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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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ECCLESIASTICAL REPORTS, IN 1807, [ KilJare. 1. N arn* 5 nl SENFFICES and D E N O M I N A T I O N S; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice j Their Diftance from each other; and The eftiinatrd Extent of fuch as are contiguous. ( Cloncurry, Kilcock, Ballysculloge, Bally- nefagh, Vicarages, contiguous to each other, r. ie impropriate Rectory of Downings is alsoo held by the Incumbent of Kilcock. 1 he Incumbcnt does not know the contents of each Parish. 2. I N C U M BENT S, Whe. her having Cure of SJUIS; w!. ether i< eli lent ; if Non- Refident, ' or v. hat Ca. ife ; and bv whom tt. e Duties are diLrarged. The Rev. John Walsh; with cure of souls. The Incumbent was resident for nearly twenty years, and has not since been able to procure a residence within any of these Parishes. He resides in an djoining Parish, but is now in bad health, on which account the Rev. William Cox is his licensed Curate. The Vicarage and Parish of Kill, and Rec- tory of Lyons : consisting of Kill, 899 acres; Oughterard, 895 acres; Johnstown, 587 ; Whitechurch, 972; and Lyons, 547. Honble and Rev, Richard Pon- sonby, Vicar of Kill, and Rector of Lyons; generally resident, but absent at present; for reasons aL lowed by the Bishop. The duties are performed by the Rev. Theo- philus Blakely. Clane, Mainham, Killybegs, and Clons- hamboe, Vicarages. Clane is distant from Killybegs near two miles and a half, fiom Mainham a quarter of a mile ; Clonshamboe adjoins Mainham. Clane contains 2- 380 acre « ; Mainham 1,7) 4;. Killybegs 1,362; and Clonshamboe 1,334 acrcs> Reverend Mathw West is Vicar of all, having cure of souls; he is resident. The duties are performed by himself. Naas a Vicarage; together with Furnace and Hainstown Curacies, held by licence from the Bishop. Naas half a mile frOm Fur- nace and Hainstown ; the Curacies adjacent rn each other. Furnace contains i9oacres; Hainstown 130; and Naas 2,970 acres. The Rectory of Carogh is held with the Vicarage of Naas, by Act of Parliament, without Cure, having a Vicar endowed. Bodenstown, a V icarage. Donedea, a Rectory and Vicarage. Bal- rahan, a Vicarage, about three miles distant rom each other. Balrahan contains 420 acres; Donedea 740 acres. Firnahoe, a Rectory in the County of Ki: dare ; and Ballymacwilliam, a Rectory in the King's County. Distant from each other fifteen miles by the road round in an impassa- ble bog ; about eight miles in a straight line across the bog. Contends cf each about 1,200 acres. BENEFICES, When Uni'ed, and bjr what Authority. No information deriv- ed from the Registry, nor from the Incumbent. the Vicarage of Kill is Episcopally united to the Rectory of Lyons. The incumbent states, that he holds this Bene- fice by Episcopal Union ; but there is no entry whatsoever relating to it n the Registry. Rev. John Forsaythe, Rector and Vicar; having cure of souls in both Parishes. Not resident, being from ill health incapable of performing the duties. The duties are per- formed by the Rev. George Wood- ward. The Rev. James Slator is Vicar; having cure of souls; being resi- dent. He performs the duty in person. Reverend Henry Boyde is Vicar; having cure of souls; not resident. there is no Glebe, and the income is scanty. Duties performed by the Rev. James Slator. The Rector is in such a state of health as to be incapable ef exhibiting his titles. There is no record of them in the Registry. The Curacies held by the Bishop's licence. Bridechurch, a Rectory. Carogh and Downings, both Vicarages. Bridechurch contains i, ioq acres; Carogh 2,370; and Downings 1,102, and are contiguous. Kilmaogue, a Rectory and Vicarage, Ra- thernon. a Rectory and Vicarage; and Lul- liamore, a Prebend and Rectory entire. They are adjacent to each other, and contain 7,50c acres, exclusive of a large quantity of bog. Rev. Patk Sands is Rector; hav- ing