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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Volume Number: 87    Issue Number: 6
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 11/04/1807
Printer / Publisher: T. Dicey and W. Sutton 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 87    Issue Number: 6
No Pages: 4
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ortftam rairp. 4 Vol. 87. SATURDAY, April 11, 1807. No. 6'. Readv Money is expectod ) with Advertisements. S J Circulated through every Town and- populous Village ( Bedford, Buckingham, Hertford, Oxford, Warwick; in the Counties of Northampton, Leicester, Huntingdon, J Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. S PRICE SIXPENCE, \ ftamp- Puty •;•••• 3* d. F Paper and Print -. ajd. •—•-•-" I, 1 . ' 1 11 """ • • Sunday and Tuesday's Posts, l-' rom ' the LONDON GAZETTE. Downing- Street, Aprils, 1807. BARON Rehausen, his Swedish Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary at this Court, has this day delivered to the Right Honourable George Canning, his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, a Note, announcing the blockade of the River Peene by the Naval Forces of his Swedish Majesty. [ This Gazette contains the following appoint- ments, viz. Lord Eldrrti, Lord Chancellor; the Duke of Richmond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland aud a Privy Counsellor; Duke of Montrose, Master of the Horse; Henry Baron Mulgrave, Admiral James Gambier, Vice- Admiral Sir R. Bickerton, Win. Johnstone Hope and Robert AVard, Esqrs. Henry John Viscount Palmerston, and James Buller, Esq. Lords Commissioners of the Adniiraltv. — Right Hon. Robert Dundas, Earl Camden," Lord Iiawkesbury, Lord Castlereagh, George Canning, the Duke of Portland, Spencer Perreval, Lord Lovwne, Lord Teignmouth, Thomas Walhs, and George Johnstone, . Esqrs. his Map ty's Commissioners for the Management of India Affairs— Joseph Hunt, Esq. Treasurer of the Navy. By this Gazette, William Viscount Lowther is created Earl of Lonsdale. The Gazette also contains a most gallant per- formance achieved by the Greyhound, of 32 guns, Captain Elphinstone, and the Hanier, of Id guns, Captain Troubtidge, in the Java Seas. " After destroying ( sans Capt Elphinstone). on the 4th of July, under tlic ' fort of Manado, the Dutch Company's brig Christian Elizabeth, armed with 8 gnus, and having a complement of 80 tr. cn, the Grey- hound and I [ artier stood across the Molucca Sea to the Island of Tidon, when they captured, on the 6th, another of the enemy's iruisers, called the Gelgica, armed with 12 guns, and manned with 32 men. From thence proceeding to the westward, on the evening of the 25th of July, four sail of ships were descried pas- ting through the Straits of Salayer ; immediate chace • was givrn t& them, and by nine I had the satisfaction of seeing them lying- to ' between the small Dutch posts of ISonthean and Balacomba, at about seven miles distance from the shore. I easily made out one of them to be a frigate, and another a corvette ; but a third had so much the appearance of a line of battle ship, that both L'apt. Troubridge arid myself deemed it prudent to wait till daylight before we examined them. We accordingly lay- to during the night, at two miles distance to'windward. As the day broke, I had the pleasure of finding the ship which had forced us on cautionary measures, was a large two: uecked ship, resembling an English Indiaman. " The enemy ( for they proved to be a Dutch squa- dron) immediately drew out in order of battle on the larboard tack under their topsails, the frigate taking Iter station in the van, an armed ship astern of her, the large ship in the centre, and the corvette in the rear. Fortunately for us, the frigate, by fore- reach- ing upon her second astern, caused a small opening in their line. It was suggested to me by Mr. Martin, ' Master of his Majesty's ship Greyhound, that'if we could close with . lie enemy whilst in that position our attack might be made to advantage ; accordingly, under French colours, we bore up, as it with an intention " to speak the frigate, and when within hail, all further disguise being unnecessary, we shifted our colours and commenced firing, which was instantly returned with a smartness and spirit that evinced they were fully prepared for the contest. The Harrier, who had kept close a- stern of the Greyhound, on seeing : icr engaged, bore round upland passed between clie IV.' « « and her second a- stern, and raked them both ; the latter with such effect, that they bore up in succession to return her fire thus leaving the frigate separated from them. B. ing resolved to avail myself of this advantage, and being anx'ious to^ be in a position for supporting the Har- ier, now engaged in the centre of the enemy's line, I wore close round trie frigate's bows, raking her severely while passing; and when on the starSovd bow, by throwing our sails aback, we fell into tSeMesired position. The cannonade front the Greyhound was now admirable, while that of the frigate visibly slackened ; and at last, after an action of forty minutes, wholly ceased. On hailing to know if they had struck, they answered they had, and l. eut. Home took immediate possession of her. On direct- ing her fire on the ships a- stern, they all followed her example, exce[ t the corvette, who, from being in the rear had suffered little from the action, and now made olf towards the shore. Capt. ' l'roubridgeimmediately wore in pursuit of her, sending, at the same time, a boat to take possession of the large ship, whose tire hi: had nearly silenced early in the action. Perceiv- ing the corvette sailed rema'rkably well, and that she could spread more canvas than the Harrier, her mast and rigging being entire, 1 recalled the latter from a chace which was likely to be fruitless. " The prizes proved to be the Dutch Republican frigate Pallas, of 36 guns, commanded by N. S. Aalbers, a Captain in the Dutch Navy ; the Victoria, a two- decked ship, of 800 tons, commanded by Klaas Kenkin, senior Captain in the Dutch Company's service; and thj Batavia, a ship of about 51) 0 tons, commanded by William De Val, a Captain in the same service. Both the Company's ships are armed for the purposes of war, and richly laden with the produce of the Moluccas. " The ship which escaped, I learn from our pri- soners, was the Republican corvette William, mount- ing twenty 24- pounders, and manned with 110 men." Return of killed and wounded.— Greyhound, 1 killed, and 8 wounded ; Harrier, 3 wounded.] — BBiaWiftM » l » Tn » • mined was the opposition of the inhabitants to this oppressive measure, that it was necessarily given up. Throughout the whole of the district of La Vendee no iery has bten lately enforced. By late advices from America, the Commercial Treaty, signed by Mr. Munro with our Court, has been favourably received.-— Colonel Burr has thrown off the mask; himself and associates are in open rebellion. Burr is at the head of 6000 men, and General Adair of 2000. The former has avowed his intention of overturning the Go- vernment. The reports of an intended insurrection of the Negroes in Jamaica were without any salid foun- - ition. They are now ascertained to have origi- nated only in some trifling excess > » of those people. Government has determined to give to Russia every possible support, and 60,000 stand of arms will be sent off with the utmost dispatch. Tltey were on Saturday insured, aud they will be con- veyed in two sloops of war, and are to be followed by a proportionate quantity, of ball cartridges. Upwards of 50,000 stands, which had been pre- viously sent with ball cartridges, had reached Memel, and are at this moment very likely em- ployed against the common enemy. On Tuesday, Richard Andrews, a man of very genteel appearance, and for whose apprehension a reward had been offered, underwent an exami- nation at the Police- office, Queen square, on a charge of having defrauded a Colonel Davison, not long from India, and another gentleman, " of several thousand pounds, under pretence of pro- curing them seats in Parliament, through the interest of the Earl of Besborough, Earl Fitz- william, & c.— The prisoner was re- committed for further examination. He formerly kept his carriage in Half- Moon- street, Piccadilly, and a swarm of attendants, but he was apprehended in an. obscure lodging in Westminster.— Besides the innumerable claims brought forward- against him by various tradesmen, writs to the amount of ^ .8000 are said to have been issued bj the Sheriff's of Middlesex and Surrey. On Wednesday afternoon, as a Miss Thompson, in Bishopsgate- Street, an accomplished young lady, was standing too near the fire, her train accidentally caught the flames, anil although they were in the space of a minute extinguished, and medical assistance instantly procured, et she was so much burnt as to languish till Thursday afternoon, when she fell a victim to the unfortunate accident. Saturday niaht, at ten o'clock, a respite during his Majesty's pleasure was sent by Lord Iiawkes- bury to Horsairionger- lane, for Duncan, the gar- dener, who r. trdered Mr. Chivers, and who was to have been execut ; 1 yesterday morning. { JIOTI T- STR ATFOHJB, April 3d, 1807. WLLIAM BOYES, LINEN & WOOLLEN- DRAPER, having opened a Shop in the MARKET- PLACE, where he has laid in a fashionable Assortment of Articles in the above Line, which he is determined to sell on the must reasonable Terms, begs Leave respectfully to solicit the Favours of his Friends and the 1' ubltc, which will be thankfully received; and which, by strict Assiduity and faithful Attention, he hopes to merit. NO CYRE NO PAY. OMOKY CHIMIN IES effectually CURED by 0 Mr. R. FOOTTIT, Builder and Chimney- Sur- veyor, HUNTINGDON. < pjf" Orders addressed as above, or to Mr. WEBB, 1 rinter, Bedford, will be punctually attended to. * Mr. F. can produce the most respectable Tes- mials of his superior Skill in the above Art, which he has practised with the greatest Success for tl. ese last 14 Years. IMPERIAL FIRE- OFFICE, LONDON . ICHARD CAMPS, of WOBURN, being V, appointed AGENT to the above OFFICE, solicits the Favours of his Friends ind the Public in that Lir. e, which will always be carefully attended to, and executed with Dispatch. ( jCaT POLICIES gratis. R - MARFELL & PALMER T> ESPECTFULLY inform their Friends and tv the Public in general, they have opened a Ware- house in the SPIRIT LINE, in the HIGH- STREET, DAV ENTRY, where they intend to carry on the above Business on reasonable Terms; and hope, by a srtict Attention to the same, and serving them v^ ith a good Article, to merit their Favours, which will be gratefully acknowledged. The WHIP MANUFACTORY carried on as usual. CHEAP COALS, ~~~ OF cxcollent Quality, from HA- KHSST- UY NEW COLLIERY, arc now selling at NORTH- AMPTON WHARF, at Eleven- pence per Hundred Weight, and delivered into a; iy Part of the Town at One Shilling per Hundred Weighty exclus: \! t of the customary Charge for Loading, Sec. by FRANCIS PARROTT, Esq. & Co. Proprietors cf the aforesaid Colliety. [! 3r The said Coals are particularly recommended to all great Consumers, and are warranted to be the best Coals, at the state*! Prices, ever » ffered for Sale to the Inhabitants of the Town and County of Northampton. HAWKESBURY COALS do not take Fire so quick as the best Staffordshire Coals, but when fairly kindled are equal in Hear, and will continue so One- third longer, by the Use of which will be found a Saving to the Consumer of Forty per Cett. For these Coals, Gentlemen are desired to enquire for Mr. MOSES JEFFERY, Clerk tor the Hawkesbury Coals, who constantly attends at the said Northampton Whar f ; of whom may be had, prime WEDNESBURY COALS, at Thirteen- fence, at the Wharf; delivered into the Town at Founeen- pence per Hundred Weight. And for further Particulars, apply te Mr. STEPHEN YATES, Redworth, near Coventry. LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, April 7th, 1807. OTRAYED, from WOBURN FAIR, in the County O of Bedford, on the 23d Day of March, 1807, AN HEIFER, nearly White, mealy- celoured on the Sides, just down- calving and trimmed up, and has two Clips on the round Bone of her ofi" Side. Any Person who will give Information so that the said Heifer may be had again, or will bring her to Mr. WILLIAM DICKT- NS, of the Raven Inn, in Leighton- Buzzard, Beds, or Mr. JAMES HALSEY, of Cubling- ton, Bucks, shall receive a Reward of ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable Expences attending the same. To be SOL I) bv A U C f 1 O N," By ANDREW GA RDNE R, On Monday the 13th Day of April, 1807, nPIIE LIVE and DEAD DAIRY STOCK, sundry 8. HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, on the Premises of Mr. CLARK, at his FARM, called WHIISUMDOIES, in the Parish of SALFORD, Beds, who is leaving the said Farm; consisting of eight useful Dairy Cows, three barren Ditto, three Two- year- old Heifers, one Two- year- old Ditto, and one Two- y ar- old Bull; two Draught Horses; eight Milk. Leads, two Pair of Milk- Pails, tec. ; a Quantity o Pewter . rass, & c.; two Shelter- Hovels, and one Cow- House; Bedsteads and Bedding; Chairs and Tables; iron- bound Casks; and various other Articles. Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning. To be - SOLD by AUCTION, . By R. JARVIS, On Monday ' he 13th Day of April, 1807, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN' PALN, of SOUTH- NEW- INGTON, near Banbury, Oxfordshire ( who is leaving his Farm), rr< HE valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING- I- STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c.; comprising four ln- calf Heifers, one In- calf Cow, threebmen Cows, t Cows Calves, mid a capital Bull, , it" the Rollrigh: and Canley Breed; sixty Ewes, with Lambs, and thirty Tegs; six Pigs-; three Draught Horses, a Mare In- foal, and a Nag Horse; Horse Gears, Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, • ield Rolls, and other Farming Utensils; a Number of Posts and Rails, and other Effects; which will be specified in Catalogues, to be had in due Time at the Crown- and - Cushion, Chipping- Norton ; King's- Arms, i.' eddington; Place of Sale; and of the Auc- tioneer, in Banbury. To be viewed ihe Morning of Sale till Eleven o'clock, at which Time the Auction will commence. IN- GENERAL TRAINING AKI> MILITIA SU RAN C & 0' FFIC E, No. 63, Nezcmun- Street, ' Oxford- Street, London ( removed from King- Street) ; Established in 1801. THE Proprietors of this Office respectfully inform the Public, that the Number of Persons to be balloted under the Training Act being one in four of the whole Population of the Kingdom remaining liable to, and fit for, Military Service, the Terms of Insurance against the Effect of all Ballots for that aud the Militia, throughout the Whole of England and Wales, are it". 1 10s. for Persons whose annual Income does not amount to ^£. 100; all others £. 3. Receipts pnd Particulars of this Office may be had in Northampton of Mr. FRANCIS BIRDSALL, Post- Office; and of proper Agents in almost every Market Town throughout the Kingdom. 16th March, 1807. G. LEMON, Clerk. FYLES's BAN K RUPTCY. rjpiIE CREDI TORS of THOMAS EYLES, of S- ELSTOW, in the Comity of Bedford, Butcher, ^ ictualler, Deah'r and Chapman, against whom a Commission of bankrupt is awarded and is now in Prosecution, are requested forthwith to bring MI Account of tbeii SET. erat Demands to Mr. Whitworth, Solicitor to the said' Commission, at Bedford aforesaid, and come prepared to prove the same on Oath; and they are further to take Notice, that the Assignees of the said Bankrupt will meet at the REO- LION INN, in the Town of BEDFORD, on MONDAY the 20th Day of APRIL next, at Twelve o'clock in the Forenoon, to consult on the Bankrupt's Affairs, and to assent to, or dissent from, the Assignees commencing, prose- cuting, and defending, any Suit at Law or in Equity, for the Recovery, of any Part* of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, as to compounding, or submitting to Arbitral ion, or otherwise agreeing any Matter or Thing relating thereto. WILLIAM WHITWORTH, Solicitor. Bedford, April id, 1807. BROOM, March 23d, 18C7. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects ot'Mr. JOHN BARBER, late of BROOM, in the Parish of Southill, and County of Bedford, deceased, are hereby required to send in their respective Claims, in Writing, stating the , - „, ing .. Nature of such Demands, to Mrs. Barber, the Wido and Fxecutrix of the said Mr. .!. Barber; and all 1 croons standing indebted the said late Mr. John Barix- r at the Time of his Deccasc, are desired to pay the same immediately to the Widow and Executrix, as aforesaid. ELIZABETH BARBER. SroNY- STRATEOUD, March 30th, 1807. ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate or Effects of Mr. THOMAS GLEE D, late of Wo. . VERTON, in the County of To be SOLO or LETT, ACapital MESSUAGE, with Work- Shops and other Out- buildings, and a convenient Yard and Garden adjoining; situate in WELDON, in the County of Northampton; together with two Cottage- Houses, one Close of Pas'. ure, and two Ditto of Arable Land, containing together about seven Acres and a Half. The Messuage is well situated for carrying on the Trade of Grocer and Draper, and has, for several Years past, been occupied by Persons in that Business, and in the Wool Trade. Immediate Possession may be had of the Messuage and its Appurtenances.— The Estate is Part Copyhold and Part Freehold. Enquire of Mr. BERKELEY, of Biggin, near Oundle. IS s , •, , , nty of • u, Its, deceased, are desired to send an Account thereof to his Widow, Mrs. deed, of Vv'oolverton aforesaid; or to his Executors, Mr. Hutchings, or Mr. Smith, oLStony- Stntford,— lAnd all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate or Effects, are hereby required to pay their respective Debts to the said Mrs. Gleed, Mr. Hu'diings. or Mr. Smith, on or before the 24th I'af of June next; or, otherwise, Pio. ceedings will be commenced to recover the same. STONY- STCATFOUD, April 2d, 1807. ALL Persons who. hav- any Claims or Demands on the Estate and Beets of Mr. GEORGE GILLING, late of STONY- STRATFORD, in the County of Bucks, Butcher, deceased, are desired to send an Account thereof to hi> Widow, Mrs. Ann GULIN,:, of Stony- Stratford aforesaid; or to his Son ana Executor, Mr. Thomas Gilling, of the same I lace. Butcher.— And all Persons who stand indented next, otherwise Proceedings will recover the same. ay be commenced to Wobum Path Faun. SALE OF SHEEP AND CATTLE rjMIE SALE of LEICESTER TUPS, EWES, I^ TPndn^ at WOBURN PARK FARM, JS 1 OS 1 PONED from JUNE the 15th to Scpumh - when the entire Stock of New Leicester Sheep be- longing to the DUKE of BEDFORD, will be sold with- out Reserve. Due . Notice will be given of the par- ticular Days of Sale. The SALE and LETTINO. S of SOUTH- DOWNS, and of CATTLE, will take Place at WOBURN PAKK FARM, ™ MONDAY the 15th of JUNE, according to the Notice given at Lord las!. Somerville's Shew in March Woburn Park Farm, Id April, 1S07. To be SOLD * j Mr. by AUCTIO i\ T, ROUSE, To BUI LDERS. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, fT> HEMATERIALS of CHESTERTON- HALL; I. consisting of a large Quantity of Bricks, Stone, Slates, Timber, Lead, Glass, Doors, Sashes, Floors, & c.— The House is now open for Inspection; and Proposals for the Purchase may be sent to Mr. Roberts, at Orton, near Peterborough; who will treat for the same on or before the 10th Day of April. CHESTERTON- HALLisfive Milcsfrom Peterborough, surrounded by good Roads, and within Half a Mile of a Navigation. Orton, April 1, 1807. Tusmore, near Brackley, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, " T TP WARDS of 1300 capital fine OAK TIMBER TREES, the greatest Part of which ate very large ^ nd fine Navy Timber, from 50 to 120 Feet Meetings, now standing, with Top, Lop, and Park; and if not sold in a short Time, they will be felled, and the Bark disposed of separate from'the Timber; also, 800 ENDS of ELM, fallen, greatest Part of which are very tine large Navy Timber, from 50 to 120 Feet Meetings. The above Timber is only six Miles from the Oxford and Coventry Canals, eight from the Grand Junction Canal, and eighteen from the Thames Wharf, Oxford. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Messrs. HOPCRAFT & SON, Crowton, near Brackley ; and for a Vieyv of the same, at Tusmore- House. LONDON, / ipr'J, 1. Paris Papers to the 28th ult. containing the 66th Bulletin of the Grand Army, have been received. These contain nothing of particular importance. No operations of anv magnitude had taken place. They ascertain the fact, however, that the French army has not retreated in the manner which was lately reported. In this Bulletin, which is dated the 14th of March, it is stated, that tlfe head quar- ters were at Osterode, and the army, which appears to be very much concentrated in the neighbour- hood, were in their cantonments enjoying repose. The French represent themselves as having lately driven in the* out- posts of the enemy; and they claim, in their usual style, the advantage in all the skirmishes which have taken place. The two hos- tile armies are so near, that every day may bring on a battle ; but as both seem to be in expectation of large re- enforcements, they will probably act with reserve till these arrive. An Extract of a Dispatch of General Benning- sen's, has reached this country, dated the 27th of February, which, in still more confident terms than those of the French, claims the superiority. He speaks as if he were driving the French, in com- plete route, out of Poland. Unfortunately it does not appear that he was able to carry his triumphant pursuit very far. Danish Papers to the 20th ult. were received in the afternoon of Saturday. It is stated in au article from Tonningcn, that the King of Den- mark has expressed his intention of preserving his neutrality; and that lie has given a decided nega- tive to the solicitations of England and Russia, with respect to some arrangements in the Sound. A vessel from the coast of Franco, which left Cherburgh oil Friday last, briugs an account of . same disturbances having broken out in the neigh- bourhood of that town, in consequence of an extraordinary levy of conscripts, which had been made of hoys, one year younger than any who had yet been demanded for the army. So deter- 1 Freehold Lttml and Public- Hwtxt, '. i'urveiBeds, To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By ROBERT ANDREWS, At the House of Mrs. Jane Bailey, known by the Sign of the King's- Arms, at TURVEY, in the County of Bedford, on Friday the I7th Day of April inst. at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots. Lot 1. A LL that the aforesaid KlNG's- ARMS 1' SL PUBLIC- HOUSE, with the Buildings, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, and an O'/ chard, containing about one Acre, adjoining thereto, with the Cottage or Tenement standing on Part of the said Orchard; the Whole left to the said Mrs. Bailey. Lot 2. ISA. 3l<. 12P. or thereabouts, of ARABLE land PASTURE GROUND, lying together in several lnclosures in G RAVEL FIELD, in T U R V F. Y aforesaid, now occupied bv Mr. Win. Skevington. The respective TENANTS will shew the Estate; and further Particulars'may be known by Application to Mr. THOS. PINKARD, or Mr. SAMUEL SKEVINGTON, at Turvey; or Mr. GAKKARD, Attorney at Law, Olney, Bucks. Live and Dead Farming- Stock, Household- Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, 4' C. To be S O L D by AU'C T ION, Hy ROBERT ANDREWS, On Monday and Tuesday the 20th and 21st Days of April, 1807, on the Premises of the late Mr. JOHN STURGES, deceased, at NEWTOW- BLOS- SO. M VI LI. E, near Olney, in the County of Bucks. MIL. LI VP. aud DEAD FAltMING- STOCt consists of 100 Couples, and 122 Tegs and dry Sheep; tour Cows and Calves, six Cows down- calving, and one Bullock; 10 Porkets, and two In- pig Sows; seven Draught Horses, and one yearling I'illy; Harness for seven Horses; two Narrow- wheel Waggons, and five Ditto Carts; a capital Two- horse Field- Roll, seven Ploughs, anil three Pair of Harrows ; Corn- Screen, two' Winnowing- Gigs, a Quantity of Sieves, Forks, Rakes, Hoos, about 30 Sacks, & c. ; very good Cow and Sheep- Cribs, Hog- Troughs, long and short Ladders, & c. ; about 30 Dozen of Hurdles and Stakes, a Quantity of Plough Timber, three large Stacks of Faggots, and a Quantity of Fire- Wood ; one lan; e Hovel of Wheat, and about 37 Loads of clean Beans, thrashed and dressed, in Lots ; a Quan- tity of Oats, and a Cock and Core of Hay ; two Hovel- Frames, Sec.. & c. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, BREWING and DAIRY UTENSILS, Sec. consist of Four- post, Sacking- Jjottom, and Stump Bedsteads, with Check and other Furnitures; three Feather- Beds, and five Flock- Ditto; Quilts and Blankets; 15 Pair of Home- spun Sheets, some good Table Linen, and some Men's and Women's Wearing Apparel; Bureau; Chests of Drawers; Pier and Swing Glasses; Oak Dining, Tea, and other Tables; 30- Hour Clock and Case; large Quantity of " ewter and Brass; China, Glass, and Earthenware; Parlour, Chamber, and Kitchen Chairs; Graies, Fenders, Fire- irons, & c. ; Hogs- head- Copper and Grate, Eight- bushel Mash- Vat, Wort- Tubs, Hop- Sieve, & c. ; a Four- hogshead Cask, two Beer Pipes, four Hogsheads, three Halt- Hogs- heads, and smaller Casks; three Quarters of Malt, Part of a Pocket of Hops, six Flitches of Bacon, Sack of Wheat Flour, Quantity of Pit- Coal, tec.; a good Three- dozen Barrel- Churn and Frame, six Milk- Leads,<.> 68111- 11113, Milk- Kivers, Pails, Yokes, Salting- Lead, l'jns, Cheese- Y^ ts, & c. The Farming- Stock and Brewing and Dairy Utensils will be sold on Monday, the Household- Furniture, & c. on Tuesday, and the Sale to begin cxactly at Ten o'Clock each Day. On Thursday the 23d Day of this current April, 1807, about Three ill. the Afternoon, at the Gcoffee Inn, in • Mafket- FIarborough, in the County of Leicester, in such Lots as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale; which may be entered upon at Midsummer ne^ t; \ Brick- built, Slated, and Sashed DWELLING- ./ V HOUSE, in the Lordship of G REAT- BOWDEN, in ths Occupation of William Haines, Gent, the Proprietor; comprising a pleasant good- proportioned Parlour, a chearful light Kitchsn, two Pantries, roomy convenient Brewhouse, & c. under which is an excellent Cellar, witii a Ground Arch Roof; on the second Floor, two good Clumbers and Cleset; and on the third, a large commodious Room, which, at a very small F. xpence, may be divided into two very comfortable Bed- Rooms ; in the Yard are two Stables, for eight Horses each, and other useful Out- buildings. Also a neat little TENEMENT fin the Tenure of Thomas Moor) adjoining the above- described House; comprising a pleasant Parlour, convenient Kitchen, a secondary Kitchen, and sma'l Cellar; two very good Chambers, and in the third Story two good Lodging Apartments: With a strong unfinished Brick Build- ing, intended for another snug Tenement, which is found very useful as a Store- Room for general Pur- poses ; together with a highly- cultivated fertile Garden ( about two Roods) well cropped; and a very nice Homestead, about an Acre and a Hal!', of superior Quality ; in which, and the Garden, are growing about 500 valuable Fruit- Trees of various Sorts, now in full Bearing. The above- described very desirable Premises adjoin the East Side of the Turnuike- Road fiom Market- Harborough to Leicester, about a Furlong and a Half from the North End of Harborougb, and nearly oppo- site ( at a convenient Distance) the intended Bason at the South End of the Unien Csnal. The House and other Buildings are in substantial Repair, being built but a few Years since, and have been recently im- proved, at a considerable Expence, by the present Proprietor. Also, A CLOSE of rich GRAZING LAND, in the Lordship of G R EAT- BOWDEN aforesaid, near the Turnpike on the Road from Harborough to Lutter- worth, in Quantity about five Statute Acres and three Quarters; in the Tenure of Mr. William Shenpard, under a Lease, the Term of which expires at Michael- mas, 1810. Leicestershire, on the Borders of Rutland. To he SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. SKTNNF. R, DYKE, Sf Co. On Wednesday the 6th of May, 1807, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garrawav's Qoffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, in one Lot, AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of COLD- OVERTON, in the County of Leicester, nearly adjoining the Turnpike- Road from I. anghamto Melton- Movvbrav, four Miles from Oakham, six from the capital Market Town of Mclton- Mowbray, and ten from Uppingham; con- sisting of a very improvable GRAZING FARM, con- taining ONF. HUNDRED and ONF. ACRES of MEADOW and OI. D PASTURE LAND, plentifully supplied with excellent Water, now in the Possession of Mr. George Bryan, as Tenant at Will, at thevery low Rent of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS per Annum. This Farm is capable of the greatest Improvement, and in Point of Situation very desirable. To be viewed bv applying to JOHN WOOD, the Shepherd, near the Church, at CoJd- Overton.— Printed Particulars may be had at the Crown, Oakham ; Falcon, Uppingham; Swan, Meltor,- Mowbrav; of Mr. Price, Printer, Leicester; Mr. Newconib, Printer, Stamford; Messrs. Dicey Co. Printers, Northampton; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, & Co. Aldersgate- Street, London. T1IRAPSTON TURNPIKE- ROAD. rpHE Yearly General Meeting of the Trustees " of the - Turnpike- Road leading from Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound, in the Parish of Brampton, in the County of Hunt- ingdon, will be holden at the WHITE- HART INN, in THRAPSTON, in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 4th DayofMAY next ( and not on Friday the 1st, as advertised last Week), at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; and at the same Time and Place rew Trustees v^ ill be elected and chosen in the several Places and Steads of such Trustees as shall then be dead.— Given under our Hands this 1st Dav of April, 1807. THOMAS MARSHALL, WILLIAM MARGETTS their Clerks. To COVER, this Season, 1307, CANTERBURY, the Property of WILLIAM HIOGINS, of Higham- Park, at Two Guineas and Half- a- Crown each Mare. CANTERBURY was got by PotSos, his Dam by Alfred, an own Sister to Tickle Toby ; his Orarid- dam by King Herod, his Great- grand- dam an own Sister to Eclipse. In 1799, Canterbury won a Sweepstakes at Stamford, beating Vandal, Duplicity, and Tankersly, late Sir Solomon, and Sir F. Standish's b. c. by Sir Peter, out of Storace: In 1800, he » ' so won the Claret Stakes at New- market, beating Vivaldi and Sir E. Standish's Brother to Spread Eagle; he also won the Fetworth Stakes at Brighton, beating Bobtail, Cadet, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales's Speculator; he aiso won the King's Plate at Canterbury, beating Ratifa; likewise won =£. 50 the next Day, beating Tunefu- l and Sophia. In 1801, he won =£. 50 at Stamford, beating Truss and Cockboat; he won a Sweepstak es the same Day, beating Fanny, Georgma, Mr. Watson's c. by Delphini; he received ft. from Mr. F. Neale's Humbug, first 3 M. of B. C. In 1802, he won £. b0 at Newmarket, beating Frenoh- liorn, Whirligig c. by Toby, and Mr. Sitwell's Clayton; he also won two Fifties at Huntingdon, and ran a good Race at Lincoln, with Sir Solomon. N. B. Good Grass for Mares, with Care, at 4s. 6d. per Week. Nori humptonshire. TO COVER, this Season, 1807, at tlie Horse- Shoe, in DAVENTRY, D R A T M A N; A capital brown Cart Horse, rising five Years old, the Property of Mr. SALMON, of Hardwick, in the County of Oxford.— Drayman's Sire was the Pro- perty of Mr. Thomas French, of Wardington, in the County of Northampton. The Old Lincolnshire Horse has distinguished himself many Years for a capital Stock- getter; his Dam, a capital Mare, was also the Property of Mr. Salmon.— He stands sixteen Hands and a Half high, with very short, clear Legs, particularly full of Bone, has proved himself a sure Foal- getter, and his Stock arc very capital; many have been sold, at the proper Time of leaving the Mare, from 20 to 25 Guineas each. He will stop, every Monday, at the Red- Lion, Culworth; Tuesdays, go through Moreton, Canon's Ashby, Preston- Capes, Newnham, to the Horse- Shoe, Daventry, and remain there for the Market; returns through Charwelton and Byfield, to the Rose- and- Crown, Chippingwarden, in the Evening; and attends at Banbury Market on Thursday. Drayman will cover at 25s. each Mate.— The Money to be paid on the 29th Day of July next, at the Horse- Shoe, in Daventry; or, on the 30th, at the White- Lion, in Banbury. Bedfordshire Freeholds. To be SOLD, HPHREE anciont INC- LOSURES, with a Spinney f of thriving Wood, lying together in the Parish of IURVEY, called BALL'S PASTURE, containing, by Estimation, 16 Acres, in the Occupation of Mr John Bolton. Also, an ALLOTMENT of old PASTURE and MEADOW GROUND, lying upon and near to CARLTON MOOR, containing, by Measure, 23A. 2R. 9P. now it, the Occupation of Mr. Gravely Laughton. For more Particulars, apply to Mr. COOCH, Attorney, at Newport- Pagnell. To COVER, this Season, 1807, AT Mr. WM. ODELI.' S, Abington- Street, NORTH- AMPTON, at One Guinea and a Half each Mare, and Half- a- Crown the Groom, YOUNG HUE- AND- CRY. He is rising seven Years old, pci fectly sound, stands 15 Hands 2 Inches high, and is of particular good Action.— He was got bv that well- known Horse Pretendet { which trotted IS Mil,: - within the Hour, late the , i . pertyof Mr. Christopher Wroot, of Long- ' Sutton), his Dam by Old Hue- and- Cry; her Dam was bred by Mr. Parker, of Thorney, out of a Mare got by the Duke of Bolton's Mogul, and is own Brother to Dash and Enchanter. YOLN.- HUE- AND- CRY- will be at Tovvscster, every Tuesday; at Home, everv Tuesday >:• . lit; Dwwtry, every Wednesday; George Inn, Crick everv Wed- nesday Night; Lutterworth, every Thursday;' Talbot Inn, Welford, every Thursday Night; Highgate- ih'.- se, every Friday; and at Northampton, every Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Mares to be paid for the last Time'of going round; the Groom to be paid at the Time of Covering. To COVER, this Season, 1807, AT One Guinea and a Half each Mare, and Half- a- Crown the Groom ( the Money to be paid at Midsummer next), YOUNG REGULUS, the Property of Mr. ROBINSON, of THRATSTON. He is rising fiv. e Years old, 15 Hands 3 Inches high, a beautiful Bay with very little White, free from Blemishes, has good Action, and excelled by very few in Symmetry; is able to carry 18 Stone with the fleetest Hounds, having been hunted last Season with Earl FitzWilliam's Fox- Hounds. YOUNO REGULUS was got by Regulus, late be- longing to W. P. NEIOHAM, Esq.; he was bred by A. Boucherett, Esq. and was got by that well- known Horse Young Regufus, his Dam by Young Traveller, Old Cade, Bolton, Fearnought, Basto, Duke of New- castle's Turk, the Byerley Turk, out of a Barbary Mare — Young Regulus was got by Old Regulus, his Dam by Bowser's Snake, Snake by the Lister Turk, out of the Dam of Old Cato, a Daughter of Old Partner; Young Traveller by Traveller, Bartlet's T egulus was got by the Godolphin Arabian, his Dam Grey Robinson, Grand- dam by Snake, out of Old Wilkes, a Daughter of Old Hautboy.— For his Performances, see the Racing Calendar. " The above Pedigree is true; and I hereby certify, " that I refused 150 Guineas for the said Re. " gulus, when 29 Years old. " W. P. NEEDHAM. " Louth, Feb. 15/ i, 1807." The Mares covered by Young Regulus last Season, generally prove to be with Foal; those that do not, will be covered at 16s. and Half- a- Crown the Groom. This Day is published, Containing seven Sheets of Letter- Press, extra Royal Paper, large Page, with double Columns, con- taining more Matte* than any Literary Publication extant, No. 6, Price 2s. 6d. and a Supplement, Price Is. of ^ HE LITERARY PANORAMA; a new . Monthly Publication; including a Review of Books, Register of Events, and Magazineof Varieties. The Supplement, now published ( illustrated by a Wood- cut, of the Mode of conducting Conscripts to join the French Army, drawn by an Eye- witness), completes the first Volume of this Work • containing upwards of 1000 Articles, Political, Literary, and Miscellaneous, and interesting Intelligence relative to Literature, Arts, Sciences, Belles- Lettres, Sec. not only from Great- Britain, but North and South America, Denmark, China, France, Germany, Hol- land, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, Iceland, Lapland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, West and East Indies, Sec. Sec. Sec. ; with a View of Europe in the public Re- lations of Its Nations during 1806, deduced from their principal Events, Chronologically arranged; Retrospect of. the State of Science tor the Year; Parliamentary History; a complete Statement of the new Plan of Finance, with the Tables and Calculations laid before the House of Commons; Gazettes; Army and Uni- versity Promotions; Theatrical Reports; Prices of Stocks and Merchandize; Meteorological Tables; Obituary, Stc.; forming tne most complete Annual Register published in the United Kingdom. The second Edition of No. 2, will be delivered in a few Days; the second Edition of No. 3, with a'. l possible Speed; and No. 7, will be published on Wednesday, April 1. Price of the Volume, handsomely Half- bound, with Russia Backs and Corners, 18s. London 1 Published by C. TAYLOR, 108, Hatton- Garden, Holhorn; and may be had of all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON; April 9. DUTCH Papets, to the 3d of April, have been received, but they furnish no information from the French head- quarters of a later date than the 20th ult. It appears that no general battle had taken place at that period— Meanwhile the French affect to be active in the preparations making for the regular siege of several fortresses. An affair lately- tonic place between a detach- ment of Bavarian tro ns employed in Silesia, and some " iiisirian tlulajosj in which the former were wbrcteu. that may probably lead to more impor- tant consequences, though the account given re presents it as having merely originated in an irre- gular movement of the Bavarian^. A most important point of intelligence is con- tained in the above Papers. It is stated in an ar- ticle under the date of Munich, that General Bertrand, the Adjutant of Bonaparte, had set out, on the 19th of February, for the head- quarters of his Prussian Majesty;— that he had an audience With ills Majesty at Memel, and was still in that town- on the twenty- third. Upon the following dav. M. Von Kleist, the Adjutant- General to the Kin; i Prussia, was dispatched to. the French hoa '- " darters at Osterode; and is reported to have ', een the hearer of a letter from his Sovereign to the French Chief. Private letters from Holland have bsen feceired 5n town, sump of which are of so late a date as the Sd inst. The -. ft concur in the mention of a report which hf. it bec'im-- generally current at the Hague, that a battle had oen fought on the Passarge, in which th « Kussiar. f..' ad been defeated. It is stated, that immediately •• er the victory, the French took the road for KIWA. igsberg'; and that, in the general panic, that city i: ad surrendered. By the ] naf accounts," the Russians had fallen back from Landsberg to Schippenil; the Russians, therefore, are on the retreat, and the French are stationary. Whilst the above report claims the victory for the French, there is another almost squally cur- | rent, v. hich speaks of the same occurrence of a general battle, and mentions that the result was tV- complete defeat of the French. These con- trary reports are no inconsiderable argument for the rejection of each. Government yesterday received dispatches from the VIediterranean. The accounts from Egypt represent that country as bting sull in a very un- settled state. The Beys have renounced all obe- dience to the Porte, and the latter having been led, by the artifices of Sebastian), into a war with Russia, cannot now adopt a; y vigorous means for recovering its authority. The'Dey of Algiers has recently adopted some regulations in his dominions, highly favourable to the trade of this country. Lord Cathcart is, it in said, to have the chief command of the i- oops going to the Continent. — They are to disembark at Memel, and to join the Russian army as soon as possible.