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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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S- 3. E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T OF THE Meath. i. Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Diftance from each other ; and, The eftimated Extent of fuch as are contiguous. Kilmoon - - Rectory. Piercetown- Lanely - Vicarage. A small neck of land in another parish separates these 2 denominations. In Kilmoon are - 1,091 acres. In Piercetown - - 924 — Skryne - - Vicarage. Rathsaygth Chapel. Dowdstown ----- Vicarage. Kilcarn - - - - - - Chapel. Templecarnan - - - Chapel. Lismullen ----- Chapel. Contiguous In Skryne 3,150 acres Rathsaygth 1,535 — Dowdstown 642 — Kilcarn - - 951 — Templecarnan with Lismullen 650 — Assey Rectory. INCUMBENTS, Whether having Cure of Souls; whether Refident; if not Refident, for what Caufe; and by whom the Duties are difcharged. Revd I. W. Upton; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. Revd Step. Ratcliffe; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. N. B. The remedy against non residence ( the present Incumbent living in a rented house) is to build a Glebe House. Revd Mark Wainwright; not resident; is Inspector and Chaplain to the gaol of Trim, where he resides; has cure of souls, duties discharged by the neighbouring Clergymen. N. B. To remedy the evil of non- residence here, the parishes ought to be disunited, to form per- petual unions with other neigh- ) bouring parishes. Balsoon Rectory. Killagh ------ Rectory, Clonarney - Rectory. Assley and Balsoon are contiguous. Killagh and Clonarney are at the diftance of 12 miles from the former two, and are not contiguous to each other. In Assey are - - - 690 acrcs. In Balsoon 668 — In Killagh 797 — In Clonarney - - 1,063 — N. B. The parishes of Dysert and Castle- town Delvin, lie between the two last parishes. Kilmessan ----- Vicarage. Macetown - Vicarage. J Revd D. C. Ingham; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties. BENEFICES, whether United, and by what Authority. Episcopally united, Nov. 1803, and have been so united time im memorial , on every va cancy, although a small impropriate parish inter- venes. The three de- nominations would form a very expedient Union, by Act of Council. A Union by Act of Council 1677. An Episcopal Union in 1798.— It is obvious, that another distribution of these parishes would be expedient; they are of small income, and there re other parishes also of small incomes contiguous to them, with which they might be per- petually united, if the Patrons would give their consent. These parishes were united Episcopally in 1804, although not con- tiguous, on account of the smallness of income; Kilmessan being but £. 100 per ann. and Macetown f. 12. / / " V Mcath.] PROVINCE OF ARMAGH: 1806. / 55 4- Number of CHURCHES, Whether in Repah', and in which of the Parities they ( land. GLEBE HOUSES; In what lJarifli ;— vhat Glebe Lands ;—• Whether contiguous. How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the old Church. 6. CURATES Salary in Cafts of permitted Non- Refidence of the Incumbent, and whether Refident or not. A church in Kilmoon,] A Glebe Houfe, on a glebe of 36 acres, ad- old, and in bad repair; joining the church of Kilmoon. In Piercetovvn but money has been railed are about 7 acres, about 1 mile diftant f. cm the to put it in complete glebe of Kilmoon. order, and with part of * hich the church has been cciled and painted. A church in Skryne, in bad repair ; the lite is inconvenient, and the Parifhioners are prepar- ing a fund to build one in a more central fitua- tion. No church. No Glebe Houfe; a glebe in Skryne of 22 acres, in different parcels; 1 containing - 14 acres; another 3 ; another 3 A. I R. 6 P. and another 1 A. 3 R- OP. all within a quarter of a mile of the church. N. B. An exchange of thefe de- tached parcels, for an equivalent lying together and convenient to the church, has been agreec upon; on which, as foon as the legal forms are gone through,. the Incumbent is to build a Glebe h'oufe, having prefented a memorial for that purpofe. No Glebe Houfe; 13 acres of glebe In Kil- agh, lying in 4 parcels near the ruins of the old church ; in Assey, aifo, are 2 acres, near the ruins of the old church. ( an, A Church in Kilmes- A Glebe House on 6 acres of glebe near the in tolerable repair; chuich, and 6 more at of a mile diftance : in no church in Macetown. Macetown neither houfe nor clebc. LIVINGS of a Value too fmall to aftb'd Cnmfoit to the Incumber!.
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