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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland page 1
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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jjf- 6 C C L'E 3 I A S T I C A L : R E P O R T S3 ' I ff I S O 7. [ Cafhtf. I. 2. INCUMBENT S, Whether having Cure of Souls: whetl'. er P. elvdent; if not Refident, for what Caufe; and by whom are the Duties performed. 3- BENEFICES ; When United, and by ! what Authority. r Number of Benefices. ( S) U § 1 ° E c ** c tz n Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in eaih Benefice; ' I heir Diftances from each other; and Eftim: ted Extent of fuch asaie cnntigppus. 12. 1. 2. 3. 4- 5- Thurles - - Rectory entire ; containing 4,338 acres. Moyne Kilclonagh - Rectory & Vicarage; containing together, 3.2 I 5 acres. Rahelty & Shyane - Rectory Sc Vicarage ; . containing 1,855 acres. Ballymoreen ... Vicarage; containing 1,644 acres. Admith Vicarage; parcel of Rahelty. Loughmoe - -- -- -- -- - Vicarage; ; containing 3,618 acres. Contiguous. The Revd Frans Garnett; has cure of souls; is resident; and is assisted by a Curate. By Act of Council, it 1682. 13- 1. 2. 3- 4- 5- 6. Fethard ------ Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 556 acres. Kilbragh ; its situation not known now. Pepperstown - - - Rectory & Vicarage; containing 2,721 aces. Cloneen ------ Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 35074 acres. Rathcool ------ Rectory.& Vicarage; containing 2,924 acres. Crompstown, parcel of Pepperstown. Kilconnell ----- Rectory entire ; containing 1,245 ac" es. Raylestown ----- Rectory entire; containing 467 acres. Contiguous. The Revd Francis Benson ; has cure of souls; is resident; and is assisted by a Curate. By Act of Council, in 1662. H- i. 2. 3- 4- Tipperary ----- Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 2,470 acres. Templenoe Sc Do- 7 n t. • Rectory entire : nagore - - - - j containing 1,540 acres. Clonbulloge - - - - Rectory entire; containing 1,264 acres. Kilfeaele ----- Redory entire; containing 3,561 acres. Contiguous. The Honble and Revd James St. Leger; has cure of souls ; resides, during the winter, in Bath, being severely afflicted with the gout. The Revd Thos Hill performs the duties, and resides in the Glebe House. By Act of Council, in 1682. JS- 1. 2. Hore Abbey - - - - Redory entire; containing 777 acrcs. Brickeendonu - - - - Rectory & Vicarage; con: aining 636 acres. Nearly contiguous. The Revd R. Alexander; has cure of souls; resides at New Ross. whence, as he represents, he per- forms the duties of a Parish which he holds in the Diocese of Ossory. The Revd Fredk Neligan, Cu rate of the adjoining Parish, per- forms the duties. By Authority of the Diocesan. 16. 1. 2. 3- 4- Ballintemple Rectory & Vicarage; containing 2 ic6 acres. Rathleynan Rectory Sc Vicarage; containing 1,314 acres. Oughterleague Rectory & Vicarage ; containing 1.174 acres. Kilpatrick Rectory Si Vicarage ; containing 1,247 acres> Contiguous. The Revd Arthur Lord ; has cure of souls ; and resides in the Glebe House. s By Act of Council, in 1795 1 J Cashel FOR PROVINCE OF M u N R. , j7Z? J1/ 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair ; in what Parifh they liana. 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In what Par. Ih;— what Giebe Lands; — Whether cont ju u^; or How far removed from ea h other; how far from the Church, ur Site of the old Church. 6. SA LA RI E S ef C U R A T E S in Cafes of permitted Nofi- Refidence of the Incumbents; Whether Refident or not. A Church, in good re pair, in Thurles. A Church, in good re- pair, in f'ethard. A Ci'tirrh, in i^ ood re pair, ia fipperaiy. No Church. A Glebe Kosfe building, in Tnurks. A Glebe Hcufe. A Glebe Houfe in Templcnoe. No Glebe Houfe; no glebe land. Salary £ 75. A Church, in good re- pair, in liallintem^ le. A Glebe Houfe. LIVINGS ol a Value tco fmall to afford Comfort to Refident Incumbents. This Union fhould, in my opinion, be dillolved. and formed into three Benefices at leaft. Fethard. KilconneH. Raylestown. This Union is too extenfive, but fhould not be difiblved at prefet t, as a Houfe has been iateh built, and charged at the rate of two years in- come of the whole Union. This Union fhould not now be diflolved, for the fame realoa as given above. Ho re Abbey. Brickeendonn.' This Union is < 106 too extenfive, nor in any refpeft inconve- vient; it fhould not, therefore, be dif- folved; the fepa- rated parts would not afford comfort to a refidentIncum « bent. 7 8 .
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