 28th of THIS MONTH. SUPERB LOTTERY!!! SIX Prir. es of .=£ 20,000, besides a numerous train of Grand Frizes.— Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighth's, and Sixteenths, are selling at the very lowest prices, and the prizes paid on demand, by HORNSBY and CO. Stock- Bro- kers, at their old- established Licensed State Lottery Offices, London, 2fi, Cornhill; 52, Charing- cross; and St. Margaret's- hill, Borough. *, t* Orders by post or carrier executed on the same terms as if present. [ 178O Shared and So id by HORNSBY and CO. last Year : 1.1,544 .... 2,27!) 8,8- jl 8,7 Hi 19,570 17,127 .... 2 Prizes of 10 2 17 £ 20,000 10,873 ... 10,000 12,244 ... 5,000 1,350 . .. 5,0110 44 . . . 5,000 10,337 ... 4,000 And informer Lotteries £ 1,000 1,000 500 500 soy i'd 0,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 24 Prizes of £ s, oen CO 2,000- 5f> 1,000 84 500 APpIJEGARTH ( the property of Capt. I. idderdale) will COYER, this Season, at TIIATCUAM, two miles and, a half from Newbury, Berks, Blood Mares, at Five Guineas and Five Shillings each ; Half- bred or Country Mares,' at'Two Guineas and Five Shillings.— Applegarth was got by Stride, ( that uncommon speedy well- bred son of Pha? no- meuoa, a son of King Herod, out of Frenzy, by Eclipse), his dam Emma ( sister to the dam of Marianne, and grandam of Surprize1 and Smuggler), by Telamachus, out of A- la- Greque, ( Pontic's dam), by Regalns.- vHe is a dark chesnut, fifteen hands two inches high, free from all natural blemishes, great powers with extraordinary good aetion, and was a true honest racer, having won twelve times, three of which were King's Plates. See Racing Calendars for 1738, 170.9, 1800, 1801, 180- 2, 1803.— Applegarth's stock, now rising three years old, arc large, honey, and handsome; a yearling blood colt was sold last year for 80 guineas. He is a certain foal- getter, and allowed to be the finest blood- stallion in the West of England, as to largeness of bone, sinew, richness of colour, and beau- tiful symmetry. . Hay and Grass at ~ s. per week. ' All expences for covering, keep, & c. to be paid before tire mares ate taken away, as the groom is anrwcrable for the money. [ IGOFT ISLE OF WIGHT. riPO be LETT, with immediate possession, for the 1 term of three years,— A DWELLING- HOUSE,' fit for the reception of a genteel family.— A stable for three horses-, a good garden, and about ten acres of . pasture land, in front of the house, pleasantly situated in the centre of the Isle of Wight, and about one mile and a half from Newport. For further particulars apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mi. Worsley, Solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 1424 CHETTLE, DORSET. HTX) be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A 1 good HOUSE, containing an exceeding good dining, drawing, and breakfast room ; with suitable bed rooms and dressing rooms ; sixteen miles from Salisbury and six from Blandford; very " convenient offices, with coach- house, and stabling for twelve horses; excellent kitchen walled garden, and green- house; a very good farm- yard, with a barn and 17 acres of land adjoining to it: within a mile of two packs of fox hounds, and in the neighbourhood of several- packs of harriers. For par'icutsrs enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. John Bennett, Chettle, nrar Cashhrorc IVra, ,[ 15U£ TO hi. LETT at Midsummer next,— HlLLEllS- DON- HOUSE, in the county of Devon ; consisting of a vestibule, breakfast and dining parlours, drawing- room, library, seven best bed rooms and several servants', with every suitable office for tlieaccommodation of a large family ; coach- house and stables, aud a very good walled garden. The house is very pleasantly situated' in a paddock of 21 acres, which may be taken with the house, and, it required, 30 or 40 - aCres of exceedingly good land may be added. The house is two miles from the town of Collumpton, four from Tiverton, and twelve from Exeter. The privilege ofshpotir. g and hunting on an extensive manor will be granted; Further particulars may be had by applying at Hillersdon- Housc; to Mr. Brown,, of CollUmpton ; or to Mr. Toulmin, High- street, Taunti 1:. [ 1437 VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. npObe SOLD,—. MERRY OAK HOUSE, with : JL two, coach h uses, stabling, two gardens, in one of which is erected a n,- at green house, pleasantly situated 111a lawn of twelve acres, Well timbered, anit neatly laid out with shrubberies and walks. The house has been recently and expensively'fitted up; the rooms are ' numerous, lar- ie", and lofty, and ready tOf ill immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attention. " "'' [ 1422 JN the immediate Vicinity of SOUTHAMPTON wlil be LETT, for one, two, or three Years.— V larac arid commodious MANSION- HOUSE, neatly and elegantly fur- nished, with spaCh- houses for four carriages, and stabling for ten horses, together with every convenient necessary office ; a garden containing between three ajid four acres^ perfectly cropped and yielding an abundance of every kind of vegetable and fruit, with two pineries, two Conservatories, and a large greemhousc, all filled With pines, trui'- trecs, and plants- of various descriptions ; together with 23 acres ot laud, now laid down for hay. , ' [ 7,95 Immediate possession may be had, arid the terms known, by application to Mr. George Hookey, in Southampton. |>% RSLEDON' HOUSE for SALE, remarkably 13 pleasantly situated on the bank of the Riv. r, six miles, from SOUTHAMPTON ; with double coach house, two .'.- stalled stables, barn, tarmand poultry yards, pleasure and kitchen gardens, in which are shrubbeiics and ' neat green- house, productive orchard, and rich pasture land SKI'rounding the Howie, in the wlioie about 2d acres; tit for the immediate reception of a Gentleman's Family. The principal rooms are large, lofcy, and expensively fitted up ; the House is sub-- stantially built, convenient, and replete with every domestic office. For particulars and a view apply to Mr. George Hookey, Southampton. ' > [ 71: 1' TO MILLERS. MEALMEN, AND OTHERS.' " X> be DISPOSED'OE bv Plil VATK CON- TRACT,— The REMAINDER of tlie LEASE of all' that good and well- known WATER COILN- MILL, called ' Btt0CKA. MFT. 0ft Mm., driving three pair of-' stones, anil now in full employ; together with about 10 Aens of WATER MEADOW thereto adjoining; situate within a mile of Ifa- vant, and in the centre of the large and populous towns of Portsmouth and Chichester. N, li.— Immediate possession will be given. The contiguity of the above Premise's to the harbour of Langston renders them truly- eligible,., a1? vessels can load and unload within a short distance of the said Mill; and the Pre- mises are in all respects well calculated for Carrying on a large and extensive business.- • For particulars apply to Mr. R. Way, Havant; or to Mr. Hart, solicitor, Portsmouth. ~ [" 1787 HPO be SOLD,— A 1' REEIIOLD COTTAGE, A • Completely and handsomely Furnished; tons:' ting, 011 the- ground floor, of a dining parlour and breakfast parlour, outlet's worn and butler's bedroom, a hall, two kitchens, dairy aiyl larder, with excel ten t arched . cellar Underneath; upper story, a drawing . roam, five good bed rooms and maid's bed r-, om ; iu a ' detached building; men sma;; i~' bed room, and many conveniences; a coach house . and stabling for five horses, with good hay lofts over them ; a dog kennel', a granary, and a Well stocked eardtn, with a paddock or pleasure ground, the w hole completely fenced and laid out with great taste. This cottage is situated four miles from Winchester, and four from Aires ford, on the river ltchen, a river abounding! with trout, ths^ uiTOuiiding eauntty with game, and is in the vinityof two packs of . fox- hounds. . Lf47i For lurcher particulars, inquiry may br made ( if by letter, ' post- paid.: of Mr. John Ridding.' Soi citor, Winchester. ^ MARINE VILLA, In the Neighbourhood of Southampton. NPO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— . JL The LEASE of an exceeding good arid neatly furnished RESIDENCE, tit for the immediate reception of a genteel family, commanding a most delightful- view of Souiha;; iptoi} River and the New Forest, with lawn in front, ne itlvlaii out; and a greenhouse, kitchcn garden, ;.,?. ; the whole in complete repair, the greater part of the buildings havingibi eh erected within three years, at a great expence, and th- c grounds completely fenced in. The House eo: v.:.-, ts of an ck- d:.:,: t sitting room, — fee: by—; dir.- ing parlour, library, and suitable offices, with seven sleeping chambers, dressing and, water Closet, warm bath, fee. For particulars and a view of the premises apply- fit' by lettef, post paid) to Mr. John Griffiths, No. 1, Ncli « &- plae-', Hill, near Southampton, who will treat for the same. [ 1581 Leasehold Water Conl- Mitl, Taphnr, Elicits. TO be SOLD by PRIV.- ATE CONTRACT,— The Remainder of the Lease ( for an unexpired term of sixteen years from Ladv- dav lait; of that capital - and long- established WATER CORN- MILL, called TAIU. O. V Ot. o MILL, now in full trade, with a powerful command of water from the river Thames, on the banks of which it is situated, about a quarter of a mile from the turnpike- road to London, within 25 miles of that metropolis, and- in the centre ( it well established country markets; being- 14 miles from Reading, 12 from Uxbriclge, 10 from Wycombe, and Heftlev, £ iroili Winchester, and 1 from Maidenhead. Immediate possession may be had. For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to Mr. Hubbard, at the New Corn- Mill, Taplow, 11 •: Mai- denhead; Mr. Cooper, solicitor, Great Marlow ; or Mr. Ste- phenson, coal- merchant, William- street, Chatham- place. London. * ri'oy TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. ^ THEREAS the Trustees of the first District of Road mentioned and'set forth in and by ". An Act " for repairing and widening the Road from Ro'wde Ford to " Red. Hill, and from Chi- ttoe Heath to- the ' Town of Calne, " in the County of Wilts," at their Meeting, held at the Castl- e Inn, in . Devizes, in the said county, on Friday the Kith day of May instant, pursuant to due notice given for that • purpose, put up ta FARM, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Ron,-.;, THE TOLLS arising at the Toll Gate called 011 known by the name of Sandy Lane Gate, upon the said first District of Road, at the sum of one hundred and ninety pounAs, being the sum the said ' Tolls produced in the last year, cl ear of the expences of collecting the same, but no person offered CO bid for the same: Notice is therefore hereby given, pursuant to the directions in the said Act, that the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house ot William Halcomb, called the Black Bear, in Devizes afore- said, on Wednesday the 15th day of June next, between the hoiirs of three and five in the afternoon; and- that the said Tolls will be put up at such sum, and in such manner, as the Trustees shall think fit. r [ l3ei . Whoever happens to be the best bidder must 1.1 Jhe same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to rue safjsitorion of the Trustees of the said first District of Road, tor payment ofthe rent'agreed for, at. snch times as they shall direct. By older of the Trustees, ' [ i7r, 4 Dated May 14, 1808. EDWARD INGS, Clerk. Derizr. s Consolidated Turnpike Tolls to Lett. " INHEREAS the Trustees of. the Pevizes CfmiQ- 7 f lidaccd Turnpikes, at their Meeting held at the Castle Inn, in Devir. es, in the county of ' Wilts', on Friday the l: tth day of May inst.- pursuant to due . notice given for' that pur- pose, put up to farm, in the marnu- f directed by the Act P'js. sed in the 13th year of the reign of hi-. Majesty King- George the Third, for regelating turnpike roadsj the Tolls arising at the several ' Toll vl. ites upon the said road , known by the name of the Seend Gate, Rowde Gate, the Green Gate, Nurstecd Gate, and Potterne Gate, at the sum of two thousand nine hundred and twenty- five pounds, beinR th: sum the said Tolls produced in the last year, clear of the expences of collecting the same, but no person offered to bid for the same:— NOTICE is therefore hereby given, pursuant to the directions in the said Act, that the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder,' at the house of William Ilalcomb, called the Black Bear Inn, in Devizes aforesaid, on Wednesday the 15th day of June next, between the hours of three- and five in the afternoon, and that the said Tolls will be put up at such sum and in such manner as tbeTiustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security, with su- fficient: sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike road, for payment of the rent agreed for at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, ft755 Dated May 11, trjS. EDWARD INGS, Clerk. WESTSURV TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given,-'- That the TfusV,* meet at the Abingdon Arms Inn, in Westbury. on •'. Tuesday the Qlstday of June next, at one o'clock in th -' a!'; r- nooh, to LEASE or FARM, LETT all the TOLLS- ar. a. iecl ' by an Act lately passed, " for continuing the term and enlarg- ing the powers of two Acts passed for amending the Road from Purgate to Latchet's- b: • dgc, and other Roads therm described, in the county of . Wilts, as far the same rel, t s to the first district therein mentioned ; and for amending oth. r Roads near adjoining the said Reads;" arising at the Gat 6 undermentioned, or either of tliLin. Whoever happens to t ke the same, must at the time and place aboye. mentioned give security, with suffici. nt sureti s, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said ' Turnpike Roads, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such tim. s as th- e shall' direct. Yarnt- rook Gates;— Britton Pound Gat", with thesid • Cate a' Bratton; Warminster- Lane Gates, w. th . the side Gat. at Hoi irne's- Laoe ; Leigh Gates, with - the side t.'