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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3702
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 25/01/1808
Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3702
No Pages: 4
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THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 3702. VOLUME LXXIIL] MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. CStu 1 amp Duty.... 2 aptir and Print*'-* Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. SEMLIN, Dec. 18. ALT. the Russian troops which were in Wall a- cilia, Moldavia, and Besssarabia, have with- drawn into their winter quarters; and this movement they made, as soon as it was known that the Armv of the Grand Vizier had evacuated Lower Bcsnrabia. All the troops wild composed the Army of the Grand Vizier were dismissed as soon as the army had reached the environs of Adri. inople, pursuant to a Firman of the Grand Signior.—( Mnniteur of Jan. « J m ESSRS. BAKER AND FLETCHER are desired LONDON, MONDAY, JAHUARY 18. The dispatches brought by Mr. Niumaxon, who arrived from France last week, were of such a nature as to preclude all idea of negotiation. Prince Stuh- remberg, the Austrian Ambassador, has in consequence - demanded and obtained his passfidrts, aud will shortly quit this country. No further accounts having been received respecting tv pretended insurrection' at Lisbon, the intelligence thereof, brought to Cork by an American Captain, is now • understood to have been a gross falsehood. In consequence of the war with Russia, the Russian Naval Officers employed in our service, have been ordered to return to Rus » ia". Accordingly, seven young Russian Midshipmen have been removed from Harwich, on board the Auckland packet, Capt. Dean, to be conveyed to Got- tenburgh, on their way to Russia. Lord Minto arrived at Calcutta on the 31st of July, and took the oaths as Governor . General of the British settlements inludia. General Hewitt had arrived at Madras, and remained thefc a few days to make arrangements for General Craddock'- embarkation for Europe. L'Egabti French privateer, of Ifi guns, and 56 men, Jias been captured by the Royal George Excise yacht, Capt. Currie. He discovered her on the Hth, off Scarborough, foon got up with her, and kept her within gun- shot fur » hout two hours, until she hauled down her colours. She was nine davs from Dunkirk, and had taken the brig Gabriel of Yarmouth, from the Frith of Forth, which she sunk after taking out her crew, five in number. She has been a very successful cruiser, has run clear for upward* of Three years, and is said to have taken more prizes than any of her kind during the war. Her Captain has shared l'SOO/. in three months. Si* took 15 prizes last cruize. MASH- LANE, AWa » , Jan. 18. There was this day an adequate supply of all sorts of Grain for the season, and so little variation in prices, that it is necessary only to refer to the currency of last week. VOCAL CONCERT, that the LAST CONCERT will take place on Friday, Feb. 12. f 4- f N'on- Subseribers to be admitted as before, according to the Rules of the Society. [ 313 CLOSE OF SALISBURY. rpiIE MISS BEALES* BOARDING- SCHOOL A will open, after the present Vacation, on Monday the 45th instant. [ 184 rplIE Miss SELFS beg leave to return their sincere J. thanks, to their numerous Friends and the Public for the distinguished favor and patronise with which they are honored, and inform them tlieir SCHOOL will re- open on on Monday the - 25th instant. NEWBURY, January IS, 1803. [ 273 D A N C I N G. R. FIAI. ON begs . leave to inform his Pupils, that his usual attendance Will re- commence, after the Jresent vacation, at his Academy, BLANDFOUD, op'Thursday, anuury 28, 1808. ' [- Z44' Poot. E and RINGWOOO Tuesday, - 26 CR ISTCITUNCLL and WIMBORNE, Wednesday, - 27 DowcHfcSTER Friday, 2.0 WEVTOUITH Saturday, 130 M1 Mil. WARD respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his ACADEMY will be opened again, after the present Recess, on Monday the 25th inst. SOUTHAMPTON, Jan. 20, 1808. [ 312 KOYA1. MILITARY COLLEGE. I^ HF. Parents and Guardians of Gentlemen designed . for the ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE, are informed that a regular System of Education for such Youths has been instituted in the neighbourhood of Marlow, under the sanc- tion and inspection of the Governor of the College. The intention of this Plan of Tuition is to facilitate the progress uf the Pupils towards til.' higher Classes in the Col- lege, by uniting with a classical Education. Instruction in such Sciences as are most essential to the Military Profession. The French Language is taught by a Foreigner; and in the several branches of Study, the slme elementary books are adopted as those in use at the College. This Establishment is conducted by the Rev. JAMES KNOLLIS, M. A. late Classical and Historical Professor in the Royal Military College, and Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; to whom all applications must he addiessed at South- hill, near Maidenhead, Berks. No Pupil will be received above 14 years of age. [- 232 Fc STOCKHOLM TAR. FIVE HUNDRED BARRELS to be SOLD at PHI V ATE Co NTH A or. [ 234 Apply to Thomas Day, at Cowes. TENBY BRIDGE STONE COAL. BRIOPOKT, Jan. 4, 1808. 1011 SALE, at H. B. WAY'S Yard at Bridport Harbour, A Quantity of exceeding good TENBY BRIDGE STONE COAL. ' [ 293 BRIDPORT, Jan. IP, 1808. JUST landed, for Sale, by H. B. WAY, late Partner of and Successor to Travers and Way, RIGA BARREL FLAX SEED, Warranted the growth of the year I807, aud warranted to have been shipped at Riga by the same House that has shipped Barrel Seed tor him and his late Partners, for these - 22 years past. [ 294 BULL INN, BRIDPORT, DORSET. T1IOMAS FISH embraces the earliest opportunity of returning his sincere and grateful acknowledgments to tile Nobility, Gentry, Commercial Travellers, and Friends of his late Mother, MARY FISH, deceased, for the many favours conferred on her by them. He, at the same time, begs* leave to inform them, that he intends carrying on the business of the Inn, and tiiat by punctualitv and a strict attention to their accommodation and comfort ( which'tt shall be- his constant study to promote) he hopes to merit a con- tinuance of their patronage and support. Nor'emier 24, 1807. " [ 3 NOTICE is hereby given,— That an ADJOURNED MEETJIO of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road leading from Basingstoke through Popham Lane, Sutton Scotney, and Stockbfidge, in the county of Southampton, to a place called Lobcomb Corner, in the county of Wilts, will be held at the House of William Lawes,- known by the name of the King's Head Inn, in Stockbridge aforesaid, on Tuesday the 96th day of January inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the" purpose of'appointing a new Treasurer of the said Road, and for appointing two new Trustees, and on other special affairs. . W. [|. ATT WOOD, Clerk to the said Trustees. STOCXBRIDOI, Jan. 7, 1908. ["' 7 HANTS. BRAMSHAW, OUTER, < uut CADNAM ASSOCIATION AT the Annual Audit, held at the Bell, at Brook, on the 7th day of January, 1808,— IT WH nr. vo. V- O, That each Member should subscribe Ten Shillings and Six- pence towards the Fund, and that the same should be paid FTL LTV hinrfc of the Treasurer, by the respective Members, within twenty day* from the date hereof. Or be excluded from any benefit from the said Fund.— Dat » d Jan. 13, 1808. ; J( H] THOMAS GODDARD, Treasurer. RO CARPENTERS and STONEMASONS. THE Churchwardens will be ready to receive sealed J. propssals for NEW PEWING and PAVING the cHURCH at CANFORD MAGNA, 011 or before Saturday TIE ! 3th of February. Plans and particulars may be seen at our houses. THO. MEABY, > Churchwardens. JOHN BAILY, jf~ NUF CjNronp MASS'A, Jan. « N, IS08. F33 4 FARMING POOR. NY Persons desirous of CONTRACTING, for _ one Year, from the tst of March next, for the MAIN- TENANCE and CI- OTIIRNG of about 100 POOR in the Workhouse of WTTFUORNE, are desired to transmit their terms K writing ' FFCC of postage) to Mr. William Fryer, one of the Churchwardens, on or before the Sd day of February next, IN which terms the quantity , quality, and kinds of Food and Liquor to BT furnish d daily to each person, and also the quantity'and kinds of Clothing must be specified. The C infractor will have the benefit of a large Garden attached to the Poor- House. References will be N quired to persons of respectability, as to the sobriety, attention, and general good character of the applicants, and one responsible surety at least will be required FBF the performance of their part of the contract. [ 246 w A YI7" ANTF, D, — A HALF- BOARDER.— In a V V very respectable old- established Boarding- School, near London, there is a vacancy for aYoung Lady, under twelve vears of age, as a HALF- BOARDER. She will be as liberally educated and . treated as the whole boarders, who pay thirty- six guineas per year ( with the exception only of waiting on a few little folks under her ovvn age.— Terms, sixteen guineas per year, and halt- a- guinea entrance to the house, washing excluded.- There is ul> o a vacancy . for a Young Lady, who would wish to take One Year's Finish, to qualify her tor a Teacher in a respectable School.— Terms, five guineas per quarter. Letters ( post paid) addressed to A. B. C. to be left nt Mr. Perkins's, linen- draper, No. 8, Cranbom- street, Leicester- square, London. [ 289 N. B.— The very first reference can be given. SOMERSET COUNTY GAOL, AT ILCHESTER. ANTED, at Midsummer next,— A GOVER- NOR of the said GAOL.— As a liberal salary will be given, the strictest investigation will be made into the prin- ciples and moral conduct of every person who may think fit to offer for this appointment, and a reference to persons in a respectable situation of lite will be required to establish the character of such applicant— The superior education, aud the previous habit ot command, where other qualifications are equal, will meet with decided preference. Any person wishing to offer himself a Candidate, must be enabled to give large Security. Applications to be made to the Under Sheriff's Office, at Wells.— Wells Sextons, Jan. 12. lHt'is. 264] EDWARDS, Deputv Clerk of the Peace of the county, of Somerset. TURNPIKE From Tf'inchester through Otterhome to }} ar Gate, in the Town and County of the Town of- Southampton. WANTED, on' the Security ot" the Tolls of the North District of the said Road, at Five per Cent. Interest,— TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, in Sums not less than Fifty Pounds each. Any persons willing to lend the same, are requested to lv to Mr. Meare, Winchester, Treasurer of LINEN- DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, and HOSIERY. JENKINS and KING, of New Bond- street, Lon- don, most respectfully beg leave to inform the Ladies of Salisbury and its vicinity, that they have TAKEN A SHOP on the NEW CANAL, adjoining the Printing Office, which they intend to open early in the ensuing Spring, with an ex- tensive and fashionable assortment of articles in the above branchfs. [ 300 ROMS F, Y, HANTS. ]\/ JIl. SAM. JACKSON, having been apprenticed a- VL to a CUYMIST and DaUtioiST, begs leave to inform his friends, that' he has taken a House in the Market Place, which he intends opening in that line ; shall make it his constant study to procure the best articles, and hopes, by a strict attention to business, to merit encouragement. N. B. Farriers supplied on the most liberal terms. [ 305 AS « / A. kin apply District. - Jan.' U, 1S0S. the said [ 086 CLOVER, SAINTFOIN, AND LUCERNE. considerable portion of every Farm in the kingdom is, according to the usual course of husbandry, annually appropriated to the growth of thee articles, the public arc respectfully reminded that the application of the PATENT PREPARED GYPSUM, as a top dressing, in the early part of the spring, in the proportion of siy. bushels per acre, will ordinarily produce double the usual crops of these and the other artificial Grasses, and that its effects will con tinue front three, to fivfe year's. The above Manure is prepared and sold, for Ready Money only, at the Gypsum Company's Manufactory, fii, Blaekmati- street, Southward, and by Mr. George Fry, Cross Revs Inn Salisbury, at 3s. per bushel; from whence it is forwarded t anv part of the country, by land or water carriage, as d. 1 -.. red by the purchasers. [ 268 rpo be SOLD,— A very good Gentleman's POST at the Hotel, Christcjiurch. no be I. E1T, for th T term of Four Years from * K AT and SMALL ' I near Andover, and the MARES, 1^ 0 R SALE,— Two clever promising warrant d sound. 14 hands 3 inches each, and rising Are years old ; the one a Bay, by Montezuma, and the other a brown, by Highover, out of good Hunters. They belonged to a Gentleman lately dead, and are to be sold 011 that account only ; are to be seen at Netherton Farm, near Hursboru arrant, Hants, and Mr. Steph. Lawes, of Charlton, Andover, will give a price. [ 280 HANTS. IX) be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day I next, All that capital Mansion called LAINSTON- IIOUSE, with the Courts, Yards, walled Gardens, Orchard, Dog- kennel, triple Coach- house, excellent Stabling' for 20 horses, Dove- cote, and every necessary attached and de- tached office and building; together with 112 acres of in- closed arable and pasture land tvthe freej adjoining and lying in a ring fence round the mansion.. The above capital residence is delightfully situated on an eminence ( but well sheltered), near the Stockbridge turnpike road, three miles west of Winchester, is perfectly dry and in complete repair, fit for the r: certain and genteel accommo- dation of a large family, and has for many years past been in the occupation of George Win. Rieketts, Esq. by whose per- mission the same may be viewed. A part of the present elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE may be taken at a valuation. For further particulars, and to treat, apply, to Mr. Arnev, Close, Salisbury; if by letter. post- pill. [ 4027 CAPITAL FARM IN GLAMORGANSHIRE. rr, 0 be LETT, for a Term of 14 or 21 Years, from JL Lady- day " 1808,— All that desirable FARM and LANDS, called PI. ACETURTON FARM ; consisting of a homestead and out- buildings, yvith 100 A. 1 R. 8 P. in several closes of excellent arable anjl pasture land, of a sail peculiarly calculated for the turnip husbandry ; together with 1U5A. 3 R. Hi P. of rich meadow and pasture land, 011 the south side of Cardiff Bridge, called Taff Mead, the Patch, Merches, and Sheep Walk ; the whole comprizing a valuable and improveable Estate of AOS statute acres, within a ring fence, adjoining the flourishing town of Cardiff, and commanding a most delightful prospect over the Bristol Channel. Tenders in writing, mentioning rent and particulars ( post paid) directed to Mr. Upjohn, Land Agent and Surveyor, Cana Cottage, near Shaftesbury, will be duly attended to, any time before the - 2d of February next, when the best and most approved tender will be acknowledged. . A. correct plan of the Farm mnv be seen at Cann Cottage ; and for a view of the premises apply to Mr. Evans, of Fair- Water; or Mr. John Eustance, Landaff. [ 5244 A SHE ASS. STRAYED, or STOLEN, from the Church- Yard of Witnborne All Hallows, on Friday night or Saturday morning last,— A handsome SHE ASS..—- She is about three vears old, has never had a foal, has been burnt with a wheel T 011 one shoulder, has had the knees of her fore lees and the hocks of her hinder broken, but the marks are wearing out. Whoever will give such information to Mr. John Hib'ocril, at the Parsonage in Wimborne St. Giles's, as fnay lead to the recovery of the said Ass, shall, if strayed, receive HALF A GUINEA; or, if stolen, upon conviction of the offender of offenders, FIVE GUINEAS. - Jan.. 14, 1808. [ 245 TEN GUINEA^ REWARD, ~" HE most wanton and malicious DEPREDATIONS having been recently committed in the Parish Church of ROMSI Y, by removing and injuring certain Materials which had been placed there for the erection of Pews, and irt the Vicar's Garden, which adjoins the Church, by cutting down some valuable Fruit Trees,— a Reward of TEN GUI- NEAS is hereby offered to any person who will give such information to Messrs. Daman and Warner, at Romsey, as mav lead to a legal conviction of the offenders. ROMSEY, Jaii. 14, t80f. [ tfifl T T of the Rectory of Monxton. part of the GLEBE LAND. Proposals to be sent ( free of expence) to the Rev. Joshua Hird, Monxton. [ 2B7 TO THE FACULTY, rpO be DISPOSED OF, and entered 011 imtnedi- JL ately, on moderate terms,— An eligible Business in the county of Dorset.——- For particulars apply ( if by letter post- paid; to Mr. 11. Jeffrey, Druggist, Sarum.' [ 299 w ANTED,— A CURATE, to undertake the Duty of a Cu tiACY in Hampshire.— For particulars, apply to the Printer, postpaid. [ S9 There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary $ 0/. per ann. WANTS a situation, as GARDENER,— A young MAN, 30 years of age, perfect master of his business in all its branches ; lived six years in his last place, where he was at the head of a large concern, on the most improved plans; he is well acquainted with farming, < Sec. and wishes to make himself useful. Letters post- paid to D. Kater, Post- Office, Hales Owen, near Birmingham, or to Mr. Harvey, perfumer, High- street, Southampton, will be attended to. [ 308 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, LONDON, Jail. C, 1808. THE Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance have constituted and appointed Mr. HENRY WILSON, of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, their Ac ENT and RECEIVER for the said Place and Parts adjacent, for the Assurance of Bui' lings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming Slack, frmn Loss > r Damage bv lore, and also for the Assur- ance of Lives. By order of the Court ol Directors, maj SAM. FENNIN j, tun. Secretary. ~ MANOR OF NORTH CHARFORD. rHEllKAS the GAME on the above Manor . . has been much destroyed by unqualified persons { porting and poaching thereon :— This'is to give notice, that any person, not duly qu ditied, who may be tound sporting or poaching on the said Manor, will be prosecuted. S « HUM, January S- 2, 1808. [ 324 w PUBLIC- OFFICE, BOW- STREET, JAN. 5, 1808. FIFTY pawns REIKI HI). HERE AS Two Boxes of PERUVIAN VV BARK were, in the month of August last, seized by the Officers « > f his Majtsty's Customs, on board a vessel then lying tn Newport River, in the Isle of Wight, for want of h'.