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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
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No Pages: 1
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159 ( Ireland.)— SIXTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. No. 26. The Examination of WILLIAM NORTON, Efq.; taken on Oath, 14th of September 1807. This Examinant faith, That he is Pro ColleCtor of Excife for the DiftriCt of the City of Dublin ; that it is his duty to receive payment of the duty charged in the monthly Excife vouchers re- turned to his Office. That as the regiflers of Malthoufes in the DiftriCt of the City of Dublin are not filed in his Office, but in the Office of the County Diftrict, his Office affords no means of afcertaining how far the monthly charge on any Maltfter in his DiftriCt correfponds with the regiftred dimenfions of his Malthoufe ; that whenever a difcontinuance to work is intended, or any change in the regiftered places of a Malt- houfe is to be made, notice fhould be ferved on his Office, but that during the year 1806, he believes no notices, either of reducing the floors, or of difcontinuing to work, were ferved on his Office ; that in the prefent year, feveral notices of difcontinuance have been ferved on the Collectors Office, where an entry is made of all notices re- ceived, but that no comparifon is made of the charge of duty returned by the Office!', and the duty with which any Maltfter appears to be chargeable in refpeCt to his work- ing floors that with regard to the fums charged in the Excife vouchers, he conceives the due collection thereof to conflitute the fole duty of the Colle& or's Office, fo far as relates to Malt bufinefs. Win Norton. J. S. Rochforty Fred. Geale, Robert Alexander, Cha. Steward Hawthorne. No. 27. The Examination of Mr. WILLIAM KNIPE ; taken on Oath, the 13th and 14th of May 1807. This Examfnant fakh, That he is Examiner of Surveyors and Gaugers books; that he does not receive any duplicate of the Monthly Excife Voucher, which forms the charge againft the Maltfter. The whole duty of his Office is to examine the Stock- books, to fee that the charges are correCtly drawn out in them ; no returns of the Monthly Excife Vouchers are ever made to him, nor is there any document in his Office to lhew the correfpondence of the Vouchers and Stock- books. The notices of difcontinuance ferved by Mahfters are never entered in the Officers Stock- books, but he believes the Commiffioners fend all fuch notices as they re- ceive, to this Examinant, who enters them in a book kept in his Office. He thinks it would be attended with advantage, if the Officers were obliged to enter notices of difcontinuance in their ftock- hooks. Since the Order of the Board, about four months ago, acquainting Officers, that they would be removed if fur- charges were made from the Examiner's Office, the books have been more re- gularly kept. He obferves very frequently in the Stock- books a change in the entries of the dimenfions of the floors and citterns, but he has 110 regular information of the autho- rity upon which fuch changes are made. Examinant is of opinion, that the higheft charge would in general be drawn from the couch gauge, if the Officer took a correCt dip of it, efpecially in mild weather. Pie is of opinion, from the infpeCtion of the Stock- books, that the entries of the couch gauges are fictitious, and made to correfpond with the ciftern- gauge; and that as the Officers always charge at leaft the full content of the ciftern, he believes that the dips as entered are ieldom taken when the ciftcrn is not full; but as it is matter of opinion only he has never made any reprefentation to that. effcCt to the Board. 7 In
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