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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland


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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland
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Papers Relating to The Established Church in Ireland

Date of Article: 29/07/1807
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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E C C L E S I A S T I C A L R E P O R T S , IN 1 8 0 7, [ Limerick. u I 1 No. 1.— DIOCESE Number * of Benefices. 1. 2. 3- 4 NAMES of BENEFICES, and Sub- Denominations of each: Number of PARISHES in each; Diftances of PariiTies from each other, 1 when not contiguous : Eftimared Ejrr- ntnf fuch Parifhes as are Contiguous. The DEANERY of LIMERICK: to which belong, as the Corps thereof, Saint Mary's ... Entire Rectory. Saint Nicholas's - - Rectory & Vicarage. Cahirnany - ------- Entire Rectory. Cappagh - Rectory & Vicarage. Bruree - -- -- -- -- -- -- Rectory. Mungret Rectory. These Parishes are dispersed through the Diocese. Saint Mary's and Saint Nicholas lie in and about the City cf Limerick. Cahirnany lies 3 miles South of Limerick; Mungret one mile West of it; Cappagh about 6 miles beyond Murgret; and Bruree about 13 miles beyond Cahirnany. 2. NAMES of INCUMBENTS; Whether having Cure of Souls, and in what Pari/ hes; Where Refiaent, and if Non- ReCdent, for what Caufe : By whom the Duties arc performed. 3- Date of UNION of PARISHES, and By what Authority. The Precentorship: to which belong, as the Corps thereof, Nantenan - -- -- -- - Entire Rectory. Killfenny — - - - Rectory & Vicarage. Loghill Rectory & Vicarage. Shanagolden — — ------ Rectory. Knocknegaul - - - Rectory. Dromdeely Rectory. Morgans Vicarage. These Parishes are not all contiguous; Knocknegaul is about 6 miles from Nantenan and Kilfenny about 3 ; Morgans and Drom- deely are contiguous, and about a mile from Shanagolden, which is contiguous to Loghill. The Chancellorship and Rectory of Dun donnell. Corps of the Chancellorship : Rathkeale Entire Rectory. Killscannell - - - - Rectory & Vicarage. Cloonagh ----- Rectory & Vicarage. Clonshier Rectory & Vicarage. To these is Episcopally united, Dundonnell ------- Entire Rectory. These Parishes are all contiguous; they contain about 8,000 acres, of which, 246 are in Dundonnell. Hon. and Revd Maurice Crosbie, D. D.; has cure of souls in the Parishes of Saint Mary, Saint Ni- cholas, Cahirnany, and Cappagh; has been resident in Deanery House till rendered by infirmity unequal to the discharge of any duty, and is now therefore per- mitted to reside at his Daughter's in the County of Wexford. He has a licensed Curate in the contiguous and united Parishes of Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas, and another in Cahirnany. The duties of Cappagh are per- formed by the Curate of a neigh- bouring Parish. At a peiiod prior to any existing Record; pro- bably at the first institu- tion of the Deanery, and by such authority as was then competent. Revd George Vaughan Harte, B. D.; has cure of souls in Nan- tenan, Killfenny, Loghill, and Morgans; resides in the Precentor's House at Limerick, and is atten- dant on the Cathedral. Has a licensed Curate in Nan- tenan and Killfenny. Duties of Logkill and Morgans attended by the Incumbents of neighbouring Parishes, who are paid an annual Salary for such at- tendance. Revd John Hoare, A. M.; Vicar Genl; has cure of souls in each Parish; resides in Limerick as Vicar General, and also as attendant on the Cathedral. Has a licensed Curate for the whole Union, who resides in Rath- keale. At a period prior to any exifting Record; pro- bably at the firll initia- tion of the Dignity, and by such authority as was then competent. The Parishes compo- sing the corps of the Chancellorship were uni- ted at a period prior to any existing Record; pro- bably at the first institu- tion of the Dignity, and by such authority as was then competent. Dundonnell has been united to the Chancellor- ship since early in the last Century, and by the Bishop's authority. Limerick] FOR PROVINCE OF MUNSTER. 2JJ OF LIMERICK. 4- Number of CHORCH ES; Whether in Repair, and in what Pariihi'S they ftand. Church in Saint Mary's, being the Parifn Church for that and Saint Niclio las's; and alio the Ca- thedral Church of the Dioccfe; it is in good ic pair. Church in Cahirnany, in indifterent repair. 5- GLEBE HOUSES ; and in what PARISHES fituated : Glebe Lands; whether contiguous, or how far removed from each other: D. itances of Glebe from Chuich, or from Sile of old Church. Deanery Houfc in Limerick. A Church, at Nan- tcnan, in good repair. A Church at Rathkcale, 1 good repair. Glebe in Sunt Nicholas's Parilh - D" D° D° - - The firft of thefe glebes is about half a mile from fite of old church, the three lait about furlongs f om thence. Cahirn ny glebe, half a mile from the Church .... Cappagh g'ebc - ihuree - D°, near old church Mimgret glebe in five divifions, all near the old chuich - 6. SALARIES paid to Curates in Cafes of permitted Non- i? e( idence: Rcfider. ce of CURATES. 7- PARISHES too firail to afford to Refideut incumbents the means of Comfort. Precentor's Houfe at Limerick. Glebe of ,\ antenan, not poffefled by Incumbent; inclofed in a Gentleman's demefne, and bounda- ries defaced; is about 5 acres, and very rear the church, Loghill glebe near to fite of o. d church, is 16 A. OR. IIP. A glebe at Shanagolden, half a mile from the church, containing 4 acres, and another about i of a mile from the church, containing 18 acres and 35 perches; there are alfo other glebes in . his Parilh belonging to the Vicar. A Houfe on the Glebe of Rathkeale, r. 1 which the Curate refides; Rath- ke le glebe near the church Another D° a mile diftant K. llscannell D° near old church D° half a mile diftant Cloonagh D° near o'd church Clonfhier D° near old church D' diftant - Dundonnell gh be - The Chance'lorfliip has alfo ground in the City ol Limerick. Curate of Saint Mary's at: » i Saint Nicholas's, £. 75.; he is rcfident— Curate of Cahir- aany 75.; resides on the > lebe. The Curate of Rathkeale is paid £. 2. 5 s. 6 d. a year for unending to the duties of the Parish or C. ippagh. Nos 1, 2, 3, and 4, feparately; 5 anu t>, no cure of fouls. R. P. 1. 31. o. 31. 0 33- 0. 20. 2. 13 2. 14. 1. 2S. 3. o. 1 lot of Curate of Nantcnan and Killfenny, lately deceafed; his Succt fibrs not yet fettled in the Parifn, but is to refide immedi- ately; his Salary jf. 75. The Vicar of Shanagolden is paid £ 3. a year, for occafional du ties cf Lojhill ; the Vicar of Aficeascn is paid £. 3. 8s. 3f/. a year for the occafional duiies of Morgans. All of thefe Pa- riftics feparately, ex- cept Nantenan. Curate refides on the glebe of Rathkeaie; hi » Salary C- 7S- All thefe Parifhes feparately, except Rathkealc. 78. 3 o
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