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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3719
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 30/05/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3719
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE 1. JTEJ1. mmr GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 3719. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, MAY 30, 1808, PRICE SIXPENCE. / Stamp Dutv I Paper and Print Md. Hid. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. ROME, April LG. ADetachment of French troops have marched towards the Pontine Marches, to arrest the Duke of Braschi, who has taken refuge there. — General Miollis has completely reformed the Police 0f this city, " Henceforth no Papal Nuncios will be allowed to reside at Foreign Courts. BERLIN, April 30. It is now certain, that not- withstanding ; iit the remonstrances against it, a camp is to be fixed near the Mills, between Charlottenburg and Spandau. Preparations are. already making at Lenthen, Brcig, and Glogau, where encampments are to be made, which are already marked out. LONDON, MONDAY, MAY 23. Foreign Journals are received to the 21st inst. They mtain many interesting articles relative to Spain. The MARK- LANE, Monday, May 23. We had this day little variation from the currency of last week, as will be seen by the list of prices subjoined :— English Wheat 68s. to 82.;.— Rye 46s. to 54. « .— White Peas 92j. to 160s.— Grey ditto GOs. to* 68s.— Horse Beans 66s. to 75s.- Tick Beans 56s. to 68s. — Bariey 42s. to 50s,— Malt 68s. to 80s.— Oats 36s. to 50s. per quarter.— English Household Flour 65s. per sack. SMITHFIELD- MARRET, Monday, May 23. Wc had this day about 1700 head of Neat Cattle, 15,000 Sheep and Lambs, 150 Pigs, 120 Calves. The prices were, Beef 4s. Gd. to .' s. Gd. Mutton 5s. to 5s. 8d. Lamb 6s. to 7s. 4d. Veal Ss. to Gs. id. per sroneof 8lh. to sink the offal.— In the Hay Market, the prices were nearly as last week. WAR- OFFICE, ILAY 18, 1808. Notice to Widows o f Officers of the Laud Forces and Marines, and to Person, on the Compassionate List. A IX Persons of the above descriptions arc hereby X V directed to acquaint the Right Honorable the Secretary at War, London, by Letter, with their respective Addresses ; when a Communication will be made to them on the subject of the Act of Parliament passed on the 1st of August 1S07, " for the more convenient Payment of Half- Pay, and other Allowances, to Officers and Widows of Officers, and to Persons on the Compassionate List." E. MARSHALL, Clerk of the Widows' 1717] Pension and Compassionate Lists. SI N G L E - S T1 C K. TO be played for at SINGLE- STICK, at the PLOUGH 1MM, ITCHEN ABBOTS, near Winchester and Airesford, on Whit- Thursday the 9th of June 1808,— The following PRIZES, viz. To the Man who breaks the most heads,— a Prize of TEN GUINEAS. To the second best Player,— a Priie of FIVE GUINEAS. No Head to be allowed except the blood runs an inch. All disputes to be finally determined by the Umpires. To begin playing at twelve o'clock. N. B. A good ORDINARY will be provided by F. MUNDAY, at the Plough Inn. [ 1712 SECURITIES WANTED, SEVERAL SUMS of MONEY, from £ 500 to £ 1000 may be had on the Martgage of Freehold Pre- mise*, consisting chiefly of Lands in the counties of Wilts, Hants, and Dorset.— - Apply by letter ( free of postage) ad- dressed to Mr. Woo. lyear, Downton, Wilts. [ 1663 Moniteurpf the 13th inst. gravely relates the circumstances of the abdication of the Crown by the usurping Son Ferdi- nand, in favour of his father Charles, from whom he had usurped it, and whom he now wishes long to live and enjoy it! It gives a letter from the old King to bis son, in which the latter is told, that by his own conduct he has placed a brazen wall between himself and the Crown of Spain ; and it is evident from other circumstances that Ferdinand will never again have the name of King in Spain, if ever he is again permitted to visit it. This same French Gazette ' styling him Prince of Asturias) says that in two or three days he will arrive atVelancy, an estate iu France belonging to " his Hi- jhness the Grand Elector" ( Camba- cere-''; and that the- King and Queen of Spain, the Queen cf litruria, the Infanta, Don Francisco, and the Prince of the Peace, are expected at the Palace of Fontainbleau by the 2() th. Thus the whole Royal Family of Spain will be within the gripe of the French Emperor. It is to be . expected that Murat, the newly- appointed Lieutenant- General of the kingdom of Spain, will govern for some time in the name of Charles, and that he will be the lait of the SpanishTine of the Bourbons. , There appears " to have bepn great slaughter of the people in Madrid, iu the insurrection on the 2d of May. The Moniteur coolley intimates, that an assemblage of 20!, 000 people was soon dispersed by thirty discharges of artillery with grape shot'; aftcv which the insurgents took refuge in the houses, which were broken into, and all who were found with arms in their hands were put to the sword. The cavalry charged through the streets and squares, and wherever there was any. assemblage of people they were cut down. The peasants who had come iu, were intercepted in their retreat to the country ; others were ' frustrated in attempting to seize the arsenal; many were instantly killed, and all thoe taken prisoners were shot. It is added that tiie French had 25 killed, and between 40 and 30_ wounded ; and that the li « s of tlie insurgents amounted to several thousands, of the lowest order. In a letter of Bonaparte to the Trince of Asturias, the wiiter intimates that the Prince has no right to the Throne but what he derives from his mother ; and that if, in prose- cuting bis process,"" Be had degraded her, he would have destroyed bis own right.— Hence it appears that the Prince's • primmed illegitimacy ru » . y one day be held out to the Spaniards as a reason for displacing him from the succession Mails are received from Malta and Gibraltar. The letters from Gibraltar state that the massacre of the Spaniards, in the late insurrections at Madrid, have been dreadful; and that oven the French mu t have lost some thou and; of men; that notwithstanding the disadvantage wilder which the Spaniards' attack their enemies, their spirit is far from subdued, and much more bloodshed is to be expect aid. In every part of Spain, regret is expressed that the ports were not opened to the Bnti h, at the first breaking out of the Revolution.— One letter status that the Commander of St. Sebastian bas received a written order from Chailes IV. to admit a French force into that garrison. Ill this manner JJooaparte will, it is to be feared, get possession of all the., fortresses iu Spain. Accounts have been received from Madeira, of the lgth ult. when our troops on the Island were all healthe. The- Hydra transport had sailed for the Brazils with 150 Portuguese emigrants who had made their escape from Lisbon. Advices have been received by Government of a very • bold and successful attack having been made by the Redwing, Capt. Usher, upon a Spanish convoy, near Cape Trafalgar, most of which he either sunk, took, of destroyed. Letters from the Minerva, of 44 guns, Capt. Haw- kins, dated the 6tb, off L'Orient, state, that the boats of that, ship, manned and armed, commanded by Lieut. Cooke, landed in a bay bear L'Orient, attacked and carried a battery defended by one 18 pounder, and a large party of Soldiers, in the block- house, and fired it through-; then spiked the gun, and took the centinel prisoner, when the c emy fii'ej through the loop holes, and unfortunately killed Lieut. Cooke, but his party succeeded in carrying the body on bo l . i, and the next day it was committed to the deep, with naval and military honours. The Tartar frigate arrived in Leith Roads, on Friday e. vemo j, from Noith Bergen, having lost her gallant Com- mand. r, Capt. B'eftesworth.— On Monday last, whilst the Ti « tar was lying becalmed near the shore, in the vicinity of liergen, several Danish gun- boats and a schooner made a sudden attack upon her; a fort on the coast opened its fire at the same time; and early in this combined attack Capt. Bettesworth was killed by a shot in the head. The frigate afterwards sunk one of the boats, and beat off the rest. Mr. Fitzlmgh, a promising young midshipman, was killed, and several of the crew were wounded, , Capt. Bettesworth had often distinguished himself by hi i gallant conduct on former occasions, and was sever ly wounded ill the West Indies some , vturs a » - o. He was the officer who, when Commander of the Cui'ieux brig,, brought the dispatches from Lord Nelson, when in pursuit of the combined fleet in the West Indies in 1805 ; on which occasion Lord Barham, then First Lord of the Admiralty,- immediately promoted him to the lank of Post Captain. Captain Bette? wortb was lately married to Lady Hannah Grey, sister to Earl Grey, and had . just fitted out the frigate hi which he has so prematurely lost hi* valuable life. — Captain Betteswprth was about 23 years of age, and he had been wounded twenty- four times before the shot whith produced his death. Captain Betteswbrtb's death is the more melancholy, inconsequence of the situation of Lady 11. Bettesworth, who is in a state of pregnancy. Colonel Pollen, who was unfortunately lost off Memel with Lord Rbyst'on, and others, was the only son of tin; Jtev. George Pollen, of Little Bookham, in Surry. He Was in the 33d year of his age. On Thursday se'nmgbt Mrs. Ford, wife of Henry Ford, Esq. of the county Down, iu Ireland, went, apparantly iu perfect health, to the rout of Mrs. Loftus Tottenham, in Dublin i whilst seated at the card- table, she was seized with sudden indisposition ; medical assistance was called, she was soon much recovered, and being near her aecouc/ i- • incut, she declined the offer of accommodation at. Mrs. Tottenham's, and was assisted into her coach to go to her civn house, accompanied by her sister and her son; but before they arrived at the house, the vital spark was fled, and this amiable Lady, who bad left her husband a few boms before, in health and happiness, was brought back to Mm a lifeless corpse. Mrs. Ford was eldest daughter of the late Right lion. William Brownlow, and sister to the Countesses of Powerscourt. ;* td Darnleyand Viscountess De * \ tsei. She had twenty children, of whom nine survive, A melancholy accident occurred at Brighton on Friday evening last :— Mr. Alexander, late a grocer in the Strand, London, who had for some time retired from business, unfortunately, in the dark, walked through an open part of the fence, near the Last battery, and fiouj thence over the cliff, and was killed by the fall. rJ^ HE WESTERN MEDICAL SOCIETY, next Meeting, Antelope Inn, Sherborne, June 10, 1808. [ 1690 nPIIF. Members of the FRIENDLY SOCIETY of I WIMBORNE MINSTER are desired to meet at the CLUB- ROOM, on Tuesday thc7th of June next, by ten o'clock in the morning, to attend Divine Service.— The presence of the Honorary Members, as usual, is particularly requested. Dinner at the King's- Head Inn, at half- past two o'clock. ISLE OF WIGHT. LAND TO BE RECLAIMED FROM THE SEA. \ NY Person perfectly acquainted with the mode of jTIl reclaiming LAND from the SEA, and of placing in good Older Land which has been formerly but. imperfectly reclaimed, and who is willing to contract to' reclaim, and put into eood order, about one hundred acres, near Yarmouth, in the Isle of Wight, is desired to deliver in his proposals tor that purpose, to Edward Rushworth, Esq. Farringford- Hill, near Yarmouth ; oi Messrs. Clarke* and Seweil, Newport, Isle of Wight. , ' [ 1704 MANOR'OF TOTTON AND BERKELEY. NOTICE is hereby given, That the BOUNDA- RIES of the MANOR of TOTTON and BERKELEY, in the county of Southampton, belonging to Henry Coomb : Comptofi, Esq. are to be perambulated on Monday the' 30th day of May instant; beginning at Brockenford Bridge precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon. " [ 1676 May 23, 1808. C. HARBIN, Steward- \ I7ANTED to Ren * v lisbury, in a hea nt, in the neighbourhood of Sa- healthy situation,— A large FAMILY HOUSE, Fc aSMSHED, with from 25 to 30 acres of Meadow and Arable Land: the Downton side of Salisbury will be preferred. [ 1720 Address to the Printer of this Paper; if by letter, post paid. A' TO LADIES' SCHOOLS. YOUNG LADY, of very good Connections, accustomed to teach Reading, English Grammar, and the various kinds of Needle Work, wishes to engage herself as a TEACHER. Letters ( post paid) addressed to the Printer, will be duly at- tended to. [ 1699 TO MERCHANTS, BANKERS, & c. WANTED,— A Situation, as JUNIOR CLERK in the Office of a MERCHANT, BANKER, or any other respectable concern, for a LAD about 10', who writes a fine Hand grammatically, is well qualified in Book- keeping and Accounts, and has some knowledge of the French language. Salary no object the first year;— and satisfactory security, adequate to the trust, will be siven by his friends. Letters ( post paid) to Mr. West, Academy, Fisherton, near Salisbury; or Mrs. Randall, Damerham, Wilts, will be immediately attended to. [ 1721 • An ASSISTANT w ANTED immediately,- T POOLE TURNPIKE. IIE next Meeting of the Trustees will be held at the Crown Inn,, in Wimborne, on Wednesday the 1st of June next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; when the several Surveyors of the Highways of the respective parishes and places through which the turnpike passes, are required to deliver in lists in writing of persons liable to do statute dutv, under the penalty of ,£ 10. May ! 9, 1808. WILLIAM CASTtlF. MAN, 1593] v Clerk to the Trustees- .- CANFORD INCLOSURE. TE give NOTICE, tKat all Rights of Cutting Turves, Heath, and other Fuel, on Canford. Heath, shall from henceforth cease and be for ever extinguished. And we further give notice, that we have set out the Turf Com- mon for the occupiers of Cottages in the parish of Canford, and have ascertained the cottages to Which the rishts of tur- bary belong, and have left a list of them with our Surveyor for the inspection of the parishes interested. And we further give notice, that no one must cut turves or other fuel on the Turf Common, but at such times, and in such quantities, as Mr. Castleman, the steward of the manor of Great Canford, or such persons as he may depute, shall appoint. May 19, 1808. RICHARD GEE. 1594] WILLIAM CLAPCOTT. properly qualified to teach Writing and Accounts.— Apply at the ' Printing- Office, Salisbury; if by letter, post paid. [ 1639 ANTED immediately,— A young M AN, as an ASSISTANT, capable of teaching Writing and Arithmetic. Letters, with specimens of penmanship, addressed to A. B. Post Office, Cowes, Isle of Wight ( free of postage;, will be immediately attended to. [ 1386 WANTED,— An ASSISTANT in the GROCERY BUSINESS: he must have been in the empoly some few years, well recommended, perfectly competent to the management of the concern, and well acquainted with book- keeping. A middle- aged man will be preferred. Likewise,— A respectable young LAD, as an APPRENTICE : a Premium will be expected, as he will be treated ill every respect the same as one of the family. Application to the Printing- office; postage free. [ 1646 T WEr HAMPRESTON INCLOSURE. E give NOTICE, That all Rights of Cutting Turves, Heath, and other Fuel, on the Hampreston Heath, shall from henceforth cease and be for ever extin- guished. And we further give notice. That we have set out the Turf Common for the occupiers of Cottages in the parish of Hampreston, and have ascertained the Cottages to which the rights of turbary belong ; and have left a list of them with our Surveyor tor the inspection of the parties interested. And we further give notice, That no one must cut turves or other fuel on the Turf Common, but at such times and in such quantities as Edward Greathed, Esq. the Lord of the Manor, or such person as he may depute, shall appoint. May 1.9, 1808. RICHARD GEE. 1595] WILLIAM CLAPCO'IT. MERE INCLOSURE. WE whose names are hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment passed in the 47th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of " Mere, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give notice, that we shall hold out next meeting, for executing the powers of the , said Act, at the house of James Burfitt, being the Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thursday the 9th day of June next; and that we shall at such meeting perambulate the boundaries of the said parish, or such part or parts thereof as i^ hall appear doubtful or in dispute ; and that we shall begin such perambulation at the entrance to the Commons from Silton, near Bagmoor Wood, on Monday the I3tli day of June next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. And We do also give notice, that all person" having or making any claim or claims which may affect such boun- daries, or any of them ; and also all persons claiming any rights of common, leasowes, or rights of pasturage, in, over, and upon the lands and grounds by the said Act intended to be divided and allotted, or any part thereof, are herebv re- quired, by themselves or agents, to lay their respective claims ( in writing) before us the said Commissioners at such meeting. And we do hereby further give notice, that no claim will be received after Wednesday the 15th of June next. [ 1.610 Dated May 14, 1808. JOHN FIELD. RICHARD WEBB. GEORGE BARNES. WANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a Tallow- Chandler and Scap- Boiler.—— Premium no object. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. John Harley, Gosport. WANTED, as KEEPER,— A single MAS, who is sober, steady; and active; who thoroughly under- stands his busincs, and who can have a most undeniable character from his last place. [] 709 Apply ( by letter, post, paid) to Mr. T. Skelton, bookseller, Southampton.— None need apply who cannot read and write. TO IIAIR- DRESSERS. WANTED immediately,— A JOURNEYMAN HAIR- DRESSER, who may bear of a comfortable Situation by applying to Jane Salter, High- street, Salisbury, ( letters postpaid.) [ 1695* TO CLOCK AN3 WATCH- MAKERS. ANTED immediately,— Two good Hands ; one as a CLOCK- MAKER, the other as a WATCH- MAKER ; the former will be required to do but little jobbing, but must be a good hand at plain spring and eight- day work, at which he will have constant employ and Bristol prices ; if the latter has a knowledge of finishing, the more agreeable. Application {' if by letter, post paid) to be made to the Printer of this Paper. [ 1658 by a Gentleman, about two miles Southampton, a steady middle aged FOOTMAN, of stood character, who has lived some time in his last place. Enquire of Mr. Taylor, draper, opposite the Market- House, Southampton ;— enquiries to be personal, and not by letter. IRISH LINENS, SHEETINGS, AND TABLF.- LINEN, At BECKINGSAlj. E's U~ arehou. se, Silver- street, Salisbury. SEVERAL bb xes of Irish Linens, beginning at 1 lrf, a yard ; tiro boxes of stout Irish Sheeting, unusually cheap ; a box of Table Linen, as low as 2s. the Table Cloth'; 300 pieces of Corded Dimities, < jd. a yard ; .20( 1 pieces of stout Furniture Dimities, lit', and lid. a yard 5 300 dozen Muslin Handkerchiefs, 5d. to8d. each; 130 dozertColoured Shawls, warranted to wash, sd. each; Soo pieces Cambric Muslin, 12d. lid. 1 Gd. and very fine at 20d. a yard ; 200 pieccs curi- ously fine Worked Muslins, for Dresses, is. a yard ; a lot of good Chambrevs, Ginghams, fee. 8jc2* a yard; a fr. r'h supply of Cotton Stockings; the best Nankins 13 808. [ 1628 POOLE AND PORTSMOUTH PASSAGE VESSELS, Four Times a Week. THOMAS BURT returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general for the liberal support he has received for many years past, and solicits a continuance of the same ; and for their accommodation and interest he will continue his four Vessels in the above Trade, which will SAIL ( wind and weather permitting) weekly from POOLE to PORTSMOUTH, with Goods and Passengers, one 011 Mon- day, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and the other on Friday. Goods taken in at his House and Store, on the Quay, Poole, as usual; at the Queen Charlotte, Portsmouth; and the Row- Barge, on the Hard, Portsea. [ 167- 2 " V'f R- J. LOMER begs leave to inform his Friends i. vJL and the Public of his declining the Retail Drapery- Trade, and having disposed of his Concern, he has now to offer his NEW AND VALUABLE STOCK AT AND UN- DER THE PRIME COST. N. B. An extensive assortment of Muslins, Damask, and Irish Tabling, Sheetings, Countetpanes, & c. & c. J. L. takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks for that distinguished support he has experienced ; and re- quests all outstanding accounts may be settled as early as pos- sible. Southampton, 21st May, 1808. [ 15: 6 PRIME DEVONSHIRE CYDER. T. BISHOP respectfully informs his friends and • the public in general, that he has just landed a cargo of PRIME CYDER ( duty free to private families), at his Store, the bottom of Prospect- row, Portsmouth. Best Bottled Cyder six shillings per dozen; discount for ready money. No quantity less than 20 gallons. Orders taken at his store, and at the Sun Inn, Southampton. Country orders executed on the shortest notice. [ 1571 27, HIGH- STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. DA RAVIN, TAYLOR and MEN'S MERCER, from London, begs leave to return his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general, for the liberal and distinguished encouragement he has received ; begs leave to inform them, he has received from London an assortment of New, Elegant, and Fashionable Articles of every descrip- tion in the above branches, and has t- ngaged Workmen of the first abilities from the principal shops in London: and flatters himself he will be every way capable of completing any orders they may be pleased to honour him with. The strictest punctuality and first rtyle of elegance and fashion will be attended to. Ladies' Habits, Naval and Military Uniforms, Liveries, & c. executed on the shortest notice. N. B.