cure of souls; not resident He resides at Calbridge, in the Diocese of Dublin, of which he is Rector. The duty of Firnahoe is done by himself. The duty of Ballymacwilliam by the Rev. Wil- liam Lambart. The Incumbent does not know how these are united, and the Registry affords no information. Rev. Simon Digby is Rector of Bridechurch, and Vicar of Carogh and Downings; having cure of souls in all. he resides in Carogh, md performs the duties. Rev. Edw. Richardson, Rector and Vicar of Kilmaogue and Rath- ernon ; Rector and Prebend of Lul- liamore; having cure of souls in • 11: not resident, by permission of the Diocesan, on account of old age ind certified ill health. The duties performed by the Rev. William Annesly. The Incumbent states them to be Episcopally united. There is no in formation to be derived from the Registry. Episcopally united in 1782. 11 Kilda- e.] F O R P R O V I N C E OF L E I N S T E R . ' 59 4- • Nuirb'r of CHURCHES} Whether in Rep/ ir, and in which PariflifS thry ( land. 5- GI- EBE HOUSES; In what Parifb ;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous; or How far removed from each o: hw, and the Church, or Sue of the old Church, A Church at Ki'cock, in good repair. There was a Chun- ti in Cion- cu- ry a few vcara ago, but it is now in ruins. A Church in j ood A Glebe of twenty- fix acre?, fcattercd in differ- ent parts of the Union; but the Incumbent does not know their lituation. 6. CURATES Salaries in Cafes of permitted Non- Rrfid « nce of the Incumbents, and whether Refident or not. LIVINGS of a Value ton fmall to afford Comfort to the Incumbents. 6o. per ann.; h? is. newly appointed, and not yet refi- dent. repair, in Kill. the Paiifh of A Gli be Houfe, with feven acres of glebe, and four acres in a place callcd Clonaghlef » , about two miles diflanu A Church at Clane, in d. cent repair. A Church in Donedea in a tottering flate, but neat and clean. A Church at Naas, of which the body is in ex cellent repair; the tower was never Hnilbed. No Church. The Curate's Salary is 75. per annum ; he refides at prefentin the Glebe Houfe, and has alfo the occupation cf feven acres of glebe rent free. A Glebe Houfe with thirteen r. crcs ard an half of glebe in Clane, befides two acres at a place called Firmount, within two miles of Clane church. One at Mi!! ccent, of which the fcite is net afcertained, and two fmall pieces of ground near Clane church. In Mainham there are about nine acres in two different lots, about a mile and a quarter from the church. In Clonfhamboe three acres and an half; in Killybegs no glebe. Nc Glebe Houfe nor Land. A Glebe Houfe, with a garden, and about thirty acres of glebe in three lots one of which is diilant from the church half a mile; the other two about a mile. 5c. per ann.; refides in the Parilli. No Glebe Hcufe. There are ci? ht acres ol glebe near the walls of the old church. No Church. No Glebe Houfe. There are fight acres of Land in Firnahoe in three divifions; viz. t-. vo acres , md an half near the fcite of the old church ; one acre and an half about a quarter of a mile further, and four acres half a mile further diftant from t^ e church : fourteen acres of gleb<' i'i B:* lly- macwilli& m, within half a mile cf the fcite of the old church. A Church in Carogn which is to bo repaired in 1SC7. A Church at Kilmao- gue, the r.- iof of * lrc. Mas faller in, but is r. o* under repair. No Gicbe HjuIo nor iand. If feparated, each of thefe Parifhes would require aug- mentation by glebe, or otherw ife. No fa'ary to the Curate, th: Sodenllown. Benefice being very poor. Mr. Slator rcfides at Naas. The Curate of Gsllymac wilhani refides at Ltlenderry. A U'I! T tioule, a., twcr. ty- eight acies of • t. v cdiU^ ed thro _' h the two Pariihe.-; fix i>! A n ch are adjacent to the olebeHoufe ir the Pa. ill. ' f K I'h. rnou, about a quarter of a mile from tiv- ' lUich. 50. per ann. with the u) • nf glebe houfe, and lix acres idjoining.
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