- te in Penleigh- ' Lane; Clevey Gate, wath- the sale Gates at Dillon Marsh. By order of the ' Trustees, ST HP. BROWN, Clerk and Treasurer.'' Lr. itsii, m. fi. 2( 5, 1 ' 108. | if, 70 rfpO be peremptorily SOLD, pursuant to an oidcr of JL- the High Court of Chancer*, with the approbat en of John Springett Harvey, Esq. one'of the Masteis of the eiid Court, at the Wheel Inn, in Cable, in ' tbe County cf Wilts, oil Thursday the <> th dav of June, 1 >••( « . in distinct lots— Sundry FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in and near to Qalse aforesaid, being part ot the Wiltshire cstat s'" ot the most h& WurableWilliam late Marquis of Lansdown, dte- aseJ. Particulars may be bad fgratit;) at th - said Master's Cham- bers, in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London ; if Mr. Smith, Solicitor, Drapers'- hall, London ; Mr. Atherton, : Attorney at Law, at Calne; at the place of sale; and the principal Inns in Bristol, Bath, Chippenham, Deviz. s, and Marlborough; and the estates may be. viewed bv orders, which will begiv; 11 forithat purpose'! v the said Mr. Atherton. • GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. EVANS, at the Flea'. Inn, at Ibdb^- ough, in'the county . of Glou- cester, 0: 1 Monday the 1J ill d- v of June, 1P08, at otie o'clock ' and immediate possession given,— A modern- built MAN- . SJON'- HOUSE, r plete with'cvt n convenience for a large* family, together with or without its Furniture, as it new stands, and which has been lately 1 . id in ata great eXpenCe, 1 and is of the most fashionable es. lortnicrit. The, hou-- con- sists of ahanlsome/ entranee- ball Or vestibule, with a ,: i:'„ ng-.- room on one side of it and a drawing- room en the other, each HI feet by 18, and 1= 1 fitet high ; it'hns also a breakfast. 1 om of about I S by 10', ii servants'- hall, lofty and commodious . kitchen, seven bed- el iamb, a:. aiid attics tor servant!:, t :-, ether ' With aua'ehed and d: t'- eiu- d oiu as n'eaesary for a house on . such a scale; on the premises ave stabling lor 1; hois open stables, cow- houses,- .' ev. with a double coach- house, and excellent gardens with a new brick wall well c! • atla d with fruit- trees, and about 25 acres of god land, and live it. closures, , pleasure- grounds, Sc.— The house is in the occup: t on of Air. Rcmmington, and Is sitir te at I lorselev, t ie mos. tlpic- tiiresquc and romantic p • vt cf Gloucest - rehire, nearly central, between Buth anil Cheltenham, in a c. iuatry abounding with game, and hunted by.- tox- hounds and harriers. , Part of the purchase- money lyay be retained on security of the premises. For further particulars apply" ti Messrs. Meredith and Rob- bins, sol:-. Iters, Lincoln's- uih ; the Whit: Hart fun,' Bath) Mr. Guest,' solicitor, Bristol; Mr. Pitt, Cirencester; or Mr. Remmington, 011 the'Premiscs. Should the Premises be sold by Private Contract in the mefi:. time, the'earliest notice of i- will b> given. [ 15SQ TO CLOTH 1 Li nro be SOLD bv AU ™ at ltodbor ugh, ill the c tlie 1: 1th davof Jun-', lsos, Three MILLS, o-, three din art veiv considerable, anil and vv, 11- supnUed rt • rvoirS. as fulling mills', ai d cpntain two p which, with the. wet, r wheels, ai approved principles: there is like*, another gig. mill. 1 lie om. r 11 iii'" i adapt.*:! lor slieartng fro* -., < wd whole is now at work; an I thi- pint of it, may be taken with 1; - taehed to the mil's ii r. >' 1l - and 11 ' coppers, Se. - corrpi le,' and now i washing- house, pi\ v:--, hc,::-. e. w: u all newly- built, and fitted Bp at a grod Dwelling- house aud ouihou Meadow, Wcolland, and W: ter. The above premises are worth'the: attention of- ny ptsfti who wishes to embark in an otii- cstu. bF. hcd concern, which has he< n profitable, and has tjie prospect of- continuing so: they will Be sold either ' together, or 11 lois. as may be most advisable, and may be enter - d upon imiiK diately;' as the pre- sent proprietor is quitting business. ' J Ii v are site: to at H owelty, in Gloucestershire, and may. be viewed . at anytime by applvinn- at die pt . uv PRINCIPALLY. , I'lON, at the Fleece Tnh, - • ':' f Glotaccsttat; on Monday hue o'clock, by Mr. EVANS.- ent Levels, the falls of which v e the advantage - Of extensive IVi v' the mills tire fitted up 0 p1 1 r ot stocks and a gig mill, . an: new, tm'd oh tW/ fr. nst v'-. vs:- an apartment left fctr il is Jsoncw arid particularly :. iVe! i • p; . ngines, - te. & c, The 1 lenery and stock,, or any ills, at a \ aiuation. At- :: k Dye- house; with vats, full w; tk ; scouring'and . uses, cl'. fh- rtjoms, & c. z. t. rce ; and. also, a Set., with about 25 acres bf Forfurther particulars apply to M.-,:, rs. Meredith ifnd Rob- bins, Lincoln's Inn ; the White Hart Jon,- Bath ; jfr. Gut\ t, solicitor, Bristol ; Mr, Pitt, Cirencester; or'Mr. Rernmini'tou, Ilorseley aforesaid.- ' : Should the premises be sof- 1 in the mean time bv firi- . vate contract, the earlle it n ' tier of it wi. ll be given. 11 syi TO CLCTHIKUS. HP0 ^ SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the Hth day of June, ! - 0S, anrbfollowing rteys, Upon tlu; Prenvsese by Mr. Tv.,>:::, J A. li the.- STO. CK in TRADE, MACHINERY, ) cc. , v- e. of Messrs. Rt. viMIS- STON and- CO. t letliier--, at Horselev, iu- roe u:. tv of e-.: : u ester-; ccn- • istiug of a targe quantity of iiugbsli ajid^ Spanis'. i W; ols of tne first quality, ra., v and s.- oare i; Yam- anJ'Ctdthi of'dii- ferent sorts and Jrl different slates ; Dye War & c. fee. ' The Partnership of Messrs. ' Reuiifws • J.- M rtnd Co.' being expired gives rise to the above trrtd*- fhey ' would pret- r selling- the Stock. in/ l'iade aud. Machinery r lgether by Private Contract; if they do, Republic sbafi'' have sim'ely notice thereof. CHESHIRE. Manor, Mansion- house, and Estate, v< th raluMe C'Htlng elicits. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr Squibb, at Garraway's Coliee- house, on Tarsd< v thee- nh day of . June, 180s, at - veive o'clock, in or e lor, uniti : previously disposed of by Priefte Contract,^- - The . MANOR t « wlN- NiNGtoN, with the Mansion-! loi. se sard Offices, tailed WInNIngTON- HaILL-: comprising ® spacious aid corapleie residence for a large family, built with stone, and cev.- ie. l with stare, and finished in a modem style-; containing ' Kioms of large dimensions, superbly fitted' up,; geometri- . ed stone stairs; mahogany dooYs, jjlSte- glnss wiiulews, marbl; chimney pieces, * and, oak, lio ns, witb appnian it* attached aud detached. offices; stabling for fifty iibivs, coacii- hotises, green- house, hat- houses, grapery•', " pine ami succession houses, excellent kitchen '. gardens with h irtvalls, mushroom- house, cold baths, ice- house, a penfitry'hous-- U| X> n a superior scale, and every liecessarv build'ifig for . agricultural purposes-, dove- hoh a-,' entranc cott. na-' e d <• « ,' with shrubbery and phmtatu ns sloping to the river W aver, at. a convenient distance from rile lit, use. which is well situ: n- j • on very highly ornamented gre- nnd, and surrounded of about six hundred and forty acres ilf land, : ln ily meadow and pas- ture, ' of superior quality, divided ir.- n farms, and lctt to ITS- pectablc tenants; woods and plantations in hand, and omu- v jnental cottages and gardens adjoining tb - road: the whole together forming a truly desirable and decant residence for a large establishment. ' ' To which there is attached, Almost valuable MINERAL, whi.- k, if attended to, far exceeds the value of this plac as a te: deuce. The Estate i5 situate one mile from Northwieh,- 17 from Chester, 22 front Manrti, •:•••.- r, and, 10 from cd; mar be viewed bv applying to the Kev. Joah Fare?, V- nrungibn- M. lpc, n- ar Nortlr. vich; acd printed particulars niav be had of Mr. Wyatt, Lime-; ro » e, near Eunejr; of Mr. Edwin Wyatt,' Solicitor, Sr. Asaph ; at the Ik tel,' Chester; the Ho- tel, Liverpool; the Bridgwater Afnis, Mwinter; and cf Mi. Claridge, No. 47, Pall- mall, London, where a plan of kie estate may bes.- a n. and further partJeulus known. fjCB » THIS'-' I^ AY IS PjEjBLliliKD^ T * fn ' a quarto Volume, containing ! lt> plate? and '. vecd: cuts> price 1 in extra boai ds, rHE LADY's ECONOMICAL ASSISTANT or the Art of Cutting Ont, and Mekine.' the rnon useful Articles of Wesmig Apparel, without W."-; e; explained by the clearest Direotie- i- s, and by numerou Engravings of ap- propriate and taste led. Patr: rri. D'- s'imed tor Dopiestic Use. 11Y A LADY. Printed for .1. Murray, fl 2,. Fleet- street, J. 1 St. James's- stret:, London"; and A. Constable an burgh ; sold at die Priori « * olKce, Salisbury; by Southampton; and al, so by evhy Book:: lit':.: a! Ladies bi the country yvlio are. d. • loits of ~ fill work ujjon its first ptil lie -. I0.1, r ,.: - -- : th.- ir ne'irest boaksel'ler, who will order- it frotn ponder. t in Lee:,- Ion, by yS hom it will be sent down at the begiiming of the mbiifb. i.- iieb' i- as p,:'-':-. b • A n ve t.-'- tion of DOMf'STfO COOSLS. V, p.- iiee tiV. :: i .••,... -. [ it- ea. rt!: nc, se, tins use- apply to f \ I 1 V catalogues may pe h!- d, after the M of JuAc, at the Fleece Ian, Rodoorpugh, and King's ' Arras,• StMud/' Glriicoster- s'nire; White Hint Inn, Bath'; of'Mr. Ori'- dc;^ Small- street. Bristol; and Mr. Evans, auctioneer, in C'rcucester. P: eg AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET, 9 i Friday's and Saturday's Posts. F O R F. IGN N K > V S. > la T a. GOTTENBURHG - nrT is a little rem . rkab'e, tluu a! though we have cj been a loug time iii possession ot" the conveu- J3_ tiou for t! ic giving op of Sweaborg to tile Rus- sians, no " flilfiei. il' accounts have reached us of its ac- tual surrender, which gives tise to various conjectures. The English expedition yet remains Here. Colonel Murray, who has been td Stockholm, making arrange- ments with regard to its destination, returned yester- day morning, and immediately embarked in a gun- bri'' for England, it is said for fresh orders; in the inegn time theshins are victualling. • HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNT/ MUY, •/..'">;.!.] The royal Assent was pven fcv Commission > 11 to til': Duchess of Bum wick's Annuity Bill, Asaj...- d Taxes Bill, Indictment Bill, and about twenty other public and private bills. The Dead Body Burial Bill, the Irish Militia Volunteer- ing Bill, and the Scotch Hare Shooting Bill, were read a second time. The Irish Glebe Houses Bill was read a third time, and pa--, ed.— Adjourned. THURSDAY, June The Pauper Lunatics Bill was received from the Commons, aiiit read a fiist time. counsel was heard, and evidence examned, In support of the Rev. Mr. Massey's Divorce Bill.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, June K] I" a Committee on the Trade • with America, Mr. rose - fated that the Commit'ee would be aware that our trade with America stood in a very preca- rious and unsettled > tate.. In the year 1797 an Act was passed for the regulation of that trade, but it had expired, as it was onlv pas- fed for a limited time. He did not ima- gine that in the. present circumstances, there Was arty reason to suppose that a treaty of a commercial nature could be set- tled with the United States. In these circumstances he • wished that some mode could be'devised for carrying on trade with the United States, independent of any treaty, about which he did- not feel any anxiety. He concluded by moving for leave to bring in a Bill permitting ill American or British vessel-, the importation of goods and produce, the growth of America, on payment of the customary duty, and in certain instances, oil payment of the lowest duties. After a few words from Mr. Eden, Mr. Ponsonby, and Mr. Hose, The motion was carried. A resolution was then agreed to, allowing the importation of Snuff, the growth and produce of America. The White Herring Fishery Bounty Bill was re< d a se- cond tin! .'.-— The British Ships Bill was read a third time, and pa*,.*!. The House having resolved itself into a Committee of Ways and Means, the Chancellor of the Exchequer ob- served, that before he entered into an explanation of the terms'on which the Loan for the year had been obtained, he should state the items of the Supplies, and of the Ways and Mealls. They were as follow i SUPPLIES. Navy £ 17,436,0* 7 Armv. '.:.,..., 19,4' J9,183 Ordnance 1,534,0,1 Miscellaneous 1,780,000 East India Company 1,500,000 Swedish Subsidy... 1,100,000 Vote of Credit 2,500,000 Total Joint Charge 43,319,807 SEMS. iir. CltXftStS— Oft'EiT BRiTAlN. Deficiency pf Malt, 1S0S STij845 Interest on Exchequer Bills, 1808. .... 1,400,000 E- cch- jucr Bills, part of Vote of Credit 1807, not funded 4,021,200 5 pet C- aits. 17117, to be paid off 153 ,0' fhJ * • " 5,063,741 On the question for the Committal of the Irish Bank Bid, L,- trd I! • Pe't'j moved that it be an instruction to the Com- mittee, that they dj make provision therein, that Roman ( athoiics, being native- burr. subjects, or naturalised, should be admitted to become Directors of the said flaiik. A short conversation en- ued between the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr: Foster, and Lord Henry Petty, and the House divided, when there appeared : For the Motion 83— Against it yG— Majority 13. Adjourned. Total Supplies 51, l? o, 548 ' Deduct Irish proportion of Supply and Civil List.. 5,868,515 total to be defrayed by Great Britain.. 