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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3708
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 14/03/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3708
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND WINCHESTER AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3708. - VOLUME LXXIIL] MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1808. Mondays and Tuesday's Posts. 1 V has dc FOREIGN NEWS. LUBRCK, Feb. 15. e this moment received intelligence Riga, by an estafette, that Russia declared war against Sweden. BANKS OF THE ELBE, Feb. 22; The refusal of England to co- operate in restoring peace to Europe, is on the eve of producing measures the effects of which will soon be felt on the Continent. What operations will be undertaken by the armies of the Emperor of the French and those of his allies, are not yet known ; but already on all sides movements are observed, which indicate the inten- tion of taking the field, on the return of fine leather; a formidable army of French and Spaniards is assembling in Spain, which will be increased to 150,000 men ; prepara- tions are pursued with toe utmost activity on the. frontiers of Turkey; the Russian troops are advancing in great force • on those of Sweden, and we are in momentary expectation 6f official intelligence of hostilities having commenced. , A LONDON, MONDAY, MARCH 7. Hamburgh and Altona papers to the 24th ult. con- taining a few extracts from Paris papers to the 16th ult. reached Town this forenoon. The German paper; assert that Russia has actually de- clared war against Sweden; and intimate that " the refusal of England to co- operate in restoring peae^ to Europe" will occasion further changes in tfee States of the Continent. An article from Naples, dated Jan. 23, says that a Russian frigate has been taken off that coast by two English ships of war. It appeal's by an account from Naples, taken from the French Journals, that a Gunpowder Plot has been carried into effect at Naples. In the night between the 29th and 30th of January, a wing of the palace of M. Salicetti, Minister of War" and Police to King Joseph, tumbled down from the explosion of a quantity of gunpowder. The room where the Minister was received little damage, but he was wounded whilst hastening to relieve his daughter, the Du- chess of Lavella, who was found with her husband amidst the ruins. The apothecary of the late Queen, who had a shop near the Palace, is suspected of having collected - a large quantity of gunpowder in his cellars, ( which are se- parated from those of Salicetti merely by a partition wall) the explosion of which occasioned the mischief. He is in custody. The fire at Dantzic, which broke out in the night between the 1st and 2d of February, was followed by another conflagration, which broke out in the afternoon of the 2d, and continued burning for 24 hours. The city presents a scene of desolation; more than 100 buildings are reduced to allies— the steeple of the Church of the Holy Ghost has fallen down, many persons have been maimed, and others have lost their lives on this disastrous occasion. French papers to the 25 th ult. and Dutch papers to the 1st inst. were received this afternoon. They contain the following articles, in addition to those in the Hamburgh and Altona papers. The Russians are active in their preparations for attack- ing Sweden. They are now stated to have entered Finland. General Buxhovden, who has the chief command in that direction, is stated to have organized not less than 180 regiments, m;> « t of which are fresh levies, and the. whole Br' said to have proceeded to Finland and Moldavia. O tl • left 1 of the Danube. the Russian preparations for renewing tlr war are equally vigorous ; and the move- ments of the French in various directions seem to be connected with thes preparations; which are undoubtedly intended to carry into execution the long- projected dis- memberment of the Ottoman Empire.—- An article from Vienna even intimates that the Porte is aware of its danger, and has i: i consequence solicited an alliance with England, offering to allow our forces to occupy Egypt and the Morea. Letters from Holland state, that the prices of colonial produce have risen enormopsly. American vesels are allowed to enter the Dutch ports; but such as are disco- vered to have touched at a British harbour, uniformly fall under the rigour of Bonaparte's decree. All the ships and cargoes in Holland have been condemned, and the greatest distress prevails among the merchants. A Gotleiiburgh Paper of the 12th of February, received this morning, says, " The fleet bound to England sailed from hence on the [ 4th inst. but put back again the next evening, by contrary winds, and still remains. An En dish 74 is at Kladesholmen, near Marstrand, for the purpose of protecting the convoys. The winter is very severe, the ice extends above five English miles from the town." Ministers, it is said, have refused to place the British Squadron which is to act in the Baltic under the command of the King of Sweden. The army will be on the footing of auxiliaries.' It is preparing with great expedition. It is to comprise twenty thousand men, and to be followed bv a considerable Reserve. Tae King of Sweden has sti- pulated to co- operate with an effective force of equal number in the field, independent of hi ; Guards, Garrisons, & c. The Provisions, Hospitals, & c. for our Troops are to lv: furnished from England.— Lord Cathcart, Sirs A. Welles- ley and .1. Moore, anil some other Officers, are mentioned fcJr commands in this Expedition. Ortlot* were sent on Saturday to Shee. rness and YarmouVi, to prepare tie . several ships at those places desti. ied for the Baltic, for immediate sailing.— The chief comm- vad is to be given to Sir James Saumarez, and directions have been sent to him to repair to town, to re- ceive his instructions. It is said he is to hoist his flag on board the Barfleu'r, of 98 guns, which ia preparing at Portsmouth. . Government have received a confirmation of the account of three or four French frigates, full of troops, having reached Martinique, where they are blockaded by Admiral Cochrane. J The Danish settlement of Tranquebar, on the Coromandel coast, is thought to be at this time occupied by a British garrison. Goa, on the Malabar coast, with the Portuguese territory annexed, are, it is said, to be placed under the Government of Bombay, on the same conditions on which Madeira has been occupied by our troops. GENERAL WIHTELOCKE'S TRIAL, Twenty- ninth Day.— This morning the Judge- Advocate informed the Court that be had closed the evidence for the prosecution. General Whitelocke was then asked when he sh ukl be ready to enter upon his defence ? and having named Monday next, the Pre'ident immediately adjourned the Court to ten o'clock that dav. LAW.— In the Court of Exchequer, on Saturday, m the cause the King v. Agle— The Solicitor General stated this to be an action for the recovery of money received by the Defendant on behalf of the Excise Revenue, but not accounted for. It appeared that Mr. Agle, as Assistant to the late Collector of Excise at Preston, in Lancashire, had become possessed of very large stuns, and that there existed a deficicucy in his payments of npwards of forty thousand pounds. There were il', 1 witnesess for the Crown, and five for the Defendant, and the books and ve ichers produced filled five large cart'. The trial lasted two- days, when the Jury found a verdict for the Crown for 44,000?. OPERA DISPUTE.— On Saturday the Lord Chancellor gave his promised judgment in this cause, which he prefaced by observing, tliat as he had gone over the proceedings, and had minutely weighed the arguments of Counsel, bis judgement would be decisive. There were two main points on which he had been required to interfere— the appoint- ment of a Manager, and the nomination of a Treasurer. The deed of 1803, between Taylor and Gould, was so con- tradictory, that it was impossible for him to r/ iove one step in the appointment of a Manager. The same deed stood almost equally in the way of his novating a person to receive the rents and profits; but if the parties could point ' out how a person so nominated was to act with safety to himself, he would willingly hear them. At present he could have nothing to t'. q with the busings. MARK- LANE, Monday, March 7. The. supply of Wheat this morning was smaller in quantity than wc have seen for several week's past, and the quality of some of the Essex runs being much approved, such samples at an early hour fetched rather more money, as per particulars ' beneath ; in other respects the mealing trade was extremely dull, and must be reckoned Is. per quarter cheaper than last week. Barley had accumulated for several market- days, almost without buyers, under an idea that the distillery would be stopped ( which c;; n scarcely take effect, however, this season), until the stands were loaded jn an uncommon degree, but a decline of 2s. per quarter being complied with towards noon to- day, a consider- able clearance was made upon these terms. Oats are in very great abundance, and have fallen 2s." per quarter since this day se'nnight, Malt as much, new Tick Beans abbut Is. both the last also being in plenty ; nor is theie any scarcity what- ever at present, except of White Peas. Rape Seed and New- Clover Seed are dearer; other articles mostly unaltered, as per currency subjoined:— English Wheat 60s. to 77s.— Rye 3Ss. to 50s.— White Peas 92- s. to 175s. Grey ditto 56s. to 66s. — Horse Beans 50s. tt> 60s. Tick Beans" 46s. to 58s.— Barley 3 « s. to 44s.— Malt 50s. to 74s.— Oats 2Ss. to 48s.— Rye Grass 14s. to 43s. per quarter.— English Household Flour 60s. to 64s. per sack.; ditto '. tnerican sup. 35s. to 42s. per barrel.— Rape Seed 2t>/. to 10s. per last.— Carraway Seed 38s. to 42s:— Coriander Seed Hs. to 22s.— Red Clover 36s. to 86s. White ditto 4Cs. to 110s.— Trefoil 5s. to 2Bs. per cwt.— Tares 2s. to - 22s. per bushel. SMimriEilD MARKET, March 7. We had this day 2 J70 head of Neat Cattle, including a verv large proportion of prime Oxen. — Sheep, 16,740.— Calves, 10!).— Pits, 400.— Beef sold at 4s. ftd. to 3s, fid. Mutton 4s. ( Sd. to 5s.' 6d. Veal 6s. ad. to " 8s. od. Pork 5s. Cd. to 7s. 6d. per stone of Sib. to sink the oflal. IU NEWGATE and LE. AOENHALL MARKETS the prices by the carcase were Beef 4s. id. to 5s. 4d. Mutton - Is. Cd. to 5s. 6d. Veal 5s. Od. to 0\ s. 4d. Pork 4s. 8ii. to 6s. tvi. The prices of Hay and Straw, in the different Markets, were the same as last week. Diocese of Bristol.— Dorset Department. " VTOTICE is hereby given, That the LORD BISHOP I/ N or BRISTOL, intending to hold his PRIMARY VISI- TATION in the course of the present year, has issued the usual Inhibition for suspending the Jurisdiction of the Arch deacon of Dorset, wherefore all Executors of Wilts, which remain unproved within that part of the county of Dorset which lies within the aforesaid Diocese, and ail persons en- titled to administer the effects of th<> se who die intestate, or who have any testamentary business to transact, are required to apply at the Office of Messrs. Cooth and Smith, in Bland- ford. EDM. COOTH, Dep. Reg., BLANDFORD, March 5, 1803. [ 759 MERE INCLOSURE. IN pursuance of an Act of Parliament, passed in the forty- seventh year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Mere, " in the County bf Wilts,"— Notice is hereby given, that a public Meeting of the several Proprietors of Lands in the open and common fields, common pastures, and other com- monable lands within the said parish, will be holden at the house of James Burfitt,- known by the name or sign of the Ship Inn, in the town and parish of Mere aforesaid, on Monday the twenty- first day of March next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing and ap- pointing some other person to be a Commissioner in the room and stead of THOMAS DAVIS, late of Horningsham, in the said county of Wilts, gentleman, deceased, who was a Commissioner appointed by the said Act. Dated this 26th day of February, 180S. 658] R. U. and G. MESSITER, Clerks. Lavtngton Turnpike, Wills. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of. the X l Trustees for tire Second District of Roaiis belonging to the said Laving ton Turnpike, in the county of Wilts, will be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Nalcter, known by the sign of the King's Arms Inn, in Melksham, in the said county, on Wednesday the 13th day of April next ensuing, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the same day, for the purpose of ADVANCING THE TOLLS appointed to be taken at the several Turnpike Gates in and upon the said Turnpike Read, agreeable to the several Acts of Parliament in that case made and provided ; at which time and place the Accounts of the Treasurer of the said Turnpike will be examined and ad- justed. By Order of the Trustees, [ 760 Dated March 2, 1808. • J. WHALE, Clerk. NEW FOREST, HANTS. SUCH persons as mnv be willing to CONTRACT for MAKING the FENCES of FOUR separate INCLO- SURES in New Forest, which Fences will amount in the whole to from three thousand five hundred to four thousand rods, and for ERECTING THREE COTTAGES in the said Forest ( the Timber in both cases to be supplied by Govern- ment), are desired to transmit sepirate Tenders, by the Port, for such Fencing and Cottages, on or before the 4th day of April next, to the Office Of Woods, London, under cover to Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor- General of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, & c. and one of the Commissioners for making the sa: d Inclosures, pursuant to the Act of Parliament of the iith and loth of William the Third, cap. 36. Persons willing to contract, tpay offer for one or more of the Inclosures or Cottages; the prices to be expressed in the tenders in words at length; the work to be compleated before'the 15th of October next; and security to be given for the performance of the. contraft. For a view of the lands to be inclosed, and for information concerning further particulars, apply to. Joseph Mortimer, Esq. Deputy Surveyor of the said Forest, at Ower. near Romsev, Hants. [ 631 FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. IVhbtehall, Jan. 23, 1808. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented to the King, that, between the hours of seven and eight o'clock in the evening of the I9th of this instant, some per- son, in company with others ( all of whom are unknown), FIRED a loaded Pistol or Blunderbuss at JOHN JONES, Esq. of Woolley, near Bradford, in Wiltshire, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, as the said John Jones, Esq. was returning home on horseback from his Factory at Staverton, whereby the eyes and facte of the said John Jones, Esq. were very much injured:— His Majesty, for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the person who has been guilty cf this enormous out- rage, is hereby pleased to promise his most gracious PARDON to any accomplice who shall discover the otfender, so that he may be apprehended and convicted thereof. HAWKESBURY. And, as a further encouragement, a Reward of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS is hereby offered to any person making any such discovery as aforesaid ; the same to be paid by Messrs. Thomas Timbrell, Stephen Brown, Edward Lux- ford, and Thomas H. Saunders, Clerks to the. Magistrates of the Division of Trowbridge, in Wiltshire. ( 357 A1* CHURCH PREFERMENT. WANTED,— The next Presentation to sorrte CHURCH PREFERMENT in Wiltshire, or the neighbouring Counties, of the value of from one to three hundred Pounds a year; or upwards. [ 789 Address particulars to A. B. C. Printing Office, Salisbury.. AN ADVOWSON or NEXT PRESENTATION WANTED, with a prospect of an early vacancy ; and if an Estate can be purchased within the parish or near it, the more desirahle. Particulars to be sent to Mr. Tyndall, solicitor, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. [ 699 ANTED,— A CURATE, to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars, apply to the Printer, post paid. [ 89 QC- f There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 60/. per ami. ANTED immediately,— An ASSISTANT, well qualified to teach Writing, Arithmetic, and English Gammar. [ 762 Letters addressed ( free of postage) to A. B. Post Office, Cowcs, Isle of Wight, will be immediately attended to. TO WRITING MASTERS. ANTED, in a School where o her Assistants e kept,— A WRITING MASTER, Sic. A person, fully competent to the undertaking, will receive a liberal salary. Letters ( post- paid) including specimens of penman- ship, fire, will be daly attended to by addressing to A. Z. Post- Office, Corsham, Wilts. The most respectable re- ferences will be required. [ 7P7 WANTED immediately, to superintend the management of a small House and Dairy in the Country,— A steady, middle aged, respectable Woman, who can come wSI recommended for sobriety and honesty. Apply ( if by letter post- paid) at the Printing- Office, where a reference may be had. [ 735 WANTED,— A KEEPER ; a single man, who is sober, steady, and active, who thoroughly under- stands his business, and who can have a most undeniable character from his last place. Apply ( by letter post- paid) to Mr. Skelton, Bookseller, Southampton. [ 800 None need apply who cannot read and write. WANTED immediately,— Three Apprentices in the Fancy- Dress Line. Letters ( post- paid; addressed to Miss- Garratt," 173, High- street, Southampton, will be duly attended to. [ 712 WANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a Surgeon and Apothecary, a Youth of a liberal ed'ication, who will be treated in all respects as one of the. family. Letters to be addressed ( post paid) M. B. J. Printing- office, Salisbury. ' [ 346 WANTED,- An APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, a Youth of a liberal education, who will be treated as one of the family. An adequate pre- mium will be expected. Letters ' post paid) adddressed to A. Z. at Mr. Sandy's, Chip- penham Printing- office, Market- place, will receive an imme- diate attention. [ 806 WANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST in a good market- town in Hampshire. For the particulars enquire of the Printer; if by letter, post paid.— A premium will be expected. [ 670 WANTED,-. A MAN and hit WIFE; the Woman to undertake the " Management of a Dairy, and to bake for the family; the Man to look after the ( Rattle in the Park.— None need apply unless they can bring strong recommendations - as- to tinaf abilities to abilers^ ke such Situa- tions. Apply at Southwick- house, IVlts. fOvtf AJOURNEYMAN COOPER, who is well ac- quainted with all kinds of Country Work, may have employ, by applying to Thos. Saunders, cooper, Romsey. TO SMITHS. WANTED;— A GOOD JOBBING SMITH = O, NE that well understands Smoak- Jack Work and Bell- Hanging, may have constant emplov and good wages. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to W. Mursell, ironmonger, brazier, & c. Lymington. [ 784. MAPERTON, near WINCANTON, SOMERSET. THE SALE of the FURNITURE of MAPERTOK PARSONAGE- HOUSE ( advertised in the Sherborne Mer- • cury for the 21st inst.) is POSTPONED.' [ 735 ' 1 THE Public are respectfully informed, that, the SALE of the COACH ASD HORSES INN,' at Titcfi- field. advertised for t'. se 15th inst. is unavoidably POSTPONED to some future day. TITCHFJELO, MarchS, 1808. [ 747 WILTSHIRE. . V a SPECIAL MEETING of MAGISTRATES for the county of Wilts, held this 29th day of January, 1803, at Bradford, in the said county,— The Magistrates having expressed their great abhorrence at the late outrageous attempt on the Life of JOHN JONES, Esq. at Woolley, near Bradford, one of his Majesty's Jus- tices of the Peace for the said county, in the evening of the 19th inst. came to the. following Resolution :— That they are determined to take the most effectual and vigorous measures for bringing the offenders to speedy justice, and for that purpose they will hold occasional meetings at Trowbridge, Bradford, and Westbury, to receive any infor- mation that may be brought before them, and to watch over the preservation of the public peace. And they hereby call upon all constabhs ofhundriWs, petty constables, and other peace officers, to be w- itchf'ul and active in the line of their respective duties, and to attend the above meetings, to further the ends of public justice ; and to appre- hend all persons appearing in disguise, and all other suspicious persons, who may be found wandering about and associating it unseasonable hours, without being able to give a satisfac- tory account of themselves. And all peaceable and well- disposed inhabitants are hereby exhorted to exert themselves* to the utmost of their power, in defence and support of good order, and to stand forward in aii of the civil power ; and they may be assured if the most speedy and effectual support from the military force in the coButry, if it should be found necessary to call them in aid. By order of tile Magistrates?, THOMAS TIMBRE 1.1., FDWARD LUXl'O. itPr !• Clerks. THOMAS H. SAUNDERS, J MS) CO WES, ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A remarkably strong well- built CUTLER, 36 tons mea- surement ; is well calculated for a passage vessel , or any pur- pose which requires room andat the same time fast sailing. For particulars apply to Mr. Frampton, East Cowes Hotel. March 2, 1808. ' [ 077 HAY AND STRAW TO BE SOLD. NY quantity of excellent SANFOIN and CLO- VER HAY, at U. per ton, and WHEAT STRAW at 5QJ. per ton, in the place; which will be trussed and ready for delivery, on t- v i days notice being given tj} J. Twynam, at Whitchurch Farm.