— A few good Hands wanted, who have been used to Naval and Military work. [ 1710 w- V17" ANTED, T f from Southai jT^ OR SALE, at Upton Farm, near Poole, very fine SOUTH DOWN TWO- TEETH SHEEP, warranted sound. Fifty [ 1706 HPO be SOLD,— A handsome BAY MARE, got X by the Prince of Wales's horse- Engineer, with a beauti- ful Filly by her side, by Young Pipator. Enquire of Mr. Thomas Mildenhall, Abbot's Ann, near Andover, Hants. [ 1630 rpo be SOLD,— A Pair of CHESNUT HORSES, JL in hi'h condition and constant work.— They have been regularly used in a barouche- chariot and tandem, and may be seen by applying to Mr, Robbins, Crown Inn, Lvndhurs't-. Price 100 Guineas. ' [ 1585 TWO GRAND MUSICAL PERFORMANCES, AT THE ABBEY CHURCH, BATH. THOBBS respectfully informs the Public ingene- • pil, and his Wiltshire Friends in particular, that 011 Monday morning, June 13, 1808, will be performed the sacred ORATORIO of THE MESSIAH, ( With a full and complete BAND and CHORUS.) In which will be introduced DR. HARINOTON's celebrated ELOI, or the DEATH of CHRIST, ' And on Tuesday evening. June 14, will be A GRAND SELECTION From the Works of HANDEL, I- IAYDV, & C. The whole under the direction of Mr. RACZZINI. Principal Focal Performers: Mr. BRAHAM, Madame STORAGE, Mrs. Windsor, Mr. Magrath, Mr. Bennett, ' and Mr. BARTI. I. MAN. Principal Instrumental Performers:— Organ, Mr. FIELD; Leader of the Band, Mr. RICHARDS ; second violin, Mr. Lo- der; violoncello, . Mr. Herschell; tenor, Mr. Daniels; double bass, Mr. Phillpot; oboes, Messrs. Ashley and Perry ; flute, Mr. Stansbury; clarionet, Mr. Rogers; trumpets, Messrs. Wait and Perry, jun.; horns, Messrs. Hobbs and Cook ; bas- soon, Mr. J. Ashley; trombone, Mr. Batho; doubU; drums, Mr. Stansbury, jun. The Messiah to comm- nci%, at eleven o'clock in the morning, and the Grand Selection at s « ren in the evening. A subscriber " of one Guinsa to be entitled to four Tickets, viz. two to each performance ; non- subscribers' admittance, seven Shillings, Books . of the performance will be given gratis to subscribers, and ready for delivery on Saturday the 1 Ith of June, when the subscription will close. [ 1491 Subscriptions received by Mr. Jones, Church- yard, and Mr. Minifie, Cheap- street ( Churchwardens); Mr. Taylor, Bridge- street, and Mr. W. Dore, Market- place ( Overseers,; Mr. Whitchurch, Market- place; Mr. T. Hobbs, Market- place; at Lintern's, in the Grove; Ahshley's, Wade's- passage; Phi 11- pot's, Bennet- streef; White's, George- street ; Holland's Argyle- street 5 MevlerV Library, and at all the Pump- rooms Bath; and at Hodgcs's Music- shop, Clare- street, Bristol. commodious, and useful GIG for SALE, stuffed and lined with Cloth, and good PLATED HARNESS, all complete. To be seen at or near the Bell Inn, Lydeway. Price ELEVEN POUNDS. [ 1644 H^ O be SOLD, at C. FARR'S, Coach- maker, Ca- L therine- street, Sarnm,— A neat CURRICLE, buiit by Godsall, with lamps, and sharps to use as a one- horse chaise, on its first wheels, in good condition, with a pair of plated Harness, for SO Guineas. [ 1605 TURF FOR f ALE. COMMON-, near Ringwood,— TURF, at Eight Shillings a Thousand, for ready money onlv. [ 1640 Apply to John Reed, who will attend on the Common. TO be SOLD, upon SOMERLEY 1 SOUTHAMPTON. TO he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A most capital well- built CUTTER, called the VENUS, of 46 tons burthen and Upwards, copper fastened, and the deck copper nailed, with accommodations and every thing complete.— She was built for a Gentleman's Yacht, and is in every respect a most desirable vessel, and now lying off Wesi Ouay. To be viewed by application'to Mr. James Linden, Auctioneer, Above Bar, who is authorized to treat with pur- chasers, and is furnished with inventories of her stores, & c. DYE- HOUSE, C. VSTLE- TTREET, SALISBURY. W. LEWIS having declined. Business in favour )• Of Messrs. COWARD and BREWER, desires to re turn Thanks to his Friends for the many favours conferred on him, and hopes that those favours will be continued to his Successors. [ 1693 DYE- HOUSE, CASTLE- STREET, SARUM, r^ OWARD DYE- carrying on the Dying Business, in all its branches. They desire to return thanks tor the many favours already conferred on them, and hope, by strict attention, to merit their future support, and also the support of the friends of their prede- cessor, Mr. B. W. Lewis. [ lfi. 94 HOWARD and BREWER respectfully inform their friends and the public, that thev have taken the YE- HOUSE late Mr. B. W. LEWIS'S, where they intend WARMINSTER, WILTS. OANNA LAWRENCE, widow of the late Win. LAWRENCE, H IT MANUFACTURER, begs leave to return her sincere thanks to her friends and the public in ge- neral, for their favours during her late husband's life, and since bis decease; and respectfully- informs them that the Partnership between herself and Son was DISSOLVED by mutual consent the 25tli of November last-.— J. L. begs to solicit a continuance of their favours, for the support of her- self and young family; and assure^ them they may depend on having their commands most punctually attended to and gratefully acknowledged. *#'* A large assortment of the best manufactured Goods in the HATJING Line, on tile most reasonable terms. [ 1631 w THEREAS early on Monday morning the l6tii ALL Persdns having any Claim or Demand on the Estate of JOHN JONES, late of Frankley, near Brad- ford, m the county of Wilts, Esquire, deceased, are desired to Send an account thereof to Messrs. Palmcf, Tomlinsoti, and Ihomson, Copthall- couit, Throgmorton- street, London, Solicitors for the Executors, before the 1st day of July next. TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. Persons having- anv Claim on the Estate of Mr. DANIEL PERRY, Coal Merchant, of ALL XX. the late t I Newport, in the Isle of Wight, deceased, are hereby desired to forward the same to his son D. Perry, ( in or bcfolc the ," tti day of June next; and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are hereby requested to pay the same to the aforesaid D. Perry! May the With, 1808. [ l702*' " PHE Creditors of THOMAS IIOAR, of Nurst- - 1 . ling, in the county of Southampton, Maltster, are desired to take Notice,— That by a certain Indenture, beating date the 25th day of May instant, his Estate and Effects art assigned unto Wm. Hoar, of the town of Portsea, in the said county, Gentleman, in trust far himself, and all others, the Creditors ol the said Thomas Hoar; and that the said Deed of Assign- ment is in the possession of and may be inspected by them or their Attornies, on application to Mr. Barney, solicitor, Southampton. Ail Persons who have any Claim upon the said Thomas Hoar, for which their accounts have not been delivered, are desired forthwith to prepare anil transmit a statement thereof to Mr. Barney, to whom those wno are indebted to the said Thomas Hoar are requested to pay the amount of their re- - pectiye debts. [ 11( 75 HERE AS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against ISAAC COLE, now or late of Matnhull, in the county of Dorset, Woolstapier, Dealer and Chapman; and he being declared a bankrupt, is hereby rc- quii - J to surrender himself to the Commissioners, in the said commission named, or the major part of them, on the 29th ~ nd 30th days of April inst. and on the- lth day of June next, t eleven in the forenoon of each day, at the house of James Cheltenham, commonly called or " known by the name or sign of the Swan, situate in Shaftesbury, in the said county of Dorset, and make a full- discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects ; wliea and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditors arc to assent to or dissent from the allowance of lis certificate. All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the commissioners shall appoint; but give notice to Messrs. Tahourdin, solicitors, Argyle- strect, London, or Charts* Bowies, Shaftesbury. [ 12_' 3 was picked up 011 the premises of Mr! J- ESSEE MIICHIU, of Titchfield, Army- Clothier, supposed to have . been put under the door, near the spot where the said lettef'was lound, by some evil disposed person or persons; which letter contains therein a threat to rob and murder the said Jessec Mitchell without mercy; and also containing another threat, that if the said Jessee Mitchell did net comply with the demand of money expressed therein, and also did not keep the contents of such letter secret even from his own family; that not ail the powers on earth could save him ( the said said Jessee Mit- chell) from the midnight assassin,— to the great terror and alarm of the family of the said Jessee Mitchell, and to the manifest injury of public society. This is therefore to offer a Reward of FIFTY GUINEAS tc any person who will give information of the offender or offenders, so that they may be brought to conviction. And, further, as an encouragement to obtain tile ends of justice, every endeavour will be used to procure his Majesty's pardon . for any accomplice in this capital felony, except for the per- son who wrote the said letter, who will give such information This reward will be paid 011 conviction, over and above tie reward to be paid by the Titchfield Association, bv me, 1577] JESSEE M"[ TCHT » L TO BREWERS, INNKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. TO be DISPOSED OF, by PRIVATE CON- TRACT,— Abous 20 Hogsheads" of capital Old STRONG BEER, a four- hogshead Brewing Copper ( equal to new)', Mashing Tub, Under Back, and Keeve Tub to - answer;' two ten- hogshead Casks, eleven four- hogshead ditto, two five- hogshead ditto, several Hogsheads, andother usclul things in the brewing line. To treat for the same apply at Mrs. Marv GoodallV High- street, Andover. [ 1284 TO WOOLLEN- DRAPERS, & c. ' O be DISPOSED OF.— A WOOLLEN- DRAPERY and MEN's MERCERY Concern, with a good established connection, and may be considerably ex- tended; and, if particularly requested, the Purchaser may be accommodated with another lucrative Concern, which will employ from ' ioooi. to 10,0001.; with a Lease of a convenient Hou- se and Premises ; iu a large and respectable market town in the West of England. For particulars apply, by letters fpost paid) addressed- to A. B. at the Printer's of this Paper, which will be duly tte- nded to.— None but principals tlecd apply. [ 1509 TIMBER- CUTTING. WHEREAS some evil disposed Person or Persons did, on Saturday night the 30th of April, enter a Cop- pice on Wincombc" Park Farm, in the parish of Donhcad, and with a saw cut down a maiden ASH 1 REE, about 18 inches in the girth, and about 20 feet in length; but on being dis- turbed, ran away, leaving the Tree in the Coppice. Whoever wilt discover the offender or offenders, shall, on conviction, receive TEN GUINEAS reward, by applying to Mr. Munday, the Tenant. 1686] HENRY HINXMAN, Ivvchurch. J. BELL's BANKRUPTCY. WHEREAS a Cornmission of Bankrupt is aw; rd- f t ed and issued forth against JOHN BELL, of Trow- bridge, in the county of Wi! ts, Clotiiier, Dealer and CI ap- man, and he being taeclared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Com- mission named, or the major part of them, on the 29d of June next, at five in the afternoon, on the 23d of tile same month, an l on the Od of July next, at eleven in the fore- noon, at the George Inn, Ti< wbridge ; and make a full dis- covery and disclosure of his Estate'and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts ; at the second sitting to chuse Assignees ; and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish Ins examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent Iroin, the allowance of his certificate. AH Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his edict*, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom tiie Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. S. Williams. Trowbridge, Wilts ; or to Mr J. Williams, of Red Lien- square, London. [ 1664 W. DICKSs BANKRUPTCY. ' jPHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bank- A rupt, bearing date the 3( 1 of November, 1807, awarded and issued ! rth against WILLIAM DICKS, of Frome Sel- wood, in ti e county of Somerset, Clothier, Dealer and Chap- man, intend to meet on the 20th day of June next, at eleven of the clock in ( he forenoon, at the George Inn, in Frome Sel- wood, in the said county of Somerset, to make a ili-. idend of tile- Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when a; id where the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend; and ail claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 1665 May 19, 180S. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. ruv, aid N. 1'. SINGER's BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors who have proved their Debts unci a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued a - ' NATHANIEL PEACH SINGER, of Westbu - countv of Wilts, Common Brewer, Dealer - ' are requester! to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects, on Tuesday the 21st ftve of the clock in the afternoon, at i'..,- • -<--. in Wcstbury aforesaid, to assent to, or (,.>. Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defj or suits at law or equity, touching the said Ban.. - and Effects; and to assent to, or dissent from, a , > rs ..:.; 1- turcd into by the said Assignees, for the disoesal of t' .- . '•- rnpt's interest in his late Dwelling- house and Pru at Westbury ; and alscyto assent to,- or dissent from, an ,. 11 .- - ance to be made for the interment of the Bankrupt, and to his Widow of divers articles claimed by her as her exclusive property ; and on other special affairs. [ 1666 May 19, 1808. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. JONATHAN SYMS's BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Hate the 9th of March, 1805, awarded and is- sued forth against JONATHAN SYMSS, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman,' intend to meet 011 the 52d of Jails next, at el. yen o'clock in the fore- noon, at the George In.*., in . Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt ; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit- of the said Dividend; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 1667 May' 4i, 1803. S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. T STOLEN or STRAYED, from Southampton Marsh, on Monday the 16' th May instant, A BAY MARE, between 13 and 14 hands high, aged, a little white in her face, two hind feet white, and the off fore foot white,- trimmed about the head, and a short cut tail. She is sup- posed to have strayed towards Reading, in Berkshire, where she was bred. " [ 1681 Whoevever will bring the said Mare, if strayed, to Mr. DAN. PAYNE, Corkcutter, Southampton, will receive a Re- ward of ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable Expences; and if stolen, tl/ e Culprit will be prosecuted, and the same reward given to tl/ e Informer 011 conviction.—— May 23, 1803. STRAYED, from BREAMORB COMMON, the 12th of May instant,— An IRON GREY MARE, seven years old, about thirteen hands high, with a small star in the fore- head, marked On the near shoulder I. S. and has lost the near eye.— Any person giving information where the said Mare is to be found, or will bring her to Win. Curtis, of Bres-. more, Hants, near Fordingbridge, shall receive GNK GUINEA Reward.— UREAMO&' F., May 28, 1808, [ 1716 HARRY COLEMAN'S COMMISSION. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt,* bearing date the 4th day of November, 1807, awarded and issued forth against Harry Coleman, of Mere, in the county of Wilts, Butcher, Publican, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 23d day of June, 1S08, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Lamb " inn, in Hindon, in the said county of Wilts, in order to make a first and filial Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. , Such dividend as may be declared at the above met- tin-:, will not be paid on that day, but nlay be received cf the As- signees 011 the 30th June, at eleven o'clock 111 the forenoon, at the Office of Mr. Seymour, Attorney, Mere; or 011 any day after at the said Mr. Seymour's. [ 1643 MERRITT CARTER'S COMMISSION. HPIIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, A bearing date the 11th day of June, 1807, awarded and issued forth against Merritt Carter, late of Zeals, in the parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts, Linen- draper, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, in tend to meet on the i'day of June, 1808, at ten o'clock iu the forenoon, at the Lamb Inn, in Hindon, in the said county of Wilts, in order to make a Di- vidend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts,, are to come, prepared to prove the same, orthdywiSl be excluded the benefit c f the said dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. All Creditors who have proved their debts under the- Com- mission against the said Merritt Carter, are requested to meet the Assignees w the- above meeting of the said 2- jd June, to assent to, or dissent from, the . said Assignees commencing, prosecuting;, or defending any sui^- r suits at law or equity^; or to - tile compounding, submitting to arbitration, or other- wise agreeing, any matter or thing relating thereto, and 011 other . special affairs. The dividend, as may be declared on the said; 23d June, will not be paid on that day, but may be received on the 27th June, 180S, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, of the Assig- nees', at the OffVe of Mr. Sevnouf, Attorney, Mere ; or oa any day after at Mr. Seymour's. [ 4644 THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL Wednesday's, and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF MAY 24. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, May 24. ALETTER has been received by the Hon. Wm. Welleslty Pole, from Mr. Jolui Kinsman, com- mander of the Active excise cutter, dated at Fal- mouth the 19th inst. stating that, on the 17th, he had captured in the said cutter, after a chace of some hours, the Deux Freres French privateer of St. Maloes, armed with two carriage- guns, and manned with 29 men. She had been out four days, and had taken two vessels, one of which was retaken by the Active, and the other by the Betsy privateer, of Plymouth. [ This Garette contains orders for the Court's going into mourning on Thursday next, the 26th inst. for the late Du- chess of Brunswick Oels, niece to his Majesty; to change the mourning on Thursday the 9th of June, and on Thursday, the 16th of June, the Court to go out of mourning.] WAR- OFFICE, May 24,— lfitk lief;, of Light Dragoons.— Capt. E. Parker, from the 2' st Light Dragoons, to be Major, without purchase, vice O'Neill, promoted in the Chasseurs Britanniques. 6th Reg. of Foit.— Major A. M'Gregor Murray, from the 67th - Foot, to be Lieutenant- Colonel, by purchase, vice Mac- bean, who retires. 69th Ditto.— Brevet Lieutenant- Colonel J. LaingWeirto te Major, by purchase, vice Pleydell, who retires. 8ith Ditto.— Brevet Major Robert Vincent to be Major, without purchase. 4fh If est India Reg.— Major N. Blackwell, from the 1st West India Re . to be Lieutenant- Col. vice Smith, deceased. Sth Ditto1.— Major D. R. Parker, from Half- pay of Nugent's late recruiting corps, to be Major, vice Dales, who exchanges. 4th Garrison Batt.— Major J. P. Hamilton, from Half- pay of Hompesch's late mounted riflemen, to be Major, vice Sorell, who exchanges. Major Bradshaw's 2d Levy.— Capt. T. S. Sorell, from the 86th Foot, to be Major. Major Bradshaio's til Levy.— Capt. R. H. Dick, from the 78th Foot, to be Major. BHEV ET.— Col. T. Baker, on Half- pay of the late 123d Foot, to be Major- GVi. in the Army; Lieut. Col. C. JealTreson, on Ifilf- piy of the late 4th Garrison Battalion, to be Colonel in the Army; Major Chevalier de Nacquard, of theRoyal Foreign Artillery, to be Lieutenant- Colonel in the Army. Captains J. Irving, of the late Royal Irish Artillery; Lewis Trevost ar. d C. de Menard, of the Royal Foreign Artillery; and J. Midgeley, on the Staffat Hilsea Barracks, tcbe Majors in the Army. STAFF.— Major J. P. Coffin, Permanent Assistant in the Quarter- Master- General's Office, to be Deputy tiuarter- Master- General to the forces serving in the Mediterranean, with the Rank of Lieutenant- Colonel in the Army. BANKRUPTS. John Scholcs, of Manchester, dealer. Henty Holds- worth S'chorey, of Halifax, merchant. James M'KinneH, of Clcekheaton, linen- draper. J. Bland Jc. J. Satterthwaite, of Fen- court, London, insurance- brokers John Harris, of Mile- end, cooper. J. Dunsinurcand J. Gardner, of Broad- street, London, merchants. I). Blachford and It. Blachford, oi Lombard- street, London, gold and silver luce- men. HOUSE OF LORDS. SATURDAY, May 21.] The Irish Clergy Residence Bill, the Irish Promissory Note Bill, attd the Assessed Taxes Bill, went through Committees; and about 50 private bills went through second and third readings.