-- t hree battalions of the Foot Guards are to be sent. Colonel Bathurst, a very promising young officer, son of the Bishop of Norwich, has set out for Memel, to join the Russian army as a volunteer. A batch of new Peers is said to be in contem- plation of the new Ministers. The following per- sonages are mentioned in the list:— the Marquis of Hunilev, the Paris of Aberdeen, Haddington, Dalkeith, and Dalhousie; Sir Henry Mildmay, and Mr. Drax Grosvenor. The Marquis of Huntley,' it is also said, is also to have the great leal of Scotland, and the Earl of Cassilis the vacant Green Ribband. The House of Commons met on Wednesday, pursuant, to adjournment, when Lord G. Thynne reported at the bar, that his Majesty had b* en waited on with the Address of that House, in- treating his Ma,- ty not to grant for life, offices hitherto granted r ting pleasure; that his Majesty had taken the s < ? Address into his most serious Consideration, and had commanded him to inform the House, that . is Majesty had granted the office of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster only during his Royal pleasure. Mr. Deputy Birch has given notice, that he shall, at the next Court of Common Council, _ to be held on Monday next, move—" That an humble and dutiful Address be presented to his Majesty by this Court, expressive of its u latitude for the dignified and decided support and protection given by his Majesty at this interesting conjuncture to the Pro- testant Reformed Religion, as bylaw established and for the firm and constitutional exercise of his Royal Prerogative to preserve the independence of WCrown.* A^ Dundalk assizes, in Ireland, a verdict, with .£. 4000 damages, went against the Reverend Mr. Murphy, Vicar of Stabannon, for Crim. Con. with Mrs. Henry, wife of John Itenry, Esq. the friend and benefactor of the said Reverend Mr. Murphy. Mr. W. N. W. Hewett has sold his bay colt, Scud, by Benningbrough, out of Eliza, by High- flyer, vising three years old, with his engagements, to Lord Monson, for ,£. 2000. The following singular robbery took place last ' week. The Worcester mail- coach was setting off from the Gloucester coffee- house without any pas sengers, when two men proposed going in it to Mai- denhead ; they were admitted, but as soon as the coach arrived there, they deserted. The coach- man, on examining the carriage, found that the inside parcels had been stolen, on which he took one of the horses, and pursued the fugitives, one of whom he overtook and sccured, the other es- caped. The nian who was taken w as seen to throw from hiiVi a parcel, which contained bank- notes to a considerable amount. DIED.*] Bariatinsky who was married Prince Bariatinsky, was the Hon. Miss Dutton, second daughter of Lord Sherborne, and niece to the Messrs. Coke, of Norfolk and Derby. About three months after her marriage, she accompanied the Prince to Russia. • KEH' E RIN G B R E W ER Y. MIL Inhabitants in the Town and Vicinity of KETTERING, and the Public in general, are re- gretfully informed, that the BREWERY CON- CERN, lately under the Management of John Boon, ot Kettering, in Consequence of his Death, will in future be cirried on by THOMAS WILSON on his own Account, and who is duly authorized to receive all Debts owing to the said Concern, and with whom any Demands against the same are desired to be left, in order to their being discharged, and by whom all Orders will be thankfully . received and punctually attended to. Keller inc. 1(\ th cf iht 3ii Month, 1807. & ' Otbc& i tmi ithers. JAMES ESSEX, being about to decline the GKOCSRV BUSINESS, embraces the present Op- portunity to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he is how SELLING OFF bis STOCK of GROCERY, at very reduced Prices.— I Any Person already in the Trade, or about to enter i therein, will be treated with on liberal Terms.— A Number of Fixtures, Canisters, & c. Sec. to be disposed of. E. begs Leave to return his grateful Acknow- ledgments to his Friends and the Public, for the I many Favours conferred on him in the above Busi- \ ness, and solicits a Continuance of the same in the HAT BUSINESS, in which it will be his Study to supply with a good Article, on the best Terms possible.. To the, Curitus in the Culture of Potatoes. MR. WRIGHT, of ASPI. EY, begs Leave thus publicly to acquaint his Friends, and those who applied too late last Spring to be supplied with his LADYFINGER POTATOES, that he has now some of the above Sort to dispose of, for Seed, at Half- a- Crown per Bushel; and, after a Trial of them for three Years, he can confidently recommend them as being superior to any other Sort, except the Kidney; but as they are more productive, and continue longer in Perfection, certainly they command a Preference to be brought into general Use. Samples, for boiling or roasting, may be had gratis, as the Advertiser is more anxious to serve tl*; Public than himself. Messrs. WILL AN & LEVI RESPECTFULLY inform the Public, that from MONDAY the 9th Instant, their NORTHAMPTON LIGHT COACH, { To carry four Insides only), will leave LONDON and NORTHAMPTON at Seven o'Clock every Morning, and coHtinue to set out daily from each Place, at the same Hour; and will arrive in London and Northampton every Afternoon at Half- past Four. The NORTHAMPTON OLD COACH, « t re- duced Fares, leaves London and Northampton at Five o'Clock every Morning. Inside Fare 12s. Outside Ditto 7s. Inside from Newport . 10s. Outside from Ditto Ss. Passengers by this Coach will Breakfast at the Swan Inn, Newport. Pagnell, every Morning, in their Way to Town, at Seven o'Clock. Places secured, and Parcels booked, at their Coach- Office, Ram Inn, Newport- Pagnell. V\ TANTED, by a Clergyman in Priest's Orders, * T in either of the Counties of Northampton, Derby, or Leicester, A CURACY, with a good Parsonage- House, & c. and some Glebe- Land, with a Prospect of not being disturbed for some Time. Enquire of the Printers. WANTED immediately, An Apprentice to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY. Enquire of Mr. GRAY, Surgeon, Buckingham. WANTED, in SERVANT, a private Family, A MAN* 4 who can occasionally drive a Pair of Horses from the Box, wait at Table, See.— Such a Person, who can bring from his last Place an unexceptionable Character for Sobriety, Honesty, and Industry, will meet with good Encouragement by applying at Mr. ARIL'S, Stationer, Northampton; or at Mr. BLUNSOM'S, Farrier, Wellingborough. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, A good plain CO0K, who understands her Business well, can make good Pastry, knows Something of Made Dishes and Soups, and who can have an unex- ceptionable Character from her last Place, for Sobriety, Honesty, and Cleanliness. Enquire of Mrs. MARSHALL, Gold- Street, North- ampton. To Stone- Masons. GOOD Hands may have constant Employ and good Wages, by'applying to Messrs. E. & T. TOMSON, Cambridge.— They have a considerable Job going on ( the Building of a new College); and young Men, who wish to get an Insight to their Business, would do well to engage in it. CLERGY CHARITY. HPHE EASTER VISITATIONS of the Rev. the JL ARCHDEACON of NORTHAMPTON, are appointed to be holden at the following Times and Places, viz. For the Deanries of BRACKLEY and DAVENTRY, on MONDAY the 13 th Day of APR I L next, at DA V ENTRY. For the Deanries ot NORTHAMPTON, PRESTON, and HADQON, on TUESDAY the 14th Day of APRIL n « xt, at NORTHAMPTON. For the Deanries of ROTHWELL and HICHAM, on WEDNESDAY the I5th Day of APRII. next, at WEL- LING EOROUG H. For the Deanries of OUNDLE and WELDON, on THURSDAY the 16th Day of APRIL next, at OUNDLE. For the IJeaniies of PETERBOROUGH anil RUTLAND, on FRIDAY the 17th Day of APRIL next, at SAINT MARTIN'S STAMFORD- BARON. At which respective Times and Places, the Receiver to the Clergy Charity for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Poor Clergymen, and of the Neces- sitous Clergyman, of the Diocete of Peterborough, will attend to take the Subscriptions of such of the Benevolent as shall be pleased to order Payment of the same. To iMdies and Gentlemen. LADIES' RIDING- HABITS, AND FASHIONABLE DRESS FOR GENTLEMEN. DIETRICHSEN, LADIES' HABIT- MAKER, at his old - established Warehouse, No. 12, RATHBONE - PLACE, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON, begs Leave to return his sincere Acknowledgments to the Nobilty and Gentry for their repeated Favours during a Series of Years, and particularly for the very numerous additional Customers, andincreased Number of Orders, for LADIES' RIDING - DRESSES, with which he has been favoured during the last Season in particular; to merit a Continuance of which, the utmost Attention to Fashion and Fitting will always be observed. F. D. requests Permission to add, that, in the Spring of last Year, he commenced also executing Orders for G ENTLEMEN's CLOTHES, in Partner- ship with S. CLARK, TAILOR ( late Foreman to Mr. Allen). DIETRICHSIN Se CLAKK, TAILORS, having had the Happiness to experience unprecedented Success and Patronage from MEN OF FASHION, since their Commencement, they beg Leave to solicit the further Orders qf the Nobility and Gentry in Town and Country, to whose Commands ( addressed as above) the strictest Attention will be paid ; and where a krge Stock of fashionable CLOTHS, KERSEY- MERES, See. See. is always kept for Inspection. LEATHER BREECHES. REGIMENTALS, YOUNG GENTLEMEN'S DRESSES, LIVERIES, & C. elegantly made. G3" Bankers, Merchants,' Manufacturers, and Country Residents in general, may have an Order executed as above, at a very short Notice after their Arrival in London, or may be informed by Letter how to send up their Measure'. A' A1 DAVENTRY, April 9th, 1807. LL Persons who have any Claims on the artnership Estate of GIBBS & SM1TII, Plumbers and Glaziers, are requested to deliver an Account thereof, in Writing, to William Litchfield, 63- The Clergy within the Archdeaconry of North- i^ SL^ Pcr ® on. s wh° ar aud ,0 sett, e and a( Jju3t Partnership Accounts HENRY PULLEY, Woollen and Linen- Draptr, Hosier, Halerda$ lier, * y MOST respectfully acquaints bis friends and the Public, that he has just received a fashion- able Assortment of FANCY WAISTCOATS, BREECHES PIECES, and COATINGS; printed CAMBRICS aud I MUSLINS, ITALIAN CAMBRICS, SARSNETS, INDI.- PATENT SHAWLS, INDIA and BRITISH plain ar. s, wynked MUSLINS, GINGHAMS, & C. Families supplied with whole Pieces of Iai. su LINEN, SHEETINGS, and TAILE- LINEN, at the I- ondta, Wholesale Prices. To be SOLD bj AUCTlON, By BROIV N Of SON, On Wednesday the 15th Day of April, 1807, nPHE neat and useful HOUSEHOLD- FURM- - 1- TURE, Selection of valuable BOOKS, and other EFFECTS, the Property of the Rev. Mr. DOLLING, which ( for the Convenience of Sale), will be remove i; to the Red Lion Inn, High- Street, ST. PAUL'S, BED- FORD ; comprising handsome Four- post, Tent, an - other Bedsteads, with neat Dimity and Plaid Furn - turns ; three exceeding good Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Counterpanes, Quilts, Sc Blankets; near green Furniture fora Bed, complete; Mahogany Chtvt of Drawers, Chamber Chairs, Mahogany Bason Stand, six handsome japanned Drawing Room Chairs, with beautiful Tapestry Seats, two Elbow Ditto to corres- pond; two Sets of Cotton Covers, and handsome Tapestry Couch Cover to match ; very elegant Tapes-- v Carpet, about 12 Feet S^ nare; six handsome Maho- gany Chairs, Hair Seats, Brass- nailed, and two Elbow Ditto to match; nine Dozen Glass Bottles, and vari- ous other Effects. About two Dozen of fine old Port, and a small Cask of Home- made Wine. The Furniture may be viewed on the Morning of Sale until Eleven o'clock, at which Timo the S » U will commence precisely. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BRO WN & SON, On the Premises, on Friday the 17th Dav of April, LL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK. HAY, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, DAIIU . UTENSILS, HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and "" the Property of Mr. THOMAS Account « f the Reverend the Archdeacon not attending in Person. personal ! ^ F^ lHam Fitrtrf& S ' I't r" PSct, ive DIbtS tC| ! KENDALL, deceased, at WILLSHAMST. AD COTTO.-/- fed, on to rei^ iv^ the ^ ame, and tiT^ settle f » « ' J ® ^ rd; . comprising three useful Draught To be LETT, And entered on at Michaelmas next, AGood old- established GROCER & DRAPER'S SHOP, in full Trade, situate in the HIGH- STREET, in OLNEY, in the County of Bucks. For Particulars, apply to Mr. HUMPHREY'S, Crocer and Draper, Sherrington. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J. P. CULLINGtVORTH, On Friday next, the I7th Day of this instant April, on the Premises, at WEST- 11 ADDON, in the County of Northampton; ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, Sec. of Mr. JOHN JARVIS, Butcher; comprising one capital Haekney Mare, and a Sow aiid Pigs; one Narrow- wheel Market- Cart, nearly new; Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding; Tables and Chairs ; a capital Kitchen- Grats and Fire- Irons; » n excellent Eight- day Clock and Case, a very good Oak Buffet, and Household- Fur- niture in general; together with sundry Implements in the Butchering Line. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. N. B. All Persons who have any Claims or Demands upon the said JOHN JARVIS, are requested to send an Account thereof to Thomas Baucutt, Attorney, Long- Btickbv; and all Persons who stand indebted to the said John Jarvis, are desired to pay their respective Debts into the Hands of the said Thomas Baucutt, immediately, otherwise Proceedings will be taken against them for the Recovery thereof. ~ MARKET- HILL, DAYENTRY. The following Live and Dead Farming- Stock, Sj C. Will be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By J. P. CULLINGWDRTH, On the MARKET- HILL, DAVENTRY, on Wed. nes< ay the 22d Day of this instant Aprjl, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, viz. I7 « UR DRAUGHT HORSES, with their ? G EARING ; one WAGGON, and two Six- inch CARTS; also, a neat One- horse Chaise, with Head and Harness complete ; the Whole divided into separate Lots. For further Particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, Daventry% To By Order of the Stewards and Subscribers, WM. GATES, Jun. Receiver. Peterborough, March Hth, 1807. Freehold Estates and Tythe- free. — Land - Tax exonerated. IN O N E * L O T. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KNIBB, On the Premises, between the Hours of Four and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, on Wednesday the 29th of April, 1807, ripHli KING's- HEAD PUBLIC- HOUSE, a de- JL sirable Situation, near the HIGH ROAD, in SHERRINGTON, near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, and newly - erected within these fiw Years; the Whole replete with evary Convenience for carry- ing on an extensive Trade in the Public Line, with any other Business requiring Room; containing a Kitchen, two Parlours, two Cellars, and five Sloeping- Rooms; Stabling, Barn, & c. ; a Flower Garden, and a neat Court Yard, in Front; a large Garden and Paddopk behind the House, with upwards of 30 choice, thriving, young Fruit Trees growing thereon; a Lead Pump in the back Yard, and a never- failing Well of good Water. The Premises are now in the " Occu- pation of Mr. Richards, who is removing to the next Door, where the Tree and Seed Business will be carried on by him as usual.— Also, a small Close of rich Pasture Land, within 100 Yards of the House. The Premises may be entered on at Midsummer, and the Close at Michaelmas next. For a View of the Premises, apply on the Spot. Oak, Ash, and Elm Timber Thes, S; c. TO TIMBER- Y. SKCHANTS, BUILDERS, COACH- MAKERS, & c. Sec. Sec. To be SOLD, by WRITTEN TENDER, In 37 Lots in the Whole, TWO hundred and fifty standing OAK TREES; 42 ASHES, and 35 ELMS, felled; 48 ASHES, and 16 E LM POLLARDS, felle. l ; the Whole standing and lying on CHALGRAVE MANOR FARM, in the Parish of CHALCRAVF, four Miles from Dun- stable, and within six Miles of the Grand Junction Canal, in the County of Bedford. To be sold ith the Top, Lop, and iiark ; and the standing Timber to be felled, and the Wholedrawn off the Premises, by and at the Purchaser's Expence, agreeable to printed Con- ditions descriptive of each Lot. The Time for Removal, and Terms of Payment, may be had of Wm. Edward Ward, Esq. Mercer's- Hall, London; Messrs. Bull, Solicitors, Aylesbury, Bucks ; Mr. Neale, Surveyor, Chcam, Surrey ; at Garraway's, Cornhiil, London; Sugar- Loaf, Dunstable; and of Mr. Unwin, the Tenant of ChalgraVe Farm, who will shew the Lots. Capital Sheep and Cows. