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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3701
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 18/01/1808
Printer / Publisher:  B.C. Collins
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3701
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE SALISBURY AND WINCHES 1A AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, ' DORSET\ AND SOMERSET, [ NUMBER 3701. VOLUME LXXIII.] MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. / ?/ amP V •" -}' 1; (.• Paper and I'nnt -.,-<. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. PETERSBCRGH, November 18. AMONG the names of the persons about to leave Russia in the Court Gazette, are those of the greater part of the English merchants. '•— By an Imperial Ukase, an office of liquidation is to be erected to adjust the reciprocal claims, of Russian land English subjects. Colonial commodities, since the appearance of the late declaration against England, have exorbitantly risen in price. BASKS of the MAINE, Dec. 5. Some public journals state, that the report has been generally circu- lated for some days past, that a part of the Conscription of 1809 will be immediately raised by'anticipation. We art- assured that similar to the last year, a Senatus Consultant will be issued, by which 120,000 youths of this class Will be placed at the disposal of Government, namely, a part l'or the present army, and a part for the reserve. Although peace is established on the Continent, neverthe- less, the great extent of country occupied by the French armies, requires a reinforcement of fresh troops. L'Abeille du Nord. LONDON, MONDAY, JANUARY 11. MARK- LANE, Monday, Jan. 11. We had this day an ade- quate Supply of Wheat, which has declined in value 3s. per quarter for the best White, and 4s. per quarter for the inferior and for Red Wheat, from last Monday's currency, upon which terms there were large sales effected to- day. Rye, White and Grey Peas, Horse and Tick Beans maintain their value. Barley " has fallen about Is. per quarter, the quality of the present supply being for the most part very ordinary, finds an extremely heavy sale, while a few select samples ( from Essex especially) somewhat exceeded the top prices beneath. — Oats are at least 3s. per quarter cheaper, and Clover Seed 5s. to 8s. per cwt. but Rape Seed is worth more money. For all further information we refer to the list subjoined i— English Wheat 60s. to 73s.— Rye38s. to 83s.— White Peas 72s. to 160s. Grey ditto 56s. to 63s.— Horse Beans 50s. to 63s. Tick Beans: 46s. to 57s.— Barley 3Ss. to 45s.— Malt 50s. to 76s.— Oats 30s. to 46' s.— Broad Beans 65s. to - 200s. Long Pods 46s. to 60s.— Rye Grass 14s. to' 38s. per quarter.— English Household Flour 60s. per sack ; ditto American sup. 35s. to 40su . per barrel.— Rape Seed 231. to iBl", 10s. per last.— Carraway' Seed 38s. to 45s.— Coriander Seed 14s. to 24s.— Red Clover 36s. to 90s. White ditto 46s. to 101s.—' Trefpil 5s. to 36s. per cwt.— Tares 9s. to 21s. per bushel. SMITHFIELD MARKET, Monday, Jan. 11. We had this day about the same number of Nea't Cattle as on Monday last. 35,000 Sheep and Lambs, very few Calves, nearly 500 Pigs, The prices were, Beef 3s. 6d. to 3s. 6il.— Mutton 4s. Oil. to 5s. 0d.— Veal 5s. 0d. to 6s. Sii.— Pork 4s7to 5s. Od. per stone of 8Ih. to sink the offal. NEWGATE and LEADENIIALL MARKETS.— Prices by the earcase were, Beef 2s. lorf. to 4s. id.— Mutton 3s. to 4s. id.— Veal 4s. 9d. to 6s. 0d.— Pork 4s. 0it. to 5s. Od. Five Gottenburgh Mails arrived this morning; different articles in the foreign Journals intimate, that notwithstanding the peace upon the Continent, Bonaparte has resolved to raise by anticipation, the Conscripts for the year 1803,— a resolution which causes much speculation. Letters from Vienna state, that the Austrian Ports are not yet shut against tlie English, but that this measure is likely to be soon adopted. The above letters add, that the importation of English manufactures is strictly prohibited throughout the Austrian dominions. The French Civil Code, called " Code de Napoleon," is to be introduced in the Hanse Towns. The King and Queen of Westphalia arrived in Stutgardt the 29th oi' last November, on a visit to the King and Queen of Wirtemburgh, and in their way to take pos- session, among other territories, of those late belonging to the Elector of Hanover, the Duke of Brunswick, and the Bishop of Osnaburgh, the father, the uncle, and the brother of the Quean of Wirtemburgh 1 The Duchy of Mecklenburgh is now evacuated by the French Troops, with the exception of Rostock, which has still a French garrison to prevent English commodities from being imported. The Proserpine frigate arrived at Yarmouth on Saturday ' ast, having on board Lord G. L. Gower, our late Minister to the Court of St. Petersburgh, his nephew Earl Gower, Sir S. Shairp, Mr. Garlieke, and others. Lord G. L. Gower was detained a considerable time at Gotten- burgb by contrary winds, and had the honour of dining sever;! times with his Swedish Majesty, in company with Lord lutchinson, who had embarked on board theBellette sloop > f war. The apprehensions which were entertained for th safety of Lord Hutchinson and his brother are entire/ removed : they arrived at Yarmouth, in the Bellet;, on Saturday evening. Twnty- four casks of dollars, value 100,0001. have teen slipped on board the Amelia frigate, at North- fleet, o be conveyed, as a loan from our Government, tofbeKing of Sweden. Le'. ers from Lisbon of the Sd inst. were received this lorning: they contain no intelligence of im- portace. The Exchange had fallen to 25 per cent, dis. Accounts were also received from Bilboa to the S3dilt ; at that tine no account had reached that placof the French having entered Madrid. ftle Dublin papers of the 7 th, which arrived this liming, contain the following paragraph :— 1 DUBLIN, Jan. 7. Tuesday last, a numerous meeting othe Catholics was helti, pursuant to notice, the Earl of Igal in the chair. Il appeared to be the unanimous » SH of the meeting thai it would be adviseable to have a jition presented ill the ensuing session to the Imperial Jliameut, praying for th> repeal of the remaining penal Js; and it was agreed tbit a further meeting shall take je « on the 19th inst. when a petition will be agreed to, also the mode of its presentation." A circular letter has beei issued in Ireland by Sir rthur Weilesley, dated Duklin Castle, December 21, Jling upon the Officers of Yeomanry Corps to ap- lint fixed days of exercise n each month for each spective corps, and urging them to complete each to ; establishment with men fitfor active service, and f tpproved loyalty. Tlie Spershnoy Russian frigate, uul Vilhelmina store- aip, with the specie and valuable cu- goes they have on '. rani, were condemned as good aid lawful prizes, on fhirsday last, in the Admiralty- Coirt.— Admiral Mpn- u. sue's share will be considerable.— Tkire were forty- five sfcos of war at Spithead when they were taken possession ol all of which will share. The arrangements at present agreed ujon respecting the tde between this Country and the Braiils, are stated to tto the effect, that the same articles whith were admitted io Portugal shall be allowed to be imported into the Jazils, upon payment of duties not lowe than the last tiff, but subject to any augmentation tin new Govern- But shall think proper: All the articles prohibited in irtugal to continue so in the Brazils till a new treaty is ncluded. Bonds to be given by the Merehnts that the iods shall be landed at the Custom- house of ihe Port for hich they are shipped. A letter has been received from an Officei, formerly elonging to the Blenheim man of war, who inthe end of ept. 1806', with 14 men belonging to the Blemeim ( for- iiiately for themselves) were put on board the Neptune 1' hinaman, by order of Admiral Troubridge, to assist in navigating her to China, and thence to the Cape if Good Hope, where he was to join the Admiral. This Gficer is n- rived at Crookhaven, and gives the same aeeountof the Blotiheim, when last seen, as reported by an ORieerof the Harrier sloop of war, iu a letter published in the Salisbury Journal of the 15th of June, 1807. Mr. M. of Cheapside, who some time ago eloped wth a Mrs. L. and took with him considerable property belonging to his creditors, was by some means iuduced to take hi; passage at Gottenburgh on board of an American slip under the impression that she was hound to Americi. The vessel first put into Harwich, where the fugitive were met by the unfriendly agents of those whom thej were most anxious to avoid, and who took the liberty o? altering their route, by escorting them to London. On New Year's- day, as the bell- ringers at Painswick jn Gloucestershire, were ringing on the occasion, one of the bells broke from its station, and forcing its way through three floors, fell among the ringers, one of whom ! was killed on the spot, and several other' persons were dreadfully bruised and wounded. SUICIDE.— On Saturday, a Gentleman of fortune, in the vicinity of Knightsbridge, while at breakfast, and in the presence of a maid servant, grasped a knife which lay upon the table, and cut his' throat so severely, that he expired shortly afterwards. MURDER.— On the 6th inst. Barbara Malcolm was tried at Edinburgh for the murder of her illegitimate daughter, an infant 18 months old, by forcing oil of vitriol down he!' throat, which she pretended was raw sugar, to clear tho child's throat. The unfortunate infant was immediately seized with symptoms incident to those who have been poisoned, and medical assistance being called in by the prisoner's landlord, that w, is found to be the fact: the, child died in excruciating tortures'the same, evening. The pri- soner was coin .. ted, arid sentenced to be hanged, am] her body delivered to the surgeons Tji direction. POOLE TURNPIKE. nnilE next MEETING of the TRUSTEES will JL be holden at the Old Antelope Inn, in POOLE, on Tuesday the 9th day of February next. WM. CASTLEMAN, Clerk to the Trustees; WIMBORNE, Jan. 14, 1808. [ 206 N' OTICE is hereby given,— That an ADJOURNED MEETING of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road leading from Basingstoke through Popham Lane, Sutton Scotnev, and Stockbridge, in the county of Southampton, to a place called Lobcomb Corner, in the county of Wilts, will be held at the House of William Lawes, known by the name of the King's Head Inn, in Stockbridge aforesaid, on Tuesday the 26th day of January inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of'appointing a new Treasurer of the said Road, and for appointing two new Trustees, and on other special affairs. W. H. ATTWOOD, Clerk to the said Trustees. STOCKBRIDGE, Jan. 7, 180S. [ 107 PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY. NOW on Sale at the London Prices, ( with good Allowance to Schools,)— A very large and capital Stock of well- bound SCHOOL BOOKS, all trie best. Editions, in GREEK, LATIN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, & C. as in constant use with the most eminent Seminaries for Youth of both Sexes. Also,— Writing Papers, Cyphering and Copy Books, Slates, Pens, Quills, Pencils, Drawing Papers, superior Black'Ink, Japan Ink, Reeves' and Newman's Colours, and every other article in education. N. B.— Orders by the Newsmen or Post duly executed,^ on exactly the same. terms as if present. [ 168 I F any LADY of respectability should be desirous __ of establishing a SELECT SEMINARY, a favorable oppor- tunity presents " self at FA R E H AM, coupled with the advantage' of Sea- Bathing. Masters in the different sciences of Music, Dancing, and French, can be obtained in the neighbourhood. SAINT MARY's, BLAND FORD, DORSET. RS. KERLY's FRENCH BOARDING SCHOOL opens, after the present vacation, on Mon- day, January the 25th. [ 87. M1 CLOSE OF SALISBURY. THE MISS BEALES' BOARDING- SCHOOL will open, after the present Vacation, on Monday the 25th instant. [ 182 WILY BOARDING SCHOOL. MISS LOCKE TespectfaJ. lv informs her friends and the public, that her SCHOOL re- commences on Mon- day the 18th of January. Approved Masters are engaged for the different professions. Jan.. 5, 1908. . [ 180 BRISTOL.— WHITE- LODGE BOARDING- SCHOOL. , /|" RS. POCOCK respectfully informs her friends it 1. and the public that her School will open after the pre- sent vacation, on Monday the 25 th instant. [ 165 LADIES' BOARDING- SCHOOL, ROMSEY. MISS TAR VERS beg to inform their Friends, that their SCHOOL will open, after the present recess, on Monday the 25th of January instant. [ 65 WHITCHURCH, Jan. 14, 1808. A/ flSS SAVAGE ( from Winchester) begs leave iVi. most respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Whit- church and its vicinity, that she has taken the house lately occupied by Miss MA Y, for the purpose of instructing young Ladies in the English and French Languages grammatically, plain and fancy Needle- Work, & c, Terms may be known by applying at the School, which, opens on Monday the 18th instant. [ 236 [ 194 S1 AN. 1 ANDOVER SCHOOL, conducted by Mr. Marcer, opens on Monday the 18th instant. TOTTON, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. JWITHERS, truly grateful for past favors', most • respectfully informs his friends " and the public that his School will re- open on Monday the 18th instant. [ 161 M' TS, a, SitiiatloSi.'^ S j ® di^, WAiyj;^ s, ho'.. hiJs seen considerable practice, and ca^ Ki well' i-' dcW' ,' rnehdedastefhis abilities, See. ''' • >'- ; • A'p'ply ( ifoy ' letter, post paid) to A. B. at the'Printer's:': Yft. UNG '• MAtf/ r. flf• •. nispGi; t; tbI^(-^ j, v^ Hi|." i5.1< J, jL wishes fb^ tfga'ijeliiffi'self as'CLERK ^- a. B'i^ ipjAlc^ r! - ,' J* § 5i'i .. _ . ffwreicf* • Mtehouse-: he - can write a good hand,'. and - can"' be"' wcil s condu « « ivbr t! j « :,, R? y> • TaWnjewteWw.. honesty and. sobriety, antf wiJUwve a? ob- V' Classical and Historical . IVo^ sprm.| 1sctioD( t6; . fei^^^ jgMt', employed' in. - Letters [ post paid) to L. M. Post- office, Lymingtorr. V. will . be answered. -.-''•' . ' [ 204 -. . W' r- A" NTJtp,, r^ 4n4PP^ and APOTHECARY,' in a'respectaMe n'elgfilw'urhdod'v • Letters addressed ( post paid) for A. A. Post- office, Corsham, Wilts.' will be attended to. - [ 23.9- • IiERFlELD SCHOOL will open after the present vacation, on Monday the 25th instant. W. WATSON is happy to take this opportunity of returning thanks to his friends for past favors. Jan. 6, 1808. [ 157 HURSLEY ACADEMY, NEAR WINCHESTER, HANTS j\/ TR. CALLAWAY respectfully informs his friends 1VX and the public, that his ACADEMY will re- open on Monday the 18th inst. ' French and Dancing taught on moderate terms. Ilursley, Jan. 4, 1808. [ 79 Twyford Grammar, Mathematical, and Commercial Academi/, near fVinchcster, Hants. R. HANINGTON, with respectful compli- ments and best thanks to the friends of the young Gentlemen under his tuition, informs them and the public that the business of the SCHOOL will recommence on Monday the 25th instant.— Mr. H. flatters himself that- the improvement his pupils have made . ince Midsummer will insure him the continued support and recommendation of their parents and guardians, to obtain which no expence or exertion has or shall be spared. Mr. II. embraces this opportunity of remarking, that, at his School, the theory of the Merchant's Office and the diffe- rent methods of Book- keeping are reduced to practice, so essentially necessary, but so much neglected in the generality of schools; Navigation, Surveying of Land, Timber and Buil'dimr,' Geography, Mapping, and the different branches, of the Mathematics, are taught in a familiar, efsy, and prac- tical manner ; in short, Mr. H. only wishes, to be made acquainted with the situation his Pupils are designed for in ) life, and he then engages faithfully and honestly to use his best endeavours to qualify them in the most expeditious manner possible. Latin, French,' Dancing, Drawing, & c. by approved, and experienced masters. The comforts arid health of the young folks are particular objects of the master's attention, to promote which the pre- mises are very commodious and airy, the. play ground large, jrivate, and Ury ; and the situation altogether is allowed to be equal to any seminary in the kingdom. Tire Terms, which are moderate, and other prrticulars, may be known on application to Mr. Hanington, who will give the most respectable references if required. Any Youth or young Man, that has made a tolerable progress in figures, and wishing to be instructed in the prac- tial part of Surveying of Land and Timber, togethe'r with Bank- keeping suffi ; tnt for common business, may be so far qualified in a lew months; but in this case he will be expected to confine himself to the study of these blanches- alone, and a s'vdl extra charge will be made, , TWVFOUD, Jan. 5, 1808. . • [ 108 ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. THE Parents and Guardians of Gentlemen designed for the ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE, are informed that a regular System of Education for such Youths has been instituted in the neighbourhood of Marlow, under the- sanc- tion and inspection of the Governor of the College. The intention of this Plan of Tuition is to facilitase. the progress of the Pupils towards the higher Classes in the " Col-, lege, bv uniting with a classical Education, Instructioni'iri'' such Sciences as are most essential ® the Military Profession. The French Language is taught- by a- Foreignei v and, ii^ tbe,, several branohes- of'Study, the same elementary books are' adopted ^ s tlxrfeifrusH crir'thejGnMege, .. This Establishment KNOi. Lf. S,, M. A., late the Pioyal'MiStirj'. Collsge, and Fellow of Lincoln College,' Oxford; to whonr all applrcaUgfts mast be addressed at South- hill, near Maidenhead, Berks. • t'vn ry,, ,, vNo Pupil will be received above li'years of-: age< , [ r. iv. 2 ' F NN, I .; ,- D A N C I S C. MR. FIALO'N- Ijfegsvleave. to inform his Pupils, that his usuai attendan'ceSWlV'rc^ otpmefiGe, after. the present vacation, at his Academy, BLANDi'Oiifi;> oiiT- fti} rst! iy,. i January 28, 1808. [ 244 -.- POOLE ar. d RINGWOOD Tuesday, 26 CiiRisTciiuRcii and WI. MBORNE, Wednesday, 27 DORCHESTER Friday, 29 WEYMOUTH Saturday, 30 jVf R. ROBERTS will resume the Business of In- 1 TX struction at his ACADEMY, Frome, Somerset, on Monday the 18th inst. , ' [ 112 Terms for Board and Education, including the Latin and French Languages, Geography, the Mathematics, & c. Twenty- five Guineas per Ann.— Entrance, One Guinea. CHILD OKEFORD, NEAR BLANDFORD,. DORSET. MONK presents his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public for the great encouragement received, and most respectfully informs them, that his SCHOOL will open again Jan. 18, l50S. [ 152 HjplLSHEAD SCHOOL OPENS TO- DAY.— . JL January 18, 1 08. [ 230 MR. WILLIAMS respectfully informs his friends, that BRA'fTON7 SCHOOL, conducted by him, will open again- orr Moodav the ! 8tii inst.-— flratton, Jan. 6, 1809. WILTON SCHOOL, ( three MILES FROM SALISBURY). JPlIELPS respectfully informs his friends and the • public, that his .. SCHOOL opens on Monday the ISth of January inst. English Grammar, Reading with propriety, Penmanship, and Arithmetic, including Merchants' Acconipts, are the leading objects of instruction; and due attention paid to the health and morals of the young Gentlemen entrusted to his care. ' - ' [ 126 AMESBURY, WILTS. M. COX respectfully informs the Public, that his SCHOOL will open again, after the present recess, on Monday the 25th inst. and begs leave to.^ issure his Friends that the utmost attention. will he paid to the happiness as well as improvement of Pupils, who will be instructed, as intro- ductory to a classical education, in the rudiments of the Latin- and French Languages, the English Tongue grammatically, the Mathematics in its different branches, & c. & c. tSrc. with the necessary and usual accompaniments for a liberal English Education on moderate and' reasonable terms. T91 EDUCATION. THE Rev. W. MARSH ( late of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge) having taken an eligible House at Calne, Wilts, proposes, after the Christmas vacation, taking a few YOUNG GENTLEMEN under fourteen years of age, to initiate them in the Classics, Geography, Writing, Arithme- tic, and the English Grammar, preparatory to a public Edu- cation. The Eton plan will be adopted, Terms for Education ' and Board, thirty Guineas per Annum, Entrance two Guineas, aud the usual Terms for the other Accomplishments. Mr. W. Marsh will make it his constant aim'to instil into the minds of those Youths who maybe entrusted to him, the- principles of the Chr. stian religion, and \ yill also attend most carefully to their health and comfort. [ 5159 N. B. Washing wili not be indued iii the above terms. EDUCATION. HILL . most respectfully informs his friends and y • the public, that his SCHOOL will re- open- on Mon- day the 18th inst.— Close Gale,_ Sarum. Jan. 7, - 1S08. [ 121 npHE Rev. JOHN BELL, M. A. Master cf the il Close School,- SHrum, receives YOUNG GEMTLEEMEN into his family, to instruct'them in the Greek, Latin, and English-. Languages ; Writing, . Arithmetic, and Merchants' Accompts ; History, Geography, and the, Use, of the Globes •— Terms, Thirty Guineas per annum, washing included.