— Adj. MONDAY, May 23.] The Irish Glebe House Bill, and the Marriage Indemnity Bill, went through Committees, and other bills were forwarded a stage. TUESDAY, May 24.] The Bill to abolish certain fees in the Custoin- House of Dublin was read a second time. Thi Assessed Taxes Bill was read a second time, and ordered to be read a third time 011 Monday. The Order of the day being read, for going into a Com- mittee on the Indictment Bill, Lords Erskiue, Stanhope, and Holland opposed going into the Committee, con- sidering the bill as an unnecessary innovation on the law of the land, a violation of the Constitution, and an encroach- ment 011 the trial by Jury. No reply was nwle, a division immediately took place, when the numbers were Contents 15, Non- Contents 6; Majority for going into the Com- mittee, !).— After a short time spent in the Committee, the House adjourned, HOUSE OF COMMONS, MONDAY, May 23.] Mr. Grattan and Cot. Mat hew presented petitions from different bodies of the Roman Catholics of Ireland, praying relief from certain di abilities. The bill for re- building the town of Chuilleigh, recently destroyed by fire, was read a third time, and passed. In a' Committee of Supply, the sum of 3,497,179/. was voted for Army Extraoidinaries. Lord Burning moved that the House should resolve itself into a Committee 011 the resolutions for stopping the distillation from Corn. Mr. Coin: opposed the Speaker's leaving the Chair, re peating his arguments on the impropriety of Parliament's interfering on the subject, which had ever done mischief, and the injustice of sacrificing the landed interest to the West I. dia proprietors. Mr. Rose, Mr. Barbam, Mr. Ponsonby, Mi'. Hibbert, the Solicitor General, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. Wilberforce were for going into the Committee. Sir W. W. Wynne, Sir H. Mildmay, Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Western, atid Mr. Wm. Smith argued against the measure On a division, the Ayes were 16' 3, the Noes 127; majority 36'.— The House consequently went into a Com- mittee ; the resolutions were read pro forma ; and the House being resumed, the report was received, and the Committee had leave to sit again.— Adjourned. • TUESDAY, May 2- 1.] A Ballot stood for a Committee to try the merits of the petition against the return at the last election for Sa . dwieh. There being only 22 eligible Members present, instead of 49, as required by the Gren- ville Act, aii adjournmeent took place. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25. The New South Wales papers to the 30th of August are received. They contain tire pleasing information that plenty is in a great degree restored in our settlements, and consequently provisions bad much fallen in price. There has been full business for the Officers in the criminal Court, as might be expected. The Coleny, however, was in a thriving condition, and many who left this country without cither fortune or credit have raised themselves into wealth and reputation. WESTMINSTER ELECTION.— On Monday there was a nu- merous meeting of the Electors of Westminster, at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, to celebrate the anniversary of Sir Francis Burden's ejection. The first toasts after dinner were, " The King."—" The Birth- day of our Liberty."—" The Triumph of Westminster."—" The Electors of the United Kingdom, and may they take a lesson from the Westminster School."— Mr. Adams pro- fosed, " Westminster's pride and England's hope— Sir ' rancis Burdett;" which being drank with loud plaudits, Sir Francis, in returning thanks, argued at great length on tbe necessity of a reform in the public expenditure, to induce the people to act with vigour in defending the country against tin- common enemy, and alluded to some recent proceedings 111 Parliament in the following terms:— *' The present Session, Gentlemen, like former Sessions, has added much to your burthens, but nothing to your liberties. It requires some apology from a Representative to his Constituents, that he suffered any Bill to pass the House of Commons without taking notice of it. But the fact is, Gentlemen, that a man's constitution must be as ' hard as iron, and his mind as quick as lightning, to epdure all the fatigues, and to understand all the business of the House of Commons, particularly in the multiplicity of business which is now brought before it. I have to confess, therefore, that a Bill of a most exceptionable character did pass through that House without having once attracted iny . attention ( the Indictment Bill); but, Gentlemen, there is arjother exceptionable Bill now before that House, I mean that respecting what is called a Local Militia— this Bill may not pass— at liist let us hope so ; but if it does pass, it. certainly shall not without my decided reprobation. I trust that my countrymen are not yet so low as to submit to that last of human degradation, to which this Bill would reduce them. When I consider the couduct of Ministers in overwhelming the people with taxe;; ruining one part <> f them, and reducing another to distress; and when thus broken down', attempting to seize and subject them to all the indignities which this Bill has in view, I cannot reflect upon the project without indignation." This speech was very loudly applauded. Sir Francis retired about ten o'clock, l> ufe jreat part of the company reinainc- to a late Lj- u. r. The Mtiros frigate, of 22 guns, Capt. Duff, we regret to say, has been lost in the Gulph of Mexico. The crew, liowever, have been saved. As Viscount Milton was riding in Hyde- park, on Thurs- day, he observed something floating in the Serpentine River, which finding on a nearer vieav to be a boy, his I.< ordship leaped into the water, and rescued him from death. On bringing him on shore, he appeared lifeless ; but Lord Milton had the pleasure, before he departed, of seeing him nearly restored. TROTTING MATCH.— Saturday, a horse, tlie property of Mr. Lean, of Coleman- street, started on a piece of ground between Cambridge and Huntingdon, to trot 14 miles within the hour, drawing a light vehicle, in which was a person of 14 stone. The animal set off at a winning rate, kept tile whole distance without making a break, and com- pleated the journey in one minute and a half within the time. The stakes were 2501. to 50/. against the horse. Bullock, the bankrupt, whose cast: was lately reported by tbe Recorder, has received his Majesty's pardon, on condition of being transported to New South Wales for life ; and at five o'clock this morning was sent off, with 12 others, for Portsmouth, to be embarked at that place. LAW.— Colonel Watson, con\ icted of using offensive language to General Gwynne, who had been President of a Court Martial, before which the Colonel was tried, and for having endeavoured to provoke him to fight a duel, was 011 Monday brought up to the Court of King's Bench to receive judgment, and was sentenced to one year's imprisonment in the King's Bench Prison, and to enter i « to a recognizance in 200/. to keep the peace for two years. Mr. Goodridge, an Apothecary at Cranbourn, in Dorset- shire, also attended to receive sentence, having been con- victed of asaulting Mrs. Charlotte Miles, who resides in the same town, by pinching her arm, and pulling her 011 one side, in order to take the wall of her. Many affidavits were read, which disclosed a variety of ridiculous circumstances, to shew the ill- will that subsisted between the parties. It likewise appeared that the town's people took part in the quarrel, and exhibited the Prosecutrix in efiigy, riding upon an ass. They also paraded before her door, and cried out " Goodridge for ever— and Madame Bonaparte in the river." The Defendant, however, had no concern in these transactions.— The Court, after hinting that the Lady had better exercise some countroul over her own conduct, and observing upon the Defendant's Laving been harrassed from prison to prison, by her vexation, ordered him to pay a fine of Is. and to enter into recognizances to be of good be- haviour for the future. Capt. Williams, of the African ship Croydon, charged with the murder of a seaman of the name of Nicholls, at Charles- ton, South Carolina, by firing a pistol at him, and for whose apprehension Government had offered a reward, surrendered himself on Monday, at Bow- street, and was ordered by Mr. Read to be confined at the Brown Bear. Capt. Williams was attended to the Office by the Mate and Surgeon of his ship, and several other friends. On Monday evening, about 11 o'clock, a fire broke out in the lower part of Mr. Ilicks's house, East- lane, Bertnond- sey; the house was completely consumed, and one Gentle- man perished in the flames; the rest of the family useaped from the upper windows. On Wednesday afternoon, about five o'clock, as one of the Portsmouth stages was on its way to town, the coach- man turned a little out of the road, near Claphanij when the coach immediately upset. The consequence was, that one male passenger on the outside was killed on the spot, another was so dreadfully bruised that he is since dead, and a woman had her thigh broken, and was conveyed in a cart to St. George's Hospital, where she underwent ampu- tation. Not one of the passengers escaped without being severely bruised, and the coachman had his leg broke. CITY BUSINESS.— Yesterday a Court of Aldermen was held, at which two of the Aldermen, Lea and Roweroft, resigned their- gowns.— The Court directed that the price of Brtad should be continued the same as last week. CORN- EXCIIANGF., May 25. This day the supply of Wheat is extremely short, and sales art1, readily effected fully at former prices, as are also those • Barley. Malt is of heflvy sale. White Peas are lower. Vhere are but few Beans of the two sorts, and both are dearer. There are' also short supplies of Oats, which are again at an advance. Flour continues without variation. THE GRAND STATE LOTTERY, which begins drawing June 28, is the only Lottery than ever contained SIX PRIZES of ±'. 20,000. Georgejnn Committee- Room, SUt May, 1808 HANTS YEOMANRY COMMITTEE. At a MEETING of the COMMITTEE for op- posing any Bill to suspend Distilling from Com, Mr. HINTON BAILEY in the Chair, On the motion of Mr. Faithfull, seconded by Mr. Goldfinch, RE. SOI. VED,— That the Resolution of Thanks to the County Members at Winchester last meeting, the Chairman's letter, transmitting it to them, and their answers respectively, be referred to the consideration of this meeting. RESOLUTION. RESOLVED—' That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to Sir H. I'. ST. JOHN MILDMAY and Mr. CHUTE, for their watchful attention to the service of their Couutry in Parlia- ment, and particularly for the stand they made on a late re- port, recommending the suspension of the use of grain in British distilleries ; and that they be requested to oppose to the utmost any bill for that purpose, in every stage of it. The Chairman's letter inclosing it to the County Members respectively:— " I cannot omit a moment the honor to transmit the in- closed Resolution, which, though our meeting was not nu- merous, 1 have the pleasure to believe, conveys the prevailing sense of the Yeomanry of Hants. " I have the honor to be, Sir, " Your faithful and obedient Servant, HINTON BAILEY, Chairman." Sir HENRY MII. DMAY'S Answer: " DEAR SIR, Cavendish- square, May 16th. " I have this moment received the favour of your letter, communicating to me the flattering approbation ot so large a meeting of my most respectable and intelligent constituents and neighbours. I shall have the greatest satisfaction in con- forming my conduct in Parliament, on the subject of the Bill now depending to prohibit the use of grain in the distil I e rics, to their wishes. It is, to say the truth, no sacrifice of my own opinion, as my sentiments most perfectly coincide with thos..' of- the Meeting at Winchester. " I am as anxious for the welfare and prosperity of the West India Islands as their warmest advocates; but I can see no reason why their distresses are to be relieved by imposing restrictions and burthens on the landed interest. 1 think that the land, and those connected with it, pay already enough to the public exigences, and more than their share ; and I can conceive no good reason why the relief cf the West Indies is to be thrown on their shoulders, and on them alone. " I have already oppe sed this measure in the Committee of which I am a member, and I mean to oppose it again in the House; not only because I think it unnecessary and ineffec- tive to its object, but because I consider it highly injurious to the landholder, and extremely discouraging to the interests and improvements of agriculture. I am, dear Sir, " Your most obliged and faithful Servant, " II. P. S. MILDMAY." Mr, CHUTE'S Answer : " SIR,— I am this morning informed of the result. of the Meeting of Winchester Yeomanry, at Winchtster, on Sa- turday last ; and cannot delay a pest to acknow ledge the com- pliment paid to me on the occasion, and to assure you, I shall be very happy and ready to pay every attention to your recom- mendation and request. Iam, Sir, " Your obedient and obliged humble Servant, " 29, Great George- street, t „ w rHtITF " May IS, 1803." / w. unuic. RESOLVED,— That any Bill to suspend distilling from Corn, grounded on the Report before the House, would not only be seriously detrimental to the landed interest,— injurious to farmers,— and partially oppressive ;— but would be repugnant to the CLEAREST evidence contained in such Report, of the alarming effects to be apprehended from the measure. RESOLVED,— That this Meeting be therefore adjourned ; and it is accordingly adjourned, subject to the call of the Chairman on any occurrence requiring it. [ 1652 RESOLVED,— That the proceedings . of this Meeting, signed bv the Chairman, be inserted in the provincial papers ; twice in each. 111NTON BAILEY, Chairman. A CARD. ESSRS. HAZARD, BURNE, and WAR- L/ JL NERS, Stock- Brokers ( acting under their old firm of HAZARD, BORNE, and Co.), beg leave most respectfully to inform the Public, that they have no connection whatever with a newly- established Lottery- Office, opened in a name comprised in, butno way related to, their firm. As frequent misunderstanding has arisen in this respect, they think it ne- cessary to give this caution, and to request that 1- tters and orders for their house may be addressed, as usual, HAZARD, BURNE, aud Co. No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON. Tickets and Shares for the ensuing State Lottery, which be- gins drawing the 28th of next month, are now on sale. In the scheme, which contains no fixed Pr- ae, there are, besides the other usual Capitals, Six prizes of .£ 29,000 each. [ 146' 1 Lettefs~( pbstpaid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis. SCHEME. 6 Prizes of £. 20,000 are £. 120,000 2 10,000 20,000 2 .... 5,000 10,000 3 .... 2,000 6,000 S 1,000 5,000 7 .... 509 3,500 20 100 2,000 30 60 1,500 1,000 .... 22 2- 2,000 4,000 15 60,000 25,000 Tickets. £. 250,000 NO FIXED PRIZE. Tickets and Shares are selling at all the Licensed Offices in London, and by their Agents in the Country. Present Price.— Ticket £. 20 19s. Half £. 10 15 0 I Ki^ hfll £. 2 15 6 Quarter 5 9 0 | Sixteenth 1 8 0 ' I MIE FirsMlrawn Ticket, entitled to the GRAND JB- HOTEL, in the late City Lottery, wassold, shared, and paid in lull by BISH, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- cross, London, who shared and sold the following Capital Priies in the last Lotteries just finished ; 17,! ii 1 a Prize of.... £ 25,000 18,445. . a Prize 01..£ 10,000 14, t> 4S 6,000 16,772 3,000 988 500 17,966 500 18,448. . a Prize 21,889 4,182 24,557 5,614 of.. £ 5,000 5,000 1,000 500, 500 Making 4.9 Capital Prizes sold and shared at the above Offices in the last Lottery and late year, including the two last Prizes of 30,000/,. ever drawn. TICKETS and SHARES are selling in great variety at BISH's Offices, for the Lottery that begins the 28th' of next month, th » scheme of which contains Six Prizes of 90,0002. besides the usual number of other Capital and Small Prizes. Persons in the country, sending their orders ( post or carriage paid) accompanied with goad bills, baak - or post- office orders, mjy receive Tickets or Shares the same as f present. t, [ 1669 \ PPLEGAUTH ( the property of Capt. Lidderdale) 1 will COVE it, this Season, at THATCH AM, two mdes and a half from X- wbury, Berks, Blood Mares, at Five Guineas and Five Shillings each ; Half- bred or Country Mares, at Two Guineas an i Five Shillings.— Applegarth was got by Stride, ( that uncommon speedy well- bred son of Pheno- menon, a son of King Herod, out of Frenzy, by Eclipse), his dam Emma ( sister to the danl of. Marianne, and grandam of Surprize and Smuggler), by Telamachus, out of A- la- Greque, ( Pontac's dam), by Regulus.— He is a dark chesnut, fifteen hands two inohes high, free from all natural blemishes, great powers with extraordinary good action, and was a true honest racer, having won ttvelve times, three of . which were King's Plates. Sie Racing Calendars for 1798, 179,9, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803.— Apple ' anil's stock, now rising three years old, are large, boney, aud handsome.; a yearling blood colt was sold last year for 80 guineas. He is a certain foal- getter, and allowed to be the finest blood- stallion in the West of England, as to largeness of tone, sinew, richness of colour, and beau- tiful symmetry. . OCJ" Eay and Grass at 7s. per week. All expences for Covering, keep, & c. to be paid before the mares, are taken away, as the groom is anrvverable for the money. [ 1659 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be LETT,, with immediate possession, for th term of three years,— A DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel family.— A stable for three horses, a good garden, and about ten acrcs of pasture- lai d, in front of the house, pleasantly situated in the centre of the Isle of Wight, and about one mile and a half fronf Newport. For further particulars apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. Wrrsley, Solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 1424 ISLE OF WIGHT, TO be LETT Oii LEASE, for ten years, to com- mence from Michaelmas next,— Two very desirable FARMS, situate in the parish of Brading, in the Isle of Wight; one of them failed Hardingshote, Green Lane, and Ridge, containing about 250 acres of arable and pasture land, . in due proportion ; witii a good farm- house and convenient out- buildings ; now in | he occupation of Mr. Shem Comden : the. other called Whjtefield, containing about 196 acres, in due proportions ; with a good farm- house and convenient out- buildings ; in the occupation of Mr. Wm. White; For viewing tbe Farias apply to the respective tenants ; and to treat for the taking to Messrs, Clarkes and Sewell, solicitors, in Newport. • [ 1573 Ensbury, five miles from Christchurch. TO be LETT, at Midsummer nezt, with or with- out 2feWacres of Land,— A good FAMILY HOUSE; consisting of breakfast and dining parlours, drawing room, servants' hall, dairy, lard r, & c. four good bed rooms and attics, a large garden, dog kenne/, ^ tabling for six horses, with servants bed room over. The tthant will have the Right of an extensive Fishery in the riv- r. it lur, and other advantages to make it a desirable residence f > r a spoilsman. [ 1638 For further p i. ticulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Recks, the gardener, at the house.— Dated May 23, 130B. TO be LETT at Midsummer next,— HILLERS- DON- HOUSE, in the county of Devon ; consisting of a vestibule, breakfast and dining parlours, drawing- room, library, seven best bed rooms and several servants', with every suitable office for theaccommodation of a large family ; coach- house and stables, a--- i • very good walled garden. Tbe house is very pleasantly situated in a paddock of 21 acrcs, which may be taken with the house, and, it required, 30 or 40 acres of exceedingly eood land may be added. The house is two miles from tbe town of Collumpton, four from Tiverton, and twelve from Exeter. The privilege ofshooting and hunting on an extensive manor wiil be granted. Further. particulars may h had by applying at Hillersdon- House ; to Mr. Brown, oi Collumpton ; or to Mr. Toulmin, High- street, Taunton. [ 1437' CHETTLE, DORSET. TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A good HOUSE, containing an exceeding good dining, drawing, and breakfast room; with suitable bed rooms and dressing rooms ; sixteen miles from Salisbury and six from Blandford; very convenient offices, with coach- house, and stabling for tiv. ivc horses; excellent kitchen walled garden, and green- house; a very good farm- yard, with a barn and 17 acres of land adjoining to it: within a mile of two packs of fox hounds, and in the neighbourhood of several packs of harriers. For particulars enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. John Bennett, Chettle, near Cashmore Inn. [ ISO TO be SOLD,— Jt FREEHOLD COTTAGE, completely and handsomely Furnished ; consisting, on the gr< und floor, of a dining parlour and breakfast parlour, Dutler's room and butler's bed room, a hall, two kitchens, dairy and larder, with excellent arched cellar underneath ; upper story, a drawing roam, five ^ ood bed rooms, and maid's bed room ; in a detached building, men servants' bed room, and many conveniences ; a coach house and stabling for five horses, with good hay lofts over them ; a dog kennel, a granary, and a well stocked garden, with a paddock or pleasure ground, the whole completely fenced and laid out with great taste. This cottage is. situated four miles from Winchester, and four from Alresiord, on the river Itehen, a river abounding with trout, the surrounding country with game, and is in the vicinity of two packs of fox- hounds. [ 1474 For further particulars, inquiry may be made ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Jbbn Ridding, Solicitor, Winchester. FREEHOLDS.