- ing accompanied by regular dispatches. And whereas the SA'd Boxes, from the marks and descriptions thereof, are sus- pected to be partof his Majesty's Army Mediral Stores, and fo have been feloniously stolen bv some person or persons unknown, a Reward of'FIFTY POUNDS is hereby offered to tiny person or persons who will, within six months from the date hereof, give such information as may be the means o: - detecting the person or persons who committed, the felony - for - aid ; to be paid upon any one or more of such persons being fully committed for trial, by application to Mr. Stafford Chief Clerk to the above Otficc. WILTS MILITIA. TRWfll KI or, R SUB I) IVIS ION. WHEREAS JOHN DODIMEAD, late of the parish of Wcstbury, in the sat . county, Taylor, was ballotted to serve in the Militia of the said county, and after having due notice to appear to take the oath in that behalf required, and to be inrolled to'serve in the aforesaid Militia, or to provide a fit Substitute, hath neglected to appear to take the said oath or ; o provide a proper Substitute:— Notice is hereby given, that if any person will give information to the Clerk of the said Subdivision, so that the said JOHN " DODIMEAD may be apprehended, shall receive One Guinea, over and above any reasonable expences. By older of the Deputy Lieutenants acting for the said Subdivision, January S0( . tS. BROWN, Clerk. *„ » The aforetam- 4AH>> DOOIMEAD i « lately removed from ; h » Cvr-^ e Ir. n, Hindto. [ 422 WAA* GARDENER AND BAILIFF. ANTS a Situation, as Gardener and Bailiff,— . . _ . steady man, native of North Britain, who perfectly understands gardening in all its different parts, has a com- petent knowlege of farming, and can produce an undeniable character from his present employer. Address ( post- paid} to A. B. at Mr. A. Clark's, East- street, Southampton. None need apply but families of respectability. [ 2.06 TO GROCERS. WANTED,— a SITUATION, as SHOPMAN in the above Business, for a young Man of respectable connections ; writes a good hand, is conversant in accompts, and can give a satisfactory reference for character. Apply by letter ( post paid) to A. C. at Mr. White's, iron- monger, Middle- street, Gosporr. [ 318 H A R R I E It S. 7" ANTED,— From Three to Six Couple of HARRIERS, about 18 inches high. Apply to Mr. Ship, Blandfoid. ' [ 29T w WANTKI),— An ASSISTANT in the Linen- Drapery and Haberdashery line, who has been ufed to the business of a genteel trade. Letters post- paid, addressed to Mr. Geo. Turner, linen- draper, & c. No. 70, Queen- street, Portsea, will be immediately attended t^. [ 28T3 w VI7" ANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a SUROEGX J T and Iroxnr cuiv, in a respectable neighbourhood. Letters addressed ( post paid; for A. A. Post office, Corsham, Wilts, will be attended to. [ 239 ANTED,— A steady active LAD, as an APPRENTICE to- a GROCER, in a market town in Hants. He must write a good hand, and will be treated in evcrv respect as one of the family.-—- For particulars apply to the Printer ; if bv letter post- paid, it will be duly answered. A Premium will he expected. [ 314 ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family in the c tunny,— A good, steady, useful MAN SERVANT, within doors. Enquire of the Print r by letters, post paid, with a reference to the last place for a character. [ 272 rpo. be DISPOSED of,— The STOCK of a M1L- 1 LINER and DRF. SS- M\ K. ER ; together with the Lease of the Premises, most eligibly situated in Bath, in which the business has been carried on fir nearly half a century. For particulars enquire, of Mr. T. M. Cruttwell, solicitor, Bath. R'jPO be LETT, or SOLD,— All that newly- erected JL BREW- HOUSE, together with Store- house's, Stable, Coach- house, and large Yard thereunto bel miring, situated on the south side of the high road leading from Gosport to Stoke, and within a quarter of a mile of ihe town of Gosport. For further particulars apply on tile premises ; or to- J. Whitcomb, E* q. the proprietor. [ 211 WHITE HART INN, WINCHESTER." rpO be LETT or SOLD,— That elegant new- built .1 TAVERN and HOTEL, fitted up in ( he most commo- dious manner for the reception of FAMILIES andTR. iviiLi. KRs, of every description; with excellent stables, lock, up coach- houses, & c. Aic.— Apply to Deane and Wools, Winchester. * » * A moiety of the purchase- mooev may remain. [ 229 DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A neat Sashed, and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden adjoining; also a Malt 1 louse near the same, that will work 20 quarters per week: the premises are Lease- hold, and pleasantly situate in the parish oi' Biandfor. l St. Mary, near the turnpike road leading to Poole. [ 187 Further particulars may be known ,' bv letters, ' free of postage of Mr. Ttios. Brine, Blandford St. vlarv aforesaid. DAIRY FARM, WILTS. rpO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A 1 most desirable and compact DAIRY FARM, situate at Sedghill, near Shaftesbury ; comprising a very good substan- tial roomy dwelling- house, large brick barn, stall- house and granary, with every other comenience of nut- buildings, all in complete repair; and 4H acres for thereabouts, of rich pasture and meadow land; three acres of which, contiguous to rile house, are planted with fine young fruit trees, of the choicest sorts. For a view of the estate apply to Farmer Pond, the tenant; and for further particulars to Mr. Buckland, solicitor, Shaftes- bury.— N. B. The land- tax is redeemed, and possession may be find » t Lady- clay next. [ tgj ' PUBLIC HOUSE. ~ X) be LETT, and entered upon at Ladv- D. n next,— That old- accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE,' railed the Nag's Head, situated on tlie turnpike road leading from Poole to Wimborne and Blandlord, two miles from the former, with stalled, stables and five acre: of land more or less>. The house is newly built at a considerab'e cxpee. ee, and will require from two to three hundred pe'. inds at coming in.. - For particulars apply personally to Mr. Gibbs, Yv'im borne, Dorset, or by letters post- paid. [ 277 To WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, fffr. 5* V. npo be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,- I. WELL- HEAD MILL FACTORY, consisting of an entire new building four stories high, b'o feet long by 92 feet wide, with a watei- irheel lfH feet diameter, which is sup- plied by- a reservoir covering an acre of land, into which three large and many small springs constantly flow; together with a Cottage, Garden, and Withey- bed of three acres. The above is well Worth the attention of any person in want ot - ' ich a place, is situated close to the town of Westhiuy, in Wiltshire, where work- people are numerous and wages moderate. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post- paid) either to A. B. IVt- Office, W. estbtuy, or Messri. Cluiterbuck arid Saunders, Bradford, Wilts.— A'daily post to ar. d from London aud all other parts . of Enshnd. Likewise, TO BE LETT, for seven or. fourteen vears, within five minutes \ vsllc of the above,— A good MANSION- HOUSE, consisting of an entrance- hall 30 feet long by 17 feet wide, a dining- room 19 feet square, drawing- room, br- ak- fast room, five good bed- rooms, and every convenience for a moderate sized family; and two exceeding good Gardens, together with for without) a Coach- house, Stables, Barn, Out- houses, and nine acres of Land. • [ 2/ 48 For further particulars apply as above. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause F. WSTONI! versus WF. BB, the creditors and legatees or RALPH FANSTONE, lale of Week, in the parish of Downton, in the county of Wilts, Yeoman, deceased, are forthwith to come in and prove their several debts, and claim their respective legacies, before FRANCIS PAUL STUATJORD, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London, or in default thereof they will be excluded the benefit of the said decree. [ 322 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. IE Creditors of JOHN DIXON, formerly of Long Critchell, in the county of Dorset, Yeoman, but late of the Rose and Crown Inn, at East Harnham, in the county of Wilts, are requested to meet on Tuesday th.' l 2fith of January, 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sarum, to take into consideration the state of his affairs, and to adopt such measures as may appear to them most calculated for the benefit of the parties interested: the Creditors are also re- quested, previous to the Meeting, to send the particulars of their several Demands to the Office of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper,. Salisbury. [ 192 To the CREDITORS of JOSEPH GEARLK, of WaUop, in the C. ninty of Southampton, Hlachsmith. HOSE Creditors v.- ho have not already executed the Deed of Assignment of the Insolvent's Effects are requested to take notice, that the same is now remaining in the office of Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, Salisbury, for execution. All persons having any claim on the said estate, who have not already sent in the same, are requested to transmit the particulars thereof, without delay, to the above office, or they will be excluded the benefit of the Dividend ;— and all per- sons standing indebted to the said estate, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. John Knight, in Salisbury, one of the Assignees, or they will be sued for the same without further notice, it being the wish of the As- signees to make a dividend of the said estate as soon as possible. By order of the Assignees, WILMOT ANO GODWIN, Solicitors. SARUM, Jan. 15, 1808. [ 261 CAUTION. VJjTlIEREAS SARAH the. Wife of BENJAMIN V y ROBERTS, of Ringwood, Hants, hath lately left the dweilitig- house of her husband, and took with her various articles of furniture and other property :—-' file public are there! re rcqu. sted to take notice that the said BMNJAMIN ROHKHTS will not in future be accountable for any debts his said wife may contract. Auy person, after tnis public notice, detaining property of" any description, delivered them by the said SARAH ROBERTS, will be prosecuted for the same. RINOWOOO, January 22, 1808. [ 316 WAR MINSTER TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Warminster, in the county of Wilts, called and known by the several names of " The East Gate, the South Gate, the North Gate, the Pound Street Gate, the Stop Gates, and the Deverell Gate," will be LETT by PUBLIC AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of James Brooks, called or known by the name of the An eel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, oil Monday the 8th day of February next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, m the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth vearof the reign of his present Majisty, for regulat- ing the Turnpike Roads ; which said several Tolls together produced the last year the sum of one thousand s- veil hundred and thirty- tour pounds, above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up at that sum. - Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time " give security, with suf- ficient sureties to the satisfaction of theTiustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment 01 the rent agreed on, at h times and in such manner as they shall direct. - Dated this 2Sth dav of December 1807. 02I « ) J ' JOHN TURING, Clerk and Treasurer. V A GOOD COOK. WANTED AT AN INN. ASteady WOMAN, of from 25 to :) 0 years of aw, who'is a PROFESSED COOK, and can bring an un- deniable character from her last place. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Spurrier, at the Roval George Inn, Southampton. N. B. A Kitchen- maid is kept. ______ /'- 66 TO CLOCK- MAKERS. ANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN, who is a good workman. A man of integrity may have con- stant employ and gtiod wages, by applying to Mr. I- angford, clock and watch- maker, High- street, Southampton.— A per- son who can have a recommendation from his last employer will be preferred. [ 323 App'ijations by tetter fif post f lid) will be attended to. w- 17> 0R SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,—\ substantial modern well- built DWELLING- HOUSE, with excellent commodious Offices, spacious arched Cellars and Vaults, a walled- in Garden, Brew- house, C'oach- house, and three- stalled Stable, pleasantly situated in Saint Peter's- street, Winchester. The preniis s sre in very Complete repair, and early possession may be had; and Sre" field partly by lease under Magdalen Hospital, for 10 years renewable every t4 years, under a quit rent of 7s. per annum, 3ii years of which term were unexpired at Michaelmas last, and partly by lease under the Dean and Chapter of Winchester, for 30 years renewable every 10 years, under a quit rent of Is. 8d. pei annum, 23 years of which term were unexpired at Mi- chaelmas last.— The Land Tax redeemed. For further particulars apply to Mr. Ridding, solicitor, Winchester. — * [ 207 TO BREWERS AND OTHERS. A capital Situation in the Hmving Line, in one of the mtist populous and far that Trade advantageous Parts of the Kingdom. rpo bi: SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A 1 very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the centre of the High- street of the town of Gosport, and in the vicinitv. of Portsmouth and Portsea ; consisting of the entire Plant of a BREWERY and fiicht PUBLIC HOUSES, situate inland near Gosport; together with eight Freehold and Lease- hold Private I louses ; forming in the whole a most desirable appendage to the Brewery. Also a Freehold Dwelling- House in every resp ct fit for the residence of a genteel family, situate in the most desirable part of St. Thomas's Street, Portsmouth, occupied by Thomas Mottlev, Esq. togethef with aTcnemcnt anil Carpenter's Shop and Yard adjoining, in the occupation of John Cole. If the public- houses should be disposed of separately from the other property, aud be continued as free houses, half the purchase- money will be permitted to remain on mortgage. For further particulars apply to Mr. Rood, of Portsmouth, the proprietor; or to Messrs. Minchin and Compignt-, solici tors, Gmfon,*— S. 8. Letters to be post paid. [ asoa I QTATE LOTTERY of 29,000 Is. 7 DRAWING the 8th of MARCH, lsus.- 1' ickets, begins - To be drawn in ten days. SCHEME. 3 Prizes of ,£. 20,000 . are . £. 10,000 a .. 10,000 . 80,000 4 .. 5,000 . .... 20,000 20 .. 1,000 . .... 2b, 000 80 .'. 00 . 15,000 4- S .; wo . 4,000 00 50 . 3,000 1,000 21 . 21,00( 1 s. too 15 . 76,00IT 25,000 Tickets. £'. 250,000 NO FIXED PRIZE. The iibove Scheme, with not three Blanks to a Prize, con- tains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many years past, though many of those Lotteries consisted of ( 10,000Tickets. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket,.. ,£'. 20 19 0 Half. ^. 10 15 o. l Eighth £. 2 15 6 Quarter 5 9 0 | Sixteenth 1 3 0 TICKETS and SHARES, in a great variety of Numbers, are now selling at all'the Licensed Lottery- Offices in London, and bv their Agents in the Country ; who have likewise on saleTicKstTs and SHARKS for [ 522G THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY, Of FRF. EIIOI. D HOUSES, discharged of I and Tax ; containing Capital Prizes to the amount of £'. 101,000, viz. 1 valued at £. 25,000 1 7,000 4 G, 000 7 valued 6 I .£'. 4,000 3,000 2,000 To the CREDITORS of Mr. GEO. WEBB, late of the Blacy Horse Inn, Salisbury, deceased. r being the wish of the Executrix, named in the will of the deceased, to come to as carlvan arrargerrrcnt with the Creditors of her late husband as possible, it is parti- cularly requested of those persons having demands on the estate ( which have not already been sent in) to transmit the particulars of their several claims to the office of Messrs. Wil- mot'aud Godwin, solicitors, Salisbury, without delay, in ordei that the same may be adjusted and put in a train for settlement. It is also requested of all persons having any debts due from the deceased ;. n bond or other specialty, forthwith to eive notice thereof to the said Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, or they will lose all preference to which they may be entitled. SARUM, Jan. 15, 1808. [ 25- 2 NETHERHAVEN, WILTS. npiIE Creditors of DANIEL PEA ROE, may JL tective a Dividend of Four Shillings in the Pound, by applying to Mr. Deadman, Pewsey. [ 219 CREDITORS OF AUGUSTA BLUDWORTI~ HPHE Creditors of AUGUSTA RLUDWORTII, JL late of Holt, in the county of Southampton, Spinster, deceased ; and also the several Legatees and Annuitants named in her last Will and Testament, tire requested to meet at the White Hare Inn, in the city of Winchester, on Saturday the 6th day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, to con- sider and determine upon the measures proper to be taken for the recoveryof their respective claims.— Jau. 13, 1803. [ 198 NOT ICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS! \ LL Persons having anv Claim or Demand on the e 1 Estate and Effects of Mr' JOHN HOAD, late of Males Farm, Wiekham. Hants, yeoman, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to' the Exesutor, Mr. Joseph Good, of Wickhnm aforesaid, Malster. or to Mr. Stares, Solicitor, Bishop's Waltham, Hants, ( if by letter, post pail): And those who are indebted to the s: dd Estate, & re requested to pay the same to the said Mr. Joseph Good, on or b, fore the ! Mi day of. February next, or they will be Sued far the same. Dated the lltli ot January 1808. ~ [ li7 . It is proposed that those Prizes which are divided into small Shares shall be sold, and the produgepaid to the respec- tive Shareholders. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket...£. 7 14 0 Half £. 4 3 0 I Eighth £.\ 1 0 Quarter 2 1 0 | Sixteenth 0 10 « To he drawn hi Guildhall, 2CAh April, 1803. Tor Cancer, Scropkula or King's Evil, Ijcprosy, Scurry, and all other Scorbutic sljfections, ROBERTS'S MEDICATED VEGETABLE WATER.—- This valuable Medicine is sold by COLLINS, Salisbury, and respectable Venders generally, in half- pint bottles, atfjs. each, ami in large bottles, containing five half- pints, at 2?;. each, duty included, with copious directions, and remarkable eases of cure, signed by the Proprietor, DANIEL ROBERTS, Painswick, Gloucestershire, to whom letters, postpaid, will be punctually answered. The Proprietor bees leave to observe, that if the Cancer, Evil, Leprosy, and Scald Head, can be cured by the specific virtues of the Medicated Vegetable Water, all inferior com- plaints, as Ulcerated Sore Legs, Flushings, Pimpled Faccs, < tc. will certainly yield to them, of which numerous instances can be produced. It is effectual in the cure of the Yaws, Cocoaby, and the Elephantiasis, to all- of which the Negroes in the West Indies are subject, anil constantly labour under: many white people are also afflicted with them. The Medi- cine has this peculiar advantage, that its virtues in warm climates improve, whereas most others become a mere caput mortuHin. " REMARKS ON THE SCROPHULA," price Is. may be had as above. ' ' [ 2(> 5,. From a respectable Chemist, SfC. to Mr. Mann, Horsham, Sin, Srssex. AM desired to return tile thanks of Mr. S. HALL, of Sawsthorp, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire, whose daughter ( 22 years of age) was restored to health', after labouring two years under a Decline or Consumption, being reduced to the brink of the grave. Your Medicine was recommended by a Ladv near Spilsby, antl the taking of two bottles had the most happy effects. 