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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3705
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 15/02/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3705
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOUIt] AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSETi AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3705. VOLUME LXX1II.] MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. f Stamp E ( P:. rer at Duty.. laid P.' ii Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. LISBON, January 16. THE scarcity here is chiefly confined to bread. We are supplied with beef from Spain, but all the corn in the country will not last until the end of the present month. It is now ascertained that the Russian ships of war in the Tagus were bound to England to refit, when the damage they received 011 their passage compelled them to take shelter in that river, where they soon learnt the rupture between Russia and England. They are undergoing slight repairs, and are in great want of provisions and necessaries. General Junot has issued a decree, by which all goods, jewels, and silver, as well as moveables and landed property of any nature whatsoever, belonging to any individual subject of Great Britain, found in anv territory of the Portuguese dominions, are confis- cated. All goods of British manufacture, of any kind whatsoever, are also confiscated. LONDON, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Yesterday afternoon dispatches were received at the Admiralty, and at Lord Castlereagh's Otlice, from Admiral Cochrane and General Bowyer, announcing ' the surrender of the Danish islands of St. Thomas, St. John's, and St. Croix, to his Majesty's arms, 011 the 22d and 25th of December last, without any loss On our part. By the Hawke, Aitken, arrived in the Clyde, from Boston; newspapers to the 4th of January, inclusive, have been rweeived. Prom the general tenor of the articles they contain, it is obvious that the late measure of an embargo has been carried into effect by Mr. Jefferson's party. The proposition was brought into Congress as if by an automa- ton ; all the President's party sat ill sullen silence ; nothing said could induce them to open their mouths— till the vote was put: while those on the opposite side deprecated it as fraught with ruin to the interest, to the liberties, to the independence of the United States. O11 the last day of the discussion, the House sat twelve hours. Mr. Randolph at first approved of the embargo, but perceiving its motive, objected to the bill as calculated to seal the death- warrant of American liberties. " I will stake my life upon it," '• aid Mr. Masters, in delivering his sentiments on this subject, " the hand of Napoleon is in this thing." Mr. Elliott ex- pressed his apprehensions that the time was fast coming when America was to be added to Holland, Naples, & c. " Who knows," said Mr. R. " but that at this moment the Prince Ptegent of the iuture King of America, who is now puling in his nurse's arms, may be within these very walls." The embargo has cau- ed numerous failures, and a total stagnation of all trade. A house in New York has failed for 800,000 dollars.— Flour has fallen to 4 and 4} dollars. The American Government is stated to have pur- chased 20,000 stand of arms in Holland, at four dol- lars each ; and it is added that they are now on their passage over. A bag of letters from the Cape of Good Hope, to the 30tb of October, reached the Post- office yesterday. They announce the arrival at the Cape of the Monarch and Harbinger transports, with the 8th regiment on board, from Monte Video, on the 30th of October, under convoy of tut1 Staunch gun- brig. The Flora and Fox transports lan foul of each other at sea, 011 the 24th of October, and sustained considerable damage— the Monarch was in a vary bad state when she reached the Cape. A violent gale pre- vailed at the Cape on the 20th, when most of the ships in the bay drove from their anchors, but the American vessel Juno was the only vessel stranded. The Warley lost three anchors. A Russian frigate is blockaded by an English frigate cf considerable infeiior force at Trieste; the Commander of the latter sent a complimentary note to the Imperialist, inviting him to come out, assuring him th;'. hi- was the only British vessel in the neighbourhood, and observing she carried fewer guns and men. The Russian was not wanting in courtesy in his reply, but he declined the meeting. In addition to the 20,000/. lately granted by the King to the Duke of York, the following lists of grants, in like' manner the produce of the Admiralty droits, has been published:— In October and November, 1803,— to the Duke of Kent £ 10,000 1 Duke of Gloucester.. £ 1.0,500 Daks of Cumberland 15,000 | Princess of Wales.... 20,000 And in April, 3 306,— to the Duke of Clarence .. £ 20,000 | Duke of Kent £ 10,000 Duke of Sussex 40,000 | Duke of Cumberland 5,000 which, with the late gran: to the Duke of York, gives a total of 199,500/. It has been also affirmed, that the recent grant to the Duke of York of 20,0001. from the droits of Admiralty, is not the first gift from the same fund which it has pleased his Majesty to make to his Royal Highness. That he received 20,000/. from the proceeds of the Spanish frigates seized at the breaking out of the war;— that each of his Royal Brothers were likewise partakers in those spoils, and that the Prince of Wales shared with the Captains by whom the captures were made. A few evenings since two men, by means of a ladder, entered the Prince of Hesse public- house, Fieldgate- street, Whitechapel, about seven o'clock in the evening, and stole 25 watches, belonging to sailors, gold chains, seals, gold broaches, rings, 100 guineas, and a club- box with all the money and accounts belonging to a benefit society. MARK- LANK, Monday, Feb. S. The supply of Wheat at the opening of to- day's market appearing extremely scanty particularly from Essex, higher prices were asked in general and an advancc of about is. per quarter was obtained under this impression, for a small quantity, at an early hour; after- wards we had a very considerable accession from Suffolk and Kent, with an entire cessation of all briskness in the trade, last Monday's terms barely maintained for any thing, and a greater proportion of the arrival ( Red Wheat especially) left unsold at the close, than we have known for many weeks • upon the whole we consider the currency as unaltered from Monday the 1st ir. st. Rye, Peas of both sorts, and Beans of each sort, are full as dear and sell freely; Barky is 2 s. per Scarter dearer, and in good request, for the finest samples • ats rather cheaper and extremely dull in sale for the mid- dling and inferior qualities; Long Pod Beans quite out of call, and Broad Beans nearly so; Clover Seed about 4s. per cwt, lower, and Trefoil scarcely exceeding 28s. per cwt. for the best — English Wheat 6os. to 76 » .— Rye 38J. to 52s.— White Peas 72s, to 162s. Grey ditto Sfis. to 68s.— Horse Beans 50s. tp C3s. Tic* Beans 4Cs. to 58s,— Barley 38s. to 48s.— Malt 50 » . to 76s.— Oats 30s. to 46' s.— Broad Beans 6.', 5. WlWOj. Long Po. ls 46s. to 56s.— Rye Grass 14 s. to- ass. per quar- ter.— English Household Flour 60s. to 63s. per sack ; ditto American sup. 35s. to 42s. per barrel.— Rape Seed ' 261. to Oli. per last.— Carraway Seed 38s. to 42s.— Coriander Seed 14s. to 23s.— Red Clover 36s. to 86s. W& ite ditto 46s. to 36s. — Trefoil 5j. to 28s. per cwt.— Tares 9s. to S2s. per bushel. SMITTIPIF. LD MARKET, Murray, Feb. 8. This day's Mar- ket was toi; rabiy well supplied with prime Beasts, and the show of Cattle in general was pretty good, viz. Neat Cattle, W50.— Sheep, 13,500.— Calves, 240.— Pigs, 280.— Beef, Veal, and Pork are dearer than our last report; Mutton supports last price; but the trade altogether was far from brisk.— The current prices were, Beef 4s. id. to 4s. 8rf.— Mutton 3s. 104. to is. - id.— Veal 5s. Gd. to 7s. 2d.— Pork 5s. to 6s. 6d. per stone of HIj. to sink the offal. NEWGATE and LEADKNHALL MARKETS.— Prices per stone by the carcase:— Beef 3s. to 4s. 4< U— Mutton 3s. to 4s. 6d.— Veal 5s. to 7s. Sd.— Pork 4s. 8d. to 6s. prices of HAY cud STRAW in the Hey market, St. James's: — Hay 4<. Os. to 51, 18s,— Clover 52. 10s. to ' I. 7s.— Straw • J, ' is, to Si. is, To the INDEPENDENT ELECTORS of the BOROUGH of CHIPPENHAM. Gr. NTI. EMEN, ITAKE the earliest opportunity of expressing to you, the sincere gratification I feel on " being re- instated as your Representative in Parliament, an honour you have now con- ferred on me for the sixth time, and which it has ever been the ambition of my life to deserve. No defence having been attempted against the petition which I presented on the double return, I have been reluc- tantly precluded from laying before a Committee of the House of Commons all those extraordinary transactions of the last Election, by which the number of votes received by the Re- turning Officer was such, as to give my opponent a colourable equality with myself on the Poll; thus depriving you ( for six months at least) of a Representative. But although the ends of public Justice may not, for want of such investiga- tion, have been so completely answered, yet the termination of this contest has afforded the most ample and satisfactory proof of the firm grounds on which we stood ; a truth so self- evident,, that resting my cause simply on its own merits, 1 have now only to repeat my high sense of the gratitude tor your continued favours, and to assure you of the zeal with which 1 shall uniformly endeavour to promote the interests of the Borough of Chippenham. I have the honour to be, GENTLEMEN, Your much obliged and faithful servant, JAMES DAWKINS. Harhy- street, Feb. 10, 1S08. [ 506 WIMBORNE MJNSTER, DORSET. IIEIIE AS various unfounded Reports have been circulated of the general prevalence of a Contagious Fever in this town, to the prejudice of its inhabitants; we, the undersigned, feel it incumbent on us to declare, that, as far as We know and believe, no such Fever at'present e. vists in this town or its vicinity, and that we consequently conceive no danger of Infection, can arise to persons frequenting the same.— Dited the 6th day of February, 1808. JOHN BASKETT, Minister. ^- Churchwardens. GEORGE HATCHARD,\ 0 RICHARD TORY, j- u. erseers. R. DRUI'IT, 415] JOHN ROWE, J- Surgeons. w T1 EVERLEY TURNPIKE. ' PIE next Meeting of the Trustees will be at the White- Hart Inn, in Everley, on the 2b'th day of Feb. instant, 491] at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. RA. ETWALLl Clerk to the said Trustees. N' WILTS AND BERKS CANAL NAVIGATION. OT1CE is hereby given, That the next General Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the Wilts and Berks Canal Navigation, will b; held at the Barrington's Arms, in Shriveriham, in the county of Berks, on Friday the 11th day of March next, t eleven o'clock in the forenoon. By order of the said Com: • littee, JAS. CROWDY, Principal Clerk. HIGH WORTH, Feb. 9, 1S08. [ 468 KENNET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Committee of Management of the Affairs and Business of the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation, will b- held at the Bear Inn, at Devizes, on Monday the 29th day of this instant February, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, A^ y adjournment. And also, that a General Quarterly Meeting of the said Committee will be held at the White Hurt Inn, in the city of Bath, on Tuesday the lst day of March next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon. JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk to the said Company of Proprietors. MARLBOROUGH, Feb. 10, ! 808. [ 469- RINGWOOD INCLOSURE. , "' HE Commissioners appointed by an Act of Par- liament for inclosing Lands in ' he parish of Ringwood, in the county of Southampton, do hereby zivr notice that they intend to meet ( by adjournment) on Monday the 29th day of February instant, at the White- Hart Inn,' in Ring- wood aforesaid, for executing the purposes of the said Act.— Dated the 11 th day of February, • 1808. 472] RICHARD RICHARDSON. FRANCIS WEBB. JOHN WICKENS. T ROMSEY EXTRA INCLOSURE. FIE Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the foitv- fourth year of the reign ofhis present Majesty, " tor in'.*' sing Lands in the parish of Romsey Extra, in th? county of Southampton," do hereby give notice, that they intend to meet on Monday the 2- 2d day of February, 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the White- Horse Inn, in Romsey, in the said county of Southampton, to execute the i award, and finally settle the business of the said Inclosure.— Dated the Q& d day of January, 1808. 403] FRANCIS WEBB. JOHN TRFDGOLD. JOHN ATKINS. w FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. Whitehall, Jan. 23, 1808. HEREAS it has been hivnfcdy represented to the King, that, between the hours of, seven and eight o'clock in the evening of the 19th of this instant, some per- son, in company with others ( all of whom are unknown), FIRED a loaded Pistol or Blunderbuss at JOHN JON Esq. of Woolley, near Bradford, in Wiltshire, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, as the saitl John Jones, Esq. was returning borne on horseback from his Factory at Staverton, whereby the eyes and face of the said John Jones, Esq. were very much injured:— His Majesty, for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the person who has been guilty of this enormous out- rage, is hereby pleased to promise his most gracious PARDON to any accomplice who shall discover the offender, so that he may be apprehended and convicted thereof. HAWKESBURY. a Reward of FIVE any person MESSRS. EYRE and STRAIlAN, His Majesty's Printers, have specially appointed B. C. COLLINS, Bookseller, Salisbury, their Wholesale and Retail Vender of The only Genuine FORM of PRAYER, For Morning, Communion, and Evening Service, in all Churches and Chapels, on Wednesday, Feb. 17, being the day appointed by proclamation for A GENERAL FAST, And HUMILIATION before ALMIGHTY GOD. N. B. This genuine F'orm of Prayer is handsomely printed in Quarto, price ( id. and the same in Octavo, price Sd.— and to obviate disappointment, it is earnestly requested that all orders from Venders and Dealers may be immediately sent to the Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury. [ 370 WANTED,— A CURATE, to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars, apply to the Printer, post paid. [ 89 QClt There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 60/. per ann. w WANTED ior a Term of Years, in Berkshire, Hampshire, or Wiltshire, A GOOD PIOUSE, without furniture, with garden, coach- houses, & c. and any quantity of grass land from 20 to loo acres. Address to A. B. at Mr. Powell's, Grocer, in Red- I- iohn- street, Holborn, London. . [ 483 ANNUITY. ANTED to lay out the Sum of £. 450, on an adequate ANNUITY for the Life of a Person about 73 years of age, to be secured on Freehold Property. Letters "( post paid) addressed to A. B. Post- office, Wim- borne, specifying the terms, and secrecy, will be duly at- tended to. [ 409 WANTED, to take CHARGE of a WORK- HOUSE.— A middle- aged MAN and his WIFE, of unexceptionable character for moral conduct as well as for cleanliness and diligence, are wanttd to live in and to super- intend the Work- house in the parish of Botley, near South- ampton. The situation will be very comfortable for a man and his wife of this description; but none who do not answer to it need apply. Application to be made, in person,, to the Rev. Richard Baker, the Rector cf the parish ; but no application by letter can be attended to. '[ 503 T1TANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a Surgeon V V and Apothecary, a Youth of will be 1 Salisbury. i liberal education, who reated in ail respects as one of the family. ' . as to be addressed ( post paid) M. B. J. Printing- office, [ 346 WANTED,— A young MAN, of genteel address, who writes a good hand, and, understands accounts, as a SHOPMAN to a WOOLI. F. N- DRAPER, MERCER, HOSIER, & e. For further particulars enquire of Mr. M. Burrough, Salisbury; if by letter, postpaid. [ 416 w ANTED,— A steady, sober, active MAN, HOME- KEEPER, who thoroughly understands the. breaking, hunting, and management of Dogs. None need apply but those that can obtain a strong recommendation. Apply at Southwick- house, Hants. [ 455 WANTS a PLACE, as MILLER or GRINDER, — A single middle- aged MAN, who understands his business well. For particulars address to H. A. Post Office, Dorchester.— Letters, postpaid, will be duly attended to. [ 499 WANTED immediately,— STwo ROPE and TWINE SPINNERS; alsoTwoCHAIN SPINNERS, and On. SACK- WEAVER. Good workmen may have constant employ and good wages by applying to John Shepherd, Warminster, Wilts. [ 476 ANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN BAKER. IT A steady man, who is a good workman, and can bring a good character, may have constant employ. Apply t' Wm. Blunt, Petersfield, Hants. [ 511 A GOOD COOK WANTED AT AN INN. ASteady WOMAN, of from 25 to 30 years of age, who is a PROFESSED COOK, and can bring an un- deniable character from her last place. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Spurrier, at the Royal George Inn, Southampton. N. B. A Kitchen- maid is kept. [ 266 ANTED in a small genteel family,— A FOOT- MAN and a good plain COOK. None need apply who cannot have a good character from their last place. Enquire of the Printer; if by letter post- paid. [ 490 WANTED immediately, in a large School,— A PLAIN COOK ; she must bring an undeniable cha- racter from her last place. E: uire of Mrs. Bracher, Market- place, Salisbury, or of Mr. Moor-, Clock and Watch- maker, Warminster. [ 473 COUNTRY SERVANTS. ANTED,— A steady Man, as WORKING- BAILIFF, to plough and sow well, and who can manage a Farm of about 10D acres to advantage, in the Care ef Stock, and by a general knowledge of the business; one used to dnil would be preferred, as that system is to be followed. If he has a son old enough, he may be engaged as his'Under- Cartcr. A middle- , ed Man, who is a good LABOURER, andean do farming Work in general.— Cottages and Gardens will be provided, and Fuel. A Man Servant, as COACHMAN or POSTILLION, of light weight: he must understand the care of horses and car- riages thoroughly, and be willing to make himself useful on the farm or work in a garden. A FOO fMAN, who has some knowledge of gardening, to wait at table, and occasionally look after a horse and gig. Good characters will be required; and reasonable wages given to servants who can do what is wanted of them. Apply to Mr. Lys, Sway, near Lymington, Hants; if by letter, post paid. [ 505 . And, as a further encouragement HUNDRED POUNDS is hereby offered to making any such discovery as aforesaid ; the same to be paid by Messrs. Thomas Timbrell, Stephen Brown, Edward Lux- ford, and Thomas II. Saunders, Clerks to the Magistrates of the Division of Trowbridge, in Wiltshire. [ 357 THREE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. WHITEHALL, Feb. 2, 1808. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented unto the King, that on the morning of the 14th day of November last, a m"- t alarming FIRE was discovered at the WOOLLEN MANUFACTORY of Mr. SCOTT, at SHER- BORNE, in Dorsetshire, which totally consumed the same, whereby the owner of the said manufactory has suffered a loss of near 4000/. and whereas there is strong ground for sus- pecting that thesaid manufactory was wilfully and maliciously set on fire by some person or persons unknown : His Majesty, for the better* apprehending and bringing to justice the person or persons concerned in the felony above- mentioned, is hereby pleased to promise his most gracious PARDON to any of them ( except the person who actually set the said manufactory on fire) who shall discover his or their accomplice or accomplices therein, so that he or they may be apprehended and oonvicted thereof. HAWKESBURY. WHEREAS the Committee appointed by Ve* ry to investigate circumstances relative to the Fire which, on the morning of the l- lth of November last, consumed the whole of my WOOLLEN FACTORY in this town, with every thing it contained, have reported it as their opinion, that there are grounds for suspecting that the premises were wil- fully and maliciously set 111 fire: 1 hereby offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS for the discovery and convic- tion of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the horrid deed. S. SCOTT. And several of the inhabitants of this town, in order to shew their just indignation against such an atrocious crime, hereby offer an additional Reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, to be paid on conviction of the the offender or offenders, by applying to JOHN MELLJAR, Esq. Chairman of the aforesaid Committee. The above Rewards will be given to any accomplice who will discover and convict the person that actually set fire to the premises.— Sherborne, Dorset, Jan. 16, 1808. [ 484 POOLE, Feb. 8, 1808. FOR SALE, by JOHN SLADE and C- o.