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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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lS2 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , I N 1 8 0 7, [ Leighlin & > i No. 4.— DIOCESE Number of Benefices. Total 62. N° 1. One only. Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Diftance from each oilier ; and the eftimated Extent of fuch as are contiguous. Fartagh, Rectory and Vicarage. 2. Eleven. Union of Aghour; consisting of the Pre- bend or Prebendal Church of Aghour; Rec- tory and Vicarage Clomanta; Rectory and Vicarage of Kilrush ; Rectories— Clashacrow, Rathbeagh, and the Vicarages of Tubrid bretani, Sheffin, Clontubrid, Coolcashin, Bal- lynemara, and Ballylarkin. They are conti- guous to each other, the average extent o! each is about a mile long and half a mile wide Three. Ore only. One only. One only. One only. One only. Attier, Attanagh ; and Aharney Rectories. Union of Attanagh ; consisting of the Vi carages of Attier, Attanagh and Aharney anc he Rectory and Vicarage of Kilmenan. The parishes all join. Rosconnel Rectory. Seirkyran Rectory and Vicarage; about 2 nileswide and long. OfFerelane Rectory ami Vicarage ; about 9 miles in length and the same in breadth. INCUMBENTS, Whether having Cure of Souls ; whether Refident; if Non- Refident, for what Caufe; and by Whom the Duties are difcharged." Revd John Pick, Rector and Vicar; has cure of souls within : he Parish; resides in the parish. Rev, Jas Meara, Rector and Vicar; there is a cure of souls in all parts of this Union; re- sides in the glebe house; Incum- bent and a resident Curate dif- : har< re the duties. Revd Thos Franklin, Rector; this answered by the following ; the Vicar being endowed under him. Revd Frans Law, Vicar; the In cumbent has cure of souls in al! carts of this benefice. Revd Chambn Walker, Rector ; Incumbent has cure of souls in all parts of this parish; resides in the Glebe House in the parish of Ros- connel. Revd Mathw Wood, Vicar ; In- cumbent has cure of souls in all parts of this parish; resides within a quarter of a mile of the parifh. BENEFICES, When United, and by what Authority. Immemorially united to the Prebend of Agh- our ; the Vicarages of Sheffin, Clontubrid, Cool- cafhin, Ballylarkin, and Ballynemara, have for the last century been epis- opally united. Cannot say when united Attanagh and Aharney united by Act of Council, and Kilmenan episcopally. No Union. No Union. Dean and Chaptr of St Cania, Rectors; Revd Saml Murphy, Vicar; Incumbent has cure of souls in all parts of his benefice ; resides in the parish. Aghavoe Rectory and Vicarage long and three broad. 8 miles Skeirke Rectory and 1,500 acres in the Parish. Vicarage; about HonbIe and Revd Jos Bourke, Rector ; Revd John Morris, Vicar ; Incumbent has cure of souls in all parts of this benefice; resides in Wales by permission of the late Bishop, for the benefit of his health; duties discharged by the Revd Tho Jackson, Curate. Revd James Rogers, Vicar; In- cumbent has cure of souls in all parts of the parish. Not resident; could not obtain a residence; duties discharged by a Curate. No Union. No Union. No Union. DfTory.] • s? roit PROVINCE OF LEINSTER. ' V OF OSSORY. 4- Number of CH U RCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which Parifhei they ftand. Church, in the parifb. 5- GLEBE HOUSE ; In what Parifh j— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous; or how far removed from each other, and the Church, or Site of old Church. No Glebe. No Glebe Houfe. Church, in the Prebend of Aghour. 6. CURATES Salaries in Cafes r. f permitted Noil- Refidence of the Incumbents, and whether Refident or not. No Curate. No Church. One Church, in Parilh of Aitanagh. the Church, a ruin upward of IOO years, in the pa- rifh of Rofconnel. A Glebe of 12 acres - - - at Clomanta. D' - - — 25- Rathbeagh. D" 3-.-.-.. Tubridbretani. D° 1 on the Prebend. None are contiguous to each other; are diftant from the exifting church, and from each other from 2 to 3 miles. Glebe Houfe in the rectory ot Clafliacrow, in excellent order. One lelident Curate; with a Salary of £. 75. per annum No Glebe. No Glebe Houfe. A Glebe in the Parifh of Attanagh, containing A. R. P. . 42, z- 25- Glebe all within one fence, and joins th? church- yard : Glebe Houfein Attanagh, in perfedt repair Glebe Houfe in the parifh of Rofconnel 111 ^ ood repair; about 90 acres of Glebe, all conti guous : o each other, and to the fite of the > ld church. Church in the parifh, in good repair. No Glebe Houfe. About 40 acres of Glebe Land in the hands of the Impropriator. Church in th- parifh, in tolerable good repair. Church in the pirifh, in tolerable good repair. No Glebe Houfe; between 260 and 270 acres of Gleb- Land ; iheyare all contiguous, and come clofely up to the fue of the church. LIVINGS of a Value too finall to afford Comfort to the Incumbents. No Curate. No AfMant Curate. No Curate. None of the Pa- rifhes feparate, are Sufficient to thecom-. fortable fupport of a Clergyman. Too fmall to af- ford comfort to the Incumbent. No Curate. Whillt the Vicar was non- refident, he paid at the rate of 90. per annum to a Curate. No Glebe Houfe ; 182 acres of Glebe Land in 2 places, about 2 miles diltant from cach other; dillant from the church 1 mile. One refident Curate, with an allowance of£- 75. per annum. Church in the parifh. in good repair. No Glebe Houfe ; Glebe of 109 acres about l of a mile diltant from each other, contiguous to the church. Too fma'. l Co afford com- fort to the Incumbent. Under orders to build fince the laft V'ifnation, held 17th Sept. 1806. D° A Hcenfcd Curate, at the falary of 90 per annum. - - - D1 > it « f I ' I f I
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