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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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280 E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , I N 1 8 0 7, [ Cork. H « Number of Benefices. 6. 2. 3- 4- 8. St Peter's Nohoval - - Kilmonogue Dunbulloge Dunisky — The Archdeaconry. Rectory. Rectory Entire. Rectory Entire. Rectory Entire. Rectory Entire INCUMBENTS, Whether having Cure of Souls; Where Refident; If non- Refident, for what Caufe; and bj whom are the Duties difcharged. Revd William Thompson; has cure of souls; resident in the city of Cork, wherein the Church of St Peter's is situate ; is assisted by a Curate in St Peter's. At a period prior to any known record ; ar. d by authority at the time of the Union competent. These parishes are in no instance conti- guous. St Peter's is in the city of Cork ; Nohoval and Kilmonogue about ten miles south of Cork ; Dunilky about ten miles west of Cork; and Dunbulloge about four miles north of Cork. The Prebend of Kilbrogan. Kilbrogan Prebend. Kilbrogan Prebend, Rectory, and Vicarage. Aglish, Rectory ( Vicarage endowed.) Dundurrow, Rectory. Kenneigh, Vicarage. These parishes are in no instance conti- guous. Dundurrow is about three miles eafl of Kilbrogan ; and Kenneigh about three miles west of Kilbrogan. The Prebend of Kilaspigmullane. Connaway - Rectory ( Vicarage endowed. Kilcoane - - Rectory. Templeusque Rectory. Ballydeloher, otherwise Kilroan, Rectory. BENEFICES, When United, anil by what Authority. Revd Doctor John Kenney ( Vicar General Cork and Ross); has cure of souls: is resident within lef than half a mile of Kilbrogan church; assisted by a Curate, also resident in the parish. The Revd James Stopford, Pre bendary ; has cure of souls; is re- sident, and assisted by a Curate. Kilcoane, Templeusque, and Kilroan are contiguous. The estimated extent from east to weft 2\ miles; from north to south 9 miles; con- flit of 3 if plowlands. Connaway at a dis- tance from the others. The Prebend, Rectory, and Vicarage of Kilbro gan, and Rectory of Ag lish, united at a time prior to any record, and by the authority above mention ed; Dundurrow united thereto by authority of . Diocesan, 20< h January 1796; Kenneigh held by- Faculty. At a period prior to any known record. The Prebend of Cahirlag. Cahirlag - - — - — Prebend. Rathcocney ----- Rectory Vicarage. The Little Island - - - Rectory & Vicarage. All these parishes are contiguous. Their estimated extent from east to west three miles; from north to fouth if miles. The Revd John Chetwood; has cure of souls; is resident, and assisted by a Curate. The Prebend of Liscleary. This parish consists of two separate parts; between which other parishes intervene. The Revd William Waller, Pre bendary ; has cure of souls. The Prebend of the Holy Trinity, Cork. The Revd Doctor Edward Day Prebendary; has no cure of souls; ; s supposed to be resident in the Diocese of Ardfert, of which he is Archdeacon. No Union. No Union. Cork.] p OR PROVINCE OF M ULSTER. 28t 4- Number of CHURCHES; Whether in Repair, and in what Parifh they ftand. 5* GLEBE HOUSES; In what Parifh;— what Glebe Lands;— Whether contiguous; or How far removed from each other, and from the Church, or Site of the old Church. 6. CURATES Salaries in cafe of permitted Non- Refidence of the Incumbents; whether Refident or not. 7- LI VING S of a Value too fmall to afford Comfort to the Incumbent. A Church in Saint Peter's. A Church in Nohoval. A Houfe at S* Finbarrys: a garden, or piece of ground, in the city of Cork. A. R. P. Glebe of Nohoval ------- a a 4 A Curate, rclident in S' Peters, who performs the oc- cafional duties in Dunbulloge lalary^. 75. A Cut ate, refi dent in Nohoval aud Kil mo- noge; falary £. Occa fional duties of Dunifky per formed by Curate of an ad- joining parifh. Each of thefe pa- riihes feparately. V A Church at Kilbro- gan. A Church at Kenneigh lately built. A Church at Dundur- row. All in good repair. No Glebe Houfe in thefe parifhes. A. R. P. Glebe of Kilbrogan - -- - — " 34- 3 0 - - - - Dundurrow - -- -- -- 24 3 37 - - - - Kenneigh - -- -- — - 47 I 1 Glebe Land of Dundurrow diftant from that of Kilbrogan about five miles; that of Kenneigh about fix miles. A Curate, refident at Kil- brogm; falary £. 75. Curate, Kenneigh; falary £- 7S- Cu- rate, Dundurrow; falary £• 60. All refideut. \ Church, in good repair. No Glebe Houfe. A. R, P. Glebe Land - -- -- — - - - - 10 313 In Kilroan, about two miles diftant from the Church of the Union. A Curate, refident; Salary 75- Each of thefe pa* ri/ hes feparately. A Church in the Union, in good repair. No Glebe Houfe. A. R. P. Cahirlag Glebe — ------ — 7 3 3 Rathcoouey - - - — 14 231 Dillant from the new church i| mile; from the fite of the old church lefs than a quarter of a mile. A Curate, refident; Salary C- 7S- Each of thefe pa- rifhes feparately. i No Church. No Glebe Houfe. No Glebe Land, Occafional duties by a Cu- rate, who is refident in an ad- joining parifh; Salary £. 10. Each of thefe parts leparately. A Church. ( See Vicarage of the Holy Triuity.) The Prebendaries income arifes from lands; he has no Glebe Houfe. Glebe Land. No Curate, there being a Vicar endowed. • •
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