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, IN LOTS, On Monday the 20th of April, 1807, on the Pre- mises of Mr. WM. GOLBY, at CALVERTON, near Stony- Stratford, Bucks, who is leaving his Farm, 2IXTY very good POLLED EWES, with S1 O LAMBS, 51 TEGS, one fat COW, nine useful young DAIRY COWS, in full Profit, and one yearling BULL. The Sheep are bred from the Flock of Mr. Earl, of Dallington, and are well worth the Notice of the Public. The Sale will commence exactly at Twelve o'Clock. A LT JLM and be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. R. & E. BLABY, ON THE PR F. M I S E S , the eenuine HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and EFFECTS, of Mr. JOHN NAILOR, at the WHEAT- SHEAF INN, WEEDON BECK, in the County of Northampton ( who is leaving that Business); comprising Bedsteads, with various Furnitures; Chest, and Bureau Ditto; several Feather and Flock- Beds; Blankets, Quilts, arid Rugs; Chairs and Tables; Chests of Drawers; a neat and good 30- Hour Clock and Case; and a general Assortment of useful Household- Furniture, most of which has been laid in new within these four Years; also, a neat Gig, with Patent Lamps, and Harness, in good Condition. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. To be SOLD by A U C T I oltf, By Mews. R. & E. BLABY, At Mr. Win. Wright's, at UPPER WE F. DON- BECK, on Thursday the 30th Day of April, 1807, at Three o'Clock, Most desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE; com- prising a very good Messuage or Farm- House, with neeessary appendant Offices, a large Barn and A Grand Junction Canal. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY, At the WHARF, at OLD- STRATFORD, near STONY- STRATFORD, on Wednesday the 6th Day of May next, at Twelve o'Clock, rpHE said WHARF, with jjjie Appurtenances, - JL for the unexpired Term of Upwards of 24 Years, with a Covenant for Renewal as therein- mentioned; consisting of useful and extensive Accommodations for carrying on a large Scope of Mercantile Business, with a capacious Bason for Boats and Barges, so com- modiously situated that Goods may be loaded and unloaded on both Sides of it, and at the End. The Wharf Yards are inclosed, and are spacious and very convenient. On one Side of the Bason is a Ware- house of large Dimensions, in the Centre and under the Roof of which is an Opening from the Yard to the Bason, and in it a Crane of large Power for the loading and unloading of Goods, and under Cover; and to the Warehouse are annexed a Storehouse for Salt at one End, and at the other End a Storehouse for Cokes, with capacious arched Vaults under the whole Building. On the opposite Side of the Bason is a Lime- Wharf, with Lime- Kilns and Limehouse; also well- adapted Conveniences for Boat- building, with a Storehouse for Boat- builders' Stores and Uten- sils.— At the Entrance into the Yard is a convenient neat House, for the Residence of a Manager or chief Clerk, with a Counting- House, good Garden, and Stable, and a good Weighing- Machine and Machine- House adjoining the Counting- House. Also, included in the same Lease, a DWELLING- HOUSE, in the Village of OI. D- STRATFORD, situated at the Entrance of the Road to the Wharf, with a Bakehouse and Stable, and a small Pightle, now in the Occupation of Mr. Hawley, Baker, as Tenant at Will. And also, a FREEHOLD CLOSE of rich GRASS LAND, situated near the said Wharf, containing To be SOLD by A U C T ION, By Mr. E. BATE S, On Monday the 13th Day of April, 1807, at the George Inn, in Kettering, about Six o'Clock in the Evening, in such Lots, and upon such Conditions, as will be then produced, ATruly - desirable PIECE of GARDEN GROUND, most conveniently situate in the Centre of the Town of KETTERING, with an Entrance from a certain Lane there, called Goose- pasture- Lane, and now in the Occupation of John Tear. A convenient MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, situate fronting the said Lane, called GOOSEPASTURE- LANE, in KETTERING aforesaid, with a Yard, Workshop, and Outbuildings, and a large Garden, well stocked with Fruit Trees," and now in the Occupation of Collier Hollidge. TWO other MESSUAGES or DWELLINGS, with the Yards, Gardens, Outbuildings, and Ap- purtenances thereto respectively belonging ; one of the same Dwellings fronting the said GOOSIPASTURE- LANE, and the other nearly adjoining at the Back thereof, in the several Tenures of James Hipwell and Martha Askew. The above are Copyhold, and held of the Manor of Kettering, and will be put up in such Lots as may best suit the Company present at such Sale. For a View of the Premises, apply to the respective TENANTS; and for further Particulars, to Mr. THOS. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Kettering. River Nen Navigation Joint Stock. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By MA SON & SQN, On Tuesday the 14th of April, IS07, at the Rose- and- Crown Inn, Gold- Street, NORTHAMPTON, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots, as may be agreed upon by the Company present, r § ^ HE several Sums of £. 65 12s. 6d. £. 37 10s. X £. 31 10s. £. 56 5s. =£. 46 17s. 6d. and =£. 37 10s. ( amounting together to =£. 281 5s.) now remaining due on six respective Securities, made and granted by the Commissioners appointed by, or in Pursuance of, the several Acts of Parliament passed for making. tlie River Nine or Nen, running from Northampton to Peterborough, navigable, and secured upon the Rates, Tolls, and Duties arising, produced, and to be col- lected in and upon the Western Division of the Navi- gation of the said River NineorN. en; and which re- spective Sums carry Interest at 4 per Cent.— The Interest is regularly paid. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. BUSWELL, Attorney, or the AUCTIONEERS, ill Northampton. Northampton, April 4th, 1807. T To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. CHENEY, On Wednesday the 22d Day of April, 1807, at the Ge » rge Inn, in Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, between the Hours of Three and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, if not sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ASubstantial Stone & Brick- built MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in the Village of COTON, under Guilsborough; comprising a good House, Parlour, Kitchen, and Pantries ; three com- fortable Sleeping- Apartments, with three Attics; a Barn, and suitable Out- Offices, all in good Repair ; together with a nice Garden, containing about a Rood of Land, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, the Property of Mr. Edward Ashby, who will treat for the same by Private Contract. Fora View of the Premises, and further Particulars, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN ASHBY, Guilsborough.— The Purchaser jnay have immediate Possession, most desirable and delightful Situation either to build upon, or for carrying on any Trade or Business; it commands a beautiful Prospect, and is within a few hundred Yards of the Front of those great Works now carrying on by Government at that Place.— The Whole of the present Buildings are in good Repair. For a View, apply to Mr. RICHARD GOTF, the Proprietor, upon the Premises ; and for Particulars, to Mr. JOSEPH DAVIS, of Harpole Mill; or to Mr. BLABY, Auctioneer, of Floore. — TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 37th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, altering, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading from a Place called Morton's Corner, in the Town of Welling- borough, in the County of Northampton, to the East End of Abineton- Street, in the Town of North- ampton," will be held at the House of CHARLES THOMAS, known by the Sign of the HIND, in W » L- LINGBOROUGH aforesaid, on TUESDAY the 5th Day of MAY next; when the TOLLS arising at the several Toil- Gates on the said Road, will be LETT to FARM, separately, by AUCTION, for two Years, to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven and One o'Clock of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, for regulating the Turnpike- Roads; which Tolls will be put up at such Sum as the Com missioners shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the Bsst Bidder or Bidders, must forthwith give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the Trustees, for Payment of the respective Rents, at such Times as they shall direct.— Given under my Hand the third Day ot April, in the Year of our Lord 1807. JOHN HODSON, Clerk te the said Trustees. Stable] and two other TenementV thereohVtwo large 14A. 2R. 25P. or thereabouts, in which is a com- ••-•-— • modious Bason, communicating with the Canal, for the Reception of Boats and Barges. This Close is a valuable Appendage to the Wharf, and in it is a Quantity of Brick Earth; a considerable Brick- Work has there been carried on, and may be continued. And also on the same Day, at Four in the After- noon, will be Sold by Auction, on the Premises, near Thorp Bridge, The spacious and commodious WHARF, called THORP BRIDCE WHARF, under the same Lease with the Wharf at Old- Stratford. This Wharf is also well situated and well adapted for Trade, on an exten- sive Scale. There is a good Warehouse, and Dwelling- House now used as a Public- House, in the Occupation of Ann Palmer, Widow, as Tenant at Will; adjoining to which is a comfortable Tenement, for the Residence of a Clerk or Book- keeper, a good Weighine- Ma- chine, and Machine- House; the Whole is inclosed, and a Lime Work may here be carried OH if thought desirable. The Whole of the Premises at both Wharfs have been entirely new- built within the last seven Years, and are in perfect Repair; nor are they inferior for all the Purposes of an extensive Mercantile Concern to any Situation on the Grand Junction Canal. The Purchaser may have Possession on the 1st Day of June next, on the Terms mentioned in the Conditions ofiSale; and may be accommodated with thirteen Trading Boats, and with all the Stock, then unsold, of Coals, Cokes, Salt, Yorkshire Flags, Welch Slates, and Bilston Grinding- Stones; and also with all the Stores, Utensils, Sec. at a fair Valuation. Should the Purshaser decline taking the Stock, Utensils, and Stores, together with the Farming- Steck, Cattle, Sheep, Horses, and Husbandry Implements then they will be Sold by Auction, on the respective Premises, on Wednesday the 20th of May; the Sale to begin precisely at Ten f/ Clock; and Catalogues of the same will be ready to be delivered in due Time. Mr. Griffiths, at the Counting- House, at the Wharf at Old- Stratford, and Mr. Daniel Kightley at the Thorp Bridge Wharf, will shew the Premises. For further' Particulars, apply to Mr. I. F, CONOREVE, Solicitor, Stony- Stratlord. Frime Upland Hay. To be S O L D by AUCTIO N, By THOMAS WOOD, WITHOUT RESERVE, On the Premises, at RAMMYMEER, in the Parish of Soulbury, in the County of Bucks, in Lots, on Wednesday the 15th Day of April, 1807, UPWARDS of 80 Tons of capital HAY, exceedingly well got together, and may be taken off the Premises. RAMMYMEER is centrically situate between Wo- burn, Leighton - Buzzard, Little - Brickhill, and Hockliffe. The Sale will commence precisely at Ten o'Clock. Horses; two In- calf He'ifers and one Dairy Cow 27 Wether Sheep ; a fine Sow and 13 Pigs ; three stout Dung Carts, and one Broad- wheel Ditto ; three Pair of Cart Wheels; good Fallow and Seed Ploughs « i*>. Tackle complete; three Harrows; stout Oak Rolls; Gears and Harness for three Horses; three Doz.- n Hurdles; Cow and Sheep Cribs; long and short Ladders; two stout Wheat Hovel Frames ; Quaptitv of hard Wood ; Oak and Ash Timber; Drags, Fork. C, Rakes, and Barn Tackle in general; a Dozen of go. xi Sacks, Sec.— Household- Furniture in general. Also, a Rick of exceeding good Hay ( well got), about ten Tons, and five Loa^ s of good Wheat Straw, which may be taken off the Premises. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock, and the Whole to be said without Reserve. Three Months' Credit will be given for the Hay, on approved Security. The Auctioneers request the Favour of the Company to attend at Ten o'Clock, on Account of the Number ot Lots, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Dav. To be S O L D by A U C T J O IN, By BROWN SF A'OA', On the Premises, on Tuesday the 28th Day of April,' 1807, at Ten o'Clock, A EE the neat and handsome HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, CHI NA, GLASS, and other EFFECTS, the Property ot the late Mrs. ANN TOWERSEY, deceased, ST. JOHN'S, BEDFORD 5 comprising Four- post Sacking- bottom Bedsteads, with Morine Furnitures; Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, and Quilts; handsome Mahogany double and single Chest of Drawers, excellent Walnut- tree Cabinets, Mahogany Dressing Tables; large Pier and Dressing Glasses; neat Chamber Chairs, Rush Seats; handsome Mahogany Chairs, with Elbows to match ; Sofa ; large Mahogany Two- leaf Dining and Turn- over- leaf Tables; Marble Slab on Frame, Mahog. mv- Ditto with Bracket; handsome Mahogany Buffet, with folding Doors, Cornices, & c. complete; Fire Screens, open- worked Fenders, and Fire Irons; Quantity of China and Glass; capital Eight- day Clock ; Kitchen Tables ; large and small Brass Pottage- pots, Copper Boiler, Saucepans, and Kettles ; three Dozen Pewter Plates, Dishes, and Kitchen Requisites in general • 55- Gallon Brewing Copper and Grate, 18- Gallon Dittn, with Lead Curb; large Mash Vat and Cooler; Gar- den Roll, with Iron Frame; Bottle Rack, Glass Bottles; Tubs, Trays, and numerous other Effects. The Auctioneers particularly request the early Atten- dance of the Company, as the Whole, if possible, is intended to be sold in one Day. The Furniture may be viewed on Saturday and Mon- day before the Sale, and Catalogues to be had in due 1 Time at the adjacent Towns, Dace of Sale, and of the 1 Auctioneers, Bedford, eligibly Sale qf Oak Timber, S,- c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By S. CATTELL, On Thursday l'. ext, the 16th Day of April, 1807, at the House of Mr. Richard Wilcox, the Plough- and- Bell Inn, in Daventry, in the County of North- ampton, 170RTY OAK TIMBER TREES, standing in JJ DAVENTRY WOOD, blazed and numbered; also, two Lots of POPLAR TREES, blazed and numbered. The Sale to begin at One of the Clock in the After- noon, agreeably to the Conditions ot Sale then to be produced. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS PELL, On Thursday the 16th of April, 1807, at the White- Hart Inn, in Kettering, in two Lots, Lot 1. A Convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in HICH- STRF. ET, KETTERING, late in the Tenure of Mr. Stephen Richardson; con- sisting of two light and pleasant Rooms 011 the Ground Floor, and two Chambers, with a small Yard, entire, and a large Warehouse and Chambers over it; including a back Passage, opening into Wadcroft- Lane. Lot 2. A substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, ad- joining the above, with an excellent Stone Front, in good Repair, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Ann Clark, deceased; comprising a House and Parlour, a good Cellar, two good Chambers, with a convenient entire Yard, large Wash- House, and other Out- offices, with a back Gate, opening into Wadcroft- Lane. Both the above Lots are well supplied with Water. — Immediate Possession will be given. For Particulars, or a View ot the Premises, apply to the Auctioneer. Valuable and desirable Freehold Estate, situate in St. John's, Hedford. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By BROWN & SON, On Tuesday the 5th Day of May, 1807, at the King's- Arms Inn, St. Mary's, Bedford ( subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced), at Six o'Clock, in one Lot, AParticularly desirable FREEHOLD and Part LIFEHOLD ESTATE; comprising a verv genteel DWSLLINC- HOUSB, eligibly situate near tile London Road, ST. JOHN'S, BEDFORD, late in the Occupation of the Owner, Mrs. Ann Towersey. dqccased; consisting of a neat genteel House, Sash Front, with a convenient Kitchen, Brewhouse Pantries, Cellars, & c.; two handsome Parlours' Hall, with a genteel Entrance; six airy Bed- chambers' Closets, Store. Rooms, Sec.; a neat paved Yard, and a Pump of excellent Water ; large Barn, and Stable with Loft over the same; Pleasure- Garden, with Summer- House, bounded with good Fences, and in genteel Taste; the Whole Freehold, in good Preser- vation, and complete Repair. Likewise adjoining IS a large and extensive Kitchun and Pleasure- Garden with good Fences, agreeably laid out, a large Fish-' Pond, and planted with numerous and choice Fruit Trees.— This Part of the Estate is Lifehold, subject to three Lives, of St. John's Hospital, Bedford, which j will be more fully explained at the Time of Sale. The above Premises are particularly eligible in Point of Situation, very airy, with Gardens opening to the Fields, and combining the Advantages of a Town and Country Residence. For a View of the Premises, and for further Par- ticulars, apply to BROWN & SON, Agents to the British Fire and Westminster Life- Office, Bedford. Freehold Estates, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BROWN & SON, By Order of the Assignees, on Friday the 8th Day of May, 1807, at the Swan Inn, Elstow, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL those valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, con- sisting of that well- established INN, called, the SWAN, and extensive Premises, pleasantly situ. ivd at ELSTOW ; and five Acres of inclosed rich ARAB I. K LAND ( be the same more or less), lying in the Parish of KEMPSTON, near Elstow ; in two Lots ( under such Conditions as will be then produced). Lot 1 comprises all that substantial well- built Inn, in full Trade, called or known by the Sign of the Sn. ' situate in the Centre of Elstow aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Eyles, a Bankrupt; con- sisting ot a large and convenient Kitchen, with a Par adjoining, neat back Parlour, and excellent front Parlour, with Kitchen or Hall in Front, and capita: Cellar; four good Bed- chambers, with Closets, & i and Servants' Rooms; an extensive Yard, Pump of good Water, excellent- built Stalled Stable, Brewhouse, Butcher's Shop, Barns, well- fenced Garden, with every Convenieucy thereto belonging for an Inn in full Traoe. The above Inn has been recently fitted up, and for many Years heen accustomed to brew their own Beer, is a very reputable House, and a desirable Purchase for continuing the Public Line of Business, situate in the populous Village of Elstow, within one Mile of the Town of Bedford.