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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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S- 3. E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T OF THE [ Ardagh. • i. Number of Benefices. Colpe - Kilsharvan - - Contiguous. o In Colpe are In Kilsharvan Vicarage. Vicarage. 2,059 acres. 1,191 , — 1 2. INCUMBENTS; Whether having Cure of Souls; whether Resident; if not Resident, for what Cause ; and by whom the Duties are discharged. BENEFICES, whether United, and by what Authority. Julianstown - - Moore Church - Ardeath - - - - Tymole - - - - - - Vicarage. - - Vicarage. - - Vicarage. - - Vicarage. Julianstown and Moore Church are con- tigu us. Ardeath is 3 miles distant, and Tymole 1 mile and from Ardeath. In Julianstown are 1,609 acrcs- In Moore Church 2,775 — In Ardeath- - - 2,373 — . In Tymole - - - - 376 — Ballygarth ----- Rectory. Painstown - - - Ardmulchan — Contiguous. In Painstown In Armulchan Re£ tory. Redtory. 1,873 acres. 1,964. — { Kenstown Rectory. Revd John Lever; not resident, with permiflion, on account of his infirmities, and of his having no church in the Union; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a neighbouring; Clergyman. N. B. As soon as the Church is built, measures must be taken to build a Glebe House, and ensure residence. Revd Robt Shanley ; has cure of souls, and resides sufficiently neat to discharge the duties. Epifcopally united in 1793. It would be ex- pedient to make this a permanent Union, if the - onfent of the Impro- priator and Patron could be procured. Revd John Burdett; not resident; lives on his other benefice in this Diocese; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a neighbouring Clergyman. N. B. The only remedy against non- residence in this parish would be, to unite it perpetually with some of the neighbouring impropriate parishes. Revd Brinsley Nixon; resident; has cure of souls, and discharges the duties, assisted by a Curate. Epifcopally united 28th une 1792. Another dillribu io'i of thefe pa- t'n'hes would, evidently, expedient: but the fan- e difficulty occurs as in N° 20, and for the fame reafons. A Union by Aft of Council, 27th Sep1 1682. Revd John Toler; not resident, not being able to procure a house in the parish; has cure of souls, and lives sufficiently near to dis- charge the duties. N. B. The remedy of the evil of non- residence would be to build a Glebe House. A Union by Adt of Council, 5th July 1751. // S Mcith/ j P R O V I N C E OF A R M A G H : 1 8 0 6. 55 4- Numb'r of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which of the Parifhes th- y ( land. A Church, now build- ing on tbe ruins of the old church at Colpe. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what Parifh ;— what G'l- be Lands ;— Whether contiguous , — How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of rhe o d Church. No Glebe Hoafe. A glebe of 3 acres in the parifh of ICilfharvan, near 3 miles from the new church now credtir. g. A Church, in complete repair. No Chare)). No Glebe Houfe. In Julianftown 4 A. 1 a. of glebe clofe to the church ; 10 A. O R. I JP. £ a mile frcm the church ; and 5 A. I R. one mile. In Moore church, 4 A. O R. 25 P. near the old church, and 1 mile from the church of Juliana- town. In Ardeath, I6A. I R. 14 P. clofe to the old church, and 4 miles from Julianftown church ; alfo, 6A. 2 ft. 29 p. f a mile from the old church, and 4 J from Julianftown. In Tymole, 1 A 1 R. 36 P. clofe to the old church, and 5 mites from Julianftown : half a mile farther from both, 4 A. 3 R. 29 P. N. B. Two years income of any of the deno minat'ons would be inefficient to build a houfe and offices. No Glebe Houfe, or glebe. 6. CURAT E S Salary in Cafes of permitted Non- Refidence of the Incum jent, and whether Refluent or not. No emo'ument to the Cler- gyman who difcharges the duties. A Church, in Painf- town, in complete repair, A Church, undergoing a thorough repair, in Kcntftown. A Glebe Houfe, with neceflary offices, now building. In Painftown about 1 and h acre of glebe clofe to the church, and at a very little diftance 20 acres. In Ardmulchan 2 acres adjoin- ing the ruins of the old church, and within 2 miles of Painftown. No Glebe Houfe. In Kentftown 4 acres of ; debe contiguous to the church. In Daniftown 1 and i acre about J mile from the church ; and in Ballymagarvey 4 and ^ acres about 1 mile from the church. N. K. The Incumbent refifts an injunction to build, on the ground that the right of the Crown b v which he has been presented to this Living, difputed. is: LIVINGS of a Value too fmall to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. Colpe The in- come of this Union being but £. 40. per ann. Curate's Salary £. io, peri, ann. BaHyjrartli. The value of this I. iring being but £. 70. per ann. 73. o
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