—- BASINGSTOKE, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with immediate possession,— A compact and very desirable VILLA, with about 130 Acres of rich Arabic and Pasture LAND, in high cultivation, called the Down ; 116 acres lie within a ring fence, and the rest near adjoining, situateabout 50 miles from London, within 200 yards ot the high road leading to Winchester. The premises consistofa handsome DWEI. LING- HQUSE, with airy and cheerful bedchambers, a dining- room, drawiiu- room, lcithen, dairy, brewhouse, and all requisite domestic offices, fitted up in a convenient manner ; good cellaring detached, chaise house and stabling, yard, barn, cow house, piggery, and all necessary out- buildincs immediately adjoining, with an excellent walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, in the highest state of perfection. The premises are well supplied with water, situate in a sport- ing part of the country, near fox- houuds and harriers, and surrounded by a good neighbourhood. Also Four Tenements, situate in Oat- street, in the several occupations of Mrs. Dawes, Mr. Tubb, and others. A Cottage and Close of Meadow Ground, by the side of the Reading road, containing one acre or thereabouts, in the occupation of Daniel Penn, butcher, whose term expires at Michaelmas 1P09. And a valuable Chalk Pit, immediij^ ely contiguous to the Reading road, now rented by Mr. Wm. Guyatt, whose term expires at Michaelmas next. • For further particulars of the whole, and for a view of the Farm, apply to Messrs. Ragg; ttand Cole, solicitors, Odiham, Hants, at whose Office a Plan of the Estate may be seen; Mr. Charsley, solicitor, No. 18, Mark Lane, will also give ' rther particulats if the Farm, [ 1041 ANNUITY. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— An ANNUITY of £. 30, payable during a healthy life aged 10, out of a large Freehold Estate in the parish of Lin- kinholt, in Hampshire. Apply personally, or by letter ( post paid), to Mr. Birdj attorney, Andover. [ 1657 TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— An inaloSed Piece of excellent FREEHOLD ARABLE LAND, surrounded with good quick hedges ; containing about four acres and a half, situate in Penton Mewsey, near the Harrow- way, and the turnpike road from Andover to Weyhill, and possessing many local advantages from its vicinity to the latter, from which it is distant about half a mile ; and afford- ing a gacd situation for building, as it commands fine prospects. For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, app. y to Mr. Hendy, at Theale, near Reading; or Mr. Bird, soli- citor, Andover, Hants. [ 155.9 KINGSCLKRE, HANTS. ' O be LETT 01- SOLD, with possession at Mi- chaelmas next,— A substantial, roomly, brick and tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with two large Granaries, and Lofts over the same, lately used in the seed trade, to which, as well as any other business which requires room, the pre- mises are well adapted ; a three- stalled Stable, and Garden, v/ ith the Appurtenances in Sworn- street, new in the occupa- tion of Mr. John Hawkins. Further particulars may be known by application ( if by let- ter, postage paid) to Mr. Hawkins, at Kingsclere, or Mr. Bird, Solicitor, Andover, Hants. ' [ 1485 IN the immediate Vicinity of SouTHAMProsr wlil be LETT, for one, two, or three Years,— A large and commodious MANSION- HOUSE, neatly arid elegantly fur- nished, with coach- houses for four carriages, and stabling fer ten horses, together with every convenient necessary office ; a garden containing between three and four acres, perfectly cropped and yielding an abundance of every kind of vegetable and fruit, with two pineries, two conservatories, and a large grefcn- house, all filled with pines, fruit- trees, and plants of • » - Mots descriptions; together with 23 acres of land, now laid down for hay. [ 795 Immediate possession may be had, and the terms known, by application to Mr. George Hookey, in Southampton. VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— MERRY OAK HOUSE, with two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in one of which is crected a neat green house, pleasantly situated in a lawn of twelve acres, well timbered, and neatly laid out with shrubbeiies and walks. The house has been recently tyrd expensively fitted up ; the rooms are numerous, large, and lofty, and ready for the immediate reception of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be taken to by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. " Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will meet due attention. [ 1422 URSLEDON HOUSE for SALE, remarkably 3 pleasantly situated en the bank of the River, six miles from SOUTHAMPTON ; with double coach- house, two 2- stalled stables, barn, farmand poultry yards, pleasure and kitchen gardens, in which are shrubberies and neat green- house, productive orchard, aud rich pasture land SHrroundmg the House, in the whole about 26 acres; fit for the immediate reception of a Gentleman's Family. The principal rooms are large, lofty, and expensively fitted up ; the House is sub- stantially built, convenient, and replete with every domestic office. For particulars and a view apply to Mr. George Hookey, Southampton. [ 713 GENTEEL HOUSE, FURNISHED. ' O be LETT, for a few Months, completely Fur- nished, pleasantly situate at Ealing,— A commodious HOUSE, witli a good Garden, Coach- house, and four- stall S: able ; abounding witii every suitable convenience for a gen- teel Family.—-- For particulars apply to Clement Sharp, Romsey; or George Hookey, Southampton. [ 1678 Household Furniture, 1ye. at Hurley. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Promises, by CLEMENT SHARP, on Thursday the9th of June,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of Mr. Colson Barnard, late of Durley, neaV Botley; comprising good feather beds, mattresaes, blankets, mahogany and painted chests of drawers, bureaus, tables, chairs, carpets, and a variety of useful articles ( more particularly described in hand bills of the sale). The sale to begin precisely at half- past ten o'clock. [ 1079 nPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. G. JL HOOKF. Y, on Wednesday the 1st of June, at the George Inn, Southampton, between the hours of six and eight in the evening,— Lot 1.— A gooa DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the residence of a genteel family, with two parlours, two kitchens, ccilar and pantry, drawing- room, and six sleeping- rooms ; Chaise- house and Stable, G irden and Orchard. Lot 2.— A good DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN,- to- gether with Malt- house and Bake- house ( in full trade;, Stable, Cart- house, & c. Lot 3.— A small TENEMENT, with Out- house. Lot 4.— Three Acres of rich Grass LAND, together with a Tenement, Barn, and Straw- house. All the above is freehold, land- tax redeemed ; land, tythe- free ; situate in the pleasant village of Brockenhurst, in the New Forest: near Lymington, Southampton, and Christ- church.— Further particulars, of Mr. Hookey, Southampton, or A. B. at Mr. Gooden's, Speenham- land, Berks. [ 1598 17 Alt MING STOCK, HC U 5EHOLD FURNI- TURE, and Effects of a Gentleman, at Abbot's Farm, near Woodlands, in the New Forest, to be SOLD by AUC- TION, on the Premises, by GEORGE HOOKEY, on Thursday the 2d of June, 1808, at twelve o'clock.— The FarmingStock consists of two draught horses, mare and foal, three cows, one yearling, pigs, poultry, capital waggon with iron arms, dung and market carts, plcnighs, harrows, harness, & c.— The Household Furniture comprises Bedsteads and Furniture, good bedding, tables and chairs, a patent mangle by Baker, dairy utensils, & c. To be viewed on the morning of the sale day, till the sale commences. [ 1687 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. MEW and PORTER, on Thursday the 9th day of June next, at the Sun Inn, in Newport, in the Isle of Wight, at seven o'clock in the evening ( unless in the mean time disposed of bv private contract, of which notice will be given),— All that substantial well built MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with a Garden at the back thereof, situate on the east side of Holy- Rood street, in Newport aforesaid, and adjoining the Theatre there ; together with the THEATRE and its Appur- tenances. The Dwelling- House Is now in the occupation of Mr. James Tucker, tenant at will, at the yearly rent of 20/. and the Theatre is held by Mr. Shatford, under a lease of which about six years are unexpired, at the low yearly rent of 30/. For farther particulars apply to Messrs. Mew and Porter, Auctioneers, Newport. [ 1703 1SLF. OF WIGHT. ' TX) be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TUCKER JL and PITTIS, at the Bugle Inn, Newport, on Thursday the 2d day of June, 1808,— The undermentioned valuable and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATES, the property of Mr. James Brown, deceased, late of Newchurch, Isle of Wight. Lot 1.— A freehold Farm and Lands, called Bartletts, ad- joining Ihe pleasant and healthy village of Newchurch ; com- prising a farm- house, excellent stable, barn, and granary, convenient out- otiices, and gardens, with 22 acrcs, 3 roods of rich arable and meadow land, late in the occupation of Mr. James Brown, deceased. Lot 2.— A Farm and Lands, called Joblands; comprising a good dwelling- house, bam, and out- offices, with 9 acres, 3 roods, 2 perches of arable and meadow land. Lot 3.— A Farm, called Cookes, containing 33 acres, 11 perches ef arable and meadow land. Lot 4.— A Farm and Lands, called Dawncrs or Weeks; comprising a farm- house, barn, stable, and out- offices, with 7 acres, 2 roods, 25 perches of arable, and meadow land. Let 5.— A Farm and Lands, called Hill Farm; comprising a good dwelling- house, barn, and Convenient out- buildings, with 79 acrcs, 3 roods, 9 perches of arable and meadow land. Lot 6.— The Reversion in Fee, subject to one life aged 57 years, of a Farm and Lands, called Skinners; comprising a good barn, with 17 acres, 14 perches of arable and meadow land. Lot 7-— A substantial well built Cottage, with a good gar- den, called Winferd's Cottage, now in the occupation of James Street, tenant at wikl. Lot 8.— A new erected Cottage, with a good garden adjoin- ing, called Lock's Cottage, now in the occupation of James Warnes, tenant at will. Lot 9.— A leasehold Bargain, called Litten Bargain ; Com- prising a barn, stable, and about 6 acres of arable and mea- dow land, held by one life aged 59 years. The whole of the above farms and lands are freehold, ex- cept lot 9, havin? been in the possession of the owner, and are in high cultivation. The buildings on the severed farms are in good condition, and possession will be given at Michael • mas next. The sale to begin precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon. For a view of the above estates, apply to~ Mr. James Blown, on the premises; for particulars' to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, or the auctioneers. [ 1572 WEST COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Fountain Inn,, in West Cows, in the Isle of Wight, on Thursday tht 2d day of June next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, bv Messrs. MEW and PoRTEn,— The following FREEHOLD ESTATES: A very valuable and old- established Ship and Boat- builder's Yard, situate abor. t the centre of the town of W est Cowes, and near the Fountain Inn there, and now and for many years past in the occupation of Mr. William Richardson ; contain- ing in length from the west part to the sea about 121 feet, and in breadth at the sea- side about 80 feet. This yard is suf- ficiently large for building and launching vessels of 200 tons burthen, and has a good Boat- house, & c.; and is altogether very convenient and desirable, and possession may be had im- m'diately. Four Messuages adjoining together, situate near the Watch- house, Quay, m West Cowesa'fort said, and now in the several occupations of Messrs. Cooper, Morris, Jerrett, and Brown, tenants at will. Four other Messuages or Tenements and piece of I. ar. d ad- joining, situate on the Hi d at West Cowes aforesaid, and now in the several occupations cf Messrs. Layles, Batemau, Crouch, auu Abraham, tenants at will. For other particulars apply at the office cf Mr. Gilbert, Newport. * [ 16- 21 1 " ROMSEY. ~~ HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. YOCNG, at - S. the White Horse Inn, on Wednesday the 1 st dav cf June riext. at rr/ e o'clock in tbe afternoon, The following valuable PEAT and MEADOW LANDS, situated near the Causeway leading to Great Bridge, and of which immediate possession mav be obtained, viz. Lot 1. li)^. 2R. 28P. of Freehold Tphe- frte Meadow Land, called St. John's Mead, the Land Tax of which lias been redeemed. Lot 2. 4A. 1R. 2PP. of Peat Lard, adjoining Lot I, 1 A. 1R. 0P. of which is planted with Osiers, and the residue Meadow. Lot 3.- 2A. 2R. 2P.. of Peat Meadow Land, adjoining Lot 2, Lot 4.- 3A. OR. 12P. of Peat Meadow Land, adjoining Lot3. The three last Lots are Copyhold of Inheritance, and con- tain considerable quantities of the best Peat, which maybe cut out to great advantage. A Plan of the Premises mav be seei jtmi printed Particulars obtained at the White Horse Inn, or at the Office of Messrs, Daman and Warner, Romsey. , [ 161 a Freeholds.— Shirley, near Southampton, Hants. TO HJUTLDERS AND OTHFERS. T> be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. YOUN- G, on the Premises, on Wednesday the 8th dav of June, 1803, ( instead of the 7th instant) in Lots, some of which on Bnildinn Leases, Seven Hundred Feet of FREEHOLD FRONT GROUND, near 300 feet deep, most delightfully situated on the side of the road leading to the mnch- admirei town of Southampton, and opposite thepleasant villa of the Rev. Sir Charles Rich, Bart, commanding piGturesque views of the New Forest, Southampton Water, & c. tic. in the occupation of the proprietor, who will give early possession, and of whom particulars and plans of the several lots mar be had.— To be viewed Tuesdays and Fridavs. Letters ( post paid) addressed'to Mr. Woodford, will be duly answered ; who has for PUBLIC SALE, on the above day,— A large HOUSE, No. 113, High- street, Southampton; a compact FAMILY- HOUSE, with about three acrcs of Land, known hy the name of Shirley- place; as also a compleit COTTAGE, excellent Garden, Right of Common for C'ov. s, & c.; as was described in the last Salisbury Journal. Bills, & c. of Mr. Young, at the different Inns, and on the Premises at Shirley, where the sale will commence at ten o'clock. [ 1660 BELLEVUE, near LONGHAM, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRANS- TON, on Thursday the 2d day of June, 1808, and fol- lowing daV,— All the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effccts, belonging to J. G. HARRISS, Esq. quitting liis residence at Beltevue ; comprising a set of mahogany Cumberlsnd dining tables, with shifting leaves, 9 ft. Io" i i. iy 3 ft. 10$; good mahogany in a cliest of drawers, 4 ft. wide ; a ditto, Oft. 10; a ditto, 3 ft.; new bidet ; corner basou stands; card, Pembroke, and dressing tables; six chairs, and two arm ditto, with hair seats, and brass nailed ; night stools, and dressing box glass; a large bedstead, with mahogany pil- lars, and cotton furniture lined; tent and field bedsteads, with cotton and dimity furniture; bedsteads with check fur- niture ; well- seasoned goose feather beds, mattresses, coun- terpanes, blankets; cotton and dimity window curtains; Kidderminster carpct, nearly new, about 30 vards • iditto, 24 yards; stair ditto, 10 yards ; a neat paintt'd gentleman's ' dressm- i- stapd', with bidet; a table to match ; a good 4 ft. 10 sofa, with Cushions and two covers ; hearth rug, pier glas,, alarum clock, steel fenders, fire irons, japanned chairs, din- ner set of blue and White China, glass, and wares, kitcii.- u articles, largo iroi. ing b; « rd, dor- house, w. lihiog tubs, hoise cloathing, sidesaddle, coals, Wood, and various'effects, as wilt be expressed in catalogue's, to he had previous to the sale J the Inns 111 Christcuurch. Wimborne, and Poole; Greyhound, Fordingbridge; the Auctioneer's, Ringwood ; and place of sale. The goods may be viewed the day preceding tl e sale, which will begin each day at eleven o'clock. [ 1^ 54 ENSiJURY, NEAR LONGHAM. ' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CftANSTOW, on Thursday the 9th day of June 1? 08, and following days,— All the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Garden Implements, Alderney Cow, good strong D > p Carriage, Gig and leading Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Horse Clothing, three staunch Pointers, Poultry, DOH; H6uses, and other Eftects of CJI ARLF, S BLAIR, Esq. leaving Ensbury:—— Comprizing good mahogany articles, in a set of dinner tables on pillar and claw, 4 ft. 6' by 7 ft. 7 ; large and small Pembroke tables, large oval work table 011 stand, nest of work tables, writing table covered with leather, sattin wood pier table, a pair of neat bookstands 3 ft. 6 wide, wi< ji commode fronts inlaid with sattin wood, wardrobe, bureau and bookcase, sideboards, cellaret, plate warmer lined with tin, a pair of inlaid canl tables, arm chairs, and rasy chairs ; four- post and field bedsteads with cotton furniture lined, large window curtains, bordered goore and other feather beds, sofa with cotton cover, bed couch with do. double and single press bedsteads ; hair, flock, and straw- mattresses ; servants' bed furniture and bedding, counter- panes, blankets, large Brussels carpet planned to room, Kid- derminster and baize carpets, stair carpet and rods; eleven paintings in gilt frames, of Views in Switzerland ( by Gervey); an exceeding good eight- day clock in mahogany case, gooi kitchen dial, chamber organ, chimnev and other glasses, neat painted double and single chests of drawers, night tables, night stools, tables, bason stands, and bidets ; bookstands, book shelves, large cupboards, japanned chairs with cushions, copper boilers, and other copper articles, roasting jack, daily utensils, quantity of china, glass, and stone ware, Newmarket steelyards, wheel- barrow, hencoops, and numetous other effects, as will be expressed in Catalogues to be had previous to the sale, at the Inos in Poole, Winborn, and Christchurch ; Greyhound, Fordingbrictge; Auctioneer's, Ringwood; an< place of sale. May be viewed the day preceding the sale, which wi'. l begin each day at eleven o'clock. [ 1655 GOSPORT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. HICKS, on Tuesday the 7th o, f June, 1808, between the hours of six and eight in the evening, at the Dolphin Inn, Gospojt,—• Lot!.— All that newly- erected BREWHOUSE, with the Store- houses, Stable, Coach- house, and large Yard, thereunto belonging; together with the Copper and Utensils, comprising horse water wheel and malt mill, mash tub, coolers, squares, backs, stiUions, & c. as they are now fixed and stand in the said Brewhouse, situate and being very near tbe town of Ge, s- port, on the South side of the hi'gh road leading to Stoke. *** The ' above Brewery has been erected upon the hest approved modern plan, and from its contiguity to the popnlo'us town and neighbourhood of Gosport, affords anuncommon advantage to any person desirous of entering into the bu. v;. i. e business, \ Vhich may be conducted with a small capital. rf^ 1 Part of the purehaseTmoney may remain on mortgage. Lot - 2.— An OFFICE, newly erected, with the Fixtures therein ; also the Shells of Two Messuages, and Garden Ground behind the same, adjoining lot 1. Lot 3.— All those Tvvo newly- crectcd MESSUAGES or. DWELLING- HOUSES, with the Gardens and Appurtc- rances thereto belonging, adjoining lot 2, as the same are now in the occupation of Mrs. Jollitte and Mr. J. Shtite. Lot 4.— All that newly- inclosed DEAL- YARD, containing in front 57 feet or thereabouts, aud in depih 80 teet, adjoining lot 3. Lot 5.— All those Two MESSUAGES, with Outhouses and Gardens thereunto belonging, situate » n the West side of Sea- I lors. - street, in Gosport, in the several occupatidns of Morgan and Hobbs, measuring in front about -> 8 feet, and in depth 98 feet or thereabouts. Lot 6.— All that DWELLING- HOUSE, with immediate possession, adjoining Mr. Plumb's house, near the Dolphin Inn, replete with Fixtures, well calculated for a lodging- house, having two stair- cases, capital cellars, and might be occupied as one or two houses. Lot 7.— All that DWELI. ING HOUSE and SHOP, near the Market- house, in Middle- Street, as the same is now in the occupation of Mr. Dabbs, shoemaker, tenant at will. Lot 8.— A Piece of GROUND, 40 feet in front and 100 feet in depth, with a Dwelling- house commenced to be erected thereon, pleasantly situated on the* South side of the road leading to Stoke, and very near to the town of Gosport, fc Lot 9.