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The Edinburgh Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  James Donaldson
Volume Number: LXXXIX    Issue Number: 4634
No Pages: 8
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The Edinburgh Advertiser
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The Edinburgh Advertiser

Date of Article: 27/05/1808
Printer / Publisher:  James Donaldson
Address: sold at the Printing-house, Castlehill, Edinburgh
Volume Number: LXXXIX    Issue Number: 4634
No Pages: 8
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V From TUESDAY MAY 24, to FRIDAY MAY 27, 1808. THURSDArs POST. From the LONDON PAPERS, May 23. LONDON. gHE French & Dutch Papers fre- quently take an opportunity to mention the embassy which BONAPARTE sent to the KING £ of PERSIA.— We think- it right ' to state, that our Ministers have by no means beeo negligent upon this subject; for Sir H. JONES sailed from Ports- mouth in the Sapphire Frigate, in October last, on an embassy to PERSIA. He left the Cape on the 28th January. Tuesday a Cartel arrived from Harlingen, having on board the crew of his Majesty's ship Flora, which Was wrecked on the Dutch coast. OPORTO, May 4.—" Of the contribution levied by General JUNOT, now DUKE D'A- BRANTES, amounting to 4,000,000 of old crowns, the first payment, one- third, has been enforced, and the greater part paid in. When the French Emperor's army arrived in Lisbon, not one man in ten had shoes; now they are well clothed at the expence of the inhabitants of Portugal, who hold them in the greatest detestation." On Monday the Commanders of the Hon. East India Company's Naval Service gave a splendid and elegant dinner at the London Ta- vern to Mr. DRUMMOND, late Chief of the British Factory at- Canton in China, in testi- mony of the regard and psteem in which that gentleman has been held by the above very respectable corps. A vat of strong beer, containing nearly 1000 barrels, the property of Messrs. GOODWYN and Co. of East Smithfield, burst on Tuesday evening last, with a most tremendous crash, carrying every thing before it 5 only 100 bar- rels were saved. On the 5th instant, as Mr LACvwas return- ing from Wooler Cottage, where he had been receiving the rents for Sir FRANCIS BLAKE, Bart, about 11 o'clock at night, he was accost- ed by a person near Woofer Brewery, with " How do you do, Mr LACY ? I hope you are very well; it is a fine evening." The man im- mediately came across to Mr LACY, as he sup- posed to shake hands with him, instead of which he struck him with a bludgeon on the cheek bone, but beingan oblique stroke it graz- ed upon the arm. Mr LACY immediately made a push at the man's head and struck his hat off. He then caught the ruffian by the hair, and clapping spurs to his horse, dragged him about ISO yards, when the hair gave way and he fell to the ground. In the act of dismounting to secure him, Mr L. observed two persons run- ning on the contrary side of the hedge, and having nothing in his hand but a small whip, he thought it prudent to make tbe best of his way past the hedge, and on looking back he saw the two men standing at a corner, the fence beii:; so strong they could not get over; io'consequence their design was frustrated. Published a! MACKAY's LIBRARY, HIGH' STREET', ALLAN RAMSAY'S GENTLE SHEP- HERD, with ILLUSTRATIONS of the SCE- NERY, embellished with Sixteen capital Engrav- ' ings, 2 vols, royal Evo.— Price. II. lis. 6d. boards. INDIAN RECREATIONS, by the Rev. Wra. Tennant, A. M. LL. D. & M. A. S. 3 vols. 8vo.— 11. Ss. The SHFPWRECK— A POEM, by WM. Falco- ner, a Sailor, with an original LIFE of the Author, elegantly printed by Ballantyne, foolscap Svo.— 4s. ed. The GENTLE SHEPHERD, by Allan Ram say, elegantly printed by Ballantyne, foolscap 8vp. — 4s. 6d. THE EDINBURGH BUDGET, ' of WIT and AMUSEMENT— Being a select Collection of ele- gant Anecdotes, Bon Mots of celebrated Charac- ters, including many originals.— Price 4s. Cd. boards. STERNE'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY, beau tifullv printed, with Six Engravings.— Price 4s. 6d. N.' B— An APPRENTICE WANTED. Just Published, In 2 vols. 8vo. price 15s. Boards, SERMONS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS;— Br WILLIAM CRAIG, D. D. Late Minister of St. Andrew's Church, Glasgow A new Edition, with several Additional SERMONS and a LIFE of the AUTHOR. I. ondon— Printed for JOHN MURRAY, Fleet Street, and ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and Co. E- dinburgh. This Day are Published, And Sold by all Booksellers, in One Volume Oc tavo, price 10s. 6d. in boards, INQUIRIES, HISTORICAL and MORAL, respec- ting the CHARACTER of NATIONS, and the PROGRESS of SOCIETY. BY HUGH MURRAY. Edinburgh— Printed by James Ballantyne & Co. fjpr Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, London and John Anderson, Edinburgh. This Dau is Published— In Svo. ftrice AHISTORY ofthe PENAL LAWS against the IRISH CATHOLICS, from the treaty of Limerick to the Union. BY HENRY PARNELL, Esq; M. P. London— printed for J. Harding; sold in Edin- burgh by Constable & Co. and J. Park. Where may be had, PARNELL's APOLOGY for the IRISH CA- THOLICS— a new Edition, price 5s. 6d. " We are happy to agree entirely with Mr. Par- nell upon this important subject, and we warmly recommend his work to the attention of the public." — Edinburgh Review, NO. 20. NEW LONDON VESTS. JOHN CLAPPERTON has just got to hand SEVERAL HUNDRED YARDS London Printed QUILTINGS and ROYAL RIBS, ( most excellent Patterns, and Fast Colours), which will be sold CHEAP. l. ucltnbooths, Edinburgh, May 26, 1S08. This Day are Published— t'n. c Us bJ. REMARKS on the PROPOSALS made to GREAT BRITAIN, for Opening NEGO TIATIONS for PEACE, in the year 1807. Br WILLIAM ROSCOE, Esc; London— Printed for'F.' C'ADELI, & W. DAVITS, Strand ; and Sold by the principal Booksellers ill Edinburgh. Of - whom may be had, Lately Published, by the same Author, Considerations on the Causes, Objects, and Consequences of the PRESENT WAR, and on the Expediency or the Danger of PEACE with FRANCE, 5th edition 2s. 6d. Also, Mr. Ro. seog's other Works. MISS M O R R I SO N, BROWN'S LAND,- LUCKENSOOTHS, Facing the Cross, TJ EGS leave to acquaint-, her Friends and the Public, that she continues to teach Young Ladies all kinds of Plain and Coloured Needle Work . Flowers, Cardwork, & c. M. M. has also begun to teach English. SALE OF SUGARS AT LEFI'H. WKI. Sibbald anil Co. will expose to public sale, at their Sale Room, in Leith, on ' Friday the 3d of June, at 11 o'clock forenoon, TTTHDS. SUGAR, mostly of fine qtia- 11 lity, and Jit for the Scale, being, . the- remainder of their-. last year's importation.. LEITH, 23d May, 1808. ON S A L E, . AOUANTITY of BREMEN, OAK BARK. Apply to GLEN & WALKER. TIMBER EUSI: LFITH, 13th May, 1808. TALL O W, & c. To WSOLD by. Auction, in Win. Grinly's Sale Room, Paterspn's Court, Leith, . upon. Monday the ijth of June 1808, at 12 o'clock;, , •' ASKS FALLOW. 41 ( . 15 SACKS SHEEP'S WOOL. 27 CASKS KELP. 2. CWT. FEATHERS . for BEDS. Parr, of the Two SJ » Y it RS' 4 CARGO,-. from Iceland. Apply to CORBET I', EORTHWICK SC CO. LEITH, 23d May, 1808. ARDLLOSSAN HARBOUR. "" Y Order of tin: Committee of Management, the Subscribers to the ARDROSSAN IIAR- 5UR arc requested to pay. another instalment tf 10 per cent, ef- thcir respective f- afejfriptkns, on or before the !$ t day of June nest, to lames Crich- tcn, Irvine, cf which this notice isgivtr, agreeable to act of Parliament. Irvine, 13$ ISQ? » This Day is published, Price 5s. in boards, DEBATES - in PARLIAMENT, respecting the JENNERIAN DISCOVERY, including the late Debate on the further Grant of Twenty Thou- sand Pounds to Dr J ENNER.— Together with the REPORT of the COLLEGE of PHYSICIANS of LONDON, on the VACCINE INOCULA- TION. With Introductory Remarks. By CHARLES MURRAY. 14 Ne hominem occidito." London :— Printed by W. Phillips.— And sold by Hatchard, Piccadilly; Murray, Fleet Street; Callow, Crown Court, Waruoar Street; Longman & Co. and Symonds, Paternoster Row ; Asperne, Cornhill; and W. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street. ANNUAL FUND FOR GOVERNESSES. Just Published— Price Is. RULES OF THE ANNUITY' FUND, Established for the BENEFIT of GOVER- NESSES, with an Account of the Institution, and Proposals for Enlarging its Plan, by means of Honorary Subscription. Printed for S. CHILYNE, 22, George Street, E dinburgh; J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church- yard, and'J. Hatchard, Piccad lly, London. The Annuity Fund for the Benefit- of Gover- nesses is placed under the protection, of the Lord Advocate of Scotland, the-. Solicitor- General of Scotland, ( for the tihie being), and- Thrae.- of the Resident Clergymen of Edinburgh, and - is to - be managed by- a Committee of LAIJIES, to wham, as Guardians of the respectability of the Institution, applications for Admission - are to be. addressed.— Governesses residing in England may, en - produc- ing the requisite Certificates, be admitted Mem- bers, of the Institution-, aad become in consequent Proprietors- of . the Fund; The branch intended'to be added to it by Subscription, wilt be deatimM to the purpose of affording relief in certain Cases of sickness and calamity, to which the provisions of the Attnuity- Fund cannot extend. » § * Honorary- Subscribers will please to send their Names to Mr.. Cheyne, Bookseller, Edin- burgh ; or to Mr. Johnson, or Mr.. Hatchard, London. OS- SI1A~ N- THIS Day. is Published, By PETER HILL,' ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE, and ALEX. MACKAY, Edinburgh; Brash and Reid, Glasgow;, arid John Murray, London, AN ESSAY— ON THE AUTHENTICITY OFTHE POEMS OF O SSI AN, In which the objections of MALCOLM LAING, Esq; M « P. are particularly considered and. refuted; By PATRICK GRAHAM, D. D. Minister- of Aberfoyle. Ofthe above, and of Thomas Brown, NO. 1, North Bridge, may be had— by the same, SKETCHES descriptive of PICTURESQUE SCENERY in the Highlands of Perthshire, in- cluding the Trosachs, Loch Ketturin, Loch of Menteirh, Lochard, and other places so frequent- ly visited by strangers during the summer. EDINBURGH ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Just Published, A'O. 1, and 2, of the TT'DINBURGH ENCYCLOPiEDLl;— Con- XL ducted by DAVID BREWSTER, LL. D. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Society ofthe Antiquaries of Scotland; CONDITIONS. I. This work will not, it is expected^ exceedTen Volumes quarto, and will be handsomely printed, with .. new type, by JAMES BALLANTYI « E'& Co. Edinburgh. The paper will be a line woye demy; and the Engravings will be executed by the first artists in London and Edinburgh, from original, . . ; . •, . . drawings, by Mr PETER NICHOLSON, Mr. i'A-, Pre" edta the particulars,- for ue due performance REY, MrR. WI, ANAN,& C. of the Contract. . , , II. It willbe published m Numbers, one of which , Particular^ thj Contracts may Be had on ap CONTRACTS FOR COALS AND CANDLES COMMISSARY- GENERAL'S 0: FICE, LONDON, May 14, 1808. WANTED for the Barracks' in the under- mentioned Counties in South Britain, for the Barracks in North Britain, and in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Aldc- rney, such Quanti- ties of COALS and CANDLES as may from time to time be required by tiie respective Barrack Masters for the time beiiig. The Deliveries to commence as soon after the 25th of June next, as the respective Barrack Mas- ters shall require, and to continue until the 24th of June following. Proposals . for supplying COALS, made separate- ly for each County in South Britain, the whole of the Barracks ia North Britain, & likewise for those in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and AUloroej , sealed up « nd marked " Tender for Coals," will' be- received at this Office until eleven o'clock Tfii Monday the- 6th June; the parties tendering, ob- serving, that, in those Counties where both Sea and Inland- teals are used, the Proposals must par- ticularly express the Price of each description. Proposals for CANDLES, sealed up and mark- ed " Tender for Candles," w ill be received until eleven o'clock- on Tuesday the 7th June; but no tender, either for Coals or Candles, will be notic ed, unless made on, or annexed to, a printed par- ticular- jaud the prices inserted in words at length, and if sent by post, the postage must be paid.-— Each Tender must be accompanied with letters from two respectable persons engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the sums ex- will appear every fortnight, and will contain Nine Sheets of letter press— price ' Three Shillings. But for the convenience of subscribers, it may also be had in Parts or Half Volumes, consisting of Six Numbers each— price Eighteen Shillings in boards. III. Any subscriber, after examining the first part, is at liberty u return it if it does not meet with his approbation. Subscriptions received by OI. IPHANT W BROWN, and W. CREECH, Edinburgh; J. M, RICHARDSON, opposite the Royal Exchange, Lon- don; STODDART and CRAGGS, Hull; and all re- spectable booksellers. This Day is Published— Price 5s. Hoards. By JAMES and ANDREW DUNCAN, Booksellers, Glasgow ; and Sold by Messrs. Creech, Bell anc Bradfute, Constable & ( to. Manuel's & Miller. W. and J. Deas, and J..' Thomson, jun. and Co. booksellers, Edinburgh; and by the booksellers in Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen, THE SCOTS ITINERARY,. containing the ROADS throughout SCOT LAND on a New Plan— second edition enlarged— with two Indexes & an Appendix ; illustrated by Maps of Scotland, and of [ slay and Jura. BY JAMES DUNCAN. - This new edition of the Scots, Intinerary has been corrected and improved with incredible labour and care. It contains, besides the roads through Scot- land, all the principal roads from Scotland to Lon- don and to Belfast and Dublin, so that no other Itinerary is necessary in going from Edinburgh to London; either by. Berwick, Coldstream, or Car- lisle ; or from Glasgow to London, by Manchester, Liverpool, IJC Boroughbridge ; or in travelling to Belfast or Dublin. It contains also much interest- ing and useful information respecting the progres- sive improvements in the Highlands, furnished from the reports of the Commissioners. But its principal superiority to all ' other Itineraries of Scotland, consists in the distinct exhibition of the Gentlemen's Seats and Villas, which appear from tbe respective roads. The distances from place to place are given on the left hand, and the gentle- men's seats oft the right band side of every folio. SIMPSON'S BOARDING SCHOOL. MISS SIMPSON begs leave to inform her Friends and the Public, that she is moved to a large and convenient House, ho. 48, YORK PLACE, which enables her to receive a conside- rable addition to the number of the YOUNG LA DIES, she has already \ inder her care. . Miss SIMPSON feels herself irresistibly called u- pon by this opportunity, to express her gratitude for fhe very uncommon Patronage, and conse- quent success she has experienced, and to assure her friends, that it shall be her constant endeavour to prove, herself capable of the important^ charge she has undertaken. Miss StMPsoN. has been at pains to select and engage the mast approved Masters.; and her own unremitted attention, with that of- suitable Gover- nesses, shall not be wanting, towards the comfott abd improvement of her Young Ladies. EUINR. May 17, 1808. KINCARDINESHIRE TAXES. MAVING been chosen Collector pf the Cess, Taxes, and other Assessments, payable in the ity of Kincardine, I take this opportunity of iutimating^ t2 all concerned, that I have appointed Mr. John Brand, writer in Stonehaven, my depute, and authorised him to receive and discharge all such Taxes accordingly. C. SCOT 1". CKJCOIS, 23d May, 180 » . F O R , S A L £, A ' TWO WHEELED COMFORTABLE.— f~\ Tt is a good ea'y family conveyance. To be seen at liulgreen, two miles west of Edinr. WA NTisD IM MEDIATELY, AJOURNEYMAN TOBACCONIST to to the Country, where he will have employment. H- man. Ap iiiaburgji. MAIL COACHES,. THE'DELEGATES appointed by - the . Coun- ties of Scotlami. to concert the proper iTmde cf obtaining a Repeal of the Exemption enjnved I by MAIL COACHES from Payment of TOLL, ' are requested to meet in the Royal Exchange Cof- I fee- house, Edinburgh, on. Monday the 30th day of I May, at- 12 o'clock.—— In the mean time Commu- onstant: nications on_ th: s Subje: t, will continue to here- W. S.. 23, North plication at this Office, between the hours of ten and four; to Mr Deputy ComrnissaTy General Assiotti, Edinburgh ; Mr Assistant Commissary Rawlins, Guernsey; and Mr Assistant Commissa- ry Dumaresq, Jersey.. COUNTIES. Berks. Lancaster Chester. Middlesex Cornwall ( includingScilly) Norfolk Cumberland Northampton Devon Northumberland Dorset Nottingham Durham Somerset Essex- Suffolk Gloucester Surry Hants Sussex Hunts Wa » wic! c, Isle of Wight Wilts Kent York. North Britain. Guernsey, Jersey, and Aldertiey. CAR D— MR. SHEPPARD most respectfully begs leave to inform bis Friends and Customers, that he means to retire from the Tea & Grocery Trade : and he embraces this opportunity to return them his most sincere thanks for the many favours they have conferred upon him. The whole Stock, in Trade; of ROBERT SHEP- PARD & Co. Tea Dealers- and Grocers, No. 83, South Bridge Street, is now on sale,. at uncommon low prices, For Ready Mtvey only. In Fine Teas, the Customers wfll save from Is, to 2s. ® n each, pound. In Spices the saving is immense, and on Gro- ceries the saving is very great. Printed Bills, with the prices annexed, to be bad ' at their shop. N. B.— It is earnestly intreated that their custo mers will pay their accounts as s'oon as they pas- sibly can. STEtHEN iLAWSOM, CLOTHIER RESPECTFULLY informs his Customers and the Public, that he has this ( lay, moved from NO. 93, South Bridge, to. that Shop ' first above the St; amp Office Close, High Street, where he hopes from unremitted- attention, to merit a continuance of their kind favours. S. I., has got to hand for the above Shop, an extensive S TOCK'of GOODS for the Summer ' Trade, consisting of Best West of England . SUPERFINES and LA- DIES CLOTHS, of the most Fashionable Co- lours. Broad and Narrow.- SECOND CLOTHS for Liveries, & c. DUFFLES and BATH COATINGS; for Great Coats. . MfLI.' l) and PLAIN CASSIMERES; SPA- NISH ELASTIC, and PRINCES CORDS, . of very superior quality. Printed QUILTINGS and JEANS, with every , other Article new in Vest Stuffs. And as S. L. has paid every attention in select- ing. them from the first houses in Jtngland, the public- may depend that they are or the first quality, and sold on- the most moderate terms. Commissions- from the country carefully atten- ded to. EOINT. 25th May, 1808 EP must be steady, and a good wrork- j ceived by Thomas Cranstoun, Apply to U'm. Sanderson, Tobacconist, E- jCastle Street, Edinburgh, and any person desirin: I iaforniEtionj .' wili obtain it by applying to him, SHOP; TO LET, '., And Auction of Grocery G:: ds. . To be SOLD by public auction, in the first shop be- low the head of Stricherfs Close,- High Str » et, Edinburgh, on Monday next the - dOth inst. . 1- IHE Whole STOCK of Teas, Sugars,. Spirits, , Porter, Ale, and Grocery Goods, together ith the Counter, Shelves, Shop Furniture, Stuclt Casks, aud- Utensils, to be put vp in such lots a « Shall be agreeable to purchasers. Tk'e roup to begin at ten o'clock As the whoL- must be sold off without reserve, great bargains may be expected. ' The SHOP to be LET, and entered to immedi- ately,,- LAUR. KNCK HOUSTON. .- Suction*-, TO LET NEAR- NKWH.- iVjtN, A \ KOUSF. cf Seven Rooms, ftitchen, and J i_ Stable, wjth Garden well stocju- d- with fruit , trees, and garden stuffs. Apply to Capt - MaVj.;, at the house. Entry immediately. JEcr. Nr, 25th May, 180S, 33 § THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for 1808. LINT- SEED. NOTICE TO DEALERS AND BUYERS. TRUSTEES- OFFICE, Edinb. April 1808. THE Commissioners and Trustees, for Manu- factures, & c. in Scotland, hereby intimate, that by the Law relative to Lint- Seed, ( 13. Geo. I. cap. 2b'. and 24. Geo. II. cap. 31.) if any person shall sell, or expose to sale, or shall even import e- ny bad seed,— or seed of different years,— or different qua- lities mixed together,— or seed not thsrdughly cleansed; or if any person sell old seed, as new, or under a false description s any respect; all such seed, or the price thereof, is liable to be forfeited, and the proprietor or vender is also liable in a penalty not exceeding 51, per- hogshead. But in case of Lint- Seed being damaged iA the conveyance by sea, it is not liable to forfeiture.,, pro- vided thatj immediately on landing the seed, the importer shall produce sufficient proof before a Jus- tice of the Peace or Magistrate, that the damage was received at sea, and shall at the same time fender sufficient security to the Secretary of the Trustees for Manufacturess: that such seed shall not be sown , but shall be made into oil,- or exported. The law requires, that the seller shall, along With every parcel of Lint- seed, deliver an account subscribed by him, to the buyer, specifying not only the quantity, the price, and the port from whence it came, but particularly " the year of its growth, and the Country where it grew( which circumstances must always be precisely stated in the importer's invoice.) And as such a certificate may enable the buyer, in case of imposition, to prosecute the sel- ler more effectually for redress, no one should ever take seed without a certificate, of the above parti- culars, subscribed by the seller. The law also requires, that all Lint- seed must be sold by the Linlithgow barley measure, streaked; and that every such measure must be first stamped by the Dean' of Guild of some Royal Burgh, with the usual mark of such Burgh, and also with these words, " Linlithgow, Barley Measure :"•— other- Wise the vender forfeits , the measure, and: forty shillings for every offence* In all Advertisements of the Sale of Lintse. ed, and upon all Packages in which it is brought to market, the Dealers should specify the Tear cf its froivth, and the name of the Country where it grew.