— The Fixtures to be taken at a fair Valuation. Lot 1 comprises five Acres of rich inclosed Arabic Thomas Eyles. For a View of the Estate, apply on the Premises, where Particulars may be had ; also at the Cross- Kevj,, Ampthill; George, Woburu ; Cock, Hitchin ; Swan, Biggleswade; Falcon, St. Neots, Green- Dragon, Higham- Ferrers; Fountain, W'ellin^ borough ; and ot Brown & Son, Auctioneers, and Agents to the British lire and Westminster Life. Office, Bedtarcl. • n'lWI Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, April 10. HOUSE of COMMONS, Thursday, April 9. CHANGE or ADMINISTRATION. MR. BRAND rose, he said, to call the attention of the House to a matter of great national mo- ment. Immediately previous to the late adjournment, the House had heard from a Noble Lord, one of its Members, and a Member also of his Majesty s late Cabinet, a full and candid explanation of the causes • which immediately led to the late change of Adminis- tration B> that explanation it appeared, that a Cabi- net, composed of men of the first talents, and ot the highest character for integrity, patriotism, and inde- pendence their country could boast, had been displaced from their situations, because they respectfully de- clined to be bound by a positive pledge, which should restrain them from giving certain counsel, which, under the pressure of imperious necessity, might be- come their indispensable duty. He concluded by inovrng a Resolution, which was to this effect: — " Resolved, that it is subversive of the principles ot the Constitution, for his Majesty's Ministers to restrain themselves by any pledge to withhold at any time from his Majesty any advice which they shall, in their opinions and consciences, believe to be conducive to the security of his realms, the honour of his Crown, and well being ot his subjects." Mr. OSBORN was determined to give every assistance in his power, to the maintenance of that Constitution • in Church and State, in the principles ot which he had been educated. Seeing no necessity whatever for the recognition of an abstract principle ot the nature proposed, he would endeavour to get rid ot it hy mov- ing, " That the other orders of the day be now read. The orieinal Question and Amendment having been At NORTHAMPTON, 7th April, 1807. a numerous und respectable Meeting of the Inhabitants oj' this Town, held this Day, in Con- sequence if a Requisition to the Mayer, for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Pro- priety of addressing His Majesty at this important Crisis, ( JOSHUA COOCH, Esq. Mayor, in the Chair), r 8T1E following ADDRESS was carried by a - 1 very great Majority, and ordered to be prepared for Signatures: — " To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. " MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, " We, your Majesty's most dutiful and . loyal Subjects, the Mayor, Bailiffs, Burgesses, and other Inhabitants of the Town of Northampton, beg Leave to approach your Majesty with increased Sentiments of Attachment, Veneiation, and Gratitude. " We have long acknowledged, with the warmest Sentiments of Gratitude to Almighty God, his great Mercy to these Kingdoms, in raising up a King to . us, who, in the Days of Innovation and Change, has been ever found firmly and unalterably attached to those Principles on which our Constitution is esta- blished ; and to which not only your Majesty owes your Crown, but we, your People, owe our Civil and Religious Liberties, our Happiness and Prosperity as a Nation. " We trace, in humble Admiration, the Principles of Moderation and Justice, as well as Firmness, which have directed your Majesty's Conduct towards your Roman Catholic Subjects. Your Majesty') Attachment to the established Religion of your Do- minions, and your Conviction of the Truth of those Principles which, at the Reformation, rescued the Inhabitants of these Realms from Papa! Supe> stition ... — • | and Religious Tyranny, have been uniformly seen to lead nv ttie Speaker, a very long and interemngdebate j accompanied with tiie most just and enlightened took dire, in which several Members delivered their s principies ot Christian Toleration. All the Laws > yalty ot my Sentiments.— Professing the tolerant in the said Request. inciples ot Christianity, 1 wish to live in Peace . < THOM d Quietness with my Neighbours, and to conciliate Bulwick- Hall, 10th A^ tfilil, „ » <:„ J„ .1 „ ... 1— f- ma \ i- » T3 1 i ffi rvli 1 * * - opinions at considerable length, for and against the original question ; our limits, however, will not per- mit us to enter fully into a detail of the debate, which la: ted till near seven o'clock in the morning, at which time the House divided; when out ft 484 Me-. ibers who voted, the Ministry obtained a majo- rity of 32. which partook of a Spirit of Persecution and Intole- rance, have, in your Majesty's mild and truly Chris- tian Reign, been repealed ; and your Majesty has only refuted to yield to those further Demands, which are in no Degree necessary to the more free Profession of Religious faith, and Enjoyment of Religious Liberty ; hut which aim only at the Possession of Power Civil or Military, and which, if granted, without satisfying or removing Discontent, would furnish only fresh Pretences and Arguments for new Claims, and fresh ment. " These, therefore, your Majesty's Wisdom has found it necessary to withstand, as the only Mode ot j securing the established Religt n ot your Dominions \ from those Inroads which could not be made upon it The Kin? has, hy letters patent, conferred the honour of Knighthood upon Chas. Brisbane* Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy.— Gazette. The Marquis of Stafford has fixed Monday for knuuitia forward his intended propositions relative to the removal of his Majesty's late Ministers. The British Navy.— There are now in commis- sion 711 ships, of different descriptions; ot which | without shaking the Title of your Majesty's Crown, 145 are of the line, 20 from 50 to 44 puns each, j without endangering the Foundation of our Liberties, 16( 5 frieates, 207 sloops, and 172 vessels of a and without forfeiting our best Hopes for a Continu- 11 A • ance those Blessings which the Almighty, in his Smaller description. j Mercy and Bounty, has so long continued to bestow 11 11 '• - i upon this Protestant Land. To the WORTHY and INDEPENDENT ELECTORS ot j " We humbly beg Leave to assure your Majesty, the I'OWN of NORTHAMPTON. with the most perfect Confidence, that your Majesty, influenced by these Principles, and acting with these GENTLEMEN, Views, has established your Throne ill the Hearts and TAVING been this Day re- elected to represent — • - - • • 1780, he would have paused ere he permitted his Lips 1 to give them Utterance. The Writer speaks feelingly on the Subject, having witnessed the Events ot that Year, arid assisted in the Restoration of good Order and Obedience to the Laws of the Country. On Tuesday last, my House and seme others were marked with the Words " No Popery:'' I can, in Christian Charity, forgive those who did it; nor can I suppose, that such Words scribbled on my Door will draw upon me the Odium ot my thinking Neighbours, or make them doubt for a Moment the Loy Princi and ^ , the Minds of those who differ from me in Religious Principles, by ' l'cmpcrance and Moderation. " To do unto others what we wish they should d » unto us," is a Maxim in every Man's Mouth; but ,( I am sorry to add) in the Practice ot very few. Al- though I profess to be a Whig, and an independent one too, seeking neither Place nor Pension, nor aspiring to be the Conductor of any Party, yet will 1 ever steadily maintain those Principles which produced the Blessings entailed upon us by the glorious Reso- lution in 1688; but, my Brother Townsmen, I have already trespassed perhaps too long on your Time and Patience. 1 shall conclude with the sincere W; sh, that the Heat of Party may soon subside, and both Whig and Tory conduct themselves towards each other with that Philanthropy, which is, the Bond of Peace and the Union of Society. I am, Brother Townsmen, your Well- wisher, VERAX. To the Inhabitants if the Town of NORTHAMPTON. The following impartial Statement of the Proceedings of tiie Meeting held on Tuesday, is submitted to vour Consideration by PLAIN TRUTH. Northampton, Apri/ lth, 1807. ITHIS Morning a Meeting was held at the Guild- " hall, in this Town. " to con> ider the Propriety ; of an Address to His Majesty," pursuant to a Requisi- 1 rion which originated at the Dinner given by Mr. Per- ceval immediately after his R.- election. Two Hand- bills were industriously circulated to render it popular, particularly amongst the Dissenters, as not in any Degree directed against their Claims, but against the Catholics, however, many of the most respectable Inhabitants, and even amongst those some who upon the Whole were not averse to the Principle, still NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. HAVING received the following Request, I do i hereby appoint a Meeting of the NOBLEMEN, GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREEHOLDERS, to be held at the CouNTy- HAtx, rin the Town of NORTH- AMPTON, Qn THURSDAY next, the 16th Day of APRIL instant, at Eleven o'Cloek in the Forenoon, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury has presented the Rev. William Van Mildert, M. A. rector of St. Mary- le- Boiv, London, and late of Queen's College, Oxford, to the vicarage of Farningham, Kent. A very numerous meeting of the inhabitants of this town was held at the Guildhall, on Tuesday, to consider if the Propriety of offering an Address ; for the purpose of taking into consideration the • T r • 7i ft' ' * . • • y i • * . ' 7 i M..' _ 4. __ t* - .. 1. ) . .. ... J ,3. . *, £'- - s to His Majesty at this important Crisis, as mentioned THOMAS TRYON, Sheriff. """ 1807. ( Copy of the Request. J To THOMAS TRYON, Esq.. High- Sheriffof the County of Northampton. SIR, propriety of presenting an humble and dutiful Address to his Majesty, upon the firmness of his conduct at the present important crisis; when an address was proposed for the approbation of the meeting, and carried by a large majority.—[ for the Address, and Resolutions, see advertisement,] The inhabitants of Chorlton, near Manchester, have adopted a mode of obviating the ballot for the Training Act, by engaging to give each vo- We, the Undersigned, do hereby request you to , _ .... convene a Meeting of the COUNTY of NORTH- j luntecr 2s. per day, in addition to the Government AMPTON, Purpose of considering^ of the allowance. The plan succeeded, and a sufficient for the Propriety of ottering an humble Address to His Ma- jesty at this important Crisis, with our fullest As- surances of Support, in protecting the Religious Esta- blishment and Constitution of the Country.— Dated the 4th Day of April, 1807. Encouragement to the Hopes of still further Advance- discountenanced the Measure, a:, premature, and ment to Political Power, and to Religious Establish- j tending unnecessarily to disturb the Tranquillity of NORTHAMPTON. WILHAM LANGHAM. W. DOLBEN. G. ROBINSON. A. E. YOUNG. J. H. THURSBY. SAMUEL ISTED. THOS. S. W. SAMWELL. I,. BURTON. ROBERT ANDREW, Jun. CHARLES KNIGHTLEY. GEOROE F R EK E EVANS. ISAAC POCOCK, H. O'BRIEN. G. F LYNN. THOMAS HUNT. WILLIAM WALCOT. THOMAS CECIL MAUNSELL. R. B. DE CAPELL BROOKE. CHARLES TIBBITTS. WILLIAM LOCKWOOD MAYDWELL. JOHN COKER. GILBERT FLESHER. THOMAS BUTCHER. you in Parliament, I cannot omit to return ynu my sincerest Thmksfor this Murk of your con- tinued good Opinion and Confidence. 1 beg to repeat, Gentlemen, the. Assurances which I have so often made, to you before, that the best and HAVING been this Day re- elected to represent Affections of your Subjects; and will continue to ymt til Parliament, I cannot omit to return experience the most zealous and aiderit Support from ' the Duty, Attachment, and Loyalty of an affectionate and grateful People ;— a People who, devoted to the Interesis and Happiness ot their Countiy, think themselves most strongly called upon to express their ... ,, - „ _ „ Sentiments of Loyalty and Duty to the Crown, when most diligent Exertions of my Abilities shall never they behold the Sovereign who wears it exerting his be wantiri" in the Discharge of my Duties toyouand I Authority in the Preservation of those Barriers, which to my Country ; and that the Maintenance of the I the Wisdom of our Ancestors thought rece jary for j That the Adares ' - V.,. IR~ J . - the Defence of the Establishments, and the security ° ~ Constitution this Kingdom, upon the Foundations q( tfc Constitution of this Kingdom." j — — ... ahull wpr hp Tha „ " RESOLV En, and Principles on which it stands, shall ever be the great Object of my public Life. I feel that it is to that Constitution, and to the. Wisdom with which all Attempts to change or shake the Principles on which it is established have been resisted, that we owe, under the. Blessing of Providence, our Escape f rmn those Dangers which have involved in Ruin so muny other Nations if the World. 1 have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, Your much obliged, and most faithful humble Servant, SPENCER PERCEVAL. Northampton, April 1st, 1807. To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREEHOLDERS of the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM. GENTLEMEN, THE very distinguished Honour you have this Day conferred upon me, by electing me a fifth Time to be one of your Representatives in Parlia- ment, demands my warmest Acknowledgments.— / trust my Conduct ' will continue to merit your Ap- probation. I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, With the greatest Respect, Your most obedient, and most humble Servant, SCOTT TITCIIF1ELD. Aylesbury, April 9th, 1807. NORTHAMPTON, 9th April, 1807. CCHARLES DUKE most respectfully informs V the Inhabitants of HARBOROUG H, and Parts adiacent, that he has taken the Business of Mr. THOMASBIGGS, as CARRIER; and hopes, by Assi- duity and Attention, to merit their future f avours. Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. VORES, On Wednesday the 15th Day of April instant, at the Stag's- Head Inn, in the Town of Northampton, at Five o'clock in the Afternoon, ritEN substantial Stone- built MESSUAGES or 8 TENEMENTS, situate in COW- LANE, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, in the following Lots : Lot 1. Nos. l and 2, in the Occupations of Elizabeth Lee and James Robertson. Lot 1. Nos. 3 and i, in the Occupations of Mary Ager and Samuel Rigby. . Lot 3. Nos. Sand 6, in the Occupatiohs of William Perkins and Samuel Bolton. Lot 4. Nos. 7 and 8, in the Occupations of John Hollowell and John Hopper. Lot 5. Nos. 9 and 10, in the Occupations ol George Mallard and James Percival. For a View of the same, apply to the Tenants. To be SOLD by AUCTION^ Hy Mr. FORES, On Thursday next, the 16th Dav of April inst. on the Premises, at E ASTON MAUDIT, in the County of Northampton, ALL the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and sundry EFFECTS, of Mr. EDWARD SII. BY; consisting of Bedsteads and Furnitures; Beds and Blankets; Tables and Chairs; Chest of Drawers; Kitchen Utensils; Copper, Brewing Utensils, and Beer Casks; also, a Quantity of Hay. The Sale to begin at Tten o'Clock. Oak Timber.— Yardley Chace. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Hy Mr. VO R ES, On Friday the ' 24th Day of April instant, at the Rose- and- Cr » wn, Yardley- Hastings, Northamptonshire, AQuantity of OAK TIMBER, of excellent Quality ; to be sold in Lots.— Also the LOP. May be viewed the Day preceding the Sale; and Catalogues had of Mr. W » , LONGLAND, of Yariley aforesaid. Twenty per Cent. Deposit; and the Amount of Purchases to be paid before any Part of the Lots are removed. The Sale to begin at Eleven o. Clock. That the Members in Parliament for the Town be requested to present the above Address to His Majesty. RESOLVED, That the Address be inserted in the Northampton Mercury, the Courier, the Morning Chronicle, the Sun, and the Star. JOSHUA COOCH, Mayor. RESOLVED, That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Mayor, for his Readiness in calling the Meeting, and for his Impartiality in the Chair. GEORGE INN," NORTHAMPTON, APRIL 7th, 1807. fT^ HE following Resolutions were intended to 1 have been moved at the Meeting held this Day, at the GUILDHALL, in this Town, to consider of the " Propriety of addressing his Majesty at this im- portant Crisis;" but after repeated fruitless Attempts to obtain a Hearing, tor ( except one Gentleman, who proposed that, for the Peace of the Town, there be no Address, and that the Meeting be dissolved), no Individual was suffered to deliver his Sentiments against the Address, and being peremptorily refused the Use of the Hall, it was agreed to adjourn to the George. At this adjourned Meeting it was unanimously resolved, that we dissent from the Address, 1st, Because when His Majesty's Refusal to admit the Catholic Claims occasioned a Change in the Ad- ministration, of which the late Mr. Pitt was a Member, in 1801, no Address was thought necessary ; therefore, none is necessary now. 2ndly, Because however pure may be the Motives of those who wish for an Address, an Address at the present Time certai. ily tends to stir up Religious Dis- sentions, which at all Times are impolitic, and at this awful Crisis may prove ruinous. 3dly, Because the Catholic Bill only rendered Catholics eligible to high Offices in the Army and Navy, but left it entirely at the Pleasure of His Majesty to appoint them to such Offices, and, therefore, cannot possibly afford any just Ground of' Alarm. 4thly, Because we are persuaded, that to paralize at this Juncture the Efforts of any, and especially one- fourth Part ofthe Population of the Empire, furnishes no Matter for Congratulation. Sthly, Because the Address has a Tendency to prevent all future Ministers from proposing any Thing to His Majesty on the Catholic Claims, however necessary it maybe for the Safety of the Empire. Signed, by Order of the Meeting, JOHN BUXTON, Chairman. Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks of the Meeting be given to the Chairman. the Town — When the Meeting took Place, and imme- iliatcly after the Req lisition was read, a respectable Gentleman rose and proposed, that, " to preserve the Peace of the Town, there be no Address, and that the Meeting be dissolved;" which was instantly followed by such a Shew of Hands, as. in the Opinion of many, constiiured a decided Majority; but the Mayor ( as Chairmaij) refused to put this Motion, his Friends insisting, that the Address which they had drawn up should first be read, though the Requisition expressly stated that the Meeting was " to consider ot the Propriety of an Address." Accordingly, the Address, prefaced by a :. hort Speech, was read; and concluded with the Cry of u No Pop.* ry " uch Confusion and Uproar ensued— several Gentlemen incessantly addressed the Chairman, requesting they might be permitted to deliver their Sentiments against it; but without Effi. t The Questions for and against the Address were put so indKtinctly, as not to be heard in the lower End of the Hall ( though a small one); in Consequence of which, many Persons who intended ooposing it did not know when to hold up their Flands, and the Majority was declared in its Favour. The remaining Motions, viz. be pres nted by the Members for the Town, & c & c. succeeded each other as rapidly as possible, and closing with one for the Dissolution of the Meeting, were all carried'with tb » most clamorous and indecent Exultation; in which the Chairman, forgetting the Dignity and Impartiality which ought to characterize hi- Situation, mnre than once joined in the Siiew of Hands I Notwithstanding which, a Vote of Thanks for his Impartiality, was carried with the same triumphant Vociferation as the other Resolutions 1 N . B. SM- ce writing the above, it is understood, from uood Authority, that not more than a Fourth of the Voters have signed the Address. STALLION TO LETT. To be LETT, A DARK- BROWN NAO TIORSE, rising three Years old, ) 5 Ham; ' 2 Inches high, got by Brown Ge rge. a Horse well known in the Neigh- bourhood of OUNDLE ; wherehecovered several Years; his Dam by Sportsman, out of a Blood Mare. Enquireof R ICHARD EMERY, Ashby- Saint- Ledgers, Northamptonshire. number volunteered their services. Current Prich of Canal Shares.