— A Piece of GROUND, near to lot 8, being iO f< S in front and 100 feet in depth. trjs* The above Estates are Freehold, and the Land- tax re- deemed, except Che two last lots. For particulars apply ( if by letter, postpaid, to the Auc- tioneer, Gosport. fl'joS I AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. GOTTENBVRGH, May 16. | EVERAL linglish transports, with troops oh board, have entered the harbour. this afternoon, and the whole of the fleet with the expedition is in sight. Sir Johrt Moore has not yet landed, but is hourly expected. We are, as yet, unacquainted with tiie point to which this expedition will be directed. May 18. The English expedition is arrived safe, and ail the ships ( nearly 300 sail) safe at anchor. It is said they will wait the dispositions of the King of Sweden. The remainder of the gun- boats and other vessels given up to the Russians by the Convention of Swea- borgj is said to amount to between 2 and 300, which will furnish the means of transporting a great number of troops, and place the Capital ( Stockholm) in immi- nenwlanger. 11 is reported that some English ships of war. are going thither; bmit will be almost impossible TO ptevent the Russians from coming over, within the innumerable rocks lying along the coast of Finland. Tne Mars, Admiral Keats, and the Audacious, lieutenant- General Sir John Moore, General Hope, General , Qiii,} ton7 Jfr.,& c,;; afe also arrived. ! 3fi= . H- OtfBE'cWF LORDS. WEDNEStiitf; tjtW.' faf-' iA'^. feopmittee on the Assessed Taxes'Ej- ii ^ J^ j^^.^ Mted to the restriction on. killing":( aulnts,.' to 4° ri culture, and censured tli^ eq^ tiV^ alljhJa'n. V1^ ^ iCT". ltions in the Game Laws. TUe, o « jy,. aKfij'atiujv: iVf tffieaey would be the making same prpricrty , ouM. t*.' Wd> where it was. found, and legalizing its saTe; ./-,-< I OKI'IO I/, rrf Hawkesbury replied, that uo alteration woe Wade' " v this bill in the Game Laws, except transferring- tbi4': Certificates to'the Assessed Taxes, and extending a little- the operation of those laws. With respect to the plan pro- posed by the Noble Earl, something similar was, some years ago in contemplation, but it was found that it would lead to° much harshness and inconvenience, and therefore it was given tip. The Bill went through a Committee, was reported, and ordered to be read a. third time on Monday. Eaxl Stanhope remarked, that it was proper every Noble Lord should be fully aware of the day- when the Indictment Bill was to be read a third time ; it might not be the general opinion that a man should be convicted in his absence ; and others as well as himself might wish to enter their protest against such a principle. He therefore moved that the third reading of ihe bill he on Monday next, and that the Lords be summoned. Ordered. Adjourned to Triday. . HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, May 25.] A Committee was chosen by ballot to enquire into the merits of the Sandwich Election Petition. Sir S. Rontilly brought in the bill for mitigating the - severity of the criminal laws, hy lessening the nnmber of capital punishments ; which was read a first time. The Simqnbourne Rectory Bill was read a second time, and ordered to be committed. Sir F. Bnrdett stated that a late verdict, which subjected him to payment of a proportion ot the expellees of fitting up the hustings on the late election for Westminster, had t - Pti enfjr « ed by an execution ; that he conceived this affected the privileges of the House, and that the ac- commodations ought to have been provided at the expence cf the Returning Officer. Sir Francis made no motion on tilt subject; and after some discussion, it appearing to be the general opinion that Sir Francis's agents had made him liable to the demand, the matter was allowed to rest. Several petitions on behalf of the Catholics, claiming relief from the civil disabilities to which they are still liable, • were presented; after which Mr. Grattan moved that the petition which lie had presented on a former day should be read, which was done accordingly. Mr. Grattan tlwu, fn a most eloquent speech, stated the origin jind cau> es of the various Acts of which the Catholics complained, as^ gued the policy of now restoring them to every civil right which their fellow- subjects enjoy, and concluded with moving that their petitions be referred to a Committee of the whole House. , Mr. Maurice Fitzgerald seconded the motion. No person appearing disposed to answer Mr. Grattan, the « me, tion was called for, and the gallery cleared for a division; but the division did not take place; and after some taunting observations from Mr. Martin ( of Gallwa^') on the silence of his Majesty's Ministers, Mr. Secretary Canning rose, and sipd, if he and hi colleagues wished to go to a silent vote on this question, it was not from any want of disposition to shew the utmost respect to the. Right Hon. Gentleman, who had brought forward the business in so able, eloquent, and candid a manner, but rather from a perfect coincidence in some of his sentiments. There were, however, many strong reasons why the extension of the discussion was not to bf wished for. If his Majesty's Ministers could see no prospect of a success- ful issue to tiie question before the House, and saw much mischief in the discussion, was it unreasonable that they should be willing to avoid the debate ? He considered it in- expedient, if not dangerous, to bring forward the question at'pre eut, and on this, ground lie should conscientiously vote against the motion. Mr. Windham ridiculed the pretended fears of the Right Hon. Secretary, the whole of wlio6e arguments only amounted to this, that it was inconvenient to him and his friends at present to discuss a question, in which the general interests of the State, and the welfare of millions of his Majesty's loyal subjects, were materially concerned. Lord Pollington said, he could never give his concur- \ rence to a measure, which sooner or later would endanger ' the Protestant establishuisnt. Lord Milton and Mr. Fitzgerald Spoke in favour of the motion. , Lord Castlereagh objected, nn public grounds, to this repeated discussion of one of the most delicate and impor- tant subjects that was ever submitted to the consideration ef the Legislature. After defending his own motives and • principles, and the motives and principles on which the late Mr. Pitt had acted with respect to the Catholics, he observed, that the principle of the Hon. Gentlemen' opposie seemed to be this— to promote and agitate theCatholicelaims when they were out of power, and to compromise and abandon them when they were in pewer. He admitted that the language used in discussing the measure of the Union, might have led to the expectation, that it was intended to make some concession to the Irish Catholics but he denied most positively that either the Parliament or the Government of Ireland was ever pledged to such a concession. Never could the claim be urged with propriety against the general Protestant feeling; and that that feeling strongly expressed on the present occasion he was per- fectly satisfied. He thought, therefore, that the Hon. Gentleman, hy whom the motion was made, would have * eted more wisely if he had waited until a more auspicious period. L'. ri Henry Petty replied, that the question was not brought forward by him and his friends; it proceeded from the unprompted sense and feeling of the Catholics themselves, whose petitions merited attention, and there- fore the motion had his support. Sir John Cox Hippisiey and Mr. William Elliot also spoke in favour of the motion. Mr. Wilberforce thought the present an unfavourable moment for agitating the question, when even those who brought it forward knew it was impossible to carry it. Mr. George Ponsonby made some severe' observations en the conduct of Mr. Wilberfurce, calculated to shew that, in his opinion, that gentleman's professions and con- duct were much at variance. He then adverted to the in- sinuation of a Noble Lord, that gentlemen bad brought forward the question when out of office, and abandoned it when in office. This charge certainly did not attach to the Noble Lord, who happily contrived never to be out of office : whether the question was agitated or not, he was sure to be in place. He was with one Administration be cause it approved tha measure, with another because it dis approved it. But with regard to the pledge so iuue' talked of lie never had much attended to it, having op posed the Union, thinking, as he did, it must prove ruinou. to both countries. He however recollected ccrtain letters, one of" which was from Lord Cornwallis; another from the Noble Lord who represented the sentiments o! the Cabinet on that subject. When Mr. Pitt went out of ofiice, these letters were shewn to the Catholics, ill v, l ie- Mr. Pitt, Lord Melville, the Right fckm. Seurewry ( Mr, Canning), held, out , a determination nev5r to accept of ofiice again, unless the concession of the Catholic claims could be securely stipulated. These letters they printed, published, circulated; nor have they ever since been contradicted, yet how have they redeemed their pledge ? In 1805, the great charge against the Catholics was, that their Clergy were appointed hy the Pope, and that by means of that appointment principles hostile to Great Britain, and favourable to France, were inculcated into the Ulinds of the Catholics. To remove this objection, the / atbolic Clergy had otfercd to leave the nomination of their Bishops to the King. They agreed to meet when a Bishop dies, and choose three persons, of whom the Crown is to ap- point one. Should the Crown disapprove of all the three, they will proceed to choose three others, and so on, until their choice is such as to meet the approbation of hi; Majesty. What more is it possible for them to do, in proof of their loyalty and att iehiue. it to the. Crown ? He concluded with reading a letter from Mr. Plunket, to prove that nine- tenths of the Protestants of Ireland were desirous of eman- cipating the Catholics. Mr. Vorke entreated to know if the statement Mr. Ponsonby had made of the di- position of the Catholic Clergy, to allow the interference of the Crown in the ap- pointment of their Bishops, was founded upon any public or authenticated act of the Catholic Clergy ; because if it was, their acquiescence in such an arrangement would go great way in removing many of the difficulties which he felt on this subject. Mr. Ponsonby assured the Hon. Gentleman that his statement was strictly correct. Mr. IVhUbread made a long and animated speech in support. of the claims of the Petitioners. Mr. Hutchinson, at nearly five o'clock, moved that the Debate should bs adjourned. A division took place on this motion,— Ayes 118— Noes 298— Against Adjournment 180. The discussion then proceeded on the. main question, Mr. Hutchinson. and- some other Members having taken a share in the debate, which terminated in a division, with- out any reply from Mr. Grattan, for referring the Petition ' foit- ft\ uunittee:- r- Ayes 128— Noes 281— Majority 153. Adjotftnpd at SIX o'clock. .. rnCKjIJAV'; May 2S.] The Duchess of Brunswick's '. ft• iniiiW' piffij-' inrf'tlie Military Commissioners' Bill, were rfjad; a thfr. cMimm Y-' dpiVsJckU " - The bifi'tSf l^ jizlhMhfe-'^ iWte-' of. l went ' •, r", , Lord Folkestone. n<> t hayjng epn?< r'doWWffif; after the passing of tiie - MiSVi^ ' fttrnimrMiortferV • Silf-/'- begged to take this opportunity or « HeHM*< ebMrvi » * tions relative t. the Report of the Milita'rji t^ Wm^- iorfeas^ on the" conduct of the Army Mcdie- al Board. The Report reflected on several medical persons concerned in the con- duct and superintendance of the Medical Department of the Arrny. Mr. Knight had made regulations in the hospi- tals by which 40,000?. per annum had been saved, yet the Report had not done him justice. Several Gentlemen concurred in eulogising the great merits of Mr. Knight. Mr. Huskisson moved for leave to bring in a Bill to enable the Commissioners of Public Accounts for the West Indies more speedily and effectually to investigate the same. Mr. Banltes adverted to the appointment of these Com- missioners, and the delays in their proceeding*. Me thought it would be for the advantage of the public if the auilit of some departments of the Public Expenditure should be put in other hands than those of the General Boax- d. Leave was given to bring in the Bill, and also another Bill for the better regulating the audit of the Barrack Accounts. Mr. Banlies proposed to refer to a Committee an ac- count presented yesterday, relative to the amount of Mr; Palmer's per centage on the revenue of the Post- Office. His motive in making this reference was, that he feared the return over- rated what was to be properly only the' pil' centage on the net revenue. After some explanation from Mr. Long and Mr. Rose, Mr. Baukes's motion was agreed to, and a Committee ap- pointed accordingly. On the motion of Mr. G. Van It tart it was ordered, that there be laid before the House an account of the sums paid to tire Receivers- General of the Land Tax, on account of fines for balloted men under the Militia Act of 1797- The House went into a Committee on th Orders In Council, and some witnesses were examined, whose general testimony went to prove that the Orders in Council much impeded their business.— Adjourned. '. hares in Scotland It is said i special commission will be issued for the trial of Capt, Williams, of the Croydon slave ship, charged with the murder of one of his crew in an American port. The circumstances of the case are truly Singular : — The ship's crew refusing to weigh anchor at the Captain's or- der, he advanced to the mutineers, anil said, if they per- sisted in again impeding the ship getting under weigh, in disobedience of bis orders, he would shoot the ringleader of them. dead 011 the deck :— and a second disobedience following, he took his pistols from the binnacle, and fired at the mutineer standing in front, when, singular to relate, the ball passed right through his body, and killed the next behind him, without mortally wounding the principal of- fender, who miraculously survives to prefer the charge of murder against his Captain ! Cor.* EXCHAXGF,, May 27. The Supply of Wheat to- day; is short, with but few fresh arrivals, and being in re- quest this trade supports rather better price ; Barley, with Malt, vary but little ; but few Grey Peas or Beans, of both sorts, and each are higher ; the supply of Oats is likewise short, and somewhat dearer; in FLur no alteration, SMITOFIF. LD MARKET, May 27- This day's market was not well supplied,' but Beet', Mutton, Veal, Pork, and Lamb are nominally cheaper than our last report, and the trade in general was not over brisk. BIRTHS.] On the 13th inst. at Howiek- home, North- umberland, the Counters Grey of a son.— On the 17th inst. at Armagh, the Lady of Lieut, Col. Sir George Leith, Bart. Assistant- Adjutant- General, of a daughter.— On Friday, in Stanhope- street;, the Hon. Mrs. Bagot of a sail.— Same day, in Bristol, ! fclie Lady of Major Sir Walter Yeo, Bart, first Soma- . et jffilitii, of a son.— On Satur- day, in Lincoiu's- inofficios, the Hon. Mrs. Ryder, Lady of the Judge- Advocate, i^ f- a'Son.—- On Monday, in Charles- street, Berkeley- sqdatfe1, * Lady Sophia liligh of a son— On Wednesday, at Pit brook- house, in Surrey, the Lady of J. C. Purling, EsqHofcafeon. MARRIED;}'. liQn Saturday, at Bath, John Eardlev W linot, Esg.. < Jy| y son of John Wilmot, Esq. of Bruce Ca tie, and grandson of the late Lord Chfef Justice Wil- mot, to Mi s Elizabeth Emma Parry, fourth daughter of Dr. Parjy,~ of the Circus, Bath.— On Tuesday last, at Rickintfftsworth, John Coleman Ras'nleigh, Esq. of Pri- daaux, in Cornwall, to Harriet, second daughter of It. AVfiUii^ iS, Esq. of Moor Park, Herts, and M. 1'. for Dor- ehestpr. IDIEO.] On the 19th inst. after an illness of four days, & tl Clifden, the seat of the Countess of Orkney, the High* Hon. Lady Ann O'Bryen, daughter of the late William, v. arl of Inchquin. Her Ladyship was in her 89th year.— At Vienna, on the 5th of March, the Hon. John Theo- philus Rawdon, brother to the Earl of Moira.- - Oil Tuesday last, at Seaton Delavni,, Northumberland, at an advanced age, the Right Hon. John Hussev, Lord Delaval ; first created a Peer of Ireland in .1783, and a Peer of Great Brit, in in 178S: his Lordship has had one sou and six daughters ; the son died in 1775, aged 20 years, without issue, and the titles are extinct: Sir Jacob Astley, Bart. M. P. succeeds to the estates, which are very large. — Oil the 19th inst. at the Earl of Lanesborough's house, Chelsea, Lady Charlotte Debbeig, wife of Clement Deb- beig, Esq. Captain in the first Somerset militia, and daughter of Brindslej) late EaTl of Lanasborough.— On the 9th inst. at Strowan, General Sir Thomas Stirling, Bart. ofStrowan, Colonel of the 41st Regiment of Foot.— Lately, at Kell, the celebrated Naturalist, Professor Fahrieius.— On t he 10th of March, at Port Royal, Jamaica, Lieutenant William Swinburn, of the Meleag- r frigate, aged 23 years, eldest spn of the late Colonel Swinburn.— On Friday last, in De^ n- street, South Audley- square, Mrs, Hotham, eldest daughter f) f Sir John Dyke, Bart, of Lulli agstone Castle, iii the county of Kent, and widow of Lieutenanf- Colonel Hotham, eldest son of Sir Beaumont Hotham.— On Satur- day, at Hammersmith, in the 53d year of'her age, the Right Hon. Lady Gertrude Cromie, only daughter and heiress of Ford, fifth Earl of Cavan, and wife of Sir Mi- chael Cromie, Bart, of Slacumnie, Ireland.— On Sunday, in his 74th year, Edmund Ayton, Mus. D. 4A years Cen- tteman of his Majesty's Chaoels Royal.— A few days since, at Littlebourn, in Kent, Mrs. Appleton, in the lootb year of her age. LONDON, FRIDAY, MAY 27. Yesterday there were several arrivals from France, The letters by one vessel state, thai the Bavonne Decrce of tiie 27th ult. has been strictly enforced again t all Ame- rican ships in the French ports. The v ssel which used to sail under Knip . au en, Oldenburg,!, P., pe burgh, and Mecklenburgh c lours, are also all strictly embargoed, and are not permitted, in e « usequenee of any sale or transfer of property, to change their colour ,. Pr, par ti are making at Charante for the reception of Bonaparte, who, it is expected, will soon visit that poit. This morning two Mails from Gottenbnrgh arrived. Sir John Moore, with the whole of the British Expedition, arrived oft' Gottenburgh on the 17ih inst. The ultimate destination of- this force was dot known, but it is by no means improbable that the unexpected and treacherous surrender of Sweaborg may render an alteration in the plan of operations necessary. At Sweaborg the Russians found, it is said, between two and three hundred vessels of different descriptions, which would enable them to transport a very for- midable force across the Gulph, by which the safety of Stockholm might be endangered. The Swedes appear to have met with a check in Norway, though, by no means of so serious a nature as was represented in the Danish Papers. A small detachment of between 400 and 500 men, under the command of Colonel Gahn, were surrounded and taken prisoners. In Finland the Russians had experienced some checks, and on the Island of Oland, in which a party of them bad effected a landing, they had all been taken prisoners by the peasants, and the craft in which they had arrived had been destroyed. The immediate object of the English Expedition was not known at the time of the departure of the Mails. The late arrivals from Gibraltar and Cadiz have given rise to a number of reports, respecting the state of the Spanish interior; It was reported yesterday, that the people in Catalonia have taken up arms against the French, to the number of 70,000; and that the Superb conveys to England their request to be assisted with 100,000 stand of arms, and 20,000 men. It was farther said last night, that the Crane, from off Cadiz, has brought an account of the Spaniards having driven the French out of that city, a,. d taken possession of the French men of war in the harbour.— Such rumours as these require to he received with extreme caution. On Wednesday his Majesty held a Private Levee at Buckingham Hotise, which was attended by all the Ministers and officers of St. tte. Mr. Ad. dr was presented on his return from Vienna, as were several Officers on their pro- motions. His Majesty afterwards held a Privy Cou . cil, at which Earl Camden was sworn in Lord Lieut, of Kent. According to an account presented to the House of Com- mons, the net amount of the stores taken at Copenhagen is 270,240 (. 6d. The Methodist Fund has lately been strengthened by 7000/. as a legacy; and 3000/ i ha; also been left for enlarg- ing their chapel in the City- road. THEATRICAL.— Miss Pope, for many years one of the ornaments of the Biitish Stage, last night took leave of the Public. The pla/ was The Heir at Law, for her own and last Benefit, in which she appeared as Lady Duberly. The audience, who were very numerous,' marked her final exit from the Stage with the loudest approbation of her former excellence, and the deepest regret for the close of her theatrical career. Miss, Pope has conducted herself with great prudence, and retires with a handsome fortune. FASHIONABLE ELOPEMENT.