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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , I N 1 8 0 7 , [ Limerick. 1. * i = 1. 2. 3- 3- 4- h A Ait b o: BENEFICES, ai d Sub- Denominations of each : Number of PARISHES in each : Didances of Pjrifliei fro n each other: Eilirr. aied Extent of faeh Pariflies as are contiguous. Treasurership cf Ardfert: To which belong, as the corps thereof, One- fifth of Ardfert parish. Killconly - - - - Rectory and Vicarage. Killemlagh D° D°. These parishes are remote from each other; Killconly is above 20 miles from Ardfert, and jo from Killemlagh, which is 35 from Ard- fert. The Archdeaconry of Ardfert : To which belono, as the coros thereof, _ k * Oie- fifth of Ardlert parish. Ballinvoher ------ Entire Rectory. This last is distant from Ardfert about 13 miles. The Archdeaconry of Aghadoe : To which belong, as the corps thereof, Aghadoe - - - - — - Entire Rectory. The Archdeacon also holds, Killarney — Vicarage. Killcummin - -- -- -- -- Vicarage. These parishes are all contiguous: they contain, viz. Aghadoe. Killarney and Killcummin. NAMES of INCUMBENTS; Whether having C- ie i. f Souls, and in what Pir'fhcsj Where Refident, and if Non- Refi.' ent, for what Canfc ; By whom the Duties are performed. Rev. Windham Magrath Fitz- gerald ; has cure of souls in Kill- conly and Killemlagh, and jointly with other Dignitaries in Ardfert; serves a cure in the diocese cf Emly, the duties of Killconly and Killemlagh, being attended by the Curates of the adjoining parishes. Rev. Edwd Day, L. L. D. Vicar General of the Diocese ; has cure of souls in Ballinvoher, and jointly with the other Dignitaries in Ard- fert; did reside for many years in the Diocese on another benefice formerly held by him, and does now,. by permission ( being an old man) reside in Dublin, spending, however, some months every year in the Diocese, and attending to the duties of his office. Bally M'Elligott 7 Y 3 - - Entire Red!/. Nohoval Kerry J ------- D°. These parishes are contiguous: they con- tain Castle Island } Entire Rectr. Ballycuslane f - D°. Disert Y D°. Killintierna - -- -- -- D'. These parishes lie together ; they contain 73 Plowlands, and about 37,000 acrcs, of wnic a great part is mountain. Ballynahaglish - -- -- -- Vicarage. Amagh > - Entire Rectory Clogherbrien - -- -- -- - D ® . These parishes are contiguous: they con- tain - - - - Red/ and Vicarage. - - - - - Entire Reftory. Reef and Vicarage. Dromod Prior Killmore, otherwise Valentia ) Dromod and Prior are contiguous. Valentia is an island in the Atlantic Rev. Edwd Herbert, A. M. has cure of souls in each parish; did for several years reside constantly in his Glebe House at Killarney, where a part of his family still re- main, and where he is occasionally resident himself, but has been ne- cessitated by his own and his wife's ill health to be chiefly absent for a few years part. The duties are performed by a resident Curate. Rev. Thomas Graves, A. M. Dean of Connor; has cure of souls in both parishes: resides on hi Deanry of Connor. The duties performed by a re- sident Curate. Rev. William Crosbie ; has cure of souls; hitherto has not resided, but is now under peremptory order to reside, and build a glebe- house, and is at present in his parish, and performing the duties in person ; they have hitherto been performed by a resident Curate lately de- Rev. Maynard Denny; has cure of souls in each parish ; resides in his Glebe House, and performs the duties in person. * Tralee was also formerly held with them, and was first separatcd about the year 1750. it appear: as if Ballynahaglish had been sepa- rated from the rest for a short time about the year 1669, but they very soon afterwards were re- united. Rev. Maynard Denny; has cur of souls in each parish; resides on his other benefice held by Faculty. Duties in Valentia are performed by a resident Curate; duties in Dromod and Prior are performed by the Curate of the adjoinin parish of Cahir. 