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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
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No Pages: 1
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No. co. l ON FEES, GRATUITIES, 59 nation TciS' ^ ** ° f Exdfe' knew - hat pafled at the ExSmi- Clements starr and~ rip ' T ^ ^^ the ^ of ths ^ ination of 1 d ements btan and Clements came to my Houfe at Sandymount, and Clements told me ( as I undertood from him) all that paffed, and having thought thatS Selme^ h Iexpreffed my Approbation of his Conlk, ccn ei ng thefeme to be exactly conformable to the Inftrudfdns I had generally given; and I pofitively fwear that if the contrary has been laid, it has been grofsly falfe, as I have ever held this Board in the higheft refpeft. J Do you remember that the Subject of Fees was fhrted at that Convention ?- I cannot be pofitive to any particular Part of the Convention, nor to the Motives which induced Clements and Starr to come to me. Were you in Habits of Intimacy with Clements and Starr, or either of them Certainly not with Clements, but conceiving Starr a better Sort of Man than the gene- rality of Excife Officers, I perhaps knew more of him ; I believe him an honeft creditable, and independant Man, and a Man that is not capable of telling a Lie. ' Were they in the Habit of vifitingat your Houfe ?— Clements never, that I recoi- led, but upon that Occafion ; Starr repeatedly. Do the Circumftances lafl mentioned call to your Recollection the having had any Converfation with Clements on the Morning of his firft Examination at this Board?— Certainly none, except what I have before mentioned, and which I have before dated as fully as I could. Did you confider Clements as having been brought down by Starr, or do you know of any Direction having been given for his coming ?— I cannot tell whether Starr brought him to my Houfe, nor do I know of any Direction having been given him to come. At what Time did they go to your Houfe ?— It muft have been in the Evening, as it was after his Examination here. Do you remember whether it was late, and whether it was dark or not ?— I do not recoiled:; it might be Seven, or Eight, or Nine, or Ten o'clock. Was Mr. Starr in the Habit of calling at your Houfe at fo late an Hour as any of thofe you have mentioned ?— He often did. Do you happen to recolleCt, in the Courfe of the Conversion which took place on the Evening above mentioned, that any rJ hing was faid about Monthly Payments to Officers ?— I do not; I have a very impel feCt Recollection of the Interview, which, I believe, lafted not more than Five Minutes, and I never thought of what palTed at it fince ; as I conceive it to be incorrect to hold much Converfation with Perfons coming to give Evidence before this Board, either before or after theii* Examination; the Impreflion made on me by Clements was, that he had told the Truth to this Board. Did you exprefs Approbation or Difapprobation of his ConduCt ?— I exprefled Approbation of his Conduct, becaufe what he had faid fo fully anfwered the general Directions I had given, namely, that every Officer fhould tell the Board of inquiry all he knewi Can you take upon you to fay that no Converfation took place about your own Fees at the above- mentioned Interview ?— I cannot. Was Starr prefent during the Whole of the Converfation between Clements and you?- I cannot pofitively fay he was ; but I dare fay he might have been; poffibly Mr. Starr may recoiled the Converfation better than 1 do. A _ . w Qtarr W nnt received vour Directions to bring Clements Are von quite pofitive that Starr had not your to your Houfe ?- None, that I recoiled ; but I cannot be pofitive. Can you fay pofitiveiy that no other Perfon was direded by you to fend him ?- I cannot. What is your Belief?— I believe I never did, having no great Anxiety about it. When did you fee Starr laft ?- I faw him about Five Minutes before I came here this Day. Q Have V
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