1 am. Sir, Your obedient servant, JOHN TORR. Dim- aster, Yorkshire, Oit. 10, 1807. This celebrated Medicine is sold, wholesale and retail, at the Printing- Office, Salisbury, in bottles at ' 2s. 6Id. and 4s. Hd. each ; and may be had genuine of all the Agents and News- men Of the Journal. [ 5l i7 rp! 1E Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, London, Jc being open to the Poor, has contributed considerably to the credit SPILSBURVs PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS have gained, by ascertaining its efficacy as a Medicine in cases of Scrophula, Gout, Rheumatism, Eruptions, and Nervous Diseases, dependant on the obstructions of the- stomach and intestines, and in all those complaints of dif- fused bile, where calomel has lost its eJfect by frequent use. •— It is requisite to caution the Public against purchasing anv others, but those bearing the words " By the King's Patent" on tiie bottle, bill of directions, and outside wrapper ; toge- ther with the King's Duty, printed in black ink. Sold in bottles of 5s. ( M.— double bottles, 10s.— larger, 1/. 2s, duty included, by B. C: Collins, Salisbury. [ 3794 I CONSUMPTIVE COMPLAINTS \ RE generally occasioned by the stagnation of the _ TJL blood in the lungs, till it is convened into purulent mat- ter ; (\} H may be owing to nervous, bilious, asthmatic, or dropsical complaints, excess of libidinous indulgences, le » d NG a too studious sedendatary life, heat of climate, hard drinking, immoderate use of mercurials, tea, coffee, or other watery liquids; it may be owing to a cold caught by damp beds or damp houses, excess of grief or pleasure, debility cf this fibres of the viscera, an ulcer on the liver, neglect of cus- tomary exercises, Arc. & c. The CORDIAL BALM or GL- LEAD is calculated to lestore a broken and decayed constitu- tion to its prirtine health and vigoui.— In nervous consump- tions its merit stands unrivalled., as may be seen by the numberless testimonials 111 his pamphlet, delivered gratis by the Doctor's agents. Prepared at' Gilead House, near Liverpool, by Dr. SotOr MON*; and sold, wholesale and retail, at the Printing Office, j Canal, Salisbury, in bottles at 10s, S'J. and 33s. each. THE SALlSBtllY AND. WlN'CIlLSTEtt JOtftKAT,. ' ninesJay's end Thursday'' s Posts. FROM TILK LONDON- GAZETTE OF JANUARY 19. At. the Court at the Queen's Palace, Jail. 6, 1808, PRESENT, , The King's Most Excellent Majesty in CountrU. y{ TX THERliAS it is expedient in the present state V w ol tlle subject? her Most Faithful Majesty, v * andduri. ig the interruption in commercial eor- resp. vidence between Great Britain arid Portugal, that claim; shoull be permitted to be given for Portuguese pro- perty brdught in mid detained by his Majesty's ships of wir'and privateers; his Majt'sty is pleased, by and with the aiWce of his Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, that claims for Portuguese property, given by persons duly authorised by the owners, or by the Consul or other person authorised by the Portuguese Minister re- sident at this Court, Shall be admitted in the High Court of Admiralty ; and it is further ordered, that immediate restitution shall piss of all sucb property as shall appear bv the bills of lading or other documents found on board P - rtnguese ships, coming from Portuguese settlements to the ports of Portugal, to lielong to her Most Faithful Ma- jesty, or to any of her subjects residing at the date of this order, i » the Brazils, or in any foreign settlement belong- ing to her Crown, or in England, or in any country in amity with hi; Majesty: and it is further ordered, that the property of the subjects of her Most Faithful Majesty, at the elite pf this order, residing in Portugal, shall b.; put into the. joint custody of Agents to be named on behalf of his Majesty, and on behalf of the Portuguese Minister resident at this Court, or of any claimant; and that such parts thereof as are perishable, or which it may be other- wise expedient to sell, shall be sold by the aforesaid Agents, under commissions to be issued by the High Court of Ad- miralty, and the proceeds thereof deposited in the said Court. WHITEHALL, Jan. 19. The Kiaj has been pleased to grant to the HfV. Charles Digby, Clerk, M. A. the place and dignity of a Prebendary of the free chapel of St. George, in the Castle of Windsor, void by the death of Dr. John Loekman. The King has also been pleased to grant to the Rev. E. C. Dowdeswell, 1). D. the place and dignity of a Canon of the cathedral church of Christ, in the university of , Oxf,> rd, v iid by the translation of the Right Rev. Father ill God K. Veiiables, late Bishop of Carlisle, to the Ar- chie. spi^ eoj. al See of. York. CASLTOS- HOUSE, Jan. 18. The Prince of Wales lias, been pleased to appoint the Rev. F. W. Blomberg, A. M. Chaplain in Ordinary, to be Clerk of the Closet to his Roval Highness, in tiie room of the late Dr. Lockman. Commissions in the Dorsetshire Regiment of Militia, signed ly the Lord Lieutenant.— Charles Andrews, Gent, to be En- sign, vice Reddle, resigned; Wm. Lee, Gent, to be ditto, vice Smith, resigned: John Evans, Gent, to be ditto, vice Coffin, promoted. ^ ^^ ^ BANKRUPTS. J. M. F. lworthy, of St. James's- street, Westminster, jeweller, Sv. niu' 1 Abrahams, of Sandwich, linen- draper. Jossplt Tldtnirsh, of New Kent- vo. nl, builder. A. T. Bowles and T. Williams, of Kent- street, Southwark, grocers. TUouvis Pettitr, of Witney, leather- dresser. ll'iuirhtoii Ujiencer, of West Wratting, maltster. J une:. Betts, of Mistley, sli'ip- builder. J. H . IVynado, of Bev'is- Marks, London, merchant. Thos Maxfield, of J. ewee, grocer. Anthony Davis, of Stroud- jrreen, dealer in cattle. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20. Monday being appointed for the celebration of her Majesty's Birth- dav, who entered into her 64th year on the * Sth of May list, the bells of the different churches ushen- 1 i i the day with a joyous peal, and the Park and Tower g ris fired a Royal Salute at the usual hour. Their Majes- t es, the Princesses, the Dukes of York, Clarence, Kent, Cumberland, and Cambridge, breakfasted together at the Queen's Palace. The Bishops of Chester and Salisbury, and a few others of the dignified Clergy, & c. attended at the Queen's Palaee to pay their early congratulations on the happy return of the day. At eleven o'clock the Princess Charlotte of Wales arrived at the Queen's Palace,, to pay her respects to her Majesty. At half p;', 000 Bags, to le manufactured from, good whole. i » * al. No regard will ie had to any Tender, in which tht price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the Said 2$ th inst. not unless the persons who make the same, or some person cm their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. ft'M. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions nf the several Contracts may be seen at my Office. [ Si 6 Dsawing School every other day for young Ladies ; 1 ditto Gentlemen, by Mr. Griffiths, from London / roung Ladies and 1 from the Opera, V Music, Violin, Piano Forte, or any other Instru-") ng Ladies ; ditto J WILTS, ( TO WIT.) npHE General Quarter Sessions of the Peace of our Lord the King, held at Devizes, in and for the, said JL County of Wilts, on Tuesday the 13th day of January, in the fortyeighth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the grace " of God„ of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, defender of the Faith, before Thomas Grimston Kstcourt, Esq, Chairman, Richard Long, Benjamin Hobhouv, Thomas Goddafd, Thomas Estcocn. Thomas Baskerville, John Awdry, John IlUngefford Penraddocke, Thomas Hole Phipps, Francis Dugdale Astlev; Thorns ' Bush, George Searle Bayhtfe, Abraham Ludlow, William Dyke, JohnJones, Wilii^ m Fowle, Thomas Bruges, tl'erry Bings William Powell Bendry, Charles Bythesen, and Walter Coleman, Esquire*; the Rtvcrend Joseph ToWnseiid, the Reverend Henry Bayntun, the Rcversnd Henry Bayntun, junior, the Reverend Edward Goddard, the Reverend Charles lHancis, a"; l the Reverend John Wells, Clerks, Justices Of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of the said Kin;;, in tltt- county aforesaid, and also to hear and determine divets Felonies, Trespasses, and other Misdemeanors done and committed in the said county: . . , OnoF. RF. D.— That the following Abstract of the Account of William Salmon, Ksquire, Treasuretof the said Countr of Wilts, from Hilary Sessions 1S07, to Hilary Sessions 190*, be published in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, and Copies thereof printed and distributed amongst his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this County:— Under the Patronage of his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent. AT the Military, Naval, Classical, and Commercial ACADEMY of Monsieur L'ABUE DE GRENTHE, English Denizen, Ouay- strect, Newport, Isle of Wight, 1808, young Gentlemen are boarded and educated, or educated only, in all'the various Branches of polite and useful Literature. EMULATION, JUSTICE, RF. COM PENCE. Monsieur l.' Abbe de Grenthe, Master of Arts in the Uni- versity of Paris, and Author of several Works published in that capital, returns his sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Wight and Vicinity, for the'ir protection during the space of fourteen years, and more par- ticularly since his undertaking a Boarding School, wherein are taught, by able English Masters, different Branches of Education, conformable to his new plan of teaching the French Language, which has met with success in his Pupils, and satisfaction'to their friends. TERMS PER QUARTER. £. S. d. Board ( Tea allowed without extr* charge) and In-} struction, including English, Latin, Greek taught / grammatically, Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants'i- S 10 0 Accounts, Timber Measure, Land Surveying, and V other useful branches of the Mathematics J Half Board 3 8 0 Day Scholar 1 1 o A Parlour Boarder, under the age of sixteen 10 10 O Entrance for a Boarder, 11. Is.; for Frcnch, Geo-\ 0 10 e graphy, Navigation, Drawing, Dancing, or Music} ( For young Ladies, from nine"} to eleven in the morning— ^ every other day 1 For young Gentlemen, from j six to eight in the evening.. J Geography and the Use of the Globes taught every . . other morning, lOi. 6d.— Navigation, ditto ) 1 0 Dancing every Wednesday, for young andl Gentlemen', by Mr. Gain, London * 1 1 0 0 7 6 mcnt, twice a wee*, tor young , umu - Gentlemen j Writing and Arithmetic* School for young Ladies (_ every day, Wednesdays excepted I 8^' NO Master is to attend more than twenty Pupils, that he may thereby be ab'. e to do them that justice which would be impractlcie in zn uiliiKitted number, and to cause them to be what their specimens of writing, drawing, arithmetic, & c. bespeak them. rI BE HOUKS or THE Sc.' iooi. ARE— In the morning, from six in the summer, and from half past six in the winter, till eight; and from nine till twelve. In the afternoon, from two till five, and from six till eight, Wednesdays and Saturdays excepted. N. B. In the winter the doors are to be shut at half past nine, and in the summer at ten o'ciock in the evening. HOLIDAYS.— Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon, and a few of the most indispensible, such as the King's birth- dav,' Sec. At Midsummer, from the iGth of June to the 20th of July; at Christmas, from the 16th of December till the Soth of January ; at Easter, from Good Friday till the follow- ing Wednesday ; and three days at Whitsuntide. Never- theless, for the. accommodation of the Public, the Academy will remain open during the Midsummer and Christmas vacations, on the following terms for each:— A Parlour Hoarder, 4i. 4s.— A Boarder, Si. 2s.— A Day Boarder, li. 4s. — and a Day Scholar, 10s. Gd. [ 258 * » » The Public may be assured, that M. Abb& de Grenthi will employ the best means to excite emulation in his young Pupils, by public and private' Excrciscs., where application a id success will be duly rewarded, and to familiarize them to inose principles of morality and good behaviour, which cause the happiness of social life. TEHMS FOR MIYATL TUITION. French, Geography with the Use of the Globes,' Navigation, os any other branch of the Mathe- matics, each Lesson, in the Academy, Is. 6d.~ Out of it • 1 Drawing, each Le6Son,. in the Academy, 2s.— 0. « i of it • •..... } Dancing,, each Ltsson, 3f. ( id.— Music, on any of the abovc- nvntioncd instruments ABSTRACT OF THE ACCOUNT OF WILLIAM SALMON, TREASURER OF THE COUNTY dF WILTS, From Hilary Sessions 1807, to Hilary Sessions 18. ia. DH. 531 To the Balance in the Treasurer's \ j hands at Hilary Sessions 1807 / s To Arrears of County Rates out- \ standing at ditto / To ths Amount of the Rate made \ at ditto J " fo the Amount of the Rate made \ at Trinity Sessions 1807 J To Balance of Cash received of} Treasurers of other Counties / and Districts, for the Main-> tenance of Militia Men's Fa- \ milies j To ditto from sundry Parishes in} Wilts, for Money paid the/ Treasurers of other Counties t and Districts on account o!\ Militia Men's Families J 3022 2015 511 233 10 15 \£. 82801 By the Court. CR. Bv Payments, viz. For repairing County Bridges and Roads. Chaplains to the Gaol and Bridewells, 1 year's salary Surgeons and Apothecaries to ditto ditto '. s. d. Keeper of Fishcrton Gaol, for 1 year's salary 150 T'urnkevs 50 Bread..' 103 17 2 Conveying Convicts, & c. tit! Keeper of Devizes Bridewell, for 1 year's salary 100 Bread HlG 1 5j Sundries...... 31 5 7 Keeper of Marlborough Bridewell, for 1 yr.' s salary 70 Bread R8 17 8j Sundries... 20 111 6 Allowance to late Keep; r of Marlbro' Bridewell Repairs at Fijherton Gaol .. l. 3y ifi fij Ditto at the Bridewells.. 22 18 0 Coroners Printing? ice Ditto undir the Militia Acts.. Clerk of Anlzrs ( e years) Clerk of tht Peace,' his Bill Sundries 84 it 1 i .150 10 10 . 1.99 1 9 For Plate presented to the late Chas. Durnford, Esq Returning Prices of Corn Prosecuting Felons, & c Conveying Persons to Prison Apprehending and Conveying Vagrants One Year's Interest of the Mbney advanced from Private Madhouse Fund Maintaining Militia Men's Families, viz. Of Serjeants, Corporals, & c 419 1 Volunteers 10 1 Substitutes, to be repaid by Parishes 120 Men serving in the Militia of other Coun- .. ties, to be repaid by those Counties.. • J the > ... / £• 56' 70 4t'| 36£ l 1 « 9 20 9 lOj 1 — 3 7 6 9 Sundries Treasurer's Annual Salary for one Year Ditto, additional on account of the. Militia By Arrears of Rates uncollected, viz. Ratrs made prior to Hilary Sessions 1807. ... 2S9 0 1} Rates made in 1807 532 10 — Balance in hand Hilary Sessions 1808 1151 18 SO 10 831 : 3848 - JS80 8 14 162 111 151 3 156 .1 30 :> 352 18 31 10 ft • 1 ! « -' 16 81 7 151 18 25 — si Examined by ' JA9. SWAYNE, Clerk of the Peace of the County of Wilts. o i 0 0 2 6 0 3 C SOLDIERS' BAGGAGE. WILTS,\ T> E it remembered. That at the General to wit. j JD Quarter Sessions of the Peace of our Lord the King, held at Devizes, in and for the said county of Wilts, 011 Tuesday the 12th day of January, in the 4oth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Grr t Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, before Thomas Grimston Est- court, Esq. Chairman ; Richard Long, Benjamin Hobhouse, Thomas Goddard, Thos. Estcourt, Thos. Baskerville, John Awdry, John Hungerford Penruddocke, Thos. Hele Phipps, Francis Dugdale Astley, Thos. Bush, George Setle Baylifte, Abraham Ludlow, Wm, Dyke, Jijhn Jones, Wm. I'Wle, Thos. Bruges, Henry Biggs, Esqrs. and others, their fellow Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of the said King, ia the county aforesaid, and also to hear and determine divets felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors, done and committed in tire said county,— it is ordered as fol- lows ( that is to say)— This Court, taking into consid* rf. tioa the present pric; of hay and oats, doth hereby, in pursuance and by virtu- of the statute lately made and passed, intituled, " An Act for punish- ing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters," fix and order, that all Officers of his Majesty's Forces, who, by virtue of any warrant Trom his Majesty's Justices of the Peace within the said county of Wilts, shall demand of the constable or petty constable to whom the same is directed, carriages f he LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, — A neat comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, having two parlours, a kitchen, and brew- house; six bed- rooms, and garrets for servants; a three- stall stable, granary, and wood- oivses, with about four acres of orchard and garden, the resi- dence of the late Mr. Seymer, of lbberton, near Blandford, Dorset. To be viewed arvi particulars known by application to. Mr. Robert Witteridge, Ihberton. Ibbertoa is about six miles from Blandford and four from Sturminster Newton, both good market towns. [ 188 WARMINSTER. rTX) be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- dav next, X ( or sooner, if recjuijed) for a term of years,— A neat and comfortable DWELLING- HQUSE, with all suitable and convenient Offices, Stable, and spacious Work- shops adjoining* wherein the clothing business has been carried 011 forsevcisi years ;• and a Garden, well stocked with fruit trees, lying behind the same ; all situate in Church- street, in- War- minster aforesaid, near the church there. The buildings are in very good condition, the greatest part thereof having been latly erected. N. B. In the Work- shops are an Oven with Phtes, and a Double Screw Press with Papers, & c. both complete ;• and sundry other atticl. es in the clothing business, which may he taken to at a fair valuation, cr the same articles will be tSsposed of by private contract. For f urther particulars application to- be mads to M*. Cutler, Crown Inn, Watminsttr; and, if bjrhtter, post. piid [ 61 FARMS IN WILTSHIRE. TO be LETT,, and entered Upon at Lady- dav, isos,— First, a FARM- HOUSE, with suitable. - Buil'l- ings, and about 364 acres of Land, of which as.) are arable, 48 meadow, and 39 sheep- pasture or common- ground, in tiie occupation of Mr. Walter, called Calstone West Farm, in the parishes of Calne and Calstonc. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and about 421 acres of Land, of which 228 are arable, 52 pasture," and 141 down, in the occupation of Mr. II. Maundrell, tailed Calstone East Farm, in the parish of Calne. The tenants of the above farms are entitled to their going off crops of wheat and spring corn. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, andl02actes of pastuie and 35 of arable Land, in the occupation of Mi. Joteph Hughes, called Rough Leaze Farm, in the said parish of Calne. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buddings, and S8 acn- j of arable and 61 of pasture Land, in the occupation of . Mft. Perkins, at Qtiemerford, in the parish of Calne. Calne. Also, a House, with 25 acres of pasture Land, in the oc- cupation of Mis. Anne ltuddlc, at Stockley, in the parish of Calne, Also, a Cottage, and 4 acres of pasture/. and, in the parish of Chethill, and 50 acres of arable Land, lying dispersed in the common fields of Cheihill, in the occupation of Mr. ( j. Neate. Also, another Cottage, and 11 acres of enclosed pasture am. 2! acres of enclosed arable Land, with 71 acres of cOmmoa field arable Land, lying dispersed in the common fields of Quemerford, in the' parish of Calnt, also in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Neate. N. B. All the before- mentioned farms and lands, in tin parishes of Calnc and Cherhill, will be lett free of thr great tithe. The two first- mentioned farms will be let! for a least t- 2 years, and the other farms and larels for 7 yeafs. Persons desirous of taking the above farms, are to dirctt their proposals to the Marquis of Lansdowne, Southampton Castle, Hants, before the 1st day of February next, men- tioning the price per acre they will give for the same, to bs subject to an admeasurement; and in the proposals for the two first- mentioned farms, distinct prices per acre must be offered for each of the three different sorts of land above • described. f.< 3 William Clifford, the woodward at Calstone, will shew tht above estates; and further paalieulars anil conditions of the leases may be known at Mr. Athert- on^ s Office, in Cbhie. BERKSHIRE. ~ Thefolhring valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, Tythefrcr. Land Tax redeemed, viost desirably situated at Sheen, thru miles fre- m Newbury, on the Italh road, ' I^ O be SOLD by AUCTION', by Mr. HISCOCE. JL on Thursday the 2rtth of Jan. instant, at thrte o'clock, at the White Hart Inn, Newbury, in the following Lots : Lot 1.— Two aerrs, more or less, of exceeding goud old dry Meadow Land, at Furzen Mill, a pleasing eniirjeuue near the Bath road. Lot 2.— Six acres, more or less, of most excellent Arable Land, called Sliute Ledges, adjoining the Bath road. Lot 3.— Twenty- four acres, more 01 less, of exceeding ( good Arable and Wood Land, conveniently connected, and adjoin- ing the Bath road, viz. Nagshead Closes, Arable 7 acres. Wickham Heath, ditto 10 ditto. Wickwood Coppice 7 ditao. Together with a well- built barn, ssabling fci two horstsr convenient out- houses, rick yard, Ac. Lot 1.— Eight acres, more or less, of very excellent Arable Land, on the summit of Gravel Hi. ll, adjoining tlu; Ka. h road, called Emery's. •^ Lot 5.—- Nine acres and a quarter, more cr l » ss, of virp improvable Meadow Land, in Bcnbam West . Mfef. d'- Lot 6.— Two acres, two roods, and twenty- frv* pershe*. in Benham Marsh, as allotted under a late Imjlosure Ace; together with all the beneficial interest respecting the produce of peat and ashes to be sold undtr the direction of the Com- missioners, for thirty years unexpired from the present time. Lot 7.— A Brick Kiln, with sheds, out house;, and stabiirr for five horses; together with five acres of Land, more er less,' annexed thereto, situate at the foot of Gravel- hill, on the Hath road, containing most extensive veins of excellent clay ti. v; building bricks, paving ditto, and tiles ; together '. yiKli RiV and white sand, and fine chalk for lime and vsbiti*-', seldom found united in any one soil j yvhici » , with tht » proximity to the increasing town of Newbury and neighbour* hood, and the 6ici' « ty of land carriage presents the whole as « most desirable purchase. Lots 3 and 4 present a pleasant building Spot, part of wliicfi is a cheerful healthy eminence, immediately fomruuudm.; fine picturesque views of a beautiful part of Karl Crsven" i> domains, the winding'Kennet, Bath roiid, and other eheerf objects ; situate in the most tespectable nclghbwrhoi'U1. abounding with game, surrounded by the frr. tt packs o£ hounds in the kingdom, and centrical between London arnj Bath. Lots 1, a, 3, and 4, are in the otcupntioa of' Mr. Thomas rriitchel, at a low improvable rent which expires at Michaelmas l8Ki——. Lot 5 i* in the occupation of Mr. Biinc..- V tenant at will Lot 7 ia the tenure of Mr. VTaigln, - n lea-; of which nine yean Were unexpired'at Michaelmas last, it a very inadequate and tow rer. i. , Printed particulars may be had at the neighbour'ne Inr. s ; Mr, Bishop, solicitor, of Basingstoke; of the Auction.•< r, S-. romlG. resn, Newbury; and Mr. Hisiv^ y h-.-\ v4, near Devises. The respective Tenants witl* T^! ie ISstat s. N. B. TheTIM'OSRon th: ssrjntfierfto B: ;';,': en at'a H-' r valuation, [ 3'- » AMD GENERAL ADVERTISER BP WILFSJ WANTS, DOI& ET, AND SOMERSET." • AA^ JFCAUTIV Friday s and Saturday's Posts. The London Gazette Extraordinary, Published in Loader. on Thursday, Jan. 21; DCSWNTNO- STRBBT, Jan. 20. APTAIN MURPHY, of the 8Sth regiment, Brigade- Major of his Majesty's forces at Ma- deira, has arrived at the Office of Lord Vis- count Castlereagh, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, with a dispatch, ef which the following is an extract, from Major- General Beres- forc!, dated Madeira, December 2i), 1807. Extract of a Dispati- li from Major- General Beresfaril to Viseotcnt Castlereagh, dated Madeira, Farwhal, December 29, 1B07'. I have the satisfaction to communicate to your Lordship the surrender of the Island of Madeira, on the 24th inst. to his Majesty's arms. We had, previously to the ship? coming to anchor, sent to the Governor to surrender the Island to his Britannic Majesty, offering the terms we were, authorised ; which were acceded to. The troops were immediately landed, and before dark were in posse sion of all the forts, and had the 3d arid 11th regiments encamped, with their field- piece-', a little to the west of the town. in regard to unanimity and cordial co- operation, it is Sufficient to say it was Sir Samuel Hood I had to act with, and the object the service of his country ;— his ardent, zeal t'ommunicated to all the same sentiments, and the utmost unanimity prevailed. J had the fullest reason to be satisfied with the zeal and ardour of all the Officers and troops under my orders. I have tbe honour to inclose the articles of capitulation Which have been agreed upon. Capt. Murphy, of the 8ftth regiment, Brigade- Major to tbe forces, will be the bearer, and can communicate any further particulars your Lordship may be desirous of knowing; and I humbly recommend him to his Majesty's mo « t gracious consideration. Bv the Terms of Capitulation, the Island of Madeira and its dependencies are to be held and enjoyed by his Ma- jesty, with all the rights and privileges, and jurisdictions, ' which heretofore belonged to the Crown of Portugal; but they aw to be evacuated and re- delivered to his Royal High- ness the Prince Regent of Portugal, or to his heirs and succes- sors, tf'nen the free ingress and egress to the ports of Portugal and its Colonies shall be re- established as heretofore; and when the Sovereignty of Portugal shall be emancipated from the cpntroul or influence oft France, The inhabitants are in ttie mean time to remain in the full enjoyment of their Con- stitution and Laws, as at present administered. A Dispatch from Sir is. Hood to the Admiralty, brought by Lieut. G. Henderson, first of the Centaur ; follows.— It is precisely to the same effect as the dispatch from Major- General Beresford. manufactures of his kiiigddm, his Majesty resorted, in the first instance, to a measure of mitigated retaliation ; and that this measure having proved ineffectual for its object, his Ma- jesty has since found it necessary to adopt others of greater vigour, which, he commands us to state to you, will require the aid of Parliament to give them complet: operation. His Majesty has directed copies of the orders which he has issued with the advice of his Privy Council upon this subject to be laid before, you, and he commands us to recommend • them to your earl'v attention. Gentlemen of the House of Commons. • I lis Majesty has directed the estimates for the ensuing year to be laid before you, in the fullest confidence that your loy- alty and public spirit will induce you to make such provisions for the nublic service, as the urgency of affairs may require. His Majesty has great satisfaction in informing- you, that, notwithstanding ( lie difficulties which the enemy has endea- voured to impose upon the commerce of his subjects, and upon their intercourse with other nations, the resources of the country have continued in the last- year to be so abundant, as to have produced, both from the permanent and temporary revenue, a receipt considerably larger than that of the pre- ceding year. Tile satisfaction which his Majesty feels assured you will derive, in common with his Majesty, from this proof of the solidity of these resources, cannot but be greatly increased, if, as his Majesty Confidently hop s, it shall be found possible to raise the necessary supplies for the- present year without any material addition to the public burthens. My Lords arid Gentlemen, We are especially commanded to say to you, in the name of his Majesty, that if ever there was a just and national war, it is that Which his Majesty is now compelled to prosecute.— This war is in its principle purely defensive.— His Majesty looks but to the attainment of a secure and honourable peace ; hut such a peace can only be negociated upon a footing of perfect equality. The eyes of Europe and of the world are fixed upon the British Parliament. , If, as his Majesty confidentially trusts, you display in this crisis of the fate of the country the characteristic spirit of the British Nation, and face unapplied the unnatural combina- tion which is gathered around u^, his Majesty bids us to assure you of his firm persuasion, that under the blessing of Divine Providence, the struggle will prove successful and glorious to Great Britain. We are lastly commanded to assure you, that in this awful and momentous contest, you may rely on the firmness of his Majesty, Who has no Cause but that of his people, and that his Majesty reciprocally relies on the wisdom, the constancy, and the affectionate support of his Parliament. HOUSE OF COMMONS. THURSDAY, Jan. 21.] On the return of the Speaker and Members « from hearing the Speech read by the Lords Commissioners, the House, in justification of its iudepen- and effectual j deriee, proceeded in its owtl business. The Speaker in- formed the House of the writs he had issued during the recess; Mr. H. Wellesley moved far several writs for tbe election of Members o. i vacancies, anions:- which was one for the election of a Member for St. Michael's, in the room of Mr. Galway Mill-, who had accepted the Chiltei'u Hundreds; several new Members were sworn in ; and the Bill " for preventing clandestine outlawries" was brought in, and read a firt time1. After a long pause, the Speaker stated that he had been to the House of Peers, and had heard his Majesty's Speech, of which, to prevent mistakes, he had procured a copy, which he read, aud then laid it on the table. Lord Hamilton ( soil of the Marquis of Abereprn) ro? e to move the Address. His Lordship described the situ- ation of this country, with no ally in Europe but the magnanimous King of Sweden, jind the noble stand we had made against the overbearing'power of France, in the most animated and glowing terms. Our native courage and prowess, combined . with our great resources, would, he trusted, continue to support us, and earrv us through tli' contest with honour and independence, whatever other losses anil privations we might suffer. He highly commended his Majesty's Ministers, uuder whose guidance we have inflicted many and severe blows on the enemy, whilst our own colonies and dependencies h.' id all remained safe. He therefore thought they merited the support of that House, and had great pleasure in moving an Address of Thanks for his Majesty's Speech. Mr. Ellis seconded the motion, observing that his HOUSE OF LORDS, THURSDAY, Jan. 21.] The Session of Parliament was this day opened by Commission. The Lord Chancel- lor was at the head of the Commission, and delivered the following Speech:— My Lords and Gentlemen, We have received his Majesty's commands to assure you, that in calling you together at this important conjuncture of affairs, he entertains the most perfect conviction, that he shall find in you the same determination with which his Ma- jesty himself is animated, to uphold thehonourof his Crown, and the just rights and interests of his People. We are commanded by hi s Majesty to inform you, that no sooner had the result of the negociations kt Tilsit confirmed the influence ar. d controul of France over the Powers of the Continent, than his Majesty was apprised of the intentions of the enemy to combine those Powers in otie general confede- racy, to be directed either to the entire subjugation of this kingdom, or to the imposing upon his Majesty an insecure and ignominious peace. That for this purpose, it was determined to force into hos- t. lity against his Majesty, States which had hitherto been allowed by France to maintain or to purchase their neutrality: and to bring to beat against different points of his Majesty's dominions the whole of the naval force of Europe, and especially the - fleets of Portugal and Denmark. To place those fleets out of the power of such a confederacy, became therefore the indispensible duty of his Majesty. In the execution of this duty, so far as related to the Danish fleet, his Majesty has commanded us to assure you, that it was with the deepest reluctance that his Majesty found himself compelled, after his earnest endeavours to open a negociation with the Danish Government had failed, to authorise his Commanders to resort to the extremity of force, but that he has the greatest satisfaction. in congratulating you upon the successful execution of this painful, hut necessary service. We are further commanded to acquaint you, that the Course which his Majesty had to pursue with respect to Por- tugal, was happily of a nature more congenial t ® his Majesty's feelings. The timely and unreserved communication by the Court of Lisbon of the demands and designs of France, while it confirmed to his^ Majeety the authenticity of the advices which he had received from other quarters, entitled that Court to his Majesty's confidence in the sincerity of the assurances by which that communication was accompanied. The fleet of Portugal was destined by France. to be em- ployed as an instrument of vengeance against Great Britain. That fleet has been secured from the grasp of France, and is now employed in conveying to its American dominions the hopes and fortunes of the Portuguese Monarchy. His Ma- jesty implores the protection of Divine Providence upon that- etiterprize, rejoicing in the preservation of a Power so long ths friend and ally of Great Bttairi; ami in the prospect of its establishment in the New World with augmented strength and splendor. We have it in command from his Majesty to inform you, that the determination of the enemy t > excite hostilities be- tween his Majesty and his late allies, the Emperors of Russia and Austria, aud the King of Prussia, has been but too suc- cessful ; and that the Ministers from those Powers have de- manded and received their passports; This measure, on the part of Russia, has been attempted' to be justified bv a statement of wrongs and grievances which have no real foundation. The Emperor of Russia had indeed proffered his mediation'between his Majesty and France. I lis Majesty d d not refine th it mediation, but he is confident you will feel the propriety of its not having been aceepted until his Majesty should have been enabled to ascertain that Russia was in'a condition to mediate impartially, and until the prin- ciples of the basis o: i which France was ready to negociate were made known to his Majesty. No pretence of justification has been alleged for the hostile conduct of the Emperor of Austria, or for that of his Prussian Majesty.— His Majesty has not given the slightest ground of Complaint to either ot those Sovereigns; nor even at the mo- ment when they have respectively withdrawn their Ministers, have they assigned to his Majesty any distinct cause for that proceeding. His Majesty has directed that copies of the correspondence between his Majesty's Ambassador and the Minister for Fo- reign Affairs of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia, during the negotiations at Tilsit, and the official note of the Russian Minister at this Court, containing the offer of his Imperial Majesty's mediation between his Majestyand France, together with the answer returned to that note by his Ma- jesty's command; and also copies of the official notes pre- sented by the Austrian Minister at this Court, and of the answers wh- ch his Majesty commanded tobu returned to them, should be laid before you. It is with concern that his M ijesty commands us to inform you, that notwithstanding his earnest wishes to terminate the war in which he is engaged with the Ottoman Porte, his Ma- jesty's endeavours, unhappily for the Turkish Empire, have been defeated hy the machinations ot France, not less the enemy of th. Porte than of Groat Britain. But while the influence of France lias been thus unfortu- nately successful in preventing the termination of existing hostilities, and in exciting new war against this country, his - Majesty commands U3 to inform you that the King of Sweden has resisted every attempt to induce him to abandon his alli- ance with Great Britain; and that his Majesty entertains no doubt that you will feel with him the sacredness of the duty which the firmness and fidelity of the King of Sweden impose Vpon his Majesty; and that you will conctir in enabling his Majesty to discharge i; in a manner worthy ef this coun; ry. It remains for us, according to his Majesty's command, to state to you that the treaty of commerce and amity between his Majesty and the United States of America, which was concluded and signed by commissioners duly authorised for that purpose, on the 31st of December, 180ti', h". s not taken effect, in consequence of the refusal of the President of the United States t > ratify that instrument. For an unauthorised act of force committed against an American ship of > var his Majesty did not hesitate to offer im- m: diate and spontaneous reparation. But an attempt has be, en made by the American Government to connect with the question that has arisen out of this act, pretensions inconsist- ent with the maritime rights of Great Britain : such preten- tions his Majesty is determined never to admit. His Majesty, nevertheless, hopes that the American Government will be actuated bvthe same desire to preserve the relations of peace tmd friendship betwe. en the two countries vhich has ever in- | ft ueneed his Maj sty's conduct, and that any difficulties in the discussion, now pending may be effectually removed. Ilis Majesty has c oiiitnmi. led me to state to you, that in • Mn- eeque - ce or" the de tee by which France declared the whole ., f his Majesty's dominions to be in a state of blockade* <~. d sulje; t. d to seizure and cor. lij; ation the produce and BANK MEETIHO.