— March 9, 1808. . [ 783 TO be SOLD,— A very good light PHAETON, with Head and all complete.— To be seen at Barford- house, near Downton. [ 756 npo be SOLD,— A London- built CHARIOT, A five years and a half from the maker's hands, upon its second wheels and painted within six months, lined With mo- rocco leather, with a dicky, on easy springs.—; Piice Sixty Guineas. ' - Apply to Mr. Painter, Andover, or at Dole's- lodge, where the Carriage may be seen. [ 749 TO be SOLD,— A very good handsome CHARIOT, or POST- CHAISE, on its first wheels, price 65 guineas. The owner'asole reason for selling it is, that h- h » purchased a barouche landau. Wanted, a steady, active, smart Shit, as COACHMAN : he must have been used to drive, if four in hand the better ; if he is fond of the gun, he will be allowed in the sporting season to shoot. Application for particulars may be made of Mr. Rogers, coach- maker, Andov> r. [ 809 npO be SOLD,— A Pair of ROAN CHARIOT- JL HORSES, about 15 hands, extremely handsome and remarkably good movers, accustomed to London work, and to travelling with a landaulet in the country, also used in a buggy, and as constantly used as riding horses in the country ; one of them uncommonly pleasant as a road horse. They are warranted sound; the price 120 Guineas, and are in the highest condition. Likewise an excellent MULE, without vice, and a quick and safe mover, accustomed to carry a young gentleman.— Price £ 10. Enquire at Rockley- house, near Marlborough, where the Horses may be seen in and out of harness. [ 754 Wyhe Regis, one mile from TVeymouth, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. TINDALL, on Monday March 21, 1808,—- The undermentioned CAPITAL STOCK, viz. 15 Cows in and with calf, 6 three- years- old Heifers, 6 two- years- old ditto, 7 one- year ditto ditto, 4 Oxen, 1 two- years- old Colt, 2 one ditto ditto. The sale to begin precisely at eleven o'clock, [ 675 For particulars apply to T. Tindall, the broker, Weymouth. npo be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the JL Blue Posts Inn, on Thursday the 3lst of Match 1808, at noon : For Home Consumption and Exportation 65 puncheons of BRANDY. 15.. ditto GENEVA. 4 ditto RUM. For further particulars apply to WM. BURRIDGE and SON'S, Merchants. • PORTSMOUTH, March 11, 1808. [ 803 A CHEAP SALE OF LINEN- DRAPERY, At BF. CKI. NOSALE'S Warehouse, Silver- Street, SALISBURY. JUST RECEIVED,— A STOCK of COTTON GOODS, from the Manufacturer, which Is consigned fo the aboye Warehouse, and < vill immediately he sold foi ready money, viz.— • 200 Pieces of Ell- wide Cambric Muslins, l4t?. to 2s. ' 64 per yard. 220 Pieces of Yard- and- half- wide ditto, 16CZ.— very fine, 2s. Two Bales of Yard- wide stout Calico, ad. per yard. Three Bales of Ell- wide stout ditto, 6d. per yard. 50 Dozen of Muslin Handkerchiefs, 5li. each. 60 Dozen of Pocket Handkerchiefs, good quality, 1. each. The Public are informed, that im order that the above Warib house be regularly supplied with the best and cheapest articles, J. BECKINGSAI. F. has engaged an Agent in London to supply him with such cheap Goods as the Markets produce. An extensive variety of Ell- wide Prints, 20d. to Ss. per yard. The best Town- printed Cambrics, Ell- wide, of the new Spring Patterns, 2s. id. to 2s. 6d. per yard. Cotton Chambrecs, 3s. 6d. the Dress. The best Silk Italian Sarsenets, 10s. ( id. the Dress'. Several excellent Fabrics of Irish Linen j— Sheetings, Table Linen, and- Counterpanes. Silk and Cotton Stockings, with an extra allowance by the Half- dozen. [ 787 SALISBURY', FEU. 8, 1808. JAMES BALL, Jun. most respectfully begs to acquaint his friends, and the publio in general, that he has this day taken and entered upon THE THREE SWANS INN, in this City, and humbly solicits their patronage and support, assurinj them it will be his constant study to pay all due attention to their commands. He is determined to lay in a good Stock of the best Wines, Spirits, and genuine home- l- reiced Beer, for the accommdation of all those who may feel disposed to frequent his house. **.* A good ORDINARY every Tuesday, precisely at one o'clock. N. B. J. B. informs Gentlemen Travellers, that he has neatly fitted up a Room, and has several excellent Bed- chambers, with well- aired Beds, for their reception. ( SCf'Goon STALL STABLING. T520 TUITION.— RINGWOOD, HANTS. MISS MASTERS begs leave to return her sincere acknowledgments to her friends for the very fl ittering' encouragement she has already received ; and to inform them that, for the better accommodation of her Pupils, she has taken the House lately occupied by Miss O'NF. II. ; and that, from I, adv dav next; she intends taking FOUR YOUNG LADIES ( only) as BOARDERS. Miss " vl. assures her friends, that the strictest attention shall be paid to the morals, health, and improvement of those committed to her care. [ 790 ANGEL INN, CHIPPENHAM. MARGARET LAWE3 begs leave to acquaint her friends and the public, that she intends carrying on the business of the above Inn ; and takes this opportunity of expressing her gratitude for the distinguished favours received by her late husband and herself, humbly soliciting a conti- nuance of them, which she will ever make her utmost care and attention to merit. - [ 776 Neat Post- Chaises and able Horses. SALISBURY and CIIIUSTCHURCII ACCOMMODATION, From ( he Black Horse, Salisbury, to the George, Christchurch. ROBERTS, THORNE, and Co. respectfully in- form the Inhabitants of Salisbury, Christchurch, Ring- wood, Fordingbridge, and Downton, and the public in general, that the ACCOMMODATION, a light and elegant Conveyance, will take Passengers and Parcels to and from the above men- tioned places, with the utmost care and dispatch. It will go from Salisbury to Christchurch, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, precisely at nine o'clock in thei morning;— from Christchurch to Salisbury, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at eight o'clock. Will call a: the Bull, Downton; Greyhound, Fording- bridge ; and White Hart, Ringwood. The time of reaching and leaving Sarum will accommodate Passengers to and from London by the Salisbury Coaches. Roberts, Thorne, and Co. earnestly solicit the patronage of the inhabitants of the above mentioned places, and the public in general; assuring them that no expence shall be spared in rendering their conveyance safe and comfortable. N. B. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Parcels, & c. above £•& value, unless entered as such and paid for ac- cordingly ; and luggage, above l4Z£ s. weight, must be paid for. Will start from the Black Horse, Salisbury, on Tuesday, March 15, 1808. [ 739 SECOND DAY OF DRAWING STATE LOTTERY, Tuesday next, March the 1 oth. A LL the TWENTY THOUSANDS are yet in il the Wheel, Besides Forty- seven other Capital Prizes, an I not THREE . Blanks to a Prize. f+ f Lose no time 1— They may be all drawn the next day of drawing. [ 367 THE GRAND STATE LOTTERY 7 Now Drawing. . • - THE Wheel is immensely rich, and a supplv of SHARES is daily sent, by Post, to each Country Agent. DATS OF DRAWING. 1st, Tuesday, March 8 2d, Tuesday, 15 3d, Tuesday, 4th, Tuesday, Sth, Tuesday, April. 29 6th, Thursday, April 7 7th, Saturday, .9 8tb, Tuesday, 12 9th, Thursday, 14 10th, Saturday, is i NO FIXED CAPITAL. The Scheme contains Sixty Capital Prizes, and not THREE Blanks to a Prize. [ 745 *.** The CITY LOTTERY will be drawn NEXT Month, 26th April.— TICKETS and SHARES are likewise on sale. STALLION FOR SALE. CHIGWELL, own BroRier to Asparagus.— For pedigree, price, and> particulars, apply to Mr. R. Walker, Talbot Inn, Mells, where- the Horse,, and several of his stock out of hunting, mares, may be seen. If not sold in the present month, CHIGWELL will cover at the above place, this ensuing season, at his former price, one guinea and a crown, with grass, & c. as usual. N. B. For the accommodation of persons wishing to pur- chase the above Horse, a draft accepted by a known and approved person, at three months, will be taken. [ 796 KING BLADUD will COVER at Rotherfield Park, near Alton, Hants, from the Ist of April next, at Two Guineas a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom.— He was got by Fortunio, dam, Magnolia, by Marskc.— For his perform- ances see Racing Calendars, 95, 96, 97, 98, .99, 800.— In all his running he was remarked for his honesty; and no horse now living has won mote King's Plates, carrying 12 St. than King Bladud. For action in all his paces, substance, bone, constitution, shape, and colour, no horse can excel- him ; and he is at this moment one of the best Hunters ill, England. RotiiERriEi. D PARK, Fib. 27, 1808. . - [ 655 . 1808. TO COVER this Season, at. Two Guineas a Mare, and a Crown the Groom,— That beautiful Horse TRUSS; now the property of a person at Diiton's Marsh, near War- minster. Particulars will be given in hand- bills, which will be circulated in due time through the different marks t towns. Good Grass for Mares, at Ss. per week, at Diltcu's Marsh.—- The money to be paid before the Mares are taken away. [ 804 TO COVER this Season,— FORRESTER, a tho- rough- bred Bay Horse.— Forrester wsjs, bred by. W. Watts, Esq. foaled in 1800, got by Smnrt out of a chesnut. mare.— Smart was got by Belfast out of Lucrctia,' by Locust; Belfont by Cade, oat of Bartlett's Childers' Mare ; Cade by the Godolphin Arabian, out of RoxSna, by the Ball Galloway, Ssltram ; . her dam Elden, by Conundrum, Cropsflam, by the Coombe Arabian, out of- a Spectator Mare ; Saltram was got by Eclips ;, out of Virago, got by Snape, her dam by Regu- lus, out of a sister to Black- and- all- Black. The above pedigree shews that Forrester is one of the best- bred horses in the kingdom; and he is acknowledged to be one of the strongest- boned horses ever seen in this part of the country. During the last two seasons, Forrester has covered in York- shire, and got a very promising stock. He was bought last summer from Mr. W. Watts to be carried abroad for breed- ing, but which could not be effected. To Cover at Two Gningas a Mare and Half- a- Crown the Groom ; to. be paid before the service, the Groom being ac- countable :— Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, in Dor- chester, at- Mr. PoUn. cy's stables'; and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at Blandford.— To come to Dorchester on Fri- day the 30th of March, and. to Blandford on Saturday the 9d . of April, ' £ 634 WAREHAM, Manh 10, 1808. LOST, on Sunday the 28th ult.— A Liver Colour and White POINTER DOG; had on a collar, enr graved on it " IK J. Barter, Jf'areham." Whoevti will restore it, or give information to the owner, that it might be recovered,' shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward. [ 772 NORTH HANTS REGIMENT OF MILITIA, ANDOVER SUBDIVISION. WHEREAS WILLIAM PRICHARD, of the parish of Andover, in the said county. Coach maker, was ballotted to serve in the Militia of the said county, and after having due notice to appear to take the oatli in that be- half required, and to J*.. inrolled to serve in the aforesaid Militia, or to provide a fit Substitute, hath neglected to ap- pear t( 5 take the said oath br to provide a proper bufistitute s— Notice is hereby given, that if any person wili giv^ informa- tion to the Clerk of the said Subdivision, so that the said William Prichard may ba'apprehended,' shall receive ONE GUINEA, over and a'aove any reasonable expenccs. • STEPHEN- WARNER, Subdivision Clerk: Romsey, Marcha, 1808. • [ 701 DORSET MILITIA. DESERTED, from the above regiment of Militia, after having been duly sworn as a Substitute at Wim- borne the 23d of December l ist,— EDWARD ' I URNER, aliasDICK. TUCKER; at the time of his enrolment he lived at Woodyates Inn as an horse- keeper, and is supposed to have come from London: he was kbout 23 years old, 5 feet 5} inches; hi^ h, good looking in his person, rather large head, full face, blue eyes, light brown Or flaxen eye- brows and hair, largish nose, upright neck,' round shoulders, thick arms, large hands, full thighs, stoUt legs, large, feet, and fair complexion. Whoever will apprehend, or cause to be apprehended, the above deserter, and will give information thereof to the Com- manding Officer, at Plymouth Dock, or to Lieutenant Bos- well, . at Dorchester, of his being secured in anv of his Ma » jesty's gapls, shall receive ONE GUINEA over and above the sum allowed by Act of Parliament. Dorchester, MarchS, 1808. [ 76S ALL persons having Clahns on the Estate of the late Mr. CROWDY, of Swindon,. Wilts, Attorney at Law, deceased, are requested to send. Statements of their De- > mands to Mr. Meggison, of Swindon aforesaid : and all perj sons who stood indebted to Mr. Ctowdy a't the time of his decease, are desired immediately to pay the Amount of their Debts to Mr. Megg'ison, who is authorised to receive the same onebebalf of Mrs. Crowdy, thesriB Executrix-. [ 750 _ A LL Persons indebted to the Estate of the late 1 V Mr. AMBROSE CLAPCOAT, of the tmv. n and county of Poole, Joiner and Cabinet Maker, deceased, are desired to pay their respective debts to Mess;;. James Bristo- we- and Co. of the said town and county, who are authorized to receive the same, on or before the lQth day of April next, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further notice.— rAnd persons having claims upon the' said Estate arc desired to deliver the same to the said James- BriMoWc and Co. in order to their being discharged. POOLE, March 10," 1808. ' HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the4th day of August, - I804, awarded and issued against BRYANT BIGGS, of Chtrt- rbome Hinton, in the county of Somerset, Shopkeeper, Dealer and- Chap- man, intend to meet on the 19th dav of March inst. at eleven of the clock in th? forenoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Broad- street, in the city of Bristol, to make a third Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and wtfafe the Creditors, who have net already prove^ l their Debts, ate to come prepared to prove the same, or they wil!. be excl'udeij the benefit of the said Dividend: and all claims not then prov& l will be disallowed, [ 727 THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE 1! Y DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON". THIS invaluable Composition," with half the usual- labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Spiel, wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Holborn, Loudon ; and retail by theii agents,— Collins, Salisbury ; Coulton, Dcvrzes; Simmonds, Blandfonl; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymo'utb ; Harold, jim. Marlborough ; Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, Ly- mington; Crockford, Castle- Carey; and Moore, Poole, in. stone bottles, price 1?. 6rf. each. [ 262 —: — —— , Hatter's celebrated Hestorative Tooth Powder. BE AUTY of countenance, - and regularity of fea- tures, arc allowed to distinguish « hcH> rrtish fair, but the proprietor of BUTLER's TOOTH POWDER would beg leave, to remind his countrywomen, that five lustre of their charms Ws half its influence where the Teeth ' are disco- loured, or shew a rotten and unhealthy appeeuance: this is the more inexcusable,' as the- pre.: eht preparation affords the infallible means of removing every blemish ot the enamel, and is safe in its application, being composed of vegetable-. It is recommended to the attention of all ranks, as clearing away every imperfection, either in the colour or the decay of the enamel of the Teeth; as rendering the breath sw.- ct'md delectable, and'malting the gums of their prooer shape and Vermillion hue ; and afcertaija- preventive of the Tooth- ache. Sold wholesale and retail at ; VIr. Butler's, No. 4, Cbeapsile, corner of Paternoster- row. Lqndon ; and at the printjaj- Office,.'' Salisbury, in boxes at 2s. each. [ 5201 Lately was published, price 14s. in Hoards, and one thick Volume Octavo, THE MODERN PRACTICE OF PHYSIC; which points out the characters, ceihses, symptoms, . prognostic, morbid appearances, arid improved method of treating the Diseases of all Climates. By ROBERT THOMAS, M. D. Being the SECOND EDITION; carefully revised and much enlarged. London:. Printed for J. Murray, Fleet- street; and may be had of any Bookseller in the United Kingdoms. Extract, from the Monthly Review.—" This is a judicious compilation of facts, from the best writers ; in which' the different subjects are treated with brevity and perspicuity.— ' Dr. Thomas has abridged with judgment; has added moderri 1 opinions and discoveries; has introduced the result of'his own experience ; and his performance thus becomes an use- ful compendium of the present state of medical practice." London Medical Review.—" We think Dr. Thomas has acquitted himself, of his important undertaking in a manner highly creditable to him as a man of icsearch, and as a practical physician." [ 763- This Day is published, Price 10s. 6cl. in Hoards, PART the THIRD ( being the last) of— AN ABRIDGMENT of the LAW of NISI PRIUS ; con- taining the Decisions down to Trinity Term 1807, in seven- teen Chapters', . under the following titles :— Game, Imprison- ment, Insurance, Libel, Malicious Prosecution, ' Masret and - ' Servants ( wherein of Seamen's Wages), Nuisance, Piscary, Promissocy Notes, Replevin, Rescous, SI mder, Tithfs, Tres- pass, Trover ( wherein of the Ship Registary Statutes), Use and Occupation, Waver. By W. SELWTN, Jun. Esq. of Lincoln's Jim, BARRISTER AT LAW. London : Printed for W. Reed, Law Bookseller, Bell- yard, Temple Bar ; and sold at the Printing- Office, Salisbury. Tha purchasers of the former Parts of this work are respectfully informed, that, owing to, the great expence of paper and printing, the price of this Part will be advanced at. the end of six months. [ 753 In a few days will be pulished, in a neat volume ( similar to Domestic Cookery), containing upwards of 30 Engravings, price 7j. Cd. in boards, ' npiIE LADY's ECONOMICAL ASSISTANT; A or the Art of CuttingOut, and Mek ng the m> -' t useful Articles of Wearing Apparel, without Waste; explained by the clearest Directions, and by numerous Engravings cf ap- ' propnate and tasteful Patterns. D. si ; aed for Domestic Use. < BY A LADY. .- . Printed for J. Murray,' 32, Fleet- street, J. Hording, 36, > St. James's- street, London ; and A. Contt. ble an, d Co. Edm- . burgh; sold also by every Bookseller and Newsman. Ladies in the country who* ere desirous of receiving this useful work , upon its first publication, ire requested to apply to their nearest' bookseller, wbo will or ler it from his correspondent iK Lon- don, by whom it will be sent down at the beginning of the month. Lately was published,— A new edition of DOMESTIC COOKERY, price 7s. 6d. in boards. ., Both of these publications may be had at the Printing- l Office, Salisbury. [ 732 TliK SALISBURY AND WINCIir. STEli JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FNOJL THE LONDON GAZETTE OF MARCH 8. LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S OFFICE, March 8. rOTlCE is hereby given, that there will be no Drawing- room at St. James's, till ' Thursday the 17th inst. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, March 8. Real-- Admiral the Hon. Sir A. Cochrane, Commander in Chief at the leeward Islands, has transmitted a letter, relating that on the 26th of December last, about 20 leagues to the eastward of Bar- badoes, bis Majesty's sloop Nimrod, Capt. Joseph Spear, captured La Nouvelle Enterprise, a French Schooner pri vateer, belonging to Guadeloupe, mounting a long twelve- pounder and four caironades, with a complement uf 55 men. A letter from Capt. Wm. Fisher, of his Majesty's sloop Racehorse, to Vice- Admiral Sir dames Saumarez, dated at Set, the 2dof March, say, « , " His Majesty's sloop under my command . captured, this evening, off the Seven Islands, L'Amirai Gantheaum*, French lugger privateer, of four guns and 28 men, two days ffora Granville ; had not taken any thing." CROWN OFFICE, March 8. Members returned to serve In the present Parliament.— County of Ifestmeath.— The Hon. H. R. Pakenham, in the room of Win* Smith, Esq. vacated Boro- Jfh of Ennis.— Wm. Fitzgerald. Esq. in the room of the Right Hon. James Fitzgerald, vacated. Win OFFICE, March 8. iid. Reg. of FW.-— Major J. IFarquharsdo to be Lieutenant- Colonel, by purchase, vice Dickson, who retires-; Cipt. Thomas Johnson to be Major, Vice Farquh irson. GARRISON.