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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3703
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 01/02/1808
Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3703
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE SALISBURY JOURNAL 7? tr y/ xYD GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3703. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. / ® tamP 1)" t>' V '' ( Paper and Print Monday's and Tuesday's Posts, FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, December 12. ACCORDING to the last official acconnts from Constantinople, an insurrection took place in that capital about the end of November, but was quelled soon after. This insurrection is said to have been occasioned by the extreme dearth and scarcity of provisions, occasioned bv the blockade of the Dardanelles bv the English, the importation from the Black Sea not being sufficient for the population of that large metropolis. LONDON, MONDAY, J A N UA RY 25. Yesterday Paris Papers to the EOth inst. reached town. Bonaparte lias issued another Decree respecting Neutrals, which, if carried strictly into execution, must completely put an end to all neutral trade with France, for a reward of no less than one- third of the ship and cargo are to he given to any of the crew or passengers on board a vessel who shall give information of it's having touched at an English port, to.; and any French officer convicted of favouring the contravention of the decrees of the 22d of November, and the 17th of December last, shall be pu- nished as if guilty of high treason. Dutch Papers of the 20th iust. were also received yesterday: they contain accounts from Lisbon of a late date, which state that General Junot had issued some de- crees, which indicate strung apprehensions on his part of the dispositions of the inhabitants : they are forbid to carry fire- arms under pain of death.— An order has also been issued for confiscating all the British property remaining in Portugal. The King of Spain has also published a decree, dated the Sd instant, which, after enumerating a variety of charges against this country, concludes by declaring, that the measure adopted by his intimate ally the Emperor of the French against Engli- h commerce shall be in foiceih every respect in the Spanish dominions. This morning four Goitenbargh Mails arrived ; but the intelligence they contain has been in general anticipated by the French and Dutch papers. The King of Sweden has, it is positively stated, rejected some new propositions made to hint by Bonaparte, for breaking oft' all connexion With th's country. The German Papers contain some curious speculations respeeting the intended over- land attack on our Indian possessions, which they represent as perfectly practicable : they state that a French army can reach A- tracan in six weeks, supposing it to set out from Dahnatia: at Astracan it is to meet a Russian army, and they are together to cro, s the Caspian Sea to Astrabad, in Persia, which will take them about ten or twelve days. They are then to march through Persia for the Indies, and this march, it is said, they will perform in seven or eight weeks! The distance between Astrabad and Calcutta is near 3300 miles. Intelligence has reached the Admiralty, that the Rochefort squadron, consisting of six sail of the line, a frigate, and a brig, sailed on the 17th instant. The sam » day the Eurydice frigate was chased by them, and near being taken, but fortunately made her escape, and on Monday she joined Sir < 1. T. Duckworth, and gave him the information. He immediately made sail in quest of them in the Royal George, 100 guns, and the Temeraire and Neptune, 93 guns each ; Tonnaut, HO guns, Dragon, 74 guns, anil two frigates ; leaving the Dreadnought off Brest, and dispatching a brig for Sir Sidney Smith, and the Ami armed brig for Ireland. The flag- ship of the enemy's force mounts 120 guns. The squadron was supposed to be about fourteen leagues from Admiral Duckworth, in the South- West quarter. Sir Richard Strachan also soon got informed of this movement, and immediately went off in pursuit of the enemy. The CATHOLICS of DUBLIN had a ptiblie meeting on the 19th inst. ill the Exhibition Room in William- street. Count Dal ton ( in the absence of Viscount Gormanstown) moved resolutions, purporting that, in the opinion of the meeting, it was a duty imposed on their honour and interests, and the interests of their posterity, to petition Parliament for a repeal of the Penal Laws which particularly affect the Catholics, and that the future welfare of the Empire would be promoted thereby ; that the petition already entrusted to the Earl of Fingal be read; and that the said petition be adopted hy this meeting;— all which resolutions passed unanimously ; and it was afterwards resolved that the care of having the petition presented to Parliament should be eatiusted to the Earl of Fingal. Bv the last Mail from the Leeward Islands advice? have been received of a very desperate action having been fought to windward of Barbadoes, between his Majesty's brig CV. rieux, of 18 guns, commanded by Capt. Shirreff, and a large French ship privateer, of 26 guns, and 250 men. Captain Sherriff, when cruizing to the windward of Bar- badoes, having learnt that a French privateer ship was to the Northward of him, shaped his course so as to fall in with her on the 2d of December. A very heavy connonade commenced, and was kept up on both sides for more than an hour, when the Curieux, having advanced a little a- head, and become unmanageable from her tiller ropes, bowlines, and braces being shot away, the enemy took advantage of the occasion, and running down oh her, atteniptedfto board on the starboard quarter. In gallantly repulsing this effort, which the enemy made with a great number of men, Capt. Sherriff received a mortal wound, and several of his crew were killed. Such, however, was the warm reception given the enemy, that he immediately fell off; but this laying him across the Curieux's stern, she poured a raking fire into her, which carried away the main boom, cut the gaff, and greatly injured almost all tba sails and rigging; Captain Sherriff at tbe same time receiving another wound, by which this brave Officer was Cut off from Nature's and from Glorv's course, Which never mortal was so fond to run • Lieutenant Muir, on whom the command now devolved, continued the conflict with equal spirit; and the enemy again attempting to throw a number of men on board, was driven back with such slaughter, as discouraged any other attempt, and compelled him to give up the contest. The Curieux being much disabled, had no chance of bringing the enemy again to action, who now bore away and effected his escape, leaving the Curieux victor of the day. The loss of the en> my must undoubtedly be considerable; that on bur part, we lament, has also been great; besides Captain Sherriff, whose manly heart was fraught with every generous and heroic quality, eight seamen were killed, and 12 wounded. Lieutenant Muir was also slightly wounded ; and Mr. Tcmpleman, boatswain, dangerously. The enemy's privateer is supposed to be late British Tar. Guinearaan, of Bristol, built in 1797 at Plymouth; of 247 tons burthen, and now mounting twenty- four 12- poundcrs, and one long 24- pounder amidships, on a traverse ; with a complement of 180 men, and not more than ten or twelve days from Point- a- Petre. The Curieux is a small brig of ten 24- pounder carronades and eight 6' s, with only 110 men Jane Moseuau, who was capitally convicted of stealing a quantity of lace from her employer, has received his Majesty's pardon, on condition of being confined twelv months iu the House of Correction. On Tuesday afternoon last, when Mr. Smith, of Long- burn, in Cumberland, returned home from Wigton market he found his wife and sister- in- law, Miss Pattinson, mur- dered, and mangled in the most horrid manner. The weapon used appears to have been a billhook. One victim was found in the kitchen, the other in the barn, where she is supposed to have secreted herself. The murderer then broke open a chest, and took from it 10/. in notes; he also took a new hat of Mr Smith's, leaving his own. James Wood, a youth 18 years of age, w ho has been in the employ of Mr. Smith, was apprehended the next day, on suspicion of having perpetrated the murder, and committed to Car lisle Gaol, where he 1ms since confessed his guilt. MARK- LANE, Monday, Jan. 25. To- day's market was rather scantily supplied with Wheat, but the buyers were also few, and the trade proved extremely dull; the prices in general were about 2s. per quarter lower than on Monday the 18th. We had no great arrival of any other sort of corn except Oats, nor was there any particular briskness in the sales of any thing. Grey Peas were cheaper, except fine enough for seed; Horse Beans 2s. per quarter dearer, and Tick Beans about Is. per qr. for the best; Barley quite as dear for the finest select samples, both Essex and Suffolk, but all not superfine went off with difficulty. Flour was plainly cheaper, being scarcely current at more" than ( Jos. per sack. Rape- seed is dearer, and in good demand. The currency at large is much the same in other respects, as per particulars subjoined, whereto we refer :— Wheat 60s. to 76s.-— Rye 38s. to 50s.— White Peas 72s. to 160s. Grey ditto 56s. to 68s.— Horse Beans 50s. to 63s. Tick Beans 46s. to 58s.— Barley 38s. to 46s.— Malt 50s. to 76s.— Oats 30s. to 46s.— Broad Beans 65s. to 200s. Long Pods 46s. to 60.1.— Rye Grass 14s. to 38s. per quarter.— English Household Flour 6u. t, to 63s. per sack ; ditto American sup. 35s. to 42s. per barrel.— Rape Serf 231. to 28i. per last.— Carraway Seed 33s. to 42s.— Coriander Seed 14s. to 2- 2s.— Red Clover 36s. to 84s. White ditto 46s. to 100s.—' Trefoil is. to 36?. per cwt.— Tares Ss. to 22s. per bushel. SMITHFIELD MARKET, Jan. 25. This day's market was well supplied with prime Beasts, and the show of Cattle in general was plentiful; the sales were, however, much brisker than we have lately experienced, and Beef, Mutton, Pork, and Veal were all on the advance. There were 2750 head of Neat Cattle, 13,000 Sheep, 300 Calves, 450 Pigs. The current prices, Beef 3s. - id. to - Is. Id. Mutton 3s. 2d. to 4s. 10d. Veal 5s. to 7s. Pctk 4s. 6i. to 6s. 6id. per stone of Ml. to sink the offal. The Sales in the Hay Market were considerable, at the fol- lowing prices :— Hay 4.'. 10s. to 61. Clover 5I. to 61. 6s. Straw 1(. 181. to 8/. S*. NEWGATE and LEADENWALL MARKETS.— Prices by the carcase:— Beef 3s. to 4s. 4d. Mutton 3s. to 4s. 6d. Veal 4s. to 6s. Pork 4s. - id. to 5s. 4ii. HOPS in the BOROUGH.— Kent, Bags, 51, to PI. Sussex, 41. 16s. to to 5/.. 10s. Essex, 41. 10s. to 51. 8s.— Pockets, Kent, U. to 71. Sussex, 51. to 61. 10s. Farnham, Si. to 102. To the CLERGY of the Diocese of SALISBURY. NOTICE is hereby given to the CLERGY of the Diocese of SALISBURY, that by the. 25th and 26th Clauses of the Residence Act,— Every Clergyman, who is non- resident by reason of any exemption allowed by that Act, is required to signify such exemption in writing to the Bishop of the Diocese to whose jurisdiction he is subject, within six weeks after the first day of January in every year.— And if any person shall wilfully neglect to make such notification as aforesaid, the person so neglecting shall not be entitled after the expiration of the six weeks, to the benefit of his exemp- tion, until he has made such notification in writing.— Arid if any Clergyman in the diocese of Salisbury is non- resident, without either licence or exemption, he will ( when the fact is made known to the Bishop) tje proceeded against as the said Residence Act directs. [ 343 MESSRS. EYRE and STRAHAN, His Majesty's Printers, have specially appointed B. C. COLLINS, Bookseller, Salisbury, their Wholesale and Retail Vender of The only Genuine FORM of PRAYER, For Morning, Communion, and Evening Service, in all Churches and Chapels, on Wednesday, feb. 17, being the day appointed by proclamation for ' A GENERAL FAST, And HUMILIATION before ALMIGHTY GOD. N. B. This genuine Form of Prayer is handsomely printed in Quarto, price 6< i. and the same in Octavo, price 3d.— and to obviate disappointment, COLLINS earnestly requests that all orders from Venders and Dealers may be immediately sent to him. [ 370 A' TO ARCHITECTS. WILTS COUNTY BRIDEWELL. LL Persons willing to send in Plans for BUILD- ING a NEW COUNTY BRIDEWELL and HOUSE of CORRECTION, at Devizes, in the county of Wilts, con- taining proper, separate, and distinct places of confinement for at least one hundred prisoners, having regard to classing them according to the nature of their crimes and punish- ments, and providing convenient places for the employment of those committed for hard labour, are requested to send the ame, with estimates and proposals for carrying such plans into execution, to Mr. John Swaync, at the Office of the Clerk of the Peace, at Wilton, near Salisbury, Wilts, on or before the 19th day of March next. It is requested that such plans and estimates be sent ( sealed up) without signatures, but with mottoes or other devices ; and that the same be accompanied with sealed letters ( marked on the outside with corresponding mottoes or other devices) containing the names and addresses of the persons sending the same. Information as to the intended scite of thelouilding, and other particulars, may be had on application to Mr. John Swavne. WILTON, NEAR SALISBURY, Jan. 25, 1803. [ 331 ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. TIIE Parents and Guardians of Gentlemen designed for the ROYAL MILITARY COL LEGE, are informed that a regular System of Education for such Youths has been instituted in the neighbourhood of M& rUiw, trader the sanc- tion and inspection of the Governor of the Ooi: The intention of this Plan of Tuition is to facilitate the progress of the Pupils towards the hi. hrr Classes t - Col- lege, by uniting with a classical Education, Inst . ' on ' such Sciences as are most essential to th Mi. taiy . The French Language is taught by a Foreigner; - i i .. several branches of Studv, the same elementary adopted as those in use at the College. This Establishment is conducted bv the Rev. J,.'". KNOLLIS, M. A. late Classical and Historical Ptofo. r in the Royal Military College, and Fellow of Lincoln Col ge, Oxford; to whom all applications must be addressed at Sourh- h'lll, near Maidenhead, Berks. No Pupil will be received abpve 14 years of age. [ 232 AT THE MILITARY ACADEMY, SALISBURY, Uikdtr the Tuition of Alexander Wills, \ rOUNG Gentiemen are taught the whole System 1 of MILITARY TACTICS, agreeable to the RuUs and Regulations for the Formation, Field Exercise, and Move- ments of His Majesty's Forces. Terms, per Quarter, 10s. Drilling, twice a Week, for two hours each time. [ 350 DYE- HOUSE, SALISBURY. BW. LEWIS, ( having taken another large Dye- • house in Castle- street, nearly adjoining the one he has occupicd for some years past) begs to inform his friends and the public, that, by the arrangements he is now making, he will be enabled to undertake and execute the Dyeing of Yarn, Wool, and Piece Goods, equal to the Somerset and Glocester- shire modes of dyeing, and with the utmost expedition. [ 332 SOMERSET COUNTY GAOL, AT ILCHESTER. WANTED, at Midsummer next,— A GOVER- NOR of the said GAOL.— As a liberal salary will be given, tbe strictest investigation will be made into the prin- ciples and moral conduct oi every person who may think fit. to offer for this appointment, and a reference to persons in a respectable situation of life will be required to establish the character of such applicant.— The superior education, and the previous habit of command, where other qualifications are equal, will meet with decided preference. Any person wishing to offer himself a Candidate, must be enabled to give large Security. Applications to be made to the Under Sheriff's Office, at Wells.— I fells Sessions, Jan. 12, 1808. 264] EDWARDS, Deputy Clerk of the Peace of the county of Somerset. TENBY BRIDGE STONE COAL. BRIDPORT, Jan. 4, 1808. FOR SALE, at II. B. WAY'S Yard at Bridport Harbour, A Quantity of exceeding good BRIDGE STONE COAL. [ 283 BRIDPORT, Jan. IP, 1808. JUST landed, for Sale, by H. B: WAY, late Partner of and Successor to Travers and Wav, RIGA BARREL FLAX S'EED, Warranted tho growth of the year 1807, and warranted to have been shipped at Riga by the'same House that has shipped Barrel Seed for him and his late Partners, for these 22 years past. [ 294 ^ IX) be ADVANCED, on eligible Security,— Any JL SUM of MONEY from £ 300 to £ 1000.— Applications on the subject ( postage free) will meet with due ( Mention from G. Filiiter, solicitor, Wareham, Dorset. February 1, 1808. " [ 360 TO THE FACULTY. O be DISPOSED OE, and entered on immedi- ately, on moderate terms,— An eligible Business. in the county ot Dorset. For particulars apply ( if by letter post- . udj to Mr. H. Jeffrey, Druggist, Sarum. ' ' [. 299 TO BREWERS AND OTHERS;- A capital Situation iu the Brewing Line, in one of the most populous and for that Trade advantageous Parts of the Kingdom. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,' situate in the centre of the High- street of the town of Gosport. and in the vicinity of Portsmouth and Portsea.; consisting of the entire Plant of a BREWERY and eight PUBLIC HOUSES, situate in and near Gosport; together with eight Freehold and Lease- hold Private Houses ; forming in the whole a most desirable appendage to the Brewery. Also a Freehold Dwelling- House in every resp: ct fit for the residence of a genteel family, situate in the most desirable part of St. Thomas's Street, Portsmouth, occupied by Thomas Mottley, Esq. together with a Tenement and Carpenter's Shop and Vard adjoining, iu the occupation of John Cole. If the public- houses should be disposed of separately from the other property, and be continued as free houses, half the purchase- money will be permitted to remain cn mortgage. For further, particulars applv to Mr. Rood, of Portsmouth, the proprietor ; or to Messrs. Minchin and' Compigne, solici- tors, Gosport. N. B. Letters to be post paid. [ 3802 AMESBURY, JAN. 28, 1808. DOGS LOST. TENBY Wednesday the £! l) th Inst. a Brace of Liver- [ 283 coloured and'White YOUNG POINTER BITCHES, rjpO be LETT or SOLD,- NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Trac" several Traders on the Wilts and Berks Canal, who have al- lowed DRAWBACKS to persons fetching coals beyond certain distances, and claim to be reimbursed the same by the Com- pany of Proprietors, are required to deliver in a particular of such claims to Mr. Atherton, of Calne, three days previous to every Quarterly Meeting of the Committee, otherwise no allowance will be made. [ 344 TO BOAT- BUILDERS. NOTICE is herebv given.— That anv Persons desirous to contract for the BUILDING of TEN BOATS for the Wilts and Berks Canal Company, are re- quesMj to deliver their proposals, in writing, to Mr. Atherton, of CaTnc, before the 1st day of March next; the same to be completed as soon as possible after that day. [ 345 WAREHAM CATTLE MARKETS. FIRST, on Saturday the 13th of February 1808. Second ditto 5th of March. Third ditto 26th ditto. Fourth, Wareham Fair, on Monday the 18th of April. Fifth, on Saturday the 7th of May. [ 359 MILBROOKE INCLOSURE. The undersigned, being the Person named and authorized as a Commissioner to inclose and allot the Commons and Waste Lands of and within the Manor of MILDKOOKE, in the county of Southampton,— Do give this Notice, that I shall attend at the Anchor Inn, in Redbridge, on Friday the 12th day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of signing my Award. 311] GEO. BARNES. Wi HAMPRESTON INCLOSURE. the Commissioners do hereby give Notice, that we have set out the Road hereinafter described, and that a Map of the same is deposited with Mr. CASTLEMAN our Clerk, in Wimborne, for the inspection of all persons concerncd. A Road branching out of the Turnpike Road from Wim- bome to Ringwood, between the third and fourth milestones, and extending in a northerly direction, in a straight line, over Middle Hill and Fern Down, to Clavford, near Mannington. We further give Notice, that a Meeting will be holdcn at the King's Arms in Wimborne, on Friday the 19th day of February 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to hear objec- tions by all persons who may be injured or aggrieved bv the setting out of such Roads, or for want of any other Roads being set oar for their accommodation. [ 362 n . , o„- RICHARD GEE. Dec. 5, 1807. \ VM. CLAPCOTT. ATLAS Lives, INSURANCE COMPANY, for Fire, and Annuities.-— President, Sir CHRISTOPHER BAYNES, Bart.