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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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1? CCLISIAST ICA L x> iv. K P 0 R T OF THE Meath I. Ardnurchcr Vicarage. Kilcomragh Chapelry. Killmanaghan Chapelry. Clara Ciiapelry. Rahue. • Chapelry. All be! anging" to, and going with Ardnurchcr. Contiguous, except Rahue, which is abou \ a mile distant from the boundary of Ard nurcher. In Ardnurcher are 5,701 acres. Kilcomragh - 4,572 — Kilmanaghan - 3,223 — Clara 2,664 — Rahue 2,216 — Durrow Curacy. Fircall Vicarage.^ Bally Boy Vicarage. ) Kilhaghey - - - Vicarage. Lynally Vicarage. Rahan - - Vicarage. Eglish Vicarage. Drumcullin Vicarage Contiguous: In Bally Boy are 4.496 acres. Killaghey ----- 7,021 — Lynally i, 735 — Rahan - - 4,205 — Eglish- & Drumcullin 8,774 — Tullamore Chapelry. Newtown Fertullagh Rectory. Castletown Kindelan - Rectory. Ballymore Cloncale - - Chapelry. I N C U M BESTS, Whether hav ng Cure of Souls; whether Rcfid^ nt; if not Ref. lent, for what Caufe ; and by whom the Duties are difcha- ged. Revd Hemswth Usher; not re- sident, as he lives 0n his other Benefice in this Diocese; duties here discharged by 2 Curates, then being cure or souls. N. 13. Residence will soon be se- cured in this Union, as the Incum bent is collecting materials to build. Revd R. P. Vaughan ; has cure of souls; and resides sufficiently near to discharge the duties. N. B. The only remedy for non- residence here would be to procure a glebe. Revd Thos Kemmis; resident; has cure of souls; end discharges the duties, assisted by 4 Curates. BENEFICES, whether United, and by what Authority. It would be expedient to disunite this very ex- tensive Vicarage. Kilma- naghan and Clara, with the Chapelry of Rahue, might form a distinct Pa- rish, with an income of about £. 300 per ann. and 52 acres of glebe to build on, within a mile of Clara church. This great Vicarage was dissolved by the King's Patent, 13th June 1 5th Chas 1st, and erected into 4 Vicarages; viz Bally Bog, with 453 acres of glebe; Killaghy, with 528 A. ; Drumcullin, with 465 A.; and Lynally, with 593 acres, but, notwith- standing the King's Patent, the Earl of Mountrath, the Patron, has continued to present to it, as to the sole Vicarage of Fircall. The last institution was 21st June 1796. It is evident that it should be disunited, as it would make excellent provision for at least 4 resident Vicars ; but it:: e Patron mustconsent to the disunion. Its ier. gth, 19 miles; breadth, from 31 to 6 miles. Perpetual Cure of Revd Ponsy Gouldsbury; resident; has cure of souls; and disharges the duties, assisted by a Curate. Revd John Yeates; has cure of souls; and resides sufficiently near to discharge the duties. N. B. As soon as the deeds for the purchase of the glebe, men- tioned under the column of Glebe Houfes," shall be perfected, a house is to be built in this Parish, and the evil of non- residence will then be removed. Revd jas Clulow ; not resident; lives on his other Benefice in the Diocese of Down ; has cure of souls ; duties discharge 1 by a neighbouring Curate. N. B. The Incumbent is to pro ceed early next year to build on the new glebe, by which, residence will hereafter be secured. Revd Edwd Donovan ; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. Revd Jas Moffet; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. Meath'.] Province OF. ARMAGH: I8C6. / 3d 71 4 Number of CHURCHES; VVheth r in R* pair, anJ io which o1" the Parifhes they ftanJ. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what Pjrifh ;— what Glibe Lands;—- Whether contiguous ; — How far removed from e^ cii other, and from the Church, or Site ef the » ld Chur. h. 2 Churcbfs rough repair; nuicher, the Clara. i. i tho i No Glebe Houfe. In Ardnurcher are 55 acres in Ard- of gleb:, 1 mile from the church. In R'komrag i, other in 3 glebes interfperfed, but convenient to e ci. other, and not far from the old chapel, containing in all, 103 acres. In Ki'. managhan there are 3 <* lebe>, conta: ning 52 acres, abyut one mile afund. er from each ether, and one of them about a mile from Clara church. N. B. A Glebe Houfe building A Church, in complete repair. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted Non- Refi ience of the Incumbent, and v.' hrther Refident or not. 2 Ctirnte5, r'ifidrnt: Salar of the Curate of Ardnurcher, £. iso per ann. of Clara - 50. No Houfe cr Glebe. 1. 4Churcr. es: 1 in Bally A Glebe Houre, with neceffary offices, on a Bog, in tolerable repair: glebe in Killaghey of - - A. 641. I. 32 1 in Lvnally, in indif- In Rahan, a glebe of - - ferent repair : In Bally Boy 1 in Rahan, in good In Lynally - - - - repair: And 1 in Fgliffi, in good repair alfo. Ithe Grants of Charles ift, does not appear A conditional Grant' In Eglilh & Drumcullin How th; fe glebes came to 45- 339- 3 2 3- 292. be o. 10. 19. 3- ' A- different from 2. has been made by the Board of Firft Fruit?, of £ 500, for bidding a Church in Killaghey, on obtaining an Act of Council for building it on a new fite. as petitioned for by the Incumbcnt and Parishioners; but the Patron not giving his confent, no application co'uld b? made for this Ait; and this Parifh, of 7.021 3cres, and a glebe of up- wards of 641, and an extenfive Protelta- u populatijn, has been left without a Church to this day. A Chapel, built by the Charleville Family, ard ufed as the Parifh Church. A Church, newly re- built, and in complete order. A new Church, nearly finifhed. A Church, now putting into complete repair. A Church, in complete repair. No Houfe. A fituation for a Manfe has been granted. by Lord Charleville-; but the forms oi Law have not yet been gone through. No Glebe Houfe. A glebe of 40 acres is now n lire ha ling for this Benefice, out of a Dioceian Fund. No Glebe Houfe. A GLbe of 15 acres has been granted by Lord Sunderlin, on which a houfe is to be erected. A Glebe Iloufe, now building on a glebe of ; o acres, lately granted out of the iee lands. No Iloufe or Glebe. LIVINGS of a Value too fmall to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. Durrow, the in- come being from the I mpropr but £. 40 & from the | 20 Firft Fruits < Total - £. 60 per ana A Curate for occafionals; Salary, £. 10. I'ullamore.
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