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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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S- 3. E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T OF THE [ Me a th. Number ot Benefices. Navan - - Reftory. Ardsallagh Reftory. Donoghmore - - Athlumney - - - Vicarage. Vicarage. . Contiguous : In Navan - - Ardsallagh - Donoghmore Athlumney - 2,160 acres. 948 - • 2.170 — • i. 3z9 ~ Rathmolyon. ----- Vicarage. Ardbraccan ----- Reftory. Liscartin - - - - - Rateyne - - - - - Churchtown - - - Martry - - Clonmacduff - - - Contiguous: In Ardbraccan - Liscartin - - • Rateyne - - Churchtown - Martry - - - Clonmacduff Castlepollard - - - Reftory. Reftory. Reftory. Vicarage. Reftory. 2,864 acres. 706 — 859 — 671 - i, 731 — 995 — Vicarage. N. B. The other denominations of the Union are carried to the other . fide. 2. INCUMBENTS, Whether- having Cure of Souls ; Whether Refident; if not Refident, for what Caufe ; and by whom the Duties are difcharged. Revd Dan. Augustus Beaufort; not resident; lives on his other benefice in the Diocese of Ar- magh; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a Curate, and fre- quently by the Incumbent. N. B. To secure residence in this parish, a Glebe House must be built; but the Corporation of Navan have it in contemplation to give an additional glebe of 40 acres, convenient to the Church, for this purpose; and the Incum- bent is in hopes to have the grant made, which it seems expedient, under the present circumstances of the benefice, to wait for. BENEFICES, whether - United, and by what Authority. Revd Conway Benning; not resident, on account of his in- firmities; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a Curate. N. B. The evil of non- residence will shortly be provided against here, as the incumbent is prepar- ing to build. Revd Dean Richd Moore; re- sident; has cure of souls, and dis- charges the duties assisted by a Curate. Revd Chaworth Browne; re- sident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. The 3 first of these parishes were made a perpetual Union fome time in the 17th cen- tury ; we find no special record of it, but since that period it has been presented to as a per- petual Union; the Vicar- age of Athlumney, which is contiguous, was Epis- copally united in 1789. - The 4 first of these parishes were united by Act of Council, 20th Dec. 1771 ; ClonmacdufF was also joined to them by Act of Council, Dec. 1780. 23c United by Act of Council, 29th Jan. 1676. Mayne has been lately erected into a perpetual Curacy, and it would b? expedient that, in the 4 last parishes-, all the tythes of which are ap- propriate to the Vicars choral of St. Patrick 2 perpetual Curacies should be erected. The Vicar by the Act of , union, has £. 10 per ann. for doing the duties of them. Meatli.] 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whither in Repair, ard > n which ot the Parifli- s they Hand. P R O V I N C E OF A R M A G H : I8:> 6. 6 3 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what Parifh;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous ;— How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the old Church. A Church, in Navan, in complete repair. A Church, in com- plete repair. A Church in Ard- braccan, in complete re pair. No Glebe Houfe; 10 acres of glebe in de- tached parcels: 3 within 2 -* miles of the church: 2 acres diflant from the laft about \ of a miie : 2 about a mile from the church cf Navan, and I of an acre near the old church of Donoghmore. 6. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted Non- Refidence of the Incumbent, and whether Refident or not. A Curate refident. Salary £. 75, per ar. n. LIVINGS of a Value too fmalt to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. No Glebe Houfe : 2 glebes, 1 near the church of about 1 acre; the other of 35 acres, 1 mile from the church. A Church, in complete repair, in Castle Pollard, and one nearly built in Mayne. A Glebe Houfe, with every neceflary office, on a glebe of 37 acre3, within a quarter of a mile ot the church. A Glebe House on one acre of glebe, in the town of Castle Pollard, near the church : 19 acres more about \ of a mile diftant; in Faughy, glebe of 4 acres, about 2 miles from the giebe and church of Castle Pollard ; and 3 acre6 in thepaiifli of Mayne, at the same distance. A Curate, refident, fuf- ficiently near. Salary, £. 75 per ann. f i ! 1
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