— f this be omitted, the Public have a right to pre- sume, that it is omitted intentionally, and that it is Old Seed, which is understood very rarely to pro- duce even a tolerable crop. The Riga, the Dutch, and the Philadelphia Lint- seed, are the « nly fo- reign kinds which, from experience, can be safely recommended for sowing in this Country. 1 And the Trustees bei>: g informed, that,- tinder he pretext of importing Lint- seed for, • crushing A CAR D. WII. LIAM BRUCE, SEN.' with thanks t » a generous Public for past favours, beg leave to acquaint them, that the COPART- POST CARRIAGE BETWEEN EDINBURGH grateful I AND GLASGOW. T7RANCIS BLACKIE, AGENT M Glasgow, JJ for the EDINBURGH and LE. ITII SHIPPING MAY 27. WOODYARD AND WORKSHOP FOR SALE, ' JHHAT WOODYARD with SHADES and JL WORK SHOP, lying at the Back of the NERY betwixt WILLIAM BRUCE ar. d SON COMPANY, conceiving that he c? u make great im- Tenement . erected by Mr. Fyfe, at GREENS'IDE rr,-.^, TTT-. T-. . ftirL!...... j... • ~ c /•'• « .. . a. i .• . . ! T> r a r> o- o 11A ^ YfprwIinT' f- fTw. i ) c thp fraltrin - h 11 was DISSOLVED at the term of Whitsunday last. The Business in all its branches, is now carried on under the firm of WILLIAM BRUCE, SEN. & COMPANY, At 37, NORTH BRIDGE, and at their Large Pre- misses, Stamp Office Ciose, Edinburgh, viz. as APPRAISERS, AUCTIONEERS, UPHOLSTERERS, CABINET MAKERS, & c. & c. & c. As- also, the Hiring of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE of every description, from the first ele- gance to the most useful and necessary. From their extensive premisses in the Stamp Of- fice Close, they'have it in their power to accom- modate manufacturers and the public by their monthly sales, and humbly hope to give the same satisfaction to their friends and the public which they have done for this long time past. Carried now on under the direction & firm of WILLIAM BRUCE, SEN. & CO. All those having claims against Wm. Bruce & S* n will please send notes of their claims to Mr. Martin, 5, George Street; and all debts due to them, it not settled and paid within a month from this date, must be recovered by course of law. ( One Concern.) WM. BRUCE, SEN. EDINr. Maf 23, 1808. provement in the Carriage of Goods to and from I PLACE, and extending towards the Calton- hUl, Glasgow, in respect of dispatch, regularity, and will be Sold by private bargain, and inmiediare safety, has made an arrangement with JAMES entry given, on applying to Archd. Craufurd, W. S. TURNER, Glasgow Carrier, which he flatters him-' Fordi Street. self will be of great advantage to die Trade of the principal Cities,' and to- the public in general, in NOTICE. AWtoOW LADY, of very respectable cha- racter and connections, liberally educated, of a chearful disposition, would be glatt to meet with a situation as Companion to a Lady to travel abroad, or to accept a situation to superintend " the domestic concerns of a Widower, and attending to a young Family whose instruct'ons might U./ forwarded and improved under the' guidance of one who Would devote her talents and attention to their welfare. Ffora the ability, conduct, and manners of the advertiser, she flatters herself she will- be found competent . to give the fullest . satis- faction in the strict performance of her engage- ments. yhe would Ijave no objection to reside en- tirely in tlie country. The most respectable refe- rences will be given. Any letters with Which she < may be honoured, addressed ( post- paid) to L„ M. 50, the Corner'of Sackville Street, Piccadilly, Lon- don, will meet with immediate attention. the east and west uf-- Scotland, and in so far as it shall be found to promote so desirable an object,, he'iiopes for' countenance and support. The Arrangement is as follows : • f « t.— The whole management of the Business i » committed tcr FRANCIS BLAIKIE. Sd.— Three. Carts will be dispatched every. Jaw- fill day from each - end, to perforin the journey in 18 hours; and more if upon trial it is found tliey can be loaded. ' • 3d.— As many additional Carts as shall be found necessary will be furnished, to forward whatever goods may offer, but these in the present system of going the whole distance in the usual time. 4th.— The Carts will be so loaded and sealed, that pilferage will be impracticable, except iu case of accident; 5th.— Uniform charges will be made in such a a manner, that every man may have redress in cases of mistake. To begin on the First of June, and be carried on in J. Turner's present Warehouse in Edinburgh, Leith and Glasgow. 6th Mav. 1808. INN AI' KIRKCALDY. To be SOLD by public roup, upon Wednesday the - 8th day of June* 1808, at twelve o'clock noon, within the house of Lesnard M'Glashan, vint- ner, Kirkcaldy, •"" pHE long Established and well- frequented X INN, situated in the HIGH STREET OT KIRKCALDY, which belonged to and was pos- sessed by the late Mm. Chrystie, and is now pos. sessed by the said Leonard M'Glashan, with the . Stables and O ffices at the back thereof. This Inn is so. well known, that a particular des- cription of it is unnecessary. • The Articles of Roup and Tide- deeds are in the hands of Mr. Hutton, Kinghorn, who will . give any information wanted by intending purchasers. , PEEBLES TONTINE TAVERN. To be LET for Nine Years, and entered to at Martinmas next, "" J •' HAT Handsome and Commodious INN, plan- X lied by the Gendemen of the County, and now Hearly finished, consisting of 14 bed- rooms, several parlours, and an elegant ball and supper room ; with a complete set of offices immediately adjoining. And for encouragement to the te- nant, the Proprietors will demand no rent for the first Three Years, for the next three, a fixed rent as may be agreed on, and that to be increased for the remaining period. And he will also have cer- tain articles provided for him, such as Grates, Din-' ing Tables, Side Boards, & c. From the superior accommodation this Inn will afford, the increasing business, the patronage and support of those more immediately concerned, and many other advantages, altogether render it a par- ticular object to a tenant. Alexr. Murray Bartram, writer, will inform as to farther particulars, and receive written offers till the 3d of June next. PEEBLES, May 3, 1808. " SALE OF LANDS IN THE COUNTY OF PE*. TH. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon a day in December next, to be specified in future adver- tisements, T'^ HE Remaining part of the ESTATE of X GLENBUCK1E, consisting of the Farms of Dalinlaggan, Lianach, and Immerewin, with the peudicie ol Clachglass, lying in the parish of Bal- quhidder, and county of Perth. These lauds, which hold of a subject superior, are extensive, and afford excellent sheep pasture. 4 For further particulars apply to William Stewart, Esq; of Ardvorlich, by Lochearnhead, or Robert Graham, W. S. Edinburgh. ESTATE OF KAMES. ' ' j ' HE Remainder of this ESTATE, situated on I the Bav of KamfK. Ill Icl-., Oil nf I}..... —— into Oil, considerable quantities of bad Seed have been brought into the Country, and fraudulently sold for sowing, to the great prejudice of the Flax - Growers ; notice is hen by given, that the law prohibits the importation of all bad, mixfd, or un- clean Lint- seed, without exception, and therefore the plea of importing it for crushing into Oil, . can- not protect it from seizure and condemnation. Dealers will observe, that after a seizure is made, its validity Is to be tried in a Court- of Justice, in terms of the above statutes ; and not on any ad- j count by the Trustees, as some have erroneously supposed I any application therefore, at this Office, in a case of seizure, will be entirely fruitless. Importers ought to give the most pointed orders to their Foreign Correspondents, that the Seed shall be thoroughly cleaned before it be put into the Barrels, informing them, that If they neglect cleaning the Seed, it. is by the law of this country expressly liable seizure and to forfeiture, in tiie same manner as if it were bad Seed, or mixed Seed. Bti Order if the Trustees, WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, SEC. A SCHOOLMASTER WANTED, FOR the Parish of LIBERTON, iu the neigh-* bourhood of Edinburgh He must be qualified to teach the Greek, Latin, and English Languages, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- liu ping, and the practical bra iches of Ma- thematics, and Church Music. The; Salary is 400 merks, with L. 2: 2s. far a garden, ,' ihe house is described in former Advertisements, to which re- ference is now made, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, will be exposed to public Sale 011 such day as shall be afterwards notified, either entire, or in Lots, and either with or without the Slate Quarries, and Quarry Farms, as purchasers may incline. As the lease of the Slate Quarries terminated at Whitsunday 1888, immediate pos- session thereof may be obtained. In ( he mean time, persons desirous of being in- formed as to particulars,, or of treating for a pur- chase by private bargain, may apply to Michael Linning, Clerk to the Signet, Edinburgh. fit to accommodate a large family, and is in com Jilete repair. The office of Session Clerk; which. is usually joined to that of Schoolmaster, is worth a- botit J,. 10.; the office of Clerk to the Heritors is perhaps worth as much. As the population of- tire parish amounts' to near 40fX\ it may be expected. » ' j, it the numtar of scholars will be great. Applications aftd certificates of character may be lodged with the Rev, James Grant, at Liberton, by Edinburgh, till the 1st of August next. Liberton, May 1S08. NO TICE TO DYKE BUILDERS. AConsiderable TRACT of DRY- STONE DYKK. S, are proposed to be Built during the Ensuing Season, upon trie Farm of Netherbarns, at GalaShieldS-, in the county of Selkirk. Any pel- son willing to Contract for the Dykes, may give in proposals to Bailiie Paterson, factor at Gaiashields, who will point out. the line,- in. which they are. mi- ant to run, and give other " necessary information." PAVING. CI ONTR ACTORS are Wanted for the follow-- A . ing Pieces of Work; 1. ' IV raifle and relay such parts of the ruble pavement, 011 the Shore of Leith; from the south end ol the Goal- hill Quay, down to the Ferry boat Stairs, as are faulty. 2. To raise and relay the whole pavement of In- firmary Street, from ti e South Bridge to the High- School Yards, and level the street, accord- ing to a plan, and to pave. anew a considerable part of it. ' l'he stones to be from S to S inches ieep, and any of the old stones under this size must be re- placed with new, so that the wiiole stones and sand shall not be less than 9- inclies deep. Intending offerers will receive further informa- tion, and see the plan for levelling, Infirmary Street, ty applying to William Sibbald, the town's over- seer ; and offers must be given in to the' City Chamberlain, between and the 15th of June next. EDINr. May 19, 1808. SHOP ON THE SHORE OF LEITH. To be SOLD, possession to be had immediately, '" PHAT well Frequented SHOP and BACK X SHOP, on the SHORE of LEITH, last possessed by George Elphinstoce, with an excel- lent Cellar under the same, for particulars, a, - meet with every encouragement from the present nly to the proprietor. If net SoMIn ten days from, tenant, who will shew the , ands. , the date hereof, t: same will lie Let for the <- n- j for further intutinatiat.!,- apply to JanS| Walter, uing year. LEJTII WALK, Zoth May writer in Cupar. is required to finish his examination, and the Cre ditors are to assent to or'dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any Of his Effects, are not tQ jjay 01- de- liver the same, but to whom the. Commissiners shall appoint, but give notice ' to. Mr George Burn, solicitor, Berwick- upon- Tweed; or to Mr John II- derton Burn, solicitor, NO. 38, Old Jewry, London T. Y Whole Stock upon that Farm, consisting of excellent Work and Riding Horses, Cows, Sheep, Young- Cattle, and the " whole Implements of Hus- bandry, together with the- Household Furniture, will be sold by public roup. Credit till Martinmas will be . given, or a dis- count at the rate of five per cent, for ready money. As the whole must be sold- off without reeexvej great bargains may be expected. The sale being extensive, the roup will begin at 10 o'clock forenoon. CAP1TAlf FARM IN FIFE, TO BE SUBSff. r I l- ARM of STENTON, In the parish of X Kinglassie, contaiuing about 200 acres, will be Sulwet by public roup at New- Inn, on Saturday flie 13th day of. June 1K0B, at one o'clock after- noon, for 13 years aftei'Martinmas 1' 808:— It is. in a high state ef cultivation, and produces excellent crops of wheat and beans, and other grains; it lies 0: 1 a sloping hank to the south, and consists chiefly of a clay soil. There is a Lime Rock 011 the lands, which the tenant has liberty to work. The Sub- j tenant will enter to the greatest part of the lands j iiwu. IIKIC ... ** jiiy vi e-. tcaieiit iiuiot in fallow and grass, and he will have a quantity of I the estate, and several thriving plantations. ESTATE IN FORFARSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, THE LANDS and ESTATE of KEITHOCK, lying in the parish of'Brechin, and county of Forfar. - This estate lies about ' 2 miles east of Bre- chin, & the post road runs through the property. ' This property contains above 455 acres of excel- lent ground, of which 177 are in the proprietor's hands. The mansion- house is large, commodious, and in good condition; considerable additions have lately been made to it. The officas, which were la'ely built, are extensive ; they comprehend every accommodation for a gentleman's family.— The farm houses and offices are all in good condi- tion. There is a quantity of excellent timber on tate, and several thriving plantations. A dung for the same, without any recornpence, and Freehold qualification goes along with the estate. ~ " "" u ' e' * A more compact or desirable property is seldom to be met with.— The Overseer at Keithock House will show the grounds, and Win. Dallas, W- S. Will t in lor m as to all particulars. FARMS IN KINROSS- SHIRE ' TO LET. To be LET, for such number of years as sh?! l be agreed on, and entered to at Martinmas first, r ri- iS Lands of GA1RNEY BRIDGE, consist- X ing of upwards of S4 acres, almost inclosed and subdivided, on wii. sh, besides asuitabje stead- ing, there is a neat Dwelling House of two storeys, fit for the accommodation of a gemeel family. ALSO, the Lands of GAIRNE V BRIDGE- END, consisting 01 upwards of ti3 acres, the entry to which : t Martinmas 1809. These Farms will be let either together or sepa- rately. The Lands are wholly arable, and the former in a high state of cuitiv. tion, being at pre- sent in the possession of the proprietor. They are distant_ only two miles south from the town of Kinross, and in the immediate vicinity of coal and Hme;, and from the ready access to every part of the laiids, by. the great turnpike road from Queensferry to Perth, which passes directly through thein, they afford every advantage for carrying on the greatest improvements. Offers, in writing, will be received, betwixt and the 15tu day of July next, by Alex. Hogg, writer in Kinross, or George Stedman, writer in Edin- burgh, to either of whom, application may be made for funijer particulars, and those offers, not accepted of, will be concealed, if required. ' Farm in Mid- Lothian. FARM OF GREF; NLAW- MAINS, AND COAL OF GREENLAW. To be LET and entered to at Martinmas next '- pHF. Farm- of GREENLAW- MAINS, seven X miles from Edinburgh, ill the parish of Glen- corse, on the Peebles road, near to Auchindinny, consisting of about 180 acres, but about 20 acre3 will be reserved togo. witrii die coal. ' The greatest part of it is remarkable tine land, and there is great reason to believe lime could be got on the ground, as it has been tried, and was found good. It is also very advantageously situated for mar- kets, being at the same distance from Dalkeith and Edinburgh, and within two miles of the House of Muir; and it has other advantages, which will be pointed out to offerers. Also to be Let, & entered to at Whitsunday 1st the extensive FlliLD of COAL, 011 Greenlaw Es- tate, which it is the opinion of those who have been consulted, may be worked for many y^ ars to considerable extent, with a level. Also, alibut 20 acres of land, » rmore, will be let with the coal if required, and a few colliers houses. T. Watson, overseer at Bush, will shew the farm, and inform as to particulars, concerning it and the coal; and offers for both will be received by Mrs, Trotter, No. 30, GeorgeVsquare, or at the Bu; h'. ' The offers tor tbe farm must be giveu in before tbe Is: of luae. - i,.. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BY AUCTION. To be SOLD, on Monday the 30th 111st. at 11 o'clock forenoon, and subsequent days,'- till all be sold, in the house NO. 14, Princejs Street, lately occupi- ed as a hotel, by Charles Gordon, A LARGE Assortment of Dining- room, Draw- jf \ ing- foom. Parlour, Bed- room, and Kitchen Furniture, & c. See. The articles may be viewed on Friday and Sa- turday next. J. OVENSTON, Auctioneer. EDIN. May 25, 1808. F RM STOCKING TO BE SOLD. At the Mains of FOWLIS FASTER,^ near Dundee, on Monday the 30th day of May 1808, begin- ning at ten o'clock forenoon precisely, T^ HE Whole STOCKING and Implements of Husbandry on the several Farms of the Mains of Fowlis, Berryhill, and Muirloch, con- sisting enf 32 Horses of different ages, including 4 excellent breeding Mares,- with their F'oals, and two riding Galloways ; about 200 head of CAT- TLE, the greater part " 2 and 3 years old, all in good condition for the grass, having had turnip through the winter; 11 Carts, 11 Ploughs, with Harrows and Rollers, all of the best and newest construction ; Harness, Servants Bedding, Sacks and many other Implements of Husbandry too te- dious to mention. As th'e articles are nc- ry numerous, the roup will begin at ten o'clock precisely. CAPITAL FARM IN BERWICKSHIRE TO BE SUBSET, AND SALE OF S' 1- OCK AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. npHE Farm of SISTERPATH, in the parish of X Fogo/ measuring 954 acres and a half, will be subset, for the period yec remaining, of Mr. Trotter's lease, being 15 years, after the separation of crop 1808 from the ground. The tenant's entry to the grass and fallow is to- be immediately after! a bargain i » concluded. This Farm is in very excellent condition, an immense quantity of lime having been laid upon, it within these two years by- past. There is a new set of offices, with a threshing mill, driven by wind, upon the premises, which last tbe te- nant may have upon a valuation. ' Sealed offers will be- received upon Wednesday) the 8th day ot June next, at or before 12 o'clock that day, by George- Peat, writer i: i Dunse ; the trustees being to meet and take these offers into : ousideFatk> n that afternoon. Persons '- wishing- iii' Farm, must therefore be punctual in giving iu , •' heir offers upon' the day above- mentioned. Sale of STOCK and HOUSEHOI. D FUR- NITURK at . SISTERI'ATH. . J And upon- Friday the 1,7th day of June, THE EAGLE FLY, ' FSOM DUNSE TO EDINBURGH AND BER- j WICK. ; r~ l_ 1HE EAGLE FLY is to Run from DONSE I X to EDINBURGH, twice in the week, viz. Mon- [ day aild Thursday; and to return upon Tuesday p and Friday; and to set off from Mrs Craig's, Dunse, upon Monday the30th May inst. precise- . ly at 7 o'clock in the morning; and from Mr Jo- . seph, Palfry's, King's Head, at the Head of the r Cowgate, Edinburgh, upon Tuesday the 31st May, at 8 o'Clock in the morning— By Greenlaw, White- burn, and Haugh-^ iead:— And from Dunse to Ber- wick, upon Saturday the 4th June, at eight a'clock [ ill the morning, and to return on the same day from ' Berwick, at 5 o'clock afternoon, and every Satur- ! day afterwards. Fiie EA'Gi- E. is to carry four inside and two out- side Passengers.— Inside Passengers Fifteen Shil- lings from Dur. se to Edinburgh, and outside ditto, Teh Shillings-; the same by return. From Dunse to Berwick Five Shillings inside, • and ' Three Shillings and Fourpence outside ; and I half these sums, if the Fassengers return from j Berwick the same day. Every attention will be | paid to Passengers and Parcels. i WNLTEBUKN, May 25, 1808.- J. ' 111 RACES, 1809. MAY 14, 180&, WE, th? Subscribers, agree to run a Colt or Filly, then three years old, bred in Scot- land, and now in our possession, two miles over ! Ayr course, on the third day of the meeting 1809. — Colts, to carry 8 stone five, Fillies 8 stone two, for 50 Guineas each, h. st. This stake to close, ! and the nomination to be made to Mr. Bosweli at 1 Ayr, on or before the 12th of August next. Present Subscribers MONTGOMERIE. GEORGE BAILLIE. i RICH. ALEX. OSWALD. I NOTICE: I \ LL those having claims upon Sir JOHN STIRLING, of Glorat, Bart, are requested ' without delay, to give in notes thereof, and men- tion how the same are'constituted, to Messrs. ' Ihnes, Hartdyside, and Ker, writers to the signet, : Edinburgh. DIVIDEND TO THE CREDITORS OF THOMAS KIRKCALDIE, JUII. Merchant in Dunfermline. ; , A state of- Ui< j bankrupt's affairs, and scheme of division of- tlie funds recovered, being now prepar- ' ed,: Vvlll lie for. . the inspection of those concerned, in the hands of William BeVeridge, merchant in Dunfermline, juustee on the estate, until the 24th day of June 1808, when a dividend will be paid by , him to those who hav£ produced valid grounds of jdebt, with oath} of verity thereon, as required by former advertisements. N. 15.—- A copy pf the scheme also lies with Mr. ; John Drummond, manufacturer, South Bridge, E- dinburgh. ' Drnifermline, May 2°., 1308. N O 1' I C K. ' WHEREAS- a Commission of Bankrupt is a- warded and issued forth against JAMES BROWN, now or lata of Berwick- upon- Tweed, Corn Merchant, and, he being declared a Bank- rupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to { the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or tiie major part of them, on the .3d, 4th, and 25th days of June next, at 12 o'clock at noon, in each of the. said days, at the Red Lion Inn, at Ber- wick aforesaid, and make a full discovery and dis closure- of his Estate and Effects ; when and where [ the Creditors" are to come prepared to. prove their [ Debts, and at the second sitting, to chuse As-, siirnees, and at the last sitting, the said Bankrupt MAY 27. GRAND STATE I. OTTERY, WHICH Begins Drawing JUNE is the only I. attery that ever contained SIX PRIZES OF L. 20,000. SCHEME. 