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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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35' E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , IN 1 8 0 7, [ E ^ hi GENERAL OBSERVATIONS: Containing ANSWERS to QJJ E R Y ill, Sect. 6; Queries 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 ;— all other Queries being anfwered in the Columns. Query ill, Sectn 6.— BY Adt of Parliament there is fufficicnt power lodged in the Lord Lieutenant and Privy Council, and the Bi( hops of the feveral Diocefes in Ireland, cither to unite or difunite Parilhes when either may be deemed advilabie ; and the* Archbi( hops and Bifhops are enabled, by Adt of Parliament, to form a Dillridt ( part of a large Pariih) into a feparate Pari. 1i, under the title of Perpetual Curacy. Qaery 3.— THE Board of Firft Fruits may augment fuch Livings by purchasing Glebe Lands and Impro- priate Tythes out of the produce of the Firft Fruits and twentieth parts granted for that purpofe by Queen Anne, and by allilting the Incumbents of them with money for the eredlion of Glebe Houfes. But this Fund is fmall, and unequal to the effedtual augmentation of fuch Livings. There is alfo another Fund arifing from a charitable bequeft of the late Dodlor Boulter, Primate of Ireland, and veiled in the Board of Firft Fruits by Adt of Parliament; out of which Fund the Board of Firft Fruits is enabled to augment Livings under the value of f. 100. per Ann. by adding fo much falary yearly to the Incumbents of fucli Livings as will make their yearly income £. 100. There is no other mode at prefent of improving fuch fmall Livings; but thefe Funds may be increafed by the bounty of the King ia Parliament, fo as to render fuch fmall Livings capable of affording to the rcfident Incumbents thereof the means of comfort, in cafes where the Funds already mentioned are inefficient. Qn. 5.— IT is apprehended by the Bilhcps of Ireland that the p; efent Canon Law, as hitherto exercifed here, is fufficient to remedy tl. c evil of Non- refidence; but at prefent the execution of the Canon Law, in cafes of Non- refi ence, has been obftrndled by appeals: and there is a cafe now depending before certain Commifiioners of Review, appointed by His Majefty, which, if it ( hail be decided in favour cf the Ecdefiallical Authority exercifed in th : t cafe, will eltablifli fuch a piecedent in the cafe of Non- refidence, as will fuperfede the receffity of recom- mending to the Legifliture to make any qther provifion for the purpofe of enforcing Refidence in Ireland. But if the d.- cifion in that cafe ( hould be otherwife, it may become advifable to apply to the Legiflature to enadt fome Law for enforcing the Refidence of the Clergy in Ireland. Qu. 6— WE apprehend that the Laws already in being ellabliih the bed mode of applying fucb Funds as are r. ow applicable to the pu pofe of building Dr repairing Churches or Glebe Houfes, or the improvement of Glebe. Qu. 7.— THE Laws now in being arp, we apprehend, fufficient to prevent Unions, perpetual or Epifcopal, from being improperly made, and to preferve Churches and Glebe Houfe: from dilapidations, when duly enforced. Qu. S.— WE are cf opinion, that the due execution of the now cxifting Laws, with the fmall alterations which we have already fuggclied ( if found nec. flary on the contingency already mentioned) and fuch grants as His Majefty and the Parliament may in their bounty make for augmenting the incomes of poor Livings, purchafing G: ebes, and affitling the building of Churchcs. and Glebe Houfes, will be fufheient for the preicnt improvement, piotedticn, and fupport of the Elubliflied Church in Ireland. Dec1 5, j 806. JOHN Elphin. — No. 3.— ^ DIOCESES OF CLONFERT AND KILMACDUAGH.
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