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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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£ 2- 2 ECCLESIASTICAL REPORTS, fx l S 0 7, [ Lifuiore. No. i. ( continued)— D 1 O C E S E i. r Number of Benefices. Q Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Distance from each other ; and Estimated Extent of such as are contiguous. INCUMB E N T 3, Whether having Cure of Souls; Whfere Refident ; if non- Refident, what Caufs; and hv whom the Duties are performed. 3- BENEFICES; When United, and hy what Authority. Deanery of LISMORE. Tubrid Rectory. The Corps of the Deanery. Revd John Scott. It is alleged that the Dean of Lismore has not cure of souls; but the charter of the Deanery, which is a Peculiar, as well as every thing relating to the Cathedral of Lismore, is lost; and no document whatsoever con cerning this establishment is forthcoming. The Dean resides in the parish of Lismore, within half a mile of the Cathedral. Union of LISMORE. Lismore - - - - — - . _ - . Vicarage. Macollop D° These parishes are contiguous. The esti- mated extent of each I cannot find out; but I conceive them to be very large. 1. 2. Union of LISMORE. Lismore — Rectory. Macollop D° These parishes are contiguous. The five Vicars Choral of Lis- more: they are alleged to have the cure of souls, and they do not dispute it; but, for the want of the charter, this, as well as many other things concerning the establishment of this Cathedral, cannot be ascer- tained. One of the Vicars Choral always refides in Lismore, and per- forms the duties. The oeconomy of the Cathedral of Lismore. United time out of mind; probably at the first establishment of the Cathedral. D° Chaunter of LISMORE. Ardmore - - Rectory. This Rectory is the Corps of the Chaun- tership. Ardmore Vicarage. Ballymacart - D° Rinagona - _ . . . — - D° These parishes are contiguous. I cannot find out the extent of each : it must be very great; but they are in great part moun- tainous, uncultivated, and uninhibited. Revd Ponsonby May Carew has cure of souls; resides in the glebe house at Ardmore, and per- forms the duties himself. The three Vicarages were episcopally united in the year 1791 ; and were episcopally united to the Rectory in the year 1797. Chancellor if LISMORE. Derrygoath - - -- -- -- -- - Rectory. The Corps of the Chancellorship. Revd John Cleland ; has not cure of souls ; does not reside, it being a perfect sinecure. His preaching- turns in the Cathedral of Lismore performed by a substitute. Treasurer of LISMORE. Newcastle - -- -- -- -- -- Rectory. Tulloghmeelan - - Entire Rectory. tHe Corps of the Treasurership. These parishes are not contiguous, being divided from each other about 3 quarters of i mile, by a small parish called Mullagh; which is as frequently called a particle of Tulloghmeelan parish as it i< a parish itself. Newcastle parish contains about 1.607 aCres. Tullog1 meelan parifh contains about acres. Revd Dr. Charles Tucky; has cure of souls; resides on the bor- ders of his Benefice of Shanrahan, which he holds with this by Fa- culty, and where he performs all Cathedral of Lismore. is own duties. The duties per ' crmcd by a Curate. The Corps of the Treasurership, and pro- bably united at the tim" of the establishment of the Lifmove.] FOR Province of M U sr'sTER. OF LISMORE. 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in what Parifli they ftand. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what Parifh ;— What Glebe Lands ;— Whether contiguous ; or how far removed from each other, an J from the Church, or Site of the old Clnirch. 6. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted non- Refulence of the Incumbent, whether Refident or not. j 7- LIVINGS of a Value too fmnll" to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. The Cathedral of Lif- more in indifferent re- pair; but about to un- dergo a thorough reno- vation. No Glebe Houfe. Glebe Lands: A. R. p. Deanery Land in the parilh of 7 Lifmore - I } 469 2 2 A fpot of land in the parilh of ^ ^ Lifmore, on which the ruins of a > , deanery houfe ftand. ) perches. Thefe lands are not contiguous. Tubrid Glebe is very near Tubrid Church, and 12 miles from Lifmore Cathedral, and about 14 miles from Deanery Land, which is near 2 miles from the Cathedral of Lifmore. The Preacher who preaches the turns of the Dean and Chapter cf Lifmore, in the Cathedral of Lifmore, has a falary of fifty guineas per anu. He re ( ides in Lifmore. One Cathedral at Lif- more. In fuch a union there ought at leaft to be two Churches. No Glebe Houfe or Lands. The Vicars Choral pay that one of themfelves, who performs the duries a falary of 50. per ann. He re- fides ia Lifmore. No Glebe Hcufe or Lands. No Curate. One Church in the parilh o| Ardmore, in repair. A Glebe Houfe, in the parilh of Ardmore. Glebe Lands belonging to the Chaunter : A. R. P. In Lifmore - -- -- -- -- - 18 0 0 Glebe Lands belonging to the Vi- carages : In Ardmore 8 0 0 In Ballymacart; in poffefiion of) g which the prefent Vicar never was 3 In Rinagona ---------- 1 2 0 Ardmore Glebes very near the Church of Ardmore, and about fifteen miles from Lifmore Glebe. Ballvmacart Glebe rear the fite of the old church of Ballymacart. Rinagona Glebe is very diftant from all the other glebes, and joins the fite of the old church of Rinagona. No Curate. No Church. No Glebe Houfe or Lands. No Curate. One Church in the pa- • ilhof Tulloghmeelan, in - epair. No Glebe Houfe. A. R. P. Glebe Lands. At Newcaftle - - 15 0 24 At Tulloghmeelan ------ - n 019 Land at Lifmore ------.- 72 115 Newcaflle Glebe is, I believe, within 2 niiie.' of Tulloghmeelan Glebe ; and both are 8 or 9 miles from Lifmore Land. Tulloghmeelan Glebe .5 half a mile from the church. Newcalile Glebe is 1 mile fiom the fite of the old church of New- aitle. Curate's falary £. 50. per inn. He refides in Clonmell, being the nearefl place where l refidence could be had About three miles from the Church.
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