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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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83 U. c c L r. s i A '.> T i c A r< I I J ? 9 R T OF T ii E No.?.— DIOCESES OF Number of Benefices. Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS} Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Dilljr. ce from eadi other; and, The eftimated Extent of fuch as are contiguous Down Rectory" Ballyculter - Ballee Bright Saul Tyrella Rectory. f - - - Rectory. - - - Rectory. - - - Rectory. - - - Rectory. Contiguous: In Down - - - - 6,251 acres. Ballyculter- - 3,050 — Ballee - - - - 3,679 — Bright 2,980 — Saul - -- -- 3125 — Tyrella 950 — Hillsborough - - ------ Rectory > Drumbo Rectory. Drumbeg - -- -- -- -- -- Rectory. Kilchief Rectory. The three first Parishes are nearly conti- guous ; Kilchief 20 miles distant from them. In Hillsborough - - - - 4,000 acres. Drumbo & Drumbeg 6,000 — Kilchief "--') 39I — Bally Philip Rectory.- Ardglass Rectory. J Distant from each other 5 miles. In Bally Philip - - 3,000 acres. 600 — Ardglass Long Island - - - - Rectory. Kirkeel - -- -- -- -- -- Rectory. 2. 1 N CUM BENTS, Whether ha-. ing Cure of Souls; whether Kefider. t ; if not P. efidrnr, for what Caufe ; and by whom the Duties are difcharged. BENEFICES, whether United, and by what Authority. Hon. and Revd Wm Annesley; United by Charter ; fider. t; has cure of souls, and cor. llituting the Chapter discharges the duties in the Parish of Down in 1609, as corps ol Bright. Kilcoe - Kilmegan Rectory. Rectory. Very Mountainous, and Mearings undefined. In Kilkeel - - - - 23,780 acres. Kilcoe - - - - 9,940 — Kilmegan - - - 9,280 — N. B. Kilmegan, though a member of the Treasurership, claims an exempt jurisdiction, belonging to the Lordship of Newry. of the Deanery. United as above ftated in 1609, as corps of the Revd John Dickson; has cure of souls, and resides in Hillsborough, where he discharges the duties, jArchdeaconry, afiifted by a Curate. Revd Richd Ratcliffe; not resi- dent; lives or. his other Benefice in another part of the Kingdom; has cure of souls; duties discharged by a Curate ; occasionals in Ardglass, by the Curate of a neighbouring Parish, Revd Richd Wolseley ; not resi- dent; serves the cure of Drumbo; has cure of souls; duties discharged by a Curate. United as before stated in 1609, as corps of the Chancellorship. Revd Lucas Waring; has cure of _ United as before ft; fouls, and resides in Kirkeel, where 1609, as corps of he discharges the duties; duties cf Treasurership. the other two Parishes discharged by 2 Curates. Connor.] - - / PROVINCE OF ARMAGH: I 8 06. 89 DOWN AND CONNOR. 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which of the Parilhes they ftand. GLEBE HOUSES; In what Pariffl ;— what Glebe Lands;—• Whether contiguous;— How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the old Church. The Cathedral Church Down, was lately re- built by subscription, and is not yet completed ; the subscriptions being ex- pended, the finishing cf this Building will neces- sarily be retarded, till an adequate Fund be pro- cured. There are 5 Parish Churches in good repair, standing in their respec- tive Parishes. No Glebe House; a glebe of one acre near Downpatrick. No House or Glebe in the other Parishes of the Union. y.' x, rttjl J, lj 4 Churches ; 1 in each Parilh of the Union, and all in gced repair. 6. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted Non- refidence of the Incumbent, and whether Refident or not. LIVINGS of a Value ton fm:! l to afford Comfort to the Incumb- nt. A Curate, refident in each of the other 5 Parifhes of the Union ; with a Salary to each, £. 75. per ann. A Glebe House at Hillsborough, on a glebe of 22 acres, subject to a rent of £. 34 per ann. A Glebe of 245 acres in Kilchief, but no glebe House. A Church, In the Town of Portaferry, Parifh of Bailyphilip, in good re- pair. No Church in Ard- glaf3. A Church, in good repair. A Church in each Pa rifh of this Union, all in good repair. A Curat ® , refident in each Parifh of the Union ; Salary of three of them, each £- 6o per ann.; Salary of Kilchief£. 75 per ann. A Glebe of 15 acres, 1 mile from the church; the Glebe Houfe not habitable. No Glebe cr Houfe. A Glebe House in Kilkeel, on a glebe of 30 acres, 1 mile and half from the church of Kilkeel; no glebe or house in either of the other Parishes. A Curate, refident; Salary 75 per ann. A Non- refident Curate, for occafionals, 15 per ann. A Curate, reiident; Salary £. 60. per ann. A Curate, refident in the Parilh ofKilcoeand Kilmegan; with a Salary, each of £. 75. per ann.
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