— Colonel Wm. Dickson, of the 42d Foot, to be Lieutenant- Governor Of Cork, vice Gen. Ldand, deceased. BANKlt'CfPTS. Richard Thnmasnn, tf Staiainj. corn- dealer. Jnhrt Hollvsr, ' of Coventry, ribrion- vflamrfacTurer. Richard Hftlroyd, of Ifa'iiajs. waoUPii- mair. irActiirer. Thomas Robinson, of Manchester, innke.' y-' T. Kdward Eiirdley. of Exeter, dealer in glass. T. 1 tVutkis, 01 Sattord, cotton- mercTiant. J. Holdcn, sen. and - T. Holdtn, jnn, of Salford, dyers. John Ridley, of Manchester, taylor. Richard Dyer, of Bath, cornfactor. Richard Hamlin, of Tottenham Court- road, victualler, ' jt- orge Daffietd, of Yorlc- buiUUngs, Berinondscy, wool- carder. Ttiomas Reed, of Bishopsgate- street, chtrse- monwr. James Seaward, of Union- place, Kent- road, buildur. R. C. Green, of Lincoln's- inn, money- scrivencr. HOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY, March 7.] Lord Sidmouth called the at- tention of the Lords to a subject of great importance. Previous to any declaration of hostilities between this eiuntry and Denmark, the Danish merchants in London hid applied to oar Government, to know if their ships in the British ports might remain there, in security. The a tswer to this application he did not exactly know ; but it appeared, from the answer given by the Chamber of Com- merce at Copenhagen to a similar application there, that there was no expectation of hostilities," as if something Ji < • an assurance of safety had been given to the merchants h ire ; in consequence of which, they completed their car- go Previous, however, to the sailing of the expedition to Copenhagen, an order was issued, under which all those ves els were detained, and others brought in, which had since been condemnedas Droits of Admiralty. The produce of these vessels and cargoes, he had also heard, was nearly 2,000,000/. and the crews of the vessels, it was further said, tad been treated as prisoners of war. If these statements were true, they reflected disgrace on the'country ; for he could not help thinking the expedition to Copenhagen the fcau. se of the war with Denmark ; and the vessels and sea- men detained previous to any hostile conduct on the part of ( he Government of the country to which they belonged, ought to be differently treated from those detained in con- sequent of such previous hostile conduct. He wished for official information how far these rumours were founded. Lord Hawkesbury replied, that no assurance of safety bad been given to the Danish merchants at the period alluded to ; that the same conduct bad been adopted with pect to the detained property as had been pursued with the property of other merchants in a similar situation; arid that the ssamen were considered as prisoners of war ; but a cartel had been proposed hy his Majesty's Govern- ment, which had not yet liicn acceded to by the Danes. l/ ird Su- folk observed, that the immense amount of the Danish captures made it necessary to enquire, on the tart of the public, in what way the produce was to be Applied. fjord Hawkesbury assured the Noble Earl, that the amount had been greatly exaggerated ; and that, whatever it was, the ma- mier of its disposal would be known to the public. Lord Sidmouth disclaimed any intention to exagerate; he spoke from rumour only ; but whatever might be the • mount, the principle on which the seizute was made was equally reprehensible. Lord Lauderdale, after commenting with great severity < » n the impolicy of the Orders in Council, which might be rendered nugatory hy the refusal of Sweden to act with as,— tor instance, if Sweden refused to lay similar duties, then American vessels might go to Gqttenburgh, anil avoid the expence c$ touching at an English liort, moved for " Copies or Extracts ef all communications which had taken place on the subject." Ijord Hawkcsbury said, it was impossible to comply with the object of the motion ; for though satisfactory assurances had been givdn of the friendly conduct of our ally, there was yet no arrangement in a shape to lay before Parliament. The motion was negatived without a division.— Adj. TUESDAY, March 8.] Isord Grenvilh observed, that a Noble Secretaryvof State had asserted in that H . use, that the Treaty signed with America by the late Admini- stration had been received in America previous to the separation of Congress, and that the President had re- fused to ratify it. He believed both these assertions were ineorrect, and the. usual candour of the Noble Secretary Would doubtless incline liim to correct the error, into which he mil it have been led by misinformation. Lord Hcwjlcsbury replied, that an official copy of the Treaty, t.' get ve. r with a dispatch from Lord Howick, was received by ihe Hritish Minister at Washington on the 2d of February, and Congress did not separate till the 3d. This copy was immediately laid before the, American Se cfctary of State, who communicated it to the President; but when the latter received a Message from the Senate, expressing a wish to know whether it was h « intention to make any communication to them previous to their sepa- ration, be answered in the negative. He thus neglected the opportunity * f keeping Congress together till the Treaty should arrive; and he had since publicly declared that his disapprobation of certain parts of the Treaty was the cause of hi - so acting. Lords Holland and Auckland contended that there was it material difference between this statement and that for- merly made by the Noble Secretary. The Treaty re- mained in America, perhaps waiting the acceptance of the Government, instead of having been rejected and returned. Lord ' Hawkesbury argued, that « s the Pre- ident had, oft reading the copy of the Treaty, declared bis disappro- bation of it, our situation was in substance the same as he had before stated it. Lord Enhine then rose, and called their Lordships at- tention to the order of the day for taking into considera- tion the question of the legality of the Orders in Council. These Orders, in his view of them, involved the important consideration whether the violence and injustice introduced by the French Revolution into the relations of national communities, were to terminate with the present genera- tion, and be limited within the immediate sphere of the arms of the Ruler of France, or whether they were to be perpetuated to all time, and extended to every nation on the surface of the globe, llis Lard- hip then read a long String of resolutions, commenting on each, the purport of which was to condemn the Orders in Council, as a vio- lation of the Constitution, by the assumption of a dis- pensing Power in the Crown ; as an infraction of our mu- nicipal code, by authorising the detention and capture of foreign vessels contrary to Magna Charta, and various Statutes of Richard II. and El ward III.; and as a violation of public law, by depriving neutrals of the rights of inno- cent commerce, under the false pretence of their acquis esccnee ill the French decree of the 21st of Nov. 1806. Lord Iftdon contended, that the Orders in Council were strictly within the acknowledged law, of nations, and being so, had been legitimately adopted on the authority of his Majesty's war prerogative. The statutes quoted by Lord Jsrskine were Solely enacted, as appeared from their pre- ambles. to prevent thfc f rown from establishing a fnoivo- jvly of foreign commodities, by an arbitrary jegolation of the ports where tbey should be landed, and the prices at which they should be disposed of. If tl^ e Order of the 11th of November was unjustifiable by the law of nations, he would ever contend, that the principle of the blockade of 1806, extending from the Elbe to Brest, and the Order in CounciFof January 1837> were equally at variance wdth that code. His Lordship concluded with moving the pre- vious question. Lord Grenville suppoited the original motion, and Lord Hawkesbury the previous question, which, after a short reply by Lord Erskine, was carried, on a division, by a majority of 127 to 61. Proxies included. Adjourned at two o'clock. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, March 7.] Mr. Simeon reported from the Grampound Committee, that tins Election for that borough was void. Mr. IVilberforce reported from the Newcastle- upon- Tyne Committee, that Mr. Wilbraham Bootle and Mr. James M'Donald, the sitting Members, were duly elected, but that the petitions against their return were not frivo- lous nor vexatious. Mr. Parnell presented a petition from the freeholders of Queen's County, in Ireland, praying the House to take into consideration the present state of the Tithes in that country. The petition was read, and laid on the table for future consideration. Mr. Horner moved that the account of fees paid at the public officii for commercial licences, which bad been presented pursuant to orders of the House, should be re- ferred for investigation to the Finanee Committee. His reasons for this motion were, that the account was un- satisfactory:— It stated 121. 9s. ( id. as the highest amount of fees paid for any of these licences, whereas, if he was rightly informed, the least sum paid was 15/. some bad paid 20/. and when licences had been obtained for several ships, though by the same person, as much as 65/. or 667. had been extorted. Besides, the system of granting licences ought to be watched most jealously 5 it was an ac- knowledged novelty in the system of commercial ( econo- my, and of dangerous tendency in a constitutional view, as it went to place the whole trade of the country under the ccntroul of the Executive Government. Mr. Rose stated, that the Committee of the Privy Council had received information that in some instances more had been paid to the Clerks for these licences than they were entitled to demand, anil that a strict enquiry had in consequence been instituted, which was now in train ; therefore, though he had no objection to the Hon. Gentleman's motion, he thought it might be preferable to wait till it was seen whether the Privy Council remedied the evil ; and if it was not satisfactorily remedied, the House might then re& r the business to the Finance Committee. Mr. Horner expressed bis readiness to adopt the stig gestion of Mr. Ro- e, and withdrew bis motion. Sir /'. Burdett moved for an account of the total sum paid to his Majesty by his Royal Warrants, by the lb gistrar of the Court of Admiralty, being Droits of the Crown, since the 1st of January, 1792, to the latest period the same could be made up, distinguishing the balance remaining due in the custody of the Registrar of the Admiralty. When this account should be produced, the Hon. Barunct gave notice that he would appoint an early day for a motion on the subject of these Droits. The aeeount was ordered. On the motion of Mr. Chancellor Perceval, the ord- r of the day was read, for taking into further consideration the Orders in Council Bill. On this subject a desultory conversation arose between Mr. Eden, Mr, Perceval, Mr. Ponsonby, Lord II. Petty Mr. Baring, and Sir J. Newport, when the Bill was ordered to be engrossed with its amendments, and read a third time on Thursday next. The Mutiny Bill was read a second time, and committed for the morrow.— Adjourned. Right Hon Gentleman's system might be remedied by. doing a » ay the principle of exclusion, which was its worst feature,— by leaving it to the discretion of the recruit to enlist for life, or for any long period. His Lordship con- cluded with moving, in substance, that an amendment be made to that clause of the bill which restricted enlistment to seven years, and that it should be left to the option of the recruit to engage for life. Mr. rfindham observed, that the plan nf the Noble Lord must stand on a weak foundation, when he had thought it necessary to prop it by a mis- statement. By the present plan, instead of the enlisting being for seven • ears only, as the Noble Lord had asserted, it was for 7, 14, and ill years, with appropriate encouragement for the meritorious soldier at the expiration of each period. This was the system which the Noble Lord wished to do away; and to induce the House to coincide in his wish, he had nsinuatod that more men were enlisted under his own ma- nagement than under any other, in the same period of time. The merits of the plan of limi ted service would appear from the returns : In July 1805, the first quarter of its Operation, 11,000 men eidisted under it; in the second quarter, 13,000; in the third, 21,000; and in the fourth, 24,000. In this career of success, the plan was interrupted by that violent measure, the Additional Force Act, which, though the Noble Lord prided himself on it, so far checked recruiting, that after all the ineonve- niencies the country suffered from it, the number of men raised in the year scarcely equalled that of the four quarters l « i had enumerated, all of which were raised by " ordinary recruiting " When the Noble Lord boasted of his numbers, he always omitted to state the means by which he bad raised bis men. He reminded him of a Clpwil in a pantomine, who always imitates the hero of the piece, and then boasts of having done the same thing. Thus at the Amphitheatre, when young Astlcy, putting his hand on his saddle, vaults into bis seat, " like feathered Mercury," with exquisite grace and agility, Mr. Merryman afterwards climbs up the mane or tail of his horse, and grinning to the audience, cries out, " There 1 I have done it too!" £ 0 when proofs were brought forward of the success of the system of raising men with the encourage- ments afforded by limiting the duration of service— by holding out the pleasing bope that once in the ordinary duration of life they would have again the exercise of their own free will in respect to the mode in which they would pass it,— tl » e Noble Lord cries out, " I have raised as many men I" always, like Mr. Merryinan, forgetting to state the means bywhieh he had done it; always keeping out of sight his Additional Farce Act, Additional bounties, and the other clumsy apparatus by which he bad indeed raised the men, but had at the same time cut up and destroyed the " ordinary recruiting," which the limited service was meant to encourage and promote. It bad been said, why not give the men an option ? Ha would answer, because it was. not proper so to do. The system was intended to make the service regular, and to place it on a footing that should make it eligible for men to enter into the army ; to shew that they might ehter for an apprenticeship of seven years, and at the expiration of that period deliberate whether they should take the advantages which further services held out to them. If the option contended for were allowed, the crimps and recruiting serjeants would delude sucW recruits as they could obtain to enter for life, the old system would gradually obtain, and our honest peasantry, sneing that the word uf promise, though " kept to the car," was " broken to the bope," would shun the service as the greatest evil that could befall them, or would be driven to it only by another scourge, the ballot. General Tarleton spoke in favour of the clausc. The Secretary at War agreed with many of the princi- ples of the Right Hon. Gentleman ( Mr. Windham), but thought the clause necessary in the present crisis, A division took place, when the numbers were, for the clause 169, — against it 100. The Bill then went through the Conunitte ; and the other tinders of the day being dis- posed of, the House adjourned. TUESDAY, March 8.] A Committee was ballotted to try the merits of the Malton Election petition. Sir Charles Pole moved for leave to bring in a Bill for the better regulation of the official appointments in Green- wich Hospital and the Royal Naval Asylum. By the ori- | giual charter of Greenwich Hospital, all the Officers of the institution should have served in, or been connected with the Nayv, which provision had been grossly violated. One object of his bill was to restore the operation of the original charter in this respect; - another object was to prevent in future such misapplication of the funds of the hospital as had been detected by the Commissioners of Naval Enquire. — In the Royal Naval Asylum, an institution now supported at the national expence, and dc oted exclusively to tile children of seamen, especially of those who had fallen in the service, it was highly desirable, in the disposal of the official situations, to give preference to those candidates who had served in the Navy, or lived in situations con- nected with the naval service. Mr. Rose admitted that the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry had discovered misapplications of the money be- longing to Greenwich Hospital; but the recurrence of this evil might be prevented without a new Act of Parliament, and it did tuit appear necessary to provide for the other objects which the Hon. Baronet had in view. He must be aware that there were situations 011 the establishment which could not be well filled bv a man who had received his early education in the Navy ; for instance, the office of Organist, those of Architect and Surveyor, and also those of Receiver of the Rents, and Auditor of the Accounts. Mr. IVhitbread said, if the original principles of the chatter of Greenwich Hospital had been grossly violated, it surely could not be argued that it was unnecessary to revert to those principles. It might be very allowable to except the offices of Architect ami Surveyor ; but he saw no rea'on to despair of finding in the Navy men of musical - taste, who might qualify themselves for organist, and find a comfortable provision in the salary, after having been wounded in the service of their country. He might appeal to the example of the Right Hon. Gentleman him- self, and to that of a Right Hon. Bart. ( Sir Evan Nepea ® ) to prove that there are men to be found, who have received tie* early rudiments of their education in the Navy, and who have felt no incompetence on their parts, nor been thought by the heads of Government inadequate, to fill much higher situations, to manage funds of gre iter magnitude, or to audit accounts infinitely mare complicated than those of Greenwich Hospital. But however meanly Gentlemen might think of the talents of Naval Officers for official duties, surely no man would deny the competence of a naval man to hold a sinecure, as well as any placeman ill the nation. Now he found, from the evidence before the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry, a person enjoying 11 sinecure salary of 280/. a year in Green- wich Hospital, who was not only no naval man, but no Englishman : this was a Mr. Henry Clues, a Swiss, called the principal barbar to the hospital, who did not even know how to shave, but employed five or six deputies, and de- scribed himself, before the Naval Commissioners, as s/ tper- intendant of the shavers. The Chancellor of the Exchequer rensidered the motion to be at least premature, if not wholly unnecessary. When the regulations far managing the Naval Avium should be laid before Parliament, any alterations could be moved, or any new regulations pioposed for the more important insti- tution with which it is connected. . Sir F. B. irdeti said, it was very unusual to oppose the introduction of a bill, particularly when the object of it wa- the correction cf gross and acknowledged abuses. Cer- tainly no argument had been . advanced again- t it, and therefore he could not bring himself to suppose that the House would at present reject the bill. The Hon. Baronet had his thanks for persevering in bringing this measure before Parliament, in spite of the obstacles thrown in his way; and he would have what was mtnih more valuable, the grateful thanks of bis countrymen at large. The House then divided, when the numbers were,— Ayes 52, Noes 78. Majority against bringing In the bill, 56, The Secretary at ffar having moved that the House go into a Committee on the Mutiny Bill, Mr. Wharton took the Chair of the Committee. lyord Castle rettgh rose, and stated the nature of the alterations he meant to propose iu tf> e bill: It had been shewn that the system of the late Seeretaiy for the War Department could not be strictly adhered to, without prejudice to the interests of the country; for the vast increase of force lately made to the army was acquired by a departure from that system. Our Colonies required nearly 100,000 men to protect them, and we bad at present upwards of 90,000 on what was called foreign service. It would be impossible to keep up this large force on the Right Hon. Gentleman's system. The - conveyance of a soldier to India eon the country nearly SO/. A man enlisted for a limited period could not with prudence be sent there, since the same sum must be expended in bringing him back, perhaps after he had been in flic country three or four years and gat Masoned to ttie climate. Tjuis and other evils at the LONDON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9. The Royal Family were prevented from coming to town yesterday by indisposition of the Princess Amelia. Her Highness's disorder is supposed to be the measles. Dutch papers of t'ne date of March 2, were receii ed last night. They contain accounts from the coast of Italy of a sufficiently late date to have furnished some informa- tion of the Rochefurt squadron, hud it steered, after passing the Straits of Gibraltar, on the 26th of January, a direct course towards Sicily. Letters from Naples, of the 12th of February, make no mention of any French ships having appeared in those seas. The Neapolitan Moniteur contains an account of the English having anticipated the designs of the enemy against Sicily, and actually effected a landing on the coast of Ca- labria, with a small body of men, which, however, we are told, were defeated ; as also that a brig of 22 guns, w hich had unfortunately run a- ground, was taken, after a severe conflict of two days!