— A. very full meeting of the Proprietors took place yesterday at twelve o'clock. After reading- the ntinutes of the last Court, a letter, dated l!) lh imt. from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was read by the Secretary, iti which he proposes to borrow from the Proprietors of Bank SWck the sunk of Three Millions sterling, without interest: the payment to be secured by Exchequer ISills, payable in six months after the signing of a Definitive Treaty of Peace. The proposal was unanini- ously agreed to. The mortey is to be advanced by the Bank on the 3til of April next: Loynd* Mi I. ITU.— At a Court of Common Council, held yesterday at Guildhall, it was resolved that the City Militia should be allowed to volunteer into the line, in the same proportion as the County Militia; aud that the vacancies should be filled up, not by a ballot, but by an equal tax, to which lodgers should contribute.— A petition to Parlia- ment for an Act to this effect was agreed on.— It is the pe- culiar privilege of the City of London thus to decide ou the means of raising its Militia.— If other districts had the same privilege, it is probable the tax by ballot ( wliicli presses with peculiar hardship on many individuals, whilst numerous classes of the most wealthy subjects are wholly exempt from it) would be entirely done away. CitiM. Cos.— A cause of divorce or separation from bed, board, & e. brought by Mrs. Home against her husband, was on Wednesday heard in the Court of Arches, Doctors Commons. It was proved that the Lady was married to Mr. John Home in 17115 ; that she lmd lived with him, in different parts of the world, till early in the year 1801, when she lay- in at her father's house In Brentford, and during her confinement her husband formed a connection with their servant, by whom he had a child. He had since become intimate with another young woman, who lived the Meiiow, Mplthaujte, and l>,•<••„: ro be SOI. D by AUCTION, £ Inn, in Fareham; oh Wednesday the loth < jf i u uur-, SOS, between the hours of five and v- reji in • , if.-'. All those valuable FREEHOLD PREMISES, sit,-..,: • . the Market- House, containing in front •!: » feet, atod in ei- v i 67, comprising two messuages or tehfcmrnts, together v. id; substantial well- built malihoUse, that will wet 20 oUartt is f barley jJer week, with the stable, coach- house, garden, and yard thereto belonging. From , being situated hear the populous town-, of Portsmouth arid Conpolrt Sffdrds a ge.< J I opening for a pcr. s- n to eheage in that httsines-. , Also— A rich Piece ot LEASE! lOl. D LAND, called Bl'ai- i- house Meadow,,. coutlining tWo acres moire or less}, situate ne. u' Fareham tluay. For particulars enquire, of, llr, Thomas Parson:/, Brewer, at Fareham aforesaid, ot Mir. Isaac llobson, Cabinet- maker, at Gosport. j-. jgj The Commons having withdrawn, the Lords Commis- sioners retired to unrobe. On their return, The Earl of Galloway rose, to move an Address of Thanks to his Majesty for the Speech that had just been read; on which his Lordship's own speech might be termed an able commentary, with the addition of some Valuable remarks on the propriety and practicability of growing large quantities cf llemp in this country and its depend- encies, so as to render us now and in all future contests wholly independent of Russia. The Address his Lordship moved was nearly an echo of the Speech, but expressing the fullest approbation of the conduct of his Majesty's Mi- nisters in the several important transactions which came within its purview. Lord Kenyan seconded the motion for an Address, and touched ou the topics discussed in the Speech in nearly the same style as the Noble Earl who preceded him. The Duke of Norfolk lamented that Ministers had stepped out of their way to claim an unqualified approba- tion of their measures and had thus destroyed that una- nimity which they might easily have, preserved, and which was so desirable on the present occasion. He could not agree to an approval of the expedition to Copenhagen, until Ministers had presented to the House such documents as should prove its necessity. He therefore moved as an amendment to leave out the words on that eubject. Lord Sidmouth followed the Noble Duke in expressing his regret that the Address should not have been so worded as it could have been unanimously voted. So violent a measure as the attack of Copenhagen required the most cogent reasons to justify it. The situation of the Danish army, in Holstein, proved, he thought, that the Danes did not meditate hostilities against us; and we had there- fare, by the attack, converted an old friend into an inve- terate foe. We had unnecessarily done so ; for the French could not, as he was assured by both naval and military men, have got possession of the Danish fteet, without bringing a much superior fleet to attack it. Ilis Lordship seconded the motion for the amendment. ' Die Earl of Aberdeen, supported the Address, highly applauding the wisdom and vigour by which the recent acts of Government had been distinguished. Lord Greni'ille agreed fully with the words of the King's Speech, that we are " in the crisis of the fate of the coun- try, and the eyes of the world are fixed on the British Parliament." On the wisdom of Parliament, at the present moment, depended the existence of the British Empire aud of the British Constitution ; yet Parliament was « a fled on to decide the propriety of the seizure of the Danish fleet, and of the bombardment of Copenhagen, without any document to enlighten their judgment, or guide their decision. His Majesty's Declaration a id the Speech of this dav were much at variance, and both required documents to bear out their assertions. In the former it had been said that France had hostile intentions against Denmark ; that she meditated the seizure of Hol- tein, and next that of the Danish fleet. Was not Zealand an island ? and could any militai • force in Holstein get possession of that island without an adequate fleet? His & ordsh p argued, that in the present state of Europe, the door to honourable peace1 should not he - hut; but that the language of Ministers in these public acts shewed their disinclination to peace.— His Lordship condemned the late Orders of Council, re- tricting the trade of neutrals, which would involve us in a war with America. France has not the means of enforc- ing her decrees, and he was . veil informed that assurances had been given to the Americnns, that they would not be enforced against them. As to Portugal, what had we done ? We were excluded from her ports in Europe, the most important of any for our commerce ; and the only change is, that the Brazils are now governed by the Prince Regent instead of being governed by his Viceroy. Do that advantage compensate for the great losses we must sustain by the fate of Portugal, and which Ministers had taken no measures to prevent ? His Lordship also con- sidered Ministers as extremely culpable for not having done something to promote unanimity in Ireland, and expressed himself strongly dissatisfied with the whole of their conduct. Lrird Hajikesinrif assured the House, that Ministers had received positive information of the arrangements made at Tilsit for a general attack of these Islands by the united fleets of France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, and Portugal; and that the principal descent was to be made in Ireland, whilst a diversion was to be made by an attack of England. He could not indeed make a disclosure of the channel through which he had gained this information ; for who would again procure us intelligence, if their lives were thus exposed ? This intelligence had since been amply confirmed : it had been confirmed by the Government of Portugal, which had been invited " to make common cause with the Continent" against us, and to join with her fleet in the attack : it was corroborated hy the testi- mony of different persons in Ireland, where, strange to say, all the projects of the enemy were most speedily known, and where it was promised that the deseent he had mentioned should be made, aud not only the means, but the intended time of making it were pointed out to the disaffected. Circumstances had concurred to prove that Denmark bad preferred an alliance with Frjuice and a war with England to the reverse ( which she ought to have risked when her independence was violated by the decla ration of France tllat she should not remain neutral), and that she had finally entered into the project of our inva- sion, Ministers were therefore not merely justified in depriving our enemies of the means of executing this pro ject— they would have been highly culpable had they neglected to do it. Hi* Lordship then replied to the several other arguments of Lord Granville. He lamented the uncalled for notice ol the state of Ireland. The con- eessiqns alluded to could not be thought of, and if they wero made, still more would he called for, He had traced the evil in Ireland to its remotest sourse, and was con- vinced such concessions would be of no force to cure it. Lord Buckinghamshire spoke precisely to the same effect as Lord Sidmouth j and was followed by Lord Lauderdale, to whom Lord Mulgrave replied. The Amendment was then negatived without a division. Lord Greriville proposed another Amendment, declara- tory of the phoprlety of not giving any opinion relative to the rejection of the Russian mediation, till the necessary papers were before the House ; which was negatived with- out a division. The Address was then agreed to, And ordered to be presented; Adjourned, at three o'clock this morning, till Wednesday j next, Noble Friend had so ably supported it, that lie had left ' with him as his wife, and had also had - a child.— The Judge, " ' Sir William Wynne, pronounced sentence of separation, as prayed for by the wife ; in consequence of which, the husband will have no claim oil her, and it will be out- of his power to molest her in any business she may undertake, OLO BAILEY-— There wai no capital conviction either on Wednesday or yesterday. On the former day, Ed. Oiveus was indicted for defrauding a Lady of 5/. and a gold watch, by tiie pretended finding of a diamond cross, specified in tue accompanying bill of parcels to be worth two hundred guineas, but intrinsically worth ha'f- a- crown, and which the prosecutrix ( a Mrs. C'rousher, of Brompton), had honestly agreed to sell and share the produce with the pri- soner, instead of endeavouring to discover the owner, and return to him such supposed valuable property ; but when the facts had been substantiated, and the Judge had sum- med up, it was discovered that only eleven Jurymen were present; and the two Officers whose duty it was to pro- claim the absentee being also missing, the Court lined them each 10/. and the prisoner was taken from the bar.— Ou the latter day, the Recorder passed sentence of death on fifteen prisoners, capitally convicted during the Session. The sixteenth, Sarah Ward, was too ill to be brought into Court; her sentence was therefore respited; little for hiin to add. Lord Milton noticed that he had expressed his disappro- bation of public meetings at this crisis to petition for peace ; hut notwithstanding all he had heard of the flou- rishing State of the country, lie knew it was highly incum- bent on Ministers to endeavour to attain that, blessing, un- fettered by petitions, for tliousands of manufacturers were at this time wholly out of employ. His Lordship severely condemned the expedition to Copenhagen. Mr. Gv. nrge Ponsonby made iteal'ly the sam6 objections to the Address, and to the condctet of Ministers, as those made in the Upper House by Lord Granville. The state of Ireland required immediate attention, though the Speech was silent on the subjeot; and he pledged himself to bring it before Parliament. He alio pledged himself to bring forward an enquiry into the Copenhagen expedition, which in his opinion disgraced the character of the British nation. Mr. Millies vindicated the conduct of his Majesty's Mi- nisters, particularly in the seizure of the fleet and stores of Denmark, jmd declared his conviction that at present war was absolutely necessary for our existence as a nation. Mr. TVldtbread reprobated in strong terms the Copen- hagen expedition. The nation was told, it was a measure of necessity to plunder the storas of 16 or 18 hulks, a few tons of hemp and iron, when at the same time Ministers had not the slightest protif that Denmark was to make a common cause with the enemy against this country. He denied that Ministers had any merit from the emi- gration of the Court of Portugal, which they had not at all influenced; and he declared his conviction that an honourable peace was now attainable, if Ministers had the disposition to make it. Mr. Canning ably vindicated the expedition against Co- penhagen, on the grounds argued by Lord Hawkesbuj- y in the Upper House. Mr. Sheridan contended, from good information, that the naval stores taken from Denmark were not sufficient for tlje wear and tear of the British Navy for one month ; and also that the Danes had even captured 35 or 3d of our merchantmen, laden with naval stores, so that we had not much to boast of on that score. He conclutled an able peech by giving notice of a motion on the state of Ireland in the course of the session. After a few words from Mr, Montag ue Mathew, eagerly pressing the state of Ireland on the notice of the House, and condemning Ministers for violating the assurance they had given that much- injured and insulted people at the close of the last Session of an enquiry into all the abuses and privations under which they laboured, the question was put and carried.— \ Committee was then ap- pointed to frame tbe Address, and the House adjourned at One o'Clock. , NEA HOUSE, Nr » \ K CIIRISTCHURCH. HO be SOLD by AUCTION", by J. CRANSTON, on Thursday the 4tfi ot February; l W, and following ay, at eleven o'clock,—— All the HOUSEHOLD FUHX1- UREof Nea Mouse ; also a rjuahtity of other good Fumi- ture, ( removed there for convenience of sale;) comprising large bedsteads, with chintz, dimity, and other furniture ; well- seasoned goose feather beds, mattresS-. s, and bedding; large window curtains ; pier and swing glasses ; large Wiltort and Scotch carpets; painted chairs, tables, chests of drawers, and large bookcases -.— ia mahogany are an exceeding good eight- day clock, set of dining tables, sideboards, Cellarets, single aud double chests of dhiveers, Wardrobe, dininc, Pem- broke, Card, and night tables, large library table, and basoti stands; four sophss, hatpslchord, piano,' paintings, prints, chiiia, kitchen articles, some FARMING IMPLEMENTS- Alderney Cdws, Lire Stock, good Gig and Harness, and other effects, as will be particularized in catalogues, ( three- ence'each,) to be had previous to the sale at the Inns, hristchurch ; Anchor and Hope, Lymington; . London Tavern, Poole; and th# Auctioneer's, Ringwood. [ ao- 2 *** May be viewed the dav before the sale. LONDON, FRIDAY, JANUARY 92. ..... i. Dutch Papers to the 16th instant were received 3' esterfilay. A letter from the Lower Elbe, dated Jan. 4, says, *' that Portugal is to be ignited to Spain. The King of Etruria is to have - Sardinia and the Baleariek Islands. The King of Sardinia is to be indemnified elsewhere." The Flushing Courant observes, " that a new kingdom is to be brined in Germany, under the protection of the Emperor Napoleon." The same paper says, " that Swit- zerland is soon expected to become the theatre of great, events." Hamburgh and Altona papers t<> the Qth inst. were received this morning. Letter.-, from Paris, which appear in these papers, con firm the report which had previously reached us, that Switzerland is to be erected into a Kingdom, but it is not yet known who is to be the new Sovereign. The French have taken possession of the whole of the Kingdom of Portugal; the Portuguese Army, consisting of about 10,000 men, is to he formed into a Legion, and taken ioto the service of France. It is stated that some of the ships of war which the Prlncc Regent left in the Tagus will be ready for sea in a short time. The Russian Fleet still remains there. Caulincourt, the President of the Court Martial which condemned the Duke d'Enghifin, and whom the Emperor of Russia denounced as a ruffian, demanding justice on him for that sanguinary act, arrived at Peteriburgh on the 18th of December, a$ Ambassador from Napoleon to his Imperial brother Alexander! It. appears that the celibacy of the Clergy will be dis- pensed with in the Catholic Church. Letters from Memel, of the 16th ult. present a most afflicting detail of the calamities produced in that city by a scarcity of provisions. The scarcity is Indeed such almost to amount to a famine, abated in its severity only by the desertion of a vast number of the inhabitants. The town is therefore nearly depopulated. His Prussian Majesty is still at Memel, benevolently- active is using the small means which he has been permitted to retain, to alleviate the distress of his people. So great is the scarcity at Kofligsherg. that a pound of • veal costs 12 groskens, and a load of wood from 20 to 30 rix- dollars. M. de Stahremberg left town on Wednesday night; about seven o'clock; lits children and their attendants had set off iu the early part of the day. Prince Esterhazy ac- companied his Excellency to Dover, where lliey arrived about five o'clock yesterday morning ; but the wind Uein£ adverse, his Excellency did not embark yesterday. M. Aleopeus and Baron Jacobi, the Russian and Prussian Ministers, left London yesterday, to embark for the Con- tinent. We haw therefore now no Minister from any of the Northern Powers but Sweden. On Tuesday last a meeting of the merchants, ma- nufacturers, and inhabitants of Leeds and lhe adjacent neighbourhood, was held in the great area of the Mixed Cloth Hall, pursuant to public notice, for the purpose of petitioning bis Majesty for Peace. The meeting was com- posed chiaflv of the manufacturers in that part of the country, and consisted of between 8 and 10,000 persons. Mr. John Firth iyas called to tlje chair ; and having, in a short address to the meeting, disclaimed ail factious mo- tives, he produced a string of resolutions, couched in very- moderate terms, declaring that the stoppoge of oommerco, and the heavy pressure of taxes aud poor rates, are most severely felt by the petitioners and by the public at large ; that the long continuance of the war is the principal cause of these evils; that the official papers had informed them that the late negotiation Was broken off fix' Russian and not for British interests; that it therefore appears peace is r. oiv attainable ; and they beseech bis Majesty to take such measures « s may appear fo him calculated to procure it-, and should their tint petition not l> e attended to by his Majesty's Ministers, the ptititurners declare they wiil re- spectfully ren - w their request to his Majesty, from time to time.