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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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No Pages: 2
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* 4' 1 8 0 7 , [ Limerick. NAMES of BENEFICES Sub D ' nnniinot each: N umber of PARI SjH ItS in each ; Dhtar. ces ot Paiiil. es fiom each oiher, when nor contiguous : ET- ima eJ Extentof f° ch Pari Ike* as are contgnous. Bruff Vicarage.' Killbreedy Minor - - Rectory & Vicarage. These Parishes are not immediately con- tiguous, but it was judged expedient to unite them, in order to create an adequate support for the Minister cf Bruff, which is a very poor Vicarage, with considerable duty to perform, and requiring constant residence; the Parishes are distant 4 miles. Revd Andrew McCullogh; has. cure of souls in both Parishes; re sides in BrufF, and performs the duties of both Parishes in person. Killflyn Entire Rectory. Croom - - - - Adare ------ These Parishes Croom contains - Adare 1. 2. - Rectory & Vicarage. Vicarage. o are contiguous; 6,000 acres. 4.8 co Total - 10,800 Dromin ------ Rectory & Vicarage. Athlacca - - - - - - Rectory Vicarage. These Parishes are contiguous; they contain - 5,000 acres. Kilcornan - - Entire Redory. Ballingarry Vicarage. Dumoyian - -- -- -- -- Vicarage, r Castle Robert - - Rectory k Vicarage. V Killfinnan - -- -- -- -- - Vicarage. ^ Daragh - -- -- -- -- - Vicarage. ) N0i 2. & 3. are contiguous, diflant ahou 5 miles from Ballingarry ; 4. & 5. are conti guous, distance from Ballingarry about 17 miles. 2. Si 3. contain - - 2,500 acres. 4. & 5. contain - - 4,000 acres. 1. 1. 2. N AMES of 1 N C U M B E N T S, V\ hether having Cure " f ioulc, and in. what Parities; Where Refluent, and if Non- Refident, for what Caufe : By wbom the Duties are performed. Revd William Rose; has cure of souls; resides at Adare, where he was for many years Curate; is per- mitted to reside there, having nei- ther Church nor Glebe House at Killflynn, and the income of it being too small for his support; the duties performed by the Curate if the adjoining Parish. 3- Date of UNION of PARISHES, and By what Authority, By Authority of the Diocefan in 17^ 4., and at each Collation fiuce. Revd Richard Croker; has cure of souls in both Parishes; resides in Croom, and performs the duties in perfon, assisted by, a Curate; the duties of Adare are performed by a esident Curate. Revd Richard Croker; has cure of souls in each parish; he resides on his other Benefice ( held by Fa- culty) at Croom; the duties are performed by a resident Curate. Thefe Parifhes have been held together, as far back as any Record of the Diocefe caches; they do net appear however to be otherwife thanEpifco- paliy united. Revd Francis Langford; has cure of souls; resides in the Glebe House ; and performs the duties in person, assisted by a Curate. Rcvd John Graves ; has cure of souls in each Parish, besides in Bal- lingarry, vid performs the duty in perfon; has a resident Curate at Killfinnan and Daragh; duties of Castle Robert and Dunmoylan performed by the Curate of the contiguous Parish of Shanagolden. Tnefe Parilhes have be<= n held together as far back as any Record of the Diocefe reaches; they do not appear however to be otherwife than Epif- copally uiited. Corcomohide - -- -- -- -- Vicarage. Clonelty D° - - Cloncah - - - D° - - Newcastle ----- - Rectory & Vicarage. Monegea ------ Rectory & Vicarage. These Parishes are contiguous; they contain - - 8, oeo acres. Mahoanagh - - - - Rectory & Vicarage. Revd Henry Dundass; has cure of souls; is beneficed also in the Diocese of Meath, and resides