— Capital Two Millions, in Shares of 50/. each. Subscriptions are received by Sir James Esdaile and Co.; Down, Thornton, and Co.; Masterman and Co.; Dimsdale and Co.; and Hammersley and Co. London, of whom Pros- pectuses maybe had. Bankers, Gentlemen of the Law, or other persons of re- spectability in the provincial towns, who arc willing to receive Subscriptions for the Shares appropriated for Country Proprie- tors, are requested to transmit tlieir names, references, and residences to the Secretary. By order of the Committee JOHN CHALK, Secretary. Cornhill, London, Jan. 20, 1808. [ 2.91 WANTED,— A CURATE, to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars, apply to the Printer, post paid. [ 89 QCZfi* There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 601, per ann. HARRIERS. WANTED,— From Three to Six Couple of HARRIERS, about 18 inches high. Apply to Mr. Ship, Blandford. [ 297 VSTANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a SU* QKO » T t and APOTHECARY, in a respectable neighbourhood. Letters addressed ( post paid) " for A. A. Post- office, Corsham, Wilts, will be. attended to. [ 239 WANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a Surgeon and Apothecary, a Youth of a liberal education, who will be treated in all respects as one of the family. Letters to be addressed ( post paid) M. B. J. Printing- office, Salisbury. [ 346 WANTED, in an old- established Business,— An APPRENTICE to the LINES and WOOLLEN DRA- PERY, HABERDASHERY and HOSIERY. For particulars apply postpaid) to John Foster ( late Har- ward and Foster), is. Hard, Portsea. A Premium will be expected. [ 358 An APPRENTICE to a TAILOR, A premium will be expected. For further particulars apply to John James, in Blandford. [ 375 WANTED,- who will be treated as one of the family.- WANTED,— THREE good Journeymen SHOE- MAKERS, to work on WOMEN'S WORK, also one on CHILDREN'S. May have constant employ by applying to J. Ncwlyn, boot and shoe- inaker, High- street, South- ampton. ' [ 382 A GOOD COOK WANTED AT AN INN. ASteady WOMAN, of from 25 to 30 vears of age, who ' is a PROFESSED COOK, and can bring an un- deniable character from her last place. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Spurrier, at the Roval George Inn, Southampton. N. B. A Kitchen- maid is kept. f266 w fANTED in a Farm- House,— Two FEMALE SERVANTS ; one will, be required to cook, and take the care of two cows, the other as HOUSEMAID.— None need apply if not well recommended from their last place. Enquire of Mr. Woolvin, linen- draper, Andover.— Letters will not be attended to. [ 330 WANTED, in a small Family,— A steady active MAN SERVANT, within doors, either in or out of Livery. Enquire of the Printer. [ 33ft WANTED,— A COOK, who perfectly under- stands her business in every respect, and the manage- ment of a small family in the country with economy: htr character will be strictly enquired into. Also a NURSE, who can bring up an Infant by hand, and is a good needle- woman: her character must be complete for trustiness, activity, cleanliness, and good temper ; about th, age of thirty- six would be preferred. Apply to Mr. Skelton, Library, Southampton. [ 387 FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. Whitehall, Jan. 23, 1808. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented to the King, that, between the hours of seven and eight o'clock in the evening of the 19th of this instant, some per- son, in company with others ( all of whom are unknown FIRED a loaded Pistol or Blunderbuss at JOHN JONES Esq. of Woolley, near Bradford, in Wiltshire, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, as the said John Jones, Esq. was returning home on horseback from his Factory at Staverton, whereby the eyes and face of the said John Jones, Esq. were very much injured:— His Majesty, for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the person who has been guilty of this enormous out- rage, is hereby pleased to promise his most gracious PARDON to any accomplice who shall discover the offender, so that he may be apprehended and convicted thereof. HAWKESBURY. And, as a further encouragement, a Reward of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS is hereby offered to any person making any such discovery as aforesaid; the same to be paid by Messrs. Thomas Timbrell, Stephen Brown, Edward Lux- ford, and Thomas H. Saunders, Clerks to the Magistrates of the Division of Trowbridge, in Wiltshire, [ 357 WANTED, by a small Family in the Country a middle- aged' WOMAN, who is a goo^ plain COOK she must bear close confinement, and understand making butter, as there are two cows kept. An undeniable character will be required for honesty, sobriety, cleanliness, and indus- try.— Also wanted, in the same family, a MAN SERVANT., who is perfectly acquainted with the management of a kitchen garden, and three horses, and understands brewing. None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest scrutiny. For further particulars apply pefeonallv, or by letter post- paid, at Mr. White's, grocer, Blandford,* Dorset. [ 374 TO MEN SERVANTS. WANTED immediately,— A steady MAN SER- VANT, in a large Family, where good wages are- given. None need apply who cannot be well recommended for civility, sobriety, and honesty. Apply ( free of cxpence) to Mr. Johnson, bookseller, Gos- porf. [ 340 NEWFOUNDLAND TRADE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very desirable PLANTATION, situated at Great Jervis, on the South side of Fortune Bay, in the Island of Newfound- land ; comprising a good Dwelling- House, one Salt and one Fish Store, two other Stores with Lofts, a Forge, Flakes, Stages, and a Cook Room; the whole very advantageously situated for the collecting and catching and curing of Fish, and the collecting of Furs, and affording conveniences for carrying on an extensive Trade.— The Boats, Craft, and Stock in Trade, which are not considerable, to be taken at fair valuation.—- For further particulars applv to " - RIS POOLE, Jan, 28, 1808. J. BRISTOWE & Co. A complete BREWERY, well situated for carrying on an extensive business.— For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to f. Down, Warminster, Wilts. [ 44 N. B. A Quantity of OLD STRONG BEER to be SOLD. TO BREWERS AND OTHERS. rtx> be DISPOSED of,— Two STORE C \ SKS, X nearly new, containing, one 63, and the other 3,9 Barrels. Also about 20 good HOGSHEADS. Apply to Thomas Saunders, cooper, Romsey, Hants. [ 342 HPO be LETT, or SOLD,— All that newly- erected A BREW- HOUSE, together with Store- houses, Stable, Coach- house, and large Yard thereunto belonging, situated on the south side of the high road leading from Gosport to Stoke, and within a quarter of a mile of the town of Gosport. For further particulars apply on the premises ; cr to Whitcomb, Esq. the proprietor. [ 211 WHITE HART INN, WINCHESTER. TO be LETT or SOLD,— That elegant new- built TAVERN and HOTEL, fitted up in the most commo- dious manner for the reception of FAMILIES andTRAV I. LLF. RS, of every description; with excellent stables, lock- up coach- houses, & c. etc.— Apply to Deane and Wools, Winchester. *#* A moiety of the'purchase- money may remain. [ 229 PUBLIC HOUSE. X) he LETT, and entered upon at Lady- Day next,— That old- accustomed PUBLIC. HOUSE, called the Nag's Head, situated on the turnpike road leading from Poole to Wimborne and Blandford, two miles from the former, with stalled stables and five acres of land ( more or less). The house is newly built at a considerable expenee, and will require from two to three hundred pounds at coming in. , For particulars apply personally to Mr. Gibbs, Wim- borne, Dorset, or by letters post- paid. [ 277 DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A neat Sashed and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining; also a Malt House near the same, that will work 20 quarters per week: the premises are Lease- hold, and pleasantly situate in the parish of Blandford St. Mary, near the turnpike road leading to Poole. [ 3S7 Further particulars may be known ( by letters, free of postage) of Mr. Thos. Brine, Blandford St.' Mary aforesaid. DAIRY FARM, WILTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A most desireable and compact DAIRY FARM, situate at Sedghill, near Shaftesbury ; comprising a very good substan- tial roomy dwelling- house, large brick barn, stall- house and granary, with every other convenience of em- buildings, all in complete repair; and 49 acres ( or thereabouts) of rich pasture and meadow land; three acres of which, contiguous to the house, arc planted with fine young fruit trees, of the choicest sorts. For a view of the estate apply to Farmer Pond, the tenant; and for furtherjiarticulars to Mr. Buckland, solicitor, Shaftes- bury.— N. B. The land- tax is redeemed, and possession may be had at Lady- day next. [ 193 WILTS. CAPITAL ELM TIMBER. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,- 1,300 Prime ELM WEES, fit for Shipping, or other purposes, now growing on the Manor of Christian Malford, in the county aforesaid, cither together or in Lots. For a view of the same apply to Mr. Collins, the bailiff, at the Manor- house in Christian Malford aforesaid ; and for fur- ther particulars, and to treat for the same, to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts. [ 348 EI. ING. TO be SOLD by TENDER, on Monday the 1st of February next, at the Anchor Inn, Eling, at four o'clock in the afternoon,— All the UNDERWOOD now standing in a Coppice known by the name of COCKLEY- DOWN COPPICE,' situate near the turnpike road leading from Totton to Lyndhitast.— Conditions of sale will be given at the time above mentioned. [ 383 T VALUABLE TIMBER, Mandifs Park Farm, near Malmestmry, Wilts. O be SOLD by AUCTION, at the White Lion Inn, Malmesbury, on Friday the 5th day of February, 1808, at three o'clock'in the afternoon,— FIFTY- FIVE OAK TREES, with the TOPS and BARK, as they now stand on the lands belonging to the said farm ; and also the BODIES of Twenty ELM TREES, likewise being on the sjid farm. The above Trees are well worth the attentiont> f Carpenters and others, and will b » put up together or in lots, for the con- venience of purchasers, as may be agreed on at the time of sale. For a view of the Timber apply to Mr. Matthew Robertson, at Mandits Park Farm ; and for further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) at the office of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper, Salisbury. [ 306 CAPITAL NAVY AND OTHER TIMBER. I^ OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the King's Head Inn, in Whiteparish, in the county of Wilts, on Wednesday the 10th day of February next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced,— A large quantity Of very capital NAVY and other TIMBER; consisting of upwards of 200 Oaks, meeting from 40 to 110 feet and upwards ; upwards of 200 ditto, meeting from 20 to 40 feet; upwards t. f 60 Elms, meeting from 50 to 140 feet; upwards of 60 Ash, meeting from 35 to 130 feet; together with a great quantity of Oak, Elm, and Ash of smaller dimensions.— This timbei is parti- cularly well headed, and the Oak will produce, a very large quantity of Bark, and is now standing at Cowesfirld, near Whiteparish aforesaid, about nine miles from the sea side. Further particulars, and the conditions of sale, may be known by application ( if by letter, post paid) at tne Office of Messrs. 1 lodding, in Salisbury; and a view of the Timbei may be obtained, any time before the day of sale, by applica- tion to Mr, John Barnes., at Cowasfield Common. [ 2S8 answering to the names of JUNO and DIDO, escaped fjora the above place, with each a chain, and collar on bearing the owner's name. If brought to the King's Arms Inn, at Amesbury, a proper Reward will be given; but if detained, after this notice, the offender shall certainly be prosecuted. [ 372 STANDERWICK's BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against JOHN STANDER- WICK, of B6urton, in the parish of Gillingham, in the county of Dorset, Tick Manufacturer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 1st day of Febiuary next, at ten in the forenoon, at the Mermaid Inn, in Yeovil, in the county of Somerset, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come pre- pared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then substantiated proved will be disallowed. [ 552 WILLIAM DICKS's COMMISSION. THE Creditors who have proved their Debts uni'i r a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued f nil against WILLIAM DICKS, of Frome Selwood, in the c nnty of Somerset, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, are requested to meet the Assignees on Friday the 5th day of February next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Frome Selwood aforesaid, to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit ct suits at law or equity for recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's effects ; and particularly touching several pay- ments supposed to have been made as undue preferences, and in contemplation of Bankruptcy; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating thereto, and on other special affairs. [ 337 Trowbridge, S. WILLIAMS, Jan. 25, 1808. Solicitor to the Assignees. JONATHAN SYMS's COMMISSION. THE Creditors who have proved their Debts under . a Commission of Bankrupt issued forth against JONA- THAN SYMS, of Trowbridge; in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, arc requested to meet the Assignees on Thursday the 4th day of February next, at six o'clock in the evening, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to take into consideration a proposition made by one of the Partners belonging to the firm of Messrs. Wain and Co. late of Basinghall- street, London, warehousemen, lor the exoneration of such Partner from his liability to pay a Debt claimed by the said Assignees, and to assent to er dis- sent from an acquiescence therein, and on other special affaits. Trowbridge, S. WILLIAMS, Janueiry 25, 1808. Solicitor to the Assignees. THOMAS REDFERN's COMMISSION. 1TIE Creditors who have proved their Debts under . a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued against THOMAS REDFERN, - of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, leurgeonand Apothccary, Dealsr and Chapman, are requested to meet the Assignees on Thursday the 4th day of February next, at five o'clock in the evening, at the George Inn, in ' Trowbridge aforesaid, to assent to or dissent from the Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law or equity ior recovering any part of the said Bankrupt's effects, and particularly the instituting of a suit to enforce a contract lateiv made with the said Assignees for tile purchase of a freehold Close of ground in Trowbridge, and on other special affairs. [ 38s Trowbridge, S. WILLIAMS, January 2S, 1808. Solicitor to the Assignees. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 11 th day of April, 1804, awarded and issued forth against JOSEPH BR AD BY, of the borough of Wilton, in the county of Wilts, Timber Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 18th day of February next, at five in the afternoon, at the Red Lion Inn, in the city of New Sarum, Wilts,, in orderto make a further Diri- dend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And all, Claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 363 THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 22d dav of July, 1803, awarded and issued forth against WALTER HAYWARD, of the city of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 18th of February next, at six of the clock in the afternoon, at the Red Lion Inn, in the city of New Sarum, Wilts, to make a further Dividend of ihe Estate and Effects of the saitl Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not alreatly prov ed their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded tLc benefit of the said Dividend. And all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 3<;, 9 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on . the Copartnership Concern lately carried on in Trow- bridge, under the Firm of G. J. BALL and Co. ( now dis- solved) are desired immediatelv to send particulars thereof to the Office of Mr. Timbrell, inTrowbndge, as the Copartners intend, in a short time, finally to settle and adjust their accounts. * [ 356 Notice to Creditors and Debtors. ALL Persons having any Demand on the Estate of Mr. JOHN COLE, of the borough of Stockbridge, Parchment- inakcr, deceased, are requested to send an account thereof to Henry William Cole, of Stockbridge ; and all those who are indebted to the said estate, are requested to pay the same to the aforesaid Henry William Cole. STOCKBRIDGE, Jan. 28, 180S. [, 1J5 CREDITORS OF AUGUSTA BLUDWORTH. THE Creditors of AUGUSTA BLUDWORTH, late of Holt, in tile county of Southampton, Kwinster, deceased; and also the several Legatees and Annuitants named in her last Will and Testament, are requested to meet at the White Hart Inn, in the city of Winchester, on Saturday the 6th day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, to con- sider and determine upon the measures proper to be taken for the recovery of their respective claims.— Jan. 18, IROS. [ IDS Notice to Creditors and Debtors. LL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM CLUETT, late of Lydlinch, in the county of Dorset, Grazier and Maltster, deceased, are desired ' by the Executors of the deceased) to transmit particulars thereof to ?.{ r. Bird, solicitor, Henstridge, Somerset, in order that the same may be discharged ;— and such persons as are indebted to the said estate, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. Bird, on or before the 1st day of March next, or they will be sued for the same wiihout further notice. [ 335 A1 DROPS have gained, by ascertaining its efficacy as a Medicine in cases of Scrophula, Gout, Rheumatism, Eruptions, and Nervous Diseases, dependant on the obstructions of the stomach and intestines, and in all those complaints of dif- fused bile, where calomel has lost its effect by frequent use. — It is requisite to caution the Public against purchasing any others, but those bearing the wotds " By the King's Patent" on the bottle, bill of directions, and outside wrapper ; toge- ther with the King's Duty, printed in black ink. Sold in bottles of 5s. 6d.— double bottles, 10s.— larger, li. It. duty included, hy B. C. Collins, Salisbury. [ 3794 CONSUMPTIVE COMPLAINTS ARE generally occasioned by the stagnation of the blood in the lungs, till it is converted into purulent mat- ter ; this may be owing to nervous, bilious, asthmatic, or dropsical complaints, excess of libidinous indulgences, leading a too studious sedendatary life, heat of climate, hard drinkirg, immoderate use of mercurials, tea, coffee, or other watciy liquids; it may be owing to a cold caught by. damp beds or damp houses, excess of grief or pleasure, " debility of the fibres of the viscera, an ulcer on the liver, neglect of cus- tomary exercises, Src. & c. The CORDIAL BALM OF GI- LEAD is calculated to restore a broken and decayed constitu- tion to its prirtine health and vigour.— In nervous consump- tions its merit stands unrivalled, as may be seen by the numberless testimonials in his pamphlet, delivered gratis by the Doctor's agents. Prepared at Gilead House, near Liverpool, by Dr. SOLO- MON ; and sold, wholesale and retail, at the Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury, in bottles Sd. suid 33). each. [ 3*/ g Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM TUP, LONDON GAZETTE OF JANUARY 26. \ VHITEHALI,, Jan. 26. THE King h. v. been pleased- to order a Cong* d'Elire to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Deau and Chapter of the Cathedral Chufeli of Carlisle to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by the translation of the Most Rev. Father in God Dr. E. V. Vernon to the Archbishopric of York ; antl his Majesty has ale. been pleased by his Royal Sign Manual to recom- mend to the said Dean and ChaptcftSamuel Goodenough, Clerk* LL. D. Dean of Rochester, to bo by them elected Bishop of that See. Tile King has also been pleased to grant to the Rev. W. King, Oi k, D. U. the place and dignity of a Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster, the same being void by the death of Dr. N. Wetberall. W/. R- OrriCH, Jan. ' 26. 20th Reg. of Foot.— Brevet Lieut, pol. 11. Ro.- s r. be Lieut. Col. without purch . se, vice Cham- pagne, appointed to the Command of the 8th Garrison Bat- talion.; Cap:. J. CmVurnc to be Major, vice Rossi 7Id n. u'o.— Capt. R. Campbell to be Major, viccM'Don- r. ell, deceased. BREVET..—• Capt. Bamaby Murphy, of the 86th Foot, to be Major in the Army. GARRISON.— Major- Gen. A. Whctham to be Lieutenant- Governor of Port . month, vice Sir G. Provost, Bart. BARRACKS.—. 1. Pcirsc, Esq. late. Captain in the 23d Foot, to be a Barrack- Mester in Great Britain, vise Kennedy, who retires. ^^ BANKRUPTS. tawr- r. ro Wiuijms, of N'icholas- lane, London, merchant. Faxnuet .1 Chipr> m>;- Cm « lt'ti, sheep- dealer. tonus Ban- man, of RM Crete- street, Stiuthwark • John B tcman, of yftrst;..., and Win. flateaiaa, of Bradford, Yorkshire, woollen- manu- facture- rs. J antesIVovrn, jun.- of Peters*:. id, MtmonJ.- r. John S.,. eomt Owrles Hu- l- y, ailii Riei.-. r ! 5 e arte, of Watkhamp- it. n, Devon, v.- o. tlf. n.- oianut- ctui'ers, ' and act John S" Occ, nihe, Jolir. I • varne, Win. It ire, Catherine tt.> vlev Charles Burlt- y, and Richard Se. irle-. nils- stal.-' l , fn Ust Saturday"? (, 3£ etteJ. W n. Theiep , of Poek'iitfftoll, ft'Nicer.' Jili. a < t'. i Mit; Nil, Of Barter, fuller. .' oen ' Vllr, • ! Iiarituouih- strept, Wor. tmin.- trr, ctcRlcr. J. . ph i » . ii - vie't, - of Burr- street, Wipping, coal- merchant. John H- a,- h, - if I'irmmetiMi, but: . n- maXer. J-. l-. n Parrolt, of l'> tt'n--, trcet, Soho, erml'. ctioner. Wm. Matlhcv s, of VIuMer. head, current,- r. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, Jan. 25.] Mr. Sheridan gave notice, that on Monday se'nnight he , V; uld move for a Committee to enquire into the state of fr land. On the motion of Mr. W. Dur. das, the time for taking into consideration the Election Petition for the borough of Evesham was postponed till Tuesday the 32d of March. The Election Petitions following were then appointed to be taken into consideration on the several days specified:— Saltash, Thursday, Feb. 25 ; Dorchester, same day ; New- castle- mider- Line, Tuesday, March 1; Great Yarmouth, Same day ; Grainpound, Thursday, March 3 ; Wexford County, Tuesday, March 3 ; New Maiden, same day ; Malmesbury, Thursday, March 10; Steyning, Thursday, Mareh 24. Mr. Bankes moved for leave to bring in a bill to prevent the granting of places in reversion, or with benefit of sur- vivorship. The principle of this measure having already been approved by the House, it was unnecessary for him " t i occupy any time in explaining it. Ho should therefore only observe, that it was not sought to restrain the power of the Crown in the appointment of persons to lucrative o Vices, but merely t.> suspend such appointments till vacancies should occur, that opportunity might be given of appointing the fitte t persons. It was a well known fact, that by granting offices in reversion, persons wholly unfit had succeeded to situations of responsibility. Mr. fVtltiam Dindes strongly opposed the measure, on the general grounds of its infringing on the prerogative of the Crown, and because it established a precedent for innovation highly dangerous: however advantageous a measure might otherwise be, innovation should not be suffered; for though it was a doctrine once held by a great Statesman arid able writer, that " the influence of the Crown had increased, was increasing, and ought to be dimi lished," vet in his latter days that great man repented of his having promulgated this opinion, and thought the House should lie very tenacious in preserving the privileges of the f rown. Mr. tVhithread. said, he was at a loss ta guess at the motives of- opposition to a measure so salutary as the present, till informed that the lion. Gentleman held the reversion of a valuable appointment; gratitude therefore ip floe need him, and all must allow gratitude to be a virtue. But he could elucidate the propriety of restraining these grants, by a similar one having been made to the present Chancellor of the Exchequer, when an infant in the cradle ; the oil'tce was new held by his Noble Brother ( Lord Arden): and though the. Right Hon. and learned Gentleman had shewn that ha posseted sufficient talents for the duties of theoffi: , should he ever succeed to it by virtue of his reversionary grant, yet it was impossible to foresee, when he was in the cradle, that he would be thus eminently " brilliant,— for it was requisite he should possess ability to count the money it produced, and acknowledge the receipt thereof, i re he put it in his pocket, and this was the sole duty annexed to the appointment.—( A general laugh followed this sally.) Sir John Newport stated an instance where a reform recommended by the Committee of Enquiry could not be carried into effect, on account of reversionary grants. This was in the office of Customer of the Port of Dublin, which had been granted in reversion three deep ; two of the lives had dropped, but the rights of a third person in reversion prevented the execution of a plan highly necessary to the public service. Mr. Horner argued that the bill would neither increase nor diminish the fair influence of the Crown ; it would merely prevent a premature exercise of that influence. The question being put, leave was given, with the dissenting voice of Mr. Dundas only; after which Mr. Bankes brought in the bill, which was read a first time.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, Jan. 26.] A new writ was ordered for the election" of a Member for Bath, in the room of . John Palmer Esq. who has vacated by accepting the Chiltern Hundreds. Petitions, complaining of undue Elections and Returns for the following places were presented, which were ordered to be taken into farther consideration on the undermentioned days : Poole, ( double return) Tuesday, the gd of FchWiary ; Maiden, in Essex, Tuesday the 15tli of March ; KeVerlev, in Yorkshire, same day. Mr. Secretary Canm/ F^- fifeseuted at the Bar, certain State Paper;, relative to Austria and Russia, promised to be laid before the House in the Speech delivered by the Lords Commissioners. Ordered to lie on the table. Mr. IViiitbread wished to know, whether it was the Intention id' Minbters to institute any proceeding on the Papt rs just laitl upon the' table ? He had another question to put, which was, whether it was meant to lay before the Hon5-- the Secret Treaty entered into by his Majesty with Portugal ? Mr. Canning replied, that the Treaty alluded to by the " Hon Gentleman, was a treaty of a secret nature, and con- tained various articles that could not be divulged till that ijeec- ey was, by mutual consent, put an end to. Mr. IVhitbread expressed his astonishment that any objection couhl be made to the production of the Treatv, now that the l\> rtuguese Government had gone to the Braziis. Mr. Chancellor I'ereeval presented, by royal command, the several Orders in Council referred to in the speeeh de- livered on the first day of the session. Ordered to be ' e then went into a Committee, on the reso- y n that a Supply be granted to his Majesty, Mr. C. . i *.' stone in the Chair. The resolution was carried, and r tke_ ... port ordered to be received to- morrow. Ij ,- d Henry Petty observed, that several Orders in t' v. mcil had been laid on the table, and that no explanation h . d b- en given with regard to what Ministers intended to H< ip " Mr. Chancellor PereeeaHf stated, that he thought it would 1 soon enough so gi ve tin- explanation requested by th ' Noble Lord," when' the Papers were printed, lie meant then to submit toe Orders in Council to the consideration of a i ommittee of Ways and Means, for the purpose of ie'. jo- iti; duties ou certain articles, provided that Com- ra. rton might view the subject a; he did. He was ready to communicate, privately, any information to the Noble l. ord lie might require. A short conversation ensued oil the subject of . Mr. -•••"-. - not; on r,- « . cling the Licences granted ' tbel'V ' Hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, The former said that such licences " were illegal and c. ittrary to the laws of nations, or the enactments of the municipal law. He recommended that the subject be referred to a Committee of the whole House. Mr. Perceval replied, that no other discussion upon the Order ill Council was necessary than in Committees of Ways and Means antl Supply. He should have no objection to defer the debate till Wednesday se'nnfght, or even to the Friday following, as in the mean time Gentlemen would be enabled to bestow the requisite attention on a subject of infinite importance. The 5th Report of the Board of Military Enquiry was ordered to be prlrited. Mr. G. Po/ tsonby moved an Address to his Majesty for comes of such parts of the correspondence ;: s took place between the Secretary of State and the Ministers of Russia, as related to the restoration of Peace between his Majesty and the Crown Prince of Denmark. Ordered.— Adj. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27. New York and Philadelphia Papers to the 28th u! t. were received yesterday. The Americans, in their present Unsatisfactory circumstances, have come to a very extra- ordinary and unexpected resolution. By an act of the Legislature, they have laid ail embargo on all their own shipping, actually resolving to prohibit all commerce with foreign nations, whilst the policy of Great. Britain and France; respecting neutrals, continues in its present course. They have thus determined that a complete suspension of commerce is preferable to carrying it 011 under the disad- vantages to which they are now subject; and also that such suspension is a less evil than a war undertaken for " the sup- port of commerce.— The order for the embargo passed into a law on the 22d of December, respecting which, the Na- tional Intelligencer has the following observations :— " Its object is to secure ourselves. It is a measure of pre- caution, not of aggression. It is resorted to by all nations, when their great interests require it. All of them, have made us, on different occasions, feci the effects of such a resort on our commercial interests. And it could be the less murmured at by those who may be incidentally affected by the present embargo, inasmuch as they have' forced us into the measure, by the direct effect on us of measures founded in an alledged regard for their own evcitteal, safety and essential interests." As some illustration of these remarks, it should be ob- served, that tbe measure alluded to was adopted imme- diately after the receipt of dispatches from France, which announced that Napoleon will not depart in the smallest iota from the rigorous decrees lie has issued against the commerce of neutrals, and that he shall consider the resi- dence of an English Minister, in any country, as justifying a declaration of war against that country. The li'ieasUre of an embargo was recommended to Con- gress bv the Pre iuerit in a confidential message, accom- panied by a communication of Bonaparte's blockading decree, and an answer from Regnier, the Minister of Justice, to some question) respecting the operation of that decree.— The measure was hurried through the- House with an unilSual spirit of eagertie s aild acrimony, at the very moment vvheh Mr. Munroc was hourly expected. Its advocates represent it as a measure of coercion against Great Britain. It was opposed by Messrs.. Randolph, Dana, Liverrnore, tjuincey, Rowan, Goldsborough, Kelley, and others, on the ground that it was a slavish submission to tile ipandates of the French Emperor. Mr. Gallatin is said to have declared, that in liis opinion, it " is preparatory to active war measures against England ; but it is Certainly appears to be- equally directed against France, The papers respecting our late broach with Russia, and the offers of mediation on the part of Russia and Austria, in a treaty with France, were yesterday laid before Parliament. As far as Russia is concerned, these papers add little to the information we before possessed. After the armistice had been concluded between Russia and France, General de Budberg communicated that event to Lord G. L. Gower, our Ambassador, without anv notification that a negociation for a separate peace was to be the immediate result.— Our Ambassador, in reply, reminded the Russian General ( who appears to have acted as Minister also) that the reciprocal engagements bet'. ve. n the Courts of London and St. Peters- but'gh, the known princi^ es and firmness, and the verbal assurances of his Imperial Majesty,, were so many pledges, that he could not question but that he would negoeiate for a general peace, and npt for a separate one. His Lord- hip therefore informed tbe Russian Government, tlist his Court would be ready to concur in a negociation including evurv power at war, and founded on an equitable ba- is. This Note drew a very reproachful answer from General Budberg, complaining of our not having fulfilled our promise of a diversion on the Continent;— of our having declined to facilitate the negociation of a loan, for the Russian Govern- ment, in Loudon ;— of our having neglected uniting our/ farces to those of Russia ;— of our having undurtakeU tbe expedition to Egypt, without communicating the object thereof to Russia ;— and, in short, of our having so acted as to give our ally just reason ta conclude that she was justified in lo. iking only to her own interests and security.— In conclusion, the Note avows that Russia has made a separate peace with France, and offers her media- tion to treat for England, in the full knowledge that such mediation would be accepted by France.— This olfer is afterwards repeated, in a more detailed form, in a note from M. Alopeus, the Russian Charge d'Affaires in lain don, to Mr. Secretary Canning; who, in reply, expresses the readiness of the Government of England to avail itself of the proffered mediation, provided his Imperial Majesty will communicate the secrrt articles of the treaty con- cluded at Tilsit, and those " equitable and honourable con- ditions," on Which Russia expresses her belief that France desires to make peace with us.— With this answer of Mr. Canning to M. Alopeus, the correspondence with Russia terminated. The Austrian Correspondence is of infinitely more im- portance. The first Note presented to Mr. Canning by Prince Stahremberg, dated April lit, 1307, in the name of his Imperial Master, expresses a desire on the part of Austria to procure a General Peace, and a willingness to mediate for so desirable an event. The Answer of our Court, on the 25th of the same month, manifests a perfect readiness to accept such Mediation, provided it is also accepted by all tbe other Powers engaged in the War. The next Note of Prince Stahremberg was not given till the 23il of November. The British an wer, after expressing surprise that fresh as urances of pacific sentiments should be required of our Court, nevertheless repeats it; willing- ness to » nter into Negociation for such a Peace as shall settle on equal terms the respective interests of the Powers involved ill the vyar, which shall be consistent with fidelity to our Allies, and provide for tbe tranquility and security of Europe- The Emperor of Austria had previously pro- posed, in case negoeiations should ensue, that they should take place in his dominions, near enough to be reciprocally convenient, but not too near the theatre of war ; but in the Note, dated January 1, it is proposed that the place for opening the negotiations should be at Paris; and it is with singular modesty required, that the English Ministry should immediately send Plenipotentiaries to Paris, though no direct overture had been made from France, ;• » d no terms had been suggested as the preliminary ba- is of any pacific measure..— The answer of Mr. Secretary Canning, dated the 8th inst. af. er observing that the Austrian pro- posal extends only to the Powars combined in tbe war with France against Great Britain, and not to the Allies of Great Britain in the war with France, and observing, that no solemn and authentic pledge upon a sfbject so important had come from France, declares his Majesty's refusal to send his Plenipotentiaries to a hostile capital.— In four days aftervyards ( of course before lie could have conveyed that Note and received an answer from France) Prince Stahrem- berg demanded - his passports. It is therefore probable he had been previously assured that the French Government had no disposition to treat on a system ot perfect equality, and that their chief object was td induce us to send a Minister to Paris, without any previous arrangement. A meeting of the Catholics of Cork was held on the 16th inst. It was resolved to pursue every legal and constitu- tional means for the repeal of their remaining disabilities, and in pursuit of that object to present an humble petition to Parliament, in the present Session, praying for such repeal. The Common Council of the citv of Dublin, on Friday last, resolved on an address to bis Majesty, praying him to support his present Ministers against the dis- affected, who petition for peace.— At. the same meeting, tiie Common Council resolved to petition Parliament against the claims of the Catholics, in which the numbers were, 50 for the motion! 19 for. a proposed amendment, • nostpone the consideration of the question for a year. Yesterday evening intelligence was received at the East. India House of tbe safe arrival, oft' the Isle of Wight, on the 25th inst. of the Sir Stephen Lusltingtori, Captain Gray, from Bombay: she sailed from St. Helena the 8th ult. under convoy of. his Majesty's " ships Agincourt and Woolwich, with six transports and the Star whaler. No ships left at St. H. dena. The. remains of L ird Viscount Trafalgar were on Monday interred in St. Paul's Cathedral, in the same vault with those of his Noble Uncle. The funeral, though called a private one, was conducted with pomp and ceremony suited to the rank of the deceased, Thomas Bolton, now presumptive heir to the Earldom of Nel- ori, and the fortune voted by Parliament to support the dignity, is a premising youth, about 18 years of age, eldest son of Thomas Bolton, Esq. a respectable and opu- lent gentleman farmer, of Cranvnich, in Norfolk, and- of Susannah his wife, sister of the late and present Lord Nelson. The action between the French privateer and his Ma- jesty's packet Windsor Castle, seems a most extraordinary exploit. It appears from the muster- roll of the privateer, there were ', 0.- J men, and oil their arrival at Barbadoes it was found that 61 had been either killed or wounded. The crew of the packet consisted of Mr, Rogers, together with 26 men and boys. By accounts from the enemy 40 were killed and wound ™ ! by the last gun fired from the packetf Mr. R. arrived . in town a few days ago at the house of his friend Mr. Dixon, of Hatton- gai'den, and highly to the ; ho" ftour of his Majesty's Post Masters General, they have appointed him to the, command of a new packet. The Sparkler gim- ljrig, of 14 guns, Lieut. Dennis, was unfortunately lost on the coast of Holland, on tbe l. ith inst. Dispatches co aimutlicatiug this unwelcome intelli- gence were receive.' yesterday at the Admiralty, The fol- is a li t of the men i. v. - i- J on this uufortun& te occasion: Richard Riley, midshipman; John Davies, boatswain's mate; William Eagfisfi.- ld, clerk and steward; Wm. Clarke, John Long, Edw, Crawford, Timothy Donovan, and Andrew • Hofregan, seamen; John Whiteheaves and James Brown, ordinary ; Henry Shaw and John Malcolm, bovs; Edward de Cru'e and John Roberts, marines.— Total 14.' Monday evening, as a porter belonging to Messrs. Bate- man, silversmiths, of Bunhiil- rovv, was carrying about 7<> 0 oilnces of wrought plate through a court leading from Wood- street to Milk- street, Cheapside, he was surrounded by three fellows, who knocked Mot down, and snatched away the plate, estimated at upwards of - lOOi. with which they got clear off. A most melancholy accident occurred tin Monday, in Mortimer- street:— A Lady, very near her accouchement, being left alone, it is supposed she was 9 - ized with faint' ness, and fell into the fire; a servant, alarmed by the violent barking of a lap- dog, ran into the room, and found her ml tress lying with her head inside the tender, and her clothes in a blaze; she extinguished the flames, and procured medical assistance, but the unfortunate Lady- expired yesterday . morning. She was the wife of the Rev. Mr. Coytmore, who was at Southampton at the time of the accident, and to whom an express was dispatched with the melancholy intelligence. BREAD.— Yesterday, in consequence of the returns of flour specifying an advance of the average price, the Lord Mayor was under tbe necessity of raising the price of Bread half ait assize, making that of the quartern loaf, wheaten, 11household, g$ d. CORN- EXCIIAN- OE, Jan. 27. The supply of Wheat to- day is short, with few fresh arrivals, and the last prices fully supported; Barley is precisely in the same predica- ment ; Malt has a more ready sale ; Grey Peas, and Beans, are rather lower ; there are tolerable supplies of Oats, and that trade is cheaper; Rape Seed is dearer 5 Flour without variation. PFTOPEIM- TAX, and ASSESSED TAXES.— A Bill to amend and regulate the assessment and collection of. the assessed Taxes arid Tax upon the prifits of property, professions, trades, and offices, Was brought into the House of Com- mons in the last Session, and on the " 8th of August was ordered to be printed, that it might he fully considered by the Commissioners in the several districts, and other persons interested, preparatory to its passing into a law in Ihe pre- sent Session. In saying that tiiis measure embraces objects of greater importance to every Englishman than the con- duct of our Commanders in South America, the propriety 01- impropriety of tbe Copenhagen Expedition, or even the great question of PEACE or WAR, we merely call for the attention of our Readers to that which WILL " speak heme to then- - interests anil " bosoms." The following are the outlines « f the Bill:— The powers of former acts, appointing assessors, are to !>• repealed, and the functions heretofore executed bv the Assessors are to be vested in Surveyors or Inspectors. The c ( Hectors arc to receive directions from the sur- - veyors, but are not obliged to travel more than four miles < o attend thetn. Hie surveyors are to prepare the collectors bonds, and ( as it should seem) are to have the. custody thereof. The surveyors are to make duplicates of assessments ; one "( with the oath annexed) to remain in their custody, and the other ( with the warrant) to be delivered to the collector. Tbe commissioners may appoint a minute clerk for ap- peals ; but after the appeals are determined, he is to deliver over his minutes to the surveyor. The appointments of clerks under former acts are to cease, and the business formerly done by the clerks to be transacted by the surveyors or inspectors. The surveyors to be rewarded in proportion to their diligence. The jurisdiction of additional commissioners under the property tax act not to be altered; but in this department also all acts required to be done by the clerks are to be transferred to the surveyors. OBSERVATIONS.