— The several resolutions Were carried by S ievv of hands ; and it Was resolved that Mr. VVilbeiforce and Lord Milton skotild IJv requested ti? . present the puti^ gH- lu his Majesty. CORN EXCHANGE, Jan. 22. The samples of fine- Wheat this day fetch a small advance in price. Barley likewise. Malt has few buyers, and is " cheaper. Pease maintain their prices; and Beans of the two sorts are dearer. Oats are in tolerable supply, and support the prices last quoted.— Flour as before. MARRIED.] Lately, Mr. Ker Porter to the Russian Princess Stabatoffi— On Friday, at Lord Reauchamp's seat in Worcestershire, the Hon. George William Coventry, eldest son of Lord Deerhurst, and grandson of the Earl of Coventry, to the Hon. Emma Susanna Lygon.— On Satur- dey, at St. George's, Bloomsbury, Taylor Combe, Esq. of the British Museum, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Edward Whitaker Gray, M. )>.— The same day, William Freud, Esq. Fellow of Jesus College, to Miss Blaekburne, daughter of the Rev. Francis Blaekburne, and rand- daughter of the venerable and learned Archdeacon Blaekburne.— On Wednesday, at St. George's, liaisover- square, Abraham Wildey RobartS, Esq. of Gloucester- place, Portman- square, to Charlotte Anne, eldest daughter of Ed. Wilkinson, Esq. of Potterton Lodge, Yorkshire. DIED.] On Sunday night, in the 20th year of his age, of a typhus fever, Lord Viscount Trafalgar, only sou of Earl Nelson, and nephew of the great Lord Nelson, whose well- earned honours, it is probable, will now go In the female line : Thomas Bolton, a minor, the eldest of Mrs. Bolton's three sons, is the next iu remainder iu the patent. Lately, at the Island of Jamaica, Horatio Noel,. Esq Major of the 18th regiment of infantry., and third son of G. N. Noel, Esq. M. P. for Rutland.— On the lit ot Nov. at Jamaica, of the yellow fever, Mrs. M. Prince, wife of Thomai Prince, iun. Esq. and grand- daughter of the late Sir Christopher Hales, liirt.— On the 24th of November, of the yellow fever, at Bridge Town, Barbadoes, Nevill Fane, Ksq. of his Majesty's ship Blonde, fifth son of the late Hon. Henry Fane, of Fulbeck, in Lincolnshire.-—> On the 14th inst.. Lieut. Robert Brown, Commander of the Bienfaisant prison ship, at Plymouth. iviAi^ tjiLvjeoi^ ej ir, V^ LOJej lee.. IThe undersigned, being the Person named authorized as a Commissioner to inclose and allot MILBROOK. E INCLOSURE. and allot the Commons and Waste Lands of and within the Manor of MU. BHOOKE, in the county of Southampton,— Do give this Notice, that I shall attend at the Anchor Inn, in Redbridge. on Friday the 13th day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of signing my Award. ail] GEO. BARNES. CANFORD INCLOSURE. the Commissioners, do hereby give Notice that we have set out the several Roads, hereinafter described, within the town and county of Poole, and that Map of the same is deposited with Mr. Castkman, our Clerk in Wimborne, for the inspection of all persons concerned viz,— One Road branching out of Leg- lane, and proceeding in south- east and southerly direction'down Green- lane, taking in part of the following old inclosures, on the north- east and cast sides thereof, viz.— Part of three closes, one of them be- longing to Mr. John Foot, and the two others belonging to the Devisee of the late Sir John Webb, in the occupations of Mr. Henry Danbney and Mr. Joseph Garland ; and taking in on the south- west and west side of the said Green- lane, part of two other closes, belonging to Mr. John Carter and Kir. John Strong; and, from the end of the said Green- lane, t'. ie said Road passes in the above direction over Baiter Common to the north- east corner of a close in the'occupation of Mr Thomas Dean ; and by tile east end of the said close, and by the north- east and east sides of Baiter Close, in tile occupation of William Dowding, to the south- east corner thereof, where it joins the Road before set out by the Commissioners from Leg- lane to the Powder- house. 6ne other Road, being a continuation of the Road before set out from Hunger- hill to the north- west end of the Publii Ouay ; from such north- west end, in a south- east direction to the south- east corner of Mr. Weston's premises, now in the occupation of Thomas Oakley ; the intended line of both whiGh Roads is now maiked. out with stakes. We further give Notice, that a Meeting will be holden by us, at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, on the ISth day of February next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, to hear ob- jections by ail persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting out of such Roads. RICHARD GEE. 2851 WILLIAM DRIVER. WILLIAM CLAl'COTT. SOUTHAMPTON', Jan. 20, 1803. WHEREAS the following Goods arc now lying at the Warehouse belonging to the Commissioners of the Pott of Southampton unclaimed, having been left there on the undermentiosed days:— Notice is therefore hereby given, that if the owners of such goods shall not take away the same, and pay the charges for warehouse room and the expsnces of advertising, on or before the 6th day of Feb. next, the same will be sold and disposed of by Public Auction. 1301, Sept. ;),— Three ( lags of Nails,— E. E. Alton. 1805, May 25,— One Bag of Bed Screws,— W. D. Southton. 18QfJ, June 4,— One Box of Soap, 1 cwt. 2 qrs, 18 lb.— R. Conway, South. ton. r, Dec. IP,— Two Crates of Earthenware,— M- Lockett, Alresford, pjo? By order of the Commissioners, THO. NICHOLS, 1 ckrK FREEHOLD FARMS AND LANDS IN WILTSHIRE, I'rce of Great Ti/ lhes, and exonerated from Land- tax. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT; at the Black Bear Inn, in Devizes, on Wednesday the iid of February next, ( instead of the 20th of Jarnary, as '• efore advertisedj, in several Lots, Sundry FREEHOLD " AR MS and detached , t. ANl) S,- situate in the parish of Rowde, vithin three miles ot' Devizes and tine of the Sennet and Avoii Canal, free of Great Tythes, and exonerated from I. anil- tax.— The whole of this property is capable of considerable improve- ment, and offers very desirable purchases, as well to gentle- men, who have money to realise, as to agriculturists,' whose object is occupation. Printed particulars mav now be had at the Antelope, in Salisbury; the White Hari, in Calne ; the Angel, in Chip- penham; the Castle, m Marlborough j the King's Arms, in Me. lksham ; the Weymouth Arms, in Warminster; and of the Auctioneer, iti Devizes; [ 3f>& 5 . FREEHOLD, LITTLE BEDYV1X, WILTS. O be SOLD by AUCTION, oil Wednesday the, 3d of February next, by Mr. FAOMCXF. K, at the Three Swan;. Inn, in Hungerford, Berks, together tir in lots, accord- ing to the conditions of sale to'be then and there- produced,— All those Two FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, situate at Litth Bedvvin, in the county of Wilts, now occupied together as one dvvcllirig- housc, \ v! th a good malt- house, orchard, garden, meadow, and 20 A. 1 R. of excellent arable land, ' in one jiece, adjoining thereto Also Two Closes of good ARABLE [. AND, in the same parish, containing together 11 acres ; the whole together in the occupation of Mr. Ste. Winkworth, as tenant from year to year. The above tenements and malt- house nearly adjoin the Kennet and Avon Canal, now navigable from thence to Landston, and will soon be so to Bath. The estate together is a desirable purchase for any one de- sirous of uniting a malting and farming business. The tenant will shew the premises, and further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Iiyley, solicitor Hn, n- gerford, Berks. ' [ isS WILTS, 1809. SALE by AUCTION, by HARRY RUSS, L on tile Premises; . on Wednesday the : jd day of February, - The capital LIVE STOCK, some Dairy Utensils, and either Effects, of the late Mr. Hugh Beames, of Avon, near Chip- icnham; consisting of thirty- six prime dairy cows, of the ong horn breed, cither in calf or with calves, remarkably handsome and kind in their nature, aud extremely well breil; ten beautiful three- year- old heifers, in calf, of the same breed ; six fat cows; capital bull, descended Irom one of the first stocks in the kingdom; two very handsome yearling ditto, of the same bYecd,; three capital draught geldings; one stallion ditto ; mare in foal, by Repeater; ihree- yeat- old gelding;, by Foxhunter; two- year- old colt, by Repeater; yearling ditto', by ditto; thirty- four fat sheep,' of the Leicester breed, in proper lots; two narrow- wheel waggons, timber- carriage, large brass cheese- cowl, and various other dairy utensils. It fs well known that this stock is as well bred as any in the iingdom, as they are closely descended from the Dishlcy and Roflwright Stocks, and the late proprietor spared no expe- nce to bring the crittlt; to their present perfection; and it is pre- sumed they will appear, upon irispection, to be equalled by very few, and surpassed by none. On account of the number of lots to be dispsscd of, the public are most respectfully requested to be early in their attendance. The sale will commence with the dairy cows, at ten o'clock, ™ [ 83 MARLBOROUGH, WILTS. Y^ OTL SALE by AUCTION, by JOHN DAY, on . r Monday the 8th of February 1H08," and two following days,— All the siugularly neat and valuable FURNITURE, a Pipe of choice Port, and a quantity of fine bottled ( dd Port antl Sherry, with other effects, the late property of Lieutenant- Colonel Boys, deceased:— Comprising costly lustres; capital bracket clock, by Hodges ; celebrated painting of Telemachus discovered by Helen, by Angelica Kauffman; a large sea pi; ce and shipping, by Cleavley; several small cabinet pictui copper, by eminent masters ; three beautiful proof impres- sions, the Landing of the Troops in Egypt, the Batti . c- f Alexandria, with a centre piece accompanying the precedir. e, representing a Fragment of Egyptian Architecture, bearing Portraits of the Generals commanding the British Army, plates 31 by 21, in rich glazed burnished gold framej, from the pencil of P. J. De Loutherbourg, eneraved by L. Schiavanotte ; various engravings of equal celebrity ; pair of hands me globes, with modern discoveries ; two pair of exceeding beautiful old china jars, figures, and chimney ornaments; the greater part of a dinner service of foreign china ; some very rare and fine old china bowls, & c.; a superb set of Nankeen tea equipage ; books by approved authors; antl a rich India cabinet. Also an extensive variety of domestic articles of the first manufactory, in commodes, double and single chests of drawers ; loo, card, and Pembroke tables, of fine mahogany, bordered with satin i. nd other choice woods ; cellaret sideboard, set of mahogany dir. ing tables, rich Turkey, Brussels, and Wilton carpets ; a sopha ; drawing, dining- room, and'parlour tehairs ; ladies'dressing tables, & c.; four- post bedsteads, with elegant carved pillars, fin; lined chintz and cotton furnitures, with corresponding drapery window- curtains ; fine seasoned bordered goose feather ueds, palliases, hair mattresses, and the usual assortment of chamber appen- dages; a mangle on an improved principle, an abundance of every description of culinary utensiis, casks, & c. etc. The sale to commence each day precisely at eleven. To be viewed on the preceding ' 1 hursday, Friday, and Saturday, with catalogues only, ( at 6d. each), which may be had at the Pelican Inn, Newbury ; Bell, Swindon ; Royal • L Oak, Wooton Bassett; White Hart, Chippenham ; Bear, - [ Devizes; and of John Day, Auctioneer and Upholst- rn, f I Mar" arlborough. THO. RIDDING. J ROMSEY. TO be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, for a term of years,— A commodious UVVLL LING- HOUSE ; Consisting of a drawing- room, two parlours, five. bed- rooms, kitchen, and suitable offices; with chaise- house and stable, garden and green- house. Also,— To be LETT with the above, or separate,— A COT- TAGE and STOREHOUSE, adjoining the garden. For further particulars application, to- be made to Mr. R. Wake, the proprietor; if by letter, post paid. N. Bi— 11. W. begs leave to inform the inhabitants of Rom- sey and its vicinity, that he is soiling off hi$ sto; k of Candles, at a reduced price. ffdl [ 288 Hutier's celebrated Restorative Tooth Powder. EAUTY of countenance, and regularity of fea- tures, are allowed to distinguish the British fair, but the proprietor of BUTLER's TOOTH POWDER would beg leave to remind his countrywomen, that the lustre of their charms loses half its influence where the Teeth are disco- loured, or shew a rotten and unhealthy appearance-, this tfie more inexcusable, as the present preparation affords the infallible means of removing every blemish of the enamel, and is safe in its application, being composed of vegetable:;. It is recommended to the attention of all ranks, as clearing away every imperfection, cither in the colour or the ~: eay ot the enamel of the Teeth ; as rendering the breath sweet and delectable, and making the gums of their proper shape and Vermillion hue ; and a certain preventive of the Tooth- ache. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cheapaide, corner of Paternoster- row, London; and by Mr. Collins, Salisbury, in boxes at 2s. dd.. each. [ 5201 ^ IIUJH- AINS, tdfinenting ltchjtig the World, for Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, Complaints of the Stomach, Sprains, Bruises, & c. hut where this certain remedy has been cither unknown or- neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated or broke WiiiTtHKAij's FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain and vciy speedily. haal them. The Family Cerate is equally sue. e ' ssi- il in Sore Legs and other ill- conditioned Sorts, Scorlutic Humours Of every, descriptions and the Breakings out, oi Humours common to Children. They are prepared and sold by R. Johnston, apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Sobo, I. opdop ; the Essence and Pills a. 2i. fid. each ; the Cerate at 1.;. bitf.; fu) d may hp | iae( af B. C. Collins, Salisbury, and every Ucdiciu- e Vender in the United Kingdom. [ yyuti TIIH SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Sn it day's Post. Bij Express. __ J>-'~ LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY SIGHT, 3xS. 23. At tha Court at tbe Jiueen's Palace, the 20th of January, pur, SENT, The King's'Mist Erv.- i'. uU Majesty in Council. _ nr~ iHIS ( Hy his Grace Edward Venabtes Lord li Archbishop of York, was, by his Majesty's, comvnmi, sworr. of his Majesty's most Honour- able Privy Council, and took his. Place at the Board accordingly. ——— ADMiBAlTY- OFFlcr., Jan. 23. Admiral Montague has transmitted ti » following; relation from Lieu:. Tracey, of tha Manet briar, dated at sea, Jan. 16:—" On Saturday t'le lStll In- it. C'ipeBarfleur VV. by N. six or seven leagues, i rv. v a French lugger in chaee of an English ship and bti"-; the two latter I iuamediate. lv joined^ and thought proper to run in company with them until night should favjw my closing with the lugger. At half p « t six P. M. the lugger commenced a fire on the ship, which she gal- lantly returned. At seven the lugger attempted to haul or?', but mv beim; within musket- shot, rendered his st tempt fniitle--. Ten initiates pa* t seven I fowl a broadside of round and grape, with a volley of musketry, which carried . v;-, v his bowsprit am! main lugg. I then hailed him to si- elk* ; instead of which she hoisted Jaer lugg, I then commenced a steady fire, which lasted one hour and a hatf, ( with round, grape, And musketryduring which time he- r lugg'. were knocked down, and us often hoisted, (:: t least ten tim.^.) Fifty minutes past eight, being i; i a tiuk'nr state', hr. iied she had struck: prove' to be Le Cou- rier of Cherbourg, commanded by Captain Alex. Black, madntin; 18 sunn, with a complement of fio men ; Second CaDtaiii of which was killed, and three seamen wounded ; r,; fc, .! ..,:,'-,. L-. iv fust; out four days; made no capture ; i a • • :•.••. from uuder the Idea of Marcoit at eleven A. M. t » » « instant, where she anchored for shelter from the late f — We rusta. ned no loss. Vice- All mil ' ai Rowley has transmitted a letter from Capt. Spence, of " iris Majesty's sloop Pandora, relating the cap- ture of L'Entrepivnant French lugger privateer, of 1G guns a >! 58 men, which the Pandora fortunately came up with, Aft* - a chaee of an hour and 50 minutes, within two miles of the French shore. BANKRUPTS. TV- ti tiarkfr, ofBT> Md- stre^ t, Chc- apsi- le, warehouseman. j ,:;' n Thornoiii, ol't. i'vre', ice- Pouni; i^ j--!. Tne, London, merchant. Win. ft- fiim, lit' (. img- ulley, Nlinredileli, victualler, Tims. Lee, ot Hoi'iorn, glover. K. i-. vard Hoser, of LoidS^ d, siiap- tnanufactnrer. 3' hos, CaMiity, of YValtham- Abbey, shopkeeper. Win. Winter, jun. i, f Htacfcfrial-' s- road, painter and ctlazier. J. mn See" jiji.)'•, of VValktumptoii, John Lawarne, ot Truro, Win Horn urid Catherine 1loyte of Grampoand; Charles Hurley, of Walk, hamotoo, and Riehard Searle, of Ltunri- iton, woollen- manufacturers. Jotm VVrne, of K- rvybridire, coal- mcreliant. Clonic Si. ikes IJu I'ev, of lirae. i ! mreh- sti: et, merchant. John Brook-.-, " f ItaAMnr, mor.- liant. CIl tries Mills, of St. Panct ea b do r. H intr- iaven UoiisAn, of s. i'i'ni- d, maimfacterer. John - t. i-. riFuller, of Yoxfiml, grorer. H(-,: rt Hnrreo, of K-.