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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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S- 3. E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T OF the Meath. Number of Benefices. IO. I. II. Clongill Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Diftance from each other; and, The eftimated Extent of fuch as are contiguous. Rectory. Kilshyne Rectory. i. Slane Rectory. Drakestown Rectory. Caftletown Kilpatrick- Vicarage. Knough • Vicarage. Contiguous. In Drakeftown are - 1,380 acres. In Cailletcavn 2,150 — In Knough - 450 — Syddan - - Vicarage. Killarvey - - - - - Strokelloivn, or \ Mitchelftown - } Cruifetown Stahalmock - Vicarage. • Reftory. - Reftory. - Reftory. Syddan, Killarvey, and Sfekeftown, contiguous; Cruifetown and Stahslmock are contiguous to each other, but diltant from the above 4 miles, In Syddan are - - 2,442 acres. In Killarvey — - 2,562 — In Strokeftown - 395 — In Cruifetown - - 720 —• In iitahalmock - - 870 — Revd Mungo Heny Noble ; not refident, but lives sufficiently near to discharge the duties; has cure of souls. The evil of non- residence will be removed by building a house. Revd Robt Barker; not resident, being excused on account of in- firmity, and having no place of residence in the parish ; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a neigh- bouring Clergyman. The evil of non- residencc to be removed by uniting this parish with the foregoing number, to which it is contiguous ; and there cannot be a more proper Union. Revd Thos Brownrigg; not resi- dent; lives on his other benefice in the Diocese of Dublin ; has cure of souls. Duties discharged by a Curate. Revd Saml Close ; not resident lives on his other benefice in Armagh ; has cure of souls; duties discharged by a Curate. INCUMBENTS, Whether having Cure of Souls; whether Refident; if not Resident, for what Cause; and by whom the Duties are difcharged. BENEFICES, whether United, and by what Authority. Revd Brab. Difney ; refident; has cure of fouls, and difcharges the duties. United by Act of Council ; the date can not be ascertained ; but in Act of Parliament 9th Queen Anne, power was given to remove the lite of the church from Drakestown, which is stated in the Act to have been made the parish church, by the original Act of Union, to Kil- patrick. The 3 firll of thefe jarilhes were united bv Aft of Council, 23d Sept. 1734; the 2 laft were Epifcopally united to them in Nov. 1788. As they are 4 miles dif- tant from any part of the union, another dis- tribution of them would be neceffary, and there are other fmall parifhes contiguous, to which they might be permanently united. Mcath.] P R O V I N C E OF A R M A G H : I3O6. 4 9 Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in which of the Parities rhev ( tand. GLEBE HOUSES; In what PariUj- i— what Glebe Lands;—• Whe; kiei contiguous;— How far removed ironi each other, and from theChuich, or Site of the old Church. 6. CURATES Salary in Cafes of permitted Nun- Refidence of the Incumbent, and whether Refident or not. I Church very (" mail, bu. kept in complete re- i pair by the Incumbent, the pjrilh being too' fnaM to afford an ade- quate cefs for the pur- pofe. Church in ruins, pariih too imall to fupport one. No Glebe House; 4 scattered glebes in the parish; one of 11 A. 1 R., about 5 of a mile from the church; a 26 of 1 A. I R. 4 p. same distance ; a 3d 1 A. 2 R. 26p. close to the church; and the 4th I A. I 8 R. alfo near the church. The Incumbent is under injunction to build, and is preparing his memorial and plan for that purpose. No Glebe House; 13 acres of glebe surround- ing the ruins of the old church. A Churchin complete epair. A church in Kilpa- rick, in decent repair. No Glebe House; a glebe of 12 acres close to the church, on which the Incumbent is now building a house, with suitable offices. A Glebe Houfe in Kilpatrick, with every ne cviTary office. In Drakellown, two portions of glebe, making together 5 A. OR. 14 P. about I mile from the church. In Knough, 3 A. 2 R jC p. bout the fame diftance from the church ar. d in Kiipatrick, 36 A. O R. 23 p. A church in Syddan', in complete repair. A Curate refident; Salary £• 75 per ann. A Curate refident; Salary £. 75 per ann. with the houfe garden, and offices. A Glebe Iloufe in Syddan, on a glebe of 20 res, about | of a mile from the church. In Killarvey are 4 acres; in Mitchelfiown 9 A. 3 R. o p. about 1 miles from the church. In Stahal- niock 24 acres round the ruins of the old church ; 4 troin the church of Syddan; and one acre at Ciuiietown, about the fame diilance. 7 « . LIVINGS of 3 Value too fmall to aff rd Comfort to the Incumbent. KiKhyne. N
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