— The arbitrary features of this bill are evident. By it the Commissioners are not to have the cus- tody of their own minutes; nor are they to have any confi- dential person to whom they can transfer the labour of ex- amining th* voluminous papers they are called on to sanction by their signatures. The diligence of the inspector, for which he is to expect reward, must be exercised in sur- charges on assessments made by himself. In fact, by abolish- ing the assessors and clerks, the whole power will be placed in Officers of the Crown, whilst the Commissioners, Gentle- men who have heretofore approved them elves the firmest and best supporters of the Government, by holding a just and impartial balance between appellants and the Crown Officers, are not to retain even the power of registering the iir own acts. The public are unquestionably much in- debted to these Gentlemen for their gratuitous services, and their opinions must doubtless hav e due weight with his Majesty's Ministers in regard to tbe fate of a bill which appears so obnoxious.— The Commissioners of the City of London, and those of some adjoining districts, have already transmitted resolutions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, decidedly adverse to the principles of tie bill. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, January 26, 1809. Tuesday, the 2d of February next, I shall l- e ready to receive Tenders writing ( sealed u;%) and treat for 1,000 Sacks of KILN- DRIED FLOUR, answerable to a sample that will be produced at the time of contract, to be delivered Ult the Stores of this Department, one half in a fortnight, anil the remainder in three weeks ; which will be paid for by bills, payable with interest, ninety days after date. No regard trill be had to any Tender, in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said id of February next ; nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to ansiver thereto when called for. IVM. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at my Office. p47 PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, January 28, 1808. ON Tuesday, the 2d of February next, I shall he ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed upj and treat for 1,000 Quarters of ENGLISH WHEAT, for the service of this Fort, to weigh HSlb. per bushel, and in case: it should weigh above Mil:, per bushel, the overweight, will be paid for, to be delivered in one mouth ; which will be paid for by bills, payable with interest, ninety days after date. No regard will be had to any Tender, in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said id of February next; nor unless the. persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called foe. JVM. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of the Contract may ie seen at my OJJUe. . f3S6 HOUSE- BREAKING. HEEEAS on Friday hight last, Of early On Saturday morning January. 30, the house of JOHN Brtttr, of CYarlton, near Downton, Willi, w- s fro. en open, and tl- c Allowing arti'cles'stolen therefrom-.— Six Sides of Bacon, the greater part of another Side, two eeiy large Pork Hams, one Pair of Bacon Chops, and several Pieces of Bacon and Bacon Meat. Whoever will give information of the persons Who committed this robbery, or any one of them, shall receive FIVE GUINEAS Reward. *.** If more than one was concerned, an accomplice giving such information as may lead to Conviction, shall be entitled to the above reward, and every endeavour used to procure a free pardon. A CAUTION. WHEREAS I JAMES GUNNING, of War minster, in the county of Wilts, Labourer, did on the 3'> th day of December last, in the parish church of War- minster, grossly insult and abuse the Churchwardens and Overseers, in performing their duty therein; having had an action commenced against me in the ecclesiastical court of Saturn for the same: — Now I do hereby beg their pardon, and humbly thank them for their lenity and forgiving me, by paying the expences incurred, as witness my hand this - 27th day" of January, 1 6B. JAMES GUNNING. Witness, JOHN SMITH, Clerk of the said Parish Church. [ 485 STATE LOTTERY of 25,000 Tickets, begins DRAWING the 8th of MARCH, isos.— To be drawn in ten days. SCHEME. 3 Prizes of £.- 10,000 .. are ... £. 00,000 n 10,000 30,000 4 5,000 011,000 20 1,000 -.' O. OOO 30 ..'...;., 600 15,000 45 100 4,000 60 DO 3,000 1,000 21 21,000 6,100 15 76,000 5,000 Tickets. NO FIXED PRIZE. i,'. 250,00 « The above Scheme, '. vith not three Blanks to a I'rize, con- tains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many years past, though many of those Lotteries consisted of o'o, 000 Tickets. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket,.. £. 20 i'l 0 Half £- M IS o| Ejghth £. 2 15 6 Quarter 5 p 0 J Sixteenth 1 8 o TICKETS and SHARES, in a great variety of Numbers, are now selling at all the Licensed Lottery- Offices in London, and by their Agents in the Countiy ; who have likewise on Sale TICKETS and SHARES for F. VMTF THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY, Of FREEHOLD HOUSES, discharged of Land Tax ; containing Capital Prizes to the amount of jt'. 104,000, viz. 1 valued at £. 25,000 " ' ' 1 7,000 4 6,000 It is proposed that thos. small Shares shall be sold, and the produce paid to the respec- tive Shareholders. PRESENT PRICE,—'— Ticket.. .£. 7 1- 1 0 Half X'- 4 3 o I Eighth £. t l Quarter 2 1 0 | Sixteenth 0 10 To be drawn in Guildhall, Kith April, iwun. valuetl at j^. 4,000. 6 a. OOil 1 2,000 Prizes which are divided ir. to STATE LOTTERY. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Btokew, at their State Lottery- Office, No. 83, Royal Exchange, London, have now on sale Tickets and Shares for the ensuing State Lottery, Which begins drawing the 8th of March.. THE SCHEME Willi 3 Capitals of £ 20,000 3 Ditto 10,000 4 •• Ditto...; 5,000 20 .'... Ditto. 1,000 30 Ditto 500- .1- c. & c. Has not three Blanks to a Prize, and contains no fixed Prize. — It consists of nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many years past, though some of those Lot- teries contained 60,000 Tickets. Letters ( postpaid) duly answered, and country orders, ac- companied with reaiittance, attended to on the same terms as if present. [ 2.90 . . HANTS. rTV) be LETT, and entered Upon at Lady- day I. nert, Alt that capital Mansion called I. A1NSTON- HOUSli, with the Courts, " lards, walled Gardens, Orchard, Dog- Kennel, triple. Coach- house, excellent Stabling for ill i.'-, Dove- cote, and every nc: essa" ry attached and de- tached '- office and building; together with 113 acres of in- closed arable and pasture land :' iythc free) adjoining and lying in a ring fei^ ce round ihe mansion. The above capital nvidonce is delightfully situated on ail eminence ( but well sheltered), near the StockMfdge turnpike road, three miles '. vest of Winchester, is perfectly dry and in complete repair, fit for. the reception and genteel ac'commo* elation qf a large family, arid has for many years past been in the occupation of George Wm. Rieketts, Esq. by whose per- mission tile same may be viewed. A par. of the present elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITUKS may be taken ; it a valuation/ For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arnev, Close, Salisbury; if by letter post- paid. ' [-; 0!? 7 WARMINSTER. HlpO be LETT, and entered upon at Ladv- day next, A ( or sooner, if required) for a tsrni of years,—- A neat and comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, with ail suitable lit! convenient Offices, Stable, and spacious Work- shops adjoining, wherein the clothing business bus been carri-. d ou for several years; and a Garden, well Stocked with fruit trees, lying behind the .--" une ail - ornate in Church- street, in VYrr- mins'er aforesaid, near the church there. The buildings are in eery good condition, the greatest part thereof having been latly erected. N. B. In the Work- shops are an Oven with Plates, and a Double Screw Press with Papers, . Vc. both complete; and sundry other articles in the clothing business, vvfvcli may tc taken to- at a fair valuation, oi tile same articles will be disposed of by private contract. For further particulars application to be made to Mr. Cutler, Crown Inn, Warminster ; and, if by letter, postpaid, [ ttl First Situation fur Trade in the Town of A/' FI'PO/ tT. TO be SOi.( D by PRIVATE CONTRACT, in One I/*,— ADWEtUNO- rtOUSK situate In ' iv- iligh- strest and St. James's- strcct, and leading to the Grand Depot in ParkhurstForest. The House consists of thr e shops, good cellars, twti dining room and, c; ; on the back i Lrgc Wtnkshop, rt of ilidpreniisti I. and one IS I. ; the e length in. State Lottery Offices, 26, Comhill, 52, Charing- Cross, and St. Margaret's Hill, Borough, fjondon. HORNSBY arid CO. respectfully acquaint their numerous Country Correspondents, that duty have on Sale a great variety of Tickets, Halves, Quarters,, Eighths, and Sixteenths, at' the lowest Prices, and the Prize- Money paid on demand, whether a - 20,0001. or a iU. The Scheme is considered to. be far the best that has been submitted to the public for many. lotteries past:— theie are treble the number of grand prizes, double the number of smaller prizes, and no " fixed capital prize; therefore it is very beneficial to buy before the 8th of March ( the day the drawing begins;. Last year only were shared by HORNSBY and Co. 19,544 £. 20,000 2,27.9 £. 10,000 10,873 .....£. 1,008 8,8- 31 5,000 1,350 500 8,716 5,000 44 500 In seventy- two shares. Orders, by post Or carrier, executed on exactly the same terms as if present. _ [ 2* 13 npO be I. ETT, and entered upou at Lady- day next> A — A neat comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, lining two parlours, a kitchen, and brewhouse; six bed- rooms, and garrets for servants; a three- stall stable, granary, and wood- houses, with about lour acres of orchard and garden, the resi- dence of the late Mr. Scymer, of Ibberton, near Blandford, Dorset. To be viewed and particulars known by application to Mr. Robert Witteridge, Ibberton. . Ibberton is about six miles from Blandford and four from Sturrninsrer Newton, both good market towns. [ 188 PUBLIC- MOUSE riO LETT. HO be LETT, and entered'on immediately,— The SHIPWRIGHT'S ARMS, at ' Hurst- Castle, near Ly- mington. The situation of the above Hotise, and its local advantages, are truly desirable, both from the fomantickness of the place, and the opportunity it would afford a Pilot, capable of navi- gating vessels passing by for . Portsmouth, Sc. In the summer season, much company is attracted there, being on the beach of an open pure sea, and, by a civil attention to business, may be made will worth the attention of an indus trious man. The House is in thorough repair, and ir. every respect fit for the accommodation of guests. Apply to Mr.- Richman, solicitor, Lymingtoh ; or Mr. Thomas Comley, Romscy. ,[ 341 FARMS IN WILTSHIRE. HMO be LETT, and entered upon at Lade- day, A 1808,— First, a FARM- HOUSE, with suitable'Build- ings, and about 364 acres of Land, of which 283 are arable, 48 meadow, and 39 sheep- pasture or common- ground, in the occupation of Mr. Walter, called Calstone Wc.- A Farm, in the parishes of Calneand Calstone. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and about 421 acres of Land, of which 226 are arable, 5- 2 pasture, and 141 down, in the occupation of Mr. II. Mstundrell, called Calstone East Farm, in the parjsh of Calne. The tenants of the above farms are entitled to their going off crops of wheat and spring corn. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Bud. lings, and 102 acres of pasture and 3 5 of arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Hughes, called Rough Leazc Farm, in the said parish of Calne. < Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and 28 acres of arable antl 64 of pasture Land, in the occupation of Mrs. Perkins, at Quemerford, in the parish of Calne. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and 82 acres of arable and 45 of pasture, called Spray's Farm, i; i the oc- cupation of Mrs. Jane Ruddle, at Calstone, in the parish of Caine. Also, a House, with 25 acres of pasture Land, in the oc- cupation of Mis. Anne Ruddle, at Stocklev, in the parish of Calne. Also, a Cottage, and 4 acres of pasture Land, in tbe parish of Chrrhill, and 50 acres of arable Land, lying dispersed in the common fields, of Cherhill, in the occupation cf Mr. G. Neate. Also, another Cottage, and tl acres of enclosed pasture and 94 acres of enclosed arable Land, with 71 acres of common field arable Land, lying dispersed in the common fil l ' s of Quemerford, in the parish of Calne,. also in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Ncate. N. B. All the before- mentioned farms and lands, in the parishes of Calne and Cherhill, will be lett free ol the great tithe. The two first- mentioned firms will be lett for a lease of 1- 2 years, and the other farms and lands for 7 years. Persons desirous of taking the above farms, arc to direct their proposals to the Marquis, of Lansdowne, Southampton Castle, Hants, before the l- st day of February next, men- tioning tile price per acre they will give for the same, to be subject to an admeasurement; and in the proposals for the two first- mentioned farms, distinct prices per acre must be offered for each of the three different sores of land above described. [ 63 William Clifford, the woodward st Calstone, will shew the above estates; and further particulars and conditions of the leases may be known at Mr. Atherton's Office, in Calne. entrance hall, two parlours, two kitchen1', pumps, & c.; oh the second fioor, a l. n five chambers; on the. third tl u, fan a part of the premises, over the kitchen, with a bed room over it. One > h. •;> anil | are lett :<*> Mr. Outridge, at the yearly rent'of 3 shop to Mr. Gcortre Cook, at tile yearly rent < other is. occupied by the proprietor. The vvh front in fit. Janves's- street about t'o feet, and in High-. tr et about 17 feet. The above premises stand unequalled f .- r any kind of busi- ness. For further particulars, e. nd to te.- al fix the same, apply ! if by* letter, postpai' 1) to the proprietor, Mr. James Reedet; Newport, Isle of Wight. ( 3s<; DORSE I'SHIRK. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, called LITTLE KEYNTOS MA- NOR'FA EM, Situated in the garish ' of K< - oton T\ f; - r. a .. ml WestStour; consisting of a good Farm- house, Berris, Stein, etc. and containing about two acres of Arabic, Meadow, ard • Pasture Land, 16 of which are out on lea- e for two old lives. The above Estate is about si. x miles from Shaftesbury and five from Stalbfifige, both goou market towhs, and adjoining ( too turnpike road to Sherborne ; it. is, well timbered, and bounded by the river Stonr.' I i the occupation of Mr. . John Pc -, tenant at will, who will shew the premises.— About 70 aeics, called the New Inclrisnres, will be sold- separate, if required. Also an ESTATE held by Copy of Court U---. ll under the Manor of Gillingham, and equal to Freehold, situated m the parish of Motcombe, one mile from Shaftesbury ; consi- t , of two Farm- houses, and containing abo » : t ldo acres cf Pas- lure and about ten acres of Arable Land, ir. ti e' occupation of Messrs. Lush and DoggrJ, tenants at will, wl. o will v the premise...— The above rotate is now lett u two • , and will be sold in two lots if required. Also about 20 acres of Pasture Land, in the parish of Mot- combe, in the occupation of Mr. John Butt. Further particulars may be known, and plans of the estate seen at the Office of Mr. Charles Bowie-;', :. t Shaftesbury; Mr. Gough, solicitor, Warminster; or ML John Cliant. n, and agent and surveyor, St lurton. [ i- V- i and DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, fcv Messrs. I lodskinson and Co.— The MANOR of COAIP- TON ABBAS, extending over 1245 acres t. i thereabout',, with the Advowson in Fee ot' the Rectory and t: , ic : ' ' r- e,. and Small Tithes— flic ne. tt vjlu • . iU ut 2:> vl. ucr. amitim ; the Rev. Mr. Baskctt aged about ."!— the next Presentation de- posed of. Also the Manor Farm; containing 102A. OR. 1" P. on Lease for . wine years ftom Michaelmas la: t, c. t t6oi. per an- num, but of the tstirfrited'annual va. ne of Hal. And also the Reversion in Fee of several Leasehold arid Copyhold Estates, held by Li'- v'., containing 437 A. - R. ! !'. valued at per anitiim 640/. with the ieserve. il rents and h3riots thereunto belonging. The Manor, or R- puted Manor of West" Orchard, cttct:<- ing over 638 acres, with the " Manor Farm, as Ltt from y. : to year, containing 62A.' 2R. tl! P. at lOOi. pel annum, but of the estimated annual value of 110/. Also the Reversion in Fee of severed valuable Lee chold ar. d Copyhold Estates, held by Live ; containing 4'.'• acrts, or theie& bouts, of the miniated annual value of jt'SL Is. with the reserved rents and lu riots thereunto belong.!:?:. The Reversion in Fee of that part of tile Manor Farm, called the Dairy F , u, in the perish of e. ielbnry Abi. cs, he", by the lives of ' chard Brabant, aged v. ;::: e Ana lit.;:, aged 56; cone:'", not', 1; » 4 A. .3 R. 20P. a: l!: e lew reeer. e. l rent of 7- 2/. per annum, during the said ! iv.. s, but of tfc « estimated annual value of £.-:•)/. Also tile Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasri Copyhold Estates in East and W « st Meifcury, held h. containing 508A, 1 K. - '<'. valued : t ) * nr-. e ra e. iii. with the reserved rents and heriots therjarfuo bwktigittg. And also the Reversions in Fee of sundry Le'-.-' el. old Es- tates, held by lives, within the parish of Tisbury; particu- larly Chicksgrove, with the Tythe Hay, in one ' ; also in tl r. parish of Doriliwial; particularly Coomb and Cliarlte. n ; and also several Estates in the parish of Semley. Further particulars may be had of Messrs. Hodskinst n ard Co. Arundel- strect, London. jJ, >;. Liu tier's celebrated SiestorcLtive Tooth l'awdir. BEAUTY of countenance, and regularity o.' Cul- tures, are allowed to distinguish the British fair, but the proprietor of BUTLER'S TOOTH POWDER would beg leave to remind his countrywomen, that the lustre cf thi ir charms loses half its influence where the Teeth arc di . co- loured, or shew a rotten and, unhealthy appe; . ance: his is the more inexcusable, as the prc'c: itprc;'.. ir:: tion .:' eei tbe infallible means Qf removing e'. ery i. len. e a .. ;::- : ee, and. is safe in its application, being composed of vegetable-. It is recommended to the attention'of al ranks. - '. .- eii g avvay every imperfection, either in the c lour or the decay ot the enamel of the Teeth ; as rendering th breath s-. v. ct and delectable, and making the gums of their prop. r shtmc and Vermillion hue ; and a certain orev - ntive ot the. footh ache. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's: No. - 1. Chcapsi'V, corner of Paternoster- row, London; and by Mr. Co'lins, Salisbury, in boxes at 2s. B''. each. [ KOI HILBLAINS, their tormenting itching, is in- V stantly removed and every possibility of the'rever nrt . ik- ing prevented, by Will ft-: HEAD'S ESSENCE ' f MUST A :;!!, nriiversolly esteemed as the most effectual remedy :; aps i- i the Work!, for Rheumatisms, Palsi -:, Gouty .'. livtioi;;-, Complaints of the Stomach, Sprains, Bru. a .-:, & c. but w here this certain remedy has been either unknown or ne.. leered, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated or laokc, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will . - e th pain and very speedily heal them. The Family Cerate ; s equally sen - cessful in Sore Lees arid Other ill- conditioned Sen •:, Scorbutic Humours of every description, and the Breaker s trot, or Humours common to Children. They arc prepared and sold by R, Johnston, apothecary* 15, Greek- strict, Soho, London; the Es- ence and P. is at 2s. orf. each ; the Cerate at Is. Htf.: and ley la- h: do' II. C. Collins, Salisbury, and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. Itobberds's Balsamic Elixir, or Cough Drops. F all the parts of the body, the luns;$ are mo t subject to disease; every chanee of- the atmi-.- phcre is liable to affect them: h- ehc the frequency of Coughs, Colds, and Astmas, at the present season, which never tail, if r,- g- lected, to lay tbe foundation of Ptflmonaty Consumption. As a Preventive to both these Compl : irt--, ac. l also a ccrtniu sovereign Cure of Consumptions, ROeiBERD's BALSAM IP ELIXIR, or COUGH DROPS, is recommended to the public.. It is the only medicine yet known that has the po « v: er of strengthening the lungs; that takes oil completely t'- e tee " irritation of an incessant coueh, the most vexatious of all complaints; and soothes and heals the ulcerated surface, where either matter or blood is cooped up with t'v pou.- U. The relief it has afforded i. the last stage of consumptive com- plaints is beyond belief t it hi.* supplanted ever.' other medicine. A Caution :— Observe " It. Sutler, No. 4, Cheaprioe," is en- graved 011 the Government Stump which is affixed to each bottle : all others ore counterfeits. Sold at Mr. butler's, No. 4, Chcapside, comes of Pater- > ster- row, I. ond. n ; and wholesale and retail Ly Mr. Col ens, Salisbury, in " bottles, a: is. dd. and Cs. each. [ 5908 AND ' GENERAL ADVERT"! Tf Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS, . LEGHORN, December 16. LL the towns and provinces of the former kingdom of Etruria Slave now taken the oath of allegiance to the Emperor and King Na- ? oleoii. The Etrurian troops are gone into Upper _ taly, and in- their stead a numerous garrison is arrived liere. The numerous towers along our sea- coast, Which served the inhabitants as a protection against the JBarbarv powers, have been in like manner occu- pied bv the French, ami put in a better state of de- fence. " In our fort, which protects the town and harbour, preparations htive been made to receive the English with red- hot balls, whenever they may ven- ture to attack us. Within a short time, some frigates • will be set on the stocks. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY,- Jan. 27.] Cot. Driilkwafcr presented the Fifth Report of the Military Committee. Lard Haieke ' airy presented the Correspondence of the ' Courts of St. Petersburgh and Vienna, respecting their ' Offer of Mediation for a General Peace.— Ordered to lie on the table. The fiishap of'Oxford, after dwelling at same length on the inconveniences " and hardships that arose from the biil passed last session, entitled ' the Curates' S. » . pension BJIlj brought iu a bill for the kepfal of that Act, which waS read " a hi st time, and ordered to jje read a seejud time on Wednesday next. Lord Huwkesbvry laid on the table tile < liCerent Orders in Council that have been U-^ icd, respecting the Trade and asked the Noble Secretary if it Majesty's Government to institute •• tidings on these papers, iplie. l, that it was the intention of to institute proceedings on the edlngs would riot originate in tarried on by Neutral. Lord Auckland rose svas the. intention of hi- any Parliamentary Prof I_ . nl tjtru? ltesbiu\ bis Majesty's Minister papers, but that such proci tint! House A lone; .- onvev- ation followed, the' result of which merely seem • 1 to explain, that as some tax on Neutrals would bi eh.; basis on '. vhieb Ministers meant to proceed, the measure would, of course, originate in the House of •.. ominous.— Adj. THURSDAY, Jan. 29.] Lard Ha& hesburg rose to move a Vote of Thanks to the . Military and Naval Com. ma. nbrs employed in the expedition ti Zealand. His Lu- dsiiin .!• :.;:'•' t the eireur. istances Of tuc expedition, and th » ii adv. ted to the principles on which tiic House usually beclovv-* d such honours, contending that, whether the magnitude cf'the advantage procured to the country, o: the manner in which the s i vice was e. tchieved, were taken into consideration* the subjects of his present motion were'eminently entitled to the high reward of a specific declaration of the approbation of Parliament.— ' J'e. at the object of the expedition bid been accomplished ' with the least possible effusion of biofxl, be conceived, - would rather be looked upon as enhancing, than, in any r ' . et, diminishing its value. His lordship concluded v.- moving the Thanks 6t the House to Lord Cathcart in the usti'. d form. Lord Holland dissented < fr> m the opinion of the Noble Toi l, as to the propriety of voting thanks, where there had b a no opportunity of displaying superior courage and talents. Tbe'mere magnitude of a service had never hJien Considered a sufficient reason for suc, i> prooec; eeedi'. i The tnkingof the comparatively insignificant post of B. tstia, he i, on as. ount of the resistance made and overcome, t'u-. ii :. a just ground for thanks to Lord Hood ; while the aeqni ition of the port and fleet of Toulon hail been pi - ed over in silence.— lie thought it sound policy to . e. ue this line of conduct, and not render public bi. it es too cheap; in imitation of the Romans, who never v t-.- cl a triumph without a rigid enquiry into the_ merits o. the Commander applying for it. On these grounds, t'. •;-!! he had the highest respect for ail the Commanding <, employed on the Danish expedition, and had no Jt 3t of their gillaiiw* and . skill, should proper e •• aaions c » ' l for the exercise of those qualities, he must disse'nt f. m the present motion. Lord M-' iivr concurred in the general principles laid d -. vn by his N ,'.,!•- Friend, but thought that the Noblo L.-. t4 wti i was t: i: objisct of the motion, and those who had Served under him at Copenhagen, hail displayed all that skill, activity, perseverance, and gallantry, which were rali |" 1 fur bv the situation ill which they Were placed, and wh'eeh merited the thanks of the House. Lord Am hltaid said,' that left in the dark, as the House he. i been, upon tile justice and necessity of carrying the Itorrors ' if , v ir into the bosom of a friendly State, he knew hot how to make up his miml on the subject, of the Expe- dition, so far as its policy was implicated. He was there- I re glad of an opportunity, unmixed with the considera- te Hi ef that point, of expre ' dug his concurrence in a • notion of Th. uik=, with respiet to the mode in whi « h that seetice had been executed. Lord MMgraae •- e it- end? .1, that in passing a Vote of Tii. t'iks, Parlia riant had principally in view the magnitude ,- I t! ie - ' rviee atchieved ; for, were skill, judgment, and jTsillanfiy, the only considerations in such cases, he should, from, the situation Ije held, have aim est daily occasion to P'-, m0,-„. . uc;, motions to their Lords- hips. Of these quaH- tii luu eve;.-, the Copenhagen expedition was not destitute, and he cited dilfensut instances in proof of the assertion. L'ird Ore:; de llowi • » repeated and enforced the various observations' of Lord Holland, and declared himself com- pelled, though with unfeigned pain and reluctance,' to give a negative to the motion. Th • m itiou was then put and carried without a division, as were also a motion te, th • same eii'ect, with respect to the General- and subordinate Officer?, serving under Lord Cathcart, and a Vote of Approbation regarding the Non- Comu*>- i Hied Officers and Privates. Ts- ril ffittr'tcsouri/ then moved a similar proceeding with regard to Admiral Gambler and the Navy. After some, objections from the Duke of Norfolk in regard to naming Sir Home Popham, as unprecedented, wi. ieii were answered by citing the ease of Sir Roger Curtis, Mho was Captain of the l'lee. t under. Lord Hoive, on the lst of . rune, and wa- thanked by name, the motions were aeyerallv agreed to, and the Lord Chancellor was ' empow- ered to eoiiinuiiiieaie their purport to Lords Gamhiei' and C ; h. v. rt in their places, and to the other Officers in the usual firm. Lord Holland gave notice, that. on Monday next lie should submit a motion, so framed as to obtain a copy of any iwerodiu- d iulbrinntioil which might have reached Go- vermuentj relative to Bonaparte's explanation to Neutrals of the leeeree of November, 1 fhKi. L rd Grey gave notice, that, lie should on t. he same day in . f. u a c ipy of 1 - ml ( irativille Levisou Gotver's answer to Baron Uudberg's Not* of th • 28th of June.— Adj. HOUSE O'" COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 27.] Mr. Rose moved, that the House do to- morrow resolve it - elf into a Committee of the whole House, tt e insider of the American Intercourse Bill. The motion passed without exciting any observations. Several election petitions were presented, and ordered to be taken into consideration on the following days re- tp- etively:—,: iltash, on the right, and Sal tad) double return, on the asm- days as former petitions of a similar description from that borough.— Bridgewater, Tliur day, AI-. u- cti 17.— Wcitmiifter, TUB day, March 22.— Christ Church, ijjng irvjii, Tuesday, March 2J.— Newry, Thurs- day, March St. Or) the motion of Mr. Swan, the petitions against the double return for Saltash were put otf from Febi 2, to Feh. .' » , in order to allow priority to the petitions on the • Tight. The Bill for the Prevention of the Grant of Places or Offices in Reversion was, on the motion of Mr. llaul. es, rea l a second time, and ordered to be committed on the RL&' I'UW. Air. Johnstone brought up the report of the Committee on • . e question of granting a Supply to M, Majesty; the resolution was agreed t > nem. >•>•: » .• » id it was ordered that the House should resolve it self into £ Committee of the wb'. le House on Friday next, to Consider of the Supply to be gi iHittd to I ti: Majesty. Oil the motion of Mr. s'kK Cntmcc-' ior the Exehejxtr felt it neccssarv- to a; p.' is'. the II .".,- c nf the course he proposed to follow with : e-, t t to the Biii which lie had brought ie la t nssion, the better Regulation'" of the Mode of Ce'Jecfins the Assessed Tax' s, It would be recollected that he had, in the former se lion, brought in this bill with an intention to suiter it to lie over to the present session-, in order to allow time for those who were to carry it into execution to take its provisions' into their consideration, and to form their judgment upon its expediency. For this purpose it hatl been printed and circulated throughout the country ; and lie had then to state, that, during the recess, he had received a number of communications from various quar- ters, many of them entitled to the highest attention, ob- jecting to some of the provisions of the bill, lit: had taker) these communications into hi; most serious consi- deration, and the result was, that he felt it would not be desirable to retain the obnoxious clauses in the bill ; it was therefore not bis intention to proceed further with that bill, but as soon as it could be re- east, he should move for leave to bring it in clear Of the clauses most objected to. Mr. Ward gave notice, that he should on Friday nsxt move the number of Seamen for the service of tlie present year.— Adjourned. THURSDAY, Jan. 23.] Mr. M. A. Taylor gave notice, that to- morrow he would make a motion to defer for ten days the order for the consideration of the Petition com- plaining of an undue election for the town of Poole. Mr. Jeffery gave notice that he would resist the motion. O* the motion of Mr. Rose, the Acts relating to Navi- gation and Commerce were entered as read. It was then ordered, on the. motion of Mr. Rose, that it be referred to a Committee of the whole House, to consider such parts of the said Acts as relate to the importation of articles of the growth and produce of " the Brazils ; the Committee to sit on Tuesday next. Sir Edward Kna'cVoull presented a Petition from'the Commissioners of the Pier and Inhabitants of the town of Marpite, praying aid to repair the losses sustained by them by the effects of the late high tides. Mr. Rosa moved the order of the day, for going into a ' ommittee on the Act of last Session, regulating the trade between this country and the United States of America. Mr. Eden regarded this motion with pleasure, so far as it went to prove a disposition to conciliate and maintain .' Cood will and amity with the American States ; and it gave him still farther satisfaction, inasmuch a- it seemed to imlicafe a hope on the part of his Majesty's Ministers, that the i: listing differences tvnuld be reconciled " and done away. He was, however, surprised, under the circumstances existing in America, to find the provisions of the Act of 17.07, made to carry into effect the Treaty of Commerce and Amity with the United States, now proposed for re- newal, without any reserve or modification. The Act row in existence had five weeks to run; was it not proper to pause at least for a part of that time, in order to ascertain whether tllearrival of our Envoy Extraordinary in America, and of the intelligence that must have nearly at the same time been received, of the unjust proceedings of France may not, on more mature consideration, have taught the American Government to adopt a more wise and moderate system of conduct ? If the embargo should be taken off, and the Non- importation Act repealed, his objections would no longer exist. But if the American Government should be so unreasonable as to overlook the outrages cf France, and to require from us concessions beyond all reasgn, a very different course would become us. Mr. Rose said, the object of the measure he proposed to renew, was to continue the provisions of the Act of 1794, in consequence of the failure or omission of making an arrangement under the 12th article of the Treaty of 1797, in the time stipulated. In consequence of that omission, it became necessary to pass ( lie Intercourse Act of last Session, to prevent the trade with the United States from falling to the ground. That Act would expire in about four weeks. It would take three weeks to pass a Bill to renew it, and therefore no time was to be lost. If America bad precipitately taken measures hostile to this eOtinVy, it became us to shew an example of the dignity and moderation, the wise and deliberate course of pro- ceeding; that became a great and upright nation. He hoped America would profit by so instructive an example, and if she should not, he should still find a satisfaction in thinking this country had erred rather on the side of for- bearance and deliberation than anger and precipitancy.— He proposed to limit the duration of the Bill to be intro- duced to the period of the present SesSion of Parliament, with' a power to repeal or alter at it any time it may be thought necessary. The House then went into the Committee, Sir C. Price in toe Chair.—- Leave was giVeri to bring in a Bill to renew the Act passed to carry into effect the Treaty of Commerce and Amity between his Majesty and the United States of America, Lord Casttereagh moved the thanks of the House to Lord Cathcart, Admiral Gambier, and the Officers and Men lately employed under them in the Baltic, for t he decisive and judicious measures whereby they obtained possession of the Navy of Denmark, and the arsenals of Copenhagen. Mr. Windham thought the nature of the service ex- ecuted at Copenhagen was not such as had usually obtained, or was entitled to, the thanks of the House ; therefore, notwithstanding it was ungracious to oppose a motion of thanks to meritorious Officers, he should oppose this motion, as tending to render the thanks of Parliament too cheap, and also because it appeared that Ministers soughf by it to obtain a false gloss over their owp conduct, in regard to Denmark, which in his opinion merited severe reprobation. Mr. Jtiatid also oppesed the motion, which was de- fended by the Chancellor of the Exchequer; and on a division there appeared, For it 100— Against, it IB— Majority' 81. T!\ e Chancellor of the Exchequer, after expressing a strong sense of the value of the two reports of tiia Finance Committee, one relating to the office of Paymaster of the Navy, and the other relating to the Bank of England, moved the- re- appointment uf that Committee, substituting Mr. Ellis for Mr. Ryder.— The motion passed unanimously, and the Committee was re- appointed. The Bill to prevent Reversionary Grants went through a Committee, and ordered to be reported on the morrow. Ordered, that the Chaplain of the House do preach before the House at St. Margaret's Church, on the 30th of January.— Adjourned. LONDON, FRI DA Y, J A NUA R Y 20. Hard, the u . ual Army for Catch Papers to the 20th inst. yesterday reached town ; the only article of importance which they contain is a decree issued by Louis Bonaparte, in compliance with the commands of his Brother, w hich extends to Swedish ships and subjects all the regulations which had previously been adopted with regard to the subjects and ships of Great Britain. From the Dutch papers it appears confirmed, that on the 13th of December an insurrection broke out at Lisbon, Which was not subdued till after a conflict of forty- eight hours, when, it is said, the military gained the victory, and thirty- eiglitof the ringleaders were taken into custody. It is added, that " the severest measures were adopted to prevent or punish all further violations of the peace." Some French letters received yesterday state that Spain has ceded the Floritlas to France, and it is sup- posed, according to these leiters, that the Rochcfort squadron is gone to take possession of those settlements. A Letter from Madras, dated Sept. 14, says,— liv Arah ships, which have arrived at Muscat, from the Isle cf France, we lcaril that Surcouff had returned to the Indian Seas, in command of a privateer of 20 guns,. lS- pouuders, and manned with 200 choice men." \ A strong squadron, we understand, will be sent up the Baltic, so soon as the navigation of that sea be open, to anticipate the designs which Russia is supposed to entertain against the Swedish fleet. Accounts from Gibraltar speak of an assemblage of troops on the Spanish lines, but not in . smih array as to furnish any apprehensions of an immediate attack being made on that fortress. It is believed that the whole of the Spanish regiments lately stationed there have been with- drawn, ami their place supplied by French. The sann; change has taken place in the Spanish garrison towns on the coast of the Mediterranean. The ship Hamilton, of Greenock, Capt. Gilchrist, is arrived at Loelimaddy, in North Uist, in 25 day.; from Halifax, which she left on the' 30th of November. T « . o days before she Sailed, advice had been received from Quebec of the death of Lieutenant- General Sir James Craig, Commander in Chief of the Army iu Canada. On the 13th tilt, in lit. 50. 13. long. 32. 3. W. the Hamilton was boarded by the Mercury frigate, « '. th a convoy from Newfoundland, seven ships then only in company ; the toavoy originally eou- iited - J. ii : aii. Government have received advices from Botany Bn/. dated the 18th of March, which state, that a plot to overturn the Governmenme'nt had been discovered to have beeU entered into by Dvvyer, Byrne, and other.!, who had been transported from Ireland for political ) offences* One of the instructions given by them to the slaves or servants who were concerned in the con- spiracy was, that each, upon the breaking out of the insurrection, should murder his master. The American CotAmittee met yesterday, and a long discussionaro. se upon the question, whetheiv a me- morial should be presented to Ministers, relative to the present state of Our relations with the United States, or rather with respect to the consequences of a war with America. The result was, that the question of presenting a memorial was decided in the negative, only by the cast- ing vote of the Chairman, Mr. Sanfoln, Yesterday the Judges of the several Courts met in the King's Bench Treasury Chamber, for the purpose of choosing their Circuits for the Lent Assizes, which are a? . follows 1— N. OHFOLK CIRCUIT.— Lord Ellenborough and Mr. Justice Grose.- Mim. AN- n.— Chief Justice Mansfield & Mr. Baron Wood. HOMH.— The Chief Baron and Mr. Ju tiee Heath. • WESTERN.— Mr. Baron Thomson and Mr. Justice Ronke. NORTHERN.— Mr. Justice Lawrence and Mr. Justice L'i Blanc. OXFORD.— Mr. Justice Chambre and Mr. Baron Graham. The Judges are to assist in the Court of Chancery on Monday next, when a decision, it is expected, will he given on the question arising out of Bullock's Bankruptcy. DISCIPLINE.— Sir Charles Hotham, Bart. Colonel of the East York Militia, has been tried by a Court- martial on the charge of having been drunk on duty, found guilty, and sentenced to be cashiered. His Majesty has confirmed the• sentence, and has ordered it to be immediately communicated to the Army in General Orders, that Officers and Soldiers of all descriptions may be made sen- sible that no consideration of rank or station in life, tir even of past seiviees, will induce his Majesty to . pip- jlon an offence so i, r'; r; ous to the discipline of the army.— ilijj Majesty accompanies this deelatiou with many expressions of regret that fie should be necessitated to dismiss from his service' an Officer, of whose good character a great num- ber of General Officers gave ample testimony. GF. NERAi. Win rEi. 0CKE— The Trial of General White- loeke commenced yesterday morning, iu the Great Hiil of Chelsea College. The charges against the General : r: four in number. The first charge states, that he demanded the surrender of all persons holding civil offices in the Govern- ment of Buenos Ayres as prisoners of war, and by such unusual and offensive demand encouraged a spirit of re- sistance to hi; Majesty's arms, excluded the hope of ami- cable accommodation, increased the difficulties of the service with which he was entrusted, and acted in a manner unbecoming his duty as aii Officer, and contrary to the Articles of War.-— The second charge is, the not making the military arrangements best calculated to ensure the success of his operations against the town, when previously informed that the enemy meant to occupy the hat roofs of the houses, particularly in dividing his forces into brigades, ordering the whole to have their firelocks unloaded, and not providing sufficient means for forcing t. lte barrieadoe. s, whereby the troops were unnecessarily exposed to destruc tion.— The third charge is, the not having made any effectual attempt, by bis own personal- exertions or other- wise, to co- operate with th^' different divisions of the army, when engaged with the enemy in the streets of Buenos Ayres.