— The port and fortress of Reggio, which we did not know was in possession of the Calabrians, was, it is said, re- take. 1 by the enemy on the 2d of February. Jerome Bonaparte has issued a decree against British manufacture!, m ire violent than those of his Imperial and Royal Brothers : he has not only ordered that all such articles found in his kingdom of Westphalia shall IK- seized and confiscated, but has further directed that they shall be burnt. This absurd decree has been carried into execution at Cassel in three several instances, when the shivering subjects of this feeling father of his people witnessed with sorrow the destruction of numerous articles that had been destined to shelter them froiii the inclemency of the weather. By the American ship Unice, letters were yesterday received from Lisbon to the 4th of February, which contain information of much importance. It appears by them, that on the 23d of December last Bonaparte signed at Milan a Decree, or Manifesto, by which he finally determined the fate of Portugal. This decree was not promulgated at Lisbon until the Ist day of February. It declares the throne of Portugal abdicated by the family of Braganza, which is never more to reign; and that henceforward the kingdom of Portugal is to be united fo and considered as part of the dominion of France. It recommend; the cul- tivation of friendship between the troops of France and Portugal; to cement which he promises, that those of Por- tugal shall hereafter be considered as sharers, and entitled to participate in the glory obtained by the troops of Franco in the memorable battles of Marengo, Jena, Austerlitz, & e. It dissolves the Regency formed by the Prince Regent, the members of which are placed in various stations in the public departments, and are, in future, to act under the controul of the French Government. Accounts from Gibraltar, just received, state that on the 23d of January twenty- six transports arrived there, with 3000 men, part of General Spencer's force, which it was supposed were intended for the attack of Ceuta ; that the Spaniards had shewn apprehensions of this attack, and had in consequence detached a large force from Algesiras to Ceuta; that on the 2;> th of January all the gun- boats at Gibraltar were ordered to be in readiness for the supposed attack, all expectations of which had been given up on the 10th of February, in consequence of General Spencer not having arrived. The Phoebe frigate entered the Bay of Gibraltar on the 5th of February, and brought intelligence that the Roche- fort squadron passed the Gut in the night of the 26th of January, supposed for Sicily. The Phccbe therefore received orders immediately to sail fur that island, with the troops in the Bay. But at night One of the most violent gale! ever witnessed eame 011, before they could - sail. The storm continued during the 6th and 7th with dreadful violence. Many vessels were totally wrecked, and three of tbr transports driven out of the Gut. The transports returned into the Bay on the 9th, with the Windsor Castle and some other men of war, aiid the Nymphe frigate from Lisbon. Among the vessels lost, is an American valued at 15,000/. Another worth 30,000/. has been much damaged, and pro- tests have been entered by the merchants concerned, who maintain that she could only have been detained by the most perverse interpretation of the Orders in Council, and that they have a right to recover damages from the Go- vernor. This question will probably be tried in England. On the 10th of February, at one o'clock, Sir R. Strachan, with seven sail of the line and one frigate, passed the Gut ill pursuit of the enemy; but they had got so far a- head as to leave no hopes of his coming up with them, or prevent- ing the junction of the Roehet'ort, Carthagena, and Toulon Sqets, Lord Collingwood having left Toulon, and gone towards the Adriatic, in quest of some Russian ships. It was hoped, however, that Sir Riehard would be in time to prcvVnt ijny descent upon Sicily, till reinforcement* arrived there. Yesterday, in consequence of a special message, the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank, with a number of Bankers and others, among whom was one out of the following houses',— Messrs. Drummonds, Coutts, Dent, Child, Hoare, Gosling, Smith, Robarts, Ken- sington, Goldsmi Antrobus and Co. had an interview with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in Downing- street, when he informed the Gentlemen, that he had called them together to submit to thein a proposition respecting the Finance of the year. It was the intention qf Govern- ment to propose to Parliament to fund 4,000,000/. of the outstanding Exchequer Bills, and that this should be done by public subscription, without, regard to the dates of the bills; and it was his desire that the Gentlemen present should consult together, and say what would be a fair rate at which they should fee written in. It was necessary for him to state, that no loan would be wanted before the month of May, and that then no more than eight millions would be wanted for England. With respect to the Ser- vice of Ireland, it was bis hope and expectation, that the sum necessary would be raised within that part of the United Kingdom. The Bank of Ireland wished to renew their Charter, for which, ef course, they would contribute a sum, and he thought the whole or the greater part of the necessary sum— at any rate he could assure them, that one million would be the extent of the sum required to be raised in England for Ireland. He concluded by stating, that he wished to fund the 4,000,000/. of Exchequer Bills the 4 and 5 per cent. Stock, and they would deliberate 011 the amount of such Stock to be taken for 100/. of Exchequer Bills. The Gentlemen retired, and on their return, a question was asked, whether any alteration was to be made with respect to tin- Sinking Fund ? It was distinctly answered, that no change whatever was to be made in it. The Gentlemen then gave in a paper offering two proposals as terms, viz. 1.— For every lOOi. Exchequer Bills, to receive of 5 per Cents, at .071. 10s is 631. ~ s. Gd. Ml. of 4 per Cents, at 80i. lis. ex d. is 40/. 7s. ( id. 10;!/. 15s. Or, 2.— For every vooi. Exchequer, to receive 80/. of 4 per Cents, at 80i. 15s. is ( 141. 12s. 1 hd. 391. of 5 per Cents, at S7/. 10s. is 38/. — s. Gd. 102/. 12s. 7{ d. Which would be a Bonus of from 2 § to2J per cent. It is understood that ten days is to be allowed for the Holders of Exchequer Bills to write them in, specifying their dates and numbers, with a proviso that if the sum written in should exceed four millions, each person will be rateably reduced. STATE LOTIT. RY.— Four Capitals in the State Lottery came up yesterday, being the first day of drawing the present Lo'ttery, viz. 18,455, and 12,909^ prizes of 10,000 pounds; 4099, a prize of 1000/. and 19,459 of 500/. !• This is rather an unusual start. VOLUNTEERS.— It is said to be in the contemplation of Government to call out the whole of the Volunteers, in four divisions, during four months of the ensuing Summer, viz. one fourth of the Volunteers of each county to be encamped ( within their respective counties) during the Whole of the month of May, one fourth during the month of June, one fourth during the month of July, and the remaining fourth in August.— Half- pay Officers of the line to act as Adju- tants and assistant Field Officers, and Government, in par- ticular cases, to provide, not only camp equipage, but oloathing, pay, and provisions. By a spirited execution of this plan, it is thought the Volunteer Force w ill be brought to a state of perfection in military discipline, beyond what its most sanguine admirers have hitherto expected. BREAD.— The Lord Mayor yesterday ordered that the price of Bread should be continued the same as last week. C'ORN- EXCIIANGF., March 9. To- day's supply of Wheat is rather considerable, and the trade again is very heavy in sales at rather low prices. Barley and Malt this week are 2s. and 3s. per quarter cheaper. White Peas vary l> ut little Grey, and Tick Beans are cheaper. The supplies of Oats are large, and this trade, is dull, at rather declining price?. Very fine Flour is at 6: 1 s. per sack, but general sides are lower. SIMMONS, THE MuisriF. SER.— This malefactor was exe- cuted on Monday, pursuant to his sentence, at half past eleven o'clock in the forenoon, between Hertford and Ware. He behaved with that air of indifference which marked his conduct during his trial. He shook hands with three persons who accompanied him to a scaffold, and whispered a few words to the gaoler before he was turned off. ANDOVER, HANTS. rjX) be SOLD by AUCTION, by IffiKsr J. CKISWICK, on the premises, 011 Tuesday the S9th da/ of March, 1808, and two following days,— A considerable part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mrs. Nvs- WORTHY, declining her Boarding- School ; consisting i£ twenty- two good feather beds, the same number of bedsteads, with cotton and - calico furnitures, mattresses, cotton coun- terpanes, and blankets ; double and single chests of drawers, dinner and claw tables, mahogany and other chairs, writing tables and forms, pier and swing glasses, two piano fortes, valuable prints, kitchen requisites, brewing and washing utensils, iron- bound casks, and numerous other effects i particulars of which will he given in catatogus, to be bail three days previous to the sale at the Black Horse Inn, Salis- bury; Pelican, Newbury; White- Hart, Whitchurch; and at the Auctioneer's, Andover. [ 7dl Sale to begin each day at eleven o'clock. EXTON, HANTS. I^ OR SALT, by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. LIMPOS, on Tuesdav the 22d of March, 180R, and following days,- All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, about 2000 ounces of Plate, stock of choice Wines, neaC library of Books and Prints, China, and larmmns Live and Dead Stock, the property of the late MATTHEW BL- NDCHV, Esq. deceased. Particulars of the whole will be expressed in catalogues, which may be had in due time at the principal inns, at the time of sale, and at the auctioneer's, Bishop's Wahham. The sale to commence each day at eleven o'clock. fiI9f TO ARCHITECTS. WILTS COUNTY BRIDEWELL ALL Persons willing to send in Plans for BUILD- ING a NEW COUNTY BRIDEWELL and HOUSE of CORRECTION, at Devizes, in the cotyity of Wilts, con- taining proper, separate, and distinct places of . confinement lor at least one hundred prisoners, having regard to classing them according to the nature of their crimcs and punish- ments, and providing convenient places for the employment of those committed for hard labour, are requested to send the same, with estimates and proposals for carrying such plans into execution, to Mr. John Swayse, at the Office of the Clerk of the Peace, at Wilton, near Salisbury, Wilts, on or before the 1.9th day of March next. It is requested that such plans and estimates be sent ( se iled up) without signatures, but with mottoes or other devices ; and that the same be accompanied with sealed letters ( marked on t'ne outside with corresponding mottoes or other devices) containing the names and addresses of the persons sending the same. Information as to the intended scite of the building, and other particulars, may be had on application to - Mr. John Swayne. FIFTY POONDS will be paid, as an honorary compen- sation, to the person sending the plan, & p. which shall be most approved of, with a proviso, that the said compensation is not to be paid in case the person sending the plan, Arc. shall afterwards be employed in executing the same. WUTOH, near SALISBURY, Jan. 25, 1808. [ 331 OAK TIMBER. Twyfbrd, near Winchester, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MAST, at the Phoenix Inn, inTwyford, 011 Monday the I4 « h « la » of March, 1808. at three o'clock in the afternoon,— Sevan! Lots of OAK TIMBER TREES, now standing and growing 011 the Manors of Twyford and Marwell. For particulars apply to Mr. Collins, at Twyford; and for a view to John Berry, the woodman. f54 » ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE FIRE- OFFICE, Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of King George the First, for Assuring Houses, Buildings, Gooits, Cor", Hay, Live Stock, G> V. and also for the Assurance of Lives. MARCH 12, 1808. THE Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance do hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the rate of 2s. Gd. per cent, per annum. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 2' ith inst. are hereby informed, that receipts ar' now ready to be deli- vered by the Company's respective Agents under- mentioned ; and the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the 10th of April next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment beyond the date of each policy will then expire. SAM. FF. MNING, Jun. Secretary. The following persons arc Agents of the Roval Exchange Assurance Company, within the district of this Journal :— WILTSHIRE.— Salisbury, Edw. Humphreys; Calne, Wm. Bailey; Chippenham, Mary Taylor; Devizes, John Ban- nister ; Marlborough, Avery Warner; Swindon, J. HeaLh ; and Warminster, Chas. Pressley. HAMPSHIRE.— Alton, Wm. Hale; Alresfbrd, Sarah and Peter Houghton; Andover, J. L. Maud; Basingstokn, Wm. Bishop; Blshop's- Waltham, W. Jennings; Fordingbridge, John Roach ; Gosport, Win. Burridge and Son, ( of Ports- mouth) ; Lyminjton, Charles St. Barbc ; Newport ( Isle of Wight), J. Love; Odiham, T. Gregory; Portsmouth, G. Luscombe ; Petersfield, R. Andrews ; Riui'wood, John Cran- ston ; Romsey, Ann Whiting ; Stookbridge, \ V. l l. Attwood; Southampton, T. Skclton ; and Winchester, J. Downcs. DORSETSHIRE.— ISlandford, Henry Snail; Beamister, Wm. Oliver; Bridport, Matthew Knight"; Dofchesti- r, T. Gould. Reade ; Poole, John Aldridge ; Sherborne, Wm. Hoists; Weymouth, John Wood ; and Wimbourne, G. Oakley. SOMERSETSHIRE.— Axbridge, Thos. Nicholls ; Bath, T. M. Cruttwcll ; B- ridgewater, Wm. Inman ; Castle- Carey, Wm. Paull; Frome, John West ; Minehead, Edw. Lee ; Shepton- Mallett, Mary and Joseph Cary ; Taunton, John and Isnac B tdcock; Wmcanton, Thos. Deane ; and Yeovil, Samuel Watts, jun. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.— Bristol, J. C. Rose; Cheltenham, Richard Pruen ; Cirencester, John Smith ; Dursley, Henry Vizard ; Gloucester, Samuel Ricketts ; Lech lade, Thomas Barr; Neivnham, John Morgan, jun.; Chipping- Sodbury, Moses Bruton; Stroud, T. M. Croom; Tetbury, Humphrey Tugwcll; Tewkesbury, H. II. Fryer ; and Wootton- under- Ed< e, II. H. Parslow. N. B. lire Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the annual premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. *** Proposals may be had of the different Agents. Assurances 011 Lives being found to be advantageous to per- ^ sons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others ; Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater convenience of the public, the Company have determined to extend fbv special agreement) the Askance on •' Lives to the age of 7i years. ST. CROSS, NEAR WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise*, bv Mr. MANT, on Tuesdaythe 15th of March, 1808, at eleven o'clock,— All the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China and Glass, the property of Mrs. Taylor, quitting her residence at St. Cross ; consisting of tent bedsteads, with printed cotton and white djmitv hangings; bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, and bedding; mahogany and other chests of drawers ; Kidderminster carpets, and Venetian stair ditto; mahogany dining and tea tables; pier and dressing glasses ; painted chairs ; good eight- day clock : beer barrels ; quantity of pewter ; and excellent kitchen requisites. To be viewed on Monday preceding the sale; when cata- logues may be had on the premises, and at the auctioneer's, Winchester. {> 03 Elegant Household Furniture, fne old Port end Made a a, ^ Fanning Stock and Utensils. LAINSTON- HOUSE, SEAR WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. MANT, on Monday the the ilst of March, 18US, and following days, at eleven o'clock,— Pajt of « h » elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; near 70 dozen of fine old West India Madeira ; a pipe of excellent Port, two years in bottle; valuable Live and Dead Stock ; 525 feet of octagon Portland Stone Pavement, with black squares, and other effects, the property of GEORGE WM. RICKEITS, Esq. quitting his residence at Lainston- house; comprising a superb drawing room suit of rich cotton furniture, with sofas, chairs, and cushions to correspond; costly chimney glasses and mirrors, in handsome gilt frames ; capital large mock Turkey and Brussels carpets ; four post bedsteads ( some of larnc di- mensions), with chintz, white dimity, and other hangings; prime bordered goose feather beds, with suitable mattresses and bedding; mahogany wardrobes, tambour bureau, fa- shionable claw tables and chairs; 11 sociable body, vefy little the worsefot wear; iron bound casks and brewing utensils; about 45 tons of excellent saintfoin hay ; upwards of three score south down ewes and lambs ; two rams ; several Alder- ney cows and heifers; three cart horses and a very good hack ; two waggons, two dung carts, market ditto, and tit; ploughs and harrow;; coach and cart harness; sadiilts ar. d bridles; sheep troughs ; oat bruiser; turnip sheer; potatoc washer, & c. & c. To be viewed on Friday and Saturday preceding the sale, when catalogues may be had at the Coach and Horses, South- ampton ; Swan, AlresforiV; White Hart, Salisbury ; White Horse, Romsey; Crown, Bishop's Waltham ; Place of Sale { and at the Auctioneers, Winchester. N. B. The Farming Stock will be sold the first day. [ 5SO OAK TIMBER FOR SALE. WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG, on Thursday the 21th of March isos, ( at three o'clock in the afternoon), at the Green Dragon Inn, at Brook, in the parish of Bramshaw, subject to such conditions as will be- produced at the sale,— The following Lot; . of OAK TIMBER 1' REES, with their Tops, 1- ops, and Bark, growing on birchenwood Farm, in the parish of Brarashaw aforesaid:— Lot 1 is 65 OAK. TREES , marked letter A in white paint, irk Pigeon Close, & c. 2 is 40 ditto.... B ditto, in Park Ground anil the Drove. a is 27 ditto C in I urzy Close and IVirk Ground, and Banipcon's Garden. 4 is On ditto D ditto, in Wittensford Fields. 5 is 03 ditto E ditto, in Common Piece and New Field. 6 is 45 ditto.... F ditto, in Brook Ground. 7 is CO ditto G ditto, in Snipe's Coppice. 8 is b'U ditto.... H ditto, in Pond Close and Marlpit's Row. i) is 72 ditto 1 ditto, in Holloway's Field. 10 is 65 ditto.... K ditto, in Hopkins Field and Row. 11 is 48 ditto I. ditto, in Great Field and Ten Acres. 12 is 60 ditto.... M ditto, in Hardy Coppice. " II is 64 ditto.... N ditto, in Hardy Coppice and Row ad- joining. 14 is 63 FUTERINCS, marked X in white paint, in Hardy Coppice. 15, is 80 ditto, marked XX ditto, in Snipe's Coppice and Hopkins Row. The above Timber is calculated for Ship Builders, Mer- chants, and Carpenters. Birchrnwaaod Farm is adjoiniiig the turnpike road, about 5 miles from Rcdbridge and Ealing. Printed particulars may be had at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, White Horse, Romsey. [ 774 For a view of the above Timber, apply to William, Baby, at Bramshaw; and further particulars may be known of Mr. John Fielder, timber surveyor, Eraishfield, near Romsey. OAK AND ELM TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the l^ olphin Inn, at BOTI. r. v, 1 lants, on Thursday the seventeenth nf March, precisely at fiveo'Clock in the afternoon, Three Hundred and Seventy- Two large well- barked OAK TREES, and iNine ELMS, of a superior size and quality, all standing upon the Manor of I AIRTHOUN, in the parish of Bishop's Waltham, and on the banks of the Bussledon River, not more than four niilss from the Southampton Water, at Ilamhic. The far greater part of the above Timber is growing st a distance of from five to five hundred yards of the water's ' edge, the distance of the farthest tree not being more than bait 11 mile. In addition to which convenience, there is that of a TIMBER YARD and WHARF, for the use of the purchasers, free of expence. f. sG4 The Timber will be sold in Five separate Lots, the particu- lars of which, as to situation, marks, and numbers, will be stated in printed bills, which gentlemen, who wish to view the Timber, will receive at Botlcv ( about half a rnile frc in Fairthorn) from RODERT ROBINSON, who will also shew the different fields and woods wherein the Timber is standing. The Timber cannot be viewed before the SEVENTH of March; hut may, upon application as above, be viewed at any time from the 7th of March to the day of sale inclusive. In Royal Octavo, and illustrated with new Plates, those on Natural History, forming nearly half, beautifully coloured, This Day fs published, handsomely printed on a Jtne paper, PART I. price Sii Shillings, PANTOLOGI A : comprehending a complete Series of Essays, Treatises, a'nd Systems, alphabetically arranged; with a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Words. And presenting .1 dist net Survey of Human Genius, Learning, and Industry. By JOHN MASON GOOD, Esq. ; OtiNTi'tos GurcoRV, A. M. of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; and Ml. NEWTON BOSWORTH, of Cambridge. Assisted by other Gentlemen of eminence in different departments of ftcrattirc. CONDITIONS : 1. This work will . be handsomely printed by Messrs. Bensley and Davison, on a fine wove royal paper iti octavo, and will be published in Monthly Pa; ts, price Six Shillings each, five of which will form a Volume, ' j he First Part is just published. 