— About 50 Tons of very good DRY COD FISH, at 12/. per Ton, and about two Tons of an inferior quality, at 91. per Ton. ' [ 426 TENBY BRIDGE STONE COAL. BitiDroiiT, Jan. 4, 1Q0S. FOR SALE, at H. B. WAY'S Yard at Bridport Harbour, A Quantity of exceeding good TENBY BRIDGE STONE COAL. [ zu3 BRIDPORT, Jan. 19, 1808. UST landed, for Sale, by H. B. WAY, late Partner of and Successor to Travers and Way, RIGA BARREL FLAX SEED, Warranted the growth of the year 1807, arid warranted to have been shipped at Riga by the same House, that has shipped Barrel Seed tor him and h'is late Partners, for these 22 years past. ' [ 294 GREKNHAM, NEAR NEWBURY, BERKS. Mil. THOMAS CLARK having declined the CARRYING BUSINESS, we, the undersigned, beg to inform the Public, that we have purchased his whole Stock of Waggons and Horses, and respectfully solicit a con- tinuance of their favours, assuring them that'. every possible attention shall be paid to their commands, and the utmost care take of goods entrusted to our charoe. BENJAMIN GROBETY, 479] RICHARD DEAR, Feb. 10; 1808. MAURICE GOODMAN. QUEEN'S ARMS TAVERN AND COFFEE- HOUSE, Newgate- Street, London. JSTAPLES ( from Garraway's Coffee- house) • solicits the patronage of his country friends, and begs to inform them he has entered upon the QUEEN'S ARMS TAVERN andCOFFEE- HOUSE, Newgate- street, London, where he hopes, by attention and assiduity, to merit their favours. A good Larder— Steaks, Chops, F" ish, and Soups— Dinners for large and small Parties on the shortest Notice- Lodgings for Gentlemen— The Salisbury Paper taken in weekly. [ 480 OAK TIMBER. FOR SALE, in the month of March next,— A considerable quantity of OAK TIMBER, standing Upon the MANOR of FAIRTHORNE, in the parish of Bishop's- Waltham, upon the banks of the Bursledon River, and about four miles hom the Southampton Water, at Hamble. [ 504 Particulars will be given in the next number of this paper. HAY FOR SALE, BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ABQUT Eight Tons of very good MEADOW HAY. For particulars enquire of Thomas Shipley, Longham, Dorset. [ 474 TO be SOLD, CHAISE and HARNESS." Price 35 guineas.— Enquire A very good Gentleman's POST- LRNESS. Price 35 guineas.— Enqu of Mr. Locke, coach- maker, Southampton. [ 48; TO bt SOLD,— A BAY MARE, six years old, fifteen hands and a half high, got by Fortunatus, her dam by Ovid, the property of a Gentleman near Hindon, who disposes of her because there are no Fox- hounds in the neigh- bourhood.— The prfce is one hundred guineas. [ 413 Apply to Mr. Harrison, at the Lamb Inn, at Hindon. IX) be LETT, and entered on at Lady- dav next,— . The BLACK HORSE INN, at East Knoyle, near Hindon.— The Stock to be taken at a fair valuation. None need apply but such as can be well recommended and payjfor the stock on entrance. [ 519 FARMS TO LETT. SOMERSETSHIRE. TO be LETT on Lease, and entered upon at Lady- day next, NORWOOD PARK FARM, situate two miles from Glastonbury, consisting of 120 acres of excellent grazing and dairy land, tithe free, with a good house and necessary offices. Apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. Bell, Land Agent, Winchester. ' [ 388 SALISBURY, FEB. 8, 1808. JAMES BALL, Jun. most respectfully begs to acquaint his friends, and the public in general, that he has this day taken and entered upon THE THREE SWANS INN, in this City, and humbly solicits their patronage and support, assuring them it will be his Constant study to pay all due attention to their commands. He is determined to lay- in a good Stock of the best Wines, Spirits, and genuine home- brewed Beer, for the accommdation of all those who may feel disposed to frequent his house. * » * A good ORDINARY every Tuesday, precisely at one o'clock. N. B. J. B. informs Gentlemen Travellers, that he has neatly fitted up a Room, and has several excellent Bed- chambers, with well aired Beds, for their reception. DCFF* GOOD STALL STABLING. [ 520 JKEYNES, Brush- Maker, Wire- Worker, & c. • begs to acknowledge with gratitude the very liberal encouragement he has experienced since his commencement in the above businesses, and assures both his wholesale and retail friends that they may always depend on the best goods and the lowest prices, at his Brush Manufactory, Winchester- street, Salisbury. ( j^ p* J. K. particularly requests wholesale friends always to send their letters BY POST, as by carriers they ore ojten delayed, and have in one particular instance been carried to another person in the same line, though properly directed, and unhandsomely detained for a month. p! 67 THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BY IJAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with half, the usual labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Holborn, London; and retail by their agents,— Collins, Sslisbary; Coulton, Devizes; Simmondsf, Blandford; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymouth; Harold, jun. Marlborough ; Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, Ly- mington ; Crockford, Castle- Carey; and Moore, Poole, m stone bottles, price Is. each. [ 26 > STATE LOTrERY. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, at their State Lottery- Office, No. 93, Royal Kx. hunge, London, have now on sale Tickets and Shares for the ensuing " State Lottery, which begins drawing the 8th of March. THE SCHEME WITH 3 Capitals of J? 20,000 3 Ditto 10,000 4 4,.. Ditto 5,000 SO Ditto 1,000 30 Ditto 500— Sc. & c. Has not three Blanks to a Prize, and contains no fixed Prize. — It consists of nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many years past, though some of those Lot- teries contained 60,000 Tickets. Letters ( post paid) duly answered, and country orders, ac- companied with remittance, attended to on the same terms as if present. [ 290 RICHARDSON, GOOI]> LUOK, and Co, stock- Brokers, corner of Bank- Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the gate of the King's- Mpws, Charing- Cross, London, respectfully recommend to the notice of their friends and the public, the STATE LOTTERY that is to commence drawing on the 8th of next month ( March). The Scheme, with only 25,000 Tickets, contains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes that former ones of 50,000 Tickets have had. This Lottery has Sixty Capital Prizes, NOT THREE Blanks to a Prize, and every Prize to be drawn from the Wheel— not one fixed! CAPITALS. 3 Prizes of £. 20,000 .. are .. £. 60,000 3 10,000 30,000 4 5,000 20,000 20 1,000 20,000 30 500 15,000 6,205 other Prizes 105,000 WILTSHIRE. ^ T^ O be LETT on Lease, and entered upon at Ladv- A day next,— CORSHAMSIDE FARM, free of great tithes, and paying only a small and certain modus in lieu of vicarial tithes, situate within one mile of Corsham and eight of Bath, consisting Of 90 acres of excellent grazing and dairy- land, good farm- house and offices. Apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. Bell, Land Agent, Winchester. [ 389 ED, from Bollcv,- 25,000 Tickets. £. 250,000 TICKETS and SHARES are on sale, and all Lottery busi- ness transacted, by J. Langdon, Sherborne; W. Meyler, Bath; Baker and ' Fletcher, Southampton; and at Moore's Lucky Office, High- street, Poole; Agents to RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. [ 452 STATE LOTTERY of 25,000 Tickets, begins DRAWING the Sth of MARCH, 1808.— To be drawn in ten days. SCHEME. S Prizes of £. 20,000 .. are .. £. 60,000 3 10,000 30,000 4 5,000 20,1* 00 20 1,000 20,000 30 500 15,000 45 100 4,000 60 50 8,000 1,000 21 21,000 5,100 15 76,000 25,000 Tickets. NO FIXED PRIZE. £. 250,009 The above Scheme, with not three Blanks to a Prize, con- tains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many years past, though many of those Lotteries consisted of 60,000 Tickets. PRESENT PRICK. Ticket,..£. 20 19 0 Half. £. 10 15 0 1 Eighth..".... £. 2 15 6 9 0 Sixtt ' Quarter.., 5 Lteenth 1 8 0 TICKETS and SHARES, in a great variety of Numbeis, are now selling at all the Licensed Lottery- O ffices in London, and- by their Agents in the Country ; who have likewise on sale TICKETS and SHARES for [ 5226 THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY, Of FREEHOLD HOUSES, discharged of Land Tax; containing Capitai Prizes to the amount of £. 104,000, viz. 1 valued at £. 25,000 1 7,000 4 6,000 7 valued at £. 4,000 6 3,000 1 2,000 It is proposed that those Prizes which arc divided into small Shares shall be sold, and the produce paid to the respec- tive Shareholders. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket...£. 7 14 0 Half £. 4 a 0 | Eighth £. 1 1 0 Quarter 2 I 0 | Sixteenth 0 10 6 Te be drawn in Guildhall, SGth April, 1£ 08. TOLEN or STRAYEI . _ 1 CHESNUT PONY, near thirteen hands bi< b, Seed, burn mark L on- tlfc near should r, short tail, vc'ry cat- hair.' d, goes in a pacing stile, and has a few whi . h, : . - und r t ~ e sicldlc. Whoever will give • information' of - the said Pony to Mr. James Ncwi-. ioi, of Botley, snail, if strayed, m-'-. vis ON E GUINEA Reward ; but if stolen, a Reward of FIVE ( iUI- NE AS will be paid on conviction of the offender. [- 510 LL Persons having any DemaivU on the Estate of the late THOMAS Bt. AKE, of Wi- hford, Gentle- man, deceased, are reqtfested to ;> r. i ina sccMr ' - roof to Mr. Solomon Dredge, of Wishford, his Executor. H •'•:•' r that the same may be examined and dis. Ii :., • 1 . ; oul rill per sons ^ indebted to'the said estate, are d sired to pay fiicir re- spective debts to die said executor v, uhou't further notice. A LL persons having anv'chT 1\ estate of WILLIAM ROBINSC or demand on the . . _ . . , late of the New Inn, in the parish of Milford, in the county, of Wilts, are desired to send the same to the Executrix aw Widow of toe said deceased, at the New Inn, or to Mess. Wi\ not and G. ' Solicitors, Salisbury ; and all p. rso.- s indebted to the said estite are desired to pay their debts to cither of the above. SARUM, Feb. 11, 1808. [ 470 Notice to Creditors and Debtors. LL Persons having any Demand on the Estafe of Mr. JOHN COLE, of the. Borough of Stockbri.' g.-, Parchment- maker, deceased, are requested to send an , ount thereof to Henry William Cole, of Stockbridgc ; and all tbo « s who are indebted to the said estate are requested to pay the same to the aforesaid Henry William Cole. STOCKBKIDGE, Jan. 29, 1808. [ j| 8 Notice to Mr. LUKE BKINKWOBTH'J Deltors and Creditors. LL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate and Effects of Mr. LUKE BRINKWORTH, the Elder, late of Laycock, in the county of Wilts, BaVr, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to Mr. Nicholas Peter Phen< 5, attorney, Melksham, in order that the same may be discharged; and'all persons indebted to the said Mr. Luke Brinkworth's estate, are requested immediately to pay their respective debts to. the said Mr. Pr. ene, Who is c! i;! y authorised, by power of attorney from the Executors, to re- ceive anil give discharges for the same ; and in default of payment, to bring actions against all defaulting debtors, for the recovery of the sums due. MELKSHAM, February 1- 2, 1808. [. 507 TO CREDITORS. THE Assignees, under a Deed of Trust, for the benefit of the Creditors of JOHN TEMPLE. MAN, of Blandford, Taylor, do hereby give notice, that thev intend shortly to make up their trust- account, ar. d make a distribution of the effect!; in their hands amongst sueh£ i* ditors as+ iave already signed the same, or who shall, on or before the 29th day of February ir. stant, come in and sign the same, at the office of Messrs. King and Johns, Blandford ; and such Cre- ditors, who do not come in and sign the same " by the'time above- mentioned, will be excluded the benefit th'act ft Dated the 9th of Febnery, 1809. [+<;-:> THE Commissioners . in a .. Commission oflsaiikrup', bearing date the nth dav of April, 180- 1, i. y.' irdcdand issued forth against JOSEPH ' BBADT< Y, of t'i-; hoio. h f Wilton, in the county of Wilts, ' f im; x . Mereh;.- t. Dialer and Chapm in, intend to meet on the 18th day c. » Febm: y next, at five in thedteTnoon, at the Red Li r I- m, in the city 01" New Sarum, Wilts, in orderto m , ke a further Divi- dend of die Estate and Effects of th and where the Credit rs, v.- ho have 1 Debts, are to come pr- mired to prove be excluded the benefit of the said Di not then proved will be disallowed. said Bankrup.; \ vl eady proved their me, or they will lend. And all Claims r3r, IIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, A bearing date the 2id day of July, 1S03, Ev,,. rd- r'? nd issued forth against WALTER HAY WARD, of the c. itv of !* ew Sarum, in the county of Wilts, C. btYer, Dralcr'r. nd Chapman, intend to meet on the 18th of - February inxt, at six of the cl lok in the afternoon, at the Red 1 irti Inn. ir, the city of New Sarum, Wilts, to make a forth: rl'. i- Mtnrf of the Estate and Effects of the said B mkrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved th ir I) Ms, nr. to come prepared to prove the same, or * ht / v 11 be excluded tLi benefit of the said Dividend. And all Claims not- then proved will be disallowed. [ jjo'j PORTEOOS's BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a renewed Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date tho 8th day of April last, awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM PORTVCOUS, late of Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, Co d- Merchant, De:,' r and Chapman, intend to meet on Fri lay th: i « th day of February instant, at eleven o'clock in the forcr. oo. n, at the Three Crowns Inn, in Chippenham aforesaid, in order to make a first and final Divi lend of the ei- t t • a ) ei' '. , • ,. f the said Bankrupt; when ar. d where the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts, arc to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims, not then proved, will be disallowed. By Order of the Assignees, AUDLEY HARVEY, Solicitor. N. B.— The Dividend will be paid on Satuv ay :'. e 27th inst. or on any subsequent day, by application to Mr. John Noyes, ironmonger, Chippenham" aforesaid, one of the Assignees. [ 439 FOREST TREES. This day is published, in 8 « o. icith 8 plates, price 12s. l. HHHE FOREST PRUNER and TIMBER X OWNER'S ASSISTANT; or a Complete Practical Treatise on the Training and Management of rititish Timber Trees, whether intended for use, shelter, or ornament, in- cluding an Examination of the Properties of, English Fir Tim- ber, and a New System for the Management of Oak Woods, Sic. & c. By WILLIAM PONTEY, Nurseryman, Planter and Forest Pruner to the Duke of Bedford. 2. PONTEY's PROFITABLE PLANTER; a Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Planting in every description of Soil and Situation, particularly those which lire most difficult, as elevated scites, barren heaths, rocky soils, & r. including Hints on Shelter and Ornament. 8vo." price .').?. wit a Plate of Implements for Planting invented by the Author, aad samples of Larch and other Timber Trees. London: Printed for J. Harding, 36, St. James's- strect; and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. [ 27s This Day is published, Price One Guinea, for d~ i'ear, or 10s. Gd. for a Half- Year's Atcovn's, ARDING's FARMERS' ACCdMPT- BOOK, for 1808. *.,* This publication is recommended with confidence to agriculturists as well calculated to remove the difficulty in keeping accompts, so generally experienced among Farmers. The tables and instructions here given are so clear that any person of the most moderate capacity will be enabled, by them, to keep an accurate daily account of the sto: uis: Where may be had, a Catalogue of Books, Planting, Gardening, Landscape- Gardening, Sp and Rural Affairs in general. Is. On the Ist. cf February was published, in 4 0. - rith Plates, ATREATISE on the Cultivation and ' Pre:--, ration of HEMP. By ROBERT WlSSEi T, l. sq. F. ! t. and A. S. Clerk to the Committee of V, arc! eu.-. cs ol the E. I. Company. *** The present work Owes its origin to a:' recommendation made by the Lords of the Privy ComTa], to the Conn < East India Directors, to encourage, in eur Ifie an p': - rtJ, the growth of a substitute for Hemp, at a recent ] a n d, when, from political circumstances, we were ).'/. ly to be •' - prived of the accustomed supplies from Russia. \ Yari eus en^ uoi. s wore accordingly directed, and exp; ri uents ra vie, to e. He. in the best mode of giving effect to the views of Govei: lent, the result of which is here laid before tlu public, comprising a body . of information relative to the cqhtirc anil preparation ' 4' this valuable plant', collected With great assail.: ty, from sources not generally accessible, and the importance o. f whicn will be duly appreciated at the present moment. Loudon: Printed for'J. Harding, b « , St. James's- strect; afid sold at the Printing- office, Ctna!, Salisbury, [ 215 Tim SALISBURY A^ D WlNCt! ESTEII JOtTlKAT., 1 . : v a i* Thursdays Posts. V110 M m Gazette Extraordinary. . \. d itt Londonon Tttesday Morning.) doWSISRG- Sa'RF. r. T, Vch. 8. captAIn BERKELEY, first Atd- de- Camp i'd to gen. Bowyer, arrived yesterday morning \ / at .••. t! Office of Viscount. Castlereagh, oue of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, with a dispatch from the General, of which the following is a cof. v : My LORD, Santa Cm:, Dec. 27. BKINu in a state of preparation and readiness t•> move a sufficient force against the Danish Islands in these seas, in eonserme ce of your Lordship's dispatch of the St1i of Septem- uV, no time was I ;< t ( after the arrival of his Ma- i- sty's final commands, signified to me by Lord Hawkes- bury's letter of Nov. 3, in y.. ur Lordship's ab en « e, by the Finyil sloo,. of war, which arrived early on Tuesday morn- ing the 1 Drti in t. at barbadoes) in umbarkinjf the troops ' it JRarbjiic. es oil board the men of war appointed to receive them by Rear- Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane, who im- mediately dispatched others to the Islands to leeward to take on board tuck as were under orders in each of them, with directions to proceed to the general rendezvous, the whole of which, except 100 rank and file of the < H) th l'c- « •'• ".•-> t fi' ir. i St. Vincent's, joined the Admiral before or so > n after our arrival off the Island of St. Thomas on the 21<- i st. It was ( hen thought proper to send a summons to Governor Von Seholten, to surrender the Islands of St. Thomas, St.. John, and th- ir dependencies, to his Britan- nic MajesiV, which he did the next day on terms agreed u; ion between him and Major- General Maitland and Capt. l-' iekmore, of his Majesty's ship ftamiUie s which were af- terward! approved of and ratified by Rear- Admiral the Hon. Sir A. cochrane and myself. On the 23d, in the evening, after leaving a garrison of SO'I men of the 70th regiment, with an Officer and detach- ment of the Royal Artillery, at St. Thomas's, un l- r the <•• ftniauil of Ih- igudicr- Gonoritl Maclean, whom 1 have also directed to assume tilt: Civil Government of the same, u : til his Mije . ty's pleasure ts signified'thereon, we ]> ro- eeeded to Santa Cru.<. the Admiral having previously sent his Majesty's ship Ethalion, with Brigadier- General Shipley aid Captain Fabie, to summon that Idand, who returned th; next morning, the 2,4th, with a letter from the Gover- nor, offcrin j to'su render it to his Majesty, provided we would allow thr.-. e Danish Officers to view 011 l » .> ard the ships t ie number of tr . ops brought against it, which we permitted, that bis Excellency's military honour might thereby not lie refletted on. These Officers having made their report t. o the Governor, returned early the next morning, the 2' eth, to the flag ship with a message, that the Governor was frilling to treat for the surrender of the Island, when Major- Gen. Maitland and Capt. Pickmore were again sent on shore to- settle tRe terms of capitula- tion, a copy of which I also transmist; which being ap- „ f by the Admiral and myself, troops wera lauded, ail the fortsand batteries taken possession of in the name of his Majesty the King of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, a royal salute being fired on the British eolutirs being hoisted.— I hwe the honour to be, & c. HENRY bOWYER. General and Commander of the Forces; The following are the principal Articles of Capitulation:— \ rt. T. The Islands of St. Thomas and St. John and their d ependencies, are hereby placed under the protection of his Britannic Majesty. Answer.— War being declared between tie two nations the I, lands of St. Thomas and St. John, and their dependencies, mist be surrendered to the forces of his Britanic Majesty. Art. III. All the Inhabitants of the said Island are to enjoy the fullest security for their persons, property, and other right^ ss weil as a fr.- c exercise of their religion. Answer —. Ml bona fide Danish Inhabitants shall enjoy she fullest sscunty for their persons and properties, as well as a Tree exercise of their religion, prdvided they do not in any measure cover, or attempt to over, the property of the enemies of Great Britain and Ireland. By property is to be nod. rstood, all gnatt* aad merchandise now on shore. And to render anv farther e vjl . mation on this head unnecessary, it is require I, that all Danish Inhabitants, and those of other nttio is, w> tat war with Great Britain, shall give in, w'leh willed upon, and if demanded, 011 oath, a strict and impartial a^ unt of all property belonging to the enemies of Great " VtTOi, cither in their own possession, or within their know- ledge, thir- by fully securing the intention of this article. Art. IX. 1' V Americans shall be permitted, without con- straint, to export the produce of the islands, and to provide them wka nci ssaries. The inhab. talits are allowed to ship their produce to America. Answ. r.