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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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3 I 8 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , IN 1 8 0 7, [ Cafli el. Number of Ben ri c 2 I o. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23- I N jmes r BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of I'ARlsHES in each Benefice; Tiiei' Di'taices from eachmther; and, Eflimaied Ertentof Inch ss aie contiguous. 1. 2. I. 2- 3" 4. 5- 6. 1. 2. 3- 4- Knockgraffon Rectory entire; containing 4,780 acres. Doggstown - Rectory entire; containing 704 acres. Killenaule Vicarage; containing 3, T46 acres. Cooleagh Rectory & Vicarage ; cort, tming 1,317 acres. Magowry ----- Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 1,017 acres. Drangan - Rectory & Vicarage; containing 2,75 1 acres. lie kerrin Rectory & Vicarage; containing 692 acres. St. Johnstown --------- Rectory; containing 1 317 acres. contiguous : Note. Lickfinn is part of the Archdea- conry ; and Barret's Grange is in Cool- nundry. 1. 2. 3- 4- Lismalin Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 2,660 acres. Modeshill Rectory k Vicaragc ; containing 1,643 acres- Downey ----- Rectory & Vicaragc ; containing 759 acres. Ballingarry - Vicarage; containing 7,489 acres. Contiguous. I N C U M B E N T S, Whether having Cure of Souls; Whether Rffirfent ; If not Rrfident, for what Caufe ; and by whom are the Duties performed. The Revd John Lloyd; has cure of souls; and is resident. The Revd Samuel Ryall; has cure of souls, and is resident; he is assisted by a Curate. 3' BENEFICES; When United, and by what Authority. By authority of Diocefanin 1S03. the Kilcooly - -- -- -- - Rectory entire; containing 3,990 acres. Buolick Rectory entire; containing 3,299 acres. Contiguous. Templemore - -- -- -- -- Vicarage ; containing 4,3,2 acres. Clonmore ----- Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 2,100 acres, Killea ------- Rectory & Vicaragc ; containing 2,235 acres. Templeree - Rectory & Vicarage; containing 1,270 acres. Contiguous. Moyaliffe ----- Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 3,342 acres. I. / lankeen - - - - containing 6,260 acres - - - - Vicarage ; No5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, were united by Aft of Coun- cil ; and No. 6, was united to them in iSoi, by Aft of Council. The Revd Ja G. Fitzgerald; has cure of souls ; resides in the adjoin- ing Parish to Lismalin, with the consent of the Diocesan, because he can procure no place of resi- dence within the precincts of the Parish. He performs the duties of Lismalin; he is also assisted by a Curate, who performs the duty at Ballingarry, where a church is lately erected at the expence of the Parish.. and through the exertions of the Incumbent. The Revd George St. George; has cure of souls; is under order to reside ; he has been absent against the consent of the Diocesan. The Revd Chas Coote performs the duties. The Revd Harry Meggs Graves has cure of fouls; and is resident. The Revd William Armstrong; has cure of souls ; resides in the Parish, and is assisted by a Curate who resides in the Glebe House. By Act of Council, in 18o1. By authority of Diocesan in 1796. the N° s 1,2, 3, united by Act of Council, in 1789. 4, united to the above by the authority of the Diocesan, in 1789. No Union. The Revd Thos Green ; of souls; and is resident. has curt No Union. CiHiel] F O R P R O V I N C E OF M U N S T E R. 4 o/ 3* 9 A Church, in good re uir, in K. nockgrafton. 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair; in whit Parift they Hand. 5- CLEBE HOUSES; In what Parifh ;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether cont'guous; or How far removed from each other; how far from the Church or Site of the old Church. A Church, in good re- pair, in K- illenaule. A Church, in good repair, at Lifmalin. A Church, nearly fi- nifhec!, at Ballingarry. A Church, in good repair, at Kilcooly. A Cnurch in good re- pair, at Templemore. A Glebe Iloufe. 6. SALARIES of CURATES in Cafes of permitted Non- Refidence of Incumbents; Whether Rcfid- nt or not. A Glebe Houfe. No Glebe Houfe. Glebe Land, at Modefhill, 33 A. O R, OP, No Glebe Houfe. No Glebe Ground. LIVINGS of a Value too f. nall to afford Comfort to P. efidcnt Incumbent*. The small Parish of Doggstown would not, if separated from Knockgraffon, afford comfort to a resident Incumbent. These Parishes separately. The separation of some of these Pa- rishes might, at a fu- ture day, be expe- dient. The present Incumbent receives a very moderate In- come from the whole, and has built an house, charging the value of two years income of the whole Union. The Parish of Ballingarry should be separated; the other three Parishes should be held to « gether. Salary, £. 75. These two Pa- rishes are so inter- mixed, and so intersect each other, that it would answer no general purpofe of accom- modation to the Parishioners, if they were to be separated according to the ancient divi- sion. A Glebe Houfe. A Church, in good re- pair. A Church, in good re pair. A G ebe Houfe. A Glebe Houfe. The Parish of Templemore should be separated; the other three Parishes should be held to- gether. 1
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