there ; duties performed by a resident Curate. Revd Thomas Lock, A- M.; has cure of souls in each Parish ; resides in Newcastle; and persorms th^ duties in person, assisted by a. Curate. Revd Thomas Locke, A. M. has cure of souls ; holds this by Fa- culty witn Newcastle, where he resides; and performs the duties of Mahoanagh in person, assisted by a Curate. Kilfinnan and Daragh have been held togtther as far back as an y exifting Record. Steps are now taking to unite them by Ad of Council. Dumoy- lan and Pkobertstown have been always held together; the w hole were hi ft united ( only Epifcopally it is be- lieved) about 1740. By Authority of the Diocefan, about the year 1740. ' I hefe Parifhes have al- ways been held together, out are confidered to be only Epifcopally United . imerick.] Number of CHURCHES; FOR PROVINCE OF M U N i T E R. * 43 A Church, in in good repair. No Church, nor nc appearance of there hav ing been any. Wnether in Repair, and in » hac Parities they ( land. GLEBE HOUSES; and in what PARISHES fituateu : Glebe Lands, whether contiguous, or how tar removed from each other: Diftances of Glebe from Church, or from Site of old Church. Bruit, No Giebe Iloufe; glebe in Kilbreedy, 11 acres. SALARIES paid to Curat.: s in Cafes of permitted Non- Rf fidence : P. efidence of CURATES. PARISHES too fmall to - ft'ord to Refident Ir. cun> be » t » t. ic means of Comfort. No glebe. A Church, in Croom, in good repair. A Church at Adare, in ve- y bad repair ; but a new church about to be built. The Curate ot Killfmaan, is paid JF- 4. III. a year, fo attending the duties of Kill flyn. BrufF and Kil- breedy, fepaiatcly. Kill flyn. The Curate of a Salary of 60.; Croom Glebe lay near the church, and containec about 6 acres: It has not been pofl'elfed by any Incumbent for at lead 60 years part, but by the in the Parilh Patron of the Parilh, by whom it has been leafed. The pre'ent Patron has promifed to give a glebe in lieu of it. Adare ( hould have 4 fmall glebes, near the church, containing \ an acre, and 2 containing 5 acre, 2 miles from the church; the Vicar does not poftefs any of them. Adare ha; he refides A Church at Athlacca, in lnuiifcrent repair. A Church, in good epair. A Church at tfallin- > rry, in good r< pair. A AChurch, a; K ililinnin, in good repair. A Church, in Corco moiiide, in good repair. A Church in New : aft! e, in good repair. No Church. Athlacca Glebe, clofe to the church IS A. 3 R. 5 P. D cmin Glebe, clofe to the fite 0/ the old church, contains - - 21. 1. 30. A Glebe Houfe ordered to be built at Athlacca. A Glebe Houfe ; Glebe clofe to church ; 61 acres. No Glebe Houfe; but one has been ordered a1 ^ ilfinnan. Glebe at Ballingarry - - 2 A. 3 R. 6 P. Killfinnan Glebe, near the church ----- 4. 1. 13. No Glebe Houfe; no glebe poffeffed by the Vicar; there are Reftorial Glebes, of which one is faid 10 b -' oug to the Vicar, but there is no proo: that he ever polfeiTed it. The Curate's Salary C 7S- is Adare. Each of thefe Fa- rilhes feparately. Curate's Salary at Kilfinnar, is 60. i he Curate of Shanapolder is paid £. 3. a year for the oc cafional duties of Duinoylan and Caftb Robert. Curate's Salary, £. 75. . he relides in Coreomohidc Parilh. Glebe l- Iouf'-; but one I12S been ordered a' \ ewcaitle; Newcatl'e Glebe, half a rni'e from : he church, in 2 divifions - 9A. OR. 24: b• ------- 27. 1. 38. Mon » » eaGlebe( clofe ' 00! IchurcM ^ 3. 1. 34. No jlebe [ ioufe ; Glebe clofe to old church 1J A. 3 R. 21 P. D° - 3 mileaditlant - S. O. 39. Each of thefe Pa- rishes feparately. Each of tftefe Pa- • dies feparatcly.
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