6 Prizes of L. 20,000 are L. 120,000 2 10,000 20,000 2 5,000 10,000 a 2,000 6, OQO 5 ......... 1,000 ......... 5,000 7 500 3,500 20 100 2,000 30 50 1,500. t, t" 00 22 22,000 4. CO0 15 60.060 THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for SHOPS TO BE LET OR SOLD. j HORSES FOR SALE. J^ J- O^ l^ GREENSIDE- PLACE, Head of Leith To be SOLD, at Wordsworth's Repository, Not- 25,000 Tickets. I,. 250,000 NO FIXED PRIZE.' Tickets and Shares are selling at'all the Licens- ed. Offices- in London, and by their Agents in the Country. Present Price.— Ticket L. 20: 19s. Half 1„ 10 15 0 I Eighth L. 2 15 6 Quarter 3 S 0 | Sixteenth 18 0 CAPITAL HOUSE FOR HOTEL, OR SHOPS, SEE. FOR SALE. IN THE NEW TOWN OF EDINBURGH. TO be SOLD by public auction, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, on Wednesday the 13th. day of July next, at two o'clock afternoon, f pHESE Extensive Premises being the CORNER X TENEMENT fronting ST. ANDREW'S SQUARE, aud South St. Andrew's Street, which . have been long occupied by Mr. Drysdale as a Hotel The Subjects are particularly well adapted for a Hotel.; and from their peculiarly favourable situation, & " extent of front, ( being a corner house), ine low. er floors may with great advantage be con- verted into fchops. The Lease of the subjects expires at Whitsun- day 1809, • wfien it is proposed that the purchaser's - entry shall commence. Two- thirds of . the price at least will lie allowed to remain in the purchaser's hands tor some ve:: rs, on the security of the sub- ject- alone. The feu duty is only 2l. 14s. 2d. The premises may be seen every Monday and Friday between the hours of one and three o'clock, till th.- day f st> U-; and for further particulars ap- plication y be made to Messrs. Inglis and Ro- bertson, ' - ueen Street, who are possessed of the title- deeds. BOUSES IM DUNDAS STREET, To be Sold or I. et, A SHOP, 16 feet by 24 feet, and the House connected with it, consisting of a parlour and fonr large bed rooms, kitchen, with water- pipe, water closet,- cellars, and a variety of other accommoda- tion. Also, that SHOP, immediately adjoining,- which, when' altered, will be 24 feet square, with an excel- lent parlour behind, a cellar, and the use of a wa- tef- pipe. These Shops are most desirably situated for business, being in a fiopulous increasing neighbour- hood, and commands a front to four Streets, and the whole can be connected without any expence, and will form the completest set of premises to be found in Edinburgh, for a wholesale business, up- holsterer, or extensive retail trade, besides full ac- commodation for a large family. The feu- duty of the whole is only 5s. per annum, and part of the price may lie in the purchaser's hands. AND TO HE Soto, Tin* SHOP and HOUSE, NO. C9, Nicolson's Street, possessed by Mr James Stevenson, grocer. Apply to the proprietor, Mr Coulter, High ' Street. ( One Cancer n.)- EXCELLENT FAMILY HOUSE AT DRUM- SHEUGH WEST END OF NEW TOWN. To LET, and to be entered to at Martinmas 1808, THATI. arge and Commodious H O U S E at DRUMSHEUGH, West End of the New Tawn, which belonged to the late Lord Alva, presently possessed by Mr. Marjoribanks, consist- ing of 14 rooms, besides the sunk storey. wSacii contains housekeeper's and butler's rooms, with other accommodations for servants; also Cellars, & c. There are, besides other offices, a good stable and double coach- house, with a porter's lodge; & the garden, which is of a moderate size, will be let along with the house. For further particulars apply to Mr. Campbell, or Mr Pollock, writers to the signet, Elder Street COUNTRY HOUSE TO BE'LET, UNFURNISHED. THAT HOUSE near the Village of EASTER DUDDINGSTONE, at present possessed by the Right Hon. Lord Gray, consisting of dining- room, drawing room, parlour or library,- four feed- rooms, besdes dressing- rooms, housekeepers- room, servants and garret rooms., coach- house, stableij, and other offices. There is also, an excellent Gar- den completely stocked for the season, and about six acres of old pasture grass. The House is in excellent condition, and harid- tingham Place, Edinburgh, on Wednesday first the 1st June, ABeautiful BAY GELDING, 7 years old, a- bout 15^- hands high, well bred, master of 15 stones, up to any hounds, and is an excellent hunter, he has also been rode with troops. A Beaiiful BROWN GELDING, 6 years old, 15^ hands high, a capital master, and has been in harness occasionally; he is full master of 16 stones. The above Horses are the property of a gentleman, selling them for no fault. They will be seen at the Repository, from Monday first untii the day of sale A great number of HORSES, too tedious to insert, v.- ill be sold on that day.— Also, two or three CHARIO TS, and GIGS, in good order. Sale begins every Wednesday at 12 o'clock noon. Nottingham Place Repository, " I F. dinb. May 27 1808. j" lSog. 339 AT LEITH— FOR LONDON, DIRECT, The Edinbur h Leith Shififiing Cc.' s New Sniacl. HAZARD, JAMES BLYTH, Master. Now taking in goods at the north end of the Draw Bridge, will sail on Tuesday the 31st curt, at five o'clock _ afternoon. Edinburgh and Leith Shipping Co.' s Office, North \ End of the Drain Bridge, Lefth, 27 th ATiiy, 1808. J" FIR AND OAK WOODS IN ARGYLLSHIRE FOR SALE. To be Sold, in whole or in Lots, as purchasers may incline, THE FIR WOOD of Cranich, Glenfua, Corrv- viggar, and Corrychorry, in Glenorchy, con- taining about Fifty Thousand feet of old natural Firs, not inferior to the best Baltic wood. Also, the OAK and ether COPPICE WOODS, ' 011 the J. ands of Barindrpman, Barichyreal, Re- iT. y, Drumnamuck Loch, Ardnahua, la Nether torn. The Fir Woods are near carriage roads, and the vicinity of Loch Toillie, and the river of Urchay, afford a facility for floating the timber . to the north end of I ochow, ffom whence it is easily transport- ed to the sea at BonaW,. which is Hot three miles from I. u' how. rl he Coppice Woods in Nether Lorn are all u- pon^ the sea coast, none of them being more dis- bar,' i rotn the sea than about a mile. Oiler j maybe sent to the Earl oLBreadalbane, the. proprietor ( Park Lane, London); to John Campbell and John Pollock, writers to the signet, Eld. r Street, Edinburgh; or to John Campbell, Writer in Iaver. rv, from either o whom intending purchasers will obtain farther information. Dvgald Macpherson and Archibald Sinclair, wood and ground officers, near Dalmaly, will shew the fir woods; and the Coppice woods in Nether, Lorn will be shewn by John Campbell, wood of- ficer, near Kilmuir. AT LL. ITH— FOR FINDHORN. CROMARTY, & TAIN, THE SMACK BANFF, ALEXANDER MUNKO, M. ster, Is now lying on the Birth at the new Quay, taking in Goods for the ahoye" Ports, and all places adja- cent, and will sail 9th June. IS08 For Freight or Passa : e apply to the Master, or JOHN WATSON & CO. Leith. AT LEI'PH FOR STORNOWAY, THE ISLE OF SKY, & PLACES ADJACENT. THE SLOOP MARIA, DONALD NICOI, SON, Master. Is now loading go~ ods tor the above , . . places, an. d will sail about the 5; h. J^ l'fO June. Apply to the master onboard or to Messrs. ADAM WHITE & CO. Leith. TO BE SOLD, By public roup, within the house of Andrew Hun- ter, vintner in Montrose, - upon the 9th day of June next, between the hours. of 3 and 4 P. M. The SLOOP JAMES, & MAR- GARET of Montrose, with her Float Boat, and Furniture, as she presently lies in the harbour there- of This Vessel was built of the best materials, in the year 1798, and measures ' pes- register, 51 44- 94th tons. The inventory and conditions of sale are ill the hands tff Colin Alison, writer in Montrose. dm SAI. E OF LARIX TIMjBEK. To be SOLD in the Dens of Gray, parish of Lift', and county of Forfar, T7ROM ONE to WO THOUSAND Large jdemned m the'High Court » f AtokitVTf Etig- t K n rS trtnntr or fK-. m ' , » . . , land, as prize to that sloop. TO BE SOLD, By Public Auction, in Wm. Grinly's JSale Room,.. Paterson's Court, Leith, on Thursday the 9tU of June next, at 12 o'clock noon, — The remarkable fast sailing Danish Galliott, " CH. RISTI. N A, ( With all her Stores,) Cut out of a harbour in Norway, by his Majesty's sloop . Childers, W. JL Dillon, Esq; Commander, and coil- X LARIX FIR TREES, many of them from rpWO large handsome FLA FS on the east side of said Street, being the first and second stories. Each flat is divided into elegant Dining and Drawing rooms, three bed- rooms, kitchen, with cl( - * s, cellar, and every other requisite ac- commodation. - Also, , A small, but very convenient FLAT, in the same street Entry to the whole immediately.— Apply to Wm. Campbell, W. S. NO. 5, Society. HOUSE IN DUKE STREET. To be SOLD by Private Bargain, and may be enter- ed to immediately, T^ HE LODGING, NO. 6, on the East Side of X DUKE STREET, belonging to pnd posses- sed by Adam Gillies, Esq; Advocate, consisting of two floors above, and two sunk stories, with cellarage and back ground;— on the first floor a- bove . there is a very good dining- room, about 24 feet by 17, and two other rooms ; on the upper - floor, there is a drawing room of the same size, as the dining- room, with two handsome bed rooau, and dressing and water closet; on the first sunk floor is a large kitchen, and two good rooms, with many other conveniencies; and below is a laundry, washing- house, wine and beer cellars, larder, & c. ' I'he house may be seen every day, from ten to , four o'clock ;. and for further particulars apply to Gibson, Christie, and Wardlaw, York Place- Upset Price Reduced. HOUSE. IN ST. JAMES' SQUARE FOR SALE. To be Sold by public roup, within the Merchants Hall,' on Thursday the fourteenth day of July next, at 2 o'clock afternoon, rpH£ TWO UPPER STORIES or FLAT-, X of that Southern Corner Tenement upon the east side of ST. JAMES' SQUARE, presently pos- sessed by James Bell, Esq; of the British Linen Company's Bant. Apply to Andr. . Steel, W. S. TO BE LET— FURNISHED, ANEAT small HOUSE of Two Stories and Garrets, all within itself from top to bot- tom, with Washistg- house, an excellent Well, a Garden newly dressed and prepared for the season, besides various other conveniencies and command- ing delightful prospects of tht country round. The Premises are situated at the Back of HOPE PARK, East End, nearest access by the Sci. nnes Street. For particulars apply to Mr. M'lnnes at Mr. Grant's, Argyle Square, or Mr. Forrest, auc- tioneer ; and Mr. Wallace at the next door has the key, and will shew fhe premises. Entry may be had at any time, . : someiy ntted up, andjthe whole place has. been , laid out with much taste by the present possessor. I It is within four miles pf Edinburgh, two of Mus- ' selburgh, and being near the sea, and the Warm and Cold Baths at Portobello, there cannot be more desirable Bathing Quarters. To be eeen on Tuesdays, and Saturdays, from 12 tjll 3 o'clock, and for further particulars, applica- tion may be made to Thos. Guthrie Wright, W. S, FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET. ~ HE VILl. A of BANGHOL M BO WER, near Trinity, by Newhaven, to be entered from Whitsunday to Martinmas next It consists of a good dining room, drawing- room, two parlours, and three bed- rooms, ail . furnished in a genteel manner. The offices are, a wash- house, a coacii- house, and stables for three horses, a byre, & c.— There is an excellent garden, with abundance of fruit trees, & c. and pasture sufficient for a cov, To be seen from one to three o'clock, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Inquire f Mr Char- Its Watson, upholsterer, Greenside Street. GROUND FOR VILLAS— TO BE SOt. D. ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY- THREE ACRES of GROUND in the Parish of Cor- storphine, and about 5 miles from Edinburgh, on the new road from ' Edinburgh to Glasgow, by Up- hall & Airdrie, are to be SOLD in LOTS for Villas. This Ground is most beautifully situated, it is bounded by Gogar Burn 011 ths south, by . fhe road to Glasgow on the north, and commands very ex- tensive prospects. The Coaches from Edinburgh to Glasgow pass and repass three times every day. Apply to Gibson, Christie, & Wardlaw, York Place, Edinburgh, who will shew a plan of the ground. FURNISHED HOUSE IN ARGYLLSHIRE. THE Mansion House, Offices, and Garden of ARDJC1NGLAS, situated on the border of Lochfme, are to bs let, and entered to immediate- ly, or at Whitsunday 1808, as most convenient to. a tenant. The house is large, elegant, and commo- dious, completely furnished, and fit to accommo- date a Nobleman or Gentleman's familyj having1 r very convenience requisite. The offices and " gar- den are also in excellent order; and the tenant of the parks will give any quantity of land which may be required, upon reasonable terms. ' The situation of Ardkinglas is extremely beautiful, havingevery advantage from wood, water, hill, dale, and lies within ten miles of the magnificent scenery- of Inveraray, There js. plenty of game on the sur- rounding'moors, over which liberty to shopt will be granted; and there is also excellent fiehias in Lochfine and the neighbouring rivers. T- he dis- tance front Glasgow is 50 miles upon the Inveraray fifty - to sixty feet in measurable length, straight and proportionable thickness, containing from six- ty to seventy cubic feet, each, the whoie well a- dapted for sir; building, and other valuable pur- poses, ajid v/ ell deserving the attention of ship- oullders, house- carpei. ters, & c. They will be sold 111 such Lets as purchasers may incline. The Wood lies four mites west of Dundee, a mile from tlje JJay of liivergowrie, where there is easy access for shipping, and within half a mile of the turnpike road leading frdm Dundee to Perth. The sale will commence the first or second week in JuTie, and further . particulars will be learned by applying to John Gieekie, plough- maker, Long- torgan, 1 v tuchture. l- ONGFORGA ."., Majr 14, 1808. FARM NEAR GLASGOW, TO BE LET. np'. tE FARM of lylOSSWA TER, on the Es- X tat- of Drum, ih the parish of Kirkintilloch, and county of Dumbarton. This Farm is situated abdut 10 miles east of Glasgow, on the Cumber- nauld Road. It contains KA) acres of very superior land, lit for any kind of crop. The ground is completely fenctd, and plentifully supplied with water. There is a handsome new slated steading, suited to tenant ot high respectability. ' The land is iu excellent order, it having " been improven by There is abundance at coal aud lime in the neighbourhood, ac a moderate price. Apply, to Robert Boyd, W. S. .3, North Castle . rreet.; Thomas iiuwse,.- s. rvant at the farm will show it. COUNTY OF MID- LOTHIAN. To BE SOLD BV PRIVATE BARGAIN, "' HE Lands of . HARLAW; called the Two The Christina is most admirably adapted either to the coasting or canal trade, and is exceedingly ' well found in all kinds of stores. DIMENSIONS. length of Keel, 45 fsct, inch. Breadth, 15 feet, 111 inch,. Admeasures, ( afloat).-, 48 89- 94 tons. And if- measured on the grouud, she would make 60 tons burden. At the same time will be- exposed to sale, part of fhe CARGO ot the aboVe Vessel, consisting of Fish, Iron, Stoves, Naiis, & c. Catalogues of both Ship aaid Cargo will be given out, six days previ- ous to the sale. The vessel may be seen in the ^ Wet Dock, Leith4 and, particulars may be known by applying to Messrs Jus. Wfiytt and Soil} Leith. LANPS IN THE COUNTY o? FIFE, FOR SALF, . By private ROUP, within LANVMAK'S Inn, St. An- V dre'ws, on Monday the 4th day of July next, at 2 o'ciock afternoon, if not previously said by pri » ; vat. e bargain, THE I. ands of SANDYHILLS, consisting of- v 55 ajres of arable ground Scots measure.—• They lie about a quarter of a mile west from the . village of- Kiij^ ibams, and within four . miles of tha. city of St. Andrews, by the side of, a, § qocl'Turn- the proprietor, in whose natural possession it now f- lke Road. ' The Lands are of as., richandproductl^ e-- a soil as. any . hi the Country, and the proprietor, possesses the valuable privilege of wqrking lime* . stone, and leading sea weed from the adjacent coasb — The property is situated in a .' fine country, arid' has a commanding view of the Bay pf'. St. Ail-*;' drev- and coast of Angus. ' 1 Tlie purchaser will be put in the natural posse * - si- on or the Lands., at Martinmas first, and part of : the price may remain in his hand?. For further' m, . A r> ' - • - r- • . . itiit; pixce ms nanus, ror xusxner • Third Parts toereot, m the parish of Cume, Particulars, apply, to Mr. Andrew Bell, the pro- . containing about, 159 Sco s acres, mostly arable, rietor a£ kilrenny, Mr. Martin, NO. 5, George . m the proprietor s natural possession, highly im- i ' street, Edinburgh, or. Mr. Robert Me drum, ' f, ., proved ar. d well laid out, about ,0 acres of which, I Andrews ' on the notth of the road south and west from the1 village of Currie, are completely inclosed am! ju- diciously subdivided. The lands lye seven miles south- west of the City of Edinburgh, ^ and on which there was lately erected, a most substantial aud suitable slated Dwelling- houseof geVen room's, FARMS IN FIFE TO BE SOLD, Or LET for Nineteen Years, THE Whole . LANDS of SANDTBUB, possessed by David Bleloeh, and the late Ro- . bertBryce, lying iu a very pleasant and- eentrical and a kitchen, commanding an extensive prospect situation, in the parish of Saline, and west end qf of a highly cultivated country; besides, there are the county of "" " PORTOBELLO. To BE SOLD OR LET, THAT Elegant New Erected HOUSE, in 0 .... Towor'Street, PORTOBELLO, consisting of; road, the tieautics of whicfi are too weli known tof^ a" ™ ™ three stories, - with a larga'Piece rtf - Back Ground, require any description. ana manse For particulars apply to John and Archibald Ferrier, writers to the signet, Edinburgh, or to Mr Forbes, the factorj at Ardkinglas, by Cairndow, and a neat Area- in front. ' The House has at pre- sent a separate communication to each flat, and is laid out for the accommodation of three families fcu it is so constructed, that at a very trifling ex- it may he converted into one or two hou- ses, \ LANDS. as a proprietor may incline. The whole is most substantially built, and fitted up in a very superior stile; and the houses possess many conveniencies, such as- a plentifu. supply of wat* in each of the kitchens, water- closetsm ... each flat, itfe. - inepreuusc. » „ J be sold either, separately or toketjiier; and if s - n - rately, each fiat wili have an allotment of back- Sirovnd,. with the' rae of the , Tamp well, Ve The extent of the ground is a- GS13fi fcet'fa front, and the hack gromid 99 feet in length. It is only burdened with the trifling feu duty of 2s. per loot in front. , . The premise? are pleasantly rmd; conveniently si- tuated, being very- dear the Sea Beach, and in the immediate vicinity of th.- Batte. g If not Sold, the same will be Let, aau tut M • flat is neatly- Furnished. ALSO TO re- fJoLB, An AREA for BUILDING immediately adjoin- ing to the above, aud of the same: dimensions. For particulars apply to Jame5 Hay, W. S. NO. ,- N « S » CiwUe Strcti Concern;. ... TO LET HEAR.. DUNFERMLINE. To be LET for a term aot exceeding 11 years after Martinmas next., THE Farm of BitOOMHEAD. presently oc- cupied- by- John Swan and John Gi' SOT:, ex- tending, to : u; o.!, t 45 Acreo. . The Lands afe divid ed'into eigh. 1: iiiclosures, and in ago'> d state of cul- tivation. One of the inclosures is presently in grass, and two of the others were last year summer fallowed; one of which. is .. laid down with grass seeds alcug with the present crop, and other parts of the lands are to be in green crop. The farm being situated within a quarter of a mile of the town of Dunfermline^ manure cr.: i at all times be easily prQcuredV?. jj< f a ready market for the produce, besides, having th> » oth' r advan- tages which the immediate vicinity of aj thriving town afford. The Steading is- iommedious, & in good repair. The lenaaits will shew the grounds; and offer's, for a Lease will be received till the 15th June next, by Innes, Handyside, and Ker, W. S. Frederick Street, Edinburgh ; or David J31act, Dunfermline,' either . of wJioai caa iaforroas " to p?. rti; ulars. complete steading of farm offices^- partly slated, forming- a square ; on the west boundary, there is a stream of water, fit for the erection of machinery, having on severa- t places a fall of ' nearly 59 feet. , The l. and? hold of, the Crown, stand valued the C'essTbaiks of the county at L. 83 : 6 : 4d. ,' ioots.- The tiends are valued « itid exhausted. A churoli .• ere lately built, and the public and parochial burdens are moderate. For particulars apply to George Cunningham of Hariaw, the proprietor; John Newton, of- Currie- hill, Esq; or to William Macfarlane, W. S. 47, George's Street, Edinburgh, who ba* the . title^- deeds., and a plan of : ihe lands. FARM NEAR EDINBURGH TO BE- LET. r~ I-* HE Farm of COLINTON, possessed by Tho- ' I mat Craig, is to^ e Let for twelve years„ as from the term of Martinmas .180.7, and; eiftered to immediately. This Farm contains about J § S Scots a res of fine Land, fit for producing any crop,' di-& vided by good fetices into ] 3 inclosures, and. is si- tuafed1 in the immediate neighbourhood of. the vil- ofToiinton, at the distance of between three ani four miles of Edinburgh, to . which there is access by turi-. pikeroad, which passes along its. notth'efn beijndary. 3' he Dwelling- HjoHse " and'Offices are newj substantial, arid convenitnt, and the Whple situation advantageous and. pleasant. The Farm will be sliewn by Mr Craig ; and a copy of the J. ease, to - he chtcjed into ni'ay be seen by applying to Mr Fleming, at CoR. nton, to whom prrfpost'. lfjTi" writing,-^ Sto- the rent which Offer- ers are willing* to pay, may be given" in before the 10th June next, about- which'time it is intend- ed that the Farm shall be let. COUKTOV, May JO, JS08. county'of - Fife. They consist. of about Scots acres, ( including about twelve acres of cop- pice wood and planting) all . arable, except about 30 acres of moss and pasture, whereof betwixt 9ft and 100 acres are. old croft land and infield, if.