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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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s6z ECCLESIASTICAL REPORTS, IN 1807, [ Kildarc; 1. Number of Benefices. 27. I. = 8. 29. 3°- 1. 3'- 32- 33- 34- 35- 36. 2. Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice; Their Diflancc from each other; and The eftimatcd Extent of fuch as are contiguous. Nurney, a Prebend, Rectory, and Vi- 2. , INCUMBENTS, Whether having Cure of Souls; whether Resident; if Non- Refident, for what Caufe; ani by whom the Duiies ar; difchan; ed. Rev. John Williamson is Rector, and has cure of souls ; not resident; having no Glebe House nor land Duties performed by himself. He lives about four miles from the Pa- rish, in the Town of Kildare. BENEFICES, When United, and by what Authority. 1 Ballysax, a Rectory and Vicarage. Rev. William Few is Rector, having cure of souls; not resident; having neither glebe nor Glebe House. The duties are performed by the Rev. Henry Annesly. Ballysonnon, a Prebend and Vicarage. Kilrush, a Rectory entire. Ballyburley, Rectory. . lias Premult, and Coolcor, a Kilreny, a Vicarage ; Monasterroris, alias Castropetre, a Vicarage; Kilclonfert, a Vi- carage'.— Monasterroris and Kilclonfert are contiguous; Kilreny is four miles diftant. Monasterroris contains 4 » oco acres; Kilclon- fert, 2,000; Kilreny, i, coo acres. Reverend Joseph Wilson is Rec- tor, having care of souls; and resi- dent. The duties performed by himself. Rev. William George Wakely, Rector, having cure of souls'; not resident, there being no Glebe House nor land. The duties per- formed by the Reverend Samuel Lucas. Clonsart, alias Clonbulloge, a Rectory ; Ballynakill, a Vicarage.— Clonsart contains upwards of 6,000 acres, and Ballynakill 2, oco acres. They are contiguous. These were united by Act of Council, in 1795. One Benefice, by pre- fcription. Reverend William Lambart is Vicar, having cure of souls; and is rendent in Monasterroris, of which Parish he performs the duties. In Kilclonfert, they are performed by the Rev. William Chamberlaine ; and in Kilreny, by the Rev. Charles Palmer. No information in the Registry concerning the present Incumbent's title. Rev. John Grant, Rector of Clansart, and Vicar of Ballynakill; has cure of souls in both ; not resi- dent, there being no Glebe House nor land. he has a dispensation, being Rector and Prebend of Clon- dalkin, in the Diocese of Dublin. The Rev. Oliver Nelson performs the duties. Episcopally united in 1796. Castropetre, alias Monasterroris, a Prebend and Rectory, having a Vicarage endowed ; and Croghan, a Rectory and Vicarage; distant about two miles from each other ; the former containing 4,000 acres; the latter, 1,220. 1. Kilclonfert, a sinecure, being a Rectory, with a Vicarage endowed. I. Ballycommon, a Rectory entire. Rev. Ralph Dillon is Rector of Castropetre, or Monasterroris, hav- ing cure of souls only in the Parish of Croghan ; not resident in Crog- han, there being no house nor glebe. The duties of the former are per- formed by the Vicar ; these of the latter by the Rev. Wm Chamber- layne, residing in the Parish of Ballycommon. Episcopally united in 1801. Rev. Thos Frcnch is Rector, hav- ing no cure of souls, and therefore not resident, there being a Vicar. See N° 3i, in the Par- ticular Observations. 1. Killaderry, a Vicarage. Rev. Wm Chamberlayne, Rector, with cure of souls ; resident; duties performed by himself. Rev. Doctor William Ould, Vicar, having cure of souls ; resides at Philipstown, where the Church Sands. Duties performed by himself. - i Kilckre;] FOR PROVINCE O. F L E I N S T E R. 163 J^ mber of CHURCHES; Whether in Repjir, » od in which Pariflies thty ( land. No Church. No Church. A Church in Bally- fonnon, in perfett repair GLEBE HOUSES; In what Parim ;— what Glebe Lands;—• Whether contiguous; or Kow far removud fi jm cach other, and the Church, or Site of the oid Church. No Glebe Houfe. It is fnid there are five acres of glebe, for which Chrifloplier Bago:, cfq. pays an annual rent; but they cannot be afccr- tained. 6. CURATES Salaries in Cafes of permitted Non- ReliJence of the Incumbents, and whether Refider. t or not. No Glebe Houfe nor land. No Gkbe nor Glebe Houfe. A Church, in perlefl repair. A Church in Monaf- terroris, in excellent order. A Church, in Clonfart, in excellent repair. No Glebe Houfe nor land. No Glebe Houfe nor land. No Glebe, nor Glebe Houfe. Church at Caftropetre, or Monalierroris, in good repair. No Glebe Houfe nor land. No Church. A Church, not in po'id repair, but will be fpeedily. A Church. ly nr- means in good repair. 25 per ann. in the Parilh. He re fides £. 50 per ann. in tne Parifii. He refides For Kilclonfert, fifty Shil- lings per ann. He refides in the Parilh of Ballycommon adjoining. No information received from the Incumbent, as to the Curate's Salary for the duty of Kilreny. LIVINGS. of a Value too fmall to sffurd Comfort to Incumbent'. Nurney. Kilreny. £. 7; per ann. Refides in the Parilh of Clonfai t. The Curr. tc's Salary, for Croghan, is £. 2. \ os. per . ann, to Rev. Mr. Chamber- laine. He resides within two miles of the Parish. No Glebe Houfe, but about an acre of rcftorn! gl' be land contiguous 10 the fuc of the old church. No Glebe Houfe; there are three acres and a hilt of glebe contiguous to the church. No Glebe nor Glebe Houfc. Croghan. Ballycommon. Killaderry, com- monly called Philipj- town.
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