— No admission- fee required. [ 221 The School will, open again on the 25th instant. AMILITARY SCHOOL, for the Instruction of young Gentlemen in the Military Art, beginning with the first principles of Position, Firelock, & c. & c. as taught at the Drill, and comprising the whole System of Military Tactics as laid down in the rules and regulations for the for- mation, field exercise, and movements of his Majesty's forces, is- an institution of such public utility, at a crisis like the pre- sent, as to require no recommendation, having been already established in many parts of the kingdom. It is proposed to OPEN a SCHOOL, on a smilar plan, at SALISBURY, uuder the instruction of ALEX. WILLS, whose military talents are so well . known, from his service in the Militia as well as the Volunteer Corps, that it is hoped his long experience will recommend such an institution to the attention of the public, to whom he pledges himself for his best exertions to obtain their approbation. The drilling will be, so ordered as not to interfere with any arrangements of the other seminaries of this city. *** The particulars of the plan and terms may be known at Alex. Wills'?, Catherine- street, and at the Printing- office. SARUM, Jan. 14, .1808. [ 323 WANTED,— A CURATE, ' tO undertake ' the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars, apply. to^ tlie. Printer, post paid. ' ' [ 89 , This day is published, and to be had gratis at their IAbrary, A SUPPLEMliNT to Messrs. BAKER and FLET- CHER'S CATALOGUE of New and Second- hand BOOKS on Sale;, by whom are also purchased or exchanged, Libraries, or parcels of Books, on advantageous terms. Catalogues may also be had of Mr. Collins, Salisbury, and Mr. Robbins, Winchester. . .. [ 241 be SOLD,— A remarkably handsome Pair of COACH HORSES, warranted perfectly sound, with- out vice, and steady in harness. Enquire of the Printer; if by letter, postpaid. [ 217 nno A c< A"; , TO SCHOOLMASTERS, USHERS, & C. in Hampshire.— Any person inclined to treat for the same, will find it to be a very desirable and also a very im- provable situation.— The School will be disposed of for one fourth of the present annual income, which, including a small sum for a few quills and copy books, will amount to 27 guineas, and may be entered on immediately. Apply to the Printer; if by letter, postpaid,— Immediate payment will be required. ' [ 222 PORTSMOUTH, J aimer y 1, 1808. \ 1I7~ M. BURRIDGE has respectfully to acquaint iV his friends and the public, his Son JOHN, who has filled the corresponding department in his ctjunting- house for. some years, will from this date become a Partner in the Business now carried on by WM. BURRIDGE and SON, which therefore will in future be transacted under the firm of WM, BURRIDGE and SONS, to- which he solicits their attention. W. B. avails himsel^ of this occasion to remark, that from an experience of nearly thirty years residence here, being well versed in all mercantile concerns, and possessing, as he does, unrivailed ami most extensive and convenient wharfs and premises at this Port, he ' eels assured they will not consider it ungrounded if he asserts, with confidence, it is in the power of the House to execute the commands of their friends with the utmost satisfaction. WM. BURIUDGE ar. d SONS have now on sale, wholesale and retail,— 300 Loads of Crown Riaa Timber, 100 Loads of Riga Masts, 50 Loads of Norway ditto, 135,000 Standard Christiana, Longsound, Riga, and Swedish Deals, 3000 Barrels of St. ckhoim Tar, [ 103 3' 00 Ditto ditto Pitch, with sundry other Baltic Goods, too numerous to mention. v- ' tv , : To - PARENTS • and , GUARDIANS,; - i ,,;.' ADesirable Situation ' now offers for a sober Youth, of respectable connections, jas an APPRENTICE to a Mercer, Linen and Woollen Draper, & c.— A Premium will be expected, and the Youth will be treated in all respects as one of the family. Letters ( post- paid) addressed to Mr. Gilbert, Solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight, will meet due attention. [ 5216 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED,— An APPRENTICE to a LINEN- DRAPER, & c. A respectable situation for a vouth, about 15, may be heard of, by an application to the Printer ; if by letter, postpaid. " [ 219 WAMTF. D IMMEDIATELY, in London,—- A young Person, of respectable connections, as an APPRENTICE to a DRESS MAKER ; also one or two who have served their Time in the Country, on Improvement:— Adequate Premiums will be expected with each! The strictest attention is paid to the morals and conduct of the young people, and the situation, in every respect, such as parents must approve. Letters ( post paid) addressed A. B. Mr. Cooper's, linen- . draper, . Oxford- street, will meet due attention. [ 220 WANTED, iii a regular family in Wiltshire,— A GROOM.— Apply at the Post Office, Devizes. [ 101 - Apply. SERVANTS WANTED. ASteady active Person, as UPPER MAID, and to attend on her mistress : must be clever at her needle, and in getting up fine linen.— Also a COACHMAN, who understands his business well. Apply personally to the Printer ; but no letter whatever will • be attended to. • . [ 216 RANTED,— A steady WOMAN SERVANT/ who can cook in a plain' way, wash and irori„, and clean a house; if she can undertake the management of a cow, it would be liked.— It is expected she will bring a character from her last place, [ 257 Apply to Mr. Lewis, grocer, in the Brittox, Devizes. WANTED immediately, in a small Family in the neighbourhood of Blandford, as HOUSEKEEPER and LADY's MAID,— A steady middle- aged WOMAN, who perfectly understands the management of a family, and can occasionally make soups and made dishes.— Also a good plain " COOK, who- will have occasional help in the kitchen.—' Un- deniable characters will be required; [ 226 Apply to Mr. House, grocer, Blandford. ANTED immediately,— A steady'MAN, from 25 to 35 years of age, who understands good common Gardening, and will be expected to look after a Horse, milk two Cows, and clean Knives and Boots, for a small family. A good character will be required. For particulars apply to Mr. Skelton, bookseller, South- ampton. [ 233" WANTED,— A sober, honest MAN, who is willing to make himself useful in a Farftily. His business will be to look after two horses, milk two cows, and work occasionally in a kitchen garden, and to do whatever is required of him for the use of the family. Good wages will be given, and a good character from his last place required. Apply to Edward Tollcrvey, Lumley Mills, nearEmswor'h, Hants. [ IS WANTED, by a small Family in the Country, A middle- aged WOMAN, who is'a good plain COOK ; she must bear close confinement, and understand making butter, as there are two co\ vs_ kept. An undeniable character will be required for honesty, " sobriety, cleanliness, and indus- try.-— Also wanted, in'the same family, a MAN SERVANT, who is perfectly acquainted with the management of a kitchen garden, and three horses, and understands brewing.. None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest scrutiny. For further particulars apply personally, or by letter post- paid, at Mr.' White's, grocer, Blandford, Dorset. [ 138 WANTED,— A serious, steady young WOMAN, to servi in a Cheesemonger's Shop, and occasionally to make herself otherwise useful; must be capable of writing a plain hand, and as she will be placed in considerable trust, must come particularly well recommended for honesty, so- briety, and good disposition.—— Also a Servant of all Work wanted.-— Application, only by letters post- paid, to the Printer of this Paper, will receive an answer in a few days. ANTED, as a Foreman, in constant employ, a person who is capable of undertaking the business of a SHIP BISCUIT and LOAF BREAD BAKER, & c. who will meet with every encouragement by applying to Mr. Leonard Wincey, Biscuit- Baker, Guernsey. ' [ 237 None need apply but a sober and steady character. TO BRICK AND LIME BURNERS. ANTED, to take the Management of a Brick, Tile, and Lime Kiln,— A steady, middle- aged MAN, who can come well recommended for honesty, sobriety, and knowledge in the employ. Application to be made to Mr. John Henning, attorney, Weymouth. [ 189 rpO be DISPOSED of,— The STOCK of a MIL- X LINER and DRESS- MAKER; together with the Lease of the Premises, most eligibly situated In Bath, in which the business has been carried on for nearly half a century. For particulars enquire of Mr. T. M. " Cruttwell, solicitor, Bath. [ 202 rJ X) be LETT, and entered 011 immediately, 1 MARGHWOOD- HOUSE, near Southampton.— 1' arti- lars may be known at the House. [ 22 rjHO be LETT, and entered upon at Ladv- Dav J. next, - The CROWN INN, at Ringwood, Hants', being a well- established and good- accustomed House. Enquire of Mr. P. Vey, at Ringwood. [ 213 RESPECTABLE FREEHOLD INN, HAMPSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with immediate possession, The WHITE HORSE, ROMSEY. Personal application only \ yill be attended to, nor any letter answered on the subject. Shortly will be SOLO a FREEHOLD ESTATE and Mea- dows, near Romsey.— One Cone'ern. [ 9; WHITE HART INN, WINCHESTER. qpO be LETT or SOLD,— That elegant new- built JL TAVERN and HOTEL, fined up in the most commo- dious manner for the reception of FAMILIES andTnAVEi. i ERS, of every* description ; with excellent stables, lock- up coach- ' houses, & c. & c.— Apply to O. ane, and Wools, Winchester. * » * A- moiety of the purchase- money may remain. [ 229 TO be LETT or SOLD, A complete BREWERY, well situated for carrying pn an extensive business.— For particulars apply ( if by ' letttr, post paid) to T. Down, Warminster, Wilts. ' [ 44 N. B. A Quantity of OLD STRONG BEER to be SOLD. nno be LETT, or SOLD,— Ail that newly- e- ected JL BREW- HOUSE, together with Store- houses, Stable, Coach- house, and large Yard thereunto belonging, situated on the south side of the high road- leading from Gosport to Stoke, and within a quarter- of a mile of the town of Gosport, For further particulars apply on the. premises or te J. Whitcomb,' Esq-, the proprietor, - [ all! NETHERHAVEN, WILTS. THE CR^ R^ C. DANIEL' PARCIV.- NPY . receive a Dividend of Four Shillings' in the PoijndJ'bV ' apfNying- to Mr. De « lnian,- Pews? y.' " -•" •'!.;!;'' ' LL'fj&^ pn; having, a^ y Demands on the Estate . .. of GEORGE KNIGHT. in the coun'fv ttfB^ jfct, Gentleman,, detrea's ® , " are desiriil irtimeilirfcfy- t. i - SSnft- ther- p^ riJaiHfs^ htte^' « );; Mr,. THOMAS P. ITI'U'. LP, Attorniein atMih& V. fiiji.' « ' eaf' BtidrsWrl who i, -••: -! !, « ." • s'iid'Thbnjas PitffeidV Without- further notice. ' •' MA* f( jrisTO^; Jan1806.. . ; NOTJC. E'TO CREp, lj0ftS'-- ftND DEBTORS. ..; -,->•• . A- LL Persons having any Claim or Demand on tW iOL.& Rite and Effects of Mr. JOHN HOAD, Tare of Males Farm, Wickham, Hants', yeoman, deceases,"- are desired to send an account thereof to the- Executor,: Mr. Joseph Good, of Wickham afbr^ aid, J^ alsttir-' or to Mr. St: ir, s, Solicitor, . BjslaolisiWaltham, Hants, ( if by letter, postpai- i;:-— And triose who ate indebted to the said Estate, are requested to pay the same to the said Mr. Joseph- Good, on or before the 12th day of February next, or they will be sued for the. same. Dated the mh of January 1808. f 1 7 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ' , .. THE Creditors of JOHN DIXON, formerly of Long Critchell, in the county of Dorset, Yeoman, but late of the Rose and Crown Inn, at East Harnham, in t! ic county of Wilts, are requested to meet 011 Tuesday thd 26th of January, 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sarum, to take into consideration the state of his afPa: rs, wand to adopt such measures as m: iy appear to them most calculated for the benefit- of the parties interested: the Creditors are also re- quested, previous to the . Meeting, to send the particulars of their- several Demands to the Office of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper, Salisbury. " [ 192 . CREDITORS'OF AUGUSTA BI. UDWCRTH. THE Creditors of AUGUSTA BLUDWORTH, late of- Holt, in Jhe county of Southampton, Spinster, deceasedanil . also the'several Legatees'and Annuitants named in her last- Will and Testament, are requested to meet at the White Hart'Inn, in the City of Winchester, on Saturday the 6th day of February next,' at twelve o'clock at nooii, to con- sider . and determine upon the measures proper to be taken for the recoveryTif their respective claims.— Jan. 13,. 1505. {. Uis . 1 -- -,— To the CREDITORS of Mr, GEO. WEBB, 7 ate of the EJ. ai- 1 Horse- Inn, Salisbury,, deceased. IT being the . wish of the Executrix, named in tlfc will of the. ducea- sed, to. come to ijs early an- arrangem^ t with the Creditors of her late husband" as possible, it is parti- cularly requested.. of those persons having domains on the estate ( which have not already been's'ent in)' Jo ' tra'nsrrirt the. particulars of their several claims to the ofSfc'e 6f" Messrs'. W11-, mot and Godwin, solicitors, Salisbury, without • delay order that the same'may be adjusted ami put in n trainVr settlement. It is also requested of all persoits+. dvifg ?< rv detifct due from the deceased on bond or oth » r specialty* tfrthv;: th ( to give notice thereof to the said Messrs. Wifmot and Godwin, or they will lose all preference to. which'they oiay'Bc tl. titfca, s SARUM, Jiai. is, ISO'S., '*' ; "-[.. ie To the jCREIMTOpS' of. JOSEPH gEARLe, « f mtU*, in the. Cvimfy of SoUlhamii'im, pfncf; snfi;^.. ' * ' T'HOSE Creditors Vhb have'not Steady'ifetoa JL ' the Deed of, Assignment <} f the ipsoiveh't's fifr'. ctf- ye requested to take notite, that the'sam? fSw?' remaining in the office of Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin> tSalisbar.-, for execution. • -.'.'"' All persons having any claim on. the said estate, vrtia have IHHB^ I an per- sons standing indebted to the said estate, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts . to Mr. John - Knight, in Salisbury, cine of the Assignees, or they will be sued kit- tfae same without further notice, it being tin _ • „-. U oi't': e As- signees to make at dividend ot the said estate.;., soon, as possible. By order of the Assignees, . WICMOT AND GODWIN, Solicit- r. SARUM, Jan. 15, 1803, [ 251' • — — 3BU • r SHl 1E Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrup'f, A bearing date the 19t'n of September, 1807, awarded and issued forth against JAMES COLLINS, of Gosport in the county of Southampton, Builder, Stone- mason, Dealer- and Chapman, intend to meet on the 15th day of Febru- iry next, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Crown Inn, in Gosport, in the said county of Southampton, in order to make a dividend of the estate and effects of the said bankrupt; when and where the creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend; and ail claims not then - proved will be disallowed. N. B. This meeting is for the purpose of declaring not paying of the said dividend. 2Q0J LEWIS YOUNG, Solicitor to the Assignees: WHEREAS on the 9th of June IS06, a Gentle- man Farmer ( to appearance) left a GREAT COAT with Thomas Pearqe, Gatekeeper at the Turnpike Gate at Radstock, in the county of Somerset, saying he should call for it on " his return ; but as it was not called for, it is thought the Gentleman cannot recollect where he left it.— By writing to Mr. Sydserff, taylor, Mells, near Frome, Somerset, describ- ing the Coat with what was left in the pocket, & c. after paying for this advertisement, & c. it shall be/ sent to the Gentlemen whose property it is, to any part of the kingdom. OST from the New Forest,— A Red HEIFER, 1 rising two years old, of the mixed Devon breed-, having the top of the right ear cut off, the . left, ear halved' asunder, and a few white hairs on the back and tail, and has, also- the Forest mark. Any person who will give information of the abovti Heifer to John Crowcher, Marksman, at Rjpley, . near Ringwood, shall receive HALF- A- GUINEA Reward. ' ' STRAYED or STOLEN, from the New Forest^ Avery small BLACK HEIFER, of the Scdtch Highland kind, marked in each horn with the letters W. M. E". npifd in a cypher, and also marked with a sinui- L notch . in-. the right ear, and a notch in the hair pf the . tail. Whoever will bring the same or "' give notice of il toJ.- hn Foster, marksman, at the Wires, . near Brocks. niiuist, or . to John Pepper, at Exfeury, near Bewloy, so that il may be recovered, shall receive,' over and above all feasocMj c'x- pences, ONE GUINEA Reward. '[ ifftT A SHE ASS. -. TRAYED, or STOLEN, from the Ohntdi'- Yard k_ J of Wimborne All Hallows, on Friday Hi. lit or ^ rftm- iay morning last,— A handsome SHE ASS.-— Stii is ibov. t^ lire'e years old, has never had a foal, has been burnt with- a wheel T. on one shoulder, has had the - knees of her fore leas iihd the hpeks of her hinder broken; tut the marks are wpring. put. Whoever will . give such information to M, r. J. ohn Hi. bbt'* d, at the Parsonage in Wimbomc St.' Giles's', as may lead to the recovery of the said - Ass, shall, if strayed, receive HALF'A GUINEA; or, if stolen, Upon conviction" of'the offender or offenders, FIVE GUINEAS.—- Jan. 14,1308; [ 245 TEN GUINEAS REWARD. .. .-'"'. THE most wanton and malicious DETREDADIONS having been recently committed in the. Pmish. Church of ROMSEY, by removing and injuring certain Materials which had been placed therefor the'erection of Pelts, and, in the Vicar's Garden, which adjoins the Church,' by'cutting down some valuable Fruit Trees,— a Reward of TEN" GUI- NEAS is hereby offered to arty perron who will give si'. cli information tp Messrs. Daman and Warner, at Romsey, as may lead to a legal. conviction of the offenders. ROMSEY, Jan. 1,4, 180.8.. [ r'ss MICHAEL GRIFFIN,. of Frome . Sdwood, in the 1 • nil Hundred of Frome, whilst iu the due executiyn of his ofSce, for which offence I publicly ask his pardon ; and in obnsi- l ratiori of his lenity, in forbearing to. proscoilta me for the sAid offence, ' I have entered into recogiJizances to keen l: ie peace towards him for- fourteen . yeais, sn4 have voluntarily t^ tt- cd to make this public submission, and to ujty . the ekpeuce of this advertisement in the Bath end Salisbury Pap.- i.-..--,— Witness my hand, this ISth day of January, I- Opf.' 248] ' MICHAEL" GRIfTIX. Witness, JAMES EDGELL. - ' THE SALISBURY AND . WIN CHESTER JOURNAL, vasxv& zsmm ' icsdav's * nd Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF JANUARY 12. CROWN- OFFICE, Jan. 12.' raber retwwd to serve- in the pment. Parliament. Borough of Braumaris. QIR Ed war! Pryce Lloyd, of Pcngwcen, in the kj> county of Flint', Bart." iti th? room of the Right Hon. T. Lord Nevvborough, deceased. WAR- OFFICe, Jan. 12. 6Uk Reg. of Foot.— Lieut. Gen. W. A. Viltrttes, from the Royal Regiment of Malta, to be • Colonel, vice Gen.' Inland, deceased. R-> tfal Reg. of Malta,— Major- Gen. lilt Hon. E. ftwet, ftoru the 2 sSi- Foot, . to be Colonel, vice Lieut. - Gen. VHkats. & Mjmjf. Hyi> t- sieiwcl. by the lord l, icuuncKt$ f Bern. LymtiigtiSn fiat& af VvLunUcr Infantry.— Zimgar. 3- Hop- lins" to ' be Lieutenant, vicc J. Colbourue, deceased; VVm, Coibourne, Gent, to fe- Knaico, vice Pluder, resigned. „ Peversjield Volunteer lnfaittTyi-— Wja. Holland, Gent, to be Ensign," vice Kwen, resigned. 1 BAKKftCFTS. flttmut- l LUOP. 3 Payne, eTt^ iawge- aUey, huttrr. James N'- a< l, of Blackmaii- suvrt, Soirttiiwirt, linen- draper. DavSd WAn. s, of Raletiff- bigUwajr, lir> - n- ! rs- f » . r. Tii.,'. t^ skiJlanrt Geo W- iskilt, of Lancaster, Imeiv ituptrs. John Liwrnwfc, uf rstaiojtround, nun. r. Tivjs. Fisher, of linms^ atc, grocer. John Paton, of How ChurcK- yarfi, warehouseman. Peter Baxter, of SoutUam(* ott- bu « kttf » gs, Chancery- lane, mariner. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13. A letter from Tralee, in Ireland, . Ian- 5, says, " A Portuguese ves- el, called the Hercules, of 500 tons, prin- cipally laden with dollars, ram, hides, sugar, coffee, and cochineal, from Rio Janeiro, bound to LUbou, a prize to the Greyhound Letter of Marque, of Guernsey, l'hilip de Privelle, Master, which put into Ballinskellex eight or ten days since, for water and fresh provisions, broke ffoin her anchorage in the dreadful sale of Thur dav last, and went to pieces against » cliff, when eight of the crew, who endeavoured to evade their impending fate by jetting into the boat, were drowned; the remainder, consisting of about twenty persons ( with two Revenue- boatmen, who were sent on board), were . saved by clinging to the masts and rigging.— Among the sufferers were two ine. n belonging to the Greyhound. But little of the cargo lias been saved." A Gottenburgh Mail arrived Jast night, and another arrived this morning. Sweden and Denmark are both actively employed, the one preparing for defensive, and tl} e other for offensive operations.