2. As in an undertaking of so extensive a nature, it is im- possible to ascertain the exact quantity in which the wdioie will be comprised— the public can only be assured, that it will not exceed Ten Volumes; and, probably, not more than Eight or Nine. 3. In the course of publication there will be introduced, from three to four hundred elegant tni- avinps by the first artists, from original drawings hy Edwards, Farcy," inn. and others. And all those representing subjects of Natural Hilt- Sty comprising half, or ncarlv half ihe entire Number, will be beautifully coloured ajter Nature. [ 71) 8 London: Printed for G. Kearjlev, Fleet- street; and sold at the Printiug- Office, Salisbury; and by ail other, bookscllcis. AN I) GENERAL ADVERTISER bi' HLT&, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. tJm [ Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, Feb. 13. THIS morning the deputies of the Company of Wholesale Dealers were called together, and it was announced to them, that all communi- cation between England and Austria is broken off; thev were also to abstain from all speculations with English merchants, since there was no longer any aecurity, aud war was expected every moment to break Out. This intelligence was communicated by Colonel llissengen to the deputies.— Mp. Adair will remain a few days longer at Gratz, to wait for the last courier from London. According to reports from the Turkish Empire, military preparations are making with the greatest activity. The Sublime Porte is about to send into the field two armies, each of 150,000 men. The A iatic Provinces are to furnish 180,000 of them. From Trieste we learn, that English ships of war begin to cruize again in the Adriatic; and as the Austrian flag is no longer respected, no merchantman ventures into the open sea. Many merchants who fear a visit from the Eng- lish in that harbour, send their goods, with great cost, into the country. From Turkey very unfavourable accounts are received ufthe annihilation of all trade, as the English keep the whole coast, from the Dardanelles to Egypt, in a state of blockade. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, March 9.] Bland's Divorce Bill was read a first time. The Sugar Bounty and Drawback Bills were received from tke Commons, and read a first time. The Scotch Distillery Bill was read a second time.— Adj. THURSDAY, March 10.] The annual account of the Imports and Imports was presented, and also a return to an Order of the House for an account of Foreign Vessels arrived in the week ending the 27th of February. Istrd Stanhope gave notice of his intention to propose, in the fourse of the next Session, some measure for ensuring to the Public a correct report of the decisions in Courts of Justice. His Lordship then pointed out a few inaccuracies in a report of a cause, in which he is a party. Lord Hawhesbury delivered a Message from his Majesty, relative to the Subsirlary Treaty with Sweden, which was ordered to be taken into consideration on Monday. Lord Auckland observed, that a paper just presented contained the pleasing account that our Exports of Hrisish commodities for the last year amounted to about 40 millions. He was anxious to have a return, distinguishing the Exports of the three last months of that year, and similar returns for the same periods of three preceding years. He should alst wish to have a return for the port of London to as late a date as it could be made out. lie con- cluded with moving for these accounts, which, after some observations from Lord Westmoreland, Lord Stanhope, & e. were ordered. The Order of the day for going into a Committee on the Reversionary Grant Bill being read, Lord Arden. opposed the Bill, on the grouud of its tending to trench upon the prerogative, and of its having eonic frmn the other House under circumstances which, interfered with the freedom of debate in their Lordship's House, It was a weak submission to the Lower House in the year 1641, which paved the way to the total overthrow of the Monarchy, lie cuncludcd with moving that the Order of the day be discharged. Lid Boringdon thought that the Bill, originating, as it did, from the Committee of Finance, should be suffered to go to a Committee, though he did not cxpeet the advan- tages from it which some Noble Lords had anticipated. fjord Redesdale considered this hill as the commence- ment of a system ot innovation, highly dangerous to the country. He illustrated his meaning by a reference to the times of Charles the I. and the commencement of the French revolution. The influence of the Crown, in his epi « i; m, required increase rather than diminution. He was decidedly in favour of the motion for discharging the order of the day. Jytrd Holland replied at length to the last speaker, and urfffd their Lordships to adopt the bill. Ijords Carlisle, Moira, and Harrowby were for going into a Committee on the bill, though they did not support its full principle. J Air d Grey ( Howicli) took a comprehensive view of the circumstances which gave rise to the Bill, and conjured their Lordships to reflect well upon the real causes of those Calamities which had overspread the Continent, before tliev incurred a suspicion of being averse to eveiy species of jpeform. i-. jrd Hawlesbiiry briefly restated the eohsiderations Vl » ieh he urged on a preceding evening for adopting the treasure v^ ithsome modification. A division then, taking place, the numbers, including • provies, were for Lord Arden's Motion 84; against it 84. This parity of numbers bad the effect, according to their Lordships' rule of proceeding in such'cases, of negativing Lord Arden's motion, when their Lord- hips went into a Committee. Lord Hawkesbury proposed to limit the duration of flic Bill to the 1- t of June 1810. This Amendment was opposed by Lords Spencer, Holland,' Grey, and Lauderdale ; a ad supported by Lords llawkesbury and Mnlgrave, and the Lbrd Chancellor. It was carried on a division, by 5y to 21.— AdjourntM. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, March 9.] Some business of form having been transacted, the House went into a Committee of Snpplv, in which various sums were voted,— to dis- charge public annuities, tor the relief of the American Loyalists and the French Clergy, for the expences of the Public Office in Bow- street, for the expences of the Alien Office, and for the auditing of public accounts. The House next went into a Committee of Ways and Means, in which the Chancellor of the Exchequer ex- plained his plan for funding 4,000,000/. Exchequer Bills, and his views in regard to a Loan ( see preceding page), and moved resolutions thereon, which passed unanimously. The order of the day was then read for taking into con- sideration the affairs of the late Nabob of Oude ; and the Speaker having read the first resolution, stating the terms oi the treaty between the India Company and the Nabob Seadut Ali, Lord Folkestone observed, that, the friends of the ' Mar- tinis Welleslev complained of public prejudice being ex- cited agaijist him, whilst there was much more catise to complain that they faxtf endeavoured, through the means Of a public newspaper, to excite prejudice against his motion. His Lordship then entered into a minute detail of all the occurrences in India from Feb. 1798, when the Nabob Saadnt Ali ascended the Musnud, till the arrival of Lord Wellesley in Bengal, and during the firsj, five years of his Lordship's government. He found the Nabob one of our most staunch friends in the Oriental World ; hut the Marquis had no sooner tiken the reins of Government, than he commenced his career of hostility to the unhappy l'rince. Actuated by the most ungovernable and unjustifi- able ambition and lust of power, he had formed schemes for the acquisition of territory in direct opposition tbe po- licy of the India Company. He pursued these schemes, in total disregard of the resolutions of Parliament, by means the most offensive and insulting to the Nabob ; and finally b<- wrested from the unfortunate Prince a great portion of bis dominions, and deprived him of all effective rule and authority over the remainder. Mr. IVhitshead Kerne entered into a general history of India, from the time of Aureugzebe to tbe invasion by Nadir Shah. From the situation of the country, he was induced to think favourably of the Marquis Wcllcsley. Sir John Anstrnlher observed, that in all the charges brought agolnst the Marquis Wellesley, no one had ever breathed a whisper affecting his honour or the purity of his motives. The sole charge against his Noble Friend was a love of power— a mis- directed ambition. But it was tor his country he had been ambitious, and not for his per- lonal aggrandizement. Further it was the general opinion in India,- that he had done nothing towards the Nabob but that was perfectly justifiable. He had acted in conformity t » the opinion of the Board of Controul, by whom he was employed, and not by the Directors; and from Major ( lust- ley's evidence bi- lore the House, it appeared that the > sl) Ob of Oude, sine* his cession of territory, was both limpier and richer than before. If the House should agree with him on these points, it was his intention to move a resolution, purporting that tbe Marquis Wellesley, in his conduct re- peeling the province of Oude, had been actu- ated by an ardent ahd well- directed jjpal for the interests of his country, and that Ids services in that instance had been highly meritorious. After some further conversation, in which Mr. Wallace, Mr. Lushington, Mr. Wm. Smith, and Mr. Sharp took a part, it was agreed to defer the further consideration of tbe Oude charge till Tuesday next; and at half past one House adjourned. THURSDAY, March 10.] A Committee Was appointed by ballot to investigate the merits of the petition com- plaining of an undue return for the bnrough of Malmes- bu ry. Mr. Secretary Ginning presented a Message from his Majesty, stating that the King of Sweden, having resisted every threat that had been employed to indue'e him to join the host of confederates against Great Britain, and having thereby exposed bis dominions to imminent danger, his Majesty felt it his duty to afford that Monarch the most prompt and efficacious assistance, and had therefore entered into a convention for that purpose, a copy of which he had directed to he laid before the House, relying on his faithful Commons that they would enable him to make good his engagements with an ally of such approved firmness and fidelity.— The Message was referred to the Committee of Supply. The Call of the House was postponed till Tuesday. The American Commissioners Bill and the Marine Mutiny Bill were read a third time, and passed. Mr. Alderman Combe presented s Petition from the Merchant? and Manufacturers of London, interested in the trade to America, stating the great distress and in- convenience in which the Orders of Council would involve the petitioners, and praying to be heard against the same. It was stated by Sir Win. Curtis, that this petition was not agreed to by the majority of the Merchants, & c. who assembled to consider the same; which was admitted by- Mr. Alderman Combe, who informed his worthy col- league, that he presented it as the petition of those persons whose names appeared to it, and who constituted a very numerous and respectable body of Merchants and Manu- facturers interested in the trade to America. After a long diseussiou, the prtition was laid on the table. General Gascoigne presenled a similar petition fiom the Merchants of Liverpool, which occasioned another long discussion of the policy of the Orders in Council ; and on a division it was ordered that the petitioners should be heard by their Counsel on Thursday. The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the third read- ing of the bill or carrying into effect the Orders in Council. Lord Folkestone moved an amendment, that the Bill be read a third time on Monday se'nnight; and after some further proceeding thereon, his Lordship moved that the debate be adjourned till Monday se'nnight. ' A division took place, when the numbers for the adjournment of the debate were 5.9, against it 122. Sir IV. Seott maintained the propriety of the Orders in Council, aud was replied to by Dr. Lawrence. Mr. Stephens and Sir C. Price argued that the Orders in Council were wise and salutary ; Mr. Ponsonby that they were absurd, and incapable of being caraied into execution. * At three o'clock in the morning, Lord Henry Petty moved an adjournment; which was rejected on a division by a majority of 74. After a short interval, Mr. Sheridan moved an adjourn- ment, which was rejected by a majority of 73. On a motion that the Orders in Council be road, Mr. ITenry Martin called for a division ;— for reading the Orders 65, against it 140 ; majority 73. It Was then agreed that the debate should be deferred ; and at half past five in the morning the House adjourned. LONDON, FRIDAY, MARCH It. Dutch papers now arrive daily. The latest received are those of the Gth instant, bringing accounts from Paris down to the 2( 1, which were altogether silent re- specting the Rochefort squadron. These papers furnish an account, rereived by the way of Barcelona, of the Prince Regent of Portugal having arrived at the Brazils early in January. The appearance of the English in the Adriatic, is a source of perpetual alarm along both the coasts of that sea. An Imperial Decree has been passed, calculated to seduce foreigners from their allegiance to their native country, by giving thein certain privileges after a year's residence in France. In the Hamburgh Correspondenten of the 2( jth of February, received this morning, is a letter from Paris of the 16th, which states, that on the 12th of the same month the Danish East India Slop Spitzburg arrived atPaimboeul, after having, on the 29tli of January, fallen in with a French squadron, of five ships of the line and some frigates, off the Cape de Verde Islands.—" We doubt not, says the Paris letter, that this is the squadron which sailed from Rochefort under tbe command of Rear- Admiral Alhnand, and that it had previously been reported to have arrived at Toulon." Here we have the rumour of the Roehefort squadron having - arrivad at Toulon, circumstantially invalidated bv an account closely corresponding with that received in this country from Sir J. Duckworth. It should appear then, either that there are two French squadrons at sea, both pursued by the English, or that Sir Richard Straehan has proceeded up the Mediterranean upon a wrong scent 1 On Wednesday Mr. Hase read, at the Stock Ex- change, a letter from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, respecting the funding of the 4.000,000/. of Exchequer Bills. In this letter he announced some variation from tbe proposals made the day before, and it was proposed that nooks should be opened on Wednesday morning at the Exchequer Office, where the holders might write- in then- bills, including all those dated up to the end of the year 1807, specifying their numbers and dates; and that, as soon as the sum of four millions should be compTeat, tbe books should be shut, and the subscribers should respec- tively have the whole sum inscribed. As to terms, he proposed an option. If they chose to take all 5 per cents, he proposed to give for 100/. Exchequer Bill, 105/. in the 5 per cents.; or, if they preferred to take part 4 and part 5., he proposed to offer for every 100/. Exchequer, 63/. 5s. of 5 per cents, and 50/. of 4 per rents, which in both cases, wouib. be a bonus of from I f to 2 per cent. This is considerably under the offer made to Mr. Perceval by the Gentlemen who attended him on Tuesday. Yesterday a numerous meeting of merchants, manufac- turers, and others, concerned in the commerce of America, was held, pursuant to notice, at the City of London Ta- vern, Bi- hopsgate strcet; Alexander Baring, Esq, M. P. vvas unanimously called to the chair, when a petition was read, setting forth the peculi ar hardships which the Ame- rican commerce laboured under, iri consequence of the late Orders in Council.— Mr. Sansum proposed an amend- ment, stating, that such a petition was at this moment improper, and that it was brought forward merely for party purposed. Mr. Gordon, Mr. Lushington, Mr. Al- derman Shaw, and others, supported the amendment. The Chairman, and K. Sharpe, Esq. M. P. contended, that the petition was rfet intended for party purposes, but to convince his Majesty's Ministers of the evils in which these orders would involve the commerce of this country. The Chairman observed, that hints had been conveyed to some of the American Committee, if they concurred in a petition against the Orders in Council, that their names would be reported at the Treasury.—" Name, Name," resounded from different quarters of the room, and " TVu, No," from others; but the Chairman declined it, though he pledged himself its to the fact.— The amendment was carried by a large majority; and the minority were left by themselves to sign the potition, which Has presented to the House last night by Mr. Alderman Combe. SWEDEN*.— Copies of the Subsidiary Treaty with Sweden were last night laid before both Houses of Parliament. The amount of the pecuniary aid stipulated is 100,000/ monthly, making up the sum of 1,200,000/. to be paid within one year from the date of the ratification of the Treaty. The Contracting. Parties bind themselves not to make peace, < 1r enter into negotiations with tbe common enemy, hut with mutual consent, There is a separate article, which leaves an ogcriing for a further arrangement, in the event of Sweden being attacked by any of her immediate neighbours. Among the troops to be employed in Sweden are the whole of the German Legion— Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry; also two regiments of British Caralrj- - and 6000 of the Foot Guauk A Captain of tbe Guards, on his way to town from Rochester, 011 Thursday last, after displaying many eccentricities, suddenly disappeared from his servant Oil the road, and has not since been heard of. THEATRICALS.— Cdoke resumed his siatiort last Aight at Covent- gardeii Theatre.— He made his hue in Sir Archy Mac- sarcasm, drew the fullest House there has been in the whole season, was received by the audience with shouts of welcome, and played the character most admirably and soberly throughout. LAW.— A bill in Chancery having been filed bv Lord Vis- count Matron against his father, Earl Stanhope, stating that certain estates, which, oil tlie marriage of the Noble Earl, ill 1774, with Lady Hester Pitt, were settled on the is- ue of that marriage, had been sold by the said Karl', aud the produce not applied as directed by the deed of set- tlement, and praying for an account thereof; and ai 0 complaining that certain trees, ornamental to the family mansion in Kent, had been cut down by tbe Earl, and praying that he might be stayed from such dilapidations,— the hearing thereof commenced on Monday, in the Rolis- C mrt, before the Master of the Rolls. The arguments of Counsel ( including a Speech from the Noble Defendani himself, in vindication of his honour in the transaction) continued for two days.— On Wednesday evening the Master of the Rolls delivered an interlocutory judgment, implying, that Earl Stanhope vvas tenant for life, and Lord Malion tenant in tail of the e tates in question; that the Earl having sold an estate for 21,000/. and placed the money 011 mort- gage at 5 per cent, his Honor referred it to the Master to enquire if this vvas most advantageous, and agreeable to tbe settlement ; that the Earl, in treating for the saje of an estate in Derbyshire for 76,0001, without the advice and concurrence of the trustees, misunderstood the meaning of tbe settlement; it was true, bis Lordship had told how he meant to apply this money, but the Court would not permit the sale until it was ascertained that it would be beneficial to the estate at large. In regard to the cutting down of the trees pear the mansion, iu explanation of which transaction the Earl had stated that a violent tempest had thrown down several trees, and occasioned large gaps, which rendered is necessary to aut down others, his Honor referred this point entirely to tbe Consideration of the Master.— His Honor deferred tbe appointment of new Trustees ( which was prayed for by the Plsintiif) and various other points, till be received the report of the Master. At Chelmsford Assizes, yesterdav, R. P. Murcbison, J. P. Hopkins, and G. W. Dundas, Lieutenants in the fir- t battalion of the 43d Regiment of Foot, and all apparently very young men, were tried for the wilful murder of John Ogitvie, late a Lieutenant in the same regiment, iu a duel at Danbury, Essex, on the 7th of February la- t. From the evidence given, the Chief Baron told the Jury, that the deceased had, in the eye of- the law, been murdered ; and if they could satisfactorily collect, that the prisoners were the persons who committed the fact, then they were all guilty of murder.— The Jury, after some hesitation, acquitted all the prisoners. CORN- EXCIIANGE, March 11. Prime samples of Wheat support their price, hut other sorts go off heavily. Barley and Malt are both in plenty, and dull of sale. Rye is lower. White Peas are rather cheaper. Grey, and Beans of tbe two kinds are nearly as before. Oatsare more ready of sale, at a small advance in price. Flour as on Wednesday. SMITUFIELD MARKET, March 11. There were very few Cattle here to- day, but the trade had been so generally supplied in the two preceding market- days, that tne sale wos dull, at declining prices. BIRTHS-] On the 1 st of February, at Konigsberg, her Majesty the Queen of Prussia of a Princess.