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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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! 20 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , IN 1 8 0 7, [ Waterford & DIOCESE OF WATERFORD. GENERAL OBSERVATIONS: Containing ANSWERS to Query the xft. Se&. 6th.; Queries 3d, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th ;— all the other Queries being anftvered in the Columns. Query ift. Sett. 6th. IN my opinion, the Entire Reftories of Crooke, Kilcofs, Kil. St. Nicholas, and Faithleg, ought to be perpetually united ; aiid there was a Glebe Iloufe built oil this Benefice, it would be well arranged. The Entire Reftory of Corbally, and the Vicarages of Killea, Rathmoylan, and Kiiniacoomb, ought to be perpetually united, and a Church and a Glebe Iloufe built at Killea. The Crown is the patron of Killea and Rathmoylan ; the Biihop, of Corbally and Kilmacoomb. The Entire Redtories of Kil. St. Lawrence and Kilhire, and the Vicarages of Ballygunner and Ballynakill, ought to be perpetu- ally united. A Church and Glebe Houfe ought to be built at Ballygunner. Drumcannon Entire Redtory ought to be united perpetually to Kilmacleague Vicarage. The Vicarages of Kilmeaden and Reifk, though there is a Pariih intervening, I think ought to be perpetually united; Reifk Vicarage is of much too fmall value alone to afford comfort to the Incumbent, and cannot well be added to any contiguous Paiifh, they all being the corps of fome of the Chapter, or belonging to another Diocefe; they are not above one mile difhnt from each other. The Entire Reftories of Kilronan and Killoteran J think ought to be perpetually united, though the Pariih of Kilburne intervenes, and divides them about three quarters of a mile ; but Kilronan is infinitely cf too fmall value • alone to afford comfort to the Incumbent, and cannot well be united to any contiguous Pari( li, they being all the corps of fome of the Chapter. The Glebe at Kilronan ought to be exchanged for one near Killo- teran Church, it being in a very inconvenient place for the refidence of a Clergyman. Kilbarry Entire Reflory is impropriate ; it would be alone of too fmall value to afford comfort to the Incumbent; I fhould recommend ( if poflible) that it fhould be perpetually united to the Archdeaconry which joins it, and which I conceive is of too fmall value by itfelf to afford comfort to the Incumbent. All the other Parifhes in this Diocefe are either the corps of the Deanery or fome of the Chapter, or the Archdeaconry, or the ceconomy of the Cathedral. If the foregoing alterations were to take place in this Diocefe I think it would be very properly arranged; I have recommend- ed perpetual Unions, in order to facilitate the building of fuita- ble Glebe Houles, and, fhould it be confidered expedient at any future period, they may be diffolved by the feme authority which unites them. Query 3d. I HAVE in the Columnsanfwered this Query with regard to the Livings in this Diocefe, as they now fhwd united; but, fhould fuch Unions and diftribution of Parifhes take place as I have recommended, the following will be of too fmall value to afford to each Incumbent the means of comfort, and the bell mode of improving their condition. The union of Killea which I have recommended, would, I conceive, be of too fmall value to afford comfort to the Incumbent, but may eafily be improved by the purchafe of additional Glebe Land, and by the purchafe of the Reflorial Tytlies of Killea and Rathmoylan. The Union of Ballygunner which I have recommended, would, I apprehend, be confiderably of too fmall value to afford comfort to the Incumbent, and can be improved alone by the porchafe of Glebe Lands ;— the Re& orial Tythes of Bally- gunner and Ballynakil being part of the common eftate of the Dean and Chapter. Query 5th. I HAVE, as yet, never experienced any difficulty in obtaining the Residence of the Clergy of this Diocese; I do not feel myfelf entirely competent to give an anfwer to that part of this Query, which relates to the powers which now exift of enforcing Refi- dence ; and I must beg leave to refer to my Metropolitan, and to those Most Reverend and Right Reverend Prelates, wliofa experience and ability better qualify them to suggest what it may be necessary ( if any thing should be so) to recommend to the Legislature to provide for that purpose. Query 6th. For an answer to this Query, I beg leave to refer to the fam ® much more competent judges. Query 7th. TF improper perpetual Unions are not fufnciently guarded againfl by the laws now in being ( which make it neceffary that every perpetual Union fhould be recommended by the Bifnop of the Diocefe, with the confent of the Incumbent and Archbifliop of the Province, to the Lord Lieutenant and Privy Council, who are alone competent to grant it) I am at a lofs to know what Regulations to recommend to be eft^ bliflied to provide for that purpofe. The Laws new in being, I conceive, are fully adequate to prevent Epifcopal Unions being improperly made. Should it be neceffary to eftablifh any further Regulations than what the- Laws at prefent provide, to preferve Churches and Glebe Houfes from dilapidation, when there are more than one in the United Parifhes, I mufl: refer in like manner as in Queries the 5th ami 6th, for what is bed to be recommended. w Query 8th. WERE the Unions of Parifhes well arranged; were there a Church, Glebe Land, and a Glebe Houfe, upon each Benefice; and were the Clergy to reside in their Glebe Hcufes, I do not think the Church of Ireland would stand in need cf any further improvement or support. But these Queries having been put to all the Archbishops and Bishops upon the Bench, I submit with entire deference to their much better opinion and advice upon this laft Query, as well as upon them all. I have endeavoured to convey the fullest information concern- ing the actual state of this Diocese ; I fear, however, that very much of what I have written must require explanation, which' couid not easily be made on paper. POWER Waterford W Lismore January 7th, 1807. ih Lisimore. FOR PROVINCE OF MUNSTER. — No. 1.— continued.. DIOCESE OF LISMORE.
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