- lsate, cordrvaiuer, Jotui Tuna. r, of Swelling, draper. Win. 11. Hal'. lday, of Bath- tree:, City- road, livery stable- kee. > r. G. fi idon, i, r. ii Twi> e Yearion, of Bermonddsy- stfeet, leather- dresser. HOUSE OF COMMON'S. FRIDAY, Jan. 12.] Sir Francis Burdett took the oaths and his seat. A new writ was ordered for Yarmouth, to supply the ya'cmcv occasioned by the death of Mr. Jervolse. Mr. Giant presented the fifth report of the Commissioners of Military Jviiquiry. The u< uul standing orders were revived, and tue Com- mittees of Privilege,?, Religion, Trade, and other swndiug Committees were ordered to sit on the u ual days: Renewed petitions were presented, complaining of un- due returns frojn several places. The Chippenham petition to be considered on the 4th of February. ]_-, rd Folkestone^ ve notice, that on this day firtnight he should make a motion for fixing a day for taking into consideration the Oude Papers wihich had been presented l, i t session. Mr. Bnnltes gave notice, that on Moid v next he should move for leave to bring in a Bill to pveve t the grant of Places in Reversion. Mr. O. Ponsonby gav? notice, that on Monday se'nnight he should move for certain papers touching the expedition to Copenhagen. Mr. Horner gave notice, that on Tuesday next he should move for copies of licences which had been granted for trade otherwise contrary to law. Jt was ordered on the motion of the Chancellor nf the Excheyicr, that no private petition should be received after the 23th of February, that no bill Should be brought in thereon after tbe 28tb of . March, and that unreport of such bill should be received after the 13th of May. Lrrtl Han son brought up the report of the Address to his M'jjesty ; c. ud, on the question, that the report be now received, a long- aid very uninteresting conversation took place rnspeotins the merits of the Copenhagen expedition ; an equally uninteresting discussion was introduced respect- ing the Leeds petition for peace ; Mr. Alderman Hibbert contending, that : is it had not originated in party motives, it was the more- entitled to attention; whiht Mr. M. A. Tayhr, Mr. Winrfham, and other Members, thought it advi- ible for the manufacturers to forbear petitioning at present. Mi'. Tfm. Smith gave credit to Ministers for their wil- lingness to embrace the first opportunity to make peace ; !-, n° th:. 3 fa'. th, though bis Constituents ( the Citizens of Norwich) suffered by the war as much a; any body of men, h,-. ,- hould opiicse any petition till he had reason to believe that. Ministers had neglected some such opportunity. Mr. Secretary Owning stated, that though the regular • copy of the Treaty of Tilsit had not reached this country till the 8th of August, the substance of that treaty and of the secret arrangements, had been received by Government Ian-- before. The note in which the mediation of Russia was'olfered was received on the 1st of August, and answered on the l3d or 3d, It was Upon this first substantial com- munication the expedition to Copenhagen was undertaken. Mr. IfUtbread thought it impossible that any secret arrangements could havt, been formed between France and Russia, prior to the formal conclusion of the Treaty of Tilsit. As well might it be said, tlwt there were such arrangements prior to the battle of Fricdland. He argued the propriety of discussing this question, in opposition to to a contrary doctrine supported by Mr, Yolke; and ill reply to an assertion of Mr, Canning, that this country could have defended Denmark, bad she joined us, again t France, he said Ministers ought to have proved this, by Keeping possession of Zealand at least for tbe winter. The " Address was read and agreed to, and ord- rtd to be presented by such Members as are Privy Counsellors. Adjourned to Monday. LONDON, SATURDAY EVENING, JAN. 2J. Letters and Papers from Holland to the 18th inst. arrived vesterday. By this conveyance intelligence has Jjee'n received of another Decree, dated the 23th ult. hliving been issued by Bonaparte. It orders, that a stricl embargo should on the first day . of January be laid on aU vessels which might be found in any of the ports under its conao. ul o(- dominion, whether such vessels belonged to any of the countries in alliance with France, or sailed under any neutral fla; r. The is'uittg of tiiis new decree Was known at Antwerp and all the forts of Flanders and Holland, the beginning of the p- eseilt • Rionth. Jt does not, however, appear, that jt. has tet been carricd into general execution. So: iVB of the letters sratc, that it had become ex- tremely hazardous in Hoi'tand to make remittances to En- land ; that all letters were liable to be open:! and HWQted bv the Oir . TS of Customs, whot h; 4 power to detain a'it such as contained bills or money intended fcr the use or" the merchants r. f England. It is not only suit} that Bertbter " ill be King of f vvkzertand, but it is further asserted, in . letters from Holland, that Talleyrand will bo exalted to the rank i> f Sorerignr StttA- have the Crown of Portugal. Some intelligence from America, of so late a date as the C.' id ult. was received yesterday. It was brought by the ship Messenger, arrived at Greenock from New York, the Captain of which states, that previous to his sailing- lie was informed, that a general embargo was about to take place in the American ports; and that, when off Sandy Hook, he heard ( he firing of cannon, and saw several vessels that had bene under weigh brought to in the Narrows. Thomas Jefferson has publicly announced bis in- tention of retiring from the Presidency of the United States, and of declining again to offer himself a Candi- date for that high office. It was rumoured this morning that the Brest fleet hail put to sea. But. no such intelligence had reached the Admiralty. Prince Stahremberg sailed from Dover for Calais at four o'clock yesterday morning. It is said that two regiments are gone from Ma- de rid to take possession of Porf Praya, in the Island of St. Jago. Th? Court Martial on General Whitelocfce is post- poned to Ttiursaav next, when the proceedings will certainly commence. ROXBURGH ESTATF. S.— The only question relative to this immense, succession, remaining before the Court of Session at Udinburgb, occupied the whole of their Lord- ships time on Tuesday last, being a challenge by the heirs of tha old investitures :>!' sixteen feu- dispositions granted by the last Duke, on the same day, to Mr. Bellenden Ker, and comprehending the whole of that noble inheritance, excepting the mansion- house of Flours, and a few acres immediately around it. After a very full deliberation, the votes of the Lords of tbe Session were even. The Lord President gave his easting v#. e against Mr. Bellenden Ker. An appeal is thereforq to be made to the House of Peers. DIED.] On Sunday, at Hath, Lady Blunden, wife of Sir John Bltmden, Bart, of GSJkle Blunden, c->. Kilkenny, Ireland.:— O. i tbe 27th of October, of a bilious fever, Andrew Barnard, Esq. Secretary to the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o' Clock. Short Ann. shut Omnium, 2jaipr. frisT; tlitto, — India Bonds, 9 a 1 dis. Kxchequer Bills, par, 1 pr. Irish 5 - ap. Cents. — Imperial;) Cents. fB § English Lott. Tick. 20i. IPs. Ditto Prizes, full Money. On Friday morning a fire broke out in the work- shop belonging to Mr. Webb, Bookbinder, & e. at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, owing to the carelessness of a boy. Timely a « sistanec being obtained, it was soon got under; but tbe damage is estimated at upwards of JOOt On Sunday night, between eleven and twelve o'clock, a fire was discovered in the tin and copper work- shop of Mr. < 1. Rose, at Southampton, supposed to have been caused by some charcoal ashes setting fire to the boards of tbe first floor, from which the beams of the ceiling of the ground floor caught, but it was extinguished without spreading further—- very fortunately, as there were a tevv pounds of gunpowder in tha upper ioft, the explosion of which jJ^ JI SALISBURY. MONDAY, JANUARY 1S0B. Bank Stock, 2" 2-"> India Stock, 172 South Sea Stock, (> 7| 3- p. Cent. Red. 63 J 3 Cent. Cons. ® >{ 4 - jf Cents. R2 5 ^ Cent. Navy," 964 s ty- Cent. 17,07, — Long Ann. 18-^- patMiMas, FALMOUTH, Jan. ? I. The following packets sailed 011 Friday last, viZ Princess Elizabeth, for Gibraltar and Malta ; Freelmg, for Jamaica ; and Lord Hobart, for New York. The Fortunee and Dispatch sloops of war sailed on Sim- day last for Cork, with some transports under convoy, which had put in here in consequence of contrary winds on their passage from Plymouth. The Queen Charlotte packet arrived on Sunday from Jamaica. The Phoebe frigate arrived here on Tuesday from Ply- mouth, and sailed again the same day for tha Mediter- ranean, having ( it is siid) taken on board the Chief Officer of the Engineers from General Spencer's army, which still remaing here. Several transports are yet missing. PLYMOUTH, Ja. n. 22. On Wednesday arrived here the French East India ship L'Ation, from the Isle of France, bound to L'Orient, laden with indigo, spices, sugar, coffee, tea, and logwood. She was taken the 13th instant, after a chare of twelve hour ;, by the Cambrian, of 40 guns, within a few hours of getting into port: she had been three months on her vovage, and did not meet any vessel whatever, but the Cambrian, during that period. Came in the Impeteux, of 74 guns, and the Defiance, of 74 guns frcrr th - squadron off R; « hfort. Emerald, of 3S pins, tram 4 ofuize. * Endeavour, Ashford. froin Liverpool.— Sarah Margaretta, Wilhelmson, from Stockholm. Emperor, Threadgold, from It'ga, with timber, for this port: she was driven out of the Downs by a heavy gale of wind, and left the Master and part of the crew " oil shore, who were there to get anchors for the ship. Sailed the Hindustan, of 50 guns, for the Mediterranean. Yesterday came in from tire Downs, a fleet of coasting vessels under convoy of a gun- brig. PORTSMOUTH, Jan. 23. The' 7th and 8th regi- ments of foot have litis week embarked, and are ex- pected to proceed in the course of next week with Lieut. General Sir George Prcvost to Halifax. Great hopes are entertained of the daring robber who has lately infested the neigbbournood of Chichester and Emswortb being discovered, as a man of the name of Pitt, answering bis description, was last, night, apprehended near Portsmouth. The circumstances which led to his appre- hension are rather singular : being indebted to a person of the name of Legga'tt, of Ifa- vant, the sum of 14J. and not able to discharge it, he offered a watch in part of payment, which was accepted. Mr. Leggatt having oc- casion to come to Portsmouth related the circumstance and shewed the watch to his brother, who observing the initials J. B. oil the seal, thought it might belong to Mr. Brent, who was lately robbed of a watch, .- ilver chain, and gold seal, and on enquiry it proved to he his; the man was therefore apprehended at Halfway- Houses, and lod- 7' d in the gaol of this borough. On him were found a hu / ting watch and a small gun. Monday— Sailed the Spencer, of 74 guns, Hon. Capt. Stopford; Cumberland, of 74 guns, Hon. C. ipt. Wode- house, to join the Channel fleet; Lively, of 38, Rear- Admiral Otway, to the coast, of Portugal; Amphion, of guns, Capt! Iloste; and Paulina sloop, Capt. Lumley, with convoy for the Mediterranean ; Niobe, of 33 gun a (.' apt. Loring, with transports to join the expedition at Falmouth.——- Arrived the Leonidas, of 38 guns, Captain Dunbar, Proserpine, of 32, Capt. C. Otter; Boadicia,' of 3( 5, Capt. Maitland; and Esco/ t gun vessel, with con- voy from tlu> Downs. Tuesday-— Sailed tbe Beagle sloop, Capt. Neweombe.— Arrived the Stork sloop, Capt. Le Cieyt. Wednesday— Sailed tbe Bloasoaa sloop, Capt. Pigot.— Arrived the Strenuous gun vessel. Thursday— Sailed th-- Isis, of 50 guns, Capt. Laugh- arne, with the East India convoy; and Pelter gun vessel, for Cork, Friday— Sailed the SurveUlante, of 38 guns, Capt. Sir G. Collier, with specie for the Brazils. Saturday— Arrived the Resistance, of 38 guns, Ca- it. Adams, from off Havre; and Orestes sloop, from the Eastward. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, JANUARY 23. On the 17th inst. was married, at Fdingbitrgh, William Scott, Esq. of Wimpso. n, Hants, Barrister at Law, to Ismene, youngest daughter of William Glen- donwyn, Esq. of Glendonwyn. Tuesday last died, Mr. Jarvis, after a lingering illness, aged 49, many years one of the coahneters at Southampton. On Monday last died, atChilcombe, near this city, Mr. Thomas Harfield, aged 74 years. This week died Mr. Tiller, master of the works in the Barrack Department here. On Wednesday evening, as Mr. Woodward, grocer, of this city, was returning home, he was shopped on the high- way, between Popliam- Lane and Bradley, by two footpads, ( stout men) who robbed him of about 11/, in cash and notes, and his watch. Mrs. Fisher, the Bishop's Lady, wore at Court on tbe Queen's Birth- day, a robp of beautiful Royal purple, of very fine Salisbury cloth, manufactured liy Mr. JJ ay ward, and sold by Messrs. Stevens and Blackmore, which was much admired for it- elegant texture. She had tbe honor also of presenting the Piince. s Charlotte a mantle of the rain- cloth, which her Royal Highness wore when she went to pay her duty to her Majesty on Monday. It is much to be wi- hed, that at a time when every pott ill Europe is shut against us, by tbe tvtauily of the Corsican Usurper., every enc iurageii » eiit should he giveil to our manfacturers for home consumption, and tb. it the Ladies would, with true patriot zeal, adopt such fashions as will most contri- bute to tlie advancement of/ them. On Tuesday 3( i7 men of the 6gth regiment of foot, who had volunteered from the second into the first battalion, arrived here from Ireland, on their march to the Isle of Wight, there to embark for the East Indies. - BIRTH.] On Saturday the 1 Gth intt. at Charltoa, in this county, the scat of the Earl of Suffolk, tire' Viscountess Andover of a sop. Late!.- waf married, at Halifax, in Nova Scotia, Capt. SirT. M. Ilardy., Bart. Commander of his Ma- jasf'i ship Triumph, to Miss Berkeley, daughter of the Hon. Vice- Admiral Berkeley, and niecc of tbe Duke of Richmond and of Earl Berkeley. On Weduc .' lay se'nnight died, at Swansea, Wm. Peter Calfcy, Esq. second son of the late T. B. Calley, Esq. of Burderop Park, in this county. On Friday the 1 oth inst. tiled, at his mother's house, in Warminster, Charles Webb, Esq, after a long illness, supported with manlv fortitude-. A short time since died Mrs. Dear, wife of Mr. Dear, hop- merchant, of Reading, Berks. Jjieutenant Halifax, of the Itoyal Lancashire Militia, whose engagement to walk 30 miles a day for 20 successive days has been repeatedly noticed, completed his laborious t.., sk :; n VV flnt- sdav last.. The Topsham road, near Exeter, was lined with Spectators, who ebeered him with repeated huzzas on his arrival at the Hotel, where he terminated his walk. CASISE MADNESS.— It. having been recently asserted that a Dog which has been wormed will not do any injury to other animals, even when bit by a mad Dog, tbe following authentic Narrative, written i:, answer to a Gentleman who wished. to ascertain that fact, s* ems to prove, that though the disposition of Dogs to tear to pieces mnlfs, hats, & e. is remedied by the simple operation of removing the small black worm from under tlteir tongnes, and this effect may jiot be altogether destroyed when a Dog is under the influ- ence of that, madness peeu'iar to the species, yet it would be highly dangerous to rely implicity there in.— Tbe Nar- rative al , o corrects some other erroneous opinions on caniti - madness, and as every thing that can throw light on the means of guarding against this justly dreaded malady must be interesting, there needs no apology for its publication at this particular season. " A Hound, supposed to be mad, passed through my father's garden, Skirmishing as he- passed with several of my father's dogs, and with my Spaniel: the former were all destroyed; but as I was not convinced that the Hound was mad, I did not destroy my spaniel • and as he had been Wormed when a puppy, and had overtaken the Hound, and had a second battle with him, I was confirmed in mv opinion that there was no danger, from the general notion that Dogs id health will not pur< ue a mad Dog. I came up during this battle, and separated the Dogs, when the Hound snapped at me, and went off, and I could never get any subsequent intelligence of him.— This was in the month of August; about threeweefe after, I went to the river to shoot wild fowl, taking my Spaniel with me, but stion observed that he would not go into tbe water, as usual; and when driven in a little way, he soon returned, shivering, and I could not make him go in again. I had with me a young Pointer, which the Spaniel made up to, on his return from tbe water, turned him on his back, and bit him several times. I beat him off, but did not immediately recollect bis rencontre with the Hound, nor had any thought of the serious consequences that might have en- sued. The next day, as tiie groom wan trimming my horse's head, tbe Spaniel came out of the stable, jumped up t « tha horse's lip, and left slight marks of his teeth, but which appeared like two mere scratches. I then ordered both hi ill and lae Pointer to be confined, and I observed that tiie Spaniel daily got worse. About the fourth or fifth day, he got loose, with his chain on, went into the kitchen, and lay under the table whilst the servants were a. dinner: he did not molest any one, nor at all incline, ' ike dog--- that are not wormed, to run away, and snap in- discriminately at every tiling they pass; but on being taken back, and fastened tip near the stable, he would lay and bite his straw, whilst be refused food; and water he sprung from as if it would scald him. In a few days hi: dug a hole, and died in tbe place of his confinement.— I then paid particular attention to the young Pointer, and found he had all tbe symptoms of the malady usually de- scribed ; his mouth generally open, his tongue hanging out, & c. Being convinced that be was perfectly mad, I put an end to his sufferings by shooting him with a pistol. 1 sent my horse to an eminent farrier, who burnt the bitten part out of the lip, and gave him the Orm- kirk medicine. I drove him two or three months ill a curricle, but observed with regret that he continually rubbed his lip on the man- ger. I turned him out for tbe remainder of the winter, and at length found that he bad imbibed the fatal poison, tbe precautions to repel which were probably taken too late. The time that had elapsed from the day he was bitten to that when he was taken mad was exactly six months and a fortnight; and as his recovery was evidently impossible, I soon bad iiim killed." HOME MARKETS. Prices of C" rn, per ( Quarter— Bread, Wheat, j Barley, j Oats. Jan. s. s. \ s. s. I .?. s 19 SO to fto; 32 lo 36 i 2.0 to 36 201 6- 1 to 71 I 34 to 38 ! 2!) to 32 ' 81 136 to 71 | 35 to 37 ! 21 to 34 21 58 to P3 | 32 to 3.0 ! - 2- 5 to 35 2- 31 63 to CI I 34 to 37 21 lo 32 per Gallon. Beans, j Biead. s. d. s. s. 53 to 66 j 58 to 5!>| 43 to 60 63 to 60 56 lo 55 j 56 to 6- 2 | Salisbury, Basingstoke, Devizes, Newbury, Andover, Warminster, 23 j 56 to 70 j 34 to 38 j 29 to 34 might of the Gallon Loaf, 8W. 11 oz.