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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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[ Elphin. 1. i\° 27. Bumlin, or Strokestown Benefice, confiding of tne three contiguous Parishes ot Bumlin, Kiltrustan, and Lissonuffy, which are eltiu. ated to exte. id about 18 square miles. N° 28. Athleague Benefice, confining ol the three contiguous Parilhes, of Athleague, i- uerty, and Kilbegnat, which are estimated to extend about 23 Iquaie miles. N° 29. Ardcarne Benefice, being a fingle Pari( h, extending about 9 fquare miles. N° 30. Ahamplish Benefice, being a single Parifli, expending about 11 square miles. N° 27. The Rev. Maurice Mahon, sen. A. M. Incumbent o Bumlin Union, having cure of souls. He always resided, until sickness iately obii_< d h m to go to Dublin. for the health ot his family. Tht Rev. Arthur Mahon is his Curate until he returns. N° 28. The Rev. Thomas Craw ford, A. M. Incumbent of Ath league Union, having cure of soul- he resides in Elphin, not hav ng a refidence in his Union, and is Cu rate of a Union contiguous. Ther are two churches in Athleague Union, within two miles of eacij other, and the duty is alternate. The Rev. Wm Massey, Curate. N*' 29. The Rev. John H. Gouldsbury, A. M- Incumbent ol Ardearne Parish, having cure o: souls; he at present resides in Boyle convenient to his church and Pa rifh. He has lately built a gleb' houle in the Parish, which will ioor, be fit for residence. N° 3i. Castleblakeney Benefice, being a fingle Parilh, extending about 24 fqujre miles. N° 32. St. Peter's ( Athlone) Benefice, being a single Parish, estimated to extend about 8 fquare miles. K" 34. . Kilnamanagh Benefice, being single parish, extending about 6 iquan aiilcs. N° 30. The Rev. Charles West A. M. Incumbent of Ahamplist Parish, haring cure of fouls. Having no residence in his Parish. he resides in Sligo, and attends h; own church and parish. . N° 31. The Rev. Alexander Gunning, A. B. incumbent of castleblakney Parish; has cure 0: fouls, and resides in his Parish. N" 32. The Rev. Annesley Strean, A. M. Incumbent of St. Peters ( Athlone); has cure of souls, and resides in his glebe house, which, together with the church, was built in 1804. 34. The Rev. Stephen Lyster, B. Incumbent of Kilna- managh Parish ; has cure of souls; no residence in his Parifh; he therefore resides in Boyle, conve merit thereto. A church has been ia e'y erected in the Parish, and is r. o. v nearly nnifhed. BENEFICES When United, and what Authority. by
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