— Tii : st colonies, must trade under the same laws as govern the British West India Islands. The Sumtii ms to the Governor of Santa Cruz is next jfiven. B » the Articles of Capitulation it appear; that sooic Dallas h. ui entered into a con « piraey to subvert the Govern- ment of the island, and that assasinal. ion was one of the means they meant to employ. It is stipulated that the legal proceedings instituted against these men shall go on, subject to his Majesty's approbation. The other Articles are nearly the same as those granted to the island of St. ' ihj. iias. There were 83 pieces of ordnance of different calibre at St. Th imai's, and about LH at Santa Cruz, besides gun- powder, cartridges, shot, shells, muskets, & e. . Ail ureal C lubrane's accodnt of the operations follows next. It is i 1 substance the same as the letter from Gen. Ko. vver. The hip, found at St. Thomas's, and Santa Cruz, amount to— at St. Thomas's— Danes, 53; Euglih, 8; Aonertcans^ 3 ; Hamburg- tiers, 3 ; Swedish, 1. - At St. Croix, Danes 21.— Total, 8,'). FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF FEBRUARY 9. AimiitALTV- OKFlCE, February ' J. Ky. XR- ADMIIlAL th- Hon. Sir A. Cochrane, K. B. f'oninuider in Chief of his MajesV-' s - hi| is and vessels at the Le- vvaid Island., has transmitted a letter from Lieut •- lia. it Can ,, com. ua . ding the Attentive gun- brig, with the j d irmati m that on the 17th of October last, between To- bago a id Tri id- id, he bad captured th ; Spa uh privateer lugger Neustra Senora Del Carmen, commanded by Don Th imaso Li aro, rowing 4!> s. veeps, mounting two carriage fjuns, with swivels, small arms, & e. and carrying 63 men, three of 1 un were w > unded in the chase. She was only 15 days from Barcelona, a., id had captured the sloop liar- riot, of St. Vincent. WAR- OWICR, Feb. 9. SthReg. of Capt. C. Broke to be Major, w thiut purchase, vice King, appointed an In- specting . Field Otfie- rin Nova Scotia. it> tk Ditto.— Capt. W. Balfour to he Major, without pur- chase, vice Campbell, appointed an Inspecting Field Officer in Canida. 52d l) itto.~ Capt. E. Gibbs to be Major, by purchase, vice Boss, promoted in the 91st Foot. • UStli Oilto.— Capt. B. K. Layicourt to be Major, without purchase, vice Trench, appointed an Inspecting Field Officer in Can t li. 6th Garrison flaWnh'oa.— Capt. the. Hon. C. Stanhope, from the 5' i'l Foot, t-> be Major, wuhout purchase, vice Crigan, appointed to the lid Foot. BANKRUPTS. Tlios. tt inn, ofn trwlch, corn- deaU- r. Anthi. ny hvde, el' Rraadon. Ii(| tt" r- merchant. ] ra. iei. Hall, of J tmye- sLr el, Westminster, cordivainer. J .' in SaVu'iary, of Exeter, cabinet- maker. < Vsr<: H!< •. or Sarton- in- lVslifi ' td, hosier. trt 1t-. If 1' , of Follltn^ lldm, woollen- draper. inin br l+ il, of Alfrel- on, mercer. i^ enrge Crocker, of Biddeford, shin- builder. Wm. It s « . f Kfiasington, iu'ew r. > v, n. 11 dt, of B'isl » . l » ne. London, broker. wm. kusbv and Isaac Hill, of the Stran i, hatters. james muk'eiiam, of Upper Thame^- erre t, cheesemonger. HOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY, Feb. « .] Tht J) ule of Norfolk stated, that after the fullest consideration be could pay to ths subject the expedition to Copenhagen, he felt it to be expe- dient t > extend his application for papers in the form of four distinct motions. To tlv three first, iie understood, no objection would b » made ; he should therefore propose tii " n without a iv comment. [ Th" three motions were in substance, that the partieu- 1 aid dates of such information as bad been received from liis Majesty's Ministers at Comnihagen, as far as related to tii' naval preparations on the part of Denmark, be laid M . re the 1.' mse. J These being read and agreed to, The Duke of Norfolk again l ose and said, that the equit- ahl1 orineiplts due from one independent nation to another were utterly abandoned, and the fleet of a neutral State s iie. l without any justification. He was aware that a n<<- >• •• Sty might exist that would supply a complete vindica- tion 5 but the Declaration subscribed with bis Majesty's name, which had received the sanction of the British Government, and which must be attributed to the advice of the servants of the Crown, he would venture to say, after an attentive perusal of that instrument, discovered no oieli necessity as had been pretended : that attempt at justification which had been submitted to the eyes of ail Europe had failed, arid we were exposed to the disgrace consequent 011 this failure. \ V indeed had gained posses- sion of the Da . isli navy, but by that possession we had throw, 1 Denmark into the arms of France. Russia aho, by such an aggression, was converted into an inveterate enemy— Russia, fVyui whence our arsenals are supplied with the most valuable articles for the maintenance of our maritime strength— Russia, who herself possessed a power-, ful navy, which would become a must important accession to the naval resources of France. His Grace concluded with moving, that the papers be laid on the table. Marquis IVellesleij thought the nece sity alone of the measure was a complete vindication. What constituted thij necessity ? 1. The designs of France;— i. The means France possessed to accomplish those designs ;— 3. The concurrence of Dontnark with those designs;— 4. The im- minent danger that hung over the country. To the last moment of the contest with Russia there was some hope of a, n sling the progress of the French triumphs. After the battls: of Friedlanrl, the hope of the Continent was converted into despair. Tile naval resources of every ma- ritime state were to be concentrated tor our de . truction. Did any Noble Lord doubt that to Zealand she directed her attention, and was it not of the highest importance to dis- appoint her purposes. This plan was not confined to Den- mark ; it was to be extended to Portugal; and in both countries all British subjects were to be seized— every 1 leans of oppression w- as to be employed— the combined f 11 cos of these kingdoms were to be directed to complete the punishment of the oppressors of the seas, the enemies to the freedom of navigation throughout the world. His Lordship th - n entered into a course of reasoning, to sheiv that Denmark could not have defended Zealand against Fiance. Nice enquiries into the political attachments of Deumak were not, in the present circumstances, necessary; it was sufficient to shew, that she was absolutely depend- ent upon France; anil the unavoidable conclusion was, that she would be subservient to tile purposes of France. From e. il th it had been urged on these various departments of the subject, he would draw three natural inferences. 1st. It was the purpose of France to seize the Danish fleet. 2d. It was in the power of Fraucp to seize it. Id. Den- maik had 110 adequate means of resistance, The Danish fleet then would have been added to the navy of Ruisia, and the subjection of the Sweedish fleet would have pre- cipitately followed 5 and thus the whole of the floating strength of these three powers would have been under the eont. ool of our enemy, ft would have been no trifling ac- cession ; 40 sail of the line would have been planed iui a commanding situation for the attack of the vulnerable parts of Ireland, and for a descent upon the coasts of Eng- land or Scotland; and in opposition to this formidable navv the Admiralty could not have assigned any competent force without weakening our stations in the Mediterra- nean, in the Atlantic, and in tile Indian Seas, at a time win n it was most necessary to maintain our superiority in all these situations. The great maxims of the law of na- tions nj- re founded on the laws of nature ; and the law of security or self- preservation was, among these, the most important and sacred. Could their Lordships point out any place 011 the map of Europe wher* any oue dare breathe a sentiment adverse to the Ruler of France ? Was not the subluxation not oply of the Continent, but of the body anil mind of every individual on its surface, complete? F. om these considerations, he hoped that the conduct of Ministers would he respected and approved. Mrrl tyutehin- Mn said, the very able and eloquent speech of tlji} Noble Lord who had just sat down, had not afford; d any Justification satisfactory to his mind of the expedition to Copenhagen. The Noble Lord had failed in proving that Zealand could not have been effectually defended, < S* en if the French were in possession of Holstuin and . lut- ltnd. Tie was of opinion, that, even supposing the French to haVe beeri in possession of Holstein and Jutland, that still Zealand might have been defended with effect against the French arm'. He had been employed on a very im- portant m'ssi in, and lie thought it the uiore necessary to say something respecting that mission in consequence of partial extracts from his letters tuvmg been communicated in another place, by which he had been held out as giving opinions which were never delivered by him. The Rus ia. i army in Poland never amounted to more than 70,000 men, with the exception of two detached divisions, amounting to about 30,003. The French troops were estimated at 159,000. From the disasters sustained by the former, and after the unfortunate battle of Fit dland, the loss of the Russians aril noted to 40,000 men, they lost also 1898 Oliieers, and 9' J Generals, lie was then perfectly con- vinced that Russia must make peace' with ' f'ra ee. t • be- lieved also that the Emperor of !''..' ia wee sincere in his desire to mediate, if possible, 1 .. « ! » c\ : i tnis c ' un- try and France; but at all e •• • ; • ie thru believed that the reset: ::: of peace en i :. :..'-/ might have been preserved between Great Britain and Russia. The treaty of Tilsit was signed on. the 7th of July. " On the 2;) d of August, my Lords, I had a conv rsation with the Emperor of Russia at Kamincostroff. His Imperial My- sty asked me- whether I had not admitted to Count Siro- gonofr, three days after the battle of Friedlan 1, that it was necessary for hkn to make peace ? I told him that I had done so, that I was of that opinion then, wnich subsequent events had confirmed; that I thought myself bound in justice to him, and to myself, publicly to avow it, which I should con- tinue to do as long as I lived. His Imperial Majesty said, we are then both agreed on the necessity thcie is to make peace, I answered in the affirmative. " His imperial Majesty proceeded to state, that he had offered his mediation to England ; that he attached 110 false vanity ( gloriole was the French word) to the acceptance or rejection of his mediation ; but that it was his most sincere anil anxious wish that England should make peace, as he was sure that it was his interest, and also that of Europe, and ours, that we should restore tranquillity to the world. I said to his Imperial Majesty, that he had not given sufficient time for England to accept or reject his. mediation, because a much longer period than a month must eiapse before any answer could Ice received ; and though the dispo- sition of " my mind inclined towards peace, I, nor no other man in England would accept it, but on conditions the mosl reasonable and honorable ; that 11s far as we were concerned, the events ojf the war had been highly favourable. " To which his Imperial Majesty replied, that the time allowed was of no importance, because we might take three or four months, if we pleased to accept or reject his media- tion ; but his anxious wish an I desire was, that we should make peace. That he had a perfv - t knowledge of the feelings and character of th,: people of England; that he had been made acquainted by'Bonaparte with the conditions . of peace proposal to he offered ; and that he had no doubt that even I myself would consider them to be highly reasonable and honourable. " Some confidential conversation followed, which I do not think - myself at hbcrtv to disclose; but from what then passedt as I have already stated, I was justified in believing, that the relations of peace and amity might have been pre- served betwetn the two countries. It has been stated in ano- ther place, fhat 1 had given an opinion, that if the attack on Copenhagen had not' taken place, Russia would not have gone to war with thils country. My Lords, I never gave any such opinion, nor do I mean to say, that if that attack had not been made, there would have been no war with Russia ; but ! mean to say, that the result of that expedition did ma- teriafly change- the relations between Great Britain and Russia, and fftve rise to sentiments of a very hostile nature at the Court of Petersburg!}.' Intelligence of the result of the attack 011 Copenhagen arrived at St. Petersburg on the 27th oriMth of August. Oil the 4th of September I saw the Emperor a second time at Kamincostroff. " His Impeiial Majesty began the conversation by asking me, what 1 thought of our attack upon Copenhagen ? " I replied, that 1 was entirely ignorant of the circurrt stances which had occasioned that attack, but that I hoped the Administration in England could justify themselves, and prove to the world that the Danes were on the eve of joining all their forces to the French, to make common causc against England. " Hrs Imperial Majesty told me in fc- ply, that it was im- possible for me to be of that opinion, if 1 would recollect the repeated conversations which had taken place between us, on the subject of Denmark, at Bartensteiu, in which he told me that he had used every effort in his power to bring forward the Crown Prjnce of Denmark, and to induce hini to join the coalition against Prance. The answers of the Prince had al- ways been explicit and uniform, that he had maintained for many years a system of neutrality, in which he was deter- mined to persevere, as the people whom he governed had flourished and prospered under it ; and th- t uc consideration should ever induce him to depart from it.— His Imperial Ma- jestv a. i* ed, that I must be acquainted with the decision of character which belonged to the Crown Prince, that nothing was so difficult as to shake his determinations, or to induce hira to change any line of conduct which he na.- l once adopted ; and that he was sure np connection existed between We French and Danish Government previous to on; attack 011 Copenhagen. " 1 then said, that I believed Lord G. I,. Gower had de- livered to his Imperial Majesty's Minister a note on the sub- ject j to which his Imperial Majesty answered tbat ho had, but that the contents of itwefe nugatory, as it contained no sufficient explanation, or olfer of satisfaction. His Imperial ?* Iajesty then proceeded to state the ftreat concern which our unjustifiable aggression had given him ; that the French Go- vcrnriieut never had done any thiifp. so strong— that it justified everything they had done or might do he. eafter. If such proceeding were admissible, there was an end of all those relations which had usually influenced the conduct of nations towards each other; that every body was at liberty to do just what tlicv pie ised, and that he might attack Sweden to- mor- row. fl: s tro;!.<*, u Majesty then told me, in the most peremptory language^ tone, and manner, that he would have satisfaction, complete satisfaction, for this unprovoked ag- gression. That it was his duty as Emperor of Russia to demand it, and that he would have it 5 and he asked me, whethet even I myself could venture to differ with him on that sub- ject ? He then said that he was bound to Denmark by the most solemn treaties tnd engagements, which treaties and engagements he was determined to adhere to and fulfil. His Imperial Majesty then added, that he supposed we meant to m ike an attack on Cronstadt; he did not know what the event of that attack natgllt be, but this he knew, that he was determined to resist to trie last man, and to prove himself not entirely nmvorthy of filling that high station to which it had pleased Providence to cail him. " I told his Imperial M jesty, that I had strong reason to hope and believe, that no attack would be made oil Crortst. idt. His Imperial Majesty said he wis prepared for such an event, apd had taken his determination upon it, which was that which he had before stated to me. 1- Ie then closed the con- versation, bv repeating with much emphasis, that he would hare satisfaction for Denmark." After these Conversations, can it, said his Lordship, be maintained by any one, that the attack upon Copenhagen had 110 effect upon the Emperor of Russia? He would never cease to assert, e long as he existed, that that at- tack was the immediate causc of the war with Russia. Lord Erskine observed, that if Ministers uid not. pro- duce proofs sufficient to satisfy the House that the attack upon Copenhagen was a ease of extreme necessity, he had a right to presume that, they had them not, and that they had no existence in point of fact. He was sorry to see the British Government degenerate into the servile imitator of the Ruler of France. The first great breach which had been made in the public moral code of Europe was by revolutionary France. That example we were following. She assigned the Treaty of Pilnitz as a reason foHmrsting in upon and over- runuing Germany, and we assigned the Treaty of Til. it as a eause of attacking Denmark, and seizing her fleet. Stf tiiat we, who first engaged in this war as the conservators of political morality, became in the end its flagrant violators, Jj'tfd Baringdon opposed the motion. The Earl of Hurkint'liam- ihire supported it. Lord ffarrowSi/ referred to the dissolution of tile mari- time confederacy in I60f, and presumed that it was the recollection of the splendid achievement by which it was effected, which 111 ide us suppose out - elves in such profound security, and speak with such contempt of the naval power of Denmark. How were Ministers to draw the extremely nice and evanescent line, between probable and meditated hostility? Were they to anticipate the danger, or stand with their arms folded until it came upon them ? The danger from Denmark was of that description, that it was incumbent upen Ministers to take the earliest opportunity to ward it off. The Earl of Hloira asked if we were to renounce the high principles upon which we had hitherto acted, and sanction, by following his example, all the enormities and outrages of the Ruler of France ? What" proof had Mi- nisters of the hostile di position of Denmark, or of the probability of her fleet being placed at the disposal of France ? Denmark had maintained her neutrality through- out all the wars since the commencement of the French revolution, and she probably might have continued, were it not for the recent atrocious attack upon her, to do so. Toe Earl of Liaieriek approved of the conduct of Ministers. - The Earl of Jer. ni/ su iported the motion. Lord TJa^ vkeshUry said, the Noble Huron ( Lord Hut- chinson) had completely mistaken hi. Noble Friend, when he supposed him to have contended that it was justifiable to depart from the general principles of morality. He shotild contend, in the first place, that in the expedition to Copenhagen, there had been no violation whatever of the principles, of the law of nations. The first principle which the law of nations i iculcated was '- elf- preservation, coiabi . ed with < K! I-.> olenCS and good- will to our fellow- creatures. Instating the grounds upon which he considered the measure to be siri tl.' justifiable, he should resolve them into the following heads: 1st. Whether the House believed that there was a design on the part of the enemy to form a great maritime confederacy against this country, and to lay hold of the Beet of Denmark to effect this pur- pose ; S> d. Whether it was practicable for him to carry this design into exee. iti m, either by absolute force or by intimidation; an I, 3dly. Whether the object was of sufficient magnitude and importance to justify a devia- tion from the ordiniry rules of proceeding. On the Ill'st point, as to the intentions of Bonaparte, there could be little or 110 doubt.