— On Sunday, in Portmau- street, London, the Lady of Sir John Wyldbure Smith, Bart, of a daughter.— Oil Mondsy, Mr-. Saunders, a poor woman of Angel- court, iu the Strand, of three fine children, two boys and a girl; the mother and children are all likely to do well— at least if the husband, a day- labourer, can procure them nourishment and attendance, in which he was immediately assisted by some benevolent neighbours. MARRIED.] On the 3il inst. at Lewisliam, Capt. G. C. Coffin, of the Royal Artillery, nephew of Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart, to Miss Larkins, daughter of the late Wm- Larkins, Esq. of Blaekheath.— On Tuesday, at St. Martiu's Church, R. A. Tucker, Esq.' Deputy Paymaster General of Nova Scotia, to Miss Brttere, elde , t daughter of James Bruere, Esq. of Craven- street. DIED.] Lately, at Rome, in the 67th year of his age, his Royal Highness the Duke of Clr. iblais, uncle to tbe King of Sardinia.— A few days Since, at Bath, the Mar- chioness of Longchamps, widow of tbe Marquis of Long- champs, an illegitimate sou of Louis XV. King of France. — In October last, at Cape Coast Castle, on the coast of Africa, John Swanzy, Esq. late Governor of James Fort, Acora.— On Sunday night, in Gloucester- place, Portman- square, Lady Martin, relict of Sir Henry Martin, Bart, late Comptroller of the Navy.— On the 3d iust. at the Hot- wells, in his 46tli year, Tim-. Hill, Esq. of Wiuterbourne, Gloucestershire, and a merchant of Bristol.— On Tuesday, at her house iu Grosvenor— quale, in the 82d year of her age, Mrs. Allauson, widow of Charles Alianson, Esq. of Bramshara Biggin, iu Yorkshire.— On Tuesday evening, at Topsham, in her 84tli year, Mrs. Welland, only sister of the late Sir RobertPalk, Bart.— On Saturday, aged 7 years, Maria, second daughter of K. Armstrong, Esq. of Bath; and on Tuesday evening, aged 20 months, Harriet, another daughter of the same gentleman.— A few days since, at Golden Grove, Carmarthenshire, in her 90th year, Mrs. Mary Rowles, many years housekeeper to Lady Maud, to the late John Vaiighan, Esq. and to Lord Cawdor: her property, which is considerable, she has bequeathed to a niece resident in lfcth, in indigent circumstances, VICTUALLING- OFFICE, MARCH 1, 1808. THE Commissioners for Victualling His Majesty's Navy do hereby give Notice, that oil Wednesday the - 23 d inst. they will be ready to receive Tenders in writing (. sealed up), anil treat for the under- mentioned descriptions of ASH TRUSS HOOPS, not nailed, viz. Long Pipe Short ditto Butt ftm- shcad Barrel Kilderkin Long Freet Middling ditto Short ditto San, fries of which are to be produced with the tenders. The quantities that may be agreed upon, to be delivered into His Majesty's Victualling Stores at Depfford in three months, by monthly p. oporlions, and to he paid for by bills, payable with interest, ninety days nfier date. The Conditions of the Contract may be see, n at the Secre- tary's Office. No regard will be had to any Tender, in whicht the price shall, not be inserted iu words at length, or th.- it shqll not be delivered to the Board before one o'clock on the said If ednesdily the - 2.} d inhtant,- nor unless the person who makes the Tender, or some person on his behalf, attends to answer when called for. ' [ 7.0- 2 TOWN MILLS, in the ISLAND of JERSEY. TO be SOLD, on Friday the 18th of March irist. withoiit reserve, to the highest Bidder.— The LEASE of those capital PREMISES, called THE TOWN MILLS, for. the grinding of Corn, situate about half a mile north of the town of St. Helier's. They are in excellent condition, a large sum of money having been recently expended in repairing arid improving them. Six years and a half are Unexpired on the 95th instant, when possession will be given. Theoe are the only Mills of any consequence near the town, and they are fed with the most powerful stream in the island, turning three pair of stones ; and a fine opportunity is thus afforded to a person of spirit, experience, and property, of realizing a very handsome fortune. The Fixtures and Utensils must be taken by the purchaser of the lease at a fair appraisement.-.— The annual rent is moderate, and there aie no taxes. [ 752 N. 3. The sale witt take place 011 the premises, at ten o'clock A. M. precisely; and may, be viewed previous thereto, by application to Mr. Thoreati, who resides on the spot. LONGPARISH, ANO WHERWELL, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by HENRY CRIS- WICK, at the George Inn, in Andover, on Saturday the 2iith day of March instant, at three o'clock in the afternoon, for the. benefit- of the Creditors ot Thomas Alexander, of Wherwell, butcher,— The Reversionary Estates and Interests of the said Tho. Alexander, in the under- mentioned Freehold and Copyhold ESTATES, viz. Lot 1. The Reversion in Fee, subject to the Life Estate and Interest of Susannah Alexander, widow, aged h" 5 years or thereabouts, and also subject to a Charge of £. 500 thereon, payable iu six months after the decease of the said Susannah Alexander, and to a Mortgage for £. 300, and Interest, of and in a Messuage and Farm, situate in the tithing of l'orton, in the parish of Longparish, called Cosmead's Bargain, contain- ing about 33 acres of superior- arable and pasture land, ai! inclosed with excellent quick hedges, now in the occupation of the said Susannah Alexander. Lot - 2. The Reversion for the life- of the said Tho. Alexan- der, aged 24 years, subject t > the widowhood of the said Susannah Alexander, of and in a Copyhold Messuage, Butcher's Shop, Cart- house, Stable, with the Garden, and a small Close of Ground, held of the manor of and situate in Wherwell aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Qeorge Potticary, butcher. In the mean time printed particulars and conditions of sale may bo had of the Auctioneer, or Mr. Bird, solicitor, Andover, Hants. f777 nno be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, . without reserve, by WM. ALEXANDER, on Monday the 21st ot'^ March, 1308,—' All the valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, part of the Household Furniture, and Dairy Utan- sils, of Mr. PIKE, at Sharpshaw Farm, in the parish of Marston, near Frome, who is quitting the same ; comprising six capital mjlch cows in and with calf, one excellent draught horse, two mares in foal, a handsome maie, of the hackney kind, rising four years old, a colt rising two years old,' an ex- cellent rick of wheat, a narrow- wheel waggon, a six- inch wheel cart, a narrow- wheel ditto, a plough, pair of drags, five harrows, cider- mill and press, quantity of reed, mow- stadels, few lots of old iron calculated for the use of smiths and others, excellent malt- mill, copper furnace, boiler, brew- ing utensils, and various other useful articles. [(, 78 ( D" SAI. E AT. TEN. , D O W N T O N. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by GERHARD and Co. between the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon, on Thursday the 17th day of March next, at the Kinsr's Arms Inn, Downton, Wilts, All those BRlCK KILNS, with the sheds, hovels, buildings, pieces or parcels of land, and premises thereunto belonging; together with two Cottages and Gardens adjoining thereto ; situate at Mor- gan's Bottom, within the said parish of Downton, late the property of Mr; Wm. Mowland; deceased.— These premises will be found deservingof tbe attention of persons in the above line of business, being, from their local situation, very well adapted for carrying on an extensive and advantageous trade. To view the same, enquire for Francis Hilliar, on the pre- mises ; and for further particulars apply, by letter, fuost paid) addressed to Mr. Woodyear, solicitor, Downton, Wilts. *** The late Mr. Mowland's Executors earnestly request those persons who have not already delivered their demands on the estate to send the same, in the course of a fortnight, addressed to their Solicitor, at Downton, free of postage, in order to enable the Executors to proceed to an early settle- ment of the affairs of the deceased. HENRY WILLIAM WOODYEAR, Solicitor to the Executors. DOWNTON, Mar0i 10, 1808. [ 554 DORSET. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, at Revels Inn, on Monday the 21st of March inst. subjeet to such con- ditions as will be produced,— 350* capital OAK TIMBER TREES, with the Lop, Top, and Bark, standing in Broad Alders and Haywood Coppices, in the parish of Glanville's Wooton, situate 7 miles from Sherborne, 11 from Dorchester, 17 from Weymouth, and 13 from Bridport, viz. In Broad Alders Coppice: Lot 1.. .. 31 TREES.-... No. 1 to 31 inclusive. • 2 .45 ditto. No. 32 to 7 « . 3 50 ditto No. 77 to 126. In Haywood Coppice: Lot 4 60 TREES No. 1 to Co inclusive. 5 45 ditto No. fil to 103. 6' 40 ditto No. 106 to 145. 7 40 ditto No. 146 to 1S5. 8.. .. 45 ditto No. 186 to 230. 356 The aboveTimber is of remarkably sound and good quality, well worth the attention of Ship- Builders, Carpenters, and others. [ S7d Printed particulars may be had of Mr. J. Warr, Auctioneer, Beaminster ; at Revels Inn ; and of Mr. Rob. Old, carpenter, Of Glanviile's Wooton, who will shew the same ; and further reference may be had to Mr. John F. Knight, Anderston, near Blandford, Dorset,, ( if by letter, postpaid.) ISLE or WIGHT. By Virtue of a Decree of Appraisement unci Sale from the Iligh Court of Admiralty, directed to John Crickett, Esq. Marshal, ON Thursday the 31st of March 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, will bs: SOLD by AUCTION, at the Hotel in EAST COWSS : I Butts 1 141-! Half Butts '- CURRANTS. {. Quarter Butts) 124 Bags SHUMAC. 35 Boxes FIGS. Being tbe Cargo of the Danish Brig Speculatiqn, from Trieste to Copenhagen, detained in port under his Majesty's General Order of Embargo of the 2d of September lt't. For inventories and further particulars, apply to Mr. WrARD, at East Cowes, Marshal's Substitute. [ 781 WINCANTON TURNPIKE. N'OTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates and Weigh- Bridge within this Districf, will be LETT by AUCTION, to' the best bidder, at the house of Elizabeth Lintern, being a common Inn or Alehouse, known bv the sign of the Greyhound, iu Wincanton aforesaid, on Wednesday the thirtieth day of March next, betwv'eu the hours of five and seven of the clock in th » afternoon of that day, in the manner directed by the Act of Parliament pass- d in the 18th yeat of the reign of his present Majesty " for regulating the Turnpike Roads such letting to commence frotn the b'th day of April next, and to be for the space of one year, which Tolls were lert last year at the sums hereafter ' mentioned, above the ex- pences of collecting them, and will be put up at the same sums respectively, viz. East " Gate and W^ igh- Bridge.... ,£ 310 South Gate 21S West Gate SO Willoughby Hedge Gate 227 Stourton Gate 265 Norton Gate 1 ttt Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties to tbe satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment ut the rent agreed on, and at such tiruej as they shall direct. I6.. 3 i'cll. ts, irn. R. MESSITER, t Ucik to the said Trustee-.;. Dwelling- Houses and Tenements, Devizes. RJPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, JL at the Castle Inn," on Friday the 25th of March, 1808, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following Lots : — Lot I.- A convenient & substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, in Monday Market- street, opposite the Castle Inn ; con- taining a good shop and parlour in front, a handsome room over 24 feet by 18, two chambers 15 feet by IS, three other sleeping rooms, large kitchen, brew- house, good cellars, a garden walled, stable for eight horses with lofts over, and other out- buildings. The whole held under the Feoffees of St. Mary's for a t. rm of 39 years, of which C> 9 are unexpired, subject to an annual quit rent of 30s. These premises are very roomy, and applicable for a private residence, or to all the. purposes of trade and manufactory. N. B,—- The purchaser may be accommodated with imme- diate possession. Lot 2.— Nine Brick- and- Tile- built TENEMENTS, situate in Sheep- street, with a large Blacksmith's Shop, in the oc- cupation of Mr. Weail arid others, having a small garden to each, held under the Corporation fir a term of 99 years, of which 03 are [ unexpired ; subject to an annual quit- rent of 18- s. and a chief- rent of Cd. Lot 3.— Seven TENEMENTS adjoining the above, having a small garden to each, held as the preceding lot, subject to a quit- rent of 30- s. and a chief- rent of Iid. To bs viewed previous to the sale, by applying to the Tenants. For further information, ap> ply to Mr. Bayly, Attorney at Law, or the Auctioneer, at Devizes. [ 793 WEYMOUTH.' By Order of the Commissioners for the Care iud bhpettii of Danish Property. fron PUBLIC SALE, at ' the' Kins's Head Inn; L Weymouth, on Friday the 25th day of March, 1808, at three o'clock in tha afternoon,— The DANISH BRIG, I- T. ANTJA, - Amundsen, master; admeasuies iad toils; de- tained by . the Collector of the Customs at this port. The abo'/ e Ship is condemned tb the Crown. May be viewed, and fiirrher particulars known, by applVr mg to Mi. Samuel Weston, agent for the disposal of Daman property ; or to 7 « ] JAMES RICHARDS, jun. Broker. TOLLARD FARNHAM, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION,, by H. PLOWMAN, on Wednesday the UJth day of March, 1808,— The. tbU hiving LIVE and DEAD STOCK, & c. X- c. consisting ol two capital cart horses, two ditto Aidernev heifers in calf,' one ditto bull three years old, one hoj; ditto; an exceeding good light waggon, roller, patent harrow, plodgh and trace'har- ness, a quantity of corh sacks, with sundry burn and other implements in husbandry, & c. Ac. also a rick of Choice clover hay; beihg the property of a gentleman leaving off farming business. N. B., The above Live and Dead Stock will be removed tfi the Old Ash Inn, atTdllafd Farnham aforesaid) for the con- venience of sale. The sale to begin at one o'clock. [ 7G5 BULBURY FARM, near EAST MORDEN, DORSET. T'O be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises; 1 by M. BARER, on Tuesday the 99d of March, 1809, at Bulbtiry Farm, about five miles from Warebam, sev.' n from Poole, and nine from Blandford,'— The following STOCK, & c. consisting of three prime four- year- old heifers with calves and in calf, one good cart horse, one cart mare, one cart liorse colt rising four years old, one ditto mare rising four years old, two good waggons, one broad- wheel dung pot, one cart, a corn roller; two sulls, one bfeaking ditto, pair of good drags, four harrows, string, thill, and plough harness, a large sheep rack on vfheels, with a hood, tine prime Chinese sow pig, two store pigs, fan and stocks, corn measures; sieves, forks and barn shovels, about two dozen sacks, two good rick stadles, ladders, Cow cribs, dairy utensils, brewing copper, mash and other tubs, trendals, two new beer coolers, a large quantity of wine and beer bottles, some iron- bound casks, two large kitchen tables, a nev> kitchen range with hot dresser and smoak jack complete, stone garden roller with iron frame, hand glasses; with other articles, & c.; the property of Capt; EOGELL, quitting the said Farm. [ 757 A QUANTITY of TAR. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, BY M.. BAKER, ORT the Cornhill,' DorcheSfef,. on Saturday the Ifftbt inst. at one o'clock,— Two capital CART HORSES; one seven and the other eight years old, Warranted soiind anil free ffom ViCc. N. B. The above Horses are well worth the att ntion of gentlemen farmers and Waggoners, al they are Soid for nd fault whatever, tliegent'emart being about to quit business. DORSET. TO lie SOLD bv AUCTION; on the Premises, by Mr. PERCY, without resetve, on Tuesday th 92d day of March, 1S08, and following days,— All the neat HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, CHINA, GLASS, and other El'f- ct^ of the Rev. GEO. WASSE, deceased, at the Parsonage h. use at Ibberton, about four miles from Sturminstcr- Newt-' n., in the county aforesaid; comprising four- post, field, and servants bedsteads, with Manchester- Stripe, calico, and Cheney fur- niture; goose feather- beds, mattresses, palliasses, counter- panes, quilts, and blankets^ mahogany dining, sideboard, pier, and dressing- tableS; wash- hand- stands, chairs, ma- hogany sopha covered with satin- hair seating, Chest of drawers, Wilton and Kidderminster carpets, larje pier and swing dres- sing- glasses, a patent mangle ( by Oxenham) almost new, two fowling pieces, with a variety of kitchen requisites, dairy utensils, three pipes of cyder, sundry irort- bound casks, & c. Likewise a bay mare, a yearling colt by Slider, an exceed- ing good milch cow four years old, rick of exceeding go > d meadow hay, quantity of cleft Wood and faggots; with nu- merous other articles, as will be particularized in catalogues,- to be delivered, three days previous to the sale, at the While Haft, Sturmirister"; place of sale; and of Mr. Pcrcy, up- holsterer, auctioneer, & c. Blandford. The sale will commence each moriiing precisely at eleven o'clock. [ 788 rgX> be SOLD by AUCTION, by WM. ALEX- JL AN* D£ R, at the George Inn, in Frome, on Wednesday the 16th day of March, 1M8, at five in the afternoon! sub- ject to such conditions as shall be then produced, The several FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PREMISES fol- lowing :— Lot 1. All that neat well- built Dwellir. g- House, with front shop, parlour, bcd- chambers, garrets, and suitable attached and detached offices, leading to and communicating w ith an exe llent walled garden, desirably situated for business in River street, near the Bridge, in the town of Frome, now occupied by Mr. Palmer, as tenant at will. Lot 2. All those large, strong, and roomy Buildings, ad- joining the first lot, now occupied by four several tenants at will.— The front part of this lot may, at a small expence, make one or more comfortable residences ; and the other buildings behind are well calculated for any business requir- ing rooin. Lot 3. A valuable Piece of Land, adjoinipg tbe new road leading to North- IIill House, Frome, in tne occupation of Mr. Adtam. Lot 4. Two convenient Dwelling- Ilouses, situate on Cow- ardVBatch, Frome, with a small garden behind, and a piece of land 111 front, on which might be built a neat shop, now occupied by William I'rovers and Mary Haines. The above four Lots are Freehold. Lot 5. Two Dwelling- Houses, advantageously situated on the Bridge, in Frome ( adjoining the residence of Mr. White), foimerlv known as the Full Moon Ir.' n, how in the occupation of Mrs. Edgell and .1. Randall, as tenants at will. Further particulars may be obtained ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Chislett, Solicitor ; and for a view of the premises, apply to the Auctioneer, Frome. ' Tickets of admission, 14. each, to be had cf the Auctioneer; and at the Geurge ion, Front*. tee* SOMERSET. TO be SOtD by AUCTION, by ortier of tlie Assignees of JOHN BOROK, a Bankrupt, at the Georca Inn, in Casile- Cary, in the county of Somerset, on Tuesday the 22d day of March irist. between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, in tile following Lots •— Lot 1.— A capital DWELLING- HOUSE, consisting of a dining room 24 feet by 15 feet, withdrawing room, breakfast parlour, kitchen, brew- hoaie, and other convenient officis crt the ground floor; six bed rooms ar. d dteSsir. s; room on the first, floor ; and good attics ; a four- stalled stable, double coach- house, and many other Useful oUt- b'uildiri- ts ; Srut an excel- lent walled pleasure aiid kitclyn garden, with hot- house and green- house, situate hi the town of Castle- Cary aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Miss Baron, as tenant thereof. The above premises are fit for the residence of a genteel family, and immediate possession may he had. Lot 2.— A' neat and convenient DWELLlNG- GHOUSF., with the Out- houses and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in the town of Castle- Cafy aforesaid, and now in the occu- pation of- Mrs. Milward, as tenant at Will. Lot 3.— A Close of exceedingly rich GARDEN GROUND, adjoining to the town of Castle- Cary, called WHITE'S CLOSI , containing by estimation three acres, and now in the occu- pation of James Hamlvn, as tenant thefeof. Lot 4.— The MOIETY of a desirable ESTATE, situate in the parish of Evtfcreech, in the bounty of Somcrsit, lett to several fenafitS, at the yearly rents of 883/. los. ( id. subject to two annuities of 30/. each, for the lit'es of two pefsons, about 80 years of age. All the above Lots are to be sold for the life of the said John Burge, a.