48,305,033 WAYS AND MEANS. duty on Malt, Pensions, Stc £ 3,000,000 Ban t Advances Un . pr. r .-!•'•;•: - d Surplus Consolidated Fund, 5th April 726,870 Estimated Surplus of ditto to 5th April 180!) 3,500,000 « ? nr » >' s Ways and Means, 1807 .'.... it ' 2,260,1 11 W-- T 20,000,000 tottcrv".....' 300,000 Excheq. Bill • in be issued to replace bills not funded - 1,500,01) 0 t) t o tor the Fast India Company 1,600,000 JSxchequ r Bills, part of jP. 10,800,000. charged on ai Is 180.0. m r- oiace the like aulount on aids 1808, which has been funded •• 16l ,000 8,000,000 48,441,081 Supplies. 48,305,033 Surplus Ways and Means.. 136,048 A loan of eight millions for England, and two millions t- • kindred thousand pounds for Ireland, had b - en con- traet: 1 fir, for every hundred pounds of which the Sub- seriarrt had agreed to take 118/. 3s. < W. in the Four per Cents, thus creating a capital of 12,408,375/.; the interest oh the English part of which amounted to 475,5% V. being a: the rate° of 4/. 14j. 6} j. per cent. By the funding of four millions of Exchequer Bills, the total of the capital created was 13,633,263/. To cover this there was, as follow-:— Short Annuities fallen in £ 375,000 Saving in the management of the Public Debt C.",, ooo Increase in the Assessed Taxes 120,000 Stamp Duties 170,000 £ 730,000 Bv the postponement of the Loan, and by the funding of Exchequer Bills, he contended that there llad been a saving made to the Public of four millions. He concluded by moving a lv- olution, that toward, raising the Supply a sum of 1O, 1WO, 000J. ho raised by annuities, & c. Mr. Tierney did not by any mean's thi ik that the present Lar-'- aip was advantageous for the public, on the contrary it would be' a 1 > ss of 34,000/. wher as t'ivit sum would have b.. n saved if the loan bad be n made in the 3 per cents. Mr. Bmkimn, on the contrary, argued, that the ad- vaiita'"* s arising from having made the loan in the 4 per cents.' were twofold ; first that less nominal capital had been created; and, secondly, that a great saving Would accrue to the public whenever circumstances would admit of tb • reduction of the interest upon the stock created to Sjor to :; percent. Another c'lrcmn- tance wai, that in consequence of this arrangement, the amount of stock ad led this y. ar to the public debt would not amount to the quantity redeemed by the syiking fund. After some further conversation between Sir J. Newport, Mr. Husk: son, and M.'. Tie rimy, and a short explanatory reply from the Chancellor of' the Exchequer, the resolu- tion was agreed to. • The MII plus of- the Consolidated Fund for the present war was then voted at 3,500,000/.; the war taxes were voted- at 20,000,000/. The debate on the motion of Sir Thomas Turton, rela- tive to the conduct of Lord Weftesley1 in the Caniatic, was re umed. The four first resolutions were negst'uvd by Very great majorities; on which Sir Thomas Turton gave notice that he should decline, moving the further resolu- tion, till this djy fortnight.— Adjourned. . TilEPSDAY, June 2.] Mr. Permit gave notie" that on Monday, the 13th inst, lie : hould submit a motion, on the subject of PeliiLuns from several coupes in Ireland; waving for a Commutation of Tythes. The 1j> r& Mooen'. e moved the order for flic House to re- solve into a Committee on the Scotch Judges Pension Bill. Mr. Banket Wished- tha hill to be delayed until a report regarding the Pension List •<]. That report would shew, Sei flan. l, that of the reserved the provisions required. He, ndment, ' leaving out the word eg the words " Monday ; rici .. j. eecii from Mr. Aber- crombie, tbe House 1 vide . ' idle original motion was oarri- d by a majority „& ( S> to-, 11. The bill w'ent « brmgh the . Committee, in which an amendment proposed by Sir. J. Ne. vpoft was rejected. The Omr, cellar » ffli « Lxehryer obforvM tb. it I bo Act v,''.:.! b eon- tiintcd the CbmmU- ica it " Military i'. nqui/ v expired vest- rdnv, and by seme . mistake tie bill which limtie. u.' d this Act. had iiot received " the Koyal a'C er. t, tiiereiine it b" eame necessary to bring in a new bill to rWi . w ' 1. Leave was rn'en to b. ing in a bill, which iniiiVdiatdlv went through tie diiivrtut star. es, Uld was LONDON, FRIDAY, JUNE fi. • Hamburgh and Altona Journals to the lytli ult. inclusive reached town oil Wednesday. The abdication of the King of Spain is confirmed by an official article, taken from the Moniteur. That weak Sovereign has consented to make the second'abandonment of his Crown the subject of a formal treaty with Bonaparte, to which treaty the Prince* of Asturias, and the Infants Don Carlos, Don Francisco, and Don Antonio, have acceded. Thus all the Princes of the Spanish branch of the House of Bourbon, remaining in Europe, have made. a transfer of their lights to an ambitious Usurper; the next lawful heir is l> m 1' edm, who is gone to the Brazils with the Prince Regent of Portugal, and who may perhaps assert his claims in South America. X'lie chief stipulations made by the King of Spain, ill his. treaty of Abdication, and to which the French Em- peror has acceded, are, that the Crown of Spain shall be held distinct, that Bonaparte shall seize to himself no part of tile Spanish dominions, but di d! guarantee their entire pre- creation and conjunction, as well trans- marine as Eu- ropean, ' that the Catholic religion shall he maintained, not only as the dominant, hut as the exclusive religion of Spain, and that the laws of Spain and private property shall be effectually preserved. In the instrument of renunciation signed by the Spanish Princes, they are made to state, that such Were the dif- ficulties by which they Were surrounded, that a journey to Bavonne furnished the only means of extricating them- selves from them, as well as relieving the country from the evils that threatened, among which are enumerated the loss of a part of the provinces of Spain, and the whole of her transmarine colonies, by which we are to under- stand that France has insisted upon the cession of those provinces into which her armies had penetrated—- to justify which treachery, it is insinuated that the colonies were to be given Up to England by the Revolutionists, n t e price of her assistance to bring about an expulsion of lie French faction ; an unconditional submission to whit h we are now told is to guarantee the independence of t. he. country, and prove the loyalty of the people to the mem- bers of a family who have basely deserted them I A Gottenbitrgh Mail arrived yesterday. Our troops remained on board the transports when. the mail was dispatched. They will not, it is said, lie lauded tiil Colonel Murray returns to Gottenburgh. In the mean time, " it is said, that more troops have been deemed ne- cessary to be sent to the Baltic. In Finland the Swedes continue to make some progress against the Russians; and it is even doubted whether iiweaborg^ has bee actually given up to them. There is a rumour of the . eeond in command having refused to surrender the place, a d of hii having- resolved. to defend it to the last extremity.— The Swedes have not made an)' further progress in Nor- way. Private letters by the Mail repeat the rumour of Sweden having solicited an armistice of Russia ; and speak of the probabie return of our expedition. Dutch papers to the 2flth ult. arrived this morning, bringing news from Paris the 25th, from which it apr pears that so late as the 14th Napoleon was. taking his military amusements at Bayomle, after havi g sent off the Royal Family of Spain to " the several residences as i n- d to them. The intelligence from Madrid is of the 13th, wh n the Grand Duke of Brrg appears to have been canyin. on the office of Government in the Royal Palace, without any opposition. No accounts are, however, given from the southern provinces, or any ot the Spa nsh ' ports in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. A strange silence is also observed respecting the Duke D'lnfantado, and certain other noble characters, who, it was understood, were summoned to BayonAe, but no mention. has been made of their arrival there. Government yesterday received intelligence from Gibraltar, that the troops under General Spencer had sail* d from Gibraltar for Cadiz on the, 14th ult. but no autlie- tie information ha, yet been received of their having ee. ttjed Cadiz. It is believed that this Force was sent in conse qucnce of an understanding with the Spaniards in Ca iz. Accounts to a late date were received yesterday from Lisbon. Junot is raising troops by a military conscription in 1' rtugal, which includes every male from. 16 to 30 year of age. The Portuguese,, as may naturally be expected, express all the discontent which they dare at this measure. Accounts from Sicily, dated April 15, represent the English force in the islam! to be in perfect health. They were about to charrge quai ters, but lfo apprehension was entertained of a visit from the French. The corps of Meuron, Watteville, and an English regiment, which wire landed in Sicily some time before, had re- embarked for the purpose of joining the expedition which was to sail from Gibraltar under General Spencer. The following extraordinary communication was this morning made at Lloyd's Cotliee- bouse, Iroin a letter, datedFowey ( Cornwall), May 311—" A Pilot of this place being at sea in Lautiek Bay, saw a bottle floating, close corked, " which he took up, and found a paper in it, with the following written thereon :— " English brig Mary and John, Lat. 47- 40. long. S. 25. chased by a fleet of five ships, which captured and burnt • the ship Mar}- and . John, of London, Charles Jephson, master ; the Frenchmen steering E. N. E. « ' May 1, 1808." " WJI. THOMPSON, Chief Mate." This letter does not state of what rates the enemy's ships were, but from their situation and course, they were evi- dently returning to some French port, probably Brest, driven back by contrary winds, from Which harbonr it w as reported about the time above- mentioned that a force had slipped cut. LOAN.— Vestardav, agreeable to appointment, the un- der- mentioned parties met the Chai. eellor of the Exche- quer in Dow ning- street, in . order to bid for the ensuing Loan. Their respective offers were as follow : OLD BAII. KY.— Wednesday these Sessions commenced be, fore the Lord Mayor Mr. Justice Grose, Bai'oo Graham, th • Recctl'der, "& c. when 14 prisoners were trityl, . five of whom were capitally convicted, viz :— D. Allen, fir bur- glary ; 11. Harris, for stealing eight table spoons in a dwelling- house ; T. Heaney, for stealing several bank- note.; Alary Miller,' for stealing bank- notea, value 245/. ; and T. Wood, for coining several pieces of base ni. iai to resemble sixpences. \ Yesterdiy 19 prisoners were tried, two of whom were capitally convicted, viz. W. Smith and J. Regus, both far house- breaking. Mi'RDKtt.— Yesterday, as a man in the employ, of Mr. Rhodes, the.' cow- keeper, was going to a field'at the back " f the Queen's Head and Artichoke Public- house, leading to Camden. Town, be found the body of a mail, genteelly dressed, who appeared to.. have been shot; he made the circumstance known, apd it was shortly owned by the dis- consolate widow. 1 le proved to be a Mr. Jacobs, of Pratt- place, Camden Town. He left his home in the afternoon to visit a Mr. Moss, at Li son- green, and received a mie money. When be left Mr. Moss, he said he was going to Salisbury-, place, where lie stopped till a late hour. About eleven o'clock the Landlord of the Queen's Head and Artichoke public- house heard the report of a pistol and'the cry of" Murder!" at which time it is supposed Mr. J. was attacked by some robbers. The . stick that he had with him was found with some marks, as jf it bad given some violent blows. His watch is stolen, aud it is aippuSed he had Bank Notes about him to the amount of 100/. , Oil opening the body, it was found that a bullet had entered the left side, and passed through the heart. CORN EXCIIANE, June 2. The supply of Wheat is rather large, and sales dull and rather cheaper. Rye is dearer. Rarley and Mai fluctuate but little. Scarce any White Peas. Beans are cheaper. Sales of Oats are brisk at our last prices quoted. F1 mr hardly supports last prices. Green Peas sold yesterday in Covent- garden at the re- duced price of eighteen shillings the quart. SiiiTuFiF. i. 0 MARKET, June 3. The supply to- day was but indiifeient, both in quantity and quality. Beef sold at. 4v. to 5s. Mutton 4.?. Gil. to 5.?. Veal 5s. to 6' s. Lamb 5s. to 7 e. Pork 4s. to ( is. per stone of 3//). to sink the offal. BIRT! rS.] On the 25th ult! at Bl'ackhciith, the Lady of Sir Thomas Marryon Wilson, Bart, of a. daugh ter.-— On the 20' th ult. at Hare- wood, Herefordshire, the'Lady of Sir Hungerford Ilo- ky s, Bart, of a daughter.