-— The reports of d^ affections in Sweden are unequivocally contradicted, and his Swedish Majesty is itated to be very popular. His Majesty returned to Stock- holm on the 27th lilt, and on tiie 28th issued a Pro- clamation, abolishing the Regency which lie had appointed to coverli in his absence. The Russians, so far from having made any preparations to evacuate Moldavia and WalSachia, have increased their force in that quarter ; and all correipondence ami com- mercial intercourse with Turkey hive been strictly pro- hibited. According to an article from Copenhngen, " the French Armv in Dalinatia seems destined for very important operations. Some are of opinion that it is to occupy the Turkidi Provinces, but accordiug to other?, it is to march through Constantinople and Ej* ypt to Bengal 1" letters from Oronstadt state, that there are in that port IS rail of the line, and upwards of one hundred gun- boats.. The rx" lusion of every article of English produce and manufactures is rigidly enforced throughout Denmark, and the enhancement of colonial produce is described to be considerable.—- Sugar is rai- ed to ' 22 stivers per pound, and coffee nearly in proportion. A vessel from Holland arrived yesterday, which krought letter? from Amsterdam down to the ath instant. According to s. nue of there letters a change in the conduct of the Dutch Government is immediately expected. The • fir< t efRiet of which will be a repeal or relaxation of that part of the commercial decree which excludes from Dutch ports, or subjects to confiscation, such neutrals as touch » t English ports, or submit to be searched by Engli h eruizers. This provision will, it is confidently stated, be - altogether done away with regard to the Americans, against whom no obstruction is to be tolerated. Authentic intelligence has been received by the Under- writers at Lloyd's respecting the capture of some American veisels by the Algeliues in the Mediterranean. Count Meir, the Secretary to M. de Metternieh, the Austrian Ambassador at Paris, left London yesterday Morning, with dispatches for M. de Mitternich Rumours of negotiation are of course again industriously circulated; but it is evident they are all merely ooivjectural. Letters from New York of the 14th of December, per the Laura, arrival at Bristol, state, that the Mails from the Soutto arrived there on the 14th, in the morning. They brought the important intelligence, that a great, majority of the House of Representatives bad determined to put the Non- importation Act in immediate force, with several fresh clause--. The Revenge arrived at New York, from Cherbourg, on the 12thr two days before the Laura sailed. It was repp - ! that General Armstrong had transmitted intelligen: i by the Revenge, that he had received official cotnmun - itiun from the French Government, that if an accredited Mi / aster of the United States continued to rer. ide at the firiti h Court, it would be considered as a declaration of war, and France would act accordingly.— It was thought that this insole.. t dictation would be resented in Congres*, however the President might be disposed to truckle to France. The. Martha, Bland, is arrived at Liverpool, from Nor- folk in Virginia, in 95 days. Mr. Monro arrived at New York on the 12th, and at Norfolk on the 14th of Decem- ber. He was received at the lattei town with every mark of respect, and it was supposed there th it he would be the successful candidate for the Presidency. No mention ii m de of Mr. Ro e's arrival from England, though he sailed the day before Mr. Monroe. A Leeward Island Mail arrived yesterday, in 35 day-, from Toruila. The packet left Barbadoes on the 14th of November, at which time his Majesty's ships Ramillies, Ulysses, Castor, Net ley, Jason, Camilla, Hypomenes, Favorite, Dart, and Wolverine were lying there. A small c woy for England left Tortola about ten days before the p cVt. _ General Itowyer is fnvr ttc coming home, which leaves yacant the valuable a] join lent of Commander in Chief in the West Indies. A report is afl > at in military circles, that a vcrv large Expedition will ere long be fitted out, the destination South America, to be commanded by Sir J. Moore; Government having determin e that the stain on the British arm sin that quarter shall be wiped off. Sir Tno. nas Acland, who has lately been a prisoner in France, happily arrived in London last Monday night. Mi< ico PARK,— It is now stated, as from good authority, « h » t the enterprising Mr. Muugo Park, whom we have long ceased to speak of but as an inhabitant of that country " from whose bourne no traveller returns," is still alive, although the only survivor of his party, and has gone from Africa for the West Indies. NXuriCAL ExPERiMF. Nr.- F. arl Stanhope's vessel sailed yesterday up the River to Chelsea Reach. While sailing close to the wind at high tide, she was found to possess the hitherto u ( attained property ot gaining to windward of lier course, which is the very reverse of making lee- way. This curious fact is accounted for, by the helm being held hard a weather, when the new- invented steering apparatus at the head end was opened on the lee- side. There was very little wind, which afforded the opportunity of making experiments, to prove the ease with which this vosscl can be- managed, when sailing at a very low rate of velocity. THEATRE, COVENT- CARDF. N.— Last night a three- act Drama, with musical accompaniments, entitled, The Wanderer ; or, The Right* of Hospitality, was performed * ir the first time, and experienced a very favourable recep- tion from a numerous, but what certainly might lie called, in some instances, an outrageously partial audience I It is a dramatic trifle that scarcely merits serious criticism, liut was rendered as effective as " good acting could make it by Miss Smith, who performed the character of Countess Volderstein, the heroine of the piece, and from whose generous protection of a fugitive Prince it takes its name. The music is pretty, and the Drama may survive some time as an after- piece. The Victualling Board, it is said, has directed prosecu- tions to be commenced against several person who have failed in satisfactorily performing their contracts for flour, biscuit, and other provisions for the use of the Navy. ' BRF. AD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor ordered the price I f the Quartern Loaf to continue at lid. wheaten, and 9W household. CORN EXCHANGE Jan. 13. The general Sales of Wheat fluctuate but little in price.— Barley is in great request.— Malt is rather lower.— White Pease'continue high.— Grev, and Beans of the two descriptions, go off heavily— Oats f- re rather lower.— Flour L without alteration, " and but few buyers of American. AWAJRALTR SESSIONS.— On Monday the adjourned Admiralty Sessions were held at the Old Baily, before Sir William Scott, Mr. Justice Le Blanc, & c.—- William Chap- man, late Captain of the Apollo, a slave ship,, was indicted for the wilful murder of Habere Dunn, a yout. li about It! y- ars of age, be constant severity of treatment, by con- tinual beating with a handspike, by often suspending him bv the heels, and at other times bv the wrists, for s - veral hours t.< cther, by exposing him naked to a tropical suu, and to the rains of those climates, ami by depriving him of that sustenance which was necessary to maintain lite.— The Solicitor- General stated the case for the prosecution. The first witness examined was Mr. Seott, late surgeon of the Apollo, who stated that the vessel arrived off the coast of Guinea in October ITOfi ; and during nearly the whole of the outward passage the deceased met with very severe treatment from the Captain ; but this Has riot to he com- pared with the sultVrings inflicted on liim on the coast of Calabar, where the Apollo lay nearly live months : he had been often and most severely flogged by order of the prisoner, who sometimes inflicted the punishment himself; in one instance, after' the prisoner had given the deceased five dozen severe lashes, finding himself so much fatigued that he could no longer lav oil the cat- o'- ninc- tails so heavily as he wished, he beat the lacerated back of his vic- tim w ith the handle of the cat, and also punched him with it in the sides. He afterwards repeatedly beat the boy in the same way, by which he had most severe bruises and fractures, so incessantly renewed, that the witness found it of no use to dress his wounds. The witness next stated that the unhappy youth was frequently hung up by the heels, by the Captain's order ; in one instance, after he had been four hours in that situation, the Captain let him down, because his crieS and moans prevented his own sleeping. He was tied up by the wrists, so as for his toes just to touch the deck, and was so long continued in this painful situation, that when cut down the witness expected him to breathe his last. The witness related other instances of cruelty ( of a nature too disgustingly brutal to be related here) wliicb he deposed the prisoner had practised op the deceased. During this course of torture, forseveral weeks, the daily food allowed the deceased was only about a pouml of yam bread, with three half pints of water. At length his head swelled hideously, his eyes sunk, his cliest extended, his stomach was drawn in, he totally lost his appetite, and laying himself down in a birth made for pigs in the forecastle, he terminated his sufferings by death. When the Apollo arrived at Dominica, the witness exhibited his journal, containing a list of casualties on the voyage, and in which it. was inserted that Dunn had died from debility. He knew he must swear to this at the Custom- house, but he did nut consider himself perjured in not rslating the cause of that debility. He wrote his journal under the eye of the Captain, and his own life would have been in danger hail he given the least intimation of the i'l- treatment inflicted on Dunn. He had little opportunity of going on shore at Dominica, and had been told that there was no chance of getting justice in the West Indies, for cruelties practised in a slave ship. When the vessel arrived at Montserrat, he learnt that this information was erroneous; he therefore went to Mr. Herbert, a Magistrate in that island, and gave information of the facts; in conse- quence of which, the Captain was taken into custody and sent home a prisoner- in the Northumberland man of war. The witnesses were sent home in the same ship.— On his cross- examination, he admitted that he had himself been flogged by order of the Captain, but this was not extraordinary, as the whole of the crew were oil ill terms with him. A letter was produced, written by the prisoner offering half the money he possessed to the witness, if he would mitigate the evidence, and informing the witness that he might do this with safety, as the writer knew that the depositions taken at Montserrat had been lost from on board the Northumberland. Other let- ters written by the prisoner to the sailors, offering them 100/. each, if they would contradict the evidence of Scott, the surgeon, were also read : the hatrd- wviting of the pri- soner was proved ; and Evans, a marine on board the Northumberland, proved that he carried the latter* from the prisoner to the witnesses. Four of the sailors were examined, and they all corroborated the evidence of Scott, in every respect. Dr. Powell, an eminent physician, and Mr. Ramsden, one of the surgeons of St. Bartholomew's hospital, said that the treatment Dunn had received, as related by Scott, was unquestionably sufficient to cause death ; they were only surprized that its effect had not been more irniv, ediate. Failing to Gause immediate death, it must effect it by debility, when the symptoms would be as Sc > tl had described them in the deceased. The prisoner, on being called on fur his detente, produced a written paper, stating, that the crew were a refractory set ot men, who disobeyed orders, and gave personal insults. They had threatened to kill the prisoner < and the doctor had instructed the men in this prosecution because he had been punished for repeated drunkenness, and neglect of the slaves ou board. The defence went to state, that the pri- soner was a very humane man, and that the prosecution was instituted to falsely swear away his life.— The pri- soner's Counsel called Capt. Bell, Capt. Duberley, and the purser of a vessel called the Challenge, who deposed that they heard Scott say to the crew in a drinking- housc at Montserrat, " I'll make him repent flogging me. We mutt all be of one mind, or we shall do nothing." Capt. Brown, of the Eliza, was also examined, and he described the ship's crew to be in a state of mutiny off the coast of Calabar.— Mr. Justice Le Blanc summed up the evidence. At nine o'clock the Jury withdrew, and continued out till a QIMRTF. U PASTTIIRKE THIS MORNING, when they returned with a Verdict of Nor GUILTY !—- There were two other Indictments against the Prisoner, for the murder of H John oil and John Hanson, which were afterwards read over, but the evidence being the satne as on the former trial, it was deemed unnecessary to proceed. DORSETSHIRE. T the General Quartet Session of the Peace of 1 V our Lord the Kine, held at Blandford I'nrum, in aild for the said county of Dorset, on Tuesday, the 12th day of Janu- ary, in the 4 ith year of the reign of our Sovereign Lird George the Third, " by the Grace of God, of the United King- dom of Greaf Britain" and Ireland King, Defender of the Faitii, and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight, before Thomas Pickard, £ sq. Chairman, the Rev. Sir James Hanham, Hart. William Morton Pitt, Edward Berkeley Portman, James Frampton, Lewis Dymock Grosvenor Tre- gonwell, John Herbert Browne,- Richard Erie D- rax Grosve- nor, Francis Williarti Schuyler, Esqrs. Charles I'helips, Geo. Fito Brice, Roe King, Samuel Mow, James Dowland-, John Helyar, and Francis Simpson, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the King, assign. d to keep the peace of our said Lord the King, in and for the county aforesaid; and also to hear and determine divers felonies,, trespasses, and other misdemea- nors, June or perpetrated hi the same county. Whereas, by an Act of Parliament, intituled, " An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertiot), and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters," ? iw Officer of his Majesty's Forces, who, by virtue of a. warrant from any one of his Ma- jesty's Justices of the Peace, shall demand of the constables to whom any such warrant shall, he directed, carriages for his Majesty's forces in their marches, is required at- the ^ aine time to pay such constables, for the use of the persons prgctiiiag such carriages, the sum of one shilling a mile for a waggon with five horses, or a wain with si* oxen, or four oxen and two horses ; the sum of nnw-. pc> i<- c a mile for a cart with four horses, and carrying not less than fifteen hundred weight-; and the sum of six- penrt a mile for a cart - or other carnage with less thau four horses, and not carrying . fifteen hundred weight,— IT is onoriRED,— That there shall be paid, in addition to the tespretive sums before- mentioned, the sum of four- pence for every mile a"" waggon with five horses, or anV wain with six oxen, or with f iar oxen and two horses, shall travel; the sum of three pence tor every mile any cart with four horses, and carrying not less than fifteen hundred weight, shall travel; and the sum of two- pence for every mile any cart or carriage with less than four horses, and not carrying fifteen hundred weight, shall travel: and that this order shall continue in force until the 1st dav of May next. ORUEBEO ALSO,— That TWO RATES or ASSESSMENTS be collected and paid to the Treasurers of the County Stock of this county, at or before the next General Quarter Session of the Peace, to be holden at Sherborne, in and for the said county; and that if any of the constables who are to collect the same, shall make default in the premises, the said ' trea- surers are, immediately at the close of the Session, to report the same, in order that they may be proceeded against for sueh neglect. ANO IT IS FURTHER ORDERED,— That the General Quarter Session of the Peace for the said county stands adjourned over to the County Hall, at Dorchester, in and Cor the said county, on Saturday the 80th day of January instant. BY ORDER THP. COURT, 227] WM. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace. FREEHOLD FARMS AND LANDS IN WILTSHIRE, Free of Great Tallies, and exonerated from LahJ- iax. npo lie SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, i. at the Black Bear Inn, in Devizes, on Wednesday the ad of February next, ( instead of the loth of January, as before advertised^, in several Lots, Sundry FliKF. H'OLD FARMS and detached LANDS, situate in the parish of Rowde, within three miles of Devizes and one of the Kertnet and Avon Canal, free of Great Tythes, and exonerated from Land- tax.— The whole of this property is capable of considerable improve- ment, and offers very desirable purchases, as well to gentle- men, who ha\ e money to realize, a> to agriculturists, whose object is occupation. Printed particulars may now be had at the Antelope, in Salisbury; the White Mart, in Cable ; the Angel, in Chip- penham; the Castle, in Marlborough ; the Kins's Atms, in Melkshamthe Weymouth Arms, in Warminster; and of the Auctioneer, in Devizes. fiWG ' SOLDIERS' BAGGAGE. HANTS EPIPHANY SESSIONS, 1808. ix, \ \ T tire General Quarter Sessions J 1JL of the Peace of our Sovereign I- ord SOUTHAMPTOX to wit. the King, holden at the Castle of Winchester, in and for the said county of Southampton, on Monday in the first week after the Epiphany, to wit, the llth day oi'January, in the 47th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and in the year of our Lord 180% before James Burrough, Esq. Chairman; the Right Hon. the Earl of Northcsk, K. B. Sir Henry Paulet Saint John Mildmav, Bart. William Chute, Lovelace Bi? g Wither, Charles John Clavering, William Nevill, F. sqrs. and others their Fellows, Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of our said Lord the King in the county aforesaid, and also to hear and determine divers felonies, trespasses- nod nt'i.- r misdeeds rnmmirtfd in the same county:— This Court, having regard to the present price of Hay and Oats, doth hereby, in pursuance and by virtue of the statute made and passed in the present year of his Majesty's reign, intituled, " An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters," fix and order, that all Officers of his Majesty's Forces, who by virtue of any warrant frotn his Majesty's Justices of the Peace within this county, shah demand of the constable or petty constable, to whom the same is directed, carriages for the purposes in the said Act mentioned, shall at the same time pay down in hand to the said constable or petty constable, for the use of the person providing the sime, over and above the sum of one shilling a mile for waggons and wains, and nine- pence a mile for carts, hitherto payable under the said Act, the following sums, viz. the further sum of three- pence for every mile any waggon with four horses, or any wain with six oxen or four oxen with two horses, shsil travel; the fur- ther sum of two- pence for every mile any cart with four horses shall travel; and so in proportion for less carriages. it- id this Grurt doth further direct, that the above order shall continue in force until the next General fiuarte/ Sessions of the Peace to be hoiden for this county: and that the Clerk of the Peace do cause the same to be published in the several provincial papers. By the Court. PETER KERBY, 430] Deputy Ckjii of the Peace. DORSETSHIRE.— STURiVIINSlKR SUBDIVISION. MILITIA- MAN DF. SKRTED. WHEREAS JESSE HOPKINS, of the parish of St. James, Shaston, Gardener, was sworn and enrolled in the Militia of this county as a SUBSTITUTE for CIIASI. ES SIUTLF. R, of Haselbury Bryant, on the OIST of November last past; ind whereas the said Jesse Hopkins has DESERTED from the said Militia, Notice is hereby given, that if any person will give information to tlje Clerk of the said Subdivision, so that the said Jesse Hopkins may be appre hended, shall receive ONE GUJNEA Reward, over and above any reasonable expences that might be necessary. The said Jesse Hopkins is a married man, about a 1 years of age, 5 feet 4$ inches high, thin person, grey eyes, long arms, dark hair, and a dark complexion. By order of the Deputy Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace acting for the said Subdivision, RICHARD MOORE, Clerk. Sturminster, Jan. 6, 1803. [ Ilo w Ifousehold Furniture, fine flavoured old Port I tan;. WINCHESTER. TO lie SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise, I. by Mr. MAST, on Monday the ifsth ofjariuary insmr. t, an t following day, at eleven o'clcelc,— 1 art of tfi • HOUftli- HOLD FURNITURE) about 80 dozen ot li. ie old Port u ELM TIMBER. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. TOWNSEND, Jl at the King's Arms Inn, at Melksham, on Thursday tSe ' 21st day of January inst. between the hours of two and three in the afternoon,— lb' 0 ELM TREES, of great lengths and large dimensions, with their Lops and Tops, now standing ou three farms in the parish of Melksham, in the occupation of Mr. W. Hazland, Widow Granger, and Mr. Christopher Bcavin; which will be sold in three lots.— The Wilts and Berks Canal runs through the estate. For a. view of the lots apply to the tenants. [ 212 WARMINSTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. TOWNSF. ND, at the Atms hin, on Saturday the idd day of January, 1808, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon,— The following ESTATES, situate iif Monkton Deverill, in the county of Wilts. Lot 1.