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Report from the Committee On the Petition from Dominica, respecting losses by the Fire at Roseau


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Report from the Committee On the Petition from Dominica, respecting losses by the Fire at Roseau
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Report from the Committee On the Petition from Dominica, respecting losses by the Fire at Roseau

Date of Article: 11/05/1808
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No Pages: 1
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\ R E P O t R T from the Committee on the Petition [ Appx. APPENDIX. REPORT of the Commissioners, and SCHEDULES thereto annexed. 71 7E the Commissioners appointed by an A61 to appoint certain Commiflioners * * for the purpose of enquiring into the Losses occasioned to Individuals by the attack of the Enemy, and the burning of the Town of Roseau, on the Twenty- second day of February 1805, and ascertaiuing the real and true amount of such Losses, and for other purposes; DO CERTIFY, That we have examined the Estimates, and have minutely enquired into the amount of losses sustained by the several per sons named in the Schedule hereunto annexed, marked with the letter A; and also examined evidence more fully to ascertain the true amount of the same; and we are of opinion, that they have truly and bona fide sustained losses by the fire and attack of the French on the nd day of February 1805, amounting to the sums set opposite to their respective names in the aforesaid Schedule. The statement of some of the persons named in tiie said Schedule, viz. V 3, 12, 27, 49, 57, 65, 71, 88, 94, 99, 101, 102, 122, 139, 140, 154, 155, 15S, 162, 169, 170, 175, 178. 179, 182, 184, 189, 198,201,222, 233, 236, 23^, and 242, cqntain an account of further losses, but. in some n0 evidence was produced to us in support thereof, and in others though some loss was proved the value was not. AND we do further Certify, That we are of opinion, that the several persons named in the Schedule also hereto annexed, and marked with the letter i>, have sustained losses, but we cannot take upon ourselves to state the amount thereof, suf- ficient evidence not having been produced to us of the actual loss of the goods, or of the value thereof, which will appear by a reference to the minutes of our proceed- ings, and the examinations taken before us on oath. With regard to the statements of Claude Gaume, we can give no credit to it - because, in the first instance, he delivered in, and swore, to the drugs, utensils, books, instruments, & c. amounting to the gross sum of/. 3,300. currency, and his furniture to 1,650. currency; and being directed to detail them, he makes out and swears to another account for drugs, & c. merely from memory, as he says, amounting to 3,244. 4. I. currency, and for furniture J~. 509. 8. 9. currency. The only invoices he was able to produce were, one in 1802 for 375. 2. sterling; one in 1804 for £. 153. 3. 8. steri in g; and one in the fame year for £. 227. 11. currency. And several gentlemen of the profession, and druggists, having been examined on oath, declared, they could have no idea of any person in this country having at onetime, in his shop, drugs, & c. exceeding the value of one thousand pounds cur- rency, or even to that amount, as will appear on reference to the minutes of our proceedings, pages 7, 12, 28, 47, and 61. B. Lucas. April 10th, 1807. Alr Fraser. John Lundin. W. w. Glanville.
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