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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
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No Pages: 1
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No. 3.6.] ... ON FEES, GRATUITIES, kc.-( Ma! t.) 53 Was Mr. Starr prefent at any other meeting ?~ I do hot recoiled that he was. Mr, Clements. Did he exprefs approbation or difapprobation of your condud before this Board ? = — He expreffed approbation. Did you at any other time communicate to Mr. Starr what pafted at your exami- nation before this Board?— I did at feveral different times in the courfe of converfation. Did he approve or difapprove of your conduct r— He feemed to approve of it. Did he know that you had evaded our queftions'?— He did. You have. flared, that on the day of your firft examination, Mr. Fanning direded you to call on Mr. I'itzimons, where and when did you receive that direction ? In the evening of that day, at the houfe of Mr. Maclean. Who is Mr. Maclean ?— He was then a Diftiller, living in Meath- ftreet. Upon what bufmefs did you meet Mr. Fanning at Mr. Maclean's ?— In confe- quence of a meffage left at my lodgings, to call on Mr. Fanning at his own houfe, at five o'clock, as I btft recollect; 1 went there, and was told he was gone to Mr. Maclean's, where I found him, and believe he had gone to dinner. Had you any, and what, converfation with him ?— He came out to me, and I men- tioned to him the examination which had taken place at this Board as far as I could recoiled, it, and the anfwers I had given. • . - •. r Was Mr. Fanning aware that you had evaded queftions put to you by the Board r— » I think he muft . have been. 5 • • , - p r • r, -. Did he approve 01* difapprove of your condud ?— He approved of it. Was there any perfon prefent at that converfation ?— There was not. Had any previous converfation taken place between Mr. Fanning and you refped- ing your examination ? — I do not recoiled that there had. Had you any fubfequent converfation with him on the fubject of your exami- nation ?— I had. Relate the fubftance of them ?— They were in general fimilar to thofe which I had with Mr. Fitzimons; but I re rolled his having once fpoken to me of Feints, in fuch a manner as induced me to believe that he did not wi( h me to give any information vefpeding their ufual ftrengths, and remarked to me, that having 110 hydrometer I could not give an opinion about it. Has any mifunderftanding taken place between you and any of the above- named Officers, fince your examination reflecting Diftilleries ?— Not the leaft. Had you any converfation at any time with any other fuperior Officer refpeding your examination here?— None that I now recoiled; but I remember Mr. Knipe, the Examiner, to have faid, in a jocular way, " No wonder for Mr. Fitzimons to fay he had fent one to the Commiffioners of Enquiry who would reveal nothing;" and occafional conversions refpeding my examination here may have palled with fome of the Surveyors, but no fuch regular communication as I held with the Infpedors. Hill Clements. J. S. Rochfort, Fred. Geale, Robert Alexander, Charles Saxton. No. 36. The Examination of Mr. RICHARD STARR, Surveyor of Mn Staffs Excife ; taken on Oath, the 12th day of May 1807. * Had you ever any converfation with Kill Clements and Francis Gainfort, refpedt insr then- Examination before the Commiffioners of Enquiry?— I might have had, but I do not recoiled any thing particular. Did
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