— The next point was, the practica- bility of accomplishing this object. In considering t ils, it was necessary to aonsi ler the situation of France, after the battle of Friedland, a id the treaty of Tilsit. All the great Continental nations th n lay prostrate at the feet of France. As to the power of Denmark to resist the attempts of France, it was evidi nt that an attack upon Zeaiend was not necessary, in order to induce Iter to join with France, especially when that power was ill good understanding with Russia. It had Ueen argued, tbat even if the French armies had occupied Holsteiu and Jutland, they could not have crossed the Belt, or invade Zealand. To this be must answer, that he had the highest military authorities for supposing, that the invasion of Zealand from Holstein was very practicable. The Danish resources alone could not defend Zealand from France, and it was not to be expected that they would have called for a British force to protect them. It would not have been necessary for France to have invaded Holstein : the bare menace would have been sufficient to influence the determination of Denmark. As to the third point, the magnitude of the object for which the expedition was ordered, must consider sixteen sail of the line, in so advanced a state of preparation, as a mo3t important object. As to their quality, whether they were a littla better or a little worse, they would have employed at least an equal number in blockading them, if they had been in the hands of the enemy; or rather, they would have required many more than an equal number, according to the system of continued blockade. The Earl of St-^ liieeat differed from the Noble Lord, with respect to the practicability of defending tiie passage of the Belt. Lord Grey replied at considerable length to Lord Havvkesbury. He adverted to the date of Iris Majesty's order for the expedition to Copenhagen, and the period when the treaty of Tilsit was signed, the former being 011 the 2fst of July, and the latter not until the 7th of August; from whence he argued, that it was physically impossible lii< Majesty's Ministers could have had that, information respecting the secret articles of the treaty of Tilsit which they pretended to. He then proceeded to contrast the advantages we had gained with those we had lost by the expedition. We had obtained 18 sail of the line, but in such a state, as appeared by the report of the shipwrights, that it would take Very nearly as much time to fit them for actual service, as would be required to build as many new vessels of the same rate from the keels, in our dock- yards ; while we had not only lost for ever the friendship of Den- mark, animated all the irritable feelings of that country, roused the hatred of Rusfia, of the North of Germany, and of the very people, of our last and only ally Sweden, against 11s; but we bad thrown into the hands of Bonaparte 18,000 Danish seamen, to man his own fleet, or any other he could muster against us. We had given him a place of arms, and a dock- yard, with all the naval resources of Denmark, and the. countries bordering 011 th: Baltic; which wo dd enable hint to replace those ships within a very short period. We had closed the passage of the Baltic completely against our trade ; and we had cemented more firmly than ever tbat northern confederacy, which Minis- ters boasted that by the success of their enterprise, they had completely put down. 1mrd Mulgrave, in a speech of considerable length, defended the attack on Copenhagen. Lord Sidmouth reprobated the attack. A division then took place, on which there were— For the Motidn, Contents 3.",, Proxies 13— 18.— Against it, Non- contents 68, Proxies 37— 105.— Majority 57. At flvo o'clock onTuesday morning the House adjourned. TUESDAY, Feb.!).] Counsel were heard in the Irish Appeal, Stafford v. Drew. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, Feb. 8 ] Mr. TVhitbread, in a sharp and spirited speech, accused Mr. Canning of having, in the debate tin Thursday last, read partial extracts from the public dispatches of his predecessors in office, so as to answer his own momentary purpose, by arptariag to justify the bombardment of Copenhagen, when the whole! of the dispatches taken together, would have had a directly contrary tendency. Such conduct was extremely repre- hensible, and prcgrtaHt with serious mischiefs to the coun- try : he therefore moved for a copy of the dispatches of Lord Howick to Mr. Garlike, dated Dee. 3, laob', and the answer of Mr. Garlike thereto. Mr. Conning-, in reply, said, that the extracts he had read, be deemed essential to the proof of a particular point, and had not road them with the purposes imputed to him, of mis- statement or perversion. Lord Temple reprehended the conduct of the Right Hon. Secretary, in reading garbled extracts from dispatches of his predecessors, on the same grounds with Mr. Wlritbread. The Secretary at. [ Far spoke shortly in vindication of the seizure of the Danish fleet. Mr. Tierney begged the House to beware of establishing a precedent, which would hereafter warrant a Minister in reading garbled extracts for Iris own justification, and after- wards in withholding that information which the full docu- ment could furnish. Air. Horner askcil what was the coarse the Right Hon. Gentleman had pursued ! In justifying a great and impor- tant measure to the House, he had read part ol' a docu- ment, which part had induced many to suppose that the opinion of the Noble Lord who Wrote the letter was in favour of the measure, whereas the reverse would prove to be the case, had the whole of tbat document been read. The Chancellor of the Exuhei/ uqr said, that the produc- tion of the paper wou^ d cause great public incouvei'iieuce and danger. Mr. ll ' uulham thought the conduct of the Right Hon. Secretary had been mo t extraordinary and unprecedented, and that, 110 man ought to be trusted who would garble papers of this kind: he therefore called 011 the House to support its own dignity, by shewiug a detestation of such conduct. Sir John Orde.<\\ ought this was not a time to cripple the hands of ins . tWesty's Ministers. Mr. Lyttletan SauL that in voting with Ministers 011 Wednesday night lasr, lie was greatly influenced by those papers which had been partially read. He thought, there- fore, it was but comm in justice to the Noble Lord who wrote the letter in question, as well as to Mr. Garlike, that the whole of the papers should be given. Mr. Sharpe said, he thought the motion ought to be acceded to on every principle of fairness and justice. Mr. ( Fh{ thread congratulated the House on the idea, that tiie motion, whether lost or not, would have the good effect of preventing the Right Hon. Gentlemen from again making use of garbled letters. Mr. fjyUteton and Mr. Canning said a few words in explanation ; after which a divi- ion took jdace : F" > r the Motion Ayes 73 Against it Noes 157 Majority 84. Mr. Sliarpe then said, tbat as tit, ! Ion. . Member had come forward on the subject, he rose to give notice that he would, on an early day, submit to the House certain resolutions relative to the expedition to- Copenhagen, and to the conduct of Ministers respecting the same. After some routine business, the House adjourned at ten o'clock. TUESDAY, Feb. 9.] Committee? w; re ballot ted to try the Horsham and Saltash Election Petitions. Mr. fhtskmon moved for copies of certain letters which passed between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor, & c. of the Bank, respecting the Unclaimed Dividends.— Ordered. SirJ. Newport moved that a Copy of the Charter of the Bank of Ireland ; also an account of the Balances in that Bank, from the 5th of Dec. 1807, to the 5th of Jan. 180 belonging to the different Public Offices, be laid before the House. Sir F. liar deft said he wished to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer a question, respecting the grant lately made by his Majesty to the Duke of York, of 30,000/. All be wa ited to know was, bv what authority his Majesty could dispose of so much property at plea- ure. The Chancellor of tht! Exchequer replied, that the pro- perty belonged to his Majesty, which accrued to him from droits of the Admiralty, & c. Such grants were usual. Sir F. liurdett signified his intention of bringing for- ward, on an early day, a fliotion respecting these grants. Mr. Hushisson presented the correspondence between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Bank of England, respecting the Unclaimed Dividends. Mr. Gtnning laid before the House a Paper, purporting to be the Speech of the President of the United States to both Houses of Congress; also a Copy of Mr. Itist's Note to Lord Howick, and his Lordship's Answer. Lord Folkestone moved, that the. Outle Papers be taken into consideration on Monday the 22d instant, and be reprinted. Jf Mr. Creevey observed, that it was impossible to take these papers into cousi- l - ration in their present state, as they were altogether a confused and undigested mass, and advised that they should be referred to a Committee ; when a desultory conversation ensued between Mr. S. Dundas, Sir A. Wellesley, Lord Temple, the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, Messrs. Lushington, Windham, Wellesley Pole, and Lord H. Hamilton, when the motion was agreed to. Mr. Creevey moved for the production of copies of all letters written by the late Marquis Cornwallis to the Court of Directors of the East India Company, from the period of his going to India in 1805, till the time of his death, together with their enclosures. Alter a short discussion, the motion was agreed to, with the exception of one letter, which was stated to be un- authenticated, it not having been finished or signed by the late Marquis. Tho Bill for regulating the mode of issuing money for paying off Exchequer Bills went through the Committee. The report was ordered to be received to- morrow.— Adj. LONDON, WE^ VNKSDAY, FEBRUARY 10. The Shannon frigate, with her convoy, is arrived from Madeira. She left that Island on the 13th ult. Sir S. Hood was there. Every thing was perfectly tranquil. The native vine- growers were 111 anxious expectation of some . commercial regulations in their favour. From the papers lately found on board the Hope, American ship, bound from Bourdeau* to New York, brought into Falmouth, We learn, that Government has received some very important intelligence respecting the state of the islands of Guadaloupe and Martinique, from which they will be able to direct some operations in that part of the world that may be attended with very advanta- geous effects. The amount of unclaimed Dividends 011 the 5th of Jan. last was 9345 « Hd. The amount of unclaimed Lot- tery Prizes on the same day was 113,220/. TIIEA'TI'E, OovSNT GARDEN.— A new Comedy, entitled, Jtegode dull Care! or, flow will it End? was produced at this Theatre last night, and experienced a favourable reception.— It is one of those irregular bustling dramas, which iiave driven legitimate Comedy from t. he Stage, of whhich Reynolds has usually maAu/ uctured one in a sea- son, and it is understood, that this play has proceeded from his pen. Lewis and Miss Smith performed the principal characters so admirably, that the success of the piece may be attributed to their exertions. DUEL.— A duel was fought last Wednesday, in the neighbourhood of Aberdeen, between Capt. F. M. of the A—— Militia, and Capt. S. of the M Militia. The parties met at six o'clock in the morning, and went ovbr in the ferry- boat to the parish of Nigg, where they fought, and upon the second tire, the latter gentleman was un- fortunately wounded in the groin. He was soon after brought over to his lodgings in town, where he died nejtt morning, at eight o'clock. Capt. M. and his Second have ^ jseonded. itt On Monday night, about ten o'clock, a fire broke out * at Mr. Nichols' Printing- office, Red- lion- passage, Fleet- street, and continued burning until four the next morning. There is no certainty as to the manner in which it origi- nated, more than that it is generally supposed to have begun from a snuff of a candle having been dropped in the ware- room. The whole of that very extensive concern is consumed, and valuable works that have been accumulating for many years have been entirely lost. Messrs. Nichols and Son were insured to the amount of 12,000/. hut that sum is by no means equal to cover their loss.— There is a remarkable circumstance related, which is as follows:— a servant girl was in the kitchen, almost suffocated with the smoke, and unable, through terror and the deprivation of breath, to move; a fire- man discovered it, broke opto the window, and at. the risk of his oivn life saved the girl's. Tile Red Lion public- house, Mr. Edwards' Printing- offhe, the Scottish Hospital, and some other adjacent places, sustained partial injury. _ LAW.—- William Tticker tfas arraigned yosiirtUy in tht Court of King's Bench, upon an indictment for taking a stanlp off a certain writing, and affixing it to another writing for an unlawful jftirpose, and thereby defrauding the Revenue. To which he pleaded not guilty. The Attorney- General moved the Court that he might be tried by a Special Jury, in thy county of Devon, and for an Habeas Corpus to remove him there, which was granted. Mr. Ruslnvorth, at! attorney, was suspended for twelve months, for not answering interrogatories put to him by the Master, respecting the number of actions brought by him on fines incurred by persons offending against the Game Laws. BJTEAD.— No alteration in the pric* this wet k. COTTN EXCHANGE, Feb. 10. yAieat i; middling,* and rather lower in price. All other grain m. ti. itum their price- In Flour but small fiuctuatioiljsind but little. 8ARUM ASD. FJTf. lNG TURNPIKE. . WHEREAS iii pursuance of the Noticps~ given. ni the manner directed bv the AStAnassed in the l: ith year of the reign of his present ' Majesty," ! t- r regnVtingTujn- pike Roads," the Tolls arising at the veral Toll- Gates erected upon this Turnpike were put up to Auction, in twd lots, to be lett to the best bidder, 011 Friday the' loth day of . lamin/ V, at the several sums the Haid Tolls produced the last year, but no bidder offered for one of the said lots, viz for the Tolls of IVtersfinger Gate, Earldom Gate, Tottoil Gate, and I. yfid- hurst Gate :— Notice is therefore hereby tfved,' that the sjid' TOLLS arising at the said Gates, called Pefersfinger Gate; Earldom Gate, Totton Gate, and Lvndhnrst Gate', wilf t> e' a;; ain put up t:> be LETT by AUCTION, to the. best bidder,' ;> t the house of Joachim Hibberd, kninrii by the name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Soum, on Frirfav the ! Mth day of February next, between tiie 11 ours of eleven aud two o'clock, in the manner directed by the bafore- nicmionec Act, and will then be put up at the reduced sum. of One Thousand One Hundred and Five Pounds for the yt'ar, to be computed from the 2d dav of February riext, and the rent, r is to receive of the present collector the Tolls from tii; t time till the 21st day of February next, when tiie renter is Co be put into possession of the said Toll Gates and receipt of the Tolls, and commence the collection thereof on that day. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the seme time give sccur. tv, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, fur payment of the rent agreed for, and at such t mes as thev shall direct. W. BOUCHtiK, Clerk and Treasurer. SARUM, Jan. lb', ISOS. [ 2C0 FORDING BRIDGE, HANTS. DAMERHAU, WlLTsI CRANBORNE, DORSET. rp) he SOLO by AUCTION, at the Greyhound Inn, in Fordinsbridtre, on Monday the * ® d dap of February instant, bv three o'clock' in tile afternoon, in " four Lots,— The several ESTATES following, viz. Lot 1.— An eligible Fu;: t tioi. n ESTATE, situate atTarkfon, in the parish of Fordiugbridge, in the renting of Mr. I'infiotnc, for a term of which four years are unexpired ; containing an excellent wheat staddlc 011 27 stones, barn, stable, yard, imd 16' acres of arable, meadow, and p: sture land. , . Lot 2.— A T. r. ASR. uot. o ESTATE, situate at Tuckton afore- said, containing about i' 2 acres of arable, mea. low, and pasture 4- indj held for two good lives, under C. Lisle, Esq. and now also in the renting of Mr. Piuhorne, Lota.—. ilsothe RIIVR. nsios for one young healthy life aged only 12 Veins, expectant on the death of a life aged about IM, of a Corv 110 i, n ESTATE, situate at Damerham; consisting of two dwelling- houses, barns, and outbuildings, together With about 85 acres of good arable, meadow, and pasture ground, and now in the renting of Mr. George Masters. Lot 4.— Also a cood LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held for one good life aged about 40 years, situate at lUigdon, in the parish of Cranhorne, called WELSH'S FARM ; containing 60 acr< s, or thereabouts, of arable, meadow, pasture, and common laud, and now in the renting of Mr. Edmund Bound, whose teira will expire in about two years. For viewing the. respective Estates, apply to the several Tenants; and for further particul ars ; if by letter, post piid) to Mr. Hooper, attorney at law, Riijewood. " " If4 « s CITY OF SALISBURY. FREEHOLD ESTATES TO HE SOLD BV AUC- TION, by . Mr. HISCOCK, in the following, lots, - on Wednesday the ad day of March, 1805, at three o'clock, ;. « Mr. Gibbons's, Spread Eagle Inn, Salisbury: Lot 1.— All those exceeding substantial and most respectably situated FREEHOLD PREMISES, on the New Canal, Salis- bury, ill rh" o eupation of Mrs, Roilstone, tenant at will ; comprising on the giound- fioorrm oit'rarUe TtSlf, dmirtf. par- lour feet square, back parlour, Sc. with three lofty stores over, containing a handsome drawing worn ljrby if feet, seven bed rooms', dressing rooms ami - great coifvcnieneje% spacious, staircase, landing, & c.; kitchen, underground cellar, brcwjiouse, outhouses, requisiteoffiets, & c.; attach; d high walled- in garden, well stocked with fruit trees ; the whole in excellent repair, forming togcthera most truly com- fortable, uniform, and respectable residence for a geotccl family. Lot 2.— Comprizes tb it equally desirable and adjoining FREEHOLD PREMISES in the occupation of Mrs. Collins, tenant at will, of the same dimensions and respectability is lot I. Lot a.— Contains Fourvcrv improvable small F'REEHQI D Brick and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSES, with extensive !; ar- dens, well planted with variety of large fine prolific fruit trees ; situated in the most respectable part of EridjesS- strect, Salisbury, in the several oceup itions of Messrs. Cattleman, Able, Mathews, and Mis. Bed, tenants at will; the whole convertible, at an easy cxpencc, into respectable dwelling- houses, or buildings for various manutactur. s which require room.— The estates may he viewed by permission of tht re- spective tenants. For further particulars apply personally or bv letter fpost paid) t.) Mr. Chubb, solicitor,' or Mr. Sktats, builder, Salis- bury; or to the Auctioneer, Stroud- glCeh, Newbury. N. B. The usual deposit at time of sale, with givrn time for the remainder of purchase money, will appear in con- ditions of sale. ' fsia GLOUCESTERSHIRE, NEAR BATH. IX) he SOLD by AUCTION, at the White Liou Inn, BATH, on Saturday the , sth day of March 1 « ? 8, • between the hours of two and five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and ' here pro- duced, ( unless previously disposed of by private contraiy, cf which due notice will be given1, in the'foilowing Lots : Lot 1.— The RECTORY IMPROPRIATE of MARSH- FIELD, in the county of Gloucester; oonsistiug of a substan- tial Farm- HousC, with spacious barns, stables, & c. in good repair, and t « ) acres ( if Glebe Land ' more or less), and Com- mon of Pasture for 10 Beasts in the D. nvn Thorns; and also the Great Tythes of Corn, Hay-, and Gnss Seeds, of alxiut 4,000 acres of Land, mostly arable, held by lease under New College, Oxford, for a term of years wlipreof nine were (^ ex- pired at Michaelmas last; subject to a corn rent of about ( communibus annisj jt'lb'O. Together also Aritb the Perpetuity of tile Lund Tax formerly charged on the saiff Roctoiy, mounting to .1. If) 7 t; per ami. which will be disposed of at the price given for the s imr, by the present lessee. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT and ESTATE, called PITT'S TENEMENT, situate in the parish EF Marshfield aforesaid, and consisting of four tenements and three acres of land, ( ex. Vpt a certain toft whereon a cottage or tenement formerly stood, and also a piece of land containing about three quarters of an acre, part thereof situate in the North Field of Marshfield aforesaid, and lying and being in an inolosurebelonging to the said Rectory), and now leu to. good tenants ; the yearly rents of the whole amounting. to £' il, held also by lease under New College, Oxford, tor a term of 20 years, whereof is were unexpired at Michaelmas, last; subject to a corn rent of about ( communibui annls) i. ' 6 0 -. Together also with the Perpetuity of the Land Tax forme- Ir- charged on the said premises, at X'O 1" 4 p. r annum, wbxfc v. iil be disposed of at the sum givei. for the same, by ths present lessee. