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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
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No Pages: 1
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( Ireland?)— SIXTH - REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx, Mr. Clements, GujueaG for gauging a ftill. He alked me if I knew the amount of his fees ? I faid I did not. He then faid, of courie you cannot tell what they are. Did this converfation take place in the prefence of any third perfon ?— I believe not. Were you afterwards examined by the Eoard of Enquiry ?— I was. Did you inform Mr. Fitzimons of what pafled at that examination ?— I did, as far as my memory enabled me. When and where did you give him the fir ft information of what had patted at your examination before this Board ?— At his own houfe, near Sandymount, on the evening of the day of my firft examination here. How came you to go out of town to make fuch a communication ?— I was re- quefted to do fo by a friend of his. Who was that friend ? Mr. Fanning, an Infpedtor General. Were you in the habit of vifiting at Mr. Fitzimon's houfe?— I was not ; I don't recollect ever to have been there but once before, and then in company with Mr. Roe, the Diftiller, on fome bufmefs. Where were Mr. Fitzimons and Mr. Fanning, the Infpedtors, then on duty ?—• I believe they were both then on Dublin duty. When did you fee Mr. Fitzimons again ?— I do not recollect; but I faw him often during my examination. Did you, at the fubfequcnt meetings, communicate to him what pafied at your . examination ?— I did, as far as I could recollect. Did you communicate to Mr. Fitzimons, that the anfvvers you had given to the Board were fuch as he had fuggefted?— I did communicate to Mr. Fiizimons the anfvve's I had given, which anfvvers were fimilar to thofe he had fuggefted. What obfervation or remark did Mr. Fitzimons make ?— He expreffed himfelf well fatisfied with the anfwers I had given. Have you any reafon to fuppofe that Mr. Fitzimpns knew, that thofe anfwers had been in many inftances evafive ?— I cannot doubt but that Mr. Fitzimons muft have known them to be fo. Do you mean to apply the term evafive to fuch anfwers as avoided the qucftions, or to fuch as mis- ffated the fadts ?— To fuch as avoided the queftions. Had you any, and what, converfation with him refpedting your own fees ?— I recol- lect to have afked him what fees 1 fhould confefs, and to have received for anfwer, iuppofe ten Guineas a month. Do you conceive that Mr. Fitzimons knew the amount of your fees to exceed that fum ?-— I believe he did. After your examination, did you ftate the anfwers given by you to this Board refpedting your fees ?— As I believe I communicated all that pafied, I prefume I com- municatcd thofe anfwers amongft the reft. Did this draw any obfervation from Mr, Fitzimons ?— I do not recolledt that it did with refpedt to my own fees ; but I remember that, at one of thofe meetings, he enquired if any queftion had been alked me about his fees ? To which I replied, there was not. Was any perfon prefent at any of the converfations with Mr. Fitzimons ?— There \ s> as at the fecond converfation, which I have mentioned as having taken place at the houfe ol Mr. Fitzimons. Who was there ?— M. Starr, the Surveyor. Did you find Mr. Starr there ? No, he went with me. How came Mr. Starr to accompany you on that evening ?— I afked him to go with me. Why did you afk him to do fo ?— Becaufe I knew him to be on terms of intimacy with Mr. Fitzimons and myfelf. and I wifhed for his company. Was
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