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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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£ 94 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , I N 1 8 0 7, [ Cloync. No. 5.— D I O C E S E Number of Benefices. I. 5 § 11- 5 < 2' a I u- O G o c — o w z. 6. Names of BENEFICES and DENOMINATIONS; Number of PARISHES in each Benefice ; Their Diftances from each other: Efti mated Extent of fuch as are contiguous. The DEANERY of CLOYNE : the Corps of which is, The Parish of Pharahay - A Rectory entire. It is about 25 miles from the Cathedral of Cloyne; the extent from North to South 5 miles, from East to West two. The Chantorship: the Corps of which consists of Lisgoold Vicarage. Ballycarany Rectory. Ballintemple Rectory & Vicarage. Kilcreden, f- ds of Rectory. Imphrick - Rectory & Vicarage. The two first of these Parishes are conti- guous ; the others are in detached parts of he Diocese; Ballintemple about 5 miles to the South ; Kilcredan about the same dis- tance to theS. E ; and Imphrick at lead 15 to the N. W. from Lisgoold. Extent of Lif- goold and Ballycarany is 6 miles E. to W. and 3 miles N. to S. The present Rectoi holds, by Faculty, the Union of Clonmell, at 7 miles distance; consisting of Clonmell Vicarage. Temple Robin — Rectory & Vicarage. Both contiguous.— Extent is 5 miles N. to S. and 2 E. to W. z. NAMES of I N C U M B E N T S, Whether having Cure of Souls,; where Refident ; if non- Refident, far what Caufe; by whom are the Duties performed. The Revd James Ad Hamilton; has cure of souls; resides at his Living in the Diocese of Armagh. The duties are performed by his Curate, the Revd Martin Arm- strong. BENEFICES, When United, and by what Au. hority. No Union. The Revd Francis Atterbury, Doctor of Divinity. He has cure of souls, but resides in his other Parish at Clonmell, about 7 miles from Lisgoold. The duties are chiefly performed by the Revd Mr. Pratt. Revd Francis Atterbury; has cure of souls, and resides in his Glebe House at Clonmell ; and performs the duties himself, assisted by his Curate, the Revd Thomas Stanestreet. United from time im- memorial, to form the! body of the Chancellor- 1 lhip. United for ever by Act] of Council at fome i known time. The Chancellorship : the Corps of which is Clenore - Rectory & Vicarage. Rogeri Calvi Vicarage. Temple Mologgy Rectory entire. Ahacross D° Ballyvourney Rectory; or portion of Tythes in. These Parishes are scattered about the Diocese, at 5, 7, or 10 miles from each other. Revd John Ryder; has cure of souls; resides at Castle Lyons, about 8 miles from part of the Union, there being no residence for a Clergyman in the Union it- self. The duties are performed by the Ministers of the neighbouring Parishes. United from the earlieft ] times. The Treasurership : the Corps of which con- sist of, Templenecarrigy - Rectory. Castrachoror Middleton Rectory & Vicarage. Mogissy Rectory & Vicarage. Inchinabacky Rectory & Vicarage. Ballyspillane Vicarage. All these Parishes are contiguous.— The extent 12 miles N. to S. by 6 E. to W. Revd John Wm Bennet; has cure of souls; resides in his Glebe House at Middleton; and performs the duty himself, assisted by a resident Curate, the Rev. William Green. 1. 2. The Archdeaconry; the Corps of which is Gortroe — - - - - Rectory & Vicarage. Desert Rectory & Vicarage. These Parishes are contiguous. Their extent is 4 miles N. & S. by 3" miles E.& W. Uni ted long ago by Adt j of Council. Honble and Revd James St. Leger. He has cure of souls, and resides on his other Living in the Diocese of Cashel. The duties are | tent. performed by his Curate, the Revd John Ross. From the earlieft time, and probably under the J authority then compe- l Cloyne.] FOR PROVINCE OF MUNSTER. irr OF CLOYNE. 4- Number •( CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in what Parifli they ftand. One Church in repair, t Pharahay. One Church in repair, ately built at Lifgoold 5- GLEBE HOUSES; In whit Parilh ,—-. That Glebe Landi• Whether contiguoul; or How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the o d Church. 6. CURATES Salaries in Cafe « of permitted Non- Refidence of the Incumbents ; whether Refident or not. A Glebe Houfe at Pharahay, with 24 acrcs of glebe, and a fmall glebe at Cioyne, left for building, at £. 2. per ann. No Glebe Houfe ; glebe at Cloyne, 7 ncres; at Ballinremplei in 2 feparate portions, and not far from the old church, 2 ; at Ballycarany and Im- phricl:, 3 roods. None of t. em contiguous, or near the churth of Lifgojld. Curate's Salary is £. 50 He reliaes in the GLbc lioule LIVINGS of a Value too fmall to afford Comfort t « the Incumbent;. One Church in repair. A good Glebe Houfe at Clonmell, with 10 Curate's Salary £. 50. acres of glebe, and S in Temple Kob'. n, near the|,- efije£ in L; ie Union, old church. No Church. Curate's He refides Parilh. Salary in the at £. 60. adjoint no H No Glebe Houfe ; a fmall glebe at Cloyne, cf 2 roods, and a glebe of 6 acres at Clenore, not far from the file oi ut old church. One Church in repair, it Middleton. One Church in repair, at Gortroe. Glebe Houfe at Middleton ; glebes, at Middleton - - - - 14 acres. Templenecarrigy - 24 D ® Ballynacarra - - - 5 D° Church Town— - 3 roods. Thefe glebes are not contiguous, but are dif- tant 2 or 3 miles from each otner, being all near their churches, except Ballynacarra, which is one mile fjom it. No Glebe Houfe ; a Lnall glebe at Cloyne ; 6 Revd Martin Armstrong resides in a neighbouring Parish. Curate's Salary £. 75.; re fides in the pariih. None of thefe Livings taken fepa- rately can afford ccmfort to an In cumbent, except per- haps Ballintemple, which might pro-' duce £. ico. per inn. and yet leave nouj- h to fupport he Chancellorlhip rem the 4 other Parilhes. It has alfo a glebe, and might have a church. Temple Robin might be feparated from Clonmell, and • ach would provide maintenance for aa Incumbent; but the Union bei ng by Aft of Council, it is not in t'neBilhop's power to diffolve it by his own authority. None of thefe Liv- ings takenfeparately would maintain an Incumbent, excepc Clenore. The Union being by Aft of Council, it is not in the power of the Bilhop alone to diffolve it; and while a charge re- mains, as at prrfcnt m the Houfe, it i » conceived it could not be done without an Aft of Parlia- ment ; but if it was poffible, it would be a benefit to the church to divide this great Union into 1* 0 Parilhcs, at lome future time. acres at Gortroe. Curate's Salary £. 50.; re- lides in the Union. Gortroe. Defcrt.
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