- c! o: ed . several ypars. ago. Tin lands of East.*" Sandydjib rnay fee- ertteMV- to at Martirmas first, and Wester Sandydtib at Martinmas lec. v The great road from Dunfermline, - leading to- wards, .. Crieff and;- Stratfiearn, i;: ui! i through the lands; and a new tunlpike laad. is. presently form-' irig east fpern Saline to Roscobie, Cask, and ot!.,,? I. imeworks, about - four, ruiles, d's".,:. t from the farms, where lime of tiie first quality qau be pur- chased, and the ' ims- worki of Devoashaw, and coal wortisxjf Blairngone, aud other Coal- vvo- h.% are little more than a mi'e distant. The maiisini.- house or dwelling- hr of the- Nvest farm sta'icis upori a rising ground, and commands an extt- nsi . e! and pleasant view, and is now covered - wti'tli blue- slate, a'nd can foe - ma'de.- \' ery commodious, an 15' may be divided into six apartf- Wnts, - besides, a Jclr- . chen. There are jsme old trees near tie Houses, and the farms he within four or five mil - of Dim firrhline and Alloa, to bpth " of whish ; ets tin r icpigood roads. These Lands form a very compact and desirabS^' property, and from theij- local, situation, could { IT made a very neat residence ; and such a propeite? is seldom to be disposed of ir. that corner ef Fife-* David Bleloch,- Botr " ct younger, rt Sj.' idy< fi will shew the L'arias; c. 5' 5 separate ofje'rs, in v.^ t in'g; for- a sale or a leaSs/ toly be lodged, with Mr Dalgleish/ at " West G? range, near Cuiross, or" NO.'. 34, North Bridge Street, Edinburgh, betW and'the middle of July next, and wh" 5 will ilifo-. as JU> otber jpattiseto. 34° IMPERIAL TH PARLIAMENT. • HOUSE OF LORDS. Tats day, May l' 7. DANISH SHIPS. f J3. D SIDMOUTH made his promised motion J~ » respecting the detention & condemnation of ships and vessels. belonging to Denmark, and " vent over the same statements he has often re- peated this Session, and moved that the value should not be divided, but that they should be kept in such A state as to be restored to DEN- THE LORD CHANCELLOR stated, that we were fully justified by the Law of Nations, and the principles of Self- preservation, to take pos- session ef the Fleets of DENMARK. His Lord- ship moved the Previous Question £ EDINBURGH light thing to touch, with an innovating hand, either the Civil or Criminal Code, as it now stood. He objected to the compensation clause, as no person was now brought to trial, against whom bills of indictment had not been found by the majority of the Grand Jury. MR. WILBERFORCE could not help depre- cating all trivial objections to a measure like this. He thought, for his awn part, there were great objections to the existing criminal code of England. SIR JOHN NEWPORT made some animad- versions on the state of the gaols in Ireland, where it appeared, from a report of the Inspec- tor of prisons, the unhappy captives were ac- tually in danger of being eat alive by rats ! | SIR G. HILL Contend^!, that in Ireland, & • particularly in the service of Ulster, there was I as much humanity on these subjects as in Eng- land. J SIR FRANCIS BtiRiJETt put in a protest a- ! gainst being pledged in support of the motion, | without giving it more mature consideration. ACVERT1SER —. • Lord HOLLAND and Lord LAUDERDALE contended that the attack upon DENMARK was the most unprecedented and immoral Act eVer committed by any nation. LORD HAWKESBURY referred the Noble and Learned Lords to what had been done by themselves and fhe Administrations with which they lucre connected, with regard to SPAIN, HOLLAND, and RUSSIA, and particularly with regard to Portugal, snd their Expedition to the Dardanelles, Egypt, See. He would be glad to know how those cases differed, except in their want of success ? EARLS STANHOPE and LAUDERDALE la- boured to prove a wide difference between the two cases. The House then divided— For the Preyious Question 36— Against it 16— Majority in fa- Tour of Ministers 20. Another division took place oft the other Resolutions— Contents 16— Non- contents 37— Majority for Ministers 21. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Tuesday, May 17. CARNATL'C QUESTION. SIR THOMAS TURTON made a very Iting speech respecting the conduct of Marquis ' WELLESLEY, and concluded, with moving a string of Resolutions, against the Marquis. MR. WALLACE spoke against the Resolu- tions, and Lord ARCH. HAMILTON for them. MAJOR ALLEN went into a general defence of the conduct of the British Governors in INDIA for the last twenty years, and particu- larly approved of the proceedings of Lord WELLESLEY. On the motion of Mr WINDHAM, the fur- ther debate was adjourned to Tuesday next. The House adjourned at HALF- PAST ONE O'CLOCK on Wednesday morning. WeOntslkq, May 18. PENAL LAWS. SIR S. ROMILLY said, it % v3s much to be la- mented, in some points of- View, that Capital punishments were so commonly enacted by law; he did not mean to say they were as fre fluently inflicted; for the humanity of an en- lightened age had discovered both the cruelty and impolicy of such severity. An eminent writer or a distant country, the Marquis BEC- CARIA, had in the last century published his sentiments on the miseries resulting to the in- dividual, and tbe evils accruing to the public, from such ® system. That celehratcd authoi bad told us, that the prevention of crimes by the terrors of the law jvas less dependent upon tlic quantum than upon the certainty of punish- ment. The expedients adopted in this country were the reverse of this. In the year 1805, of 50 there were capitally convicted, only one- fifth had £ ufjdred under the stroke of the law. In i$ Qfi, the offenders of the same class were 915, of - which bnly .57 were executed, or in the proportion of about one- sixth to the ag- regpte number. For . murder and forgery very w escaped, but for other crimes almost- all vfcre relieved from the awful mandate of- the Jaw. The integrity even of our English Jury, that grettt Palladium'of our rights, was render- eJ-^ ifestionabltf by such a system. Thus Ju- ror,?, after the most indisputable evidence, to igrai the capital part of the punishment, oiler, dec Ved property stolen to be beneath the reai. ftf'eit} and jurymen were thus brought on the most solemn occasions, to trif. e with their con- s:': snces I His first proposal was confined t£> the repeal of the laws which direct severe pu- nishments for small sums, and to pass otliers applying the like punishments to amounts pro- portioned to the augmented value of money m our own times. He next adverted to a propo- j s. d perfectly new to the law of England, and' that w. S the assignment of some compensation to the party accused in particular cases.— Throughout England, excepting Middlesex, persons suspected might lie eight months, and in the Northern counties, twelve gaonths; con- fined. in a loathsome jail, while their families were exposed to want and misery, ; tfld to all the immoral contagion of the situation where the parent was immured. The most fatal dis- eases, both cotporeal nnd mer. tal, were often the cmuequcnce; and no alleviation was prc- THE SOLICITOR GENERAL doubted very much the propriety of this plan. He thought the evils to be derived from It would very much overbalance its benefits. If the compen- sation Were to be made out of the county rate, it might prove a great discouragement to pro- secutions, or in the event of a trial, that cir- cumstance might operate in some minds against the accused. THF. CHANCELLOR OF the EXCHEQUER was of opinion, that the remedy proposed would be more injurious than the evil com- plained of. MR. FULLER was afraid that by the intro- duction of such complicated arrangements, peo- ple would be so puzzled that they wotdd not understand the law at all. Leave was given to bring in the bilh Thursday, May 19. LOCAL MILITIA BILL. The House went into a Committee on this Bill. SIR JAMES HALL ihought that the period of 18 was- certainly the fittest time for young men to commence military service, and that every year after they " became less and less fit. He was of opinion, that if the ballot were confin- ed to young men between the ages of 18 and 19, a sufficient number would be found to an- swer the purposes required, without canying the ballot to men of more advanced years.— He thought the age of 35 wduld be much too advanced. SIR JAMES MONTGOMERY thought the range of years stated in tile clause too exten- sive, as it would give'a greater number of men than vtere required. LORD CASTLEREAGH said, it was only in counties where Volunteers did not come for- ward in sufficient numbers, that the ballot was to be adopted at all; and as to the alteration proposed, he had no objection to accede to this amendment, and substitute the age of 30, in the place of 35, the service to commence from the age ot 18, pi ovided it was agreed to extend tha period to - lo years of age. The Amendment wSfc agreed to. Several other clauses were discussed. Adjourned at Two O'CLOCK on FRIDAY MORN INC.'. Friday, May 20. THE DARDANELLES. MR. W. TAYLOR rose to make his promised motion relative to the Dardanelles Expedition. He reprobated in strong terms the foolish and unnecessary Expeditions of the late Admini- stration, who had the impudence to characte- rise themselves by the title of " All the Ta- lent, i." By their absurd Expeditions, many brave men had been ' sacrificed to no purpose, and the Country disgraced. Not only the ARMY, but what it had been seldom found practicable for any Administration ( however weak and incapable) to effect, the BRITISH NAVY had also been disgraced, and it was a Wonder that it escaped destruction is the dan- gerous passage of the Dardanelles. The entire system- of the war, with the OTTOMAN POR'TE, he uttuly contfcmned, as contrary to the dic- tates of justice and general policy. It was cer- tainly no business of ours to interfere in such disputes, and commence a war unjust in its . principle, and unsuccessful in its prosecution, pile concluded by reading several Resolutions, as his motion ; the first of which was,: " That it is the Opinion of this House, that his Majes- ty's fleet, under the command of Sir J. T. DUCKWORTH, arrived before Constantinople on the 2( th of Feb. 1807, ^- remained t'teie' ten days without effecting any important object/' MR T. GRENVILLK expressed himself ex- trernely' gM that this motion h;. d at length been brought forward in- such a shape at to Ifbafcp it tangible; it would enable him and his Colleagues to give that satisfaction to the House o l the subject which th'ey h.' id long wished to d>. He said that by the Triple Alliance, fa: di- vided for such a complicated state'of distressed ift 1799, and by", the treaty oL Lasey, of " "" alityi if not the strict Which this cohntry was guarantee, it bccame Was it not fit that the liberality* justice of the law, should provide some remu- neration for such calamitous cases ? He con- cluded with tpbyitig; that so much of an Act passed in the 8th Elizabeth, as inflicted cer- tain punishments for private stealing, be re- pealed. ERBE& T ebscrvcd, that it was not a the daty of this country to support and ex tend," as far as \ y; is reconcileabie With justice, the influence of Russia. Although there was a considerable risk in ships attacking land bat- teries, yet he believed naval Officers- thought but little of the risk of passing batteries, even if they were in a better ttutc than the castles tor 180 3. of the Dardanelles, and had French Artille- rists in them. He should next touch upon that part of the charge which related to Alex- andria ; and it appeared to him) that any charge respecting Alexandria, ought rather to be brought against the present Mi- nisters, who had abandoned it. When hosti- lities had been regularly commenced against TURKEY, it was perfectly consistent with jus- tice and policy to possess ourselves of a place that we knew TURKEY attached a consider- able value to, from, which Constantinople de- rived a considerable part of its provisions. As to the subsequent military operations in Egypt.. he thought it unnecessary to occupy Rosstta, MR. CANNING said, it the Right Honourable Gentleman thought that the triple alliance was still binding, he would ask him, did he not recollect that one of the principal ar- ticles in it was that which guaranteed the in- tegrity of the TURKISH EMPIRE ? And hi would ask him also, was it to carry into effect that article of the treaty, that the late Mini- sters projected the capture of ALEXANDRIA: ( Loud cries of hear ! hear ! J If this country had interfered at all, it should have been a- greeable to the principles of justice and com- mon policy. If this country had interfered in a disinterested manner, she might have acquir- ed the gratitude, or at least the respect of both Powers; but in the manner that the late Mi- nisters chose to manage their interference, th6y immediately involved the country in a war with TURKEY ; and so far from gaining the good will of RUSSIA by it, that Power felt a very deep resentment at our conduct upon that oc- casion, and publicly reproached us with it in the face of Europe. It ill became those who themselves perceived the necessity of interfer- ing sometimes with a Neutral rower, to set up a clamour against those Ministers for an in terference ( the Copenhagen expedition) not more decisive in its principle, but more success- ful in its retult.—( Loud cries of hear I be. r I) To send, a squadron through the Dardaneilei, without providing for its secure return, was, under all tbe circumstances of the case, an act of military madness, almost without a paral- lel. A's to the motion before the House, he should be sorry to see any resolution reflecting upon the honour of the British Flag recorded upon the Journals of the House. He should therefore move the Order of the Day. MR. WINDHAM observed, that the Right lion. Gentleman's imagination seemed to bv haunted by the transactions which took plttce at Copenhagen ; but it was in v. nn that he sougl;. to justify that atrocious attempt by the expedi- tion to the Dardanelles. He accused him of maintaining a wild sort ot combat, by argument not urfiike the movements of wii. i bears, that puzzled their pursuers. He denied that it was ever the intention of the late Admini- stration to drive TURKEY into a war.— He denied that the Expedition, either to E gypt or Constantinople, failed from any fault in the original plan of the late Ministers, but solely from the accidents of service. He re- nounced the protection which the Right Hon. Gentleman, Mr. CANNING, wished to throw over the late Administration, and would there- fore vote against the amendment. COLONEL WOOD was sorry the Right Hon. Secretary should have moved the Order of the Day, as he thought there were sufficient grounds to support the original question. It was the duty of the Representatives of the people to stigmatize the gross mismanagement and folly of any Administration, which had produced such lamentable and disastrous con- sequences. He then pointed out the folly © 1 the Expeditions. » MR. TAYLOR was heard in reply, when he insisted that whoever was Minister, it was the duty of every Independent Member of that House, to see that the resources of the coun- try were not misapplied. In the case before the House, he contended that the resources of the country had not been properly exerted. The question for the Order of the Day was put and carried without a division. The House adjourned at FIVE O'CLOCK on SATURDAY MORNING. Monday, May 23. ROMAN CATHOLICS. Mr GRATTAN presented a Petition from the Roman Catholics of Inland, pro forma, pray- i. ig for an equal participation of the privileges of the British Constitution, & c. This petition appears to be one of the largest ever presented to. this House. Mr G. Who is a very little man, With difficulty was able- to carry it across" the- House, in order to present it in the usual way. The petition is signed with a great number of signatures. Mr GRATTAN then moved, that it should 6e referred to a Committee of the whole House, General MA^ HEW also presented a very vo- • iurriinous petition from the Roman Catholic in- habitants of the county of I'iperary in Ireland in favour of the Roman Catholic petition Bill. Ordered to lie on the table. MAY 27. FRIDAY'S POST. From the LONDON GAZETTE, May 24. PROMOTIONS. WAR- ORRICE, May 24. BREVET.— Colonel T. Baker, on half- pay of the late 123d, to be Major- General 111 the army. Lieut. Colonel C. Jeaffreson, » n half pay of the late 4th Garrison Battalion, to be Colonel in the army. Major Nacquard, of the Royal Fo. reign Artillery, to be Lieutenant- Colonel in the army. To BI MAJORS IN THE ARMT, Capts. James Irving, of the late Royal Irish Ar- tillery ; L. I'revost and C. de Menard, of the Royal Foreign Artillery, and Si Midgeley, on the Stafl at Hilsea Barracks. STAFF. Fisher to be Assistant Commissary to the Forces serving in Ireland, vice Moore, de- ceased— Major J. P. Coffin to be Deputy- yuarter- General to the Forct s serving in the Mediterra- nean, with the rank of Lieut.- Colonel in the army. Commissions in the At,, & c. Regiment of Mili- tia, signed by the Lord Lieutenant. John Ford and James Campbell to be ensigni. From the LONDON PAPERS, May 24. LONDON. TRURO, May 2.—" Captain PETRE, and the brave crew of the Prince Ernest, have given a fresh proof of the spirit which jiervades the Falmouth Packets. On the 19th of March, in the Charibee Sea, Captain PF. TR E fell in with a French privateer of 10 guns and full of men, which he engaged in close action for three hours, and beat off! On the 20th, the Packet thus gallantly preserved, arrived at Jamaica. We regret to add, that this honourable success was not obtained without bloodshed. Captain PETRE and three of his brave fellows were wounded." WESTMINSTER ELECTION.— Yesterday a bout three hundred persons assembled at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in the Strand, to celebrate the return of Sir FRANCIS BURDETT, as one of the Members of Parliament for the City of Westminster. Sir FRANCIS BURDETT took the Chair, and after the cloth was remov- ed addressed the company, standing on the table, that he might be universally heard. The; whole of his speech manifested as clearly the style of Mr HORNETOOKE as if it had actually been delivered by the latter. It consisted of the usual topics, invectives against corruption, the necessity of Parliamentary Reform, the bur- dens of taxation, the weakness of Ministers, & c. with a few obseivations against the new Indictment Bill, and the new Plan of Military Defence. We shall not attempt to follow the worthy Baronet over his seditious, if not trea- sonable harangue. We shall only observe, that the most offensive declaration he made was, that '' it is time that the Psople of Eng- land, since they cannot be saved by Ministers, 6hould. think of saving themselves." The mis- chievous t ndency of this declaration hardly need be pointed Out. It seems intended to raise a popular storm, which, if it tor a short time elevated Sir FRANCIS BURDETT and his party, would assuredly soon sweep them into ruin and oblivion. He seems not to have read the opi- nion which his favourite, BONAPARTE, has ex- pressed of the people, in bis recent letter on the affairs of SPAIN, { see page 312,) in which he speaks of the popular will and popular un- derstanding with utter contempt, thus adding insult to oppression, and defying the resent- ment of the people, while protected by his mi- litary hordes. An Irish Pedigree hunter has found out that a woman from Italy, who has lately made a great noise in this country, ( Madame CATALAN M J,) was a native of the Land of Potatoes, and that her original name was Katleen I and that she was carried to Italy when she was five years old, by TENDUCCI. It would be well if he could persuade her to stay in her own dear country, and spend there the money she has got by the gullibility of the People of ENG- LAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND. The Downpatrick Petition, of which a re- port is not likely tojbe made before the close of, the Sessions, has already cost, full ten thou- sand Pounds, on each side. The Marchioness of DOWN SHIRE supports the claim of the Pe- titioner, Mr, RUTHVEN. INTELLIGENCE rsoM LLOYD'S LIST. " Arrived 7 Irish Mails— Due 8 Gottenburgh and 3 Irish. " The June ( an American) from the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena, is put into St. Mi- chaels, having sprung a mint, " The Muros frigate is lost in the Gulf of Mexi- co. Crew saved. " The Vernerne* Aventure ( a Dane) Neilson, from the River Plate, is detained by the Ellen let- ter of marque ot Iiiverpool, and sent into Cork, 14 The Halifax Sloop of war and Fleet from Cork to the West Indies, Were all well 4th ult. in lat. 33. 20. long. 16. W. " The Cliarles, Turnbull, and the F. llen letter of marque, both from Liverpool to Hayti, were well, in company, 011 the 18th of April, in lat. 27. 43. N. long. 3K. 30. W, « ' Tbe Minerva, RctAen, of - and fot Whit e- haven, from Youghall, struck oh the Great Saltee Island 18th inst. and it was feared Would be last. The Mercury, Williams, from Surinam to Londen, was captured by La Desiree privateer, after an action of three quarters of an hour on the ath March, and carried into Guadeloupe on 12th. Capt. W. states that the Chalmers, , from A- frica to the West Indies, was carried into Guada- loupe about a fortnight before the Mercury, " The Rolia, Thompson, from Malta, arrived at Gibraltar a few days previous to the 11th inst. and carried in with her an American vessel laden with barilla, which she had retaken.! " The Jean, Morrison, of and from Banff to Easdale, is taken by a' French privateer. " It is reported that the Frederick, Curry, and the Cognac Packet, Harrison, from Gibraltar to Hull, were taken off Portland a few days since by a French lugger privateer. " Winds at Deal, May 20, NE. SI, SW. 22, « 3, S. MAY if. THE EDINFCTJRGTT At) V EUTIS £ TL STOCKS ON TUESDAY AT ONE 3' CLOCK with- so much mischief to the country. The Bank' Stock 2393- . ,„, „ " ' . . - S per Cent. Red. 67$. 