— All that well known and ," rood accustomed Public House, called the NEW INN, with brewhousc, cellars, stables, out- huildings, Garden, Ac. now in the occupation of William Bletsoc, as tenant at will. Lot - 2.— A Tenement, outhouses, itc. with a large garden and orchard adjoining, called CAVE'S, now in the occupa- tion of John Turner, as tenant at will. Lota.— Apieceof exceeding good Arable Land, containing about two acres ( more or less;, situate in North Field, now in the occupation of the said W. Bletsoe, as tenant at will. The above estates are held by Lease for three good lives, under the Most Hon. the Marquis of Bath. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Wm. Oram, Monkton Deverill; and further particulars may be known bv applying at the Office of Messrs. Thring and Phelps, War- minster. [ 201 DORSET MILITIA. DORCHESTER SUBDIVISION. HE11EAS the under- mentioned Persons hav been duly chosen by lot to srrve in the Militia of the Slid county, and after having had due notice to appear to take the oath in that behalf required, and to be Enrolled to serve in the said Militia, or to provide any fit persons to be approved as theif substitutes, they have neglected to take the said oath, and also neglected to provide fit persons to serve as their sub- stitutes, whereby they have severally forfeited the sum of 201. And whereas the said several persons have absented themselves from their respective placss ot abode, and no sufficient distress can be m - de whereon to levy the said several penalties:— NOTICE is h _ rcby given, that if any person will give informa- tion to the Clerk cf ihe said Subdivision, by letter or otherwise, so that any or either of th said several persons may be appre- hended, shall receive ONE GUINEA fur each person, over and above any reason ble expene s that might be necessary. By Ord. r of the Deputy Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace acting for the said Subdivision, EDWARD BOSWELL, CLERK. DORCHESTER, Ote. U, 1R07. JOHN LAMBERT, late o'Dorchester, Servant, supposed to be now liv ng at No. 69, Gr at Pultency- street, Bath. JOHN STEER, late of Fordington, Servant, supposed to be g - ne to London •• lived with M. ijor- General Cotton. ISR- VEL WASHER, late of Weymouth, Taylor. FREDERICK I. OMAN, late of Weymouth, Joiner. SAMUEL DRAKE, of Dorchester, Cordwainer, supposed to be gone to Portsmouth. RICHARD SMITH, of the same place, Servant, supposed o be now in London. RICHARD SHEPHERD and JOHN SAMWAYS have sur- rendered themselves. FS172 MILITIA. LrrciiETT- MINSTER, DORSET, Dec. i 1, 1807. WHEREAS THOMAS OATES, late of the parish of Litchett- Minster aforesaid. Servant in Hus- bandry to me, JOSHUA BEST, Overseer of tint Poor of the said parish, was ballotted to serve in the Militia of the said county, on the 13th day of November last, and he having by some means got intelligence thereof, absconded and ran away from my service, to avoid being served by the Tything- man with the usual notice, and has not since been heard of. — Whoever will give information ( by letter or otherwise) to the Overseers of the Poor of Litchett- Minstcr. aforesaid, so that the said Thomas Oates may be personally served . with the proper notice of his being so ballotted, shall receive TWO GUINEAS Reward, over and above any reasonable expences that may be necessary, to be paid by me, JOSHUA BEST, Overseer of Litchett- Minster. * » * THOMAS OATF. S is 20 years old, and about 5 feet C inches high, dark hair and eyes, and is supposed to have gone into Berkshire. [ 81 . WARMINSTER TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Warminster, in the county of Wilts, called and known by the several names of " The East Gate, the South Gate, the North Gate, the Pound Street Gate, the Stop Gates, and the Deverell Gate," will be LETT by PUBLIC AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of James Brooks, called or known bv the name of the Anzel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, on Monday the sth day of February next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulat- ing the Turnpike Roads ; which said several Tolls together produced the last year the sum of one thousand seven hundred and thirty- four pounds, above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with suf- ficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed on, at such times and in such manner as they shall direct. Dated this 28th day of December 1807. 5iiflJ JOHN THRING, Clerk andTreasurer. WINCHESTER TURNPIKE. LOWER DISTRICT. TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at Alton, Matterley, Shortslcdge, and Winnall Gates, within the Lower District of the Turnpike Road leading from Basingstone, near Bagshot, in Surrey, through Farnham, in the same county, and from thence through Alton, and New Alresford, Hants, to the city of Winchester, will be LETr bv AUCTION to the best bidder, at a public Meeting of the Trustees for the said Lower District, to be held at the White Hart Inn, in Winchester aforesaid, on Tuesday the 2Cth day of January next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon, for such term, from the 3tst day of March next, and on such conditions, as the said Trustees shall think fit, in the manner directed by an Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" and that the Tolls arising at Alton Gate aforesaid will be lett separately, and be put up at the sum of four hundred and fifty- six pounds, being the yearly rent which the said Tolls at Alton Gate are now'lett at; and that the Tolls arising at Matterley, Shortshdge, and Winnall Gates aforesaid, will be lett together, and be put up at the sum of four hundred pounds, being the yearly rent which the Tolls at the same Gates are now lett at. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security; with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees for the said Lower District, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. Dated the 22d day of December 1S07. By order of- the T ;' stees, 5223] JOHN 1JOWNES, Clerk. dozen and a half of Claret, and other valuable effects, ft ti- the property of the Rt v. Archdeacon WOODFOBII, aeteav. i, in the Close; comprising four- post bedsteads, with printed cotton and white dimity hangings; bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, and bedding; drawing- room suit ot rich Cott. m furniture, with japanned sopha, chairs and cushions to correspond ; capital set of mHhogany dining tables ; ex- cellent library, sideboard, and other tables ; mahogany ward- robe, drawers, and. chairs; Wilton; Venetian, aiid Kidder- minster carpets ; handsome 14- inc'i minor; pier, chimnev, and dressing gla- vs ; Complete set of painted library book- shelves, wine bottles, some prim • damask table linen", chin.;, glass, & c. & c. To be viewed on Saturdav preceding the sale, when cata- logues may be had on the premises, and at the Auctioneer's/ Winchester. [ 153 N. B.— The Wine will be sold in the second day's sale. FREEHOLD, Ll'lTLE BEDWIN, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, 011 Wednesday the 3d of February next, by Mr. FAULKNER, at the Three Swans Inn, in Hungerford, Berks, together or in lots, accord- ing to the conditions of sale to be then and there produced,— All those Two FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, situate at Little Bedwin, in the county of Wilts, now occupied together is one dwelling- house, with a good malt- house, orchard, garden, meadow, and 20 A. 1 R. of excellent arable land, in one piece, adjoining thereto.— Also Two Closes of good ARABLE LAND, in the same parish, containing together 11 acres ; the whole together in the occupation of Mr. Ste. Winkworth, as tenant from year to year. The above tenements and malt- house nearly adjoin the Kennet and Avon Canal, now navigable from thence to Landston, and will soon be so to Bath. The estate together is a desirable purchase for any one de- sirous of uniting a making and farming business. The tenant will shew the premises, and further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Ryley, solicitor, Hun- gerfotd, Berks. [ isfl WILTS, 1808. I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by HARRY Rt; ss, on the Premises, on Wednesday the 3d day of February, — The capital LIVESTOCK, some Dairy Utensils, and other Effects, of the late Mr. Hugh Beames, of Avon, near Chip- penham ; consisting of thirty- six prime dairy cows, of the long horn breed, either in calf or with calves, remarkably handsome and kind in their nature, and extremely well bred"; ten beautiful three- year- old heifers, in calf, of the same breed; six fat cows; capital bull, descended from one of the first stocks in the kingdom ; two very handsome yearling ditto, of the same breed ; three capital draught geldings; one stallion ditto; mare in foal, by Repeater; three- year- old gelding, by Foxhunter; two- year- old colt, by Repeater; yearling " ditto, by ditto: thirty- four fat sheep, of the Leicester breed, in proper lot'; two narrow- wheel waggons, timber- carriage, large brass cneese- cowl, and various other dairy utensils. It ts well known that this stock is as well bre'd as any in the kingdom, as they are closely descended from the Dishley and Rollwright Stocks, and the late proprietor spared 110 expence to bring the cattle to their present perfection ; and it js pre- sumed they will appear, upon inspection, to be equalled by very few, and surpassed by none. On account of the number of lots to be disposed of, the public are most respectfiTlly requested to be early ill their attendance. The sale will commence with the dairy cows, at ten o'clock, [ 88 GLOCESTERSH IRE. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. BENNETT, at the Swan Inn, Thornbury, on Thursday February 4, 1808, preciaelv at three o'clock in the afternoon.— An advan- tageous LEASE, for seven Years, of SHIPCO. VIBE- HOUSE ; together with about 100 Ares of Rich Pasture and Arable Land, within a ring fence, the whole being tithe- free. Shipcornbe Estate is situated two miles from the market- town of Thornbury, eight from Bristol, and eighteen from Bath. Further particulars may be known by applying to the Auc- tioneer, No. 9, Bridge- street, Bath; the Swan Inn, Thorn- bury ; and the Bush Tavern, Bristol; antl for viewing the Estate, apply to Mr. Jerrett, Gardener, near the Swan public- house, Tockington. Also, at the same time will be LETT by AUCTION,— An excellent LIME- KILN. [ 94 GOSPORT. FOR PUBLIC SALE, ^ lt the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 21st of January, 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,—- The good BRIG WELVAART. DIMENSIONS:— Length, 99 ft.— Breadth, 23 ft. Bin.— Depth in hold, 11 ft. to in. Round stern, Dutch- built, about 236 tons measurement, a strong burthensome Vessel, is abundantly found in stores of every description, antl well adapted for the coal or any other trade, where burthen is an object. Captured on her voyage from Smyrna to Amsterdam, and regularly condemned as Prize, in the High Court of Admi- ralty, to the private ship of war, Alarm, Henry Wilkins, Esq. Commander. For inventories ami further particulars, apply to Messrs. Priaulx and Bienvenu, Southampton, Agents; or to MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker. GOSPORT, Jan. 7, 1808. [ 113 Neat ond elegant Household Furniture, China, talus:, and Green- house Plants. TtrvroRn- uousE, NEAR WINCHESTER, HANTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, 011 the Premise*/ by Mr. MAST, " on Monday the 25th of January, If. Of, and following days, at eleven o'clock,— All th- trulv heat and genuine modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ( mostly new within these few years), and numerous other valuable Effects, the property of CAAI- TAIN SCOTT; comprizing superb four post mahogany and other bedsteads, with handsome chintz pattern cotton and dimity hainriin.' s; prime bordered goose feather beds, with excellent matti'- sss- s and bedding ; drawing room suit of japanned rose wood elbow chairs; window stools, and a sopha with cushions in daik chintz pattern cases, and window curtains to correspond ; Turkey, Brussels, Venetian, and Kidderminster carpets; ca- pital mahogany, claw, dining, sopha, and Pembroke tabU s; fashionable mahogany chairs; wardrobes, chests of drawers, and bureaus; mahogany cellaret sideboard, library and card tables ; complete shaving stands and bidets, chimney and dressing glasses, eight day dial clock, oak mangle, brewing utensils and kitchen requisites, cart and harness, melon anil cucumber frames with glass lights, near 200 greenhouse plants, wine bottles, & c. &: c. " [ l. sa To be viewed on Friday and Saturday previous to the sale, when catalogues may be had at the Coach and Horses, S. iuth- ampton ; White Horse, Romsey; Crown, Bishop's Wal- tham ; Place of Sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Winchester. RINGWOOD INCLOSURE. nPHE Commissioners appointed by an Act of Par- JL liament for inclosing Lands in the parish of ltin^ wood, in the county of Southampton, do hereby give Notice,--- That thev have marked and set out the following parts of the Waste or Commonable LANDS, within the said parish, to he soi l, for the purpose. of. defraying part of the expene'es of obtaining the said Act and carrying the same into execution, an. 1 th; it they intend to SELL the same by PUBLIC AUCPklN, to be holden for that purpose, on Tuesday the tst day of March next, at the White Hart Inn, in Ringwood aforesaid, at tljiee o'clock in the afternoon, that is to say,— Lot 1.— A parcel of Heath Land, ttdjoining the north side of the London Read, at Poutner Hill .. Lot A parcel of Heath Ground, adjoining the south side of the same road, at ditto Lot a.— A parcel of Heath Ground, westward of and adjoining lot 2 and the same road Lot 4.— A parcel of Heath Ground, adjoining the south side of lots ' 1 and a Lot 5.— A parcel of He th Ground, in High town- Common, near Mr. Biddlecomb's Inclosures.... Lot 0.— A parcel of Pasture Land, in Moxford Common, on the east side of the cottage there... Lot 7.— A parcel ol Pasture Land, in West Moor Common, on the east side the road to Up Mead.. Lot 15.— A parcel of Pasture Land, in the same common, 011 the west side the said roid Lots.— A parcel of Heath Land, being the south part of Kingston Common Lot to.— A parcel of Heath Laud, in Waddon's j Ford Common being the north part thereof, on I both sides the road from Ringvvood to 11 uln Bridge, I containing, exclusive of the road , r> l( < t. Furth. r particulars may be known by apply nig JL: Mr. Harbin's office, in Ringwood aforesaid, RICH. RICHARDSON,") FRANCIS WEBB, Commissi^, 20,' iJ JOHN WICKENS. J Oil GOSPORT. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, Thursday the 21st of January, 1808, at ten o'clock in the forenoon,— The good BRIG NOSTRA SEIGNORA nr. I. A Luz, Spanish- built, chiefly with cedar, admeasures about 120 tons, tolerably found in stores, well adapted for the New- foundland or fruit trade, being a sharp vessel and a fast sailer. DIMENSIONS Length, 73 ft. 6 in.— Brcadthj 22 ft. 3 in. — Depth in hold, lift. 5 in.— Tons, 159. After which will be Sold the CARGO of the said Btig, Viz. ( Foe Home Consumption. J Gfs Ox and Cow Hides, damaged, 5 cases Vsrmicelli, I 27 bales AnniSeed, 10 bags of Rice in husk, | 20 tons Logwood. - ( For Exportation. J 25 Cases Soap, 1 bale dried Peel, 1 , about 2G0 yards, coarse Woollen Cloth, 20 Copper Boilers. 215 bags Cocoa, 2 Coffee, 2 Pimento, 3S White >(-„„- 53 Brown ruS3r> 1400 lie Sarsaparilla, Captured by and regularly condemned as prize to his Ma- jesty's ship Diana, Thos. Jas. Maling, Esq. Captain. To be viewed two days before the sale. For inventories, catalogues, and further particulars, apply to 33] MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker. PENNERLY, NEAR BEAULIEU, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, by Mr. NEWELL, at the Montague Arms Inn, in Beauliflr aforesaid, on Friday the 22d day of this inst. January, at fite o'clock in the evening ( subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced),— All that newly- erected MES- SUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with the outhouses, gardens, and appurtenances belonging thereto; and also the several Closes of Land adjoining, containing together about four acres and a half, situate at PennerlyGate, one mile from Beaulieu, in the New Forest, now in the possess on of Mr. Thomas Smith. The House, which is substantially built, consists of two sitting rooms and four bed- chambers, with convenient kitchen arid oti- cr offices, and would make arnost pleasant cottage residence for any small wittily, b.- in situated in the centre of the For_ st, and commanding some of its most beautiful views. Further particulars may be known by application f' 1 Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymmgton, Hants, . [ RS A. R. P. 9 « H 9 i 21 I) SO 4 2 S 84 2 f tt 5 0 0 45,0 S- 2 MUCILAGE OF MARSH MALLOWS, ' An approved Itemedy for the GRAVEL ;— prepa. ra; o< » Vegetables, by THOMAS Cu* ns, BoUtnut. A THE merit of this Preparation is fully estw- ietj by the acknowledged testimony of some of « fr- t It ma/ be had of Mr. Qj ^, persons in science and rank.- Salisbury, price 7s. a packet, duty included. TO FARMERS IN GENERAL. This day is published; handsomely printed in quarto, on Aig paper, price in hards ss. npHE FARMER'S DAILY JOURNAL, 1,1 JL COMPLETE ACCOMTTANT. for the Year 1808 taining rulednages for every wets in the year, for an at if to be kept of every day's labour of horses, servants employed on a farm ; also a granary, poultry, land; account forrverv week, with various useful tables, < BY A PRACTICAL FARMER. [ j London : Printed for F. C- and J. Rivineton, No. ( Jt. Pan i's Church- yard; arid soft by B. C. Collins, Salis On the tst of February wil be Jmbtished, in 4to. icith PI ATREATISE on tip Cultivation and Prepar y of HEMP. By ROBERT WISSETT, Esq. F. I d A. S. Clerk to the Committee of Warehouses of tl. ej. Company. *** The present wort owes its origin to a recammcnt made by the Lords of ; he Privy Council, to the Court o India Directors, to entourage, in our Indian possession: growth, of a substitute for Hemp, at a recent period, 1 from political circumstances, we were liltelv to be depr: the accustomed supplies from Russia. Various enquirie accordingly directs?, and experiments made, to ascertufc best mode of givin; effect to the views of Governmen fc result of which ii here laid before the public, oompri fo body of infonnatbn relative to the culture and preparatlct" this valuable plmt, collected with great assiduity, In sources not generally accessible, ond the irbpoitance ofvtli will be dqly appreciated1 at the present moment. London:' I'rnt.' d for J. Harding, at!, St. Ja and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. James's-! is's- stt ; - [ I ' flits Day is fmbUshed, Price One Gain, a, for a IVafyr in.!, t> J. for a Half- Year's Auounts, HARDING'S FARMERS' ACCOMPT- BOO, for 1308. *** Thft publication is recommended with confidetirij agricultures as well calculated to remove the difficultfc keeping arcompts, so generally experienced among F nnl. The tables and instructions herein en are so clear that y person cf the most moderate capacity will be enabled, to them, v> keep an accurate daily account of the stock * croos, md of every tiling done on the Farm, throughout!: year; the work, besides, is so contrived, that the journal' each yeek's, proceedings cart be separated from the book! be sett, by post, to an absent employer. Ltyidon": Printed for J. Harding, at;, St. James's- strA and sold by B. C. Collins, Salisbury. whefc may be had, ft Catalogue of on Agti'ultm Planting, Gardening, Landscape Garden ittf., Spurting, FaniJ and Rural Affairs in general, Is. fil THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE IIY DAV AND MAR II N, L. L. KTLOS, 1 THIS invaluable Composition, with half the mil labour, produces the mo it brilliant jet- black ev. rbehell affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil tl finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, ail will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No, PI High Hoiborn, London; and retail by their agents,- Collins Rsjisbury; Coulton, Devizes; Simmonds, Blandfotd; Peni. vl Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymouth ; 1 Jaw 4 jun. Marlborough • Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, l. r mington ; Crocfeford, Castle- Carey ; and Moore, Poole, i| stone bottles, price Is. 6d. each. [ 3710 CHILBLAIN'S, their tormenting itching is in- stantly removed and every possibility of their ev - r break- ing prevented, by WiHTf. iy. Mi's F. M. ENCE of MUSTAKil, universollv esteemed as the most i ilectual remedy perhaps) in the World, for Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, Complaints of the Stomach, Sprains, Bruises, & c. but where this certain remedy has been either unknown or ncd. Tfed, and the Chilblains have actuary suppurated or broV>, WIIITF. NR. MI's FAMILY CERATE will ease the pu: n and very speedily heal them. The Family Cerate is equally suo c - ssful in Sire Legs and other ill- end tio- ed S res Scorbutic Humours of. every de , ription, and the Breakings out, or Humours common to Children. They are prepared ar.