— On Tues- day, in Bedford- place, Mrs. Richard Neave of a son. MARRIED.] On Saturday evening, by special licence, at the Duke of Athol's house in Portmaii- sqiiire, Captain E. M. Murray, of the 15th Light Dragoons, only son of Sir J. M. Murray, Bart, to Lady Elizabeth Murray, youngest daughter of the Duke of Athol. D1;; D.] On the 24th ult. in her 80tb year, Lady Anne Luinley Siunder on, daughter of Thomas tlitr'd Earl of Scarborough, and aunt to the present Earl and to Earl Ludlow. fin Saturday, at Hartleburv Castle, a^ ed 88 years, the Right Rev. Richard Hurd, li. D. Lord Bishop of Worcester. His Lordship had been Preceptor to the Prince of Wales, and on his first elevation to the Episco- pace was appointed Bishop of Lichfield, front which See he was translated to Worcester in 1783; and on the de- cease of Dr. Cornwallis he was offered the Arehbishopriek of Canterbury, which he declined accepting, saying, " he was so happy in his diocese, that he wished not to change ;" a trait fit his character truly honourable. si- On the 21st ult. aged 25 years, the Hon. and Ilev. Picrte Butler, third sou or' the Earl of Carrick, and Rector of Kilskeer, in the diocese of Meath. FURNISHKD HOUSE IN SOUTHAMPTON. TO be LE IT,— t- A genteel HOUSE, ready . fur- nished ; consisting of drawing- room, two parlours, six bed- chambers, kitchen,. wash- house, andconvcnientfellaring, & c. with m- dl garden. The House is situated in a retired part of South unpton, is remarkably pleasant and airy, having a view of tiie water.— Apply to Messrs. Baker and Fletcher, " Valuable Clothing Mumfaetory for Sale, compleat. ) be SOLD' by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— All those complcat and convenient PREMISES, situated in the town oF Shspton Mallet, in the eourity of Samersst; consisting of a very xiellent Dwelling- house, with Gardens and all requisite Offices, Factory and Workshops of every d aiohiination necessary, in which an extensive Woollen M nutactory h is been carried on for manv years by the pre- entpccupier, Mr. John Pinfold Westley ( about to retire from lie s nej ; togetiur with the TRACE, MACHINERV, TOOT.-., sKUMtsTi, Sc. As this concern has heeq long established'; has very eotxl country and Dondon connections, may " be r. a: iy extended, an t is capable of much improvement, it is or aimed to be an ohiact worthy the attention of any person or persons of capital, who may be desirous of embarking in' : n extensive Cloathing Manufactory; being in a country where it has been est iblisiiedfor ages, and where there is a goo 1 market, and provisions, coals, and labour are reasonable. For. further, particulars, andvie. wo. f the same, apply ( if by fetter, post pal' to Messrs. Hyatt and Mash ill, solicitors', of Shepton Mallet aforesaid,— Willed May 21, 1808. [ 11,71 ente from-' the Finance Conlmi in Scotland, should be pre that there we- a fund ir annuities, folly adequate therefore, moved an am; *•• now" for the purpose of in: rode, se'nnisht." O 1 this, after a brie Messrs. Baling and Co .£ 118 3 6 Goldsinid and Co 118 18 0 Rob arts and Co 118 19 0 Barnes and Co 11.9 0 0 Walsh and Nesbitt 120 14 6' Whereupon Messrs, Baring and Co. were admitted to be Contractors tor the said Loan, they having offered to take the lowest sum of - 1/. per cents, for every 100/. that should be subscribed tor the same.— It bears a premium of 2j per cent. Colonel Murray, Quarter- Master- General to Sir J. Moore's armv, who arrived in London on Saturday night, left town last night with dispatches for Sir John Moore. On Tuesday Sir Thomas Hardy was presented by the City Chamberlain with the sword voted to him some time since. I11 the short speech which lie made on the occasion, he said, that his first pride was his having fought under the banners of the iui, mortal Nelson. The ladies of the late Royal Family of France are expected soon in this country, and the Marquis of Buck- ingham is constructing additional apartments at Gosfieid, fi. r their reception. Louis is at this time on & - visit to the Prince ofCondc, at Wanstead. The Derby Stakes, for which 38 horses were entered, and nine started yesterday, at Epsom, were won by Sir II, Williamson's c. Pan, by a length. A very fine race. Pan' o. nly made the push within 200 yards of the winning- post, at which time the odds were in favour of the Duke of Graf- ton's Vandyke, which came in second. Last week, in digging into a mound of earth adjoining the South side of the ruins at Tynemouth f'iiory, a eai ions cemetry, or arched touah, was discovered ; - gome human bones of a large size, arid skulls, were found on the floor, a few of them very perfect. It is not known that this place hai 1 « eu opened since the dissolution of the Priory in 1539. During the siege of Tynemouth Castle, by Cr. miwell, above a century after that ptiriod, King Charles's troops ejected a. battery a little to the southward of this ; euiiv ,- y. It appears they had dug out much earth to raise tie battery, vu- i bad Mt off within H T fi'. et of the entrance in'" t':.. cemetry, '. thieii is uojv to be c.- nverted into a ^ OR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, free . of great Tythes, and exonerated from Land Tax,— 1.—- The Three several FARMS,, m Rowde, in the county of Wilts; following: viz.— A complete Dairv Farm, call d Snvthick Farm ; comprising a convenient farm- house, with all necessary and appropriate buildings for carrying on busi- ness ; and several closes of arable, meadow,' pasture, and wood land, lying in a ring fence, containing about IflU acres, of wb'ch 3,9 ' ire arable. 2.— A k od Dairy Farm, called Durlett Farm ; comprising also a convenient f-. rm- housc, with all requisite buildings; and several closes of arable, meadow, and pasture lind, lying contiguous thereto, containing about 10b'acres, of which 20 acres are arable. !).— A ro- ifless Tenement; comprising four closes of excel- lent meadow and pasture land, con'tainmg 37 acres, and one close of arable containing 8 acres, all lying together near the Bath road, and adjoining the Rennet and Avon Canal. The premises are capable of great improvement, the poor lands of Smithick Farm bordering on the Kcnnett and Avon 1 Can d ; and the whole may be entered upon at Ladv- day next. For further particulars' and treaty, applv tp Mr. Kmght, Auctioneer, Devizes;' if by letter, free of postage. [ 15 ® G OS PORT. I^ OR PUBLIC SALE', at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the . nth of. Juue 1R08, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— file following SOODS : t> iI half serous Caracca Indigo. ' 57 pockets Cotton. SS serous Bark. Heine part of the Cartel of the Spanish Brig La Bolodora, con- demned ap Prize to his Majesty's ship Undaunted, Thomas James Mating, - Esq. Captain. For catalogues and viewing the same, apply to Messrs. Smiths, Marten, and St. Barbe, London, or at the office of 148BJ MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker, Gosport. T70R SALE by AUCTION, at the. - Star and JL Outer Tavern, Portsmouth, on Thursday the| gth of June instant, at two o'clock, in the afternoon,— The good SLOOP DELIGHT; length 50 ft. fi in. ; breadth 14 ft. 2 in.; depth in hold 8 ft. ( 3 in.; admeasures 41 tons : together with her Tackle, - Apparel, and Furniture, in all which she is abundantly found, and fit for immediate service. She is well calculated for the coasting trade, in which she has been long employed, being a burthensome vessel, and sails very fast. For inventories and further particulars apply to Mr. JAMES MORWICK, the owner, atGosport; or at the office of Tuos. B. ROUSE, broker and ship agent, Portsmouth. ENSB0RY, M-. AP. LOXOHAM. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, \. Y J. CRANSTON-, * - on T'hu.- sday the 9th dav of J'cne l' 8na, a- i'd following dav,:.— Ail lhc neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Gardl- n Implement-, good strong Dog fjj^ riuge, Gig and leading Harness, Saddles, Bri. il- s, Horse C othicg, throe st unch Pointers, Poultry, Oae Houses, and other Erects O.'-' CIIAIII. ES BI. AIR, Esq. leaving Enseury :— C.- mpr./ ing gcoij malice nf articles, in a set of dinn-. r tables on pillar and claw,- 4 li'i t if- • by 7_ feet 7; large and small Pembroke tables, largu > yal work table on stand, nest of work tables, writing table covered w. th leather, s t'. tirS wood pier table, a pair of n'eatTSoksfau'tls' 3 ft. ti Wide, with commode fronts inlaid widy- ss' s, and stone ware," fv. wmarket steelyards, wheelbarrow, heiicbops, and nurqeious other' elL- cts, as will be expressed in Catalogues to be bad pr. viofis to the sale, at,! iia. Lin » in. Poole; Winb'orn, and Christchufch ; Greyhound, Fo'rd'ingbridge ; Auctioneer's, Ringwood; and place of sale. May be viewed the day preceding the sale, which will begin each day at eleven o'clock., " [ 1C3S SOMERSETSHIRE, : Capital Freehold-, tuthe- free Farm, and the great and small Tt/' hes of about 700 Acres, and a Donatiue. rjPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mfers. SKIV- JH. NBR, DYKE, Tire HIM, and FORREST, on Thursday'- the 7th July, at twelve o'clock, atGarraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, in one lot,—- Acapital and very valuable* FREEHOLD cSTATE, most ad, aniageousiy Situate at Durston, five miles from Taunton ; comprising BUCK LAND PRIORY FARM; consisting of a dwelling- house, offices, walled garden, orcharding! barns, stabling, cx- p ms, usefuluut- huildings, capital malting, andthesurrounding inclosures. of rich grazing meadow and arable lands, contain- ing three hundred and eighty- six statute acres, tythe- free, and in a high state of cultivation, in the occupation of Mr. John Abrahams, for an unexpired term of six'years. Also the GREAT and SMALL TYTHES of the remaining part of the parish of Durston ( except a few acres) containing ah; ; ut seven hundred acres of fertile, productive land, on lease for an unexpired term of six years ; the whole forming one of the most desirable estates in the vale of Taunton Dean : the present rents amounting to or. lv NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, capable of considerable increase. [ 1S38 And the perpetual Donative to tire Church of Durston. To be viewed by applying to Buckland Priory, Where printed particulars may be had; also of Mr. Yolland, Mera- fi-' Id, Plympton*; at the Pope's Head, Plymouth ; Castle inn, Tauritoij; Messrs. Trewmans, Printers, Exeter; Mr. Crutt- well, Bath ; Mr. G etca, Bristol; Mr. Lungdon, Sherbortie; at the Printing- Office, Salisbury; at the place of sale ; m of Messrs. Skinner,' Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate- strcet, London, where a plan of Buckland may be seen.' Capital Estates and Manors.— Plymouth,, Devonshire TO be S(*> LD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKIN- NEH. DYKE, TUCJIIN, and FORREST, on Thursday the7th of Jul), at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhili, London, in two lots,— The capital and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, advantageously situate within one, two, and three miles of Plymouth and Plymouth Dock ; comprising the MANOR of COMPTON GIFFORD, an ! several eligible- Farms and Lands in demesne, containing about 868 acres, lett to Messrs. Gilbert, Distiu, Giles, Eddy, Colton, and Helison, on leases expiring at Lady- dav Isob, 1113, 1814, and 1318, at rents amounting to only 817/. I0i. per annum. Also about 78 Acres of LAND, and sundry HOUSES, lett on two- and three lives, at reserved rents amounting to 10/. 12s. 8d. per annum, and h.- riots. , And also tip MANOR of BOWDEN, - and five eligible FARMS and LANDS, containing about 155 acres, on one,' two, and three lives, at reserved rents amounting to li. 18s. lot?, per aiinum, and heriots. The whole of the Estate contains about 4f) 7 Acres, of the" estimated value of about TWO THOUSAND POUNDS per annum; and in point or situation is presumed to be equal to any in the vicinity of Plymouth and Plymouth Dock' for " building upon; as the neighbourhood is highly respectable, and the marine and surrounding rich country views, ex- tremely beautiful. ' [ 1753 _ To be viewed, and printed particulars may be hJd of Mr. Yolland, Merafield, Plvmpton ; also at the Pope's Head, Plymouth; Castle Inn, Taunton ; Messrs. TreWrtsan's, E~ e- ter; Mr. Langdon, Sherbornn ; at the Printing- Office, Sa- lisbury ; Mr. Cruttwell, Bath ; Mr. Gutch, Bristol; at the pjace of sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldrsgate- street, London, where plans may be seen. — - GOSPOUT ~ "' be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. HICKS, on 1 Tuesday the 7th of June, 180S, between the hours of six and eight in the evening, at the Dolphin Inn, Gosp'nrt,— Lot 1— All that newly- erected BREWHOUSE, with the Store- houses, Stable, Coach- house, and large Yard, thereunto belonging; together, with the Copper and Utensils, comprising horse water wheel and malt mill, mash tub, coolers, squares, backs, stdlions, « tc. as they are now fixed and stand in tin- said Brewhouse, situate and being very near the town of Gcs- port, on the South side of the huh road leading to. Stoke. *** The above Brewery has been crecud upon the hest . Approved modern plan, and from its continuity to the populous town and neighbourhood Of Gosport,. affords an uncommon advantage to any person desirous of entering into the brewing business, which may be conducted with a small capital. a'.*;." Part of the purchase- money may remain on m - rt age. L<> t2.— An OFFICE, newly erected, with the Fixtures therein; also the Shells of Two ' Messuages, and Garden Ground behind the sahae, adjoining lot 1. Lot 8.— All those Two newly- erected MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, with the Gardens and Appurte- nances thereto belonging, adjoining lot 2, as the same are now in the occupation of Mrs. Jolliffe and Mr. J. Sh'ute. Lot 4.— All that newly- inclosed DEAL- YARD, containing in front 57 feet or thereabouts, and in depth 80 feet, adjoining lot U. Lot 5.