3 per Cent. Con. 67| G8 « 7f 4 per Cent. Cons. 84} 5 per Cent. Navy, 99J India Stock, 177. Hank Long Am. 18i 9- lCths. Imp. 3 per C< nt. B6f. Imp. Ann. 7 ? 16ths. India Bonds, 2 2 3 pr. Exch. Bills, 01. 8s. pr. 3 per Cenv Cons, for Acc. 6Sf © f 69. EXCHANGE— Dublin cn Londonj 11$. New Dollars, > s 3d. CORN EXCHANGE, Mas, 23. Wheat, 52s. to 80s. Od— Barley, 40i to 50s. Od. — Malt, 70s. to 78s. Od Pease, SOs. to 150s. Od.— Beans. 60s. to 6' Ss. tjd.— 0 » t » , 35s. to 49s. Qd. PRICE OF FLOUR. Fine Flour, per sack, 65s I Bran, per qt 12s to 14s Seconds, 60s | Fine Pollard, 28s to 32s PRICE Of SEEDS IN MARK- LANE. Rape Seed, 401. to 42l. — s. per last— Carraway 30s 0d. to35s- 0d Corriander 13s. Odto 18s. od PRICE OF HOPS. Bugs. Pockts, Kent 41 10s to 51 12s Sussex 4110s to 51 5s Essex 4110s to 51 — s Kent Sussex Farnham 51 15s to 61 6s 41 TOs to 51 16s 81 0s to 91 9s Average Price of TALI. OW at London 4s. 8d. CANDLES, per doz. 13s. 0d._— MOUS. DS 14s. « ' This with prime ther respects was somewhat considerable ; Mutton and pork are dearer than our last report; V. eal is cheaper ; Beef and Lamb support last " prices, and the trade in general was rather brisk. The sales tn the Haymarket were pretty lively." BANKRUPTS. John Scholes, of Manchester, calico printsr. H. H. Schorey, of Halifax, merchant. James M'KinneH, of Cleckheatou, linen draper. Joseph Bland and John Satterthwaile, ot Lon- don, insurance brokers. John Harris, of London, cooper. James Dunsmure and John Gardner, of Lon- don, merchants. t) a » iel Blachford and Richard Blachfprd, of London, gold and silver Iacemen. 21. " EUIWKlTM.< S- fIo From the LONDON GAZETTE, May ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, May 24, A LETTER has been received by the Hon. WILLIAM WELLESLEY POLE, from Mr JOHN KINSMAN, Commander of the Active Excise cutter, datter at Falmouth the 19th instant, stating that, on the 12th, he had captyred in the said cutter, after a chace of some hoiirs, the Deux Freres French privateer, of St. Ma- kes, armed with two carriage guns, and man- ned with 29 men. She had been out four days, and had taken two vessels, one of which was to this, he calculated upon gaming as much as speech of the CHANCELLOR, of theExpHE QUKR, on a former night, was full of erro- neous statements and illus'oiy reasoning. He had declared that com was at a high price, that a scarcity was to be apprehended, and that to prohibit the distillation would remedy the dreaded evil. All these assertions he ( Mr. COKF. J absolutely denied. Cdrn was not at a higher price than that which would afford the Farmer a fair and moderate remuneration for his iabour. There was a prospect, of an abun- dant harvest. How dangerous was it then to hold out to the public a danger which did net exist, and for which therefore there was no occasion to provide a remedy, even were the remedy proposed applicable to the case, which it was not. In support of these opinions, he referred to the Repot of the Committee, and read extracts from the minutes of the evidence given by Mr CHAMBERS, Mr ScoTr, Mr KENT, See. MrHaRtiAM said, false alarm might be dan- gerous, but false Security might be fatal. If the question were argued without passion, the interests ef both parties might be reconciled.— It was admitted that we imported to a great a- niount ( about 800,000 quarters) from the Con- tinent; and that, we were now cut off from, that source. Would not that person who should find a substitute for these 800,000 quar- ters, and that without in the smallest degree infecting the landed, which he would call the permanent interest of the country, be intitled to the thanks of the public ? ft was not ad- viseable that the prices of cor'rt should be either too high or too low. The very low prices were invariably found to produce exorbitant prices at subiequent peribds. He would agree that the landed interest should have a enume- rating price-, but though he was an old, and successful farmer, he could never ascertain in what this remunerating price was, to be. It varied in different parts of the kingdom, but where barley farms were to be let, he invaria- bly found that the landlord required double the rent which he last received. This, he supposed, was what was called , a renycnerating price, This was the; Landlord's idea . of" Remuneration; he would next shew the House what was the Farmer's. First, as it was just, he should be expected to be able to make enough to pay his rent. Next, he expected such prices as should secure him against short crops. In addition retaken by the Active, and the other by the " Betsey privateer of Plymouth. ( END OF THE CASSETTE.) PRIVATE ' CORRESPONDENCE. SCOTS CLERGY, HOUSE OF LORDS. Tuesday, May 24. THE LORD CHANCELLOR formally pro nounced the judgment of the House, ( of which he had formerly only stated the sub- stance.) See last ADVERTISER, page 333, in the Appeal from the Court of Session as Com- missioners of Teinds, the Earl of WEMYSS, against the Rev. DANIEX. M'QUEEN. The Interlocutor of the Court below, was AF- FIRMED, with a trifling variation. SCOTS APPEALS. ROXBURGH CAUSE> SECOND BRANCH. Mr. CLERK, audthe Hon. HENRYERSKINE were heard for the Appellant, being the com- petition between Brigadier- General WALTER KER and Sir JAMES NORCLIFFE INNES, Bart, on Monday. Mr. . ERSKINE was heard in continuation « n Tuesday. The Court of Session Stock bill, and the bill to prevent Child- Stealing were read a first time. In the Bill now in its progress through Par- liament, respecting the Courts ot Law in Scotland, it is stated, that additional Buildings' are necessary for the Court of Session, Justi- ciary, and for the Clerks and Officers of Court, for the Library of the Faculty of Advocates, & also for a new Prison for ihe City and County of Edinburgh. Trustees are appointed to carry those buildings into execution, and for that purpose they are to apply the fund called the " Stock of the Court of Session," amount- ing to L. 27,766, as ; far as the same lias been recovered; and after the bnildings for the Courts of Law, & c. are completed, the trus- tees are to appl& the balance remaining to- wards building the Gaol before- mentioned'. A sum arising from the Forfeited Estates was formerly ordered by Act of Parliament to be applied to the buildings for the COtfrt of Ex- CHEQUER'HOUSE OT COMMONS>. Monday, May 23. ' The Berwick new pier bill was read a third time and passedi THE DISTILLERIES. Mr CAMPBELL presented petitions from the Chamber of Commerce of the city ot Glas- gow, and from the calico printers, manufac- turers, and cotton spinners of that city, in fa- vour ofthe measure for distillation from sugar and, molasses. Petitions were also presented by Mr COKE, Admiral HE^ VEY, & C. against the measure. LORD BINNING then moved, that the Speaker should'leave the Chair. should enable him to live comfortably and genteel, in a manner much superior to his an- cestors or to the ancestors of his . landlord j and lastly, that he should be able to lay by a pro vision for his family, This was the farmer's idea of remuneration. Was it not evident from all, this that the price of land was too high, and that the profits of farmers were too high ?— While the landlords and farmers were rioting in wealth, the West India Proprietors were in a state of the greatest distress. One third of the plantations were actually under foreclosure. The supplies of clothing, provisions* & c.. for the negroes must be stepped, and the. exist- ence of the Colonies consequently endangered. Was not this a crisis worthy the interference of Parliament? But Gentlemen say, you may have any other remedy but this. Unfortunately there was no other at hand, or they might well believe the West India interests would not press for this particular measure,. The distresses of the West India interests would admit of no delay. They must be instantly relieved, or somfe great convulsion would ensue. They had the strongest claim* upon tue gratitude of the country; they contributed to its wealth— to its revenue; they consumed its manufactures, they supported its navigation, and what did they ask in return ? Why, a market for their produce. This was the com- pact between the Colonies and the Mother Country, and that was denied to them. The annual importation of sugar was about 290, QQO hogsheads, of which 200,000 might, be con- sumed in Great Britain and Ireland. There Was therefore a eurplus ot 90,000 hogshead:, for which, by the acts of the Government, there was t? o vent., Instead 6f facilitatinj; its exportation, they forced the sugafr. of all the world into England-. This, in the course - of the Ittift year, amounted to no" less than sixty thousand hogsheads. Was it to be expected that the West- India proprietors could bear up against these accumulated disadvantages I Mr ROSE would wish the House to take up this question Upon' a much wider ground than the Hon.- Gentlemah who opposed it seemed to do. That the iVe'st India Planters had made but their case nobody who read the Re- port could deny, . It appeared from that that, several estates in Janiaica - has} been abandon- ed, and that others were ! iM| r- to fie abandon- ed, unless some relief were afforded to the Co- lonial trade. It should not be forgotten that the West'lndiil^ possessions of this country yielded an income bf between eight and nine millions, spent in this, country, that the Re- venue in Customs, Excise, See. on West India produee-? amounted to ^ five. millions and a half annually )' thus the West Indian 1. rade employ- ed one- third of the shipping of the country, and that British manufactures to the amount of MR COKE could not let pass this opportuni- si* millions were consumed in the West Indian ty of opposing a mea- Sure which was fraught1 market. A provision to prohibit she distilla- ror 1 tion, till barley should sink to any given price, and then to allow it to be used in distilleries till it rose to a certain price, would be consi dered as a sufficient security fOr the interests of the Landed Gentlemen, and induce them to acquicsce in the measure. This was their best mode of relieving the West India merchants, whom every body allowed to be in a situation requiring relief. About 400,000 quarters of malt were consumed in the distilleries, and three millions and a half in the breweries, and Jif it Were not for the ' improvement in science, the quantity of ba* ley consumed in the distille- ries would be double what it is. It appeared that this country imported to the amount of 700,000 quarters of corn annually ; and though he thanked God that he had no apprehensions of a scarcity, yet lie thought they ought to be apprehensive of the rise that might take place in the price of bread. He concluded, with ex- pressing a hope that the measure, in. the guard- ed shape he suggested, would be acceded to. SIR W; W. WYNNE allowed the distress of the West India Planters and Merchants, and. would be glad to give them relief in any other way than this. He had suggested for that pur- pose a reduction of the duty on such Sugar as should be employed in the feeding of cattfe.- But whilst he was anxious to afford re- lief tothe West ladies, he could not consent to such a measure as the present, which would press exclusively on the Landed interest.— Why had the. measure been brought forward at die present moment, when the distilleries would of course oease working till October! The present price of barley was not extraor- dinary, considering the shortness of the last crop. For these reasons he should oppose the Speaker's leaving the Chair. THE SOLICITOR- GENERAL OF SCOTLAND said, when he cast his eye on the report, and recollected the facts by which it was substan- tiated* he could not help thinking it was a mea- sure of prudence to stop the distillation of corn for a time. He knew, from private and indisputable evidence, that grain was very scarce in Scotland; and when he considered ' his, and considered also, that our annual im- portation of corn, amounting to 800,000 quar- ters, was now no more to be expected, he would give his support to any measure by which he thought our domestic produce was likely to be preserved. He thought it would Be a . measure of prudence to stop the Distilla- tion from Grain, not merely from the begin- ning of July, as had been proposed by die Noble Lord, but, if possible from the begmniiag of June. This opinion he had formed some months ago, altogether, independent of the present situation of tiie West India Planters.— lie should therefore betray the duty he owed to the. country, if he- did not vote for the pre- sent measure. SIR- HENRY MILDMAY maintained tliatthe present measure was calculated to injure the Landed Interest, and could not be beneficial to the country. It was calculated to unhinge and unsettle our agricultural connections. MR., ROBERT DUNDAS concurred in the ge- neral principle as to the propriety of not in- terfering with, the corn laws,. ah interference which could not be productive of any benefi- cial consequence! But, at the same time, he must alfow that there - were extreme cases, in which it would.. be necessary^ o resort to such interference. The question therefore was, whether the present circumstances of this Coun- try w- ere such as to consti/ ute a case of that description. The late cropa of barley and oats had been short, but not. the . Crop , df wheat.— Though there were no danger of scarcity at present, yet they ought. tb lock to the. iatar- e,, and in the event - of a short . crop this Season, they would. not, be justified ici tiot leaving to the Executive Government, thepower of giving to the public consumption that amount. ot cbrfi which was consumed . in the distilleries. He did not agree either with those who supported this as a colonial- measure, or with those who defended., it on the . score of existing or appre- hended scarcity, but with a view to the great national interests which it was calculated to promote. WHI- TARFAO compared the cry df scar- city raised at present to the cry. of the Church being in danger, raised in the same Quarter on a former occasion. He adverted to the folly of all. lhe schemes of relief suggested in'( Parlia- ment in the former scarcity, the brown bread, aid- th? Lords giving up their tarts. The in- terference of Parliament in such cases would always be marked with the. same folly and the same inutility. MR. WILBF. RFORCE defended the measure as a matter of precaution. It was not neces- sary that ^ scarcity - should exist " to justify the adoption of such measures under the present circumstances. When all the sources of fo- reign relief were stopped up, it was necessary to be on our guard much earlier than if these soarces were open. He was gl^ J that the nfeasiire . afforded1 the meanc of incidental re- lief to the West India Merchants, whom he thought' intitjed to the consideration of the House on every" ground, and to- his considera- tion, . particularly on account of the injury he may be erroneously supposed to have done them,, in bringing forward the Abolition ofthe Slave Trade. He could not he! j observing, ot ^ _ 34: that though this qflestioj was studiously di; claimed as a party question by the Hon. Gen- tleman opposite, the argument connecting it with certain supposed proceedings on the Ca- tholic Question, gave some ground for the im- putation. LORD BINNING mnde a short reply. The House then divided for the^ Speaker'- leaving the Chair, Ayes ICS— Noc's 127— Majority 35;, The" three Resolutions were read pro form.', with an understanding that the first two should be recommitted on Friday next The House adjourned at T\ vo O'CLOCX or. TUESDAY MORNING. Tuesday, May 24. The House had to balldt for a Committee, te try the Sandwich Election. There were only 117 Members present, and no more than 2i' could be found liable to serve, whereas tlv. act requires'" 49. The House, of course, ad- journed till to- rr. orr- ow. The notice of K motion relative to the STI- PENDS of the CLERGY of SCOTLAND; the Committee on the SCOTS Judges Bill; die se- cond reading ofthe SCOTS Judicature Bill, and the Committee on the Bill respecting Shooting Hares in Scot/ and, which stood for this day, are thus dropt, and must be renewed for subse- quent days. _____ A great deal has been lately said about the high perfection ofthe TRIAL by JURY in Eng- land, and the advantage of extending it to Scotland, but our Readers will see from Sir SAMUEL ROMILLY'S Speech, in the debate published in page 340; that notwithstanding- all its pretended excellency, there are great defects both in the TRiALby JURY, and in the LAW of ENGLAND. These particulars will no doubt, be attended to by the Commissioners to be appointed to examine in what additional cases Jury Trials are to be introduced into Scotland. Two circumstances are particularly to be at- tended to.— In ENGLAND, Juries are obliged to be unanimous, by which, Jurymen frequent- ly perjure themselves by giving a verdict con- trary to their consciences.— Secondly, by a fiction of Law, - ( as Sir SAMUEL ROMILLV states, see page 340,) Jurymen give in ver- dicts upon oath, stating, the value of articles for which criminals are indicted, at much Jess than their real value— and thus, says Sir SA- MUEL RPMILY, " Jurymen are brought or, the most solemn occasions to trifle with their con- sciences I" Notwithstanding the Great Boon, said to bfe promised to SCOTLAND, by assimilating the Laws of SCOTLAND to the Laws bf ENGLAND ; when we observe the defect of the LAWS cf ENGLAND, as stated by Sir SAMUEL ROMILY, and the English Lawyers themselves— andjwhen we " consider the superiority of the LAW of SCOTLAND, in several particular many persens may perhaps think, we are as will as we are and adopt the maxim—" Noluimn Leges SCOTI/ E ? riutare." We have great pleasure m announcing a most gallant attack made by Captain USHER,- of the Redwing, upon a Spanish Convoy, near Cape Trafalgar, which was ' cairfipletely oiic Cessful. Almost the whole of the Convoy. were either captured or destroyed. The Super'b a: rived on Monday at '. Ports- mouth from the fitediArwncan., . . She brought dispatches from Lord, tjOL'LiN. dwpoD,- dated the'. 24th' ult.; his Lordship .? ias at that time cruizing off Sieily. The Rochefcrt and Toulon Squadrons were still in ' Toulon, and the Car- ihagina Squadron w" as at Port Mdhon. Sir J. STUART had arrived in Palermo* to take the command of the troops in Sicily. Mr ADAIR, our late Ambassador at (? iih? iJ, and suite, came home in the Superb. Extract of a. Letter from a Gentleman at GIBRALTAR, to his Father in Scotland, dat « ' cd April 27, 1808. " Our duty has been very arduous for some time past, on accbtint of the Plunderers of the Continent drawing near our Quarter. We have been making great preparations to receive theih as they deserve— and come when they will, I have not thii least doubt, but we shall soon make them wish they had never come, < jven to look at us. The garrison is now in a most ex- cellent state of defence, great improvements have lately been made On several pajts of the fortifications, on which a number of additional cannon have been placed. We have now be- tween six and seven hundred pieces of ord- nance mounted, and ready for service, with plenty of ammunition and provisions." Captain BETTKSWORTH, who was killed oil board the Tartar frigate off the coast of Nor- way, as mentioned in last ADVERTISER, had often distinguished himself by his gallant con- duct on former occasions, , and was severely wounded in the West Indies some years ago. He was the officer who, when Commander of the Curieux. brig, brought the dispatches from Lord KELSON, when in pursuit of the combin- ed fleet in the West Indies in 1805; on which occasion' Lord BARHAM, then First Lord of the Admiralty, immediately promoted him to the rank of Post Captain. Captain BETTES- WORTH was lately married to Lady HANNAH GREY, sister to Earl GREY, and had just fit- ted out the frigate in which he has ss jfiert » » tureiy lost his valuable jtfe - . V? THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for i8o3. REVOLUTION IN SPAIN. In last ADVERTISER, page 333, we gave the important intelligence of a new REVOLUTION IN SPAIN. BONAPARTE, - who played the sati against the father, has now turned off the son to re: tore the father ; and the sceptre has pas- ted away from the- feeble FERDINAND, after he But BONAPARTE having declared his determi- nation to subjugate the country, it has become more imperiously necessary for tis to turn cur thoughts to SOUTH AMERICA, and to sever | that territory from the power of SPAIN by de- j claring it Independent. I . Hut those events in SPAIN afford a lesson j . - ! which surelv we cannot fail to profit' by, if we nad held it with weak ar. d unsteady hands for study it as we ought.— Thev shew us. that no aaout six weeks.— So speedy a change is j confideno ' -...-- — - scarcely, to. be met with in history ! If we take a view of the late events that have occirrred, we can have no doubt of BONAPAR- TE being ,1t' the bottom of the whole. The PRINCE of PEACE was his tool, and dissension vras through his means introduced into the Royal Family. BONAPARTE interferes to heal it; and hence completes his ascendancy over fhe different parties. Troops are then intro- duced, and no one dared oppose the measure through fear of disobliging him, MAY 27. Highness may never feel this by your own ex- - CAFTUBE ' OF A CAOTSH PRIVATEER, pei ience. It is not the interest of Spain to in-! The Banish privateer, formerly the Hope, jure a Prince who has married a Princess of of L. eith, ( very lately taken) was captured the the Blood Royal, and who for a long time di- 24th inst two miles only off Peterhead, for reCted the affairs of the Kingdom, He no long- which pert she had the appearance of steering. er has any friends; your Royal Highness will posst'ss them no longer than while you shall fie fortunate. The people willingly revenge themselves for diat homage which they- pay us. : How can . the process be drawn up against the • PRINCE of PEACE, without involving in it ; the Queen and the Kirrg your father ? This murmur, for it is always to be recollected, that from the first appearance of French troops to the capital, the people expressed much dissatis- 1 o'f'Europe CpoVtheir Thrones!