3- ' Djte of UNION of PARISHES, and By what Authority. At a period p; ior to any exifting Recoid: pro- jab'y at the firft inftitu cion of the Dignity, and by fuch Authority as was then competent. At a period prior to any existing Record; pro- bably at the first institu- tion of the Dignity, and by such Authority as was then competent. Killarney and Kill- cummin have been held together as far back as any Record of the Dio- cese reaches. The Archdeaconry was united to them in 1798, by Authority of theDio- cesan. Thefe parifhes have been held together as far back as any Record of the Diocefe reaches • they arc confidered, how- ever, a? Only Epifcopally united. Thefe parifhes have been held together as far back as any Records of the Diocefe reach ; they are confidered, however, as only Epifcopally unit- ed. Thefe parifhes have been held together as far back as anv Record of the Diocefe reach: they are confidered, how- ever, as only Episcopally united •. These parishes are in the patronage of the Crown, and have been held together, and along with the three in the next number as far back as any existing Record. They are considered, however, as only Episcopally unit- ed. V Jce.] 2 rl FOR Province or MUKSTER. ? 5i. 4- TCutrb- r of CHURCHES; IWnetr. er i » Repair, and in whtt Psrifhes they A. Church, Ardfert. CXCept No Church, except that cf Ardfert. N Church in A?- hr. c'ce. A Church inKillarney, • kly rebuilt, and now fmillung. 5- GLEB2 HOUSES 5 and in what PARISHES fituated; Glcb^ Lands, whether con: iguou?, or huw far removed from each other: Diftances of Glebe from Church, or from Site of old Church. No Glebe Tloufe. Glebe in Arcfisrt as above. Two Glebes in Killconly - - Killeir. lagh Gl.- be ------ - " I) 0 - - - - - D° All thefe Glebe; were let for 21 years about 12 years ago, by a former Treafurer, at a very fnial! rent. A. 4- 23. 10. 3- 39- 4- 16. No Glebe Houfe. Glebe in Ardfeit as above, D° in Baliinvoher - 7 D° claimed, but not peffeffed the Archdeacon - - rd by j A. R. ' 3- 3- p. 14.. A Glebe Houfe in Killarney. A Glebe in Killarney, near the church.— Glebe in Killcummin. A. R. P. 45- 3- 2I- D° in Aghadoe - - - — - - - 10. 3. 2. The Archdeacon has alfo a Glebe lately re- covered by him in Killgarvan parifli. 6. SALARIES paid to Curates in Cafes of permitted Non- Refidence: R-. fidencc of CURATES. /• PARISH E S too fmall to afford to ReCdent Incumbents the means of Comfort. Curate of Aghevallin is Each of thefe pa- p. iiJjT. i j. a year for Killconly. rifhes feparately. Curate of Cahirris paid £. 10. a year for Killemlagh. Curate of Ballina bounty, paid £. 20. a year for Ballir.- voher. Curate's Salary £. 75. He refides in Killarney. A Church at Bally tyFElligott, in good re- pair. A Church in Callle lliland, now under repair. A Church in Eallyna- Ihnglifh, in good repair. A Church in Valentia, in indifferent repair. No Lilebe Houfe. A. R. P. Bally M'Elligctt Glebe - - - - 5. 1. 2. This Glebe is clofe to church. Nohovale Glebe ------- 9. 1. 38. No Glebe Houfe. Glebe in Caftle Ifknd, clofe 1 to church ------ - J D° in Difert D° 4 D" in Killentierna - - D° 3 Kilbanavone Glebe, in Caftle Ifland parith - -- -- -- -- -- - 9 Dromulton Glebe --.---- 3 A Glebe Houfe in Rallynahaglifh. Ballynahaglifli Glebe clofe to 7 the church - ^ A. R. p. Kiliarney and Kill- cummin feparately. Curate's Salary £. 75. refides in the parifh. He Thefe parilhes parately. The late was £. 75. Curate's Salary 10. 3. 36. 2. o. 2. o. 20. 5- 23- 20. 21. R. O. P. 4- No G'ebc Houfe, but one immediately to be built at Valentia, the Glebe of which ( about the church) is 35*. 2R. 25 p. Curate's Salary at Valentia £. 65. a year. Curate of Cahiris paid £. 15. a year for the duties of Dromod and Prior. Each of thefe pa- rilhes feparately. Each of thefe pa- riflies feparately. ( I
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