— The following were the average prices of Navigable Canal Shares, at the office of Mr. Scott, 25, New Bridga- street, ( Signed) NORTHAMPTON. London, in March, 1807. 1 he Trent and Mersey, or Grand Trunk Canal, ^ f. 880; the last half yearly dividend was ^ f. 20.— Leeds and Liverpool, jjf. 171, ex. dividend of per share for the last half year. — Monmouthshire, dividing J'. 5 per share, — Grand Junction, o£. H8.— Ashton and Oldham, ,£. 100.— Peak Forest, „£. 58—^ Worcester and Bir- mingham, o£'. 38.— Ashby- de- ia- Zouch, =£. 22 to .£. 24.— Union, ^. 22 to .£. 23.— Kennet and Avon original shares, ,£. 20. A tradesman of Bedford, who is upwards of IS stone weight, lately undertook for a wager to pick up 100 stones, each placed a yard distant from the other, separately with his mouth, and deliver them in the same way into a basket, placed at the point from whence he started.— The time allowed him was an hour, but he performed his task, with the greatest ease, in 54 minutes. At the quarter- sessions for this county, held on Thursday last, Wm. Hollis, for stealing peas, from NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Wollaston, was sentenced to he imprisoned one AMeeting being called by the High- Sheriff of month and t0 be publicly whipped; and Catherine this County', to be held at Jones, for stealing a bedstead, the property of the jiarish- otficers of Badby, to be imprisoned one month. the County- Hall next Thursday Morning, to consider of an Address to His Majesty, for his firm and manly Conduct in protecting the Religious Establishment and Constitution of the ( Country, which materially concerns every Well- : wisher thereof, whether rich or poor:— It is earnestly recommended to all Freeholders LO attend the Meeting, j in order to testify their Approbatien of His Majest)' s noble Resolution, by supporting the Address which may be then proposed. LONDON, April 11. ALetter from Plymouth states, that a vessel had come in there from Dantzic, under Prussian colours, which brings an account, that previous to her leaving Dantzic, the 27th of March in the At the Public- office, Hatton- garden, last week, Mark Young was examined a second time, on his confession before a Magistrate, that about 12 years ago, in company with VV. Woodward, he had mur- dered Dr. Bailey, near Long- Sutton, in Lincoln- shire. Being questioned if he acknowledged the confession, . he recanted, and said that he did not know what he was about, and what he had formejly stated was entirely false; that Woodward was perfectly innocent. Testimonials from persons of respectability in the country coming in behalf of Woodward, in favour of his honesty and industry, he was discharged. Young was detained, to be conveyed to Lincoln Gaol, as a proper case to come before a Jury. Yesterday se'nnight, Joseph West was executed at Derby pursuant to his sentence, for uttering forged hank notes. He had an affectionate mother morning, a very heavy cannonade and firing of | Hvmg but studiousiv avoided saylng where she musketry was heard in the neighbourhood of that) •• - - •• • city ; and from reports which had been brought in To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, AFARM, at WOOD- WALTON, in ths County of Huntingdon; consisting of 295 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land. Enquire of JOHN JACKJON, of Wood- Walton aforesaid. For a View of the Premises, and further Parti- culars, enquire of Mr. CHARLES BLOODWORXH, of ICimbolton, in the said County. April Sib, 1807. by stragglers, it was understood to have been battle between a body of Poles and a part of the French army, the result of which the master of this vessel did not know, as he left the port of Dantzic at one P. M. when the firing still continued. A letter from Stralsund, dated the 28th of March, states, that another battle had been fought, in which the Austrians had united with the Russians and the Prussians, and the French had sustained a severe defeat. It is reported that an account has been received, bvja ship arrived at Liverpool, of the re- capture of Monte Video, and Buenos Ayres It will be seen by the division which took place in the House of Commons on Thursday night, that no apprehensions of an immediate dissolution of Parliament need be entertained.—[ Seefrst column of this page.") Lord St. Vincent has resigned the command of the Channel fleet, which has been giveB to Lord Gardner. Price of Stocks yesterday.— 3 perCent. Cons. 62 J — Navy 5 perCent. An. — Omnium J p. To A1 Sale of Maiden Oak Timber Trees. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By S. CATTEI. L, On Monday the 20th Day of April, 1807, at the House of Mr. George Osborn, the Sign of the Plume- of- Feathers, at Everdon, in the County of Northampton, rjpiIIRIT- FIVE OAK TIMBER TREES, stand- ] timents to His Majesty at the present Crisis > To the impartial Inhabitants of NORTHAMPTON. BROTHER TOWNSMEN, PERMIT me to express my Concern, that the Trumpet of Discord has sounded the Blast of Disunion in our Ears, and the Virulence of mistaken Party Zeal has torn asunder those Bonds, which con- stitute the Harmony of Society. Ought a Difference of Opinion on the Subjects of Religion and Politics to interrupt, for a Moment, the good Understanding which shimld ever subsist between us ? Obedient to the Summons of an Advertisement, I attended, on Tuesday last, a Meeting in the Town- Hall, convened, as I thought, for every one to give his Opinion freely on the Subject in Question, namely, that of presenting an Address to our most excellent Sovereign. 1 must confess I went to it impressed with the Idea, that it was the Birthright and Privilege of * n Englishman to speak his Sentiments freely, and to be heard with Temperance, whichever Side of the Question he might take; and that this was the Intent and Purpose of the Meeting. My Expeoations were, however, disappointed; and I cannot help expressing my Astonishment, that instead of cool, impartial Candour, dispassionate and fair Investigation, no one ( excepting one Gentleman who moved f6r dissolving the Meeting) was permitted to enter into the Dis- cussion, but the Movers of the Address. The tumul- tuous Shouts of intemperate Zeal, and the Violence of Party, excluded good Order, Decency, and that Sense ot Propriety, which ought to have graced the Chair of the President, and the Conduct of those Men who brought forward the Measure. Was it possible, Brother Townsmen, for any one to conceive, that the Loyalty of Men could be ques- tioned, their Attachment to their Sovereign and the Csnstitution he doubted, because they did not concur in the Expediency or Necessity of offering these Sen- . . „, • ... To be ing on MANTLE HEATH, near Everdon, blazed and • umbered, in 13 Lots; 54 OAK TIMBER TREES, standing in the STUBS WOOD, blazed and numbered, in nine Lots; and 28 OAK. TIMBER TREES, standing in BADBY WOOD, blazed and numbered, in nine Lots. The Sale to begin at One of the Clock in the Afternoon, agreeable to the Conditions of Sale then to be produced. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HUGHES, at the Dial- House, at Brockhall; and for a View of the Timber, to JOHN BIRD, at Everdon aforesaid. condemned unheard, and to be branded with Stigmas and Doubts of Loyalty and Attachment to their King and Country, are Circumstances unprecedented in this Age of Civilization. The Watch- words of " No Popery" were given i out as the Parole of the Day, and by a Man who has girded on his Sword in Defence of his Country, and who, I have the Charity to believe, would feel ex- treme Compunction in being obliged to draw it on any other Occasion. Had that Gentleman recollected the Influence which these very Words had over a misguided Populace, and their direful Effects, in j be SOLD, N exceeding fine- toned HARPSICORD, m a handsome Mahogany Case, in good Preservation, made by Longman & Broderif, London. May be seen by applying to J. ASHTON, at his Fur- niture- Warehouse, Bridge- Street, Northampton. ATHERSTONE, 20th March, 1807. STOLEN or STRAYED, on Tuesday Night last the 17th Instant, or early on Wednesday Morning, from a Close in ATHERSTONE, in the Occupation of Mr. WHITBY, A strong handsome Aged CIIESNUT MARE, the Property of Mr. Whitby, about 15 Hands high, hasaHurt from the Saddleon the Back- Bone, has been sometime hurt on the Knees, at. d has a little White upon her hind Heels. If strayed, whoever will deliver the said Mare to Mr. WHITBY, or give Information thereof, shall be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble, and have all Expences paid; if stolen, any Person who will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they mav be convicted thereof, shall receive a Reward of'FlVE GUINEAS from the said Mr. Whitby, over and above THREE GUlNEASallowed by the Atherstone Association for the Prosecution of Felons. CAPITAL BOOKS ox AGRICULTURE; Forming, by themselves, a complete Library, the sixth Edition, improved, in one large Volume 8vo. Price Half- a- Guinea in Boards, r|"* HE FARMER'S CALENDAR; containing a a full Account of the Business necessary to be performed on all Kinds of Farrss during every Month of the Year, with the latest Improvements, and the Mode of executing them. By ARTHUR YOUNG, Esq. F. R. S. Secretary to the Board of Agriculture, and Member of various Philosophical and Agricultural Societies in Europe and America. tpST It is impossible, in the Compass of an Adver tisement, to enumerate the important Contents, and the great practical Advantages, which must rerult, in the Management of Land, from a constant Reference to this useful Work. Many tlwusand Copies are sold in every year; and intelligent Farmers and Country Gentlemen in every County in England have acknow- ledged, not only that it enables them to perform every Operation in the best and most successful Mannef., but effects, in - the general ^ Business of a Farmer, a Saving of from ten to twenty- five per Cent. 2. A NEW EDITION, corrected to January 1st, 1807, in two large Volumes Quarto, illustrated with nearly one hundred Engravings, representing the most im- proved Implements, the various Grasses, and the principal Breeds of Sheep and Cattle, Price Four Guineas in Boards, A COMPLETE SYSTEM of PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE; including all the modern Im- provements and Discoveries, and the Results of ail the Attention and Enquiry which have been bestowed on this important Science, during the last 30 Years; the Whole combining and explaining fully, exten- sively, and completely, the Principles and Practice of the modern Art of Husbandry in all its Branches and Relations. By R. W. DICKSON, M. D. Honorary Member of the Board of Agriculture. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, Bridge- Street, Blackfriufs i and to be had of all Bookselleis. NORTHAMPTON> SATURDAY EVENING, April 11. MARRIED.] On Thursday se'nniglit, Mr. V/ m. Evans, of the East India House, to Miss Pellet, daughter of Dr. Pellet, of St. Alban's. On Monday se'nnight, the Rev. John Whitmore, LL. B. curate of Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwick- shire, and master Of the Free Grammar- School there, to Miss Lucy Greene, of that place. On Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. R. Hicks, surgeon, to Miss Mary Miles, both of Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire. On Wednesday se'nniglit, Mr. John Hurst, of Longford, near Coventry, to Miss Ann Fowler, of Warwick. Same day, Mr. Bray, of Ullesthorpe, Leicester- shire, to Miss Perkins, of the same place. On Thursday se'nnight, Mr. Joseph Smith, of Coventry, to Miss Baker, of Fillongley, War- wickshire. DIED.] Lately, at the advanced age of 87, the Rev. Edward Keteriche, upwards of 54 years rector sf Water- Newton, Huntingdonshire. Lately, Mrs. Harrison, wife of John Harrison, Esq. of Norton- Place, Lincolnshire, and mother of Lady Cholnieley. A few days ago, greatly regretted, aged 53, John Burton, sen. Gent, of NunCuton, War- wickshire. On Saturday se'nnight, aged 68, Mrs. Elizabeth Haynes, of Radford, near Warwick. Lately, at Market- Harborough, much lamented, Mrs. Hubbard, aged 73 years. Lately, aged 82, Mr. Groom, farmer, of Little- Creaton, in this county. On Monday se'nnight, aged 100, Mrs. Saun- derson, of Easton, near Stamford. On Tuesday se'nnight, agid 62, Mrs. Stocker, of Huntingdon. Last week, suddenly, Mrs. Cole, widow of Mr. James Cole, of Peterborough, whose death was noticed in this paper a few weeks- since. On Tuesday last, in the 63d year of her age, Mrs. F. liz. Brown, daughter of Mr. John Brown, parchment- maker, who many years ago served the office of Bailiff of this Corporation. Lately, at Stamford, aged 81, Mr. J. Warrington, whitesmith. Among numerous other legacies he be- queathed to his blind sister, who was in a workhouse at Ba; h, if. 100 a year; and to each of two brothers ( to neither of whom he ever gave a six- pence in his lifetime, and who were both in charitable establish- ments), ^. 80 a year. Though both were near 80 years old, he notwithstanding provided in the will that if either should marry, the whole annuity should, in equal propertions, go to five parishes for the benefit ot the ten oldest widows, and should there not be so many, to the oldest maidens. Some time before his death he bought a marble monument, on which he caused to be emblazoned his embryo munificence. The Rev. J. White, LL. B. Fellow of New College, Oxford, has been preferred to the rectory of Ilardwicke, Bucks, on the presentation of the Warden and Fellows of that Society. resided, or revealing his real name, as he said the knowledge of his wretched end would break her heart. An inquisition was taken on Thursday evening, before Charles Freeman, Gent, one of his Ma- jesty's Coroners for this town, upon vie'w of the body of William Kirk, a journeyman printer, who very late oil Tuesday night, in a state of intoxication, is supposed to have missed his way, and fallen into the river near the Cotton- Miil, where the body lay till about eleven o'clock on Thursday morning before it could be discovered. Verdict— Accidental Death. On Saturday last, an inquisition was taken at Newport- Pagnell, in the county of Bucks, before R. A. Reddall, Gent. Coroner of the honor of Ampthill, upon view of the body of William Willmar, a watch- maker, who had resided at Olney. He was travelling to London, and wa » seen about a mile from Newport at ten o'clock on Friday night, when he said he should go as far as Woburn that night, and wished to overtake tha Wellingborough waggon, in which were his wife and two children. The body was found on Satur- day morning, not far from the high road. Verdict — Died by the Inclemency of the Weather. On Wednesday se'nnight, an inquisition was- taken at Waddesdon, in the county of Bucks, before James Burnham, Gent, one of his Majesty's Coroners for the said county, on view of the body of Mary Clarke, who the preceding day suddenly expired, supposed in a fit of apoplexy. Yesterday was committed to the gaol of this county, by the Rev. Thomas HoFiisby, Clork, Jo.' ui Broun, charged with stealing a letter, containing five shillings, and a ribband, the property of Eliz. Billing, of Ravensthorpe. —— NORBROOK RACES ( OXFORDSHIRE). Wednesday, April 1j/. The Farmer's Cup, of 50gt. • value, and f* r the sreond horse, given by the Gentlemen aj . Sir Thomas Mostyn's Hunt. Mr. Pell's b. g. Wnirlwind i 1 Mr. Lovell's g. g. Hector 3 3 Mr. Hitchcock's br. g Quasso .2 3 Eight horses started, but the Judge could only place the first three. Sweepstakes of 10gj each, for hunters, the properly of Gentlemen uf the Hunt. Mr. Rush's b. h. by St. George 1 Sir Henry Peyton's Symmetry 2 A good race. Sweepstakes of bgs. each. Mr. Lawrell's br. g. Ubaldo, 4 years old 1 1 Mr. Lloyd's br. m. Cocktail, aged : j 2 Mr. C. Wliitmore's b. g. Ben ." 2 tf + 4.+ Stveral advertisements which cams too late for this week, . shall'appear in our next. OdT The alteration in the advertisement of the sale of Mr. Clark's Stock, in ' he Parish ot Salford, Beds, came too late to be attended to. %* The prisoners in the county gaol return thanks to the gentlemgj of the Gmid Jury, at the quarter*, sessions, for=£' l 7s. 6d. The Town of Northampton,£ the ASSIZE of BREAD, TO WIT. 5 set the 11th Day of April, 1807, for the said Town, to take Place on Monday the 13th Day of April, and to he in force seven Days for the said Town of Northampton*..— Vi-- lb. oz. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh .. 1 15 14 Ditto Household is to weigh 2 10 ti The Twelvepenny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh 3 15 12 Ditto Household is to weigh b 4 12 J. COOCH, Mayor. I' R I C. E of CORN per Quarter Northampton, Saturday, April 11. at Beans, 34s. Od. to 42s Od. Peas, 40s Od. to— s. ( td. By the Standard Measure. Wheat. 72,. to 80s. Od. Rye, 50 Od. to — s. Barley, 32 Od to 35s. 6d Oats, 20s. 6d. to 27s. Od. J. GRAFTON1, Inspector. LIST of FAIRS, from April 13, to April 25, within the Circuit of this Paper. M. April 13. Hitchin. T. S. • M. T W. S. 14. I. eigbton- Buzzard. • 38. Lutotf.. • 20. Fenny- Stratford. • 21. Bedford and Cbesbam. • 22. Bracklty, Newport- Pagnell, Preston, and Higgleswade. • 25. Brigstock, Todditigtott, Lougbberougb, and Murftrd. - TA'l i.- ixrn ERY, Brgin* Drawing 14/ A APRIL, 1807. ri^ ICKKTS and SHAUKS are now'selling by J j BRAN'S CO MB Se Co. joint Contractors lor the present Lottery, and Proprietors of the Lucky Lotterv- Offices, No 11 HOLBORN', 37, CORNHILL, » ND 38, HAVUMKET, PICCADILLY; wliefe the first £ 30,000 Prize ever sold, likewise No. 12,719, the last =£. 25,000, were both divided into Shares; and, in the two last Years' Lotteries, the following CA- PITALS were sold by them in 267 different Shares, namely Nos. . £• 13,717 entitled to 10,000 Nos. £• 3,330 entitled to 1,000 —, . 17,477 1,000 456 20,000 24 699 1,000 9,219 ' 20,000 16,801 2,0( 10 11,643 — 20,000 17 » 15 2,( 100 7,686 — 20,020 4 077 — 6CHK) 7: 757.- 4 20,022 11,8ft — 5,000 12,719 25,000 With 13 Prizes of £. 500, and a'great Number of £. 100, =£. 