— AUSTRIA, & fiction. The removal of the PRINCE OI. PEACE, !. even. RUSSIA, will soon be convinced of this. & the change of the Monarch, did not abate the j Would that thev were convinced, as has been popular discontent, for they saw the new King we) j say> tilat t'here is no safety but in resist- just as much, if not. more, devced to lrar. ee ' ali£ e . no hope but in mar, of escaping that than the Old King, They saw them both too ; subjugation which craft and violence are draw- hftrrying to the Court of the FRENCH EMPK- , ng over Europe ! If they form treaties of al- liance, like the King of SPAIN, they will be dethroned by their Ally; if they remain in friendly neutrality like PORTUGAL, they will be'driven to seek an afiylum in some distant region beyond the reach of the scourge of Europe ; if they desire to paTtake of the spolia- tions promised by FRANCE, they will, like the King of DENMARK, be first insulted by a French General, and they will become ulti- mately oppressed and aggrieved vassals. It is the King of SWEDEN alone who holds out the example worthy " of imitation ; such as the proud may follow, and the brave imitate. If lie succeed, his success may cause an ebb in the moral inundation which has spread over so large a portion of Europe; and even if he falls without the loss of honour or the relaxation of his constancy, he will leave for posterity a brilliant name, which the free and bold of all succeeding times will preserve with fondness, and pronounce with admiration. The kingdom of SPAIN has now become a Province of France. BONAPARTE has contrived to induce KING CHARLES and the PRINCE of ASTURIAS not only to submit their respective claims to his decision, but to trust their per- sons into his power; and from that power they will never escape 1 The whole race ol the BOURBONS must be destroyed. While the streets of the Metropolis of ' SfaTri were streaming with the blood of its inhabi- tants, MURAT insulted the survivors by in- forming them that " the soldiers of NAPOLE- ON were only friendly Troops, only faithful Al- lies The Monsieur in giving an account of these dreadful massacres, says, " Thirty discharges of artillery with grap> e- shot, wrth several charges of cavalry, cleared al) the streets.; af- ter this the insurgents took refuge in the houses,, and began to fire from the windows. Briga- dier Generals GUILLOT aridDAUBRiN broke open the doors, and al) who were found with arms : n their hands were put to the sword. All who were found in the arsenal Were put to death. A gteat number ot peasants from the neighbouring villages were summoned into the city before the grand attempt; but when they saw - how speedily the insurrection v- as put down, they endeavoured to escape to the coun- try ; - but they were watched by the cavalry, at the different outlets of the city, and all taken with arms in their hands - were fhot. The gar- rison of Madrid, composed of 3000 men, wiS mite sufficient t'o-- bring the insurgents back to their senses. Our loss is reckoned at 25 killed-, ahdbetween 40 and SO wounded. That of the insurgents amounts to . some thousands of the lowest orders. ' " The Junto, or Government Council, im- mediately gave orders for disarming the whole city; all good citizens rejoice at this regula- tion, and view with pleasure the punishment of those insurgents, who, had it not been for t^ presence of the French, would, by overturning the. Throne of the late King of SPAIN, have n. iifiliated the Kingdom, and have plunged this brave Nation into a state of long decay." The following ,- hypocritical Letter was written by BONAPARTE to the Prince of ASTURIAS : Letter of his Majesty the EMPEROR to the ,• PRINCE of ASTURIAS. " MY BROTRER 1— I have received the let- ter of your Royal Highness. In the papers which you have received from the KING, your : iighness's father, you must have found a proof : e is to be placed in BONAPARTE.— Look at the manner in which he has violated every promise, arid treated every country.— __ ^ Look at Germany, Holland, at Italy, at| process- would give nourishment to hatred and Portugal, at Spain, at Prussia, at Hamburgh, factious passions, the issue of which would be What had the POPE done! There was not even fatal to your Crown. Your Royal Highness has a pretext for depriving him of his temporal j no other right thereto than that. which you de- power; but that did not deter BONAPARTE, rive from your mother. If this process degrade who, disdaimnga'I apdlogy, seizes ROME, and! her, your Royal Highness destroys your own with mockery added to insult, drives his Holi- j right. He who has lent an ear to weak and ness from the throne. He will act in the same j disloyal counsels, has no right to pnss sentence " :— —*'-- —- r • •-- j and having been contiriued shop rigged, did not create suspicion to the Princc William Henry Custom- house cutter,, but, upon seeing the cutter, she changed her course, upon which Captain DOWIE, who commanded the cutter, gave chact, and succeeded in capturing lier, ' after a shaip engagement, iii which some of both crews were wounded. The DANES at- tempted to board, but were frustrated. Her guns were managed so dextrously, that the whole wea fought on one side. The people manner to every State, to every Sovereign :| on the PRINCE of PEACE.' Unhappy mortals for it is now clear as the noon day, that his ] that we are ! WEAKNESS and ERROR, these j plan is to leave none of the ancient Sovereigns are our mottos 1 but ail may be arranged; ROR to submit their cause to him, and to abide Iris arbitration. The people then felt the shame • and- disgrace cf being treated a? a conquered • xountry Ly their Allies— who, BONAPARTE de- clared, he sent to protect them—- the people were the patriots who wished to rescue the country, but there was no patriotism on the part of the PRINCE of ASTURIAS and his par- ty.— The entrance of French troops excited no dissatisfaction in them— on the contrary, they seemed to think that t'. ie presence of these troops afforded them the most favourable op- portunity for cementing and confirming their power. Of the disturbances at Madrid and in other' parts of Spain, we have only the French ac- counts. It is clear from them, that the popular discontent was inflamed by the French, for the purpose of giving them an opportunity of re- ducing the capital to a state of complete sub- mission, and of adopting measures which they co, ild not otherwise have adopted.— Spain could net be treated as a conquered country until a pretext had been afforded by some hos t ie acts against the French troops, which hostile acts have been prompted and insti- gated by the French themselves.— Two lines in BO. NAPARTE-' S Letter to the Prince of ASTU- KIAS, diree weeks before these disturbances, convey a volume of information—" A few of • my soldiers may be murdered, but the subju- gation of Spain shall be the consequence of it" — But at the time that Letter was written, no disturbances had taken place.— BONAPARTE however had determined that distwbances should., and tiien the consequence ensues which . he predicted. Look at the account given of these disturbances in the Moniteur— what hor- rid atrocities ! what cold- blooded butchery J what a determinatian to carry^ on the work of vengeance with all possible fury !— The crisis was foresesn, say the French— Yes, yes, they .'^ foresaw tt, because they had, prepared it— and they saw it, they tell us, " with pleasure, for a severe lesson was necessary to bring back the , people to reason."— To reason !—* to that sub- mission which slave's pay to tyrants who have the whips of torture in their liands I—" Thirty . discharges' of artillery, with grape shot, and cavalry, cleared f// the Streets:!" Some of the insurgents then fired - from the houses— the French broke in find murdered them all I The people broke into the atsenal to seize the arms — all who were found there were murdered— Pjcquets of murderers wtfr&' statio'ned outside the city at the different entrances— the hunted pea- sants, who had come iotQ the- city the night before, and were endeavouring to escape, the' massacre, were met at the gates, and all were butchered— the jives" lost amount, say the French accounts, to " some thousands of the lowest order'! I"-— Then comes the treasure which the French always adopt in every city • or- place they occupy, whether as friends cr foes— they excite the populace to some acts. of violence, then make these acts a prett; xt for disarming. the people, who are thus left de- fenceless, and unable to resist any oppression • cr insult tilat may be exercised against them. At Toledo similar disturbances took plade; The moment these accounts reach BAYOKN E, TSRDINANP is forced to resign his Crown to; ! hLs father; but little is said with respect to the father, except that he and his Queen and the PRINCE of PEACE are to go to- Fontainblean, and the PRINCE of ASTURIAS to be sent to Valany, an estate in France belonging to CAMBACERES. In France . thpy will be kept, - whilst MURAT governs SPAIN with al! the powers of a ' King, though with the title only . of Lieuteaant General, tiii BONAPARTE shall have declared that SPAIN is a conquered coun- n'amely, that the PRINCE of PEACE should be banished from SPAIN, and I should invite him to a place of retirement in France. Your Royal Highness was much to blame; I have no need of any other proof of this, than the letter which yon wrote to me. Your Royal Highness must distrust ail popular commotions and insurrections. A few Of my soldiers may be murder el, but the subjugation cf Spain shall be the consequence, of it. You perceive that I hare touched slightly upon many points, which it would not be proper to enlarge on. You may rely upon my desire to arrange every thing, and of finding an opportunity of giving proof of my. perfect rsgard and esteem, " BAYONNE, April 1G." We are assured that the King and Queen of SPAIN, the'Queen of ETRURIA, the Infanta, Don FRANCISCO, and the PRINCE of PEACE, are expected at the Palace of Fontainbleau by the 20th of this month. The Prince, of AS- TURIAS will in about two or three days arrive at tbe estate of Valancy, which belongs to his Highness the GRAND ELECTCR.—{ Moniteur, May 13.) BONAPARTE no doubt foresaw several ' months ago, the present Revolutions and In- surrections in SPAIN ; and he took care to make, the poor silly Old King send all the Spanish Troops to Hanover and Germany, that his scheme of making SPAIN a PROVINCE of FRANCE, might be less dangerous anrjl difficult. Insurrections have taken place in other places of Spain, and every Spaniard found in arms, was instantly put to death t Several thousand SPANIARDS have been massacred by their dear Allies, whom BONAPARTE, sent to protect them 1 Almost every . province in SPAIN is in a state of insurrection. French troops are, however, advancing in al! directions, and part of the ar- my of PORTUGAL has crossed the SPANISH frontier. Notwithstanding the daily massacres in Spain, Portugal, Hamburgh, and evei" y coun- try where the French have entered, yet we s: re rhe Roscois of this and other Nations, ad- vocating the cause of BONAPARTE and the FRENCH ! It is by adopting such pusillani- mous sentiments that the Nations of EUROPE have tamely submitted to the iron yoke of the Corsican ! DUTCH PAPERS to the 21st inst. are received. They tend very strongly to confirm the opinion we have always expressed, viz. that the BOUR- BONS will very soon cease to reign in Spain, and that that Kingdom'will be either united to France, or be placed under the dominion of one of the BONAPARTE family. The follow- ing sentence, which is contained in a pretended arttcle from Toledo, indicates pretty strongly BBNAPARTE'S intentions upon the subject:— " The security of SPAIN requires that she; should be'united to FRANCE by bonds far ? nore strict than treaties. She must retain her pos- sessions untouched, and her Monarchy entire— honour and eternal gratitude to him who shall effect this!" The'bonds by'which the FREN c H RULER unites other countries to FRANCE are perfectly well known on the Continent— they imply absolute power on the one hand, and implicit submission on the other— they are not only s- tronger than treaties, but supersede the necessity of them. The Moniteur contains a journal of Admiral GANTHEAUME'S expedition. CORFU is stated to have been supplied with provisions for two years. The magazines have also been stocked with a large quantity of powder, ball, and am- munition of all kinds, and the garrisons of die SEVEN ISLANDS have been feihforced with se- veral thousand troops. try, which lie chutes to annex to FRANCE, • or to give some one of his Generals or' rela- tives. With respect to this country it would have ibeen a matter of indifference whether a ICHARTLES or a FERDINAND had been a King — itar reach would have ueen a tool of France.- of the interest which I have always felt for you. You will permit me, under the present circum- stances',* to speak - to . you with truth and frank- ness. I wished, by my journey to Madrid, to draw . over my . ' Illustrious friend to some ne- cessarv ameliorations of his States, and also to give a certain satisfaction tolhe public feelings.! The removal of the PRINCE of PEACE appear- ed as fill! quota from the militia, 484 men. Tuesday a_ FLEETER GOTTENEURGH Colonel JOHN HOPE is appointed a Brigadier General on the North British Staff", and to command in East Lothian. Colonel DARROCH of the Svth who served in South America, suc- ceeds Colonel HOPE, as Assistant Adjutant- General, North Britain. The County of Aberdeen has now complet- ed to me to tm necessary for the prosperity or On Lis Majesty and that of his subjects. I know sailed from LeHh - Roa / r/. ilnder ooiwoy of th well that it is dangerous for Kings to accus- Nightingale" sloe; of war, Captain WILKIN jflm their people. to shed blood, or to seek to re- SON. Admiral VASH JH lias shifted his flag to j tak - n in. a- i.- i n four d.-. ys sailed for Spey, to • dr. eu tksiuelves. I pray God that your Royal the Tartar.> I takeio a cargo of timber- for the .- same. place." GINERAL ASSEMBLY. Wednesday there was transmitted from the Committee of Bills, a Petition from JOHN FRASER and others, for an Gaelic & Eng- lish chapel of ease within the bounds of the city of Edinburgh. The Assembly unani- mously agreed to remit the petition to the Pres- bytery of Edinburgh, tbat they may proceed therein according to the regulations prescribed by the act of Assembly 1798. And, in res- pect of the particular circumstances of the case, they allow the Presbytery to report the case to the Commission in August or November, who are authorised to receive the same, and to give directions according to the rules of the Church. Yesterday the Assembly proceeded to the consideration of the Overture respecting the Ordination of Persons to Chapels of Ease, and Missions, within the bounds of the Church.— The Assembly, deeplv impressed with a sense of the importance of the object of the overture, and convinced that the Presbyteries will, upon all occasions, exercise the powers with which they are invested, 111 guarding against the evils which are necessarily connected with what has been called Ministerium Vagum, judge it suf- ficient to recommend the Presbyteries to be vigilant when they set apart persons to the Of- fice of the Ministry, in observing the Standing Laws of die Church. The Magistrates have passed an act of Coun- cil, authorising a collection to be made at the doors of the different churches in this city tor the Public Dispensary, on Sunday the 12th of June next. The petition of the Managers, & c. shall be given next week. The, sum of L. 540. has been paid at twenty different times, to thirty three mothers and widows, with 58 children, of the seamen, who perished near Aberdeen, in the storm in January 1800; a circumstance which reflects great cre- dit on the benevolence of the Public. An Exchequer Jury paid, on Tuesday, to the Charity Work- House si. 2s. Lying- in- Hos- pital 2l. 2o. and to the Destitute Sick 2l. 2s. MARKETS, & c. MARK- LANE," LONDON, May 23.—" The arrivals of Wlieat to- day are . short, and sales are made at an advance of 2s. and St. per quar- ter ; the supply of Barley also short, but not higher ; Malt is dull of sale ; Beans full 2s. per quarter dearer-; Oats and Pease in tolerable supply, and the sales at small variation." In Morpeth market,' on Wednesday, there was a great shew of Cattle, many of which were for keeping; those fat maintained full last week's prices, and a great many of them lean Cattle were sold, the grass being plentiful. A full market of Sheep and Lambs, which like- wise sold nearly at last week's prices, but ra- ther slower sale. Beef from 7s. to 7s. 6d. per stone sinking offal. Mutton 7s. 6d. to 8s. 6d. At Greenlaw Fair, on Monday last, there was but a small shew of cattle; young cows, in good condition, much in demand, and pri- ces a good deal higher than of late. On Wednesday morning, a boat arrived with fresh herrings at .' lie Broomielaw, - being the first this season. The number being small, they sold at 4d. a piece. 0 » Tuesday night, or early cn Wednesday morning, a considerable number of early cab- bage plants were stolen from a kitchen garden near Newhaven-, and in looking over the ground, the marks of uncommonly large, and smaller footsteps were traced, from which it seems that the robbery bad been committed by two persons, one a very big, and the other a middle- sized man,- Carriers arid others who may have purchased plants from such a descrip- tion of people, should give information to the Magistrates, as if a speedy check is net given to such depredations,- industrious individuals will not only suffer considerably, but the com* munity at large will sustain great- injury from the . subsequent scarcity, when plants are with diffi- culty procured- About a week ago, similar depredations were committed on the same pro- perty, and the traces of footsteps were seen in the different gardens in the neighbourhood. WICK, May 5.—" Upon the soth u! t. ar- rived in . this bay the smack Friendship, with a cargo ot materials for the use of the British Fishery Society's new settlement of PULTE- NEY I OWN. It is" gratifying to . observe that a national work of - so great utility is so far ad- vanced, thai the smack was with perfect- safety laid alongs de the quay, immediately on her arrival; had her cargo discharged, her ballast MAY 27. BIRTHS, At Howick, Countess GREY, of a son. At Bath, the Lady of Major- General CAMP- BELL, of a son. On the 24th inst. Mrs HAY, North Castle Street) of a daughter. MisDr ERSRINE, Argyle- square, of a son. MARRIAGES. ALEXANDER HARPER, Esq; Wine- merchant in London, to Miss STORY, daughter of John Story, Esq; of Antigua. At Dunoon, Mr DANIEL GILLESPIE, late of the 9th Royal Veteran Battalion, to Miss JANE LAMO. NT. DEATHS. At Seaton Delaval, aged 81, the Right Hon. Lord DELAVAL. His Lordship was Repre- sentative for Berwick during several Sessions of Parliament, till he was created a. British Peer At London, aged 81, Lieutenant- Colonel WIGHTMAN, formerly of Rhode Island. At Goldie Lee, ELIZABETH, second daugh- ter of the late Lieut.- General GOLDIE. ' AT Ballgreen, JOHN HANSHAW, Esq; At lus house in West Richmond Street, E- dinburgh, on the 20th curt. JAMES A NICE R- SON, Esq; At Stonehaven, Mrs. SCOTT, wife of Lieu tenent David Scott, Royal Navy. At London, JOHN M'CALL, Esq; late of Ja- maica. At Glasgow, Mrs MEIKLEHAM, wife of Professor Meiklebam. Miss MAXWELL M'BRAIR, daughter of the late Mr. Archd. M'Brair, merchant Glasgow. The Rev. Dr JAMES MUIRHEAD, ot Logan minister of the gospel at Urr, and one ot his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the stewar- try ot Kirkcudbright, in the 68th year ot his age, and 38th ot his ministry, At Dornoch, GEO& CE LOWTHER, sen. Esq; in the 83d year of his age. Mrs YOUNG, wife ot Mr Young, tenant at Butterlaw. At Dumfries, aged 86, Mrs MARGARET LEARMONT. At Hull, Mr W. RAND, Schoolmaster. In correcting a boy, with his pen- knife in his hand, he accidentally lan it into his arm. A tever ensued, which caused his death. On Sunday, a seamar, with a pleasure party in Leith Roads, by some accident fell overboard and was drowned. Last Friday morning, a very melancholy accident happened by the upsetting of one of the PiiitsTitouth* coaches, near Kingston, through which, we are sorry to state, three of the inside passengers lost their lives on the spot, and three of the outside had their legs broken, and were so severely bruised, that lit- tie hopes are entertianed of their recovery. On Eriday evening, as three young women were crossing the Tweed, near Kelso, one of them became giddy and fell down ; the other two, in endeavouring to recover her, got en tangled, and would all three have perished, had not Mr A. GIVAN, musician, plugged in- to the river, and happily succeededin drag- ging them all safe on shore. ROYAL MARINES. The J. ord Provost, Magistrates, and Council, of the City of Edinburgh, considering that his Majesty's service requires an immediate increase of the ROYAL MARINE Forces, andJbeing anxious to promote the same, do hereby offer a Bounty of I,. 1 : Is. exclusive of all other Bounties, to each of the first Fifty men, belonging to the said City & Liberties thereof, ( excepting ' Volunteers from the Militia) who shall, betwixt and the first of July next, be attested and approved of by Major Mac- intosh, Inspecting Field Officer appointee! for this District. Council Chamber, Edin. May 18. THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for 1808. To- morrow will be Published, By ARCHIBALD CO » s TABLE & Co. AN INQUIRY into the POLICY and JUS- TICE of PROHIBITING- the USE GRAIN in the DISTILLERIES ;— including Observations on the Nature aiid Uses of a Vent | In the mean time, application may be made to to superfluous Land Produce— And ; Mr Reid, Jandsurveyor, Perth ; Robert Beatson, An Application of the General Question to the "" * " present Situation of the Colonial Interests. By ARCHIBALD BELL, Esq; ADVOCATE. I- IATS SELLING OFF AT RENTON & CO.' s SALE, the Public are obtaining Great Bargains. The Stock still Unsold, consists of the greatest variety of HATS. N. B. BEAVERS of all Sizes immensely Cheap. No. 9, SOUTH BRIDGE STREET. VILLA TO BE LET FURNISHED'. AHOUSE situated near the Sea, a mile ahd a half from Edinburgh, fit - to accommodate a large family, with compleat offices, a garden, well stocked shrubbery, and four acres of grass. Apply to1 Messrs. Stuart and Donaldson, W. S. NO. 5, North Charlotte Street. 