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Woodwirl, at the Parsonage House, Marshfield ; and for futtlier particulns. to Mr. Mercwether, solicitor, Caine, Wilts. . f4SS W CillNG's PATENT WORM LOZENGES. OHMS aro the most frequent sources of Olrl- drmi>' diseases. Theit symptoms every Parent and Guardian. of Children should be acquainted " with. Th- v occasion less of appetite, a paleness of die colour of the face, emaciation and irregular state cf the bowels, attended a'n r with violent pains ; they bring on conviflsions, they iifteot the growth of the body, and they prove fatal, b ending in a . consumption or decay. Both as a preventive and cure of these alarming complaints, the above excellent . medicine is universally allowed, on the testimony of the highest cii - tee- ters in this country, both in rank and icspectabi'ity, to Slave no equal. Their public approbation, given to the proprietor, from a personal knowledge of i « wonderful success in the r own families, stamps it, merit beyond competition, and gi\ t* a Sanction to it, of which no other medicine of the kind can boast. Parents and others, who' have the cafe of children, should have this rtfiiedy as a family medicine to ri s. irt to, whenever the stomach or bowels of children are-' any way dis- ordered, which it will always be found 10 relieve. Sold, wholesale and retail, at Ching and Butler's, No. 4, Cheapside, London, and by B. C. Collins, Salisbury ; and re- tail by most country venders, in buses at Is.' ji. imd Ss. erf. each, fa03? f ) AND GENERAL ABVERTTSER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET Friday's and Saturday's AME1UC A; WASHINGTON, December 21. " E understand, that when the Embargo Bill came down from the Senate, it only „ v contained the first Section. The second Section was added in the House of Representatives.— Motions were made to limit the duration of the bill, and to confine it to American vessels; both of which were iK.-' ativetk It was also moved, to exempt vessels from the'operation of it, which by treaty- stipulations were not subject to such a provision; but this too was negatived. The opposers of the bill were only an- swered by a rude and vociferous call for the question, or bv an obstinate and contemptuous silence. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 10.] Mr. Mitford presented Ac- counts from the Custom- of Scotland, of the quantity of Shippipg, & c. employed in the Whale Fishery. Ordered to lie on tile table.—— Adjourned. THURSDAY, Feb. 11."] Lord Sidmouth gave notice, that oil Thursday next lie should move an Address to his Majesty, praying he would give directions, that the Danish fleet be kept ill such a state as not to preclude the possi- bility of restoring it, should circumstances oceur under which it might be expedient to restore it. Lord Grenvt'. le rose to move for papers, which would tend to throw some l. ght on the nature of the relations, as they now exlstejl, between this Country and America, and Oil the terms and tendency of the t.- oaty which, in De- cember, 180'), was concluded between the two nations.— The cultivating and maintaining of a good mule, standing with Ami- l ie was, in his mind, the most material and im- portant consideration that, could possibly engage the atten- tion of the liritish Government, and Parliament, next to the care of conciliating and uniting, ill one bond of union, all descriptions of his Majesty's subjects in these kingdoms. Under the influence of this disposition were the late dis- cussions with America carried on, and nearly brought to a happy termination, when circumstances arose, that may put to hazard'the final issue of that negociatiort. His Noble Friends who conducted that negoeiation had been reproached as having made unwarrantable and dangerous concessions to America— Cencessions which have been causel » * slv and mischievously held out to the public as the bane of the interests of Great Britain ; yet while these re- proaches were vented against tile Administration at li rnie, no sootier had the treaty reached America, than the Go- vernment of the United States was accused of having yielded too mnch to the British Plenipotentiaries. To prove how far either of tliese assertions were well founded, br; Lordship moved fur " Copies of such communications or answers as had been received from the American Pleni- potentiaries since the conclusion of the treaty." After some observations from Lord Auckland, the Lord Chancellor, & c. the question was put, and the motion agreed to. ' lend Grey rose to move for several papers, from which be expected that some information might lie derived, with regard to the spirit and tile views with which Russia and A," tria had undertaken to propose their respective media- tion betwefctt France and this country. It was evident, from the documents already before the House, that be- tween Baron Budberg's second Note, and the one that fol- lowed, some answer must have been made by our Ambas- sador at Petersbuigh, which, however, did not appear. It tvas material that the Himse should be in possession of that answer, as it must have made some reference to the charges brought by the Russian Minister against the Government of this ' country for neglect in assisting our Ally, which charge-, it we'll founded, it was the duty of Ministers to have8brought- forward ill a di tiuct form, and not to get theui thrown in loos* insinuations against the conduct of their predecessors. His Lordihip mentioned several other papers which were necessary to explain the nature of the ' proffered mediation of Austria and Russia, and the founda- tion of the charges by Russia, of our having neglected her interests, and concluded with moving for the several papers lie had alluded to. A long debate took place on tlie motion, in which the whole of our conduct towards Ru- ia was reviewed by the dHf< rent speaker-, and at length the motion was agreed to without a division. - Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 10.] Sir Thomas Turton gave notice, that on Monday the 21- 1 of March he would submit certain resolutions to the House, oil the Oarnatic question. > le gave this long notice, that Gentleman might have full time to consider the subject. Sir Francit liurdett rose to move for an Add re s to his Kajerstv, praying that he would he gracioti ly pleased to order that there be laid before :. h< House an account of all captures made at sea, which remained at the disposal of the Crown, from the commencement of the late war in 17.93, to tlie present time, together with an account of the pro- duce of the same, and the manner it had b.- en disposed of. The Chancellor of the E echeqner wished the 1 Ion. Baronet to give a notice rather than to make his motion now. Sir Francis Burdett had no difficulty in consulting the convenience of the Right Hon, Gentleman, by giving the notiee for to- morrow. Mr. Dickewni moved the order of the day for the second reading of the Bill for the repeal of the Act of last session, suspending the penalties and forfeitures affecting persons accepting augmented curacies, if these pel- sons were not resident or had no dispensation. The ca- e of Mr. Scott, which was the sole one on which the Suspension Act of last session was grounded, Was exactly under the circumstances that worked this forfeiture. Mr. Scott, holding the rectory of Brampton Bryan, had'accepted the au,": vented curacy of Tkley ; and his rectory being thereby forfeited, the patron granted it to Mr. Graham, who was inducted with all proper forms. Mr. Scott pleaded that he had sinned from ignorance of tlie irnv ; but it. was a fundamental doctrine i; i British juri- pmb'nee, that- ignorance was no excuse for a breach of the law ; ami the Suspension Act of last Session, passed by surprise, was a gross encroachment on the rights of patrons. Mr. J/ tckhavt defended the Suspension Act of the last session, which wa; brought forward, nqt from reference to any private case, but from regard to the general state of the Clergy, whose titles were very generally threatened by the penalties and forfeitures unguardedly incurred under the Act of 171) 6. Mr. Ltmhington argued at length against the Suspension Act, and contended, ti.-. it it would be an unwarrantable exercise of the power of Parliament to interfere with the right of the Patron ( Lord Oxford) to whom the Rectory lapsed by the default of Mr. Scott, and with the right of Mr. Graham, who legally enjoyed it uador the presentation « f that patron, confirmed by all due forms. Mr. ff'hi'brtad denied ihat the Suspension Act of last session -- kid been passed by surprize, and went over the circumstances ot Mr. Scott's case, which he contended « all(> d fen' relief from Parliament. Several other Meuibers spoke, but the above were the only points on which tlie discussion turned, and the second reading of the bill was carried without a division. Mr. Taylor's motion on the Dardanelles expedition was postponed till Monday. The House went into a Committee of Ways and Means, to consider the recent correspondence between the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer and the Directors of the Bank. The Chancellor of the Exchequer explained the bargain and arrangements on which the Bank had agreed to ad- vance 3,000,0<> iji. to the public, without interest., and moved several resolutions thereon, all of which were agreed to.— Adjourned. THURSDAY, Feb. 11.] A Committee was ballotted to try the merits of the Evesham Election Petition. Sir TVm. Curtis presented a petition from the sufferers by the late fire at Diminica, praying for Parliamentary relief. Referred to a Committee. Mr. HuskUmn obtained leave to bring in a Bill to aboli h the office of Surveyor of Subsidies and Petty Cus- toms in the port of London. Sir Trawia Hard ' t said he would not take up the time of the House by any prefatory remarks to the motion which he was about to submit to them ; for that motion . being the ground of a Parliamentary proceeding, he con- trived that it would he consented to without opposition. He * bould tlv. reforc content himself with simply moving, " That there he laid before the Hon e an account of aii captures made at f a by the naval forces of this country, w'-. i. h were claimed to remain, and which did remain, at t' disposal ot the Crown, since the year 11.92, specifying tii : h capture and its amount, with the particular appro- priation of the proceeds thereof,". The Chancellor of the E. ccheqiier doubted whether the specification of every individual capture could be obtained, and recommended an alteration in the wording of the motion. Sir F. Harriett said lie could see no objection to the proposal; His Object was to obtain information on a point of great importance; The proceeds he'had alluded to anliiunted'to such a considerable sum, that he was certain Parliament > Votild lidt endure that it should remain the private property of the King. Sir C. Pole said, every day afforded fresh proof of the necessity of regulating the Admiralty Court. Sir j. Nichols Itlic King's Advocate) said, this remark was invidious, and totally irrelevant to the motion. Mr. LusiYington agreed with the Learned Gentleman, that this question had no reference to the proceedings in the CAurt of Admiralty, but differed from him in thinking that it had no reference to the application of the fund. It appealed to him that it had the closest reference. As he saw an Hon. Knight ( Sir Home Pophs. ni) in his place, he would state to the House a circumstance, of which he had had intimation some time ago, but a correct knowledge of which he had only that morning obtained. Ill the year 1787, that Hon. Knight obtained his Majesty's leave to quit the service oil half pay. He went to Ostend, pur- chased a ship called II Ktrusco, and, under a foreign flag, went to India. After some time, he exchanged this vessel at a Chinese port for an American ship, which, in eon- juneion with a French supercargo at. Canton, he loaded with tea. He then returned to Europe ; first went to Ireland, then touched at Dungeness, where he landed a part of the cargo, or, in plain words, smuggled tea ashore, and afterwards escaped to Ostend, where, however,' his sl) ip was seized by the boats of the Brilliant frigate, and the business being Drought before the Admiralty Court, the Hon. Knight first avoided the process issued against him, and then absconded altogether. After a great length of time, the ship was condemned, but Captain Robinson, of the Brilliant frigate, never received a single shilling of the proceeds. His Majesty, by the advice of the Learned Gentleman opposite, ( reluctantly given, as he understood), had been induced to order the issuing of a Treasury Warrant, by which the sum of 25,000/. being his share of the cargoe, bad been returned to the Hon. Knight. Was not this a gross misapplication of the fund ? To reward an officer of the Navy f. ir having violated the laws of the land by smuggling. Would the Gentleman opposite pretend to justify it? He saw no objection to the appropriation of the part of the fund to the Royal Dukes; but. oil the other modes of appropriation he was convinced that a serious investigation should take place ; and he therefore trusted the Hon. Baronet near him would persist in his original motion for a specific account of those appropriations. Sir Home Popham, in his vindication, stated that the grant had been made to him on the recommendation of the Government of India, for services he had performed there. Mr. Sheridan made several remarks to shew that this subject must be further enquired into, and for a conside- rable time the debate entirely turned oil the extraordinary disclosure made by the Hon. Member. Sir Francis fiurdett observed, that from the infor- mation given by his Hon. Friend, he deemed it necessary to persevere in his original motion. Mr. Hushisson moved, as an emendment, to substitute the following words for those used by the Hon. Baronet: " That there be laid before the House an account of the net proceeds paid out of the Registry of the Court of Adi miralty to the Receiver General of Droits, cf all property condemned to his Majesty, in right of the Crown, or in right of the . eUiee of Lord High Admiral, since the I st of January^ J793, with balances now remaining." On a division there appeared— For the original motion 5"— For the amendment 82— Majority 25. On the third reading of the Bill for regulating the issue of Exchequer Bills, Mr. Horner observed that the bill created a new place, that of Paymaster of Exchequer Bills; but he more particularly objected to the clause which ex- empted persons who might contract for the circulation of Exchequer Bills from the operation of the Act which dis- qualifies Contractors from sitting in Parliament. After a few observations in reply, the debate was post- poned, and the House adjourned. LONDON, FRIDAY, FKBRUARY 12. Letters of a late date from America announce that the Statira frigate, with Mr. Rose on board, arrived at Virginia on the 30th of December, and that Congress was prorogued. Some Boston Papers to the 5th ult. were received yester- day. In the c the conduct of tlie President, . lefferson, is irtveighed against with the utmost severity. The measure of the embargo is characterised as a proof of his subser- viency to France, as a measure dictated by France.— The effects of it began to be speedily and alarmingly felt.— In Portland several houses failed.— In New York one house ahnie fa'kjtl for about 800,000 dollars.— In Bo- ton, say the Coston'papers, " we already see consternation stalking through our streets, and hundreds of poor but industrious men without employment, or the means of supporting their families." The embargo is spoken of as a measure dictated by Bonaparte, and the submi sion to it as au act disgraceful to the Government of America.— Tile rumoured cession of the Floridas to France, is another subject of great uneasiness to the Americans. Intelligence lias been received from the West Indies, that two French frigates with troops, had arrived at Martinique. The last letters from Gibraltar continue to speak of preparations being made in Spain for a siege of that fortress. Magazines of grain are collecting at Algesiras. A more unpleasant circumstance than this is, that the inhabitants are said to be at present on bad terms with the garrison. Precautions are taking against them ; and, it is added, memorials have been presented to Government for more effectually removing all causes of dissatisfaction. Yesterday the Queen held a Drawing- room, which was very numerously attended. Among the presenta- tions were— Earl Grey, oil having succeeded to the Peerage; Mrs. Merrick Iloare, on her marriage) Sir Henry Worsley Holmes, the Archbishop of York, & c. Sir John Stewart, the hero of Maida, is appointed to the chief command in Sicily. The existence of a French faction in Palermo is said to have rendered it necessary to entrust this command to an Officer of distinguished energy and talent. A letter dated from Santa Cruz, on the 29th of December, says—" An account has just reached this place by the Camilla, of the arrival of two French frigates at Martinique with troops."— The Rochefort squadron is generally stipp « ed to be destined for the same quarter. A letter has been received from the Amethyst fri- gate, at sea, which states, that after parting with the Emerald frigate, she fell in with the t- wo French frigates which lately sailed from St. Maloes full of troops.— She kept sight of them for two days ; on the 3d day she left them, and the day after fell in with the Shannon frigate. The enemy are said to have altered thl- lr course. Friday se'unigbt a cause of very considerable importance to the the tenantry of Ireland was decided in the Court of Exchequer, Dublin, upon a Bill filed by James White, F. sq. of Ballinahown, in the county of Wexford, to oblige the Earl of Mount- Norries to renew a life in a base of lives renewable for ever ; whim, after a hearing ot' two days, the Court was pleased to decree in favour of Mr. White, who had a property of nearly 1000L per annum depending on the question. The cause of the. Hon. Colonel Wingfield Stratford v. George Powell, Esq. and others, was finally heard in the Court of Chancery, Dublin, yesterday se'nn'ght, when the Lord Chancellor pronounced his decree, that the plaintiff, the Hon. Colonel Stratford, is absolutely entitled to the whole uf the persona! estate of which til? late Earl of Aid- borough died possessed ; and that the bond for 50,000.'. to Lord tlenniker was a voluntary bond, and directed a per- petual injunction to is- ue, to restrain the defendant from proceeding on it j and decreed, that AUihorough House and furniture was the right of the plaintiff, and that an in- junction should issue i, i one month to put the plaintiff into the possession of the Fame. Colonel Wingfield is brother to the Earl of Powerseourt, and nephew to the. Earl of Ahlbarough, whose widow, the sister of Lord Hcnniker, Mr. Powell married, and to whom she bequeathed the . contested property. Last night a new Opera was represented at Drnry- Lane Theatre, intitled Knit, or Lore in the Deserts. The fable is derived from a romaihee written by Mr. Disraeli. It has some very splendid scenery, and the music, by Redve- j is adapted to the taste of the day. Hraham sung his songs most admirably ; and though the piece is characterized by insipidity, it was announced for a second representation amidst the general approbation of a numerous audience; Sunday morning a duel was fought on Dauburv Common. between Lieutenants O e and M—— m, both of tlie 43d Foot, which was attended with fatal consequences to the former, who received a ball through the body on the first fire, and expired on the spot. I his melancholy circum- stance originated in a dispute at the mess, 011 the preceding evening. Lieut. M. and the Seconds have absconded. On Wednesday the MARQUIS of TIIOMOND was unfortu- nately killed in Grosvenor- square. He was riding 011 horse- back, and as he turned the corner of the square, from the east to the south side, he rode up rather close to the rail- ing, where the pavement is not so even as in the middle of the carriage- way. The liorse stumbled, and his Lordship fell upon his h : ad. Being in his 8u* i year, he wasvery infirm, and incapable of making any exertion towards les- senin j the force of his fall: he bled profusely as he lay upon the ground. His groom rode up to his assistance ; lie laid hold of his hand, and grasping it lirmlv, cried out " William, William 1" These were thu only words he ut- tered after his fall. Being taken into Lord Sydney's house, it was found he had breathed his last. His Lordship was descended from Murrough O'Bryan, King of Ulster : he was married to Miss Palmer, niece of Sir Joshua Reynolds ; hut dying without issue, the Marquisate is extinct: his brother, the Hon. Edward O'Bryan, succeeds to the Earl- dom of Inchiquin. A few days since a Miss Carpmeal, a fine young woman, only 18 years old, whilst walking ill Hyde Park with her sister and some other friends, suddenly ran from them, and threw herself into the Serpentine River ; every exer- tion was used to save her, and she struggled much to avail herself thereof, but in vain • when taken out, she was quite dead.— An unfortunate attachment had deprived her of her senses, and occasioned the melancholy act. On Monday an inquest was held at Great Stamnore, on the body of Miss Elizabeth Clutterbuek, one of the daugh- ters of the late Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq. of Watford, who was found drowned on the preceding Friday, at Stan- more, in the garden pond of her brother, Peter Clutter- buck, Esq. into which she is supposed to have fallen, in endeavouring to reach her bonnet, which had been blown off bv a sudden gust of wind into the water. The Jury, after a few minutes consultatiou, brought ill a verdict of Accidental Death. Simmons, the murderer of the two Ladies at Hoddesden, Hertfordshire, a few months since, died, it is said, last week, in Hertford Gaol, raving mad. He had, it seems, refused to take any food for several days before. BIRTHS.] Lately, at Witchington Parsonage, in Nor- folk, the Hon. Mrs. I-' itzroy of a son.