-. l sold by R. Johnston, apotV- srv, 15, Creek- Street,' Soho, London; the Essence and Pills « « S. f, pit. each ; the Cerate at U. I'd.; and may be had of B C. Collins, Salisbury, and every Medicine Vender in the U- t ,1 Kingdom. [ Si^ a AND GENERAL ADVERTISER O* wii- TS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Stiitirdai/ s Posts. ' WEST INDIES. } iRtp'< IFC- TOWH( BAREAOOKS, Oct. 27. \ j KN'HRAL Maitland, Governor of Grenada, arrived iiere on Sunday last, in the armed ^ - ship Emma. His Majesty's brig Express, from Antigua, and Skipjack schooner, from Grenada, have arrived. By the Express we learn, that accounts were received at Antigua of his Majesty's ships Cerberus and Cvgriet having, on the 12th or 13th instant, cut out from Ba? Point, Santa Cruz, seven Danish vessels; unci that they still remained off that Island, waiting to be joined b'v the Galatea, when they intended to make a dash a la Curacoa, itpon the Island of St. Thomas. LONDON, FRIDA Y, J A . V UARY 15. " French Papers to the 9th inst. have been received. Thev furnish no news ol consequence. Bohaparte has actually returned to Paris, A Supplement Extraordinary to the Moniteur of the 7th insi.. contains a long Commentary on his Britannic Majesty's Reply to the Emperor of Rus- ia's Declaration, which may be regarded as a counter- declaration of the Emperor Napoleon on behalf of his Northern Ally. It is no other- wise interesting than as it may be considered as manifesting an inclination towards jxaue, since it charges the Govern, merit of this country, in a querulous tone, with having thrown in the way of negotiation the only obstacles that remain. New York papers to the 17th ult. were received yesterday. They do not contain any intelligence de- cisive'of the titration of pcacc or war; but the vessel which brought the'papers, and which is arrived at Liverpool, has also hrought letters, with certain in- formation that the Non- Importation Act was put in force on the 1- Hh ult. under certain restrictions. The American papers contain a Bill supplementary to the Nonimportation Act, by which the importation of a few articles is allowed ; among which are shalloons and woollen: tutfs. Hence it appearsthat American patriotism is at a very low ebb. With all their Muster, the Amen-, cans are not willing to deny themselves the u e of such articles as they feel at all essential to their own comfort. Congress had been several ( lays in deliberation with closed doors; on what subject had not been publickly made known ; but it was under- stood that these delibera- tions related entirely to the. dispatches from General Arm- strong, at. Paris, brought by Mr. Monroe. A French seaman, vdio had been in the American ser- vice, aud who had quitted it to go on board the French ship Patriotc, has been demanded by Commodore Decatur, and given up, after much altercation, by the French Cap- tain. s. . "' - k papers make strong remarks on the iiieonsistc.- i. • < f '. his conduct with the clamour against the British, for reclaiming deserters. ° Ons of the Sew York Papers stiUa, that the island of Madeira had been taken possession of by a British force. We hav doubt that this is true; and yet, unless some vessel with <",• > lies has been captured, we should hardly expect the first • iligeuce of such an event by so circuitous a route. The arrival of the Salsette frigate from India, was this morning announced at the East ' liidia House. Lord William Beritihck is a passenger on board the Salsette. Bv this cohvevanca, Government have received dispatches from Sir Edw. Pellew, which are supposed to be of considerable importance. A Mail from Jamaica arrived yesterday. The packet left that island on the 23d of November; the Chichester man of war was expected to sail for England on tiie 26th, and a convoy was appointed for the 30tli. Iti a Committee of the House of Representatives, on the State of the Island, Resolutions were passed on the 4th of November, importing that in the last Session, on a con- stitutional application from the Lieutenant- Governor, the House had voluntarily granted a bounty oil the importation of fish from the British Colonies in North America, in British vc els ; that the attempt of his Majesty's Ministers to compel the House to grant a bounty now, by prohibiting neutrals, is oppressive and unconstitutional, and nothing but the necessity of providing for the slaves would induce the House to a; s" ent to it; that on this ground it is expedient to grant the bounty for twelve months.— These resolutions Were adopted by the House, but a division took phres on the last. A small French force, from Guadaloupe, has landed on tlic Swcdi.- h island of St. Bartholomew, and pillaged the inhabitants to a considerable amount; after whieh they disembarked, and returned to Guadeloupe. •* Letters of the 1st ult. from St. Thomas's, give a de pi or- al:!- account of the state of that island, for want of provi- so is. The people were almost iti a state of famine, and saw no prospect of relief, as the idand was blockaded; notwithstanding, the Danish Governor had the temerity to refuse a supply of provisions, which our Officers, prompted bv humanity, had offered the eneinv. Mr. Wm. Stead, late surgeon of the Narcissus Guinea- man, having been found dearl ill the Fish- market at King- ston, Jamaica, and an inquest being taken by the, Coroner, the Jury returned a verdict of Wilful Murder against Henry Laffer, Captain of the Eliza Guineaman, Richard Lundy, Captain, and Alexander Miller, Mate of the Hills- borough ( iuineaman. By the evidence adduced on this inquest, i; was discovered that another murder had been committed, on the body of Win. Wood, second Mate of the Eliza, which had been interred at Spring Path, by order of ( apt. Laffer, the same morning. The Coroner issued his warrant to have the body taken up; and after a full investigation the Jury returned a verdict of Wilful Murder ajrainst Capt. Laffer and Michael Kelly, his first Mate. The accused were committed for trial at the Surry Assize Court, to be held at Kingston in the month of January. Their Majesties and the Princesses arrived at the Queen's Palace on Wednesday, to reside there till after the celebration of the Quern's birth- day. At two o'clock his Majesty held a private Lev. ee, which was numerously attended. " The Rrr. Mr. Dighy was presented to his Ma- je- tv, on his being appointed Canon of Windsor, in the room of Dr. Loekman, deceased; Lord G. L. Gower and Sir Stephen Shaiipe, on their return from Peter- burgh; Sir John Moore. Major- General Fra- er, and several other Officers, on their return home from foreign service. On Wednesday the Recorder made a report to his Majesty of the convicts under sentenced death in Newgate, when John Almond, for forgery, was ordered for execution on Wednesday next. Another Austrian Messenger is arrived from France, in a flax of truce. He landed at Dover on Wednesday morning, and readied Prince Stahreuiberg's house that night. His name is Neumexon, and it is said he is not an ur'dinarv messenger, but a man of some consequence, at- tached to the Austrian Embassy at Paris. The dispatches brought to I'rince Stahrcmberg, by the Austrian messenger Neumaxoh, were yesterday communicated to his Majesty's Ministers, and it was gencra'. lv believed that the Prince immediately afier applied for passports, for the purpose of leaving this countrv. Mr." Sansorn, the Chairman of the Committee of American Merchants, yesterday waited upon the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to know whether li- cences would be granted for the protection of cargoes destined for America. The Chancellor of the Exche- quer said, he saw no occasion for such licences, as we were not at war with Amcrica ; btlt he did not think there could be any abjection to grant them, to satisfy those who might think it necessary to apply for them. Fourteen ships are loading in the. River for different ports in the Brazils. They are to sail under convoy, and the Post Office has given notice that letters for that place will be forwarded by a ship oT war. The Great Hall in Chelsea Hospital is to be fitted up for the important trial of Gen. Whitelock, which will commence on Thursday next, the same day on which Parliament meets, It is stated in a Morning Paper, that the Bank of England had offered to lendGovernmentTert Millions, for one Vear, Without interest; ;'. nd that Government had declined the offer, as hot Being adequate to their expectations. This statement is not iuiplicitly believed. The meeting of Merchants and Manufacturers of Glas- gow, convened by the Lord ProVost, " for the purpose of considering the propriety of expressing to his Majesty, at this important crisis, their firm determination to support, by every means in their power, bis just rights, and the interests of the British Empire," was most numerously and respectably attended. The Lord Provost having taken the Chair, explained the purpose of the meeting, and ex- pressed his approbation of the measure intended, Mr. Black i the Dean of Guild, after some prefatory observations, moved as follow* itesolved, " That. it will be proper in this meeting, at this important and momehtubus crisis, when the unbounded ambition of our Enemy calls forth all the energies of his Government and of his people, to address his Majesty, and to assure him of our firm deter- mination to support, at all times, and by every means in our power, his just rights, and the interests of the Br itish Empire. Aud to state to him, at the same time, that, although we must be supposed to feel the effects of his Adversary's exertions against the commerce and manufac- tures of the country, yet we have no interests but what are identified with the dignity of his Crown, and the independence of these Kingdoms ; and further, that we ace satisfied it is only by persevering in prompt, wise, and vigorous measures, that we are to hope for the attainment of our wishes, a safe, honourable, and lasting Peace."— This resolution having passed unanimously, a Committee was appointed to draw up an Address, which was also unanimously agreed to, and ordered to be transmitted to Lord Hawkesbury, to be presented to his Majesty. The late Mr. Hulse's premium of 40?. will this year be given to the author of the best dissertation on the origin and intention of sacrifices; to be written by a Member of Cambridge University, under the degree of M. A. The company frequenting the Johnson's Head Tavern, Birmingham, have unanimously resolved to present a sword to Mr. Rogers, acting Captain of the Windsor Castle West. India jiacket, as a mark » f their high admiration of his heroic conduct in engaging and capturing the French pri- vateer Jesue Richard. The sword is manufacturing by Messrs. Woolley and Co. assisted ill the ornamental part bv Mr. J. Barber and Mr. F. Egginton, who volunteered tlieir services on the Oeca- ion. DRUKY- LANE THEATRE.— Last night, at the moment the attention of the audience was attracted to the stage by the junior Harlequin, a Gentleman leaped from the se- cond tier of . public boxes on the stage ; he made good his leap, but then slipped and fell on the stage lamps, several of which he broke, and rolled into the Orchestra, amongst the instruments, from whence he was taken up and brought. before Mr. Graham. His ancles were much hurt, but he did not appear to regard the injury, and jyalked out of the house, where he was joined by a friend, who had accom- panied him to the Theatre, who, on seeing him, exclaimed —" Jfe. ll, Joe, you will ecet\ he tike same thing" P'— They were both naval Officers. This new Harlequin had sacri- ficed too freely to his bottle, and it was his first appearance at any Theatre since his release from a French prison. Considerable alarm was excited through the Theatre by this extraordinary occurrence. On Sunday morning last, about three o'clock, a gun was discharged close to the bed- room window of Mr. Monckton, at his seat at Fineshade, in Northamptonshire. Mrs. Mon'cktoii, in her alarm, jumped out of bed, and ran to the window, wdeu another gun was discharged, a ball from which passed through the window and shutter, grazed the ceiling, and lodged in the wall. The assassins who made this daring attack have at present escaped de- tection. It is supposed to have proceeded from a gang of poachers who have been checked in their depredations by Mr. Mbnckton. \'> v Oi. t) Buwv. On Wednesday these Sessions com- menced, when fifteen prisoners were tried, five of whom were capitally convicted, viz. Mary Carroll, alias Mitchell, for uttering a counterfeit shilling, and having before been convicted as a common utterer of bad money ; Elizabeth Crossby, for stealing in the dwelling- house of Susannah Potter, on the 15th of December, twelve guineas, fourteen halt, guineas, ( sc.; Isaac Castle, for robbing Mis; Mary Little on the highway; George Humphrey and Charles Brown, for stealing's piece of velveteen from the shop of Mr. Brooke, in Compton- street. Humphrey is 1G, and Brown only 14 years old 1 Yesterday fifteen prisoners were tried, six of weom were capitally convicted, viz. John Matthews, for stealing se- veral silver spoons, and other silver articles, from the house of Mrs. Shiirn, in Bedford- Square; Sarah Ward, for stealing 30 guineas in the dwelling- house of Mi'. Bruce, the Army Agent; John Courts and Robert Badger, for a burglary ; George Rudd, alias Rude, and Tiros. Donavon, ( the former a master butcher at Chelsea, and the latter a drover), fur stealing ' 29 sheep, » ri the 28th of December, from the resrrvoir- fie!; l near Battle- bridge.— Mr. Bruce re- commended Sarah Ward to mercy, on the ground that he believed her not to be a practised thief, but to have com- mitted the offence from the impulse of sudden temptation. The Judge took a note of the recommendation. CORN- EPCUANGE, Jan. 15. The best samples of Wheat this day are at a small increase in price. The few samples of fine Barley are likewise rather dearer. Malt as at last prices. White Peas are rather higher. Beans of both sorts keep their prices. The supplies of Oats are large, at the prices last quoted. Rape- seed is higher ; and Hour nearly as beforci BIRTHS.] On Saturday, in Stratford- place, the Lady of the Hon. Colonel Wingfield Stratford of a daughter.— Same day, at Melton- Movvbray, Leicestershire, Lady Elizabeth Norman of a son..— Oil Sunday, in Nottingham- place, the Lady of the Hon. Capt. Hood, of the 3d Guards, of a son. MARRIED.] On the 1st inst. in Dublin, the Hon. H. G. Tol.- r, second & on of Lord Norbury, to Miss f.. Br.. bazon.— Same day, Sir Simon Brad street, Bart, to Miss, Clara Murphy.— On Sunday last, by special licence, at the house of Henry . Merrick lloare, Esq. in York- place, the Right Honourable Lord Keith, K. B. to Miss Thrate, eldest daughter of the late Henry Thrale, Esq. M. P. for Southward. On Monday, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Captain J. S. Horton, of his Majesty's ship Princess of Wales, to Mrs. Whorwood, widow of the late Henry Mavne Whorwood, Esq. of Headington- house, Oxfordshire.— On Tuesday, Captain Fisher, of the 6th Dragoon Guards, to Miss Lucy Sparrow, fourth daughter of the late James Sparrow, Esq. of Bom- ton, Somerset.— On Wednesday, William Slaile, Esq. of the East Kent Militia, to Miss Elizabeth Russell, of Maidstone. DIED.] fin the 7th of November, at Home, in her 6' 7th year, Angelica Kauffman, the Celebrated Artist, who resided many years in London, and enriched this country with some of her best pictures : she was much respected and beloved at Rome, and her funeral obsequies were per- formed with more than usual pomp and solemnity: many of the Nobility, above 100 Ecclesiastics in the habits of their respective orders, and the members of all the Literary Societies, Walked in the procession ; the pall was supported by young ladies dres ed in white ; and, immediately after the corpse, some of her paintings were displayed, borne on men's shoulders.— On the 23th ult. at Clontarf, in Ire- land, the Hon. Richard Gore, brother of the Earl of Arran. — On Thursday evening last, at Edinburgh, in the' 23d year of bis age. Lord Alexander Gordon, second son of the Duke of Gordon, and brother of the Duchesses of Rich- mond, Manchester, and Bedford, and the Marchioness Cornwallis.—' r) n the 5th inst.. at Elie- liouse, Fifeshire, Sir Philip AnStruther, Bart, who is suceccd" d in estates by the Right Hon. Sir John Anstruther, Bart, late Chief Justice of Bengal.-— On the 5th inst. Miss Harriet Cald- well, aged IS years, fifth daughter of Sir John Caldwell, Bart.— On Friday, the Hon. Sophia Ann Walpole, fifth daughter of Lord Walpole.— On Sunday, at his house in Bath, in his 78th year, Philip Cosby, Esq. Admiral of the Red, a brave ami natch- respected Officer.— On Monday, at the house of his mother, the Hon. Mrs. Hewitt, in Baffi, f. ieut. Hewitt, of the Royal Navy, nephew of the late VisuOiint Liflbrd.— Sainst day, in Edward- street, Portman- - qnarc, Miss H. Frankland, sister of Sir Thomas Frank- Und, Bart.— Same day, at Kingston House, near Oxford, La. dv Mackvorth, wile of Sir Pigby . Maekwortii, Bart.— On Tuesday, at Coekfield n. i! l, Suffolk, Lady Rloi. s, wife of Sir John Blois, Bart.- Same day, in Portland- place, after a I0112 illness, the Honourable Mrs. Stuart Wortley Mackenzie.— Lately, at Llandfcgai, near Bangor, William" Lilley, aged 103 years: bis sjster died a short time since, aged 102 years. o PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, Jan. 7, 1M3. N Thursday, the 21 si ivst. etf frn o'r. htk ip the forenoon, 1 sh/ i! l It rraily to si lt to ti* tiipHrA Bidder, in several lots, The ufiikr-' Mentio- iieit Qurjiiitirt, of OLD STORES, HKAD1NG, IRON HOOPS, « ? c. tying iti His iW/ tjesly's C<> » l* ra « < t. at Wievflh near <>" o » part,- an a o/ DE- FECTIVE PROVISIONS, tying - n tie Starrs of this Office, ml, ere a* y persons inclintUe to pArenase " lay hare the liberty of viaf'mx the same, ill the commit leaking hoars', any day foforethe. se' tale, viz.- f. eager Staves Buit ditto Puncheon ditto Hogshead ditto Barrel ditto Half Hogshead ditto 1,750 » Irish Barrel Staves 2: 3; 000 8, i « jy Heidin*, d. pieces C, 0t) 0 7; 500 I Hoards Ends 8,000 13, Olio I Doublet ditto 18,000 9,009 I Iron Hoops, bent and in 3,000 I pieces, 43 tons DEFECTIVE PROVISION'S, & c. Bread,' 164 cwt.. | Oatmeal, 9 bush. 7 gall. Bread Dust, 82 evvt. ( Butter, 744 pounds Flour, 4, WO pounds j Tallow, 1,117 pounds Raisins, s> pounds i Dried American Hides, Pease, bush. 4 gall. | 70 Nos. Also a quantity of Sweepings. A deposit of 45/. Y r nit. isto he made an the amount of each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid before the Stores are removed,' for rchieli thirty working days icill he allowed for the Cooperage Stores, and seven days Jar the Provisions, after the sale. 114] K'M. ItF. KKS. COUNTY or WILTS. RAMSBURY ASSOCIATION for ihe. Prosecution of Tlufts, Felonies, and Misdemeanors. AT the Annual Meeting held on Friday the 1st day of January instant, the several Members present having paid their Subscription, and approved and allowed the Solici- tor's Accounts to that date, and made such Orders and Regu- lations as to them appeared necessary and proper, did, among other things, direct:— 1That a printed Copy of the Articles be delivered to every Member;— That the said Articles shall remain open for one month from the date of t. ie Meeting, to receive thj names of such persons as may be desirous of becoming Members ;— That the limits of che Association shall extend only to the parishes of Great Bedwin, Little Bedwin, Froxfield, Chilton, Aldbourn, Baydon, Wanborough, Lyd- dington, Chiseldon, Mildenhall, " and Herbage;— And that such persons as shall sign the said Articles within the time above limited, shall be admitted Members on payment of One Guinea, being the original Subscription agreed to be paid. The present Subscribers are: Charles Nath. Bailey, Esq. Ramsbury Mansr House. Henry Reed, Esq. Crowood..