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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Sixth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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ir< Appendix, NJ 2(\ ( Ireland.)— SIXTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Exci/ c. quantity of Malt received, the quantity delivered out by permit during the month, and the stock remaining on hand; and to return this voucher, when examined and signed by the Surveyor, to the Examiner of permit vouchers: it is further the Duty of the Gaugers in the district of Dublin, daily to enter all notices of wetting received from Maltsters in a . book kept in the Gangers Entry Office at the Custom- house, for the purpose of giving in- formation to the Inspectors and Surveyors of the respective times for which notices of wetting have been served. A Surveyor is appointed to each Malt Survey, and has in charge all Maltsters, Factors, or other persons having stocks of Malt in his survey. It is the duty of this Officer, before Licences are granted to Maltsters, to take an account of the stores, and of • the dimensions of all cisterns, couches, working and kiln floors, in the several Malthouses within his Survey, to enter such particulars in a book called his dimension- book, and if he finds the account thereof, which the Maltsters is required to make out and register with the Collector, to corre- spond with the entries of his dimension- book, to subscribe a certificate to that effect upon the register, which, after having been examined and signed by the Inspector General, must be filed in the Collectors Office, previous to the issue of any licence for the Manufacture of Malt. It is further the duty of the Surveyor to attend daily at the Entry Office, and there to take such extracts from the entries of notices to wet, as may enable him to make his check visits with effect; those he is required to make at uncertain times, and at each to examine if the entries in the stock- books of the different Gaugers of his survey have been duly and accurately made, and how far those Officers have been diligent in the discharge of their several duties 5 to keep a diary of his own transactions, and of the occurrences within his survey, and to return the same quarterly to the Examiner of Surveyors diaries; and further, in the case of any misconduct of the Officers under him, besides noting it, to make a special report thereof to the Board, or to the Inspector General, as often as the occasion may require : it is also his duty to examine the permit vouchers of the different Gaugers in his survey, and to compare such vouchers, before the weekly return thereof to the Examiner of permits, with the stock permit and certificate- books, and after such comparison to return the permit and certificate- books to the head Permit Office, for the purpose of ascertaining that the number of permits and certificates which had been issued are accounted for: and lastly, to deposit the permit and certificate- books with the Examiner of permit vouchers, in order to their being a second time compared with the permit vouchers. The Surveyor is also required, at the close of each month, to take up the several Malt stock- books of his Survey, and to see that the several quantities brought to charge, and the amount of duty thereon, are correctly computed, and to compare them with the monthly Excise vouchers, and having subscribed the voucher, to return the stock- books to the Examiner of Gaugers and Surveyors books ; to examine and sign the several stock vouchers of his survey, previous to their being returned to the Permit Voucher Office, and to return the monthly permit stamp vouchers, after, examination, to the Collector. The Surveyor is stated to receive a fee of from five to ten Guineas annually from each Maltster in his survey, for making out and certifying the register of his Malthouse, & c. Here it may be proper to remark, that the registers of Malthouses in the district of the city of Dublin are lodged with the Collector of Excise for the
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