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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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I JO E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , IN 1 8 0 7, [ Leighlin & No. 3.— D I O C E S E I I 1. Number of' Benefices. I. Names <> f BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS! Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Dillance from each other; and the eftimated Extent of ( uch as are contiguous. Kilmakew - - Rectory Corps of the Kilcavan - - - Rectory Deanery of Kilmaclogue - Rectory Ferns. Contiguous ; of irregular form ; con- taining about 10,000 acres. Maglass - Rectory ; a Parish at the distance of 20 miles, from whence the Dean derives Tythes; an endowed Vicarage. Templeshambo - -- -- -- -- Rectory. Corps of a Prebend in Cathedral of Ferns. Union of KILSCORAN. Corps of Chancellorshipin Diocese of Ferns, Tacumshane - - . - Rectory & Vicarage. Rosslare - Rectory & Vicarage. Kilscoran ----- Rectory. Ballymore - « - - - Rectory. Killilane Rectory. Kilrane ------- Vicarage. St. Margaret's - - - Impropriate Cure of. All contiguous: Acres 7,243 ; estimated extent 5 miles by 4. Union of LESKINFIER. Corps of Treasurership in Cathedral of Diocese of Ferns. Leskinfier ---------- - Rectory. Ballicanew Rectory. Monmolin Rectory. Kiltrisk Rectory. They are contiguous.— Estimated extent 7,900 acres. Union of ADAMSTOWN. Corps of the Archdeaconry of Ferns. Adamstown - - - - Rectory.") ^ Newbawn Rectory. \ Co" t> guous Extent in Cc^ Books, 9,000 acres. I. 1. Kilrane Rectory. Corps of the Prebend of Kilrane, in the Cathedral of Ferns. Extent not known; value about £. 90. per annum. Coolstuff Rectory. I N C U M BENT S, Whether having Cure of Souls ; whether Relident; if Non- Refident, for what Caufe; and by whom the Duties arc discharged. Rev. Peter Browne ; has cure of souls; resident in the Diocese of Elphin, in a Parish he holds by Faculty; duties discharged by Rev. Ottiwell Moore. Rev. Heny Wynne ; has cure of souls; resides in a parish in Diocese of Meath, which he holds by Fa- culty ; duties discharged by the Rev. Mr. Lowe. Rev. Heny Bate Dudley; resi- dent in Glebe House, contiguous to the church. Rev. Mr. Jacob, Curate Assist- ant; resident in the Glebe Houfe likewise; duties discharged by both; has cure of fouls. Rev. Wensley Bond; has cure of souls; resides in the parilh of Leskinfier, in the Glebe House, con- tiguous to the church. Rev. Edw. Barton ; has cure of souls; resides in the Glebe House of Adamstown, newly erected on a glebe of 8 acres; duties discharged by himself. Corps of the Prebend of Coolstuff, Ca- thedral of Ferns. Extent, 2,444 acres. Rev. Thos GofF; has no cure of souls; a Vicarage ; being en- dowed in the Union of Kilcoran is not resident. BENEFICES, When United, and by what Authority. Time immemorial. No Union. Time immemorial. Time immemorial: by Act of Council, the Rec- tory of Carne was ex- changed for Liskinfier, 1739- Time immemorial. No Union. Rev. Wm Hinson ; has cure of souls ; duties discharged by the Rev. Mr. Hawkshaw, Reftor of Taghmon, the neighbouring pa- rish ; this parish has very few pro- testant families, and Mr. Hinson is engaged in a laborious Cure at En- niscorthy, Diocese of Ferns. No Union. I 2A ? perns.] ' OR PROVINCE or LEINSTER. 171 OF FERNS. 1 r < 1 1 4- Number af CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which Pari/ fcej they flind. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what parish ;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous, or How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of old Church. 6. CURATES Salaries in Caf; s of permitted Njn- Refidrnce of the Incumbents, and whether RcG . lent or not. 7- LIVINGS of a V'a> ue tor. fm » ! l to atTot d Comfort to the <. Incumbents. Ore Church in repair, > n the town of Gorey. • No Glebe House. A. R. P. Kilmakew; glebe - - - 4 2 xo. kilcavan — - - - - - 8 2 0. Kilmaclogue 6 1 20. They are not contiguous; one is about two miles, the other three, from the church of Gorey. A Glebe is promised in exchange within a quarter of a mile of the church. Rev. Ottiwell Moore; re- sident in the town of Gorey, near the church; Salary £. So. One mother Church in repair. One Chapel of Eafe lately erefted, and en- lowed with Glebe and Tythes, four tniles from Mother Church. An incompetent Glebe House, on a glebe cf 26 acres, contiguous to the churchyard ; a glebe of 14 acres lately granted to the Chapel of Ease; an houfe to be built. Rev. Mr. Lowe ; lives in the Glebe House; Salary £. 90. Rev. Mr. Harpur, Curate to Chapel of Ease; lives in the Chapelry; endowment about £• 85. One Church in repair, in the parifti of Kilfcoran. Glebe House Hands in the parifh of Kilscoran, about 10 acres glebe on which it Hands ; about 5 acres glebe in the other parishes, dispersed. Rev. Mr. Jacob ; lives in the Glebe House with the Rector; Salary 75. J Tliree Churches in re- pair. One, Lefkinfier. One, Ballicanew. One, Monmolin. One Glebe House, lately erected in the parish of Leskinfier, on the glebe, 16 acres. Glebe Lands at Ballicanew, 4 | acres. at Monmolin 25 — at Kiltrisk - 6 — Each glebe contiguous to its refpeftive church. Rev. Mr. Mosse, Curate of Monmolin ; Salary £. 75.; from want of accommodation does not reside, but resides z{ miles from the church. Rev. Mr. Colley, Curate of Ballicanew; Salary £. 75.; re- sides within the Parish, one mile and half from the church. One Church in repair, newly erected ; ( lands in the parish of Adamstown. Two glebes : id, 8f acres in parish of Adams- town, on which a Glebe House is lately erected; 2d, at the distance of two miles; and in the same parish, is another glebe of 4^ acres. No Curate Assistant at pre- sent; there are but eight pro- testant families in this exten- sive district. —— » j No Church, a Vicarage being endowed in the E Union of Kilscoran. No Glebe Lands. k ( No Church. Glebe Lands: 4$ acres at Furlongstown. ij — at Ballishelim, a mile and a half from the former. A Glebe House on the lands of Purlongstown, contiguous to the ruins of the church. Curate, Rev. Mr. Hawk- shaw; the Incumbent of Tagh- mon, the neighbouring parish; does the occasional duties; Sa- laT £- 5- > 3- 9- ( i t
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