— Half Gall. 4 It. 5Joi. STATE AMD CITY LOTTERIES. ' TTCKETS and SHARES, in a great variety of S. Numbers, are now selling by Sir JAMBS BRANSCOMB and Co. at their Lucky Offices, Holbotn, Cornhill, and Hay- rnarket, London, and the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY. Where, in the last Lottery, the 1; rgest Prize ever shared was sold in Sixteen Sixteenths. Tn the two last Years' Lotteries, the following Capitals were sold in 392 different Shares, namely, No. 2,57Ot,£! 0,00Q 12,713, 25,000 24,305, 7,757, 7,686, 11,613, 9,219, 456, 20,030 20,0- 2- 2 00,020 20, OCIO 20,000 20,000. No. 13,747,^ 10,000 18,783, 10,000 11,871, 10,167,' 4,077, 8,366, 17,915, 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 2,000 No. 16,801,.£ 2,000 21.699, 1,000- 17,477, 3,830, 15,562, 5,127, 9,939, 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 Besides a ( jreat. number of 500/. lOOi. iVc.& c. far. TO 110 OK- UIXJ) EllS. jtal WORKMAN, of good character, mav hear of a superior and permanent situation, by applying at the Printing- office, Salisbury. None of inferior ability need apply. [ 327 JIOPE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, I. UD8ATt- H! lt., I. OHNON, Instituted 1807. Capital, Tiuo Millions. MR. SAMUEL BEEBY, of tha New Canal, is appointed the Company's Resident AGENT for the City of SALISBURY, and its vicinity, and is empowered, on their behalf, to effect Insurances from I-' ire. and or. Lives, on terms which, on investigation, will prove more advantageous than those of any Offiae of the kind yet established. Proposals and Rates of. Insurance for Buildings of every description, miy be had ot Mr. BMBY. MR. BEEBY will on TUESDAY NEXT commence the Sale of his Winter Stock, at very reduced prices, in order to make room tor the Spring Fashions, particularly Furs, and superior coloured Salisbury Flannels ! Bd. Spanish ditto 25. Kerseymeres 3s. tier yard under the regular prices.— He is now well assorted Jin consequence of his recent return from London) with every article at present in demand by the votaries of fashion. Mr. B. has the satisfaction to acquaint Ladies and Gentle- men who were last week disappointed of Hosiery, which he continues to sell under such peculiar advantages t > the pur- chasers, that they arc now rcvily for public inspection. A fresh supply of real Thread Lace, and every description of Silk Goods, notwithstmding the great advance, at the old prices—- for READY MONKY on/ y. [: j25 DRAPER. HABERDASHER, AND HOSIER, , V « o Co- nrL Salisbury, Jan. 25, 1B0S. — % — —. COUNTY GAOL, F1SHERTON, near SALISBURY. JOHN WILLIS, Keeper of the said Prison, desires to return thanks, on behalf of the poor Prisoners, to the late High Sheriff; to the Members-, of Parliament for the county of Wilts and for the city of New Sarum, to the Gentlemen of the Grand Jnry at the last Lent and Summer Assizes, and also to the Ladies and Gentleman of Salisbury, the Close, and Neighbourhood, for various sums o*' Money, Provisions, & c. all of which have been and will be faithfully applied. QUJDHAMPTON, Jan. 29. 1808. THRASHING MACHINES, on an IMPROVED Pt- AN.— Gentlemen, Farmers, Src. are resjjectfullv in- formed, that Machines are now executing at the abovs place, from one to four horses' ppwer. Specimens of these machines may be. seen at Mr. PinfoH's, Tarring, Sussex; Mr. Spear's, Brockington! Mr. Newman's, Monxton ; Mr. Porter's, Critchell; Mr. Sudden's, Lainston ; Mr. Shaw's,- Spettisbury, Dorset; Mr. Vincent's, Litchfield ; Mr. Turnim's, Whitchurch. Hants ; Mr. Self's, Rockbomcj Mr. Short's. Ditto; Mr. King's, AlvedWtnn; Mr. Foot's, Berwick St. John; Mr. Grailey's, Alton Priors; Mr. Simp- kris's, Stainton ; Rev. Dr. I. inten's, Dinton ; Mr. Self's, West Wosdyat's, Wilts ; and a small one at ftuiuhampton iu about three weeks. N. B.— The strictest attention will be given to letters post- paid, addressed to George Greensitt, Thrashing Machine, Quidhampton. v [^ 08 MERE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. . TEASES., at the Angel Inn, on Tu : sslay the 26th of January, 1808, at fi" e o'clock in the. afternoon, subject to conditions then tj be produced.— Sundry Lots of FREEHOLD LANDS, late the property of Mrs, MAIDMENT, deceased, situate, lying, and being in the Common Field, in the parish of Mere afore- arnculars mtry. be 1 • n •- vr. by applying to the Auctioneer, VALUABLE TIMBER, Mandits park F. ir. n, near . Julmesbun/, IVilts. TO be SOLO by AUCTION, at the White Lion Inn, Malmesbury, on Friday the 5th day of February, 1808. at three o'clock in the afternoon,— FIFTY- FIVE OAK TREES with the Tops and BARK, as thev now stand on the lands belong! to the r. iid farm ; and also the BODIES of Twenty ELM TREES, likewise being on the said farm. The above Tr- es are w - 11 worth tbe attention of Gnrpenteiy and others, and will be put up together or iv. lots, for the con- venience of purchasers, as may be agreed on at the time of sale. For a view . , f the Timber apply to Mr. Matthew Robertson, at Mandits Park Farm ; and for further particulars applv ( if by letter, post paid) at the office of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper, Salisbury. [ 306 CAPITAL NAVY AND OTHER TIMBER. I^ OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the . White Hart Inn, in WhitepansK, in the county of Wilts, on Wednesday the 10th day of February next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced,— A large quantity of very capital NAVY and other TIMBER; consisting of upwjrds of 200 Oaks, meeting from 40 to 110 t*- t and upwards ; upwards of - 200 ditto, meeting from 20 to 40 feet; upwards of 60 Elms, meeting from 50 to I- Jo feet; upwards of 60 Ash, meeting from ns toJl- VLfcet; together with a great quantity of Oak, Elm, and " sh of smaller dimensions.— This Thnl •; it' parti- cularly well headed, and the Oak will ptoduce a very large quantity of iiatk, and is now standing at Cowtsfield, near. Whiteparish aforesaid, about nine miles from the sea side. Further particulars, and the, conditions of sale, may be known by application ( if by letter, post paid) at tbe Ofiiee of Messrs. Holding, in Salisbury; and a view of the Timber may be obtamed, any time before the day of sale, by applica- tion to Mr. John Barnes, at Cowesficld Common. [' 29a T I M HER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at 11 ford Bridge Inn* in the county of Somcrs - t. oti- Ti --• the 9th day of February 1803, at three o'clock ' e : " on. 17- 16 very capital OAK, ASH, and ELM TIMBER TREES and POLLARDS, with Top, Lop, and Bark, all marked; numbered, and standing 011 Wal lern's Park Farm, in the parish of Isle Brewers, in the county of Somerset, divided in small Lots fox the benefit of purchasers. Particulars or the Lots may be had at the Swan Inn, Lansjport; George Inn, Ilminster ; George Inn, Crewkerne ; at the place of sale ; at Waldern's Park House ; and of Mr. John Warr, surveyor, Beaminster, in the county tjf Dorset, of whom further" particulars may be known. The Oak Pol'- ards are well worth the attention of Tanners, they being of large dimensions, fine tops, and a great quantity of exceeding good bark. For a view apply at the Farm House, where a person will attend to shew the Timber nine days previous to the sale. Waldern's Pari: Farm is about four miles from Langport, four from'Ilminster, seven from Crcwkcrne, and adjo. ning the turnpike road. • [- 270 G O S P O R T. I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by II. IIICKS, at the India Arms Inn, 011 Tuesday the 9th day of Feb. 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— A large quantity of STORES; consisting of marquees arid Flanders tents, blankets, coverlets, palliases, bolster cases, haversacks, sad- dles and pack- saddles, halters, harness, clothing, accoutre ments, Ammunition Waggons, and numerous other articles, removed from Porchester Castle to Mr. March's Storehou. ie, in South- street. May be viewed two days before the sale, by applying to the Auctioneer, of whom catalogues may be had. [ 32* 1 HARBRIDGE, HANTS, rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Crown Inn, JL in Ringwood, on Wednesday the 3d of February 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon, The under- mentioned PREMISES, situate at Harbridge, between ltingwood and Fordingbri'dge. Lot 1.— A POTTF. RY, with the Kiln, Sheds, Offices, and Yard belonging to the same, now lett to Messrs. Harvey and Hart, at.£. 18 per annum. Lot 2 — The IstAXDs, anda Plot called Peak, by estimation 4 acres. Lot 3.— In Harbridge Meatlow, 1 acrc 2roods. N. B. The above premises are held for the remainder of a term of 99 years, of which about 50 years are unexpired. Lot 4.— A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT-, Barn, Stable, Yard, Garden, Orchard, and about 20 acres of rich Arable, Mea- dow, and Pasture Land, held on one life, aged 46 years, in the" occupation of Mr. Geo. Ballard. The respective tenants will shew the premises; and forth?, particulars may be known by application to Mr. Baldwin! Ringwood, Hants. [ 224 CHUTE CAOi. HY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, bvT. RAWI- INS, on Tuesday, the 2d of February, 18US, — The" HOUSEHOLD rcRNIIURE, and Pan of the SToCK'inTDADE, of Mi. Hopgood, Carpenter, Chute Cadley, aforesaid ; comprizing four post and stump bedsteads, feather beds, blankets, & c. oak and painted bureaus, dressing tables and glasses, dining and claw tables, chairs, Sc. excellent eight- day clock, plate, china, corner cupboards, dresser and shelves, large quantity of pewter, kitchen requisites, 45 gallon and half- hogshead' coppers, copper boilers, waamne kettles, & c. large mash tub, coolers, iron bound casks, good flour bin, with scales, weights, & c. The Stock consists of fir timber, fir poles and tops, 5 capital ladders with oak rounds, two pair of new waggon shafts, a cart tilt, & c. & c. also two sides of bacon. [ 317 Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock. GT. OCE3TERS. MIRE. FOR SALE by AUCTION, bv- Mr. BENNETT, at the Swan Inn, Thornbury, on Thursday February 4, 1808, preciaelv at three o'clock in the afternoon.— An advan- tageous LEASE, for seven Years, of SHIPCOMBE- HOUSE; together with about 100 Ares of Rich Pasture and Arable Land, within a ring fonce, the whole !: eihg tithe- free. Shipcomhe Estate is situated two miles from the markat- to-. vn of Thornbury, eight from Bristol, and eighteen from Bath. Further particulars may be known by applying to the" Auc- tioneer, No. 9, Bridge- street, Bath; the Swan Inn, Thorn- bury; and the Bush Tavern, Bristol; and for viewing the Estate, apply to Mr. Jerratt, Gardener, near the Swan public- house, Tockington. Also, at trie same time will be LETT by AUCTION,— An excellent I. 1ME- KILN. [ 94 I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, at the Custom- House, I'OOLE, on Thursday the 2Bth day of January 1808, at two o'clock iri the afternoon:— For Private Use. ' 560 gallons of Brandy. 451 dSto Geneva. For Dialers. 167 gallons of Brsndv. 84 ditto Rum." 52 ditto Geneva. Also about 15 pounds of Coffee. 138 pounds of Muscovado Sugar. 61 gallons of Cyder. gallons of White Wine. 7 gallons of Port Wine. B chaldrons 10 bushels of CoaK Sundry condemned Stores belonging to the Sea Gull cutter. Which have been s'eir. ed and legally condemned, and may be viewed and the Spirits tasted two days btrforc the salt, between the hours of ten and tliree. ' T310 F GOSl'ORT. ^ OR PUBLIC SALE, ot the Dolphin Inn, on Friday the ,29th of January 1S08, at ten o'clock in the VPreach Wine. forenoon,— The following GOODS, vir. 120 hhds. of WlnteY iS) Red J- l 1C cases J 1 case of Paper. 1 Pickle. Being the entire Cargo of the Portuguese twig Furao, captured on her vt> yac • from Bourdeaux to Liybon, and condemned a Prize to his Majesty's gun- brig Richmond, S. S. 1 lemming, Esq. Commander. ' T319 For Catalogues, and viewing the same, two davs before the sale, apply to M. MARCH, BROKER. PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON. FOR SALE by AUCTION, at the Custom- house, in this Port, by order of the Honourable Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, on Tuesday the 26th of January, 1808, at eleven o'clock in tbe forenaon,— The following GOODS and VESSEL, viz.— ( For private Families onlyj Rum 4S l ,. „ Geneva....... 54} Gallons. ( For Dialers and others.) Brandy 830 ' Gallons. White'Snanish Wine Go'f „ „, Red Portugal Wine 48 / Bottl,-" Ji- Black Pepper 11 Pounds. Coals 7 Chats. 1- 2 Bush. Also a SCHOONER, called 79ie Admiral Sauisutrei, with all her Tackle, Apparel, Furniture, Boat, and Stores. N. B. This Schooner measures 121 tons, is copper- bottomed and in good condition, and being a very fast- sailing vessel, is well calculated for a Privateer, ot any trade where expedition is required. Whicb Goods and Vessel have been seized and legally con- demned, and may be vjewed and the Spirits and Wine tasted, two days before the sale, by applying to the Warehouse- keeper, at the Custom- house." ' [ 287 IN eat ond elegant Household Furniture, China, and Green- house Plants. TWYTEMD- HOUSE, NEAR WINCHESTER, HANTS. TO be SOI/ D by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. MAMT, on Monday the 25th of January, 1808, and following davs, at eleven o'clock,— All the truiy neat and genuine modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ( mostly new within these few years), a rick of good Meadow Hay, by estimation ten ton's, and numerous other valuable Effects, the property of CAAPTAIN SCOTT ; comprizing superb four post mahogany and other bedsteads, with handsome chintz pattern cotton ami dimity hangings; prime bordered goose feather beds, with excellent mattresses and bedding ; drawing room suit of japanned rose wood elbow chairs; window stools, and a sopha with cushions in dark chintz pattern cases, and window curtains to correspond j Turkey, Brussels, Venetian, and Kidderminster carp ts ; ca- pital mahogany, claw, dining, sopha, and Pembroke Wblis ; fashionable mahogany chairs ; wardrobes, chests of drawers, and bureaus; mahogany cellaret sideboard, library and card tables } compirje shaving stands and bidets. ^ Kiimncf And dressing glasses, eight day dis! c- - i. 1: - riau^ L*-* utensils and Ititchc:. * cqi} « i: c:, •'-- i at .- ness, melon and cucumber frames With i ••. lights, near 200 greenhouse plants, wine br-. ttl--,, ?/.• 4c. p59 TD . be view, i •: ,' I. day and Saturday previous to the sale, when -•!•/• - '•,- V be . had at the Coach and Horses. South- atnpter. te Horse, Romsey; Crown, Bishop's Wal- £ ; F; v of Sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Winchester. . . WIN C H E S T E R. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by Mr. MANT, on Monday the lst of February 1808, at eleven- o'clock,— All the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE belonging to M'ss- Weddell, quitting her residence near the Soke Bridget— Consisting of four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cotton and Manchester hangings ; gcose feather b^- ds and bedding, mahogany chests o! drawers ; dining, card, and claw tables ; mahogany and painted chairs, Wilton and other carpets, pier and swing glasses, capital eight- day clock in a handsome mahogany case, beer barrels, kitchen requi- sites', & c. fee. To be viewed Saturday preceding the sale. [ 3- 20 BROWN C AND OVER SCHOOL, ' Near Alresford. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, ' Jl bv Mr. BALE, on Montiav the 1st of February l « 03, and following day,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, together w. th a good milch cow in calf, a neat light tax cart and harness, school desks and forms, a variety of books by different authors, and other effect-; belonging to Mr. Hampton, leaving his residence. The Furniture consists of four post, press, and other bedsteads, with marine and check hangings ; feather beds and bedding ; chests of drawer j; rnahxtany dining, card, claw, and otficr tables ; pier pod swing dressing glasses, walnut and stained chatrs. two goad eight- d v clocks, half hogshead hawing copper, strong mash vat, seasoned iron- bound casks and barrels, a nea. t rang -, Pantheon and Bath Stove grates, copper boilers, sancephns,' and kitchen requisites, with numerous other effects, as will b: expressed in Catalogues, to be had by apptyintr at the Swan Inn. Aires- ford ; on the premises; and of th • Auctioneer, Winchester. DORSETSHIRE. TO bs SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by Messrs. Hodskirtson and Co.— The MANOR of COMl'- TON AUBAS, extending over 1245 acres or thereabouts, with the Advowson in Fee of the Rectory and Right to Grtat and Small Tithes— the nett value about 250i'. per annum ; the Rev. Mr. ftiskett aged about .54— the next Presentation dis- posed of. Also the Manor Farm, containing 102 A. O R. 17 P. on Lease for nine years from Michaelmas last, at [ ML per an- num, but of the estimsted annual value of 2110/, And. also the Reversion in Fee cf several Leasehold and Copyhold Estates, held by Lives; containing 437 A. 3 R. IV. valued at per annum 640/. with the reserved rents and hertots thereunto belonging. The Manor, or Reputed Manor of West Orchard, extend- ing over 638 acres, with the Manor Farm, as lett Irom year to year, containing 6JA. 2R. 13 1'. at lOOi. per annum, but of the estimated annual value of 110/. Also the Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasehold and Copyhold Estates, held by Lives; containing 489 acres, cr thereabouts, of the estimated annual value of 975Is. with the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging. The Reversion in Fee of that part of the Manor Farm, called the Dairy Farm, in the parish of Melhury Abbas, held by the lives of Richard Brabant, aged 88, and Ann Burt, aged 56; containing 1,94 A. 3 R. 20P. at the low reserved rent of 721, per annum, during the said lives, but of the estimated annual valu • of 2- 10/. Also- the Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasehold and Copyhold Estates in East and West Mclburr, held by lives; containing 508A. 1 R. 28 P. valued at per annum « 9li. Ss. with the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging. And also the Reversions in Fee of sundry Leasehold Es- tates, hel l by lives, within the parish of Tisbury ; particu- larly Chicksgrove, w th theTythe Hay, in one lot; also in the parish of Donhead ; particularly Coomb and Chariton ; and also several Esuates n the parish cf Semley. Further particulars may be had of Messrs. Hodskirison and Co. Arundel- street, London. fij86t - - PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY B. C. COLLINS, AT- HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and ( tuthentie Articles of JVcws are received ( Postage paid.) A'jig by the PRtKTF. Rti and PpcKSELLERS in West England; by the respective Nbwsiubh ; and In Lc-. don by Messrs. TAYLOR aud MEWTON, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Strest, and Mr. WU. KIE, Bookseller, Patetapster- R- o*, St. Paul's.
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