• The Rev. Dr. Popham, Chilton. E. W. L. Popham, Esq. Littlecott House. John Pearse, Esq. Chilton Lodge. The Rev. Edward Meyriek, Ramsbury. The Rev, Charles Francis, Mildentiau. Thomas Baskerville, Esq. Mildenhall. James Blackmail, - Esq. Ramsbury. Mr. Athcrton, N. Ramsbury. Burgess, J. Chilton Farm. Cox, John, Ramsburv Park. Church, Wm. Upham. Church, Geo. I til! wood. Church, Robert, Dudmore Lodge. Cowley, Thos. Ramsbury. Gould', Charles, Aldbourn. Gould, Tbos. Aldbourn. Howard, Robert, Hilldrop Farm. Hazell, J. Whittenditch. Hopkins, J. Elm Down. Harris, Edw. Chisbury. HilLar, Wm. Ford Farm. Jeff rics, Wm. Draycott. Lanicar, VVm. Park Town. Merewether, VVm. Frox- lield. Mildenhall, Tho. Marriage Hill. Martin, James, Chilton. Mallam. Benj. Cbilwn Park Mr. Nevvbery, Wm, Froxfield. Osmond, Mrs. Elizabeth, Burney Fai'm. Osmond, John, Ramsbury Manor Farm. Potter, Ed. Chisbury Farm. Pigott, Fras. Froxfield. l'uckendge, And. Soley. Rowland, J. Axford Farm. Richeos, G. Knowle Farm. Russell, Jerries, Ramsbury. Smith, John, Rumsbury. Spearinj;, Wm. Knighton Farm. Spearing, W. jun. Littlecott Farm. Shepherd, William, Great Bedwin. Thatcher, Ed. Ran* bury. Wright, Wm. Aldbourn. . Woodman, Henry, Stitch- comb Farm. Washbourn, Nath. Saver- naltlt" Park. Wickham, John, Chisbury. Farm. Committee : The Reverend Edward Meyrick. William Lanfear. I Edward Potter. John Smith. | Geortje Church. J. RUSSELL, Solicitor. RAMSB'URY, Jan.' G, 130S. .. [ ill ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, LONDON, Jan. b', 1808. THE Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance have constituted and appointed Mr. HENRY WILSON, of Marlborough; in the county of Wilts, their AGENT and Rr. cisivi'. P. for the said Place and Parts adjacent, for the Assurance of Buildings, Good « , Merchandize, and Farming Stock, from Loss or Damage by Fire, and also for the Assur- ance of Lives. By order of the Court ol Directors, 183] SAM. FENNING, jun. Secretary. ALIHON FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, of LONDON, instituted 1805, and em- powered by Act of Parliament, for Insurance from Fire, aud on Lives ; and for the Grant and Purchase of Annuities. Cayilul— ONE MILLION. The following persons act for the Company for the under- mentioned places, and their respective neighbourhoods, viz. Bristol, Mr. Bartholomew Barry, of High- street, bookseller; Bath, Mr. Thomas S. Meyler," bookseller;- Gloucester, Mr. Joseph Roberts, bookseller; Salisbury, Mr. Jas. Lacy, High- street ; Cheltenham, Mr. Robert Hughes, solicitor; ' Tewkes- bury, Mr. Wm. Edgeumbe. builder; Taunton, Mr. Richard Meade, solicitor ; Chard, Mr. Thomas Guppy, ironmonger; Warminster. Mr. George Strode, clothier; " Blandford, Mr. James Lacy, jun.; Sherhorne, Mr. J. VV. Gill, druggist. Insurances effected with such persons, and falling due at Christmas, should be renewed within fifteen days from that period. No charge is made for Policies or Indorsements ; and other valuable advantages are afforded, both with respect to Insur- ance from Fire, and on Lives.— A deduction is allowed on the premiums of all Fire Insurances out'of London. The Company's proposals maybe had of the above persons. By order of tile Board of Directors, WARNER PHLPPS, Secretary. Farming Stock inay lis; insured in one sum, without an average clause.- - ih r. 1807. £ 52- 28 STATE LOTTERY of 23.000 Tickets, begins DRAWING the 8th of MARCH, 1808.— TO be drawn in ten days. SCHEME. Tt ICHARDSON, COQDLUCK, and Co. Stock- fi\ Brokers, cornet of Bank- Buildings, Cornhlll, and t'aeing the gate of the Ring's- JSJews, Clearing- Cross, London, tei. pactfullv recommendJn • ri vtice of their friends and the public, the STATE L^ J'i'ERY that is to commence thawing on the 8th of March j, fit. The ScheMe, with only 25,000 1 Ti'csets, contains nca'Jy ijouble the number of Capital Pi ijes that former Ones of fyor 6o, w) have had, with NOT TIIUF. F. Blanks to a Prists and eVeiy Prize to be drawn from the Wheel— not one ( j* s » l! CAPITALS. 3 P/ izcs of £'. 20,003 .. arc .; £. Go, 000 » 10,000 ao. coo £ 5,000 20, Old 410 1,000 20, BOO , 30 ,... S00 lfi. OOO 6,405 othe. Prizes 105,000 2 j, 000 Tickets. £'. 250,000 TICKETS and SHARES arc or. sale, and all Lottery busi- ness transacted, at Moore's Lucky Office, High- street, Voojc ; by J. LaUgdon, printer, Sherborne; VV. Meyier, Bath; and Baker and Fletcher, Southampton, Agents to RiCHAinjsoN, GOOUI. UCK, and Co. [- 249 r| N) be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, JL — A neat comfortable DWELLING. HOUSE," having two parlours, a kitchen, and brewhouse; s: x bed- rooms, and garrets for servants ; a three- stall stable, granary, and wood- houses, with about four acre's of orchard and garden, the resi- dence of the late Mr. Seymer, of lhberton, near Blandford, Dorset. To be viewed and particulars known by application to Mr. Robert Witteridge, Ibberton. Ibberton is about six miles from Blandford ar, d four from Sturminster Newton, both good market towns. [ 188 WARMINSTER. rT', 0 be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, A ( or sooner, if required) for a term of years,— A neat and comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, wi'th all suitable and convenient Offices, Stable, and spacious Work- shops adjoining, wherein the clothing business has been carried on for several years ; and a Garden, well stocked with fruit trees, lying behind the same; all situate in Church- street, in War- minster aforesaid, near the church there. The buildings are in very good condition, the greatest part thereof having been latly erected. N. B. In the Work- shops are an Oven with Plates, and a Double Screw Press with Papers, < fcc. both comp'ete ; and suudry other articles in the clothing business, which may be taken to at a fair valuation, or the same articles will be disposed of by private contiact. For further particulars application to be made to Mr. Cutler, Crown Inn, Warminster; and, if by letter, postpaid. [ 6! 3 Prizes of £. 40,000 . are .. £. 150,009 3 . 10,000 . 30.006 4 . 5, OU0 , 20IOO 20 . 1,000 . ' 20,000 30 500 . 15,000 45- 100 . 4,000 60 59 . 3.000 ), 000 41 . 41,000 5,100 15 . .76,000., 45,000 Tickets. £. 450,000' NO FIXED PRIZE. The above Scheme, with not three Blanks to a Prize, con- tains nearly double the number of Capital Prizes of any Lottery for many, years past, though many of those Lotteries consisted of 6' 0,000 Tickets. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket,.. £. 10 1.0 0 Half.. i,\ f0 15 0| Eighth £. 1 15 S Quarter 5 9 01 Sixteenth l 8 0 TICKETS and SH ARES, in a great variety of Numbers, are now selling at all the Licensed Lottery- Offices in London, and by their Agents in the Country ; who have likewise on saleTTCKKTS and SHARES for [ 522G THE GRAND CITY LOTTERY, Of FRERiiotD HOUSES, discharged of LandTax; containing Capital Prizes to the amount of £. 104,000, viz. 1 valued at £. 25,000 1 7,000 4 6,000 7 valued at £'. 4, ooo 6 3,000 1 2,000 It is proposed th. it those Prizes which are divided into small Shares shall be sold, and the produce paid to the respec- tive Shareholders. PUTSENT PHICE. Ticket.. .£. 7 14 0 Half £. 4 3 0 I Eighth £. 1 1 0 Quarter - 2 I 0 | Sixteenth 0 10 6 To It drawn in Gnildh'ill, Kith April, 1808. State Lottery Offices, 28, Cornhill, 52, Charing- Cross, and St. Margaret's Hill, llorough, Jsmtlon. HOllNSBY and CO. respectfully acquaint their numerous Country Correspondents, that they have on Sale a great variety of Tickets, Waives, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, at the lowest Prices, and the Prize- Money paid on demand, whether a 40,000/. or a 21/. The Scheme is considered to he far the best that has been submitted to the public t'oi many lotteries- past:— there are. treble the number of grind prizes, double the number of smaller prizes, and no fixed capital prize; therefore it is very beneficial to boy before the Sth of March ( the day the drawing begins). Last vear only were soared by HOUNSBY and Co. 19,54* 4. £. 20,000 ...... .£. 1,000 500 .... 600 exactly the same £ 243 a. sro .. 8,381 .. 8,71(> .. £. 10,000 ., 001) 5,090 « 73 .. 1,350 . 41 In ssveiuy- two shares. Orders, "';'/ pest or carricrj e « ? uts4 oo t.. r. ns as if present^ FARMS IN WILTSHIRE. TO be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- dav, 1808,— First, a FARM- HOUSE, with suitable ' Build- ings, and about 334 acres- of Land; of which 483 are arable, 48 meadow, and 39 sheep- pasture or common- ground, in the occupation of Mr. Walter, Called Calstcne West Farm, in the parishes of Calne and Calstorie. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and about 441 acres of Land, of whieh 4- 28 are arable, 54 pasture, and 141 down, in jh; occupation of Mr. H. MaundreU, called Calstone East Farm, in tiie parish of Calne. The tenants of the above farms ar « entitled to their going off crops of wheat and spring corn. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and 102 acres of pastuie and 35 of arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Hughes, called Rough Leaze Farm, in the said parish of Calne. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and" 48 acres of arable and G4 of pasture Land, in the occupation of Mrs. Perkins, at Quemerford, in the parish of Calne. Also, a Farmhouse, with suitable Buildings, and 32 acres of arable and 45 of pasture, called Spray's farm, in the oc- cupation of Mrs. Jane Ruddle, at Calstone, in the parish of Calne. Also, a House, with 25 acres of pasture Land, in the oc- cupation of Mis. Anne Ruddle, at Siocklcy, in the parish of Calne. Also, a Cottage, and 4 acres of pasture Land, in the parish of Cherhill, and 50 acres of arable Land, lying dispersed in the common fields of Cherhill, ia the occupation of Mr. G. Neate. Also, another Cottage, and 11 acrvsof enclosed pasture and - 24 acres of enclosed arable Land, with 71 acres of common field arable Land, lying dispersed in the Common fields of Quemerford, in the' parish of Calnc, also in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Neate. N. B. All the before- mentioned farms and lands, in the parishes of Calne and Cherhill, will be lett free of the great tithe. The two first- mentioned farms will be lett for a lease of 12 years, and the other farms and lands for 7 years. Persons desirous of taking the above farms, ai'e to direct their proposals to the Marquis of Lansdowrie, Southampton Castle, Hants, before the 1st day of February ne: tt, men- tioning the price per acre they will give for ths same, to be subject to an admeasurement; and in the proposals for the two first- mentioned farms, distinct prices per acre must be offered for each of the three different sorts of land at'uve described. [ da. William Clifford, the woodward at Calstone, will shew tht above estates; and further paaticuiars and conditions of the leases may be known at Mr. Athcfton's Office, in Calne. * READING. — - - To Cotton, TAnen, and other manufacturers, TO ha SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, by Mr. HISCOCK, The whole IMPLEMENTS and STOCK in TRADE of a Cotton aud Linen Manufacturer .' who has declined business), in Boarden- lane, Castle- street, Reading; comprising a carding machine with 14- inch cylin- der, drawing frame) cotton devil, two 72- spindle jennies, horse wheel, seven exceeding good looms, with harness, slay, & c. complete, for the weaving of fustians, calicos, bed and table linen, ticking, & c. & c.; together with about 5 cwt. of India cotton, a quantity of Scotch linen yarn, 40 pieces of dyed fustians, 14 dozen of 6- 4ths huckaback, some calico, Arc.; a bag of best flyings, 2 cvvt. of copperas, logwood, fustick, See,; a dying copper and tubs, glazing machine, calender, blocks, and other requisite articles of the business. The wtiole of which may be viewed by application on the pretnis s. Applications aud letters [ post paid) to Mr. Hiscock, ap- praiser, Stroud- green, Newbury, will be duly attended to. N. B. The. machinery and the whole of the Implements may be purchased separate from the: Stock in Trade. [ 456 BERKSHIRE. The following valuable PRRKUOLD ESTATES, Tythefrce, Land Tax redeemed, most desirably situated at Syeen, three miles from Neu- hiry, on the Bath road, RPO lie SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HISCOCK, X on Thursday the 28th of Jan. instant, at three o'clock, at the White Hart Inn, Newbury, in the following Lots : Lot 1.— Two acres, more or less, of exceeding good old dry Meadow Land, at Furzeu Hill, a pleasing eminence near the Bath road. Lot 4.— Six acres, more or less, of most excellent Arable Land, called Shute Ledges, adjoining the Bath road. Lot 3.— Twenty- four acres, more or less, of exceeding good Arable and Wood Land, conveniently connected, and adjoin- ing the Bath road, viz. Nagshead Closes, Arable. 7 acres. Wi'ckham Heath, ditto 10 ditto. Wickwood Coppice 7 ditto. Together with a . well- built barn, stabling for two horses, convenient out- bouses, rick yard, & c. Lot 4.— Eight aens, more'or less, of very excellent Arable Lan^ f; on the summit of Gravel Hill, adjoining the Bath road, called Emery's. Lot 5.'— Nine acres and a quarter, more or less, of very improvable Meadow Land, in Benham West Mead. Lot S.— Two acres, two roods, and twenty- five pcrches, in Benham Marsh, as allotted under a late Inclosure Act; together with all the beneficial interest respecting the produce of peat arid ashes to be sold under the direction of the Com- missioners, tor thirty years unexpired from the present time. Lot 7.— A Brick Kiln, with sheds, out- houses, and stabling for five horses ; together with five acres of Land, more or less, annexed thereto, situate at the foot of Gravel- hill, on the Bath road, containing most extensive veins of excellent clay for building bricks, pavintt cV. tto, and tiles; together with red and white sand, and fine chalk for lime and whiting, so seldom found, united m any one soil ; which, with the proximity to the increasing town of Newbury and neighbour- hood, and the facility of land carriage presents the whole as a most desirable purchase. Lots 0 and 4 present a pleasant building spot, part of which is a cheerfijl healthy eminence, immediately commanding fine picturesque views of a beautiful part of Earl Craven's domains, the winding Kennet, Bath road, and other cheerful objects ; situate in the most respectable neighhpurhoed, abounding with game, surrounded by the first packs of hounds in the kingdom, and centrical between London and Bath. Lots t, - 2, : i, an 1 4, are in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Mitch * 1, at a low improvable rent which expires at Michaelmas 1910. f. oto is uithe occupation of Mr. Buncs, tenant at vill. Lot 7 in the temjre of Mr. Waight, on lease of which nine years were unexpired at Michaelmas last, at a very- inttd'eqwiti: Mid- low sent. Printed particulars iuay. be h-> d at the neighbouring. ' • ''; Mr. Bishop, solicitor, of Basingstoke•, of the Auctio: ccr, Stroud Green, Newbury; and Mr, Hiscock, K wd, rear Devizes, l'he re. speeiiv ' Tenants will shew the Esti Jes. N. 1:. The TIMBER 011 the sevsrit tots to bd taken at alair VulUatioa. [ 455 DORSETSHIRE: Tpo lie Stil. rj bv PRIVATE CONTRACT; by 1 ( M'tsiirs, Hodskiris m and Cc.^- The MANOR of COMP- TON ABBAS, extending over 1215 acres or thereabouts, witn ths Advmvson in Fee of the Rectory riijri Right 10 Great and Smull Tribes— the riett vatqe about _> 5o/. jjvr a. nntjni; the Revi Afr. Baskett aged about 54— tiie next Presentation dis- posed of. .... Also t| ie Manor Farm, containing i< v2. A: b. fe. 171". ori Lease for nine years' from Michaeltna? last, at. loO!; per an- num, but of the estimated aiinual value of 2fl0/: , And also the Reversion in Fee of several Leasehold and Copyhold Estates; held by Lives ; containing 43? A. 3 R. IP; valued « it per annum 640/. with t. ie ttsctved, tents and heriots thereunto belonging. The . Manor, or Reputed Manor. of VVest Orchard, extend- ing over ( lis acres, with the Manor Farm, as l. tf from war to year, containing 63A. 2R; 18P. at lofiZ. per annum, " hiit Of the estimated ariitu'it faluc of. il< K. • '. . Also the Reversion in See Of several valuable Leaschpld and. Copyhold Estates, held by Lives; containing - b o a,(: r s, or thereabouts, of the estimated arintial ValUe ft < j;',!.. lit. wiUi the reserved rents and heriots thereunto belonging, ' f ile Reversion in Fee of that part or the M nor Farm, called the Dairy Farm, in the parisli of Melbilry Abbas, held by tiie. lives of Richard Brabant, ag- d 83, and Aon Kurt* aged 56; containing iftlA. ; « R. 20 P.' at the low reserved rent of 74/. per annum, during the said lives; but of the estimated annual value of 2 lui. Also the Reversion in Fee of several valuable Leasehold at 1! Copyhold Estates in East arid VVest Melbury, held bv lues; containing 508 A. 1 R. 28' P; valued at per " lairium c. u/.. > u. with the rt- s< xved rents and heriots thereunto bet '.. n o:;. Anil also the Reversions in Fee of sundry U- « .|, « H Es- tates, held by lives, within the p-' psh of Tis'oqry: particu- larly Chtfksglove; with the Tytlv May, in oiie lot • also in the parish Of Donhead ; particularly C... nib and Chariton ; and also saveral Estates in the parish.", f Senjiry. . Further particulars may be had of Messrs! IIsdsKins > n and Co: Aruridel- street, London, fof> 04 rd BREWERS AND OTHERS. A capital Situation in the Hretcing line, in one of the most papulous and for that Trade advantageous Parts oj the Kingdom. TO " be SOLI) bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in centre of . the High- street of the town of Gfesport, and v cinitv of Portsmouth arid Portsea ; consisting of th Plant of a BREWERY and eight PUBLIC IIOUSF- in and near Qos. port; together with eight Freehold hold Private HoussS ; forming in the Whole a m . .' appendage to the Brewery. Also a Freehold Dwo.' - in every rc'sp ct fit for the residence of a genteel far. . , :. in the most desirable part of St. Thomas's Street, Pbf.*:<.••: occupied by Thomas Mottley, Esq. together with • T. r. and Carpenter's Shop and Vara adjoining, ui the ti'ccuj . t.. of John Cole. , , It the public- houSes should be disposed of scpar51t. lv . the othet property, and be corttinued as free houses, hail ti purehase- nionevwill be permitted to remain on mortgage. For further particulars apply to Mf. Rood, of Pojtsrnouth the proprietor; br'to Messrs. Mirichin arid Uompign£, solici- tors, Gosport. N. B. Letters to be pest pa'al. [. 3804 FOR THE GROWTH CF HAIR LADIES and Geutlenrien, wh'cf wish the Ornament of a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only rtiafce a fair trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly aj it is found neces- sary to moisten the hair when dressing ; . is used by ( he Royal Family, and Ladies of the first circle. It is a notfr slier and improver of its growth, prevents ii. 1 falling off, arid- is so greata preserver and strengtheher to the Hair as to prevent it becoming bald, or turning grey, to the latest period ; also restores Hait on bald places. Several Gentlemen, - vho have been bald, after using the Russia Oil regularly for three months, became nearly covered with hair. It serves is a sub- stitute for pomatum, and is recommended t. Ladies who use dressing- iron";, as'it prevents the ill efttds < ccasio. ed by their heat. It is of much use to those woo ws- ir artificial hair, as it gives it a natural gloss. To comment 00. the manv valualde qualities the Russia'Oil possesses, is useless ; it need only . be said, it odght not to be omitted by those W16 have the orna- ment of a fine head of hair, and vriih to fctain it; also these deficient, who wapt to profit by its virtues. It is rec m- mended for Children, as it improves the regularity of its growth: is warranted innocent. Price 7s. per bottle j'c. r one, containing four small, at a guinea. To be had of the Proprietor, 383, Oiford- strect, London ; and, by appointment, of Mb Cu! lin6, Salisbury, h. t Agents and Newsmen, * [ 4or.' 9 Sutler' * celebrated Restorative Tooth Powder. BEAUTY of countenance, and regularity of fea- tures, are allowed to distinguish Ihe Br tish fair, but the proprietor of BUTLER's TOOtH POWDER would beg leave to remind his countrywomen, that the lustre of thi r charms loses half its influence where the Teeth are disco- loured, or shew a rotten and Unhealthy appearance: this \ i the more inexcusable, as the present preparation afio'rds { he infallible means of removing every blemish of theeiiarnel, and is sate in its application, being composed of vegetables. It is recommended to the attention Of all faiiks, as clearing away every imperfection, either in the colour or the decay of the enamel of the Teeth; as rendering the breath sweet and delectable, and making the gums of their proper shape and Vermillion hue ; and a. certain preventive of the Tooth- ache. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Cbeapsidc, coiner of Paternoster- row, London; and by Mr. Collins, Salisbury, in boxes at Es. 9''.. cach. [ 8201 CONSUMPTIVE COMPLAINTS A\ 1E generally occasioned by the stagnation of the blood in the lungs, till it is converted into purulent mat- ter ; thi. s may be owing to nervous, bilious, asthmatic, Or dropsical comphints, excess of libidinous indulgences, leading a too studious sedendatary life, heat of climate, hard drinking, immoderate use of mercurials, tea, coffee, or other watery liquids; it may be owing to a cold caught by damp beds or damp houses, excess of grief or pleasure, debility of the fibres of the viscera, an ulcer on the liver, neglect of cus- tomary exereivs, to. to. The CORDIAL BALM OF GI- LEAD is calculated to restore a broken and decayed constitu- tion to its prirtinc health and vigour.