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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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2.6 ECCLESIASTICAL REPORT OF THE I_ Raphoe. GENERAL OBSERVATIONS: Containing, ANSWERS to such QUERIES as relate to Matters of Opinion; all the other Queries being answered in the Columns. Query. - WHAT Livings are in the different Dioceses, of a value too small to afford to resident Incumbents the means of Comfort, and by what mode may the condition of each be most improved ? Answer.— Every Living in this Diocese exceeds the value of One Hundred pounds per ann.; and the three smallest: of them have been endowed with Episcopal grants of Glebes of forty acres, with one exception— the parish of Letter M'Ward, part of the corps of the Deanery, which has no Glebe. Query — WHAT is the best mode of remedying the evil in each particular case of Non- residence ? Answer.— The cases of Non- residence in this Diocese are confined to those only who have other Benefices, which they hold by Faculty; except the single instance of the Vicar of Donegall, who is permitted to live in his father's house, which is convenient to the parish. As long, therefore, as Faculties are permitted, it does not appear that there are any cases in this Diocese which require particular remedy. Query.— WHAT are the Powers which now exift of enforcing Refidence, or which it may be necessary to recommend to the Legislature to provide for that purpofe? Answer.— It is understood that the Bishop may deprive for Non- refidence : but recent experience has shewn that the process is expensive, tedious, and uncertain. It should fe. em advifable, that the Legislature should provide some more summary way of enforcing Residence. Query.— WHAT is the best mode of applying such Funds as are now applicable, or hereafter may become so, to the purpose of building or repairing of Churches or Glebe Houses, or the improvement of Glebes or otherwise ? Answer— The mode which the Board of First Fruits has adopted, bv lending out money to be repaid by instalments and so forth, seems likely to be attended with beneficial efFects, and perhaps it would be advisable to adopt the same mode for building or repairing of Churches. Query.— WHAT Regulations appear to be proper to be established by Law, or otherwise, to prevent Unions, perpetual or Episcopal, from being henceforth improperly made, and to prevent Churches and Glebe Houses from dilapidation, when there are more than one in the United Parishes? Query.— WHAT can be suggested, in addition to the foregoing, for the improvement, protection, and support of the Church in Ireland. Answer.— I dare not venture on giving an answer to these two Queries, and it might appear gross presumption to offer any opinion or advice of mine to these high Personages, who, under His Majesty's paternal and anxious care and direction, have it in particular charge to promote the welfare of the Church in Ireland, and to remedy those evils under which, at present, it unfortunately labours. i To Their pious zeal and wisdom, therefore, in this great and good work, I respectfully submit such Facts only, re-> specting the Diocese of Raphoe, as might not otherwise have come to their knowledge. R aphoe, October 20th, 1806. ( Signed) JAMES Raphoe, — v 3.- DIOCESE OF CLOGHER.
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