— A recent event is likely to be followed by circum tanSes that will add to the affliction of the families of the parties, A hostile meeting is ex- pected— not between the husband and the gallant, but between the high- spirited and amiable brother of the Lady ( Lord B— gh— h) and the man who has tarni- hed the honour of a family, wherein, heretofore, " all tile uieu have been valiant, and ait ib# wtnuen chaste.'; CONTRACTS . FOR COALS AND CANDLES. Commissary- GewTal'sOffee, London, May 14,180S. WANTED tor the Barracks in the undermentioiAd Counties in South Britain, for the Barracks in North Britain, and in the Islands of G\ i - rnsey, Jersey, and Alderm- y, such Quantities of COALS and CANDLES as may from time to time be required by the respective Barrack- Masters for the time beiug. The deliveries to comnlfenGe as soon after the 25th of June next as the respective" Barrack- Masters shall require, and to continue until the 24th of June following;. Proposals for supplying Coals, made' separately for each county in South Britain,' the whole of the Barracks in North Britain, and likewise for those in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, sealed up and marked " Tender for Coals," will be received at, th s office until eleven o'clock on Monday the fith of June; the parties tendering observing, that, in those counties where both sea and inland Coals are used, the proposals must particularly express the price of each description. Proposals for Candles, sealed up and marked " Tender for Candles," will be received until eleven o'clock on Tuesday th 7th of June ; but no tender, either for Coals or Candles, will be noticed, unless made on, or annexed to, a printed particular, and the prices inserted in words at length, and if s nt. by post, the postage must be paid.— Each tender must be accompanied wit'o 1 - tt- r. fr mi two resp- ctable persons engag- ing to bfcom hound with the party tendering in the sums expressed in the particulars, for the due performance of tie contract. Particulars of the Contracts may be had on application at this Office, between the hours of ten and four; to Mr. Deputy- Comrnissary- Gsn- ral Assiotti, Edinburgh ; Mr. Assistant- Commissary Rawlins, Guernsey; and Mr. Assistant- Com- m ssary Dumarcsq, Jersey. COUNTIES. Gloucester. Hants. Hunts. Isle of Wight. Kent. Lancaster. Middlesex. Norfolk. Northampton. North Britain. Guernsey, Jersey, and A'. derney. Berks. Chestar. Cornwall ( includ- ing Scilly.) Cumberland. Devon. Dorset. Durham. EsseJt. Northumberland. Nottingham. Somerset. Suffolk. Surry. Sussex. Warwick. Wilts. York. [ 15S7 OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising 1 i at theunder- mi- ntioned Gates within the Shaftesburyt District, Will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, a the Town- hall, in Shaftesbury, on Thursday the Ifith day of Ju e next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, in the manner directed, by the Act of Parliament, passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike ft iads," ( such letting to commence from the 20th day of June next, and to be for the space of one yt- ar), which tolls produced the last year the several sums following, above the expences of collecting them, ind will be put at the same sums respectively; viz. East Gate, with the stop and side Gates belonging, £ 317 7 0 West Gate, with the Locks- lane Gate, 95 0 0 Knoyle Gate, 95 0 0 Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said reads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. [ 1( 508- SHAFTESBURY, \ WM. WHITAKER, . f Clerk to the said Trustees. ioth May, 1808. N WESTBURY TURNPIKE, hereby given,— That OTIC'E is given, — mat tne meet at the Abingdon Arms Inn, in Westbury, TO be LETT or SOLD,— An excellent FAMILY MANSION, situate in the most pleasant and retired street in the city of Winchester, with walled garden and green house, two coach: houses, and stabling . for six horses a detached brewhouseand laundry. The Mansion consists of a latue paved entrance hall, a handsome dining parlour, breakfast ditto, two larire drawing rooms with folding doors, four bed chambers on the sarna floor and six in the attics, double staircase, housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, two kitchens, and capital cellars. The above premises have re- cently gone under a thorough repair, are replete with every convenience, and fit for the immediate reception of a large genteel family. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Mailt, upholsterer; or Mr. Jcssett, - it ihe George Inn, Winchester. Cf* The above Premises are Freehold. [ 1410 WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, bv Mr. MA N'T, on Thursday the 2t) of'June, 1R08, at eleven o'clock,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITUTTFC, and other Effects, belonging to Mr. Ubsdell;% quitting his re- sidence in the High- street; comprising four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cotton and white dimity hangings ; two bureau bedsteads ; seasoned feather beds and bedding ; mahogany drawers, tables, and . chaus ; floor cloth and car- pets ; China and glass ; a few books ; deal shop counter ; iron- boilnd casks; empty bottles ; kitchen requisites, & c. & c. At oneo'clock will be put up for sale, all that neat, compact DWELLING- HOUSE, with the Appurtenances, situate in Upper Brook- street, the property of the said Mr. Ubsdeli, and now in the occupation of Mr. Bishop, held by lease under the Corporation of Winchester. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Auctioneer, Winchester. The Goods may be viewed on Wednesday preceding the sale. [ lfi73 — - - WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, at the Chequers Inn, in Winchester, on Saturday the 4th of June, 180S, precisely at twelve o'clock, A GREY COLT, two years old this " grass, 14 hands 2+ inches high, remarkably handsome, good tempered, and fine action, and is well worth attention. He was got by Young Ruler; his dam a very favourite mare, got by Lord Pembroke's Arabian, & c. You? » g Ruler, a notid stallion in the counties of Dor- sit and Somersetshire, was got by Old Ruler, who was got by Young Marske: his dam Flora by Lofty, Ivr dam Riot'by Regulus,— Blaze,— Fox,— Darley's Arabian,— dam of Casta- way and Woodcock, bv Brimmer. May be seen by applying to Mr. Walton, Chequers Inn, Winchester. [ 1713 WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MAST, at the George Inn, Winchester, on Saturday the 18th day of June, 1808, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced ( unless previously disposed of private contract, of which due notice will be given),— Lot 1.— A capital WATER CORN MILL, with three pair of stones, known by the name of the College Mill, situate near the College of Winchester; with a large granary", stable, and garden adjoining; held by a renewable lease under the College oi Winchester, for the term of 30 vears, commencing the 1st of November, 1804, at the small annual tent of ; now in the occupation of Mr. David Gai? cr, as tenant at will. Lot 2.— Three MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with a Malt- house, capable of wetting 20 quarters per week; a large storehouse, garden, and appurtenances thereunto belonging; s. tustejn the parish of St. Peter's, Cheesehill, in the Soke, near v" nchester aforesaid, late in the possession of Mr. John[ Paul; wnfch premises are held by lease for 1000 years, at a pepper corn r- : j 941 years are now unexpired. For further p:-; miliars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Kernot, solicitor, N - 7, Thavies Inn, London; or to the Auctioneer, Winchester. [ 1674 THE ABBEY, IN WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, ( if not disposed of by private contract in the mean time) by Mr. MANT, on Monday the 20th day of June, 180*, at the'George Inn, in the city of Winchester, at twelve o'clock at noon,— A capital FREEHOLD MANSION- HOUSE; called the Abbey, situata in the city of Winchester, with convenient ofricm, coach- houses, sfabies, out- houses, granary, lawn, gardens, and meadow thereto belonging. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Faithfull, solicitor, in Winchester; and for further particulars to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymwigton, Hants. [ 1563 WOOLDJNG FARM, In the Parish of Whitchurch, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, on Monday the 11th day of July ; 808,' precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart Inn, Whitchurch, — All th t valuable and highly cultivated FARM, called WOOLDING FAK. M, situate in the parish of Whitchurch, in the county of Hants; consisting of a good Farm- House, and all convenient offices and outbuiH n is, together w th about 46o acres of Arsble. Mead > w, Pasture, and Coppice Lands, lying very compact. H- 1,1 by lease fioni the D an and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral lor tvxnty- o . c y. ars, renewable every seven ye,, rs. and was renewed in June'lS04, to hold from Ladv- day then last past. Yearly quit- rent 3/. 13s. 4< i. pay. ible half yearly. This iesirable estate is abounding with game, an I about 12 miles from Newburv, 8 from Andover, 12 fiom Winchester, and 9 from Basingstoke, all good market towns. Further particulars will be given ut prior to sale, and in the mean time may be had of Mr. Faithfuii, or Mr. VSoodham, . solicitors, Wincf cst^ r. [ 1715 Apply at the Farm for a view of tha premises. Ths Growing Crop to be taken to by the purchaser of the Farm, at the valuation of indiffV r nt p.- rsons to be named by the parties, and immediate possession to be given, N. B. The Farming Stock will be sold by Auction on the following days, of which further particulars will be given. Ulfi .1 V the Trustees Tuesday the 21stday of June next, at one o'clock in the after- noon, to LEASE or FARM LETT all the TOLLS, granted by an Act lately passed, " for continuing the term and enlarg- ing the powers of two Acts passed for amending the Road from Pnrgate to Latchet's- bridgC, and other Roads therein described,' in the county of Wilts, as far as the same relates to the first district therein mentioned; and for amending other Roads near adjoining the said Roads;" arising at die Gates undermentioned, or cither of them. Whoever happens to t;, ke the same, must a: the time'and place abovementioned give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction- of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. Yarnbrook Gates.— Bfatton Pound Gats, with the side vxate at Rratton ; Warminster- Lane Getes, with the side Gate at Holorne's- Lane ; Leigh Gnus, with the side Gate in Per„ 1cigh » Lane; Clevey Gate, with th: side Gates at Dillon Marsh. hy order of the Trustees, STEP. BROWN, Clock and Treasurer. lllOH, May 25, 1306. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Wevn JL Arms Inn, in ANarminst - r, oi, Wednesday the i..; of June next, at six o'clock in the afternoon,— 1 be ! H\ > LING- HOUSE, with the Stable, Gardens," and Prem'sV « ,"~ L'oreham, now occupied bv Mr. Phejps. Tbeabovcw. il he- sold for thrce. Livi., and'p^ ses^ inn i^ A? at Michaelmas. The Premises are- pli. as- milv situate ah .-• t a mile from Warminster* and are in good repair. [ Htti Further particulars may be known at the time of sale cr on application to Messrs/ Thring and Phcins, W-, rmi. n-; ttf. WARMlNSTfiR, WILTS' ; rpO be SOLD by AUCTION; by R TowssrJir, A by order of the surviving Assignee of the estate ami efiects of Edward Moff ut, a bankrupt, on Friday the a. I - i- av of June, IS0S, at the Angel Inn, betwan the hcrtr- s" oi'Vk and eight in the evening,— All those two DWELLING- HOUSES, lately used as' three dwtlhng- housef, with'jiirce spacious shops in front, situate in the Market- place, tosmib'/ r with a tenement, out- houses, mble-, and gardeh. rower hie in the several occupations of Francis Wcllcr, V- iH::, m Hon - p- hrey, Mary Brown, and Wijli- im Hill; held by m - dor the Marquis of Bath, and the feed , s oAVatwiiwt r Chapel. Further particulars may be known of Mr. CharUs ' Smart, Solicitor, Clement's Inn, London ; Mr. Gough, v- licitor, Warminster} or of the Auctioneer. fi-'+ i rPO bo SOLO by AUCTION, bv It. KNIGHT, I the FIXTURES and FURNITURE n't. Bowoon, ,, r Calne, the property of the Right Honourable th" M- r- u , f LAN show, on Monday the " 0th of Mav, 1S03, ar 1 two following days ; comprising all the valuable register ant* e. tf c r grates, wardrobes, brewing utensils, statues, lamps. lire ei - giile, furnaces, ten dozen dim- rent chairs, tables, iity s t- f fire irons and fenders, a large quantity. of waipicming, plank about 12,000 oak and fur faggots, and about sixty cords f cleft wood, & c: together with a t re; t variey of freen- hous- plants, garden implements, and'other articles. Cmm . MI s Will indue time be deliVereri. [ liii. o Sale to be< in each morning at eleven. Genteel, neat, and modern Household Furniture, in high preservation, CHILLAND, NEAR WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. MF. CEY, on Wednesday the 15th of June, 1808, and following days, precisely at twelve o'clock,— All the truly neat and genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, two Cows, a single- horse Chaise, two Carts, and other valuable Effects, the property of Mrs. Sabine, quitting her residence at Chil- land; comprising a very neat drawing- room suite of rich printed ,- otton ; s; ifa, chairs and cushions to correspond ; handsome chimney, pier, and dressing glasses ; Turkey, Brussels, Wil- ton, and Venetian carpets ; four- post and tent bedsteads, with handsome printed cotton'. and dimity hangings; capital sea- soned bordered goose feather beds ; mattresses and bedding; a singularly fine toned piano forte, with additional keys, by Tomkinson ; pair of globes ; books; China and rich cut glass; in mahogany are a handsome cellaret sideboard, set of dining tables with shifting leaves, wardrobes, chests of drawers, card, Pembroke, sofa, loo, library, dressing, and night tables, chairs and bason stands ; culinary articles'; poc- ket of hops; quantity of bacon ; iron- bound casks; and va- rious furn: ture, which will be expressed in catalogues. To be viewed two d ivs preceding the sale, when catalogues may be had at the Swan, Alresfbrd; on the premises; and of the Auctioneer, Winchester. N. B. The cows, chaise, carts, and pigs, will be sold in the first day's sale. " [ 1546 CAPITAL FARM,— ASHFORD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. WILLMER, at the Dolphin Inn, Petersfield, in the county of South- ampton, on Friday the 17th day of June, 180$, at three o'clock in the aftt moon,— Allth. it desirable and compact Farm, called ASHFORD FARM, situate and being in the several parishes of Steep and Froxtieid, in the said county of Southampton, now in the occupation of Mr. R. M. Bak- r, the proprietor; consisting of a good and substantial farm- house, with con- venient out- offices of every description, stalling for 14 horses, three bams and other convenient out- buildings', agood garden, and about an acre of'valuable orchard ground; hve cottages, comprising eight tenements, together with, 24- 3 statute acres ( more or kss) of arable, meadow, pasture, wood, and coppice ground ; four marl pits are open on different parts of the f'.. rm, with rock aud chalk pits bordering thereon: the whole lies compact, nearly in a ring fence, and has an unlimited right on Ashtord and Steep Commons, and is now in the occupa- tion of Mr. R. M. Baker, the proprietor, except about nine acres, iett on lease to Mr. J. Meeres for a term of 21 years, of which 17 W'll be unexpired at Michaelmas next.— This very valuable and desirable estate lies about two miles from Peters- field, nine from Alton and Alresford, and 18 from Furnham Jail good market towns), in a vale charmingly rural and ro- mantic, in a good sporting country abounding with game, and has a. good trout struma running through th ; garden, am? the turnpike road from Portsmouth to Alton and Farnham runs through the estate, about half a mile irotn the dwelling- house. The lands are in the highest state of cultivation, having been exclusively occupied by the several proprietors upwardsof 100 years past, are exceeded by none in point of fertility, and deservedly classes with the fir, t farms in Hamp- shire. The buildings, gates, and fences on the farm are m excellent repair and condition.— Ab-.- ut 18 acres of the above farm are Freeh id, six acres Leasehold for 1000 years, and the remainder Copyhold of Inheritance ' nearly equal to free- hold) undei the several Manors- of Eastmeon and Ashfoid; and the Land- tax of tha whole is redeemed .-- The Tithes of that part cf the farm lyino in the parish of Steep are held by Lease fcr 21 years, at 18/., of which 1 ? years will be unex- pired at Michaelmas next, at which time possession of the farm will be given. For a view of the estate apply to Mr. Baker, the proprietor, and for further particulars to C. J. Hector, solicitor, Peti- rs- ij « J4. ivhcis w; an vf tii « « « st » maybe sect, [ ifc'oy WARMINSTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. KKIGH- at the Castle Inn, in Warminster aforesaid, on Tlx• - day the 2d day of June, 180% b- twecn the bv. f ti - re and, five in the afternoon,— The following FRL'-. i ( Ol. d LEASEHOLD PREMISES, in lots, b- ,.. pah of the property of the late Charles Webb, Esq. dec : s d:— A neat and comfortable Dwelling- house, with convenient Offices aud Garden, opp s- te the vicarar?, in the occupati n of Mr. Thomas Hinton, held under the Marquis of Bath, f. r three healthy lives. A large Substantial Freehold Building, fused as a clo s workshops) with a Court and Garden," now also occe. pv y thesaidT. Hioton, and adjoining to the said dwiling- ljo . A convenient and substantiat- built Freehold Dwell ng- e and Garden, now in the occupation of Mr F. Seagram, si - geon, with spacious Workshops adjoining, lately occupied y a clothier, and well adapted for any business requ- rinr ro- . And sundry Freehold Cottages or Tenements, Gardens,: • pieces of Garden Ground, occupied by Mr. Thonns Dar. i 1 and others. All the above Premises are situate in Warminster aforesaid, and the occupiers are all yearly tenants. For further particulars application to be made toT. Lamp - rd, solicitor, Warminster. [ 1478 SEMLEY, WHTTS! " TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv H. PLOWMAN, at the White Lion Inn, in Shaftesbury, Dors t, on J hursday the 9th day of June, 1808, between th' hours of two and five in the afternoon, the undermentioned L > , and subject to such conditions as shall then an 1 there I e produced,— The FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE of the following ESTATES, late the properly of Mr. Thomas Powell, deceased; viz. » Lot 1.— All that M.- ssuage, Tenement, orDwelling- hoUse, with the Yard, Gard- n, Orchard, Out- houses, andl'rerrm s thereto adjoining and belonging, now in the occopati •" f Joseph Scammel and James Brown — And'also a PI <: V - rti s Shop - near thereto, in the occupation of : irr. es White j 11 yearly tenants, and situate in ST-' • . foresaid. Lot 2—- All those two chses of arable Land, adjoining lot I, called Hither and Lower Lamb - rfs : containing by est illa- tion eleven acres ( more or less), in Semb- v afores- id", late in the possession and occupation of the s?, i 1 Mr. Powell.— N. 11. Three beast Leazes m Semley Common' belo- ig to this lot. Lot?.— All that Messuage, Barn, Steblc; Farm- yard, Rick Barton, Garden, Orchard, and sundry clo- es o. arable, mea- dow, and pasture Land, well timbered, c til- d Musters : ami containing by estimation fifty acr- n more or les « ) within a ring- fence, eligibly, situated in Hemley aforas id, within, three miles of Shaftesbiiry, and late in the possession and oc cupation of the said Mr. Powell. The Estates may be viewed on application to Mr. Robert Brown, of Semi y; and further particulars mav be known, by applying to him. or Mr. Alfred 1- 6W. I1, of Bathampt, n, near Vvyley, of Mr. Buckland, Solicitor, Shaft, sb- v. [ 1651 DORSETSHIRE. ~ " TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. PERCY, . at the Crown Inn, Blmdford, between the hours pf font and five in the afterno n ' subject to s- ch con litson* ", s will be then produced), on Thursdav ihe 16th day of June, xm — A neat sashed and til d DWELLING- HOUSE, with \ walled- in' Garden adjoining, and Malt- house near the same, which will work 20 quarters per week. The Premises are Leasehold, and p'. easnndv situate in the parish of Blandf . rd St. Mary, n- ar the riv; r Stour. ard Turn- pike Road leading to Poole, and fit Tor the immed ate r c- p- tion ef a genteel family. [ if- 9 DORCHESTER, DORSET. T'O be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKITF, ;< C the Antelop • Inn, Dor hest r, on Thursday the rt - day of June next, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— Ml those extensive PREMISES, s'Wt • 011 the Csrnhill, within the borough of D- rch st. r; consisting of a' Strang stone- built commodious Dwell: ng- h - use, containing a vary good shop ( in which the busin- ss of a mercer and linen- draper has been for many years carried on), two parlours, bntfer's pantrv, store- room, kitchen, pa- try, brew- house, celbr, ard core- house, on the croand flo> r; two drawing- rooms and five b d- rooms on the first fl > or ; and ttvo w ry good bed- rooms and two garrets in theatric; two undergtoun » liars, two wiled courts, and garden. The above premises ate extrem- Iy we! l adapted either for carrying on an extensive trade, or " the re. saience ot 1 ge t el family; are held under the mayor and corporation of Dor- chester aforesaid, and will be sold for the remainder of a c r~ tain term of P!) years, determinable on the d ath of, two good healthy lives now thereon, and for a third 1 fe of the purchaser's own naming. The shop and a small part of the house are now rented by Mr. N. Ingram, mercer and linen- draper, at the yearly rent of £ i< 5.. 