— On Monday, at his seat in Staffordshire, the Lady of Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart, of a daughter. MARRIED.] Lately, at Limerick, Lieut. Col. Ander- son, of the Royal Marines, to Miss Cooper, of Cooper- hill.—( In Tuesday, J. F. Boughey, only son of Sir Tiios- Fletcher, Bart, to Miss Chatwode, only daughter of Sir John Chetwode, Bart. DIED.] On the i' 9th ult. at his seat in the county Siigo, Sir Malby Crofton, Bart, after a lingering illness, which confined him to his bed nearly the whole of the last 25 years : his illness was occasioned by the hardships be underwent at the siege of ( Quebec, under the immortal Wolfe, and where he lost two brothers.— Oil Sunday even- ing, in Wiinpole- street, Mrs. Gari'ick, relict of the late Rev. Carrington Garriek, Vicar of Hendon. DORSETSHIRE'. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, bv Messrs. Hodskinson and Co.— The MANOR of COMP- TON ABBAS, extending over 1945 acres or thereabouts, with the Advowson in Fee of the Rectory and Right to Great and Small Tithes— the nett value about J50Z. per annum ; the Rev. Mr. Baskett aged about 54— the nsxt Presentation dis- posed of. Also the Manor Farm, containing IC2A. OR. 17P. on Lease for nine years from Michaelmas last, at 11* 0/. per an- num, but of the estimated annual value of - 200/. And also " the Reversion in Fee of several Leasehold and Copyhold Estates, held by Lives; containing 4. J7 A. a R. 1 P. valued at per annum o' 4o/. with the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging. The Manor, or Reputed Manor of West Orchard, extend- ing over < iJ8 acres, with the Manor Farm, as lett from year to year, containing b'SA. 4R. 13P. at looZ. per annum, but of the estimated annual value of .1 to/. Also the Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasehold and Copyhold Estates, held by Lives; containing 4s; i acres, or thereabout-;, of the estimated annual value of 975Z. Is. with the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging. The Reversion in Fee of that part of the Manor Farm, called the Dairy Farm, in the parish of Melbury Abbas, held by the lives of Richard Brabant, aged 88, and Ann Burt, aged 5tj 1 containing 194A, - 1 It. 20P. at the low reserved rent of 72Z. per annum, during the said lives, but of the estimated annual value of 240/. Also the Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasehold and Copiibold Estates in East and West Melbury, held by lives ; containing 50s A. 1 R. 28 P. valued at per annum fitllZ. Ds. with the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging. And also the Reversions in Fee of sundry Leasehold Es- tates, held by lives, within the parish of Tisbury ; particu- larly Chicksgrove, with theTythe Hay, in one lot; also in the parish of Douhead ; particularly Coomb and Charlton ; and also several Estates in the parish- of Seniley. Further particulars may be had of Messrs. Hodskinson and Co. Arundel- strect, London. f38S4 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 16th of February 1808, on the premises, at Darshill, in the parish of Shepton- Mallet, in the cuuutv of Somerset,— All tha MACHINERY, IMPLEMENTS, mil STOCK in TRADE, in the Clothing Manufactory of Mr. Thomas Bryant, quitting the said business : Consisting of two bags of Spanish wool, some ends of broad cloth and beavsr, one 4 foot scribbling engine, new cards ; one 30 inch di » ; o, ditto; one 30 inch carding engine, one tucker, one 4<> spindL- sloobing billy, one tt'O spindle spinning machine, three 40 slipper reels, two 20 slipper ditto, one large drum, writer straps, iron stove and pipe, shears and shear boards, three dubbing boards and tressels, eight or ten dozen press papers, three dye vats, dye cloths, twelve new wool cloths, baskets, Arc. Stc. a neatdouble mahogany counting- house desk anil stools, with many other articles and implements belonging to the business. Also four cart mares, three of which are in foal; three colts rising two years old, three hog colts, one chesnut pony, one gig mare, a neat gig and harness, two waggons ( one of therh newj, one putt, two sets of breeching harness, three trace ditto, one two year old heifer in calf, one ditto barren, and one two year old bull. ' [ 459 The sale will commence with the Horses, Waggons, and Putt, precisely at eleven O'clock in the forenoon. Whi. LS, Feb. 2, 1808. J. MOORE, Auctioneer. ST. MARY's, SOUTHAMPTON. rpr) be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, on Thursday the 18th of February inst. and following day, by Mr. DEUL,— All the genuine HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, China and Glass, Piano Forte, & c. the property of a gentleman leaving his residence. The Furniture com- prises mahogany four- post, field, and other bedsteads, with dimity and cotton Hangings; bordered goose feather- beds, mattresses, blankets, and counterpanes ; in rnabosanv are dining, Pembroke, card, and other tables ; chesis of drawers ; bookcases ; chairs; japan ditto ; wash- hand stands; pier and dressing glasses ; Turkey, Brussels, and other carpets; with useful kitchen furniture. The goods to be viewed on Tuesday, and morning of sale until eleven o'clock, when the sale will commence. Catalogues to be had of the Auctioneer, No. lSfi, High- streeet, and place of sale. [" 430' PRIME TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the ROYAL OAK INN-, in the parish of Dulish, in the county'of Dorset, on Wednesday the 24th day of February, ISus, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon,— n'H very valuable OAK, ELM, and ASH TIMBER TREES', with Top, Lop, and Bark, ail marked, numbered, and standing in Dulish aforesaid, and near the turnpike road leading from Dorchester to Blandfnrd, divided in lots; particulars of which may be had at the Greyhound Inn, lilaudford; King's Arms Inn, Piddletown; King's Arms, Dorchester; and at the place of sale. , . A person will attend at the Royal Oak Inn to shew the timber, six davs previous to the sale 1 further particulars may be. known of Mr. John Warr, surveyor, Beaminster, Dorset. The Oak and Elm is of exceeding lar^ e dimension, great lengths, and good quality; the Ash is of a large size, and very e; ood Dulish is seven miles from Dorchcster, 15 from Weymouth, and nhu fix m Blaudf jrd. ' [ 4a 1 FORD1NGRR1DGE, HANTS. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Greyhound X Inn, Fordingbtidse, on Thursday the 25th day of February, IRO<, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— All* that LESliHOLD ESTATE, late in the possession of Mr. Robert lilachford, situate at Overburgatt in the parish Of Fording- bridge; consisting of fifteen acres two quarters and thirty- seven perches, more or less, held by lease for 99 years under Pe'roevril LewiSj Esq. determinable on the - lives of Robert Blacnford, and Robert and Richard his sons; the above Estate is all in cultivation, and full of manure from the above Inn; [ 502 BURBAGE, NEAR MARLlSOROpGH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by Messrs. STROUD and STIIIBS, on Fridav, February 19th, 1808, at eleven o'clock,— The HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE and other Effects, of Mr. John Jennings, leaving Burbage; consisting of f. Htr- pnst bedsteads and furniture, feather beds, blankets, quilts and sheets, chest of drawers, dining and other tables, chairs, 30 hour clock, looking glasses, kitchen utensils, eafthen- ware, Ac. washing and br ewing tubs, small barrels, sundry garden and husbandry tools, and various other articles. [ 519 May be viewed the morning of sale. CAPITAL TIMtfktt tub. b^ Lh. HPO be SOLD bv AUCTION, on Thursday the J- 3d day of March, 1808, at the RODNEY'S HEAD INN, at Hythe, in tils county of Southampton, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— About 150 Capital OAK TREES, ( together or in lots, as may be agreed on at the time of sale) standing in the tythingof Hardley, in the parish of Fawley, in the said county of Southampton. • Tiie above timber is well calculated for naval and other purposes, and is close adjoining to the Southampton River. For a view of the same, and particulars, apply to Mr. John Monday, at Cadland Farm. [ 41? WEST MORDEN, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRANSTON, 011 Saturday the. 20th of February instant, 013 the Farm late in the occupation of Mr. John Moody, at West Morden,— One R. K of WHEAT, two Ricks of Oats, one Rick of Meadow Hay, a Stack of Clover Hay, and a Stack of second Clover ditto ; the whole of which, with the Fodder thereto belonging, must be taken off the premises by the purchaser before the first day of May next.— Als > about five. Loads of Wheat in sack, and about 3fiquarters of Oats in heap and bag. The sale to begin precisely at one o'clock. For further particulars apply to Mr. Hooper, attorney at law, Ringwood, Hants ; or to John Durnford, at West Morden. [ 4y4 CITY OF NEW SARUM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sa'rum, on Monday the 2- 2d day of February, 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— All those TWO GARDENS, situate between the two Rivers at the back of Castle- street, in the said city of New Sarum, one whereof was late in the occupotion of Michael Burrough, Esq. and is now untenanted, and the other is now in ihe oc- cupation of Mr. John Sweatman, who is tenant thereof from Michaelmas last for a year. These Gardens are held by lease for three good lives under the Bishop of ^ alisbury, subject to a reserved rent of 1/. 8s. Further particulars may be known by application to Messrs. Hodding, in Salisbury. ftM SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, without reserve, hv J. JEANS, at South Cadburv. on Thursday the 18th day of February, 1808, The following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the ' property of Mr. HANIIAM, quitting the farm; comprising eighteen choice dairy cows, mostly of the Devon breed, some with calves, the others forward in calf; two three- year old heifers, in ditto; four two- year old ditto, in ditto ; four good working oxen ; two fat oxen ; three barren heifers; one bull; a capital cart colt, rising two years old, got by Mr. Phillips's famous horse Darby ; a bay gelding, rising four- years old, a good goer, and warranted sound and free from vice; a choice iron- grey pony, rising four years old, thirteen hands high, and warranted free from ditto ; two narrow wheel waggons ; a barley roller; two pair of drags ; a pair of harrows ; three sulls; several ox yokes, bows, and chains; many sheep cribs and racks; and good cyder- mill and press ; a quantity of empty casks ; and about twelve tons of prime meadow hay. The sale to begin at eleven in the forenoon. *** There being a number of lots, purchasers are requested to attend early. [ 432 DORSET. ' RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JASPER GDY, . JL at the Star Inn, Shaftesbury, on Thursday the 18th day of February 1808, between the hours of five and ssA'en o'clock in the afternoon, in Two Lots;— Lot I.— All that Close, Piece, or Parcel of ARABLE LAND, called Whiting's Close, containing by estimation 6A. 0R. 31P. ( more or less) now in the occupation of James Andrews, as tenant from year to year, situate in the parish of Shaston St. James, Dorset. And also all that Piece or Parcel of Garden Ground, containing by estimation about il perches, part of the Garden belonging to the Parsonage House of St. James's aforesaid, in the occupation of the Rev. Richard Blackmore. To this Lot belongs a Horse Leaze in St. James's Common, which will be sold therewith. Lot 2,— A Piece of GARDEN GROUND, situate in the same parish, containing by estimation about 6 lugs [' more or less) 3 in the occupation of Thomas Brickie, as tenant from year to yeaV. The respective Tenants will shew the premises ; and for further particulars apply at the Office of Charles Bowles1 Shaftesbury. [ 373 SOMERSETSHIRE, NEAR BATH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in Fee, ( discharged from Land Tax), at the White Lion Inn, Bath, on Saturday the 5th day of March 1S08, (" instead of" 011 the 27th day of February 1808," as before advertised), between the hours of two and four o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless pre- viously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given),— The Impropriate RECTORY of INGLISHCOMBF,, in the county aforesaid, within three miles of Bath ; consist- ing of a good Farm- House, Barn, Stable, and other offices ; Bartons, Garden, and Orchard ; and a Messuage now divided into two tenements, with a Barn and Garden adjoining; and several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land ; con- taining in the whole by estimation 81 acres ( more or less.) And also the GREAT TYTHES of 1,437 acres fby estimation) of Land, whereof about 950 are Arable, 3t> 7 Meadow or Pas- ture, and 150 Wood and Orchards. Mr. Thomas Wright, the Tenant of the Rectory Farm, will shew the premises; and further particulars may be known on application ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts. . ( 487 DORSET. ryx> be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN WARR, JL at Loders, near Bridport, 011 Tuesday the tfith clay of Februarv. 1308, and following days,— All the LIVE and DEAD ' STOCK, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, FURNITURE, and EFFECTS, ( without reserve,) late the property of Mr. George Knight, deceased ; consisting of 2 exceeding good dairy cows in calf, 100 very prime couples, IS ewes in lamb and dry sheep, 59 chilver hogs, 15 pur hogs, 3 excellent hog rams, 1 two- teeth ditto, 1 famous stallion known by the name of Short Legs, another very noted stallion known by thw name of Young Merryman, 3 very useful cart horses, 1 cart mare in foal, 1 hackney mare, 1 pony, 1 yearling colt; about 40 tens of very good meadow and clover hay, 1 mow of wheat, 1 rick of barley, 1 rick of oats, 1 rick of pease, 1 rick of seed clover, quantity of threshed oats, ditto ot flax seed; about 4s hogsheads of very good cyder w: th the casks, 3 hogsheads of water cyder and casks, one but of strong beer and cask; 2 waggons, 2putts, 1 cart, harness for b' horses, 4 harrows, 2 drains, 3 sulls, sheep racks, mow staddles, plough hames and trashes, cyder press and apple mill, about 20 dozen of hurdles, 1 hackney saddle and bridle wuh plated bits an I stirrups, 1 handsome new side saddle and bridle, with many other useful articles.— At the same time will lie sold tile Turnips and Grass of the estate till the 5th of April next. The HOUSEHOLD GOODS consist of four post, camp, and other bedsteads, with dimity, cotton, and other furni- ture, and window curtains to correspond ; 9 very good feather beds, bolsters and pillows, mattresses, quilts, counterpanes, and blankets; bed and table linen, Wilton floor and bedside carpets, pier and dressing glasses, china, glass, and earthen ware ; fine toned piano forte, set of mahogany dining tables with circular ends, card, breakfast* night, and other tables ; bason stapds, three, sets of mahogany chairs, two dozen neat painted chairs, two bureaus, double and single chests of drawers, eight day clock in mahogany case, a very good sofa' with cushions and cover, large quantity of pewter, one good hogshead copper furnace, half hogshead ditto, kettles, and boiiers ; kitehen and other crates, fenders and fire iions, all the kitchen furniture, brewing and dairy utensils, with a va- riety of other articles. Printed catalogues of the Household Goods, See. may b » had six days previous to the, sale, at the Antelope Inn, Dor- chester; Bull and Gsorge Inns, Bridport; George lrm, Crewkcrnc; at the place of- sale; and at the Auctioneer's hoicse. Beaminster, at each, which will be allowed to purchasers.— The' furniture to be viewed Saturday and Mon- day previous to the sale, which will begin each day at eleven o'clock. The live « nck, hay, corn, and implements in husbandry j will be sold tile first day. [ 448 T TO RREWERS Aftb'oilii • - tm& ASS KMUhY- liOQ V, Tin /,>' ,'.--. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, on A 15th Of March, 1808; at twelve o'fcl- - k ; - : disposed of by private contract, of ivhich , c-. be given);— All . that good- accUstomtd ! NN, name of the COACH AND HORSES, a- •; the Assembly- room; good arched vaults. y>; >.; « house, & c. being a copy 6f inbefitahtie ; tog"-.' .-•. of freehold land; adjoining the Street: The situation is eligible, and capable of it- ... - being central between Southampton, Portsm, .:::;' port, in the Western Road ; at present i: i full trai'e. may be had at Midsummer next. A BreWhouse and MalthouSe; nearly adjoininr. bv private contract. A good four- wheeled Carriage to be disposed of. Enquire of Mr. Gough, Auctioi X) be SOLD by AUCTlbiOyltl^ s'r and LORD, on Wednesday the 24( h day < .1808, and following days, on the Premises, a! ,-', Chippenham, . Wilts,— The LIVE S'l OCK, Da::, Household Furniture, and other Effects, the •• Messrs. Rogers, who are quitting their farm at A-. • consisting of 21 prime dairy cows, either in calf of four three- years old heifers, in calf; fau'r two--. > • four yearling ditto ; one three- years oil wefi-'- two- years- old ditto; three remarkably useful -.': • two dito colts, rising four years old ; twocit"- years old; one ditto, rising two years old ; oru two ditto in foal, ( oy Young David) ; one 1 ., one ditto horse, aged; two ditto, rising five •,- a, narrow- wheel waggons, one six- inch wh , 1 ci v: inch wheel dung carts, one six- rich wheel ditto wheel light cart, two rollers, iwo two- wheel t one- wheel ditto, three pair of drags, five hair, stone staddles, four seven- stone ditto, har- v : four stone troughs, quantity of faggots and .. The Dairy Utensils comprize three good sina- a- eh one double wey lead, two single ditto, •'•.-_•' upright churn, large quantity of cheese vats _• pans, cream tins, & c.— The Household FI- I:. four- post and other bedsteads, feather and 1 and blankets, pier and dressing glasses, mal tables, bureaus and chests of drawers, to. g-.- tli •< .... tity of pewter and other kitchen requisites," or .: -. casks and brewing utensils, with a variety of of.*- The first day's sale will commence with t . ' la ten o'clock.— Catalogues will appear in due time, procured at the principal inns in Chippenham a. a the place of sale, and of the'auctioncers, Farm.,'! r i t'o sold h ': •.-(': I'uil; • Uf+ It ho s, .. r 1 ; r 11 la -. vocal, c ccse pre re 1 aid hcjve: hcS-.!'',- ir -''" d < SOMERSET. ' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Honda- tha JL 21st day of March, lSOS, at the SWAN 1-: N, ia ';'• ;; v' of Wells, in the said county, b- tween the hours a : a seven o'clock in the afterno : rt, ( unless s ad befor ia , a; contract, of which notice wii! be given:,— A 1 rge, ei. a and commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, in - eod irpj,:' with spacious Rooms, situate m Chamberlain- street, in - i- e said city, late in the occupation of Robert Tudwav, Ivr, de- ceased ; consisting of a large hands , me hall at the cnti', • a dining- room, 28 feet by 19; drawing- room, 21 feet a i- due. by 19 feet; breakfast parlour, 2! fact by 13 feet 9 inches' study, 10 feet 8 inches by 15 feet 10 inches ; with seven bed- chambers, dressing- rooms, a- id commodious garrets j a vary good kitchen, housekeeper's room, sarvanis' hail, undt- i- ground cellars, dairy- house, wash- house, laundry and raw- house, with convenient ofFi \ s of every sort thereto adjr ining 5 together with a coach- house and good fire- stalled stable ; a spacious pleasure- garden behind the dwelling- house, with a grove of full- grown chesnut- trees at the lower end thereof; also a lawn or vista before the dwelling- house, belonging to the same ; also a good kirchen- garden, and about eight acrts cf rich m, a low ground adjoining thereto. The dwelling- house, with most cf tile pleasura- gar'den, and part of the vista, is freehold; and the remaining part of the premises arc held by 1 rases for lives under the Cathedral Church of Weils,; and the dwelling- house commands a pit sant and distant \ iew into the country. ( 47, For further particulars or view of the premises, apply to Mr. Lax, sen. solicitor, Wells, where a p an r. iav be s en. FOR COUGHS, HOARSENESSES, & c. ryHE areat demand for Mr. GHLENOUGH's JL LOZENG\ S of TOLU, after 50 years trial, proves their superiority as the most pleasant and effectual' remedy lor all Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Sore Throats, and Dctluxioas <, » the Lungs; healing the Rawness and Soreness ot the Breast, and • affording Relief in Siaortnesss of Breath, Asthmatic, and Consumptive Complaints.