— In nervous consump- tions its merit stands Unrivalled, as may be seen by the numberless testimonials in his pamphlet, delivered gratis by the Doctor's agen;'. Prepared at Gilevd Ho\ ise, near Liverpool, bv Dr. Sot. o- MON; and sold, wholesale and retail, at the Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury, in Vottles at 10s. 6rf. and 33s. each. [ 5- 202 STAINS of Red Port Wine, Tea, Fruit, Mildew, and every Vegetable Master, are entirely removed from Table Linen," Leather BKsechcs, Cottons, Muslins, Laces, and other articles of dress, bv HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID: it also removes the above Stains from Ladies' Buff Dresses, without injuring the Buff Colour, and lestorcs all kinds of L tien to their original Whiteness, when discoloured by bad wasVng, disuse, or long sea- voyages, without any injury to the texrare of the cloth. [ 0658 Prepared and sold by Hudsun and Company, her Majesty's Chemists, 27, Haymarket, London ; sold also wholesale arid retail by B. C. Collins, Salisbury, in bottles, at 3s. each. Hudson and Co. beg leave to caution the Public against Imitations of this Articie, under H'e name of any other person. It has been ifsed and approved by many respectable families, and in the Army for many years ; but they cannot be answer- able for tile effects of any" that is . iot prepared by fhernseivts. HE Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Sqtiare, London, being open to the Poor, has contributed considerably to the. credit SPlLSBURV's PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC- DROPS have gained, by ascertaining its efficacy as a l.' edieinc in cases of Sa'rophula, Gout, Rheumatism, Eruptions, arid Nervous- Diseases, depend mt on the obstructions of rhe stomach and intestines, and in all those coitlp a- nts of dif- fused bile, where calomel has lest its effect by frequent use. — It is. requisite to caution the Public against purchasing anv others, but those bearing the words " By the Kinc's Patent on the bottle, bill of directions, and outside wrapper; toge- ther wth the King's Duly, printed in black ink. Sold in bottles of 5s. (,' r, from. a personal knowledge of its-. wanderiul success r. the r ifwu families, stamps its merit beyond competition, and u vea a sanction Jo it, of which- no other medicine of the " kind .11 boast. Parents and others, who hav* the care of childr> n, Shculd have this remedy as a family medicine to resort to, w.. - never the- stomac h or bowels of children are any " w.- y dis- or- l red, which it Wilt always be f- u id to relit ve. Sold, wholesale and tjrjail, at Chh- g and butler's, No. Ciieapsiile, London, nii by B. C. Collins, Salisbury ; and re- tail by most country venders, ill boxes at 4s. ild. and il, each. [ 5W7 * THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sundays Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, JAN. IS. DOWNING- STRKET, Jan. 16. THE King has been pleased to appoint Sir George Prevost, Bart, to be Lieut.- Governor _ « _ of the Province of Nova Scotia, in the room of Sir John YVentworth, Bart. His Majesty has been further pleased to appoint Major- General Sir George Prevost, Bart. tobeCom- m mder of the Forces, with the local rank of Lieut.- General in Nova Scotia only. WHITEHALL, Jan. lo. The King has recom- mended the Rev. W. Leigh, B. L. to the Deanery of Hereford. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Jan. 15. Rear- Admiral Sir Edward JMlew has transmitted a letter from Capt. Lye, of the Bomh<\. v, relating his having captured, on the loth of July last, the French national brig Le Jeseur, of 12 guns and 5o men. Vice- Admiral Douglas has transmitted an account of the capture of tivo French privateers, by the Ariadne, Captain Farquhar; both the prizes are arrived at North Yarmouth. WAR- OFFICE, Jan. 1G. lit Reg. of Foot— Capt. C. A. W. Durnford, to be Captain, vice Major- General Archer, deceased. Soth Ditto— Lieut.- Col. P. Anderson, from half- pay of the 4th Foot, to be Lieut.- Colonel, vice Gordon, who exchanges. lit I rest Jndia Reg-.— Major G. H. Duckworth, from the 67th Foot, to be Lieul.- Colonel, by purchase, vice Irving, who retires. STAFF.— Major W. Bowyer, of the 8th West India Reg. to be Deputy Adjutant- General to the Forces serving in the Windward and Leeward Islands with the rank of Lieut.- Colonel, vice Hinuber, who resign;. BANKRUPTS. Geo. Barringer th? younger, of Brixton- Causevray, salesman. William Higgs, of Bristol, ciel- meicliant. Jo!, 1 Morgaif, >> f Enfield- Hit-' ii+ ay, farmer. John Am , of Swan- Lane, ftotlteraithe, dealer and chapman. Francis Marcelius iltKlson, of Manchester, calico- primer. Jarnes Read, of Hi.. el: man- street, linen- draper. Samuel Davis, ofBury- street, merchant. Tixortias Bowgin, of Little New- street, Shoe Lane, plaisterer. Joseph Pippet. of Cliewstake, colo- artnan. Thom. in Broster, of Liverpool, stationer. Hamuli Sum-., i of Milk- street, Cheapside, ribbon- manufacturer. John Burdett, ofNewgate- street, warehouseman. LONDON, SATURDAY Ef'M- NING, JAN. IS. Intelligence was, yesterday received of an insurrec- tion having taken place at Lisbon, attended with im- mense bloodshed. American vessels arrived at Cork and Dublin from Cadiz, have brought accounts nearly similar of this important event. It appears, that the populace felt such indignation at the substitution of the French for the Portuguese colours, that they rose and com. nenced a furious attack on the French troops on the 12th u! t. ; and notwithstanding their defeat, they repeated their attack on tbe 15th, but unfortu- nately, as might be expected, with 110 better success,' and between five and six thousand lives are stated to have been lost on both sides. It is added, that at the departure of these accounts the most dreadful disorder, prevailed at Lisbon ; and such was the scarcity of pro- visions, that it wisexpected famine would shortly rid the country of its merciless oppressors. It will be seen by the Gazette, that Sir George Prevost is appointed Governor and Commander in Chief of the Forces in Nova Scotia, a circumstance which shews that Government deem it advisable to provide in the best possible way for the defcnce of that province. Louis XVIII. is now on his long- talked- of visit to the Marquis of Buckingham, at Stowe, where he and his suite have been entertained, for the last four or five days, in a style of magnificence equal to that of the ancient Court of Versailles. Though Prince Stahremberg has demanded his passports, lie is not expected to take his'departure for some days. He waits, it is said, for. an answer to the dispatches of which M. Mier was the bearer to Count Metternich, the Austrian Minister at Paris. It is determined that no licences will be granted to any vessel destined for the Brazils, unless she sails with convoy ; and that even in that case, her clear- ance must be made for Santa Catharina. The Dev of Algiers is said to have finally adjusted all his differences with the United States of America. His cruisers, after having brought into Algiers three yr four prizes, had been directed to desist. America, it is added, is to pay immediately the sum of 35,000 dollars to the Dey, in lieu of the annual tribute.. The Trans[> ott Board continues to engage lar< je cop- pered shins for long voyages. Many of the*: vessel., are to proceed to India, for the purpose of bringing home hemp. The Directors of tbe East- India Company having engaged to furnish Government with 20,000 tons of hemp annnally for tb',: next three years ; the whole of which is to be brought home in ships especially fitted and prepared for the purpose, so as to prevent thc'artivle from imbibing an improper heat on its voyage to England. OLD BAILEY.— Yesterday Anne Thompson was tried for the wilful murder of Joseph Walker, a Negro seaman. It appeared in evidence that the deceased and the prisoner had lived together a considerable time, iu Denmark- street, East Smithfield; that the deceased was iu the frequent habit of beating the prisoner; and that in one of their quarrels, on the 28th ult. she had in her passion plunged a knife into his side. As soon as he recovered from the stupor occasi Hied by the wound, he sr. id, " Nancy, I forgive you." She immediately felt the deepest compunction for the rash act, sent for a surgeon, and by his advice had her sable lover conveyed to an hospital, where she attended 011 him with the most affectionate solicitude for five days, when he died iu her arm,. She was found guilty of Manslaughter. Two prisoners were capitally convicted, viz. Martha Davis, one of the boisterous Amazons of St, Giles's, near 7, — Long Ann. 18 § CKS THIS DAY, o'Clock. Short Ann. shut Omnium, 2ja} pr. Irish ditto, — India Bonds, par, 1 dis. Exchequer Bills, 2 a 3 pr. Irish 5 • p- Cents. 93f Imperial 3 p. Cents. f> 3j English Lott. Tick. 201. 19j. Ditto Prizes, full Money. port aetos. BRIXHAM, Jan. 14. Yesterday it blew a very heavy gale from the N. W. the ships in the bay rode it out without sustaining the least damage.— This morning, the wind changing round to the. N. E. Sir J. T.' Duckworth, with the Royal Georce, St. George, Dreadnought, Temeraire, Neptune, . Tonnant, of tbe line, and Ann armed brig, sailed to cri^ se off Ushant. PLYMOUTH, Jan. 15. On Tuesday came in two American ships, detained by our cruizersfor \ breach ot blockade. " " i On Wednesday arrived the Alexandria, of 38 gdns, from Portsmouth.— A French lugger, laden with rye, taken by the Aig! e,, of 36 gun*.— Maty, Capt. -, from Alexandria, with tobacco, detained by the Lively privateer.— Nemesis, of 32 ® ujis, from Cork, with several transports.— The Portuguese ship Ulysses, from Rio Janeiro, with sugar, coffee,' in Jl hides, detained- by Sir Sidney Smith's squadron. On Thursday arrived the. Sybille, of 35, guns, from the eastward.;— Jane, Capt. Bourn, from Boston, with sugar and coffee.— Surly, of 14 guns, from Guernsey.— Frolic, Peacock, and Alacrity, of 18 guns, froni a cruize. Tbis. day ( Friday) sailed the Joseph cutter, with a fleet for the Bristol Channel.— Fortimee, of 38 guns, for Cork. The Ulysses, from the Brazils, is on shore in Catwater, and-' her cargo will be tnucli damaged. PORTSMOUTH, Jan. 16. The Campion armed cutter arrived at St. Helen's on Monday, from Buenos Ayres, having on board the Officers who were left as hostages witlj the Spaniards. The Salsette frigate, built in Bengal, arrived on Thursday from Madras, with Lord William Bentinck, the late Governor of Fort St. George, on board as a passenger. Rear- Admiral . Murray arrived yesterday', with his squadron, ' from the River Piote, last from Cork. Monday— Arrived the Cumberland, of; 74 guns, Hon. Capt. Wodehouse ; Lion, of 64, Capt. Rolles ; Halifax sloop, Capt. Townshend ; Paulina sloop, ' Capt. Lumley ; and Cyane, of 22 guns, C'apf. Staines, from the Downs ; Sylvia cutter, from Cork; Alphea cutter, from New- foundland J and'Dapper guir. vessel.. Sailed the Brilliant, of 28 guns, Capt. Smith. - Tuesday— Arrived . the Baracouta and Eclipse sloops, from the Downs.— Sailed'the Halifax sloop, for Plytodutfc, and Hearty gun vessel.— Dropped down to St. Helen's the Niobe. frigate, Cai> t. Loring. '•' IVe'dnesday—\ rrived, the Undaunted, of 38 gun=, Capt. Mating; Goshawk sloop, Capt. Imjes; and Hyacinth sloop, Capt. Davie, from the Dowi. is. Thursday— Arrived the'Salsette frigate, from the East Indies. Friday— Arrived ;$ he Polyphemus, of 64 guns, Kear- Admiral G. Murray,.. Capt. H.- ywoo'd ; Africa, of 64 guns, Capt. Bayntun'; Daphne, of 22 ginjs, Cipt. Mann ; Fly sloop,' Protector gu; i vessel, and Flying F's'i schooner, with Transports from South America, last from C- rlc. WINCHESTER. SATL/' Ji OA Y, JANUARY 16. Last week the .' animal donation of fifty pounds, from the Right Hon. George Rose, was distributed among the indi- gent inhabitants of the bori) ugh#> f Ctjristchurch; a great relief to them at this inclement season. Lately was;, married, st' Carnarvon, Major Ire- monger, of " the SQth Fpot, eldest son of Joshua iremonger. ' Bsq. to Miss'- Pennant Thomas, youngest daughter of- Rice Thomas, Esq. of Coedhelen. , Ou the 1st instant was married, Mr. W. Iloilis, of Bishop's Stoke, to Miss Maria Wooldridge, second daughter of Mr. Wooldridge, of the same place. On Tuesday was married, at St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, Mr. T. Fisher, of Haverstock- Hill, to Miss Cooper, late of Holybourne, Hants. On the 8th inst. died, at Southampton, Edward Edwin Co'lnian, Esq.' late Lieutenant- Colonel in the 84th regiment of Foot. Lately died, « tt Parson's- Green, Middlesex, John Bettcsworth, Esq. formerly Master of the Naval Academy, Gcnport. Lately dird, at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, Mrs. Gardiner, wife of Mr. Gardiner, comedian. Lately died, aged 25 years, Mr. Win, Cheverton, of Alvington Farm, in the Isle of Wight. Lately died at Newport, Mr. Joseph Tucker, son of Mr. W. Tucker, auctioneer, of Newport. Yesterday morning died, at Foxcot, near Andover, Mr. Joseph Jennings, an opulent farmer, aged 67 years. His death was occasioned by a broken shin, which soon brought on a mortification. The Sessions for the County of Hants commenced on Monday last, before James Burrough, Esq. Chairman, and a numerous Bench of Justices. Thomas Matthews, jun. was convicted of stealing seven fowls, the property of Mr, John Rowland, of Bramshot, and sentenced to be trans- ported for seven years. At this Sessions the Rev. Francis North, Master of St. Cross ; Thomas De Grey, Archdeacon and Prebendary of Winchester Cathedral ; James Harington Evans, Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford ; Thomas Locktou, Rector of Brampton, Northamptonshire ; and Isaac Hodgson, Rector of Berwick St. I^ eonard cum Sedghill, Wilts ; John White, Esq. Deputv- Lieutenant, and Sir John Keene, Bart. Bailiff of Aldeburgh, severally took the oaths for their respective offices. SALISBURY. MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1808. FALMOUTH, Jan. 14. The Princess Mary packet arrived on Saturday last from the Windward Islands. She brings no news of importance. The Princess Amelia packet arrived on Monday from Jamaica. She is put under the restraint of quarantine, haviug lost nine of her small crew by the yellow fever. The Minotaur, of 74 guns, bearing the Hag of Sir Charles Cotton, sailed on Sunday. Her destination is not known, but she is supposed to be going to Lisbon, though report says to the Cape. " The troops under the command of General Spencer still remain here. Only one of the missing transports has joined since my last letter, The Antelope, of 50 guns, is the Commodore's ship. It now blows a very violent gale. The Danish schooner Provestun, from Plymouth, bound to London, is on shore near Pendennis Castle, and there are little hopes of her safety. The Marquis of Bath has presented the Rev. Chas. Phillot, Curate of St. Michael's Church, in Bath, to the Rectory of Kingston- Deverell, in this county, void by the death of the Rev. M. M. Jackson, D. D. The Bishop of Salisbury has collated the Rev. Mr. Rowlandson, of Hungerford, perpetual Curate of Amesbury, to the Vicarage of Warminster, also void by the death of the Rev.. Dr. Jackson. " Two loads of coals, together with bed- clothes and wearing apparel, to the value, in the whole, of nearly one hundred pounds, were last week distributed by G. Lowther, Esq. of Tilshead Lodge, among the poor of Tilshead. There was an excellent market for fit cattle at Sturminster Newton, on Thursday the 7th instant, and from the number intended for sale on Thursday next, it is expected that the market on that day will be as good as any ever held there. Lieut. H. of the Royal Lancashire Militia, who has un- dertaken, tor a considerable wager, to walk 30 mil- 8 a day for 21 days, completed his 14th day's ta k on Thurs- day last, 011 the road between Exeter and Topsliam, and appeared so alert and well in the evening, that there is little doubt of his accomplishing his undertaking, He was somewhat distressed on the second day, when high odds were laid against him ; but he has regularly walked the 30 miles every day since, apparently with very little fatigue. He is accompanied by two filers ( who are relieved at in- tervals) playing a quick march, which keeps him in a ; egu- lar pace, and is of great ' ervice to him.— Since he has commenced his task, a Gentleman's servant has betted that he would walk SO miles in 12 hours; when he had gone 34 miles, he was very faint, and on the point of giving it in; but. being encouraged by Lieut. H. to proceed, he took some refreshment, and persevered till he had walked the 50 miles in 11 hours and 35 minutes. Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, now living at Brcnton, mar Tavistock, in Devon, is in the 109ih year of her age; she has almost a new set of teeth. About 30 years since she had recourse to spectacles, but at present makes but little use of them, as she can read the smallest print with- out their assistance. She has two sons living, the eldest 85, and the youngest is only 70 years of age, but re- markably strong— he belongs to a carrier's warehouse, and lately took a case from a waggon, of nearly 3 cwt. and carried it the distance of 500 yards. On the 27th ult. died Mr. Charles Michell, a re- spegtahle farmer, of I'/ liqgton, in this county. Lately died Mr. Avery Warner, stocking- manu- facturer, of Marlborough. On J'riday se'nnight died, in the 80th year of his age, R. L. Newcombc, Esq. of Starcross, near Exeter, who served the ollice of High Sheriff of Devon in the year 1780. On Sunday the 10th inst. died, at Wilton House, near Taunton, Mrs; Pleydcll, relict of Jonathan Morton Pleydelf, Esq. On Tuesday died the Rev. George Long, one of the Priests- Vicars of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in Exeter. On Wednesday last died, at his house at Penleigh, in qonsequcnce of an apoplectic seizure, Gilbert Trmve Beckett Turner, Esq. who served the office of High Sheriff for this county in the year 17<)( i. On Thursday last died, aged 77, Mr. Adlam, of Frome. About one o'clock 011 Saturday morning last, as the stage from Bath to this city was passing a waggon about a mile on the other side of Wilton, the driver broke ground to avoid coming in contact with the waggon, and the wheels on one side suddenly dropping into a deep rut, the po > r man was thrown off among the horses, antl had one of his legs broken, near the ancie. Tbe horses were stopped, a gentleman ul'ghti d from the coach, assisted the coachman to regain the box, and took the reins to drive for him the remainder of the stage; but before he had driven far, the coachman expres - ed much anxiety lest an accident should happen to the coaeli. the road being extremely rough from the frost; to prevent which he again took the reins, and in his painful situation drove to the end of the stage, the Red Lion Inn, in tbi^ city, where he was taken off the box, and surgieal assistance called in.— The name of the coach- man is Dudley : he Lias b ' en many years well known on the road, and celebrated for his great care and attention in his business. The General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for this county were held last week at Devizes,. About ten pri- soners were tried f< r felonies, a- d seven were convicted'; but their offences were not considered of the deepest dye, ai the heaviest sentence* was three months imprisonment, which was awarded to one prisoner only ; one wa'sen- tenced to be imprisoned two months ; four to be impri- soned one mo ith ; and one to be imprisoned a fortnight only. Several iulictm rt for assaults were tried, but they were wh ) liy uninteresting to any but the parties. Crau-- bi'idg", one of the bridges over that branch of the river which se urates this city from tlie parish of Fishetton Anger, being extr* me y narrow, and much inconvenience aving resulted ther from, an indictment was preferred against the county, stating the bridge not to be of the width - required by lasv, and a conviction ensued, on which a fine of five pounds was directed to be levied. 0> i the 1 1 inst. Thomws Blackmnre, the younger, of Bradford, we ver, was convicted before a Bench of Ma- gistrates of having unlawfully purloined and embezzled a quantity if yar 1, entrusted with him by his employer to, be wove into cloth, and was sentenced to two months im- prisonment in the House of Correction at Devizes, and during that time to be once publicly whip; ed. On Friday the 8th inst. an ageil man, named Roberts, who had for a series of years been an holiest industrious labourer at Britford, near this city, destroyed himself at his cottage in that parish. On the following day an inqui- sition was taken 011 tin: body, sud it having been clearly proved to the Coroner's Jury that the unhappy old villager had been latterly in a very low desponding state of mind, they returned a verdict of Lunacy. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, per Quarter— llread, per Gallon. Barley. 32 to nr, 29 to 34 to 37 28 to 30 34 to 37 29 to 34 32 to ••!()• - 27 to 35 16 53 to 6S| 34 to 86! « H to 31 ltf 56 to 70 ! 33 to 38 29 to 34 Oats. s. s. Beans. 58 to frj 54 to 59 50 ta 00 54 to fi. l 56 lo RO • 3 to 60 Bread, s. d. Jan. Salisbury, Basingstoke, Devizes, Newbury, Andover, Warminster, Weight, of the Gallon Loaf, CU:. 11 oz.— Half Gall. 4 U\ Sjoz TICKETS and SHARES in the Seeond^ STATE 1 LOTTERY, 18D7, and the Second CITY HOUSE LOTTERY, are now s- lling bv Sir J. BRANSCOMB and Co. Proprietors of the Lucky Offices, No. 11, Holborn, 37, Cornhill, and 33, Haymarket, Piccadilly, London; and by B- C. COLLINS, SALISBURY; Where the first £. 30,000 Prize ever sold, No. 21,206, was shared; likewise, No. 12,719, the last .£'. 25,000 Priz ; and the first and only £. 40,000 ( Viz- ever known in any Stale Lottery, No. 2,570, was shared by them in the last Lottery in Sixteen Sixteenths ; and where, in the two last years' Lot- teries, the following Capitals were sold in 392 different Shares, namely :• No. 13,747, £\ 0,000 No. 16,801 ,£ 2,000 18,7 3, 10,000 21,699, 1.000 11,871, 5,000 17,477, 1,000 10,167, 5,000 3,330, 1,000 4,077, 5,000 j 15,562, 1,000 8,3 66, 5,000 5,127, 1,000 17,915, 2,000 | 9,933, 1,000 No. 2,570,£ 40,000 12,719, 25,000 2- 1,305, 7,757, - 7,636, 11,643, 9,219, 456, 20,030 20,022 20,020 20,000 20,000 20,000 Besides a great number of 5001. 