50, See. & c. Please 10 observe, there arc more Capital Prizes in the present Lotterv than ever were in any former one, wit! i only 25,000 Tickets, therefore, as> early Purchase is recommended, as ihc first- drawn on the four first Days will be entitled to £ .20,030 each, over and above the Chance of all the floating Capitals TICKETS and SHARES are likewise selling by Mr. H'. BIRDSALL, AGENT, NORTHAMPTON. STATE - LOT) I'. RY, To commence. Dnmvig 14 « A of Ai RIL, 180T. MICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. CORN- 111 LL ana CHASING- CROSS, LONDON, recom- mend the SCHEME of the present LOTTERY to the Attention of the Public, as it contains a greater Number of Capital and other Prizes than any former Lottery with so small a Number of Tickets; and everv one of them drawn 011 the first thre^ Days ot Drawing, will be entitled to Ten Pounds, independent of any other Piize that maybe drawn against the same ; so that a considerable Number of the Twenty Pound Prizes will receive Thirty Pounds, the Kitties, Sixtv founds, See. Sec. ; and the Drawing of the Capitals are so arranged, that it is peculiarly advan- tageous to those who purchase early. First- drawn Ticket, 14th April.... £. 20,000 Ditto, Second Day, 2Jd April 20,000 Ditto, Third Day, 2d May 20,000 Ditto, Fourth Day, 12th May 20,000 Dittis, Fifth Day, 16th May 10,000 Ditto, Sixth Day, 19th May .... 10,000 TICKETS AND SHARES ARE ON SALE EY Mr. IV. KOSHER, Bookseller, BAM! CRY; And Mr. IV. TAYLOR, BICESTER; for Richardson, Goodluck, Se Co. SHARED by HORNS6Y Ik Co. IN THE LAST LOTTERY : ' No, 19,514, Prize of £ 90,000, in fifteen Shares, 8,716, Prize of £. 5000, in five Shares, 1,350, Prize of £. 500, in nine Ssares, 44, Prize of £. 500, in sixteen Shares. I- IK!" WISE ill former Lotteries, No. 33,979, and No 43,569, both Prizes of £. 30,000, and two bundrr ' and thirteen Prizes, from £ 500 to £. 30,000, have been shared and solo by Hornsby & Co. The Tickets, Halves, Quarters,< Eighths, and Six- teenths, are now selling ai the lowest Prices ; and the Money for the Prizes paid on Demand. , The Scheme contains much Novelty, and is highly aporoved of. The Drawing begins on ' the 14th of Next Month, with a £ 20,000 for the first- drawn Ticket, on the first Day; £. 20,000 second Day; £. 20,000 third Day; £. 20,000 fourth Day; £. 10,000 fifth Day; £. 10,000 sixth Day. Orders, bv Letter or Carrier, executed exactly on the same Terms as if present, at either of their Li- censed State- Lottery Oi'ices, 26, Camliill, 52, Charing Cross, and St. argaret's Hill, Borough. Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops. APerson, aged- 36, had a small Scrofulous Ulceration in lu Hand, giv ng her ' much Pain ; it then broke out in her Wrist, both her Shoulders, and her Knee, each Ulceration d'scharging much, and not disposed to heai it then ifiec> ed her right Elbow; and these Ulcerations, with a Di, position to geiitial D bility, she suffered for twelve Years. Her Knee was healed in the Worcester Infirmary; and she experienced some Benefit while a Patient, for a short Period, in Bartholomew's Hospital; when she made Application for the Benefit of SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, at the Dispensary, No. 15, Soho- Square, London. By the Application of the Drops for six Months, her Ulcers gradually healed, and'she regained her Strength and Appeiite; it is now a Twelvemoi h since, and she remains per- fectly well.— Any Information of the above Fact may be obtained at No. 9, Duke's- Court, Drury- Lane. Mr SP: LSBURY is not accountable for any Mixture sold, unless the Words " By the King's Patent" aie inserted on the Bill of Directions, Bottle, and Wrapper; the Stamp also ( the King's Duty) is printed in black Ink instead of rod Ink. Bottles 5s. Sd. double Bottles 10s. and larger £. 1 2s. Duty in- cluded . " pt Sold also by the Printers of this Paper; Mr. Okely, and Mr. Paigrave, Bedford; Mather, Wel- lingborough; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Corrall, Lutter- • worth ; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. ALBION FIRE AND LIFE COMPANY, OF LONDON, For Insurance from FIRE and on LIVES ; and for the granting of ANNUITIES. Capital — ONE MILLION. '"" B^ HE following Persons have been authorized J| to act for the Company, for the under- mentioned Places, and their respective Neighbour- hoods, viz. Mr. SPENCER HESKETH, of Northampton, Mr. JOHN WHITE, of Dunstable. Insurances effected with such Persons, and falling due at I. ADY- DAY, should be renewed within fifteen Days from that Period. No Charge made for Policies, or Indorsements; and other valuable Advantages afforded, both with Respect 10 Insurance from FIRE, and on LIVES. A De- duction allowedon the Premiumsofall Fire Insurances out of Lin dsn. The Company's Proposals may be had of the above Persons! By Order of the Board of Directors, WARNER PHI 1' PS, Secretary. This Day wan published, PO E M S. By THOMAS BROWN, M. D. " A Reader of these Volumes will soon perceive that Dr. Brown is not to be placed in the Class of Ordinary Versifiers. A Boldness and a Vigour of Conception, a wild I- uxuriancy of Imagination, and frequent Strokes of Pathos, characterise his Muse. In him v. e discover the laudable VVish to be indeed a Poet; to be creative; to draw from the Stores of his own Mind ; to despise the Tarneness. of Imitation ; and to revolt at the Idea of being tracked in tile Snow of his Predecessors. We observe him to. delight more in the Awful, the Sublime, and the Terrific, than in the Mild and the Tranquil; and his poetical Delinea- tions resemble the Pictures of Salvator Rosa rattier than those of Claude Lorsine. When he undertakes the Pathetic, he touches our Hearts and ' harrows up our Souls." — Monthly Review for February, 1805. " Candidates for poetic Fame begin in general with small Efforts, a Sonnet, or Tale, or a short Poem ; but this Author, of whose Talents we have not heard before, comes upon us at once with two Volumes ; and comes with .- trAngClaims to our Approbation. '* The Imagination of Dr. Brown is strong, his Feeling lively, and his Taste elegant. Sometimes, but not very frequently, his Judgment isseduced to employ the unauthorized Compounds of modern Aftection; hut, in general, his Style is pure, strong through Energy of Thought, not stiffened by the Buckram of Art. His Volumes have no prosaic Introduction, Prefase, or Advertisement, ar. d very few Notes. The Dedication is in Verse, addressed to the Author's Mother, and gives no mean Specimen of his Powers. " A long Poem, in Stanza, entitled The War- Fiend, exhibits much Sublimity of Thought and Expression. The Sonnets on Negro Slavery have Force and Beauty, and many others which we could specify."— British Crit. August, 1805. Edinburgh : Printed for Mundell, Doig, Sc Steven- son ; and sold by T. Osteil, 3, Ave- Maria- l. ane, London; and W. Birdsall and T. Burnham, North- ampton. A new, complete, and comprehensive System of MODERN GEOGRAPHY, Illustrated and embellished with Maps, Charts, and Engravings. To be published once a Fortnight, and completed in Sixty Numbers, Octavo, forming five handsome Volumes. On Wednesday, April the 1st, 1807, was published, Number 1 ( Price One Shilling ; containing forty STATE - LOTTERY, ith of APRIL, 1807. First- drawn Ticket, £. 20,000. THE SCHEME CONTAINS Begins Drazcin, Prizes of £. 20,000 10,000 5,000 10 Prizes of £. 1,000 10 500 t. c. See. Sec. TICKETS and SHARES are selling bv Mr. J. IVERB, Printer, BEDFORD, For SW1Se Co. of LONDON ; By whom CAPITAL PRIZES to an immense Amount have been sold and shared, particularly in the last and late Lotteries, This Lottery contains an unusual Number of the highest Capitals; ' and gives to the first 3000 Tickets £. 10 each, independent of any other Prizes that may be drawn against therq. 1 ith of APRIL GOVERNMENT STATE - LOTTERY BTCINS DRAWING, And contains Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds ( in sterling Money). ' HIS is the most extraordinary SCHEME ever _ produced in the Annals of Lotteries.— The un- precedented Number di GRAND PRIZES MAKES Every Lottery- Office a Temj fe of If ' ealtb ; Every Adventurer is in the Road to Riches ; Every Ticket drawiiWth April • will be a Prize ; Every Prize will be paid as soon as drawn. £: « 3,000 ' 40,000 20,000 16,000 5,000 3,000 2,000 60,000 30,000 SCHF. ME. 4 Prizes of £ .20,000 are> 4 — 10,000 .—— 4 5,000 10 1,000 s 10 500 30 -—• 100 40 > 50 3,000 20 3,000 first- din. Tickets- 10 each of ST 1 WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS, For the Green- Sickness and other Disorders incident to young Females. "' HE following Instances of their uncommon itficacy, are worthy the Attention of the Af- flicted : — To Mrs. KEARSLEY. , MADAM, September Yttb, 1806. „ I beg to return my Acknowledgments for the great Services received by the Use of your WF, LCH'S FE- MALE PILLS; being afflicted with Illness some Years, with Pain in my Head and Shortness of Breath, that I could scarcely go up or down Stairs without titling down for some Minutes, and have taken a great nian> Medicines, but all to no Purpose, till a Friend advised me to try your Pills, and by taking one Box was restored to Health and Spirits.— 1 am, with the greatest Gratitude, Your humble Servant, MAGDALEN LE R1CHUX. Hare- Street, Betbnal- Green. DEAR MADAM, MARTHA LY FORD has just finished taking the three Boxes ot Pills you were so good to send her some Months ago, f r which she sends you Her grateful Thanks ; and as she cannot write, I do myself the Pleasure to communicate their Effect: She found material Benefit in Health after taking one Box, so that I did not immediately give her a second; but as her Complaints returned I gave her another, which aeain Telicvcd her for a Time. When 1 gave her the last Box, that had the same Eftcct with the two for- mer; it relieved her Breath, gave her Spirits and Appetite, and restored her to perfect Health. My Mother, who will take this to Town, desires to unite with me in kind Remembrance ar. d Wishes to you and all your Family. I remain, dear Madam, your much obliged, SUSANNA SMITH. Pangbourn, Aug. 20th, 1806, WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS ( with Directions), Price 2s. Sd. a Box, are sold, Wholesale, by G. Kearsley, Fleet- Street, London; Dicey Se Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, Cheapside; F. Ne^ vbery, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard ; Bacon & Co. No. 150, Oxford- Street. Sold also by Dicey & - Sutton, and Marshall, Northampton; Parker, and Rollason,, Coventry; Swinfen, and Comhe, Leicester; Seeley, Buckingham; Bloxham, and Marriott, Banbury;' Wilcox, Tow- cester; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport - Pagnell; Neyvcomb, and Drakard, Stamford; Harrod, Harbo- rough; Okeiy, and Paigrave, Bedford; WheeJer, Aylesbury ; Mather, Wellingborough; and Drakard, Uppingham. " * As another Medicine is sold under the Name of HE MODERN GEOGRAPHER; being a general and authentic Description of every known Portion of EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, ar. d AMERICA; including not only the most accurate Details of every Object worthy of Notice in the different Empires, Kingdoms, Republics, & c. throughout the World; but particularly specifying all the Changes, Spolia- tions, and Transfers of Territory, which have arisen out of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, as well as those which may take Place on the Conti- nent of Europe, to the Year 1809; comprising an Exposition of the different Systems of Civil and Mili- tary Government ; comparative Statements of the Revenues, Commerce, Arts, Sciences, and Manufac- tures ; a Digest of the Laws by which each Country is governed ; and a copious Explanation of the Man- ners, Dresses, Ceremonies, Amusements, and Reli- gions, of the RESPECTIVE INHABITANTS. The Whole prepared and digested, upon a new Plan, from the latest and best Authorities, Geographical, Historical, and Astronomical. BY FRANCIS WILLIAM BLAGDON, Esq. Member of several Learned ar. d Literary Societies; Author of the Folio History of Ancient and Modern India ( published under the Patronage of His Ma- jesty and the Court of Directors]; of the 4to Life of Lord Viscount Nelson, See. ( jdT A Prospectus of the Work, in which the Plan and Conditions are mdre fully detailed, may be pro- cured of any of the Booksellers. LONDON: Printed for A. WHFLLIER, 3, Pater- noster- Row ; and sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Dr. WHEATLEY's Invaluable Remedies for the certain and speedy CURE OF THE ITCH. \ N OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, aril does not contain the least Particle of Mer- cury, or any pernicious Ingredient whatever, and so Country Venders, Merchants, See. ; also, Retail, by ! riir^ V X." Ct\ 1? an A ? i/ f 1 rel- io! 1 Wnrthomntnn . 26,000 Tickets. £. 250,000 First- drawn Ticket _. lst Day £. 20,000 Ditto 2d Day 20,000 Ditto 4 3d Day 20,000 Ditto 4th Day 20,000 Ditto 5th Day 10,000 Ditto 6th Day 10,000 TICKETS AND SHARES ARE SELLINC At all the old- established Offices in England, Ireland, a nd Scut land. The first- drawn Ticket will receive £. 20,000. £ RESENT PRICE. Ticket £. 19 17s. Half £. 10 3 0j Eighth £. 2 19 0 Quarter 5 3 0| Sixteenth .... 1 6 6 TURN PIKE- TOLLS TO LETT NOTIC F. is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the Turnpike- P. oad leading from Biggleswade, in the County of Bedford, 10 Alconbury- Hill, in the Couniy of Huntingdon, will be LET T by AUCTION, either together or separately, to the Best Bidder, at the CROSS- KEYS INN, in ST. NEOTS, in the said County of Huntingdon, on TUESDAY the TWENTY- EIGHTH Day ot APRIL next, between the Hours ot Twelve and Two of the sar::* Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, " for regu- lating the Turnpike- Roads:" Which Tails were lett, the last Year, at the several Sums hereunder- men- lioned, clear of all Charges of collecting ike same, and will be put up at such Sum or Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must, at the same Tune, give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turn- pike- Road, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, at such Times as they shall tiirect. Soutboe Gate £ 976 0 0 Temsfori ditto 743 0 0 Biggleswade ditto 516 0 0 ' j. WELLS, Clerk to the said Trustees. Eynesbury, 24r/ j March, 1807. Propriety of personal Appearance. BEAUTY and HEALTH ' cannot be more essentially promoted than by attending to tile Preservation ot the TEETH. " jVg R. NEWTON's RESTORATIVE TOOTH il « PO WDE R having received the Approbation of the first Nobility, Gentry, and a genero. us Public, by t'ii extensive Consumption tor a series of Years, as well as the Attestation of its superior Excellence, from the Analysis of its component Parts, by the most distinguished Medicals Characters, who have IJJO- nounced it the most pleasant Vegetable Tooth- PoWder known, to increase the Beauty of the Enamel, and promote the Durability ot the Tooth ; and which has, in Consequence of its ' experienced Advantages, been honoured with the immediate Patronage of their Ma- jesties, and the various illustrious Branches of the Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry, See. in the United Kingdom. — NEWTON's TOO 1 H- POWDEJi is an Astringent and Antiscorbutic Powder, a delicate Aro- matic, extremely grateful to the Palate, and pleasant in its Use; in fine, to those who apply it, it is a certain Preventative to Pain or Decay of the Tooth to the latest Period of Life. It continues to be faithfully prepared by Mr. Newton ( only), at his House, Kennington- Place, Vauxhall ( late of Great Russell- Street); London, from the genuine Recipe of the late Sir Richard Jebb, Physician to their Majesties, See. 5 and sold, Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation, by Messrs. Shaw & Edwards, No. 66, St. Paul's Church- Yard, whom he has em- powered to make a liberal Allowance to his Town and To COVER, this Season, 1807, AT One Guinea each Mare, and Two Shillings the Man ( the Property of JOSEPH WIGGINS, of FI. OORE, in the County of Northampton), TWO BLACK. HORSES, of the Cart Kind, SAMPSON AND DRAYMAN. The Money to be paid at the Time cf Covering, or at Midsummer next.-— Mares proving barren last Year, to be covered at Ten Shillings and Six- pence, and Two Shillings the Man. Sampson and Drayman will travel bv Turns in the Neighbourhood of Floore.— There will be one Horse always at Home. TURNI'IKE- TOLLS TO LE1T. XrOTlCF, is hereby given, That the TOLLS i- arising at the several Gates upon the Road | leading from the East End of BronVham Bridge, in i the County of Bedford, to the Turnpike- Road leading | from Wellingborough to Ohiey, in the County of Bucks, and on the Road leading from the South End of the Town of Olney aforesaid, to the Road leading from Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the same County, will be separately LETT by AUCTION, for one Year, from the 13th Day of May next, on FRIDAY the 24th Day of APRIL instant, at the BULL INK, in OLNEY aforesaid, between the Hours of Twelve and Two o'clock, in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- Roads ;" which Tolls p. iduced the last Year, over and above the Expences of collecting them, the following Sums, viz. Bromham Gate .£. 90 3 0 Lmvcnifrn Gate 101 I 0 Ravenstone Gate 63 0 0 and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happen to be the P- st Bidders* must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, for the Payment of the Rents agreed for, at such Times and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall direct. JOHN GAR" " RD, Clerk to the Trustees. Olney, April lib, 1807. In a few Days will be published, in 1 Vol. 8 vo. ( Inscribed to the Most Nob'e JOHN DUKE of BEDFORD G. M. P. Lord- Lieutenant of Ireland, & c. & c.) ' PAROCHIAL DIVINITY; or, SERMONS on various Subjects. By CHARLES ABBOT, D. £>. F. L. S. Chaplain to his Grace; Vicar of Oakley and Golding- ton, in Bedfordshire; and late Fellow of New College, Oxford. Printed for Messrs. Longman & Co. Paternoster- Row, and J. White, Fleet- Street, London. Latch/ published, And may be had of M'r. BIRDSAI. L, Northampton; or of Titos. OSTELL, Bookseller, Ave- Maria- Lane, l. ondori; V" ACCINIA ; or, The TRIUMPH of BEAUTY. Respectfully inscribed to the Royal Jennerian Society. By T. P. Your's is no common— your's no trivial Case, DISEASE PREVENTING," and PRESERVING FACE. Pursue your Efforts, nor forsake voui. End— The Cause is great, and must the World befriend. Vaccinia. The REAL JAPAN BLACKING, made DAY and MARTIN, LONDON. by TURNPIKE- TOLLS TO LETT. OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of County of Warwick, will beheld, by Adjournment, at the NEW WI^ ITE- HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY tile 30th Day of APRIL next, at Eleven 0' Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, for transacting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary for repairing the said Highways; at which Time and Place the TOLLS arising at the two several Toll- Gates on the same Highways, called OLD- STRATFORD GATE and STOW - HILL GATE, will he LETT to FARM, by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder or Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon and Three of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Y ear of the Reign of His present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating!' uinpike- Roads. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must forthwith pay Fifty Pounds in Advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties, and give Se- curity, for Payment of the Residue of the Rents, at such Time or Times as shall be then agreed on between them and the said Trustees. By Order of the said Trustees, A. M1ERES, their Clerk. Daventry* March 11 tb, 1807. rj^ HFS invariable Composition, with Half the S. usual . Labour; produces the most brilliant Jet- black ever beheld, affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather, will not soil the finest Linen, is per- fectly free from any unpleasant Smell, and will retain its Virtues in any Climate.— Sold Wholesale, by DAY Se MARTIN, removed to No. 97, High- Hoiborn, Lon- don ; and Retail by their Agents, Birdsall, North- ampton; Norris, Perfumer, Bedford; Inwood, Sta- tioner, Newport- Pagneil; Dodd, Woburn; Rich. ' d- scin, Perfumer, Stony- Stratford; Page, Perfumer, Oundle; Folwell, Grocer, Towcester; Merridew, Coventry; Harrod, Market- Harborough ; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Gregory, Leicester; and Rusher, Ban- bury ; in Stone Bottles, Price Is.' 6d. each. PAIN, EASE FROM LAMENESS AND IN A FEW HOURS. THE BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, .8 prepared by W. NAY LOR, Chemical Colour- Maker to his Majesty. This most excellent Oint- ment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ea. e in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Proprietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Publ,:. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; also by Dicey & Co. Edge, and Ma- shall, Northampton; Robins, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Paigrave, Bedford; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market ToWn, Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. MAR EDA NT'S innocent, that Children at the Breast may ecured'without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell; requires no Confinement, and there is no Me- dicine of the Kind which cures in so short a Time. Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYM1CAL LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Eliects; it has no Smell, nor does it in the least soil' the Linen; a Circumstance which renders it highly va- luable, and to some Persons abundantly preferable to anfr Ointment whatever. Price 2s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, V/ holesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church - Yartl, and at their Warehouse in Northampton; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Robins, Bates, and Wilkinson, Da- ventry; Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry ; Sharpe, Warwick ; Roberts, Soutliam ; Gregory, Leicester; Harrod, Harborough; Munn, and Coflis & Dash, Kettering; Newcomb, Stamford; Eaton, Thrapston ; York & Summers, Oundle ; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cambridge; Palgrave, Bedford ; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport - Pagnell; Queneborough, Dun- stable'; Darton, and Tapp, Hitching Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lut- terworth; Loggin, Aylesbury; and by every Vender f Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom! SHAVING^ . SOLOMON'S ABSTERGENT LOTION Dicey & Co. Edmonds, and Marshall, Northampton; Smith, Bedford; Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry; Robins, Daventry ; Queneborough, Dunstable; Collis & Dash, and Munn. Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Inwood, Nevvport- Pagnell; Richardson, Stony - Stratford ; Mather, Wellingborough; and by every Perfumer and Medicine- seller in the Kingdom, in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. each. N. B. Please to ask for Newton's Tooth- Powder; and see that B. H. Newton is wrote on each Box, with red Ink, as all others sold as Newton's are Impositions. Di [ S the only Remedy a Ganfleman should have Recourse to when Shaving is become a dreadful Operation by an eruptive Disease on the Face. It may be used without the smallest Hazard, for a more sovereign Remedy cannot be devised, for even the most delicate Frame, than thisadmirable Lotion. It clears and beautifies the Skin, removes speedily, without Pain or Trouble, all Kinds of Pimples, Tetters, Ringworms, Spots, Redness, Swellings or Carbuncles of the Nose, Blotches, an « l every Species tf cutaneous Eruption ox tbe Surface of the jruman Body. ( Pf Price 4s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included.— A Government Stamp is pasted on each Bottle, with the Name and Place of Abode of the Proprietor, thus, " Sam/. Solomon, Liverpool," engraved therein; to imitate which is Felony. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborsugh; Marriott, Ban Welch's Female Pills, which is spurious, Purchasers arc 1 bury; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester ; Seeley, Buck- requcsted to remark, as the surest Testimony of Authen- ticity, that each Bill of Directions is signed with tbe Name ofC. KEARSLEY, in Hand, mi ting; and on the Outside, whereby Servants cannot be imposed on, tbe Stamp is printed, ty Permission of his Majesty's Honour-, tibie Commissioners of Stamps, thus :— C. KEARSLEY, No. 46, FLEET - STREET. None ethers are genuine. ingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellinghorough ; Robins, ar. d Wilkinson, Daventry; Okely, and Paigrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neots; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell ; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of the Country Newspapers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, Sec. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphiets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Documents noted therein. • The Great Restorative to Health is MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE, RECOMMENDED BY THE FACULTY. And patronized by Ladies and Gentlemen of tbe first Distinction. VTO Medicine, in so short a Time, has been so - l^ i singularly blessed in restoring such Multitudes, whsn all Hopes of Recovery had been given over, in violent Coughs, Cojds, Convulsion Fits, Hooping- Cough, Consumptions, Influenza, long - standing Asthmas, Relaxed Habits, and Debilitated Consti- tutions. Ladies, in a pregnant State, afflicted with Coughs, & c. may take Doses of 15 Drops with the greatest Advantage ; and from the Infant in the first Week, to the Aged in any State. The few remarkable Cases, wrapped round each Bottle thereof, present not the hundredth Part ot the Cures performed by this very superior and established Remedy, it is' hoped will be sufficient for the Aiflicted to give it a Trial, and especially so where the Faculty and other Means have not succeeded. Facts are Facts, on such alone Mr. Mann relies; and feeling that his Discovery is entitled to public- Confidence, so he boldly and candidly asks it. He cannot give Length of Days where " Days are num- bered," nor does he . profess Infallibility; but ample Experience has taught, and constantly teaches him, that this great Medicine will reach and remove deep- seated Maladies, where the healing Art in general has not only failed, but also consigned the decaying Suf- ferer to an untimely Grave. As the Character of this Remedy has given Rise to many Counterfeits, so Persons should be very cautious of whom and where they purchase, and observe, that " 7homas Mann, Horsbair., Sussex," is engraved on the Stamp ; all others are Counterfeits. Sold, in Pottles, at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each, Duty included, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, at his Warehouse, Horsham; and by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church - Yard, London, and at their Ware- house in Northampton; and Retail by Robins, Daventry ; Beesley, Se Marriott, Banbury ; Inwood, & e Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Osborn, Woburn ; Bull, Harrod, and Dawson, Market- Harborough ; Gregory, and Swinfen, Leicester; Wilcox, and Gallard, Tow- cester; Seeley, Buckingham; Paigrave, Bedford; Richardson, Stony- Stratford ; Loggin, Aylesbury ; Sanderson, Thrapston; York Se Summers, Oundle; Horden, and Jacob, Peterborough; Munn, Kettering; Emery, and fox, St. Neots; Jenkinson, Huntingdon; Wallis, Olney; Mather, Wellingborough; and bv all the principal Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. CONSUMPTIONS Infallibly prevented, end generally cured. AS the most undoubted Evidence has repeatedly established this Assertion, all Persons, in any Stage of CONSUMPTION, who are aware that in the legular Practice there is no Hope in this Disease, will do well to try this excellent Medicine; which is sold, under the Name of HO- PE's HE CTIC PILLS, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Portland- Street, London; and Retail by Dicey & Co. and Marshall, Northampton; and may be ordered through the Means of any other Vender of Medicines. An ESSAY on CONSUMPTION, shewing the Danger of Bleeding and Starving, by LAWRENCE HOPE, 2S. No: ton's Original Maredant's Drops. rI" 1HE following remarkable Cure, effected by X these D rops, is submitted to the Consideration of tille Afflicted, as a further Proof of the Efficacy of this Medicine when procured genuine:— 1' To the PROPRIETOR of NORTON'S J DROPS. " Harleston, near Northampton, May 28, 1805. " It would be ungrateful in me not to acknowledge the great Cure my little Girl, aged five Years, has received from vour valuable Medicine. More than a Year since she was seized with a violent Pain in her right Leg; after some Time an Abscess formed in the Ancle, which was attended with such a violent Pain that she could get no Rest Night or Day; her Appetite was quite gone, and she was redueed to a mere Ske- leton : Being advised to get her to be an Out- Patient at the Infirmary, she was attended by two Professional Gentlemen, who told me the only Chance to save her Life was to take her Leg off. In this trying Situation I made my Case known to Robert Andrew, Esq. of Harleston- Park, who bought me a Bottle of NORTON'S MAREDANT'S DROPS, which lie advised me to make Trial ot. Afier the Child had taken this Bottle I found her Appetite much better, and she began to gain Strength. He then sent me another Bottle; in taking which, two Pieces of Bone came from the Ancle, and, before she had finished the Bottle, the Discharge increased,, and the Wound looked much better. Encouraged by the Success, he sent me two B » ttles more, and before she had finished the fourth Bottle the Wound was closed, the Child gained Strength daily, and is now ( thank God) quite well and in good Health, and can go without the Help of Crutches, which she had used some Time before " MARY WRIGHT." Witness to the Truth of the above, ROBERT ANDREW, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Northampton. The Medicine which effected the above Cure was purchased of Messrs. Dicey & Co. Northampton. The genuine Maredant's Drops are sold in Bottles of 5s. 6d. or 10s. each, Duty included, by S. RANDAL, Successor to Mr. Tutt,' Royal- Exchange, London; also by Messrs. Dicey Se do. Bow Church- Yard ; and Messrs. Newbery, St Paul's ; and may be had of Messrs. Dicey & Co. Northampton, and all other respectable Venders of Medicines. Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions. '' FTIOUSANDS of Persons have been'cured bv 8 ROBBERDS'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR or COUGH DROPS, when reduced to the Brink of the Grave.— The following Letter is a further Proof of its Efficacy : — from a respectable Druggist to Mr BUTLER. SIR,— 1 have lately received from the Use of your ROKBERIJS'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, or COUGH DROPS, the greatest Benefit which any Human Preparation can be the Means of conveying to Distress: I was violently afflicted with a Cough, Cold, and Fever- they continued so long, and shattered my Frame so excessively, that at every Fit it was thought 1 could scarce survive another; my Food gave me no Nourish- ment, the Flesh was wasted from my Bones, and I was for many Days delirious ; all the Medical Assistance around Okehampton failed. A Lady of our Town now suggested to Mis. Bazley, that remarkable Cures had been effected by Robberds's celebrated Balsamic- Elixir, or Cough Drops; a Trial was made ot it. and the first Dose, by the Blessing ot God, gave me verv considerable Relief. From that Time I became evcry Day sensibly better ; a single Bottle restored me to my former perfect Health, a Recovery altogether above the Expectation of mv Family and Friends i think it my Duty to make' these Facts as public as possible. I am, Sir, your humble Servant AARON BAZLEY, Druggist. Okehampton, June ' lid, 1806. A CAUTION,— Observe that R Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, is engraved 011 a black Stamp, which is affixed to each Bottle ; all others are Counterfeits Sold, Wholesale and Retail, at Mr. BUTLER'S, NO 4 Cheapside, London; and, Retail, by Dicey & Co' Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; and by most Medicine Venders in everv Town ; in Bottles at 2s Ski each. " a o- os^ c^ r^ c^ os BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Nathaniel Willmo'. t, of Wyrardisbury, Bucks, wheelwright. — William Reid and William Webster, , ot Manchester, millwrights. John Raistrick, of Leeds, dealer. Thomas Clayton, of Dilworth, Lancashire, tanner. Samuel Turner, late of Man- chester, innkeeper. Timothv Birchmore, of Mar- ket- street, Oxford- market, Middlesex, victualler.— - William Tucker, jun. of Exeter, serge- manufacturer Isaac Baker, of Dudley, Worcestershire, linen- draper James Gray, of East- Smithfield, Middle- sex, baker.— Thomas Green, of Blackburn, J- aaca- shire, calico - manufacturer. John and Thomas Parkinson, of Liverpool, curriers. Robert Cooke, of Duckenfield, Cheshire, cotton- spinner. Joseph Gibson, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, woollen- draper. Jonathan Wilson, late of White- Horse- street Ratcliffe, Middlesex, dyer. Benjamin Carr and Thomas Neale, of York, flax- dressers. John Ball ot Ilathersett, Norfolk, engineer.—— Thos. Rcdfern ot Trowbridge, Wiltshire, surgeon. Bank ruptcy enlarged. William Catlin Johnson and John Wiltshire, of Hunt ingdon, drapers, from April 7 to 21, at Guildhall. London. DIVIDEND to be made to Creditors. May 12. Richard Barker, of Wellingborough, North- amptonshire, common - carrier, at Guildhall London. ' CERTIFICATE to be granted. April 28. Robert Sheardown, of Louth, Lincolnshire, stationer. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. Extract of a Letter from JOHN JACKSON, Esq. of Castle- Carberv, County of Kildare, Ireland, uated August 1, 1801. DEAR SIR, IInform you with great Pleasure that Mrs. Jackson, my W ife, was two Years and a Half com- pletely Bed- ridden, and not able, from her great Weakness, to eat, drink, or digest any Thing, till shewos advised by a Friend ro try your truly celebrated CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD; nine Bottles of which has had so extraordinary and happy an Effect, that she is now, though at the Age of 611 Years, abie to waik out and exercise herself, being most perfectly recovered, to the Surprise and Astonishment of all her Neigh- bours ; in Consideration of which, and in Justice to your Medicine, you have my Permission to publish the same, should you think proper.— I am, dearest Sir, your much obliged Servant, JOHN JACKSON. To Dr. Solomon, Gilead- Uouse. The CORDIALBALMOF GILEAD is sold in Bottles. Price Half- a- Guinea each; there are also Family Bottles, Price 33s. containing- equal to four Bottles at 10s. 6d. by which the Patient saves 9s. including also the Duty. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper; also, Retail, by Marshall, and Edge, North- ampton; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Dawson, and Harrod, Harborough; Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony - Stratford; Edge, and Mather, Wellingborough; Robins, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Okely, and Paigrave, Bedford; Fox, St. Neot's; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; by the Printers of- the Country News- papers; and by all the reputable Medicine Venders, Booksellers, Sec. in every principal Town in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America, who will deliver Pamphlets gratis, with a Variety of authentic Docu- ments noted therein. ( PT Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects his usual Fee ot Half- a- Guinea. Such Letters should, for Safety, be thus directed—" Money Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool." MARKETS.— London, April 6. Our arrivals of Wheat, added to the quantities on hand afforded a supply more than equal to the demand- prime samples, at the beginning of the maiket, sold rather briskly ; but the prices of this quality slackened towards noon, and middling and inferior sorts were not only deemed cheaper, but the sales, were extremely heavy. — In Barley and Malt we have to note, that both are cheaper, with 110 scarcity of either.— White Peas a: e a short supply, and the demand not brisk.— Grev Peas, with the two sorts of Beans, are rather upon the decline.— Oats continue nearly as last reported. — Fine Flour, on account of the large stock on liansl, and which lias affected our Wheat Markets, is named from 65s. to 68s. per sack — Rape Seed is dearer. Wheat.. 50s. to — s. 6.5s, Fine Do. — s. to 68s. 7(> s. Rye . .. 36s. to46s. Od. Barley.. 28s. to 38s. Od. Oats 20s. to 25s. 30s. Horse 13eansS2s. to 40s. Od Tick Ditto 28s. to 34s. 0d! WhiteJ> eas 50s. to 70s. 0J. Malt. .. 66s. to 74s. Od. Grey Ditto 32s. to 40s. Od! PRICE of FLOUR. — Fine' 65s. to 68s. Od. HOPS, per Pocket.— Kent, 51. 12s. to 61. 10s. Sussex, 51. 5s. to 61. Os.— Farnham, 81. 0s. to 101. 0s. SMITHFIELD, April 6. To sink the offal. Ox Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 4d. Wether Mutton, 4s. Sd to 5s. 6d. Veal, 5s. Od. to 6s. Od. Pork, 5s. 0d." to 5s. 8d. Lamb, 6s. Od. to 7s. 4d. Sold this day, Beasts, 1800— Sheep and Lambs, 11,500. NEWGATE and LSADINHALL, April 6. By the carcase. Beef, 3s. 6d. to4s. 4d. Mutton, 3s. 8d to 4s. 8d. Veal, 4s. Od. to 5s. 8d. Pork, 5s. Od to 5s. Sd. Lamb, 5s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. TAI I. OW.— Town, 57s. Od. White Russia, 51s. Od. to — s. Od. ( Soap), — s. Od. to 51s. 0d. Melting Stuff, — s. to 43;. Od. Ditto rough, — s. to 27s. Good Dregs, 10s. Od. Graves, las. Od. LEATHER, per lb. Butts, 50 to 561b. 22d. to 23£ d Ditto, 60 to 651b. 24d. to25d. Merchants' Backs, 21d. to 22d. Dressing Hides, 17d. to ISid. Fine Coach- Hides, 18Jd. toSOd. Crop Hides for cutting, 21d. to 23£ d. Flat ordinary, 174d. to 20.1. Calf Skins, 30 1* 401b. per doz. 36d. to 42d. Ditto, 50 to 70! b. per doz. 33d. to 40d. Ditto, 70 to SOIb. 33d. to 40d. Small Seals, per lb. — d. to — d. Large Ditto, per doz. — s. to — s. Goat Skins, •— s. to — s. per doz. Tanned Horse- Hides, 24s. to 32s. per Hide. NORTHAMPTON: Printed ai « l Published by and for T. DICEY and IV. SUTTON. /
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