343' HOUSE AND COUNTING ROOM. IN THE ROYAL EXCHANGE. To be LE I-, and entered to immediately, T'HE COUNTING ROOM in the Royal £ x- change, possessed by Alexander Stewart & Company, Insurance Brokers, and the DWEL- . . . . LIN G- HOUSF7 adjoining, consisting of 4 rooms, Esq; at Piteaddie ; or Messrs ' Jioson and Oliphant,, kitchen, and other conveniences.— Apply to^ Da- W. S. Edinburgh.— Robert Murray gardener, at J " » •- -- « • ™ Freeland, will shew the wood. SALE OF WOOD NEAR PERTH.* THE WOOD of GALLAWMUIR, upoft the Estate of Freeland, lying within three miles of; of Perth, as will be afterwards- more particularly 1 Advertised. FARM IN FIFE. To be LET for 19 years, THE Farm of BALLON, consisting of 122 acfes or thereby of excellent Arable Land, inclosed and subdivided partly with stone walk and partly with hedge and ditch. The Land has been laboured under a rotation of sixes, and is at present in very good order. Entry to be- at Mi- chaehnar next. ' I he Steading and Offices are com- modious, and the farm is situated little more than a mile froin St. Andrews, from whence many thou- sand bolls of grain are annually shipped. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Dun, at Mount Melville, and he or the tenant, will shew the lands. LANDS IN AYRSHIRE FOR SALE. To be SOLD by public roup, within the Royal Ex- change Coffee house',- Edinburgh, upon Wednes- day the 5th August, 180S, at two o'clock after- noon, r- pHE Lands of OVER CATRINE. with the I Pertinents, lying in the barony of Kylesmu'ir. And also, The Lands of PIRNKIERN or WESTLAND, with the Pertinents, lying in the barony of Cum- nock, and shire of Ayr. For further particulars, application may be made to Mr. Pearson, W. S. Edinburgh. VALUABLE FARM ON THE ESTATE OL GRAY. To he LET, fo- ten years, after Martinmas next, t~" HE FARM of BENVIE, together with the ORCHARD and COTTAR HOUSES, & c,. as presently possessed by Mr. Frederick M'- Laggan. The Farm, besides the Orchard, consists 6f up- wards of 111 acres cf the best loamy soil> and gives rich crops of all kinds of grain, and also of grass, potatoes, and turnip. It is situated little more than four miles from Dundee, and tr. e pro- duce being of the first quality, always meets with a ready market. The Orchard contains 3 acres, is full of fruit trees of the best kinds, which bear plentifully. The farm- house is in full repair, is very commodious, and fit to accommodate a large family; and the cottar houses let at 301. of yearly rent.— One half boil of wheat",, and. one half boll of barley must be paid for each of the 111 acre6, and the offer for the Orchard must be distinguish- ed from the rent offered for the farm. There are upon the farm about twenty acres of- fallow, a large quantity of dung, and an excellent thrashing mill, which is driven by water, all which tho tenant will get at a valuation, made by persona mutually- chosen. Offers in writing to be given in to the Right Hon. Lord Gray, at Kinfauns Casflb, by Perth,, the proprietor; or to William Stewart, writer in Perth, who will inform as to farther particulars. No offers will be received after the Ist day of July, next. James M'Lareu at Benvie, will point out the boundaries of the farm, KINFAUNS CASTLE, May 16, 1S08. THAT due justice may be done to the cha- racter of Mrs VINCENT'S invaluable and vid Wardlaw, NO. 15, York Place. LANDS IN FORFARSHIRE ' TO BE SOLD. To be exposed to Sale, by public roup, in the Ex- change Coffee- hcuse, Dundee, on Tuesday the ' 5th of July next, at one o'clock afternoon, • | TIE LAND? of CLEP1NG- TON7 as at pre- Ji . sent ppssessed by Mr Wm. Bisset, containing i2( i acres of arable- laild, fit » darry any kind of' : rop. The Lands hold of the Crown, and afford a freehold Qualification in the county of Forfar, are situated in the immediate vicinity of the town of Dundee, where the produce, particularly grass and - green crop can be sold to great advantage, are at. present in a high state of cultivation, aim may be still farther improved, the proprietor having the" privilege of gathering dung in the streets of Dun- dee, for the use of the lands. 1' he lands, except about 20 aeres, have a southern exposure, and command an extensive prospect of • the river Tay and adjacent country. A stream of water," sufficient for the supply cf a iteam engine,. runs through them. This property, from its beautiful situation, is well adapted for being divided into Lots for Villas,. and could probably be cither sold or fsuid at high prices for this purpose. * ' The purchaser will get possession of the arable land, at the separation of the present crop from the grouud, and of the houses and grass at Martinmas next. L. 6000 of the price will be allowed to remain is the purchaser's . hands. Mr Bisset will shew the lands, and point out the marches. For further information apply to Mr Duncan, W. S. or Messrs » John Ogilvie auu Son, writers in Dundee. VALUABLE VALUABLE FARM TO LET. THE Farm of WESTER PITSCOTIE, posses- sed by Messrs. John and Andrew Sharp, in the county of Fife, parish of Ceres, about a mile COAL AND IRON WORKS hrost elegant Remedy for all Diseases of the Skm, (' . ' ' ^^• r"'-- gradually restoring it to HE ALT • and BEAU- ^ be " posed to public wluntary SALE wrthm « —- .. . » ... . w the Royal Excaange CoStee- house, iidinburgh, upon Wednesday tiie 8: 11 day of June 1808, at TY, after all other applications have failed. From a Lady in York Street, St. James's Square, Lon- MADAM, don, Nov. " 0, 1805. Some short time since I engaged a young woman in my service as cook ; observing she always ap- -..- peared before me ( when taking directions for the ' .- tlfJ?*? Say) in gloves, I inquired the reason, when, after i'? t u of- n8, VPTS some hesitation, shetold me she had a disagreeable , c0 " f " f°, t, t f !~\ r9„ , - 00 complaint of Scurvvand Eruptions in her Hands J- *,' I * I - 7 ? y and Arms, with which she Li been afflicted up- ".^ ST^ S if1 hH j. 1 a.. 1. _ .- __ Gartsherrie, and others, the property of John Ha- o'clock afternoon, \ LT. that Valuable property and Concern be- ! ii tongiag • to the CALDER COAL COM- situated in the parishes of Old and New Lanark. The premises; wards of four years, thereby depriving her of any south of Cupar Fife, pleasantly situated, of a south j employ if known; indeed, 0: 1 inspection, her mihon Colt, Esq; This coal is or an excellent qua- A SERMON Will be preached in SOUTH LEITH CHURCH on Sabbath First, the 29th current, at 6 o'clock even- ing, by the Rev. Mr. JOHNSTONE of Crossmichael. The Collection to be applied for the Relief of the DESTITUTE SICX, in and about Leith— as their funds are much reduced, it is hoped the Con- tribution will be liberal. STATE 0/ the THERMOMETER since our last. Tuesday, May 24, 8 o'clock Even. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, Wednesday, 25, 8 o'clock Morn. 8 o'clock Even. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, Thursday, 26, 8 o'clock Morn. 8, o'clock Even. Greatest degree of Cold in the night, friday, 27, 8 o'clock Morn. WEATHER at EDINBURGH, May 24, Clear, with Sunshine— 25, Cloudy, with Rain— 26, Cloudy. Barometer, Twenty- nine \ Eight- tenths. MOON'S AGE and HIGH WATERS LEITH. Moons Age. Morn. Even. 4 * 4 23 4 48 5 5 13 5 38 6 6 3 6 2t, 7 6 52 7 17 SEQUESTRATION. JOHN INCLIS, late merchant in Selkirk.— Credi- ts to meet in Wilson's, there, 8tli and 2ad June at 12 o'clock, to chuse factor and trustee. ' SHIP NEW S. LEiTif, Mav 27.— Arrived, Windham, Cox, from Lynn, Perth Packet, Stark., from New- burgh ; Charles, Knight, from Yarmouth, all with 49. 43. 50. 49. 46. 50. 45. 43. . 50. Sat. S8, Sund. 23, Mond. 30, Tues. 31, exposure, near by the villige and water of Ceres, of.. rich soil, measuring about 191 acres, ( but every one must satisfy himself as to the measurement) ; it is within a short distance of lime and coal, and the turnpike road from Cupar to the coast runs through the farm, and being near to Cupar and Ceres, is a great advantage for obtaining dung.— There is a good farm- house and offices; also a fine modern one, lately built, with accommodations fit for a genteel family. Entry at Martinmas, or separation of crop 1310 Oliers given iu to the proprietor, at Dundee. CAPITAL RESIDENCE AND ESTATE IN EAST LOTHIAN. To be Sold by public auction, within the Roya'Ex- change Coffee- house, Edinburgh, on Monday ' the 6th June next, at 2 o'clock afternoon, ij not firevhusty Sold by private bargain, r"|^ HE Mansion- house and Estate of ROCK- .1 VII. LE, consisting of 198 Scots acres, and situated in the best part of East- Lothian, twenty miles from Edinburgh, six from Haddington, ani three from North Berwick, commanding rich and extensive views over a fertile and highly cultivat- ed country, aiid of the Frith of Forth, Inchkeith, Arthur- seat, Castle of Edinburgh, North Berwick- law, & c. & c. Tire house, to wlucli a considerable addition has lately been made, is a regular stone building, large, elegant, and commodious. The entrance, hall^ imd stair- case, on the principal floor, are spacious and handsome ; on one side of the hall is a suit of rooms, consisting of an anti- room 21 by 9; a drawing room 34 by 21, with a bow window to the west, and a library or breakfast room 30 by 21, with " windows to the south, entering out upon the lawn. On the other side of the hall is- a din- ing room 27 by 20, with a stone lobby communi- cating with the back stair from the kitchen ; a but- ler's pantry, and water closet; also a gentleman's study or sitting room, 20 feet square, with a large light closet or dressing room. The' whole of the • principal Soor is 14 feet high. The under or half- sunk storey contains a most excellent kitchen and scullery, with a plentiful supply of water, and e- very suitable accommodation for a very large fa- mily. Above the principal fl , or are two stories of family apartments, with dressing rooms, water- clos'et, and abundance of good family accommoda- tion. The detached offices are suitable, and con- tain stabling for 14 horses, doubio coach- house, with numerous other conveniencies. The garden, which contains four Scots acres, is early, productive, ar. d singularly beautiful. The range ot glass extends to 140 feet, and comprises two grape houses, two peach houses, green house, and fruit room. These were built four years ago on a regular and approved plan, and are now in the highest state of culture and perfection. The garden has a fine slope to the south, and in the lower part of it are two fish ponds, well stocked with perch. The home scenery af Rockville possesses every beauty that variety of ground, a fine piece of wa- Commiserating the poor creature, and under- standing your GOWLAND'S LO I ION embraced such cases, I sent for one Quart Bottle of it, which effectedi Complete,. and, i may say, a Won » t ful Cure. Ill justice to your Lotion, and for the uene- fit of the afflicted in eruptive cases, I send you the foregoing, and am ready to bear testimony to the truth of It to any inquirer ; and am, Madam, your obedient servant, ELIZ. JONES. This trulv GE- NUINE LOTION is sold in E- dinburgh, bv Mr RAF. 3URN, Perfumer, North Bridge Mr SCOTT, Mr SPENCE, Mr SMITH, and Mr URQUUA& T ; in Leith, by Mf Reid ; ill Had- dington, by Mr Neill; in Berwick, by Mr Reid, and by every respectable Vender of Genuine M-- '. licines in Europe, in Quarts 8s. 6d.— Pints 5. 6d.— Half Pint 2s. 9d. ' To prevent Counterfeits, please ask for Mrs Vincent's Gowland'S Lotion, and see her name signed upon the Label, on each bottle that is Ge- nuine. SALE OF LANDS In the Counties of Edinburgh and Lanark. To be SOLD by public auction, on Wednesday, the 1st day of June, next, within the Royal Exchange. Coftee- house, Edinburgh, at 1 o'clock afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, THE FOLLOWING LANDS, VIZ.— J.. 0T ISt, APart of the" LANDS of MIC and EAST FORTH, consisting of about 234 Acres Scots, or 292 English, lying in the parish of Carnwath, and county of Lanark. LOT 2d, Part of the Lands of HAYWOOD, ly- ing in the sr. me parish, and consisting . of about 210 Scots or 300 English Acres. Loy 3d, Part of the Lands of EAST and WEST HANDAXWOOD, in the- parish of West Calder' and county of Edinburgh, consisting 6f about 349 Scots, or 436 English Acres. These lands are situated from 7 to 9 miles from Lanark, and in the immediate vicinity of Wilson- toWn Ironworks, where there is always a ready market for every kind of farm produce. ' The new turnpike road from Edinburgh . to Lanark ' runs through part of the lands, ami there is pltmtiy , of Coal and lime in the immediate neighbourhood'. Lot lst contains about 117 acres of excellent ar- able land, and an equal quantity of meadow, most ly in pasture grass, for which the lands are parti- cularly well adapted ; they are substantially inclos- ed with stone walls. And there is an excellentLiifie Rock on this lot, with only three feet ot covering, and being close to the turnpike road leading from Edinburgh to Lanark, it Would be a very conve- nient spot for establishing a lime- work, which, from the great demand for lime, in that neigh- bourhood, might eventually yield as large an in- come as the lands. . . . ... LtiT 2d, consists of about 240 Acres, ' of ara- .'. id wood Land, all of good Quality, , t . hie, meadow, a: _ ter, shrubbery, and plantations, judiciously inter-; ami veiy improveable, having plenty oy limestone. j ™ - IM -_ rl) I ,..„.„.„„ „ • • spersed, can give. The whole of the lands, with Part of this I. otis inclosed, and sheltered by thriv- - i^ A' ™ " 1. IR1< J.: SALE. the exception of about thirty acres, have been long ing stripes of planting. There is a good House and \\ j anu ? PARK, in the in the proprietor's possession, are in tbe highest I Garden on it, the situation of which is dr.);,. and V V f ar^. ot JJenuy, about 27 acres, ail arable state of cultivation, and contain a larhe proportion fwell sheltered by thriving wood- ' " paoie-. pt great improvement, divided lm_- . of fine old grass. The soil, climate, situation, and j Lor 3d, contains about 175 acres ofwable, aptt • iHctticKwures, with a belt of planting oi; the v. f rrain • Mary Ann, Wyllie ; Caledonia, Nisbet, neighbourhood of rhis place, are well known tobe! the same quantity of meadow land— being in thg : c,; j-* i>'. commanding a *: tle pr and Hazard, Biyth, from London; Margaret, of the first description. | Immediate vicinity of l. even Seat Linie Worts,'! sp. « ":.. OItiie- mw% Foith, and within a quart - " ' from! The title- deeds are clear, and public burdens1 lime can be procured at very little expe'nee. - j- ota infle- or; » e_ G!$ ig « w Koad, and a mile fr;> and there are houses on the premises for at least that rut tuber. ' The eutput for some years has been from 50, COO to 60, COO carts annually • and, as the Company haye a contract, to supply a single cus- tomer with 25,000 carts annually, arid are also iqtitlcd, by the feu right of the Calcle- r Ijion Works^ to furnish the whole coal required by tnat concern; there is no reason to appreben a diminution of the output, especially as tue coalliery is within 10 miles- of tilasgoiv. and there is a side cut from the Monk- land Canal to the Coalliery, by which the coals raay be conveniently transported to that city, and its rich and populous neighbourhood. The Com- pany's boats ( which are - amply sufficient for this purpose), as well as a complete stock of horses- and c- urts, and of ail machinery, tools, and utensils ne- cessary. for carrying on the concern, with the stoclc- of minerals oil the premises at the period of sahv will be sold along With the works. II. The IRON ' WORKS belonging to the Com- pany, erected upon a feu frolh Mr Coll, within two miles of Airdrie and ten of Glasgow, and consist- ing of two blastfurnaces, blown by a double- power steam engine, with tiie wnole' other machinery, buildings, and utensils thereto belonging. The companyliud a ready sale for their iron, which, . from the- near neighbourhood of the Monkland Canal, they. have it in their power to transport at a moderate • jxperice to Glasgow, and thence, by the Forth and- Cl- yde Canal, to every other part of the country. There is alarge and commodious house for the manager, arid a sufficiency of houses for the workmen. ' There are, besides, upon'the premises, erections for a steel manufactory and iounderv, with thu necessary machinery for these, which may- be advantageously wrought in connection with the iron worts.' The whole buildings and machinery have beeh'constructed within these'few years, u- pon the J; . o3E- approved principle; and the tools and utensilsr'fjjij& ss^ ry for carrying on this extensive es- tablishment ale in the completest order. ' The Q^ mpany hold leases of ironstone, within a moderara distance of the works, which afford an ample stipplyifor the furnaces, for a number of years. These leases will be assigned to the purchaser. III. The Leases of the Lands of GARTURIC and others, belonging to Mr Colt, and consisting ofabbht .100. Scots, or 120 English acres of gd. od a- rable land. These lands, being in the. immediate vicinity of the works, form an essential part of the. Establishment. The leases are current for tile same terni of years as the Company's lease of the Coal. The whole Crop and Stocking on- the farms- will be sold along vvith the leases. The premises will ' Tjg shew n' to intending pur- chasers, by the present manager at. the works, and for further particulars application may be made at the. Sheriff Clerk's Office, Glasgow, to James Campbell, F; sq; Duke Street, Westminster; to Mr Callander, writer, Heriot Row, or to Messrs Stuart and Donaldson, writers to the signet, North Charlotte Street, Edinburgh; any of whom will furnish copies of the articles of roup. te ' Works,. » pi « ;'< rf th^- THftiP!',. Blair from' Belfast; Pitfour, Goodsman, " from J deeds" burdens I lime can be procured . at very little expense. -, <> f a SiFie^ GhVsg,.; Newcastle ; Coldstream, Millar; Queen Charlotte, t very moderate. A plan and elevation of the house, i The quantity of Land each lot will be either Lie""!'- A consiuetjible sum ot money has be Nl- btf Forth, To, and Swift, Ord, from Lou- and an accurate survey of the grounds, nay be: increased or diminished as may be most cenveni- laid out last three years, on houses, lime- feuce, o ,)! wjtjj goods. seen in the hands of Mr Charles Ferrier, account- lent for purchasers-— and for further particulars and drains. Entry may be had at Candlemas fir ^ MRKD OUT, Forth, M'Donald, and Apollo, ant, No. 26, North Hanover Street, Edinburgh, j application may be made to John Mowbray, W. S. audpartot the price may jemuiu on ^ HE lands, for Aberdeen; Nelly, Rossie, Mercury,. who will giv„ every necessary information. How* Street, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, or to John 1 •- C-. r j, Wallace, for Thurso ; Leith j The gardener at Rockville will shew the pre- Lamb, writer, Lanark; or Messrs Graham and Sconce, flarr, Fic'- et, Sutii.- rlarid, for London, with goods. I » iisc3. iMontgomerie, writers, Glasgow. lupaiu puce may remain on the lands. For further particulars,' appl\ « to Mr. Robert once, writer, in Srirl:.: \ :,.',: i. i ..-.•. p , Motison, will sh< w< t 344 THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER FOR ERIENDLY INSURANCE STOCK. f- T^ fcie SOLD, L. 26,760 Scots of the Stock of £ the EDINBURGH FRIENDLY INSU- RANCE COMPANY, which, besides covering the . property to which it is attached to the extent of the capital, saves the duty on Insurance, and en- titles the proprietor to an annual sum of L. 1417s 2d Sterling, according to the rate of the dividend pre- seritly paid by that Company.— Of the value of thi s stock some idea may be formed from this, that the Office itself purchases' in the stock at 40 years pur- chase of the present dividend. For further particulars, see the following adver- tisement, being the same concern., Day if Roup Fixed. • XANDS IN THE COUNTY or EDINBURGH, With a Freehold Qualification, HOUSE AND LANDS AT LAURISTON, SHOPS IN TUE CITY or EDINBURGH, HOUSES IN THE CITY or EDINBURGH, IVitk or without the benefit of insurance on ihe old plan of the Edinburgh Friendly Office. AND ® RANARY AND HOUSES IN THE VILLAGE or WATER OF LEITH. To be SOLD by public roup, in the Royal Exchange Coffeerhouse, Edinburgh, oil Thursday 2d June 1808, at one o'clock afternoon, lst— I he LANDS & Fe EEHOI. D. THE Lands of GORGI5 PARK, and Teinds thereof, as possessed by Mr. Wm. Sommerville, with the Houses and Offices thereon, at present separately possessed by Mr George Brown and liis subtenants. These lands consist of 25 acres Scots, and lie within less than two miles of Edinburgh, betwixt the high road, to J. anark and that to Glasgow by Mid- Caldtr. I hey arr tvell adapted for villas. They are balden blench of the Prince, and their valuation ( along with that of Gorgie Mill and lands, which hold feu of Gorpde- Park), extends to 2901.:— and, aloBg with the lands, there will be sold, the Superiority of other lan4s in the County, holden of tbe Crown, of L. 122: 12 : 9d. valuation, so as to make up a Free- hold © ualification. 