1001. & c. & c. p2o SOUTHAMPTON, Jan. 15, isfos. THERE are a Number of blasters, Mates, Seamen, ahd Boys belonging to the Port of SOUTK, MPTON, now at Arras, in France, who have for a consideraole time been confined as Prisoners of War ; and it havins been ascertained from undoubted authority, that they arc in a most miserable situation, from the wry small quantity of provisions allowed them, and most part of thtm with scarce any clothing :— Therefore, in oru.- i to alleviate in som. degree their present distress, it is the wish of many of the Gentlemen, Merchants, anil Traders of this Town and Neighbourhood, that a SUB- SCRIPTION should be entered Into for the above purpose. It is to be hoped and presumed, that every one whose abilities will permit them, and who feel for the distress of those unhappy Prisoners, will contribute their assistance. The repoft of Capt. John Scott, of Jersey, lately airived from Arras, before the Right Worshipful the Mayorfrom alb. to 9lh. of Beef for 22 Men for 3 Days, and J lb. of Bread per Day for each Man. Subscriptions are received at the three Banks in South- ampton. . [" 240 THE next POOLE SUBSCRIPTION AS- SF. MBLY will be on Wednesday the 20th of January, at the Town- Hall. [ 305 RJESSETT respectfully informs the Ladies and . Gentlemen of Winchester and its vicinity, that. there will be A BALL and SUPPER, at the George Inu, on Monday January 18, 1808, in honour of her Majesty's Birth- Day. Gentlemen's Tickets.... 10s. 6rf. Ladies' Ditto 7s. 0< t QCf* To be had at the . BAR of the Inn. PIGEON SHOOTING. HP HREF, valuable PRIZES to be SHOT for ( by JL Gentlemen) at the Dolphin Inn, at Ronisey, Hants, on Monday th 18th of January 1808.— Dinner on" the Table at three o'clock. Aiso an additional PRIZE, of five guineas value, to be shot for with double- barrel guns, two Birds being let out of the box at the same time, [ 184 TO JOURNEYMEN BOUT- MAKERS. WANTED immediately,— A BOOT- MAKER. A ( rood workman may meet with employ and good wages, by applying to John Burry, bout and shoemaker, Rinirwood, Hants. MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. JOHN ELDERTON respectfully announces to his Friends and the Public, that he has commenced AUCTIONEER, and humbly solicits a share of their favors. He assures them it will Ise his study to deserve their esteem and confidence, by an uniform assiduous attention to the best interests of his employers ; and as he is enabled to dedicate the greater part of his time to thtir service, they may depend that nothing which industry and perseverance can effect shall be left unaccomplished. J. E. presumes that having had the advantage of instruction and experience with a gentleman eminent in the business, it will be considered a recommendation. [ 251 Gentlemen favoring him with their commands may be assured that it is a principle he will invariably act upon, to charge reasonably, and immediately close all sale accounts. STURMINSTER NEWTON. IT having lately been discovered, that the Shew of Cattle on a Monday, at Sturminster Newton Castle, in the county of Dorset, is illegal on that day, and from the great convenience and benefit derived from those Shews, it having been desired that ancither day mav be appointed, the Public is informed, that the SALE of CAT TLE and STOCK will in future be held on the old established Market Hay of THURS- DAY.— The'Gentlemen Farm. rs, Graziers, Contractors, and Dealers, ' are requested now to attend the Market on that day. From the. great- numbers of Cattle exhibited for Sale on every Shew D'iy since its commencement, from the numerous and respectable attendance of Purchasers, and from the as- surance of their Support, no doubt can be enter! lined but the Sale of Cattle and Stock on the Thursday will be sup- ported with the same spirit which has so long given the de- cided preference to that place ; and the Public may rely on every accommod ilioa and attention being paid to the Persons frequenting the Market.— Jan. 6, 1808. [ 137 FARMING POOR. ANY Persons desirous of CONTRACTING, for one Year, from the 1st of March next, for the MAIN- TENANCE and CLOTHING of about 100 POOR in the Workhouse of WIMBORNE, are desired to transmit their terms in writing ffree of postage) to Mr. William Fryer, one of the Churchwardens, on or before the 2d day of February next, in which terms the quantity, quality,' and kinds ef Food and Liquor to be furnished daily to each person, and also the quantity and kinds of Clothing must be specified. The Contractor will have the benefit of a large Gaiden attached to the Poor- House. References will be required to persons of resp.- ctabilitv, as to the sobriety, attention, and general good character " f the applicants, and one responsible surety at least w; ll be required for the performance of their part pf the contract. [ 246 RUMBRIDGE, Jan. 11, 1808. I F. PiEAS I am in possession of certain Articles t I belonging to DANIEL DONOVAN, late C/ erk to James Barns, of Eiing:-~ I do hereby give this'fercvious Notice, th. t unless he the said Daniel Donovan do m ke applicati in to me, and discharge my demand on him, before the 21st day of January instant, I shall dispose of the said Articles, to defray my demand on him. issj JAMES ROUT. H A Y. TO be SOLD,— About Ninety Tons of HAY, in three Ricks, standing inasmail Field, near Runaway Farm, in the parish of Hatherden. For particulars enquire of Mr. Hutchins, of Penton, near Andover. [ 191 STOCKHOLM TAR. 1VE HUNDRED BARRELS to be SOLD at PRIVATE CONTRACT. [ 234 Apply to Thomas Day, at Cowes, F BRIDPORT HARBOUR WINE VAULTS. TUST IMPORTED for SAI, E, by II. B. WAY, * J> direct from Oporto, by the brig Anue, William Bibbins, Master,— A choice Parcel of rich his; h- flavoured OLD POUT WINE, in pipes and hogsheads. — He has also for Sale a large Stock of his BOTTLED PORT, old in bottle, in six dozen esses, which has met with such general approbation ; and his Cellars are well stocked with Sherry, Paxarete, White Port, Bucellas, Calcavellas, Lisbon, Vidon'a, Mountain, Madeira, Vin de Grave, Old Hock, Claret, See. & c.- of the very first flavour and quality; all of which he sells on reasonable terms. BRIDPORT, Sept. 9, 1807. [ 3152 BULL INN, BRIDPORT, DORSET. rj~, HOMAS FISH embraces the earliest opportunity I of returning his sincere and grateful acknowledgments to the Nobility, Gentry, Commercial Travellers, and Friends of his late Mother, MARY FISH, deceased, for the many favours conferred 011 her by them. He, at tiie same time, begs leave to inform them, that he intends carrying on the business of the Inn, and that by punctual ty and a strict attention to their accommodation and comfort ( which it sh ,11 be his constant study to promote) he hopes to merit a con- tinuance of their patronage and support. November 2- 1-, 1S07. [ 3 LINEN- DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, and HOSIERY. ENKlNS and KING, of Neut Bond- street, L011- d n, most respectfully beg leave to inform the Ladies of Salisbury and its vicinity," that th. y have TAKEN A SHOP on the NEW CANAL, adjoining the Printing Offi; e, which they intend to open early in the ensuing Spring, with an ex- tensive and fashionable assortment of articles in the above branches. . [ 213 A LICE LAINSON, widow of John Lainson, late \ of Lyndhurst, in the county of Southampton, Brewer, deceased, impressed with gratitude to her friends for favours conferred on her late husband, begs leave to inform them and the public that she intends carrying on the BREWING and MALTING BUSINESS, and hopes, by strict attention, to. merit their future countenance ana support. All Persons having any Demands on the late J. Lainson, are requested to transmit rlvir Accounts to his Widow, to Mr. Thos. Neale, of Lyndhurst, or Mr. H. Co'. e, of Eflf'ord Farm, Executors and Executr x, in order to their being discharged ; and all Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of the de- ceased, are requested to pay their respective Debts without delay. LYNDHURST, Jan. II, lsos. [ 86 SOUTHAMPTON! NPEGI. ER, Gun and Pistol- Maker, impressed • with gratitude for the patronage be has experienced fro n his friends in tbe above line, most respectfully solicits a continuance' of their favours ; and begs leave to inform them he is removed to the shop of the late M. MACKLIN, Silversmith and Jeweller, No. 151, opposite the Star Inn, High- street, where sportsmen may be accommodated with every article for shooting. In addition to his business he has just received from the first manufactories in London a fashion- able selection of Silver and Plated Goods, Jewellery, Fancy Articles, Cutlery, Src. & c. Having a competent knowledge of the various branches, he is, enabled to render every article in quality and on terms equal to any house in the kingdom, and assures them, it will be his study to merit the favours he solicits, in executing oru- ers with punctuality and dispatch. N, B.— Every articlo i, i the Jewellery, Hair, and Fancy Lines repaired, and ears, pierced 011 an improved principle. Full value given for Gold, Silver, Foreign Coins, Lace, & c. & c. Engraving. [ 46 PORTSMOUTH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Star and Garter Tavern, on Wednesday the 20th of January, 1808, at noon,— 130 Chests and Boxes of Lemons and Oranges 100 Baskets of Portugal Onions 3 Jars of Grapes 45' Two and a half- inch Deals, 20 feet long 50 D, tto, of different lengths 18 Coils of Cordage, ti to 3 inches in girth Catalogues may be had and the Goods viewed, three days previous to the sale, by application at the Counting- house of DAY AND PHILLIPS, 217] Near the Platform, Portsmouth. ANDOVER, HANTS, npo be SOLD by AUC TION, by T. RAWLIN- S, JL at the Upper Angel Inn, in Andover, on Thursday the 21st of January 1808,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, & c. of a Gentleman in the neighbourhood, ( which for convenience of sale will be removed to the above Inn) ; comprizing handsome four post miihogany fluted and other bedsteads, with neat cotton furniture, feather- beds, mattresses, good blankets, & c. mahogany bureaus, excellent eight- day clock, pier glasses in gilt frames, prints, china and glass, plated cruet stand with cruets, tea urns, Bath stoves, Kidder- minster carpets, mahogany dumb waiter, tables and chairs, bason stands, night stools, & c. kitchen requisites, good dresser, large scales and weights, iron- bound casks, coolers, washing tubs, tic. a strong cart almost new, with harness compleat; a neat taxed cart, and numerous other articles. Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 203 I1ARBRIDGE, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Crown Inn, in Ringwood, on Wednesday the 3d of February 1808, at three o'clock in the afternoon, The under- mentioned PREMISES- situate at Harbridge, between Ringwood and Fordingbridge. Lot 1.— A POTTERY, with the Kiln, Sheds, Offices, and Yard belonging to the same, now lett to Messrs. Harvey and Hart, at £. 18 per annum. Lot 2 — The ISLANDS, and a Plot called Peak, by estimation 4 acres. Lot 3.— In Harbridge Meadow, 1 acre 2 roods. N. B. The above premises are held for the remainder of a term of 99 years, of which about 50 years are unexpired. Lot 4.— A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, Barn, Stable, Yard, Garden, Orchard, and about 20 acres of rich Arable, Mea- dow, and Pasture Land, held on one life, aged 40 years, in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Ballard. The respective tenants will shew the, premises; and further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Baldwin, ' Ringwood, Hants. [ 224 TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the 20th day of January, 1808, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, ai the George Inn, at Amesbury,— A large quantity of very useful and valuable TIMBER ; consisting of Beech, Fir, Elm, Lime, Walnut, Ash, Arbieal, Sycamore, Alder, & c. & c. part of which is Of large dimensions, and is now lying at Amesbury aforesaid. The above Timber is well worth the attention of dealers, carpenters, wheelwrights, & c. and will be put up in small lots, for the accommodation of purchasers. Further particulars may be known by application to Messrs. Hodding, in Salisbury ( if bv letter, post paid); and a view of the Timber and Lots may be had by application to Mr. John Osgood, at Amesbury. [ JIQ SAI ISBURY TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday next. in Silver- street, A valuable Collection of BOOKS, about 170 volumes;— amongst which are a very curious and scarce folio edition of Don Quixote, by Shelton, 1675 ; a very rare work of Modern Eurdpe, beginning with the first year of the last century and continued to 17i4, all ever pub- lished, in 14 octavo volumes ;— also, the Historical Register, serving as a continuation of the above, in 21 vols, compkt ng the History of Europe down to the year 1730;— a 4to edition of the original pleading in the affair of Count Cagliostro, the Qu een ot France, and the Cardinal de Rohan, respecting the celebrated diamond necklace;— Monthly Mercury;— a 4to volume of very scarce Newspapers, for the year 17- 20, very handsomely bound ;— Plutarch's Lives;— folio edition of Lock's Essays;— Bell's editions of Young's, Addison's, sud P > pe's works ;— Theobald's Shakespear ;— Voltaire's Univer- sal History ;— Aberuethy's Sermons;— and a- very valuable selection of French books. *** The sale to begin precisely at eleven o'clock in the morning. . OIL MILLS. LYME, DORSET. TO be DISPOSED OF im; nedi iteiy,—' The Re- mainder of a Term in the ab v well- established Mills, togeth r with the Stock of Linseed, Oil, Cakes', & c. . in hand. For particulars applv to Mr. Drayton, of Lvm • afnr said. N. B.— The said Mills are remarkably well situated for a supply of English Linseed, a large quantity of which is gr in in that neighbourhood ev ry year ; and having a con- stant and go > d supply of water, as well as every convenience, render them pe - uliarly advantageous. They would not have been, offered to the pu'dic if the pre- sent occupier was not about to engage in more extensive concerns. 15148 FREEHOLD VI\ NOR AND FARM, TITHE- FREE. TO be SOLD CHEAP,— The MANOR and ESTATE of WOODCOTT, in Hampshire, situate five miles from Whitchurch, eight miles from Andover, and tight from Newbury. The Farm conta ns about - one thousand acres, with Farm- house, Cottages, and all requisite build ngs, and free from all kinds of tithe: lett under an agreement for a term ( ten years of which were unexpired at Mich lelm s last) to a respectable tenant, who would gladly renew the term. The price 30 years purchase, at the pr- sent rent, including the Timber on the Estate, of the value of upwards of fifteen hundred pounds. For particulars aril to treat for the purchase application may be made to. Mr. Holding, at KingscLre; and Robut Co per, at Woodcott, will shew the Land. [ 82 TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— LYDDINGTON or STEPHENS DOWN RABBIT WARREN, situate near Aldbourne, in the county of Wilts, and which has been long and justly celebrated for its Rabbits. It consists of a neat and convenient Messuage, with a Barn, Yard, Stablj, and Outhouses, in excellent repair fa very con- siderable sum having been lately expended upon them), about ' 50 acres of arable and pasture- Land, and about 550 acres used as the Wirren, and now in the oceup . tion of Mr. J. Kent. Fir price, and particulars apply at ihc Office of Guv and Mchell, Chippenham; if by letter, postpaid. [- 3 DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A neat Sashed and Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, with a willed- 11 Garden adjoining; also aM. lt House near the same, that will work 20 quart rs per week: the premises are Lease- hold, and pleisantly situate in the parish of BlandforlSt. Mary, near the. turnpike. road leading to Pojite. [ 187 Further particulars may be known ' by letters, free 0f postage) of Mr. Thos. Brine, Blandforil St. M rv aforesa 1. DAIRY FARM, WILTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A most desireable and compact DAIRY FAR M, si'uats at SSdghill, near Shaftesbury ; comprising- a very good substan- tial roomy dwelling- house, lanre brigk barn, stall- house and. granary, with every oth r convenience of eut- buildings, all in complete repair; and 4H. acr. s lor thereabouts) <.;' ric. v pasture and meadow land; three acres of which, corn juous to the house, are planted with fine you. ig fruit trees, oi the choicest sorts. For'a view of the est tc applv to Farmer Pond, the tenant; and for further oarticul . rs to Mr. Buckland, solicit ir, Shaftes- bury. — N. B. The land- tax is redeemed, and possession may be had at Lady- day next. [ 193 } 7 » OR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT.— A substantial modern well- bu It DWELLING- HOUSE, with excellent commodious Offices, spacious arc : ed Cellars and Vaults, a walied- in Garden, Brew- hous , Coa h- house, and three- stalled Stable, pleasantly situated in Saint Pet. r' - street, Winchester.—' The pretnis s are in very Complete repair, and early possession may be had ; nd are held partly by lease under Magdalen Hospital, for 40 years r newable evety 11 years, under a quit rent of 7s. oer annum, 30 years of which ter n were unexpired at Michaelmas last, and partly by lease und - r the Dean and Chapter of Winchest. r, fi r 30 years renewable every 10 years, under a quit r, nt if Is. 8d. per annum, 23 years of which term were unexpired at Mi- chaelmas last.— The Land Tax redeemed. For further particulars apply to Mr. Ridding, solicitor, Winchester. [ 907 ~ ROMSEY. TO be LETT, and entered npon nt Ladv- day next, for a term of year-;,— A commodious DWELj LING- HOUSE; consisting of a drawinr r om, two parlours, five bed- rooms, kitchen, and suitable offices; with chaise- house and stable, garden and green- house; Also,— To b; LE IT with the above, or separate,— A COT- TAGE and STOREHOUSE, adjoining the garden. For further particu'. ars application to be. made to Mr. R. Wake, the proprietor; if by letter, post paid. N. B.— R. W. begs leave to inform the inhabitants of Rom- sey and its vicinity, that he is selling off his stock of Candles, at a reduced price. [ 231 HANTS. ™ TO be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- day next, All that capital Mansion called LAINSTON- HOUSE, with the Courts, Yards, wall d Gardens, Orch rd, Dog- kennel, triple Coach- house, excellent Stabling for 20 horses, Dove- cote, and every necessary attached and de- tached office and building; together with 112 acres of in- closed arable and pasture land ( tythe free) adjoii. ing and lying in a ring fence round the mansion. The above capital residence is delightfully situated on an eminence ( but will shelt. red), near the Stockbridge turnpike road, three miles west of Winchester, is perfectly dry and in complete repair, fit for the reception and genteel accommo- dation of a large family, and has for many years past been in the occupation of George Wm. Ricketts, Esq. mission the same may be viewed. by whose per- A part of the present cl » gant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE may be t iken at a valuation. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury; if by letter post- paid. [ 1047 SARUMTND EALING TURNPIKE. WHEREAS in pursuance of the Notices given in the mann r directed by the Act, passed in the ' 3th year of the reign of his present M oe. sty," Ua regulating Turn- pike Roads,", the Tolls ar sing at the s veral Toll- Gates erected upon this Tump ke were put up to Auction, in two lots, to be lett to the best bidder, on Friday the 1.0th day of January, at the several sums the said Tolls produced the last y • r. but no bidder offer d for one of tbe said lots, viz for the Tolls of Petersfinger Gate, Earld m Gate, Totton Gate, and Lynd- hurst Gate :— Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said TOLLS arising at the said Gates, call d Pit r- fing. r Gate, Earldom Gate, Totton Gate, and Lyndhurst Gate, will be again put up to be LE TT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of Joa him Hibberd, known by the name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sarum, on Friday the 19th day of February next, between the hours of eleven and two o'clock, in the manner directed by the hefore- mentionee Act, and will then be put up at the reduced s im of One Thousand One Hundred and Five Pounds for the year, to be computed from the 2d day of February next, antyhe renter is to receive of the present collector the Tolls from that time till the 21st day of February next, when the rent r is to be put into possession of the said Toll Gates and receipt of the Tolls, and commence the collection thereof on that day. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of ihe rent agreed for, and at such times is they shall direct. W. BOUCHER, Clerk and Treasurer. SARUM, Jan. 16, 1808. [ 260 PIUNTED AND PUBLISHED BY B. C. COLLINS, AT HIS PRINTING- OFFICE, ON THE CANAL, SALISBURY ; If here Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid.) AUn by the PF. INTEKS ar, d EOOK0EILERS in the West of England j by the revive NfiWSMEP; and in Loudon by Messrs. TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane. New, atc- Si ~ » i. ^ „%. WILKIE. Bookseller. PaUmoster- Row. fit. toO*.
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