— The fourth charge is, the having concluded a treaty with the enemy, whereby he acknowledged, in the public dispatch of the 10th of July, 1807, that " he re- solved to forego the advantages which the bravery of his troops bad obtained, and which advantages had cost him about 2,500 men in killed, wounded, and prisoners ;" and by such treaty be Unnecessarily and shamefully surrendered ail such advantages, totally evacuated the town of Buenos Ayres, anil consented to deliver, and did shamefully abandon ami driver up to the enemy, the strong fortress of Monte Video, which had been committed to his charge, and which, at the period of the treaty and abandonment, was well and sufficiently garrisoned and provided against attack. General Sir] Win. Meadows is President of the Court Martial; General; Garth, Norton, Lord Lake, the- iarl of Clanrioarckv' Hulse, Cuyler, Ogilvie, Fox, & c% are . Members. The Court commenced its proceedings it ten o'clock. General Whiteloeke took his Station on the left of the President : be was dressed in bis uniform, the sword excepted, and looked remarkably well, but less corpulent than'befbre be embarked for South America.— The pro- ceedings yesterday and this day were confined to the first charge, and General Gower was the only witness examined.—- The Court has forbidden, the publication of any part of the evidence ti'. l the whole is concluded.— At three o'clock this afterno' c, the Court adjourned to Monday. CORN" EXCHANGE, Jan. 29. The supplies of grain in general to- day are short, owing to the late contrary winds, and the few sales of Wheat made . maintain last ( trices; Barley and ef- vL iu moderate demand ; Beans of each sort keep their prices; the Oats remaining on hand are con- siderable, and this article fetches rather better price for line samples ; Flour without alteration. ' SMITHI'IEUI MARKET, Jan. 2.9. This day's markat was but thinly supplied with different kinds of Cattle; but there was a very languid trade, at Monday's prices, BIRTHS.] On Wednesday se'nnight, at Orton, near Stamford, the Countess of Aboyne of a son.— Lately, at the Chief Secretary's Lodge, in the Phoenix Park, Dub- lin, the Lady of the Right Hon. Sir Arthur Weflcslev, K. B. of a son.— On the 22d inst. at Weymouth, Lady Elizabeth Fielding of a daughter.— On the 21st inst. the Lady of Sir Win. Pole, Bart, of Shute, Devon, of a son and heir.—- Oil Friday, in Great Cumberland- street, the Ladv of John Angerstein, Esq. of a soil.— Oil Saturday, at Kensington, the Laily of Col. Driukwater of a daugh- ter.— On Tuesday last, in York- stieet, the Lady ol the Hon. John Edward Tumour, youngest son of the late Earl of Winterston, of a son.-— On Wednesday, in Park- place, the Hon. Mrs. Wimi, of a sun. MARRIED.] On the 6th inst. at Vienna, . with great pomp, his Imperial Majesty the EMVEKOU of AUSTRIA to the Princess Maria- Beatrix.— A few days since, James Banks, Esq. of Wakefield, only surviving heir of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart, to Miss Mary Barnard, daughter of the late J. Bolilero Barnard, Esq. and sister of Lady Car- rirn'toii.— On Monday, Capt. Anson, of the Staffordshire Militia, brother ot Lord Viscount Anson, to Miss Harriet Uamsbottom, youngest daughter of John Ramsbottom, Esq. M. I', of " Windsor. DIED.] On Wednesday the 20th inst. at bis seat in Cheshit'Q, the Right Hon. Richard Pennant, Baron Penrhyn of Petirhyn, in the county of Ixiuth: he succeeded to great estates in Jamaica, granted to his great grandfather, on the restoration, and aiso acquired the estates of the late Lieut. Gen. Warburton, of Wilmington, in Cheshire, by itiarry- ing Miss An'n- Susannail Warburton, his only daughter and heiress, in 1705 ; he was many years M. P. f ir Liverpool, and was created an Irish Baron in 1783, but dying without issue, the title is now extinct.— Same day, at Amisfield, in Scotland, the Right Hon. Francis Lord Elclio, only son of the Earl of Weniyss: his Lordship has left a son and four daughters; the son, Francis now Lord Elchu, and heir apparent to his grandfather the Earl of Weinyss ( who is in his 85th year), is married and has a sou eleven years old.— Oil the 27th of October, Andrew Barnard, Est;. Secretary to the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope: Mr. Barnard was son of the late Bishop of Limerick, and was married to Lady Ann Lindsay, sister of the Earl t; f Bal- carra>— On the 25th of November, at St. John's, Antigua, after a very short illness, Major- General C. Archer, com- manding the troops there.— On board the Cirencester I idianiau, on her passage to Europe, Mrs. Robertson, wife of Major Robertson, Chief Engineer at Prince of Wales's Island.— Friday se'nnight, at Ormskirk, aged 78, the I Ion. Charles Lewis Murclaunt, brother of Lieut. Gen. Mor'dauilt, and cousin of the Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth.— Same day, at lioynton, near Bridlington, Sir George Strickland, Bart, aged 80 years.— On Saturday, Mrs. Rawlin= on, of f/ nver Berkeley- street, relict ot Henrv Raiylinson, E- q. M. P. for Liverpool.— Oil Monday, Joseph Stephenson, Esq. of Botolph- lane, in bis alst year:— On Wednesday, Dr. Flower, M. 1). of Hammersmith.— Lately, at Keills, in the parish of f'owlis Wester, in Scotland, Janet M'Naugbton, in her 103tli year : as to recent occur- rences, her memory had completely foiled her, whil t. ii was l'einai kably retentive of events of a very remote dale ; sit • enjoyed her other faculties anil a good. Kate of health till within two years of her daath. MILITIA. MONC!: TON- DEVEEII, L, WILTS, Jan. 9, 1808. HERE AS URIAH TURNER, lute of the paie.- ii OI" Monckt tn- D. everill aforesaid, was ballofted to serve in the Viiiitia of the said county, on tSs. Cth day i January in- t. ee. d having received inr ' . eii. ee thereof, he ran away, to avoid being served by the Tythingman with the usual notice. Whoever will give information to the Overs: er of Monck- ton- Deverill, so that the : oe Uriah Tinner may be personally served With the propel notice of his heme so ballotted, shall receive OKE- GUINI, A R - ward, R > be puo by me, JOSEPH COMPTON, Overseer, < Mondcton- Dcuerill. Kj* Uriah Turner is a- 2 years old, about teet ti inches high, with dark hair arid eyes, speaks through his nose, and wore his hair tied when at home. [ D9+ WARMINSTER TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Warminster, iu the county of Wilts, called and known by the several names of " The East Gate, the South Gate, the North Gate, the Pound Street Gate, the Stop Gates, and the Devereh Gate," will be LETT by PUBLIC AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of James Brooks, Called or known by the name of the An rel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, on Monday the 8th day of February next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth year Of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulat- ing the Turnpike Roads; which saicl several'lolls together produced the last year tfie sum of one thousand seven hundred and thirty- four pounds, above the expences of collecting thetn, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the'best bidder must at the same time give security, with suf- ficient stir .- ties to the satesl'eetion of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rer. t agreed on, at such times and in such manner as they shall direct. Datetl this 28th: day of December IK07. S31.9J ' .101 IN THRING, Clerk and Treasurer. — a : ,^,, 1. — — » ZL. SALISBURY. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. B. LEWIS, 1 011 Wednesday the ad of February, 1S03, and following dujf;*— jAU the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Sc. . at. a corner house in Endless- street, lately occupied by Mr. TIT- T W consisting of four- post bedsteads, mahogany pillars, niqrine furniture; a very handsttme mahogany " wardrobe bedsefkd, cotton furniture ; excellent feather beds, blankets, qsufits, and eotmt& rpanes; flock mattresses and carpets; mahogany wardrobe, ditto double chest of drawers; mahogany dinner, card; ajid pthcr tables ; mahogany and other chairs ; pier and dressing glasses, an organ, Bath stoves, kitchen requi- sites, a quantity of old china and glass, & c. Sc. p39- 2 The sale each morning at eleven o'clock. CHIPPENHAM, WILTS— 1808. | 70R SALE by AUCTION, by order of the JL Assignees, by Mr. HART, on Monday the 8th February, and following days, 011 the premises, in Chippenham,— All the STOCK, in TRADE, Clothing Utensils, Dye Stuffs, Shearing Tools, excellent Clothes Press, and about fifteen Cassimere Looms, & c. Also; a good fdur- picce dye furnace, one scouring ditto, together with the dressing and brushing machines, scribbling and carding engines, billies, jennies, reels, Sc. and all Other effects in trade ; late the property of Mr. WM. HEATH, a Bankrupt,— which are to be sold with- out reserve, for the benefit of his Creditors. N. B.—- At the same time will be sold, three good wheel horses, harness, Sc. ; also two cows ( one of them in calf), and about ten tons of prime hay. Catalogues may be had at the principal Inns, Chippsnhatn ; Of the Auctioneer ; and at tile place of sale. |"; i< lfl EXCELLENT, NAVY TIMBER. , GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Neath Arms Inn, Neath, on Thursday the 18th of February, 1808, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, subject to conditions then to be produced,— Eleven Hundred Capital OAK. and Fifty Fine ASH TIMBER TREES, marked and numbered with white paint, which will be sold in the follow- ing Lots, viz.— Lot 1.— Two Hundred capital Oak Timber Trees, marked from 1 to 200, both inclusive, standing on Nanty Gween, Pwllfawatkin, Xantygafalon, and Ischiah Isha Farms, all in th" parish of Langavelach, about eight miles from the sea- port of Swansea, and can he readily conveyed there at a small ejro . ncc, being about three miles from the Swansea Canal Navigation. Lot 2.— Nine Hundred capital Oak Timber Trees, viz.— Seven hundred and seventy, marked from 1 to 77o, standing in Craig Ynisarvved, Cwrn Garwed, Blaenllwyd, Peoylan, Pont / Edda, and Biacngarwed, all in the parish of Cadoxton, near Neath ; and one hundred and thirty, marked from 1 to 130, at Lettimawr Farm, ia the parish of Lantwitt, near Neath. The above Timber Trees arc standing on sloping ground, close on each side of the Neath Canal Navigation, about five miles from the sea- port of Neath, and can be con- veyed there at a very trifling expence. Lot;..— Fifty fine Ash Timb- r Trees, marked from 1 to 50, and standing oil th e same lands, in the parishes of Cadoxton and f. euiv. ett, near Neath, as Lot 2. N. B.— The greatest part of th » above maiden Timber is calculated for naval purposes, and is well worth tin attention 01' Timber- merchants, Navj- contractors, and Ship- build rs in general. [ s » S8 For further particulars, apply to Mr. Lewis Griffiths, Yuisygerivn, near Neath, who will shew the Timber. DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Bull Inn, Bridport, on Friday the 5th day of February, 1808. at three o'clock in the afternoon,— FOUR Eligible ESTATES, parcel of the Manor of Loders and Bethenhampton, in the said county of Dorset, which. will be sold together or divided into three lots, as shall he agreed on at the time of sale, and entered 011 at Lady- day next: Lot I.— A large and commodious D, veiling- House anil Offices, lately occupied by Mr. George. Knight, deceased ; together with 18 acres ( more or less) of excellent arable, meadow, pasture ground, and orchard, held by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manor for the life of Matthew Knight, aged 44 years. And also the Ruins of a Dwelling- house, piece of pasture land, garden, and orchard, tie reto adjoining and belonging, known by the name of Maby's Hay Living, containing four acres ( nore or less), held by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manor for the lives of the said Matthew Knight, and Rice Davies Knight, his son, aged about ' 20 years. Lot 2.— Twenty- t'. vo Acres ( more or less) of exceeding good Arable Land, known by thenarae of HoofHcss Living, held by Copy of Court Roll of'the said Manor for the lit- of the said Matthew Knight. Lot — A large roomy Dwelling- House, with the. orchard and garden thereto adjoining, and also 36 acres ( more or less)' of very rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, known by the name of Marsh's or the Lower Living, held by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manor for the lives of the said Matthew Knight, and Robert Knight, his brother, aged .51 years. A person will attend at the house of the late Mr. G. Knight to shew the estates. Further information may be had of Mr. John Warr, sur- veyor, Beaminster. [ 328 FOR COUGHS, HOARSENESSES, Sic. HPHE great demand for Mr. I'UHLNOUGII's 1 I. OZENGPS of TOf. U, after .50 years trial, prov. ' s their superiority as the most pleasant and ctieciual reme y tit all Coughs, Hoarsenesses, Sot- Throats, and Defluxiote - r. the Junes; healing the Rawness and Soreness of the Br ast, end at'tording Relief in Shortness* of Breath, Asthmatic, and Consumptive Comp'u.' mts.— They do ivt cl y the Stomach, hut create an appetite, but as the great Bt ne'fit t.. be th rived from them can only be secured by hat ing them Genuine, the Public are requested to observe that R. UAVWARO is printed 011 the Stamps. These I. e. vivos are prepared and sold bv R. I b'vw'. rd ( Suc- cessor to ' P. Grecuoueh, the Inver. torj, " reme- v> " l ut- m l. ttd- * gate- hill to , s( l, Piccadilly; sold also hy ii. G. Collin', K: di « - bury, and the venders of Genuine Medicines tin m, the united kingdom,. Price Is. lit?, the Box. [ 5070 GENERALJBURGOYNE's WORKS. This day was published, In two volumes, printed oh a fine yellow wi> ve foolscap paper, and embellished with c: .< per plates, < Vsitwd bv C > rbould, price 14*. boards; or, oh'abcictiiulfine' luge paper, v. ith proof impressions, pries 13*. boards, nPHE DRAMATIC and POETICAL WORKS A. of the late Lieut,, GeM. J. BUEG'OYKE ; t* which fi'prc- fixe'd Memoirs of tie' Author. London : Printed • for Scatdherd and Lettcrman, Ave Msrei- ane; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Sc. Sc. ai. tl soid by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. ' i f Where may be had, A Dictionary of Polite Literature; or Fabulous Historv of Heathen Gods, and Illustrious Heroes, embellished with el- elegant Engravings,,. price 1: 3s. boards. [ asI ; FOREST TREES. This day . is published, in Sri. with 8 plates, price 12,?. 1. rfHE' FOREST PBUNEP, ami TIMBER .£ OWNP/ U's ASSISTANT 5 or a Complete IVe- tic I Treatise 0: 1 the'graining and Management of British - Tine it Trees, whether intended for use, " shelter, or ornumi it, in- cluding an Examination of the Properties of Eivlish Fir Tim- ber, and a Ne\ v Sykem for the Management of Oak Woods, Sc. Se. " By WILLIAM PONTEY, Nurs- rvman, - Planter and Forest Pruner to the Duk- of Bedford. 2. PONTEY's PROFITABLE PLANTER; a Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Planting in every description of Soil and Situation, particularly those which are most difficult, us elevated seites, barren heaths, reeky soils, Sc. including Hints on Shelter and Ornament. Svo."' prick 6s. with a Plato of Implements for Planting invented by the Author, and samples of Larch anil other Timber Trees. London: - Printed for J. Herding, 311, St. James's- street; and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. [- 276: MARLBOROUGH, WILTS. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by JOHN DAY, on Monday the 8th of February 180S," and two following days,— All the singularly neat and valuable FURNITURE, a quantity of fine old bottled Port and Sherry, with other Effects, the late property of LIEUTENANT- COLONEL BOYS, deceased: Comprising costly lustres; capital bracket clock, by Hodges ; celebrated painting of Telemachus discovered by Helen, by Angelica Kauftman ; a large sea piece and shipping, by Clcavlcy ; several small cabinet pictures on copper, by eminent masters ; three beautiful proof impres- sions, the Landing of the Troops in Egypt, the Battle of Alexandria, With a centre piece accompanying the preceding, representing a . Fragment of Egyptian Architecture, bearing Portraits of the Generals commanding the fir. tish Army, pistes ; M by ' 21, in rich glazed burnished gold frames, from tie pencil of P. J. De Loutherbourg, engraved by L. Schiavam tt e; various - engravings of te; end celebrity ; pair of handsome" globes, with modern discoveries; two pair of exceeding beautiful old china : figures, and chimney ornaments; the greater part of a dinner service of foreign china ; some v t'V rare and fine old chi ta bowls, Sc.; a superb set of Nee . k een t ea equipage ; books by approved authors ; and a rich India cabinet. Also an extensive variety of domestic art. cies of the first manufactory,, in commodes, double and single chests of drawers; loo, card, and Pembroke tables, of fine mahogany, bortlt red with satin and other choice woods; cellaret sideboard, -, et of mahogany dining tables, rich Turkey, Brussels, and Wilton'carpets ; a sopha ; drawing, dionfg- room, and parlour chairs ; ladies' dressing tables, \ e. ; four- post bedsteads, with eiegant carved pillars, fine lined chintz and ' eotton furnitures, with corresponding drapery window- curtains ; tine seasoned bordered goose feather beds, palliases, hair m.. ittre-.- cs, and the usual assortment of chamber appen- dages ; a mangle on an improved principle, an abundance of evsiv description of cu'. n . ry utensils, casks. Sc. Sc. The s de to eomm iie each day pTei isely at deven. To be viewed on the preceding Thud. lay, Friday, and Saturday," with catalogues only; fat Sii. each" which m iv b « had at the Pelican Inn, Newbury"; Bell, Swindon; Royal Oak, Wooeon Bassett; White Hart, Chippenham; Bear, Devizes On the Is? nf February teitl be published, iu ito. with Plates, TREATISE on the Cultivation and I"; i iiation of HEMP. Bv ROBERT WISSETT. E. o. !'. h. ae. d A. S. Clerk to the Committee of Warehouses of th i'. 1. Company. *** The present work owes its origin to a rec vee e itipn made by the Lords of the Privy Council, to the Court ••• • t India Directors, to encourage, in cur Indian poss ' ssions, the growth of a substitute for Hemp; at a recent period,, when, from political circumstances, we were likely to be deprived of the accustomed supplies from Russia. \ er';. us tnqu ri :; .• . rfe accordingly directed, and experiments made, to ascertain the best mode of giving effect to the views of Government, the result of which is here laid before the public, comprisi- ir a body of information relative to the culture and prep- ire. ti; n f this valuable plant, collected with great assiduity, from sources not generally accessible, an. I the importance of which will be duly appreciated at the pre- nt moment. London : Printed for J. Harding, 3G, St. James's- strcet; and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. [ 215 This Day is published, Priic One Guinea, for a Year, or Ills. ad. Jaru Half- Year's Alcounls, ARDING's FARMERS'. ACCOMPT- BOOK; for 1803. *** This publication is recommended wit' 11 confidence to agriculturists as well calculated to remove ti c difevuity in. keeping accompts, so gcaeialiy experience. ! am n le. rniers. The tables and instructions here given arc so clear that any person of the most moderate capacity will I them, to keep an accuV^ te daily account of crops, and of every thing done on the Far: •• t year; the work, besides, is so contrived, the; each week's proceedings can be separated from the hoik, to be sent, by post, to an absent employer. London: Printed for J. Harding, yd, St. James's- strect; and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. Where may be had, a Catalogue of Books, on A , i i ulture, Planting, Gardening, Landscape Gardening, Sporting, Farri rv, and Rural Affairs in general, Is. " ' [- 211 nab'ec, ;. y stock and a^ asut the journal of Marlborough, RURAL ARCHITECTURE. This day are published, in 4to. with 6 plates, price 1 os. C> d. NSTRUCTIOXS for BUILDING in PISE'; r , the Art of erecting strong and dnraWt W.. i. .. to ; height of several Stories, composed entirely of Eerih, and the most common Materials. Bv WILLIAM BARBER. London: Printed for J. Harding, 38, St. James's- street; and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. 11 here may be had, 1. ATKINSON'S COTTAGE ARCHITECTURE, with observations on the different materials used for building them, 4to. thirteen plates. 1/. 1.1. 2. GANDY's DESIGN'S for Cottages, Farm Buildings, Lodges, Sc. with ground- plans, descriptions, and estimates.' 4to. forty- three plates. 21. 2. s. 8. GANDY'. s RURAL ARCHITECT; or, various DesienS for Labourers' Cottages, Dairies, Baths, Mt'. ls. Kutr. tr. ee Gates, Lodges, Sc. Sc. with ground- plans, estimates, and descrip- tions. - f ro. forty- two plates. 2/. 9s. 4. GlFFO& D's SELECT PLANS for elegant Cottages, Villas, Sc. - Ito. thirty ulatcs, M. Ms. ( id. ' 5. GIFFORD's DESIGNS for small Cottage Buildings; Shooting Boxes, Sc. 4to. twenty'plates, li. i. t. if. ROBERTSON'S DESIGNS f„ r Garden Chairs. Gates, Park Entrances, Aviaries, Temples, Boat hous. s, Bridges, Sc. Sc. - Ito. eZ. 2 v. 7. ROBERTSON'S DESIGNS for GaVdens, Hot Houses, Conservatories, Green Houses, Sc. Sc. - lie. uhiies, A Catalogue of Books on Agriculture an I liural Econ my, Planting, Gardening, Rural " Architecture, Len, isce. pt Gar- dening, Sc. 1.9. " [- 270 TIIE EDINBURGH REVIEW. This Day is published, Pi ice Fire Shillings meed, THE EDINBURGH REVIEW; or, CRIIIOAL JOUtiNAt..— No. XXI — Containing Pamphlets by the Hon. J. Randolph, and others, on the ' Neutral Suest'on— Specimens of Early English Poetry, by Senile v— I'hlhcs's History of theWoifd— Lancaster en Education— Wii. ilenow's Botany— Sample's Journey through . Spain, Sc.