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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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I ( ij 9a ( Ireland.)-"* IFTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. No. 43- The Examination of Mr. THOMAS POWER; taken upon Oath, the 3d Day of February 1807. This Examinant faith, That he now works a Reftifying Still of 118 Gallons Content; he was in the Trade fome Years ago, and quitted it principally in Confluence of an Oath at that Time impofed, and fince dilpenfed with ; namely, that he would abftain from all Frauds againft the Revenue. He receives his Spirits from the Grofs Diftiller generally at a Strength of Fourteen per- cent. above Poof; they lofe about Fifteen per cent, in Quantity, or which Three Gallons are Feints, of the Strength of about Proof; and gain about Twelve per cent, in Strength by Redification. He generally purchafes about One hundred Puncheons of Grofs Spirits annually, and fends out about Sixty of re& ified. He makes into Compounds, fuch as Shrub, Carraway, and Annifeed Waters, about One- tenth of the whole Quantity of Grofs Spirits, and fends them out at a Strength of from Twenty to Forty per cent, under Standard. The other reflified Spirits, fuch as Rum, Brandy, and Geneva, are ufually fent out at the Strength of Six- and- twenty per cent, above Proof. He does not think that he ever took, on an Average, more than Twenty per cent, of the Allowance for compounding. In making Brandy, Rum and Geneva, the Ingredients mull be mixed in the Still. He believes that re& ified Spirits are for the moft Part, made for Home- confump- tion, and that a very fmall Proportion of them is exported. He thinks, that if Grofs Diftillers were prohibited from fending out Spirits at a greater Strength than Proof, no material Difadvantage would refult to the Re& ifier from a fimilar Reftriction ; but he thinks, that the reducing the Grofs Spirits by Water to Proof, would injure the Confumption among thofe who ufe them only for Punch. The Retailers generally put One Gallon of Water to Two of Spirits, Fourteen per cent, above Proof. Thomas Power. J. S. Rochfort. Fred. Geale. Robert Alexander. Charles Saxton. No. 44. The Examination of W. B. SWAN, Esq.; taken on Oath, the 12th, 16th, and 2ad of September 1S06. This Examinant faith, That private Diltillation exifts to a very great Extent throughout Ireland, more efpecially in the Northern Parts of it. la the Counties of Derry, Donegal, and Ty- rone, the Stills ufed in this Procefs are made of Copper, and are generally from 50 to 80 Gallons Content. In the Counties of Cavan, Fermanagh, and Monaghan, they are, for the moft Part, made of Tin, and are from 40 to 70 Gallons Content. The Pradtice of private Diflillation is ufually carried on in Bogs, Mountains, and retired Places. Care is taken to place thefe Stills, if poifible, fj as to be commanded by a Fall of Water. This Examinant has reafon to believe, that there are upwards of 800 private Stills in the Barony of I. iniftowen ; he and his Alliftants detected 101 private Diftilleries in the Space of 36 Hours in that Barony. Spirits made in this private Way, are generally fold at about 4?. per Gallon under the Price of permitted Spirits. Lately the Price of Spirits in the North rofe from 4*. to gs. 6d. per Gallon, in Confequence of the Pro- fecutions which Examinant caufed to be carried on againft the Perlbns engaged in this illicit Trade, for the Purpofe of levying the Penalties impofed by Law on Parilhes wherein this Species of Diftiliation is pra& ifed. The
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