— All those Two MESSUAGES, with Outhouses and Gardens thereur to belonging, Situate en the West sl'rfe of Sea- Horse- street, in Gosport, in the several occupations " of Morgan and Hobhs, measuring in front about 28 feet, and in depth 98 feet or thereabouts. Lot 6.— AH that DWELLING- HOUSE, with immediate possession, adjoining Mr. Plumb's house, near the Dojphin Inn, reple te with I lxtures, well calculated lor a lcd. Tmg- ho. use, having two stair- cases, capital cellars, and might be occupied as one or two houses. Lot 7.— All that DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, near- the Market- house, in Middle- Street, cs- the sume is now in the occupation of Mr. Dabbs, shoemaker, tenant at will. Lot 8.— A Piece of GROUND, 40 feet in fiont and 100 feet in depth, with a Dwelling- house commenced to be erected thereon, pleasantly situated on the' Sobth side of the road leading to Stoke, and very near to the town of Gosport. Lot p.— A Piece of GROUND, near to lot 8, being 20 feet in front and 100 feet in depth. j^ 3 The above Estates are Freehold, and the Land- tax re- deemed, except the two last lots. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid, to the Auc- tioneer, Gospc. rt. [ 1656 F. e'cliiUU-.— Shirh PORTSMOUTH. I^ OR PUBLIC SALE, on Thursday the Qfh of June, 180H, at noon,- at the Star and Garter Ta- em, — The several VESSELS under- mentioned, viz. L'Angelique Sloop, burthen 07 tons ; Le Clement Sloop, burthen 20 tons ; Le Cesar Sloop, burthen .18 tons ; La Bonne Union Sloop, burthen .25 tons ; Les Bon Garcon Sloop, bur- then .15 tons ; La ' Jeannette Schooner, burthen 14 tons ; I ' Eclair Schooner, burthen 16 tons ; L'Amitie Sloop, burthen Ultbns; L'tCsperance Sloop, burthen 20 tons; all which Vessels are in very good condition, and will be sold with all their anchors, cables, sails, masts, standing and running rig- ging, camplete, as when they arrived from sea. Also the Masts, Sails, Rigging, and Furniture, of the new French Sloop La V'ictoire ; and afterwards the Hull « f rile new French Lugger L'Actif, burthen about CO tons, and ( in sepa- rate iotsj all her sails, rigging, masts, yards, guns, ammuni- tion, stores, ballast, and furniture; condemned as prizes to his Majesty's ships Medusa, the Hon. D. P. Bouverie, captain ; Boadicca, John Maitland, Esq. Captarn ; and Aut schooner, Lieut. Young, commander. Likewise the. good Sloop Prince of Wales, burthen about 2Q tons, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture ; 1000 B e- uos Ayres Hides ; 44 logs of prime Spanish Mahogany; and sundry lots of Ships' Stores, consisting of cables, sails, topes, and rigging.-^- i'or further particulars apply to 1769]' * " HEATHER and TURNER,. Bn& cg - nro 3. on . 180 V sth F & 7? ear Souf/ ia. . 1, TO SCMess - 1 Ml i; TH by AUC HON, I'- felin'-' e *.' on Wednesday tl . . eeeSd of the fft% instant i> B f5 « I » TESTE Sr GET\ - 1 1- 10 nd r FRONT iGHOUND, n .1 ; i',,- r d 0 sitd:-/ ed oi the side of li: rq - d lei : Jn: 1! town'of Soothaniptoh, and opp; i, ete theu Ri&' i. Sir Charles Rich, Kan. .. man. lib. of the New Fi rest, South impton Vs'at i occupation of the proprietor, who will , and of whom particulars and' plans ot t be had.— To be viewed Tuesdays end I'Y ; -. .. Lette- s ( post paid! addr - s rl to- Mr. Win,'., r . answered; who has ( for PUBLIC SALE, one. V A large fiOUSK, No. un, ii eh- str- t- t, « compact FAMILY- HOUSE, with ah- at t: rec 1 c; known by the name ot Shir! y- plac ; - • a COTTAGE, excellent U rden. lii d: t of C nirnt & c. ;' as was described in the last Sebsburv Journ Bills, etc. of Mr. Young, at. the different 1 n. s. Premises at Sinrley, where the sal o'clock. ! r. Vot 1 ly vera i'l b< La in WINCHESTER. Hp0 be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Mr. MAST, at .3 the George Inn, Winchester, on Saturday t: ,••-,, of June, J8O8, at five o'clock in the altera 0: 1. > a. l- i er to conditions eg sale to be then and then pfMuc . ; previously disposed of private contract, of which'due notice' will be given),— Lot 1.— A capital WATER CORN MUX, with three i">' r of stones, known bv the name of the College Ml- s to '•* near the College of Winchester; with a larrrc tiranary'. si • iV, and g'irden_ adjoining; held by'a renewable leap • nni- rir--. Collcg? of Winchester, for the term of 00 years, conim : r. c:> ••- the lst ot November, 180S, at th • small annre. l rent I . / now 111 the occupation of Mr. David Gai. - r, rs , „ „., .„ v.. i;* Lot 9.— Three MESSUAGES orTENEMEN'i S, with a Malt- house, capable of wetting 20 quartet •• per w jt; a ! urce storehouse, garden, and appurtenances th i'eunfo. l •! > rrin^*' situate 111 the parish of St. Peter's, Che. seliill, in t' e Sekc] near Winchester aforesaid, late in the pass . m el Mr. J. i u Paul; whicla premises are held Bv lease for FOOO years at a pepper corn rent ; fill y'ears are now nncxpirul. ' particular's aprly ( if bv letter, ist pa ' Nr"-" Thavies Inn, London; For furtl Kernot, solicitor, No. 1 Auctioneer, Winehcste I to • • to [:<; 7 ' i'l 1E ABBEY, IN WINCHKs.' tm ; TO be SOLI) by AUCTION, '( if r,.. t deposed „ f by private contract in the mean timcj bv Mr. M. i •--•,- , ,, „ Monday tile 80th d ly oS June., 180a, at the G 1 rg.- lm)'* m the city of Winchester, at twelv • o'cl - ck at no n — A nit- i FREEHOLD MANSION- HOUSE, celled the , v'.>.. .:,.,-,.''. in the citv of Winch - ster. with convenient clfrs c-' . g houses, stables, out- houses, granary, lawn, gardens, AT meadow thcret., beioii'girtg. . For a view of the premises applv to Mr. Faithft 11, solicitor m V. mchestrr ; and for further particulars to Mr. Richnan! solicitor, Lymmgton, Hants. ri. wt future, iu. hi:; li Genteel, neat, and ' modern Household Fun preservation. CHILLAND, NEAR WINCHESTER TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises by Mr. MRCI-. V, on Wednesday the isth of June, IROS', and ti^ nowmgdavs, precisely a' twelve o'c'c- Jt _ Ah t| .. fmiJ neat and genteel'HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, two' Cows a sihgle- horse Chaise, ttvo Carts, end Othef Valuable F:. e-'-' the property of Mrs. Sabine, qtiittimr her residence at Chil- land; comprising avcry. neat drawing- room suite of rich • lint- d cotton; sofa, chairs and cushions to correspond; hands. „\ e chimney, pier, and dressing glasses ; Turkey, Brussels Wil- ton, and Venetian carpets; four- post and tent . bedsteads with handsome printed cotton and dimitv hangings: capital sea- soned bordered goose leather beds; mattresses and a singularly fine toned pianoforte, with additional kev by Iomkinson ; pair of globes ; books; China and rich cu't glass; in manogany arc a'handsome cellaret sidebond, set ot dining tables with shifting leaves, wardrobes Lh, s-. „ f drawers, card, Pembroke, sofa, loo, library, dr^ sing, and Tiignt tables, chairs and bason stands ; cu! i-,; rv srt^ ies'; poc- ket of hops; quantity of bacon ; iron- bound " cayss; and va- rious furniture, which will be expressed in cajpoptes. I'o be vnwed two days preceding the sal. ywhen catatonia- may be had at the Swan, Alresford; on tK prcmraes: ~ » a of the Auctioneer, Winchester. N. 11. The cows, chaise, carts, aniVS8' wiH be sold h< the first day's sale. rrv(' l WOOLDINT'FARM, In. the Parish yMckunh, Hants. TO be SOLD by XYCTION, by Mr. MANT, on Mondav'the 11 th/ av of J uly 7808, preciselv • t three o'vlbckin the lOtcrnoon, '- t the White Hart Inn, V> hitchcr. b » — Aft th't valuable highly cnllivrt - d' FA VMi 0.11 ; 1 WOOLDING FARW? Situate in the parish'of hit'ci sirch, in the county of Hmts ; consisting of a goad Faim- llmise, and all convenient offices gnd outbuildings, together v.- th about 4' lo acreybf Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Coppice Lands, lying / try compact. Held by lease from the .1 >, a. i and Chapter . of Winchester Cathed. ral for brrn/ y « ./; c v a is, renewable / very seven •• rs, and was renewed in June' 1864, to hold from bady- day he hist past. Yearlyquii- ren't 3/.' as. : d. payable half yearly. ThisZesirable estate .-> oouuding with e'oe -, iind allor. t ; miles from Newburv, 8 from AndoVer, 12 ( iom Vvinchest. r, and ,1 from Basitigstol'. e, all good market towns. Further particulars will be given out pri r te, -- fo, and in the. mean time may he had of Mr. Faithful:, er Mr. VI c dh-. m, ' solicitors, Winchester. [ I7fi, Apply at the Farm for a view of the premie s. The Growing Crop to he taken to by the puree.;, s r- of the Farm, at the valuation of indiif'er ut p- a t. i> • n d 1 y the parties, and immcd- atc possession to be g- - N. B. The Farming Sjock v. i'l be sold by Aucti' following days, of which" further particul is" will b Singularly advantageous AGRICULTURAL LEASE, • with immediate Pnssessu n. , TO- bc SOLI) by AUCTION, by Mr. MOKS, at . Garraway's Coffee- house, Cornhill,' London, on T: urs- ' dav the 23d of June inst. at'twelv • o'clock.— Til ur. exp red ' Term of upwards of' TWENTY- ONE YEAH-', lei. ' the remainder of a t -... n of. 9." year/, at a very low icnt. oi ,. i out 450 Acres of very rich MARSH LAND, the greater part ty the- free, desirably situate 011 the border of the Ssverri, within half a mile of the'capital town of Cardiff, Glamor, anshire. I- , d. i the local advantages resulting frorn'tbe command th ; situa- tion has of the great cuttle fairs in Sooth Wain, and in- x- - haustible fertility of'ihe soil, the lessee is not restricted from ploughing up and converting any part of it to tillaee: the advantage the occupier will derive in consequence will b « immense, as the facility nf'water- cartiagc will enable him to supply'the Bristol market, as we'll as others of grca: respecta- bility in the more inland parts of the Western . counties.' May be viewed by application to Mr. Wm. Upjohn, land- surveyor, Rumnoy Great- bouse, or Mr. William Evens, of Fairwa'ter,. both near Cardiff, of whom particulars lei y be had; particulars also ei the Bush, Bristol: George, Bn. lee- water-; Beaufort Arms, Monmouth; King's 1,' ead, Gloucts.' er; New Inn, Hereford; Lamb, Bath; White Hart, Salisbury; Three Crowns, Leicester ; at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Munri', be SOLD bv AUCTION, by J. JF. AKF. S, A without reserve, at the. Red Lion Inn, Pourton, Dorset, on Monday the 20th day of June, 1803, between the hours of fourand seven in the afternoon, subject to the conditions then to be produced. Lot 1.— All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Garden and Orchard thereto adjoining, containing by ad- measurement 2 A. 2 R. 1 P. situ- ite at Zeals- g'reaji, in the parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts'; now in'the occupa- tion of Mr. Wm. Forward, sen. and his under tenant. Lot 2.— All that Piece of PASTURE LAND, called Spar- row's and Bradden's Mead, containing" by admeasurement 4 A. 3 R. 30 P. also situate at Zeals aforesaid, and now in tile possession of the said Wm. Forward. Lot 3.— All that Piece of ARABLE LAND, containing by admeasurement 1 A. 3SP. lying in a Field called Rolies's Field, also situate at Zeals, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Burnt.— The above premises are held by ieese, un- der his Grace the Duke of Somerset, for a term of 89 years, determinable on the death of two Tiealthy lives, and subject to a yearly reserved rent of A. I. Lot 4.— All that convenient MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with the Outhouses, Barn, Bucking- house, Stable, and other Outbuildings, together with the Garden and two pieces of Pasture Land, the whole contiining ov estimation five acres and a hall'; situate at Wooleerton, in the parish of Mere aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Forward," juii. The above premises are well supplied with water, and have been used in the business of a tick- manufacturer for a number of years, anj! arc held by lease uader the executors of the'late W. C. Grove, Esq. for a term of 93 years, determinable on the death of two lives, subject to a yearly reserved rent of 8s. For a view of " the premises, or further particulars, apply to U-- Attcr& nser, Red Lion, Bour ion aforesaid. [ it'Sl on iv> n. Walbrook, London. [ 171!) NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BUISTOWF., JL on Tuesday the 2lst dayof June, 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon', at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, Dorset subject to the conditions then to be produced; Lot 1.— All that ' MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, now occupied bv Mr. G. N. Allen, Iromlwneer am! Anckorsmith, fronting High- street, in Poole, and the Countinghoust and several Werlcshopsand Storehouses behind the same, communicating with each ether and also with Cinnamon- lane; which premises arc extensive, and have been Ujed for a great number of years in the Ironmongery trade and manufacture, comprising the branches of White'-, smith, Gun- smith, Tin- plate- worker, and Brazier; and sir- very desirable premises for the Ironmongery or anyo'uer trade ot manufacture. Lot 2.— All that extensive BUILDING now user! as an Anchor- smith's Workshop, with the small Dwellire.- house and a Store attached thereto, situate oo the Quay. iu p00ic QC5* Bo: h ths above lots are Freehold of Inherit* ue-" Lot 3.— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING Hor;- i*? occupied by a workman of the said G. N. Al'^ n an j'thc Smith's Shop and Garden adjoining thereto, si, on- Harr- worthy, rear Poole; held by Lease from Sir John Webb'for 9f) years, determinable' on the death of three lives. an ieii> beiu? little wind and a rolling sea, continued about two hour , when an accident on board the cutter, by the blow- in; up of some gunpowder, obliged Mr. Dowie to give it up' till the next mori. ing. He then renewed the attack, and about nine o'clock " had the good fortune to capture the enemy. She proved to be the Wovehalsen, of North Bergen, with 4 fonr- pounders, 2 swivels, and a number of small arms, and 33 men. The cutter had six of her crew wounded, though none dangerously. On board the priva- teer one man was killed, and the commander and two men wounded, both of them severely. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of Hants.— An- dover and Whmusll Battalion of Volunteer Infantry— H. Jacob, Gent, to be Ensign. Gosport and Alterstoke Battalion of Infantry— Ensign T. Hoskins, jun. Gent, to be Lieutenant; B. B. Fox to be ditto; E. Jukes, jun. Gent, to he Ensign. Gosport Volunteer Artillery— J. Gibson, Gent, to be Second Lieutenant. Bourne. Battalion of Infantry— Ensign W. Bidcn to be Lieutenant; R. Stares, jun. Gent, to be Ensign. ERRATA in a former Gazette.— W. Strangways, Gent, is appointed CV. net in the North ( not in the South) Hants Yeomanry Cavalry.— T. Burbey, Gent, is appointed Lieu- tenant, and W. Lang, Gent. Ensign, in Captain Rood's Company of the Portsmouth battalion of Infantry, not in Capt. Mottley's Company of Volunteer Light Infantry. BANKRUPTS. Joseph Lee. of Tr- lington, timber- merchant. Titos. Crump, of Westminster- road, tinman. Joseph Harrison, of Biagltv, worsted and cotton- spinner. J'. stvh T. iackerav Sc John Thackeray, ol Manchester, cotton- spinners Raillon. of Egreinont, merer and drupar. • VV. G. Weddelt. of Nwcasttc- upor.- Tyne, shopkeeper. Bichard P. ayner, of Birmingham, button- maker. John Whittincham, of Liverpool, grocer. Mcv- r Cohen, of Devomhire- street, Quren's- sq. exchange- broker. T. Middleton, of Maiden- lane, Battle- bridge, blue- manufacturer. Thomas Annis, of Southend, miller. John Dawson, of Alrt^ ate High street, linen- draper. S. Lei', " f Bradford, Yorkshire, cotton. manufacturer. Win. Gore, of AMgatc, Manchester- warehouseman. Benjamin Hugaian, of Battersea, fellmongtr. J. d. Rose, of Buckingham- place, M arybnne, money- scrivener. T. Dearing and M. Fonter, of Dtchfield- street. Sohn. tavern- keepers. HOUSE OF LORDS. " FRIDAY, June 3.] The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the Military Enquiry Bill, and several other public and private Bill-. The Irish Militia Volunteering Bill, Dead Body Burial Bill, and Scotch Hare Shooting Bill, were read a third time and passed. The New Military Enquiry Bill was received from the Commons, and read a first time. The Lord Chancellor took occasion to remark, that this Bill seemed to have originated in some mistake, with re- gard to the progress of that which had this evening re- ceived the Royal Assent. It had been imagined, that the Bill just allu. b d ln should have been included in the Com- mission of Wednesday ; but a reference to their Lordships' Minutes would shew, that this could not be done, because ' t not till yesterd*- that it was read a third time and passed.— Acr, » „ n, f> d to Wvlnesday next. HOUSE 01- COMMONS. FRIDAY, June 3.] The La)( i Revenue Bill was read a third time, and passed. The Life Annuity Bill was read b. seCond time, and or- dered to be committed on Thursday > » xt TheT en Millions and a Half Annuityijm was read a first time. Mr. Hushisson obtained leave to bring ; n a B; H to re- strain the negotiation of certain Country an! inland Bills of Exchange, under a limited sum. The Secretary tit War obtained leave to brii< r in a Bill to compel the Clerks of Subdivisions to account far all Fines under the operation of the Militia Acts. Mr. Lyttleton instanced several circumstances tha had taken place in military Courts- martial, which he deemed extremely oppressive, particularly in the case of Colofel Cochraue- Johnstone, who had been honourably acquitte} of all the charges brought against him, yet had been driven from the army, after many years meritorious service, whilst his censured accuser had been countenanced and promoted. He thought the sentences of these Courts, whether of condemnation or acquittal, should be final. He therefore moved for leave to bring in a Bill to expedite the issue of Military Courtc- martial, and prevent the sen- tences from being frustrated by undue influence. The Secretary at fVar objected to the proposed bill, as contrary to the Mutiny Bill recently passed ; and after a few words from other Gentlemen, Mr. Lyttleton withdrew his . motion. Mr. Rose brought up a bill for regulating the trade be- tween Great Britain and the United States of America : which was read a first time. The bill for suspending the distillation from grain was read a second time, after a warm contest between the landed and commercial gentlemen, and a division in which the Ayes were 90, the Noes 39. The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave notice, that soon after the holidays he should bring forward s proposition for reducing the duties on coffee. The Local Militia Bill was taken into further conside- ration. Lord Castlereagh proposed a clause, obliging all persons who should pay the fine for exemption to appear before a Magistrate, and subscribe a declaration that they had not secured themselves from the said payment by insurance. Mr. Banlts opposed this clause, as a grievous and tyran- nical restriction on many persons who had powerful and justifiable reasons for not serving in person, and had no means of avoiding it but by insuring against the ballot. He moved an amendment, that the fine should be reduced from 10J. to 11. which, on a division, was negatived, 106 to IS. Lord Casilereagh then moved several other clauses, which were adopted; and the bill being gone through, the third reading was fixed for Wednesday next, but not without a division, when the numbers were 56 to 7.— Adjourned to Wednesday. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 4. Yesterday the Royal Family visited the British Museum, where they were received by the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, & c,—- After inspecting the curiosities, his Majesty went to Blackheath, to tiine with the Duphess of Brunswick and Princess of Wales. Ilis Majesty's Birth- Day was celebrated this day, at St. James's with sreat splendour. Her Majesty was more superbly dressed than she has been for many years. Her petticoat is composed of the richest lace over a yellow crape; the sides and pocket holes worked with gold, and ornamented with roses aed clumps of diamonds to the value of 55,000/. The train is of yellow crape, trimmed round with white lace. It isv expected that the Bishop of Hereford will be translated to the vacant See of Worcester, and that the Dean of Bristol will be made Bishop of Hereford. Thr proposals made by the Manchester manufacturers to the cotton weavers are not satisfactory to that body, who in consequence continue to assemble in numerous bodies, and behave very riotously. The former offer an advance of in the pound, the laCter demand an advance of Ss. 8d. in the pound. Mr. LUCILAM'S escape from the two men appointed to look after him was very extraordinary:— He had per- suaded the two men that he was perfectly in this senses ; ai. d Mrs. Ludlam observing, as he sat down to breakfast, that his hands were dirty, he returned up stairs to wash them. He had drawn the bedstead near the window, and tied the sheets to the bed- post, v. ith which he let himself down from the second floor into the area, and ran off. He has not yet been heard off. Yesterday, in Doctors Commons, Mr. Campbell obtained a sentence' of divorce from his wife, on account of hei criminal connection with Mr. Thomas Sheridan, in 1804. AGRICULTURE. Medals given by the Agricultural Society for the last year:— * Edward Wilkinson, Esq. of Potterton Lodge, near Weatherby. the Silver Medal' for Irrigation. Edward Sheppard, Esq. of Utey, Glo'stershire, the Gold Medal for the greate- t Clip of Spanish Wool. The Rev. James Willis, of Sopley, near Ringwood, the Silver Medal for a Communication on Marl, Chalk, & c. J. C. Cunven, Esq. M. P. of Workington Hall, Cumber- land, the Gold Medal for a Communication on Sailing. The Rev. James Willis, of Sopley, near Ringwood, the Gold Modal for a Communication on Waste Lands. Admiral Bentinek, of Ten ington, near Lynn, the Gold Medal for embanking from the Sea. The Bishop of Llandaff, the Gold Medal for a Communi- cation on Planting and Waste Lands. Mr. Geo. Millar, of Whitefivld, near Thurso, the Silver Medal for a Communication on Substitutes for Litter. The Lord lioringdori, the Gold Medal for embanking from the Sea. The Rev. James Willis, of Sopley, near Ringwood, the Silver Medal for an Account of the Mode of making Banks. COURT MARTIAL.— Yesterday a Court Martial was held on board the Magnanime, at Sheernes, for the tri « ! of Lieut. Nopps, commanding the Turbulent gun- brig, for taking from the master of a Danish vessel he had captured, four guineas ; when the money was proved to have been given to the pilot and master's mate, and no part appro- priated by the Lieutenant to his own use; the Court therefore adjudged him to make good the same, and ad- monished him to be more circumspect in future. OLD BAILEY.— Yesterday John Tayloy, a sailor, was tried under Lord Ellenborough's Act, for cutting and wounding Sarah Wood. It was proved that the prisoner and prosecutrix had both been in an hospital, and on coming out they drank together in a friendly way, but the woman rejecting his solicitations to live with him, the pri- soner drew a knife, and wounded her in different places very severely. The only defence of the prisoner was, that th>* woman had refused to live wi th. him. Guilty, Dcalh. Three Malay seamen were tried for the. murder of one of their countrymen, and found guilty of Manslaughter. BIRTHS.] On Tuesday, in Dorset- street, Portman- squaie, the Right Hon. Lady Forbes of a son.— On Thurs- day, in Portland- place, the Lady of Henry Bonham, Esq. M. P. of a son and heir. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three a'Clock. Bank Stock, 23? • India Stock, 181$ South Sea Stock, shut 8 Cent. Red. 68$- 3 y Cent. Cons. 70 a 4 Cents. R6 § 5 Cent. Navy, shut 5 f - Cent. 1797, — Lone; Ann. 18| Omnium, Dj a } p. Irish ditto, — India Bonds, 1 d. I p. Exchequer Bills, 8 a 5 p. Irish S n Cents. 9Sf Imperial 3 Cents. 67$ English Lott. Tick. £ 20 13s. Ditto Prizes, full Money. PORT BETOSF. PLYMOUTH, June 3. On Monday came in the Margaret American schooner, from New York, with a Mail for Bourdeaux, detained by the Iris, for supposed breach of blockade. The Mail was saved, and forwarded to the Admiralty. On Tuesday came in the Guelderland Dutch frigate, captured by the Virginie, Capt. Brace, after a short but gallant action. ( See Tuesdctt/' s GazetteJ She is very much damaged in the hull, and will require a large repair. She was bound to Batavia, with the Governor of that settlement and family on board, and several other passengers of dis- tinction. On Wednesday came in the Spencer, of 74 guns, Rear- Admiral Stopford, and the Saturn, of 74 guns, both from the Channel fleet. PORTSMOUTH, June 4. The following- Convoys are appointed :— Belle Poute, Capt. Carthew, for the Mediterranean ; Speedy sloop, Capt. Muddle, New- foundland, Halifax, and Nova Scotia; ChiiFonne, Capt. Wainwright, for the East Indies, sails the 5th inst. ; Crocodile, Hon. Capt. Cadogan, for Guernsey and Jersey. ARRIVALS AND SAILINGS. Saturday, May 28.— Arrived his Majesty's ship Jamaica, Capt. Lysaght, from Plymouth, fitted for the Newfound- land station.— Sailed the Weymouth store- ship, for the River. 29th.— No arrivals or sailings. 30th.— Arrived the Koadicea, Capt. Maitland, from off Havre ; and sailed the Mutine sloop, Capt. Fabian, for the Coast of Guinea. 31s£.— Arrived the Port Mahon sloop, Capt. Chambers, from the Downs.— No sailings. June ls<.— No arrivals or sailings. Ind.— Arrived the Steady gun- vessel, Lieut. Stow, and came into harbour to refit.— Sailed his Majesty's ship Superb, Capt. Jackson, to receive the Flag of Rear Admi- ral Keats in the Baltic. 3rd.— No arrivals or^ sailings. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JUNE 4. On Thursday last the Annua! Speeches, at Hyde Abbey School, were delivered before a numerous and respectable audience, on which occasion the young Gentlemen distinguished themselves with their usual credit. The Prizes were adjudged to John Morton Colson, for a Latin Composition on " Juicei mare ruhrum t runs emitand to Charles Wolfe, for an English Composition on " the Death of Abel." The company were highly gratified with the whole of the performance. The Christchureh Volunteers were inspected by Co- lone! Baleomb on Monday last, when the manner of per- forming their manoeuvres shewed the severe loss they had sustained in the retirement of their late Commander, Co- lonel Waleott. The Inspecting Field Officer at length took the command of the Corps, when they performed their manoeuvres very adroitly, so as to give complete sa- tisfaction to Colonel Balcomb and to several military spec- tators. On Thursday afternoon the Winchester Volunteers were inspected by Lieutenant- Colonel Ilalcoinb, and fired several balls at a target. They were evidently improved in skill, and were complimented thereon by Colonel Baleomh. MaddingtOn Race? commence next Wednesday, on Stockbridge course. A great many capital horses are well matched to run for the different plates. On Tuesday last was married, at Titehfield church, by the Rev. Mr. Radcliffe, Robert Curry, Esq. of Gospojt, to Sarah youngest daughter of John Payne, Esq- of Stubbington House, near Titchfield. Tuesday was married Mr. Thompson Aslett, Lieut, in the Rovai Marines, to Miss Stratton, of St. Cross, On Sunday the 15th ult. died, at Ashley, near Lymington, Mr. Peter Rogers, at the advanced age of 83 ; a man that was a friend to the poor, beloved of his friends, and of the strictest honesty and in- tegrity. On the 26th ult. died, at the Grange, Emily the infant daughter of Lord Henry Stuart. On Monday last died, at his father's house, in Grosvenor- place, aged 9 years and 10 months, Ediv. Beaufov, youngest son of J. H. Beaufoy, Esq. of Upton Gray. During the storm on Tuesday, about three o'clock in the afternoon, an ash tree in the Earl of Portsmouth's park was shivered to pieces by the lightning: a brace of bucks were under the tree ; one was struck dead, and the other much injured. Several deer were about 57 yards west of the tree, one of which was also struck deid. SALISBURY. MONDAY, JUNE 6, 1808. The South Wilts Battalion and Lavington Volunteer Infantry-, under the command of Lieutenant- Colonel Baily, consisting of 530 men, returned on Thursday last from Southampton. Their conduct there, during 14 days per- manent duty, both in the field and quarters, merits the highest commendation. On Friday morning the battalion of Salisbury- Volunteers, under the command of Lieut. Col. Boucher, marched into this city from Winchester, where it had been quartered on permanent duty for fourteen days, compleating their march of 24 miles by half after nine o'clock in the morning. On Monday last the corps was reviewed on the heath near Hursley, with the South Wilts, Southampton, Nutshalling, and Lavington Volunteers, by Lieut. Gen. the Earl of Cavan, the Commander in Chief of the District, the whole forming a line of near fourteen hundred men, displaying their zeal in their country's cause. The ground was particularly rough and boggy; which, with the heat of the weather, tried the ardour of the troops, who were under arms above eleven hours. On Wednesday the Salisbury Volunteers were again in- spected, by Major Gen. the Earl of Craven, commanding in the District, at Winchester: the Commandant was directed to express to the corps that unqualified appro- bation which they merited for their high state of disci- pline, good order, and steadiness, by which they equalled any corps of Volunteers in the kingdom, and were fully qualified to act with the regulars on whatever occasion their service might be required. The battalion had been also inspected in the preceding week by Lieut. Col Brereton, their I. F. O. in the pre- sence of Lieut. Col. Gilpin and. the Officers of the Bedford Militia, who eonenrred in the approbation which they ob- tained on that day, On all these occasions the corps ob- tained the highest commendation, not less for their silence and^ orderly attention to their duty wh> n under arms, than for the admirable precision with which they performed their several manoeuvres, and the distinguished closeness and correctness of their firings. The corps quitted Win- chester with the regret of its inhabitants, who expressed their sense of the'regularity and decorum observed by the whoie battalion during the time of its residence among them. The}' were received about a mile from this city by the Salisbury Troop of Wiltshire Yeomanry Cavalry, com manded by Capt. Baker, and were escorted by them into the Market- place, where their fellow citizens were crowded to welcome their return home, and to express that pleasure which we all derive from their honourable and patriotic exertions during their late miiitaiy duty. On Saturday the corps fired three vollies in the Market- place, in honour of the King's Birth- day, and afterwards received a handsome donation, to enable every one of them to join in the conviviality of the day, from S. Whitchurch Esq. whose liberality, so often experienced by the corps has procured to him the gratitude and estoem of all the Salisbury Volunteers. The names of Braham and Bartleman are of such deserved celebrity,-* ibat we are not surprised at the intended Oratorio a* tbe Abbey Church, Bath, be- coming a topic of general conversation among musical amateurs. Large parties are forming from this neigh bourhood; and we hear that the influx of company into Bath, on the days the performances take place, are expected to exceed every precedent of the kind in that city. BIRTH.] Lately, at Stour- Pain- Cottage, near Blaudford, the Lady of the Rev. J. Bastard of a son. On Monday was married, at Bath, the Rev. F. E. Witts, of Urchfont, in this county, to Miss Back- house, only child of the late E. Backhouse, Esq, of Leeds, in Yorkshire. On Thursday was married, at Bruton, in Somerset- shire, T. White, Esq. of the Royal Navy, to Miss Eliza- Sampson, youngest daughter of Thos. Sampson, Esq. of Bruton. On Friday was married, at Walcot Church, Major Edward Batchellor, of the Madras establishment, to Miss Everard, daughter of John Everard, Esq. of Middleton, near Lynn, in Norfolk. Married 011 Saturday last, at Croydon, Surry, G. Pearce, Esq. of Broad- street, to Mrs. Spencer, relict of the late C. Spencer, Esq. of Great Marlbro'- street, London. Lately died, at Greenwich, in a very advanced age, the Rev. John Locker, Vicar of Kenton, Devon, which living is in the gift of the Chapter of Sarum. Last week died, at Dorchester, in the 53d year of his age, Mr. Joseph Ash, hai- manufacturer. On Monday died, at Queen Camel, Somerset, aged 86 years, Mr. B. Watts, late of Sherborne. On Thursday morning last died, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. John Smith, linen- draper, in the Market- place, in this city. Died, on Wednesday last, at Kingston- Deverell, in the prime of life, after a lingering illness of nine months, which she bore with christian fortitude and resignation, Matilda, wife of George Dyer, Esq. of that place. On Friday died, much lamented, Mr. John Har- man, a respectable farmer, of Ivnook, in this county. On Friday died Mrs. Skeats, widow of Mr. High- more Sheats, many years a Lay Vicar of the Calhadral, and master of the workhouse of this city. On Tuesday last two houses at Warminster were des- troyed by fire, occasioned by lightning ; and another was pulled down to prevent further conflagration. Part of tha property was insured in the Salamander Fire- office, and the loss has since been paid. The society indemnify all persons from losses by fire from lightning, to the amount of their insurance. Joseph Maish, of Warminster, was on Thursday, by the Magistrates of that district, fined the penalty of 10s. for having furiously, on the highway, driven his waggon, he standing up in the said waggon, and having 110 person on horseback to guide the same, ia the parish of BiAopstrow. *** Advertisements omitted shall have the earliest pos- sible attention. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter•— Bread, per Gallon. M ay Salisbury, 31 Devizes, 26 Newbury, 2 Andovcr, 4 Warminster, 4 Weight of the Gallon Loaf, Slh. I Int.— Half Gall. 41b. oz. Wheat. Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread. s. s. s. s. r. r. s. s. s. d. SI to 74 37 to 41 3S to 40 SI to 70 1 8 ( 74 to 31 89 to i: j 40 to 44 60 to G4 1 fi 110 to 74 !) 4 to it 30 to ;) 1 54 to KO 1 7 7< i to 91 39 to 44 39 to 4 > 9 to 65 1 8i 72 to 86 38 to 42 3S to 41 53 lo 63 1 7£ ill t'i 80 39 fo 4- 2 35 to 40 S$ In 74 SIR JAMES BRANSCOMB respectfully solicits the immediate attention of h; s Friends to the GRAND SCHCME of the STATE LOTTERY, which begins drawing the 28th of this Month, containing SIX PHIZES of £. 20,000, And no fixed Capital. SCHEME Dr. SOLOMONs BALM OF GILEAD. AFRESH SUPPLY of this celebrated Medicine is this day received at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALIS- BURY.— tune 4, 180S. AYOUTH who writes a good Hand, and is clever' in Arithmetic, wishes to engage himself as an AS- SISTANT USHER, in a School, of CLERK, in the Mer- cantile line, Banking, or Cyuntini^- house. Letters directed ( post paid) to W. D. at tha Printing Office, Salisbury. 1^ 0 be LETT, at Midsummer next,— A neat . DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Garden, Stable, Fuel- house, & c. situated in Church- street, in Tistavy. For farther particulars enquire of John Bracher, Wallmptd; if by letter, postpaid. [ 17.12 ANDOVER, TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,—- The WHITE SWAN INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, situate in the Market- place, and now in the occupation of Mr, George Harris. For viewing the same apply on the Premises, and for parti- culars to Mr. Pyle, brewer, Winchester. [ 1737 (?.... Prizes of.. 2 . £ 20,000- .. 10,000 5,000 2,000 ,... 1,000 7 21) 30 1,000 4,000 . Prizes of.. . £ 506 . 100 . so . 22 . IS Such suptur Prizes in a Lottery of only^ 25,000 Tickets were never before known in the Annals of LpttsTries. Tickets and Shares are now selling at the PRINTING- OFFICE, Salisbury, where Shares of the following Capitals were sold in the last Lottery : No. 14,223 £ 20,000 10,276 4,000 12,157 1,000 An immed ate purchase is recommenced, as an advance is expected before the Dtawing begins. No. 18,200 £ 500: 0,744 500 5,738 500 Freehold House and Garden, Salisbury. TO be SOLD,—- A FREEHOLD HOUSE and GARDEN, situate on Milford Hill, in the city of New Sarum, formerly a Public- house, known by the sign of the Weavers' Arms. ~ For particulars apply to Mr. Fisher, Builder, High- street, Salisbury. [ lG4s % » Land- tax redeemed. npo be SOLD by- PRIVATE CONTRACT, X A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, GARDEN, and PRE- MISES. situate in Captain's- row, Lymington, Hants. The Land- tax is redeemed, and immediate possession may be had. For particulars, and to treat, apply personally or by letter ( post paidj to Mr. Brown, Attorney at Law, Ly- mingtcm, [ 1677 BUILDING MATERIALS, SARUM. . TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LEWIS, on the premises, in One Lot, on Tuesday the 1- 1 th of June, at eleven o'clock,— All the MATERIALS, as they now stand, of those extensive Warehouses, late in the occupation of Mr. Hutchence, situated near St. Martin's Church.— The Tiles, Bricks, and Timber are of the first quality.— A reason- able time will be allowed to clear the ground.—— For a view of the premises, apply to Mr. LEWIS, on the Canal. [ 1626 TO CLOTHIERS, & c. nro he SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, X by Mr. B. LEWIS, on Wednesday the 15th of June, 18O8, at Mr. Hutchence's, near !- aint Martin's Churth, Salisbury, — Three Carding Engines, nine Jennies, Wool Mill, Horse Wheel with two shafts, drums and strops, large Press with iron screw and brass box, Kiln and Plates, Press papers and Pressts, 23 pair of Shears, Dry- in? F> one and Pipe, Spinning Wheel and Turns, four Cabin Stoves, Beams and Scales, Washing Wrench, a quantity of steel and cane Sleys, Pattern Loom, quantity of Bobbing, Teazles, & c. & c. [ I76\ i The Sale to beirfn precisely at eleven o'clock in the morninir. ROMSEY. SHORTLY will be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Youxo,— All the STOCK of LINEN- DRAPERY, & c. & c. the property of Mr. H. GOULD, deceased, iu the Market- place. Particulars in our next. [ 1736 NEW FOREST, HANTS. npO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyndhurst, by JL Order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor General of His Majesty's Woods and Forests, on Thursday the 16th day of June 1808,— A large Quantity Of FURZE, in several Lots, in Wilverley, Whitley Ridge, and Rhinefield Walks, subject to such conditions as will be then produced. For further particulars apply to Joseph Mortimer, Es< j. Ower. DOWNTON TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, at Downton, in the county of Wilts, on Friday the 17th day of June instant,— All the Remainder of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK of the late Mr. William Mowland, de- ceased ; consisting of ten cart horses, two hacks, one heifer in calf, one ditto not in calf, betwen 40 and 60 Southdown couples, 40 dry ewes; three waggons, two dung pots, one light cart, four ploughs and tackle, one pair drags, nine har- rows ; a quantity of bacon, malt, and hops, with various other articles. Further particulars whereof will be given in the next Journal. [ 1713 NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Weymouth X Arms Inn, in Warminster, on Wednesday the 15th day of June inst. at six o'clock in the afternoon,— The DWEL- LING- HOUSE, with the Stable, Gardens, and Premises, at Boreham, now occupied by Mr. Phelps. The above will be sold for three Lives, and possession giv^ ti at Michaelmas. The Premises are pleasantly situate about a mile from Warminster, and are in good repair. [ 1460 Further particulars itiay be known at the time of sale, or on application to Messrs." Thring and Phelps, Warminster. DEVIZES. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CROCKETT, on the P/ emises. on Fritlavthe 17th of June, 1S08,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of Mr. Duck, in the Hijrfi- street, ( leaving Devizes) ; comprising handsome four- post, tent, and bureau bedsteads, with dimity and moreen furnitures; good feather and flock beds, mat- tresses and bedding ; a fine- toned piano forte; patent kitchen range; sofa; mahogany dining and circular tables ; chairs ; dnwers, carpets, pier glasses, timepiece, paintings and prints in glazed frames, pair of globes, China and glass, kitchen uten- sils, and various other articles. The Sale to begin at ten o'clock. [ 1761 DORSETSHIRE. TO b< SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. PERCY, at the Crown Inn, Blandford, between the hours of foui and five in the afternom ( subject to . such conditions as will be then produced), on Thursday the l6tn day of June, 180S, — A neat sashed and tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining, and Malt- house near the same, which will work 20 quarters per week. The Premises are Leasehold, and pbasamly situate in the parish of Blandfjrd St. Mary, near tire river Stour, and Turn- pik « Road leading to Poole,' and fit for the immediate r.