— Short Inquiry into the Policy of the Poor Laws— Pamphh tj 011 the Catholic Question— Pamphlets by Sir Williem Young and others, on the West Indian affairs— Manx Poems— Observations 011 in- creasing the Army— Corinne, ou f. Tfalie, par Mad. de, BtaeI Holstein— Sir John Sinclair on Health and Longevity Wordsworth's Poems— List of New Publications'. Edinbugh: Printed for Arch. Constable and Co. Edinburgh ; and John Murray, » ' 2, Fleet- street, London ; an:! to be had of B. C. Collins, Salisbury, and the principal booksellers in the United Kingdom. Of wht 111 may be had,— The EDIMICROII REVIEW, from its commencement in October 1802, Twenty Numixrprice ol.; or in Ten Volumes, boards;, 51. 5s.'; also atilitioi;;;! Numbers and Volumes. [ 5215 This Day Are published, in Three Volumes. Cltnr h.. Price 71, - 17. se iid. and Three Volumes, 0,':; •, : :. r,.... jBearer) nen' Editions, with considerable Ai; e • rs ' a- nd Allcrutiot'sj embellished with 13 fine Engraririgs'Cincluding Three luw otiesj by Scolt, Latuisker, Tomlins, and others," of URAL SPORTS. By W. B. DANIEL.— The following are among the interesting conte; :-; of this work:— Dog, Fox, Stag, Hare Huntiiie', Ceur;, nek Hare, Rabbit, Marten, Badger, Otter, Observation.; •:[ th ' Cr.; n, Principles, and Policy et the Game Laws.• Aih . evie. trone f the References to Luw Cases; Fishing, . ndAi. : • ree. .- ing the Natural Hist try of Fisi:; Ate unts <.," R - ui k land, Scotland, and Ireland ; Angling, Fbh Ponds and N. s for taking Fish, Laws relating to Fi ' h, B- rds And Skctcie s from their Natural History, Birds of tie.:"..- ( Lscrih •;, St;. ten s r- Specting Winged Game, Game Keepers', a,' d Lews concern- ing: Land Birds of Sport described, Water Fowl, Directions for Shooting Wild Fowl, Laws relating to Wild Fowl, 1) es used in Shooting described, Lews wspecttmg Do; e Pigton Shooting, Rook Shooting, Rules lor the Choice and M m, em- inent of Ammunition, Gun, Se. London :— Printed for Lore.', mart, Hurst, Rees, and Orrrr,- Pateruoster- row; and J. White, Fleet- Street; and soid by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. Of ' v. hom may be had, with elegnnt E/ tgra> r'n^ S by So tt, in Two Volumes, subcr Royal Qua: to, Pr. ce 71.. 11. iu bot rds. The SPORTSMAN'S CABINET; or, correct Delhi. , ens nf the various Does o-> t: d in Sports of t'- e Field ; - i .?. iu r 1. the Canine Race in general; Consisting of a serie: 6' ricn and masterly engravings of every distim t breed ti in original and of John Day, Auctioneer and Upholsterer,' I paintings, ttken from life, purposely frr . the work, by p.. [ 238 1 Reinaglc, A. R. A. TIIH SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, JAN. 30. WHITEHALL, Jan. 30. ^ HE King has been pleased to present the Rev. E. Otter, Clerk, Master of Arts, to the Ca- noury or Prebend of Uliiskelfe, in the Metro- political and Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in York; void by the death of G. A. H. Drummond, late Pre- bendary thereof. The'King has also been pleased to grant to the Rev. M. Marlovv, Clerk, Doctor in Divinity, the place and dignity of a Canon, or Prebend, of the Metropolitical Cnurch of Canterbury; void by the resignation of Doctor Walker King. AOMIHALTY- OFFICP., Jan. 30. Lord Collingwood writes, that 0: 1 the 29th of November, his Majesty's ship Glatton fell in with a number of small vessels carrying troops to Corfu from Otranto, and took the soldiers, ( in number three hundred,) from nine of them, and destroyed the vessels; two escaped and got back to the port from whence they came. Intelligence- has been received at this Office, that th Iris, Capt. Tower, has captured the French lugger priva- teer Marfouin, of 14 guns, and 60 men, and brought her into Plymouth ; the Volage, Capt. Rosenhagen, on the b'th of Nov. captured the French cutter Success, of 10 guns and 59 men, three days from Toulon ; the Herald sloop, Capt. Honv, having been dispatched by Lord Collingwood's order to obtain information of the state of the enemy in the neighbourhood of Corfu, in the execution of this ser- vice observed an armed vessel at anchor under the fortress of Otranto, aud on the evening of the 25th of October dis- patched the boats under Lieut. Foreman, to cut her out, which service was gallantly performed, notwithstanding a heavy fire from the vessel and the shore; she proved to be the Ossr French privaieer, uf four six- pounder , with sup- plies for Corfu ; a. id the Syb'ille, Capt. I'pton, captured on the 25th in t. oif Scilly, the French lugger privateer Grand Argu=, of 4 guns and 41 men, on her fir^ t cruize, and had made no capture. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the CoiMy of Southampton. South Hants Militia.— Lieut.- Col.- Commandant Peter Serlc, Esq. to be Colonel ;— Capt. John Willis to be Lieutenant- Colonel, vice Serle ;— Supernumerary Capt. E. Bourke to be Captain, vice Willis. JVorth Hants Militia.— Charlos Burrell Coles, Gent, to be Ensign. BANKRUPTS. Thos. Preston, of Aldermanbuiy, warehouseman. Charles Wright, of AUlgate, tobacconist. f> airinel Allen, of Cardiif, fellronger. James Gordoh, of Westbury- upon- Trim. merchant. Wm. Standley, of Whefstone, maltster. John Thornton, of Bnrnley, grocer. J. G, Prctten, of Waltham- Abhey, tavlor. S. Harrison, of Manchester, and W. Harrison, of Sheffield, batters. Win. Tinney, of Cambridge, surgeon, David navies, of Thames- Ditton, maltsttr. John Newby, of Aldsate, draper. J. Seceomlie, of Walkhampton, K. Hovte and W. Hore, of Gram- pound, C. Hurley, of Wolkliamp'. on, and 11. Searle. of Launceston, woollen- manufacturers. Thos. Daiton, of Birmingham, merchant. Margaret Lnngmire, of Penrith, milliner. Wm. Harding, of Oxford street, hatter. John Swindells, of Ludworth, inilkexper. Hr'. liam Damant, of Whitcchapel, brazier. Hicliard Bayly, jun. of Dowgate- llill, merchant. Nathaniel Wright, of Nottingham, brick- maker. Henry Itisleben, of Birmingham, taylor. Kicha dTomkins, of llatton- garden, merchant. C. ti. G. Kierrullf, of Prudenge- equate, London, merchant. HOUSE OF LORDS. FRIDAY, Jan. 2.9] Lord Hawkesbury moved to rectify an error in the vote of Thanks to the Army lately employed at Copenhagen, by inserting the name of General T. Gros- venor, which had been vnintentionally omitted. Agreed to. HOUSE OF" COMMONS. FRIDAY, Jan. 9.] The Speaker informed the House, that the. recognizances on the petitions complaining of undue elections for Shrewsbury, New Malton, and Liver- pool, had not been renewed in the present Session. On the motion of Mr. M. A. Taylor, the order for taking into consideration the double return from Poole, was postponed from the 2d of Feb. till the 11th of Feb. On the motion of Mr. R. Ward, the. following resolu- tions were agreed to, That the number of 130,000 men should be employed for the sea service of the present year, including 14,000 Royal Marines. That a sum not exceeding 3,126,500/. be granted to his Majesty for the wages of the above men for 13 months at at the rate of 1/. 17s. per man per month. That a sum not exceeding 3,211,000/. be granted to his Majesty for victualling the above men for 13 months, at the rate of 11. 18s. per mahiper month. That a sum not exceeding 5,070,000/. be granted to his Majesty, for the wear and tear^ of the Navy, for 13 months, at the rate of 31. per man per month. That a sum not exceeding 621,500/. be granted to hi; Majesty, for defraying the charges of ordnance for . sea ser- vice, for 13 months, at the rate of 7s. per man per month. Air. Huskisson brought up the Report of the Committee on the Reversionary Grants Bill. The report was agreed to, after a few words from Mr. IV. Dundas, who declared that his opinion wSS as adverse as ever to the bill, but that in deference to the sense of the House, he would abstain from repeating his objections. The bill was ordered to be read a third time on Monday, to which day the House adiourned. LONDON, SATURDAY EVENING, JAN. 30. A letter from an eminent house at Philadelphia, yrlated Dec. 27, 1807, says, " We have just time to write by the packet, to say our Government have laid an Embargo on all Vessels, ( packets and Foreign armed ships excepted). Mr. Munroe is arrived, Mr. Rose is looked for evety hour; we hope every thing between the two countries will be amicably settled, vet this embargo is not considered here as an indication of war, but merely a measure calculated for the pro- tection of our Property from depredation on the ocean." Mr. dive, who. lately sailed from Dover for Hol- land, on his return to France as a prisoner of war, his parolf being out, has returned, and lauded at Yar- mouth- The Dutch refused to permit him to land, Id not receive the dispatches with which he wa . I for the Dutch Government. sent vacant, the Chief Command in ± • :•.... vi (': neral Bowyer, who is coming t ) oiiaud at Tobago, to succeed the deceased Dclhoste; the command at Antigua, to succeed t... uceeasi- d General Archer; the Government of Surinam ; the Command in Chief at Madras, vice. Sir John Craddock, now oik his passage home; and, the chief command at Bombav, vice Lieutenant- General Oliver Nicolls. Sir FRANCIS BURDEIT spoke 011 Thursday night, in the House of Commons, after the Gallery was cleared; and it was on his motion that the division took place, 011 which he was one of the Tellers. The high wjnds and extraordinary tides, which did so much damage on the coast of Kent, have been equally destructive on the coast of Holland, as appears by the Flushing Extraordinary Gazette of the 17th inst. which is entirely tilled with details of the mischief occasioned thereby. A'dreadful fire broke out. last night 111 Princes- street, near Westminster- Abbey, under very suspicious circum- stances. It commenced in the house of a grocer of the name of Ilale, The fire was perceived from the street, at half past eleven o'clock. It being" found impossible to procure any answer from within, the door was broken open, when it was found deserted by its inhabitants, con- sisting I> f a man, his wife, and three small children, who have " not since appeared. The house, with the two ad- joining it in Prinee's- street, also two in Prince's- court, are completely consumed. Several others are much damaged. The sentence on General St. John, for his conduct in the East- Indies, has been signed by his Majesty and tne Com- mander in Chief. The General is to be broke.— Star. Mr. Farrell, who fought a duel lately wit. h » Mr. Coulsone ileal Rickm& nsworth, died on Saturday ; a Coroner's In- quest was held 011 t, he body; the afFair of the duel was proved, bat. two medical Gentlemen were of opinion that he did not die of the wound he had received, but of njii of apoplex!— Verdict, " Died by the visitation of God." PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three 0' Clock, Bank Stock, 227J India Stock, 17lf South Sea Sto'ak," — 3 ^ Cent. Red. 64 3 " p- Cent. Cons. 63 J 4 Cents. 82$ 5 -(?- Cent. Navy, 96 § 5 Cent. 1797, — Long Ann. ISF Short Ann. — Omnium, 2|~ 3 pr. Irish ditto, — India Bonds, 1 ( lis. par Exchequer Bills, 1 dis. 1 pr. Irish 5 f- Cents. —. Imperial 3 ^ Cents. 63 J English Lott. Tick. 201. 1 Ditto Prizes, full Money. port Betas. FALMOUTH, Jan. 28. The Windsor Castle packet sailed 011 Tuesday for the Windward Islands. A fleet consisting of about 50 sail of merchant ships, under convoy of the Amphion frigate and Paulina and Blossom sloops of war, arrived from Portsmouth on Saturday last, and sailed again for the Mediterranean on Tuesday. The transports with General Spencer's army, under convoy of the Antelope, of 50 guns, & c. still remain here. The damaged vessels have been refitted, and the fleet now only waits a wind, having orders to sail immediately it becomes fair. BRIXHAM, Jan. 29. On Wednesday arrived the Spencer, of 74 guns, and the Rose, of 24 guns, from a cruize ; and this day arrived the outward- bound East India fleet, also a frigate and cutter, names unknown. Wind West. PLYMOUTH, Jan. 29. The intelligence that the Rochefort squadron is at sea occasioned a great bustle here, the Ville de Paris, Impetuenx, Defiance, and Bellei'jphou being ordered to sea immediately. The Isis, of 50 guns, came in on Saturday, with the following outward- bound East Indiamen under her convoy, viz. the Essex, Walmer Castle, Winchelsea, and Elphin- stone.— The wind coming fair on Tuesday, they put to sea, i notwithstanding the account of the Rochefort squadron being out. The Phoenix, of 44 guns, Capt. Mudge, came in on Monday from the coast of France: she was chaced by the Roehefort squadron, but escaped by superior seamauship and good sailing. They were only five sail of the line, with our old ship the Calcutta, of 54 guns. A fine new sloop, of 18 guns, called the Ranger, went down into the Sound on Tuesday, to wait for orders. Came ill the Amphion, of 38 guns, with a fleet of about forty sail of merchant ships bound to. the Mediterranean : they sailed ^ roin Falmouth on Tuesday last, but the wind soon after coming round to the westward, and blowing strong, they could not weather that port, and were obliged to bear up for this port. Also came in the Fly storeship, with the loss of her fore- most and bowsprit, and her bows stove in ; she sailed from hence on Tuesday last, under convoy of the Isis, for the East Indies, and met with her damage in the gale of yesterday, PORTSMOUTH, Jan. 30. The embarkation of the troops intended to go out to Halifax with Sir George Prevost, is so far completed, that the 7th and 8th regi- ments are on board : the 13 th is expected round from Plymouth, and the 5th battalion of the 60th from Cork. A letter from an Officer on board his Majesty's ship l'Aigle, dated off Conquernau, Jan. 13, says, " On Satur- day lajst we observed a cha; se maree going along shore, under Bellisle, and sent the second and third Lieutenants with two boats crews in pursuit; on perceiving which she came to an anchor under the protection of four batteries and about 50 soldiers with musketry. However, nothing could deter the boats from boarding her, cutting her cable, and towing her out in a perfect calm, with a swell against her, although exposed to all the musketry, and the cross- fire ( latterly) of five batteries. Fortunately we had not a soul hurt, although within reach of grape and canister shot for an hour and a half. I think it was a dashing thing, and must prove to the enemy tlje supersority of British sailors over their own." The Barfleur, of 98 guns, is commissioned at this port, and Capt. M'Cleod appointed to the command of her. The Vengeance, of 74 guns, is also commissioned for the reception of prisoners of war. The Proserpine takes convoy to the Mediterranean, and Dispatch sloop to the West Indies. The noted Captain Black, lataly taken and brought in here in a French privateer, has absented himself without leave. Some soldiers have been sent in pursuit of him to Southampton, & e. but as hs speaks English fluently ( being by birth an American), and knows the country tolerably well, it is feared he will get off. When taken some years ago, we had no prison that would hold him; and after he had then escaped, he; made himself particularly conspicuous by a dashing exploit at Guernsey, where he went an shore as an American, amused himself with the gentlemen of the island billiard-, and 011 his return at night to his ship, cut out aud carried off a small vessel belonging to some of those friends with whom he had just passed his convivial hours. The batteries roared after him in vain, the night being too dark fur the gunners t. o take any effectual aim, and he carried the prize thus audaciously gained safe into a French port. Tuesday— Sailed the Hercule, of 74 guns, Hon. Capt. Colville ;' Cherub sloop, Capt. Havenshaw ; Liberty brig, and Crane schooner. Wednesday— Arrived the Chichester store- ship, Capt. Tait, from Jamaica. Thursday— Arrived the Tigre, of 80 guns, Capt. Hallo- well, from the Mediterranean ; and Goshawk sloop, Capt. Innes, from a cruize.— Put. back to St. Helen's the Hercule. Friday— Arrived the Albaeore sloop, Capt. Burn; and Racehorse sloop; Capt. Fisher. Saturday— Arrived the Helena sloop, Captain North, from Ireland. Went out of harbour the Medusa, of 32 guns, Captain Bouverie; Sprightly cutter, and Harilv gun- vessel. The Tigre was this morning, released from quarantine, and a messenger landed from her with some important dispatches. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JANUARY 30. The Hon. Willam Brodrick is re- elected Member of Parliament for the borough of Whitchurh, in this county. On" Monday and Tuesday the 2d battalion of the 34th Regiment of Foot left this city, on their roule to Steyning Barracks. Yesterday about 300 young recruits marched in hefe, on their way to Portsmouth, to join the Cheshire Militia. On Tuesday last was married, at Brook, in the Isle of Wight, by the Rev. T. Boivreman, Mr. Wm. Daw, of Christchurch, to Miss Urry, only daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Urry, of Shalcomb. O11 Tuesday se'nnight died, at Hitchen- Priory, in Hertfordshire, Mrs. Del me Radcliffe, wife of Emilius Henry Delme Radctiffe, Esq. On the 20th inst. died, at Monk- Sherborne, near Basingstoke, Mrs. Helen Deane, relict of the late John Deane, Esq. of Monk- Sherborne. On Thursday died, in London, Mrs. Cooke, wife of the Rev. Richard Cooke, of Lyndhurs. Yesterday morning died, after a long illness, Mrs. Foster, wife of Mr. J. Foster, coal- merchant, of Southampton. O i Wednesday evening, as the Earl of Portsmouth was dressing for a grand entertainment, intended to have been given by the Countess, at their house in Lincolri's- iiui- fields, London, his clothes caught fire, and the Countess assisting him to extinguish the flames, her clothes caught fire also. The flames were at length extinguished ; but they were both so much burnt, that, it became impossible to receive the company. Lord and Lady Portsmouth both continue indisposed in consequence of the accident. Oil Tuesday morning last, about about five o'clock, a fire was discovered to have broken out in the Inspector- General's office at Parkhurst Barracks, in the Isle of Wight; but by the timely and prompt assistance of the ( Jerks, & c. the flame ® were fortunately got under without d Mig any considerable damage. The fire is supposed to have been occasioned by a chimney- sweeper's leaving some hot cinders in the eoal- box. This week John Barnes has been committed to the County Gaol, charged with stealing from the dwelling- house of Mr. Stephen Butler, of Burton, near Clirist- c'mrch, eight one- pound notes, two guineas, a watch, hat, and other articles. SALISBURY. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1088. On Monday was married, at the Greek Chapel in Marybone, according to the rites of the Greek Church, the Right Hon. the Earl of Pembroke, to the only daughter of Count Woronzow, late Am bassador from the Court of Petersburgh ; immediately after which they were re- married by special licence, by the Bishop of Salisbury, at the house of the Countess Dowager of Pembroke, in Cavendish- square. In the afternoon, the Noble Earl and his Lady se^ oil" for the seat of Earl Camden, near Chislehurst, in Kent, where they purpose passing a few weeks. On Sunday the 24th ult. was married, at Tiverton, Devon, Mr. Robert Pring to Miss Branscombe, only daughter of J. Branscombe, Esq. of Elmore, near Tiverton. Lately was married, at Bishopsnvmpton, Devon, John Halse, Esq. aged 75 years, to Miss Gregory, of Exford, in the same county, aged 15. On Thursday se'nnight was married the Rev. Jas. Trego, of Exeter, Minister in the late Countess of Huntingdon's connection, to Miss Harriet Peacock, youngest daughter of George Peacock, Esq. of Lyme, Dorset. On Wednesday was married, at Yeovil, Lieut. Win. Pitcher, of his Majesty's late ship Anson, to Miss Row, daughter of Win. Row, Esq. of Lyde- house. O11 Wednesday last the following Gentlemen were ad- mitted to the degree of M. A. in the University of Oxford: MISTS. Ch. Mount and Wm. Buckland, of Corpus Christi College ; Tho. Fawcett, of Christchuroh ; Tho. Chambers and James Grooby, of Worcester; William Dodson, of St. John's College ; Robert Rawes and Daniel Waylanil, of St.. Edmund Hull. Also to the degree of B. A.— Messrs. Henry Roundell, of Brazen Nose College, and L. Clarke, Fellow of New College. On Friday morning, at one o'clock, died, at his house in Mortimer- street, Cavendish- square, London, B. C. Collins, Esq. of this City, and an Alderman of the Corporation. He was seized with an apo- plectic fit, about three o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, near Lincoln's- inn- fields, was soon re- cognized, and conveyed home ; but the stroke was fatal, the skill of the most eminent of the faculty proved unavailing, and he Was thus suddenly cut off from society and from his friends. His character cannot with propriety be delineated in this Journal-, but it needs not any eulogy— his noble acts of gene- rosity will occur to the recollection of many who read this brief recsrd of his death, and will live there " whlist memory holds her seat." A few days sines died, in London, William the onlv son of William Fuller Maitland, Esq. M. P. for Chjjo> enhair., on whom the immense fortune acquired by his great uncle, Mr. Fuller the banker, was entailed. On Wednesday se'nnight died, at Ramsbury, in this county, Mrs. Batson, in the g2d year of her age. On Sunday, Jan. 24, died, at Melksham, at an advanced age, Mrs. Warneford, rclict of the Rev. John Waraeford, formerly Rector of Bassingliam, Lincolnshire, and Camden's Professor of History in the University of Oxford. On Wednesday last died, much lamented, the Rev. G. Wasse, Rector of Ibberton, Dorset, in the 38th year of his age. An outrageous and atrocious attempt has recently been made to murder a most respectable and worthy Magistrate of this county, John Jones, Esq. of Wooiley. His brother Magistrates have determined to take the most effectual and vigorous measures for bringing the daring offenders to justice, and it is sincerely to be hoped these efforts will be crowned with success.