9d— LAURISTON SUBJECTS, The HOUSE and OFFICES, and large FIELD, wherein, the same stand, at LAURISTON, as lately possessed by the deceased Mr Adam Keir. This field ( comprehending the site of house, offi- ces, arid Garden) contains 3 acres, 6 falls, 8 ells, Scots measure, and extends about 480 feet on its south front, along the high read, and is of great depth. It is capable of being feued out to great advantage, as the extent of the area admits or the buildings being laid down in many different forms, and there is a servitude against building, over a considerable space of- the opposite grounds. The property is held of the Incorporation of Cordiners in Portsburgh, foi payment of I.. 17 : 13: 6d. of feu- duty; but, from subfeus already granted, 151. ill: 2d, of this is drawn back, so that the feu- duty may be reckoned only 21.: 2 : 4d. The house may be viewed on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fri- days, from 12 tp 3 o'clock. Tile house is insured • with the Edinburgh Friendly Insu- rance Office on the old filau, to the. extent of L. 7860 f, in which, besides the property bein> r Insure to that extentfree of duty, an annual dividend is at present drawn of I. A Is. 3d. Sterling. Bd— SHOPS IN THE CITY OF EDINBURGH. That LARGE SHOP and Pertinents, at the Cross of'Edinburgh, possessed by Mr Johu Park, bookseller, with the Shop and Vaults below tin same, let to Messrs Pullar and Howieson. This property stands insured at tile above Office at £. 2400 Scots,, and draws LA 6s. » d. Sterling. Also, That other large SHOP at the Cross, pos- sessed by, Mr Peter Hill, bookseller, with the House and Shops below, possessed by Wm. Hun- ter, merchant, and Chas. Reid, baker. This property is insured with t. he above Oficeat L .3600 Scots, and draws L. 2 Sterling. 4th— HOUSES IN CITY or EDINBURGH. THREE FLATS and GARRETS of the Tenement at the head of and entering by Steven- law's Close, presently possessed as follsws:— the ' Jd flat, containing a rooms, kitchen, and other ac- commodations, by the Property Tax © fiise; the Sd flat, also containing 3 rooms, kitchen, and other accommodations, by Mr Patrick Meildejohn ; and the 4t'n fiat, containing 3 rooms, with kitchen, and other conveniences, IH'hich, along, with the garret flat, containing 4 rooms and kitchen, are possessed by Mr Robert Clark. These houses, will be sold together or separately. These hjuses stand insured in ihe above Qfficf atfollows - yd flat, L. 2200 Scots— fiividrnd Z. 1 4 , o Stilling. 2d 2400 - - - 1 6 8, Mh — 1800 - - - 1 0 0 Garrets, 1150 - - - O 13 ,9 Also, A large TENEMENT situated betwixt Gray's Close and Skinner's Close", and entering from li/ lth. and containing in' the , nrmpf ft, TO BE SOLD, By Public Roup, on Friday 3d June next, in Mrs. Wilson" fv Innkeeper, Biggar, at two o'cljck af- ternoon, if not previously sold by private bargain, rT'HESE THREE ACRES of LAND, lying J[ discontiguous in the immediate neighbour- hood of Biggar, called the FLOORS Sc CROFTRIDGE. Mr. Robert Kennedy, Chanlockfoot, by Thorn- hill, or Mr. Callander, 3, Hcriot Row West, will tliform a « to further particulars. SALE OF COUNTESSWELLS. Upon Friday the 3d day of June next, there will be exposed to public Sale, within the house of Mr, Ronald, vintner in Aberdeen, betwixt the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock afternoon, ( if not previously disposed of), ' f HE LANDS and ESTATE of COUNTESS- JL WELLS, comprehending the Mains and Manor Place of Countes » wells ; the Towns and Lauds of Wardhead, Bogskeitliy, Kingshill, Back hili, Cadgerwood, Aucblee, Craigiug. Garden, Silverburn, Brotherfield, Rottens, Hogin, Blacktap, Foggietown, Tillvjuick, and Dalhehitie; and that Part formerly belonging to the l. ands of Cults, ly- ing betwixt the Plantations of Cults and- Countess- wells, lately inclosed and planted by Mr. Burnett-, and now added to this F. state ; with the Mill- and Mill Lands of Brotherfield, Multures and Knave- ships, and Teinds, Parsonage and Vicarage of the ^ j^ ile of the whole- of said Lands, all lying within raPfreedom and liberties, of the burgh of Aberdeen, and sheriffdom thereof. Acordir. g to a late sur. vev, these I. ands consist of 814 3 32 Arable Ground. 879 1 29 Muir end Pasture, and 420 0 0 In Wood and Plantation. In all, 2124 1 3 Scots " Acres. Exclusive of 170 Acres of Mots. This valuable property is situated at the distance of from 4 to. 6 miles from the town of Aberdeen, to which it has easy access by the Deeside and Skene turnpike roads, the latter passing through the north part of the estate. Some of the farms on this estate were let on 19 years leases, of which'a good part is run, and the remaining farms on 27 years, expiring at Martin- mas 1831 and 1832, on a rising, rent, amounting, at present, to J,. 681 5s. sterling, in money, 36 bolls of meal, and 4 bolls of bear, Si 320 hens; and for the last 9 years of'tlie leases to L. 8- 10 in money, 36 bolls of- meal, 12 bolls of bear, fc 220 hens ; and this exclusive of any rent for the Mansion- house, l. awn, Shrubbery, and Garden ; or forthe farm of the Mains, which consists of upwards of 9< i Scots acres, all inclosed and subdivided;' and is likewise exclusive of any rent for large large tracts of veryimproveable muir, ( not let to the tenants) from which a very grer. t addition might soon be made to the rental, at a very trifiing expeuce. The Mansioft- house was built by the Ute proprietor, and is suitable, in every respect, fcr the ' accom- modation of a genteel family. To it, the Garden, Lawn, and Shrubbery, and to the farm of the Mains, a purchaser may have access in a few months. There is a considerable value of fall grown Timber on the estate, and the late Planta- tions are well advanced, and, in general, in a very thriving 4 ate. The wuts, plan, and rental, are in the hands of Mr Bannerman, advocate in Aberdeen ; to whom or to Mr Burnett, the proprietor, any one intend- ing to purchase by private bargain may apply. i § c § . SALE OF LANDS IN PERTHSHIRE. There is to be SOLD by public roup, ivithiu the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon Thursday the ' Id day of June, 1888 years, at two o'clock afternoon, THOSE Parts and Portions of the Lands and Barony of COWGASK, lyijg in the parish of Trinity Gask. and county of Perth, comprehend- ing the Lands of Woodend, possessed by Peter Sharp, with the copse wood in the proprietor's possession, and the Pendicle possessed by Peter Smeiton. Also, the Farm of Cowgask, possessed by James Ross ; the Lands of Blaiis, possessed by John Scott, ( with the exception of Part of Drum, and the Dam of Cowgask, not to be sold)' the re- maining fart of Brum, possessed by sundry per- sons ; and the Mains, occupied by James Whyt- lock, under a small reservation, all as particularly delineated in a plan thereof; lately made out by Mr.. Robert Reid, land surveyor in Perth. If the above- mentioned lands are not sold in one lot, they will be exposed in two separate lots :— Lot First', to contain the Lands of VVoodend, the Copse \ v.. J in the proprietor's possession, and the Pendicle possessed by Peter Smc- iton. And, lot second, to contain the Farm of Cowgask the Lands of Blairs, part of Drum, and the Mains, as above described, with the exceptions and reservation aforesaid. These lands are situated about ten miles from Perth, and eight miles from- Crieff. In lot second there is a considerable bed of marie, which may be turned to good account. The proprietor has right to the-' teinds, which are valued, and the valued teind duty is nearly, if not fully exhausted, by the stipend already payable to the Minister. The lands hold of'the Crown as superior, and stand rated in the Cess Books, at L. 600 Scots of valuation, from which a small sum may be deduci- ble, on account'of the pendicles ot lands reserved, or these may be made to hold of the purchaser, for payment of a trilling feu- duty, as shall be most agreeable. James Ross, tenant in Cowgask,- will shew the lands proposed for sale, and the boundaries there- of, to intending purchasers. For further particulars' application can be made to Mr. Reid, at Perth ; or to Mr. Robert Dundas, W. S. Edinburgh, in whose hands a plan of the lands, with the title- deeds thereof, and tbe articles of sale may be seen. fromtioth, in upper part St. Paul's Chapel, now occupied by the Old Burgher Society. Below the Chapel, a House and School- room, possessed by Wm. Scott, teacher of dancing: and under that, sundry Small Houses and Cellars. Also, A HOUSE in Aikman's or Kennedy's Close, in the Castleliitl, Edinburgh, eontajiijiig S rooms, kitchen, and closets, possessed by Mrs M'- Donild, Mrs M'Kenzie, and others, with cellars thereto belonging. Thisproperty is insured in fhe above Offite at £. 1100 Scots and draws lis. Zd Sterling. £ th— GRANARY, DWELLING- HOUSES, AND GARDEN, AT WI VILLAGE OF WA TER OF LEITH. That GRANARY lying North- westward of fhe large New Granary belonging to the Incorpora- tion of Bakers, presently occupied by Mr. Bath- gate, with the Stable and Dwelling- house., below the same, and Garden adjoining. This Granary and Garden extend betwixt 90 and 100 feet alone . r\ .-. T, , 1... T1.. 1,'- * „ .1 . - ~ VALUABLE ESTATE IN PERTHSHIRE, WITH A FREEHOLD QUALIFICATION. To be SOLD by public roupj. within the Royal Ex- change Coffee- house at Edinburgh, on Friday the 24th day of June 1 SOS, at two afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain, ' IIHE Lauds & E'state of PITNACREE, lying J[ in the parish of Logierait, and shire of Perth. ' This estate is finely situated oil the river Tay, ten miles above Dunkeld, oil the road to Taymouth, from which. it is distant about twelve miles. There is a mansion- house fit to accommodate a large fa- mily, with suitable offices. The house commands an extensive and picturesque view. It is in com- plete order, and furnished; and, if desired, the furniture will be. glven toa. purchaser on valuation. The grounds about the house were laid out by the late Lord John Murray, w hose taste is well known, ' The present rental exceeds I..- 5O0, which, on ex- piry of the leases, wilf considerably increase,, some of the f'arins having been let so far back as the 1794 for 21 years. The woods, which are chiefly fir and oak, are very extensive and valuable. ' The firs are nearly sixty, years old, ten acres of which were last year sold for I,. 700, and above ninety acres still remain. The oak wood is about fourteen years- old, and in a , very thriving, condition. The first cutting is expected to fetch L. 1000. There is also a quan- tity. of hard wood, full grown. The whole wood is inclosed with sufficient stone dykes. An excel- lent carriage road passes through . the woods to the riVer Tay, from which they ate not half a mile distant.;, and they may be floated down th< Tay to Dunkeld and Perth at a trifling expsnce. Perth is 27 mile?. distant. A considerable stream runs through tbe property, and there are . several falls fit for machinery. A saw mill may be easily erected. ' There is already a lint mill and corn mill on the estate. 75 SO 92 J - 82i 48 261 23' 62 5 48i m FARMS IN PERTHSHIRE TO LET. To be LET for Nineteen Years, from the separa- tion of the ensuing Crop from the ground, as to the arable Lands, and from Martinmas 1808, as to the Houses, Yards, and Grass. npHE Whole ESTATE of TULLIBELTON, | divided into Farms as folloWs : . NO. Arable. Pasture 1. The TOWN end LANDS of Aires. Acres. HILL of I. OGIhBRIDE, with the Farm of Knowhead,' mea- suring about - 2. The FARMS of LITTLE TULLIBELTON, & HOLE, measuring about - * - 3. The FARM of CORRF. I. F. Y, Pendicle of Corrodie, and Hill Qf Tullibelton, with a small of Mickie " J ullisbelten, aifdofthe Mains, measuring in whole about. - - 4. Tht FARMS of MAINS, LAJfcLANDS, and part of the Outfield of Tullibelton, con- tainitg about - 5. The J1 ARM ofDRUMBUCH- RY, including the Bank, and Partof'Mickle Tullibelton, con- sisting ot about - - 6. The'MIL. L & MILL LANDS ' TU1. LIBE1. TON, & about 26 acres of the Village Lands, a- mountingin whole to nearly The above Farms are situated about nine miles from Perth, lie in a low, warm, sheltered, and dry situation, and produce early crops. ' The soil, in general, of the- whole arable and pasture lands, is composed of a deeplGairt,: contaitiirig a mixture of fertile clay ar. d sand, has a free bottom, and is Well calculated for raising r^ ips cf turnip and pasture grass; the pasture - interspersed with the arable grounds i3 notd. iferior in quality to the grounds now under the plough, and may therefore, be easi- ly made capable of carrying excellent crops of grain. There is a free stone and slate quarry on the estate. An allowance in money will he given for erect- ing ne\ v; buildings, or improving and enlarging those on the Lands of Logiehride and Little Tullibelton, NOs. 1st & 2d. A streajn of water, sufficient for driving threshing machines, runs along the side of these grounds. The Hill of Tullibeltbn,. NO. 3, has a southern exposure, is on the lower part of the adjoining mountains, affords excellent winter pasture, and is well adapted for a sheep walk. On the Farm of Drumbuchry, NO; 5, stands the Mansion- house, which haslatelybeen repaired and enlarged. It contains a handsome dining- room, drawing- room, and a number of excellent bed- MAY 27, BEAUTIFUL SITUATION FOR A VILLA, NEAR FALKIRK. To be SOLD by Private Bargain, THE LANDS ef LYON THORN, consist- ing of about eleven acres, situated within. 20 minutes walk of the town of Falkirk, in a fine sporting country, and commandng towards the north, one of the most richly diversified prospects any where to be met with. Materials being in the immediate neighbour- hood, a house and offices couid be built at a mo- derate expence ; aiid should the purchaser wish to be near the spot during the time that such buildings are giSing forward, he can be accommodated on easy terms with a . genteel house in the town of Falkirk, and stables for two or three horses. .. 1 . Two- thirds ofthe price may remain in thehands of the purchaser, upon the security of the premisses. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Gib- son & Oliphant, W. S.; Messrs. Hamilton and Darling, writers In Glasgow ; j? r to Mr. Archibald Bell, the proprietor, at Falkirk. As the Lands miist be disposed of against an early day, Gentlemen who have looked at the property, and signified their intention of becoming jiurhasers, are requested Id rdnssnit their offers, addressed as above, without delay. The whole estate is properly subdivided, And in- | chambers, with a kitchen and other apartments, closed with sufficient stone dvkes. : and is capable of accommodating a genteel family. The property itself abounds with Game, as well \ Contiguous to the Mansion- house there is a good hills. The woods contain deer ; Garden and suitable offices, and the adjoining grounds are laid out with neatness and taste. The tenant of this Lot may have the privilege of shoot- ing over the estate, the la^ v grounds of which are stocked with hares and partridges, 311 d as the Hill of Tullibelton contains a good supply of muir game, and a loch in which there are- trout, a sportsman as the neighbouring and roe ; and the Tay, in which there is a right of lashing hvith net and rod, affords excellent trout and salmon. - The lands hold of the Crown, and are valued at I,. 49- 2 : 13: - id. Scots, affording a Freehold Qualifi- cation in the county. A regular post passes through the village three times a- week. -' .. o . The public burdens are. exceedingly moderate. ™ the Queensferry Road by Bell's Mills,.& that fropt j The teinds are valued and exhausted. The church,, might be profitably occupied as building ground.' mar, se, and schookhouse, were built only two years Also, Two DWELLING- HOUSES, wiih Lofts ago. On the. whole, this is one of the most desir- contiguous to the above property, and lying be-; ableeStates of its extent that have appeared in the can never be at aloss for amusement in the shoot- ing season, On the Farm, NO. 6, there is a plentiful supply of water, sufficient for driving a Spinning Mill. Tlic VlHago of Tullibelton adjoins to this Farm, the Hausesand Gardens of which are to be let to trades- men- aad labourers, which will always arfora'. y j supply of, work peopl. twixt it and the river, as posses. se^. bj fctMi& n- I Bsy^ fcfw ders and others.— Any of the tenants, or'TKoVnas J A part' of'rKe price m-> y be allowed to remain b> i Th » turnpike" roa'd from Perth to Dnnkel t pas- Henderson, or Mrs Smith, in the adjoining bouses, the- h. andfl pf the purchaser for seine time, on pro- se? wWilli three miles to the eastward of the es* will shew the premises. _ mxj lii . vpc- r scciirtey. ,' tate, and it is proposed to repair and alter th » ' " ' --•-•'— « — —* •- ^—*•• **"- ''-•- th of road leadingi" rt> » said turnpike to thp jV. B.—* such of the above mentioned Fri wmrtb,. Of- Stock as shall not be pvrchcua{ KJqt'ttie pprmViftbr, at t. eijey, fey Callander; Village of TultMiflron" above properties to which it is at / i^ eieistfttrdrr'd,- Ai'iUiani Ross, writer in Perth jar ( P- Joiui Csmp- Vlill be sold along with /., 42 x) Scot* plr: ' ' « « < "' '' "' ' ^ p;'. hic » Iars apply- to J) « aiald M'ln- 1 branch SBHts: . ._ — » —- '" illage Offers in writing, for the several 1' arrai will be • OL,. 1-./ I I,,. T I." L. I,.... .. ... •. 1 „ IR, 1H,... I, same { tocky For farther particulars application may bu made , Qi Thaiftson, Wi S. Hi, tjouth frtskrjifc Sii' » f(. f9wep » f « Y- aK Nr^ is.. ftjaicij^ i, im. i VALUABLE ESTATES IN PERTHSHIRE. FOB SALE. To be SOLD by Public Roup, within the Royal Exchange Coffee- house, Edinburgh, upon Mon- day 27th June, 1808, at one o'clock afternoon, CERTAIN PARTS pf, the BARONIES of STRATHGARTNEY and CALLANDER, ih the LOTS following, viz.— I. The I. ands of DUNCRAGGAN, OFFRANS and COSHOMBIE, measuring about 507 Scots, acres, of which a part is arable, artd the remainder consists of pasture and wood. These lands lie partly a long the north side of the river Teath, soon after it issues out of Loch Catharine, and partly on the north side of Locli Venachar, having a fine south exposure. II. The Lands of DRIPPENS & LENDRICK, measuring about 717 Scots acres, of which a part is arable, and the remainder consists of pasture and wood. They lie along the north side of Loch Ve- nachar, having a fine south exposure. III. The Lands of MILTON and PORTNF. L- LAN, measuring about 836 Scots acres, oi which a part is arable, and the remainder consists of pas- ture and wood. ' They lie along the north side of Loch Venachar, having a south exposure. IV. TheLandsof CORRICHROMBIE, TARN- DUAN, and BOCHASTLE, together with the Common between Tarnduan and Bochastle, mea- suring about 856 Scots acres, of which about 300 acres are arable, and the remainder consists of pas- ture and wood.- These lands lie between the river Teath issuing out of Loch Catharine and Loch Venachar, and the water of Garavouch issuing out of Loch Lubnaig, and run for a considerable space along the banks of these two waters. V. The Lands of EASTDULLATER, GART- CHONZ1E, and MILLS thereof East and West Mains, and CLASH, with the Common of Cock- hill, measuring about 2243 Scots acres, of which above 800 acres are arable, and the remainder consists of pasture and wood These lands run a- long the south and west banks of the river Teath for a space of about four miles. The great Cattle- market of Callander of Monteath, is held annually upon the Common of Cockhill, which makes part of this lot. VI. The Lands of GART, consisting pf about 188 Scots acres, almost whplly arable,, boundud on the west by tie river ' Teath and lands of Balnagib- b » n, on the east arid north by the water of Kelty and. lands of Auchlessie, and on the south by those parts of CJjit tj the property of Mr. Buchanan of Auchlessie. . VII. Thetfafid? of MURDIS'TON, BALI AN. TOUN, and BAI. NAGIBBON, consisting of a- bout 141 Scotch Acres, almost wholly arable, bounded 011 the south by the river Teath, on the west by the village of Callander and adjacent vil- lage lands, on the nurth by Callander wood, and on the east by the lands of Auchlessie & Gart. Upon this lot stands the beautiful villa of Roman Camp., VIII. The Village of CALLANDER of MON- TEATH, and adjacent Village I. ands, the Parks of CALI. ANOF. R, and Common, Pasture, exclusive of the Fir Wood of Callander, which is to be reserv- ed. The lands included in this lot consist of a- bout 406 Scots acres, partly arable and partly pas- ture, and are bounded on the south by the river Teath, on the west and north bythe lands of Leny, and on the east by the lands of Gart, by Callan- der wood, and the lands of Auchlessie. " The village of Callander of Moriteath, which is built upon the eighth lot, is a remarkably neat pleasant village,. situated on the banks of the river Teath ; it lies to the northwest of the town of Stir- ling, being distant from it about 16 miles, and it has tire advantage of a regular post. Some of the lots are in the near neighbourhood of the village,', and none of them are at a greater distance from it than six miles. All the lands are. most delightfully situated, either upon the banksof I. och Venachar, which is a Very fine fresh water - lake, of about nine miles in circumference, or . of the ri ' er . Teath, in boA which there is good salmon and trout fishing. Upon all the lots there is wood"; but the oak copse woods on lots Bd and 5th are in particular exten- sive and valuable. There are not any where to be met with liner situations for building on ; a/ id the lands, particularly the three first lots are in the near neighbourhood of the Trosarks, and I. och Catharine, the grand and beautiful scenery- of which, is r. ow too well known to require any par-, ticular d-' scription, John MT. aren and Duncan M'Arthur, wpod-. foresters at Callander, will show the lands and point out the boundaries. ' The lands hold of the Crown ; and: farther par- ticulars wilf be given upon application to MiyJ. t! nt: 3 . Dnndas, clerk to the signet.; or to Mr, Charles Selkrig, accountant, Edinburgh, who is empowered sell to i^- rfmtvale bargain. PUBLISHED ( every TUESDAY and FRIDAT) by JAMIiS DONALDSON, at the Printing Office, Castle- hill, and at the ADVERTISES OFFICE , at the Cross— A single Paper 6d,— $ 9*. per ann. cailedfpr— 54s, delivered— 56s. by post, Scotland or England.— si. ss, to Ireland. — Advertisements, uk » r,. in by Mes. rs, TA7LITR & NEWTON, NO. 5VWarwick Square( Lwdvt ii& ere ! 5 tiffg& ty. torfc a
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