— They do not cb. v the Str. n ieh, but create an appetite. But as the great Benefit to be derived from them can only be secuied by having them Genuine, the Public are requested to observe that II. HAY WARD is printed 011 the Stamps. These Lozensres are prepared and sold by R. Haywafd ffauc- . cessor to T. Grecnoueh, the Inventor!, removed from I Ud- gate- hill to . at), Piccadilly; sold also by B. C. Collins, Salis- bury, and the venders of Genuine Medicines throughout the united kingdom. Price Is. ljd, the Box. [ 56r6 rj^ HIa case of several Scrophulous Ulcers at York, X inserted in the public papers, and stated as advancing towards recovery; and as having exist, d for seven . preceding ' years, in the habit of a young girl, aged 1 f, with much ii. jury' to her health, is now declared, on . the mother's autnertv, healed, and the girl restored to health, by the sole 00 - latiou of SPILSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DitOPS, as administered in Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, and ernptive: Complaints. Those persons, anxious as to this case, aie in- formed, the original letttrs may be seen at the Dispensary, ni Soho- square, London; and at York, Mrs. Daneer will give all necessary- information. It is requested you will ask for the Patent Antiscor- butic Drops, with a' black ink stamp, 111 bottles ot 5s. (>',,'. ; double bottles 10*.; and larger 1/. 2s. duty included; sold at the Printing- Office, Salisbury.— An allowance on taking half a. dozen, [ 380 . This chut are published, The following useful LAW BOOKS, by J. STRATFORD, No. 11- 2, Holbom- Hiil, AND SOLD BY A LI. OTilr. R BOOKSELLERS, 1. fN one volume 8vo. price 3s. sewed, The LAW of BILLS OF EXCHANGE, Promis - ay . Notes, Bank Notes, Bankers' Notes, Drafts, and Checks'; containing all the statutes, cases at large, customs of niei- chants, and decisions iri the courts ot law andeq -.- tv, n those very important subjects, to the present time. T< j, ether with the latest accumulated stamp duty on the respective sums. The third edition, with considerable additions a. ad ' improvements, by EDWARD WINDHAM MANNING, Esq. 2.— In one volume 3vo. price 3, s. sewed, The LAW OF WILLS, Codicils, and Revocations. To which is added, a clear and distinct account of the Law's Disposal of the Estates of those who die intestate or without a will; with ample in- structions for obtaining Probate of Wills, and Letters of Administration. The fourth edition with additions, by EARDLF. Y MITFORD, Esq. Convyanfer. a.— In one volume Svo. price 3s. sewed, the seventh edition, : — A COMPLETE GUIDE to LANDLORDS, TENANTS, . and LODGERS. By R. SUTTON, Esq. Barrister at i. aw. 4.— In one volume 8vo, price a. s. ful. sawed, ttic fifth edition, The COUNTRY GENTLEMAN'S LAWYER, and Farmer's complete Law Library. By WM. MARMOT, Esq. 5,— In one volume 8vo. price 3s. a. sawed,— The NEW COMPLETE PARISH OFFICER, by HENRY CLAVEBINO, Esq. Barrister at Law. < i.— In one volume Svo. price 3s. sewed,— The LAW OF BANKRUPTS, by SOAME WHITTAKER, Esq. The whole of the above select I'reatas- s may be had together in one volume, price 2- u. bound in calf and lettered, or 1.9s, fid. boards. [ 459 ATLAS INSURANCE COMPANYITONDO. N, For Fir', / aires, and / innuities. President— Sir CHIUS. TOPHF. R BAYN S, Bart. l. nPHli Capital of this Company is to be Two A . Millions, in Shares of ^. 60 each", of ivhich a great poriion are already subscribed for by persons of raspectab. lit , property, and connections. 2.— Two Hundred Thousand Pounds being considered " s perfectly adequate to any claims which are lik-.- lv to be made on the Company, it is intended to call or only Ten per Cent, of the Capital, to be paid as follows: Ten Shillings per Share at the time of subscribing ; and the remainder by instalments, alter signing the deed f settlement. 3.— There are to be Eighteen Directors, elected by the Proprietors. 4.— This Institution i: peculiarly worthy the attention of Gentlemen ot the profession of the Law, who have iiliieral.! v been excluded frqm some establishing 11. s 01' a similar nature ; and from having'. a considerable quartitvof Life Insurant'!) annually to effect, will, by becoming Proprietors, be partici- pators in the profits arising therefrom. 5.— Every Proprietor wghg-. s to insure with the Company to the amount of his Sharp; thus Two Millions cf Insurance is SECURED. The united influen e and connection oi so - v tended a body of Proprietors, will . aereas. the profits r. f the Company to such au extent; as, with the interest nf the Capital, which is to be placed out on Government Securities, wiy command annually a handsome D. vidcnd. Agents will be appointed in tha provincial towps through- art the kingdom, fronq the recommendation ot the 1 roprietors u such towns. Subscriptions will be received by Sir James Ksdaile r d Lombard- street; Down, Thornton, and Fre « , Bar:'.', t. a Lane; Masterman, Peters, and Co. Lombard- street • >.•;.; Dimsdale and Co. Cornhill; and. Hammersky ami C; Mall; of whom 1' iospcctuses may be had. !>.• « THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SAJUHDAV NIGHT, I'EB. 13. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Feb. 13. IS Majesty's sloop Port Mahon, Captain Chambers, on the 1st inst. raptured the French lngger privateer Le Ferct, of l6 anil having 47 men, and has brought her into guns, Spithead CROWN- OFFICE, Feb. 13. Member returned to serve in the pre sunt Parliament: County of Donegal,— Henry Conv'sjta Montgomery, of the Hall, in the said county of lion; gd, K q. ill the" loom of Heury " Vaughan Brooke, Esq. deceased. The Average Price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, com- puted from the Returns made in the week ending the 10th day of February 1808, is Thirty- One Shillings and S-: » eh Pence Halfpenny per Hundred Weight, exclusive of the Duties. COR N. • V_- grcgate Average Prices of the Twelve- Maritime Dis- tricts" 1 of England and Wales, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated in Great Britain : Wheat 6;).,. id,;— Rve 48*. 10.7.;— Barley 39s. 2d.;— Oats egs. ;— Beans 56.?. 1 id.;— and Peas < K5i-. per ( Quarter. Oatmeal 41*. 3d. per Boll. BANKRUPTS. JMsrard ttlyth, of Louth, merchant. TMr„ ( Jell and Ann Well, of Wirksworth, grocers. N , Hurry and C. 1:. Jon;; s, of Liverpool, merchant*. Joseph Washington, of Ashborne, saddler. Jaine » Round, of Wolverhampton, factor. Joseph Reppen and John Beppen, of Clapham, dealers in coals. James Wain, of Lambeth, merchant. Geo. Simpson, of Copthall- chainbers, London. John i ote, of Fore- street, London, stationer. John Crowtner, of Halifax, corn- dealer. ' i'ho;. Wood, of Sheffield, merchant. J. Maclachlan, of Harford- place, Drury- lane, cabinet- maker. Caleb With tli, of Fenchurcn- street, warehousekeeper. T. H. Wills, of Lamb's- couduit- street, Hd « n- drap> T. James Wrigley, of Pitt- street, Blackfriars- road, halter. M. Luck, atias Scares, of t. Martin's- le- Graud, chapwoman. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, Feb. 12.] A ballot took place for a Com- mittee to determine the merits of the Poole Election. The Curates Suspension Bill was read a third time, and passed. Adjourned to Monday. LONDON, SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 13. Advices from Gibraltar to the 12th ult. arrived yes- terday, by which we learn that 120,000 French and Spanish troops are " on their march against that place, pnd that 200 gun- boats were destined to( co- operate in the attack. So severe was the weather last nsght, the snow so deep, the wind so violent, that by ten o'clock this morning not more than six inland Mails out of 20 had arrived at the General Post- Office.— In some places, it is reported, the coaches could not proceed, arid the bags were dispatched on horseback— in others ad- ditional horses were forced to be procured. During the whole night on Thursday, and yesterday morning, the wind was so high, that much damage must have been done on the coast The letters re- ceived this morning from Deal, Ramsgate, & c. mention that three or four vessels are on shore, but happily no lives have been lost. Ministers have settled a new plan for the issuing of Exchequer Bills, by which the commission will be saved, as well as an easy accommodation given to the public. They are to be issued " at an offtce in the Bank, to hear 4 percent, while out; and to be paid or exchanged at one day's notice at the office. MARRIED.] On Thursday, at Barningliam, in Nor- folk, Captain Honor, of the 7th Light Dragoons to Miss Maria Bacon, youngest daughter of Sir Edward Bacon, premier Baronet of England. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'clock, Bank Stock, India Stock, 170+ South Sea Stock," 69 3 • y. Cent. Red. 64 § 3 ip. Cent. Cons. 63f 4 ^ Cents. 82f 5 ^ Cent. Navy, 96 § .1Cent. 17P7, — Long Ann. 18- jj- Shok Ann. — Omnhrm, 3 pr. Irish ditto, — India Bonds, 3 a 1 dis. Ex- chequer Bills, 3ja 1 dis. Irish 5 %>• Cents. 94J Imperial 3 ^ Cents. 63$ English Lott. Tick. ill. — s. Ditto Prizes, full Money. Came into harbour the Chiffonne, Capt. Wainwright. Friday— Arrived the Centurion, of j4 guns, from the Downs. Saturday— Sailed the Penelope, of 36 guns, Captain Dick, and Banterer sloop, Capt. Sheppard, with a large fleet of transports, having the 7th, 8th, 13th, and 23d regiments of toot on board, for Halifax, under the com- mand of General Sir George Prevost; also the Undaunted, of 38 guns, Captain Maling. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13. On Tuesday was married Mr. Cole, solicitor, of Odiham, to Miss Davies, of Basingstoke. Lately was married Mr. Wells, grocer, of Kings- gate- street, to Miss Fifield, of Wonston. On Wednesday died, at Andover, in the 25th year of his age, Mr. John Pyle, after having sustained a long and severe illness with manly fortitude and pious resignation. On Wednesday last, as a man was sitting at the head of a waggon which was passing through the parish of Froyle, near Alton, he unfortunately slipped off, fell under one of the wheels, and was killed on the spot. Oil Thursday last several children entered the cellaring of some old houses that are pulling down in the High- street, Southampton, for the purpose of picking up fire- wood, when some part of ground flooring gave way, and a fine girl, about 14 years of age, lost her life. pott JiMflS. FALMOUTH, Pel. 11. The following packets sailed on Tuesday last, viz. Princess Mary, for New York ; Walsingham, for Gibraltar and Malta; and Prince Ernest packet, for Jamaica. The army commanded by General Spencer, still Remains detained by contrary winds. Yesterday morn- ing the wind began to be favorable, and the Couirno- dire made a signal, but towards the evening it changed back a » ain to the S. W. It is understood that all the transports which. were missing are arrived at Gibraltar. A French Gentleman, called Bryer, who landed out of an American vessel from Bourdeaux, bound to New York, was taken into custody by a Messenger last Thursday night, under authority of a warrant from the Secretary of State, on suspicion of being an agent of the French Government. His papers wets secured, and he went in charge of the Messenger the ne- xt morning for London. PLYMOUTH, Feb. 12. Came in the Hamburgh ship Isabella, Capt- Millman, from Charhstown with sugar, rice, Sic. detained by the Niobe frigat-.— The American brig Huron, from Bourdeaux, wit!; Wine and brafidv, detained bv the Tribune frigate.. The / 1. an brig Huxon, from BourJeaux, with wine a jnev, deta iled also by the Tribune. It appears that two French frigates eseaped from Bouideaux the 22d ult. This more i << early, during a heavy gale of wind at north, the ship Matilda, Capt. Kerr, from Monte Video, bound to London, with hides, tallow, and oil, was driven ashore on the rocks at St. Nicholas's Island, and is bilged: the cargo is now taking out, but is much damaged. If it moderates, the vessel may be again got off. PORTSMOUTH, Feb. 13. The Northumberland, Centurion, and' Lion men of war are ordered for foreign service, and prepared for six months. Tuesday— Sailed the Brunswick, of 74 guns, Captain Graves, to join the Channel fleet; St. Albans, of 64, Capt. Austen, with sealed orders ; Dispatch sloop, Capt. LiUicrap ; Goshawk sloop, Capt. Innis ; Cossack sloop, Capt. Digby; Pickle schooner, and Adonis cutter. Arrived " the Resistance, af 38 guns, Capt. Adam, from off Havre, and Locu- t gun vessel. Wednesday— Sailed the Guerrier, of 36 guns Captain Skene, with the Duke of Manchester on hoard, for Ja- maica ; Lebnidas, of 38 guns, Capf. Dunbar, with the Hon. Mr. Hill and Mr. Mellish, tor Sardinia and Sicily; » nd Avenger sloop, Capt. White. Arrived the Orion, of 74 . guns, Capt. Dixon ; Sultan, o£ 74, Capf. Griffith j and Clyde, of 36, Captain Owen, from the Downs. Tii'ir'day— A rrived the Franohi. o, of 38 guns, Captain Dashwood, from the Downs; and Linnet brig, from off Havre. SALISBURY. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1803. By mistake it was stated in our last, that all the Members of the House of Commons, who hold offices under the Prince of Wales, voted with the Mi- nisters on the question of the Copenhagen expedition ; Mr. Adam, his Ilryal Hightiess's Chancellor, and Mr. Jekyll, his Solicitor General, both voted with the Opposition. The decision of the Chippenham Election Com- mittee was, that Mr. Dawkins, was tjuly elected; that Mr. Blake was not; and that the return was not corrupt or vexatious. An Association of Gentlemen of the City and Close have met for the benevolent and laudable purpose of affording some relief to the poorer class of housekeepers during the severity of the future winters, by establishing, through a general subscription, a repository for Fuel, to be dealt out to them in small quantities, at a moderate price, at the recommendation of the respective subscribers BIRTH.] On the 5th inst. in Norwich, the Lady of the Hon. George Herbert, fourth son of the Earl of Carnarvon, of a daughter. On Tuesday was married by special licence, at Mr. Rigbv's house in Grosvenor- street, London, Horace Becktord, Esq. only son of Peter Beckford Esq. of Stepleton, Dorset, to MissRigby, only daughter of Lieutenant- Colonel Rigby, of M istly Hall, in Essex. A few days since was married, at Christian Malford, in this county, Robert Middleton Atty, Esq. youngest son of James Atty, Esq. of Whitby, in this county, to Margaret" Lucy, youngest daughter of the Rev. W. Willes,. A rchdeacon of Wells. On Monday the 8th inst. was married at Dorchester, by the Rev. Mr. Richmond, Mr. Edw. HorneShorto, to Miss Hannah Critchell, both of this city. On Thursday was married, at Andover, Mr. Wm. Deare to Miss Martha Weeks, of Durrington, near Amesbury. Lately died Mr. William Norman, a Surgeon in the Armv, late of Melksham. A few days since died, aged 90, Mr. Wm. Bond, of Sutton- Mandeville, in this county. A few days since died; at Bath, Robert Clare, Esq. formerly an eminent surgeon at Denizes. On Thursday the 4th inst. died, greatly lamented by her friends, Miss Jarvis, of Uphavon, in this bounty, aged It). . Lately died, at Tilshead, in this county, Mr. Anthony Smith, baker. There was so heavy a fall of snow on Friday, drifted bv the wind bowing violently from the E. N. E. that the road from this City, to London was in some places impassable. The Mail Coach from London, that night was blocked up near Overton, and after several uneffectual attempts to remove it, the Guard found it adviseable to forward the Mails in Post- chaises. To the PRINTER of the SALISBURY WINCHESTER JOURNAL. StR, IN looking into Barrow's History of England, vol. 1, page 37, Antiquarius will see, that in the year 465, upon the retreat of Vortiger n, Ambrosius Aurelius was placed on the British throne. Ambrosius, being now without a rival in'command, applied himself to Settle the affairs of his kingdom. In order to which, lie summoned a general assembly of his princes and nobles to meet him at York, where an order vas made ibr restoring the churches, and settling the peace of the kingdom. From York he marched to Winchester . and Salisbury, where he took the like pre- cautions, and was solemnly crowned at Stonehenge, the o tie bra led monument on Salisbury Plain. By which AntiquariuS will see that Stonehenge is 472 years of an earlier date than he mentions. Quijhampton. Feb. 10, 1808. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, per Quarter—- Bread, per Gallon. * 1 <">">- 1 Beans. ( Wheat. [" Barky. Feb. j s. s. s. Oats. Salisbury, !)! < 32 to 6* 34 to 37 j 29 lo 8( 1 l" 6S to 68 Basingstoke, 101 CM to 711 36 to 40 29 to 33 56 to 5.9 Devizes,- 11 j 56 lo 72 134 to 38 23 to 34 j Is to 6( 1 Newbury, 1 I 51 to 81: 32 /-) 3.9 j 9.7 lo 8- 1 i 51 to 66 Andover, 1016- 2 lo 70 ', 35 to 3* i 21 lo - 33 56 to 78 Warminster, lsu • * fo 7- 1 34 to 3131 to 35] 58 l » 62 1! - li-'. f of the G„ llon Latif, alt. 1 lr Half- Gall, ill Bread. s. J. 1 7 1 6 1 7 1 7 1 5i Hot STATE LOTTERY OF 25,000 TICKETS, Begins drawing the Sth of next Month. THIS Lottery contains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lott ry for many years past, though some of those Lotteries consisted of 60,000 Tickets. 3... 4... < X>... 3.. .. of.. .. of.. .. of.. CAPITALS. of. £ 20,000 .£ 10,000 . .. 5,000 30 of £ 500 45 of. 100 1,000 60 of. 00 & c. & C. Tickets and Share**, in the greatest variety of Numbets, are now sellinj by S r JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co. at their Offices in London ar. d at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; AND WHERE ALSO ARE SELI. LNIS TICKETS AM) SHARES TOR THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY Of FREEHOLD HOUSES, discharged of Land- Tax, containing Capital Prizes to the Amount of £ 104,000, viz. DORSETSHIRE. N'OTICE is hereby given, that the next AD- JOURNMENT of the GENERAL QUARTER SESSION. of the PEACE, fsr ' •• ur. tv o; Dorset, will be held at t ; e County Hall, at L'orcbestrr, . and for the said county, on Satur ! , y the twelfth clay of March next.— Dated this sixth day of February, 180S. By Order'of the Court, WM. BURNEI", Clerk of the Peace. TO ARCHITECTS. WILTS COUNTY BRIDE WELL. \ LL Persons willing to send in Plans for BIJILD- 1\ INGa NEW COUNTY BRIDEWELL and HOUSE' of CORRECTION, at Devizes, in the county of Wilts, con- taining proper, separate, and distinct places of confinement for at least one hundred prisoners, having regard to classing them according to the nature of their crimes and punish- ments, and providing convenient places for the employment of those committed for hard labour, are requested to send the same, with estimates and proposals for carrying such plans into execution, to Mr. John Swayne, at the Office of the Clerk of the Peace, at Wiltorv, near Salisbury, Wilts, on or before the 19th day of March next. It is requested tfiatsuch plans and estimates be sent '' sealed up) without signatures, but with mottoes or other devices; and that the same be accompanied with sealed letters ( marked on the outside with corresponding mottoes or other devices) containing the names and addresses of the persons sending the same. Information as to the intended scite of the building, and other particulars, may be had on application to Mr. John Swayne. FIFTY POUNDS will he paid, as an honorary compen- sation, to tlie person sending the plan, & c. which shall be most approved of, with a proviso, that the said compensation is not to he paid in case the person sending the plan, & c. shall afterwards be employed in executing the same. WILTON, near SALISBURY, Jan. - 25, 1808. [ 3.31 1.. valued at. . £ 2*, 000 1 7,000 4 6,000 7.. valued at.. £ 4,000 6 8,000 1 2,000 Kf" It is proposed that those Prizes which are divided into small Shares shall be sold, and the produce paid to t- he re- spective Shareholders. *** In the last Lottery the £ 40,000 Prize, the largest ever shared, was sold, in 16 Sixteenths, bySirJAS. BitANsco. MB and Co. and their Agents } by whom Capital Pr zes to the amount of TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND POUND were sold in the two last years Lotteries. [ 450 THEATRE, SALISBURY. MR. SHATFORD is sorry to inform the Public, he cannn' yet fix the day for opening the Theatre, as the late severe weather anil contrary winds have disappointed the hope of his Company arriving long previous to the present day; but the earliest notice will be given, and in the mean time every exertion will be used to make the house as com- fortable as possible, several large fires being kept up every day. Feb. 13, 1808. BLANDFORD, DORSET. THE next COUNTY BALL will be at the Assembly Room, BLAMDFORD, on Thursday the isth of February 1808, ( and not on Tuesday the 16th, as before advertised./ [ 429 CHURCH PREFERMENT. WANTED,— The NEXT PRESENTATION to a RECTORY, Donative, or Perpetual Curacy, with the prospect of a speedy vacancy. All communications ( post paid) addressed to A.. G. L. Esq, Printing- office, Canal, Salisbury, will receive the greatest attention. [ 514 TO BLACKSMITHS. WANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN BLACK- SMITH ; a sober steady Man, who understands Country Work. A good hand may have constant employ and good wages by applying to Benjamin Tmke, blacksmith, at Throop, near Christchurch, Hants.— Feb. 13, 160R. TWO GUINEAS REWARD. LOST, or taken out of a Cart, between Whaddon and Salisbury, on Monday night the » th of February, 1808, between nine and ten o'clock,— A DOUBLK- BAR- RELLED GUN, with Patent Breeches, and maker's name " I. PROBIN," marked on the Locks and Barrels. Whoever will bring it to Mr. Perkins, gun- maker, Sarum, shall receive the above Reward: any person found detaining it after this public notice will be prosecuted. PIGEON SHOOTING. TO be SHOT for, at the KING'S HEAD at WHITFPARISH, on Thursday the l » th instant,— Two large Silver Table Spoons, value £ 3 or upwards; six ditto Tea Spoons and SugarTongs, valu^- £- 2 or upwards ; a Silver Punch Ladle, a Powder Horn, Shot Bag, and Game Bag, value £ 2 or upwards.