5'.. 0, subject to half the taxes of the whole premises ; and the residue produces ( fur- nished) at the rate cf £ 6i per annum. A view of the premises may be obtained, with leave of the respective occupiers; and further particulars mav be known by applying personally, or bv letter ( past paid) to Mr. Tooze, Dorchester; or Mr. Sabine,' Solicitor, Muckleford, near Dor- chester. ' [ 1472 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, hy J. JKANKS, without reserve, at the Red Lion Inn, Bourton, D r-- t, on Monday the 20th day of June, 180' j, b t\ v- en the hours of fourand seven in the aftcrnoOSi, subject to the conditi , ns then to be produced. Lot 1.— All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Garden and Orchard thereto adjoining, containing by ad- measurement 2A. SR. IP. situate at Zeals- green, in the- parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts; now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Wm. Forward, s n. and his under tenant. ~ Lot 9.— All that Piece of PASTURE LAND, called Spar- row's and Bradden's Mead, containing by admeasurement 4 A. a R. 30 P. also s'tuate at Z : ais aforesaid, and now in fbe possession of the said Wm. Forward. Lotd— All that Piece of ARABL8 LAND, containing by admeasurement 1 A. a « P. lying in a Fi ll called Rollss's Field, also situate at Zeals, and now i -. the occupation of Mr. John Burfit.— The above premises are held bv lease, un- der his Grace the Duke of Somerset, for a term " of !).<: v - ars determinable on the death of two healthy lives, and subject to ayearlv reserved rent of 14?. Lot 4.— All that convenient MESSUAGE vr DWELLING- HOUSE, with the Outhouses, Bam, BueUin- r- hous,.-, Stable, and other Out- buildings, together with the Garden and two pieces of . Pasture Land, the whole containing by ts- iir. ation five acres and a half, situate at Woolverfon, in the par sh of Mere aforesaid, and new in theocciip: tion of Mr. William Forward, jun. The above premises are well supplied with water, and have been used in the business of a tick- manufacturer for a number of years, and are held by lease under the executors of the late W. C. Grove, Esq. for a term of y. O y. ars, determinai le on the death of two lives, subject to a yearly reserved rent of » s. For a view of the premises, or further partieu ars, appiv to the Auctioneer, Red Lion, Bourtonafor said. flo' 91 OO' much attention has isPILSBURY's P. v'l'l s i' O ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS gained in these dsea.-' s this excellent alterative has been prescribed for, that fn . he. complaints of Scrophula, Eruptions, increased » ction of the glands, and diseases depending upon obstruction of the diges- tive organs, it has become the practice, from its cel br tv, fa, apply to it on the fi <•{ appearance ot tin se . evds, priii the removal of Scorbutic and Rheumatic Affections, or Dicta- tions, existing from want of power in elderly people. This medicine is now sold in bottles of 5r. Cd.; double bott es ins. ; and larger li. is. duty included, having thje words— By tiie King's Patent— expre wed • m the bottle, . bill of directions^ and outside wrapper. The King's, duty is alfo printed in bh k ink. An allowansc of 6d in each Sort',.- oa takin; half adozuu [ ui, THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. • sag « : V Sundays Post. By Express. — LONDO N GAZETTE, feuBUStlKD ON SATURDAY NIO. I1T, MAY 23. DowrriSTG- » TREET, May 17, IS03. MIS Majesty has been graciously pleased to ap- point James Montgomerie, Esq Brigadier- General in his Majesty's Army, to be his Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Island of Dominica, in America. ADMIRALTY- OFMCE, May 28. Letters from Lord Col- lingwood transmit accounts of the following captures:— The French xefceck Etoile de Bonaparte, of 6 suns and 21 men, on the 13th of March, by toe Unite, Capt. Camp- tell. The prize had on board an Aid- de- Cauvp of General Bertliier, with dispatches, which were destroyed previous to her capture. The Italian brig of war Friedland, 16 long French twelve- pounders, on the 26th of March, by the Standard add Active. On board her was Commodore Poalucci, com- manding in chief the Italian marine. Two armed vessels which lay at anchor und.<; v protection of the Torre de Estacio, by the boats of tie Renommee and Grasshopper ; but iyhieh were abandoned from a prin- ciple of humanity, on account of the number of women and children on board them. Bear- Admiral Purvis has transmitted a letter from, Capt. Us her, of the Redwing sloop of wajr, detail Jig the particu- lars of a gallant action on the 7 th inst. off Cape Trafalgar, when the Redwing attacked atonvoy of the enemy, dis- persed the^ armed vessels, seven in number, four of which were'. suuk, one taken, and two escaped. The merchantmen were twelve in number, of which 7 were captured, 4 sunk, and 1 only escaped. The enemy, though qear shore, lost many men in the ships that were sunk, our seamen, from the heavy surf, being foiled in their efforts to saye them.— Our loss was 1 seaman killed ; Mr. Davis, Master, slightly, Mr. Horniman, Purser, severely wounded; and 1 seaman severely wounded. Commission in the Dorsetshire Yeomanry Cavalry, signet! by the Lord Lieutenant.— 11. Gordon, Gent, to be Lieutenant. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of Hants,— An'over and. If her well Battalion of Volunteer Infc. ntry. — Ensign J. Godden, T. Pickering, Gents, to be Lieute- nants.— J. Pearse, B. Painter, Gents, to be Ensigns.— i. Wheeler, Gent, to be Quarter- Master. Lymington Battalion of Volunteer Infantry.— W. Rey- nolds, Gent, to be Ensign. North Hants Reg. of Militia.— Lieut. C. B. Coles to be Captain.— T. Leech, Gent, to be Lieutenant.— J. I'. Goater, Gent, to be Quarter- Master, South Hants Reg. of Militia.— W. F. Butler, Esq. to be Captain.— G. Sparks, Gent, to be Eieutenaiy:. Portsmouth Battalion of Volunteer Light Infantry.— Capt. Mottlcy's Company. * Thomas Burbey, Gent, to be Lieutenant; Wm. Lang, Gent, to be Ensign.' Alton FuzTleers. Tho. Edwards, Gent, to be Lieut. North H'nts Yeomanry Cavalry. Will. Strangeways, Gent, to be Cornet. Battalion of Portsmouth Volunteer Light Infantry.— Captain James Carter to be Major Commandant; Captain James Deacon, Capt. Wm. Case, and Lieut. John Sutton, to be Captains; II. Burbey, jun. Tho. Edgecombe, James Fowler, John Westmore, Moses Heather, and Geo. Aug. Cailawav, Gents, to be First Lieutenants ; Win. Crocker and Tho. Thresher Sharp, Gents, to. be Second Lieuts. BANKRUPTS. richard Stubbs, of leek, butcher. John Hamper, nf Southward, shopkeeper. David wilby, of Dewsbury. cloth- manufacturer Wm. Canne, of Ottey, stationer,' Wm. Perry, of Eaton Bishop, miller. Wm. Wakefield, of Manchester, warehouseman. John Moss, of Kingstion- upun- hull, boat- builder. Thos. Young, of bartlett's passage, Holborn. jeweller, E. Hunt, of Duke's- ow, Pimlico, Painter and glazier. robert Soanes, of Mark- lane, London, provision- merchant. J. dunn, and c. Robinson, of Wood- street, London, factors. Edward Morris, of Carmarthen, inn- keeper. Wm. Brown, of king- street, Bloomsbury, grocer. Eliz. Siddell, oi radcliff cross, haberdasher and hosier. J. Parkinson and j. stork, of St. Saviour's Chureh- yd; hop- factors. h. gill, of Spitalfields- market, victualler. Wm. Watts, of Little Carter lane, Doctor's- commons, wine- merch. A. Itter and j. Holding, of Wentworth- st. Whitechapel. sugar, refiners B. Heseltine, of Beech- street, London, oil and hop- merchant. HOUSE OF LORDS. FRIDAY, May 27.] The Royal Assent was given by Commission to several public and private Bills. IjOrd Grenville moved that the petitions of the Catho- lics of Ireland, praying for relief froiu the disabilities to which they are subjected by law, should be referred to a Committee ofthe Whole House. His Lordship admitted that the worst condition in which the Catholics could be placed in this country, was infinitely preferable to any si- tuation under the Tyrant of France ; that, in fact, in this country they had so many indulgences, that the hardships they ielt were not great; but that It would be true policy completely to emancipate them, and give them every pri- vilege which other British subjects enjoy. A long debate ensued, but on a division the motion was oaejjaRived by a great majority.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, Nay 27.] Mr. T. Grenville reported from the Sandwich Election Committee, tfc< q. Capt. P. Rainier, " the sitting Member, was duly elected ; petition against bis return not frivolous nor vexatious. In a Committee on the British fisheries, Mr. Bote, after observing that these fisheries are of great consequence to the conntry, no less than 350,000 persons being employed and supported therein ; therefore they merited s- Vfrte in- crease of bounties, moved, that til. per ton pe granted . to the owners of every vessel of not leSs than CO tons burthen, employed in the fisheries of Ireland and Scotland.— And that 2s. bounty be'granted on every barrel of herrings caught in the British fisheries. Which motions were • greed to, and the report was ordered to be received on Monday. Dr. Lawrence stated that great, frauds were committed on ship- owners, merchants, & c. by boatmen stealing the anchors, & e. of ships, in Order to obtain the salvage: he then moved tor and obtained leave to bring in a'bill to check these frauds. In a Committee on the proposed plan of granting annui- ties in lieu of stock in the public funds, the resolutions proposed by the Chancellor ofthe Exchequer were severally agreed to.— Adjourned.' LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 28. S(* ne Dutch Papers have ajrived this day, ] iut they are not of a later date than those before received. Several French epcapments still remain in the Prussian ter- ritory.' The Russians have declared thejr truce with Tur- key at an end, and have deposed Rrin'ce Ypsilanti, the Hospodarof Wallaehia, whose family had Suffered so much for their attachment'to the'Russian interest. ' : " ' ' ' Another Gotfenbnrjj M'ajl1 arrived this morning, from which we learri that the first service hf tlie British force will be to co- operate with the Swedes in an'iittaek on the i- iand Of Gothland, of the' success of which there is little doubt!— Notwithstanding the loss of Sweaborg, the Swedes are not d'is'spirited,' and they have since gaiijqd'se- veral advantages over the Russians hi Finland. " THE LOAN.— The Gentlemen who wished to contract for the Loan y'tcferday hud ari interview With the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The' Loan is ( o he eight'millions for tjlis Country,' and twd millions and a half for Ireland, to be raised in this Country in the & per cents.— 730,000{. ij elso to be raised in Iceland. -,••...-,• The bidding'is to take place on Tuesday pext. The annuity'plan his raised tliti funds," arid they have » ow attuned the highest elevation which it appeiirs com- petent io p,- odUce. Thfc. present is therefore the fuvonrable MomentBiakc. his loan, as it will give him the full fje- ntfit of his plan. Air. Perceval bus two plan4 to present • uj on one or both of which the Contractors might make their bidding:— 1- They may bid for the whole sum to be Tesi- ed in i 3' per cent, fund, redeemable at 80; or; 2. The V ibay bid' in the different' Stocks as now established, only that i prdportion shall be in the 4' s or 5' s. The rumours of an attempt on Cadi?, in conjunction with those of the Spaniards who are disgusted with the French, gains considerable belief. It is believed that a convoy of 21 transports, seen by the Transit, had this destination ; but whether to obtain possession of the flfeet, or to assist the Spaniards, is not. pretended to be known. It is asserted that the owner of a transport has re- ceived a letter from her Captain, dated from the Straights of Gibraltar, stating, that he had arrived 1 » mpty from Malta at that place, and had been ordered to take troops 011 board ; which service he had executed, and had joined a Fleet of 21 sail, for Cadi?. John Atkins, Esq. was this morning elected Alderman of Walbrook Ward, in the room of Alderman Kowcroft, resigned. MR. LCDLAM.— An application was yesterday made to the Lord Chancellor, stating various circumstances to prow that Mr. Ludlam is again violently deranged. His Lord- ship in consequence rescinded his order for traversing the Commission of Lunacy, and Mr. Ludlam is now considered a confirmed Lunatic. RIOTS at MANCHESTER.—' HIE Manchester paper of Wed- nesday contains the unwelcome intelligence, that the dis- tresses of the Cotton Weavers have driven ' them to ex- cesses which are much to be regretted, and which , t is hoped will speedily be repressed. The following is the account: MANCHESTER, May 25. In consequence of the rejec- tion of the Bill for fixing the nwiimnm of wages, a very great agitation has been excited amongst the Weavers in this town and vicinity. Yesterday and this day niany thousands of them assembled in a field near St. George's church, by Newton- la-: e, and appointed Delegates to at- tend the Magistrates with a statement c. f their grievances, which they assert arose " not so much from a scarcity of employment, as from the unparalleled reduction which the'prices of their work have recently experienced ; inso- much, that, after labouring for six, days, at the rale of 14 or 15. hours per day, they cannot possibly eatn mare than seven or eight shillings 1— A pittance which will not sup- port nature. Their employers, on the contrary, insist that, owing to the stagnation of trade, they cannot afford to pay higher prices, and promise to increase them to. their wonted standard as soon as a restoration of peace shall enable them. Letters from Manchester, received this morning, state that the discontents among the cotton weavers had increased, and that very serious consequences are appre- hended. In dispersing the rioters, at the different periods, several of them have been severely wounded, and 31 of the ringleaders have been seized, and committed to prison. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS Ai Three o'CUifk. DAY, Bank Stock, 210 India Stock. 177 South Sea Stock, 73{ a Cent. Red. b'of 3 "( i Cent. Cons, Gs| 4 ^ Cents. 841 5 y Cent. Navy, 5 ^ Cent. 1707, — Lons; Anfi. l! t; l- l « ths Omnium, — Irish ditto. — I. ndij Bonds, 1 pr. Exchequer Bills, b' a 9 pr. Irish 5 » Cents. l> 6f Imperial 3 ^ Cents. — English Lott. Tick. £ 20 19s. Ditto Prizes, full Money. FALMOUTII, illay 2( 3. . The Townshend packet arrived from Gibraltar on Monday la- t. The accounts she brought by way of Cadiz from Madrid, relative to the late trail actions, there, differ from the French accounts, prin- cipally with reared to the loss, which is reported to have been very great on the part of the French. The Lord Hobart packet, is just come in from America. BRIXHAM, May, 27, half- past five o'clock.— Ad- miral Sotheby is this instant coning, into Torbay with the shsps under his command from oft' L'shanL-- Wind west. PLYMOUTH, May 27.— ON Saturday advice was received from the westward, that the. Active, from this port to Liverpool, with prize cotton and other goods, was taken by the Deux Freres French privateer, of 2 guns and 40 men, and re taken by the Betsey privateer, and the Ac- tive, of \ 4 guns, which had also taken the French ma- rauder, and re- taken another of her prizes. On Monday sailed the Brunswick, of 74 guns, for the Channel Fleet. The Bellerophon sailed with her, but was recalled by signal, and is supposed to be going to the Baltic. On Tuesday Sailed the Pompee, of 84 guns; Gibraltar, of 84 guns; and Defiance of 74 guns, to join the Channel fleet. On Tuesday night passed up Channel the Transit hired armed ship, from Malta and Gibraltar; she sailed from the former place 26 days since, and the latter 11 days. A fleet of transports citme through the Gut of Gibraltar with her, fall of troops, hut their destination is not known. Sailed the Tonnant, of 80 guns, Rear- Adm. De Courcy, to join the Channel fleet. Came in the Maria Spanish chasse maree, from Cadiz ; she was taken by a Guernsey privateer, retaken by a French privateer, and since recaptured by the Scorpion sloop. Also came in a Spanish chasse mai ee, with salt, prize to the Raven sloop of war. A vessel is arrived from the Havannah, that brings an account ofthe loss of the Muros, of 24 guns, on the island of Cuba, on the 4th of April ; the crew all saved. This morning arrived the Jfune Adelfe, French chasse maree, lnden with wheat and sun carriage wheels, taken by the boats of the Donegal, of 74 guns. PORTSMOUTH, May 2$. The Superb, one of Sir Richard Strachau'- s squadron, is arrived from the Me- diterranean, with dispatches from Lord Collingwood. — Mr. Adair, our late Minister at Vienna, came home in her. Lord Collingwoo l was still off Sicily on the 20th of April, when the Toulon and Rochcfort squadrons were in Toulon, and the Carthagena squadron in Port Mahon. Saturday, May 21.— Sailed from Spithead the Re- nommee, Captain Sir Thomas Livingston, and Malabar, Capt. Temple, to the Eastward ; Alert sloop, Capt. Tillard, f/ ith convoy for the Downs; and Sandwich lugger, Lieut. , on a cruize. 22rf.— Arrived the Superb, Capt. Jackson, from the Me- diterranean, to fit for Rear- Admiral Keate's flag ; dropped down to St. Helen's the Resistance, Captain Adam ; and sailed the Endymion, Hon. Capt. T. B. Caple, for Chatham. 2id.— Arrived the Hardy and Furious gun- vessels, from a cruize. 24th.— Arrived the F. spiegle, Capt. Morris, with convoy from Cork; and sailed the Resistance, with dispatches for the Mediterranean. ' 28th.—- Arrived the Resolute gun- vessel, Lieut. Harries; Dapper gun- vessel, Lieut. Tatham; and Sharpshooter gun- vessel, Lieut. Goldie, from a cruize. Sailed tile Hardy gun- vessel, Lieut. Perdrian, and Flying Fish schooner, Lieut. Goodin, on a cruize. Came up from St. Helen's the Bream schooner, Lieut. Miall. APPOINTMENTS.— Captain Israel I'cllew to be Paying- Commissioner afloat, at Plymouth ; Capt, Fellowes, to the Conqueror; Capt. Cumhy, to the Polyphemus, fitting at Plymouth, for Admiral Rowley's flag; Capt. F. Lambert, ta the Iphigenia; Capt. Remviek, to the Combatant, at Chatham ; Capt. F. Douglas, to the Peruvian ; Captain 11. Pigot, to Lit Nymphe, vice Shirley, deceased; and Lieut. Dench, of the Hibernia, to the Blossom, vice Pigot. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, MA'YM. On Monday last the South Hants Yeomanry Cavaljy nvarched into Southampton, on duty for ten davs. On Tuesday Jast was married at Sr> mliairtpton Mr. ' James l^ emp, mejehan't, ' of Poole, to Miss Jordan, of Southampton. On Saturday the 21st inst. died, at Pangwood, after a severe and painful illness pf more than four years, which he bore with the greatest patience and resig- nation, Ma. . George P^ otbril, youngest son of the late James Peaford, Esq. of Bishop's Waltham. Matthias BoswafiJa has been committed to the County Gaol this week, on a charge of breaking open a cellar at Plymouth, and stealing a variety of . irticles out of it.: SALISBURY, MONDAY, MAY 30, 1808. We learn that the account of the Salisbury Vcjun- teers, in our last, was incorrect; the refreshments for the mey on the march were provided by the Officers, and the corps marched into Winchester by Mf- past ten o'clock in the morning. The Loyal Lymington Volunteers, who go regu- larly an permanent duty, have just completed that ser- vice for the present summer. They again occupied their eld quarters in Poole ( where they were quartered in No- vember last), Their behaviour as soldiers and citizen? is such as would do honor to any corps. The third Dorset Bjjtalion left Bland ford on Thurs- day, highly praised by the' inhabitants. The Officers fwve a handsome flail on Tuesday to the town and country ; and during their stay there Plays were bespoke by the Corps, which went off with great eclat, Cobhatn, Grant, and Miss prakc were highly applauded. The Dorsotshiffe Cavalry march « ito Blandford on Wednesday, for eight day's permanent duty, when tha gaiety of this interesting little town will he resumed, The first battalion of Dorsetshire Volunteers, com- manded by Earl Digby, march into Poole thjs day, on permanent duty for fourteen days. BIRTH.] On Friday the 20th inst. at the Earl of Maluiesburv's house in Spring Gardens, Eondon, Lady Viscountess Fixt- IIarris of a sou and heir. Lately was married, at Tollard Farnham, by the Rev. J. Ilclyaf, Mr, Read, Excise Officer, of Salis- bury, to Mrs. Percy, relict of Mr. Percy late of Bland- fopl, Dorset. On Tuesday se'nnight was married, at Holt Chapel, Wtnborne, Mr. Wm. Ainsworth, of Hinton Martel, to Miss Whilhelmina Templeman, daughter of the late Wm. Temp'eman, Esq. of Dorchester. On Saturday the 14th inst. was married, Lieutenant Alexander Davidson, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Alexander, of Winchester- row, Paddingtort. On Saturday the 21st inst. was married, at Har- row- on- the- IIill, Middlesex, Jeremiah Steel. Esq. af Uarrow Weald, to Miss Lcighfield, of Woottou Bassett, in this county. A few days since died, in her 4Qth year, Mrs. Cholmondeley, relict of Cholmondeley, Esq. and only sister of William Morton Pitt, Esq. B. On the 14th inst. died, at Dorchester, in the 71st y? ar of her age, Mrs. Grace Vyvyao, sister to Sir Carew Vvyvan, Bart, of Trelovvarren, Cornwall. OnTuei day her remains were conveyed to Exeter, in great funeral pomp, and interred in the family vault iu St. Thomas's Church. On the 25th of May died, Maria Margaret, eldest daughter of S. V. Lloyd, Esq. at the parsonage, Compton Durdon, Somerset. On Sunday the 22d inst. Thomas Sedley was committed to Fisherton Gaol, for trial at the next Assizes, charged with robbing his master, Mr. Joseph Whicher, of Brough- ton, of a peck of malt, and various tools and material used in his trade as a copper. On Monday three femal conniel. s, from Fisherton Gaol, were put on board the $ Cotus, in the river Thames, to be transported, with about seventy other female, convicts, to Botany Bay. Kj* Advertisements omitted for want of room shall ap- pear in our next. HOME INi AltKETS. Prices of Com, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon Wheat. I ' rfarley. j Oats. • M ay Salisbury, - 2 Basingstoke, Devi'Zes, Ne'-. " ejry, Anoover, Hi to 70 j 38 to - 10 | 32 to 40 . St to 60 to 43 | 40 lo + 5 2 « SO to 74 j 34 to 37 1 30 to 34 2S (> 8 to 84! 