- cep- tion ef a genteel family. [ 16* 9 Household Furniture, at Durlei/. rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, .1 by Cl. EW. NT Sharp, on Thursday theSthof June,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and'other Effects of Mr. Colson Barnard, late t) f Durley, near Botlty ; comprising good feather beds, mattresses, blankets, mahogany and painted chests of drawer!, bureaus, tables, chairs, carpets, and a variety of useful articles ( more particularly described in hand bills of the sale). The sale to begin precisely at half- past ten o'clock. [ 6791 SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by GERH ARD & Co. in the Market, on Tuesday the 7th' of June instant, A capital BLACK GELDING, six years old, 15 hands 1 inch high, very fast in all his paces, and a good leaper ; he was regularly hunted last season. Also a very handsome BAY PONY, seven years old, walks and Jtrots remarkably well, and a very pleasant canterer ; he is perfectly steady, free from vice, and well calculated to carry an elderly gentleman, or the most timid lady might ride him The above Horses are warranted sound.-— At the same time will be sold, a capital BROWN MARE, 15 bands high, nearly thorough br- d, a capital hunter, and a good roadster, or will carry a lady; very fast in all paces, in high condition, and the property of a gentleman going abroad. , The sale to begin at half pjst eleven o'clock. [ 1783 SOMERSET. rlPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ANDREWS, JJ ( by order of the Assignees of Jtlhn'Burge, a Bankrupt), at Ansfyrd Inn, near Castle Carv, in the countv of Somerset, on Monday and Tuesday the tith and 7th of Jurie> inst. at two o'clock in the afternoon on each of the said ( lavs,-— Sundry FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and LANDS, situate in the pa- rishes of Castle Cavy and Pitcombe, in the said countv, late the property of the said John Burge. ^ For a description of the lots, and other particulars, see ike Salislury Journal of May 23. ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. MEW and PORTER, on Thursday the < idi dav of June inst. at the Sun Inn, in Newport, in the Isle of Wight, at seven o'clock in the evening ( unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given 1,— All that substantial well built MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Garden at the back thereof, situate on the east side of Holy- Rood street, in Newport aforesaid, and adjoining the Theatre there ; together with the THIyVTRE and its Appur- tenances. The Dwelling- 1 louse is now in the occupation of Mr. James Tucker, tenant at Will,, at the yearly rent of and the Theatre is held by Mr. Shiitford,' Under a lease of which about six years are unexpiird, at tire )..• » yearly r.- nt of Ml. — For ft rther particulars apply to Messrs. Mew and Porter, Auctioneers, Newport. [ 1700 NURSLING! TO he SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by Mr, DELL, on Wednesday the Sth of June, I80 « , and following day,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, China, Stock in Trade, Growing Crops and other effects, of THOMAS HOAR, Maltster. The Household Furniture comprises tent bedsteads, with cotton and other furnitures; good goose feather beds, blankets, quilts, coun- terpanes, mattresses, mahogany dining and Pembroke tables, chests of drawers, escrutoire. pier and dressing glasses, Kid- derminster carpets, brewing utensils, and kitchen furniture Pickled Pork, Bacon, and several Barrels of Strong and Table Beer. The Stock comprises malt, hops, a good strong can, a hjht ditto, a gig, two sets of harness, ploughs, harrows hay a quantity of faggots, poultry, pigs, hay mare, saddle, bridle, ore. & c, To be viewed each morning of the sale days until eleven o'clock., when the sale will commence. [ 1778 Blendfard, Dorset.— Genteel Family / iesidcnce. ON Wednesday the Sth of Juneinst. and following day, will be SOLD bv AUCTION, by Mr, PERCY on 1MDX,' I. 7NE„ SRA11 the modern and genuine HOUSEHOLD r URN 11 uRE ot a Lady quitting her residence in Blamitord ; comprising handsome dining and drawing room suits with Turkey, Wilton, and other carpels, & c, & c. as will be par- ticularized in catalogues, to be had. in due time of the auctioneer;— And O11 Thursday, the 9th of June, the DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES will be soi. i>, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced. The house consists of a good entrance- hall, with a neat and light staircase; handsome dining and drawing rooms, about S3 feet by 15, and loiiish, with valuable marble hearths and chimney pieces 5 breakfast room, 16 tect by 14; five bedchambers, besides servants- rooms; coach- house and stabling for three horses, excellent dry underground arched cellars ; the other offices ere very- convenient; garden well stocked with yo « n » cb-> it, v. fruit trees, a small field of pasture, in which is a Well of good water. The premises are pleasantly situated at the north en- trance of the town, adjoining the great western road, and fit for the immediate reception of a . renter) family. For further particulars and a view'of the premises pplvtao Mr. Monday, solicitor, Blandford. [ 1734 SEMLEY, WILTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, bv 11. PIOWMAK, at the Wh- te Lion Inn, In Shaft - s- burv, Dorset, on Thursday the 9th day of Jnne, » HO » „ between the houis of two ami five , IV the afternoon, the undermentioned Lots and subject to such conditions as shall then arid there be produced,— The FREEHOLD a, nd INHERITANCE of the. following ESTATES, late the property of Mr. Thomas Powell, deceased; viz. Tes> « nW" t. or Dwelling- house, with the Yard, Garden, Orchard, Out- houses, and Premises tnereto adjoining and belonging, now in the occupation of Joseph Scammel and James Brown.— And also a Blacksmith's Shop near thereto, in the occupation of James White; all yearly tenants, and situate in Semley aforesaid. , Alt these- two- closes of arable Land, adjoining lot • 1, called I tighe- r and Lower L imberts ; containing by estima- tion eleven acres ( more or less), in Semley aforesaid, late in the possession and occupation of the said Mr. Powell.—^'. B. 1 hrse beast Leases in Semley Common beling 11 this- lot * LotO.— All that Message', Barn, Stable, Farm- yard, Rick; Barton, Garden, Orchard, and sundry closes of niea_ dow, an i pasture Land, well timbered, called Musteis • and containing by estimation fifty acres [ mote or less) within a ring- fence, eligibly situated in. Semley aforesaid, within three miles of Shaftesbury, and late in the possession and 00, cupation ot the said Mr. 1' oweli. The Estates may be visved on. appiicatiori to Mr. Robert rawn ot Semi y; and further particulars may be known by applying to him, or Mr. Alfred'Pow- il. ot Bathamnton, near Wyley, or Mr. Buckland, Solicitor, Shaftesbury. ( 1S51 Plough Inn, 1/ inMourne Tarrcr. t, near A- wfover, ~ li# Hts. " HO he SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises. I by T. RAWLINS, em Tuesday and Wednesday tli - - ist ' of June, 160=,— All the HOUSEHOLD J- URM- tURF., & e. Spirituous Liquors, Wines, Home, brewed Strong Beer, excellent iron, bound Casks; a two- year- cld Stone Colt out of a blood mare, a Cow in calf; Granary on five pair of stones, lead Pump, stone Trough, Plou.- h and 1 ackle, Cart Harness, and other EfiectS, ot Mr. Geoip- Best, leaving the aforesaid inn. The Household Goods, & c. comprise four- post- and tent bedsteads, with cotton and dimity fujniuire, unci window curtain* to match ; half- tester and press bedsteads ; ten good feather beds; flock mattresses; blankets, quilts, counterpanes, bed and table linen; mahogany and wiihiv. t- uee double and single- ehests of drawers; pier end swine glasses; mahogany and oa* dining, Pembroke, and claw tal- les, right stools', & c. mahogany and other chairs ; oak bureau'; Chisa and glass • handsome eight- day. clock ; !;• .• family bible with cuts ; tea and coffee urns ; plated quart and pint cups, cruet stand,"& o a glass lamp; Bath stoves, fire irons; Ki& K- rroimtu carpets: kitchen requisites and eulimirv arti - les of every description - large settle ; quantity of pewter'; copper fountain, ; hogs- head copper, washing ditto, large ova! . nd round mssh tubs, twti coolers lined with lead, oval kievers, wwhfrig tubs, & c. fifteen capital iron- bound casks, frpm ! 80 to tun gallons each" five ditto hogsheads, and sundry other cask, barrel, stands' corn and Hour binns, quantity ot l uegots, huriil s and fogs pis witch, sign board, 4c. valuable Newfoundland doe, and numerous other articles. The sale to begin ( on account of the number qf lets) pre- cisely at eleven o'clock each day. | - 17. tr, A MARINE COTTAGE, CLOSE TO THE SEA, IN HAMPSHIRE, TO be SOLD hy PRIVATE CONTRACT, with ten Acres of FREEHOLD LAND, in high cultivation, immediately joining the sea, situate between I. ymington and Christchurch, commanding one of t- e most beautiful sea views in the kingdom: the House contains fo^ rbed chambers and a drawing room, with housekeeper's room, butler's pan- try, and suitable apartments for servants, with offices of every description ; the whole on a small but compact scale. Also capital new-.' ouilt STABLING for eight horses, with four good rooms over for servants, a harness room, additional stable for four horses, and standings for four carriages.— The premises may be entered upon ready furnished or otherways imme- diately. The House stand, out of the turnpike road leading from Christchurch to Lymington, is very retired, and within half an hour's ride of the New Fgrest, three miles from the fashionable bathing place Muddiford, five from Christchurch, seven from Lymington, twenty from Southampton, and ten from Mr. Ward's lox hounds at Lyndhurst. For further particulars apply' to Mr. John Pilgrim, at Christchurch. who will shew the premises, and is authorised to treat for the sale; or to Messrs. Greene, Tennant, and Harrison, Gray's Inn, London; p46' j CAPITAL FARM,— ASHFQRD, HANTS, nno be SOLD by AUCTION, byT. W- ITIMER, J. at the Dolphin liin, Petersfield, ir, the county of South- ampton, on Friday the 17th day of June, ! 80fl, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— All that desirable and compact Farm, called ASHFORD FARM* situate and being in the several parishes of Steep and Froxfield, in the said conntv of Southampton now in the occupation of Mr. R. M. Baker, the proprietor -* consisting of a good and substantial farm- hou. se, with con- venient out- offices of every descri] Xion, stabling for 14 horses three barns and other convenient out- buildings, a food garden' and about an acre of valuable orchard ground; five cottages' 1 comprising eight tenements, together with 94a statute acres' ( more or less) of arabie, meadow, pasture, wood, and coppice ground ; four marl pits are open on different parts of the farm with rock and chalk pits bordering thereon! the whole lies compact, nearly in a ring fence, and has an unlimited right on Ashford and Steep Commons, and is now in the occupa- tion of Mr. R. M. Baker, the proprietor, except about nine acres, lett on lease to Mr. J. M- r s for a term of 21 years, of which 17 will be unexpired at Michaelmas next.— This very valuable and desirable estate liesabout two miles from Peters- field, nine from Alton and Alresfcrd, and 18 from Farnliam ( all good market towns,, in a vale charmingly rural and ro- mantic, in a good sportingcountry abounding with game, and has a good trout stream running throneh the* garden, and the turnpike road from Portsmouth to Alton and Farnlyim runs through the estate, about half a mile from the dwe'l house. The lands are in the highest state of ce' •••• ion, having been exclusively occupied by ( he's- verai pro- r> t t. rs upwards of 100 years past, are exceeded by none in point c- f fertility, and deservedly classes with the first firms in Hamp- shire. The buildings, gates, and fences on the farm sr.- in excellent repair and condition.— About 12 acres ot tl ." bove farm are Freehold, six acr « s Leasehold for 1000 years and the remainder Copyhold of Inheritance fnearlv equal to free- hold) undej the several Manors of Eastmcon' and Ashford ; and the Land- tax of the whole is redeemed The Tithes of that pa'it of the farm lying in the parish of Steep are held by Leass. for SI years, at 1 Si., of which 12 years will be unex- pired at Michaelmas next, at which time possession of the farm will be given. For a view of the estate apply to Mr. Baker, the proprietor, and for fur^ r particulars to C. J. Hector, solicitor, Pet, rs- field, where a plan of the estate may be v. sa. [ 1609 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY, Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid.) iSis by the FRINTE& S and BOCXSELLEHS in the W « st of England; by the repectfrt hxwtiiSKi end in Ltndon by Messrs. TAYLOR » nd NEWTON, Ne. 5, Wsrwick- Sauare, Wtfwick- Laiie. Nrwrate^ treet. and Mr. WILRIE. Bookseller. Pat^ rnoster- Rnw
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