—— Likew'se a MATCH for 20 GUINEAS cach side, between six Gentlemen of WILTS and six ditto of HANTS. The Shooting to commence precisely at eleven o'clock ; and- no person will be allowed to shoot unless he has deposited his subscription in the hands of the person appointed for that purpose. . N. B. Dinner on the table by three o'clock. I- WILTSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated in the parish of Cod- ford St. Mary; consisting of two good Farm- houses, Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings, and about 1,90 acres of Water- meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, and 830 Sheep- l^ azes on the Downs and Common- fields of Codford, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Ingram, tenant at will, who will shew the pre- mises.— The pirish of Codford is 6 miies from Warminster, on the turnpike road to Sarum. For further particulars apply to Mr. Gough, Solicitor, War- minster, or Mr. John Caarlton, lar- d agent and surveyor, Stourton. [ 334 CALNE, WILTS. A HOUSE and SHOP in the Market- Place, with Fixtures complcat. be LETT, and entered 011 immediately,— That. X long- accustomed, . large, and spacious SHOP, « n the Mercery, Drapery, Hosiery, and Grocery Line, till now in the occupation of Mr. John Gundry, tenant. [ 500 For particulars enquire of Mr. John Bishop, Calne. TO be LETT, for six Months, from Lady- day next,— A modern- built COTTAGE, completely fur- nished ; consisting of two parlours, four bed- rooms, two servants'garrets, kitchen, and offices ; three- stall stable, ig- house, garden, and near two acres of pasture; situated in a beautiful part of Hampshire ; distant from London 47 miles, and two from a good market- town. Letters fpost pai l) addressed to R. S. Post- office, Andover, will be duly attended to. [ 458 GREATBRIDGE, NEAR ROMSF. Y. rr< 0 be LETT, with immediate possession,— A A modtrn built convenient HOUSE, situate at Great- bridge; consisting of an entrance hail, two parlours, two kitchens, cellar and pantry, five bed rooms, store room, dresssing room and clossets, with a stable and coach- house, Urge garden and orchard, and with or without five acres of Land adjoining. [ 475 Greatbridge is one mile from Romsey, on the bank of the River Test; and a small trout stream runs through the garden'. For particulars, apply to Mr. John Fifield, Stanbridge. TITHE- FREE ESTATE, WILTS. rT10 be LETT, from Lady- day 1808, divided into A two or more Farms,— Upwards of 370 Acres of MEA- DOW, PASTURE, and ARABLE LAND, Tithe- free, situated in the parish of Broad Somerford, in the county of Wilts; and about 60 Acres of MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, in the parish of Little Somerford, adjoining the for- mer, subject t > Tithes. For a view of the above apply to Mr. Smith, Broad Somer- ford. [ 440 To LOVERS of ANGLING. npO be LETT and entered, on immediately, A A neat little FISHING BOX, fit for the reception of a small family; consisting of a good kitchen, two parlours, and five chambers, with detached offices, and large garden full of choice fruit trees, situate on the banks of the river Test, which is allowed to be the finest trout- streams in Eng- land, and within 100 yards of the Borough of Stockbridge. For particulars apply fif by letter post- paid) to H. W. Cole, Parchment- maker, Stockbridge. [ 517 TO be SOLD,— A very handsome BLOOD MARE, four years old, very fait in all her paces, and an excellent hunter.— Also, a GELDING, rising six years, a good hunter, and strongly recommended as an excellent roadster. [ 508 The above may be seen at Mr. Hodder's, Pimperne, on Thursday the 18th instant, at twelve o'clock, with a Pointer Dog, the property of a Gentleman leaving the country. ((." J" A Trial will be given on that or the following day. HANTS. TO be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, All that capital Mansion called LAlNSTOiV- HOUSE, with the Courts, Yards, walled Gardens, Orchard, Dog- kennel, triple Coach house, excellent Stabling for 20 horses, Dove- cote, and every necessary attached " and de- tached office and building; together with 11- 2 acres of in- closed arable and pasture land ( tythe free) adjoining and lying in a ring fence round the mansion. Theabo^ e capiat residence is delightfully situated on an eminence ( but well sheltered), near the Stockbridge turnpike road, three miles west of Winchester, is perfectly dry and in complete repair, fit for the reception and genteel accommo- dation of a large family, and has for many years past been in the occupation of George Wm. Ricketts, Esq. by whose per- mission the same may be viewed. A part of the present elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE may be taken at a valuation. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arncy, Close, Salisbury; if by letter post- paid. [ 4027- WARMINSTER. X) be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, MARNHULL, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. TAYLOR, on the premises, on Friday the !. 9th day of February, 1888, — The following CART HORSES, WA& GONS, TIMBER CARRIAGES, iVc. the property of Mr. James White, viz. Six capital cart houses, with their harness, all warranted sound, and staunch to the harness ; one hackney mare, war- ranted sound, and a good roadster, capable of carrying any weight'; one large broad- wheel waggon, with iron axles, almost new ; one small ditto, with iron axles, in good con- dition ; one broad- wheel timber carriage, with double drafts and iron arms, almost new ; one pair of six- inch wheels, one timber crane, a quantity of timber chains, & c. & c. The sale to begin at one o'clock precisely. [ 501 r] T) be SOLD by PUBLIC. AUCTION, at the J_ Talbot Inn, Mere, in the county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 43d day of Febrai- ry, 1808, at five o'clock in the after- noon, by J. JEANS, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,— A substantial and commodious DWKLLING- HOUSE, situate in the Market- place of the Town of Mere, with garden and con- venient offices belonging. of which the purchaser maybe ac- commodated w'th immediate possession. The house is spacious and well adapted for carrying on an extensive trade, in which it has been heretofore eminently successful. The property is held under the Marquis of Bath, by L-"'. se determinable with three healthy lives, subject to a small reserved rent. For viewing the premises application mav be made to Mr. Edward Butt, of Mere ; and to treat for the purchase, to Messrs. Mjssiter, Wincanton. [ 498 R I N G W O D. rpo be SOLD by'AUCTION, bv JOHHCRAK « T6 » , I on Wednesday the 54: h t : February 1808, at the Red Lon Inn, ; n Ringwood, -- t lour o'clock,— The following LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, belonging to the late Mr. John Ayles, of Pouiner: • J. R. P. Lotl.— A Cottage, called Old house, situate at ) Pouiner, near Ringwood, and a Piece of Arable '- 1 1 8 Land adjoining the same, in North Field ) Another piece in Old House Furlong, in same field!. 0 3 28 Another piece in Gamoiar's Acre, in ditto 2 1 4 A plot of Arable Land behind the White Hart at 1 Pouiner, inclosed f° J 3a A p ece of good Meadow Land, in Mid Furlong, > m Upmead, near Ringwood J. .' " f! 5 3 19 The above is held under the Lord of the Manor of Ringwood, on the life of Jeremiah Ayles, aged 39, and Elizabeth Ayles, aged 34. ' Lot 2.— A Dwellir. g- House and Outbuildings, with a Gar- den, situate at Moxford, near Ringwood, in the tenure of John Rabbits, heid for two good lives, aged 45 and 57. I. ot 3.— A Dwelling- House in Ringwood, with Fuel- House and Garde n, in th' tenure of Mr. John Ward, barber. Lot 4.— Another Dwelling- House, Fuel- House, and Garden, in the tenure of Mr. John Brown. Lot 5.— Another Dwelling- I louse, Fuel- Hou. se, and Garden, in the tenure of Mr. Joseph Spragg. Lot 6.— Two Dwelhng- Houses, with Fuel- House and Gar- den , adjoining each other, in the tenure of Mr. Win. Faulkner. Those 5 Lots are situate near the Lamb Inn, and held on one good life aged 53. Immediately after the sale of the above will be sold,— Two Lots'of FREEHOLD LAND, the property of the Friendly Society at Ringwood. Lot 7.— A Piece of Arable Land, situate in Spitalfi. ld, near Ringwood, by estimation two acres, be the same more or less. Lot 8.— Another Piece in the same field, by estimation two acres, be the same more oriess. * » * Further particulars may be known by applying to tha Auctioneer. [ 509 ( or sooner, if required) for a term of years,— A neat comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, with all suitable J and and convenient Offices, Stable, and spacious Work- shops adjoining, wherein the clothing business has been carried on for several years; and a Garden, well stocked with fruit trees, lying behind the same ; all situate in Church- street, in War- minster aforesaid, near the church there. The build. ngs arc- in very good condition, the greatest part thereof having been lately erected. N.' B. In the Work- shops are an Oven with Plates, and a Double Screw Press with Papers, & c. both comp ete ; and sundry other articles in the clothing business, which may be taken to at a fair valuation, or the same articles will be disposed of by private contract. For further particulars application to be made to Mr. Cutler, Crown Inn, Warminster; and, if by letter, postpaid. [ 61 TO be LETT by PRIVATE TENDER, for a term of twenty- one years, of which 17 were unexpired at Michaelmas last, SAXLEY FARM, in the pansh of Upper Ciattord, in the county of Hants; consisting of 345 acres of capital arable land ( be the same more or less), oj which 7 are in burnet, 8.9 in sanfoin, 2,9 in new lay of pe- rennial rye grass, 81 in new lay of common rye grass, 39 in old lay, 40 in wheat, 3 in turnips, and the rest in fallow, be the same more or less ; also ' 20 acres of water meadow ( more or lessj^ and a yearly allotment oflOj lands of'copse wood. , Twelve hundred pounds have been expended in buildings on the premises since the commenc: ment of the lease. Proposals for taking the same may be directed to R. Moore, Esq. Hampton- Court Palace, Middlesex, on or before the 8th of March, when the highest offer will be accepted, if otherwise approved of. For further particulars apply to Mr. Bird, Attorney at Law, Andover, or to Mr. Pinkitv, Attorney at Law, No. 3, Elm- Court, Temple, London. [ 441 WILTS. CAPITAL ELM TIMBER. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— 1,300 Prime ELM TREES, fit for Shipping, or other purposes, now trowing on the Manor of Christian Malford, in tiie county aforesaid, either together or in Lots. For a view of the same apply to Mr. Collins, the bailiff, at the Manor- house in Christian Malford aforesaid ; and for fur- ther particulars, and to treat for the same, to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts. [ 343 M TO be SOLD,— A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the county of Somerset, comprising the MANOR of BRATTON, otherwise BRATTON- SEYMOUR. A Moiety of the Perpetual Advowson, or the alternate Right of Presentation to the Rectory and Parish Church of Bratton, otherwise Bratton- Seymour, the next Presentation thereto belonging to the owner of tin- slid estate. A Messuage or Farm- House, with suitable buildings, two cottages, and about tour hundred acres of arable, pasture, and wood land, in Britton and Shepton- Montague, and now in the occupation of Richard Hodges and his under- tenants, under an agreement for one year, ending on Old Lady- Day next, when the purchaser may have possession. Also a Cottage and Garden, with the appurtenances, in Bratton aforesaid, in the occupation of John iiooper. Also one Acre of Land, in Bratton aforesaid, in the occu- pation of John Hodges, who has had notice to quit the same on Old Lady- Day next, when the purchaser may have possession. ' [ 420 • For price and further particulars, apply ( by letters, past paid) to Mr. Daniel Jones, at Fakenham, in Norfolk. DORSETSHIRE, nno be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A I FREEHOLD ESTATE, called LITTLE KEYNTON MA- NOR FARM, situated in the garishes of Kiynton Magna and WestStour; consisting of a good Farm- house, Barns, Stalls, Sc. and containing about 380 acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, It,' of which are out on lease for two old lives. The above Estate is about six miles from Shaftesbury and five from Stalbridge, both good market'owns, and adjoining the turnpike road to Sherborne ; it is well timbered, and bounded by the river S « our. In the occupation of Mr. John Peters, tenant at will, who will shew the premises.— About 70 acres, called the New Inclosures, will be sold separate, if required. Also an ESTATE held by Copy of Court Roll under the larmrof Gillinp- ham. flnrl eminl rr, FreeVinl. t citnat- joH in [' ne ting ning about 16' 0 acres of Pas- ture and about ten acres of Arable Land, in the occupa'ion of Messrs. Lush and Doggrcl, tenants at will, who will shew the premises.— The above Estate is now lett in two Farms, and wiil be sold in two lots if required. Also about 20 acres of Pasture Land, in the parish of Mot- combe, in the occupation of Mr. John Butt. Further particulars may. be known, and plans of the estate seen at the Office of Mr. Charles Bowles, at Shaftesbury ; Mr. Gough, solicitor, Warminster; or Mr. John Charlton, and agent and surveyor, Stourton. [ 333 HAY FOR SALE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. PLOWMAW, on the premises, at Long Critchill, in the county of Dorset, on Thursday the 18th day of February, 1 « 0S,— A RICK of exceeding good and well- made MEADOW HAY, aryd. one ditto of CLOVER ditto ; the whole about 16 tons. N. B.— The sale to begin at two o'clock in the afternoon. SEVENTY TONS OF PRIME HAY. ' OR SALE by AUCTION, by J. ALLEJT, at F' the Dolphin Inn, Rumsev, on Friday the 19rti instant at three o'clock, TWO RICKS of CAPITAL HAY - one a rick of sanfoin, about 40 tons ; the other a rick of water meadow, about 30 tons. For a view of the hay, and particu- lars, apply to Mr. Thomas Smith, at King's Somborne, near Stockbridge. On Thursday the 18th inst. will be SOLD by AUCTIONf on the premises, by J. ALLEN, All the SHOP STOCK of Mr. Thomas Smith, at King's Somborne; consisting o Grocery, Drapery, & c. fOne Concern.) [ 512 ' The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. WILTS. TIMBER. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, at the BECKFORO AR MS, in the parish of Fonthill- GifTord, on Friday the • 26th day of February inst. at three o'clock in the afternoon subject to such conditions of'sale as shall be then and ther- produced,— Fifteen Lots of remarkably fine OAK TIMBER The whole to be viewed till the day of sale, by aiipp- me at the Beckford Arms. ' 5 For particulars as to the quality of the timber apply to Mr. John Charlton, land and timber surveyor, Stourton.' I37S BEECH TIMBER, At the Holt, near White Flood, between Wiiuhester and Bishop's Waliham. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Mr. MAMT, at the New Inn, White Flood; on Tuesday th • Ib't'h of February 1808, at three o'clock in the afternr c. n— LotL— 18 BEECH TREES, with their Lops artdTops r. ow standing and growing on the Holt Firm, marked 11 X ' Lot II.— 178 ditto, in the Rookery, mark I II X Lot III.— 146 ditto, in ditto, marked WC XX For particulars apply to Mr. Priekett, at White Flood ; or to the Auctioneer, Winchester. . | 70R SALE by AUCTION, at GARRAWA^ S X COFFEE- HOUSE, Exchange- Alley, Corn'- ll, London" on Thursday the 25th of February, 1808, for account of the Underwriters,— The following GOODS, viz. About too Bags damaged Spanish Wool, 60 Bags Portukal Wools, 50 Hags Spun Wool. [ 521 Catalogues and furth- r particulars to he had of Charles Jacomb, jun. 13, Angel- court, Throgmorton street, London 17011 SALE by AUCTION, at the EXCHANGE COFTEE- HOUSE, Bristol, on Wednesday the Sd of March, 1308, for account of the Underwriters About 100 Bags of DAMAGED SPANISH WOOL. Catalogues may be had, two days preceding the day of--, V by applying to Messrs. Lane and Ebsworth, Bridge- street* Bristol, and of T. and R. Martin, Brokers, Colenia'n- street London. . npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the 01.1 Antelope JL Inn and Hotel, POOLE, on Thursday the 18th of Febiuary inst: nt, at three o'clock 63 Pieces of square Canada Oak Timber, well seasoned, and of prime quality. C ip. 7 0 23 Quebec Oak Pipe Staves. S O 4 ditto Hogshead ditto. S 0 0 ditto Heading. 36,000 Feet of Inch Pine Boards. 7 Logs of Hispaniola Maho.' any. All which may be viewed a - Week before the sale, and Catalogues delivered at the Office of J. BRISTOWE and Co. Brokers. P- JOLE, Feb. S, 1808. [ , F WEYMOUTH. OR SALE by AUCTION, at the Cttstom- hoyse in this Port, on Tuesday the 1st of M . rch, 1808, at t n '' " " ' — The [ 463 o'clock in the forenoon, ( for private families onlv,; following goods, viz. Brandy Rum Geneva Wine Compounds Flour .'. Shoe Threads Tobacco Pipe Clay.. Glass Beads 1052 ^ 87} r „ 7i2 J 2 Bottles. 2 Sacks. 79* 1 4IK> vPounds. 82 J Pursuant to Directions from the Commissioners for the Care and Disposal of Danish Property, 170R PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, on Tuesday the 16th day of February, 1808, at twelve o'clock, The Danish Ship CROWN PRINS, legally cond- mned, with her tackle, appirel, and furniture. Dimensions— length aloft, 107 feet— breadth, 28 feet 2 inches— depth, 18 feet;— measures about 350 tons. For viewing, inventories, & c. apply, two days before the sale, at the Dolphins Inn, or to M s'srs. William Steel and Son, Southampton. THOMAS AULDJO. NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyixlhurst, by- order of the Right Hon. Lord GUnbervie, Surveyor General of his Majesty's Woods and Forests, on Thursday the 10th day of March, 1808, The following NAVAL 11EECH TOPS, in several lots, Whitley Ridge Walk 30 Tops. Rhinefield Walk 104 I. ynrihurst Walk 13 For further particulars apply to Mr. Joseph Mortimer, at Ower. [ 4t; 6, POR PUBLIC SALE by AUCTION, at th- si. fr I and Garter Tavern, Broad- str « et, Portsmouth, on Thuis- day the 18th day of February, 1808, at noon, CFur Exportation),— About 300 Pieces of SPANISH BRANDY; condemned ? s prize to the Mars private ship of war, of Plymouth ; being the entire Cargo of th * Danish brig Forenoede Haab, O. C. Paulsen, Master; detained 011 a voyage from Solo to Tonnin- gen. After which will be sold,— The HULL of the fast- sailing French Lugger privateer L'Aigle, burthen about ss tons; condemned as prize to. his Majesty's ship Resistance, Charles Adam, Esq. Captain. Also,— The Masts, Bowsprits, Yard?, Anchors, Cables, Sails. Rigging, and Stores of the said privateer; and about 1500 Buenos Ayres H des. For catalogues and further particulars apply ( three days be- fore the sale) to T. HEATHER, Broker, Chamber of Com- merce, Portsmouth. [ 47a GOSPORT. By Order of the Omimmbheri fir the Care and Disposal of Dani'h Ships and Cargoes. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on. Thursday the 25th of February, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— The following VESSELS, viz. The good Schooner INDIGE KONE, NO.—. Dimensions; Length, 7: feet 7 inches; breadth, MS feet; depth in hoi !, about s feet; squAre stem, admeasures' about 118 tens, anil tolerably well found in stores. The good Sloop DOLPHIN, NO. 113. Dimensions: Leorth, 42 feet 9 inches ; breadth, 14 feet 10 inches ; depth in hold, 8 feet 11 inches; r markablv strong- built, square st ril, ad measures about 36 tons, nearly new, well found in s.' res, and would make an excellent coaster, being of a light dr; t of water, and worthy the attention of any person wanting a vessel of her size. The good Brig KRON PRIXS FREDERICK, NO. in. I):- mensions : Length, 78 feet 3 inches ; breadth, 21 ft. ine' .. , depth in hold, about 9 feet; square stern, admeasures about 148 tons, and tolerably well found in stor s. The good Galliot TWEENDE BRODSK. S. Dimensions:— Length, 84 feet 9 inches; breadth, 21 feet 6 inches ; depth in hold, 10 feet 3 inches; round stein, strong- built, admea- sures 213 tons, tolerably Wcil'tound in stores, adapted forjbe timber trade, being flat- floored, a large hold, and ot light draft of water. After which will be sold, for excoriation,— About 250 Tons of Salt 1700 of Paling Boards 80 Ufers Being the Cargoes of the Indige Kone, Kron Prins Fred. rick, and Dolphin. For inventories, and further particulars, apply to A. LINDEOREN, W. BURRIDOE SONS, Agents to the JOHN MOYI. E, and ( Commissioners. MATTHIAS MARCH, J GOJPORT, Feb. 11, 1808. [ 432 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON TIIE CANAL, SALISBURY; If here Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles < f News are received ( Postage paid.) Also by tbe RNIKTERT and BOOKSELLERS in the West of England; by the rwpectfye Newsmen S awl in London by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street, and Mr. WlT. KjE, Bookseller, Paternoster- Row. ST. V- ife
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