^ cd b'l years. The premises may be viewed on application to the Auc- tioneer, at Castle'- Cary aforesaid; and further particulars known (" if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Edvv" aid Dyne, soli- citor, Bruton, Somerset. [ 718 SOMERSET. TO b6 SOLD by AUCTION, on Monday the - 21st day of March, 1803, at the SWAN INN, in the city of Wells, in the said county, between the hours of four and seven o'clock' in the afternoon, ( unless sold before by private contract, of which notice will be given),— A large, elegant, and commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, in goo'd repair, with spacious Rooms, situate in Chamberlain- street, iu the said city, late in the occupation of Robert Tudway, Esq. dc » ceased ; consisting of a large handsome hall at the entrance ; a dining- room, - 28 feet by is ; drawing- room, ai feet S inches by 19 feet; breakfast parlour, 2! feet by 13 feet » inches ; study, 16 feet 8 inches by 15 feet 10 inches ; with seven bed- chambers, dressing- rooms, and commodious garrets; a v> ry good kitchen, housekeeper's room, servants' hall, trade - ground cellars, dairy- h6use, wash- house, laundry and brew- house, with convenient offices of every sort thereto adjoining ; together with a coach- house and good five- stalkd stable; .1 spacious pleasure- garden behind the dwelling- house, with a grove of full'- growil chesnut trees at the lower end thereof) also a lawn or vista before the dwelling- house, belonging to the same ; also a good kirehen- garJcn, and about eight aero ol rich meadow ground adjoining thereto. The dwelling- house, with most of the pleasure- garden, and part of tf. e vista, is freehold; and the remaining part of the premises are held by leases fcr lives under the Cathedral Church of Wells ; and the dwelling- house commands a plea- sant and distant view into the country. [ 477 For further particulars or view of the prcmipes, apply to Mr. Lax, sen. solicitor, Wells, where a ptaft may be seen. THE CORDIAL BALM of GILEAI) continues to be administeied in nervous complaints with uncom- mon success; in asthma, consumption, flatulence, relaxation, obstruction or bilious disorders it stands pre- eminent; its effects are pleasingly quick, certain, apd lasting. The Cordii. l Balbi of Gilcad instantaneously relieves spasms in the sale., breast and intestines, diffuses a genial wapnth, and prevents cramps and numbness in or after bathing in spring or sea Wattr.— Ladies of a cold, acrid or bilious habit of body, affected with languor, head- ach, or hysterical affections, can- not have recourse to a more salutary remedy. Gentlem 11 from the East or West Indies, the student from public semi- naries, or those whose occupations require a sedentary life, are particularly addressed by Dr, Solomon, whegc Cordial Balm of G'iead has effected such wonderful cures in cases of debility originating from hiat of climate, or relaxation from juvenile indiscretions, and the effects cf intense application f> study or business. It is universally acknowledged to be the most salubrotis remedy for the following diseases, viz.— asthmas, loss of petite, bilious complaints, consumptions, female diseases, fits, flatulence or wind, hypocondria or melancholy compVaims, pregnancy, indigestion, lowncss ot spirits, nervous d. snascs, phthisis or cough, and scurvy. Prepared by Dr. Solomon, Gilcad- housr, neir I. ivcipool, and soid at the Printing Office, Salisuury, in loi. 6d. anil .' U. T. bottles ; the latt. 1 contain* fbUf » f the tenner, by wh. ch Hie purchaser sayet 9r, THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. T « RJ- N, I.,.,., I Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, FUBLISHED ON SATURDAY SIGHT, MARCH 14. QUEEN'S PALACE, March 9. "^ HIS day the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Mount Edgcumbe was, by his Majesty's command, sworn of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, and took his place at the Board accordingly. CROWN- OFFICE, March 12. Member returned to serve in the present Parliament.— Borough of Truro. The Hon. Charles Frederick Pawlett Townshend, in the room of the Hon. Edward Boscawen, now Viscount Falmouth, called up to the House of Peers. WAR- OFFICE, March 12: Capt. John Boland, of the 3d Foot, to be Major in the Army by brevet. • Captain Mark Supple and Lieutenant John Blake, of the 17th Light Dragoons, are superseded, being absent without leave. BANKRUPTS. James Pearee, of St. Alban's- street, Pall- mall, shoemaker. Wm. Hiflman, of Wa! tham- cross, grocer. Thos. Poultftn, of Ross, timbur- mercliant. L. Lewis and F. Radd, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, milliners. P. F. Veuautt de Charmilly, Esq. of Someret- strcet, Portman- sqitare, coal- merchant. Wm. Evans, of Wootton, butcher. John t-(! - v, of Dunstable, straw- hat marmfacturer. James Brawn, of Tavistock, builder. Alexander Foreshaw, of Whitechapel, victualler. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, MARCH 12. HOUSE OF LORDS. " FRIDAY, March 11.] The Royal Assent, was given by Commission to the Ten Millions and a Half Exchequer Bills Bill, the Petty Customs Bill, and five other Bills. The Marine Mutiny Bill, and several other Bills, were brought up from tiie Commons, and read a first time. Lord Moira moved the second reading of the Debtor and Creditor Bill; which was opposed by Lord Ellenbo- rough, and on a division, there appeared— Contents 5, Non- Contents 9.— The Bill was consequently thrown out. The Minority consisted of the Dnkes of Gloucester and Somerset, the Lords Moira, Holland, and Erskine.—" Ad- journed to Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, March 11.] On the motion of Mr. Dundas, a Select Committee of 21 Members was appointed to en- quire into the present state of the affairs of the East India Company, and to report their observations thereon to the House. The Chancellor of the Exchequer having moved that the debate on the Orders of Council Bill be now resumed, Lord Folkestone, convinced of the propriety of hearing the petitioners against the Bill, moved an amendment, that instead of " now," the words " Monday se'nnight" be inserted. The amendment was negatived without a division; and after a long debate, the third reading of the bill was car- ried by a majority of 100. At six o'clock on Saturday morning, the House ad- journed to Monday. LONDON, SATURDAY EFENING, MARCH 13. Dutch Papers arrived last night to the 8th.— They contain some further intelligence from Calabria, and state that Reggio was attacked by f. he division of Regnier.— The garrison amounted to QO0 men— the French also made 200 more prisoners, who were on board the English brig stranded on the coast. The arrival of a French squadron at Toulon is mentioned in letters from Genoa of the 15th. It is said to have sailed again between the 6th and 10th of February, with the other ships ready for sea in Toulon. The petition for peace, presented yesterday to the House of Commons, from Manchester, was signed by 35,00j inhabitants, principally manufacturers. The important cause respecting the valuable right to the extensive Oyster Fishery of the Burnhain or Crouch river, exclusively claimed by Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay, Hart, was tried on Wednesday at Chelmsford, before Mr. Justice Heath and a special jury, when it appeared tbat the Earl and Countess of Sussex, ancestors of the Miidmays, had obtained two verdicts, in the reigns of Charles I. and II. establishing this very right, and that from thence to the present time it had been exclusively exercised by the tenantry of the Mildmay family, from a point called Clay Clods, above Tambridge Ferry, down to the Raysans Beacon, which lies on the main sea. Serjeant Shepheard said, be could have proved the title of the family to this fishery from a grant of Richard I. on his rftturn from the holy wars; but he felt so strong in the right of prescrip- tion, that he deemed it unnecessary. ' Flu: learned Judge said, he never knew an ancient right more clearly esta- blished ; and the Jury, without hesitation, returned a verdict for the plaintiff, confirming that right. The extensive flour- mills at Sturry, near Canterbury, latidy erected by Mr. S. Kingsford, were burnt down 011 Tuesday night. They were insured ; but the loss to the proprietor, in flour and corn, is estimated at 2000/. The fire was occasioned by the friction of a part of the ma- chinery. DIED.] Lately, at Paris, Mr. I'erigord, the eminent banker,— On Thursday, at Bath, Mr. Siddons, husband of All's. Siddons, the celebrated actress. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three 0' Clock. Bank Stock, shut India Stock, 173 South Sea Stock, — S ^ Cent. Red. shut a ^ Cent. Cons. 64 4 "))>- Cents, shut 5 Cent. Navy, 07} 5 Gent. 17.') 7, shut Long Ann. shut Short Ann. — Omnium, — Irish ditto, —• India Bonds, 3 a 4 dis. Exchequer Bills, 1 a 5 pr. Irish 5 Cents. 95f Imperial 3 Cents. 63f English Lott. Tick. 21/. 0s. Ditto Prizes, full Money. port Be& s. The Lords cf the Admiralty have appointed the Rev.. Mr. Elliott, of Andover, " to be Chaplain of the Donnegal man of war, of 74 guns. The Assizes for the county of Hants began here on Tuesday. The causes were of no importance, but the trials of the prisoners occupied the Court till late on Saturday. John Pitt, the noted footpad, was capitally convicted on the first indictment,— for robbing John Brett near War- blington.— Six other prisoners were capitally convicted, viz. John Russell, for horse- stealing; Elizabeth King, John Hobbs, John Kick, and E. A Gaulton, for burglaries; Edmund Catehlove, fdr extorting money by dreadful threats; and Jean Francois Dutard, a prisoner of war, for uttering a forged one pound note. R. Guthrie, indicted for the murder of W. Charlton ( killed in a duel); and Lieut. Faden, of the Royal Marines, indicted for a rape, surrendered in discharge of their bail, took their trials, and were both acquitted. On the 19th of December was married, at An- tigua, George Wright Mardenbrough, Esq. Barrister at Law, to Miss Gunthorpe, only daughter of the late Wm. Gunthorpe, Esq. of Bugle- Hall, South- ampton. On Monday the 29th nit. died Captain- Lieutenant James Lacey, of the South Hampshire Militia— an Officer, who has served his country 4,9 years ill the County Militia, with much credit to himself as a professional man, and who has departed this life with the greatest regret to his Brother Officers, with whom he lived in the sincerest friendship.— His remains were interred on Friday the 4tli inst. with military honours, in the parish of Salehurst, near Silver- Hill Barracks, attended by all the military in the Garrison. On Sunday last died,' after a long illness, Frederick Breton, Esq. of Southampton, aged 61 years. On Monday died, at his house in Lymingfon, Sir Giles Rooke, Knt. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Court of Common Pleas. At our Fair on Monday last., Cheese was very dear : new Cheese fetching from 31.1( 1=. to 4/> 4\.- per Cwt.; oid ditto 4/. 10*. to 41. 15*.; ordinary 21, to ill. 10*.— Prime Horses fetched high prices ; ordinary ones had a dull sale.— Garden Seeds of ail kinds were very dear.— Plants Is. per hundred. FALMOUTH, March 10. A fleet for the Mediter- ranean ( about 16 sail) under convoy of two ships of war, went down Channel on Monday. They were joined from hence by a brig from Plymouth. The Queen Charlotte packet sailed for New York and Halifax this evening. The Princess Amelia and Townshend packets sailed on Sunday last, the former for Jamaica, and the latter for Gibraltar and Malta. PLYMOUTH, March II. On Monday an order was received here for every ship in Hamoaze to be got ready for sea with all possible dispatch. Wednasday sailed the Lev den, of 64 guns, to join the Squadron off Lisbon. PORTSMOUTH, March 12. On Monday sailed the Proserpine, of 32 guns, Capt. Otter; and Mercury, of 28 guns, Capt. Gordon, with convoy for the Mediterranean; Medusa, of 38 guns, Hon. Capt. Bouverie, off Havre. On Wednesday sailed the Boadicea, of 38 guns, Capt. Maitland, off the coast of France. The Maida, of 74 guns, Capt. Linzee, was paid off on Wednesday last. The whole of the Danish Ships of Warhstve been cleared of their Stores under Capt. Linzee's directions, and laid up in a state of Ordinary. A melancholy accident occurred alongside his Majesty's ship Mars, at Spithead ; during the payment of1 the ship, the boats, which usually attend alongside ships to furnish the men with necessaries, were desired to keep off, which, however, was not complied with, when the Centinel on duty discharged his musket, and unfortunately shot a Jew, of the name of Abrahams, who almost i& stantly expired. He was a fine young man, and that very day completed his SI- st ' year. SALISBURY. MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1808. The inhabitants of Farley Hospital, in this county, received their new eloa thing on the 2ath ult. the day oil which the Earl of Ilchester attained the 21, st year of his age, and walked in procession to church, to commemorate that happy tera in the life of their friend and benefactor. On the following Monday they were regaled by the Warden with roast beef, plum pudding, strong ber, and cyder. I11 the evening the twelve children on the foundation were entertained with cal? es, and both old and young vied with each other in endeavours to shew their respect and grati- tude to the illustrious descendant of Sir Stephen Fox, the founder of this extensive charitable establishment. The Commission for holding the Assizes for the county of Wilts was opened here on Saturday evening, and the business commences this day, before the Hon. Baron Thomson and Mr. Serj. Marshall ( the latter of whom was appointed to go the Circuit before the death of Mr. Justice Rooke). Very little business is expected at Nisi Prius, only twelve Venires having been entered. In magnitude of crime, tile Calendar is unusually heavy ; but as the bare statement of the offences, from the nature of the charges, might at this period be prejudical to the fair- trial of the prisoners, we forbear to say further till the verdict of their country shall have pronounced the guilt or innocence of the accused. The following prisoners are for trial at Dorchester As- sizes, which commence on Wednesday next:— Ann Biliett, for the murder of her bastard child ; John Tizard, for a rape; Joan Cliburn, jun. for uttering forged Bank, of England notes ; Ludewig Rode and Heinrick Busse ( Hano- verian soldiers), for a burglary atWeymouth ; James Hine, for horse- stealing ; Francis Hill and Charlotte Barnes, for house- breaking ; John Anthony, for felony in a shop at Dorchester; Thomas Astbury, for stealing nine cotton shawls and other goods at Woodbury- Hill Fair ; John Whesler, for privately stealing money, & c. from the person of William Stocker; and Elizabeth Cobden, for wilfully and knowingly offering in payment and uttering counter- feit coin. We have been requested by Doctor Thomas, who has lately settled in this city, to inform the sick poor, that he gives his advice gratuitously to all applicants every Monday and Friday, between the hours of eleven and twelve in the forenoon, and that he will visit at their own abode those who labour under any disease which disables them from coming to him. Until he can procure a house suitable to his wi- he. s i he is accommodated at Mr. Rook's, jun. nearly opposite to the Antelope Inn, Catherine- street.— Doctor Thomas is author of the publication entitled the Modern Practice of Physic, which is advertized in this paper, a work in high repute with the profession. [ 767 BIRTH.] On Thursday, at Ensham House, Dor- set, the Lady of Brigadier- General Monro, of a son. Died, on Sunday morning the 6th inst. at fen o'clock, at his house in Park- iane, London, the Right Hon. George Darner Earl of Dorchester, Viscount and Baron Milton, of Shrone- Hill, in Ireland, Lord Lieute- nant of Dorsetshire, and Colonel of the Dorset Yeomen Cavalry. His Lordship was the second Earl of Dorchester of the Damer family, and was never married; the Hon. Lionel Damer, his brother, died on the 26th of May last, without issue, by which the title is extinct. He has left an only sister, Lady Caroline Damcr, whose affectionate attention to him, through life, particularly endeared her to him, and who now becomes possested of the bulk of his English fortune. The Irish estates probably devolve on Earl of Portarlington, his cousin.—- The Earl of Dor- chester was greatly and generally beloved in life, and in death he will be long lamented. Lately died Mark Street, Esq. of Poole, beloved and regretted by a numerous circle of friends. On Monday last died Mrs. Bishop, wife of Mr. Thomas Bishop, sen. hair- dresser, of Winchester- street, in this city. Oil Wednesday morning died, at Stratford, Miss Louisa Scard, aged 9 years, voungest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scard. Same day died, at her house in the Close, Mrs. Ivie, for many years Governess of the young Ladies' Boarding- school. Same day died, after three days illness, at Bradford, Thomas Palmer Smith, the only child of the Rev.' B. D. Smith. A few days since died, at Westbury, Mr Troke, aged 63 years. Little Alteration in the Prices of Com. Goringe STATE LOTTERY. The SECOND DAY of the Drawing• of the present LOTTERY will be TO- MORROW, TUESDAY, MARCH THE FIFTEENTH. All the TWENTY THOUSANDS are yet in the- Wheel, besides EOREY- SEVEN other CAPITAL PRIZES, and not three Blanks to a Prize! LOSE NO TIME, they may all be drawn the next day of the drawing. PRIZES IN THE WHEEL. 0 of.... £ 20,0001 1 of. £ io, ooo I 17 of. £ ioeo 4..:... of......'. 5,000 I 25 of. 500 42 of£ l00—& c. & c. TICKETS and SHARES ( warranted undrawn) will be on sale this Day and To- morrow, till five o'clock, at Cfje printinty^ fficc, ^ aligburp, IN GREAT TIARIETY OY NUMBERS, For Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co. at the London Prices, Registered, as under:— A Sixteenth, purchasable for £ l 8 6 may get £. 1250 An Eighth 2 16 0 2500 A Quarter 5 9 6 6000 A Half 10 15 6 10,000 A Tickct 21 0 6 20,000 Tickets and Shares are also selling for THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY OF FREEHOLD HOUSES, Containing Capital Prizes to the Amount of £ 104,000. The Ticket, No. 12,903, drawn on Tuesday last, March 8, a Prize of £. 10,000, was sold in sixteen Sixteenths, by Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co. Proprietors of the Lucky Offices, Holborn, Cornhill, and Haymarkct, London ; by whom also the Grand Prize of £ 40,000 was shared and sold in the last Lottery. [ 810 rrLO be SOLD, at LILHPOU'S Nursery Ground, J. Morden, near Blandford, Dorset,— A large Quantity of PINASTER SEEDLINGS, from four to six inches high, at ten shillings per 1000.—— Also OAKS, from twenty inches to two feet, at fifteen shillings per 1000. MORDEN, Feb. 22, 1808. [ 588 TISBURY, NEAR HINDONTWTLTS. ~ TO be LETT, and entered on at Lady- Dav next, — A Stone- built and Tiled HOUSE, near the Church, comprising an entrance hall, parlour, kitchen, with offices,' & c. three bed- rooms and garrets, besides a good under- ground cellar; a garden, and a small picce of pasture adjoining. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mrs. Blundell, Fovant, near Sarum, Wilts. [ S^ B GREAT BRIDGE, !; ear ROMSEY. TO be LETT', and entered on immediately,— A modern- built convenient HOUSE, situate at Great Bridge; consisting of an entrance hall, two parlours, two kitchens, cellar, and pantry; five bed roorqs, store room, dressing room, and closets; with a stable, coach- housc, large garden, and orchard ; with or without five acres of land ad- joining. Great Bridge is one mile from Romsey, on the bank of the tiyenTesf, aqd a small trout stream runs through the garden. [ 778 For particulars apply to Mr. John Fifield, of Stondbridge. SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. THE next ASSEMBLY will be on Monday the Uth of March, 1803, being the ASSIZE BALL. E. BAKER, ^ J. R. SEYMOUR, .- Stewards. W. B. BRODIE, J Dancinj to commence at eight o'clock, and continue to an unlimited hour. 597] Mn. GOODALL, M. C. WIMBORNE. THE SIXTH SUBSCRIPriON ASSEMBLY, and the LAST during the Winter, will be at the Kin;' s Head Inn, on Thursday the 17th of Marclr, 1803. [ 710 N. F. H. rpHE next Meeting of the N. F. H. will be held 1. at Stony Cross, on Tuesday the Fifteenth of March.— Dinner on tableat five o'clock. [ 682 THEATRE, SALISBURY. Last Night but Three of Miss FISHER's performing. MONDAY, THE HONEY MOON.' Duke of Aranza.... Mr. GRANT. Juliana Miss FISHER. End of the Play, A PAS SEUL, by Miss FISHER. AFTER WHICH, ELLA ROSENBERG. TUESDAY, BY DESIRE OF THE HIGH SHERIFF, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, And LOVE LAUGHS AT LOCKSMITHS. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY,— Plays and Farce, as will be expressed in the Bills. In the Press, and will be published on WEDNESDAY NEXT, ALETTER to the Rev' 1- FIIANCIS RANPOLPH, D. D.