— See Advertisement in the first page. The circumstances of a horrid murder were investigated by Mr. Clare, one of the Coroners for this county, oil Wednesday last:— A person named Robins, a considerable dairy- farmer at Brineard's- hill, near Wootton- Basset, was in the daily practice of drinking to great excess, and in fits of inebriety, he would often beat his wife most cruelly, and threaten to kill her. On Sunday the poor woman had expressed her frars that he would put his threats in execu- tion, and had particularly requested one of the men- ser- vants to sleep in the house, hut this request unfortunately was not attended to, and 110 one was iu the house that night but Robins and his wife. Ou Monday morning, at break of day, the first labourer that went to work disco- vered Robins sitting by the hearth- side, in the back kit- chen, and near him his wife, lying on the embers, burnt in a dreacful manner, and quite dead. The murderer was apprehended, and lodged in Devizes prison. To CORRESPONDENTS.— The translation of the Charier of K\ hg Aclielstan is intended for a future Journal. T H. H. HE next Meeting of the II. If. will be held at the George Inn, Alresfor. l, on Wednesday February 10. • yards. [ 354 Col. CUN INGHAM, ) J. 1". VILLEBOIS, Esq. j Dinner on the. table at half past five. HpUR next POOLE SUBSCRIPTION ASSEM- JL BLY will be on Wednesday the 3d of February 1808, at the Town- Hall. [" 363 WIMBORNE. rpHE FOURTH SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY JL will be at the King's Head Inn, on Tiiursday the 4th of February, 1808. [ 361 PIGEON SHOOTING, At the Cross Keys, Inn, Salisbury. ON Thursday next, February 4, will be Shot for,— A handsome SADDLE, BRIDLE, and HUNTING WHIP.— To commence at ten o'clock. Dinner on table at three o'clock^— 2s. ( Id. each. PIGEON SHOOTING. nnHE following PRIZES to be shot for on Monday J. the 8th of Feb. 1808, at the Dolphin Inn, Romsey : Two Silver Cups, value 8 guineas ;— Two Pair of do. Sauce Ladles, value 4 guineas;— One Pair of do. Gravy Spoons, value 4 guineas. Also with double- barrel guns :— A Silver Bowl, & c. value 5 guineas ; two birds let out at a time. The shooting will begin precisely at eleven o'clock ; and no person will be allowed to shoot unless he has deposited his subscription in the hands of the landlord previous to that time. Dinner on the table at three o'clock. f329 nniCKETS aud SHARES in jthe Second STATE 1 LOTTERY, 1807, and the Second CITY HOUSE LOTTERY, are now selling lay Sir J. BRANSCOMB and Co. Proprietors of the Lucky Offices, No. 11, Holborn, 37, Cornhill, and 38, Haymarket, Piccadilly, London; and at THE PRINTING- OFFICE SALISBURY; Where the first jf. 30,00( 1 Prize ever sold, No. 24,206, was shared; likewise, No. 12,719, the last £'. 25,000 Prize; and the first and only ±'. 4o, noo Prize ever known in any State Lottery, No. 2,570, was shared by them in the last pottery in Sixteen Sixteenths ; and where, in the two last years' Lot- teries, the following Capitals were sold in 392 different Shares, namely :— No. 2,570,£ 10,000 No. l3,747,£ l0,000 No. lfl, S01 , jf2,000 12,719, 25,000 18,783, 10,000 24,699, 1,000 24,305 , 20,030 11,871, 5,000 17,477, 1,000 7,757, 20,022 10,167, 5,000 3,! s30, 1,000 7,686, 20,020 4,077, 5,000 15,562, 1,000 11,613, 20,0W; 8,3.66, 5,000 5,127, 1,000 9,219, 20,000 17,915, 2,000 S, 933, 1,000 456, 2 « , 000 Besides a great number of 500/. 100/. & c. & c. 1* 120 FAR M S TO I. E T T. SOMERSETSHIRE. r|", 0 be LETT on Lease, and entered upon at Ladv- JL day next, NORWOOD PARK. FARM, situate two miles from Glastonbury, consisting of 120 acres of excellent grazing and dairy land, tithe free, with a good house and necessary offices. Apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. Bell, Land Agent, Winchester. [ 3S9 WILTSHIRE. TO be LETT on Incase, and entered upon at Lady- day next,— CORSIIAMSIDE FARM, free of great tithes, and paying only a small and certain modus in lieu of vicarial tithes, situate within one mile of Corsham and eight of Bath, consisting of 90 acres of excellent grazing and dairy land, good farm- house and offices. Apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Mr. Bell, Land Agent, Winchester. [ 390 FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A substantial modern well built DWELLING- HOUSE, with excellent commodious Offices, spacious arched Cellars and Vaults, a walled- in Garden, Brew- house, Coach- house, and three- stalled Stable, pleasantly situated in Saint Peter's- street, Winchester.——- The premises arc in very complete repair, and early possession may be had ; and are held partly by lease under Magdalen Hospital, for 40 years renewable every 14 years, under a quit rent of 7s. per annum, 30 years of which term were unexpired at Michaelmas last, and partly by lease under the Dean and Chapter of Winchester, for 30 years renewable every 10 years, under a quit rent of l. s. 8ri. per annum, 2S years of which term were unexpired at Mi- chaelmas last.— The Land Tax redeemed. For further particulars apply to Mr. Ridding, solicitor, Winchestur. [ 207 WILTSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated in the parish of Cod- ford St. Mary; consisting of two good Farm- houses, Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings, and about 190 acres of Water- meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, and 330 Sheep- leazes on the Downs and Common- fields of Codford, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Ingram, tenant at will, who will shew the pre- mises.— The parish of Codford is 6 miles from Warminster, on the turnpike road to Sarum. For further particulars apply to Mr. Gough, solicitor, War- minster, or Mr. John Chariton, land agent and surveyor, Stourton. fa43 GOSPORT. FOR SALE bv AUCTION, by II. HICKS, at the India Arms Inn, 011 Tuesday the 9th day of Feb. IS03, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— A large quantity of STORES; consisting of marquees and Flanders tents, blankets, coverlets, palliases, bolster cases, haversacks, sad- dles and pack- saddles, halters, harness, clothing, accoutre- ments, Ammunition Waggons, and numerous other articles, removed from Porchester Castle to Mr. March's Storehouse, in South- street. May be viewed two days before the sale, by applying to the Auctioneer, of whom catalogues may be had. [ 321 Pursuant to Directions from the Commissioners J'or the Care and Disposal of Danish Property, FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, on Tuesday the 16th day of February, 1808, at twelve o'clock, The Danish Ship CROWN PRINS, legally condemned, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture. Dimensions— length aloft, 107 feet— breadth, a& Jsiet2inches rdeptii, I I feet;— measures about 350 tons. For viewing, inventories, & c. apply, two days before the sale, at the Dolphins Inn, or to M. ssrs. William Steel and Son, Southampton. THOMAS AL'LDJO. Meadow, Malthouse, and Premises, for Sale. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Red- Lion Inn, in Fareham, on Wednesday the 10th of February, 1803, between the hours of five and seven in the evening,— All those valuable FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate near the Market- House, containing in front 49 feet, and in depth 167, comprising two messuages or tenements, together with a substantial well- built malthouse, that will wet 20 quarters of barley per week, with the stable, coach- house, garden, and yard" thereto belonging. From being situated near the populous towns of Portsmouth and Gosport affords a good opening for a person to engage in that business. Also— A rich Piece of LEASEHOLD LAND, called Black- house Meadow, containing two acres ( more or less), situate near Farcham. Quay. For particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Parsons, Brewer, at Fareham aforesaid, or Mr. Isaac Hobson, Cabinet- maker, at Gosport. [ 282 NEA HOUSE, NEAR CHRISTCHURCH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CRANSTON, on Thursday the 4th of February, 1808, and following day, at eleven o'clock, All the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE of Nca House; also a quantity of other good Furni- ture, ( removed there for convenience of sale;) comprising large bedsteads, with chintz, dimity, and other furniture ; well- seasoned goose feather beds, . mattresses, and bedding; large, window curtains ; pier and swing glasses ; large Wilton and Scotch carpets ; painted chairs, tables, chests of drawers, and large bookcases :— in'mahogany are an exceeding good eight- day clock, set of dining tables, sideboards, cellarets, single and double chests of drawers, wardrobe, dining, Pem- broke, card, and night tables, large library table, and bason stands ; four sophas, harpsichord, piano, paintings, prints, china, kitchen articles, some FARMING IMPLEMENTS, Alderney Cows, Live Stock, good Gig and Harness, and other effects, as will be particularized in catalogues, ( three- pence each,) to be had previous to the sale at tile Inns, Christchurch ; Anchor and Hope, Lvmington ; London Tavern, Poole; and the Auctioneer's, Ringwood.. [ 302 %* May be viewed the day before the sale. HARBRIDGE, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Crown Inn, in Ringvvood, on Wednesday the ad of . February l » 0S, at three o'clock in the afternoon, The under- mentioned PREMISES, situate at Harbridge, between Uingwood and Fordingbridge. Lot i.— A POTTF. RY, with the Kiln, Sheds, Offices, and Yard belonging to the same, nowlett to Messrs. Harvey aud Hart, at .£'. 18 per annum. Lot 2 — The ISLANDS, and a Plot called Peak, by estimation 4 acres. Lot 3.— In Harbridge Meadow, I acre 2 roods. N. B. The above premises are held. for the remainder of a term of 99 years, of which about 50 years are unexpired. Lot 4.— A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, " Barn, Stable, Yard, Garden, Orchard, and about 20 acres of rich Arable, Mea- dow, and Pasture Land, held on one life, aged 46 years, in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Ballard. The respective tenants will shew the premises; and furthe, particulars may be known by application to Mr. Baldwinr Ringwood, Hants. [ 224 SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, ( in Fee, discharged from Land Tax), at the White Lion Inn, Bath, on Saturday the 27th day of February 1803, between the hours of two and four o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will he given),— The ' Impropriate RECTORY of INGLISHCOMBE, in the county aforesaid, within three miles of Bath ; consist- ing of a good Farm- llouse, Barn, Stable, and other offices; Bartons, Garten', and Orchard ; and a Messuage now divided into two tenements, with a Barn and Garden adjoining ; and several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land ; con- taining in the whole bv estimation 81 acres (" more or less.) And also the GREAT TYTHES of 1,467 acres ( by estimation) of Land, whereof about 950 are Arable, 367 Meadow or Pas- ture, and 150 Wood and Orchards. Mr. Thomas Wright, the Tenant of the Rectory Farm, will shew the premises ; aud further particulars may be known on application ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Merewether, solicitor, Calne, Wilts. [ 384 GLOCESTERSHIRE. I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. BENNETT, at the Swan Inn, Thornbury, on Thursday February 4, 1808, preciaely at three o'clock in the afternoon",— An advan- tageous LEASE, for seven Years, of SHIPCOMBE- HOUSE; together with about 100 Ares of Rich Pasture and Arabic Land, within a ring fence, the whole being tithe- free. Shipcombe Estate is situated two miles from the market- town of Thornbury, eight from Bristol, aud eighteen from Bath. Further particulars may be known by applying to the Auc- tioneer, No. 9, Bridge- street, Bath; the Swan Inn, Thorn- bury; and the Bush Tavern, Bristol; and for viewing the Estate, apply to Mr. Jerrctt, Gardener, near the Swan public- house, Tockingion. Also, at the same time will be LETT by AUCTION,— AN excellent LIME- KILN. [ 94 WILTS. TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUC TION, at the BKCKFORD ARMS, in the parish of Fonthill- Gifford, on Friday the 26th day of February inst. at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then and t! ; rc produced,— Fifteen I. ots of remarkably fine OAK TIMBER. The whole to be viewed till the day of sale, by applying at the Beckford Arms. For particulars as to the quality of the timber apply to Mr. John Charlton, land and timber surveyor, Stourt" n. [ 376 DEVIZES. be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, A the Elm Tree, in Devizes, 011 Friday the 12th of Febru- ary, 1808, at four o'clock in the afternoon,— A very desirable' FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE and Premises, situate in Long- street, late in the occupation of Mr. Bi uton, builder ; having two parlours in front, with suitable sleeping rooms, and convenient domestic offices ; roomy lofts and work- shop, applicable to a manufactory; with a small enclosed garden.. The whole in good repair, anil may be entered en immediately. For viewing apply on the premises ; and for further particu- lars to Mr. Odell, in the Green, or t^ he Auctioneer, Devices. FREEHOLD FARMS AND LANDS IN WILTSHIRE, Free of Great Tythes, and exonerated from Lcmd- tar. RP< ) be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, X at the Black Bear Inn, in Devizes, on Wednesday ihe 3d of February next, fins lead of the 10th of January, before adi'ertisedj, in several Lots, Sundry FREEHOLD FA RMS - nd detached LANDS, situate in the parish of Koivde, within three miles of Devizes and ono of the Kcnnet and Avon Canal, free of Great Tythes, and exonerated from Land- tax,— The whole of this property is capable of considerable improve- ment, and offers very desirable purchases, as well to gentle, men, who have money to realize, as to agriculturists, whose object is occupation. Printed'particulars may now be had at the Antelope, in Salisbury; the White Hart, in Calne ; the Angel, in Chip- penham; the Castle, in Marlborough ; the King's Arms, in Melksham; the Weymouth Arms, in Warminster; and of the Auctioneer, in Devizes. [ 3966 HINDO N. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by GF. RRARD and A Co. subject to conditions then to be produced, at the Red Lion Inn, on Thursday the llth of Feb. 1808, between the hmurs of three and five in the afternoon,— Four FREE- IIOLD TENEMENTS with outbuildings and gardens adjoin, mg, situated at Dean, in the parish of Foothill Giflord, near Hindon, and now in the occupation of Wm. TargeU, J. Dyer, Thomas Burt, and William Coward. For funher particulars apply to Mr. Robert Bccket, of Hindon; or of the Auctioneer, Sarum. [ 1191 FREEHOLD, LITTLE BEDWIN, WILTS! " TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the 3d of February next, by Mr. FAVLKNEB, at the Three Swans Inn, in Hungerford, Berks, together or in lots, accord- ing to the conditions of sale to be then and there produced,— All those Two FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, situate at Little Bedwin, in the county of Wilts, now occupied together as one dwelling- house, with agood malt- house, orchard, garden, meadow, and 20 A. 1 R, of excellent arable land, ' in one piece, adjoining thereto.— Also Two Closes of good ARABLE LAND, in the same parish, containing together 11 acres ; the whole together in the occupation of Mr. Ste. Winkworth, as tenant from year to year. The above tenements and malt- house nearly adjoin the Kennet and Avon Canal, now navigable from thence to Landston, and will soon be so to Bath. The estate together is a desirable purchase for any one dc. sirous of uniting a malting and farming business. The tenant will shew the premises, and further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Ryley, solicitor, Hun. gert'ord, Berks. fWS Freehold Estate.. Gitlingham, Dorset. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. JEANS, at the Ph « mix Inn, in Gillingham, on Friday the 12th day of February, 1808, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in one lot,— A Freehold, Leasehold, and Copyhold ESTATE containing by admeasurement thirry- six acres, with a dwel- ling- house, stable, and good barn thereon, compactly situated at Madjeston, in the parish of Gillingham, late in the occu- pation of Edward Jukes, now of iohn Peters, of which possession may be had at Michaelmas next. The Copyhold is about four acres, pact of the manor of Gilhngham, and equal in value to freehold. The Leasehold is held for a long term of years. *** For a view thereof apply at the dwelling- house, or to Edward Hannam, Gillingham. [ 1371 WILTS, 1808. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by HARRY RUSS, on the Premises, on Wednesday the 3d day of February, — The capital LIVE STOCK, some Dairy Utensils, and other Eft ects, ot the late Mr. Hugh Bcames, of Avon, near Chip- penham ; consisting of thirty- six prime dairy cows, of the long horn breed, either in calf or with calvts, remarkably handsome and kind in their nature, and extremely well bred; ten beautiful three- year- old heifers, in calf, of the same breeA six fat cows; capital bull, defended from one of the first stocks in the kingdom ; two very handsome yearling ditto, of the same breed ; three capital draught geldings ; one stallion ditto; mare in foal, by Repeater; three- year- old gelding, by Foxh 11 nter; two- year- old colt, by Repeater; yearling ditto, by ditto; thirty- four fat sheep, of the Leicester breed, in proper lots; two narrow- wheel waggons, ; timber- carriage, large brass cheese- cowl, and various other dairy utensils. It ts well known that this stock is as well bred as any in the kingdom, as they are closely descended from the Disliley and Rollwright Stocks, and the late proprietor spared no expence to bring the cattle to their present perfection ; and it is pre- sumed they will appear, upon inspection, to be equalled by very few, and surpassed bv none. On account of the number of lots to be disposed of, the public are most respectfully requested to be : atly in their attendance. The sale will commence with the dairy cows, at ten o'clock, [ gs DORSET. " T^) be SOLD by AUCTION, by JASPER GUY, 1. at the Star Inn,' Shaftesbury, on Wednesday the 17th day of February 1808, between the hours of five and seven, o'clock in the afternoon, in Two Lots;— Lot 1 .— All that Close, Piece, or Parcel of ARA BLE LAND, called Whiting's Close, containing by estimation 6A. OR. 31IV ( more or less) now in the occupation of James Andrews, as tenant from year to year, situate in the parish of Shaston St. James, Dorset. And also all that Piece or Parcel of Garden Ground, containing by estimation about 11 perches, part of the Garden belonging to the Parsonage House of St. James's aforesaid, in the occupation of the Rev. Richard Blackmore. To this Lot belong., a Horse Ltaze in St. James's Common, which will be sold therewith. Lot 2.— A Piece of GARDEN GROUND, situate in the same parish, containing by estimation about 6 lugs ( more or less), in the occupation of Thomas Brickie, as tenant from year to year. The respective Tenants will shew the premises; and for further particulars apply at the Office of Charles Bowles' Shaftesbury. [ 073 T1MBE R. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Ilford Bridge Inn, in the county of Somerset, on Tuesday the 9th day of February 1803, at three o'clock in the afternoon, 1746 very capital OAK, ASH, and ELM TIMBER TREES and POLLARDS, with Top, Lop, and Bark, all marked, numbered, and standing on Walderu's Park Farm, in the parish of Isle Brewers, in the county of Somerset, divided in small Lots for the benefit of purchasers. Particulars of the Lots may be had at the Swan Inn, Langport; George Inn, Ilminster; George Inn, Crcwkernc ; at the place of sale ; at Waldern's Park House ; anil of Mr. John Warr, surveyor, Beaminster, in the county of Dorset, of whom further particulars may be known. The Oik Pollards are well wo'rth the attention of Tanners, they being of large dimensions, fine tops, and a great quantity of exceeding good bark. For a view apply at the Farm HousJ, where a person will attend to shew the Timber nine days previous to the sale. Waldern's Park Farm, is about four miles from Langport, four from Ilminster, seven from Crcwkernc, and adjoining the turnpike road. [ 270 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY B. C. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, ' SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Artmles of News are received ( Postage paid.) Ai- o bv tiie PRINTERS and BoogscttEits in the West of England; by the respective NEWSMSM ; and in London by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, JFA. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street, and Mr. WILKIE, Bookseller, ratcrnostcr- Row, St. Paul's.
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