30 to 45 39 to 4G 28 i 68 to 73 • 38 to 42 j 30 to 34 Beans, i Bread. Warminster, 2> i j 60 lo 7Sj37 « o 40 ; 35 to 40 - , Weight of the Gallon Loaf, ilh. 1 loz.— Half Gall. 4 It. 5 s. i. , 64 to 68 60 to 64 j 54 to t- 0; 6.9 to 63 I 58 to ( 58 ! 6- 2 lo 74 s. d. GRAND STATE LOTTERY, Containing SIX PRIZES of £ 20,000 ! Begins Drawing the 28 th of next Month. TICKETS and SHARES are now selling, in great Variety of Numbers, at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY, for Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co. WILTS YEOMAN CAVALRY. THE hINDON TROOP will meet at Fonthill Lawn in Field- day Orders, on Friday the 10th of June, at eleven o'clock precisely.— It is particularly requested that every member will attend. f'SD FERN, May 23. THOMAS GroVE, Major. npHF. CREDITORS of BENJAMIN CHArLES COLlINS, Esq. late of SALISBURY, and of MORTIMER- StREET,- CAVeNdish- SquaRe., who reside in LONDON, arc requested to send an account of their respective demands to ToWNLEY WARD, of Covent- Garden, Esq. the acting Executor: And those Creditors who live in the COUNTRY are desir d to send the, account of their demands to Mr. JOHN DOWDING, on the New: Canal, Salisbury, who is autho- rized by Mr. WARD to receive all debts due to the estate of the deceased. ' fl494 SALISBURY, May H0, 1308. IN Honour of THE KING'S BIRTH DAY,— There will be a DINNER, at the CARD ASSEMBLY- ROOM, on Saturday the 4th of June, The MAYOR of SAliSbUrYin the Chair. Such gentlemen j'-; intend to dine at the ordinary will send their names to Mr. Gibbons, at the Spread Eagle Inn, on or before Friday next. *** Dinner on table at Four o'clock. ORDINARY Six SHILLINGS. Long- Rooms, Southampton, Mm/ 30. N SATURDAY next, the 4th of June, will be a BALL, in honor of his Majestv's Birth- Day. ] 6.96] W. LYNNE, M. C. Tickets 5s. ; Subscribers to the Winter Balls as usual. KING'S BIRTH- DAY.— Assembly- Room, Blandford. IN consequence of the 4th of June falling on a Sa- turday, the BALL, in honor of his Majesty's Birth Day, will be on Monday the 6th of June. f! 684 THEATRE, BLANDLORD, ON MONDAY EVENING, May 30, by Desire of Major SCHUYLER, The HONEY MOON, and ELLA ROSENBERG. Wr. nvr. sDAY,— The favourite popular Comcdv of The WORLD, and the Farce of The WEATHERCOCK, THURSDAY, Tarn/ ty, and SATURDAY Plays as will be expressed in the Bills! To begin at Seyen o'Clock precisely. N. S.— The Company will perform every night, during the Cavalry Meeting, and then flose the season at Blandford. Laoerstoch Lunatic Asylum, ncir Salisbury. TT is particularly requested that all Letters, Parcels, 1 and Messages for Mr. FINCH, or the PATIENTS under his Care, will in future be left at Mr. ADAMS'S, on the Canal, from whence they are regularly conveyed to Laverstock. ' May 26, 1808. [ 1683 LOST, supposed to be STRAYED, from STA. N- DERWICE, near Warminster, cn or about the 8th of April last past,— SIX SHEEP, four of them horned, and two South Down .' all Stags); a pitch mark on the pin bone, and all in good condition-- Whoever will give information of t', re said Sheep to Parmer Thomas Hall, near the Black Dog, at Standerwich faoresaid, shall, upon the delivery thereof, re- ceivfc' ONE GUINEA Reward, with all reasonable expences. TAKBN UP, STRAYED, on Thursday May 20', at SopLEY,— A STRAWBERRY- COlOURED MARE, fourteen hands high, with a white stripe down her face, two broken knees', and lame in the near foot be'fore.— Whoever can prove it to he their property may have her again bv apply- ing to the Landlord at th « WoOlpack, Sopley, and paying expenses/ >••'.;..• BENEVOLENT INSTITUTION. THE ASSSOCIATION for the RELIEF of the POOR during the Severity of the future Winters with respect to their FUEL, have to acknowledge many liberal Subscriptions already received; and beg leave to solicit the Names of others as soon as convenient, in order for publica- tion ; and also to enable their Purveyors to ascertain how far they may av: dl themselves of the present and approaching season for laying iri the Coal upon the most advantageous terms, in order to g'ure the fullest effect to this- institution. Books for a General Subscription will remain open at the Bank d i ng this and the following weeft ( after which the subscription will be completed under a personal application. Rey. Canon HUME, Chairman. Rev. Dr. EVANS, Treasurers and JAMES w1CKeNS, Esq. Purveyors. SALISBURY, SOth. May, 1808. [ 1604 SOMERSET. '" TX) be SOLD AUCTION, by Mr. ALEXAN- _ dER, at the King's Arms Inn, in bruton, on Saturday { MILFORD- STREET, SALISBURY. THE MISS WOOLCOTTS respectfully inform their Friends, and the Ladies in general, of Salisbury and its vicinity, that their SHOW- ROOM is now ready for Inspection, b'cins just returned with a variety of NEW FASHIONS from Lo NDON ; Straw, Chip, flats and Bonnets of the newest taste, with many other new and fashionable articles of Dress, *- TI » cy beg leave to return their best thanks for past favours, and to assure those Ladies yvifci may please to honour them with tlveir commands, that faey will continue to use their best endeavours to executc them in the neatest and most fashipnable marnjer. May 28, 1801. 1690] An APPRENTICE wanted. MILLINERY ROOMS, Southampton-, May 30, IS08. MRS. BAKER begs to. inform her friends in ge- neral, that she is just returned fr< i[ tt London, with a great variety of SUMMER FASHIoNS, in Millinery, Pe- lisses, Mantles, & c. & c. N. B.— A new' and elegapt assortment of CHILDREN'S' CAPS, ROLES, & C, V Three APPRENTICES wanted immediately.— Appli- cations ( post- paid) will be duly answered. [ 16.98 AAND E. BAKER respectfully heg leave to in- « form their Friends, that they are just retprncd from London with a fashionable assortment of DRESSES, PE- LISSES, SPENCERS, CORSETS, to. which they hope will meet general approbation. No. 20, Above Bar, Southampton, May, 30,1803, *** An APPRENTICE wanted immediately.— Letters, post paid, will be duly answered. [ 1705 H. GARRETT, No, '. 73. oppqs:^, 411 Saints church, High- street, SOUTHAMPTON. HGARRETT respectfully begs leave to inform • the Nobility and Gentry, and her Friends in general of Southampton and its vicinity, that she is just returned from London with ari elegant Selection of the most fashionable SUMMER DRESSES, " fee. & c. which she flatters herself will meet their approbation. N. B. Three Apprentices wanted immediately. SOUTHAMPTON, May Hth, 1S08 [ 168- 2 NOTICE is hereby given, that the Copartnership lately subsisting between ELIZABETH GAUNTLETT, CHRISTOPHER GAUNTLETT, and WILLIAM GAUNTLETT, of the City of Winchester, Wine Merchants, carried on unrter the firm of " Gauntlett's Company," was this day DIS- SOLVED by mbtual consent; and that the business will in future be carried oq by the said ELIZABETH GAUNTLETT and CHRISTOPHER GAUNTLETT, to whom all debts due to the Copartnership are to be paid, and by whom all debts due from the said Copartnership will be discharged.— Dated this iCth day of May, 1808. 1708] ELIZABETH GAUNTLETT. „, • CHRISTOPHER GAUNTLETT. WILLIAM GAUNTLETT. QUEeN's ARMS TAVERN A-' D COFFEE- HOUSE, Newgate Street, London. TANII h. STAPLES, front Salisbury, beg leave • to inform their Country Friends and the' Public in ge- neral, that they haye taken the above House, and neatly fitted it up for the reception of Gentlemen and Travellers that W'll favour them with their commands, and who may depend on being comfortably accommodated on moderate terms. They hope by- assiduity and attention to merit their future favours, which will be gratefully received by their humble servants, sJ. and H. STAPLES. *#* Neat Wines, Liquors, and fine Ales; a good Larder, Steaks, Chops, Fish, and Soups. N. ii. The Salisbury and Winchester Journal taken in, and regularly filed. [ 1647 TO BOOKBINDERS. AC A PIT At. WORKMAN, of good character, may h- ar of a superior and permanent situation, by applying ar the Printing Office, Salisbury. [ 1535 None of inferior ability need apply. COMBYSSET MANOUR FARM. TO be SOLD,— A LEASE of this FARM for twenty years, under the College of Winchester. For particulars enquire of Robert Serle, Esq. Winchester, N. 8.— Possession to be had at Michaelmas 1? 0,9. [ l6ll Freehold Housj and Garden, Salisbury. TO be SOLD,— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and GARDEN, situate on Milford Hill, in the city of New Sarum, formerly a PuMic- house, known by the sign of the Weavers' Arms. For particulars apply to Mr. Fisher, Builder, High- street, Salisbury. [ 1648 * » * Land- tax redeemed. IIO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— ' A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, GARDEN, and PRE- MISES. situate in Captain's tow, Lymington, Hants. The Land- tax is redeemed, and immediate possession may be had. For'particulars, and to treat, apply personally or by letter ( post paid) to Mr. Brown, Attorney at Law, Ly- mington. [ 1677 TO be peremptorily SOLD, pursuant to an order of the High Court of Chancery, with the approbation of John Springett Harvey, Esq. qne of the Masters of the said Court, at the Wheel Inn, in Calne, in the County of Wilts, on Thursday the 9th day of June, 1808, in distinct lots,— Sundry FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in and near to Calne aforesaid, being part of the Wiltshire estatts of the most honourable William late Marquis of Lanjdown, deceased. Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Cham- bers, in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London ; of Mr. Smith, Solicitor, Drapers'- hall, London ; Mr. Atherton, Attorney at Law, at Calnc; at the place of sale; and the principal Inns . in Bristol, Bath, Chippenham, Devizes, and Marlborough ; and the estates may be viewed, by orders which will be given for that purpose by the said Mr. Atherton. BUILDING MATERIALS, SARUM. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LEWIS, on the premises, in One Lot, on Tuesday the 14th of June, at eleven O'clock,— All the MATERIALS, as they now stand, of those extensive Warehouses, late in the occupation of Mr. Hutchence, situated near St. Martin's Church.— The Tiles, Bricks, anil Timber are of tpe first quality.— A reason- able time will be allowed to clear the ground.—— For a view of the premises, apply to Mr. LEWIS, on the Canal. HYTHE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. IX) be SOLD by AUCTION, " by Mr. ETHE- RIDGE, at the Rodney's Head, Hvthe, on Friday the loth of June next, at three o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract),— A FREEHOLD brick- built DWELLlNCi- HOySl'', with two small Gardens apd a Fuel- house thereto belonging, situate in Hythe, and now In the occupation of Harrison, as tenant thereof. Fo'f further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Hooper, Attorney, Ringwood; and for ^ view of the premises to the Tenant In possession. [ 1701 ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. CRISWICK, on the Premises, on Tuesday the jlst of May, 1808, and two following days,— The valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of tilt late Mrs. Child; composing excellent goose feather beds and mattresses ; four- past mahogany and beech hedstcads', with furnitures; double and single chests of mahogany and wainscot drawers ; dinner, Pembroke, card, and claw tables; eight- dav clopk in elegant mahogany case ; plate and China ; valuable prints in burnished gilt frames; neat gig, 011 curricle springs, s; ood as new; fowling pieces and pistols, by Mortimer and Nock; culinary articles of every description; coppers, brewing utensils and casks; two stone rollers; and numerous orhcr effects, which will be ex- pressed in catalogues, to be delivered three days previous to the sale, at the Globe, Newbury; Black Horse, Salisbury; ' acob's Printing- office, Winchester; and at the Auctione. r's, i^ ndoyer. Sale will begin each day precisely at two o'clock in the afternoon. : [ 1584 ton- Cleveland, in the said county ; consisting of an excellent Farm- house, Out- house » i, Stafis, Bartons, Gardens, Orchards, and about one . Sndred acres of exceeding rich meadow, pas- ture, and arable Lands, with oth, er Lands, lying at prestleigh and Batcombe, in the said cotmiy, in thirteen lots: For a description of IJu*, is, set the last Journal. ,, F? r ? JJL<: 7! r the premises apply to Farmer W. Cox, at Albion's Mill Farm aforesaid. < 3Cf Possession will be given St Lady- day next. [ 14.% SOMERSET. rFO he SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ANDREWS, J ( by order of the Assignees of John Burge, a Bankrupt), at Ansford Inn, near Castle Cary, in the'eountv of Somerset, on Monday and Tuesday the 6th and 7th of June next, at two < peach of . the said davs,— Sundry fREehoLD MESSUAGES and LANDS, situate in the pa- rishes of Castle Cary and Pitcombe, in the said ccunty, Ijtc the property of the i> aid John Burge. For a description of the hU, and other particulars, tec the last Journut. CHURCH PREFERMENT. FOR SALE by AUCTION, . It the Angel Inn, in Sherborne, mthe county of Dorset, on Wednesday thfe 1st day of June next, between tin- hours of four and siv o clock 1K the afternoon.— The ADVOWSON and PERPE- TUAL PRESENTATION of EAST CHELFOP. OUOH, LUCAM. otherwise LUCKAM, in the county of Dorset, with the Great and Smah Tithes extending over between 8 and 900 acres of cultivated land, the Glebe being 92 acres ( more or less), ron- veoicnUy lying ar. d well timbered: the present incumber*, aged 85 years.— East Chelboroueh is 5 miles fr* m Bcaminster, 11 from Bridport, 13 from Dorchester, 8 from Sherborne, and 7 trom Yeovil. Should any further particular, be wanted previous to the sale, please to apply to Mr. Kellow, Membury, Devon ; or Mr. Harbin, attorney at law, Sherborne aforesaid. [ 1406 SOUTHAMPTON, TO l, e SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LINDEN-, . Premises,—.— Several ONE- HORSE CHAISES and HORSES, both Saddle and ( Jig, on Friday the ad of June. 1802; together with some HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, the properly of a person quitting his residence in Houndwell- Lane, Above- Bar, B.— The Horse:, can be recommended, and are well worthy the attention of the public. [ 1707 Sale to begin at twelve o'clock precisely. PORTSMOUTH. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Star and Garter tavern, 00 Thursday Hie 2d of . tune, 1S08, at nooti,— The NAVAL and ORDNANCE STORES of the new French Privateer Brig LE RE:. NQJ5; consisting pf Cables, Anohors, Hawsers, Masts, Spars, standing and running Rigging, Guns, Powder, Shot, Provisions, Spirits, Wine, Water Casks, & c. ate.; condemned as Prize in the High Court of Admiralty of England to his Majesty's Ship Driad, Adam Drummoiid, Esq. Commander. [ ltM. 9 For Catalogue? and further particulars apply, three day « before the sale, to JOHN MoYLE, Broker. PORTSMOUTH. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Star and Garter Tavern, on Thursday the 2d & f June, 19Q8, at noon.- r- The remaining STORES of the Russian Frigate SBESHNOY ; constating ot Lower Masts, Rowsprit, TopMastts, Top Gallant Masts, Lower Yards, Topsail yards. Booms, a q^ antifr of Deals, Caps, Cross and Trussed Trees, Canvas, fee. The above Stores, being nearly new, are well worth t\ i* attention of Carpenters, Builders, or. Lath Makers. Condemned a » Prize in the High Court of Admiralty of England. For Catalogues and further particulars apply, three before the sale, tp N. P. ROTHIERY, Esq. Agent; Ot lo'SOj JOHN MOYLe, Broker. ^ GOSPORT. FQR PUBLfC SALE,' at the Dolphin Inn, ot; Thursday the 9th of June ! r0 » , at elcvtn o'clock in the forenoon— The following GOODS : feO half se'rons Cara^ ea Indigo. 57 pockets Cotton. s? 8 serons Bark. Being past of the Cargo of the Spanish Brie La Bolodora, con- demned as Prize to his Majesty's ship Undaunted, Thwnai James Maling, Esq. Captain. Fur catalogues and viewing the same, apply to Mts « r5, Smiths, Marten, and St. Barbe, London , of'at the office of MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker, Gosport. s GOSPORT. FOR SALE b, AUCTION, at THE INDIA ARMS INS, on Wednesday the lst day of June next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— The good S>. HIP Smv and HETTY, her Tackle, Apparel, and Furniture, detained on her voyage from Lisbon to Philadelphia, and regularlv condemned in the High Court of Admiralty, as prize to hie Majesty's ship Bkis- som, George Pigot, Esq. Captain. She is a very strong American- built ship, of ; fiout 430 tons measurement, coo- p red to the bends, is tolerably Well found in stores, sailt remarkably fast, and may be sent to sea with litUe eiuepfc. After which,—' The Cargo of the abov; sliip, T For Expoxtation About 200 Tons of SALT. 7 Hogsheads of WINE, ( POT Home Consumption. J , About UO. Cwt. of COR(?. For inventories and further particulars apply, three days before the sale, to George Morss Jukes, Agent for thcCaptois j or Hurry, Jukes, and Co. [ laao GOSPORT, HANTS, Lease of a free Public- house for Sale. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by W. PURKIS, OH Wednesday the 1st day of June, on the Premises, between the hours oi six and eight o'clock in the evening,— All that old- established and good- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE ( now in full trade) tailed the YORKSHIRE GREY, situate in South- street, in Gosport, and now in the occupation of Gillum Daniel.— The above house is held by Lease, o « which 10 years are yet unexpired. From the eligibility of the situation ami the respectable connection which this house has long enjoyed, a very favourable opportunity is now offered t » any one wishing to embark in the public line. dials, frc.; and also all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITUREr China, Glass, and other effects ofthe said Gillum Daniel comprising four- post, tent, and other bed- steads and furniture; feather beds and bedding, mahoganv and wainscot dining and pillar and clawed tables, stained and other chairs, pier and dressing glasses, pictures, kitchen re- quisites, and many other useful articles. Particulars may be known on application ( if by letter, free of postage). to the Auctioneer, Portsmouth ; or a't the Offices of Messrs. Minchin and Compigne, and Mr, pearce, iu Gosport. fieia SOMERSETSHIRE. Capital Freehold, tythe- free Furm, and the great arid sniall Tythes of about 709 Acres, crtid a Donative. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKIV- NFR, DYKE, Tuchin, and FORREST, 011 Thursday the 23d June, at twelve o'clock, it Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, in one lot,— A capital and very valuable'FREEHOLD FSTATE, most advantageously situate at Durston, five miles from Taunton ; comprising BUCK LAND PRIORY FARM; consisting of a dwelling- house, offices, walled garden, orcharding, barns, stabling, ox- pens, useful out- buildings, capital malting, and the surrounding lnQlosures of rich' grazing meadow and arable lands, contain- ing three hundred and eighty- i^ x statute acres, tythe- frce, and in a high state of cultivation, in the occupation of Mr. John Abrahams, for an unexpired term of six vears. Also the gREAT and SMALL TYTHt. S of the remaining part of the parish of Durston ( except a few acres) containing about seven hundred acres" of fertile, productive land, on lease for an unexpijtd term of six years ; the whole forming one ct the most desirable estates in the vale of Taunton Dean: the present rents amounting to onlv NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, capable of considerable increase.' [ 1688 And the perpepial Donative to the Church of Durston. To be viewed by applying to Buekland Priory, where printed particulars may he had; also of Mr. Yolland, Mera- field', Piympton ; at the Pope's Head, Plymouth; Castle Inn, Taunton; Messrs. Trewmans, Printers, Exeter; Mr. Cmtr- wtll, Bath; Mr. Gutch, Bristol; Mr. Ungdon, Sherborne; at tils Printing- Office, Salisbury; at the placc of sale; anl of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgste- Strcet, London, where 11 plan of Buckland may be seen. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY w. cOLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of fyeus arc received ( Postage paid.) ^ JfWmiMani Soestjmjs!^ U West at pogla^ i ty the Respective NEWSMEN; and in London by Messrs. TAyLOR and NEWTON, N » . 5, Warwick- square, Wwivkk- Lane, newgate- street. awl Mr. wILKIe. bookseller, Patesrnoster- B'""- t
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