— occasioned by his Observations on the present State of the Nation, addressed to the Duke of BEDEORO. BY JOHN PERN TINNEY. " What damned error! but some sober brow " Will bless it, and approve it with a text— " Hiding the grossncSs with fair ornament." MERCHANT or VENICE. Printed by Collins, Salisbury:— Sold also by Cadell and Davis, London ; Meyler, Bath ; and all other Booksellers. Addressed to the MAGISTRATES of ENGLAND, & c. This Day is published, price 3,*. ON the POOR LAWS of ENGLAND, the various Plans and Opinions of Judge Blackstone, Swift, Addison, Wimpey, Winchelsea, Young, Ilumford, Eastcourt, Gilbert, Stewart, Eden, Pitt, Nasmith, Townshend, Pew, Davis, Colquhoun, Weyland, Bate, Rose, Monck, Malthus, Whitbread, and the Society for Bettering the Condition of the Poor, STATED and CONSIDERED, with proposed Amend- ments, of easy execution, to give effect ro the present Laws and the Views of Government. [ 668 By the Rev. JAMES WILLIS, Vicar of Sopley, and one of the Magistrates for the County of Southampton. London : Printed for James Ridgway, opposite Bond- street, Piccadilly; and sold at the Printing- Office, Salisbury. SHIP BUILDING, AT LYME, DORSET. RBUSSELL and SON, ( from Messrs. BEALS • and GOOD'S Yard, at Bridport,) beg leave most re- spectfully to acquaint Merchants ajid the public in general, that they have commenced Ship Building, on their own account, at Lyme aforesaid, where vessels of such descrip- tion as have been built at Bridp. irt will be built by them, on the most reasonable terms; and they need not say, after having been twenty years and upwards Foreman, & c. in the above Yard, that the utmost satisfaction will be given to those who may please to favour them with their commands. N. B — Vessels wanting repair will have immediate at- tention paid them. They have just put up a vessel of 110 tons burthen. TITHES. TO be LETT, for a term of years to be agreed 011, with immediate entrv, The GREAT and SMALL TITHES of the parish of Battermerc, Wilts; consisting of nearly 1900 acres, including Coppice and Downs; with the Parsonage, a convenient Barn, Garden, Stable, & c. & c. and 20 acres of Land. For particulars enquire in person ( or by letters, post paid) of Mr. Bird, solicitor, Andover. ' * [ 730 LODGINGS. - LYMINGTON. npo be LETT, Furnished, for about Ten Wesis S from the 10th of April,— The HOUSE occupied by Col. HOWARD, delightfully situated near the sea- side;— consists of drawing- room, two parlours, nine or ten beds, coach- house, stables, See. [ 723 Apply ( post paid} to Mr. William Perkins, Lymington. DORSET. TO be LETT, and entered 011 at Ladv- day next,— A comfortable HOUSE, with a good Garden and Or- chard in full bearing, and a small Field, if required, situate at Tarrant Hinton, four miles from Blandford, on the great western road, and in tlie immediate neighbourhood of several packs of hounds. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Wm. Hill, at Tarrant Hintoo. [ 667 TO TANNERS. TO be LETT,- and entered upon immediately, for a Term of Years,— A small convenient TAN- YARD, situated in St. Ann's- street, Salisbury. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Garliki, the present tenant. [ 811 SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,—- A Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE and Buildings/ situated in French- street, at the corner of Vyse- lanc, under which is a capital Wine Vault or Store, well deserving the attention of Merchants. . . *** For particulars apply to Messrs. Amor and Nichols, Solicitors, Southampton. - [ 801 TiTI REE ESTATE, WILTS. TO be LETT, " mm Lady- day .1808, divided into two or more. Fatm: - Upwards of 370 Acres of MEA- DOW, PASTURE, - A' LE LAND, Tithe- free,' situated in the pa(,:, h cf 2r . . S mnerfori, in the countv of Wilts; and about 00 Acres cf . IKADOW and PASTURE LAND, in the parish of Little Somer'V, f, adjoining the for- mer, subject toTithes. F'or a view of the above apply to Mr. Smith, Broad Somer- ford. [ 440 TO be LETT, and entered upon tit Ladv- day next, — A FARM, called BUATTON FARM ; consisting of a messuage or farm- house, with suitable out- buildings,"" two cottages, and about 400 acres of arable, pasture, and wood land," in Bratton and Shepton Montague, in the county of Somerset, now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Hodges and his under tenants, under an agreement ending at Old Lady- day next. Also' one acre of Land, in Bratton aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. John Hodges. [ 717 For rent and covenants apply personally, or by letters ( post paid), to Messrs. Thring and Phtlps, Warminster, Wilts. WHITE HART INN, WINCHESTER. TO be LETT or SOLD,— That elegant new- built TAVERN arid HOTEL, fitted up in the most commo- dious manner for the reception of Families and Travellers of every description, with excellent stables, lock- up coach- houses, & c. See. [ 782 Apply to Dean and Wools, Winchester. A moiety of the purchase- money may remain. CALNK, WILTS. A House and Shopin the Marketplace, with Fixtures complete. TO be LETT, and entered immediately,— The long- accustomed, large, and spacious SHOP in the Grocery, Mercery, Drapery, and Hosiery Lines; till now in the possession Of Mr. John Gundry, as tenant.— The premises might suit any gentleman in the drug line, or any other business requiring room. [ 807 F'or particulars enquire by letters ( post paid) addressed to Mr. Thomas Bishop,- Calne, which will be attended to. ROMSEY, HANTS. TO be LETT, ready furnished, for not less than three nor more than nine months certain,— A respectable well- built DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in Church- street; consisting of a dining parlour, breakfast and drawing rooms, four good bed- chambers, besides attics ; a kitchen and wash- house, with cellars and suitable offices, wash- house, a small garden, and coach- house ^ nd stable, if required. The Furniture is modern, and the House in every respect adapted for the reception of a genteel family. For further particulars apply to Mr. Clement Sharp, Auctioneer, Romsey. [ 798 ISLE_ OF WIGHT " TO be LETT or SOLD, at Lady- Day next,— A neat newly- erected COTTAGE, wi'th Lawn in front, situated near Shanklin ; consisting of conveniences for a small genteel family, with very good stabling for four horses, a good chaisc- house, and very good garden well stocked. The whole premises consist of about seven acres, well supplied with excellent water, and delightfully situated near the sea. For particulars, enquire of Mr. John Smith, Landguard Farm, who is ready to treat for the same. N. B. A few Acres more of Meadow may be had, if required. [ o'fl- 2 - HANTS. ' TO be LETT. A FARM, consisting of 63 acres of Arable Land, or thereabouts, being Picked Close and part of Winchester Field,, in the parish of Basing- stoke, in the said county, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Ann Davies, widow, under a lease which will expire at Michaelmas next. A lease will be granted for seven years from Michaelmas next; and such person or persons'who maybe inclined to treat are desired to send, before the first day of May next, thei'r proposals in writing, sealed . up, with tiie utmost rent that they will give for the same, directed ( post- paid) to Mr. White, No. 9, Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, or Mr. Battey, 88, Sloane- street. Knightsbridge, So- licitors to the said estate. [ 779 FARM IN HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, and entered upon at Michaelmas, 1808,— LITTLE TESTWOOD FARM, consisting of a Farm House, Barns, Rick- house, Granary, Stables, and other convenient buildings, with about 125 Acres of Arable Land, 91 Acres of Meadow, 18 Acres of Pasture, and 11 Acres Coppice Ground, situate in the parish of Eling, in the county of Hants, ( in the occupation of Mr. Richard Penford), six miles from Southampton, adjoining the turnpike road leading from thence to Salisbury. Also a Messuage, Barn, and about 10 Acres of Arable and Pasture Land, lying near the said farm, in the occupation of Mr. George Haddon. The above Farm and Premises will be lctt for a term of fourteen years, commencing at Michaelmas next, but determinable at the expiration of the first seven or ten years thereof, at the option of the Landlord or Tenant, on twelve months notice. Persons desirous of becoming Tenant of the above Farm and Premises, are desired to send their Proposals to Peter Serle, Esq. Chilworth Lodge, neat Southampton, on or before the 20th of this instant, mentioning the yearly rent they will give for the same. Mr. George Haddon, near Little Tcstwood Farm, will shew the premises ; and further particulars may be known of him, or by applying at Chilworth Lodge aforesaid. [ 773 WALLOP, HAMPSHIRE. TO be SOLD,— A LEASEHOLD ESTATE, of 97 years unexpired: it consists of a new, convenient, modern- built Cottage, by the name of Francklow's Lodge, with a Barn and Stable, Kitchen- garden, Orchard, and a Field; the whole about two acres and a half of Land. It affords- a fine prospect, is nine miles from Salisbury, a quar- ter of a mile from the Salisbury- road, and two miles from the village. Enquire for particulars at the Cottage. [ 755 WILTS. ' CAPITAL ELM TIM B E R. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— 1,300 Prime ELN'I TREES, fit for Shipping, or other purposes, now growing on tht. Manor of Christian Malford, in the county aforesaid, either together or in Lots. For a view of the same apply to'Mr. Collins, the bailiff, at the Manor- house in Christian Malford aforesaid ; and for fur- ther particulars, and to treat for the same, to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts. [ 348 BURSLEDON HOUSE for SALE, remarkably pleasantly situated on the bank of the River, six miles from SOUTHAMPTON ; with double coach- house, two s- stalled stables, barn, farmand poultry yards, pleasure and kitchen gardens, in which are shrubberies and neat green- house, productive orchard, and rich pasture land surrounding the House, in the whole about S6 acres; fit for the immediate reception of a Gentleman's Family. The principal rooms are large, lofty, and expensively fitted up ; the House is. sub- stantially built, convenient, and replete with every domestic office. For particulars and a view apply to Mr. George Hookey, Southampton. [ 713 T- O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, GARDEN, and PRE- MISES, situate in Captain's- Row, Lymington, Hants. Tha Land- tax is redeemed, and possession may be had on or before Midsummer- day next. For particulars and to treat apply personally, or by letter, post paid, to Mr. Brown, attorney a: law, Lymington. Part of the purchase- money may remain on mortgage, if required. [ 707 ~ ROMSEY, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— The elegant and " spacious DWELLING- HOUSE, and LINEN and " WOOLLEN DRAPER'S SHOP, most advan- tageously situated in the Market- place, Romsey, now in the occupation of Mrs. Gould, with the Garden and Stable ad- joining; together with a Yard and Carpenter's Shop in Bell- street, occupied by Mr. Thomas Ely; and a Meadow lying near the town. [ 700 The STOCK in TRADE may be taken by the Purchaser at a fair valuation, and further particulars known by applying to Mrs. Gould,, or to Messrs. Daman and Warner, RomSey. The several persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the late Mr. Gould, are particularly requested to pay their respec- tive Debts to Mrs. Gould, his" Executrix, without delay, TIMBER. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the NEW INN, JL Heckfield- heath, on Tuesday the 15th of Ma'rch, 1808, between the hours of two and five o'clock in the afternoon,— The following lots of TIMBER: Lot 1.— 100 Oak Trees. Lot 2.— 150 ditto. Lot3.— 140 ditto. Lot 4- Lot 5.- Lpt fl.- - 33 Ash- Trees. - 11 ditto. I Elm Trees. With their Lop, Top, and Bark: all standing on estates at Stratfieldsay, within about eight miles of the Reading and Basingstoke Canals. [ ti<> 1 For particulars apply to Mr. Seal, at Stratfieldsay- house. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ALLEN, on 1 the premises, on Thursday the 17th of March, 1808,— The small FARMING STOCK belonging to Mr. KIVER POINTER, at . West Wellow, Wilts; comprising seven good milch cows, four horses, one waggon, one dung cart, good market cart, trace and thill harness, ploughs, harrows, drags, a roller, and a variety of useful things in the farming line.— Also an exceeding good rick of Meadow Hay, containing about ten tons. [ 76ti The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. NEAT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, GIG, & c. SALISBURY, KILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, without reserve, on the Premises, by C. NORTON, on Wednesday th « frtth day of March, 1808, and following davs, at eleven o'clock,— The neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS, • . & c. of the Rev. JOHN WHITE, in Endless- street; comprising foui post and other bedsteads, with cotton, morine, and check furniture; prime bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets, counterpanes, & c.; pier and swing glasses, Turkey and Wilton carpets, painted chairs, sopha," & c.; an elegant piano forte, large size capital mahogany dining tables, eight day clock, cellaret, double and single chests of drawers, wardrobe, bookcase with glazed doors, Pembroke, c < r'd, and night tables ; paintings, prints, china, kitchen articles, a good Gig, and other eflects, as will be particularized in ca- talogues ( three- pence each), which may be had on Monday previous to the sale, at C. Norton's cabinet and upholstery- warehouse, Poultry- cross, Salisbury. May be viewed the day before the sale. [ 728 Dairy Sloci and Household Furniture. be SOLD bv AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, A on Friday the 18th of March, 1808,— All the DAIRY STOCK and UTENSILS, with Part of the Household Fur- niture, of Mr. Parker, of Rowde; consisting of fourteen very prime dairy cows in and with calves, a very good assort- ment of dairy utensils, double and single chccse prcscs, cheese tacks and standards, vats, four whev leads, two barrel churns, cow cribs, racks, and other articles ; bedsteads and bedding, chairs, tables, & c. & c. [ 7s2 The sale to begin at ten o'clock. nro be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNLG. iny A on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th ami 16th of March, 1808,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brew- ing Utensils, Hay, Wood, and other Effects, of Mrs. Miles, at Whistley- House, in the parish of Potterne, near Devizes, Wilts; including four- post bedsteads yvitb different furni- tures? good feather beds, mattresses, counterpanes, blankets, diahogany tables, chairs, chests of drawers, large cedar linen chest, about 40 ounces of plate, books, japanned waiters, knives and forks, culinaay utensils, marsh tub, coolers, casks, wine bottles, lead cisterns, dairy utensils, timber chain, man's saddle and bridle, sacks, block and faggot piles, two small ricks of good meadow hay, with a variety of other articles. The sale to begin each morriirignt eleven. N. B.— The Hay will be sold' the first day. [ 791 WILTS. OR SALE by AUCTION, bv HARRY RCSS, 011 the premises, 011 Wednesday thc 30th dav of March, 1808, The LIVE STOCK, Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, some Household Furniture, and other effects, of Mr. JOHN VYILSON, of Sand- Furlong- Farm, at Broad- Hinton, near Swindon ; consisting of sixteen remarkably useful dairy cows, either in calf or with calves ; two draught horses, one saddle ditto, one sow and pigs, one rick of prime hay, two dung carts, one market ditto, field roller, with drags, harrows, and ploughs ; corn screen, pig troughs, & c. a quantity of dairy utensils, with some useful household furniture, and various other articles. [ 805 Sale to begin at ten o'clock, with the Dairy Cows. T . DORSE T. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. CURME, at the Three Boars' Heads, in the parish of Lydlinch, on Monday the 21st day of March 1S08. between two and five o'clock in the afternoon,— 200 prime OAK TIMBER TREES, with their Tops, Lops, and Bark, together with IS Ash and 1 Fir ; all standing and growing on the Manor of ThornhiH, numerically marked, and in Lots.—— For further particulars apply toT. Curme, Auctioneer, Dorchester, ( if by leiter, post paid) ; and for viewing the Timber, to Mr. Sheppurd, tenant on the estate, where Catalogues of the sale may be had. N. B. The Oak in general is of excellent quality, and well tworh the attention of Ship and other Builders. " [ 770 WINCHESTER. TO CABINET- MAKENS AND BUII- NERS. Capital Seasoned Mahogany, IVainscoal Clapboard, Deals, Beech, Sfc. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. BALE, under an Execution frt m the Sheriff of Hants, on the pre- mises, in the Cathedral Yard, on Tuesday next, the 15th of March,— Part of the STOCK in ' l'RADE belonging to Mr. Henry Mould, Cabinet- maker; comprising several hundred feet of valuable seasoned mahogany, to large dimensions, in plank and board; very excellent Hispaniola and Honduras mahogany veneers ; rose, satin, and holly- wood veneers ; seasoned wainscot clapboard, white deals, and beech in plank and board. Also several dozen pair o'f beech bed pillars, and a quantity of burnished gold and double- gilt mouldings, as specified in the catalogues.— The wood is perticulariy recom- mended as well seasoned and fit for immediate use, and is selected in convenient lots for purchasers. The sale to begin precisely at one o'clock. RINGWOOD, HANTS. 1^ 0 be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Red Lion Inn, in Ringwood, on Wednesday the 6th dav of April next, at five o'clock in the afternoon ( if not previously dis- posed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given in this Paper),— About 16 Acres of FREEHOLD and 19 Acres of LEASEHOLD ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, lying dispersed in. Kingston PUId, Churl Mead, See. Sue. within the parish of Ringwood, in the county- of Southampton ; the particulars of which, and a description of the respective lots, will be given in due time, by hand- bills and advertisement. Further information may be had of Mr. Hooper, attorney at law, Ringwood ; and the tenant, Mr. Warne, of Kingston, will shew the premises. j 7CI stc and CARISBROOKE, ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TUCKER and PITTIS , on Thursday the 7th day of April next, at the Bugle Inn, in Newport, at five o'clock in the afternoon ( unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which public notice will be given),— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, situate at Catis- brooke, in the Isle of Wight; consisting of two parlours, a good kitchen, and other offices; a brewhouse, wash- house, and laundry detached together with a good garden, and an acre of arable land op the South side of the. said garden, — Also two COTTAGES, adjoining to the West end of the said dwelling- house. All which premises arc now in the occu- pation of Mr. John Gray and his under tenants. The premises are pleasantly situated in the village of Carisbrooke, and torn-' mand, on the South side thereof, a fine view of Carisbrco'. te Castle. For particulars, and to treat for the purchase bv pri contract, enquire of Wm. Cutry, Esq. ct Southampton, ai of Messrs. Clarke* and Sewell, Newport. N. B. Possession will be given of the dwelling- house, with the offices, garden, and land, on the 11 ill day of October next. [ 780 WILTS. To TFheeljvrights, Carpenters, kc. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. SIDFORO, on Monday thefth of April, 1808, at the Swan Inn, Un- der Devcrell, near Chippenham,— A large Quantity of MAI- DEN and POLLARD OAK, ASH, and ELM TIMBER ; also Oak, Ash, and Elm Scantling, plank, and GSuarter ; 10,000 feet , of Elm Board, 500 Oak Posts, and a large quan- tity of Slabs, iyi'ng cn lands near the V, ilts and Bert's Canal, in the parishes of Chippenham, Calne, and Bretnhdl. At the same time will be sold, one six- inch- wheel timber Carriage, one" nrjfow- wheel waggon in good condition, a six- inch- wheel waggon with iron arms, lately, new, adapted for the road business ; a pair of high wheels, ar. d five horses' harness lately new. 1 he whole will be sold without reserve. ' T'ie sale to commence at two o'clock.— On account of the number of lots, the company are requested to be particular to time. The situation, of the above Timber is sbch, that it mav be conveyed to various parts of the country at a trifling cxpence, being drawn together near the Canal, and good roatls. For viewing, apply to- Messrs. Smith and Banner, Chip- penham ; and further particulars may be known of the Auc- ' tioReer, Calne. f7is Choice and valuable Dairy, Live and Dead Farming Stock, 42 prime Cows find Bulls. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. STROUD and STIBBS, on Friday the 1st of April 1808, at ten o'clock, on the premises, Ilighclere Park, the property of Mr. Pmniger, retiring from business.— Consisting of 42 prime cows, in and with oaif; one two- year old bull, four yearling cows, and one j'earling bull, the greater part of the true, Yorkshire breed, crossed with the Isle of Sky, well worth the notice Of the curious, the dairy- man, ant! ihe farmer ; three cart mares in foal, three- year old cart horse, one yearling colt, one pony in foal, sow and pig4, and two sows in pig, geese, fowls, & c. an excellent meadow hay rick about 20 tons) near 40 cwt. of cheese, four sides of home- killed bacon, three waggons, two dung carts, market cart, drags, harrows, plough, roller, sacks, and general assortment of implements in husbandry; an end of last year's Farnham hops, quantify of threshed wheat, dairy utensils, good mash tub, iron- bound hogshead, barrels, tubs, coolers, & rc. May be viewed until the day of sale.— Catalogues may be had on the premises ; Mr. Knight's, Devizes; principal inns in the neighbourhood ; and Auctioneers', Newbury. [ 77s PRINTED AMD PUBLISHED BY W. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON TIIE CANAL, SALISBURY; IFhere Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles < f Nave are received ( Postage paid.) V? ^ e Fi^ ttm veA ? fiCKS| iu; R3 in t^ e Vfu\ & Bnglaad} by th? respective KEWSMSN} and in London by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street, and Mr. " W1LEIE, Bookseller, Paternoster- Row, ST
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