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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Fifth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 18/03/1807
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No Pages: 1
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No. 42.] ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & C.—{ ExM>.) 9* Outline which If approved of, can receive fuch Modifications as may be thought expedient to attain this great ObjeCt. 3 ulouSnc The principal Opportunity the prefent Law affords to the Rectifier of increafing; ' rerrT' axnd decreafl" S Permit, is the Allowance of Water! which he may make Ufe of in the Manner I have already mentioned. * rVy n^- n ' ™ wnJaf'that the Town ^ d Country Dealers will not purchafe from a Grofs Diftiller or ReCt. fier, any Spirits but fuch as are of fo confiderable a Strength ( from 12 to 16 per Cent, above Irilh Proof, which is from 21 to 25 Englifh) as to admit of Redudion by Water after it comes into their Pofftffion, fo as to anfwer for the retail Confumption of their Houfes, or to fupply their Cuftomers with, and they vary the Strength according to the Price they arc to receive, but which they choofe to have the Power of doing themfelves. What I have already fhewn of a Rectifying Ploufe in this City, juftifies me in ftating, that it is noc mere AfTumption to affert, that they increafe their Stock by claiming Water, and decreafe it by permitting away Spirits in lieu thereof. Therefore as the Allowance of Water does not apply to the general Ufa^ e of this Country, I beg leave to fubmit, that it be entirely taken from the ReCtifiers^ except- ing what they may ufe with Cordials and Shrub, and which will be found to compofe a very fmall Proportion of their Stock. But the great Means of Check on the Rectifying Diftiller, I conceive to be, and I beg molt humbly to fubmit it to the Confiderarion of the Board, the afcertaining the Strengths of the Spirits fent into the Rectifying Houfes, and making a Compari- fon with tho: e that are permitted out. Until this Syflem be eftablifhed, I am of Opinion, the Officers of the Revenue will remain very much in the Dark with regard to the true State of the Rectifier's Stock. What I before ftated is fufficient to fhew that the prefent Law, and the Syftem upon which it is founded, afford the ReCtifier ample Means of active Hoftility againft the Revenue; and the Preemption is, that the Opportunity thofe Means furnifhes, will feldo n be negleCted where the Advantage is fo great. If therefore the Allowance of Water be entirely withdrawn, excepting in the Cafe of Cordial Waters and Shrub, and the Strength of the Spirits be afcertained as they go in, and again when they are permitted out, the checking a ReCtifier's Stock, now fo complicated and uncertain, will be rendered fimple and e^ fy. To accomplifh this End I humbly fubmit, that every Surveyor and Gauger placed over Rectifying Diftilleries, be inftruCted in the Ufe of the Hydrometer, and fupplied with Infhuments of an accurate and firnple ConftruCtion. The Inftrument, in my Apprehenfion, beft adapted to the Purpofe, andbeft fuired to the Perfons who are to ina^ e ufe of it, is the one I mentioned before, invented by Mr. William Speer ; but of this your Lordfhips and Honours are the beft Judges. I would alfo introduce additional Columns into the Permit Regiftry and Vouchers, for the Purpofe of inferring the Strengths of the grofs and rectified Stock, and ic mighc not be unufeful to make it obligatory on the ReCtifier, as well as on the Officer, to fhew the true Strengths of his Stock ( marking them upon each Cafk) by making liable to Seizure any that fhail be found to vary from the Return, giving fome rea- fonable Allowance for Miftakes that may occur, fuch as One or perhaps Two Degrees. I would alfo have the Stock of each ReCtifier caft up once a Week, and I would prohibit him by Law from diltilling on Sunday. < _ Should your Lordfhips and Honours concur with me in the Opinion I entertain of the abfolute Neceffity there exifts in altering the Reftifying Syftem, and fhould any of thefe mv Opinions be in Conformity to the Ideas of the Board on the Subjeft, it will be alfo expedient to introduce many Regulations of minor Importance, but which mav contribute to ftreng'hen and improve the entire Syftem; and in the Adoption of mv general Ideas, or thofe of others, the Board will doubtlefs be governed by their ufual Wifdom, and will avail themfelves of the Talent and experience of Officers much better qualified than I feel myfelf to be, in digefting Laws and Regulations befi: adapted to th. Security of the Revenue in one of its moft complicated Arrangements. 1 truft, however, that much Good will refult from my having agitated the Queltion. I have certainly felt all the Anxiety that your Lordfhips and Honours have expreffed on the SubjeCt ; and if I have failed in pointing out the Evil or in providing, a Remedy againft it, I can affure the Board it has not been through Want of attentive Exertion on my Part. 1 '' Signed) " 0 Paul Dawson, Survt Genl. w,
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