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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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- to 2 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T OF T HE [ Ardagh. • Numb r ot' Benefices. t. Names of ^ BENEFICES and DE X OM1NATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Di'rance from each otiier ; and, The eftimated Extent of fuch as are contiguous. Rathdrummin - . - Rectory. Port - -- -- -- - Vicarage. Carrick ------ Rectory. Not contiguous: the parish of Port being about }, mile distant from the other two. Union contains 2,032 acres: In Rathdrummin, 633 : In Port 985, and in Carrick 414 acres. Clonmore Rectory. Ardee Vicarage, 2,457 A. INCUMBENTS, Wlicther having Cure of Souls ; whether Relldent; if not resident, for what Caufe ; and by whom the Duties are difcharged. Revd A. Lindsay; not resident; has cure of souls; duties discharged by the Rector from Drogheda, 7 miles distant. N. B. Absent without per- mission. Revd Wm Billet; not resident; because living on his other bene- fice ; his cure of souls; duties dis- charged by a Curate. Revd Geo. Lambart; resident; has cure of souls; and discharges the duties, assisted by a Curate. Shenlis Vicarage 883 Smermore ----- Vicarage 801 Stickellen - - - ... - Vicarage 669 — Kildemock ----- Rectory and 1 Vicarage 1771 Contiguous and contain 6,572 acres. Stabannon - Richardstown - - - Vicarage 1,771 A. 1 \ vn - - - Vicarage 547 $ Contiguous, and contain 2,318 acres. Kilfaran ------ Rectory. Gernonstown - - - Rectory.. Contiguous and contain 2,700 acres. Heynstown - - - - Rectory. Charlestown Vicarage. Tallanstown - - - - Vicarge 1,442 A Mapastown - - - - Vicarage — Philipstown - - - - Rectory 1,647 — Contiguous, and contain 5,291 acres. In Charlestown and Mapastown 2,102. Mantfieldstown - Rectory and Vicarage Revd Thos Murphy; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. Revd Alexr McClintock: re sident; has cure of souls, and dis- charges the duties. Revd Wm Woolesly; not re- sident, as he serves a cure in the Diocese; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties from C. Bell- ingham, 3 miles distant. Revd Thos English ; not re- sident, because living on his other benefice; has cure of souls; duties discharged by a Curate. Killincoole Rectory. Revd Hen. Bunbury; not re- sident; has cure of souls, and dis- charges the duties from a distance of 6 miles, N. B. Absent without permission. Revd Moore Smith; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. 3- BENEFICES, whelher United, and by what Authority. Epifcopally united time immemorial. Thefe parilhcs are of very moderate value, and cannot therefore be dif- united. The 4 firlt united F. pifcopaliy time imme- morial ; Kildemock after- . vard by Adt of Council, but the time does not appear. I think thefe parilhes might be difunited; and ! orm two benefices, viz. Kildemock and Stick- illen for one, the re- mainder for the other. Epifcopally united, time immemorial. Thefe cannot be dif- inited. United by Aft of Par- liament. Thefe cannot be dif- united. Perpetually united, time immemoral. Thefe parilhes are properly united, and of moderate value. Armagh.] P R O V I N C E OF A R M A G H : 1 S 0 6. 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which of the Pariihcs they ftand. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; la what Parish ;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous; — How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the old Church. j A very old church in rood order, in Rath- irummin. A Church in Ardee; now repairing. A Church in good prder. A Church in Srab/ tn- non, in indifferent order. A Church in good order, in Gernonstown. No Church* A Church in Charles- town, in good order. A Church old, but in good order. A new church. No Glebe Houfc; 12 and \ acres of glebe not contiguous, 10 acres being in the parifh of Rath- drunimin, clofe to the church, and the remainder in the parifo of Port, about \ a mile diftant from the other, and from the church of Rathirummin. A Glebe Houfe, on a glebe of i~\ acres, about 1 mile from the church, and ail lying together. A Glebe floufe : A glebe of 148 acres not contiguous, 82 and £ ' ying in the parifh of Ardee in one parcel, 17 in another, 6 in another, and 42 and i on which the houfe ltands, in the parifh cf Kildemock, all dillant from e.- ch other r mile at molt ; thofe in Ardee j mile from the ; hurch, and thofe in Kikiemock one. A Glebe Houfe, on a glebe of 6 acres con- tiguous and clofe to the church. A Clebe Houfc, on a glebe in the Parifh of Kilsaran, of 19 A. O R. 36 p. lying together about £ mile from the chutch. No Glebe house, or glebe. No Glebe Houfe, or glebe. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted Non- Rcfidence of the Incumbent, and whether Refident or not. ^ A Curate refident. Salary • r per ann. LIVINGS of a Value too fir. all to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. A Curate rcfiie. it. 7 « - No Glebe Houfe : A glebe of 3 acres lying to- gether, and clofe to the church. A G'ebe Houfe, and a glebe of 15 acres, 13 and | of which lie together, the remainder diftan: labout | a mile, and each of them the like dif Icancc from the church. a G Salary
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